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Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen

2018 Annual Report

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2018 HASK Annual Report 8.5x11.indd 1

9/9/19 3:17 PM

2 2018 HASK Annual Report 8.5x11.indd 2

9/9/19 3:17 PM

Dear Supporters, There are many memories from my first year at Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen that will remain with me always, but one of my favorites was seeing the children and their caregivers at the launch of our weekend Backpack Pantry Program. Eager to help her mother, one little girl burst out laughing when she realized there was no way she’d be able to lift the backpack filled to the brim with nonperishable breakfast, lunch and dinner items. One of every 10 city students enrolled in public schools lived in a homeless shelter during the past school year, according to a report by the Advocates for Children of New York, and so we began this program to provide meals over the weekend when school meals aren’t available and many soup kitchens and food pantries are closed. It is this same forwardthinking approach to fighting hunger that the Soup Kitchen has embraced since first opening its doors in 1982. The work born from that legacy inspires me every day. Since joining the Soup Kitchen in the summer of 2018, I’ve heard a variety of stories about how coming here has not only nourished our guests, but also strengthened their resilience and given them hope. We’re committed to continuing to integrate new food and social services programs that will help them navigate towards improved health, housing and jobs. And while we’re enthusiastic about introducing new initiatives, we’re proud to be welcoming more and more guests to well-established programs like our weekday meal service. Just this past year, we exceeded nine million meals served since the Soup Kitchen’s founding. I’m especially grateful for the generosity of the individuals, corporations, foundations, program partners, volunteers, and food donors you will read about in this report who are as passionate about eradicating hunger from our city as we are. Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen has been a cornerstone of the Chelsea community for over 36 years, and I’m excited about the work we’ll continue together. Thank you for joining us in filling the plates of hungry New Yorkers.

The Rev. Dr. Anna S. Pearson Executive Director 3 2018 HASK Annual Report 8.5x11.indd 3

9/9/19 3:17 PM

Feeding Hungry New Yorkers Nearly 1.1 million New Yorkers are food insecure, and over 61,400 residents are living in homeless shelters each night - including over 22,250 children. With the cost of living 70% higher than anywhere else in the country, many residents cut back on meals to try and make ends meet while many others have been forced onto the street. Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen is the largest emergency feeding program in New York State, and the second largest in the country. This past year, we served 251,366 meals and we cooked with 338,230 pounds of donated food. Our produce and dairy are regularly sourced from upstate New York farms, and the bees on our roof generated their second harvest of honey.

BACKPACK PANTRY PROGRAM Our newest offering, launched in December 2018, is the Backpack Pantry Program, which supplements our weekday meal service and ensures that our youngest neighbors have access to the nutrients that will aid in their healthy growth and development. We’re filling 100 backpacks with a nutritious assortment of breakfast, lunch and dinner foods every Thursday. Participants are homeless families of children attending P.S. 33, families living in the Chelsea-Elliot Houses and the Fulton Houses, and other local residents in need. Thanks to Wells Fargo Asset Backed Finance, which donated the backpacks, and Biosector 2, a Syneos HealthTM company, which has donated food, and Law360/Lexis Nexis, an ongoing supporter of the Backpack Pantry Program and the Brown Bag Lunch Program, families are assured of weekend meals when school meals aren’t available and many emergency food programs are closed.

The Soup Kitchen, under the guidance of Michael Ottley, our Director of Operations, is spearheading programs to reach a greater number of people, enhance guest experience and volunteer participation, and make the Soup Kitchen more sustainable. Everyone is welcome at Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen, without question or qualification. The Soup Kitchen brings people of all faiths, races and backgrounds together for food and fellowship, and we can’t think of a better foundation for community.

4 2018 HASK Annual Report 8.5x11.indd 4

9/9/19 3:17 PM

ZERO WASTE INITIATIVE In conjunction with New York City’s focus on reduced food waste and heightened sustainability, we began working with students from NYU Wagner Capstone Project, to form our own Zero Waste initiative. The Soup Kitchen is using reusable cups, and our nutritious meals include more fresh vegetables and fewer processed foods and cans. We’re diverting 25 tons of organic waste from landfills to compost and renewable energy annually. We started composting in 2018, to complement the recycling had done for years, and also began serving as a Chelsea composting site.


