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Holy Blossom Temple Bulletin September 2008 | Av/Elul 5768 / Tishrei 5769

The Soul of (Our) People | In Perspective by Rabbi John Moscowitz

From the time we are very young, we are taught to measure things: how tall we are and how much we weigh, how good our grades are and how many friends we have. And it goes on — all the way to maturity when we still measure, now about different things. We count, we calculate, we assess — about virtually everything (and maybe everyone). And so that was the discussion — the calculus, really — this July when Israel and Hezbollah entered into an apparently ridiculously one-sided exchange (one more time, but who’s counting?). Two

lonely black coffins bearing the remains of Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev, coming south from Lebanon while several hundred coffins, along with a few live terrorists (murderers, really), heading north toward cheering Hezbollah crowds. A terrible strategic mistake, I calculated. Not only would this deal raise the price for hostage Gilad Shalit (who hopefully remains alive); not only would Hezbollah and Hamas have more incentive to kidnap more IDF soldiers — but the whole scene was so terribly demoralizing to watch. Once again Israel trades hundreds, most with blood on their hands, for but a handful of Israeli

soldiers defending the nation. Soon, though, I was persuaded of my mistaken calculus by Daniel Gordis, who wrote from Jerusalem: “The challenge facing Israel isn’t to win the war against the Palestinians — because it cannot be won. Neither is the challenge to move toward peace — because peace cannot be had, at least in the foreseeable future. No — the challenge facing Israel is to learn how to live in perpetual, neverending war and in the face of that, to flourish and to be a country that our kids still want to defend. And that is what we did this week.” For Gordis, the exchange was “a mistake well worth making.” continued on page 5


Telling the Zionist Story Anew: Israel Explains Itself to the World When much of the world de-legitimizes Zionism and the State of Israel — now more than ever — Jews and friends are required to tell the story of the Jewish State; to tell of its history and values; to tell of the dignity Zionism imbued in the Jewish People; to tell of the progressive nature of the State of Israel and the Zionist movement that brought everything about. We will be fortunate to host the following prominent figures who will tell the Zionist story each in his own way. All lectures will take place on Wednesdays at 8 p.m.

Amos Oz

Wed. Sept. 17 Introduction: Amir Gissin, Consul General of Israel in Toronto

Yossi Klein Halevi Wed. Nov. 5 Introduction: Linda Frum

Daniel Gordis

Wed. Nov. 12 Introduction: Rabbi John Moscowitz

Charles Krauthammer Wed. Nov. 19 Introduction: Robert Lantos

September 2008 | Av/Elul 5768 / Tishrei 5769


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High Holy Days 2008/5769 3 |

Annual General Meeting 4 | Annual Contribution Campaign 4 | The Gerald Schwartz/Heather Reisman Centre for Jewish Learning 6 |

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Supplementary Schools 9 | Cantor’s Notes 10 |

Monday to Friday at 7.30 a.m. | Shacharit Monday to Friday at 6 p.m. | Mincha Sunday at 9 a.m. | Shacharit

Our Israel 11 | Our Congregational Family 14 |

Mon. Sept. 1, 2008 (Labour Day) and Mon. Oct. 13 (Thanksgiving), Shacharit Services will be held at 9 a.m. S h a b b at S e r v i c e s

Friday at 6 p.m. | Kabbalat Shabbat Saturday at 10.30 a.m. | Shabbat Morning Service and Family Shabbat Service Tot Shabbat will be held on Sept. 5 (Service and dinner), Sept. 19 (Service), Oct. 3 (Service) and Oct. 17 (Service).

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Z’man Simchateinu | ubh,jna inz Season of our Rejoicing Sukkot, Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah 2008/5769 Sukkah Decorating and Pizza in the Hut Mon. Oct. 13, at 4 p.m. Please see page 11 for details.

Erev Sukkot Service Mon. Oct. 13, at 6 p.m. Congregation-wide Sukkot Morning Service Tue. Oct. 14, at 10 a.m. Bring your lulav and etrog. Creative programs and child care will be available. After the Service, enjoy a festive lunch. If you would like to order a quality lulav and etrog ($40), please call Elana Fehler (ext. 532), at the Temple, by Thur. Oct. 2, 2008.

Annual Sukkot Party Sun. Oct. 19, at 12.30 p.m. Please see page 11 for more details.

Simchat Torah Flag-Making and Parade Tue. Oct. 21, at 6.15 p.m.

Erev Shemini Atzeret Service Mon. Oct. 20, at 6 p.m.

Children are invited to make their own flags to wave as they march with the Torah. Hosted by HABSTY.

Congregation-wide Shemini Atzeret/Yizkor Service Tue. Oct. 21, at 10 a.m.

Simchat Torah Service and Celebration Tue. Oct. 21, at 7 p.m.

Children’s programs and child care will be provided. A special luncheon will follow the Service.

Consecration on Simchat Torah Tue. Oct. 21, at 6 p.m. For all Grade 1 families.

Dance with our Torah scrolls to the tunes of Judy and David Gershon’s Klezmer Band. A special invitation goes out to all Camp George campers and staff. A call for volunteers: If you would like to volunteer for any of the Festivals, please call Shelly Berenbaum (ext. 233), at the Temple.

For more details on our Festival celebrations, please visit our Web site at 2

w w w. h o l y b l o s s o m . o r g

High Holy Days 2008/5769 Selichot — Need We Repent for Sins of Omission? Rabbi Donald Splansky, Rabbi Emeritus Temple Beth Am, Framingham, MA. Sat. Sept. 20, 2008, at 9 p.m. (Reception and Service to follow) Our popular culture divides our sins into “sins of commission” and “sins of omission.” Does our Judaism make a similar distinction? If so, do our prayers on the High Holy Days reflect both types of sins? If not, do we feel guilty anyway about our sins of omission (even if there may be an infinite number of them)?

Yom Kippur Afternoon Learning

High Holy Day Services Erev Rosh Hashanah First Service Family Service Second Service First Day Rosh Hashanah First Service Early Family Service Second Service Late Family Service Children’s Service (for children five and younger)

Mon. Sept. 29 6 p.m. 6 p.m. 8.30 p.m. Tue. Sept. 30 8.30 a.m. 9 a.m. 11.30 a.m. 11.30 a.m. 3.30 p.m.

Second Day Rosh Hashanah Service

Wed. Oct. 1 10 a.m.

Kol Nidre First Service Family Service Second Service Teen Service

Wed. Oct. 8 6 p.m. 6 p.m. 9 p.m. 9 p.m.

Yom Kippur Early Family Service Morning Service Late Family Service Generation ‫ א‬Service (for 20 and 30 somethings) Children’s Service (for children five and younger) Afternoon Service

Thur. Oct. 9 9 a.m. 10 a.m. 11.30 a.m. 11 a.m. 2 p.m. 3.30 p.m.

We request that all congregants attending High Holy Day Services refrain from using fragrances for the comfort of other congregants.

Thur. Oct. 9, 2008, from 1.30 to 3 p.m. The U.S. Presidential and ­Congressional Elections of 2008 (beginning of three-session course) Hershell Ezrin, Founding CEO, Canadian Council for Israel and Jewish Advocacy When Moshiach Comes (­continuation of four-session course) Rabbi Dow Marmur

Tikkun Olam — to Mend the World: the Jewish Response to the Environmental Movement Evan Solomon, Co-host, CBC News: Sunday

Breaking Down the Wall of Hostility: Saint Paul on Jews and Gentiles Father Raymond de Souza, ­Roman Catholic Priest, Archdiocese of Kingston, and Chaplain at Queen’s University

The Estate of Miriam Neveren has generously enhanced our courtyard in honour of the High Holy Days. High Holy Day flowers have been generously enhanced by the Lanny Salsberg Memorial Endowment Fund. September 2008 | Av/Elul 5768 / Tishrei 5769


Temple leadership — Annual General Meeting by Elliott Jacobson, Chair, Nominating Committee

Holy Blossom Temple’s Annual General Meeting of members will be held on Sun. Nov. 23, 2008, at 10 a.m. The meeting provides a chance for every Holy Blossom Temple member to obtain information concerning the affairs of the congregation. The following slate of candidates has been prepared by the Nominating Committee and will be presented for election at the meeting. O ff i c e rs

President — Larry Babins Vice President — Mark S. Anshan Financial Secretary — Michael Davis Secretary — Pamela Albert Treasurer — Alison Schwartz

Bo a rd of D i r e c tors

Directors nominated for another one-year term: David Blinick and Alberto Quiroz Directors nominated for a two-year term: Jeffrey Dicker, Jill Hertzman, Fern Lebo, Lawrence Ritchie and Elisabeth Rosenfeld In addition to this slate of candidates, the following directors will be continuing the second year of their two-year term: Gord Arbess, Bob Cooper, Karen Fisman, Hugh Furneaux, Joan Garson, Gillian Helfield, Luke Sklar and Susan Stronell. According to our by-laws, additional candidates for any position

may be nominated by members of the Temple. Nominations must be submitted in writing to the administrative office at the Temple no later than 60 days (by Tue. Sept. 23, 2008) before the Annual General Meeting, signed by at least 10 members in good standing at the Temple and by the nominated member. The Nominating Committee acknowledges and thanks the following members who will be completing their terms as Directors and/or Officers: Terry Axelrod, Paul Hellen, Melanie Nesbitt, Michael Sherman and Neri Slan.

