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Holy Blossom Temple

V o l . L X X X I N o . 11 • July/August 2 0 0 6 • Tamuz/ Av/Elul 5 7 6 6

Holy Blossom Temple's Confirmation Class of 2006/5766 See page 7.

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Daily/Shabbat Worship

Daily Services Mon. to Fri.

7.30 a.m. 6 p.m. 9 a.m.


Shacharit* Mincha

*On Mon. Aug. 7, 2006, the Shacharit Service will be held at 9 a.m.

Summer Shabbat Services The congregation is invited to worship together during the summer season. From Fri. June 30 to Sat. Sept. 2, 2006, Kabbalat Shabbat and Shabbat Morning Services will normally be held in the Youth Chapel. Family Services will begin again on Sept. 9, 2006.

Tisha B’Av Wed. Aug. 2

6 p.m.

Service and reading of the Book of Lamentations

6 p.m. 10.30 a.m. 10.30 a.m.

Kabbalat Shabbat Service Shabbat Service Family Shabbat Service

Shabbat Ki Tavo Fri. Sept. 8 Sat. Sept. 9 Sat. Sept. 9

Shabbat Nitzavim/Vayelech Fri. Sept. 15 Sat. Sept. 16 Sat. Sept. 16

6 p.m. 10.30 a.m. 10.30 a.m.

Kabbatat Shabbat Service Shabbat Service Family Shabbat Service

9 p.m.

Service and Lecture (Please see page 4 for details.)

Selichot Sat. Sept. 16

Please remember to visit our Web site, at, to read our weekly D’var Torah. (Just click on D’var Torah under the Avodah/Worship menu button.)

Fall Tot Shabbat and Family Services In September, we start back up with Tot Shabbat and Family Services. Tot Shabbat is our twicea-month Friday Night Service geared toward our youngest members (up to five years of age) and their parents and grandparents. Family Services are Shabbat Morning Services for the whole family — serious prayer and study for the adults, along with plenty to keep the kids engaged and happy. We hope to see you in the fall!

Holy Blossom Temple

Adult Bar/Bat Mitzvah Program Mondays at 7.30 p.m., starting Oct. 23, 2006 (continuing to June 2008) Have you ever thought about having that Bar/Bat Mitzvah you never had? Our four-semester Adult Bar/Bat Mitzvah course will explore: • Introduction to Reform Judaism and Mitzvot, with Rabbi Jason Rosenberg • The Jewish Holiday Map, with Debbie Spiegel • God and History, with Rabbi Yael Splansky • Why Ideas Matter, with Rabbi John Moscowitz • Beginner and Intermediate Hebrew, with Dalia Alalouf and Cantorial Soloist Lindi Rivers Cost $250. For more details and to register, please call Debbie Spiegel (ext. 239), at the Temple.



Thank you Judy Nyman (and welcome Dr. Marvin Tile) by Rabbi John Moscowitz

Thank you Judy Nyman. Thank you for assuming the responsibility as Chair of our Foundation these past several years. Thank you for doing so even as you told us from the beginning that you weren’t a fundraiser. Thank you for bringing your relentless dedication, your eye for detail, your passion for Holy Blossom Temple, your reliability, your sense of fun and humour, your deep respect for the people with whom you work — and thank you for making sure that even though you aren’t a fundraiser, funds continued to come in to ensure our future. In assuming your position, you followed Wendy Eisen, our first Foundation Chair. Wendy, a widely recognized leader of this synagogue and of the wider Toronto Jewish community, has shoes not easy to fill. Yet, you did so — for if Wendy literally provided the foundation to the Foundation, you, Judy, solidified and expanded that base. Your work over these past several years ensured that our Foundation is now on solid ground. You worked countless hours (I sometimes counted, but I know you

never did) — even as we lacked a professional Director of Development during most of your tenure. You (with the help of Deborah Tameanko and Stephanie Lennox) ensured that we would be in the position we are currently in: with a solid infrastructure now in place; prepared to hire a new Director; and ready to begin significant financial planning so as to take a long look at our physical, programmatic and endowment needs over the coming years. More than this, you, along with other lay leaders, changed our mentality: you made certain that we now understand that dues alone no longer make for a vibrant institution; that the synagogue is as worthy a destination for philanthropic dollars as any other institution. You did all of this while you did so many other things — and, like your many other volunteer and professional endeavours, you did it very well. And that’s to say nothing of the support you gave people around you, of the birthday cakes you remembered to bring, of the small touches and private gestures of generosity and support you offered daily. For all this and much more, you have the gratitude of your congregation, fellow lay leaders and the professionals with

whom you work. We will miss your leadership and style, your sense of fun and your ability to remember so much about so many. And so just this one request, please: don’t go too far away and please continue to give to us in the many ways that you have. We will need you in the future as we’ve relied on you so much for these past few years. We will need you even though we’re fortunate to bring into the position as Chair of the Foundation, Dr. Marvin Tile. Dr. Tile, along with his wife, Esther, children and grandchildren, is a long-time member of Holy Blossom. Dr. Tile, one of the most esteemed orthopedic surgeons in the world, is the former head of the Sunnybrook Hospital Foundation, and therefore an experienced and successful fundraiser. A kind of renaissance man — superior physician, eminence griese, institutional leader — Holy Blossom Temple is fortunate to have Marvin Tile as the new Chair of its Foundation. So from Wendy Eisen to Judy Nyman to Dr. Marvin Tile, we move from strength to strength, our Foundation and synagogue growing ever stronger.

In honour of our 150th Anniversary, Holy Blossom Temple Foundation has created a beautiful new card for you to send best wishes for the New Year to your family and friends. For a donation of $20, we would be happy to personalize and send your card ($12 per card if you order more than six). You can also order a package of 10 cards to send by yourself, for $80. Tax receipts will be issued. Celebrate the spirit of the New Year, while helping us to continue to strengthen Holy Blossom Temple. To order cards, please call Deborah Tameanko (ext. 265), at the Temple or e-mail her your list at, by Fri. Sept. 9, 2006.

July/August 2006


Tamuz/Av/Elul 5766

High Holy Days 2006/5767


Sat. Sept. 16, 2006 9 p.m. 11 p.m.

Lecture Service

Erev Rosh Hashanah

Fri. Sept. 22, 2006 6 p.m. 8.30 p.m.

First Service/Family Service Second Service

First Day Rosh Hashanah First Service Early Family Service Second Service/Late Family Service Children’s Service (for children who do not yet read)

Second Day Rosh Hashanah Congregation-wide Service

Kol Nidre

Sat. Sept. 23, 2006 8.30 a.m. 9 a.m.* 11.30 a.m.* 3.30 p.m.* Sun. Sept. 24, 2006 10 a.m. Sun. Oct. 1, 2006 6 p.m. 9 p.m.

First Service/Family Service Second Service/Teen Service

Yom Kippur Early Family Service Morning Service Generation ` Service (for 20 and 30 somethings) Late Family Service Study Sessions Children’s Service (for children who do not yet read) Afternoon and Yizkor Service

Mon. Oct. 2, 2006 9 a.m.* 10 a.m. 11 a.m. 11.30 a.m.* 1.30 to 3 p.m. 2 p.m.* 3.30 p.m.

* Please note new time for this year. Ushers needed — Join our Ushers’ corps during the High Holy Days. For details, please call Cynthia Silverman (ext. 276), at the Temple.

S E L I C H O T | Professor David Novak | Sat. Sept. 16, 2006 Please join us as we inaugurate the season of remembrance, forgiveness and renewal.

9 p.m.

Freedom and Responsibility: What Maimonides Would Say David Novak, the J. Richard and Dorothy Shiff Professor of Jewish Studies and Professor of Philosophy, University of Toronto An examination of our acceptance of responsibility for the moral and religious choices we have made during this year.

