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V o l . L X X X III N o . 7 | March 2007 | Adar/Nisan 5767

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In Perspective

Your turn, our future


by rabbi john moscowitz

Later this spring, members of Holy Blossom Temple will make the most important congregational decision in some 70 years — in this case, a decision very much like the one faced by our congregation in the mid-30s when we were still located downtown on Bond Street. Shall we, daunting though it may appear, sustain and renew this congregation by reaching both boldly and practically toward our future, or shall we remain unchanged as the world moves on? A b e t t e r c o n g r e g at i o n

On one level, our decision will be about the fundamental physical transformation of our space at 1950 Bathurst Street. However, our physical redevelopment is not about a better building, but about a better congregation. I think many would agree that Holy Blossom Temple, for all of our strengths, is not sufficiently strong in fostering a deep sense of belonging to a community, in which as many as possible feel connected to one another. A sense of belonging often engenders a sense of believing, by which I mean that meeting and greeting, seeing and just being together can foster a greater

sense of finding meaning and finding God. As such we will have an opportunity to make better our attempt at deep, religious community in a liberal milieu. It is our good fortune, then, that the architectural firm of Diamond and Schmitt has developed a design, which by virtue of encouraging physical community, will make a warm religious community a possibility. It is a common sense, practical and beautiful design — a scheme that preserves the historical significance of our Sanctuary (our emotional and religious centre), while introducing modifications to enhance the spirituality and beauty of that space — so important to so many for so long. Just as importantly, this opportunity allows us to renew our long-term relationship with our strategic partner, The Leo Baeck Day School. Finally, we will have the right kind of spaces for education, community gathering, celebrations and all the other things necessary for a great congregation to move forward. Strong and courageous leadership — under Presidents Barry Borden, Sheila Smolkin, David Baskin, Alan

Shabbat Fusion Fridays at 6.30 p.m., Feb. 23, Mar. 30, Apr. 27, May 25 and June 29, 2007 Rabbi Yael Splansky invites members and nonmembers to a unique Kabbalat Shabbat experience

Garfinkel, and now Barry Silver, along with several Boards of Directors — have led us to survey our congregation and plan strategically for the future, so we might arrive at this moment when the time, the design and the financial support are coming together. Make your voice heard

Now it is your turn. I urge you to become knowledgeable about the plan before us, to review the materials that will be sent to all of our members, to come to the Town Hall meetings, to make your voice heard, to participate and, finally, to vote on our future. Your knowledge of what is being proposed — why and the ramifications — will be the foundation of the choice we will make later this spring. While the choice is for this very moment, our vote is actually about the future. And while we are the ones voting and choosing, this plan is less about us and our needs, and more about the needs of our children and grandchildren and their religious and communal aspirations. This is a great moment in the history of Holy Blossom Temple and I look forward to the participation of all of our members in making this decision.

of song and prayer. On the last Friday of each month, Aviva Chernick, Aaron Lightstone, Mark Weinstock and their musical friends, will bring the city’s finest fusion of jazz, funk, Ashkenaz and Sepharad to the Temple. Our Sanctuary won’t know what hit it! A Shabbes tish of sushi and wine will follow. Spread the word and bring a friend.

For more details on this program, please call Cynthia Silverman (ext. 276), at the Temple.

w w w. h o l y b l o s s o m . o r g

H o ly B lo s s o m T e m p l e


Make your voice heard


When we wrote last, in November 2006, we discussed the preliminary design concept that was emerging as a response to our physical space limitations at 1950 Bathurst Street. We are pleased to report that progress has been made in the last three months and we want to let everyone know where we currently stand. First, however, is a brief reminder of how we got here. More than five years ago, our Temple Board of Directors recognized the need for redevelopment. A committee was struck and a formal architect selection process began. Forty-seven written submissions were received from various firms in Canada, the United States and Europe. Over the next year and a half, these were short-listed to a final three, and in June 2004 Diamond and Schmitt Architects was selected. Over the last two-plus years, Diamond and Schmitt has had extensive consultations with stakeholders within our Temple community and with leadership from our strategic partner, The Leo Baeck Day School. What has emerged is an exciting preliminary plan that honours our past as it sustains our future at Holy Blossom. w h at h a p p e n s f r o m h e r e ?

At its December meeting, the Board of Directors endorsed this plan and determined that it should be brought to the congregation for approval by vote before it can proceed. We are currently in the process of developing an information package to distribute to the entire congregation so that everyone can make an informed decision.

MARCH 2007 | Adar/Nisan 5767

This information package will include specifics on the proposed design, conceptual drawings and renderings, as well as details on our relationship with Leo Baeck and our strategy to fund this project. f u lly e n g a g e d i n t h e p r o c e s s

We want our membership to be fully engaged in this process and to note that our intent continues to be that there will be no mandatory levy on the congregation to fund the redevelopment. Rather, we are well on our way to raising the necessary financial support by way of pacesetting gifts from our members. There will be an opportunity before the vote to attend one of a series of open Town Hall forums at which Diamond and Schmitt Architects will present its proposal to the congregation for comment and input. These meetings will provide a chance to learn more about the project and make your voice heard. There will also be special Board Meetings on Sun. Mar. 25 and Sun. Apr. 22, 2007, at which members are invited to communicate their views directly to the Board. Naturally, we will also be consulting with our neighbours, in addition to our process with the congregation. T o w n Hall M e e t i n g s

Dates and times • Sun. Feb. 25, 2007, at 10 a.m. Congregational Town Hall Meeting • Mon. Mar. 5, 2007, at 7.30 p.m. Congregational Town Hall Meeting • Thur. Apr. 19, 2007, at 7.30 p.m. Congregational Town Hall Meeting • Sun. Mar. 25, 2007, at 10 a.m. Special Board Meeting • Sun. Apr. 22, 2007, at 10 a.m. Special Board Meeting • Sun. May 27, 2007, (tentative date) Special Meeting of the Congregation to Vote on the Proposal

Again, we thank you all for your continued support and patience as we lay the foundation of Holy Blossom for future generations. And, as always, please do not hesitate to be in touch with us should you have any questions. Sincerely,

Rabbi John Moscowitz

Town Hall Meeting invitations have been recently distributed to every member. Please hold these key dates and plan on attending at least one of the meetings. Barry Silver, President

w w w. h o l y b l o s s o m . o r g

Daily/Shabbat Worship Da i ly S e r v i c e s

Mon. to Fri. Sun.

7.30 a.m. 6 p.m. 9 a.m.

Shacharit Ma’ariv* Shacharit

*Mincha Services start on Mon. Mar. 12, 2007, at 6 p.m.

