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In This Issue 01 Girls. Inspiration. Influence. Defining Holton’s Future.

02 Christine Lallouette Lagarde ’74 Named Next IMF Chief

03 Two Named Trustee Emeriti 03 Global Education Leadership Challenge 04 Dr. Maya Angelou Inspires Class of 2011 05 Holton Girls in Action

Letter from Susanna Jones We are excited to send you our first Forever Holton newsletter. Through this newsletter, we hope to give you a glimpse into life at Holton today, peak your interest in new programs and opportunities, and keep you updated on our plans for Holton’s future. We anticipate that you will appreciate this opportunity to strengthen your connection to a place where you have invested so much. As you well know, Holton brims with energy and enterprise, and the past two months have provided ample excitement. Poet Laureate Dr. Maya Angelou sent the class of 2011 across the bridge inspired to be a “rainbow in someone’s cloud.” Memorable hardly begins to describe the impact of Dr. Angelou’s “conversation” with us on that warm June day. This summer also brought the announcement that our alumna, Christine Lallouette Lagarde ’74, will take the helm of the International Monetary Fund as Managing Director. We are thrilled to welcome Mme. Lagarde back to Washington; in the meantime, we have been gratified by the press’s many references to Holton, locally, nationally and internationally. The Board of Trustees approved a new Strategic Plan in December, an innovative blueprint for the future that we look forward to sharing with you in more detail in the fall. In the meantime, Mme. Lagarde’s appointment has provided an opportunity to showcase the School’s global orientation – a key tenet of the plan – and launch our new promotional campaign, “Inspiring Influence.” The world of social media offers many new venues for us to spread our message of inspiration, and here we share a snapshot of how I am dabbling in that universe. We’re eager to hear how you like this newsletter – which we’re sending electronically because summer finds people so far flung, very possibly miles from their physical mailbox. So happy reading and best wishes for the last few days of a good summer. With warm regards,

Susanna A. Jones Head of School


Girls. Inspiration. Influence. Defining Holton’s Future.


ver the past two years Holton-Arms has embarked on a Strategic Planning Initiative, led by

long-time Board member, Mary Catherine Jones Thompson ’79, to examine how best to preserve “all that’s finest” in a Holton-Arms education while thoughtfully preparing for the years ahead. The Strategic Planning Committee, comprised of trustees, alumnae, parents, faculty, and staff, recommended three strategic goals to enhance the School’s competitive position and safeguard its financial health by continuing our strong tradition of academic excellence for young women. The Strategic Planning Initiative has re-invigorated Holton’s community spirit and helped to honor the values that are true to Holton since its founding in 1901. We are excited to share that Holton spirit with you.

Throughout the next school year, we have planned informational gatherings to present the plans for Holton’s future. DATE


September 2011

Atlanta, GA

October 2011

San Francisco, CA

October 2011

Los Angeles, CA

November 2011

Charlottesville, VA

November 2011

Richmond, VA

December 2011

Northern, VA

January 2012

Jacksonville, FL

January 2012

Palm Beach, FL

February 2012

New York City, NY

February 2012

Boston, MA

March 2012

Seattle, WA

May 2012

Philadelphia, PA

If you are interested in hosting or attending an event in your city, please contact Melissa Prather, Director of Leadership Giving at 301.365.6079 or

A fresh face for Holton As part of the launch of the new strategic plan, we are currently in the process of refreshing the look of Holton’s public face. This new look will appear in Holton’s admissions information, fundraising publications and materials as well as in Holton’s magazine. As a treasured member of our community, we are pleased to share Holton’s revitalized look with you first. The entire community will be introduced to Holton’s new look in the next issue of the magazine this fall. We hope you enjoy Holton’s fresh face as much as we do.



Christine Lallouette Lagarde ’74 Named Next IMF Chief


he International Monetary Fund selected Christine Lallouette Lagarde ’74 to serve as its Managing Director. Lagarde is the first woman to head the organization.

Through the American Field Service (AFS) program, Lagarde spent her senior year studying at HoltonArms. During her 2007 visit to campus, Lagarde said that the time she spent at Holton taught her “principles and [was] worth more than all the years I spent studying at French universities.” While here, Lagarde joined the swim team and Orchesis. According to Mary de Pinho, a French teacher at Holton for 35 years, “she embraced life enthusiastically and was known for her sense of humor, her engaging laugh and her warm, ready smile. Resourceful and independent, analytical and astute, she brought a veritable richness to our student body.” “Her maiden name is Lallouette. And a Lallouette in French is a skylark that’s noted for its song and its perpendicular flight. And I think that’s apt for where Christine has landed in her career and her life,” de Pinho said in a recent NPR interview. In addition to speaking with NPR, de Pinho was also interviewed by the BBC for their in-depth profile of Lagarde. Coverage of Lagarde’s nomination has resulted in exciting and widespread interest in Holton by local, national and international media outlets.