11 p.m.

Selichot Service

Holy Blossom Temple


Board of Directors by David Baskin, Chair, Nominating Committee

Holy Blossom Temple’s Annual General Meeting will be held on Sun. Nov. 19, 2006, at 10 a.m. The meeting provides a chance for every member of Holy Blossom to review information concerning the affairs of the congregation. The following slate of officers and directors for 2006/2007 will be presented for election at the meeting.

Officers President: Barry Silver; Vice President: Larry Babins; Financial Secretary: Tom

Ehrlich; Treasurer: Pam Albert; Recording Secretary: Cary Solomon

Thank you to the following Board members who are completing their terms: Pam Albert, Gail Bocknek, Randy Cass, Richard Charney, Tom Friedland, Board of Directors Judy Malkin and Rob Steiner. Directors nominated for a one-year Additional candidates for any positerm: Alberto Quiroz tion may be nominated by members of Directors nominated for the first year the Temple. Such nominations must be of a two-year term: Terry Axelrod, David Blinick, Michael Davis, Paul Hellen, Melanie submitted in writing to the administrative office of the Temple not later than Nesbitt, Michael Sherman and Neri Slan 60 days (Mon. Sept. 18, 2006) before the Directors who will be continuing in Annual General Meeting, signed by at the second year of their term: Janice Babins, David Greenberg, Gillian Helfield, least 10 members of the Temple and by each member so nominated. Erin O’Connor, Fred Saunders and Allison Schwartz

In addition to the High Holy Days, there are many special times during the year when the congregation comes together in full. We hope to see you at these gatherings. Sukkot (Sat. Oct. 7, 2006) — The first of the three chagim (festivals) of the year is celebrated with a Congregational Service. Everyone in the congregation with a lulav and etrog is invited to the bimah. Shemini Atzeret/Simchat Torah (Sat. Oct. 14, 2006) — Shemini Atzeret, the holiday that ends Sukkot, is marked by a Congregational Service, including Yizkor. On Simchat Torah, we celebrate the end of one Torah-reading cycle and the start of the next. We welcome our newest students during our Consecration ceremony, after which the congregation dances with our Torah scrolls. Chanukah (Fri. Dec. 15, 2006) — The miracle of Chanukah was communal, as is our celebration. Our annual Chanukah party, held before the Kabbalat Shabbat Service, is a chance to sing, dance and, of course, eat latkes! Purim (Sun. Mar. 4, 2007) — The craziest day of the year brings us the kids’ Purim carnival, the family Megillah reading, the congregational Megillah reading and the adult Purim schpiel. Pesach (Tue. Apr. 3, 2007) — The second of the three chagim (festivals) is a joyous time. Our First Day Congregational Service is especially meaningful as we thank God for freeing us from Egypt. The Seventh Day Service includes Yizkor. Yom Ha’Shoah (Sun. Apr. 15, 2007) — Those who perished in the Shoah are remembered by our congregation, with a moving Service and words shared by a survivor from our community. Yom Ha’Zikaron/Yom Ha’Atzmaut (Sun. Apr. 22, 2007) — We commemorate Israel’s fallen soldiers right before we celebrate her birthday with an outdoor festival of music, food, arts and games for all ages. Shavuot (Wed. May 23, 2007) — We begin the last of the three chagim (festivals), commemorating the giving of the Torah, with our Confirmation Service in the evening, followed by a Congregational Service, with Yizkor the next day. All new babies born into the congregation are invited to the bimah for a blessing.

July/August 2006


Tamuz/Av/Elul 5766


History in the making by Henrietta Chesnie, Chair, 150th Anniversary Committee

You are invited to join us on Sun. Sept. 17, 2006, at 2 p.m., when we will launch our exciting 150th Anniversary celebrations. The ceremony will begin in the Sanctuary with a Service of celebration and will be followed by a festival of fun and music under the big top in the Ava Road parking area. Join other members of the congregation and invited dignitaries from the Jewish and general communities at this joyous event. Our guest speaker will be Rabbi Eric Yoffie, President of the Union for Reform Judaism. Cantor Benjamin Z. Maissner has carefully selected the music for the Service to reflect the different periods of the Temple’s history. When the Service ends, both adults and children can join us in the outdoor tent for an afternoon of musical entertainment and fun activities to keep the kids amused and involved.

Light refreshments will be provided at food stations. For a quiet moment, join us for tea during the afternoon or visit the historical display set up in the Philip Smith Foyer. The display will highlight the main periods, major issues and many accomplishments of Holy Blossom’s interesting, and sometimes contentious, history. Much of what we take for granted in our Worship Services and Temple practices today were often the subjects of long debate in our past. Our Temple’s 150th Anniversary is a time for all of us to celebrate our past, present and future. From the Shabbat Service on Sept. 16, 2006, when we will honour patrons Eugene and Emily (Geldzaeler) Grant and long-time Temple members with deep roots in our synagogue, to the Toronto Symphony Orchestra concert and Gala party on Sun. June 17, 2007, Temple members will be engaged in our many special activities. These Anniversary programs feature important speakers and subjects, musi-

cal events designed to appeal to different tastes and opportunities to meet former acquaintances and make new friends. Central to our celebrations is Torat Chaim, our Sefer Torah project. We hope every member of the congregation will commit to writing a letter in our new scroll and attend the Shavuot Service on Thur. May 23, 2007, when we will dedicate and read from this Torah for the first time. Each of you will receive the calendar of events for our 150th Anniversary year. Keep it close at hand and mark your personal family calendar with these events. Watch the Bulletin this year for more details about each of our special activities and be part of history in the making.

Thank you Sisterhood In celebration of the Temple's 150th Anniversary, Sisterhood has generously donated a new piano/synthesizer for our Sanctuary. This gift will be enjoyed by the entire congregation, for many years to come.

rly Families, a E d n a nding rvey Fields and Cantor Sheldon Merel a u H o i b F b r a ou sR uring pecial Guest o Sat. Sept. 16, 2006 During the Shabbat Service, we will honour our members whose n o H S family roots extend back to the early years of our congregation. After the Service, please with join us for a Kiddush lunch hosted by Brotherhood and Sisterhood in honour of our founding and early families.

Celebration Launch, th Anniversar y 0 5 1 bbi Eric Yoffie, Preside nt of the U with Speaker Ra nion fo r Refor Please join us as we formally launch our 150th Anniversary year, with a m Ju

Sun. Sept. 17, 2006 Service of celebration among dignitaries from the Jewish and larger community. The day will continue with an outdoor festival for families with children of all ages. Our historical display will be formally unveiled.

