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10/26/18 3:58 PM

special edition commencement 2018

Holy Child would like to congratulate the 57 members of the Class of 2018, who celebrated their graduation on Saturday, June 9 at 3:00 p.m.

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10/26/18 3:58 PM

Student Government President Jamie Brusco and Senior Class President Natalia Nuñez addressed their class. Ms. Brusco said, “This September, we will start a new chapter, and whether we are close to home or far, we will all experience brand new things...but the most important thing that will never change from this moment on, is that we will never truly be alone. We will forever have each other, our memories together, our rings, and this beautiful school supporting us in the many things we go on to do in our lives.” Ms. Nuñez added, “Our graduates will go as far as Dublin and as close to home as the Bronx. No matter where you all go, always remember Holy Child— both the people and the place—as your home away from home.” Ms. Nuñez also presented each one of her classmates with a small token—a keychain she produced with Holy Child’s 3-D printer that was engraved with the School’s coordinates. Melissa Dan, Ed.S., Head of School, also addressed the graduates: “Our global world is increasingly unpredictable. The social and political landscape is evolving, and technology changes rapidly and impacts every facet of life...We are all called upon to approach life with an ever-expanding toolbox of skills: to be creative and to collaborate. To think continued >

Head of School Melissa Dan with several members of the Class of 2018.

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10/26/18 3:58 PM

special edition commencement 2018

differently and make informed decisions. To trust our gut. Please know that when the way gets complicated, as it always will, you can trust your Holy Child education and all of us here who are rooting for you. You can trust each other—and you can trust the network of thousands of Holy Child alums who came before you.”

Before joining Intel, Ms. Williams worked for six years in investment banking on Citibank’s Credit Risk Management team and at Goldman Sachs on their Credit Risk Management and Ratings Advisory team. She is also the Founder & CEO of an MBA and undergraduate admissions consulting company.

Ms. Dan then welcomed as their Commencement Speaker alumna Brittany Williams ‘06, a graduate of Harvard Business School who will join Intel’s Virtual Reality, Esports, and Gaming team. Ms. Williams earned a B.S. in Systems and Information Engineering from the University of Virginia where she received a full merit scholarship. At UVA, Brittany was a Lawn Resident—an honor awarded to fourth year students based on academic achievement, leadership and commitment to the University. She is a Rodman Scholar, Jerome Holland Scholar and Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholar.

In her speech, Ms. Williams offered two pieces of advice: “Just say yes! And create your own definition of success.” She said, “Success is finding true happiness in the relationships that I cultivate. Success is leaving a legacy. But don’t conform to my definitions of success. I want you to feel comfortable creating your own definition of success and standing by it. Because only then will you find true fulfillment and happiness.” continued >

01 | Dede Ross, former Board Chair, Melissa Dan, Ed.S., Head of School, Brittany Williams ‘06, Commencement Speaker, Thomas Girard, Board Chair. 02 | Jamie Brusco, President of the Student Body.

03 | Natalia Nuñez, President of the Senior Class

01 02

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10/26/18 3:58 PM

Ms. Dan and Board Chair Thomas Girard conferred 57 diplomas to the Class of 2018, as well as four special awards: The Holy Child Award, for earning the highest general academic average for 4 years at Holy Child, was awarded to: Caroline Beit ‘18. The Cornelia Connelly Award, for outstanding service and leadership in school and community, was awarded to: Hannah Cleary ‘18. The Sister Mary Basil Award, given by the graduating class to the one among them who has consistently shown Christ-like compassion, generosity and concern for others, was awarded to: Natalia Nuñez ‘18. The Dede Ross Award, presented by former Board Chair Dede Ross, for the senior who has enriched the lives of all at Holy Child through her honesty, humility, quiet perseverance, and sense of humor, was awarded to: Katie Caffrey ‘18.

“Please know that when the way gets complicated, as it always will, you can trust your Holy Child education and all of us here who are rooting for you. You can trust each

Left to right: Natalia Nuñez ‘18, Katie Caffrey ‘18, Hannah Cleary ‘18 and Caroline Beit ‘18.

other—and you can trust the network of thousands of Holy Child alums who came before you.” —Head of School, Melissa Dan