S h a b b at T ’ t z a v e h

Fri. Mar. 2 Fri. Mar. 2 Sat. Mar. 3 Sat. Mar. 3

6 p.m. 6 p.m. 10.30 a.m. 10.30 a.m.

Kabbalat Shabbat Service Tot Shabbat Service and Dinner Shabbat Morning Service Family Shabbat Service

6.30 p.m. 8.15 p.m.

Family Megillah Reading Adult Megillah Reading (See page 5 for details.)


Sat. Mar. 3 Sat. Mar. 3

S h a b b at K i T i s a

Fri. Mar. 9 Sat. Mar. 10

6 p.m. 10.30 a.m.

Kabbalat Shabbat Service Congregation-wide Shabbat Morning Service

S h a b b at Vaya k ’ h e i l / P ’ k u d e i

Fri. Mar. 16 Fri. Mar. 16 Sat. Mar. 17 Sat. Mar. 17

6 p.m. 6 p.m. 10.30 a.m. 10.30 a.m.

Kabbalat Shabbat Service Tot Shabbat Service Shabbat Morning Service Family Shabbat Service

S h a b b at Vay i k r a

Fri. Mar. 23 Sat. Mar. 24

6 p.m. 10.30 a.m.

Kabbalat Shabbat Service Congregation-wide Shabbat Morning Service

S h a b b at T z a v

Fri. Mar. 30 Fri. Mar. 30 Sat. Mar. 31 Sat. Mar. 31

w w w. h o l y b l o s s o m . o r g

6 p.m. 6.30 p.m. 10.30 a.m. 10.30 a.m.

Kabbalat Shabbat Service Shabbat Fusion (for 20 and 30 somethings) Shabbat Morning Service Family Shabbat Service

H o ly B lo s s o m T e m p l e


MARCH 2007 | Adar/Nisan 5767

w w w. h o l y b l o s s o m . o r g

From Shtetl to Broadway Cantor’s Notes


by c a n tor b e n ja m i n z . m a i s sn e r

Our Music Legacy Series is once again shining above our horizons. Temple members and the community have already enjoyed two of the three outstanding musical events scheduled to celebrate Holy Blossom Temple’s 150th Anniversary. The third and last concert in the series takes place on Wed. Apr. 11, 2007, at 8 p.m. With its large cast — accompanied by a big band, including Lachan, the Toronto Jewish Chamber Choir; the Holy Blossom Temple Singers; our Holy Blossom professional choirs; and Temple members — From Shtetl to Broadway is for everyone.

w w w. h o l y b l o s s o m . o r g

If you love music, especially the music of Broadway — including Fiddler on the Roof, West Side Story, Showboat, South Pacific and the King and I — I invite you to join us for this musical extravaganza. You will have the time of your life as we travel through the musical world of Yiddish theatre and celebrate the music of Jewish composers on Broadway. Tickets $25. To order, please call Mari Lynn Rusak (ext. 224), at the Temple. For more details, watch the Bulletin.

H o ly B lo s s o m T e m p l e



We know the prayer for the State of Israel, Tzur Yisrael, as part of the Worship Services, which we say (in English) and sing (in Hebrew) just before the Torah is returned to the Ark. This prayer has been given modern Jewish musical expression by such contemporary North American composers as Meyer Finklestein and Saul Zim. And our own Cantor Benjamin Z. Maissner has included these compositions in our Services. T z u r Y i s r a e l p r ay e r

The Tzur Yisrael prayer is a familiar element in many synagogue Services. But it has also played a significant role outside synagogue ritual and has been the impetus for artistic expression as well. For example, the first movement of musical composer Ernst Bloch’s Sacred Service ends with a version of Tzur Yisrael. While Bloch makes use of music

MARCH 2007 | Adar/Nisan 5767

b y r i va n n e s a n d l e r , C o - C h a i r, I s r a e l C o m m i t t e e

taken from the Worship Service in other parts of this composition, the music for his Tzur Yisrael is different because he wanted to stress the universality of religious experience. Bloch was not the first to use the special resonance of the Tzur Yisrael prayer and widen its scope. For thousands of years, Jews have prayed or offered sacrifices for the king or government in whatever lands they were residing. In 1948, the Jewish People added a new element to this ancient prayer, namely a prayer to preserve and protect the State of Israel — and so the Tzur Yisrael underwent yet another transformation. The Israeli Declaration of Independence was read aloud on May 14, 1948.

The last sentence of the declaration refers to “the Rock of Israel,” (Tzur Yisrael), a name for God in Hebrew. According to Tom Segev’s book, The First Israelis, this wording represented a compromise between the demands of the religious parties that the declaration incorporate a reference to the God of Israel, and the demands of the secularist parties that the declaration not incorporate such a reference. Rock of Israel

Then Prime Minister David Ben Gurion agreed to this compromise. On another occasion, Ben Gurion said that for him, the “the Rock of Israel” concept referred to the Old Testament with its history and traditions. The co-existence of the religious and secular factions is well illustrated in this prayer for Israel.

w w w. h o l y b l o s s o m . o r g

Our Israel

A sacred symbol for a ‘secular’ state

Sun. Apr. 15, 2007, at 7 p.m. Please join us for a Service of song and poetry, remembrance and reflection. Max Zeller, father of Temple member Esther Zeller Cooper, will speak about his life and survival in the work camps and the displaced persons camps.

w w w. h o l y b l o s s o m . o r g

H o ly B lo s s o m T e m p l e


MARCH 2007 | Adar/Nisan 5767

by deborah k. spiegel, Director of Education

Purim marks a time in our history where being Jewish was not something to be proud of. Esther, the heroine of the story, was not afraid to show the king and his court that she was a Jew. She perceived the need and pursued the cause. It is Purim that allows us to realize our potential as Jews. On Purim, we are able to stand up and be counted. Our trip to Israel will give our students an opportunity to stand up and be counted. They will join hundreds of thousands of Jews who have travelled to Israel before them just because they are Jews. They are travelling to Israel because it is our home. It is a place where we do not have to stand behind masks and worry about standing up. It is our chance to be proud! I look forward to seeing Israel through the eyes of our students and sharing those sights with you.

The making of a Torah

Photograph by Pam Hamovich


Next week, I will be travelling with 10 Confirmation class students to Israel, along with fellow chaperone Rick Howard, a parent of one of our students. I imagine if excitement alone could fuel our El AL plane to Tel Aviv, we will get there in no time. These Confirmation students are our pioneers. They have taken the lead for all future Confirmation class Israel trips for Holy Blossom teens. I am anxious to see the look on their faces as they arrive in Jerusalem and recite the Shehecheyanu prayer together — marking the first time in Israel for many of these students. I am sure this will be just one of the many highlights ahead. There will be more firsts: a chance to climb Masada (I’ll let you know if I make it!), a visit to the four quarters of the Old City and an exploration of the Kotel tunnels, before we return home. And this is only the beginning. Our arrival in Jerusalem happens within a week of the holiday of Purim.

