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doorways WINTER 2014

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A WINDOW on the WORLD The Art of Photographer Gail Albert Halaban ’88

Winter 2014 On the cover: Photograph by Gail Albert Halaban ’88 from her series Out My Window. Doorways is published by the Office of Strategic Communications twice a year for alumnae, parents, and friends of Holton-Arms School. Holton-Arms School 7303 River Road Bethesda, MD 20817 301-365-5300 Susanna A. Jones Head of School Rachel Morton Editor Julie Babler Designer Angela Willingham Director of Strategic Communications Cindy Jorgensen Katherine Kline ’97 Class Notes Abigail Sheridan Betts ’98 Interim Director of Advancement Director of Alumnae FJ Gaylor Deb Lindsey Jennifer Lust Wendy Steck Merriman ’77 Kyle Samperton Dave Scherbel Chris Sean Smith Lee Zampella ’85 Contributing Photographers Kay Kaufholz Jewel ’57 Suzanne Frazier Martin ’57 Archivists Printed on 100% recycled paper that is manufactured entirely with nonpolluting, wind-generated energy. Top: Art teacher Ben Ferry’s painting, Vintage Bottom left: Alumnae gather Bottom middle: Portrait of pugs by photographer Sam Teich ’08 Bottom right: Ceramic vessels by Rachel Prowse ’18 page




doorways WINTER 2014

Holton-Arms School Magazine FEATURES 14 A Rolling Repast

Taylor Funkhouser ’03 improvises a tasty new career with her Steel City Sandwich truck.

20 The Battle of “Winter”: Isabel v. Vivaldi

Isabel Cabezas ’13 struggles to conquer Vivaldi’s “Winter” for her senior violin recital.

22 Life Through the Lens

Opening up a window on the world—the images of photographer Gail Albert Halaban ’88.


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Head Lines

The Holton community connections are strong and enduring.


The Bridge

Kudos for Scroll, Emmys for alumnae in TV, Holton students and teachers make their mark.


In the Field

Forensics course teaches students the reality of crime scene investigation.


Out and About

The benefits of a side biz—a new book by journalist Kimberly Palmer ’97.

10 Snap

12 Off the Wall



Lauren Ahn’14 finds artistic inspiration in the Dominican Republic.

Outstanding examples of student art.

30 Gatherings

Holton events bring together old friends and new ones.

32 Class Notes 63 In Memoriam 64 S Street

Science at Holton, 1940s-style.

Against All Odds: Girls’ Education Dear Friends, As part of our inaugural film series, the Open Door Film Society recently gave the Holton community the opportunity to view the film Girl Rising. Some of you may have seen this excellent documentary that chronicles the stories of nine girls from developing countries as they strive, often against considerable odds, to get an education. Despite the widely substantiated benefits to women themselves, to their families, and to their communities, too many cultures still fail to educate their girls. Poverty marks the biggest impediment to girls’ education. Far too many countries still do not provide truly free public education and where resources are limited, families still prioritize boys’ schooling. Child marriage—as young as 13 or even younger—still occurs in many societies, and once a girl is married and has children, any possibility of attending school disappears. In some places, such as Pakistan, where the Taliban attempted to assassinate Malala Yousafzai for advocating for girls’ education, powerful forces are arrayed against girls.

Far too many countries still do not provide truly free public education and where resources are limited, families still prioritize boys’ schooling.

Amina, the Afghan girl in the film who is married at 13, doesn’t take school for granted. Neither does Wadley, whose mother could not pay the school fees after the devastation of the Haitian earthquake. Nor does Sokha, an orphan who earned a living as a garbage picker in Cambodia until a series of miracles brought her to school. We showed our Middle and Upper School students Girl Rising because it helps them realize how fortunate they are. More important, though, the film confronts them with the power and importance of education. Education can be transformative. We need both to join the effort to make education more universally available to girls everywhere and to acknowledge the importance of education in our own lives. The makers of Girl Rising proclaim, “Educate girls and you will change the world.” Holton has been educating girls who change the world for more than a century. Reminding our students of the value of their education and the ways they can leverage it to “make a difference in a complex and changing world” is part of our job as the adults in their lives. I’m sure this issue of Doorways will give you a lens into the many dimensions of the value a Holton education offers. Hopefully, it will serve as another reminder not to take this superior education for granted. Best regards,

Susanna A. Jones Head of School


Ben Ferry

FORMER ATHLETE TURNS TO ART By age 25, Ben Ferry had retired from one career and begun another. As a professional soccer player for D.C. United and Hershey Wildcats, Ferry’s injuries began taking their toll. He realized he couldn’t continue as a professional athlete so he turned to his other love, art. “Although giving up soccer was one of the most difficult times in my life, if it wasn’t for those injuries and my eventual retirement from playing, I never would have finished my master’s in painting and eventually start teaching at the college level.” Ferry teaches drawing as an adjunct professor at Georgetown and George Mason Universities, and in August joined the Holton

community as the Upper School painting and drawing instructor and head varsity soccer coach. His painting can seem both familiar and strangely surreal. Bruce McKaig, writing for the website Daily Campello Art News, sees the works as “blending the individual with the communal, layering classic craft with abrupt juxtapositions, tacking the historical onto the contemporary.” Ferry has shown his work widely since 2001, and was recently been part of a group exhibition, Cityscapes, at the Fraser Gallery in Bethesda.

ABOVE: A Sailor’s Girl, painting by Ben Ferry, owned by Caroline Silby ’83 and her husband.


Winter 2014

HOLTON REPRESENTS AT EMMYS JULIA LOUIS-DREYFUS ’79 took Best Female Actress in a comedy for her role in Veep and MELISSA BERNSTEIN ’94 won an Emmy as co-executive producer of Breaking Bad at the 65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards last fall. Louis-Dreyfus has won this award four times (and been nominated 14 times) and is the only actress to win Emmys for her work on three different series— Seinfeld, The New Adventures of Old Christine, and Veep. Breaking Bad was awarded Best Drama and received a total of 10 Primetime Emmys. Since the critically acclaimed show has recently completed its run, Melissa Bernstein has moved on to producing the original series Rectify for Sundance Channel and creating a pilot for AMC called Halt & Catch Fire.

HBO/Lacey Terrell

Flying High on TV Quiz Show QUITE A LEAP LISA-ANNE BARROW ’15 jumped a personal best of 18 feet 9 inches, winning the USATF National Junior Olympic Track and Field Championships in Greensboro, NC, last summer. The Holton varsity track athlete had only competed in long-jump for two years, and on this jump she faced long jump veteran and soonto-be college athlete Tierra Williams from Hampton, GA. Williams posted an impressive 18 feet 9 inches in her second jump to take the lead. Barrow matched that mark in her third attempt. Preoccupied with the headwind and focused on their own technique, neither athlete realized that they were tied for the lead. With equivalent top jumps, judges turned to each athlete’s second-best distance. Barrow edged out her more experienced competitor and took the medal.


A picture of a monarch flashed onto the screen, and before the TV host had time to say anything more than, “Butterfly. . .” KAYLA MOFFETT ’14, captain of the Holton team, hit the buzzer and confidently called out, “Lepidoptera.” It was the September 21 taping of It’s Academic, a televised quiz show for high school students, and the audience was nearly incredulous watching Holton’s lightning-fast reflexes as the team sailed to a spellbinding win over Osborne Park and Park View High Schools. Moffet and teammates MEGAN HOREY ’14 and GLENDA SMERIN ’15 answered question after question, and their score at game’s end was 805, which set a new Holton record. Their competitors that day struggled to stay afloat with scores in the 350 range. It’s Academic has been showcasing outstanding, highachieving teenagers since 1962, and it airs on NBC4 in the Washington area.

FILL THIS BOWL Hunger was the issue, and students in Mrs. Mandel’s art class addressed it in the Empty Bowls project, an international grassroots effort symbolizing the need to fight hunger. Using clay slab and coil techniques, eighth graders created 65 bowls, which will be on display and sold to raise money to combat hunger in the local community.

SCROLL WOWS JUDGES Scroll strikes Gold again. Holton’s literary and arts magazine, a yearly Gold Medal winner in the annual Columbia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA), last year took top honors for its innovative new online version, Scrolling. In 2012, Scrollers took their magazine online by creating a web version that Scroll advisor Melinda Salata says, “we cheekily named Scrolling.” It includes, in addition to the magazine itself, photographs from school shows and performances, original songs, and videos of artists discussing their work. CSPA extolled both the print and the online version. One judge noted, “Scroll is a visual and verbal feast for the eyes and the mind.” And as for the brand new, hybrid online zine, a judge called it, “definitely trendsetting among literary magazine hybrids. You’ve set the standard for the rest to follow.”

Erica Robison ’18

Definitely trendsetting . . . You’ve set the standard for the rest to follow.

Judge’s comments about Scrolling, the online literary magazine that won a Gold Medal in the annual Columbia Scholastic Press Association competition.

News and Noted

MARISSA MICHAELS ’14 was named Youth of the Year by the Potomac Chamber of Commerce. Michaels is editor-in-chief of the yearbook, manager of the varsity volleyball team, and co-president of the Peer Counseling group. She is also a prize-winning photographer, a first-grade teacher’s assistant, and a tutor for the Latino Student Fund. For the fifth consecutive year, the tennis team claimed the league and tournament titles. The wins come during what was to be a rebuilding year, according to coach Yann Auzoux. The younger players were able to master their skills with the support of a trio of outstanding singles players: LILLY LYNHAM ’15, ARIANNA SPIRTOS ’15, and MAYA DAS ’17.


Winter 2014


Forensics course teaches students the reality of crime scene investigation


hen the Army’s C.I.D (Criminal Investigation Division) investigators were called to the house of Jeffrey MacDonald in February of 1970 they found a horrific scene—MacDonald’s pregnant wife and two young children had been brutally stabbed, beaten, and killed. MacDonald himself was injured, but alive. The crime scene investigation resulted in a plethora of evidence: hairs and fibers, an ice pick, a kitchen knife, a plank of lumber, a bloody footprint, and a rubber glove tip. MacDonald was accused shortly afterwards of the grisly murders, but within months the case was dropped. MacDonald’s lawyer presented evidence that the C.I.D. had not properly managed the crime scene and lost critical evidence. “The crime scene was completely unprotected,” says Cheryl Hansen, chair of Holton’s science department and director of science research. Hansen teaches about this case every year to a class full of enthusiastic juniors and seniors, many of whom have waited years to enroll in Forensics, Hansen’s popular course. They start the year with the MacDonald case in order to understand the importance of proper procedure in investigating the crime scene. In the MacDonald case, Hansen explains, “Strangers walked through, articles were moved before photographs and collection could take place, and the victims were moved before evidence could be collected.” She hopes by teaching the class what not to do, they understand the importance of learning how to observe, what to look for, and above all how to


follow proper procedure so as not to taint evidence or legally compromise an investigation. In addition to reading case histories, students will work extensively with microscopy—analyzing hair and fiber evidence. Though there is no prerequisite to take Forensics, according to Hansen, “students get very good at using microscopes as well as learning to make scientific sketches when they are done.” Students learn that fiber evidence can be crucial. In the case of the Atlanta Child Murders, Wayne Williams was convicted of two counts of murder using predominantly hair and fiber evidence, which is usually supportive evidence. Hansen says that though Williams maintains his innocence, “recent DNA testing has reaffirmed his connection to a few of the victims.” Margaux Villeneuve, a senior with a strong science background who has also taken a similar forensics course at George Washington University during the summer, says she really enjoyed the microscopy work. “She had collections of different hairs—donkey, dog, horse. Plus we looked at our own hair. It was so interesting, we could see the differences in every person’s hair in class.” But students are not only reading case histories, writing papers, and peering into microscopes. They have a blood spatter lab where, Hansen says, the girls enjoy “first walking, then running down the hall with a squeegie of fake blood to see what the difference is in drip pattern based on speed and height.”

E, BUT IT CAN BE EN SC E IM CR N OW R EI TH OF A STUDENTS LOVE THE DRAM Perhaps the highlight of the course is when Hansen sets up a fake crime scene. “I have a mannequin and she continues to be murdered year after year,” Hansen laughs. “One year she’ll be strangled, another year she’ll be stabbed with a knife. I plant hair and fibers; I may overturn furniture.” Students love the drama of their own crime scene, but it can be a little unsettling. “I was a little shocked,” says junior Carlin Pappas. “It definitely went beyond what I thought was going to happen. It was pretty surreal.” At the mock crime scene, students use what they have learned about observation, sketching the crime scene, and finding and obtaining evidence within protocols. “You have to be really precise and can’t miss a step or you’ll lose evidence,” said senior Claire Huther. “I didn’t realize how many pieces of evidence you could find at a crime scene that go beyond what you see with your eyes.”


crime scene junkie,” admits Pappas, but she learned on the first day of class that television forensics doesn’t necessarily reflect real-life forensics. “We sift through what impressions they have based on popularized media and what forensics actually is,” Hansen says. “We talk about how those shows misrepresent the actual field of forensics.” Hansen brings not only academic expertise to the classroom, but she has knowledge of real-life crime scene analysis. She performed an independent study at the Monroe County crime lab in upstate New York while in college, and her husband is a DNA analyst for a company performing criminal and humanitarian DNA analysis. The course covers a wide spectrum of forensics investigation. In addition to studying some of the more notorious criminal cases, they also study the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, looking at bullet trajectories and the possibility of shots being fired in such a close time frame. Each student will interview a family member who has personal memories of the assassination.

Huther does not consider herself a science person but forensics is different. “I love forensics! I feel like I’ve learned so much already.” And this is one of the aspects of the course that Hansen feels is important —that nonscientifically inclined students can be brought into the excitement of scientific work.

“We learned about ballistics and how that was important in the JFK case,” says Huther. “Being an American, it is important to know about this.”

Most of the students come into the class with a TV-inspired understanding of forensics, having watched television crime shows like CSI, Bones, Criminal Minds, and Numbers. “I am a big TV

“Mrs. Hansen is pretty much my favorite teacher,” says Villeneuve. “I have had her for three years. I love her so much I don’t want to go a year without her.”

Villeneuve took the class last year as a junior, and this year is taking biology with Hansen.