Achieving our fundraising goal by Alison Schwartz, Chair, Annual Contribution Campaign

The Annual Contribution Campaign (ACC) is moving closer to our fundraising goal. To date, we have raised more than $500,000, an increase of more than 25 per cent compared to this time last year. Many members have shown they understand what it takes to ensure that the rich array of services and support Holy Blossom Temple offers is there for all of us. For those members who have not had the opportunity to make a gift to the ACC, it is not too late to help us achieve our goal for this year. Our membership dues structure alone does not bring in the revenue needed to balance our operating budget. 4

w w w. h o l y b l o s s o m . o r g

| Annual Contribution Campaign

Please consider making a gift in any amount — to support our programming and Worship Services, and to keep our synagogue home open to all, regardless of means. Donations of any amount are gratefully appreciated and will be acknowledged in the Bulletin, where I hope

to be able to announce that, with your help, we have surpassed our goal for the year. Those donating $500 or more will be recognized on the ACC donor wall, located in the Sanctuary lobby. All donations are eligible for a tax receipt.



Administration Worship

School Fees

Membership Contribution Foundation Grants

Other Education and Programming


Annual Campaign

Investment and Other

Rosh Hashanah cards To celebrate the spirit of the New Year and new beginnings, we are again offering cards for Rosh Hashanah. We will print your personalized message and send a card for a minimum donation of $20, ensuring it is mailed in time for the High Holy Days. If you order six or more cards, the price is $15 per card. If you prefer to write and mail your own cards, a package of 10 is available for $100. All donations are eligible for a tax receipt. To ensure that your cards will be received in time for the High Holy Days, please contact Janice Feuer (ext. 265), at the Temple, or by e-mail at, no later than Mon. Sept. 22, 2008. Sending tribute cards is one of many ways to support our Holy Blossom Temple community. Please see the brochure enclosed with this issue of the Bulletin for more information on how you can support our Temple. “Rosh Hashanah, as the start of a new year, is a time in which we think of those important to us — family, friends and associates. Letting people know that we are thinking of them by sending warm wishes is an important part of our celebration. In turn, we are also the recipients of these greetings — what a treat. Knowing that Holy Blossom also benefits makes it all the more meaningful.” — Lesley & Ronald Miller

L’shanah Tovah

continued from page 1 The Soul of (Our) People

Gordis explains that Israel must calculate by different terms: that is to say, Israel must be a country possessed of a certain kind of soul, which means its soldiers and all citizens know they defend a country whose nature makes the larger public purpose of the nation inspiring for all. Israeli soldiers are required to know that when they defend the country, the country will defend them — come what may. With that in mind, two invitations: the first to come together for our Gerald Schwartz/Heather Reisman Fall 2008 Lecture Series: Telling the Zionist Story Anew. With the help of four outstanding analysts, each with a deep soul (see cover for details), let us explore and honour Israel’s soul together.

The second invitation is hardly necessary, because each of us is inexorably drawn to the synagogue come the Tishrei Holy days: to delve into our own souls not to count and calculate, but rather to know of the profound and all too brief nature of life as God has bequeathed it, and as we must live it. To know this and to be driven, therefore, more by the desire to enrich and deepen our souls than to measure and calculate while life goes by.

Holy Blossom Temple clergy, Foundation Board of Directors and staff wish all our congregants a year of health, ­happiness, prosperity and peace. May it be a year of learning, of Worship, of celebration and of forging new bonds with our Temple community, the greater community and Israel. L'shanah tovah t’kateivu.

September 2008 | Av/Elul 5768 / Tishrei 5769


Gerald Schwartz/Heather Reisman Centre for Jewish Learning at Holy Blossom Temple Our Gerald Schwartz/Heather Reisman Centre for Jewish Learning strives to engage our community to join together for stimulating lectures, to study Torah and to acquire the skills needed to lead a meaningful Jewish life. For more details, please call the School (ext. 256), at the Temple, or visit our Web site at and download a copy of “The Gerald Schwartz/Heather Reisman Centre for Jewish Learning at Holy Blossom Temple 2008/2009 Calendar of Events.” All programs and lectures are open to the community, unless otherwise stated. For your convenience, our weekday daytime programs are marked with the following symbol .

Ongoing learning and specialized classes Shabbat Torah Study: Speaking with God, Learning from Heschel and ­Soloveitchik

Rabbi John Moscowitz Saturdays at 9 a.m., ongoing Prayer is as old as the human condition. From the very beginning, human beings needed to be assured, to give thanks, to enquire, to yearn, to petition. We will explore the world of Jewish prayer — what the liturgy says and means, and how the great thinkers of our time (Abraham Joshua Heschel and Joseph S­ oloveitchik among others) have explained Jewish prayer. All are welcome regardless of background. Learning Liturgy through Singing ­Jewish Music

Cantor Benjamin Z. Maissner Sundays at 10 a.m., ongoing Our Holy Blossom Temple Singers learn the joy of liturgy during rehearsals with Cantor Benjamin Z. Maissner, and contribute greatly to the musical life of the Temple. New participants are always welcome. For more details, please call Mari Lynn Rusack (ext. 224), at the Temple. Advanced Hebrew Grammar

Rabbi Edward Goldfarb, Tuesdays at 11 a.m., ongoing This class emphasizes parsing Biblical and prayer book passages. Knowledge of the finer points of Hebrew grammar is helpful in understanding the basic texts of Jewish life. Open to Temple members only. No classes Sept. 30, Oct. 14 and 21, 2008. 6

w w w. h o l y b l o s s o m . o r g

Sisterhood Torah Study

Rabbi Edward Goldfarb Wednesdays at 9.30 a.m., ongoing Using traditional and contemporary sources, students will explore the character, ideas and great history of our Torah. New and returning students welcome. No classes Oct. 1 and 8, 2008. Why Did Abraham Nearly Kill His Son?

Rabbi Dow Marmur Thursdays at 7.30 p.m. Sept. 11 to 25, 2008 The Biblical account of the binding of Isaac is central to Rosh Hashanah. In preparation for the festival, the three sessions will offer different views on what

is behind the story and how relevant it is for us today. We will read and discuss relevant texts. When Moshiach Comes

Rabbi Dow Marmur Thursdays at 7.30 p.m. Oct. 2, 9*,16, 23, 2008 Many people believe that either redemption or Armageddon is at hand. In the Jewish world, the slogan “Moshiach Now” is one of the manifestations of this naive and unwarranted, yet highly popular, trend. What does it all mean for liberal Jews in the context of the 21st century? * On Oct. 9 (Yom Kippur), the class will meet at 1.30 p.m.

The New Climate — Climate Change, Social Justice and the Role of Jewish Organizations Cara Clairman Sun. Sept. 28, 2008, at 9.30 a.m. Temple member Cara Clairman trained with former U.S. Vice President and Nobel Laureate Al Gore, as one of 250 Canadian representatives qualified to deliver presentations on climate change. Her presentation is based on the slide deck developed (and updated) by Gore, some of which was originally presented in the 2005 Academy Award‑winning movie An Inconvenient Truth. She will discuss the latest information on climate change, the current and future impact of these changes on the already impoverished and disenfranchised, and what the Jewish community can do.

The Reach of the American Elections on Israel and the Middle East, the Jews and Canada

Hershell Ezrin, Founding CEO, Canadian Council for Israel and Jewish Advocacy, and Advocacy Agent, United Israel Appeal Federations Canada Wednesdays at 7.30 p.m. Oct. 15 and 22, 2008 Continuing on from the Oct. 9 Yom ­Kippur talk, Hershell Ezrin will discuss the impact that the U.S. elections will have on Israel and Middle Eastern diplomacy, and how the elections and issues affect the Jews and Canadians. The Yiddish Novel

Rabbi Edward Goldfarb Wednesdays at 11 a.m., starting Wed. Oct. 22, 2008 We will return to Chaim Grade by way of his semi-autobiographical Der Mame's Shabbosim, one of his last books, which depicts Jewish life in Vilna in the early years of the last century. Beginners’ Hebrew

Dalia Alalouf, Supervisor, Hebrew School Wednesdays at 7.30 p.m., starting Oct. 22, 2008 If you feel it is time to learn what your children and grandchildren are learning, this is the course for you. Learn how to read Hebrew and feel comfortable in Temple Services. Limited to Temple members. Registration required. Cost: $200 per year. Conversational Hebrew 101

Dalia Alalouf, Supervisor, Hebrew School Mondays at 8.30 p.m., starting Oct. 27, 2008 Are you travelling to Israel and want to order dinner in Hebrew? Do you have Israeli relatives who you want to impress? This course is intended for those who want to have greater ease with Hebrew. It will give you the basics and get you on your way to speaking and understanding a new language. Registration required. Cost: $200 per year.

Contemporary Jewish Canadian Writing

Cynthia Good, Director, Creative Book Publishing, Humber College Tuesdays at 9.30 a.m. Oct. 28 to Dec. 2, 2008 Participants will study recently published Canadian novels including Gratitude by Joe Kertes (who will visit our class to join our discussion of his book) and

A Sharp Intake of Breath by John Miller, the 2008 winner of the Canadian Jewish Book Awards for Fiction. We will discuss: Can we still categorize Jewish writing as ‘immigrant literature?’ Can we identify a new generation of Jewish writing in this country? Is there a specifically Canadian response to issues like the Holocaust and Israeli/Arab relations?