Education Matters

Stand up and be counted

Junior Kindergarten children watch as Neil Yerman, Torah Scribe, unravels the parchment paper used to make a Torah.

w w w. h o l y b l o s s o m . o r g

C eleb r a t e w i t h u s a s Hol y B lo s s om Temple t u r n s 1 5 0 y ea r s ol d

Education Reunion Weekend


Did you or your children attend Holy Blossom Temple’s Religious School? Were you confirmed at the Temple? Were you inspired by a teacher in our Religious, Hebrew or Nursery Schools? Or, were you inspired by one of our rabbis or directors of education? Then mark the weekend of Fri. May 4 to Sun. May 6, 2007 for our Education Reunion events. Fri. May 4 — Congregational Shabbat Reunion Dinner After the Kabbalat Shabbat Service, join us for a Reunion Dinner, with former associate and assistant rabbis and directors of education as our special guests, including: Rabbis Michael Stroh, Mark Shapiro, Jim Prosnit, Elyse Goldstein, Stephen Franklin, Sharon Sobel and Ariel Friedlander; and Education

Directors Selma Sage, Bob Tornberg, Steve Garten, Michelle Lynn and Bebe Jacobs. Dinner: $50 per person. To reserve your spot for dinner, please call Elana Fehler (ext. 0), at the Temple. Sat. May 5 — Confirmation Reunion We have invited all our confirmands to join us for our Shabbat Service, where they will be honoured together with an aliyah and will touch base with their former classmates during the kiddush luncheon and afterwards. If you have already contacted us, you are on our list and we will shortly be sending you a personal invitation to the reunion. If we have not heard from you yet, please call our reunion hotline (ext 506), at the Temple, or e-mail us at

Honouring Teachers and Educational Lay Leaders We have also invited all those who served on education committees and those who taught at the Holy Blossom Religious, Hebrew and Pre-School to come to the Shabbat Service so they too can be honoured with a group aliyah. Sun. May 6 — Brotherhood’s Heinz Warschauer Program To cap off the weekend, Brotherhood’s breakfast program will focus on former Director of Education Heinz Warschauer and his contribution to our education program. Joe Kronick and others will share their memories and experiences of Heinz with us.

Please join us as we celebrate the closing event of the Temple’s 150th Anniversary year with a special concert given in our honour by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. Join us at 5.30 p.m., for a cocktail supper before the concert with fellow members and friends of Holy Blossom. Then stroll into beautiful Roy Thomson Hall and settle into the best seats in the house on the main floor or in the front mezzanine. Be thrilled by the artistry of soloist, virtuoso clarinetist Giora Feidman, and the members of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, with special guest Cantor Benjamin Z. Maissner. After the concert, we will enjoy coffee and anniversary cake in the lobby. Tickets for the Gala and concert are $250 per person. To order, please call the Toronto Symphony customer service centre, at (416) 598-3375. If you would like to attend the concert only (starting at 7.30 p.m.), tickets are still available in all price ranges, by calling the TSO customer service centre at the above number.

Closing Event supported by Baskin Financial Services Inc.

w w w. h o l y b l o s s o m . o r g


H o ly B lo s s o m T e m p l e


MARCH 2007 | Adar/Nisan 5767


w w w. h o l y b l o s s o m . o r g

g e r al d s c h w a r t z / h ea t h e r r ei s man cen t r e f o r j e w i s h lea r nin g a t h ol y blo s s om t emple

Winter study For details on all lectures and programs, please call our School (ext. 256), at the Temple, or visit us at

Shabbat Morning Torah Study: From Universalism to Particularism — As We Become a People

Rabbi John Moscowitz Saturdays at 9 a.m. Advanced Hebrew Grammar

Rabbi Edward Goldfarb Tuesdays at 11.30 a.m. Sisterhood Torah Study

Rabbi Edward Goldfarb Wednesdays at 9.30 a.m. The Yiddish Novel

Rabbi Edward Goldfarb Wednesdays at 11 a.m.

Jewish-Christian Relations throughout the Ages

Matthew LaGrone, Ph.D. Candidate, UofT Tuesdays at 7.30 p.m., Mar. 6 to 20, 2007 Explore the interactions — theological, political and social — between Jews and Christians from the New Testament to today. Mar. 6 — The Separation of Christianity from Judaism Mar. 13 — The Hammer and the Nail: Jews and Christians in the Middle Ages Mar. 20 — Jewish-Christian Dialogue since Vatican II Brotherhood Study Group: The Mind of the Rabbis — How the Talmud Turned the Torah Upside Down

Rabbi Michael Stroh Wednesdays at 7.30 p.m. Feb. 28, Mar. 7, 21 and 28, 2007 The Torah was designed for an agricultural world. We will learn how a new

w w w. h o l y b l o s s o m . o r g


leadership group, the Rabbis, produced a book for the urban world, the Talmud. Reform Jews can learn much from this period in Jewish history to help us understand today and plan for tomorrow. The Library Book Club

Ken Skolnik Tue. Mar. 13, 2007, at 10 a.m. We will discuss Suite Française by Irène Némirovsky. For details, please call Anne Dublin (ext. 235), at the Temple. Mishnah Impossible (Sects in the City)

Rabbi Michael Stroh Thursdays at 10 a.m. Apr. 12 to May 3, 2007 We will discuss the thinking of the Rabbis who wrote the Talmud and the meaning of their ideas for the 21st century. To register, please call Lissette Ilgner (ext. 238), in the School office. Our daytime programs, during the week, are marked with this symbol:

H o ly B lo s s o m T e m p l e


g e r al d s c h w a r t z / h ea t h e r r ei s man cen t r e f o r j e w i s h lea r nin g a t h ol y blo s s om t emple

The Search for Wholeness in a Broken World

Rabbi Yoel Glick Wed. Apr. 25, 2007, at 7.30 p.m. This lecture looks at finding inner strength and solace in the face of adversity. Co-sponsored by the Toronto Jewish Healing Project.

Learning Liturgy through Singing Jewish Music (Temple Singers)

Cantor Benjamin Z. Maissner Sundays at 10 a.m. Beginners’ Hebrew

Dalia Alalouf, Hebrew Supervisor Wednesdays at 7.30 p.m.