—Rachel Morton


Winter 2014

MOONLIGHTING REDEFINED Journalist chronicles how side businesses can create a recession-proof family


f the universe still worked the way it did a decade ago, journalist Kimberly Palmer ’97 might never have felt the need to publish her new book. The former Scribbler editor-in-chief and teen freelancer for The Washington Post steadfastly pursued the conventional path to success in her field. She attended an excellent liberal arts college (Amherst), gained real-world experience (at the Asahi Shimbun/International Herald Tribune in Tokyo as a Henry Luce Scholar and as an intern at The Wall Street Journal), earned a master’s degree in public policy from the University of Chicago, and landed a job at one of the nation’s premier publications (U.S. News & World Report), where she is now the senior money editor and “Alpha Consumer” blogger. Yet despite having carved out a niche as “one of the country’s finest journalists covering personal finance,” according U.S. News Money Section Managing Editor Kimberly Castro, Palmer was worried and anxious—especially after she and her husband, Sujay, had their first child, Kareena, and bought a house just a few minutes away from where she grew up in Bethesda. The news industry, like so many other sectors of the economy, had imploded and job security suddenly seemed like an oxymoron. She wasn’t sure her family could withstand the financial hit of a layoff and hated the feelings of anxiety and powerlessness that came with that uncertainty. What ultimately emerged from that angst is Palmer’s new book, due out in January, called The Economy of You: Discover Your Inner Entrepreneur and Recession-Proof Your Life. It champions a growing movement toward creating entrepreneurial side businesses to generate supplemental incomes that provide a safety net during these uncertain times. Palmer knew first-hand about this trend because she had already spent many hours outside her full-time job developing her own side gig, a series of interactive financial guides called Palmer’s Planners, which she sells through the e-commerce website Etsy. She’d also published an earlier book, a personal-finance guide for young professionals, in her scant spare time. If this entrepreneurial approach to ensuring one’s solvency sounds exhausting, it is. Palmer and Sujay, a litigation specialist who works long hours, had their second child, Neal, a year ago and have very little down time. Palmer is still up with the baby a few times each night and arises to start each day by 6 a.m. She works a regular 9


a.m. to 5 p.m. schedule at U.S. News, then puts in a couple of hours each night between 9 p.m. and 11 p.m. after both kids are in bed and her household chores are done. On weekends, she goes to work on her side gig when the children are napping. “It is hard, but it’s so much less stressful than worrying about suddenly having no money. The peace of mind I get from having all of these activities, and sources of income, is worth it to me,” she explains. “I’m still definitely the chief nurturer of the family, so I’m not sacrificing anything on that front. But I also feel a financial responsibility to my family and to my husband so he doesn’t have to bear all the pressure. It’s also not just about the money; I want to be pursuing my dreams and my goals and I want my children to see me doing that.” There’s also “a rush” of empowerment, she says, that comes with making a sale. The planners—which range from $5 for a single-page money planner to $100 for a custom budget planner (which includes a coaching session)—focus on specific financial goals, like buying a house or starting a business. Money management is a skill Palmer learned at an early age. Her dad, a film professor at American University, lived frugally as a child in post-World War II England and her mom, an analyst in healthcare policy, also spent her childhood pinching pennies. They passed down their philosophy to “live within your means” to Palmer and her two younger sisters. “For example, when I was 11 and I wanted a hamster, I had to write out a business case, including how

Doug Kapustin

much the wood shavings, food, and care of the pet would cost us,” Palmer recalls. She finally got the hamster after the plan was approved. When she wanted an allowance, she was also required to submit a detailed rationale. “They always tried to impart these important lessons to us, and “The news industry, like so many other sectors of the my mom actually wrote an explicit letter to us when I was economy, had imploded and job security suddenly a teenager with her money advice for life.” Ellie Leahy ’97, who met Palmer in ninth grade and seemed like an oxymoron.” remains a close friend, remembers being impressed with the Palmers’ deliberate approach to life, which was represented by the family mission statement on display in their Bethesda home. “Kim was always driven, focused, and very hard-working,” says Ellie. “She’s also an incredibly intellectually curious person diversify her revenue streams. and has always served the role of social commentator.” The Economy of You chronicles the journeys of many It was during her stint working in Tokyo that Palmer realized “money is at other like-minded, proactive people who are liberatthe center” of most of the stories that interested her, such as one she did about ing themselves from financial strain. There’s a deli the low rate of birth control pills being used by women there because they were employee who makes custom cakes at night, an instrutoo expensive. ment repairman who sells voice-overs on his website, At U.S. News, Palmer regularly provides critical insights about complex person- and a videographer who started a profitable publishal finance issues—especially those affecting the middle class, families, and working ing house on the side, among others. Interwoven in the mothers—to help people make smarter financial decisions. She deftly toggles be- profiles are concrete guidelines for readers looking to tween media platforms including her popular “Alpha Consumer” blog, slideshows, launch rewarding businesses of their own, including: social media, radio spots and occasional television appearances. She has concep- tips for figuring out the ideal side gig; ideas for keeping tualized and written dozens of instructive stories, including “How Doctors Can start-up costs low; advice on juggling a fledgling enPrevent Fraud Among Elderly” and “How Preschool Can Boost Future Earnings.” terprise and a full-time job; strategies for finding your A decade ago, there might have been a stronger sense of security that came with “tribe” and building a social network; branding and a desk at the spiffy U.S. News headquarters in Georgetown, where one warm No- marketing basics that bring results; and when and what vember morning Palmer sipped on the coffee she’d brought from home and radi- to offer for free. ated an energy that was upbeat, determined, and a little bit tired all at once. Times Observes Melissa Sarver, Palmer’s literary agent: are different and life is ever more expensive for Palmer and her young family, now “Kim’s message resonates because it’s very authentic. that the kids are 4 and 1. Leaning in, for her, means working harder and smarter to She lives it.” —Kim Asch


Winter 2014


BEST IN SHOW: Lauren Ahn ’14 took this award-winning photo in a village in the Dominican Republic, where she has been going since she took a 9th-grade mission trip there. When asked why she thought this photo won Fotoweek DC’s annual contest, she says of this and other photographs she has taken there: “I think it’s the eyes of the kids. It’s like you are looking into their souls. They are beautiful kids.” 11 J

Winter 2014


Sally Huizinga ’14

Megan Meyer ’14


Kennedi Riggins’18

Lia Downing ’14

Lily Pollin ’21

Huntly Rathbone ’21

DELICIOUS! Food is the subject of an exhibit of art by students in Barbara Mandel’s 8th grade class and Kathy Chaney’s 5th grade class. The show, entitled “Delicious,” will go up in January in the Camalier Gallery and Lewis Theater Lobby.

Sydney Poretsky ’14

13 J

Winter 2014

Angie Smith



t an elementary school in Santa Monica, California, a camera crew from the Food Network was filming Shirley Compton, the school’s principal, as she eagerly eyed a sandwich she’d just ordered. Compton was gripping two slices of fluffy Italian bread overflowing with grilled flat iron steak, caramelized onions, coleslaw, provolone cheese, grilled mushrooms, and topped with French fries, and she was standing in front of the food truck where the sandwich had been made. “This is artwork,” Compton said into the camera as the producer asked her various questions about the sandwich, called the Pittsburgh Cheesesteak. “Absolutely yummy from start to finish,” she added. “I’m so glad I didn’t have to buy a plane ticket, that Pittsburgh came to Santa Monica in a truck.” Shuttling back and forth in the recesses of the truck, called Steel City Sandwich, was its proprietor, Taylor Funkhouser ’03. With short, dark-blue hair and wearing a black T-shirt emblazoned with her company’s logo, Funkhouser was churning out Pittsburgh-style sandwiches, the distinguishing characteristics of which are the thick slices of Italian bread, slaw, and fries. Her food truck was one of a handful assembled for the school’s annual fall fair. If the Pittsburgh approach to the sandwich isn’t as well known as the hand-held delicacies of the city’s neighbor to the east, Phil-

adelphia, Funkhouser is determined to change that. She started her business in Los Angeles in 2011 with the motto “Bringin’ Great Food from PA to LA,” using recipes that have their roots in the legendary Pittsburgh sandwich chain Primanti Brothers. Since then, she has tirelessly made loops through Los Angeles, feeding residents with her own take on items like the cheesesteak, pierogies, and a sandwich called the Yinzer (cold cuts topped with provolone, a fried egg, slaw, and fries). She also frequently caters television show productions, including the NBC comedy Parks and Recreation. And this Food Network episode, featuring her and her creations, will air in the spring. But Funkhouser isn’t a newcomer to the spotlight. She originally came to LA to pursue a career in theater, a dream that originated at Holton. She describes herself as a high school “theater nerd.” During her junior year, she starred in Chicago as Velma, and in her senior year, she was Phoebe in As You Like It. She also did the makeup and lighting for other theater productions, founded the Guitar Club, directed a Madonna musical she wrote, performed at Coffee House, and along with her best friend Rebecca Preston ’02, directed a performance of the song “Time Warp” from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. A tangential connection for Funkhouser growing up was that her mother, Tamara Jobe ’79, was a Holton-Arms alumnus and a former classmate of Julia Louis-Dreyfus ’79.

15 J

Winter 2014

A popular student who easily connected with both her own classmates and students in other grades, Funkhouser also “might have been one of the bigger troublemakers of her class,” Preston said. One issue was that not all of Funkhouser’s teachers appreciated her other close companion: an umbrella cockatoo named Chicken. The bird often accompanied Funkhouser to class. “He’d sit on my shoulder or he’d just hang out on the desk and just sit there and be quiet,” she said. “I think I hid him in my locker a couple of times.” Preston’s memory of the giant bird is slightly different. “She used to wear the bird under her sweatshirt through class and try to hide it,” Preston recalled. “I don’t know who was fooled by that. She had this giant lump and looked like she was pregnant, and then the next day she didn’t.”

improv spots like the Upright Citizens Brigade and Improv Olympics. In her spare time, she watched Pittsburgh Steelers football games at bars, and eventually she began hosting game-viewing parties at her apartment. In further homage to the city she’d left behind, Funkhouser served her guests Pittsburgh food. Her family was originally from there, so she made her grandmother’s pierogies and tweaked her father’s slaw recipe.

She then stayed in the Steel City for about a year, plotting her move to California. “When you do theater, you go to LA or New York,” she explained. “I wanted to move to California because it’s gorgeous here every day. I was like, LA here I come.”

At around this time, the food truck movement, which originated in Los Angeles, was gaining traction, and soon Funkhouser’s dream shifted. Her friends began encouraging her to open a food truck. “That seed was kind of planted in my head,” she said. “I love improv and I love food, those are my two biggest loves. I was like, you know, this might just be a perfect fit for me.”

She arrived on the West Coast in 2008 with the more portable of her two closest friends, Chicken, in tow. At first, she waited tables to pay the bills and performed, unpaid, at Los Angeles

One night while she was waiting tables at a restaurant in downtown Los

After graduating from Holton, Funkhouser enrolled at Point Park University in Pittsburgh, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in theater arts. In college, her love of food deepened when she began dating a local chef in Pittsburgh. She learned things like how to layer different tastes and textures. This is when she transitioned from simply wanting to enjoy food to making her own creations.


Angie Smith

Funkhouser was also a “foodie” even back then, according to Preston, who today remains her closest friend. The pair traveled to Paris the summer after Funkhouser’s junior year to celebrate Preston’s graduation from Holton. Funkhouser planned the trip entirely according to which restaurants she wanted to try. “We did a lot of eating,” Preston remembered. “I don’t think we even saw the Eiffel Tower because we were eating so much.”

Taylor Funkhouser’s 19-year-old umbrella cockatoo, Chicken, has become the sandwich truck’s mascot.

Winter Winter 1717J17JWinter J2014 2014 2014

Angeles, the owner of the Kogi Korean BBQ truck, which sparked the truck trend, sat down at one of her tables. Star-struck, Funkhouser gushed to him about her love of Pittsburgh and its food. “I told him my idea, and he said, ‘You know why your idea’s going to work? Because you’re so passionate.’ ” Launching the truck wasn’t going to be easy, however. Funkhouser continued waiting tables and saving money while she set her plan in motion. When she wasn’t waitressing, she was filling out paperwork for the necessary permits, designing her menu, and finding a truck to rent. After about a year and a half of planning, she was ready to begin steering her truck to the office parks and street fairs of the many corners of Los Angeles, including Santa Monica. But life didn’t immediately improve for Funkhouser once her truck was completed. In fact, her very first day of business was an unqualified disaster. Driving on the freeway en route to an event that would serve as Steel City Sandwich’s grand opening, the truck’s engine exploded. “I lost all power steering and power brakes and there was


black smoke billowing through the truck,” she remembered. “I’m slamming on the brakes and hoping to God it’ll stop.” Eventually it did, but without power she couldn’t run her refrigerator, so she had to cancel the event. Throughout this whole time, she says she was guided by the Holton motto: Aut inveniam viam aut faciam. “It means I will find a way or make one, which I live by all the time,” she said. “You just find a way to make it work. I’ve always had that motto.” During a recent lunch service at a Los Angeles office park, Funkhouser was wearing a pair of green Holton-Arms gym shorts and her black Steel City Sandwich T-shirt as a steady stream of patrons approached the truck, which is decorated with a giant vintage photo of Pittsburgh. Funkhouser was manning the window. She scrawled down orders and passed them over to her cook, who eventually pushed piles of steaming food out a second window. Funkhouser’s bird Chicken, now 19 years old, is the food truck’s mascot. On this day, he was at home, but often he makes the rounds with Funkhouser and can be found perched on the truck’s sideview mirror during meal services. “Everyone calls him Steel City Chicken,” Funkhouser said, adding that he has a strong social media presence, with Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts dedicated to him. “He’s like a celebrity.” After swapping stories and enthusiastic “hell yeahs,” a favorite expression of hers, with a customer who had grown up in Pittsburgh, she told me she also often serves current Pittsburgh residents, who tend to be skeptical of the Los Angeles version of their native chow. “I’ve had Pittsburghers who are like, ‘I literally just got off the plane, I just ate at Primanti’s, impress me,’ ” she said. “And then they’re like, ‘Oh my God, this is better.’ ” This is the part of the job Funkhouser really loves, because it taps into her theatrical side. “To be able to be on a truck and talk with people—it’s like I can perform and interact with people and be

myself and have fun, and then serve them awesome food at the same time,” she said. In the process of pursuing her new dream, her previous one has gotten a boost. Recently a group of Pittsburghers who own a talent agency came to Steel City Sandwich for a bite to eat, and the next thing she knew, she had an agent. “Go figure—I come here to do improv and can’t get an agent,” she said. “And then I open a food truck and don’t even have time to audition, and now I have an agent.” Funkhouser tries to fit in auditions when she’s not working, but her food-truck schedule can be grueling, to be sure. On Fridays, she wakes at 6 a.m., goes grocery shopping, preps the truck, drives out for the lunch hour, and then heads to a different part of town for dinner, which lasts until 9 p.m. Then she heads to Hollywood for a latenight stint that can go until 2:30 a.m., at which point she takes the truck back to her parking lot in downtown Los Angeles and closes it down. Bedtime might not be until 4 a.m. The work is hard, but gratifying, and she feels she has gained the respect of fellow truck owners. “There’s definitely a hierarchy of the food trucks,” she said. “We’ve been open for over two years, so we’ve moved up in the world.” With this momentum, her goal is to expand the Steel City Sandwich brand. Already, her truck has been written about in the Washington Post and in the Pittsburgh press. “It’s been a fun ride,” Funkhouser said. “I’m definitely ready for the next step.” Her parents, who still live in the Washington, DC area, are hoping she’ll make a return to the town where she grew up and open a truck there. She hasn’t ruled it out, but first, she has more business to attend to in Los Angeles—namely opening a brick-and-mortar restaurant, which she’s actively trying to do. “I want to have several just in the LA area,” she said. “There’s no stopping me from there.” *

19 J

Winter 2014




Isabel v.Vivaldi

My fingers creep up the fingerboard of my violin as I attempt to play in tune. The string crossings, fast tempo, and frequent key changes are a recipe for confusion during a sight-reading. But this isn’t a sight-reading; I’ve been working on this section for a few weeks. Staring at the page populated with small, black notes, I read Vivaldi’s poetry: The shrieking winds are at war. With my face heating in frustration, I realize that the shrieking winds aren’t alone in battle, my fingers join them as I struggle to conquer the 33-measure-long passage.