Scholar in Residence Weekend Rabbi Naomi Levy Fri. Oct. 24 to Sun. Oct. 26, 2008 Fri. Oct. 24 | 6 p.m. | Congregational Kabbalat Shabbat with Rabbi Naomi Levy, Rabbi Karen Thomashow and the Shabbat Fusion Band 7 p.m. | Generation ‫א‬: The Sabbath’s Bridegroom — God This post-Kabbalat Shabbat program on theology, theodicy and struggle will feature a sushi dinner and sake bar, and is geared to our congregants in their 20s and 30s. Cost: $18. Sat. Oct. 25 | 9 a.m. | Shabbat Morning Torah Study with Rabbi Levy We will be studying Bereshit, the creation narrative. 10.30 a.m. | Sermon — Life under Construction: Repairing the World, Repairing Ourselves The rabbis tell us a person who makes peace with the way things are is not living in God's light. God is waiting for us to see what needs to change and to unite our deepest prayers with action. 12.30 p.m. | Kiddush Lunch and Study: Talking to God — the Power of Prayer Learn about personal prayer and its connection to communal fixed prayer. Sun. Oct. 26 | 9.30 a.m. | Spiritual Parenting: Finding Balance when Life is Spinning Out of Control Being a parent is such a sacred, blessed gift. And yet sometimes we find ourselves feeling utterly depleted. How do we learn to nourish our souls? What values do we hold sacred? Are we transmitting them to our children? How can we learn to raise ourselves up and raise children who will be a blessing to this world? Rabbi Naomi Levy is the founder and spiritual leader of Nashuva, a Jewish outreach organization in Los Angeles. Through Nashuva, she has been involved in drawing hundreds of unaffiliated Jews back to a Judaism that is soulful, committed to social justice, meaningful, relevant and fun. To register for all programs, and the Generation ‫ א‬dinner, please call Elana Fehler (ext. 221), at the Temple.

September 2008 | Av/Elul 5768 / Tishrei 5769


Exodus: Greatest Hits — What Really Happened in Egypt?

Rabbi Michael Stroh, Rabbi Emeritus, Temple Har Zion Thursdays at 10.30 a.m. Oct. 30 to Nov. 13, 2008 Why did it take the Jewish People 40 years to cover a 12-day walk? Why are there three versions of the 10 Commandments? Did Moses really look like Charlton Heston? How was the Book of Exodus shaped to create a message of Judaism that has endured thousands of years, and what is that message? Reform Judaism: Dilemmas and Dichotomies

Holocaust Education Week Lecture: 70 Years Ago — the Strange Story of Herschel Grynszpan Michael Marrus, Chancellor Rose and Ray Wolfe Professor Emeritus of Holocaust Studies, University of Toronto Wed. Oct. 29, 2008, at 7.30 p.m. Almost 70 years ago, Herschel Grynszpan, a 17-year-old Jewish youth living in Paris, learned the fate of his parents, who were deported from Nazi Germany. In response, Grynszpan assassinated Ernst vom Rath, the third secretary of the German Embassy in Paris. This killing gave the Nazis the pretext for Kristallnacht, the assault on Jewish property and individuals across Germany on Nov. 9 and 10, 1938.

Rabbi John Moscowitz Thursdays at 7.30 p.m. Oct. 30 to Nov. 27, 2008 Reform Judaism may be as much a strategy to deal with the modern ethos as it is an expression and system of Judaism. This five-week course will explore the history of Reform Judaism and delineate its dilemmas, ideas, benefits and deficits.

Brotherhood Annual General Meeting and Installation Sun. Sept. 21, 2008, at 10 a.m. All members and potential members of Brotherhood are invited to attend our Annual General Meeting. Breakfast will be served.

Brotherhood Breakfast Club Michael Cole Sun. Oct. 19, 2008, at 9.30 a.m. Please join us for the first session of the new season. Michael Cole will review People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks, a historical novel that tells the story of the Sarajevo Haggadah. Handcrafted in Seville in 1480 and illuminated in copper and gold, this sacred text experienced: the Jewish exile from Spain; North Africa during the Caliphate; the book burnings of the Inquisition; Vienna in the 1890s; and Bosnia ­during World War II, where a Muslim risked his life to save the Haggadah from the Nazis. All Temple members are welcome.

Brotherhood Photography Group Tue. Oct. 28, 2008, at 7.30 p.m. All photographers ­— film and digital, novice and expert — are welcome to share their knowledge and interest.


w w w. h o l y b l o s s o m . o r g

What are parents/adults to do?

| Supplementary Schools

by Debbie Spiegel, Director of Education

Have you been to the Temple on a Sunday morning when school is in session and the building is abuzz? If the answer is no, you are definitely missing out. On Sunday mornings, Holy Blossom Temple is the place to be! We have some wonderful new programs on Sunday mornings for adults in our Temple community (while the students are in class). Please join us for one or all of these programs; no registration is required. En v i ronm e nta l Ta l k

sp i r i tu a l p a r e nt i ng

On Sun. Oct. 26, 2008, at 9.30 a.m., Rabbi Naomi Levy will round out her weekend as our Scholar in Residence with a conversation with parents. Her topic will be “Spiritual Parenting: Finding Balance When Life is Spinning

Out of Control.” (Please see page 7 for more details.) Book CL U B

A third study program we are offering is our monthly Sunday Book Club. Our first session will meet on Sun. Nov. 16, 2008, at 11 a.m. We hope we will be able to encourage readers, non-readers and those who just like to chat to participate in this first meeting. The books will be chosen by the group and we will supply coffee and tea. Subsequent sessions will be advertised in the Bulletin, so please watch for more information.

Photograph by Andrew Kwiatkowski Photography

On Sun. Sept. 28, 2008, at 9.30 a.m.,

Cara Clairman, a Temple member and Vice President of Sustainable Development for Ontario Power Generation, will share the latest information with us from her recent training session on climate change with former U.S. Vice President Al Gore. It promises to be a fascinating program. (Please see page 6 for more details.)

Confirmation 2008/5768: Left to right (first row) Rabbi Karen Thomashow, Rabbi Yael Splansky, Rabbi John Moscowitz, Rabbi Dow Marmur, Cantor Benjamin Z. Maissner, Rabbi W. Gunther Plaut and Cantorial Soloist Lindi Rivers; (second row) Director of Education Debbie Spiegel, Myrna Ross, Sarah Firestone, Emily Levitt, Jennifer Silverstein, Adrienne Collins, Hayley Platt and Elana Paice Lidsky; (third row) Ruthie Fish, Corinne Goldberger, Rachel Harris, Andie Rosenbaum, Rachel Micay, Andrew Berinstein and Lisa Isen Baumal; (fourth row) Bradley Shafran, Geoffrey Singer, Shane Rumack, Adam Anshan, Barnett Ludwig and Charles Ludwig; (fifth row) Sam Heavenrich, Joshua Rosenkrantz, Joshua Alman, Aaron Cincinatus, Sammy Bayefsky, Matthew Dicker and Samuel Rumack. September 2008 | Av/Elul 5768 / Tishrei 5769


Musically speaking | Cantor’s Notes by Cantor Benjamin Z. Maissner

Once again, we find ourselves standing in awe after another liturgical cycle and ready to welcome our High Holy Day season. As I start preparing for the intense rehearsal schedule awaiting us, I am moved by the haunting melodies that embrace our consciousness. As the Days of Awe draw near, I find myself surrounded by oceanic powers, a sea of melodic sequences that will soon fill the sacred space of our synagogue.

As on e p e op l e

I have lived through such moments with you, my dear congregants, for almost three decades, and I know the power and impact of those transcendental liturgical moments when we stand together as one people. Each and every one of us, in our own way, is anticipating such a ­moment during the High Holy Day season. Like greeting an old friend, we all await experiencing the majesty of an “Avinu Malkeinu” moment,

a nostalgic phrase of the ancient Kol Nidre, or the joy and ecstasy of the full Kaddish at the end of Yom Kippur. r a i s e y our v o i c e s

Please indulge yourselves and enjoy these sweet moments that bring us together. Sing your hearts out and raise your voices in thanksgiving and prayer for a good, healthy New Year.


Pilot Project

Attention Seniors and Families

M o n d ays

not meet on Sept. 29 (erev Rosh Hashanah).

Our weekly program for the senior members of the congregation begins its regular fall series on Mon. Sept. 15, 2008. Join us from 10 a.m. to 1.15 p.m. each week for interesting programs at 10.30 a.m., an exercise program designed by Melanie Nesbitt especially for this age group at 11.30 a.m., and lunch with hot soup at 12.30 p.m. Everyone is invited to stay after lunch to play cards or board games. Cost: $2 per day for Temple members and Friends of Holy Blossom; $3 for nonmembers. Note that we will

Sept. 15 The U.S. Election of 2008 in Historical Perspective | Yonatan Eyal, Professor of History, University of Toronto

@ the Temple

The Golden Age of Radio Veteran | David Himelfarb and Ken Borden Two veteran ‘ad-men’ will take us back to the golden age of radio entertainment of the ’30s, ’40s and ’50s. Sept. 22

Repentance for Beginners | Rabbi Dow Marmur Rabbi Dow Marmur will share his thoughts about repentance and the 10 days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

Oct. 6

For more information, please call the Seniors’ hotline (ext. 517), at the Temple.


w w w. h o l y b l o s s o m . o r g

If you are a senior or know a senior who has not been able to enjoy our weekly Mondays @ the Temple seniors’ program because of a lack of transportation, we are planning a pilot project to subsidize taxi transportation. To register for this program, please call our Seniors’ hotline (ext. 517), at the Temple by Fri. Sept. 12, 2008. Please leave your name and phone number and we will call you back to make arrangements.  We expect the cost to be $5 per meeting day.