Sisterhood Kallah: Tikkun Olam — It’s Not What You Think It Is Rabbi John Moscowitz Thur. Apr. 26, 2007, at 9.30 a.m. The Donalda Club Tikkun olam is often assumed to be a major and historic Jewish imperative to “repair the world” — that is, to do acts of social justice consistent with a progressive view of society and human nature. But it’s actually not so. Tikkun olam is a profound theological category having little to do with repairing the world. How did the original tikkun olam get so deeply misunderstood as to refer to acts of social justice? What is tikkun olam really? And, if tikkun olam is not historically and deeply about repairing the world, what are our responsibilities to make the world better (and what is the category that drives that fundamental social and human obligation)? Cost: $35. Registration required. Please call the Sisterhood hotline (ext. 514), at the Temple, or e-mail us at

Mar. 19 On a Wing and a Prayer | Mike Morgulis, one of only two Jewish glider pilots in Canada

M ondays

@ the Temple

The year, as part of Temple’s 150th Anniversary celebrations, we highlight the talents of the many members of our congregation who are involved in interesting activities or possess unique skills

Purim Party | Mar. 5 We dress up, put on our own Purim schpiel and celebrate in style.

Jewish Advocacy Mar. 26 at a Crossroads | Hershell Ezrin, Chief Executive Officer, Canadian Council for Israel and Jewish Advocacy

Being a TV Doctor Please note we will not be meetMar. 12 ing on Mon. Apr. 2 and 9, as we | Dr. David Greenberg, celebrate Pesach. Dr. Dave of The Mom Show

For more information, or to leave a message, please call the Seniors’ hotline (ext. 517), at the Temple.

MARCH 2007 | Adar/Nisan 5767


w w w. h o l y b l o s s o m . o r g

Events and Announcements

Breakfast Club

Board Nominations

Join us at 9.30 a.m., following Shacharit Services for breakfast and an interesting speaker or program. Men and women welcome. Sun. Mar. 11, 2007 — An archival video presentation (part of our 150th Anniversary programming), introduced by David Hart showing the Temple’s move in 1938 from our former Bond Street synagogue to our present location. Sun. Apr. 1, 2007 — Jeff Dennis’ “Lessons from the Edge,” featuring stories from entrepreneurs of their biggest mistakes in business and the lessons they learned from them.

Sisterhood will be meeting in March 2007 to prepare a new slate of directors. To nominate someone, please call our hotline (ext. 514), at the Temple, or e-mail by mid-March.

to Friday: 10.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m., and Sunday 9.30 a.m. to 12.15 p.m. If you are interested in becoming a Shop volunteer, please leave a message on the Sisterhood hotline. All proceeds from the Judaica Shop help support Temple activities, the Religious School, the Library, Confirmands, Out of the Cold, Plaut Manor, camp scholarships, the Temple Singers and HABTSY.

Lilith Salons

Wed. May 16, 2007, at 7.30 p.m. Please join us for our third stimulating and thought-provoking Lilith Salon. For more details and to reserve a space, please call the Sisterhood hotline.

Treasures in Jewish Literature

Tue. Mar. 20, 2007, at 1 p.m. Lipa Green Building Cost: $15. Sponsored by the Jewish Public Library. For details, please call (416) 635-2996 or Barbara Barak, at (416) 631-5843.

Annual General Meeting

Bereavement Support Group

Helen Gia Levin, Grief Therapist Wednesdays at 7 p.m. Apr. 18, 25, May 2 and 9, 2007 If you have lost a loved one, come to the Temple to find strength and comfort. Among other mourners, you will find you are not alone. To register, call Cynthia Silverman (ext. 276), at the Temple.

w w w. h o l y b l o s s o m . o r g

Tue. May 29, 2007, at 7.30 p.m. Come and find out what Sisterhood has accomplished in the past year. Coffee and dessert will be served.

Yom Ha’Shoah V’Hagvurah Community Commemoration

Judaica Shop

Just in time for Pesach, the Judaica Shop has a variety of seder plates, matzah covers and kiddish cups. Why not stop by and visit or make an appointment by calling the Judaica Shop (ext. 234), at the Temple. Regular hours are Monday


Sun. Apr. 15, 2007, at 11 a.m. Earl Bales Park Sponsored by the Holocaust Centre of Toronto and Canadian Society For Yad Vashem. For more details, please call Mary Siklos, at (416) 635-2883, ext. 301, or visit

H o ly B lo s s o m T e m p l e


Our Congregational Family B’nei mitzvah

We would like to welcome the following people to our Holy Blossom Temple family: Andrea Ellyn Bryna & Rod Wechsler, and Matthew, Ryan and Cory

Births Suzanne & Mark Cohon on the birth of their daughter, Parker Carolyn Cohon. Proud grandparents are Susan & George Cohon and Carolyn & Louis Lucido. Proud great-grandmother is Beatrice Lucido. Natasha Greenberg & Quentin Hanchard on the birth of their daughter, Neve Elisha Hanchard. Proud grandparents are Corin & Mark Greenberg and Kathleen Hanson. DesirĂŠe & Stuart Hands on the birth of their son, Jacob Eli Hands. Proud grandparents are Cynthia & Brian Hands and Ria Klein. Proud great-grandmothers are Esther Hands and Rose Goldstein Gold. Kelly & Marc Kornhaber on the birth of their son, Sam William Kornhaber. Proud grandparents are Suzie & Jeffrey Goldberg and Eva & Barry Kornhaber. Proud greatgrandparents are Ida & Lou Goldberg and the late Shirley & Herb Pascal. Janice & Earl Pomer on the birth of their daughter, Emily Lauren Pomer. Proud grandparents are Gloria & David J. Groberman and Leslie & Edward Pomer. Proud great-grandparents are Sonia & Sheldon Shaffer. Hailey & David Soren on the birth of their son, Isaac Louis Soren. Proud grandparents are Sherri & Arnie Friedman and Barbara & Paul Soren.

MARCH 2007 | Adar/Nisan 5767

27 Adar 5767/Mar. 17, 2007 Simon Axelrod, son of Drs. Heather Shapiro & Terry Axelrod 12 Nisan 5767/Mar. 31, 2007 Matthew Honigsberg, son of Marta Lipson and David Honigsberg 12 Nisan 5767/Mar. 31, 2007 Kira Sklar, daughter of Lise & Luke Sklar

Philip Powell, husband of Chassi Powell, father of Natalie Hartman, Debbie Pancer, Irving Powell and Steven Powell Meta Spiegler, wife of John Spiegler, mother of Judy Paskind and Brenda Spiegler

Lights will be kindled in the Sanctuary, for seven days, starting the Saturday evening before the anniversary date, to mark the yahrzeit of the following: Name Date

engagements Rae & Aaron Gropper on the engagement of their daughter, Laurie Gropper, to Elliott Zeitz, son of Daphne Zeitz, who will be married in May 2007. Katty Kraizel and Merri & Emilio Kraizel on the engagement of their daughter, Pam Kraizel, to Noah Schipper, son of Ava & Bernie Rubin and Terri & Ted Schipper.