20 times by now, but reset my bow once more, making sure I coordinate my fingers, hands, and arms for action. Measure by measure, I continue to unravel the passage. Putting a few measures together, I play a chunk of the passage all the way through, gradually speeding up as I grow more confident with Vivaldi’s composition. After a while, Ms. Marissa asks her usual question.

For the past two months, I’ve worked to perfect Vivaldi’s “Winter,” a concerto filled with lyrical melodies, quick arpeggios, and tricky bowings, for

In tradition with the Suzuki music method, I bow as my lesson concludes. Momentarily retreating from the battle, I pack up my violin.

“So, do you know what you’re practicing this week?” “The D-flat major scale and polishing this section.”

Prevailing through “Winter” was a battle, but the joys of success always outweigh the tolls of war. my senior violin recital. The timing is tattooed into my head, and muscle memory masters the shifts. I emphasize dynamics, apply vibrato to warm the sound, and slow my bow during the lento section for a soft, airy timbre. I sail through the piece until I reach the passage of flurry. Abundant with quick, 30-second notes, this passage prevents me from winning the battle. My teacher watches me fumble as I bolt through the notes, playing overly fast and unmindful of basic technique.   “All right, stop. Play the first measure slowly.” I do as she says, careful to play the D-natural, an accidental in the key of F minor. I play: E-flat, Bflat, C-natural, D-flat — “D-natural!” Ms. Marissa reminds me. Starting over, I repeat the small group of notes until I can play it with closed eyes. I must have played it

The next afternoon, I take out my violin and lay out the music on the music stand. After warming up, I’m ready to head back into combat. Dissecting the 33-measure passage takes effort and endurance. Coming out of war triumphantly requires careful listening and attention to detail to discover any errors. Correcting those errors demands patience and a desire to perform at my best. The thick layer of rosin underneath my strings, a cramping hand, and some fractured bow hairs indicate that I’ve worked for a while, but only the fluidity with which I play validates my success. As I put away the music, my eye catches Vivaldi’s last words on the page: Such is winter, but it has its joys. Prevailing through “Winter”  was a battle, but the joys of success always outweigh the tolls of war. 6

Essay and illustration appeared in Scrolling, the award-winning online edition of Scroll 2013, Holton’s literary magazine. Mia Kimboko ’17

21 J

Winter 2014


Photos by Gail Albert Halaban ’88

LIFE THROUGH the LENS A Photographer’s Window on the World By Rachel Morton

Walking through the crowded streets of Chelsea, Manhattan’s bustling district where art, photography, fashion, and flowers mix in a creative stew, photographer Gail Albert Halaban ’88 talks about her morning’s work—taking pictures out a window in Utrecht, Holland. Through the miracle of technology, and with the help of artists and friends abroad, Halaban’s camera is set up in an apartment far across the Atlantic, and Halaban is seeing the sights out the window, communicating with the Dutch apartment dwellers, and shooting by operating a program on her computer in New York. That computer is on her desk in her Chelsea loft apartment, a former dance studio— long and narrow with glossy wood floors, brick walls, and a big front window looking out at the flower shops and fabric stores in New York’s flower district. She shares the apartment with her husband, Boaz Halaban, a television producer, and their two children, Zoe, 9, and Jonah, 4. The success of her 2009 project, Out My Window, in which she aimed her camera out apartment windows in New York and captured scenes of the

23 J

Winter 2014

“MY WORK IS HIGHLY MANUFACTURED. I hope it captures something real, but it’s not real in any sense. life in neighboring apartments, resulted in not only a major show, press including a New York Times Magazine piece, and a book—but a similar project in Paris for Le Monde, another book about to be published in Paris, and now this project in Holland. She’d be in Utrecht herself with the camera, but travel has become less appealing to Halaban now that she has two young children.

ABOVE: Self-Portrait. “I took this picture of myself using my computer to operate the camera. It is the very last picture I took in Paris while working on the series Vis a Vis.” PREVIOUS PAGE: Far West Village, Bumble Bee and Bottle. “This picture is a bridge between my two different series. I came to photograph this woman for my series This Stage of Motherhood and it helped inspire the series Out My Window. She has a beautiful view of the highline. I love the warmth of the moment with her son.”


It is the private sights and interactions— the personal lives being observed—that gives the images in Out My Window their emotional heft. The photographs are remarkably intimate. We seem to be looking into an apartment window at the life happening in the moment, unbeknownst to the people living those lives inside. But the reality is these scenes have been recreated and staged. Halaban is adamant about getting permissions and working with her human subjects. “It’s important to me not to photograph someone who doesn’t know they are being photographed. My work is highly manufactured,” says Halaban. “I hope it captures something real, but it’s not real in any sense.” The process is painstaking. Halaban asked friends, and friends of friends, if she could take pictures out their windows. She’d see something that interested her,

take a Polaroid, then go to the apartment where she had shot the scene, tape the photo and note to a mailbox, and wait to hear from the apartment dwellers. Mostly people agreed to be part of the project and Halaban made some new friends. In fact, it proved to be a connection for the neighbors. “Everyone in my project has met their neighbor because of the project,” Halaban says. “The actual picture is only half the story. What I love about that is that total strangers have met because of it. Photography is about seeing the world, connecting with other people.” Halaban’s earlier project, About Thirty, also opened up a window into a world not usually on view. She documented the lives of women in New York and Los Angeles who were of a certain age (about 30), raising children, and living comfortable lives of affluence. “I asked my friends to help me find women who like to surround themselves with other women, who have a social identity about being with women.” Halaban was fascinated by this “tribe of women” because though she was an outsider looking in, she was also of that age, roughly of that demographic, and wondering about motherhood herself (she as yet did not have children).

RIGHT: Tree Pose, 2002. “These are women at home for the series About 30 all doing yoga. This series was my first New York exhibit at the Ariel Meyerowitz Gallery.” BELOW: House at Riverdale. “This is a photograph I made for a series where I rephotographed places Edward Hopper painted. On this cold night, the night after Thanksgiving, this couple posed with their recently hung Christmas lights. This was recently shown at the Edwynn Houk Gallery.”

1780_TSM2_BumbleBee_Bottle copy.jpgAtus. Osam istis nosapis quodignatur, ut libus. Met quamus atur? Quibusa ndelitaque aut lab ilignis ne nitistio. Ut aute optae pore sa vellorepe volor sequam facculliquo blaut est de nis quat quid est accuptatur? Fugit, comnient repedic itatqui coritio nseque ventia doluptio consecerem faccus est vellatu scitam facepuda consendist, nissum hillita tempossit que cumquatius vel expel inctotat.

Winter 25 JSummer 2014 2013

TOP: Twins Panorama, 2006. “I photograph this woman frequently. She is one of my favorite subjects. I photographed her before kids and have continued to photograph her with the kids.” BOTTOM: West Village, New Construction, 2008. “This woman lives in an amazing apartment, but in New York we have little privacy, even in our homes.”


HALABAN IS MUCH LIKE AN ANTHROPOLOGIST in the way she goes about documenting the lives of women.

“These women and their lives were kind of out of reach,” Halaban says. “The work was all about trying to find my place in that world. I needed to do that photography work to figure out where I fit in.”


alaban is much like an anthropologist in the way she goes about documenting the lives of women. She spends time with them, watches them, waits for their lives to unfold in front of her. “I put myself in their world,” she says. “I’m definitely interested in people and how the space about them gives them a sense of their psychological identity. The built world reflects on their inner world.” In some cases, she went back to her subjects years later and recreated her initial images with the now matured subjects and their grown children. Halaban’s About Thirty project received acclaim, but there was also some criticism of her subjects. The women she photographed were obviously wealthy and living lives of comfort in beautiful homes. Documenting difficult lives, lives of poverty or outside the mainstream, is regarded as artistically laudable. Documenting lives of ease doesn’t get much respect. This kind of prejudice against making art out of comfortable domestic scenes bugs Halaban. “Domestic photography is not shown much any more,” she says. “Photographs of the domestic world can be narcissistic, but I don’t think my work is that. The pictures are not about me, they are about communal identity.”


undamental to Halaban’s sense of being part of a communal identity in a world of women were her years at Holton. Though at first she doubted her parents’ decision to send her to an all-girls school, she now sees it as being foundational for her sense of self and self-confidence. “I am the most outspoken person,” she says. “I assume I can get anything

done. Holton’s motto—I will find a way or make one— definitely sunk in. We knew we could be in charge of anything.” She would consider sending her own daughter to a single-sex school for that same experience. Going to Holton turned out to be a rich environment for Halaban to explore her own identity, both as part of a “tribe of women,” in full bloom at a girls school, and in relation to social class, “I was president of Young Democrats. There was only one other member,” Halaban laughs. Observing and documenting her peer group began early for Halaban. She picked up her first camera at four (her mother took photographs and encouraged her daughter). At Holton she was photography editor for Scribbler and soon was shooting portraits of friends. Halaban thrived at Holton intellectually and artistically. She says it was a perfect balance for her of science and art. “I had two amazing art teachers, Mr. Glasser and Deb Dworkin.” But science had a hold on her: “I always loved science,” she says. “At Holton we dissected fetal pigs. I loved dissecting that pig. I loved it so much I brought an extra one home and did it at home!” At Brown University she was pre-med, though she took photography courses at Rhode Island School of Design. Her father was a doctor in Olney, Maryland, and Halaban thought she’d follow him into that profession. “The night before the MCATs I was talking to my dad about what I wanted to do with my life. My dad loves being a doctor, but he was so frustrated with insurance companies, he said, ‘Realize you won’t be talking to your patients 90 percent of the time. You’ll be talking to insurance companies.’ ” He suggested she apply to a graduate program in photography. When she was accepted at Yale University for an MFA in photography, she leapt at the chance.

27 J

Winter 2014

“I never realized photography was even something you could do for an actual job. I still don’t believe it!” Her personal photography projects have over the years received increasingly important critical acclaim, which has probably contributed to her thriving commercial photography business— she has shot for Sauve, Microsoft, and Poland Spring, among others.

can get your premed credits in a year and think, hmmmm. . . . ”

But she hasn’t lost her love for, and interest in, medicine and science. Even now, she still imagines she could switch course and start a life in medicine. “Every year I look at Columbia where you

“They saved my son’s life. It’s an amazing hospital and I would love to do whatever I could to help them and be part of science.” s

Since her son was born with an elevated heart rate, which is now under control, she is even more attracted to medicine. Halaban has spent a lot of time in the hospital these past few years, and is now on the Columbia University Medical Center Children’s Board.

TOP: Central Park Wind, 2005. “It was about to pour with insanely powerful winds —I can’t believe that I even went outside — but I captured this magical moment.” ACROSS: Upper West Side, Beagles. “We met all the people when they were walking the dogs—all the neighbors were very friendly because of the dogs.” LEFT: “This is the same woman [from Twins Panorama, page 27]. She is a very important subject for me—I photograph her every year.”


“PHOTOGRAPHY IS ABOUT SEEING THE WORLD, connecting with other people.”

29 J

Winter 2014

Alumnae ranging from the 40s to 2000s gathered on October 19, 2013 at the Hotel Del Coronado in California.

Save the Date: Reunion 2014 April 24-27


Alumnae Gathering in Brooklyn, NY at the home of Jennifer Cornfeld Schenker ’98.

Alumnae Gathering in Phoenix on October 20, 2013 at the home of Patience Tipton Huntwork ’63.

Alumnae Gathering in San Francisco on October 16, 2013 at the home of Kathryn Bowsher ’83.

Alumnae Gathering in Los Angeles on October 17, 2013 at the home of Alix Jaffe’ 88.

31 J

Winter 2014

Send Class Notes Doorways will publish alumnae news, marriages, births, and deaths, but not engagements or pregnancies. Photos are published as space permits and must include names for everyone pictured, plus date and location. Submit photos in digital format at least 4" x 6", with a resolution of at least 300 dpi. Class Notes are compiled and edited by Class Secretaries and the Alumnae Office. The deadline for submitting Class Notes for the next issue (Fall 2014) is April 1, 2014. Notes about upcoming events that will happen before that date should be written in the past tense. Send news to the Alumnae Office at


1938C | NANCY CANN PURCELL turned 95 August, 27. Nancy reports that she is in good health and that Westminster Canterbury in Richmond, Virginia is a truly great place to live and it gives her the opportunity to have dinner with MAGGIE BELLE WILTSHIRE MOORE ’41C often. Happy Birthday Nancy!

1939C |

BETTY SHALLBERG QUEALY reports, “I am active at 94, playing a pretty good game of golf and at the bridge table every week. My four children come often to visit me at Amelia Island and keep me up to date with the endeavors of my seven grandchildren, and two great granddaughters who live in Spain. I fondly recall the days at Holton-Arms when our school was nestled amongst the embassies off Connecticut Avenue. My children grew up in Washington, D.C. and we still have strong connections there.”