Israel next summer | Our Israel by Jeff Denaburg, Co-Chair, Israel Committee

For those thinking ahead to next year’s travel, here are two suggestions for visiting Israel that offer exciting opportunities for education and a chance to meet Israelis and tour compelling and unique sites. ARZA Canada

A trip to Israel with ARZA Canada (The Zionist voice for the Canadian Reform Movement) goes well beyond sightseeing. Last June, several Holy Blossom Temple members joined other Reform Jews in a fascinating program that included: • A visit to a high-tech training program for Ethiopian Israelis, which helps bright but disadvantaged Ethiopians prepare for careers in computer technology.

• Meeting with Bnei Darfur refugees from Darfur who risked their lives to reach Israel and are now building new futures. • Dinner with Rabbi Gilad Kariv, of the I­ srael Religious Action Center, who is at the forefront of legal battles to recognize nonHaredi conversions performed in Israel. • A tour of the Tzrifin Army Base, including speaking with soldiers on the role of Judaism and Zionism in the Israeli army service. • Tour of the Knesset and meeting with Member of the Knesset Michael Melchior. • Talk with Rabbi Levy Lauer, head of Israel’s task force on human trafficking. • Discussion about current events with wellknown author Hirsh Goodman. S h a l om H a rtm a n Inst i tut e

Holy Blossom Temple has a long history of participation in the annual study program

Family Programming Mark your calendar for the following programs sukkah, and enjoy a pizza supper before the and sign up to receive e-mail updates by Service begins. visiting our Web site at > Subscribe to E-mail > Family Programming. Sun. Oct. 19, at 12.30 p.m. Enjoy two fun-filled hours of crafts, games and the remarkable beat of the Halleluja Drummers in celebration of Sukkot. BYOD (bring your own drum). Fridays at 6 p.m. Mark your calendars for our September/October dates: Sept. 5 (Service and Hot Shot Shabbat), Sept. 19 (Service), Oct. 3 (Service and Hot Shot Shabbat) and Oct. 17 (Service).

Annual Sukkah party

Tot Shabbat and Hot Shot Shabbat

Sukkah decorating and Pizza in the Hut

Mon. Oct. 13, 2008, at 4 p.m. Add your personal touch to the Temple’s

at the Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem, which offers more traditional study with top-quality Jewish scholars. You can count on inspiring sessions with Rabbi David Hartman, while his son, Rabbi Donniel Hartman, brings surprising insights to any topic, from the Talmud to current events. In addition to sessions on a theme central to Judaism, this year’s program included: • Session with Member of the Knesset Avishai Braverman on his efforts to reform Israel’s political system, delivered with surprising optimism. • Talk from Donniel Hartman on Israel @ 60 — the state of the nation. • Trip to the land of the Philistines — the excavation of the Philistine city of Gath, home of the Biblical Goliath.

2008 Little Blossoms

Rabbi Yael Splansky and Other Baby Specialists Thursdays at 9.30 a.m. Oct. 23 to Dec. 11 All babies under two-and-a-half years old are welcome to bring their parents or grandparents. Join us from 9.30 to 9.45 a.m. for coffee and healthy snacks, followed by a program of music, movement and parenting insights — from baby sign language, CPR and safety, to making your own baby food. From 10.30 to 11.30 a.m., the ‘buggy brigade’ goes on a neighbourhood walk or stays in for free play. Cost: $120 for Temple members; $130 for non-members. For more details, please call Shannon Tramer (ext. 275), at the Temple, or e-mail

For more details on Family Programming, please call our hotline (ext. 518), at the Temple or e-mail

September 2008 | Av/Elul 5768 / Tishrei 5769






(for 20 and 30 somethings)

Shabbat Fusion Fridays at 6.30 p.m., beginning Oct. 24, 2008 Once a month, approximately 75 young adults — single and attached, members and non-members — gather to experience a Shabbat evening of prayer, song and study like no other. Against the backdrop of our formal Sanctuary, intimacy is created by sitting informally in a circle around the lower bimah. The five musicians bring tribal rhythms from the Ugandan Jewish community, joyful niggunim from the Chassidic influence of Shlomo Carlebach, and riffs of New Orleans jazz and retro-funk. Everything old is new again with this eclectic mix of sounds that gets the crowd up and dancing to welcome in the Shabbat bride with the words of Lecha Dodi. Instead of a sermon, the teachings are sprinkled throughout the Service, which highlight the themes and logic of the prayer book. Following the Service, a kiddush of good Israeli wine and sushi invites people to linger for hours. All 20 and 30 somethings are welcome.

A fall weekend at the cottage Rabbi Karen Thomashow, Mark Weinstock and Donna Habsha Fri. Oct. 3 to Sun. Oct. 5, 2008 All 20 and 30 somethings are invited to spend the weekend of Shabbat Shuvah together. Activities will include: water and field sports, hiking, creative Shabbat worship, study programs, fantastic food, music, dancing and dynamic programming. Afternoon workshops will infuse the mind and the spirit. Evening programs will encourage socializing, snacking and music. Participants will refresh and renew themselves for the New Year. Registration required. Applications are available online until Fri. Sept. 26, 2008.

To make a contribution to nurture the next generation, please call Janice Feuer (ext. 265), at the Foundation office. For more details on Generation  programs or to register, please e-mail 12

w w w. h o l y b l o s s o m . o r g

Aaron Lightstone

Jeffrey Wilson

As those congregants in their 20s and 30s have always been of particular interest to Rabbi Splansky, the new Generation  Fund will help ensure that the Temple maintains the resources required to translate the pillars of Jewish life — Torah, Avodah and Gemilut Chasadim — into meaningful experiences for Jews in their 20s and 30s.

Aviva Chernick

Last June, in honour of Rabbi Yael Splansky’s 10th anniversary at Holy Blossom Temple, we created a special fund available to Temple members who want to pay tribute to her.

Sundar Viswanathan

Mark Weinstock

New Generation ‫ א‬Fund in honour of Rabbi Yael Splansky

H o ly B l osso m T e m p l e


Sisterhood Annual General Meeting and Board Installation Tue. Sept. 16, 2008, at 7.30 p.m. All are welcome to attend.

PROJECT 2008 and Membership Appreciation Tea Keep checking your mailboxes for PROJECT 2008 raffle books. Support Sisterhood’s major fundraiser and help contribute to our Temple Library, Religious School, camp scholarships, Plaut Manor, Out of the Cold, rabbinic and cantorial students and many other worthwhile programs. Return your raffle books and save the date. We will be drawing for wonderful prizes at our Membership Appreciation Tea on Sun. Dec. 7, 2008.

Judaica Shop The Judaica Shop will open Tue. Sept. 2, 2008, and the annual sale will take place from Sun. Sept. 21 to Fri. Sept. 26, 2008. Shop hours are Mon. to Fri. from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., and Sun. from 9.30 a.m. to 12.15 p.m. Come see our beautiful and unique items for the High Holy Days.

Women’s Study Retreat: Can We Speak about God in Female Terms? Rabbi Karen Thomashow Fri. Oct. 31 to Sun. Nov. 2, 2008 Horseshoe Resort, Barrie As early as the wisdom literature of the Bible itself, we find references to God that are female in character. What is the history of textual reference to the Shekhina, sometimes known as the feminine indwelling of God? We will explore this, as well as step outside of the context of literature, and consider the implications of gendered ‘God language’ in the context of prayer. Cost: $275 for Sisterhood members; $300 for non-members. For more details and to register, please call Elana Fehler (ext. 221), at the Temple.

Fine Arts Exhibit

From Art to Heart Fri. Sept. 26 to Fri. Oct. 31, 2008

The Harry and Cecile Pearl Gallery will display a selection of stunning photographs from the Save a Child’s Heart (SACH) International Photography Exhibition, a joint project of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and SACH, launched as part of Israel’s 60th anniversary celebrations. The photographs capture the touching stories of children from vastly different backgrounds and religions who come to Israel for life-saving heart surgeries. It features the works of seven talented photographers, each inspired by their personal experiences at SACH.