The congregation sympathizes with the recently bereaved families of: Kenneth (Kenny) Emsig, son of Harold Emsig, brother of Karen Emsig and Roslyn Holden Hyman Erdell, husband of Frances Erdell, father of Carol Collin Min Fingerhut, mother of Judy Diamond and Susan Stancer Dolph Greenberg, husband of Joan Greenberg, father of Helen Elovich, Barbara Inkellis, Judy Malkin, James Mirel, Robert Mirel and Shirley Walker, brother of Jay M. Greenberg Norma Greisman, mother of Barry Greisman Sylvia Kleiman, mother of Maureen Saltman, sister of Sydney Frohman and Barbara Jessel Rosalia Lobl, mother of Rudolph Lobl, sister of Pearl Delikat and Shari Singer


Nancy Sara Bigio Hattie D. Bloom Max Cole Maurice Collins Joan Freeman Gertrude Hands Anne Snider Adam Albright Beatrice Davidson Sophie Kriss Louis Lazonick Esther Muchnick Audrey Bunny Sandler Louis Arnold Christopher Goodman Lilian Winton Frances Cooper Harry Kohen Magda Strauss Sam Coffler Gertrude Fogler Sol Schleicher Ida Birdie Berk Mitchell Duckman Nathan Farb Ethel Gotfrid James Seymour Hausman Alfred King Jennie Levy Feldstein Benjamin Leitman Annette Pearl Bernard Sutin Fanny Bucovetsky

Mar. 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 5 5 5 6 6 6 7 7 7 8 8 8 9 9 9 9 9 9 10 10 10 10 11

w w w. h o l y b l o s s o m . o r g

Name Date

Name Date

Name Date

Rebecca Charendoff Morris Cooper Samuel Joseph Granatstein Edna Frankel Jacobs Samuel Marlow Jack Sky Joel Lewis Dr. Myron Tarshis Sidney Banks Leo Maurice Frankel Joseph Gutmann Jordana Lokash Vivian Pullan Ruth Rothschild Rose Sommers Adam Albright Michael Fischer Kalman Geller David Gold Irwin Isenberg Josef Lax Ethel Rachlin Rachel G. Ruskin Joseph Tarshis Lilyan Watkin Paul Albright Anna Golden Sarah Copp Wolfson Lillian Wolman Anne Banks Milton Goldstein Poldi Rittner Fred Robinson David Lloyd Rose Louis Fogle Janice Carmichael Lillian Ennis Sarah Kaufman Elly Marks Barry Edward Perlman Sam Sarner Beatrice Wintrob Henry Berger Anne Gans Barnett Ludwig Sam Pollock Bernard Savlov Maurice Young Louis Berk Harry Davidson C. David Kofman

Bernard Pickard Jennie Brodey Regina Gutman Morris Hands Esther Nathan Joseph Resnick John Bacher Marilyn Blumenthal Philip Feldberg Bluma Glazier Mae Hansher Joseph Horwitz Abraham Kanoff Rose N. Cohen Ethel Pearlman Ethel Roher Dr. Myron Tarshis Elsie Yaffe Manuel Gans Jack Goldstein Hyman Mayer Jacques Jack Lederman Paula Pape Lipson Minna Marcus Mollie Ordon Rose Pezim Esther Biback Louis Cooper Bertha Pritzker Reuben Reiken Molly Shoichet Betty Sniderman Harry Uster Jennie Adelson Esther Berk Isaac Kaufman Bora Laskin Rose Lubelsky Joseph Stutz Louis J. Cole Harlan David Rosenthal Noel Gans Rose Kopman Joseph Lokash Irving Scheinert Millie King Jack Kirzner Dora Levin Bernard Mosoff Ira Justus Pollock Gerda Rutsatz

Betty Belick Isaac Silver L. William Spiegel Jennie Daniels Norma Epstein Charles Sutton Louis Sweiden

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Mar. 11 11 11 11 11 11 12 12 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 15 15 15 15 16 16 16 16 16 17 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 19 19 19 19 19 19 20 20 20


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Mar. 30 30 30 31 31 31 31

1 5 0 th A n n i v e r s a r y F u n d

Norma & Max Borinsky, Happy Anniversary: Jean Anshan Myer Brody, Speedy Recovery: Rosalind & Stan Witkin General: H. Thomas Beck; Carol Cruickshank & Jim Lisser Accessibility Fund

Dolph Greenberg, In Memory: Etta McEwan W i ll i am A n s h a n Y o u t h A wa r d s

Joan Garson & David Baskin and Family, In Appreciation: Dr. Brenda Spiegler & Mark S. Anshan Ginger & Manny Katz, Wedding Anniversary: Jean Anshan Meta Spiegler, In Memory: Debbie Anshan-Gerah and Family; Jean Anshan; Janette & Michael Diamond; Joan Garson & David Baskin Ba r r y & S u s a n B o r d e n f u n d

Barry Borden, In Appreciation: Gail & Zel Bocknek Jean Fine Seniors Fund

Kenneth Emsig, In Memory: Sheila & Bob Smolkin Fl o r al F u n d

Simon Axelrod, Bar Mitzvah: Heather Shapiro & Terry Axelrod Matthew Honigsberg, Bar Mitzvah: Marta Lipson Kira Sklar, Bat Mitzvah: Lise & Luke Sklar Sy b i l G o r d o n F o u n d at i o n F u n d

Sara Clodman, Happy Birthday: Sybil Gordon Sybil Gordon, Special Birthday: Tania Blumenthal; Sybil Gordon, Happy Birthday: Elaine & Marty Kaplan and Family; Shoshana Cole; Dot & Bert Danson; Miriam & Marvin Dryer; Marilyn Farber; Sybil & Jack Geller; Marcie & Barry Gordon; Michael Gordon; Ellen Karabanow;

H o ly B lo s s o m T e m p l e


Edith Kirzner; Judy Malkin & Elliott Jacobson;

Ell i o t t J a c o b s o n / J u d y M al k i n C o n c e r t

Joanna & Miklos Purles; Adele Sager; Sheila &


Bob Smolkin; Nancy & Morris Sternberg; Arlene & Carl Stone; Nancy & Peter Theimer and Family; Janie & Frank Tizel and Family; Dora Track

Dolph Greenberg, In Memory: Susanne & Stuart Egier; Sharyn & Hershell Ezrin; Ellen Karabanow; Glenda Mindlin; Nada Simon-Hara Kiddush Fund

