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Teen Vogue x Parsons School of Design

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Amanda Skrabucha

About Me

As an individual born with a creative mind and an eye for pleasing aesthetics, I tell stories not only with my writing and editing skills, but also with my photography talent. Fashion is the way for me to combine my passion with my career path. I love taking pictures at the fashion shows, interviewing designers, and working with fashion brands. I was born into the family of creative individuals involved in the fashion industry who taught me how I can meet the needs of my artistic nature, which constantly craves to be visually inspired, through the fashion. For me, fashion is not only what I wear, but, most importantly, how and why I wear it. It is essential for me to be honest with myself when I choose my outfit — if I do not feel comfortable and confident in it, I will not wear it. I like to think about fashion as a tool that is able to improve my image and, moreover, empower my personality when is well used.

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Editorial Photography

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Teen Vogue x Parsons School of Design: Visual Portfolio  
Teen Vogue x Parsons School of Design: Visual Portfolio