September 2008 | Av/Elul 5768 / Tishrei 5769


Our Congregational Family Welcome to Our Temple Family We would like to welcome the following new members to our Holy Blossom Temple family: Channah & Perry Cohen Sue & Jeremy Creed, and Makayla and Mia Ruth Gales Rosanna Gotter, and Michael Shirley Gula Donna Habsha & Mark Weinstock Danijela Konforte Marla & Jason Kravice, and Bradley and Jaiden and Jagger Zachary Laksman Jennifer & Leon Lenchner, and Danielle and Zachary and Leigh Hailey & Rick Meslin, and Sophie and William Randi Cogan Shinder & Neil Shinder, and Samantha and Benjamin Roz Silva Cassandra & Daniel Sinclair, and Talia and Joshua Judy & Barry Smith Adina Bloom Somer & Jeffrey Somer, and Evan Joan Yolleck

Mazal Tov Rabbi Mathew Durbin, on being ordained at the Leo Baeck College, London. Rabbi Durban will be working in Plattsburgh, NY. Professor Michael Marrus, on being awarded the Order of Canada for his contributions as a scholar and historian, notably on the history, causes and consequences of the Holocaust. Rabbi Bill Tepper, on being ordained at the Hebrew Union College, Cincinnati. Rabbi Tepper will be working in Chattanooga, TN. UJA Federation Shem Tov Honoureees for Volunteer Excellence: Lori Gershon (Pomegranate Guild of Judaic Textiles), Carol Grubert (The Leo Baeck Day


w w w. h o l y b l o s s o m . o r g

School), Wendy Kady (Israel Cancer Research Fund), Judy Malkin (MAZON Canada), Linda and Abe Neufeld (Holy Blossom Temple), Marvin A. Sadowski (Canadian Friends of Haifa University Michael Sax (Beit Halochem Canada) and Frank Tizel (Jewish Camp Council of Toronto) B i rt h s Linna Chercover & Jason Basch on the birth of their daughter, Sloane Gabrielle Basch. Proud grandparents are Helen & Seymour Basch and Joan & Barry Chercover. Proud great-grandmother is Elaine Basch. Leigh & George (Buddy) Eisenberg on the birth of their granddaughter, Vivian Amber Bogusz, daughter of Cara Michelle Eisenberg & Stephen Bogusz, sister to Evalynn Summer. Other proud grandmother is Ann-Marie Bogusz. Proud greatgrandmothers are Celia Eisenberg and the late Shirley Firestone. Jennifer & Jason Burstein on the birth of their daughter, Rachel Nicole Burstein, sister to Sophie and Samuel. Proud grandparents are Bev & Eddie Burstein, Roger Edwards, Anita & Ronny Groll and Linda Saunders. Proud great-grandparents are Anne & Jack Koreen. Michelle White & Adam Cohen on the birth of their daughter, Eden Lily Cohen, sister to Noa and Ella. Proud grandparents are Hilda & Jerry Cohen and Lydia & Louis White. Hallie & Jonathan Gordon on the birth of their daughter, Julia Hollis Gordon. Proud grandparents are Tobi & Allan Gordon, Charna Sharon Sprackman and Penny & Mel Sprackman. Ruth & the late Jerry Kerbel on the birth of their grandson, Dylan Samuel Kerbel, son of Jennifer Saunders & Josh Kerbel. Other proud grandparents are Tobi & Larry Saunders. Proud great-grandparents are Barbara Saunders and Jack Saunders. Marcy & John Lillard on the birth of their

daughter, Kiley Maia Lillard. Proud grandparents are Harriette Laing, Michael Laing and Stephen Lillard. Shayla & Scott Orenstein on the birth of their daughter, Mara Orenstein, sister to Paige. Proud grandparents are Judi & Arny Donsky, Michael Levine, Diane & Stephen Minsky and Donna Orenstein. Proud great-grandparents are Buddy Rotenberg and Saul Shugar. Marlene & Wayne Pulver on the birth of their granddaughter, Sorelle Leah Pulver, daughter of Aliza & Shawn Pulver. Other proud grandparents are Vera & Joe Fisch. Proud great-grandmothers are Elizabeth Gyenes and Ida Shapiro. Barbara & Jeremy Sandler on the birth of their daughter, Aliyah Rose Sandler. Proud grandparents are Sandra & David Sandler, Marilyn Sandler, Charlotte & Samuel Schwartz and Bob Stewart. Emmy and Elliot Shiffman on the birth of their daughter, Sofie Teah Shiffman. Proud grandparents are Ruth & Ary Dotan and Dee-Dee & Gary Shiffman. Judy and Laurie Zeilig on the birth of their granddaughter, Nina Zeilig Silverman, daughter of Shauna Zeilig & Brian Silverman. Other proud grandparents are Paula Melanson & Mary-Lou Silverman, and David Silverman. Proud great-grandparents are Sidney Fogel and Marie & Robert Higgins. Marilyn Farber on the birth of her greatgranddaughter, Bria Savannah Tizel, daughter of Marian & Adam Tizel, sister to Jacob. Proud grandparents are Ella & Anatoly Golokhov and Janie & Frank Tizel. Other proud great-grandmothers are Helen Tizel and Rima Feldman. Eng a g e m e nts Janie & Frank Tizel, on the engagement of their son, Josh Tizel, to Eliana Busheiken, daughter of Jackie & David Busheiken of Calgary.

B ’ n e i M i tz v a h 13 Elul 5768/Sept. 13, 2008 Sophie Alman, daughter of Zena & Benjamin Alman

13 Elul 5768/Sept. 13, 2008 Sammy Bromberg, son of Sherie & David Bromberg

13 Elul 5768/Sept. 13, 2008 Matan Garmaise, son of Sue Rebick & Steven Garmaise

18 Elul 5768/Sept. 18, 2008 Zachary Silverstein, son of Shari & Ron Silverstein

20 Elul 5768/Sept. 20, 2008 Michael Bloom, son of Kim & Stephen Bloom

20 Elul 5768/Sept. 20, 2008 Aaron Gotlieb, son of Lori & Gary Gotlieb

27 Elul 5768/Sept. 27, 2008 Francesca Feldman, daughter of Angela & David Feldman

5 Tishrei 5769/Oct. 4, 2008 Lee Davis, son of Laurie & Michael Davis

In Memoriam The congregation sympathizes with the recently bereaved families of: Fanny Berholz, mother of Harry Berholz, Lillian Sirota and Sandy Wise

Helen Block, wife of Peter Block, sister of Gordon De Marsh Farrel Cole, husband of Rhonda Cole, father of Joi Cole and Karen Propper, brother of Allen Cole and Lillian Parenson Jack Cooper, husband of Bonnie Cooper, father of Andrea Cooper, David Cooper and Deena Cooper Sylia Emsig, wife of Harold Emsig, mother of Gabriel Caplan, Karen Emsig, Roz Holden, Lesley Kroach, Michelle Lewis and Susan Weinert, sister of Clarice Cooper Florence Fields, mother of Morton Fields, Carol Ruskin and Renee Wolfson Shirley Firestone, mother of Leigh Eisenberg and Michael Firestone, sister of Melville Dunkelman David Gelfand, father of Howard Gelfand, Martin Gelfand and Sandra Moshe, brother of Sally Shadlyn Joseph Goldhar, husband of Renee Goldhar, father of Alan Goldhar and Marlene Orenback Carl Hendeles, father of Lea Abiodun and Caroline Ingvaldsen Evelyn Hutner, mother of Brenda Barrett and Ronald Hutner Rae Joel, mother of Peter Joel and Sue Joel Kenneth Kagan, son of Lillian Kagan, brother of Karen Donsky Jerry Kerbel, husband of Ruth Kerbel, father of Dana Kerbel, Josh Kerbel and Ryanne Reingold, brother of Neal Kerbel and Cynthia Shedletzky Regina Konforte, wife of Goran Konforte, mother of Danijela Konforte and Lea Konforte, sister of Avro Gaon Rebecca Kuttner, mother of Norman Shogilev William Lipson, husband of Bernice Lipson, father of Lorraine Balshin and Rob Lipson, brother of Alan Burston, Ben Burston, Ruth Shuster and Hermie Spears Joseph Minden, husband of Ann Kitt Minden, father of Deborah Goldberg, Jonathan Minden, Judith Minden, Mark Minden, Ruth Minden and Sarah Minden Frances Morrison, mother of Estelle Benzacar, Charles Morrison and Steven Morrison Georgina Paikin, mother of Barney Paikin, sister of Andy Solymar and Michaela Solymar David Rotstein, son of Lilian Rotstein,

brother of Ann Smutylo Sala Rotsztain, mother of Jack Rotsztain, Lillian Rotsztain and Michael Rotsztain, sister of Aaron Teicher Graham Sattin, husband of Marsha Sattin, father of Amy Pataki and Jeffrey Sattin, brother of Al Sattin Shirley Shusterman, mother of Alan Shursterman and Robert Shusterman Aaron Sinaisky, husband of Lottie Sinaisky, father of Rissa Lang and Sydney Sennet Victor Spence, husband of Pauline Spence, father of Rob Herman, Ted Herman, Peter Spence and Robert Spence, brother of Chana Avi-Chai, Marion Goldberg, Gertie Manishevitz, Al Spiegel and Harvey Spiegel Sheila Swimmer, mother of Danielle Morris and Simone Swimmer, sister of Max Orenbach Edith Tichauer, mother of Paul Tichauer Dora Track, mother of Barbara Track, Norman Track and Susan Track Anton Winkler, husband of Edith Winkler, father of Susan Friedmann and Vladimir Winkler Edith Zandoff, sister of Saul Akler

We thank our generous donors 1 5 0 t h Ann i v e rs a r y F und

Henrietta Chesnie, Happy Birthday: Diana & Marvin Goodman; Sheila & Bob Smolkin Sylvia Emsig, In Memory: Henrietta Chesnie A c c e ss i b i l i t y F und

Etta Ginsberg McEwen, Mazal Tov: Judy Malkin & Elliott Jacobson W i l l i a m Ans h a n Yout h Aw a rd Endow m e nt F und

Reggie & Rhona Adelman, In Honour: Jean Anshan Rina & Saul Fishbein, In Honour: Jean Anshan Annie Soren, In Memory: Jean Anshan R ut h Bord e n M e mor i a l F und