Jack Bedder, In Memory: Shelley & Stan Mintz

Audrey Markle, Yahrzeit: Julie Markle

Kenneth Emsig, In Memory: Margaret & David Hart Temma Gentles & Paul Kay, Mazal Tov: Sybil & Jack Geller Dolph Greenberg, In Memory: Randi & Alan Garfinkel

D o w & F r e d i a M a r m u r P r o g r am f o r E d u c at i o n al E x c e ll e n c e

Temma Gentles & Paul Kay, Mazal Tov: Ruth Gelber & Gordon Atlin

M u s i c al L e g a c y F u n d

Judy Nyman, Mazal Tov: Sara Clodman; Joan

Clare Denaburg, Special Birthday: Sara Clodman and Family

Gary Posen, In Appreciation: Caryl & Bert Barruch

Emily Grant, Mazal Tov: Barbara Weisfeld

Gerry Prendergast, In Appreciation: Debbie

Frieda & Robin Langdon, Mazal Tov: Sharon

Rivanne Sandler, In Honour: Joan Garson Barry Silver, Mazal Tov: Bea & Saul Sidlofsky Meta Spiegler, In Memory: Randi & Alan Garfinkel Debbie Troister, In Honour: Joan Garson Israel Study Fund

Lily & Reuben Katz, Mazal Tov: Tania & Brian Blumenthal and Family J o a n K e r b e l L e a d e r s h i p D e v e lo p m e n t F u n d

Jeanne Kamarner, In Honour: Holy Blossom Temple Sisterhood Library Book Fund

Dr. Elaine & Justice Stephen Borins, Mazal Tov: Irene Borins Ash & Irv Ash Anne Drukarsh, In Memory: Ora & Michael Leese Suzy & Jeffrey Goldberg, Mazal Tov: Sandy & David Kaminker Lionel Waldman, Happy Birthday: Alice Waldman Lewis and Family

Smith-Miller & Shelley Miller and Family Phyllis & Dr. Manuel Spivak, In Honour: Mary & Henry Seldon Harold Weisfeld, In Memory: Sharon Smith-Miller & Shelley Miller and Family

Dr. Scarlet Allbright, In Appreciation: Milton Friedman Jean Brown, In Memory: Tobye & Sydney Sennet Ted & Elaine Cole, Happy Chanukah: Howard Family

Cooper and Family Janet Ryval, Special Birthday: Danielle Ryval; Jonathan Ryval Mildred Schreiber, Yahrzeit: Jan Schreiber Pearl Smolkin, In Memory: Joan Garson & David Baskin Meta Spiegler, In Memory: Alice & Ron Charach; Ann & Gary Posen General: Forest Hill Lions Club; Marie Knaul; MAZON Canada; Lisa Rosen Bla n c h e S p i e g al P o s e n Y o u t h A wa r d s

Nancy & Lloyd Pollack, Mazal Tov: Joy & Charles Min Singer, In Memory: Joy & Charles Cohen L. William Spiegel, Yahrzeit: Joy & Charles Cohen Pla u t M a n o r F u n d

Pamela Lapofsky, In Memory: Judith Plaut

Stanley Clavir, Speedy Recovery: Rose Goldstein-

Pauline & Jack Toker


Bernie Gelber, In Memory: Denaburg Family

Sarah & Cecil Feferman, In Memory: Susan Fagan

Gordon-Katz Family, Happy Chanukah: Howard

Jo Ann & Stanley Gold, In Appreciation: Rose Goldstein-Gold

Family Dolph Greenberg, In Memory: Alice & Ron Charach; Sue & Lou Devor; Nora & John Freund; Elissa Gamus & Steven Rayson; Joan Garson & David Baskin; Sybil & Jack Geller; Gail & Gary

Dolph Greenberg, In Memory: Isaac Morgulis;

Lavine; Out of the Cold; Linda & Sam Pack; Ann

MARCH 2007 | Adar/Nisan 5767

& Chuck Litman

Jane & Dr. Robert Filler, Happy Anniversary:

Eric Kirsh; Karen & Lorne Kutner; Betsy & Joel

Hertzman Family

Sharon Kursner, In Memory: Shelly Berenbaum

P r ay e r B o o k F u n d

Gene Stewart, In Memory: Isaac Morgulis

Amy & Dr. John Nulsen, In Appreciation:


Meyer Fehler, Yahrzeit: Elana Fehler

Goodman; Susan & Harry Hochman; Julie &

Jacob’s Tower Fund

Lily & Reuben Katz, Mazal Tov: Judy & Carl


Out of the Cold

Diana Morgulis, In Memory: Alison Marshall

Marlene & Robert Ruderman

Hollenberg; Pauline & Jack Toker

Joe Rosenberg, In Memory: Sandy & Gordon Atlin

Meta Spiegler, In Memory: Sheila & Bob Smolkin

Judy Nyman, In Honour: Joan Garson


Chanukah: Melamed Family and Friends Jeanne Kamarner, In Honour: Gail Goodman

Jean Langefeld, In Memory: Esther & Morris

Nancy & Lloyd Pollack, Mazal Tov: Sandy

Julia Ruby Lean, In Memory: Leslie Rose


& Mel Shear Holy Blossom Temple Congregation, Happy

Lily & Reuben Katz, Happy Anniversary: Mimi

H o ly Bl o s s o m T e m p l e F o u n d at i o n

Jean Brown, In Memory: Shilly & Laz Rosen

Cynthia & Dr. Brian Hands, Mazal Tov: Bonnie

& Gary Posen; Janet & Michael Ryval; Julia & Michael Sax; Mary & Henry Seldon; Gail & Barry Silver; Miriam & Michael Slan; Sheila & Bob Smolkin; Esther Zeller-Cooper & Morris Cooper


Ra b b i s ’ a n d Ca n t o r ’ s D i s c r e t i o n a r y Funds

Rabbi John Moscowitz, In Appreciation: Max Gladstone; Holy Blossom Temple Chavurah; Walter Seaton Rabbi John Moscowitz: Morris Moscowitz, In Memory: Arlene Roth Rabbi Yael Splansky & Adam Sol, Mazal Tov: Pam & Michael Albert and Family; Dori Levine and Pearlie Hermant; Ellen Sue & David Mesbur; Muriel & Alan Tinianov

w w w. h o l y b l o s s o m . o r g

Rabbi Yael Splansky, In Appreciation: Ellen Sue & David Mesbur

Sydney Doctors, Yahrzeit: Sarita Dotan Hyman Erdell, In Memory: Holy Blossom Temple

