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Holy Blossom Temple

Vol. LXXXI No. 3 • November 2005 • Tishrei/Cheshvan 5766

The W. Gunther Plaut Humanitarian Award will be presented to

Lieutenant-General Roméo A. Dallaire

See page 4 for details.


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Daily/Shabbat Worship … 2, In Perspective … 3, Chanukah … 4, Annual Contribution Campaign … 5, The Gerald Schwartz/Heather Reisman Centre for Jewish Learning … 8, Our Israel … 11, Brotherhood … 12, Sisterhood … 12, Seniors' Programming … 13, Education Matters … 14, Events and Announcements … 15, Our Congregational Family … 16, This Month @ Holy Blossom … 19 The Last Word … 20

Daily/Shabbat Worship

Daily/Shabbat Worship Daily Ser vices Mon. to Fri. Sun.

7.30 a.m. 6 p.m. 9 a.m.

Shacharit Mincha

6 p.m. 6 p.m. 10.30 a.m. 10.30 a.m.

Kabbalat Shabbat Service Tot Shabbat and Dinner Shabbat Service Family Shabbat Service

6 p.m. 10.30 a.m. 10.30 a.m.

Kabbalat Shabbat Service Shabbat Service Family Shabbat Service

6 p.m. 6 p.m. 10.30 a.m. 10.30 a.m.

Kabbalat Shabbat Service Gesher Service (See page 14 for details.) Shabbat Service Family Shabbat Service

6 p.m. 10.30 a.m. 10.30 a.m.

Kabbalat Shabbat Service Shabbat Service Family Shabbat Service

6 p.m. 6 p.m. 10.30 a.m. 10.30 a.m.

Kabbalat Shabbat Service Tot Shabbat and Dinner Shabbat Service Family Shabbat Service

Shabbat Noach Fri. Nov. 4 Fri. Nov. 4 Sat. Nov. 5 Sat. Nov. 5

Shabbat Lech Lecha Fri. Nov. 11 Sat. Nov. 12 Sat. Nov. 12

Shabbat Vayera Fri. Nov. 18 Fri. Nov. 18 Sat. Nov. 19 Sat. Nov. 19

Shabbat Chaya Sarah Fri. Nov. 25 Sat. Nov. 26 Sat. Nov. 26

Shabbat Toledot Fri. Dec. 2 Fri. Dec. 2 Sat. Dec. 3 Sat. Dec. 3

Please remember to visit our Web site, at, to read our weekly D’var Torah. (Just click on D’var Torah under the Avodah/Worship menu button.)

Honouring our veterans Sat. Nov. 12, 2005, at 10.30 a.m. We will call all men and women of our congregation, who have served in the armed forces, to stand together on our bimah for a group aliyah at our Shabbat Morning Services. The kiddush will also be in tribute to their courage and contribution. For details, please call Cynthia Silverman (ext. 276), at the Temple.

Holy Blossom Temple


Farewell and welcome In Perspective by Rabbi John Moscowitz

Thomas Wolfe famously suggested that once having left home, you cannot (easily) return. I think, by and large, Wolfe had it right: that when you do return home you are a different person, others have moved on and life has changed more than it appears from what was. And yet, many do leave home and return again — very happily and successfully. That’s exactly what we wish for Bebe Jacobs and her family. Although I think Bebe would be the first to say that she and her family have been happy here, after three years in Toronto, family concerns, a desire to be home and a terrific opportunity will take Bebe back to London, England. Bebe has signed on to be the Director of Education of the North Western Reform Synagogue (Alyth) in London and will begin shortly. And so, as she takes her leave of us in early December, we will have the opportunity to express our appreciation and to wish formal farewell on the

Shabbat of Sat. Nov. 26, 2005. Please join us in shul and at lunch that day as a way to wish Bebe all the best. (See below for more details.) In the meantime, of course, we have Deborah Spiegel, our Interim Director of Education, running things. I’m confident the school is in very good and capable hands with Debbie for this year. We will work out plans for the leadership of the school from next year forward after the first of the year.

… after three years in Toronto, family concerns, a desire to be home and a terrific opportunity will take Bebe back to London.

Our speakers This year’s Gerald Schwartz/Heather Reisman Fall Lecture Series may well prove to be the best so far. I say this both because of the timeliness of the issue — an examination of the American attempt at democratization of previously undemocratic tyrannies — and

because of the particular people who will grace our bimah with their intellect and ideas. Yossi Klein Halevi, Christopher Hitchens, Samantha Power and Azar Nafisi are all authors, intellects and engaging personalities. But more than that, they have important things to say about the question of democratization. They will say it from different points of view, with passion and with integrity. I read each of their writings with excitement and always benefit from what they have to say. If we think this is simply an American issue or a global issue without major import for the Jews — we have it wrong. The importance of democratization for Israel and for the Jewish People as a whole cannot be overstated. This potentially world-changing phenomenon has the potential not only to change first hand the lives of millions of people around the world, but to bring stability to the Middle East and therefore to Israel. As citizens of the world and as Jews, we are invested in the success of democratization. Along with you, I look forward to hearing our speakers this year. Please see page 8 for details on this year’s lecture series.

Farewell to Bebe Jacobs Sat. Nov. 26, 2005, at 10.30 a.m. In honour of her commitment and leadership in our Religious School, Bebe Jacobs, the outgoing Director of Education, will be called to the bimah for an aliyah during Shabbat morning Services. Please join us afterward for a congregational kiddush luncheon where congregants will have the opportunity to wish Bebe a personal goodbye. We extend a special invitation to parents of those attending our schools. Holy Blossom teachers will also be called to the Torah for a group aliyah on this same Shabbat morning. RSVP to the school office (ext. 256), if you are able to receive this honour.

November 2005


Tishrei/Cheshvan 5766

Celebrating Chanukah and welcoming Shabbat Fri. Dec. 30, 2005 Singing and Study 5.30 p.m. Kabbalat Shabbat 6 p.m. Oneg Shabbat 7 p.m. (immediately following Services) The light of the chanukiyah will make Shabbat that much more joyful. Come join us as we celebrate Chanukah and welcome in Shabbat. Gather early for some singing and study (plus a little Chanukah nosh) before Services, and we’ll carry over that ruach into our usual Kabbalat Shabbat Services. Then, stay afterwards for a special Oneg Shabbat. There’ll be plenty of sufganiyot (donuts) and other treats to keep kids and parents alike happy.