1940C | BEVERLY HUSE RYBURN attended her 70th reunion at Smith College in the spring. According to Beverly, ‘Brownie’ tutored me in Algebra 2 for my college boards which is why I was able to have this fabulous celebration.”

1943 |

MARIE VALLANCE reports that she is living in a retirement community, Pennswood Village in Newton, Pennsylvania. She says that she is getting on quite well with her friends and she is using the fitness center to help her walk again.

1947 | BETTY BROWDER NIBLEY This class news is very much about our descendants with one exception: ALICE DIGGS NULSEN emailed that she, ANNE CLIFFORD BUELL, and another friend are going to France for 18 days. Alice has not been there since 1952!!! ANNE DAVIS CAMALIER vacationed in Nantucket this summer. She reported the following amazing facts about her granddaughters who are Holton graduates. JESSICA WALKER ’05 lives in San Francisco and is working at Sotheby’s. JENNIFER HUNT ’05 graduated in May, 2013 from Georgetown University Medical School. HILARY DIEFENBACH ’07 is going to the University of Colorado in Boulder getting her masters in speech therapy. Her twin HEATHER DIEFENBACH ’07 is at University of Virginia Law School. LAUREN WALKER ’09 graduated from Miami University of Ohio in May, 2013. That takes care of Holton grads but Anne is also proud of her youngest son, Gregory, who, with a friend, has directed and pro-

duced a documentary on the musical Mussel Shoals, Alabama. It has been shown at many film festivals, including Sundance and is about to be shown in New York City. You can view clips of it on YouTube. Not to be outdone, ANNE MEARNS JACOBY spent the Labor Day holiday entertaining her daughter Jennifer and husband at her home in Arlington, VA. The family was visiting from Johnson City, Tenn. The grandchildren; 6, 8, and 10, had never seen a zoo so they spent their trip seeing the sights of the area including the Smithsonian museums. Anne loved entertaining them and found lying down very relaxing after they left. Another daughter, Ashley, is in the area working at Georgetown University Hospital.

Isabel Cabezas ’13, Fran Mathews Selden ’31, and Abigail Betts ’98 enjoying a lunch outing in Washington, D.C.

BETTY HALLEY NICOLSON and Charlie are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary by taking a trip to Sheridan, WY to learn more about Betty’s grandfather who was a doctor, and her father who grew up there. Betty’s daughter, BETSY NICOLSON LEITHOLF ’73, and Betsy’s husband Dick made all the arrangements and they will accompany Betty and Charlie because they too are celebrating a wedding anniversary. Their 30th! TRUDY TULLEY SURUT and Lee crossed the USA from Connecticut to California for the college graduations of three grandchildren. The daughter of LOUISA SURUT GREENE ’69, Charlotte Greene, graduated from Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Connecticut on May, 19. Charlotte, after three summers as a counselor for Teen Travel in South Africa has taken a full time job for an extended stay! Her youngest son’s daughter, Natalie Surut, graduated in June from Westminster College finishing in three years, summa cum laude, and has begun a five-year fellowship for a Masters/ PhD at the University of Illinois-Chicago in Sociology. Eldest grandson, Keenan Crane (mother is Chris Surut NCS ’70), received his PhD in Computer Science from Cal Tech in Pasadena, California in June and has come east to do a post-doctoral fellowship at Columbia in NYC! From Trudy “That’s five done and one to go. We are very proud of them and their parents and are so blessed to be able to join each reunion and celebration!” WOW to all of you!

Betty Shallberg Quealy ’39C and her daughter, Mollie in January, 2013.

1949 | MARTHA JO HOLLAND FENDER Always so lovely to reconnect with our class and especially with our classmate, LOUISA STECK, for whom we haven’t heard from for such a long time. She was so enthusiastic about our getting together in April for our 65th reunion. DAMARA BOLTE, with her dog business in Leesburg, VA, recently rescued six dogs she sold to a

33 J

Winter 2014

Margaret Hickey French ’52 is busy enjoying her golden years with her 12 grandchildren, friends from Columbia U days, and pals in Old Town Alexandria.

lady in Ocala, Florida, and she found homes for little creatures in the Virginia area. Since I have a rescue Boston Terrier, I know she really spent a lot of time in the process of finding the right homes. Bravo to you Damara. ANN PIGGOT BLACK wanted further clarification regarding her role in the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution). She is the regent of the Mary Washington Chapter which is the oldest in the Washington, D.C. area and the third in the nation. She is a most capable lady in all that she does; DAR, church, church choirs, and her most beloved tennis. Anne and DOTTIE HILL HARTLAND attended NANCY GIBSON KUMM’S funeral on September 10, 2013 in Severna Park, MD. Nancy was a loyal Holton and Smith graduate; an outstanding contributor to her church, community, and her beloved family. A special lady indeed, she will be missed by all. Her obituary is included; Nancy died on August 20, 2013 surrounded by her loved ones. Nancy was born in Chevy Chase, Maryland in 1931 and was a resident of Severna Park, MD. While at Holton she served as the photographer for the yearbook. She later attended Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts, graduating in 1953 with a BA in History. A devoted wife, mother and grandmother, she was active in her community and church, including many years as a troop leader in the Girl Scouts of America. An accomplished seamstress, knitter, and cook, her greatest joy was holidays with her family. She also served as Corporate Secretary and a Board member for her husband’s energy consulting firm. Nancy is survived by her husband of over 60 hears, William; brother John Gibson; son John Kumm; daughters Elizabeth Kumm and Katherine Anderson; and four grandchildren. I spoke with ANN MALSTROM GURNEY in Houston where she and Hi were celebrating daughter Laurie’s 60th birthday. Recently they had a gathering of the Gurney clan with 38 in all. They had good news about Hi and his battle with melanoma. We are happy for you Hi. BARBARA CLAIRE DENSFORD KNIGHT is doing well. She had a hip replacement repair in January and reports that her lifestyle has slowed down a bit, especially her gardening. Lastly, I am still working and very involved with many positions at my church and condo board. I feel very blessed with the recovery from lung cancer. Please call me at 904-716-0510 if you have any news.

1951 | DONNA HELSING HENDERSON SALLY COLCLOUGH ALEXANDER has been substitute teaching at Holton in the last few years in addition to being a presence on campus thrice during the school year for Sally Alexander’s Book Club. Look for her book club


dates posted in the Holton AlumnaEnews. She taught 11th grade for two months in the spring of 2012, two 11th grade classes and one senior class from November to January 2013, and she is poised for more this year. Alex has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s and Sally with CLL (chronic lymphocytic leukemia), but they still spent a month in Virgin Gorda, and according to Sally “we plan to die of something else.” Both illnesses are at present under control. Meanwhile, having served as mid-Anne Arundel County leader with Obama for America, Sally is working as an Anne Arundel county leader for Affordable Health Care implementation. MIMI CLARK GRONLUND and her husband just returned from a cruise on the Danube. They went from Bucharest to Budapest via Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, and Hungary. She reports that Budapest is a beautiful city and seems to be thriving with lots of tourists. Most are struggling economically and Bulgaria has almost 50% unemployment! CARY HAWFIELD FOLEY states that she is “keeping busy with my growing family – I am so blessed!” KATHRYN BOWLING GRAHAM moved back to the east coast after living in Hawaii for 19 years.     Congratulations to SALLY TOOKE MULL and Chuck who welcomed great-grandson, Charles Burgess, to their family in August. They are very proud of their fifth great grandchild and very blessed. I took my three sons, their wives, and my eight grandchildren to St. Bart’s in late June and early July for ten days. It was my twenty-ninth trip to this wonderful island and it never disappoints. The rest of the family had been there numerous times as well and they all love it as much as I do. My sister, HANNAH HELSING PACKARD ’55 joined us and was a great addition to our party. And it really was a party because we celebrated my 80th birthday, my granddaughter Katie’s 20th, and my grandson Dylan’s 18th while there. The weather was great and it was fun to have everyone together and a great time was had by all.

1952 | ANN “SCOOP” LYNCH HEUER JEAN BROMBERG LATHRAM and her husband traveled in the mountains of Colorado and New Mexico this summer—nice and cool, not to mention beautiful. Jean gave me news of CHARLOTTE HILL ABELL who is living in Circle C, Texas. They see each other when Jean is in Austin visiting her daughter. HELEN-LOUISE SIMPSON HUNTER stayed for the last time at

her home in Pompano, Florida. After many years she has sold her home there and was feeling very nostalgic. At our age it is difficult to let go of our treasures. She is very relieved that the trial of Hassan, the Fort Hood killer, is finally over! I trust all of you read the story in your paper. Helen-Louise was representing many of the victims. Good work and congratulations! BARBARA GRAHAM ANDERSON and Bruce keep “trucking along” doing their museum work and aging with grace. I have to thank Bruce for alerting me that I had been scammed! Changing your password can be very annoying, after 50 years of same. JANE HADLEY PERRY and Matt spent the summer immersed in their children and grandchildren’s activities. One highlight was watching their son-in-law’s baseball team win the 13-15 year-old Babe Ruth World Series in Purcellville, Virginia. The teams came from all over to participate and his team became the first host team ever to win the World Series. Will there be a repeat next summer? Their last grandchild went off to college this fall, so now they will be starting over with their great grandchildren as they become preschoolers. Jane and Matt are so lucky they live near all their offspring and can watch them mature. MARGARET HICKEY FRENCH is busy enjoying her golden years with her 12 grandchildren, friends from Columbia U days, and pals in Old Town Alexandria. She visited Lucca, Italy with her Montana son and family, and is off to India with several of the girls in 2014. I say enjoy while you can! EDWYNA PARKS STRAIN spent the summer in Nantucket and has made some delicious beach plum jelly, which can only be made on the islands. She graduated to a tricycle since her balance is not so good, but it gives her mobility. Edwyna has been asked to go on the board of the Hudson Highlands Nature Museum which is quite an honor. Please let us know more about the Museum. She reports that life at Woodland Pond is good as it is nice not to cook or eat alone. She has joined a book group at Vassar, which always has a faculty member at each session and that really sparks the conversation. It’s like joining Sally Alexander’s Book Club, which is always provocative. I have adjusted to assisted living life, and I have made several trips to Boca Raton, Florida to visit my daughter and grandchild. It’s hot and humid, but there is a breeze at the beach. I swim three times a week, and keep busy with two book clubs, garden club, and my investment club. Thanks for sending me lots of news. Keep active in mind and spirit, and you will never grow old.

1954 | BETSY MACRAY HALSEY reports, “After several years of sailing our sailboat in the Pacific Ocean off of the Marina del Rey we are back in my old hometown of Fayetteville, N.C. Charlie and I have been married for 44 years come November. We are happy to be with our MacRae family and loved ones; Charlie’s five children and nine grandchildren.”

1954C | ROBERTA GRAHAM CARTER is living in Roanoke, Virginia. She says that there is a lot going on and she has been fortunate in having made some lovely friends.

Holton Volunteer Archivists Suzanne Frazier Martin ’57 and Kay Kaufholz Jewel ’57 with Isabel Cabezas ’13 during her senior project in Spring, 2013.

1956 |

SNOWIE HILL MYER’S granddaughter, Waring Parker, started third grade at Holton this fall. Class of 2023!

1957 | SUZANNE FRAZIER MARTIN, class secretary with text from BERRY POWERS ROBISON Hi Classmates. For this issue I asked Berry to write about the Pacific Northwest Reunion. Those gathered for it suggest the class do this on perhaps an annual basis. If you have ideas about where we might gather, please get in touch. Suzanne.

A mini-gathering of the Class of ’57 in the Pacific Northwest; front Susan Meyer Call, Berry Powers Robison, Sharon Stone Kilpatrick, Allan Hoyt Lees, Holly Akre Ertel, Faith Bullis Mace; back - Pamela Caldwell Foggin.

In May BERRY POWERS ROBISON sent out an invitation for a mid-August mini-reunion in the Pacific Northwest to all classmates with email addresses posted on the Holton website under the Class of 1957. Those without email information were mailed individual invitations by Berry, Susan Meyers Call, or Allan Hoyt Lees. Those who were willing and able convened in Vancouver, Washington at Berry’s place on the Columbia River. SHARON STONE KILPATRICK arrived by train, having visited first with her son and daughter-in-law in Seattle. She plans to join them again at Christmas for a family reunion including her daughter, son-in-law, and grandson who live in Denver. It was touch and go whether FAITH BULLIS MACE would make it because her husband Dick had surgery two weeks before the mid-August arrival date. Dick came through the surgery with the best possible results. The Maces are thankful for the PET scan technology. Faith aptly and energetically took on the role of co-pilot, GPS expert, Sous Chef, picture taker, and even taught Berry some tricks with her TV remote. The other participants included SUSAN MEYER CALL, PAMELA CALDWELL FOGGIN, ALLAN HOYT LEES, and HOLLY AKRE ERTEL. With Pamela providing a second car and excellent driving and following skills, the group

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Winter 2014

Class of ’58; Mike and Joanie Leverton Covell, Sally Dusbabek Holloway and Gene, Sue Stone Woodward, Judy Conger Shaffer, Hal and Joyce Leverton Mauney.

Class of ’58 gathering at the Dusbabek family camp on Lake Champlain; Joanie Leverton Covell, Sally Dusbabek Holloway, Joyce Leverton Mauney, Judy Conger Shaffer, Sue Stone Woodward.

caravanned to sites along the Columbia Gorge, including Multnomah Falls and the Bonneville Dam fish ladders on the Washington side where salmon could be seen swimming up river from a glassed in viewing room. Mt. Hood was another stop taking in the WPA project, Timberline Lodge. The next day included Cannon Beach, Oregon on the coast with a view of the famous Haystack Rock and on to the Tillamook Cheese Factory for lunch and tour. The next day the group took in the Portland Saturday Market and Fort Vancouver. Everyone pitched in to tend bar, get dinner on the table, and serve the desserts at Berry’s. The most memorable line of the mini-reunion came following a query to a road flagger to get us back on track and not drive in circles. The flagger said to the second car, “Don’t follow her…she’s lost.” All’s well that ends well. Pamela’s husband, Tom, joined the group for Saturday night dinner and made the observation, “You are so comfortable with each other.” That’s us: the remarkable class of ’57. Five year intervals are too long to wait to get together. We hope there are more mini-reunions. DOUGIE GRAY MCGREIVY was slated to come, but knee replacement surgery intervened. After a painful recovery in California where she now lives, she can walk again. DOTTIE HODGES RODDY also planned to attend, but family visitors and her oldest granddaughter’s wedding in North Carolina made it a scheduling impossibility. Two years ago Dottie took on the maintenance of the gardens at Mepkin Abbey, a Trappist Monastery outside of Charleston, South Carolina. She has a home at Isle of Palms about 45 minutes away and is in South Carolina about three weeks out of the month. SALLY GIBBS SHOOK had hoped to come, but she had commitments to grandchildren and obligations regarding her house in Virginia Beach where she and Lou now live. Suzanne had to cancel, also, due to family events. SALLY LIPSCOMB HOLDERNESS became the great grandmother to a beautiful baby girl, Kamdyn Amaya, in June of 2012. LAURA CONWAY NASON moved from Sedona, Arizona to Scottsdale, Arizona in the fall of 2012. Although she loved her ten years in Sedona, Scottsdale provided her with more conveniences and better medical options.

