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Issue 13 Friday 7th Dec. 2018



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HEADTEACHER'S MESSAGE The environment “What need does the earth have of us? It is no longer enough, then, simply to state that we should be concerned for future generations. We need to see that what is at stake is our own dignity. Leaving an inhabitable planet to future generations is, first and foremost, up to us. The issue is one which dramatically affects us, for it has to do with the ultimate meaning of our earthly sojourn,” Pope Francis, in Laudato Si, 2015. Pope Francis has been very clear about our need to care for our environment in a better way than we are doing. We have been poor stewards of the earth and particularly so in the present era of mass consumerism, industrialisation and the plundering of nonrenewable resources. We have our own failings in this regard as a school and as a borough - we do not recycle as much as we should and we work in buildings that are not all as energy efficient as they could be. This is an area we intend to tackle in 2019 by developing a whole school plan on sustainability.

Advent and Christmas present us with some environmental ethical dilemmas. There are those who say that we should not send Christmas cards to each other because that uses paper, card and energy and this is a waste of scarce resources. Instead we should send e-cards. I’m not sure about this one - to me an e-card is not the same. We might also reflect on the excesses to which most of us give way during the Christmas period. We tend to over-indulge, we often receive things we don’t need, and sometimes buy presents for people simply out of habit, or a sense of obligation. Many of these gifts are thrown away and end up in landfill - again not very sustainable. It’s easy though to sound joyless in thinking about these ethical considerations and to lose that sense of Christmas cheer if we find ourselves hankering after too much austerity at Christmas. Christianity is a joyful religion. Indeed the third Sunday of Advent is Gaudete Sunday - the Sunday of Joy.

Perhaps the answer then lies somewhere in the middle - that we should enjoy Christmas, but not allow ourselves to get too carried away by the material aspects. Instead we should remember that Jesus Christ is at the centre of our celebrations. And alongside our generosity in gift-giving, we should strive for a generosity of spirit and of gratitude for the friends and family whose love and support we enjoy throughout the year.

HEADTEACHER'S MESSAGE A broad and balanced curriculum

Carol Service

Education should be about enjoying and having access to a range of subject knowledge and experiences both within school and beyond the school gate. We are determined to ensure that our students have the best opportunities and that they all have the confidence to aspire to their goals and ambitions. This week three Yr 13 students have been out on Oxford and Cambridge interviews. We prepare them with internal mock interviews and also a mock interview through our colleagues at Forest School. I found our three candidates incredibly impressive in their mock interviews and able to speak with intelligence and curiosity about a wide range of issues.

An excellent way of feeling the Christmas Spirit and the joy of Advent is to take part in our annual Carol Service. This takes place on Tuesday 18th December at 7pm in the parish church of Our Lady and St George. Do please join us if you can. There will be mince pies and refreshments afterwards.

In addition, this week students attended a production of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time in the west end, while other students in Yr 11 went to see the play Macbeth. We also welcomed a group of staff and students from Eden Girls School, which is a relatively new school with a Muslim ethos as part of our work with the charity the Faith and Belief Forum. We were pleased too to host over 50 students and staff from ten secondary schools to work on the PiXL Edge leadership programme for which we are an ambassador school. PiXL Edge helps students to develop leadership skills, resilience and other key life skills. There are undoubtedly other experiences that I have missed out too!

Please continue to remember us in your prayers.

Parents’ surgery Parents’ surgery is every Thursday from 4pm to 5pm on the Walthamstow site. If ever I am unavailable, a member of the senior team substitutes for me.

Dr Andy Stone Headteacher


Commendations This week we have a Headteacher Commendation for the following students for their outstanding behaviour and attitude to learning. They are each nominated by our SENCo, Ms Schmidt. Humphrey Afrane (7RI) Rachel Costa (7I) Grace Price (7EI) Carina Veres (7I) Pavaram Yogarajah (7A)

Congratulations to them all!




MFL Corner La sonde InSight se pose sur Mars La France participe à cette mission réussie Le 26 novembre la sonde1 de La NASA, InSight, a atterri sur Mars. Voici quelques détails de ce moment historique. En mai 2018 la NASA a envoyé une fusée en direction de Mars. Elle transportait un nouveau robot pour mesurer les mouvements de la terre. La fusée a fait un voyage de 7 mois, et 485 millions de kilomètres. Elle voyageait à une vitesse de 20 000 km/h. Cette semaine elle a posé sur Mars une machine contrôlée par télécommande. C’était une mission très difficile. « C’est comme marquer un but à 130 000 km de distance », explique la NASA. InSight a traversé l’atmosphère de la planète rouge sans incident. La contrôleuse a annoncé « atterrissage confirmé ! » et les employés de la NASAont applaudi. Le robot est américain, mais il transporte aussi une machine fabriquée par des scientifiques à Paris. C’est donc un moment important pour la France aussi. InSight a déjà envoyé sa première photo de Mars. Suivez sa mission sur Twitter, @NASAInSight. 1la sonde : instrument de mesure Est-ce que tu t’intéresses à l’espace ? Pourquoi ? Aimerais-tu visiter la planète Mars ?