Harvey Borden, In Honour: Betsy, Lindsay and Samantha Borden Melanie & Marty Unger, Mazal Tov: Harvey Borden Lori & Laurie Wilder, Mazal Tov: Harvey Borden Gloria Wunder, In Honour: Susan & Barry Borden

September 2008 | Av/Elul 5768 / Tishrei 5769


S us a n & B a rr y Bord e n F und

Harvey Borden, In Honour: Susan & Barry Borden Mark Eisen, In Honour: Susan & Barry Borden T om & J e a n e tt e Brown M e mor i a l

Ruth Green, Happy Birthday: Sheila Bacher

Lesley & Ron Miller; Sylvia Miller and Family;

Zachary Silverstein, Bar Mitzvah: Shari &

Glenda and Allison Mindlin; Audrey & David Mirvish; Anne Moranis; Sandy & Steven Moranis

Ron Silverstein Sandra Temes, In Honour: Marilyn Hahn

Fern Lebo & Alan Brudner, In Honour: Marsha & Jerry Kaplan

G a rdn e r F a m i ly F und

Neiss & Gordon Arbess; Linda & Abe Neufeld;

Anne Dublin, In Honour: Zita Gardner

Elana Paice Lidsky & Brian Lidsky and Family;

Ruth Ehrlich, In Honour: Gillian & David Rosenberg

Carole Paul; Ann & Gary Posen; Lindi & Steve

J o y Co h e n S p e c i a l B i rt h d ay F und

Joy Cohen, In Honour: Karen & Morris Davidman;

G e n e r at i on


Rivers and Family; Razelle Roebuck; Joy Rosen F und

Robyn Kestenberg & Stephen Posen; Susan

Dalia Alalouf, In Appreciation: Catherine Mayers

McArthur & David Posen; Steven Serber and

Danny Krangle, In Honour: Muriel Cohen & Family

Family; Joyce & Barry Spiegel; Devra & Eddie

May Marx, In Memory: Zeller Cooper Family

Wasser and Family

Rabbi John Moscowitz, In Appreciation: Catherine Mayers

B e v e r l e y Co l m a n - Lok a s h S c h o l a rs h i p

Debbie Spiegel, In Appreciation: Catherine Mayers

F und

Rabbi Yael Splansky, In Appreciation: Ricky &

Mary & Henry Seldon, In Honour: Beverley Colman-Lokash Dora Track, In Memory: Beverley Colman-Lokash Coop e r F a m i ly Ann i v e rs a r y F und

Gary Bomza, In Honour: Sami & James Cooper Myrle & Nathan Spring, In Honour: Sami & James Cooper D a nson F a m i ly C a mp S c h o l a rs h i ps Endowm e nt F und

Joseph B. Danson, Yahrzeit: Marilyn Farber and Family Sylvia Emsig, In Memory: Marilyn Farber Dora Track, In Memory: Dot & Bert Danson; Marilyn Farber

and Jessica, Corey and Rachel; Ike Morgulis; Rabbi John Moscowitz; Joan Moses; Sharon

S c h o l a rs h i p F und

Arnold Englander; Family of Pearl Duckman Fogel Rabbi Yael Splansky, 10th Anniversary: Karen & Yoel Abells and Family; Jan & Keith Allin; Lisa & Aaron Baumal; Naomi Bell; Esther & Mel Bergman; Matilda Bigio; Tania & Brian Blumenthal and Family; Harvey Borden; Susan & Barry Borden;

& Lawrence Freedman and Family; Rosenstock Family; Rifky Rosensweig; Arlene Roth; Rotman Family Foundation; Richard Rotman and Family; Janet & Michael Ryval; Myrna Sandler; Annalee & Brian Schnurr; Randi Shaul & David Saevitzon and Family; Gail & Barry Silver; Simonsky Family; Judy & Gerald Slan; Sheila & Bob Smolkin; Roberta & Rich Sol; Debbie & Randy Spiegel and Family; Phyllis & Manny Spivak; Ady Steen; John Sweet; Gary Topp; Debby & Morris Vigoda and Family; Phyllis Weintraub; Deborah Wolfe; Linda Wolfe; Rose Wolfe; Dorothy & William Wolfson; Zeller Cooper Family; Joyce & Fred Zemans

Judy & Allan Borodin and Family; Irving Brott;

R a b b i Edw a rd & F a g i G o l df a r b F und for

Ronni Brott & Julian Heller and Family; Debra &

Jewish Literacy

Barry Campbell and Family; Alice & Ron Charach;

Rabbi Edward Goldfarb, In Honour: Adam, Amalia,

Sara & Rick Charney and Family; Sara Clodman and Meredith, Neil and Harley Jonatan; Beverley

Mira and Raisa Goldfarb; Ike Morgulis Fagi & Rabbi Edward Goldfarb, Mazal Tov: Adam,

Colman-Lokash; Bonnie Croll & Robert Henry

Amalia, Michael, Mira and Raisa Goldfarb;

and Family; Renee & Naim Dallal; Susan & David

Hannah Shostack

Dewitt; Anne Diamond; Sarita Dotan; Susanne & Stuart Egier; Patricia & Alan Eppel; Marilyn

Dr. Sandy Shiner & Bernie Berger, In Honour: Sylvia Miller and Family

Farber; Helena & David Fine; Penny Fine & Hugh

J e a n F i n e S e n i ors F und

Furneaux; Heather & Max Finestone and Family;

Est h e r H a nds M e mor i a l F und

Rae Joel, In Memory: Donna & Dennis Colt; Gail &

Fisman-Guarascio Family; Nora & John Freund;

Esther Hands, In Memory: Rina & Saul Fishbein

Gary Goodman; Kathy & Maurice Green; Sheila &

Amanda Frohman; Shelley & Arthur Gans; Randi

Bob Smolkin

& Alan Garfinkel; Gail & Irving Gerstein; Marci

Alan Tinianov, In Honour: Sheila & Bob Smolkin

Gilbert & Shalom Schachter; Lynn & Larry Glazer

Dora Track, In Memory: Daisy & Sydney Jacobs; Jan

and Family; Whitney Gnat; Gotfrid Family;

& Robert Simonsky Mari & Henry Waisglass, In Honour: Daisy & Sydney Jacobs

Ruth Ellen & Sheldon Greenwood and Family; Margaret & David Hart; Helfield Klein Family; Holly & Bernard Hellen and Family; Elaine Herer & Stephen Holzapfel; Jane & Robert Herman and

F l or a l F und

Family; Pearlie & Aaron Hermant; Jill & Benjamin

Sophie Alman, Bat Mitzvah: Zena & Benjamin Alman

Hertzman; Katie Hoffman & Jordan Atin and

Michael Bloom, Bar Mitzvah: Kim & Stephen Bloom

Family; Holy Blossom Temple Brotherhood; Ruth

Sammy Bromberg, Bar Mitzvah: Sherie &

Hussman & Barry Strauss and Family; Jill Kamin &

David Bromberg

Murray Hart and Family; Karen Kollins & Daniel

Lee Davis, Bar Mitzvah: Laurie & Michael Davis

Abramson; Alan & Carol Lavine; Lily Lee; Ora &

Francesca Feldman, Bat Mitzvah: Angela &

Michael Leese and Family; Elana Liberman & Jeff

David Feldman Matan Garmaise, Bar Mitzvah: Sue Rebick & Steven Garmaise Aaron Gotlieb, Bar Mitzvah: Lori & Gary Gotlieb


w w w. h o l y b l o s s o m . o r g

Karabanow; Eleanor & Peter Loebel; Eudice Lorge; Jean & Richard Lorie; Michelle Lynn-Sachs & Steve Sachs; MacDonald Family; Karen & Shelly Mandell; Vivienne Manny; Catherine Mayers; Kaylee Miller;

Ho ly B l ossom T e mp l e F ound at i on

Mark S. Anshan, Speedy Recovery: Benjamin Applebaum; Mike Davis; Tom Friedland; Joan Garson; Cary Solomon Harry Babins, In Memory: Esther & Marvin Tile Robin & Noah Belman, In Honour: Lina & Anthony Levitt Dr. Barry Borden, Speedy Recovery: Michael & Wendy Goodman Myer Brody, In Honour: Sybil & Jack Geller Henrietta Chesnie, Happy Birthday: Judy Malkin & Elliott Jacobson Anne Dublin, In Honour: Jean & Lewis Applebaum; Myra & Danny Krangle Shirley Firestone, In Memory: Wendy & Elliott Eisen; Sally Libman; Stephen & Janet Wasserman and Family Sybil & Jack Geller, In Honour: Marvin &

Diana Goodman Rose Goldstein-Gold, In Memory: Adele Sager and

Rabbi John Moscowitz, In Appreciation: Debbi

Dr. Jack Cooper, In Memory: Terrye & Jack Kuper


Shirley Firestone, In Memory: Debra Muchnik & Neil

Janie Rendely Dr. Brian Hands, Happy Birthday: Sybil Geller

J a c o b ’ s T ow e r F und

Rae Joel, In Memory: Esther & Marvin Tile

Marvin Baskin, In Honour: Florence &

Irene Klein, Yahrzeit: Veronica Mandel Michael Marrus, Mazal Tov: Merle Kriss Anita Lapidus, Mazal Tov: Matilda Bigio; Jackie & Michael Shulman Lev Maidanik, In Honour: Cass and Splansky/ Sol Families Etta McKewan Greenberg, Happy Birthday: Mimi & Malcolm Krombie Frances Morrison, In Memory: Esther & Ceryl Hersh; Esther & Marvin Tile