Rabbi Jason Rosenberg, In Appreciation: Muriel


& Michael Albert and Family; Pearlie Hermant and Dori Levine

Renee Fleishman, Yahrzeit: Fleishman Family Leola Frankel, Yahrzeit: Nancy & Peter Theimer and Family

Rabbi Dow Marmur, In Appreciation: Susan & Martin Goldberg; Deborah Silver & Daniel Goldberg; Susan & Michael Silver Rabbi Edward Goldfarb, In Appreciation: Diamond and Stancer Families; Mary Lou Smith & Andrew Simor; Phyllis Wintraub Cantor Benjamin Z. Maissner, In Appreciation:

Joan Freedman, Yahrzeit: Whitney & Michael Gnat; Freedman and Landauer Families Katie Geller, Yahrzeit: Sybil & Jack Geller Esther & Phillip Gorlicky, Yahrzeit: Frances & Murray Ellis Bella Gruenspan, Yahrzeit: Myrna Sandler Coleman Herman, Yahrzeit: Minnie Herman

Susan & Martin Goldberg; Deborah Silver

Fayga Hochberg, Yahrzeit: Helen & Joe Hochberg

& Daniel Goldberg; Ellen Sue & David Mesbur;

Marcia Kwinter, Yahrzeit: Fern & Lorne

Susan & Michael Silver; Paula Warren Cantorial Soloist Lindi Rivers, In Appreciation: Diamond and Stancer Families Na n c y R u t h E d u c at i o n al F u n d

Kenneth Emsig, In Memory: Nancy Ruth Sybil Gordon, Special Birthday: Nancy Ruth Sam Ruth, Yahrzeit: Nancy Ruth and Family Mildred & Bud Simkins, Wedding Anniversary: Nancy Ruth Meta Spiegler, In Memory: Nancy Ruth L o r r a i n e Sa n d l e r T r i b u t e F u n d

Bernice Alter, Happy Birthday: Family of Bernice Alter Pam Hamovitch, In Honour: Paula & Allon Riczker Harry Stone, In Memory: Lorraine & Alan Sandler Barry Silver, In Honour: Lorraine & Alan Sandler Rabbi John Moscowitz, Mazal Tov: Lorraine & Alan Sandler Morris Moscowitz, In Memory: Lorraine & Alan Sandler Rabbi Yael Splansky & Adam Sol, Mazal Tov: Lorraine & Alan Sandler

Kirshenbaum Walter Landauer, Yahrzeit: Else Landauer Harold E. Leslie, Yahrzeit: Tillie Leslie and Family David Levine, Yahrzeit: Shelley & Martin Levine

Leonard Wolfe, In Memory: Richard Wolfe Y o u t h A wa r d s F u n d

Livia Barto, Yahrzeit: Helene Barto Kenneth Emsig, In Memory: Edith Kirzner and Family Cynthia & Brian Hands, Mazal Tov: Franci & Ken Sniderman Roseanne Mason, In Appreciation: Denyse & Mert Silverman; Emily & Bryan Silverman Nancy & Lloyd Pollack, Mazal Tov: Franci & Ken Sniderman Meta Spiegler, In Memory: Joani Altshuler & Lee Rubin and Family; Debbie & Randy Spiegel

Contacts for Donations

Louis Millman, Yahrzeit: Ruth & Carl Rosen Sonia Nitikman, Yahrzeit: Janet Hershfield Anne Richardson, Yahrzeit: Clara Rosen Ira Ruderman, Yahrzeit: Marlene & Dr. Robert Ruderman Mary Saiger, Yahrzeit: Clara Rosen Jacob Sandler, Yahrzeit: Myrna Sandler Harry Schwartz, Yahrzeit: Isabelle Schwartz Shiva Readers, In Appreciation: Judy Malkin & Elliott Jacobson Melanie Singer, Yahrzeit: Roy Goldberger Rosalynd Smith, Yahrzeit: Dr. Howard Smith Nathan Stein, Yahrzeit: Family of the late Nathan Stein Dr. Sidney Steinberg, Yahrzeit: Ellen & Alan

To make a donation to any of our existing funds, to learn more about how you can support the Holy Blossom Temple Foundation, or to establish a new fund, please call the Foundation Office, at (416) 789-3291, ext. 265. To make a donation to One Family Fund (Aid to Survivors of Terror), please call (416) 644-4955. To make a donation to MAZON Canada, please call (416) 783-7554. To make a donation to the Toronto Community Forest Fund, please call Sybil Gordon at (416) 489-5709.

Levine and Family Evelyn Wigdor, Yahrzeit: Nancy Wigdor

Lesley & Ron Miller, Mazal Tov: Fred & Brenda

Betty & Barney Wolfe, Yahrzeit: Carol Abugov

Saunders T o r at C h a i m F u n d Shacharit Fund

Sara Charney, In Appreciation: Nance Gelber

Shirley Ashley, Yahrzeit: Ruth & Hank Rosen

Dolph Greenberg, In Memory: Freda Ariella & Arthur Muscovitch; Janice & Larry Babins;

& Gary Gotlieb and Family; Alan Bernstein;

Mindy & Howard Goodman; Sybil Gordon; Holy

David Bernstein

Blossom Temple Sisterhood; Michael Larkin;

Dr. Saul Cohen, Yahrzeit: Sue & Lou Devor

Pnina Margolese; Brenda & Fred Saunders; Ruthe

Rose Diamond, Yahrzeit: Jerome Diamond

Schipper & Jerry Rotstein; Viviane & Saul Ship

L e o n a r d W o l f e Y o u t h E n d o wm e n t F u n d

Family; Leonard Levy M. David Lipson, Yahrzeit: Beatrice & Jack Young

Sophie Windish, Yahrzeit: Knaul Family

w w w. h o l y b l o s s o m . o r g

General: Holy Blossom Temple Brotherhood

Mortimer Louis Levy, Yahrzeit: Sybil Gordon and

L o u & I r v i n g Sa u n d e r s M e m o r i al F u n d

Stan Bernstein, Yahrzeit: Syrelle Bernstein; Lori

Ruth; Linda & Gordon Wolfe Meta Spiegler, In Memory: Linda & Gordon Wolfe

Charles Fishbein, Yahrzeit: Rina & Saul Fishbein

& Alan Tinianov Rabbi Jason & Hillary Rosenberg, Mazal Tov: Pam

and Family; Debbie & Randy Spiegel; Nancy


We appreciate your support Holy Blossom Temple appreciates all donations to our funds; however due to rising costs, cards will only be sent for donations of $20 or more. We will continue to recognize all donations in the Bulletin. We apologize but due to space constraints, not all donations will appear in the Bulletin issue closest to the date on which the contribution was made. Donations in this issue were received by Feb. 2, 2007.

