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September 29 & 30, 2012

The Big Soo Coupon Books are back…and better than ever!

Wednesday Night Live (9th-12th) meets at 7:30pm You asked; here it is!

Bring your favorite movies, and we’ll vote to watch one. This is also your chance to meet Pastor Tony if you haven’t yet. Grab your friends, grab your movies, and come join the fun!

ARE YOU HUNGRY? The Property Team, along with other male members & friends, will be hosting a Pancake & Sausage Breakfast on Sunday, October 14 starting at 8:00am and ending when the food runs out!

Last Weekend’s Sharing of Treasures Attendance ................................................................ 665 Mission & Ministry Offering Received .................................................... $6,471.37 needed for weekly budgeted expense ...... $12,387.25 Building Mort. & Maint. Offering Received .................................................... $1,498.00 needed for weekly budgeted expense ........ $5,038.75 “Now Is the Time!” Given (as of Sept. 26) .............................. $463,431.58 Used for expenses on addition & mortgage........ $459,295.54 Balance ........................................................ $4,136.04

Tony Haglund  Senior Pastor Amy Eisenmann  Associate Pastor Angela Smith, AIM

THRIVENT CHOICE DOLLARS may be gifted to Holy Cross. For those who own any Thrivent products, you are invited to pick up a flyer from the kiosk or visit CONSIDER “SIMPLY GIVING” an automated way of sharing your offering. It’s free to you. Enroll online from the Holy Cross website using the “donate online” link on the left side. A simple choice; a generous response ( DONATE FROM YOUR SMARTPHONE: Scan here to go directly to our website and make your donation online. 1300 S. Sertoma Avenue Sioux Falls, SD 57106 605.362.1947

Where Faith and Life Intersect!

Coupons are now worth $12,000! The books are $45 (proceeds from the sale support the youth). Wait a minute… Forget the “Book”! There is also a digital version available. You can just use your smartphone to enter the code and have the coupons with you. Stop by the kiosk today!

WELCOME! Young and old, rich and poor, weak and powerful; all will find a welcome here at Holy Cross. Married and single, divorced and widowed, gay and straight, all will discover that this is a place of belonging. At Holy Cross we strive to be instruments of God’s invitation to noisy kids, grumpy grown-ups, grown even people who can’t figure out how to get their act together. Depressed, addicted, rebellious, reb resentful, bored or irritable, all are part of the Body of Christ. Even those of us who are filled with faith, hope, joy and love discover in this diverse and accepting community of believers a place where each of us belongs. HOLY COMMUNION is celebrated often at Holy Cross. If you are worshiping with us during a service that includes The Lord’s Supper, we invite you to join us in the celebration. You do not need to be a member of our congregation, a Lutheran nor even believe exactly what we believe. All will discover a welcome as Jesus feeds a world hungering for forgiveness and grace. Bread News: The bread is now nutnut & soy-free, as well as dairy-free. NOISY KIDS, we love ‘em! At Holy Cross, there’s no reason to be embarrassed about fidgety children. When you arrive make sure and grab an age-appropriate Beary Fun Bag for each of the kids. We do encourage parents to sit close to the front so that the young ones can see what’s happening ning in worship rather than be bored by staring at the back of someone’s head. If you’re interested in stepping out for a moment, we have our Young and Restless Room, located to the left, just outside the worship space. Here you’ll find comfortable chairs, a dimly lit environment and speakers so that you can continue to stay connected to the worship experience. FIRST-TIME VISITORS please stop by our Welcome Desk so that we can share a gift with you. The Welcome Desk can also provide information for you regarding programs for kids, restroom locations, and more. If you’re comfortable with us reaching out to you, please share your contact information on our Welcome Pads found at the end of each pew. Thanks so much for worshiping with us today.

Nurturing Your Faith ADULT ED SEPTEMBER 30. Lisa Schaal shares her experiences and encounters during her time in the Philippines. Come to the Fireside Room at 9:30am. Next week: Dick Peterson leads the study on Acts 4:1-37, “The Empowering Spirit.”

ANIMATE FAITH: A SMALL GROUP WITH A CONTEMPORARY TWIST. Let by Pastor Tony, this gathering continues on Wednesday nights from 7:00-8:15pm. You are invited to a small group like no other that you have ever experienced! “Animate Faith” is a new adult small group resource from sparkhouse.


A blessing of our animal companions that witness to God’s and the church’s love, care, and concern for creation. Bring your pet (of any breed/species)! Invite a friend to this special service!

LOOKING FOR AN EARLY MORNING BIBLES STUDY AND GREAT COMPANY?! The “Friday Guys” of Holy Cross are invited to join Pastor Tony on Fridays at 6:30am at the Fry’n Pan on W 41st. The ladies gather Thursdays with Pastor Amy for “Women at the Well,” 6:30am at the Hy-Vee Café on 49th & Louise.