Holy Blossom Temple



Celebrating Confirmation 2006/5766 Congratulations to all of our Confirmands of 5766/2006. Your service was lovely, your writings thoughtful and your artwork beautiful. Mazal tov to you and your families and yasher kochachem. Left to right: Kelly Sennet, Jessica Sennet and Adam Charney

Eli Bardikoff (left) and George Wortzman

Left to right: Sandy Shiner, Zoe Jordan, Amy Sky Jordan and Marc Jordan

Left to right: Margaret Ludwig, Claudia Ludwig, Rose Dolgy and Samuel Ludwig

Left to right: Myrna Ross (teacher), Debbie Spiegel (Director of Education), Linda Berkowitz and Amy Berkowitz

Left to right: Kai Melamed-Turkish, Larry Turkish, Miriam MelamedTurkish and B’jamin MelamedTurkish

Pictured on our cover Left to right: (standing) Marley Greenglass, (seated) Rabbi Yael Splansky, Cantorial Soloist Lindi Rivers, Cantor Benjamin Z. Maissner, Rabbi John Moscowitz, Rabbi Edward Goldfarb, Debbie Spiegel and (standing) Donna Robins; (second row) Myrna Ross, Amy Berkowitz, Amanda Kert, Jessica Hart, Lauren Segal, Sophie Roher, Erika Finestone, B’jamin Melamed-Turkish, Michaela Collins, Miriam Heavenrich and Elana Paice Lidsky; (third row) Michaela Freedman, Zoe Jordan, Rebecca Perlmutar, Rebecca Stein, Jessica Sennet, Natalie Simonsky, Caroline Kassie, Stacey Greenbaum, Emma Leese, Claudia Ludwig and Daniel Abramson; (fourth row) Adam Charney, Elliot Berinstein, Michael Rachlis, Yakov Musafia, Jacob Sommers and Brandon Samuel; and (fifth row) Eli Bardikoff, Nathan Micay, Kevin Weiner, Robbie Denaburg and Josh Richman-Gould July/August 2006


Tamuz/Av/Elul 5766


The foundation of our Temple life by Judy Nyman, Immediate Past Chair

It’s hard to believe it’s been three years since Wendy Eisen — who helped establish the Holy Blossom Temple Foundation in 1997 and is a virtual fixture on the Temple and greater Jewish community’s philanthropic scene — stepped down as Chair of the Foundation. I remember the sense of trepidation and the honour I felt at being asked to fill those daunting shoes. So it is with both pride in what the Foundation has accomplished these

Hall of Honour Tribute — June 7, 2006.

Pictured in our updated Hall of Honour are, left to right: Alan Garfinkel, Judy Nyman, Dr. Marvin Tile and Rabbi John Moscowitz.

past three years, and excitement about what lies ahead, that I am pleased to pass the mantle to Dr. Marvin Tile, the new Chair of our Foundation. I am also pleased to announce the election of four new Directors to the Foundation Board. In addition to Marvin, Heather Crawford, Lorne Saltman and Dr. Fred Saunders have been elected. Re-elected for another term were: Larry Babins, Richard Cummings, Michael Diamond, Alan Garfinkel, Barry Silver and Stephen Tile. Our ex-officio Board members include: me (as Immediate Past Chair), Wendy Eisen (Past Chair), David Baskin (Past President, Holy Blossom Temple), Rabbi John Moscowitz, Rabbi Yael Splansky, Lloyd Fogler (Honorary Counsel) and Benjamin Applebaum (Executive Director, Holy Blossom Temple). Finally, I would like to thank the following people, who have completed their terms on our Board, for their many years of service to our Temple: Herhsell Ezrin, Jack Geller, David Goodman, Hal Koblin, Lorraine Loeb, Harley Mintz and David Sadowski. (Thank you also to Jane Herman and Ann Rosenfield, who also served as Directors during my term.)

Former and current members of the Foundation Board (and guests), taken at our May 30, 2006 meeting, are, left to right: (standing) Lloyd Fogler, Cantorial Soloist Lindi Rivers, Cantor Benjamin Z. Maissner, Benjamin Applebaum, Hal Koblin, Stephen Tile, Barry Silver, Michael Diamond, Richard Cummings, Harley Mintz and Rabbi Edward Goldfarb; (seated) Rabbi John Moscowitz, Wendy Eisen, Judy Nyman, Dr. Marvin Tile and Alan Garfinkel.

Holy Blossom Temple


Dr. Marvin Tile, former Chief of Orthopaedic Surgery and Surgeonin-Chief at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, was also the first physician to serve as Chair of the Sunnybrook Foundation. He currently chairs the Governing Council at Sunnybrook. Marvin and his wife, Esther, have been members of Holy Blossom since 1945. Their children, Gary, Stephen, Deborah and Andrew, grew up at Holy Blossom, and Gary’s and Stephen’s children are now carrying on that tradition with the Temple. Heather Crawford, inhouse legal counsel to Clairvest Group Inc. and Amaranth Resources Limited, is a mother of five. Her family has been a member of the Temple for the past 25 years. Heather has been involved with the Temple’s Sisterhood and Bikur Cholim Committee. Lorne Saltman, Head of Tax and Trusts at Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP, serves as SecretaryTreasurer of the Canadian Jewish Civil Rights Association and of the Canadian Committee of Lawyers and Jurists for World Jewry. Lorne, his wife, Maureen, and daughter, Alex, have been members of Holy Blossom for 16 years. Dr. Fred Saunders, a third-generation member of Holy Blossom Temple, is a retired physician, former Director of the Bone Marrow Transplant Program at the Hospital for Sick Children and Medical Director at Camp Oochigeas. Fred has served as an usher, sits on the Temple’s Board of Directors and has served on many committees at Holy Blossom over the years. He and his wife, Brenda, have three sons, Richard, Lawrence and Arthur, who grew up at Holy Blossom.

Our Gerald Schwartz/Heather Reisman Centre for Jewish Learning provides opportunities to come together for major public lectures, to study Torah and other literature, and to obtain the skills needed to lead a deeper Jewish life. For more details on all our lectures and programs, please call the School office (ext. 256), at the Temple, or visit our Web site at All programs and lectures are open to the community, unless otherwise stated.

Shabbat Morning Torah Study: When the World was Young Rabbi John Moscowitz Saturdays at 9 a.m. What is the world view of the book of Genesis? Can we trust this book as a factual document and as the word of God? What is God’s plan for the Jewish People and how do we fit in today? We will continue our line-by-line exploration of Genesis. Sisterhood Torah Study Rabbi Edward Goldfarb Wednesdays at 9.30 a.m. This class will continue to delve into the passionate writings of our prophets. New and returning students are welcome.

The Marmur Lectures: Three Ways of Hearing — the Varieties of Judaism Rabbi Dow Marmur Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Sept. 13, 20 and 27, 2006 The “Hear, O Israel” of the Shema goes far beyond the auditory; the word has many meanings. In these lectures, Rabbi Dow Marmur will discuss three different ways of responding to God in our time, in an effort to add new perspectives to the High Holy Days and to suggest ways of formulating our own Jewish commitment. Each session will present a coherent position, and time will be given for thoughtful discussion.

Wed. Sept. 13 — The Pre-Modern Way: Obey, O Israel! Does the traditional stress on Jewish law still speak to us today? And if not, can there be authentic Judaism without halachah? Wed. Sept. 20 — The Modern Way: Understand, O Israel! Does Judaism based on intellect and reason meet our spiritual needs? And if not, how are we to understand the traditional stress on Talmud Torah? Wed. Sept. 27 — The Postmodern Way: Listen, O Israel! Can we build contemporary Judaism on a spirituality that eschews traditional forms? And if not, will we not lose our children to New Age religions?

The Gerald Schwartz/Heather Reisman Fall 2006 Lecture Series at Holy Blossom Temple

In Exile or at Home? — Reflections on the Jewish People, Israel and Anti-Semitism in an Uncertain World Even after enduring and surviving several millennia, even at a time of statehood and prosperity, the Jewish People struggle for a place among the nations in an unbalanced and uncertain world. What will happen in the 21st century? What will be the place of the Jewish People and State in the future?

Thomas Friedman, Foreign-Affairs Columnist and Pulitzer Prize Winner, the New York Times Mon. Oct. 30, at 8 p.m.

Barbara Amiel, Columnist Mon. Nov. 13, at 8 p.m.

July/August 2006

Malcolm Hoenlein, Executive Vice Chair, Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations Mon. Nov. 20, at 8 p.m.


Tamuz/Av/Elul 5766

Ehud Ya’ari, Associate Editor, the Jerusalem Report and Author of “Toward IsraeliPalestinian Disengagement” and “Peace by Piece: a Decade of Egyptian Policy” Mon. Nov. 27, at 8 p.m.