The W. Gunther Plaut Humanitarian Award Mon. Nov. 7, 2005, at 8 p.m. The 2005 W. Gunther Plaut Humanitarian Award will be presented to LieutenantGeneral Roméo A. Dallaire. The Award is bestowed every two years on a person who has made an outstanding contribution to the community and to human rights. Dallaire’s courage, self-sacrifice and dedication to world peace saved the lives of thousands of Rwandans in 1994, when he led the United Nations mission in Rwanda. He is currently pursuing a Fellowship at the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy, at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, where he continues his studies on conflict resolution. Introduction: John Fraser, Master, Massey College, University of Toronto Roméo A. Dallaire

Holy Blossom Temple


Promoting a culture of giving Thank you to our donors President's Message by Alan Garfinkel

I wish to thank all of our members listed below who have graciously made an additional gift, beyond the basic membership contribution level, to our synagogue this year. Your generosity has directly enabled those financially unable to afford our basic level of membership support, to remain members of our synagogue community. Your leadership in promoting a culture of giving at Holy Blossom Temple means that all Jews who wish to join our Temple, regardless of financial circumstances, will be welcomed in our congregation. Your act of tzedakah has elevated our community to a sacred community, a synagogue that continues to play a central role in sustaining our People and our Jewish values, from generation to generation. Benefactor Joan Garson & David Baskin Frances & Lawrence Bloomberg Janette & Michael Diamond Angela & David Feldman Irving & Gail Gerstein and Family Lloyd Hoffer Robert Lantos Lorraine & Donald Loeb Sheila & Sydney Loftus and Family Judy Nyman & Harley Mintz Gerald Schwartz & Heather Reisman Mr. & Mrs. Howard Sokolowski

Patron Ann MacPherson & Earl Bederman Judith & Marshall Cohen Drs. Richard & Joanne Cummings Michael & Laurie Davis Carey Diamond & Tina Urman Karen & Tom Ehrlich and Family Wendy & Elliott Eisen Jacqueline & Tom Friedland Joy & Barry Gales Randi & Alan Garfinkel Rose Garfinkel Mr. & Mrs. John A. Geller Marilyn & Charles Gold Valerie & Anthony Melman and Family Lewis Rose and Children Sandra & Joseph Rotman Amy Kaiser & Kenneth Rotman Michael Rotsztain & Fay Greenholtz Carol & Lionel Schipper Charles & Rose Tabachnick Rose Wolfe

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November 2005


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Tishrei/Cheshvan 5766

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Holy Blossom Temple


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If we have inadvertently omitted your name from the list, please call Shannon Tramer (ext. 227) at the Temple. If you have not yet made a gift beyond your basic annual contribution, and would like to do so before the end of this year, for tax purposes, or you would like to increase your gift, please call Shannon. Next time you're at the Temple, please take a moment to view our Annual Contribution Campaign donor wall in the foyer outside the main Sanctuary. November 2005


Tishrei/Cheshvan 5766

Gerald Schwartz/Heather Reisman Centre for Jewish Learning at Holy Blossom Temple Our Gerald Schwartz/Heather Reisman Centre for Jewish Learning provides opportunities to come together for major public lectures, to study Torah and other literature, and to obtain the skills needed to lead a deeper Jewish life. The following pages list only some of the fall 2005 offerings at the Centre. For a complete list of all lectures and classes, please refer to the 2005/2006 Gerald Schwartz/Heather Reisman Centre for Jewish Learning Calendar, recently mailed to you. For more details on all lectures and programs, please call the school office (ext. 256), at the Temple, or visit our Web site at All programs and lectures are open to the community, unless otherwise stated. For your convenience, our daytime programs during the week are marked with this symbol:

The Gerald Schwartz/Heather Reisman Fall 2005 Lecture Series at Holy Blossom Temple

Democratization: Is It For Real?

Photo copyright Š Lili Iravini

The Gerald Schwartz/Heather Reisman Centre for Jewish Learning

Democratization of previously undemocratic or tyrannical societies is an idea in the air and an emerging reality in places on the ground. For some, this phenomenon is revolutionary and important; for others, democratization is American hubris at its worst. This series, featuring some of the most compelling voices of our time, examines this explosive and significant issue. All lectures begin at 8 p.m. Please remember to bring your Advance Seating Card, which was mailed to you with this year’s Calendar of Events, to ensure early admittance to these major lectures. Doors open at 7 p.m. for members with cards.

Yossi Klein Halevi

Christopher Hitchens

Samantha Power

Azar Nafisi

The View from Israel Tue. Nov. 8

Different Views from Washington Wed. Nov. 16

Cautionary Tales Mon. Nov. 21

The Power of Democracy in (Secret) Action Tue. Dec. 6

Introduction: Allan Gotlieb

Introduction: Margaret MacMillan

Introduction/Commentary: David Frum

Holy Blossom Temple

Introduction: Heather Reisman


Ongoing Learning

Influential Thinkers

Shabbat Morning Torah Study: Genesis — When the World Was Young Rabbi John Moscowitz Saturdays at 9 a.m.

God in Search of Man: The Thought of Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel Rabbi Jason Rosenberg Wednesdays at 7.30 p.m. Nov. 2 to Dec. 7

Intermediate Hebrew* Dalia Alalouf, Hebrew Supervisor Mondays at 7 p.m., ongoing Advanced Hebrew Grammar Rabbi Edward Goldfarb Tuesdays at 10.30 a.m., ongoing Open to members only. Sisterhood Torah Study: Second Book of Kings Rabbi Edward Goldfarb Wednesdays at 9.30 a.m. The Yiddish Novel Rabbi Edward Goldfarb Wednesdays at 10.30 a.m., ongoing New and returning students are welcome. This course is open to the community, non-members will be charged a fee of $60. Beginners Hebrew: Introduction to the Aleph Bet* Sara Kernerman, Teacher Wednesdays at 6.30 p.m., ongoing

A Taste of Talmud Rabbi Dow Marmur Thursdays at 10.30 a.m. Nov. 3, 10, 17 and 24 If there is interest, there will be more courses like this one in the future.

Holocaust Education Week Book Talks Custody: The Vatican and Jewish Children after the Holocaust Michael Marrus, Chancellor Rose and Ray Wolfe Professor of Holocaust Studies, University of Toronto Wed. Nov. 2, at 8 p.m. This lecture will explore the controversial issue of the post-war fate of Jewish children, rescued by Catholic families or institutions during the Holocaust, and about whom there has been intense controversy.

Jewish Literary Classics Rabbi Bernard Baskin, Rabbi Emeritus, Temple Anshe Sholom, Hamilton Thursdays at 7.30 p.m., Nov. 3 and 10 Rabbi Baskin will introduce the following: Nov. 3 Omaha Blues: A Memory Loop, by Joseph Lelyveld Nov. 10 Jews and the American Soul, Human Nature in the 20th Century, by Andrew Heinze

The 2005 Israel Seminar

Is Israel an Imperialist and Racist State? Answers to the critics

* Course is limited to Temple members. Pre-registration required. Cost: $200 per year.

Opening Our Hearts Jewish Meditation Michelle Katz Blumenthal, Iyengar Yoga Teacher Wednesdays 10.30 a.m. continuing to Dec. 7 Pre-registration required. Cost: $60 for Temple members and $80 for non-members.

Rabbis John Moscowitz and Edward Goldfarb Mondays at 7.30 p.m. Nov. 14 to Dec. 12 Pre-registration required. Cost: $40 Please call ext. 256, at the Temple, to register.

November 2005


Tishrei/Cheshvan 5766

The Gerald Schwartz/Heather Reisman Centre for Jewish Learning

Learning Liturgy through Singing Jewish Music Cantor Benjamin Z. Maissner Sundays at 10 a.m. New participants are always welcome. For more details, please call Mari Lynn Rusak (ext. 224), at the Temple.

Studying Talmud

Searching for Justice: an Autobiography The Honourable Fred Kaufman, Retired Judge, Quebec Court of Appeal Thur. Dec. 1, at 8 p.m. The Honourable Fred Kaufman has been a distinguished figure in Canadian law for half a century. Searching for Justice is his remarkable story told in his own words.

Multifaith Dialogues/Learning What Every Jew Should Know about Islam Atif Khalil, Toronto Centre for the Study of Religion, Specializing in Medieval Islamic Philosophy and Mysticism Wednesdays at 7.30 p.m. Nov. 23, 30, Dec. 7 and 14

Holy Blossom at the ROM Great Moments in Jewish History Geri Durbin, Royal Ontario Museum Educator Sun. Dec. 4, at 1 p.m. Limited to 30 people. Suitable for adults and children in Grades 5 and over. Pre-registration required. Cost: $30.