Kredentser David Hart, Happy Birthday: Clare & Monte

Harold Hertzman


Ruth Gertner, In Memory: Marilyn Shekso &

Rae Joel, In Memory: Terrye & Jack Kuper

David Hertzman

Rabbi Dow & Fredzia Marmur, In Appreciation: Etta

David Hertzman, In Honour: Florence &

Ginsberg McEwan

Harold Hertzman

Gerry Prendergast, Mazal Tov: Ellen Karabanow

Charles Katz, In Memory: Marilyn Shesko &

Susan Sack & Howard Liss, In Honour: Vivian &

David Hertzman

Andrew Sanfilippo

Rose Roberts, In Memory: Marilyn Shesko &

Ted Shafran, In Honour: Razelle Roebuck

David Hertzman

Sandy Shiner & Bernie Berger, In Honour: Marlene

Annalee & Brian Schnurr, Mazal Tov: Jill Hertzman

Susan Sack & Howard Liss, In Honour: Jenny Wilson and Family Victor Spence, In Memory: Adrienne Goeldner Phyllis & Dr. Manuel Spivak, In Honour: Sybil & Jack Geller Stephanie Tanz, In Honour: Shelley & Stan Mintz Dr. Marvin Tile, In Honour: Heather Crawford & Larry Ritchie; Nancy Ruth Alan Tinianov, In Honour: Muriel Tinianov Rabbi Karen Thomashow, In Appreciation: Susan Guttman & John Harris Debby Vigoda, Happy Birthday: Daisy & Sydney Jacobs Fred Zemans, In Honour: Marvin & Diana Goodman General: Maxine & Garry Park

& Robert Ruderman Debby Vigoda, In Honour: Marlene & Dr. Robert

Cantorial Soloist Lindi Rivers, In Appreciation: Susan Guttman & John Harris

Gary Ciglen, In Honour: Razelle Roebuck

J o a n K e r b e l L e a d e rs h i p D e v e l opm e nt F und

Henrietta Chesnie, Happy Birthday: Holy Blossom Temple Sisterhood Reba Clodman, In Honour: Holy Blossom Temple Sisterhood

Ruderman Richard Vrooman, In Honour: Catherine Mayers; Gerri Prendergas; Judith Wiley M us i c a l H e r i ta g e F und

Dara Abells, In Honour: Mari Lynn Rusak

Matthew Durbin, In Honour: Holy Blossom

Karen & Dr. Yoel Abells: Lily & Reuben Katz

Temple Sisterhood Gerry Prendergast, In Honour: Holy Blossom Temple Sisterhood

Barry Borden, In Honour: Eleanor & Hartley Steinberg; Francie & Marty Storm Gary Ciglen, In Honour: Jill Kamin & Murray Hart

Rabbi Yael Splansky, In Appreciation: Pnina

Toby & Gary Ciglen, In Honour: Holy Blossom


Temple Singers

Bill Tepper, In Honour: Holy Blossom Temple

Sylvia Emsig, In Memory: Francie & Martin Storm


Eugene M. Grant, Happy Birthday: Barb Weisfeld

Dora Track, In Memory: Judith Malkin &

Ruth Ellen & Sheldon Greenwood, In Honour: Nancy

Elliott Jacobson

& Lloyd Pollack

Dr. Irving Warren, In Memory: Gail & Gary Goodman

Carol & Alan Lavine, In Appreciation: Mari Lynn

F und

K i ddus h F und

Pam Albert, In Honour: Heather Crawford &

Rabbi Yael Splansky, In Honour: Fisman-Guarascio

Cantor Benjamin Z. Maissner, In Appreciation: Holy

Ho ly B l ossom T e mp l e R e n e w a l P R O J EC T

Larry Ritchie



Reba Clodman, In Honour: Holy Blossom Temple Fine Arts Committee Marilyn Farber, Happy Birthday: Isabel & Barney Danson Sala Rotsztain, In Memory: Arlene Roth Is e n b e rg F a m i ly Endowm e nt F und

Rebecca Baruch, In Honour: Carol & Steve Pilon Shelley Baruch, Mazal Tov: Carol & Steve Pilon Isr a e l S tud y F und

Dr. Jack Cooper, In Memory: Marliyn Shesko &

G e rtrud e L e v i n e G o l dr i ng Yout h Aw a rd Endowm e nt F und

and Family Michelle Katz, Happy 50th Birthday: Lily & Reuben Katz

Gardner Hope & Cantor Benjamin Z. Maissner, In Honour: Jan & Robert Simonsky

General: Esther Zeitlin

Katherine Mayers, In Honour: Betty & Marshall Cohen

L i b r a r y Book F und

Anne Dublin, In Honour: Suzanne & Stuart Egier; Lily Lee; Bernice & Yitz Penciner; Mary & Henry Seldon; Helen & Edward Sheffman; Sheila & Bob Smolkin; Muriel & Alan Tinianov David Hart, Happy Birthday: Sheila & Bob Smolkin Rae Joel, In Memory: Ellen Karabanow

Cantorial Soloist Lindi Rivers, In Appreciation: Jane, Melissa and Rob Herman Joanne Roher, In Honour: Myrna Freedman Mari Lynn Rusak, In Appreciation: Gertie & Les Bulkin; Elana Fehler Andy & Sandi Schafer, In Appreciation: Mari Lynn Rusak

David Hertzman Jeff Denaburg, In Appreciation: Ellen & Irv Marks

Blossom Temple Singers; Mari & Harry Waisglass Cantor Benjamin Z. Maissner, In Honour: Zita

Mary & Henry Seldon, In Honour: Phyllis & Manny

D ow & F r e dz i a M a rmur P rogr a m for Edu c at i on a l E x c e l l e n c e

Spivak; Marvin & Sandra Temes

Dalia Alalouf, In Appreciation: Anita Lapidus

Bob Sherman, In Honour: Joan & Don Granatstein

Henrietta Chesnie, Happy Birthday: Ellen Karabanow

Jennifer Sutton, In Memory: Eva & Edward Borins

September 2008 | Av/Elul 5768 / Tishrei 5769


Dora Track, In Memory: Francie & Martin Storm

H a rr y & C e c i l e P e a r l Yout h Aw a rds F und

Donna & Dr. Daniel Wise, In Appreciation: Mari

Fred Zemans, In Honour: Shirley & David Promislow

Lynn Rusak

Joyce & Fred Zemans, In Honour: Deborah Zemans

Hope & Cantor Benjamin Z. Maissner, In Honour: Roseanne Mason Cantorial Soloist Lindi Rivers, In Appreciation: Sharyn & Hershell Ezrin; Francie Klein, Marcia

M us i c a l L e g a c y F und

P l a ut M a nor F und

Reba Clodman, In Honour: Margaret & David Hart

Robinson and the Honourable Charles Dubin;

Rabbi Yael Splansky, In Honour: Rabbi Plaut and

Anita Lapidus; Sylvia Miller

Etienne & Aubrey Kaplan, In Honour: Matilda Bigio


Mary Seldon, In Appreciation: Michael Larkin

N a n c y R ut h Edu c at i on F und P r ay e r Book F und

O l s b e rg - R uts atz F und

Richard Berndt, In Honour: Elke & Melville Olsberg

Miriam Hirschberg, In Memory: Ruth Green and Rose Rose

Sherrill Cheda, In Memory: Elke & Melville Olsberg

Rae Joel, In Memory: Ruth Green and Rose Rose

Jeanette Higgins, In Honour: Melville Olsberg

Al Tinianov, In Honour: Ruth Green and Rose Rose

Dr. Marvin Tile, In Honour: Elke & Melville Olsberg

Dora Track, In Memory: Ida & Louis Goldberg

Mother of Mrs. Linda Weinberg, In Memory: Elke & Melville Olsberg

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Myer Brody, In Honour: Nancy Ruth Henrietta Chesnie, Happy Birthday: Nancy Ruth Sylvia Emsig, In Memory: Nancy Ruth Shirley Firestone, In Memory: Nancy Ruth Cecile & Joe Goldenberg: Nancy Ruth David Hart, Happy Birthday: Nancy Ruth Esther Tile, Happy Birthday: Nancy Ruth

Barry Borden, In Honour: Gail & Barry Silver

Lorr a i n e S a nd l e r F und

O ut of t h e Co l d F und

Victor Spence, In Memory: Gail & Barry Silver

Carol Asa & Marty Kovnat, In Honour: Lyn & Bob

Dr. Marvin Tile, In Honour: Gail & Barry Silver

Pam Hamovitch, In Appreciation: Splansky/Sol and

Feldman Gilka Beer Blum, In Memory: Jan & Robert Simonsky

R a b b i s ’ A N D CA N T O R s ’ D i s c r e t i on a r y F unds

Barry Borden, In Honour: Janice & Larry Babins

Rabbi John Moscowitz, In Appreciation: Jan &

Cass Families Staff of Kita Hei, Pam and Lily, In Appreciation: Parents and Children of Kita Hei

Myer Brody, In Honour: Mickey Cohen and Family

Keith Allin; Family of Pearl Duckman Fogel; Fay

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Arielle Brooks and Sabrina Miller, In Honour: Yael

