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Piratesleandon’t c their teeth

By Adrian Summerson Book1.indd 1

4/11/09 13:28:33

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Piratesleandon’t c their teeth

By Adrian Summerson Illustrations: Chris Scotcher Design: Sandra Oelofsen

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This book is dedicated to Ben, who has endured 13 years of crazy bed time stories, and to Sarah who has helped make sure that there has been room for this in an otherwise busy world.

Enjoy your kids. Play, read and laugh. That’s what its all about.

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4/11/09 13:28:33

Ben knew today would be a great day. There was no school, so he had all day at home. Ben decided to get dressed. He put on his stripy T-shirt. He put on his baggy black trousers. He put on his special black belt. He put on his eye patch, his hat with a feather in it and his hook. ‘Aha me hearties, today I be a pirate!’ said Ben.

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4/11/09 13:28:39

Mum was already downstairs, enjoying a quiet cup of coffee. ‘Aha Mum, I be sailing on the seven sea’s today.’ said Ben. ‘Well, you better have some breakfast first.’ said Mum. ‘Pirates don’t eat breakfast.’ said Ben. ‘They do in this house.’ said Mum. After a hearty breakfast of salt beef, seawater and limes, Ben decided that it was about time to go pirating. ‘Aha Mum,’ said Ben, ‘I be off for a life of pirating and searching for buried treasure.’ ‘Good luck,’ said Mum, ‘but don’t you need a treasure map?’ Mum’s right, thought Pirate Ben. So he set to work.

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4/11/09 13:28:41

He drew a map full of mountains, deserts, swamps and volcanoes. Deep canyons guarded by dragons and elephants lurking in forests. And there, just past Blind Man’s Bluff, he drew a skull-and-crossbones. Because

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X marks the spot.

4/11/09 13:28:43

Dad came downstairs. He had a fine pirate’s beard this morning. ‘Ben’s a pirate this morning’ said Mum. ‘Oh’ said Dad. ‘He’s going searching for treasure’ said Mum. ‘I see’ said Dad. ‘I’m just going to the shop’ said Mum, winking. ‘Right’ said Dad.

‘And I be off to find me treasure.’ said Ben, holding his map out. ‘Good luck,’ said Dad, ‘but don’t you need a pirate ship to sail in?’ ‘Dad’s right’ thought Pirate Ben. So he set to work.

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He salvaged a big cardboard box and made portholes, a mast and sails and a Jolly Roger flag and a plank and a figurehead and another flag and some more portholes and a wheel and a cannon and an anchor.

‘That,’ said Dad, ‘ is a very impressive pirate ship.’ ‘It’s a very impressive pirate ship.’ said Mum. She’d come back from the shops. ‘I’m just going in the garden now.’ said Mum. She winked again. Dad winked back.

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‘Shiver me timbers,’ said Ben, ‘I be off to sail the ocean blue in search of treasure.’ ‘Good Luck,’ said Dad, ‘ But don’t you need a crew to man your very impressive pirate ship?’

‘Dad’s right again!’ thought Ben. So he went upstairs and recruited his teddy (Junior), two elephants ( Phyllis and Elly), a penguin (Bella) and a floppy dog (Furrarar).

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It was a long and treacherous journey, with storms and wild waves. With thunder, lightning, whales, icebergs, crocodiles and sharks. Junior Bear was almost washed away by a wild wave, but Bella the Penguin, heroically rescued him just in the nick of time.

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Then suddenly, ‘Land Ahoy!’ called Ben. For they had found the Treasure Island! Ben pulled the map from his pocket, along with a few biscuit crumbs and a sticky sweet.

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4/11/09 13:28:55

‘We head North!’ said Ben. So they marched past the mountains and the deserts.

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‘We head East!’ said Ben. So they marched past the swamps and the volcanoes.

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4/11/09 13:29:04

‘We head South!’ said Ben. So they crept past the dragons guarding the canyons and tiptoed past the elephants lurking in the forest.

‘We head West!’ said Ben. So they marched past Blind Man’s Bluff.

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And there on the ground was a giant A real

X just between the rose and the green bushy thing.

X in his garden! Not even pretend!

Ben looked at his Map. He’d made that. Then he looked at his boat. He’d made that too. He looked at his crew. He hadn’t made them, but he had got them off his bed. He looked at the

X He hadn’t made that.

Quickly Ben grabbed his little spade and started to dig. There was something there in the ground! A dirty little box. He pulled it out from the mud. He opened the lid, and inside were 10 gold coins. Real treasure. Ben dropped his spade and ran inside. ‘Mum! Dad! I found real treasure in the garden!’ Ben called. ‘Really!’ said Dad smiling. ‘Did

X mark the spot?’

‘Yeah.’ said Ben.

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‘Goodness me,’ said Mum, smiling. ‘Are they chocolate coins?’ Ben checked. They were indeed chocolate coins. ‘Can I eat them?’ asked Ben. ‘Of course you can.’ said Mum, ‘As long as you clean your teeth.’ ‘Pirates don’t clean their teeth.’ said Ben. ‘They do in this house.’ said Dad. And winked.

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4/11/09 13:29:19

‘A great book, engaging, funny and beautifully illustrated. The sort of book a child will want you to read over and over again. I loved it!’ - Sarah Jane Honeywell

Today Ben decides to be a Pirate – and sets about a high sea’s adventure in his own house. There are wild waves, elephants in trees, dragons, some cute fluffy toys and a toothbrush. But most of all – there is treasure buried in the bottom of the garden. Pirates don’t clean their teeth is a book designed for interactive play. Encourage your child to try some of the activities included in the story. Draw a treasure map, build a boat and bury your own treasure!

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4/11/09 13:29:25

Pirates Don't Clean Their Teeth  

A full PDF, low res version of my first story. Read it here first! Buy the book after! Brilliant for bedtimes

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