Brotherhood Breakfast Club Life after Gaza — Israel after Disengagement Aluf Benn, Diplomatic Editor, Haaretz Sun. Nov. 6, at 9.30 a.m. Aluf Benn is on a Canada-wide speaking tour sponsored by the Canada-Israel Committee. Men and women are invited.

Black Fire on White Fire Joel Hoffman A Ph.D. in Theoretical Linguistics, Joel Hoffman is the author of In the Beginning: A Short History of the Hebrew Language. Fri. Dec. 9 to Sun. Dec. 11 Learn the incredible power of Hebrew letters, words and their ancient meanings.

You Can Take a Jew Out of the Ghetto — But Can You Take the Ghetto Out of the Jew? Rabbi Dow Marmur Sun. Nov. 20, at 9.30 a.m. The Gerald Schwartz/Heather Reisman Centre for Jewish Learning

Scholar-in-Residence Weekend

Jews in Literature Exploring the Jewish Character in Literature Cynthia Good, Director, Creative Book Publishing Program, Humber College Tuesdays 9.30 a.m. Nov. 8 to Dec. 13 Pre-registration required. Cost: $60 for Temple members and $80 for nonmembers. Library Programs Book Club: Earth and High Heaven, by Gwethalyn Graham Ken Skolnik, Facilitator Mon. Nov. 21, at 10 a.m. For a complete list of books and dates, please call Anne Dublin (ext. 235), at the Temple. Everyone is welcome.

Fri. Dec. 9, at 6 p.m. Kabbalat Shabbat Service, Dinner and Study 3,000 Years of Jewish Continuity as Seen Through 3,000 Years of Hebrew Why can almost every written alphabet today trace its roots to ancient Hebrew? How was Hebrew reborn after a 2,000-year hiatus? Pre-registration required. Cost: $20 for adults and $10 for students. Sat. Dec. 10 9 a.m. Shabbat Morning Torah Study 10.30 a.m. Shabbat Morning Sermon: Angels and Ladders 12.30 p.m. Lunch and Learn: How to Read Jewish Texts Learn how Jews have taken texts, and then commentaries on texts, and made them their own. Pre-registration required. Cost: $15. Sun. Dec. 11, at 10.15 a.m. The How and Why of Hebrew Grammar We will discuss the vowels that grace Hebrew words, uncovering the inner beauty of Hebrew. For more details or to register, please call ext. 256, at the Temple.

Holy Blossom Temple


Generation t (for 20 and 30 somethings) The Fence

Martinis and Maimonides

Alexandre Trudeau

Rabbi Yael Splansky and Neil Yerman, Torah Scribe Mon. Dec. 5, 2005, at 8 p.m.

Wed. Nov. 9, 2005, at 8 p.m.

How do you like your Maimonides? Shaken, not stirred. Over martinis, Rabbi Yael Splansky will lead an interactive text study, based on the writings of the 12th-century philosophy giant, Maimonides. Neil Yerman will guide us through the ancient art of crafting a Torah, and the power of each letter. Open to all 20 and 30 somethings, members and non-members. For more details, please call Cynthia Silverman (ext. 276), at the Temple.

Holy Blossom Temple’s Outreach Program for 20 and 30 somethings presents the screening of Alexandre Trudeau’s provocative documentary, “The Fence,” followed by dialogue with Mr. Trudeau on the current challenge facing Israel and the territories. Dessert will be served. Tickets: $12. For more details, please call the My Story hotline (ext. 502), at the Temple, or e-mail

A window into Israeli life Our Israel by Jeff Denaburg, Co-Chair, Israel Committee

Israel’s film industry has come of age. Only a few years ago, the number of quality feature films produced in Israel each year was small. Traditionally, Israeli films were often dramas about military conflict, or else they were slapstick comedies with wacky characters. Recently, Israeli directors have focused their lenses on everyday life in Israel, weaving together the stories of interesting people with the joys and challenges of living in Israel today. The quality of filmmaking has improved dramatically, and with it, interest in Israeli films has increased. Israelis themselves bought only 140,000 theatre tickets to local films in the year

2000, but this number grew almost tenfold in 2004, to 1.3 million admissions. Israeli films are now regularly screened at all of the major film festivals and, with Israeli films increasingly shown in theatres throughout the world, international sales are also rising. Watching Israeli films is not just an opportunity for quality entertainment: it also offers a rare way for Diaspora Jews to open a window onto the everyday challenges and humour of living in Israel.

In this spoof of Israeli society, Sima, who lives in a modest apartment building, wants to expand her unit, but is thwarted by one difficult neighbour. Sima puts a series of curses on her nemesis and when they come true, Sima becomes a national sensation and everyone’s lives are permanently changed. That Sima is a simple and charming Moroccan Jew, while her stubborn opponent is Ashkenazi, is just one of the elements of poignant social commentary. The series will continue in the new year; watch the Bulletin for further details.

Let us entertain you Holy Blossom Temple will be screening a selection of recent Israeli dramas and comedies in a series of Israel Film Nights. We offer you the opportunity to turn an ordinary evening into a gem of entertainment and Israeli culture. Our second film night is Thur. Dec. 8, 2005, at 7.30 p.m., when we will show the comedy “Sima Vaknin Is a Witch.”

November 2005


Israel Film Night

Sima Vaknin Is a Witch Thur. Dec. 8, 2005, at 7.30 p.m. Admission is free.

Tishrei/Cheshvan 5766

Another year of study, tefillah and mitzvot Brotherhood by Jeff Levy, President

Brotherhood has begun 2005–2006 with its busiest schedule in many years. We held our Annual General Meeting and Installation. We hosted an important launch for Stewart Bell’s book, The Martyr’s Oath. Our Photography Group has begun another creative season under the leadership of Paul Hellen. We participated in a home-building project with Habitat for Humanity. We welcomed new members at our second annual Open House and Trivia Challenge. We are also continuing our tradition of presenting the Plaut Torah Commentary to all our B’nei Mitzvah youth. Our popular Sunday Breakfast Club began with an excellent

book review by Michael Cole. On Sun. Nov. 6, 2005, Aluf Benn, Diplomatic Editor, Haaretz, will speak about “Life after Gaza — Israel after Disengagement.” On Sun. Nov. 20, 2005, Rabbi Dow Marmur’s topic will be “You can take a Jew out of the ghetto — but can you take the ghetto out of the Jew?” On Sun. Dec. 11, 2005, Temple Archivist David Hart will educate and entertain us with little-known facts from the history of Holy Blossom. Breakfast is served at 9.30 a.m., followed by our speaker at 10 a.m. We have an excellent line-up for the remainder of the year. Hear speakers from the Reena Foundation and Camp Winston on the needs of children with developmental disabilities and autism; see a colourful presentation by our Photography Group; and learn from Albert Frank about the tradition of Jewish meditation. Brotherhood and the Library Committee will sponsor three Tuesday evening lectures.

Learn about Franz Kafka with Ralph Wintrob. Join poet and writer Adam Sol as he moderates a panel discussion on Jewish values in the world of publishing (also co-sponsored by Sisterhood). Finally, Bill Gladstone will speak about the roots of Toronto’s Jewish community. All Temple members (men and women) are welcome to our Breakfast Club and other lectures. For details on everything we have planned, please visit our newly designed Web site regularly, at In our recent Brotherhood survey, we asked you what the role of Brotherhood should be. Fundraising events and providing opportunities for men’s study topped the list. Our challenge for 5766 will be to make this happen. Our veterans are always there for us, but we need some new, eager faces, so please join us. To contact us, please call ext. 530, at the Temple, e-mail us at, or come out to any event and introduce yourself.