The Gerald Schwartz/Heather Reisman Centre for Jewish Learning at Holy Blossom Temple


Making beautiful music by Cantor Benjamin Z. Maissner

I would like to offer a warm welcome to our new Chazzan Sheni, Cantorial Soloist, Lindi Rivers. Lindi stepped in during my recent sabbatical, and did a wonderful job. I know that our congregation will benefit greatly from her presence. People often approach me after Worship Services to tell me how beautiful the music is, including the choral music provided by our Temple Singers. I would like to thank these committed volunteers, who, week after week, spend so much time rehearsing and singing on the High Holy Days, Festivals and Shabbat Services. Over the years, the number of Temple Singers has wavered. The glory of our music at the Temple will only survive if the Temple Singers continue making their mark upon the musical life of the congregation. We are always looking for new members — young and old, men and women — who are

Summer Gathering Sat. July 8, 2006, at 10.30 a.m.

You are invited to join us during our regular Shabbat Service to reconnect with your long-time friends! After the Service, come and enjoy a light lunch.

interested in preserving our high level of musical spirituality. Not only do the Temple Singers sing the beautiful music of the Service, but they learn about the physical aspects of vocal production and grow in their understanding of our cultural and religious heritage. (For more on our Temple Singers, please see page 20.)

From Shtetl to Broadway In the spring of 2007, in celebration of Holy Blossom’s 150th Anniversary, we will present a unique musical production: From Shtetl to Broadway. The contribution of the Yiddish theatre and its unique influence on the music of Broadway will be featured in a cast combining several musical forces. This unprecedented multiple cast will include the Lachan Toronto Jewish Chamber Choir, the Holy Blossom Temple Singers and our High Holy Day professional choirs, as well as our Temple’s music lovers. Watch the fall Bulletins for more details.

The Summer Gathering is for all Temple members, with a special invitation to our senior congregants. Hope to see you there. Co-sponsored by the Connecting Team of the Caring Community and Sisterhood.

Music — the language of angels Children in Grades 3 to 6 are invited to sing with the Holy Blossom Junior Choir when rehearsals resume in the fall. Rehearsals are held on Sundays, whenever there is Religious School, starting on Oct. 15, 2006, at 12.15 p.m. Rehearsals last one hour. Get ready for more performances, an expanded repertoire and lots of fun. For more details, please call Cantorial Soloist Lindi Rivers (ext. 252), at the Temple.

M O N D AYS @ the Temple Please join us on Mon. Sept. 11, 2006 for our first program of the season. Have a great summer and we look forward to seeing everyone in September.

For more information, or to leave a message, please call the Seniors’ hotline (ext. 517), at the Temple. Holy Blossom Temple


by Deborah K. Spiegel, Director of Education

We are thrilled to announce that Zach Paul will be joining our Temple staff next year as our new Youth Director. Zach will advise HABSTY (Holy Awesome Blossom Senior Temple Youth), help supervise JYG (Junior Youth Groups) and co-ordinate other youth activities. Many of you may know Zach, as he’s been a Holy Blossom Temple member his entire life, and has always been an active member of our community. A graduate of our Religious School and our Confirmation program, Zach was also a student teacher here. He has been an executive member of HABSTY and a board member for the North American Federation of Temple Youth Northeast Lakes Region (NFTYNEL). He has worked at Camp George since its opening seven years ago, as a counsellor, swim staff and, last year, as the Program Director. Zach now adds professional training — York University’s Concurrent Education program — to all of that personal youth activities experience. (He will be teaching at CHAT in the fall.) The

combination of familiarity with informal education, a strong personal connection with Holy Blossom and a fresh set of professional skills makes Zach an ideal person to fill the role of Youth Director. Although he will officially begin working in the fall, Zach is already getting

move HABSTY to new heights. We look forward to the integration of the YEAH (Youth Elementary Activities at Holy) program for those in Grades 4 to 6 with our Sunday Religious School, and those in JYG and HABSTY with the Senior School. If you have any questions or comments for Zach, feel free to e-mail him at

Mazal tov Simon Axelrod, son of Temple members Drs. Heather Shapiro and Terry Axelrod and a Grade 6 student at The Leo Baeck Day School, reached the National Finals of the Chidon Tanach, the National Bible Contest held in Toronto in May 2006. We are all proud of Simon and wish him success in all of his future endeavours. Zach Paul

Join us in school

himself set for next year — helping out with HABSTY’s year-end responsibilities, getting oriented with the new HABSTY executive and setting up the calendar for next year. He will be working with a great group of teenagers who are ready to

Do you like children? Would you like to contribute to your Holy Blossom community? Have you wondered what your children are doing every week in Religious School? To see how you can be a part of our program, please call me (ext. 239), at the Temple.

Family Programming Family Camp Fri. Sept. 1 to Sun. Sept. 3, 2006 A weekend full of relaxing at a beautiful camping site, lots of kids playing together, a warm Shabbat experience and … s’mores! If this sounds like a good way to spend a few days, then Family Camp is for you.

Join us for our annual retreat at Camp George in gorgeous Parry Sound. It’s the perfect end-of-summer getaway for kids and parents alike. For more details, please call Shelley Berenbaum (ext. 233), at the Temple.

July/August 2006


Tamuz/Av/Elul 5766



Reaching new heights

Spring learning and celebrations This spring saw many varied events at Holy Blossom Temple. We welcomed several renowned speakers, celebrated Israel’s birthday, honoured our hard-working teachers, studied with Sisterhood and opened our doors to those interested in the architecture of our building. Our halls were filled with learning and song and celebration.

Sisterhood Retreat — The Mikvah: Myths, Truths and Possibilities (Apr. 7 to 9 )

Photograph by Charlene MacEachern

Photograph by Shelly Berenbaum

National Security Dilemmas of Israel Professor Gabriel Ben-Dor lecture (May 8)

Left to right: (front) Sharon Smith-Miller and Judy Malkin; and (back) Judith Wiley, Catherine Mayers, Alice Charach and Lyn Feldman. As part of the 2006 Harry Posen Memorial Lectures, Prof. Gabriel Ben-Dor speaks on Israel’s security issues.

The Roots of Toronto’s Jewish Community Bill Gladstone (May 9)

Photograph by Paul Hellen

Photograph by Paul Hellen

Yom Ha’Atzmaut (Israel’s Birthday) Celebration (May 11)

Bill Gladstone presents a lecture on the Jewish community of 1900 to 1914.

Members of the Junior Choir entertain guests at our celebration.

Holy Blossom Temple


Erev Ha’Morim: Honouring our Teachers (May 17)

Photograph by Paul Hellen

Doors Open: Visiting Sites of Architectural Interest (May 28)

(Left to right) Sarah Kernerman, Dalia Alalouf and Myrna Ross are honoured at Erev Hamorim.

Photograph by Sheila Smolhn

Living History: Back to our Roots Rabbi Chaim Weiner (June 5)

Photograph by Paul Hellen

Guests visit Holy Blossom as part of an event sponsored by Heritage Toronto.

Rabbi Chaim Weiner speaks with Temple librarian Anne Dublin.

by Joan Garson, President, ARZA Canada

The Canadian World Zionist Congress election is now completed, and the results for the Canadian delegates are: ARZA Canada — seven delegates (an increase of three); Mizrachi — seven delegates (an increase of two); Mercaz — three delegates (unchanged); and one delegate each for two smaller parties (Hatikvah and This excellent result was, in part, due to the support of the Israel Religious Ac-

tion Center (the social justice and legal branch of the Israeli Reform Movement) and ARZA’s election team in the United States. The Canadian staff of ARZA was fantastic and untiring. ARZA Canada board members and the leaders and senior staff from Reform congregations were all key to the result.The election process saw an increase in ARZA Canada membership of about one third, many of whom were from Holy Blossom Temple. This is the first time that there has been a World Zionist Congress election in Canada since 1987 and we know that July/August 2006


the process was not perfect. Despite the frustrations, ARZA Canada achieved its target for seats and membership. The challenge now for ARZA Canada will be to maintain our membership and build on the support that our members showed throughout the campaign, and to work to achieve our shared goals for Israel and its Reform community. Your membership in ARZA Canada is critical to our ongoing efforts on behalf of the Israeli Reform Movement. For more information on ARZA, please visit www.urj.ccrj/arza.