W/ELCA: FALL BRUNCH & TEA PARTY: Come to an exciting Fall Brunch & Tea Party held here th

at Holy Cross on Saturday, October 20 at 9:00am. Please RSVP to Twyla Sine ( by October 12. Get your “Daily Grace” at the itunes App Store…coming to Android soon!

Faith in Action SAVE YOUR SHOEBOXES! In October the Sunday School kids are learning about Jonah and we need your help. Please bring your shoeboxes to the church office. We need about 150!

DO YOU LIKE KIDS AND ENJOY HANGING OUT WITH THEM? We are looking for people to help us out Wednesday nights. Whether by serving pizza, being a substitute Confirmation guide, or being extra hands in our Sunday School & Midweek-SS classes, we need you! Are you able to help? Sign up with our staff at the welcome desk today!

A MINISTRY OF HOSPITALITY & WELCOME: THE ALTAR GUILD! Creating a welcoming environment is more than saying, “Hi!” Through their prayerful actions, members of the Altar Guild welcome everyone to God’s table of grace. Additional members are needed for this ministry; contact Cheryl Ziegler, 359-1585.

SUPPORT THE MOBILE FOOD PANTRY & NECESSITIES FOR NEIGHBORS: The Food to You food of the month is peanut butter of any kind, along with hygiene packs (a roll of toilet paper, a bar of soap, and either shampoo or toothpaste). Necessities for Neighbors offerings include laundry detergent and toilet paper.

WE HAVE A CHOIR FOR EVERYONE! Mustard Seeds (pre-k) Weds. at 6:30pm in the Band Room; Tiny Tunes (1st-3rd) Weds. at 6:30pm in the Music Rooms; Half Notes (4th-6th) Weds. at 7:00pm in the Sanctuary; 7th & 8th Praise Band Weds. at 6:00pm in the Music Rooms; Adult Choir (>9th) Weds. at 7:00pm in the Sanctuary; and Bell Choir (>9th) on Tues. at 7:00pm in the Band Room.

Faith, Fun & Fellowship ATTENTION BOOK LOVERS! The Holy Cross Book Club is reading “The Life of Pi,” by Yann Martel. Grab a copy, enjoy it, and then come join us on October 4th at 6:30pm, as we enjoy some food at Shahai Palace and talk about what we thought of the book!

GET ON YOUR BIKE AND RIDE! Your bicycle, that is! Everyone – kids, parents, adults, young and old are invited to join in a fall bike ride on Sunday, October 7 at 12:30pm. Together we will leave from the Elmen Park Trailhead (west of the Kmart on 12th Street). Ride for a far as you wish; the ride is scheduled to go to Trailhead #17 at Falls Park. This is a casual (non-race) event along the river, around the airport, ending in the park. Email Angie at to register or with questions.

MALL OF AMERICA BUS TRIP. Leaving Saturday, November 3rd at 6:00am (arrive to the Holy Cross parking lot by 5:45), the Fellowship Team will provide rolls & juice. Feel free to bring a family friend and movies to watch. Spending the day at the Mall of America and eating before we leave, we will return to the church around 10:00pm. The cost is $40; please sign up at the welcome desk.

YOU’RE INVITED TO A BOOK STUDY! “CHRISTIAN CAREGIVING: A WAY OF LIFE,” by Kenneth Haugk. Do you ever feel uncomfortable talking about your faith, praying with others or comforting a friend? This book will challenge and equip you to cover for others in a distinctively Christian way. This study begins Wednesday, October 10, from 5:30-6:45pm in the Fireside room and will meet for 6 weeks. Please sign up at the kiosk!

Confirmation Information (9th graders): Attention, Freshman! For those of you planning to be confirmed this fall, mark your calendars!

Confirmation Retreat: Sunday, October 14 at 1:00pm Join us to make your stole and prepare for your Confirmation.

Confirmation Rehearsal & Pictures: Wed., Oct. 24 at 7pm Attend the rehearsal to learn about the Confirmation service & have your picture taken.

Confirmation Services: Sunday, October 28th Confirmation services are divided by your last name:

A-K at 2:00pm

L-Z at 4:30pm

Fridge Flyer!

The Four Keys of Faith Formation


The Four Keys are provided to help you nourish your child or grandchild’s faith. Scripture Readings for the week ahead: Exodus 12:1-13; 13:1-8 Family Devotions: Read the story from Exodus. This is a hard to hear; the firstborn children of the Egyptians will die. This is the last of the plagues. The Jewish Passover commemorates the identitydefining story of the exodus from bondage in Egypt for Israelites. A story with a new beginning that finds its source in God, the one who hears our cries and then acts on our behalf. For Christians, the Lord's Supper is a powerful "remembrance" of the death of Jesus on the cross. God heard (and hears) the cries of sinners and acted on our behalf through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Caring Conversation: Pharaoh held the Israelites captive; are there things, people, events that hold you captive? Are there things holding your child or youth captive? How are the ancient promises of freedom, deliverance and new beginnings relevant for you? What is it that sets you free? Family Service: As Lutherans, we believe that we respond to what we have heard through the Good News of Jesus Christ – for you, for the forgiveness of sins. As parents, you can create opportunities for your kids to learn about service, with the understanding that service is not a “have-to” or a key to salvation, but a response. Think about the Scripture verses for the week and the conversations you have shared. Help your child discover and use their unique gifts by encouraging them in the things that they do well and feeling passionate that they can serve others. Here's one idea: make bread and share it with your neighbors! Family Traditions & Rituals: In verses 1-8 of Chapter 13, we read that the Israelites had to prepare and eat unleavened bread. The Israelites could not wait for the bread to rise with yeast since they left Egypt in such haste. When was the last time you sat down as a family and slowly enjoyed a meal together? Make a plan for this to happen!