- Cindy Wang, Principal of P.S. 33

2018 HASK Annual Report 8.5x11.indd 5

Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen provides resources to our families in ways that we cannot. Thank you to the generous donors and volunteers who make the brown bag lunches and Backpack Pantry Program possible for our students and families in need.

Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen means it’s a helping hand to everyone. It provides me a meal, and a seat with strangers who have become neighbors and friends.

- Soup Kitchen guest

Through the Brown Bag Lunch Program, we’re preparing 1,300 portable mid-day meals each week for the Chelsea community. We partner with Healthy Start, which distributes the lunches to homeless individuals in the Penn Station area, homeless students attending P.S. 33 across the street, and seniors in the Chat and Chew program at Penn South, an affordable housing complex next to the Soup Kitchen. In 2018, we added distributions at the New Sanctuary Coalition and Judson Memorial Church, which are serving immigrant communities.

5 9/9/19 3:17 PM

What Do Our Menus Look Like? Monday


Pork Stew with Rice Pilaf

Parmesan Broiled Tilapia

Sautéed Cabbage & Onions

Rice Pilaf

Roasted Broccoli

Sautéed Green Spinach

Fresh Fruit

Tossed Salad

Iced Juices / Iced Tea

Whole Milk from NY State

Whole Milk from NY State


Turkey Meatloaf

Fresh Fruit

Iced Juices / Iced Tea


Mashed Potatoes

Tuna Noodle Casserole

White Bean Salad

Vegetable Beans

Buttered Peas

Salmon Cake

NY State Apples

Cucumber & Red Onion Salad

Iced Juices / Iced Tea

1% Milk from NY State

1% milk from NY State

Wednesday Salisbury Steak

Mashed Potatoes

Apple Crisp

Iced Juices / Iced Tea Vegetarian meal always available.

Glazed Carrots Tossed Salad

Seasonal Fruit

1% Milk from NY State

Iced Juices / Iced Tea

6 2018 HASK Annual Report 8.5x11.indd 6

9/9/19 3:17 PM

9,070,738 (as of 12-31-18)

meals served since 1982 Partnering with Stone Barn Center for Food and Agriculture and High School for Environmental Studies In 2018, we began working with Stone Barn Center for Food and Agriculture, the nonprofit farm and educational center with partner restaurant Blue Hill at Stone Barns, and the High School for Environmental Studies in Hell’s Kitchen. Students raised awareness about food, sustainability and the challenges of protecting our food systems by volunteering in the Soup Kitchen and returning to prepare a meal from Greenmarket-rescued food.

- Soup Kitchen guest

I work in midtown, have little money, and think it’s great that I can get a hot meal. Thank you.

It’s a place that gives respect to everyone. This is even demonstrated in the meals served - well-balanced and healthy. We do appreciate them very much.

- Soup Kitchen guest 7

2018 HASK Annual Report 8.5x11.indd 7

9/9/19 3:17 PM

Pairing Soup With “Soul” Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen has embodied hope and compassion since 1982. In addition to serving over 1,000 nutritious meals each day, we provide social services support to help guests move on to more manageable and fulfilling ways of life. Our team of dedicated staff and volunteer counselors provides about 200 guest services each weekday.

Responding to the needs of our guests, we continue to increase the scope of our services through partnerships with organizations like Janian Mental Health Services and NYU Dental, and others that provide assistance with benefits, Medicare, Medicaid, housing, and job prospects.

Computer Literacy Our computer lab is available three days a week and filled with guests looking for employment and ways to improve their skills. Nearly 1,000 people used the lab in 2018. We’re grateful for the generous support from the Friends and Family of Andy Stallman, which has helped the program grow.

First Holiday Toy Giveaway In December, we partnered with the Uniformed Fire Officers Association of NYC Branch IAFF Local 854 (UFOA) and City Councilman Corey Johnson’s office for a toy giveaway. Families had the opportunity to select new toys for the holidays.

In 2018, we provided 60,135 individual social services sessions, 15% more than the previous year.