Tamuz/Av/Elul 5766


Shared goals for Israel’s Reform Movement


Join us in making a difference by Gail Goodman, President

Our recent Annual Cooking Demonstration was a great success. With great appreciation, we thank the following people and companies who donated door prizes, including: Bijoux FantasyEdye Rome • Dr. Sharyn Salsberg Ezrin • Jeanne Kamarner • Links of London at Holt Renfrew (Rosalie Sussman) • Rose Reisman • Larry Rosen • Shaynee’s Gifts • Shoshanna Sage. We also thank the members of Sisterhood who personally donated wonderful prizes. Your generosity helps support many important programs at Temple.

Judaica Shop Do you need a gift for a wedding, Bar/ Bat Mitzvah or baby naming? Are you looking to honour someone with a gift of Judaica or do you need something for your own family? The Sisterhood Judaica Shop carries a large variety of gifts, as well as tallit, mezzuzot, challah covers and knives, books and so much more.

In July and August, we are open by appointment only. We would be pleased to serve you. To make an appointment at the Shop or if you are interested in becoming a Judaica Shop volunteer, please call the Sisterhood hotline (ext. 514), at the Temple.

Sisterhood in 2006/2007 Once again, Sisterhood had a very successful and fulfilling year. Our thanks go out to our senior staff and all of those who participated in our programs: you made them so stimulating and enjoyable. We are already in the planning stages for next year and your input would be most appreciated. If there is a topic of interest that you would like to see us pursue, please let us know. Sisterhood’s 2006/2007 events will celebrate the Temple’s 150th Anniversary and will include many new programs and initiatives. In early fall, we will host our Welcome and Appreciation Brunch for new and current members of Sisterhood. We invite you to take this opportunity to find out what we are all about.

Holy Blossom Temple Brotherhood

Annual General Meeting and Installation WED. SEPT. 13, 2006, AT 8 P.M. All members and potential members of Brotherhood are invited to our Annual General Meeting followed by a wine and cheese reception.

Holy Blossom Temple


As well, watch your mail for our Project 2006 raffle books. Support Sisterhood’s major fundraiser, which allows us to make substantial contributions to the Holy Blossom Temple Library and Religious School, camp scholarships, Plaut Manor, and Out of the Cold, as well as to support rabbinic students and many other worthwhile Temple funds. We have a great selection of prizes, the major one being a beautiful opal ring valued at more than $2,000. Mark your calendars now for Tue. Nov. 21, 2006 for the draw and an evening of entertainment.

Get involved Over the summer, please visit our Web site, at to see what we are up to. We can be reached at sisterhood@ or by calling the Sisterhood hotline (ext. 514), at the Temple. We encourage you to play a proud and active role in Sisterhood. Remember to check the Sisterhood membership box on your Holy Blossom Temple renewal form. Help us continue to grow and build for tomorrow. Make our next year another success.

Summer 2006 Library Hours Summer 2006 Library Hours Monday to Wednesday: 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 2 to 6 p.m. The Library will be closed Aug. 3 to 13.

Our Congregational Family Engagements/Marriages We would like to welcome the following people to the Holy Blossom Temple family: Sheila Bacher • Jean & Garson Conn • Gail & Gil Faclier • Judy & Gerald Gliserman • Cory Glowinski • Merna Glowinski, and Kevin • Leslie Morgan, and Erin and Sarah

Judy & Gerald Slan, on their 40th wedding anniversary. Jordana Silver, on receiving the 2006 Inspiration Award from JVS Toronto. Fredzia & Dow Marmur, on their 50th wedding anniversary.

Helen & Joe Feldmann and Virginia & Carl Solomon on the engagement of their children Adam Feldmann and Diana Solomon, who will be married in August 2006. Proud grandmother is Cyla Feldmann. Myrna Freedman on the engagement of her son Jeffrey Freedman to Dr. Robyn Blatt, daughter of Linda & Ralph Blatt. Harriet & Barry Sklar on the engagement of their son, Robert Sklar, to Robyn Temins, daughter of Marianne & Larry Temins, who will be married in October 2006. Proud grandmother is Rose Sklar. Bonnie & Brian Smith on the engagement of their daughter Holly Anne Smith to Ron Millett, son of Judy Millett & Ron Beauchamp and the late George Millett, who will be married in October 2006. Proud grandfathers are Sam Gomberg and Gerald Smith.

Births Kari Abrams & Charles Corlett on the birth of their daughter Leah Meagan Corlett. Proud grandparents are Elaine & Joel Abrams and Kathleen Hunter & Allan Deale. Proud great-grandparents are Bess Abrams, Hilda Hunter and Betty Palter. Judy & Michael Aiken on the birth of their granddaughter Mia Pearl Klayman, daughter of Gillian Aiken & Blair Klayman. Other proud grandparents are Susan & Morris Klayman. Proud greatgrandmother is Pearle Duckman Fogel. Dr. Amy Kaiser & Ken Rotman on the birth of their son Harrison Kaiser Rotman, brother to Paul and Phoebe. Proud grandparents are Sandy & Joe Rotman. Carolyn & Darran Soskin on the birth of their daughter Olivia Fern Soskin, sister to Lauren. Proud grandparents are Miriam & Marvin Dryer, Shirley Rochman, and Barbara & Steve Soskin. Proud great-grandmother is Ruth Edelmuth. Ali & Michael Wasserman on the birth of their son Corey Wasserman, brother to Annie. Proud grandparents are Maxine & Mel Wasserman.

Hymie Baltzan, husband of Celia Baltzan, father of Nina Baltzan, Gail Schloss and Jaclyn Shulman Leah Chaplin, mother of Susan Taerk, sister of Ruth Kreaden and Natalie Sarick Rosalyn Leese, wife of Saul Leese, mother of David Leese, Joanne Leese, Michael Leese and Ellen Schneidman, sister of Elliot Weinstein Alex Mandel, husband of Vera Mandel, father of Gabriel Mandel Don McRae, husband of Helen McRae, father of Catherine Freeman and Janet Webber Harry Rotman, husband of Rae Rotman, father of Geri Durbin and Steven Rotman Jean Rubinoff, wife of Archie Rubinoff, mother of Barbara Nelson, Joel Rubinoff and Rosalyn Rubinoff, sister of Goldie Cash Morris Stein, father of Elena Starr and Jason Stein, brother of Pauline Albaum

B'nei Mitzvah

2 Elul 5766/Aug. 26, 2006 Samson Lugassy, son of Donna Saslove & Simon Lugassy

9 Elul 5766/Sept. 2, 2006 David Harris-Koblin, son of Judy HarrisKoblin & Hal Koblin

Lights will be kindled in the Sanctuary, for seven days, starting the Saturday evening before the anniversary date, to mark the yahrzeit of the following: Name Harry David Burston Mary Cohen

July/August 2006


Tamuz/Av/Elul 5766

Date July 2 2

Name Lorne Dunkelman Jeanette Freeman Ruth Goodman Morris Killem Dora Krangle Lifsitz Marcia Papernick Paul Bell Moe Cole Diana Morgulis Claire Sweet Ernst Weinberg