A new season of Sisterhood Sisterhood

First prize is a weekend for two at the Briars Resort. Please support our Project by purby Gail Goodman, President chasing and returning your completed raffle ticket books promptly, so we can continue to provide funding to our beneficiaries: youth; Holy Blossom Temple Sisterhood is once again our schools; rabbinic students; Library; Plaut Manor; Out of the Cold; Temple Singers; looking forward to a Women of Reform Judaism; Union of Reyear of study, service form Judaism; and other Temple projects. and tikkun olam. One of the initiatives that Sisterhood We began our year by co-sponsoring Rochelle has underwritten for the 150th anniversary of Holy Blossom Temple is the writing of Carrady’s lecture, “Scandinavia Through a new Torah. Watch the Bulletin for more Jewish Eyes,” with the Library Committee. We are also looking forward to co-sponsoring details, and do not miss the opportunity to meet the scribe, Neil Yerman. a panel discussion — "The Place of Jewish Again this year, we will celebrate a Tu Values in the World of Publishing" — on B’shvat Seder with our youth group on Tue. Mar. 21, 2006. Tue. Feb. 14, 2006, and we will sponsor There will be an open board meeting our annual cooking demonstration, on on Tue. Dec. 13, 2005, followed by enterWed. Apr. 5, 2006, when our guest chef tainment by Sharon Miller as we pick our will be Rose Reisman. winners for the Project 2005 raffle draw. Holy Blossom Temple


We are looking forward to the uplifting experience of our annual Women’s Retreat with Rabbi Yael Splansky and Anne Dublin, from Fri. Apr. 7 to Sun. Apr. 9, 2006. A few weeks later, we will hold our Sisterhood Kallah on Thur. Apr. 27, 2006, with Rabbi John Moscowitz and Yoell Abells. For many years, Sisterhood has sponsored Wednesday morning Torah Study with Rabbi Edward Goldfarb. Please watch the Bulletin for more details on these and other new programs that Sisterhood will be sponsoring throughout the coming year. Also, join us for coffee every Sunday morning from 11.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m., when school is in session. And if you have any questions about Sisterhood, one of our board members will be present to assist you. You can also leave a message for us at ext. 514, at the Temple.

Seniors’ Programming at Holy Blossom Mondays @ the Temple

Indifference, with Dr. Norman Mondays @ the Temple continues Epstein, Founder, Canadians Against Slavery and Torture in each Monday from 10 a.m. to the Sudan 1 p.m. Join us and your many Temple friends for interesting pro- Nov. 28 Israel from the 40s and Israel Today: grams, gentle exercise and lunch. the Impact on Our Community, Upcoming programs include: with Susan Jackson, Executive Nov. 7 Director of the Centre for Knowledge Older and Wiser: a Dynamic and and Heritage Entertaining Look at Fire Safety for Older Adults, presented by the For more details, please call the National Council for Jewish Women Seniors' hotline (ext. 517), at the Temple, and leave a message. Nov. 14 Someone will return your call as Healing in Jewish Text, soon as possible. with Rena Arshinoff, Rabbinical Student, Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion Lunch and Learn in Nov. 21 Retirement Darfur — Never Again … Again: Please join us for exciting dayGenocide in Sudan and the World’s time programming and socializing.

The group meets on alternate Wednesday afternoons at 12 p.m. Please bring your own dairy lunch and we will provide coffee, tea and cookies. Please mark our next exciting programs on your calendars. Nov. 16, at 12 p.m. Current Events, with Doug Haddow Dec. 7, at 12.30 p.m. Back to Broadway, with Janet Thorpe and John Simeon. Please note change of time. A light luncheon (co-sponsored by Kensington Place Retirement Residence) will be served before the concert. The cost for this afternoon is $2.

Daytime programming

Holy Blossom Temple Stagecraft Company Founded in 1994, Holy Blossom Temple Stagecraft Company has a simple mandate: to produce plays with Jewish themes and content — and to have fun while doing them! Thanks to a corps of about 25 actors, directors, stage managers and lighting and sound technicians, the Company strives to deliver entertaining, yet thoughtful productions. Past productions have included Yentl, I’m Not Rappaport, The Sisters Rosenzweig and The Tale of the Allergist’s Wife. If you are interested in working behind the scenes, or perhaps in a future production, please call the Stagecraft hotline (ext. 511), at the Temple. Our next production will be Women’s Minyan, by Naomi Ragen. This powerful

drama, set in Jerusalem, tells the story of a mother who is seeking custody of her children, after being denied access by a religious court. Women’s Minyan, by Naomi Ragen Thur. Dec 15 and Sat. Dec. 17, 2005 at 7.30 p.m., and Sun. Dec. 18, 2005 at 2.30 p.m. Tickets $15; $10 for seniors and students. For more details, or to order tickets, please call the Stagecraft hotline (ext. 511), at the Temple.

November 2005


Welcome Yanna Baizer Yanna Baizer — who is originally from Winnipeg — has joined our administrative team as our new receptionist. She will direct all your calls and answer any questions you may have. Yanna has worked in customer service-related industries for several years. She brings enthusiasm and energy to her new position at Holy Blossom Temple. We welcome Yanna and know you will enjoy meeting her.

Tishrei/Cheshvan 5766

The importance of rabbis Education Matters by Bebe Jacobs, Director of Education

We know that families wish to see our rabbis deeply involved with their children’s learning. Yet many aren’t aware of what an important role our rabbis play in our schools. The rabbis teach every B’nei Mitzvah student for nine weeks as they study Torah together in small groups. Rabbis Yael Splansky and Jason Rosenberg share a Grade 7 class that students can opt in to if they wish to study at a more intense level. Grade 10 students study theology for several

weeks with Rabbis John Moscowitz and Jason Rosenberg, giving them opportunities to discuss, argue and stretch their thinking. The rabbis are involved in many of the year’s highlights, including Consecration, Confirmation and Siyyum HaSefer (the Grade 3 celebration of learning all the letters in the Hebrew alphabet).

A part of our education team Rabbi Jason Rosenberg is our educational rabbi and, when asked to elaborate on his role, he said, “While all of the rabbis are involved in our schools, I’m the one who's lucky enough to officially be ‘Rabbi to the Religious Schools.’ What does that mean? A number of things. It means that whenever there are Services in the school, or assemblies, or large programs, I get to

be a part of them. When teachers need a rabbi to help in their class, I’m the one who most often helps out. When class is in session, I’m the most likely one to be peeking in. And, like all the rabbis, I get to teach — Grade 7 and Confirmation, to be specific.” Our students are fortunate to benefit from the presence of three rabbis and, of course, our cantor, with the variety of skills, experience and different dynamics that they bring to enrich our school. Our strategic plan has made it clear that parents want our clergy to be more involved with our youth, and recognize that the more this happens, the more our children are influenced by the rabbis as role models, and are excited to learn from them.

Family Programming Tot Shabbat Services

Moms’ Night

Nov. 4 Nov. 18 Dec. 2

Tue. Nov. 15, at 7.30 p.m. Hey Moms! Tired of only talking to the kids? Want a chance for good, engaging conversation? Join us for a special night of shmoozing, noshing and great discussion — just for the moms of our group. Erica Ehm of the television show Yummy Mummies will be joining us, and leading a session entitled “Secrets of the Yummy Mummy club.” It’s a perfect chance to have an evening away from the family, and to have some time just for you. To RSVP, call Shelly Berenbaum (ext. 233), at the Temple.