1958 | JOYCE LEVERTON MAUNEY I had a delightful evening with LINDA HOOPES TRACY last spring in Boston. I was in the city with a group from my museum in Norfolk to tour private collections: a very special treat. JANE PATRICK MCJENNETT drove up to


take me to her home in the rolling countryside near Little Compton, Rhode Island. The view from their living area went on forever, punctuated by a huge white blooming pear tree. John and Jane grow most of their own vegetables, with extras for rabbits, nearby. JOANIE LEVERTON COVELL, SUE STONE WOODWARD, JUDY CONGER SHAFFER, and I converged on SALLY DUSBABEK HOLLOWAY’S lake cabin for a few days’ house party with our husbands. What a gorgeous part of the country is up-state New York: full of woods, lakes, history, and country inns. JUJU FRASER has a new website offering her beautiful handmade creations of custom picture frames, decorations, and Christmas ornaments. Look her up at My sister, KIM LEVERTON CAVENDISH ’63, was recognized by the Florida Association of Museums with its Lifetime Achievement Award. Please see the 1963 class notes for details. What a fine recognition of her long career. Hal and I moved to Delray Beach, Florida permanently in the summer. We are building a (downsized) home not far from the beach and would love to hear from you when you are in the area. Please send me your news.

1959 | GINNY OLDS GOSHDIGIAN Our 55th reunion is scheduled for the weekend of April 24-27, 2014. Make plane reservations now, connect with classmates to arrange for a place to stay, and get ready for a FABULOUS weekend!!!

1960 |

BROOKE FARLAND OATLEY reports that she and her husband, Clive, have three grandchildren with the addition of grandson Sebastien born on March 13, 2013. She thoroughly enjoyed visiting Holton three years ago for her 50th class reunion!

1961 | LORRIE LIPSCOMB ROBERTS and her husband Phil spent some time traveling in the Pacific Northwest in September including a trip to Montana for some fly fishing in Derby, Montana.  

1963 | The Florida Association of Museums has awarded its Lifetime Achievement Award to KIMBROUGH LEVERTON CAVENDISH. It “recognizes an individual who has worked in the museum field for over 30 years and

whose career has made a profound impact on the field, individual museums, and the lives of the citizens of the State of Florida.” What a well-deserved recognition for Kim! Kim was Holton’s Distinguished Alumna of the year in 2008.

1965 | ANNA SCHOELLKOPF LACHER An important note from EILEEN ZOLA JOSEPH: Want to share some memories that will bring you back to the friends and school experiences that shaped your life? Join me and our dear COURTENAY JONES CULP April 23rd through the 26th in 2015, to visit the site of our high school years. My husband and I have been divinely married 40 years and I want time off for good behavior! Our wonderful sons, Jonathan and Jeremy (Landon grads), live in California and have terrific careers. Court has a brilliant career in therapeutic counseling and Mid-Atlantic tennis. There are so many of us who have led such interesting lives; ANNA SCHOELLKOPF LACHNER and her life in Aiken, FRANCIE CLEVELAND and her exotic travels, KAY HEARD HANSON and Peter and their interesting trips, grandchildren to brag about, too many experiences since we graduated NOT to share in person! So begin thinking and planning to be at our 50th Reunion. Yes, it’s true that it’ll be here before we know it. A magnificent time is already being planned. Let’s work on having a heartwarming and overwhelming turnout. In an email, ELIZABETH THOMAS COLANERI, a resident of Margate, New Jersey, describes her escape from Super Storm Sandy on Monday, October 29, 2012, “I have lived most of my life on a barrier island and was going to ride it out, but when the first high tide had water reaching the top step, we decided to bail when the tide receded just enough to get the car out. So Charlie, my significant other, and I bundled up the six cats and made it across the bridge to a friend’s house. That was after we lost power and the land line. We had just a small window of opportunity until the next high tide which would have made escape impossible. Our friend had a generator but no internet so I relied on my iPhone for information and really learned how to text!” The damage to Elizabeth’s house was a flooded crawl space, under the house, and the loss of the central air conditioner. Fortunately her losses were covered by FEMA funds and some insurance money. Her office on the mainland, in Linwood, did sustain some damage. The carpet and some drywall had to be replaced. Luckily, her files and computer were undamaged. Elizabeth is still a solo law practitioner who does mostly estate work, guardianships, and elder law. This

past summer Elizabeth spent some time on Cape Cod with two of her best friends from childhood. Their trip included some awesome whale watching and a visit to Provincetown. Elizabeth writes, “I cannot believe that 50 years ago, this September I came to Holton as a junior. Of course the assassination of President Kennedy stands out as an unforgettably sad experience, but there are many good memories too like going to the Beatles concert. Those poor housemothers! Do you realize they were probably younger than we are now?! And of course going to concerts at Constitution Hall....slightly more high-brow! I am looking forward to our 50th reunion in 2015. How did we get this old? Oh, well it is just a number. Most days I feel as though I am still 35!”

Eileen Zola Joseph ’65 running into Sandra Engle Gichner ’84 at JazzFest 2013 in New Orleans.

In September your class secretary had a long phone conversation with CANDY BON HEENAN who lives in La Jolla, California. In the summer she visited her Bon cousins in the Engadine region of Switzerland. She reported that her son, John, is presently a student at St. Andrews University in Scotland. John did an internship in Europe last summer in computer software. In early June ANNA SCHOELLKOPF LACHER spent a week in Basalt, Colorado visiting her older brother, Walter Schoellkopf, whose nickname is Shellee. The wild flowers were in full bloom and there was still snow on the high mountain peaks. One evening he took her to a fantastic concert given by local musician, Bobby Mason, at the historic Wheeler Opera House in nearby Aspen. In July, Anna was a guest at a fun family party given by her cousin, PEGGY PORTNER ’62, at her house in Cabin John, Maryland where she also met up with classmate and Peggy’s sister, SHELLY PORTNER MURRAY ’65. Shelly’s husband, Sandy, had just retired after a long teaching career at Landon. Please send your class notes to Anna Schoellkopf Lachner at or call her at 803-648-7227.

1966 |

Five Holton Board Chairs; Sara Fogarty Hayes ’66, Connie Corby Tompkins ’69, Debbie Camalier Walker ’70, Winton Smoot Holladay ’70, Martha Dippell ’68 (current Chair) attend the wedding of Winton’s son.

Elizabeth Johns Ferguson ’71 and Sally Somers Austin ’71 had a mini-reunion in Greensboro in spring of 2013.

ANNICE JOYNES JOHNSTON thought she had retired but her last client invested heavily in broodmares. Now Annice is out of retirement and her pastures are full of mares and foals.

1971 |

ELIZABETH JOHNS FERGUSON and SALLY SOMERS AUSTIN had a mini-reunion in Greensboro this spring when Elizabeth was painting with artist Jill Steenhuis. They hope to assemble the rest of the group soon!

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Winter 2014

1978 | ANNE HOBBS writes, “I haven’t shared any news

Catherine Gortner ’79 with family and friends in the Sierra Nevadas.

Anne Armstrong ’79 (second from left) at the American Cemetery in Coleville-sur-Mer, France.

in a long while so thought I would catch you all up? In 1996 I moved from LA with two horses and established Happy View Farm, two miles as the crow flies from Bethany Beach and Fenwick Island, Delaware. In 1999, I got married at the age of 38 and decided to leave the demanding career of teaching. I got into environmental engineering through the local community college, and immediately got a job at the wastewater treatment plant that cleans all the water generated by you beach tourists in the summer, and of course by locals year round. I started, and then 11 years later finished with a degree in environmental engineering from the same community college (Del Tech). During that period of time I had a girl (Victoria, 2003) and twins, a girl and a boy (Sophia and Edwin, 2006). I also established and grew a small horseback riding business from the farm. Currently I am still working with wastewater and run the laboratory at the treatment plant. In 2009, I was nominated, and again this spring, for Delaware Wastewater Professional of the Year, and this year I won? There was a ceremony May 2, 2013. I also teach environmental sciences part time at Del Tech. I have enrolled in an MBA program through Wilmington University and am slowly working my way towards that degree with an eye to doing something else once my kids all hit middle school age. Otherwise, I am involved in the same things most of you all did in your 30’s: Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, little league, soccer, etc. My kids all ride and two of them pretty competitively, and we do rodeo-style game shows, like barrel racing and pole bending. I am on Facebook so look me up. I enjoy keeping up with those of you who are on Facebook, although I definitely do not visit Facebook that frequently.”

1979 | INA HANEL-GERDENICH CATHERINE GORTNER writes, “Peace, rest and, well, loafing are undervalued in America. I loafed several weeks at my family’s mountain cabin in the Sierra Nevada this summer. With the outdoor fireplace we had s’mores with my nieces and nephew and wine for the adults. My nieces and nephew made me perfectly browned marshmallows (hard to do with youthful impatience, they must love me) and melted chocolate s’mores, but only after their bellies were full first, which is the right order of things. My brother playing skillful guitar to the delight of everyone gathered. He really did want to be a rock star. This is no exaggeration. Now he’s a star father and husband. Neighbors, who feel like extended family, pulling up deck chairs and either singing or chatting away or both. You don’t have to keep a tune, but happiness is a must. Sleeping in until the mosquitoes bite on outside decks and no phone calls because there is no cell phone service or texting, I cherish being a luddite for a season, even for just a few weeks. Setting a festive picnic table by the lake with dear retired friends with their massive antique pewter candelabra, candles that don’t match (my contribution), red and green grapes in its top bowl, much laughter, good cheer and, yes,


wine. It was the table to come to and laugh at the annual barbeque, all welcome with great warmth and hugs. In short, I think I had one of the best summers of my adult life!” One of the highlights of ANNE ARMSTRONG's summer was to visit the National Guard Monument at Vierville-sur-Mer, France, a town on the Normandy coast that witnessed the Allies’ arrival on D-day. “Part of my responsibility at work is managing a monument in Normandy, France which is dedicated by the National Guard Association to the National Guardsmen who landed on Omaha Beach on D-Day, June 6, 1944. Primarily it was the 29th Infantry Division which is comprised of soldiers from Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia. In July, I went over for a week to look at the status of the Monument but also to prepare for a delegation of VIPs we’re taking over next year (June 2014) to commemorate the 70th Anniversary. The significance is unique because this particular decade represents the last one that will practically be able to host living veterans. There are photos at the blog at (National Guard Educational Foundation.). Our other Anne, ANNE LOUISE ANTONOFF, is also pursuing a career related to military history. She writes, “After getting my PhD in history from Yale in 2006, I spent several years at the University of Pennsylvania, teaching diplomatic history and international relations while co-founding and running a “strategic studies” program. I am now at the Marine Corps Command and Staff College in Quantico, VA, having “come aboard” in February 2013 as Assistant Professor of Military History. The students are pursuing master’s degrees in military science, so I get to mentor their independent research much as I did the seniors writing their theses in IR and history at Penn. I am also involved in organizing and teaching a new Advanced Studies Group there. Command and Staff College is a terrific place; my fellow professors are marvelously collegial, the atmosphere is dynamic and innovative, and my students are wonderful -- intelligent, thoughtful, highly experienced and yet eager to learn more. I truly love my job. In addition, I am working on a couple of manuscripts in my “spare” time, and will be presenting some papers this spring at conferences commemorating the outbreak of the First World War. As for personal details, I live in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Fredericksburg is a lovely little town, steeped in Civil War history; my home is in the historic district, a couple blocks from the train station. I love to show friends around my new hometown, so please visit! I also look forward to getting more involved in Holton affairs, now that I am within reach.”   DEIRDRE REYNOLDS JONES writes, “After my Dad passed last year I picked up the responsibility for making decisions for the family - big transition! NOAA was fortunate to escape furloughs this year, but that didn’t mean we were safe. The financial pressures on the agency loomed large and things got pretty tight this year. I’m still in Operations for the National Weather Service, which

is a 24x7 job even though I’m in management. I don’t get much sleep. On the fun side, I started visiting colleges with my nephew Zachary, son of KIERSTIN REYNOLDS-BEAVERS ’82. This exercise brought back many memories of my search for colleges as well as my four years at RPI.” CHARLOTTE HANSTAD is also involved with taking care of family. She is the “head nurse” for her parents, who are still living in their own home. She would very much like a position at The Library of Congress, but is also finding opportunities to be slim thanks to tight budgets.

VA. Her oldest daughter, Erin, is applying to colleges this year. Her son, Kevin, is a freshman playing JV football and her daughter, Kasey, is a fourth grader. All of them are at Collegiate School where Russell Wilson, the Seattle Seahawks’ quarterback, went to school. Kieran is Director of Radiology at Retreat Hospital, which is the oldest hospital in Richmond. When she wrote in early September, she was headed to the Lockn’ Music Festival in Arrington, Virginia, where she was meeting up with a bunch of Holton and Landon folks.

INA HANEL-GERDENICH spent much of the first half of the summer traveling to baseball games and tournaments. Two boys active on travel teams will wear you out! But to do something while sitting in the sun and watching countless games, she learned to keep score. The games become quite interesting when one has to keep track of each play and look for statistical trends. Ina and her family also had dinner with TONEEMA HAQ and family in the spring. It was great to fun to see each other after many years and meet the spouses and children! Toneema’s family visited Costa Rica during the summer, zip-lining through the jungle, kayaking, hiking and snorkeling. Son Tarik is in his third year at University of Michigan studying economics, and daughter Sabrina is in 9th grade at Walt Whitman.

SANDRA ALEX SCHWEITZER DELATEUR has recently taken her legal career in the direction of alternative dispute resolution, mostly mediation, to encourage people to find common ground and avoid litigation. She also assists her husband, Joe, with model airplane pylon racing. Their youngest son lives away at college and their eldest just started graduate school in Boston. They camp all over the West in their motor home as much as time permits. She says she looks forward to seeing the old Holton gang at the next reunion!