Date July 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 3

Name Date Max Grossman July 4 Ralph Sternberg 4 Rebecca Banks 5 Rose Finsten 5 Max Fromovitz 5 Albert Goldman 5 Max Kates 5 Israel Lindzon 5 Irving Schacter 5 Benjamin Bregman 6 Sylvia Pulver 6 Libbye S. DeLuz 7 Anne Rita Levy Goldstein 7 Irving Elias Kanner 7 Nathan Dann 7 Mitchell Kohan 8 Margaret Sellman 8 Regina Reah Wolff 9 Lewis Crocker 10 Erna Freund 10 Charles Goodman 10 Alex Mogelonsky 10 Samuel Rosenberg 10 Joseph Schipper 10 Joseph Nathan Sussman 10 Anne Goldstein 11 Gertrude Pollack 11 Emma G. Perlman 12 Bella Shiner 12 Morris Stark 12 Samuel Weisberg 12 Louis Wintrope 12 Jonas Bacher 13 Henry C. Fleming 13 Nathan Greisman 13 Rachel Leah Kanner 13 Morris Liss 14 Tillie Mason 14 Fanny Penturn 14 Herbert Sheaffer 14 Esther Auerbach 15 Charles Sanders 15 Samuel Bloomfield 16 Murrah Kohen 16 Irving Kriss 16 Herbert Levitt 16 Ayeda Penturn 16 Gertrude Pollack 16 Edie Weiser 17

Name Date Ralph Bernard Cooper July 18 Augusta Friedman 18 Jennie Gelfand 18 Fannie Mitchell 18 Samuel Rosenberg 18 Isabel Henrietta Silverman 18 Milton Fried 19 Percival Grant Gordon 19 Ben Manson 19 Helen Schrage 19 Louis Sidlofsky 19 Harold R. Sniderman 19 Bella Solway 19 Max Dann 20 Sam Aaron Lawrence 20 Mary Lynn Shendroff 20 Ralph Wolman 20 Mabel Korn 21 Minnie Sandler 21 Devy Cass 22 Isador Fried 22 Benjamin David Rachlin 22 Aaron Isaac Silverman 22 Maxwell Gilmore 23 Morris Liss 23 Morris Ruby 23 Adeline Borins 24 Maurice Kaplan 24 Arthur Isadore King 24 Julius Breslin 25 Meyer Jacobs 25 Louis Mendelson 26 Rae Taube 26 Harry Baker 27 Fay Dessau 27 Harry Palter 27 Maurice Frankel 28 Lucy Goldstein 28 Harvey Wallet 28 Serena Gross 29 Goodwin Lichtenberg 29 Ann Steinberg 29 Helen Fried 30 Marilyn Gold 30 Donna Joanne Cohen 31 Bert Iseman 31 Helen Pullan 31 Sara Stossel 31 Joseph Danson Aug. 1

Holy Blossom Temple

Name Date Max Enkin Aug.1 Frank Garber 1 Grace M. Levy 1 Sonia Nisenboim 1 Ronald Marvin Turk 1 Luba Chaiton 2 Dora Dalgorf 2 Samuel Fingold 2 David Goodman 2 Nathan Lachman 2 Ben Rosenberg 2 David Zener 2 Jacob Brill 3 Charles Hertzman 3 Morris Lahman 3 Benjamin Lokash 3 Gertrude Blackstone 4 Joseph Gordon 4 Lillian Marrus 4 Dr. Wilfred Schwab 4 Michaline Slonetsky 4 Fannie Weinreb 4 Frank Dolcort 5 Eve Rose Muter Gordon 5 Anne Izen 5 John Penturn 5 Louis Sherkin 5 Renee Sussman 5 Sophie Sweiden 5 William Wolman 5 Jean Appleton 6 Louis Fingold 6 Harry Manhaim 6 Bernard Mayer 6 Jennie Saunders 6 Ada Borinsky 7 Ivor Brodey 7 Samuel Fine 7 Pearl Levitt 7 Abraham Levy 7 Genendel Borden 8 Leo Frankel 8 Syra Goldstein Koplar 8 Rachel Lowe 8 Sally Bader 9 Florence Feggie Brody 9 Max Greenholtz 9 Albert Pasternak 9 Albert Rose 9


Name Date Katoon Yacoob Aug. 9 Robert Brodey 10 Celia Levy 10 Bernice Thomson 10 Hannah Brookstone 11 Bella Eisen Drucker 11 Morris Gellman 11 Meyer Leon Goldberg 11 Anne Sherwin 11 Natalie Fine 12 Charles Goodman 12 Morris Offman 12 Clara Orberndorffer 12 Maxwell Stark 12 Fannie Whyne 12 Ruth Davidson 13 Abraham Freuerlich-Berecz 13 Rebecca Horwitz 13 Saul Morris 13 David Palter 13 Albert Sosno 13 Maurice Bucove 15 Sidney Fromkin 15 Frank L. Roberts 15 Murray Shiffman 15 Norman Borins 16 Dr. Harry Colman 16 Ann Kringold 17 Victor Martin Switzer 17 Reta Cassel 18 Rose Glazier 18 Albert Perly 18 Libbie Turner 18 Ben Biback 20 Frantisek Freund 20 Louis Papernick 20 Harry Aaron 22 Harry L. Fogler 22 Bertye Suravitz Fremes 22 Edythe Schwartz 22 William Anshan 23 Carl Milford Frankel 23 Abraham Goldberg 23 Elizabeth Rubin 23 Jack Shain 23 Sylvia Lawrence 24 Harvey Lichtenberg 24 Ethel Newman 24 Matthew Sapera 24

Name Goldie Silver Mary Stutz Elie Cass Morris Kwinter Rieka Liss Leon Offman Ruth Rose George Altman Susan Burton David Etan Diament Rieka Liss Rose Kirsch Isadore (Dutch) Levit Harry Pearl Albert Starkman Aaron Lichtenberg Sylvia Shiffman Minnie Coopersmith Florence Steinhauer Isaac Zener Rose Fauman

Date Aug. 24 24 25 25 25 25 25 26 26 26 26 27 27 27 27 28 28 29 29 29 30

Name Date Bertha Davis King Aug. 30 Helen Posluns Leeds 30 David Stitt 30 Lillian Clavir 31 Harry Dubin 31 David Ivan Izen 31 Samuel Pearl 31 Carl Ritchie 31 Raoul Auerbach Sept. 1 Sydney Bederman 1 Edward Laxton 1 Murray Shafran 1 Erna Weinberg 1 Norman Berdock 2 Rachel Draimin Cooper 2 Rabbi Saul M. Diament 2 Charles Fichman 2 Frieda Granatstein 2 Israel Liberman 2 Lily Stein 2 Belle Stitt 2

Aid for Survivors of Terrorism Ed Gold, Special Birthday: Gordon & Sandy Atlin Myrna Merkur and Family, With Sympathy: Harriet & Frank Wolman Judy Miller, In Memory: Ellen Karabanow Floyd Prager, In Memory: Gordon & Sandy Atlin Sylvia & Sidney Roth, Happy Anniversary: Arlene and Jessica Roth-Hershfield Robin Sassen, In Memory: Aubrey & Etienne Kaplan Betty Smigel, Speedy Recovery: Harriet & Frank Wolman William Anshan Youth Awards Fund Joe Weinrauch, In Memory: Jean Anshan