Say, Pray and Bless… A Prayer for the Week “Dear God, sometimes I feel stuck. Please set me free from that feeling.” Amen.

Mealtime Prayer: “Thank you, God, for the food you provide and a safe place to share it with my family.” Amen.

A Blessing to Give: Say to a loved one: “May the God of love and care hear your cries and set your free.” Amen.

Saturday, Sept 29 Team 4 1:00pm Private Baptism 3:30pm Bruinsma-Dibbert Wedding 4:30pm Day 6 Practice (Sanctuary) 6:00pm Worship Sunday, Sept 30 – Family Worship NO Sunday School (pre-4th) 8:00am Worship/Comm/Adult Choir sings 9:30am Worship/Carlson bapt / SS / Adult Ed (Fireside) 11:00am Worship / SS 2:00pm Pet Blessing 4:00pm 3rd-Grade Bibles & Parents Milestone Monday, Oct 1 5:00pm Preschool Staff Meeting (W101) 6:00pm Saving Grace (Fireside) 6:30pm Preschool Board (W101) 7:00pm SA Group (S101) Tuesday, Oct 2 9:30am Staff Meeting (Fireside) 1:00pm 55 Plus (Fellowship Hall) 7:00pm Bell Choir Rehearsal (N Music Room) / Property Team 7-9pm Hope & Praise Practice (Sanctuary) Wednesday, Oct 3 – All Choirs Rehearse 5:00pm Pizza Served (Fellowship Hall) 5:30pm Midweek-SS / 5th-6th Confirmation 6:30pm 7th-8th Confirmation / “Walking Wet” Adult Ed (S101) 7:00pm “Animate Faith” Adult Ed (Fireside) 7:30pm Wednesday Night Live – 9th-12th (Youth Zone) Thursday, Oct 4 6:30am Women at the Well (Hy-Vee, 49th St) 9:30am Worship Meeting 1:30pm Lectionary Text Study (Fireside) 6:30pm Book Club (Shahai Palace) / Fellowship Team (Fireside) Friday, Oct 5 6:30am Friday Guys (Fry’n Pan, W 41st St) Saturday, Oct 6 Team 1 4:30pm Day 6 Practice (Sanctuary) 6:00pm Worship/Comm/Adult Choir sings Sunday, Oct 7 8:00am Worship/Comm 9:00am Blood Pressure Screening (Fellowship Hall) 9:30am Worship/Comm / SS / Adult Ed Class (Fireside) / Adult Ed Bible Study (W101) 10:30am Blood Pressure Screening (Fellowship Hall) 11:00am Worship/Comm / SS 12:30pm Bike Ride (Elmen Park)

Prayers of the Church

Fridge Flyer! Flyer!

Members of the Military & Families Joshua Duus, Caleb Hockel, Whitney Hockel, Ryan McNamara, Jeremy Pollock, Kevin Pollock, and Dalton Schmitz

Celebration—Birth Jaden Alan Mullinox (son of Jennifer & Larry)

Celebration—Baptisms Cylar Nathaniel Carlson (son of Scott & Sarah) Chelsea Pravecek Tanner James Smith (son of Tyler & Chelsea)

Celebration—Wedding Chelsey Bruinsma & Nathan Dibbert

Healing Kathy Cook, Zade Davis, Deb Gay, Mae Gruneigh, Marilyn Harms, Glen Huggins, Cheryl Johnson, Val Klinker, Homer Knopf, Julie Miller, Faye Peschke, Jim Schaefer, Diane Stamp, Cindy Underberg, Sandy Wahle, and Bill Williams

Care & Concern The Johnson family; the Moxley family; the Sjogren family; the Thies family; the Venekamp family; Denis Thorson, Debra Waltner, and Jess & Joe Weishaar

Sympathy for the Family of… Frank Sine, Sr., brother of Jim (Twyla) Sine   

Prayers of the Church & the Circle of Prayer If you have a prayer request that you wish to be shared with the confidential “Circle of Prayer” or the weekend’s “Prayers of the Church,” fill out a Prayer Request located in the pews. If your “Prayers of the Church” request is for someone else, please include your name & phone.

Sept. 29 & 30, 2012 CrossWalk 24/7  

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