MFL Corner

French Stars! Emilia Biedrowska 7I Kevin Baah-Robertson 7I

MFL Corner España es Campeona del Mundo Mundial FIFA 2018 Este fin de semana, las chicas de la selección de fútbol de España ganaron el Mundial FIFA sub-17. El Mundial se celebró en Uruguay. Participaron las mejores selecciones femeninas del mundo. Todas las chicas tenían menos de 17 años. La final España jugó la final en Montevideo, la capital uruguaya. Su rival fue México. ¡Fue un partido muy apasionante! Las chicas españolas ganaron 2-1. Al final del partido, gritaron: “Somos campeonas”. ¡Es su primera Copa Mundial!

MFL Corner Seven of our students attended a Spanish and Portuguese Taster Day at SOAS university.  They learned a lot and enjoyed it very much.  So much so that some of them are reconsidering their University options and veering towards languages.

Did you know...?

8P colour theory lesson with help of Mozart

Chaplaincy Corner MRS. GRIERSON

The first week of Advent has certainly been busy. On the Walthamstow site, the Peace Club decorated the Christmas tree in Reception and also spent a “messy� lunch making their own decorations.

Reconciliation also took place and we are very grateful to Fr Niall, Fr Nixon, Fr Kevin and Fr Kristoph for spending time with our students for this important Sacrament in preparation for Christmas.

Chaplaincy Corner MRS. GRIERSON

The Year 12 Social Justice enrichment helped to plant a few of the tree saplings donated by the Woodland Trust. Trees were planted around the new decking area at the rear of the Corpus Christi building and some in the Prayer Garden. Rowan, Silver Birch and Wild Cherry were planted, eventually providing a peaceful spot that will also be an oasis for birds as well as our students and neighbours. The remaining saplings will be planted on the Wiseman site.

Key Dates ADVENT 2018

This Sunday, the second Sunday of Advent, the purple candle of faith is lit. “Help us to be ready to welcome you, O God!” (Luke 3:4-6) Don’t forget our annual Carol Service taking place on Tuesday 18 December at 7pm in Our Lady & St George’s Church, followed by mince pies and mulled wine. This is always an enjoyable event and a wonderful way to begin the countdown to Christmas. May you all continue to have a blessed Advent season. Saturday 8th December – Feast of the Immaculate Conception Sunday 9th December – 2nd Sunday of Advent FAITH Monday 10th December – Lunchtime Mass (1.25pm) in the Wiseman Chapel Friday 14th December – Christmas Hampers completed Sunday 16th December – 3rd Sunday of Advent JOY Monday 17th December – Lower site Christmas Lunch Tuesday 18th December – Carol Service 7pm, Our Lady & St George’s Presentation of Hampers Wednesday 19th December – Upper site Christmas lunch Thursday 20th December - Carol Singing at Blackhorse Road Tube Station 5-8pm organised by HCPT all welcome! Thursday 20th December – Last day of term Sunday 23rd December – 4th Sunday of Advent LOVE Tuesday 25th December – Christmas Day Wednesday 26th December – St Stephen’sFeast Day Sunday 31st December – Holy Family Feast Day

SPORTS UPDATE Well done to Yr 8 Handball team who became borough champions this week! Holy Family hosted the event which was fabulous . 

A very high scoring match vs Forest saw Holy Family just missing out on a win . Silly mistakes and a lack of concentration in the second half cost Holy Family the match . Final result HF 44, Forest - 56

Literacy for Life Fake NewsÂ

Pixl Edge Mental Health Ambassadors This week Holy Family hosted a training day for Mental Health Ambassadors. The day was a great success with all 46 delegates from the 9 schools taking part in the day. The session was delivered by a specialist from Pixl edge. The objective was to highlight and identify some of the issues about mental health, what solutions are available and also to train and equip the mental health ambassadors. Students from Holy Family and the nine other schools undertook lots of group work and discussions. Our students ambassadors involved will be delivering a session soon. Future events are also in the pipe line. Thank you to Mr Mensah for organsing and hosting the event.

Pixl Edge Mental Health AmbassadorsÂ

Notices Midday Assistant Needed

Governors are seeking a Midday Assistant to supervise lunch breaks (1.10pm – 2.25pm) during term time. No experience is necessary but applicants must have a friendly and positive attitude towards students. The closing date for applications is Thursday 13th December 2018 Please visit our website for more details or click here

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