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10/26/18 3:58 PM

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10/26/18 3:58 PM

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10/26/18 3:58 PM

special edition commencement 2018

Class of 2018

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Caroline Beit

Victoria Hanley

Sally Long

Lauren Scully

Kira Bigelow

Phoebe Horne

Molly Mackie

Molly Semprevivo

Amelia Boyle

Julia Howe

Audrey Maglich

Francesca Serraino

Jamie Brusco

Lily Hurley

Caroline McGee

Katie Shultis

Ginny Cacsire

Cece Hylton

Frankie Molen

Hanna Stier

Katie Caffrey

Leigh Jacobsen

Payton Mullin

Julia Tyler

Olivia Califano

Taylor John

Natalia NuĂąez

Alessia Valentino

Hannah Cleary

Cate Kaplan

Charlotte Okon

Alanna Walsh

Mychala Coughlin

Sandra King

Jacqueline Pace

Madison Warne

Ryan Delane

Sophie Laino

Emily Pellegrino

Alysa Wells

Alexandra DeStaebler

Kyra Lang

Claudia Pineda

Natalie Williams

Georgia Fitzgerald

Alexa Lantin

Tessa Quivelli

Sarah Yearwood

Sophia Flissler

Arlyn Levine

Gabby Rivera

Victoria Gaffney

Olivia Linnartz

Cristina Rocco

Schuyler Gardner

Annette LiPuma

Anne Ryan

10/26/18 3:58 PM

Class of 2018 Matriculations Bard College (2) Boston College (2) Boston University Bridgewater College Bucknell University Catholic University of America Colby College College of the Holy Cross (3) Columbia University/Trinity College Dublin Denison University Duke University Elon University Fairfield University Fordham University Georgetown University Hobart and William Smith Colleges Lafayette College (2) Loyola College, Maryland Merrimack College Mount Holyoke College New York University Pennsylvania State University (3) Purdue University Rutgers University Skidmore College State University of New York, Brockport St. Lawrence University Stony Brook University Syracuse University Temple University Trinity College, CT Tulane University United States Military Academy* University of Dayton University of Maryland, College Park University of Miami University of Michigan University of Richmond (2) University of Rochester University of Vermont University of Virginia University of Wisconsin, Madison Villanova University (3) Wake Forest University Yale University* *matriculation deferred to Fall 2019

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10/26/18 3:58 PM

special edition commencement 2018

01 | Schuyler ’18 and Ella Gardner ’22. 02 | Sara ‘20 and Katie

05 | Janet, former trustee, Kyra ’14, Natalie ’18 and Jeff Williams.

08 | Karen Wood ’92 and her daughter Taylor John ’18. 09 | Julia ’21 and

Shultis ’18.

06 | Sue, Alex ’18 03 | Co-PA President Sheila Stier with Hanna ’18 and Elizabeth ’21.

04 | Frankie ’18 and Gigi Molen ’22.

Alessia Valentino ’18.

and Doug DeStaebler, former trustee.

07 | Grace ’17, Cece Greco Ryan ’84, Annie ’18, and Jeff Ryan.







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10/26/18 3:58 PM

10 | Eileen ‘16 and Ginny Cacsire ’18.

14 | Olivia ’21, Victoria ’18, and Julia Gaffney ’17.

11 | Reesa ‘15 and Cece Hylton ’18.

15 | Jenny Schwarz Horne ’78, trustee, with her daughter Phoebe ’18.

12 | Annie ’21, Maggie ‘16, Molly ’18, Maura, and Lilly Semprevivo ’23.

16 | Cheroxie, trustee, Sandra ’18, and James King. 17 | Charlotte ’20, Lily ’18

13 | Jax ’18 and

and Megan Hurley.

Carly Pace ’14.








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10/26/18 3:58 PM

special edition commencement 2018

01 | Mary ’22, Jamie ’18, and Gigi Brusco ’19.

04 | David, Meg ’22, Kira ’18 and Rita Jakeway Bigelow ’78.

02 | Mairead ’16 and Alanna Walsh ’18.

05 | Samantha Hanley, Director of Institutional

03 | Graham, Auguste ’25, Advancement, Victoria


Sharon, Payton ’18, Keith, Hanley ‘18, and Matthew trustee, Riley ’16, and Hanley. Piper Mullin ’25. 06 | Laura ‘16 and Emily Pellegrino ‘18.






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10/26/18 3:58 PM

Academic Awards Marion Glim Award is awarded to a junior who demonstrates a genuine commitment to and passion for the study of mathematics; the student need not be in the most advanced levels of mathematics, but needs to tirelessly pursue success in all of her math classes: Tatum Pepe ‘19 (top right) Dorothy Harris Award honors a junior who started at Holy Child in the Middle School; the student must demonstrate all the attributes of a scholar and have a history of giving selflessly of herself to the school community: Elizabeth Hasfal ‘19 (bottom right)