You can listen to the full story online. []



Two Named Trustee Emeriti Pat Regan and Kim Samperton ’73


olton welcomed two new Trustee Emeriti at the final meeting of the Board of Trustees on May 31. Pat

Regan and Kim Samperton ’73 both served nine years and were recognized for their leadership and dedicated service to the School. In addition, the Board welcomed Science Department Chair Patricia Carver as the incoming Faculty Trustee and former Board member and Trustee Emeritus, Martha Dippell ’68 was elected to serve a new term. Parents Association President Janine Lossing ’85 joins Alumnae Board president Paula O’Rourke ’90 as an ex-officio member.

Outgoing Chair of the Board Amy Kaslow ’77 thanked the Committee Chairs and welcomed incoming Chair of the Board Howard Taylor and President Leslie Lawley.

Global Education Leadership Challenge


n anonymous donor has established The Global Education Leadership Challenge of $500,000 to support the Global Education program. In each of the next five years, Holton-Arms must obtain a minimum of $100,000 from private sources per year in order to qualify for the matched amount of $100,000 from the donor. The Global Education Leadership Challenge will raise at least $1 million in support of the Global Education Program.

Since the announcement of The Global Education Leadership Challenge in March 2010, a number of donors have stepped forward to pledge their support. The Global Education Program distinguishes Holton from other schools and establishes the School as a leader in global education. The Global Education Leadership Challenge raises funds that will ensure our girls will leave Holton having developed a true global perspective.



Dr. Maya Angelou Inspires Class of 2011


enowned poet and teacher, Dr. Maya Angelou delivered a moving speech, filled with personal stories, cherished poems and poignant songs. She instructed the young women to be courageous and to volunteer. With humor and warmth, Dr. Angelou urged the graduates of the Class of 2011 to “be your own rainbow in the clouds.” Composed and eloquent, Dr. Angelou recited and sang several poems. She encouraged the graduates to memorize a few meaningful poems of their own choosing, poems that would see them through hard times and speak to them when

they needed them the most. Two works in particular embodied her message of bravery and empowerment. Dr. Angelou quoted at length from “Invictus” by William Ernest Henley, speaking directly to the girls when she said: “It matters not how strait the gate, How charged with punishments the scroll. I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.” Likewise, she read at length from her own poem, “A Brave and Startling Truth.” As the poem says, each Holton girl has: “the power to fashion for this earth A climate where every man and every woman Can live freely without sanctimonious piety Without crippling fear.”

“It matters not how strait the gate, How charged with punishments the scroll. I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.”



Holton Girls in Action

Senior designs costumes for hit TV show, “How I Met Your Mother” Holton senior Sarah Ettinger ‘11 spent her Senior Project under the supervision of Julie Black, the lead stylist for the popular CBS show, “How I Met Your Mother.” During her four-week project, Sarah created a charming, cream and blue print dress for schoolteacher Lily and a slinky, chiffon and silk top for television anchor Robin. Both items have been given initial approval by Black and are on their way to California, where they will be presented to show’s entire design team. If the team agrees, Sarah’s creations will appear in an episode of the show next fall. We hope to see her wonderful designs on TV soon!

Lower School students form political action group

Eighth-grader sprints onto Barbados Under-17 National Team

This spring, upon learning about the Smithsonian fee recommendation in class, a group of Lower School girls founded the HoltonArms Girls of Action Committee, or GOA, to “discuss important political and environmental issues and decide how to take action.” Fifteen fifth graders and four sixth graders met twice a week for several weeks to research the history of Smithsonian Institution, learn about legislation protecting local museums, and write a letter to their Representative in Congress. Students Margaret D., Diane H., Isabelle K., Taylor L., Brooke S., and Sheyda T. also met in-person with Representative Christopher Van Hollen (District 8) to voice the committee’s concerns. Next on the GOA task list is to address important issues like Animal Cruelty and the protection of the Chesapeake Bay.

Lisa-Anne Barrow ‘15 joined a Maryland club track team at age 7 and has been running ever since. Earlier this year, her determination, passion and hard work paid off when Lisa-Anne earned a spot on the Barbados Under-17 National Track and Field Team—and a chance to compete at the highly competitive 2011 Carifta Games in Montego Bay, Jamaica. In the 200-meter dash, she finished in eighth place with a time of 25.24 seconds. Speeding into second place in her qualifying heat of the 100meter hurdles, Lisa-Anne posted a remarkable time of 14.4 seconds in the final—earning her fifth place overall in her age group.


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