1980 | LAURA HADLEY PERRY LISA DUNNER recently had her 10th anniversary of the opening of Dunner Law P.L.L.C., her intellectual property law practice in Georgetown, Washington, D.C. Lisa was also recently elected to the Chair Elect position of the ABA Section of Intellectual Property Law. The IPL Section has 30,000 members, and Lisa will head this group when she succeeds the Chair in August 2014. Ten years ago, LIZ PARDOE GRAY and her husband moved from D.C. to Kennebunk, Maine (Kennebunkport’s neighbor). Liz says she first thought, “What am I doing here?” but they have settled into a relaxed lifestyle. When she returns to D.C. and hits Chevy Chase Circle, she thinks she’s going to have a heart attack! She works as a home companion to the elderly, and is on the board of her Uncle’s (Sam Pardoe) charitable foundation. She sees ELIZA JOHNSTON PETER ’81 who lives nearby, and they spent several days with SUSIE EVANS MIDDLETON on her farm in Martha’s Vineyard. This past summer she and Eliza visited with LAINEY WEBB MOSELEY ’81 who was vacationing close by in Maine. KIERAN GORMAN CROSS says life is good in Richmond,

Peace, rest and, well, loafing are undervalued in America.

— Catherine Gortner ’79

ELAINE HAYS reports that after five years in ski country Colorado she finds herself teaching high school math at Sanborn Regional High School in Southern New Hampshire and she loves it. She says she is lucky enough to live close to family, mountains, seashore, and Boston. Her health is good, her family’s health is good and she likes her work. She says she feels blessed and she would love to know how others are navigating their “dare I say it” 50’s. CATHY NAJAR is still living in north Bethesda with her two dogs and her daughter Becca and she works as a senior project manager for Covance. In her free time she enjoys quilting and painting and going on yoga retreats. Becca graduated college in May and is living at home to save money and working as a contractor through CACI for the SEC in Union Station. Her other daughter, Natalie, is living in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn and designing in Manhattan for Jeffrey Beers.  NISI CARLISLE HAMILTON says her third of four children just started college at Clemson, and now the family has become huge fans of the color orange. She and her husband, Chris, are very grateful they have number four, Lydia (10), still at home keeping them smiling. MONICA CHAPMAN works at the Fauquier SPCA as Veterinarian-In-Charge in Berryville, Virginia. This past year she has started training in Western Herbal Medicine. Her son, husband, and she all play music together and have performed at the Berryville Farmer’s Market. Monica says they have to let her

39 J

Winter 2014

Amy Delouise ’81 is producing multimedia, mainly for nonprofits, and often for large, multi-screen events in front of thousands, which she says, ‘is kinda cool’ and ‘gets people to cry and write big checks.’

family perform because her husband is the Market Manager. They still live in their old house on their twenty-acre farm and grow organic vegetables and medicinal herbs (all legal ones at this point). AND, she says SUSIE EVANS MIDDLETON  ’88 is her hero!

visiting her mother, JANE HADLEY PERRY ’52, and father in Charlottesville, Virginia.

ALORIN HARRIS opened a shop, Artifacts, in Poolesville, Maryland this past April. The shop specializes in antique and vintage items, as well as hand painted furniture and decor. She also refinishes furniture which has turned out to be a big unmet need in the area!

It has been great hearing from so many of our classmates. It’s amazing what social media can do. First, I would like say our condolences to LAURIE KEYSER BRUNNER on the recent loss of her mother, Eleanor. Laurie writes how much she, along with her husband, Russ and their sons, Russell (17) and Matthew (14) appreciated all the notes from her classmates. She said her mother loved seeing all of us who attended reunion a few years ago at Laurie’s house. Mrs. Keyser and Mrs. Puckett were regular bridge partners. Mrs. Keyser kept Mrs. Puckett up to date on all the “goings on” of our class.

SUSAN BLACKBURN GRIFFITH has been in the UK for 13 years, after two years teaching undergraduates in Croatia. She went to get her doctorate, which took a little longer than planned, as she married Mike Griffith in 2003 and had their son John Morgan in 2005, and finally submitted her dissertation when he was three years old! She now teaches church history (part-time) at Oxford. Susan is also in regular contact with LACEY WASHINGTON ’79, who was one of her bridesmaids, and MARY KAY CARTER ANDREADES and her sister VIRGINIA CARTER ’82. Susan reports that she saw SANDRA ALEX SCHWEITZER DELATEUR in August in Virginia, as well as LIBBY SCHMELTZER HINSON ’79. They were all visiting their moms/ parents. When she wrote, she was about to meet up with LIS SILBY PETKEVICH in Oxford. She has also met up with LESLEY SCHISGALL CURRIER and LISA ADLER BRAMWELL, CINDY PIERCE KOHLENBERGER, DIANA PIERCE BURGESS ’82, and BECKY AMENT MARQUIGNEY ’83, along with various family members! JENNY GEORGIA ’78 was there last year with family. Lastly, she was rescued by VICTORIA HEARD ’74 when she and her son got stuck in Dallas for three days on their way back to England in August. To sum up she says, “Lots of Holton mini-reunions. I am always up to seeing friends passing through!” HOLLEY DASCHBACH, her partner, and their nine-year-old son have relocated from New Mexico to the green and wet world of Washington State. “A huge and welcome contrast,” she says.  She is working with two-six year olds at a local Montessori school, helping Daniel make the leap into fourth grade, and loving the proximity to woods, mountains, and ocean! LAURA HADLEY PERRY administrates a non-profit in New York that provides sliding-scale psychotherapy to the LGBT community. She is also a freelance editor and copy editor. For fun she does scavenger hunts around the city with friends, and this fall she did one organized by an Italian company, in Venice. She loves visiting her sister ANNIE PERRY OWEN ’77 and her clan—which now includes a great niece and great nephew—in Purcellville and Leesburg, Virginia, and



This has been the year of “50” for many of us. As KATHRYN ANNE (K.A.) SANDERSON BLAKEMAN’S daughter told her, 50 is the new 30! K.A. and her husband, Dan, have a real estate business in Miami, Florida and have a terrible habit of buying fixer-uppers every few years, living through construction, than doing it again once the project is over. The mother of 19 year old twins, her daughter Bethany, is at Georgetown which gives K.A. a great reason to visit D.C. as often as possible. Massey, her son, spent one year at Florida State having so much fun he just couldn’t go back to school! K.A says, she has now “become one of those crazy dog ladies” working with a number of rescues and personally taking in senior dogs that are abandoned. CARYN CABANISS MUDD has packed up and left suburbia to move to the Chesapeake Bay and enjoy beautiful sunsets every night with her husband of three years, Richard. Her son Grant (age 23) is a student at Western New England University and is interested in a career in marketing. Charlie, who is autistic, is enrolled in Community College and is thriving. He is managing his studies without an aide and he is such an inspiration to us and everyone he meets. Natalie, the baby, is a freshman at High Point University and adores her school and new college life. LESLIE GEORGE continues to teach at St. Albans and now shares the ride into school every day with her son who has started his first year there. Leslie says, “he joins an impressive group of ’81ers sons; including the sons of FOREE “MUFFET” MCCAULEY BIDDLE, GAIL GRAEUB ATWOOD, and MEGAN BEECHAM, as well as SUZANNE “SUSU” DUDLEY SCHON’S nephew. SARAH FOLEY CHOATE moved back to the D.C. area from New Hampshire in September. As she says, newly single, she will be busy “reinventing

herself ” and would love to catch up with any of her classmates, as I am sure we all would. CAROL O’NEILL has been living in St. Louis for three and a half years. She moved there to run the packaging business of a publicly traded plastics business. That has since been bought by an even bigger plastics company leaving her unemployed and also thinking about her next chapter. Carol spends time running, swimming, bikram yoga classes, and horseback riding, which she says isn’t quite as easy as it used to be after 35 years, but it does give her a chance to see MARY DANFORTH STILLMAN. All the while, her husband has been working part-time and taking care of her three wonderful and “challenging” children over the years while Carol pursued various career opportunities. Carol says Cassandra (13) thinks her mother is the biggest frump in the world, Gabriella (12) agrees with her sister, and Emmett (8) still thinks Mom is pretty fun because she plays with him. ALESSANDRA “SANDRA” VIA DAIGNEAULT wrote to let us know she is still living in the D.C. area (Vienna, VA) with her wonderful husband of 22 years, Matthew, and their two boys, Matthew and Christopher along with two extremely cute but spoiled Shih Tzus. She stopped practicing law a few years ago to join her husband in starting a virtual consulting business called “Quantum Governance, L3C” which provides governance and strategic planning for nonprofit and corporate foundation boards of directors and senior leaders throughout the world. She says they are growing leaps and bounds with up to eight consultants, and having fun in the process. She also saw ANNA MARIE JACKSON LAURENCE about a month ago when she flew out to the D.C. area to join Alessandra and four friends from college and law school for a spa weekend to celebrate Alessandra’s 50th birthday. AMY DELOUISE writes that she is living in Kensington, Maryland and loves being a mom to her two boys: a fifth grader who plays piano and baseball and a tenth grader who plays percussion and runs cross county. Both are still willing to give her kisses, but not always in public. Her consulting company is morphing in interesting ways continuing to figure out how to help nonprofits figure out how to brand/rebrand and working at the intersection of digital storytelling and strategy, as well as producing multimedia, again mainly for nonprofits, and often for large, multi-screen events in front of thousands. Amy says this “is kinda cool” and “gets people to cry and write big checks.” She is still singing with her a cappella “gals” in Venus d Minor with an album still for sale on Amazon and iTunes. Amy says, sales make them “enough to buy the occa-

sional bottle of Sauv Blanc for rehearsal.” And as if this wasn’t enough to keep her busy, she is playing violin with the NIH Philharmonia and performed a solo in Brahms 1st Symphony the weekend of October 19 (www.nihphil.or). Amy also said, the biggest news is her husband is in major job search mode which leaves her wondering where they will end up! In the next two months she’ll be travelling for “video stuff ” in New York, Chicago, Memphis, and Vegas if you happen to be in any of those spots and would like to catch up. For Amy’s 50th, she met up with KATYA MASNYK DUVALKO, KERI KAPUS BUSH, and AMI KIM in San Antonio where Katya, who Amy says, “is a major honcho in Canadian healthcare” has business. AMI KIM married to her fellow law school classmate, has three children. Jesse (14), Lucy (11) who she describes as “Miss Perfect” and wishes she could go to Holton, and Eli (9) her “extravert politician and conservative.” Ami writes, “I practiced law for a few years, then worked in-house at a big bank which was exciting and stressful. I left for a couple of years to play and I’m now in nonprofit work (social media/community engagement for a local public broadcasting station in Richmond, Virginia).” In addition to her current employment, Ami is a self-described “competitive knitter and crazed soccer mom photographer.”

Keri Lynn Kapus Bush ’81 biking in Tahoe at a Leukemia Endurance fundraising event.

Jennifer Lessin ’81 at work in her pediatric practice.

“Hello all from Charlotte, NC,” writes BARB MEYER. Barb is a very busy mom of three very active boys who all play travel ice hockey. She says it’s been great fun to watch them progress since they only started skating about two years ago. Her Canadian husband is coach to all of them and Barb gets to be a hockey mom on the weekends. Barb is also busy working full time as a Family Practitioner in Huntersville, North Carolina just outside of Charlotte. Barb writes, “the work is never dull and I love the fact that I am now caring for three generations of several families (the babies of the babies I saw when I first started practicing.)” Along with her three boys, she has two large yellow labs, a bearded dragon lizard, several fish, and finally, the only females besides her - two guinea pigs. She says the place is a zoo. Barb writes, “I have grown very fond of female companionship as you might imagine and will be at the next big reunion to catch up.” In the meantime, she enjoyed her annual girl’s weekend celebrating her 50th with CARRIE KNEBEL in Hilton Head, South Carolina. KITTY LICHTMANN DOCKSER writes, her daughter “Samantha is a sophomore in the BFA program at the University of Miami in Coral Gables and loves it there. Drew is a junior at The Potomac School and is the photo editor of the yearbook, plays violin and piano,

41 J

Winter 2014

I act some, write some, do some life coaching, and manage the four dogs. Yes, kinda crazy...

—Suzanne “Susu” Dudley Schon ’81

and enjoys other creative pursuits. Evan and I are very happily married and live in McLean, Virginia. I work full time as a legal headhunter and Evan holds down the fort and has become a very talented cook. We have an 11 month old golden retriever to keep us young.” KIMBERLEY STALKER GREEN, who I probably see the most of, is the mother of two girls, Abby in 6th grade and Kendall in 4th grade. Both are at The Potomac School in McLean, Virginia. Kimberley is working at American University Washington College of Law. She runs into DEIRDRE BAND SALCETTI at gym. Deirdre works at Burning Tree Elementary School and as coincidence would have it, was my nephew’s second grade teacher. He loved her!! VIOLAINE MITCHELL’S youngest daughter agrees with K.A.’s daughter…50 is the new 30 but Vio says, she is “not so sure.” Vio’s daughter, Mira (24), is in her second year of vet school and has fallen in love with cattle (the one species they don’t have on their farm right now); her youngest daughter Laila (21) waitresses at the Four Season in Geneva (and swears she is a city girl at heart, adores pavement, and refuses to believe she grew up on a farm.) Her step-daughter, Lily (22), is in her first year of museum studies at University of Toronto. Vio writes, her “marriage to my first husband from Egypt fell apart about ten years ago, though we are still on reasonable terms. New husband (hopefully the last!) is a former logger and journalist, and now farmer on Vancouver Island in British Columbia.” They have a farm,, which is just about 100% chaos all the time. About eight years ago, they started a magazine, Small Farm Canada, that “rather rapidly went national--great fun--and to help pay the bills.” Vio says, “let’s face it, farming and print magazines aren’t exactly blockbusters” so she continues to work at the Gates Foundation in Seattle on immunizations in developing countries and spends a lot of time in Nigeria. Her goal for end 2013-2014 is to get together with ANNA-MARIE JACKSON LAURENCE, JEREMY CUTLER VASSALLO, and KELLEY SHIELDS in Seattle. She says they even said they were coming to the farm, but things got too busy, but she is definitely holding them to a visit soon. ELLEN BRYAN GIUFFRE lives in New Market, Maryland, outside of Frederick. She has been married for 28 years and has four beautiful children. Mary (22) is her oldest and an Ensign in the Navy. She is currently on deployment in the Mediterranean. She graduated from University of Maryland and became a commissioned officer in May of 2012. Ashley (19) is a sophomore at Virginia Tech, studying Animal Sciences, with a minor in psychology. Isabelle (14) is a freshman in