Service and Dinner Gesher Service Service and Dinner

Gesher means bridge, and this Service is the bridge between Tot Shabbat and our Congregational Kabbalat Shabbat. Perfect for any family with young children, it will introduce you to how we pray in the main Service, but it’s totally accessible for kids and parents alike. Try us once and you'll want to join us for every Tot Shabbat!

Holy Blossom Temple



Cooking with kids for Chanukah Sun. Dec. 11, 2.30 p.m. Last year we did it for Sukkot. This year, come for a family cooking class at “Upstairs at Loblaws” (St. Clair Ave. W. and Bathurst St.), as we make Chanukah foods together. Space is limited, so register now! To RSVP, call the Family Programming hotline (ext. 518), at the Temple.

Events and Announcements Arts and Literature The Fine Arts Committee PAINTINGS BY EVA NICHOLLS Meet the Artist Tue. Nov. 15, 2005, at 7 p.m. Exhibit runs Nov. 3 to Dec. 8, 2005 Nicholls' interest is in natural materials that show the passage of time. A CALL TO TEMPLE ARTISTS Help us celebrate our 150th anniversary. Exciting plans are under way for the talented members of the Holy Blossom Temple family to present their art at a juried exhibit to be held in spring 2006. The criteria for this show will be posted on the Temple’s Web site at, or you may contact the Temple office for a form. Sisterhood OPEN BOARD MEETING AND PROJECT 2005 RAFFLE DRAW Tue. Dec. 13, 2005, at 7 p.m. All Sisterhood members are invited to attend our Open Board Meeting and Project 2005 Raffle Draw (remember to return your raffle ticket stubs by Dec. 9). Prizes will be drawn at this important open meeting. Guest artist: Sharon Smith Miller. Refreshments will be served. COFFEE AND CONVERSATION Please join us for coffee and conversation when you pick up your children from Religious School on Sundays. Sisterhood members will be serving coffee from 11.30 a.m., in the Ava Road Foyer. SISTERHOOD JUDAICA SHOP The Judaica Shop offers wonderful gifts for all occasions: hostess and Chanukah gifts, Passover items, books and more. We are especially proud to offer a new book by Temple member Jill Hertzman, illustrated by Florence Hertzman. The book is called Jacob’s Journey, and

is in memory of Jill’s son. Also available is a book for pre-teen and teenaged girls, called The J Girls Guide. Our hours are: Monday to Friday: 10.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. Sunday: 9.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. During the winter, the shop will also be open on Thursdays from 1 to 2 p.m. BABY NAMING SWEATERS Sisterhood presents all baby girls named at the Temple with a hand-knitted sweater. If you knit and would like to help with this project, please call the Sisterhood hotline (ext. 514), at the Temple. Wool and patterns are supplied. SISTERHOOD HOTLINE Please call our voicemail (ext. 514), at the Temple, if you have any questions or comments for Sisterhood. Your call will be returned within 24 hours, during normal business hours. Greater Community ARZA Canada CAN THERE BE PEACE AFTER DISENGAGEMENT? Alan Baker, Israeli Ambassador to Canada Wed. Nov. 2, 2005, at 8 p.m. Temple Sinai, 210 Wilson Ave. The entire Reform community is invited to this important lecture. THE TORONTO JEWISH HEALING PROJECT Rabbi Ed Elkin and Michelle Katz, Educator Wednesdays at 12.30 p.m. Nov. 2 to Dec. 7, 2005 First Narayever Congregation 187 Brunswick Ave. (north of Harbord St.) This is a spiritual support group for those coping with physical illness or emotional despair. This six-week session is designed to provide sustenance for those seeking spiritual and emotional healing in a respectful community. Cost: $50 (assistance available on request). To register, please call Etta Ginsberg McEwan, Co-ordinator, (416) 944-3359. November 2005


Holocaust Education Week LIBERATOR AND LIBERATED: TWO PERSONAL PERSPECTIVES Ronald Anderson and Mark Lane Mon. Nov. 7, 2005, at 6.30 p.m. Holy Blossom Temple Ronald Anderson, a Holocaust liberator, and Mark Lane, a survivor of AuschwitzBirkenau, will speak about their different perspectives of the Holocaust. THE HEAR AND NOW CONCERT 2005 Joshua Nelson Sun. Dec. 4, 2005, at 7.30 p.m. Temple Sinai, 210 Wilson Ave. Join us for a rousing musical celebration, featuring Jewish gospel singer/songwriter Joshua Nelson. All proceeds from this concert will go to Camp George. Tickets are $36 for adults and $18 for children under 18 years. For details or to order tickets, call (416) 638-2635, or visit EARTHQUAKE RELIEF FUND More than 25,000 have died after the recent powerful earthquake that struck South Asia. Foreign aid is urgently required. To make a donation through the UJA Federation Earthquake Relief Fund (which finances the efforts of many Israeli relief organizations), please visit, or call (416) 631-5700. You can also donate through Ve’ahavta, by visiting, or calling (416) 964-7698, ext. 13.

Tishrei/Cheshvan 5766

Attention Snowbirds If you are spending all or part of this winter outside of Canada, you may either: continue to receive your Bulletin at home, receive it at your winter address, or receive it as an e-mail attachment. To make a change in delivery, please call Shannon Tramer (ext. 227), at the Temple.

Our Congregational Family Tammy & Larry Dankoff and Penny & Martin Offman. Proud great-grandmother is Flora Ilovitch. Owen & Nancy Duckman on the birth of their son Mitchell Duckman, brother to Julia and Allison. Proud grandparents are Sharon & Lloyd Duckman and Sandra & Lionel Waldman. Proud great-grandparents are Pearl Duckman and Dr. Sid Fogel. Hailey Biback & Adam Kaftalovich on the birth of their son Noah Aubrey Kaftalovich. Proud grandparents are Frances & Warren Biback and Judie & Mark Kaftalovich. Proud great-grandmother is Tillie Paulin. Haley & Josh Overland on the birth of their daughter Joey Faith Overland. Proud grandparents are Phyllis & Paul Bordo and Zelly Zuskind & Ken Overland.

Welcome to Our Temple Family We would like to welcome to the following people to our Holy Blossom Temple family: Tamara Krygier Baum David Cohen Anne Diament Joyce Epstein Sara & Patrick Handreke, and Henry and Maximilian Yvette & Jordan Ison, and Chase, Task, Tahlo, Cruz, Rio and Tira Vicki & Marc Kestenberg Sarah Kronick & Henry Erlichman, and Gabriella and Eugene Lonia Krygier & Harry Baum, and Jason, Michael and David Keri & Shelley Levine, and Isabel Mimi & Govind Menon, and Riva Sandra Morch & Jason Baker, and Samuel, Naomi and William Paula Rochwerger Karen & Michael Rotstein Joanne & Ronald Schwarz, and Michael, David and Danielle Roberta & Richard Sol Ethel Solomon Joseph Soussan Roseanne & Paul Spiar Rachel Spiar Alan Spiegel Carol Lou Spiegel Marla Spiegel & John Donahue Jennifer Stulberg & John Adair

B’nei Mitzvah 10 Cheshvan 5766/Nov. 12, 2005 Samuel Daviau, son of Karine Krieger & Daniel Daviau

10 Cheshvan 5766/Nov. 12, 2005 Sarah Golvin, daughter of Judy Mayer-Golvin & Stuart Golvin

17 Cheshvan 5766/Nov. 19, 2005 Jared Allen, son of Rita & David Allen

Mazal Tov 17 Cheshvan 5766/Nov. 19, 2005 Hayley Platt, daughter of Lucy Walker & Errol Platt

UJA Federation Shem Tov award winners: Debra Grobstein Campbell (New Israel Fund of Canada), Sarita Dotan (Holy Blossom Temple), Geoffrey Matus (Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care) and Frank Tizel (Jewish Camp Council of Toronto), who received these awards for their volunteer work. Jodi Bager, on the publication of her new cookbook, Grain-free Gourmet. Anne Dublin, whose story, “This Ain't Graceland,” will appear in Parchment 2005. Anne will read her story at the launch on Sun. Nov. 13, 2005, at the Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre. Beny & Hope Maissner, on the birth of their first granchild, Kaia Georgia Maissner, daughter of Tal & Hilary Maissner.