14,300 Haircut Vouchers

37,555 Hygiene Kits

1,323 Reading Glasses

740 Blankets

9,535 Clothing

494 Housing Referrals

1,262 Phone Use

768 MetroCards

117 Rehab Referrals

5,394 Mail Pickups

239 Health Referrals

1,650 ID’s

8 2018 HASK Annual Report 8.5x11.indd 8

9/9/19 3:17 PM

Nourishing the Soul

Wednesday Trims

We’re proud to offer discussion groups, meditation, weekly movie screenings, a Writers Workshop, and a partnership with The Writing Den which helps guests connect with family and friends.

Since fall of 2018, Robin Baxter has provided free on-site haircuts for guests every Wednesday.


5,000 socks

The Boots Project winter boots

NY Cares

400 coats

Penn South

Softer Streets

200 air mattresses

Back on Your Feet 100+ sneakers and shoes

Delivering Good

200 sleeping bags


160 pairs of socks

The Sleeping Bag Project 40 sleeping bags

180 hats and pairs of gloves

- Soup Kitchen guest

The Soup Kitchen saved my life by sustaining me in this tough period of my life. I am grateful for everything.

Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen has given me hope that I can change my life around. I also really appreciate the meals every day, they are always good.

- Soup Kitchen guest 9

2018 HASK Annual Report 8.5x11.indd 9

9/9/19 3:17 PM

Meet a Few of Our Guests John, a stock clerk at a department store, uses the majority of his income to pay rent. “Without the soup kitchen I couldn’t afford to eat on a daily basis. There are people all around you that you’d never know were struggling to put meals on their tables, and places like Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen are an absolute necessity.”

Alfonso had been coming to the Soup Kitchen for years, sleeping on park benches and in the train station and turning to us for what he calls, “food, clothing, compassion, and a social network” that helped him feel he had an extended family. We were delighted when he came in recently to tell us that he no longer needs to use our mailing address. Alfonso had found a place to live. “The Soup Kitchen has been so good to me!” he exclaimed. “I will never, ever, ever forget this place and sometime soon I’ll be back as a volunteer.”

Alba, and her teenage son, have been coming in for meals since her husband passed away. She’s working part-time but no longer has a steady income. “It’s a tremendous blessing to have this church and this community. When people have no money, they have a place to eat, to rest and to socialize with others. I feel life here and I am very grateful.”

The Abubaker family, former Soup Kitchen guests, will be enjoying Thanksgiving in their own apartment and they are grateful for our help. Mom, dad, and their kids ages 9 and 16 had been coming in for lunch. When Abdul started working they moved from a shelter to a rental with another family but the conditions were terrible. While Abdul worked two jobs seven days a week, washing dishes and making deliveries, the Abubakers were able to save some money. At the same time, our social services team secured a $500 grant for them and so they were able to pay the first month’s rent and security deposit on a safe, stable apartment. The woman who administered the grant was so touched by the Abubaker’s story that she found funds to pay those upfront fees, so the family could use the money they’d saved for mattresses and other basics.

10 2018 HASK Annual Report 8.5x11.indd 10

9/9/19 3:17 PM

2018 Guest Survey (conducted 4-27-18)








Renting with a Voucher


20% 4%

Home Owner Under 21 22-30 31-45



Staying with Someone










Living in a Shelter

College Credits

College Degree

Public Housing


Living on the Streets

High School





Vocational Training










The Soup Kitchen helps me to eat good, decent food in times of need. The workshops are great. It helps me maintain peace of mind.

2018 HASK Annual Report 8.5x11.indd 11

- Soup Kitchen guest

When I need for a short time, for one week, usually at the end of the month. I have a place where there are people to share a good meal.

- Soup Kitchen guest


11 9/9/19 3:17 PM

Our Volunteers Alongside Us Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen runs efficiently and impactfully thanks to over 15,200 volunteers who share their time, talent and energy each year. Volunteers are at the heart of our work. What unites us is an appreciation for helping others, and a deeply held belief that everyone deserves a hot meal, hope for the future and a second chance. The Soup Kitchen’s individual and group volunteers offer hungry and homeless New Yorkers the refuge of a safe, welcoming place, as well as hope for better days to come, and many of our longtime volunteers are familiar faces to our guests.