high school. Last but not least, Anthony (13) is in the 8th grade. Ellen writes, “I have pretty much spent the last couple of decades living vicariously through them and have enjoyed every minute of it. As far as accomplishments, I created my own home based business, Memory Boulevard, Custom DVD Slideshows in 2008 which you can find on Facebook. Currently I have taken on the task of writing a novel, which I hope to get published in 2014. Turning 50, which happened for me back in December, and my children inspired me to do it. It was time to do something for myself. I wish you all the best and look forward to hearing more of your stories.” Congratulations to JENNIFER “JENNY” LESSIN who lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota and was able to LEGALLY marry, as she says, “the love of her life,” Sue, an Adaptive Physical Education teacher (PE teacher for kids with disabilities.) They have ten year old twins, Eli and Sasha, whom they share with their other mom from Jenny’s first partnership. Eli plays travelling soccer and is “just filled with music (mostly expressed singing and dancing in his room in front of the mirror.) Sasha plays violin with the Greater Twin Cities Youth Symphony and like Jenny, is also a Black Belt in Taekwondo. Jenny has been with the same health care group for 12 years working as a Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician with children who have ADHD, autism, learning problems, and “the whole gamut of genetic, emotional, and behavioral problems.” Jenny writes, “my mid-life accomplishment is finally being able to work 0.6 time and be home with the kids before and after school. Seriously, being home has been my dream! My happiest three months of my life were on maternity leave – nesting and taking care of baby twins! Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do and the folks I work with, but I feel like I’ve either been in school or working full time my whole life!” JOANIE TANOUS is living in Boulder, Colorado and was able to catch up with CINI BOW ’79, thanks to RAHEL CROWLEY clueing her in via Facebook. Joanie says, “Cini still has the same infectious smile and gutbusting laugh that you might remember from watching her whiz around the hockey field.” They both laughed when they realized that each still has their field hockey sticks. Apparently, LYNN TORRAY ’78 lives in Boulder also, so they plan to track her down. “Congratulations to all on all of your accomplishments,” writes ELIZA JOHNSTON PETER after reading the numerous Facebook posts for the news. According to Eliza, her life seems pretty hum-drum compared to most of you all, but she is extremely happy to be 50 and living in York, Maine with her family. Her

oldest two (identical twin girls) just headed off to Elon University for a taste of southern living and she and her husband are getting used to the partial empty nest. She still has a 13 year old boy at home, a dog, and a husband, so it’s her and the boys! Eliza says she hasn’t worked for 15 years other than doing some work for SUSIE EVANS MIDDLETON ’80 with recipe testing for her cookbooks (check out www.sixburnersue. com). Eliza still keeps in touch with Susie as well as LIZ PARDOE GRAY ’80. She said LAINEY WEBB MOSELEY visited her briefly this summer on her way to pick up her daughter at camp. Speaking of Lainey, RAHEL CROWLEY tells us Lainey is an extraordinary mama of four. An Emmy-winning former CBS news producer, she gave up the dream to mind a growing family. She has one boy, a high school senior, and three gorgeous daughters of very different temperaments and personalities. The best account is from the woman herself at http:// Rachel says, and I agree, if you have a moment check-in because you will be moved, you’ll both laugh and cry at her tales of life in her maelstrom with her special needs daughter, Leta Moseley. Many of you may remember FRAN MOYLES FISHER who left after 10th grade due to a family move to Pittsburgh. Fran and her husband, Matt, live in San Francisco, but Fran says she will take every opportunity she can to get back to the east coast, mostly visiting Pittsburgh and Southampton, Long Island. She writes, “We have four children: my oldest, Matthew, went to boarding school in NH and is a freshman at MIT. My daughter, Curry, is a Junior at the boarding school Portsmouth Abbey in RI. My daughter, Regan, is an 8th grader and is looking at the possibility of boarding school as well. Patrick, a 7th grader, doesn’t want to think about high school.” One of her closest friends in the Bay area is NOELLE CIBULA RICH ’83 DALE BANFIELD BANNING lives in Newport News, Virginia with her husband Scott (remember those computer dates we had our senior year with Bullis….her date stuck around for the long haul!!) They have two children, Will who is a junior at Hampden Sydney College playing football and majoring in biology, and Mary Webb, a sophomore at Sewanee and an equestrian. Dale works at a furniture consignment shop that she says is crazy busy! Scott is a physician and president of his group which keeps him busy. They love living in the Tidewater area. VIRGINIA MILLER MCDONOUGH lives in Winchester, Mass., just outside of Boston, and teaches 4th grade in a local public school. Her oldest son is a sophomore at University of Chicago and her other son is a freshman in high school.

DIANA SILMAN PAGNOTTA writes, “I’m not sure who will remember me, I left Holton after 8th grade, and left a chunk of heart in those hallowed halls as well.” For us long timers, who could forget Diana! She continues to write, “I had so much fun with many of you at our 20th reunion, at first I wasn’t sure I would fit in, but it felt wonderful to be with all of you, and I have enjoyed reading about everyone’s accomplishments, ups, downs, hopes, dreams and all the surprises that life has thrown our way.” Diana is a 911 operator...a number we hope we never have to call but glad to know that hopefully, someone like Diana will be on the other end. Diana says, “Before that, I was a FF/ Paramedic. I literally woke up one day, at the age of 41, and decided I wanted to play with the big boys. Never occurred to me that I couldn’t do it, so I did. It was the best decision I ever made. Loved it, but I got too old and too broken to do it after a career ending injury in 2007, I hung up my bunkers, and carried away a whole lot of life experience! I like to think I set a good example for my kids though. Never stop dreaming, and never let anyone tell you you’re not good enough! That’s right, I’m a Holton girl! Speaking of kids, I have 2. My daughter, Mia, is 11 going on 30. She plays soccer, baseball (not softball, BASEBALL), and basketball. She wants to be a veterinarian, and an FBI Profiler, and a Medical Examiner, and a Marine. Then there’s the boy - Mike. He’s 14 and firmly entrenched in his teen-aged angst. He plays football, baseball, and X-box. He’s twice my size, and likes to pretend he doesn’t like me. But he will always be Mama’s little boy. And still likes to cuddle when no one is looking. I enjoy embarrassing them both as often as I can. They’re fantastic, and I love them beyond words.”

Kimberly Stalker Green ’81 with her family in Islay, Scotland this summer.

SUZANNE “SUSU” DUDLEY SCHON, remarried to a “really good man” is the proud mother of two great kids and three wonderful step children who dub her “Suzunzel.” She writes, the “ages of aforementioned offspring now tallying five with the steps included: my son is 19, Connor, he is a sophomore at Wesleyan University, in an acapella group, and rowing crew; Hunter, my daughter, is 17, is a senior at Idyllwild Arts Academy in CA as a musical theater performer; and the step girls—Lauria, is 20, a sophomore at Cooper Union in NYC, Allie, is 16, a ski-racer is newly at Proctor Academy in Andover, New Hampshire, and Lily is 12, theatrical in nature, she has taken up the euphonium and the tuba, yes, the largest, brass instruments. I act some, write some, do some life coaching, and manage the four dogs. Yes, kinda crazy...I think back on Holton as being a collection of incredible, talented, smart women. Sending you all the very best and hope to cross paths before too long.”

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Winter 2014

Maggie and David Bracero’s wedding in December 2012. Maggie is the daughter of Suzanne Huguely Douglass ’81.

INGRID SOJIT lives in Argentina and has been busy raising amazing children. She says, “By the time my fourth is in college, I will have spent 32 years nonstop raising kids. My oldest daughter is 26. She’s a vocalist who lives in the Bay area. She graduated from UC San Diego a while ago. My son who is 25 was an international business major at Southern Oregon and now lives in Bali, Indonesia where he is CEO of Sacred Scoops, a company which produces raw vegan ice cream. My daughter Abby is 20 and a junior at Hamilton College in Clinton, NY. Amanda (11) is here with me. She’s an amazing dancer and horse person, but her greatest passion is artistic roller skating. We have a border collie and a standard poodle. Its early spring here and we’re waiting for the last threat of frost to recede before we put in our vegetable garden. We’ve been growing everything from seeds indoors since late July which is like January or February in D.C.” KATYA MASNYK DUVALKO has three boys, one 15 and 16-year-old twins, all with as she says, “…very Ukrainian names: Maksym, Danylo and Mykyta.” Maksym has Asperger’s but is very high functioning. He presented us with huge challenges when he was younger. CARYN CABANISS helped me earlier with some tips for managing him and he seems to be doing well now. Twins are identical twins but nothing alike. One is super artistic and seems to be a reincarnation of my strong willed, stubborn mother; while the other is easy going, sporty and will likely be a social worker. Maksym will likely be an engineer, although he also dreams of being a chef. We have two cats and a dog.” To celebrate her 50th, Katya took her boys on a birthday trip to Barbados for a celebration and a welldeserved rest. She welcomes a visit from anyone in the Toronto area. WILMA MARIANNE WYSS writes, “For the past 30 years I’ve lived in the Berkeley, California area and go by Wilma. I was a graphic designer for many years, but lost interest in the field as it became more and more web-based. For the past seven years I have been a fine artist, showing my work in galleries and creating work on commission. My art is largely sculptural and all about color and pattern. I am very happily married to Matt Taecker, urban designer and architect. We have three sons who are all thoughtful, creative young men. Raising them has been my greatest joy in life. Ben (22) graduated from Evergreen State College, in Olympia, Washington, where he studied music technology. He creates and performs electronic music under the name of SIXIS. Aaron (20) is studying at Quest University in British Columbia. He is a passionate artist and is coming up with innovative ways to integrate visual art,


computer technology and philosophy. Joseph (16) is at Berkeley High School and loves photography. Our household is rounded out by our mixed-lab dog and eight hens. My sister SUSI WYSS ’82 returned to Holton a couple of times recently to speak at assemblies. She is an author, and her book “The Civilized World” was read by Sally Alexander’s Bookclub! MEGAN BEECHAM, LESLIE GEORGE, and MELISSA COGGESHALL CAREY were in attendance. Melissa says it was fantastic. MARY DANFORTH STILLMAN has been living in St. Louis for 20 years. She and her husband, Tom, just celebrated their 25th anniversary. They have three children; John, a senior at Yale, Isabelle, as sophomore at Middlebury, and Anna, a senior in high school. Mary writes, “Unlike what most people say about their kids, mine are all kind of alike. They have the same sense of humor and the same basic outlook on life.” Her husband recently put together a local group that bought the St. Louis Blues hockey team, which seems funny to Mary since she never put on a pair of cleats or any kind of mouth guard. Now her life seems centered around sports. At present, Mary is spearheading an effort to open a girls school in St. Louis. It will be a charter school for low income, primarily minority girls, most of whom will be first in their families to go to college. The school, Hawthorn Leadership School for Girls (Mary says, “yes, it had to start with an H as a nod to Holton) will be 6-12 grade. They will be affiliating with a group of schools in New York, the Young Women’s Leadership Network that has had very good outcomes and with nearly 100% of their graduates being accepted to college. KERI LYNN KAPUS BUSH, after 21 years, is still a practicing attorney specializing in defending and advising management in employment matters. She is proud to have been and continues to be a speaker and educator on women in the law through efforts with DRI, the world’s largest defense attorney organization, for which she was elected by the membership to the Board and currently serves as a liaison for the educational arm of the organization. Personally, Keri just celebrated her 21st wedding anniversary to Mike and like most of us, her 50th birthday. She writes, “about three years ago, I thought it would be ’fun’ to join up with Team in Training to ride a century bike ride in Lake Tahoe and raise funds for blood cancer research. Since then I also ran a half marathon and completed an Olympic triathlon through the organization. I think I might be done though!” Keri met up with AMI KIM, AMY DELOUISE, and KATYA MASNYK DUVALKO for a joint “big birthday” celebration and hopes to see other fellow Holton classmates soon.

“Hello 5-0!” writes RAHEL CROWLEY. She continues to write, “I’ve struggled not to beat myself up about staying home with kids. It’s been a challenge not to feel left behind professionally. Finally, I have found my way after 20 plus years with The Commonwealth Club of CA, a public affairs forum whose speakers are often heard on the NPR podcasts. They wanted a Marin County presence, so I am now part of a two person operation to get “Marin Conversations” started north of the Golden Gate Bridge. My daughter, Isabel, begins her sophomore year at GWU. Most say she is me, 30 years later; I don’t see it. Son Lucas lives for soccer and hopes we’ll be watching him in the Rio games. Emlen Knight is our ‘Clarence Darrow.’ If she doesn’t become a litigator, sports broadcasting may be her most likely path. We loved our 17 years in the UK, but Northern California is hopefully home forever. My husband adores the amazing bike routes, and my heaven is on the water since taking up masters rowing. Our awesome MRA team is competing for a third gold in the 50 plus race at the Head of the Charles. If you land in the Bay Area, chase me down because I always like to meet up. Party on, ladies.” While in Boston, Rachel is hoping to catch up with CECILY BIRMINGHAM COLBURN. Cecily is now an empty nester. Both her girls are at Georgetown University. Leiter is a junior and Livie is a freshman. She writes, “It is fun for me to visit D.C. and zip around the streets of Georgetown. Just like the days of old, although without my old yellow VW Bug!” Her son, Rory, is a sophomore at St. Marks School, a boarding school just west of the Boston. She and Ben, her husband, are home alone with the puppy dog (now 12 ½) and says “It’s quite peaceful after a summer of noise and mess - Standard ’line’ this summer: “I didn’t make that mess!” Cecily is finishing up a yearlong course this fall called the MA Master Gardener course. She says it has been more in depth than she could have imagined. Not a “Master” yet, Cecily is becoming well versed on horticulture: entomology (bugs), soil, weeds, botany, tools, composting, ecology and on and on. Due to Holton’s good training, Cecily says that she “fulfilled the 65 garden work hours for my class, well ahead of the November 1 deadline! Thankfully, Ben helps me out with the garden work on the weekends. This summer we attacked a part of our yard and transformed it from wasteland to a lush garden oasis. More to do next summer….” GAINES LEIGH FINLEY HURDLE along with her 50th birthday celebrated her twentieth anniversary to a “great guy.” They have two sons, Cashell (15), a sophomore at Walter Johnson and Chesley (12). She writes,

“Between Cashell’s aspergers and Chesley’s dyslexia, I’ve become quite adept at working through the Montgomery County Public School system.” She ran into AMY DELOUISE at back to school night to find out their sons are on the same cross country team. Besides chasing kids, dogs, and tennis balls, Gaines is still doing interior design work in and around D.C. She and her mom have a business together doing pop-up gift boutiques at special events in the area and as one of the owners of The Surrey, she is spending a lot of time there buying, merchandising, and marketing. She writes, “Fortunately, I can still grab a free moment to grab a glass of wine with PAGE MORRIS, take a deep breath, and realign life’s priorities.”