24 Cheshvan 5766/Nov. 19, 2005 Emily Kassie, daughter of Susan Harris & David Kassie

24 Cheshvan 5766/Nov. 19, 2005 Rachel Micay, daughter of Susan Baskin & Jack Micay

Births Jamie Bearg & Daniel Pustil on the birth of their daughter Ella Paige Pustil. Proud grandparents are Elyse & Kenny Bearg and Suzie & Steve Pustil. Proud great-grandparents are Annette & Syd Bearg, Fran Pustil and Lillian Weinstein. Carolyn Offman & Neil Dankoff on the birth of their daughter Jordyn Leigh Dankoff, sister to Jack. Proud grandparents are Holy Blossom Temple

2 Kislev 5766/Dec. 3, 2005 Jacob Lipson, son of Jordana & Earl Lipson


Memorial Plaques 2 Kislev 5766/Dec. 3, 2005 Shane Rosenberg, son of Ellen & Marvin Rosenberg

Lights will be kindled in the Sanctuary, for seven days, starting the Saturday evening before the anniversary date, to mark the yahrzeit of the following:

2 Kislev 5766/Dec. 3, 2005 Shane Rumack, son of Susan Yack & Eric Rumack

Engagements/Marriages Jodi Charto, daughter of Vicki & Marvin Charto, and Mark Alexander Smith, son of Lynne & Harold Smith, who were married in August 2005 in Montreal. Samantha Fienberg, daughter of Mimi & Stanley Fienberg, and Mitchell Glickman, son of Sherry Mandell and Hersh Glickman, who will be married in summer 2006. Joanna Gordon, daughter of Marcia & Barry Gordon, and Nikolas Perlus, son of Donna & Jon Perlus, who will be married this month. Proud grandparents are Naomi Bendon, Sybil & David Gordon and Vicki & Mervin Levinter. Jodie Kaufman, daughter of Sue & Alan Kaufman, and Jamie Davis, son of Lynda & Ken Davis, who will be married in November 2006 in Michigan. Elise Pulver, daughter of Marlene & Wayne Pulver, and Neal Dlin, son of Barbara Alexander & Neville Alexander and Moshe Dlin, who will be married in May 2006. Proud grandmother is Ida Shapiro. Tova Rose, daughter of Judi & Larry Rose, and Daniel Cummings, son of Joanne & Richard Cummings, who will be married in May 2006. Proud grandparents are Norma Cummings, Elayne & Ted Gold, Esther Kates and Jean Rose. Andrea Turner, daughter of Marsha & Mark Turner, and Matthew Sack, son of Barbara Francis and Marshall Sack, who will be married in June 2006. Nicole Vlasblom, daughter of Debra & Jack Vlasblom, and Jonathan Davis, son of Lynda & Ken Davis, who were married July 2005.

In Memoriam The congregation sympathizes with the recently bereaved families of: Irwin Borins, husband of Harriette Borins, father of Allan Borins and Robynn Jolliffe Dr. Elie Cass, father of Dr. Charles Cass, David Cass and Paul Cass, brother of Al Cass, Miriam Cass, Betty Heller and Zelda Fink Susan Daniels, mother of Anthony Daniels and Michael Daniels, sister of Jean Haase Tillie Finn, sister of Bernard Feldman and Anne Kerbel Gerrie Spiegel, mother of Gay Spiegel, Marna Snitman and Shelly Spiegel Isadore (Gus) Weinstein, husband of Lucy Weinstein, father of Miriam Adams and Susan Gold, brother of Malca Marin Freda Zipursky, wife of Dr. Alvin Zipursky, mother of Ben Zipursky, Larry Zipursky and Dr. Robert Zipursky, sister of Shirley Cohen

Name Date Murray Pulver Sept. 20 * Fanny Borinsky Nov. 6 Bernard Davis 6 Jack Kamarner 6 Frieda Schuster 6 Bertha Eisen 7 Bernard J. Persiko 7 Bella Zweig 7 Maurice Eisendrath 9 Harry Goldstein 9 Mary Krugel 9 Norman Raitblat 9 Morris Senderowitz 9 Samuel Tile 9 Asher Pritzker 10 Fritz H. Warschauer 10 Irvin Cohen 11 Simon Fremes 11 Nathan Yudashkin 11 Sidney Isman 12 Louis Saunders 12 Lee Allen 13 Louis Bernstein 13 Max Finberg 13 Hyman King 13 Joseph King 13 Jacob Kringold 13 George Avery 14 Joseph Banks 14 Bessie Cohen 14 Harry Leo Cowan 14 Perce Cohen 15 Israel Ginsburg 15 Joseph Mayles 15 Arthur Schipper 15 Sylvia Seaton 15 Etta Clara Winkler 15 Victoria Levy 16 Sam Ratkovich 16 Elsie Bregman 17

Name Date Alice (Allie) Herman Nov. 17 Adele Killen 17 Barney Morris 17 Herbert Hyman Sherman 17 Carol Sprachman 17 Clara Warsh 17 Saul Stanley Wintraub 17 David Appleby 18 Eugene Gross 18 Sydney Taube 18 Harris Wineberg 18 Edith Woodrow 18 Sol Brown 19 Victor Kent 19 Phyllis Perlman 19 Eva Sonja Simon 19 Diane Hans Gillman 21 Samuel Wolfe Silver 21 Alex Bain 22 Sol Eisen 22 Rose Silverman 22 Joseph Singer 22 J. John Shulman 22 David Fryfelt 23 Jerry Solway 23 Kathleen Stutz 23 Joseph Crangle 24 Boris Fox 24 Queenie Singer Hennick 24 Dora Beth Sternberg 24 Mark Friedman 25 Joseph C. Kardish 25 Mark Marks 25 26 Cecil Robert Croll QC Allan Joseph Fingerhut 26 Jetty Geldzaeler 26 Dorothy Horowitz 26 Bess Weinstein 26 Maurice Pollock 27 Shaul Shabsay 27 Bert Simonsky 27 Frank Meisl 28 Saul Sigal 28 Frank Farber 29 Harry Sugarman 29 Sadie Cole 30 Henry Dan 30 Nell Foster 30 Frank Godfrey 30 Bessie Massey 30 Harry Solway 30

*Inadvertently omitted from a previous Bulletin. November 2005


Tishrei/Cheshvan 5766

Project Tikvah Florence & Harold Hertzman, Happy Anniversary: Judy Jordan Austin Barry Silver, Special Birthday: Judy Jordan Austin