In 2018: • We welcomed 101 Good Corporate Citizen groups and raised $112,356 through this program. • Law360/Lexis Nexis was an ongoing supporter of the Brown Bag Lunch Program, providing backpacks with school supplies, Halloween treats, gift cards for Thanksgiving, and holiday toys. • Long Island University nurses regularly offered blood pressure screenings, health education workshops and vision tests. • 36 nonprofit groups volunteered with us. • Bassist Bill Ellison welcomed fellow Broadway orchestra members to perform with him for the fiftieth time. • Wells Fargo employees volunteered five times, and Milbank employees volunteered four times. • 43 schools volunteered, including P.S. K369 students who were with us three times a week for six months. • 15 colleges volunteered. • Weekday meal service featured over 200 days of live music, performed by volunteers.




• Helen Anastasia • Lucy Beninati • Boris Kupermann • Richard Landman • Richard Longinetti

• Joan McKibben • Mohamad Mohamad • Albert Monde, III • Oswaldo Rodriguez • Ana Rosado

12 2018 HASK Annual Report 8.5x11.indd 12

9/9/19 3:17 PM

Total volunteer hours = 52,570.55 = 6+ years

New York has the greatest musicians in the world but you have to have money to hear them, unless they’re brought to you. That’s what we’re doing.

- Bill Ellison, musician volunteer

- Roger, Social Services volunteer

You can make a difference with just a smile or the word “Welcome!” Volunteering isn’t talking about the problem; it’s where the rubber meets the road.

13 2018 HASK Annual Report 8.5x11.indd 13

9/9/19 3:17 PM

Together We Are Strong Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen was started by a group of New Yorkers who didn’t want to see their neighbors hungry. We’ve grown quite a bit since serving 35 meals that first day, and along the way individuals, corporations, foundations, volunteers, restaurants, and chefs – from the Chelsea community and beyond - have found many ways to support our work. Thanks to everyone who participated in the following events this past year: The sixth annual Farm to Tray honored Google for their dedicated support of our anti-hunger programs. Our signature May event featured a Sustainable Menu of tastings from over 60 chefs and raised $256,000 – enough to fill 100 backpacks with weekend meals for homeless families, for two and a half months. An extra thanks to our Event Chairs, Host Committee and Media Committee. Over 90 participants raised $76,841 in the sixth annual peer-to-peer Fast-a-Thon fundraiser. Investors Bank served as lead sponsor for the second year in a row, and we received nearly 700 donations.

In November 2018, Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen was selected as the host site for the release of Hunger Free America’s NYC tristate area food insecurity report. The study found that soup kitchens and food pantries were feeding 5% more people than in 2017, on top of a 6% increase in 2017, a 9% increase in 2016, and a 5% increase in 2015.

The 19th annual Holiday Hop, hosted by Susan Campanaro and Janine Molinari and held at The Duplex Cabaret Theatre, showcased young Broadway talent. Proceeds were donated to the Soup Kitchen.

14 2018 HASK Annual Report 8.5x11.indd 14

9/9/19 3:17 PM

On Site Opera’s production of Amahl and the Night Visitors in the church sanctuary featured several formerly homeless cast members. Admission was free with a donation of non-perishable food.

Project Safe & Warm raised $2,000 and provided thermal socks and underwear, scarves, hats, and gloves to our guests.

Photo courtesy of Pavel Antonov

The Boots Project provided dozens of pairs of winter footwear to Soup Kitchen guests.

The Church of the Holy Apostles was the backdrop for the Off-Broadway hit, Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding, with proceeds benefitting the Soup Kitchen.

2018 HASK Annual Report 8.5x11.indd 15

As a chef, I set out each day to feed people and by participating in Farm to Tray I’m proud to help ensure that all New Yorkers have access to delicious and nutritious meals cooked with fresh, local produce.

- Ginger Pierce, Executive Chef, Jams

- Caroline Schiff, Owner/Executive Chef, ParadigmSchiff

“I can’t think of a better tool to foster human connection than cooking a meal, and that’s what Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen is doing for the community every day.