Bernie Herman, Happy Birthday: Rose Wolfe Jack Lane, In Memory: Esther & Marvin Tile Rosalyn Leese, In Memory: Karen & Yoel Abells; Sylvia Alter; The Barish Family; Debbie Farley & Joshua Cohen; Leah Feinman; Lisa & Mark, Mitch and Emma Freed; Corrie Gancman; Sybil & Jack Geller; Bonnie & Ronald Goldstein; Cathy & Lorne Greenbaum and Family; Marilyn & Alfred Herman; Joanne & Allan Hoffman; Daisy & Syd Jacobs; Edith Kirzner; Lesleigh & Gordon Landry; Mona & Larry Levienstein; Jodi & Paul Mandel; Zelda & Leonard Melamed; Barb & Stacy Mitchel; Bertha & Gordon Murray; Gordon Pape; Gloria Pollock & Sam Birenbaum and Jennifer Pollack; Janis Rotman; Joy & Allen Rudolph; Debbie Sadja; Sharyn Salsberg-Ezrin & Hershell Ezrin and Lil & Nat Salsberg; Debra & David Satok, and Gordon and Marlee; Mary & Henry Seldon; Helen & Edward Sheffman; Ann & Irving Shendroff; Janet & Norman Shiner and Family; Beatrice & Saul Sidlofsky; Marilyn & Jerry Smith; Suzanne Stein; Francie Storm; Rosemary & Gary Tile and Family; Shari & Michael Wilson Lorraine Loeb, Happy Birthday: Henrietta Chesnie Donald & Lorraine Loeb, Happy Anniversary: Henrietta Chesnie Peter Loebel, Happy 75th Birthday: Frances & Paul Hellen Rachel Micay, Bat Mitzvah: Hildy & Louis Parks Judy Miller, In Memory: Gail & Gary Goodman Judy Nyman, In Recognition: Karen & Yoel Abells; Esther Zeller Cooper & Morris Cooper; Wendy & Elliott Eisen; Holy Blossom Temple Sisterhood; Bonnie & Nick Jackson and Family; Pnina Margolese; Mary & Henry Seldon; Lorie ShekterWolfson & Lorne Wolfson; Sheila & Bob Smolkin Rae Roebuck & David McCoy, Mazal Tov: Morris Cooper and Esther Zeller Cooper Lee Schwenk, Special Birthday: Pauline & Jack Toker Dr. Marvin Tile, Congratulations: Elliott & Wendy Eisen; Marvin & Diana Goodman; Holy Blossom Temple Sisterhood Vera Usprich, In Memory: Daisy & Syd Jacobs Debby Vigoda, In Honour: Daisy Jacobs, Dora Track and Jeanne Kamarner Gordon Wolfe, Happy Birthday: Joyce & Herb Appleby Israel Study Fund Rob Conway, Happy Birthday: The Denaburgs Judi Miller, In Memory: Glenda Mindlin Rabbi Ed Goldfarb, In Appreciation: Joan Garson Rabbi Dow Marmur, In Appreciation: Joan Garson Judi Miller, In Memory: Glenda Mindlin Rabbi John Moscowitz, In Appreciation: Joan Garson Rabbi Jason Rosenberg, In Appreciation: Joan Garson Rabbi Yael Splansky, In Appreciation: Joan Garson

Ruth Borden Memorial Youth Award Fund Dr. Male Goldberg, Speedy Recovery: Harvey Bordon

Jacobs Tower Fund Marilyn Shesko & David Hertzman, Mazal Tov on Engagement: Lois Greisman & Eban Bayefesky, and Daniel and Sammy Bayefsky; Tobie & John Lipson

Danson Family Fund Jill & Ben Lustig, Mazal Tov: Theodora & Bert Danson

Joan Kerbel Leadership Development Fund Sybil Geller, Special Birthday: Gail & Gary Goodman

Jean Fine Seniors Fund Marilyn Farber, Speedy Recovery: Shoshana Cole

Library Book Fund Lloyd Mulder, In Memory: Marilyn Hahn

Floral Fund Sybil Geller, Happy Birthday: Jack Geller David Harris-Koblin, Bar Mitzvah: Judy Harris-Koblin & Hal Koblin Samson Lugassy, Bar Mitzvah: Donna Saslove & Simon Lugassy

Dow and Fredzia Marmur Program for Educational Excellence Cynthia Good, In Honour: Sheila & Bob Smolkin Sharon & Bernie Herman, Happy Birthday: Matthew Sapera & Darren Sukonick Peter Loebel, Happy Birthday: Elizabeth and Arthur Lesser Mrs. Fredzia & Rabbi Dow Marmur, 50th Wedding Anniversary: Etta Ginsberg McEwan; Nancy Ruth; Gordon & Linda Wolfe Vera Usprich, In Memory: Beverly & Bernie Blackstein

Holy Blossom Temple Foundation Dwight Copeland, Happy Birthday: Daisy & Syd Jacobs Stuart & Suzanne Egier, Mazal Tov: Karen & Yoel Abells Sybil Geller, Happy Birthday: Sybil & David Gordon; Jeanne Kamarner; Mary & Henry Seldon Gerald Goodman, Happy Birthday: Daisy & Syd Jacobs Sam Gotfrid, Congratulations: Joan Florence

July/August 2006

Musical Legacy Fund Dawn Davis, In Memory: Helena & David Fine; Kathy & Maurice Green; Sharon & Shelly Miller Cantor Benjamin Z. and Hope Maissner, Mazal Tov: Mira Goldfarb & Adam


Tamuz/Av/Elul 5766

Pam & Greg Hamovitch, Daughter’s Bat Mitzvah: Debbie & Randy Spiegel, Jerry & Marlee Greenglass

Berkowitz; Holy Blossom Temple Singers; Holy Blossom Temple Sisterhood; Sharon & Shelly Miller; Myrna Sandler Cantor Benjamin Z. Maissner, In Appreciation: Holy Blossom Temple Chavurah; Holy Blossom Temple Sisterhood; Edith Kirzner; Michael Ryval Lindi Rivers, In Appreciation: Michael Ryval Rae Roebuck & David MacCoy, Mazal Tov: Holy Blossom Temple Singers Shirley Jane Stainman, Happy Birthday: Rose Gold

Shacharit Fund Walter Cohen, Yahrzeit: Nancy Cohen & Stephen Goldhar Karen Goldblatt, Yahrzeit: Barry Goldblatt Philip Goldman, Yahrzeit: Fran & Bernie Goldman Jack Kirzner, In Memory: Caryl & Bert Barruch Lazlo Lantos, Yahrzeit: Robert Lantos Eva Saunders, Yahrzeit: Sara Pachter Adele Silver, Yahrzeit: Myrna Freedman Samuel Silver, Yahrzeit: Myrna Freedman Vera Usprich, In Memory: The Sutton Family Leon E. Weinstein, Yahrzeit: Fran & Bernie Goldman General: Meryl & Arthur Cole

Out of the Cold Harry Armel, Yahrzeit: Susan Berman Sandy & Gordon Atlin, Happy Anniversary: Harriet and Frank Wolman Leo Berman, Yahrzeit: Susan Berman and Family Randi & Stuart Feiner, Daughter’s Graduation: Lloyd & Nancy Pollack Cynthia Good, In Honour: Barbara Organ Dylon Handow, Bat Mitzvah: Judy & Walter Handelman Holy Blossom Temple Stagecraft Company, In Appreciation: Janet & Michael Ryval and Family Lilian Joltin, In Memory: Suzanne Posner Brent Kirshenbaum, Happy Birthday: The Schneidman Family Ethel Koranyi, Yahrzeit: Susan Berman and Family Nicholas Koranyi, Yahrzeit: Susan Berman and Family Michael Marks, Bar Mitzvah: The Crawford-Ritchies Judy Miller, In Memory: Susanne & Stuart Egier; Nora & John Freund Marvin Miller, In Memory: Edward & Helen Sheffman Lesley Shore, In Appreciation: Speakers Action Group General: Holy Blossom Temple Brotherhood; Betty Mae Siegel