We thank our generous donors Ruth Borden Memorial Youth Award Fund Barry Borden, In Honour: Gloria Wunder

Rabbis’ Discretionary Fund Rabbi John Moscowitz, Shanah Tova: Karen & Shelly Mandell and Family Rabbi Yael Splansky, Shanah Tova: Karen & Shelly Mandell and Family Rabbi Yael Splansky, In Appreciation: Ron Baker and Rachel and Carmen Rabbi Jason Rosenberg, In Appreciation: The Family of Lillian Altman; Barbara Steinberg & Lorne Gladstone Rabbi Jason Rosenberg, Shanah Tova: Karen & Shelly Mandell and Family Rabbi Edward Goldfarb, Shanah Tova: Karen & Shelly Mandell and Family

Cantor’s Music Fund Fela Schwartz, In Memory: Esther & Mel Bargman Cantor Benjamin Z. Maissner, Shanah Tova: Karen & Shelly Mandell and Family Beverly Colman-Lokash Camp Scholarship Fund Florence Hertzman, Special Birthday: Beverly Colman-Lokash

Ralph Roger Camp Scholarship Fund Luba Geller, Special Birthday: Beverley Fine

Jean Fine Seniors Fund Helen Freedman, Special Birthday: Sally & Ben Jacobson Morris Vigoda, Special Birthday: Anne & Arthur Freeman; Rosalyn & Saul Leese

Nancy Ruth Educational Fund Sam Ruth, Special Birthday: Judy Jordan Austin

Floral Fund Jared Marc Allen, Bar Mitzvah: Rita & David Allen Jacob Lipson, Bar Mitzvah: Jordana & Earl Lipson Rachel Micay, Bat Mitzvah: Susan Baskin & Jack Micay Hayley Platt, Bat Mitzvah: Lucy Walker & Errol Platt Joshua Rosenkrantz, Bar Mitzvah: Patricia Nadeau & David Rosenkrantz

Olsberg-Rutsatz Fund Joan Berndt, Special Birthday: The Olsberg Family Mrs. Hope & Cantor Benjamin Z. Maissner, Mazal Tov: The Olsberg Family Hilary Bigel & Tal Maissner, Mazal Tov: The Olsberg Family Shacharit Fund Max Kassel, Yahrzeit: Carol & William Kassel Violet Kassel, Yahrzeit: Carol & William Kassel Stephanie Kessler, Yahrzeit: Harvey Kessler Saul Morris, In Memory: Myra & Danny Krangle William Shuchat, In Memory: Joy Shuchat

Gardner Family Fund Florence Hertzman, Special Birthday: Zita Gardner Holy Blossom Temple Foundation Marjorie Baskin, In Memory: Roslyn & Albert Savage, and Naomi, Eli and Debbie Jack Geller, Special Birthday: Susan & Barry Borden; Mary & Henry Seldon Morris Vigoda, Special Birthday: Mary & Henry Seldon

Sisterhood Golden Book Robert Ehrlich, Happy Birthday: Hanna Shlesinger Al & Dora Track Scholarship Fund Jack Geller, Special Birthday: Dora Track

Isenberg Endowment Fund Ruth Borovitch, In Memory: Annette Fogel; Rose Fogel Roy Waisberg, Special Birthday: Annette Fogel; Rose Fogel

Leonard Wolfe Educational Fund Aileen Applebaum, In Memory: Honey Wolfe

Joan Kerbel Leadership Development Fund Jack Geller, Special Birthday: Gail & Gary Goodman Morris Vigoda, Special Birthday: Gail & Gary Goodman

Youth Awards Alice Lieberman, Special Birthday: Lorraine & Donald Loeb Max Shilling, Bar Mitzvah: Carole & Howard Gelfand Gert Wossman, In Honour: Donna Robins

Library Book Fund Florence Hertzman, Special Birthday: Judy Jordan Austin Nancy Sniderman, Yahrzeit: Barbara Sniderman Dow and Fredzia Marmur Program for Educational Excellence Lil & Max Cole, 65th Wedding Anniversary: Bernice & Yitz Penciner Fredzia Marmur, Special Birthday: Sybil & David Gordon Morris Vigoda, Special Birthday: Sybil & Jack Geller

Contacts for Donations To make a donation to any of our existing funds, please call the Foundation Office, at (416) 789-3291, ext. 228, or you can now donate online by visiting and choosing "Donate Now" from the menu.

Musical Legacy Fund Matilda Bigio, In Honour: Sandi & Andy Schafer Jack Geller, Special Birthday: Diana & Marvin Goodman Matilda Bigio, In Honour: Jill Kamin & Murray Hart

To learn more about how you can support the Holy Blossom Temple Foundation, or to establish a new fund, please call Deborah Tameanko, at (416) 789-3291, ext. 228.

Out of the Cold Milton Cohen, Speedy Recovery: Doreen Neiss Gunnar Funke, In Memory: Ann & Earl Bederman; Annalee & Brian Schnurr; Vivienne & Arthur Stevens Kathy & Maurice Green, Happy Anniversary: Vivienne & Arthur Stevens Maurice Green, Happy Birthday: Vivienne & Arthur Stevens Florence Hertzman, Special Birthday: Marla & Gordon Hertzman, and Zachary and Yael Alice Lieberman, Special Birthday: Judi & Mickey Cohen Rosemary & Gary Tile, Wedding Anniversary: Tina Urman & Carey Diamond; The Reich Family Henry Rogosin, In Memory: Eleanor & Hartley Steinberg Morris Vigoda, Special Birthday: Barbara Organ

To make a donation to MAZON Canada, please call (416) 783-7554. To make a donation to the Toronto Community Forest Fund, please call Sybil Gordon at (416) 489-5709.

We appreciate your support Holy Blossom Temple appreciates all donations to our funds, however due to rising costs, cards will only be sent for donations of $18 or more. We will continue to recognize donations of $18 or more in the Bulletin.

We apologize but due to space constraints, not all donations will appear in the Bulletin issue closest to the date on which the contribution was made. Donations in this issue were received by Sept. 8, 2005.

Prayer Book Fund Susan Hershfield, Yahrzeit: Janet Hershfield and Family Florence Hertzman, Special Birthday: Phyllis & Morris Schwartz

Holy Blossom Temple



This month

Holy Blossom

Tue. Nov. 1 11 a.m.

29 Tishrei Advanced Hebrew

Wed. Nov. 2 9.30 a.m. 10.30 a.m. 10.30 a.m. 12 p.m. 6.30 p.m. 7 p.m. 7.30 p.m. 8 p.m.

30 Tishrei Sisterhood Torah Study The Yiddish Novel Jewish Meditation, with Michelle Katz Blumenthal Lunch and Learn in Retirement, with Larry Gordon Beginners Hebrew Bereavement Support Group God in Search of Man, with Rabbi Jason Rosenberg Custody: The Vatican and Jewish Children after the Holocaust, with Prof. Michael Marrus

Thur. Nov. 3 10.30 a.m. 7.30 p.m.

1 Cheshvan A Taste of Talmud with Rabbi Dow Marmur Jewish Literary Classics, with Rabbi Bernard Baskin

Fri. Nov. 4 6 p.m.

2 Cheshvan Tot Shabbat Service and Dinner

Sat. Nov. 5 9 a.m.

3 Cheshvan Torah Study

Sun. Nov. 6 9 a.m. 9 a.m.

4 Cheshvan Grade 6 Parent/Student Program Brotherhood Breakfast Club, with Aluf Benn

Mon. Nov. 7 10 a.m. 7 p.m. 8 p.m.