Greenholtz & Michael Rotsztain; Anita Lapidus

Miriam Cohen, Yahrzeit: Sue Devor

Elkin; Danielle Starkman Sylvia Emsig, In Memory: Nancy & Ron Burkes; Barb & Arnie Rabin Bonnie & Ronnie Goldstein, In Honour: Denise Goldstein Davie Gomberg, In Memory: Shilly & Laz Rosen Kathy Green, In Honour: Lydia Schaverien Katrin Green, Mazal Tov: William Edwards and James Forster Rachel Jacobson, In Honour: Sara & Rick Charney; Goldie & Abraham Davis; Susan & David Dewitt; Joan Greenbeerg Danny Krangle, In Honour: Mickey Cohen and Family Harriette Laing, Mazal Tov: Judy Malkin & Elliott Jacobson Gary Posen, In Appreciation: Naomi Bell Gerry Prendergast, In Honour: Shilly & Laz Rosen; Janet & Michael Ryval Joanne Roher, In Honour: Moss & Wilks Families Victor Spence, In Memory: Sandy & Gordon Atlin

Rabbi John Moscowitz: Bob Cohen, In Honour: Barbara & Bob Hodes Rabbi John Moscowitz: Zack Mahon, In Honour: Jeff Levy Rabbi John Moscowitz: Harold Mosoff, In Memory: Adele Sager and Family Rabbi Yael Splansky, In Appreciation: Jan & Keith

Martha Drujan, Yahrzeit: Judy Druyan Lorne Dunkelman, Yahrzeit: Toby Dunkelman Alex Flomen, Yahrzeit: Mona & Robert Sherkin

Gordon; Anita Lapidus; Janet & Michael Ryval

Sylvia Frohman, Yahrzeit: Amanda Frohman

Rabbi Yael Splansky: Drusilla Manny, In Memory: Vivienne Manny Rabbi Karen Thomashow, In Appreciation: Jan

Benjamin Geneen, Yahrzeit: Lucy Waverman & Bruce MacDougall Meyer Goldberg, Yahrzeit: Joanne Weigen

& Keith Allin; Harriette Laing; Marlene & Max

Karen Goldblatt, Yahrzeit: Barry Goldblatt

Orenbach; Lorraine & Michael Singer

Ruth & Charles Goodman, Yahrzeit: Gail & Gary

Rabbi Karen Thomashow: Sheila Swimmer, In Memory: Marlene & Max Orenbach Rabbi Edward Goldfarb, In Appreciation: Norbert

Goodman Gertie Granatstein, Yahrzeit: Joan & Don Granatstein; Montgomery Family

Hartmann; Sue Joel and Family; Sandie Shiner &

Terri Greenberg, Yahrzeit: Paula Moshonas

Bernie Berger

Eric Helfield, In Memory: Helfield Klein Family

Cantor Benjamin Z. Maissner, In Appreciation: Goldstein Gold; Fay Greenholtz; Sylvia & Hervey

Dora Track, In Memory: Sheila Bacher and Family

Naftolin; Arlene Roth; Sandie Shiner & Bernie Berger Cantor Benjamin Z. Maissner: Ted & Marion Moses, In Honour: Fay Greenholtz & Michael Rotsztain

w w w. h o l y b l o s s o m . o r g

Chaim Drujan, Yahrzeit: Judy Druyan

Dr. David Eisen, Yahrzeit: Joy & Herb Wolfson

Marvin Tile, In Honour: Janice & Larry Babins


Louis Dennis, Yahrzeit: June Dennis and Family

Ezrin; Family of Rose Goldstein Gold; Nettie & Jules

Family of Pearl Duckman Fogel; Family of Rose

General: Melamed Family and Friends

Family; Linda Schwartz and Family Sidney Coopman, Yahrzeit: Joy & Barry Gales

Allin; Jane Arent; Peter Dan; Sharyn & Hershell

Bill S. Tepper, In Honour: Janet & Michael Ryval

Morris Vigoda, Happy Birthday: Harriette Borins

Roman Coopersmith, Yahrzeit: Ruth Kerbel and

Esther Hermant, Yahrzeit: Julie & Joel Mickelson Susan Hershfield, Yahrzeit: Ruth Ellen Greenwood; Janet and Ronnie Hershfield Dorothy Himel, Yahrzeit: Susan Himel & Neil Kozloff and Family Perry Himel, Yahrzeit: Susan Himel & Neil Kozloff and Family

Sam Hoppe, Yahrzeit: Bonnie & Sheldon Hoppe and Family; Mary Hoppe Wolf Kampelmacher, Yahrzeit: Judy Druyan Harry Klein, In Memory: Helfield Klein Family

Jerry Kerbel, In Memory: Debbie & Randy Spiegel

S i st e r h ood F und

Mary & Henry Seldon, In Honour: Gail & Gary

Krisanne Langille & Dr. Peter Collins, In Honour:

Goodman Dora Track, In Memory: Gail & Gary Goodman

Asher Solomon Leranbaum, Yahrzeit: The Leranbaum Family Alexander Levy, Yahrzeit: Joan and Don Granatstein; Montgomery Family Queenie Lewis, Yahrzeit: Paula Moshonas Sidney Mamott, Yahrzeit: Adele Mamott; Jackie Mamott & Simeon Olsberg Drusilla Manny, Yahrzeit: Jill MacIntyre; Vivienne and Cheryl Manny Marshall Margolis, Yahrzeit: Zoe Margolis David Marks, Yahrzeit: Ellen & Irving Marks Saul Morris, In Memory: Danny Morris Rose Patchen, Yahrzeit: Marilyn Hahn Morris Rotman, Yahrzeit: Richard Rotman and Family Ida Ruderman, Yahrzeit: Dr. Robert Ruderman


Ly l e & G i l d a S ta nw ay Book F und

Lyle Stanway, Happy Birthday: Eunice Freedman; Rita & Carl Goldstein; Shirley & Syd Margel; Bonnie & Mel Shear


A l & D or a T r a c k S c h o l a rs h i p F und

Jill Smith, In Honour: Robin & Noah Belman and

Howie Gelfand Dora Track, In Memory: Clare & Monte Denaburg; Shelley & Arthur Gans; Sybil & Jack Geller; Nancy Ruth; Bea Sidlofsky; Sheila & Bob Smolkin; Esther & Marvin Tile G ordon & L i nd a W o l f e F a m i ly Yout h Aw a rd Endowm e nt F und

Dr. Barry Borden, In Honour: Linda Wolfe and Family Sylvia Emsig, In Memory: Linda Wolfe and Family Dora Track, In Memory: Linda Wolfe and Family

Andor Schafer, Yahrzeit: Mary & Henry Seldon

Barbara & Russell Patton, In Honour: Leonard Wolfe and Family

Harry L. Solomon, Yahrzeit: Cary Solomon; Ethel Solomon; Melanie Unger Shirley Steinberg, Yahrzeit: Ellen & Alan Levine and Family Tanya Swartz and Ryan Baker, In Honour: Baker Family

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Hanna Shlesinger, Yahrzeit: Hanna Shlesinger and

Shane Rumack, In Honour: Susan Yack & Eric Annalee & Brian Schnurr, Mazal Tov: Carole &

L e on a rd W o l f e M e mor i a l F und


Joanne Roher, In Honour: Roseanne Mason

General: Dorothy & Sydney Shoom

Annette Rudman, Yahrzeit: Matilda Bigio

Otto Schleissner, Yahrzeit: Mary & Henry Seldon

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September 2008 | Av/Elul 5768 / Tishrei 5769


Transgressions can be multi-faceted | The Last Word by Rabbi Karen Thomashow

Secular superstition suggests that when one offers a birthday wish over cake and candles, it is best to keep that wish to oneself for fear that sharing the wish aloud will render it void. It would appear, then, that secular sensibilities were not at work last month when a yeshiva student in Jerusalem swiped American presidential hopeful Barack Obama’s prayer paper from the Western Wall to scan and disseminate it over the Internet. Jewish sensibilities were not at play either, of course. Shmuel Rabinovitz, rabbinic overseer of the Western Wall, said, “The notes placed between the stones of the Western Wall are between a person and his Maker. It [this incident] damages the Western Wall and damages the personal,

deep part of every one of us that we keep to ourselves.” Indeed, what may be of foremost concern with regard to this incident is the breach of privacy involved. While the person who plucked the note from the wall and exposed its contents to the media was approached to apologize, that was not the sum total of the reprimand. The Israeli Attorney General was urged to order the police to open a criminal investigation against the Israeli newspaper editor who granted publication of the note. This not only implies guilt by association, it reminds us that transgressions are multi-faceted and nuanced. Their implications are far-reaching. Our tradition’s Yom Kippur liturgy of confession comprises two basic parts: Ashamnu, the brief list of general

transgressions; and Al Chet, the longer list of more specific transgressions. The vast majority of the missteps named are related to speech: tattling, swearing falsely and slander. One reason for the prevalence of speechrelated confessions is that there is a corresponding prevalence of speechrelated transgressions. A second reason for this prevalence, however, is the rabbinic teaching that ‘lashon hara,’ or ill speech of any kind, permeates all areas of deed or transgression — directly or indirectly. I believe a reminder of the sensitive relationship between one misdeed and another in this season of repentance can strengthen the case for us all to ask for forgiveness from as many as possible. L’Shanah Tovah.

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