Athletic Awards FAA Scholar Athletes The Fairchester Athletic Association awards the FAA Scholar Athlete designation to the rare student who meets a series of rigorous academic standards while also competing in at least two varsity sports in the senior year, and one in the junior year. This year, three Holy Child students were named FAA Scholar Athletes: Jax Pace ‘18, Sophia Flissler ‘18, and Lily Hurley ‘18. (top left) The Herb Mulholland Award is given to a senior student-athlete who embodies the life of Herb Mulholland, the father of Annie ‘10. The candidate should have a passion for life, a demonstrated commitment to and love of sports and a genuine concern for the well-being of those around her. Alex DeStaebler ‘18. (bottom left) Brenna Kelly ‘06 Award The Brenna Kelly ‘06 Award is given to a senior student-athlete who has overcome great adversity throughout her four-year athletic career at Holy Child. The award is named in honor of Brenna Kelly ’06, and is awarded to a student-athlete who embodies her spirit and perseverance, her determination to succeed, and her overall positive attitude. This year’s recipient is Victoria Hanley ‘18. (bottom left)

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10/26/18 3:58 PM

Service Awards The St. Vincent’s Auxiliary honors high school students whose service work demonstrates the hospital’s mission of “respect and compassion for others, the dignity of human life and commitment to the community.” The recipient of the 2018 St. Vincent’s Hospital Youth Award from Holy Child is Emily Clemens ‘19.

Each year, Pax Christi Metro New York, a justice oriented non-profit, honors noteworthy high school students working to make the world a more just, peaceful place for all. Juliet Kulusic ‘19 was awarded first place for her advocacy work for a more inclusive community.

Arts Awards The Holy Child Arts Award is given to students for their outstanding ability in, and tremendous dedication to, the visual and/or performing arts program at Holy Child. This year’s recipients were Schuyler Gardner ‘18 and Tessa Quivelli ‘18.

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10/26/18 3:58 PM

special edition moving up 2018

EIGHTH GRADE MOVING UP 2018 Holy Child’s Class of 2022 celebrated its Moving Up ceremony on June 6, 2018, marking their passage from Middle School to Upper School. The ceremony is uniquely designed to reflect the values of the Middle School, which emphasizes individuality, while also recognizing the shared experiences of the entire class.

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10/26/18 3:58 PM

special edition moving up 2018

Special Awards





Left to right: Sophie Pingel ‘22, Lizzie Kelly ‘22, Taylor Girard ‘22 and Christinamarie Nelson ‘22.

Sr. Mary Campion, SHCJ Award is presented to the student who has exemplified the “Holy Child Spirit,” has a keen mind and intellect, and shows maturity and integrity: Taylor Girard ‘22. Sr. Anna Daly, SHCJ ‘43 Award is earned by the student who has the respect of her peers for her creativity, humor, compassion, and wisdom: Elizabeth Kelly ‘22 and Sophie Pingel ‘22. Michelle Ann Bonk ‘96 Award is awarded to an 8th grade student who, like Michelle Bonk ‘96 (who passed away in January 2012), has demonstrated a commitment to her faith and religious values, the school community, public speaking, and athleticism: Christinamarie Nelson ‘22.


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10/26/18 3:58 PM

01 | Gigi ‘22, and Frankie ‘18 Molen.

05 | Thomas, Board Chair, Taylor ‘22, Jordan ‘20, and Michelle Girard.

02 | Steve, Emily ‘19, Ashley ‘22, and Cathy Clemens, trustee.

06 | Katie, Ella ‘22, and

03 | Elena ‘24, and

07 | Peggy Parlatore Kelly ‘77,

Sophia ‘22 Read.

Maggie Kelly ‘09, Lizzie Kelly ‘22, and Kaitlin Kelly Mara ‘07.

Schulyer ‘18 Gardner.

04 | Christine D’Avanzo ‘18, and Alie Zarkowski ‘18.





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10/26/18 3:58 PM

special edition parents association

Colleen Pettus, Associate Head of School, Dean of Faculty (center) with Megan Gillespie and Sheila Stier, PA Co-Presidents. Colleen is the 2018 recipient of the PA Distinguished Service Award.

PARENTS ASSOCIATION DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARD Colleen Pettus, Associate Head of School, Dean of Faculty In 2017, the Parents Association Executive Board introduced the PA Distinguished Service Award. This award celebrates and honors the Holy Child faculty and staff by recognizing a person for his or her outstanding service to Holy Child. This year, the PA Distinguished Service Award was earned by Colleen Pettus, Associate Head of School, Dean of Faculty, who is described by the Holy Child community as “remarkably

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devoted,” “skillful,” “an impactful educator,” “steady,” “dependable,” and “a good listener.” Megan Gillespie and Sheila Stier, PA Copresidents, said of Colleen: “She leads with faith, enthusiasm and eternal optimism. She is an incredible role model for the girls as well as her colleagues, and she is the epitome of a woman of conscience and action.” Congratulations to Colleen Pettus!

10/26/18 3:58 PM

“We will forever have each other, our memories together, our rings, and this beautiful school supporting us in the many things we go on to do in our lives.”

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— Jamie Brusco, Student Government President, 2018

10/26/18 3:58 PM

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10/26/18 3:58 PM

Commencement 2018  
Commencement 2018