Blanche Spiegel Posen Youth Awards Fund Blanche Spiegel Posen, 97th Birthday: Joy & Charles Cohen Barry Spiegel, 70th Birthday: Isla & David and Melanie and Daniel Steinberg; Leila & Martin Taylor Al & Dora Track Scholarship Fund Sybil Geller, Special Birthday: Dora Track Rabbi Dow and Fredzia Marmur, 50th Wedding Anniversary: Dora Track Youth Awards Susanne & Stuart Egier, Mazal Tov: Ellen Karabanow Sylvia Fisher, In Appreciation: Edith Kirzner and Family Esther & Cyril Hirsh, Mazal Tov: Myrna Freedman Jack Kirzner, In Memory: Rosemarie Kirzner Shoshana & David Paice, Mazal Tov: Penny Fine & Hugh Furneaux Confirmation Class of 2006, In Honour: Phyllis & Jeff Denaburg; Heather & Max Finestone; Jill Kamin & Murray Hart and Family; Susan & Peter Segal

Plaut Manor General: Monica Magadin & Eyal DeLara Beth Sky, Happy Birthday: Susan & Harold Grossman Prayer Book and Worship Fund Herman Adler, Yahrzeit: Ellen Karabanow Sybil Geller, Happy Birthday: Rose Garfinkel Project Tikvah Julia Goldfarb, In Memory: Sharon Smith Miller & Shelly Miller, and Ryan and Joshua Rabbis' Discretionary Fund Rabbi John Moscowitz, In Appreciation: Holy Blossom Temple Sisterhood; Harvey S. Borden and Family; Lucy Weinstein Rabbi John Moscowitz: Holy Blossom Temple Shiva Readers, In Appreciation: Phyllis & Gil Nefsky Rabbi John Moscowitz: Minnie Fingerhut, Special Birthday: Fern & Charles Stancer and Family Rabbi John Moscowitz: Holy Blossom Temple Lay Readers, In Appreciation: Phyllis & Gil Nefsky Rabbi Yael Splansky, In Appreciation: Karen & Max Axler; Harvey Borden and Family; Phyllis & Gil Nefsky; Ritchie Carroll Family; Family of the late Bill Sniderman Rabbi Jason Rosenberg, In Appreciation: Harvey Borden and Family; Susan Davidson and Family; Saul Leese; Carole J. Paul; Lucy Weinstein Rabbi Edward Goldfarb, In Appreciation: The Sutton Family Cantor Benjamin Z. Maissner, In Appreciation: Harvey Borden and Family; Ritchie Carroll Family Lindi Rivers, In Appreciation: Karen & Max Axler; Phyllis & Gil Nefsky; Ritchie Carroll Family

Contacts for Donations To make a donation to any of our existing funds, please call the Foundation Office, at (416) 789-3291, ext. 265. To learn more about how you can support the Holy Blossom Temple Foundation, or to establish a new fund, please call Deborah Tameanko, at (416) 789-3291, ext. 265. To make a donation to MAZON Canada, please call (416) 783-7554. To make a donation to the Toronto Community Forest Fund, please call Sybil Gordon at (416) 489-5709.

We appreciate your support Holy Blossom Temple appreciates all donations to our funds, however due to rising costs, cards will only be sent for donations of $18 or more. We will continue to recognize donations of $18 or more in the Bulletin.

Nancy Ruth Educational Fund Sam Ruth, In Memory: Esther & Marvin Tile

We apologize but due to space constraints, not all donations will appear in the Bulletin issue closest to the date on which the contribution was made. Donations in this issue were received by May 12, 2006.

The Lorraine Sandler Tribute Fund Leah Rose Hamovitch, Mazal Tov: Brenda & Collin Baskin

Holy Blossom Temple


This Month @ Holy Blossom JULY 2006 TAMMUZ/AV/ELUL 5766 Fri. June 30

6.30 p.m.

Shabbat Fusion

Sat. Aug. 5

9 a.m.

Torah Study

Sat. July 1

9 a.m.

Torah Study

Wed. Aug. 9

9.30 a.m.

Sisterhood Torah Study

Wed. July 5

9.30 a.m.

Sisterhood Torah Study

Sat. Aug. 12

9 a.m.

Torah Study

Sat. July 8

9 a.m. 10.30 a.m.

Torah Study Shabbat Services followed by Summer Gathering

Wed. Aug. 16

9.30 a.m.

Sisterhood Torah Study

Sat. Aug. 19

9 a.m.

Torah Study

Wed. July 12

9.30 a.m.

Sisterhood Torah Study

Wed. Aug. 23

9.30 a.m.

Sisterhood Torah Study

Sat. July 15

9 a.m.

Torah Study

Sat. Aug. 26

9 a.m.

Torah Study

Wed. July 19

9.30 a.m.

Sisterhood Torah Study

Wed. Aug. 30

9.30 a.m.

Sisterhood Torah Study

Sat. July 22

9 a.m.

Torah Study

Sat. Sept. 2

9 a.m.

Torah Study

Wed. July 26

9.30 a.m.

Sisterhood Torah Study

Wed. Sept. 6

9.30 a.m.

Sisterhood Torah Study

Sat. July 29

9 a.m.

Torah Study

Sat. Sept. 9

9 a.m.

Torah Study

Wed. Aug. 2

9.30 a.m.

Sisterhood Torah Study

For Worship Services, please see page 2; for High Holy Day Services, please see page 4. As dates and times may change without notice, please call the Temple, and press #1, to access our up-to-date This Week @ Holy Blossom recording.

Summer break Like so many of you, the Bulletin will be taking a short break this summer. The first issue of the new year will be received by congregants the last week of August. Watch for detailed High Holy Day information, details on the Gerald Schwartz/Heather Reisman Fall Lecture Series and information on the myriad programs, lectures and courses being held at the Temple next year. We wish everyone a wonderful summer.

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July/August 2006


Tamuz/Av/Elul 5766


A wonderful corps of volunteers by Rabbi Jason Rosenberg

Recently, I was wandering the halls on a Sunday morning, while Sunday School was in session. The sound of music was coming out of the Sanctuary, and it caught my attention, so I followed it. From the doorway, I watched our Temple Singers practicing, as they do every week. What struck me the most was not the beauty of the music (although it was lovely); it was the dedication of these Temple members.

Our dedicated Singers Being in Temple on Sunday mornings is part of my job; it’s one that I love, since I get to interact with so many children, but it’s still a requirement for me. I have to be here. But not so

for those who belong to the Temple Singers. These dedicated people were giving their time — as they do nearly every single week for rehearsals and several times a month as they sing in Services — purely out of love for our synagogue. It occurred to me that the sheer amount of time that they give, most of them taking away from otherwise busy lives, would astound most congregants who are probably only vaguely aware of how much time and energy all of our Temple Singers put in on a weekly basis. And, of course, the Temple Singers are but one very good example of something that we see all over our building, every day. We are blessed with a truly astounding corps of volunteers. As proud as I am of the professional team of which I am a part, the reality is that this synagogue couldn’t function without hundreds of people who give of them-

selves, constantly, often with no reward or even acknowledgement. There are those who come to serve our seniors food, and provide companionship and learning, every Monday. Others dream up and plan our festival celebrations, parties, carnivals and more. Volunteers lead Services, visit the sick, look after the building or help in the office. I could easily fill this page with nothing more than a list of ways that our congregants keep this synagogue alive through their volunteer efforts.

A well-deserved rest Over the summer, our programming quiets down here at Temple; there isn’t as much going on these months as at any other time of the year. So, I hope our volunteers are enjoying a well-deserved rest. But I know I’ll see them all in the fall, and I hope they know how deeply grateful we are for all that they do.

Mazal tov Hillary and Rabbi Jason Rosenberg We are thrilled to wish Hillary and Rabbi Jason Rosenberg a hearty Mazal Tov on the birth of their daughter Talia Shoshana, sister to Benjamin, and granddaughter of Alice and David Arlen, and Diane and Robert Rosenberg.

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