15 9/9/19 3:17 PM




(Summarized Financial Information for the year ended December 31, 2017) REVENUE

Without Donor With Donor Restrictions Restrictions




Individuals Other Income Corporations Foundations Churches/Non-profits Government grants Donated food Special Events Net asset released from restrictions

1,145,666 222,288 145,077 581,944 36,251 220,756 581,757 352,616

1,145,666 222,288 145,077 581,944 36,251 220,756 581,757 352,616 -

1,197,799 31,336 78,764 570,734 39,847 289,777 397,520 333,852

Total Public Support and Revenue





EXPENSES PROGRAM SERVICES: Food and supplies Space utilization fee Professional fees Utilities Maintenance and repairs Programs Miscellaneous SUPPORTING SERVICES: Management and general Development Sub-total Depreciation Total operating expenses

927,354 260,000 422,019 47,336 40,808 68,630 88,487 1,190,214 191,764 3,236,612 -

752,547 260,000 422,019 47,336 40,808 68,630 88,487

752,547 260,000 420,131 53,809 40,497 70,195 92,568

1,135,749 198,179 3,236,612

1,135,749 198,179 3,023,675

17,808 17,808 15,365 3,254,420




OTHER INCOME Dividends and interest Investment losses Change In net assets NET ASSETS - Beginning of the Year NET ASSETS - End of the Year

56,521 56,521 28,526 (129,321) (129,321) 124,861 (72,800) (72,800) 153,387 (40,865)


2,968,162 $2,927,297









16 2018 HASK Annual Report 8.5x11.indd 16

9/9/19 3:17 PM




(Summarized Financial Information as of December 31, 2017)




Cash and cash equivalents Due from the Church Contributions receivable Grants receivable Prepaid expenses Investments Property and equipment, net Intangible asset Total Assets

$957,752 404,033 239,593 38,172 67,729 1,160,582 49,776 4,000 $3,136,441

$1,274,197 302,392 139,400 57,518 42,135 1,016,051 63,142 6,000 $3,095,993

PROPERTY AND EQUIPMENT Property and Equipment, net of accumulated depreciation of $86,439 and $8,000 respectively OTHER ASSETS Intangible assets, net of accumulated amortization $10, 000 and $8,000 respectively Total Assets


2,000 $3,066,531


4,000 $3,136,440

LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS Current Liabilities Account payable and accrued expenses $139,234 $168,278 Net Assets Without donor restrictions $2,927,297 $2,968,162 Total net assets $2,927,297 $2,968,162 TOTAL LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS $3,066,531 $3,136,440

Financial Statement and Annual Audit prepared by SKE Group, LLC.

17 2018 HASK Annual Report 8.5x11.indd 17

9/9/19 3:17 PM

Our Donors A heartfelt thank you to each of our donors for including Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen in their 2018 charitable giving.


82 corporations ($145,077)

60 foundations ($581,944)

33 churches and nonprofits ($36,251)

INDIVIDUAL GIFTS OF $500+ TOTAL: $533,858 11%

103 donations of $500-$999 ($57,057)




126 donations of $1,000-$4,999 ($217,827)

20 donations of $5,000-$9,999 ($113,301)

7 donations of $10,000-$25,000 ($145,673)

18 2018 HASK Annual Report 8.5x11.indd 18

9/9/19 3:17 PM

Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen Leadership OFFICERS WARDENS Tom Cunningham Louise Tranford

VESTRY Tina Barth Robert Frisby Larry Gifford Denise Hibay John Indalecio Donna Lamb


Mark Larrimore

Joe Lipari

Patrizia Eakins Martin Charles Mohacey


Norma Moy-Chin Steven Ragos Dennis Warlick

Special thanks to The Right Rev. Andrew R. St. John, who served as Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen’s Interim Executive Director through June 2018.

Report created by Bluefish Design, info@bluefishdesign.biz Photos courtesy of Mario Nicholas Torres and Zakkiyya Reece

2018 HASK Annual Report 8.5x11.indd 19

19 9/9/19 3:17 PM

Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen’s mission is to feed the hungry, comfort the afflicted, seek justice for the homeless, and provide a sense of hope and opportunity to those in need. Learn more at holyapostlessoupkitchen.org.

296 Ninth Avenue New York, NY 10001-5703 (212) 924-0167

@HolyApostlesNYC www.facebook.com/holyapostlessoupkitchen www.instagram.com/holyapostlessoupkitchen

2018 HASK Annual Report 8.5x11.indd 20

9/9/19 3:17 PM

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HASK 2018 Annual Report  

HASK 2018 Annual Report