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A Literary Review by: Airi Saito

Cinderella & Hansel and Gretel Literary Review My two favorite fairy tales are Cinderella and Hansel and Gretel. Cinderella was a very kind girl, and everyday she worked for her stepmother and her stepsisters. Her stepmother was very mean, and she told Cinderella to do all the rough work. One day her stepmother and stepsisters were going to a ball, but only Cinderella could not go. She needed to do the housework, and also she doesn’t have any dresses to wear. Suddenly, the godmother appeared and changed many things for Cinderella so she can go to the ball, but the godmother said that she needed to come back at 12 o’clock. So she went to the ball and danced, and she forgot what time it was. She ran to home, but while she was running she lost her shoe. Then after a few days, the prince came and asked all the people in the town to try on the shoe. Then they found out it was Cinderella’s shoe. Cinderella lived with the prince. Hansel and Gretel were very poor. Gretel was found by Hansel’s father. One day, their mother had an idea to leave them in the woods because they cannot feed them anymore. The first time they came back, so they brought them to the woods again. The second time, they didn’t know their way back home so they walked and walked everyday. Then one day they found a candy house, and an old lady came out of the house. She told them to come in to the house, so they went in, but that was old lady’s evil idea. She was thinking to make Hansel fat and eat him. Gretel had an idea to push the old lady into the hot water, so he pushed her. They ran out of the candy house and went home. It took a few days to go back home. The differences between Cinderella and Hansel and Gretel are that Cinderella had a lot of work to do at the house, but Hansel and Gretel didn’t have any work to do at the house. Their mothers and fathers are also different. Their mothers are different because Cinderella doesn’t have a real mother. She had a stepmother, but Hansel and Gretel have a real mother. The fathers are different because Cinderella doesn’t have a father, but Hansel and Gretel do. The last thing that is different is unbelievable setting. Cinderella doesn’t have an impossible setting. In Hansel and Gretel, it has an impossible setting like the candy house. Similarities are that they both have girl main characters, and one of their settings is a house. Also they both have a happy ending, and their mothers are both mean. I like Hansel and Gretel more that Cinderella, because Hansel and Gretel is more realistic, and I like the part when Hansel pushes the old lady into the hot boiling water.

Literary Review by Airi Saito  
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