5 Cheshvan Mondays @ the Temple Intermediate Hebrew W. Gunther Plaut Humanitarian Award Presentation

Tue. Nov. 8 9.30 a.m. 11 a.m. 8 p.m.

6 Cheshvan Exploring the Jewish Character in Literature, with Cynthia Good Advanced Hebrew The View from Israel, with Yossi Klein Halevi

Wed. Nov. 9 9.30 a.m. 10.30 a.m. 10.30 a.m. 6.30 p.m. 7 p.m. 7.30 p.m. 8 p.m.

7 Cheshvan Sisterhood Torah Study The Yiddish Novel Jewish Meditation, with Michelle Katz Blumenthal Beginners Hebrew Bereavement Support Group God in Search of Man, with Rabbi Jason Rosenberg My Story: The Fence, with Alexandre Trudeau

Thur. Nov. 10 10.30 a.m. 7.30 p.m.

8 Cheshvan A Taste of Talmud, with Rabbi Dow Marmur Jewish Literary Classics, with Rabbi Bernard Baskin

Sat. Nov. 12 9 a.m.

10 Cheshvan Torah Study

Mon. Nov. 14 10 a.m. 6.30 p.m. 7 p.m. 7.30 p.m.

12 Cheshvan Mondays @ the Temple, with Rena Arshinoff Grade 7 Parent/Student Program Intermediate Hebrew The Israel Seminar, with Rabbis Moscowitz and Goldfarb

Tue. Nov. 15 9.30 a.m. 11 a.m. 7 p.m. 7.30 p.m.

13 Cheshvan Exploring the Jewish Character in Literature, with Cynthia Good Advanced Hebrew Fine Arts Reception, with Eva Nicholls Family Programming's Moms' Night

November 2005 Tishrei/Chesvan 5766

Wed. Nov. 16 9.30 a.m. 10.30 a.m. 10.30 a.m. 12 p.m. 6.30 p.m. 7 p.m. 7.30 p.m. 8 p.m.

14 Cheshvan Sisterhood Torah Study The Yiddish Novel Jewish Meditation, with Michelle Katz Blumenthal Lunch and Learn in Retirement, with Doug Haddow Beginners Hebrew Bereavement Support Group God in Search of Man, with Rabbi Jason Rosenberg Different Views from Washington, with Christopher Hitchens

Thur. Nov. 17 10.30 a.m.

15 Cheshvan A Taste of Talmud, with Rabbi Dow Marmur

Sat. Nov. 19 9 a.m.

17 Cheshvan Torah Study

Sun. Nov. 20 9 a.m.

18 Cheshvan Brotherhood Breakfast Club, with Rabbi Dow Marmur

Mon. Nov. 21 10 a.m. 10 a.m. 7 p.m. 7.30 p.m. 8 p.m.

19 Cheshvan Mondays @ the Temple, with Dr. Norman Epstein Library Book Club, with Ken Skolnik Intermediate Hebrew The Israel Seminar, with Rabbis Moscowitz and Goldfarb Cautionary Tales, with Samantha Power

Tue. Nov. 22 9.30 a.m. 11 a.m.

20 Cheshvan Exploring the Jewish Character in Literature, with Cynthia Good Advanced Hebrew

Wed. Nov. 23 9.30 a.m. 10.30 a.m. 10.30 a.m. 6.30 p.m. 7 p.m. 7.30 p.m. 7.30 p.m.

21 Cheshvan Sisterhood Torah Study The Yiddish Novel Jewish Meditation, with Michelle Katz Blumenthal Beginners Hebrew Bereavement Support Group God in Search of Man, with Rabbi Jason Rosenberg What Every Jew Should Know about Islam, with Atif Khalil

Thur. Nov. 24 10.30 a.m.

22 Cheshvan A Taste of Talmud, with Rabbi Dow Marmur

Sat. Nov. 26 9 a.m.

24 Cheshvan Torah Study

Sun. Nov. 27 10 a.m.

25 Cheshvan Annual General Meeting

Mon. Nov. 28 10 a.m. 7 p.m. 7.30 p.m.

26 Cheshvan Mondays @ the Temple, with Susan Jackson Intermediate Hebrew The Israel Seminar, with Rabbis Moscowitz and Goldfarb

Tue. Nov. 29 9.30 a.m. 11 a.m.

27 Cheshvan Exploring the Jewish Character in Literature, with Cynthia Good Advanced Hebrew

Wed. Nov. 30 9.30 a.m. 10.30 a.m. 10.30 a.m. 6.30 p.m. 7 p.m. 7.30 p.m. 7.30 p.m.

28 Cheshvan Sisterhood Torah Study The Yiddish Novel Jewish Meditation, with Michelle Katz Blumenthal Beginners Hebrew Bereavement Support Group God in Search of Man, with Rabbi Jason Rosenberg What Every Jew Should Know about Islam, with Atif Khalil

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November 2005


Tishrei/Cheshvan 5766

Why do we pray Last Word by Rabbi Jason Rosenberg

Why do we pray? For as long as Jews have prayed together, most of us have wondered what the goal of prayer is. I don’t believe in prayer as literal supplication — that if I ask for something hard enough, God will give it to me. So, then, why pray? Our tradition offers us myriad answers to this important question. Some would say that we pray because it’s commanded of us. Just doing what we’re supposed to is enough; we don’t need any other benefit. Some would say that it’s essentially a social act — it’s what Jews do together, and the deeper mean-

ing is in the connection we make with each other. Others say that prayer is actually a mantra — something to keep our rational minds busy so other parts of us can find expression. Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel offers another explanation. He says that prayer is a discipline, meant to change the way in which we see the world. To Rabbi Heschel, all religion is under-girded by a sense of awe. We have to learn to be in awe of the universe in order to take our first steps towards a relationship with God. And so, prayer is meant to sensitize us to the wonder that exists around us. We say a blessing over bread, not to make it holy, but rather to remind ourselves how wondrous it is that a seed, dirt and water can eventually lead to a tasty loaf. We say a blessing when we see a rainbow, not to prove to God that we remember

the covenant, but to remind ourselves how truly miraculous even this small event can be. We come together to pray that God is One, not to defeat pagans, but to remind ourselves how great that Oneness is, and how small we are in comparison. But, the trick then is to realize that just saying the words of prayer isn’t the same thing as praying. Praying has to be a purposeful, serious reflection on our prayers, as we say them. They don’t work by magic — expecting to feel closer to God because I utter the words of the Sh’ma is like expecting to be clean because I bought a bar of soap. Soap must be used properly to keep us clean; prayer must be engaged in seriously to have meaning. Did you find this teaching interesting? Join Rabbi Rosenberg for a full course on Heschel! For more details, please see page 9.

Rosh Chodesh celebration and study a new outreach program Rabbi Yael Splansky Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre (Bloor and Spadina), at 8 p.m. Cheshvan – Wed. Nov. 2, 2005 Rabbi Yael Splansky will lead an interactive, text-based monthly discussion as part of an outreach initiative. Enjoy the company of women who span the generations, while studying what makes each month of the Jewish calendar unique. Celebrate Rosh Chodesh, which, according to tradition, was God’s gift to women. Dessert and coffee will be served. Bring a friend.

Kislev – Thur. Dec. 1, 2005 Shevat – Mon. Jan 30, 2006 Adar – Tue. Feb. 28, 2006 Nisan – Wed. Mar. 29, 2006 Iyar – Thur. Apr. 27, 2006 Sivan – Mon. May 29, 2006

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