H o ly B lo s s o m T e m p l e


This month @ Holy Blossom Thur. Feb 22 8 p.m.

Beyond the Chupah, with Eileen and David Berger

Fri. Feb. 23

6.30 p.m.

Shabbat Fusion (for 20 and 30 somethings)

Sat. Feb. 24

9 a.m. Torah Study 3.30 p.m. Lillith Salon

Sun. Feb. 25

10 a.m.

Town Hall Meeting

Mon. Feb. 26 10 a.m. Mondays @ the Temple, with Cantor Benjamin Z. Maissner 7.30 p.m. Adult B’nei Mitzvah Program Tue. Feb. 27

March 2007 Adar/Nisan 5767

Wed. Mar. 7 9.30 a.m. 11 a.m. 7.30 p.m. 7.30 p.m.

Sisterhood Torah Study The Yiddish Novel Beginners’ Hebrew Brotherhood Study Group, with Rabbi Michael Stroh

Sat. Mar. 10

9 a.m.

Torah Study

Sun. Mar. 11

9.30 a.m. 1 p.m.

Brotherhood Breakfast Club Cooking with Kids for Pesach

Mon. Mar. 12 10 a.m. Mondays @ the Temple, with Dr. David Greenberg 7.30 p.m. Adult B’nei Mitzvah Program

11.30 a.m. Advanced Hebrew Grammar

Wed. Feb. 28 9.30 a.m. 10.30 a.m. 7.30 p.m. 7.30 p.m.

Tue. Mar.13 10 a.m. 11.30 a.m. 7.30 p.m.

Sisterhood Torah Study The Yiddish Novel Beginners’ Hebrew Brotherhood Study Group, with Rabbi Michael Stroh

Thur. Mar. 1 7.30 p.m. Stephen Lewis Lecture 8 p.m. Beyond the Chupah, with Eileen and David Berger Fri. Mar. 2

6 p.m.

Sat. Mar. 3

9 a.m. Torah Study 6.30 p.m. Family Megillah Reading 8.15 p.m. Purim Schpiel: The Disco Megillah

Sun. Mar. 4

12.30 p.m. Purim Carnival

Mon. Mar. 5

10 a.m. Mondays @ the Temple: Purim Schpiel 7.30 p.m. Adult B’nei Mitzvah Program 7.30 p.m. Town Hall Meeting

Library Book Club Advanced Hebrew Grammar Jewish-Christian Relations, with Matthew LaGrone

Wed. Mar. 14

9.30 a.m. Sisterhood Torah Study 11 a.m. The Yiddish Novel 7.30 p.m. Beginners’ Hebrew

Sat. Mar. 17

9 a.m.

Torah Study

Mon. Mar. 19 10 a.m. Mondays @ the Temple, with Mike Morgulis 7.30 p.m. Adult B’nei Mitzvah Program

Tot Shabbat Service and Dinner

Tue. Mar. 20 11.30 a.m. Advanced Hebrew Grammar 7.30 p.m. Jewish-Christian Relations, with Matthew LaGrone

Tue. Mar. 6 11.30 a.m. Advanced Hebrew 7.30 p.m. Jewish-Christian Relations, with Matthew LaGrone

Wed. Mar. 21 9.30 a.m. 11 a.m. 7.30 p.m. 7.30 p.m.

Sisterhood Torah Study The Yiddish Novel Beginners’ Hebrew Brotherhood Study Group with Rabbi Michael Stroh

Sat. Mar. 24

9 a.m.

Torah Study

Sun. Mar. 25

10 a.m.

Special Board Meeting

For Worship Services, please see page 4. As dates and times may change without notice, please confirm all information by calling the Temple — at any time — to access our This Week @ Holy Blossom recording. The Bulletin is published 11 times a year by Holy Blossom Temple, 1950 Bathurst Street, Toronto, ON M5P 3K9. Telephone: (416) 789-3291; Fax: (416) 789-9697; e-mail:; Web site: Honorary President: John A. Geller; President: Barry Silver; Senior Rabbi: John Moscowitz; Associate Rabbi: Yael Splansky; Associate Rabbi: Jason Rosenberg; Rabbi: Edward Goldfarb; Cantor: Benjamin Z. Maissner; Cantorial Soloist: Lindi Rivers; Director of Education: Deborah K. Spiegel; Rabbi Emeritus: Dow Marmur; Senior Scholar: W. Gunther Plaut; Executive Director: Benjamin Applebaum; Holy Blossom Temple Foundation Chair: Marvin Tile; Bulletin Editor: Judy Nyman; Design and Production: Holy Blossom Temple was founded in 1856 and is affiliated with the Union for Reform Judaism and the Canadian Council for Reform Judaism.

MARCH 2007 | Adar/Nisan 5767


w w w. h o l y b l o s s o m . o r g

The Last Word

Orthodoxies and Reform


b y R a b b i E d wa r d G o l d fa r b

As a native Torontonian active in the Reform Movement, I have always admired and expressed my admiration for Holy Blossom Temple. As a member of the rabbinic staff for the last six years, that admiration has only intensified. This has always been a place of professionalism and excellence, of leadership and vision. All of these qualities have come to the fore in this period of renewal and transformation. This is a very exciting time to be around and to be part of this great synagogue. It is also a time of some apprehension, as we face having to give up some of the past — a venerable past of 150 years, which we have been celebrating since last September. entrenched ideas

Part of the greatness, leadership and vision has been the ability to examine

the past and challenge entrenched notions and ideas that border on orthodoxies. One of those orthodoxies was the Late Friday Evening Service. Instituted at a time when virtually everybody worked six or five-and-a-half days per week, a Late Evening Service was the only way to guarantee universal access to Shabbat Worship. Despite all kinds of changes in the workplace, most Reform congregations on this continent continue to make this Service the centrepiece of Shabbat worship, leaving Shabbat day devoid of the beauty and sacredness that we experience here every Saturday. The Reform Movement, despite its name, is capable of such hitherto unchallengeable orthodoxies. Another such orthodoxy was Saturday Religious

Classes. It too was confronted here and changed. In an earlier time in the 1930s, this congregation was anti-Zionist; later we became a leader in Reform Zionism, so much so that one of the most successful youth programs of the Movement is named for Maurice Eisendrath, Holy Blossom’s rabbi in the 1930s. An optimistic future

Jack Diamond, our architect, says ironically that in all such projects of restoration and renewal, people want new and exciting designs and ideas, but no change. We are all attached to the past and its physical and spiritual icons, and we have a duty to respect that past. From everything that I have seen and heard, the leadership is committed to just that as it faces the future with hopeful optimism.

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