As for me, like many of you, 50 and the few years leading up to it have been full of changes. The nest has been empty for four years but a new and wonderful husband of three years filled the vacancy left by my girls who are busy creating their own lives. Maggie (21) was married in December to Dave Bracero, the best son-in-law a mother could hope for! Currently they live in Ft. Sill, Oklahoma where Dave is a commissioned officer going through basic training in field artillery. Maggie is wrapping up school through BYU’s online classes. Hoping to get an overseas duty station, they just found out they will instead be moving in December to Ft. Bliss, Texas which is five miles south of El Paso, Texas. Amanda is in the second year of her doctoral program for physical therapy at Old Dominion University in Norfolk. I keep telling her she needs to wrap this program up so she can take care of me! This past September, I began my ninth year as the school nurse at Bullis and love it. It’s an amazing, challenging, and varied group of 745 children who make me smile every day I go to work. My husband, Scott, although just turning 50 too, after 30 years of military/ civil service, has been able to retire as the Command Statistician at Walter Reed Military Medical Center and reinvent himself. We now have lots of “together” time because he has reinvented himself as a Stats/Math teacher at Bullis. It’s definitely interesting working with your husband! To close, I want to echo what Caryn wrote when sharing her update, “please find me on Facebook and friend me. I love keeping up with everyone there and encouraging my Holton sisters as we all go through our daily ups and downs. We have so much wisdom and kindness in this class of ’81 and I am so proud to know each and every one of you.” Every one of you is a fantastic woman in your own unique way! It has been my pleasure catching up with each of you to write these notes. Happy half century to each and every one of you!

Between Cashell’s aspergers and Chesley’s dyslexia, I’ve become quite adept at working through the Montgomery County Public School system.

— Gaines Leigh Finley Hurdle ’81

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Winter 2014

For those I may have missed with an update, please email me at and I will be sure it gets in the next notes!

1982 |

Daughters of ’87—Ella daughter of Linda Hamady Gibb, Hannah daughter of Heather Goo Parsels, Leah daughter of Liz Ward.

JENNIFER LEVINE and her husband Jeff have launched an independent school in western Chicago. They experienced such frustration and difficulty trying to find a school to meet the needs of their daughter with dyslexia, Mollie, that they decided to change the playing field. In the fall of 2013, and after two years in development, the couple opened The Wolcott School specializing in providing a rigorous college preparatory curriculum for students with different learning styles.

1984 | CATHERINE MARY RAFFERTY has been recognized by the DC Bar Estates, Trusts and Probate Law Section as the “2013 Section Member of the Year” for her contributions to the legal profession and support of the section.

1985 | KAREN RAPLEY Michelle Ratcliff-Perrin ’87 (bottom left) with her nonprofit, PlayBuild NOLA, team.

It is amazing how time flies these days. It seems hard to believe that summer is over and the holidays are already behind us. I received a few updates from our classmates and I’m glad to share their news with you: Congratulations to JANELL MAYO DUNCAN. She has founded a startup non-profit organization, Living Well Black. The organization works to reduce and eliminate health disparities. CHERYL AMITAY reported that she had a wonderful time sharing in the celebration and bar mitzvah of nephew, Kyle Amitay, son of her sister-in-law and Holton classmate, SHARLENE PETRY AMITAY, and her brother Steve. Cheryl has been a federal employee for loan management at the VA and has found it interesting. CAROL CALOMIRIS EDMUNDS writes that the Edmunds Family is fully vested in Holton Middle School this year. Victoria is in 7th grade and Nicole is in 8th grade...time is flying by! During the summer Carol and her family hosted the Holton-Arms Annual Coastal Alumnae Gathering at her family’s beach house on Sunset Island in Ocean City, Maryland. They had a great time getting to know alums from various years, reminiscing, and swapping Holton stories. SUE-ANN COHEN SIEGEL shares that her oldest son, Chase is a sophomore at Tufts University. Her middle son, Ryan, is a senior in high school and is going through the ever


dreaded college application process. Her daughter, Dayna, just started high school and dances for her school. Sue-Ann is teaching and volunteering at a local shelter and is looking forward to her upcoming move to a new home. ALLISON BRODY writes that her son, Samuel (21), is studying in London for the fall. He is posting pictures online so that Allison can see what he is learning as his “History of London” class walks the city. Her son, Truman (16), traveled to Israel for ten days on his own and enjoyed this wonderful life-changing journey. Allison is taking on a new position in January and loves connecting with everyone on Facebook. BEA SPATES DE LANNOY returned from Brussels for the month of August and traveled throughout the Northeast and into Canada with her four children and her brother. She included a stop at LAURA HAVENER HUNSICKER’S lake house near Fredericksburg, Virginia. JANELL MAYO DUNCAN, HATTIE CROYDER BUCHHOLZ, MARYBETH JORGENSEN JACKSON, and I were able to make the trip to the lake for a mini-Holton reunion with Bea. As for me, I’ve been busy with a new job that I started earlier this year. I had the opportunity to catch up with CAROLYN CUTLER, WENDY CUTTING WISHARD, CINDY COMBS BROHOSKI, and LAURA HAVENER HUNSICKER while Carolyn was in town. We had a great time getting caught up and remembering our times at Holton.

1987 | LIZ GOLDBERG HEATHER GOO PARSELS and her family spent a lot of time by the pool this summer. She and her kids had a Holton swim day with JENNIFER PINCO AYSSEH and her family early in June. Later in the summer, they got together for another swim day with LIZ WARD and LINDA HAMADY-GIBB when Linda was visiting the States. It’s amazing how much all of their daughters look like them! MAHNAZ AHMED HUSAIN’S daughter, ZAHRA HUSAIN ’13, graduated from Holton this past June and has begun her freshman year at the University of Pennsylvania. ELLEN THORINGTON and husband Nicolas are still living in Muncie, Indiana where Ellen teaches French at Ball State University and Nicolas works as a computer programmer. Their two sons, Etienne (4) and Matthieu (2), keep them running like crazy, but they are enjoying watching the boys grow.

MICHELLE RATCLIFF-PERRIN has moved to New Orleans to be closer to her dad. She is currently living in the Warehouse District and working for a fellow Brown alum, with her new nonprofit PlayBuild NOLA, (, as Director of Development and Marketing. PlayBuild transforms underutilized urban spaces into exciting kid-friendly environments for play and learning for kids ages 4-12. As for me, I’m still enjoying living in the Raleigh, North Carolina area although I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to the humidity here. Wishing all of you and your families the best! Until next time, Liz Golderg.

1989 | EMILY SCHLEIN COHEN and her husband are both nurses in Denver and they have a 4-year-old son. BIANCA BENNETT ALEXANDER is the Creative Director of Conscious Living TV. Bianca said that, “I’m pleased to report that recent Holton graduate GABRIEL MAYERS ’13 just finished a production internship with our hybrid/non-profit media company, Conscious Planet. It was such a great way to give back and stay connected to the present-day Holton community. Gabi is an aspiring journalist interested in covering issues of social justice and the environment, which made her a perfect fit. ABIGAIL BETTS ’98 was a huge help in setting me up with Gabi, who also completed her senior project with us. She is now a freshman journalism student at Columbia. Now in its 8th season, Conscious Living is an award-winning news show covering the people, places and pioneers on the front lines of sustainable living. We wish Gabi a successful and rewarding career, and I welcome all Holton alumnae to follow our work online at via our Facebook fan page, or @ConsciousTV on Twitter.”

1990 | SILVY NORDQUIST BROOKBY This fall PAULA O’ROURKE’S daughter, Miranda entered 3rd grade at Holton!  Paula writes, “Just got back from Miranda’s 3rd grade orientation at Holton! Super cool/weird/special to sit in the assembly area and sing the alma mater with Mrs. Dufek, Ms. Myers, Ms. Smith and Mrs. Caleb - who are all still Lower School teachers there. It was also great to share this experience with two ’89 alums and their daughters.” We certainly hope that there will be other Class of ’90 daughters who will follow Miranda’s lead!  

1991 | CRISTINA HARRIS FAHERTY SURREY BAILEY has been busy scaling mountains. She writes that she spent some time in Tanzania in July and summited Kilimajaro via the Machame Route, 19,341 feet, WOO HOO!! GO SURREY! When she is not climbing mountains, she is a busy residential realtor in Bethesda and also owns a home staging business as well. I met up with JENN CALDWELL COOPER and family last Thanksgiving (2012) during one of their Florida visits. Our families were able to meet up for lunch and the kids got to play together. Jenn looks fabulous and is still living the dream on the soccer sidelines watching Addie (10) and Sam (12) play. They have been in Cary, North Carolina for 15 years (the longest she has lived anywhere) and she is working as a Senior Manager at a Clinical Research Organization. NATASHA PRICE SEWELL, MARA BARTH KUNST, LESLIE ZIRKIN, KELLY KOLTES, and RENEE ESFANDIARY CRUPI celebrated the BIG 4-0 together in South Beach! Natasha has also launched a successful photography business. AMANDA SCHWARTZ WALDRON is still working at the Head Start National Center on Health as a writer and trainer. Amanda also started teaching a doctoral class at GWU Graduate School for Education and Human Development. Amanda loves family life. She has two kids, Julia (16 months) and Joe (4).

Kelly Collis ’92 is still on the air at 94.7 Fresh FM every morning and loves that Holton students and alumnae listen: ‘they frequently call in and I always love it when they do!’

MICHELLE SELDIN SILVERMAN recently made partner at the law firm of Morgan Lewis and Bockius. Michelle lives in Princeton, New Jersey with her wife, Leslie, and their two boys (7 and 3). Congratulations to MEREDITH MAYES who married Kevin Carlton on September 10, 2013 in Smithfield, VA! Our deepest condolences to LISA KILSHEIMER STEVENSON and TIMARIE KILSHEIMER THOMPSON ’89 who lost their mother in August. As for me, CRISTINA HARRIS FAHERTY, I have been working for Thomson Reuters (Westlaw) for over 11 years, currently my position is Litigation Product Specialist. If you ask any of my three kids they will tell you that I am a travelling salesperson …and they aren’t completely wrong. We still love living in Florida and are fully enjoying all that it has to offer!

1992 | HOLLY SMITH LYNDE HILARY SPIVACK CHANDLER’S Kidecal keycal (keyboard) stickers were featured on the Today Show in May. See all of her offerings at

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Winter 2014

PILAR RIVERA KAP writes that, since last year’s winter Doorways, she married, had a sweet baby girl, named Arabella Dior (who will be a future Holton student of course!) and sold her company. She’s a busy lady! “It’s been a busy time and motherhood has tested new management, patience, and multi-tasking skills.” Through her mommy-hood journey she’s gotten advice from veteran mommies KATIE WEX, KATYA KHRIPUNOVA, TARA BRADSHAW, PATRICIA TECK SEGGERMAN ’94, SILVIA GOICOCHEA KINCH ’93, and yours truly! Pilar lives in Annapolis and would love to have classmates visit her and bring their kids for a tour or playdate!

POWER OF THE PRETZEL Pretzel carts are a staple on the streets of New York, but when Barella Shakoor Kirkland ’93 and her husband moved there, he complained that he couldn’t get a decent pretzel in that city. Barella, who after graduating from William and Mary, had a flourishing marketing career in the beauty industry, had always had an inclination toward entrepreneurship. Originally she thought she’d start a skin care line herself, but the idea of pretzels took hold, especially because she is a self-described “foodie” and loves to cook and entertain. She began experimenting with baking her own pretzels, and last March Pelzers Pretzels was born, turning out handmade pretzels that were chewier, breadier, softer, and more flavorful than the typical New York model. Though she began with a Classic plain pretzel, she soon added the Everything, and then came the Cran-Mary (dried cranberries, rosemary, and lemon zest). Brooklynites noticed. The business got immediate favorable press and their big break came when they were accepted into one of the most prestigious food arenas in the city—Smorgasburg, where local celebrities like Mario Batali cruise the artisanal food stands. “Through selling there we got our first catering gig for the Gap, which was incredible.” They recently opened a retail shop in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, not far from their Bedford Stuyvesant home. She bakes, handles sales, marketing, purchasing, hiring, bookkeeping, developing new recipes and she gets home covered in flour, where she gets to spend time with her infant son. “For the first time I feel appreciated in my career,” she says. “I talk to my customers about food, motherhood, Brooklyn and politics. They smile and tell me they love what I’ve baked. This is more rewarding than anything I’ve ever done.”


KELLY COLLIS is still on the air at 94.7 Fresh FM every morning and loves that Holton students and alumnae listen: “they frequently call in and I always love it when they do!” She recently had some exciting moments with the local media: she and her kids are on the cover of Washington Family Magazine and is now writing a weekly column in the Washington City Paper on one of her favorite topics: shopping. It’s called “Buy DC.” Kelly returned to the Holton campus over reunion weekend (April 25-28, 2013) and was the emcee for the Sunday, April 28, Panther Scamper Fun Run and Walk. JENNI ZAKROFF has been living in San Francisco for ten years. She recently switched from a career as a science writer and editor to one as a clinical social worker, thanks in part to great guidance and support from JULIE GOLD SMITH. Jenni and TARA BRADSHAW have run two marathons together and are planning on a third in October. Tara also writes that she works in D.C. lobbying on corporate tax issues. Her little boy, Russell “Ren” Edward Newton (2), was born September 19, 2011, and her daughter, Amelia Ann, was born January 2, 2013. She and MELISSA KOPOLOW MCCALL frequently get their kids together for play dates. DR. NAZERA WRIGHT is an Assistant Professor of English at the University of Kentucky. She relocated this semester to Worcester, Massachusetts where she will be the Ford Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow in residence at the American Antiquarian Society. She plans to finalize research for her book on girlhood in early African American literature. Are there any Holton ladies in the area? SAIRAH BURKI writes that she and her husband moved to Potomac a couple of years ago right across the street from her parents. “We are raising our girls on the same street I grew up on…I love it!” Nafees (5) just started Kindergarten. Ela (2) likes to follow Nafees around everywhere, and was therefore quite discombobulated

when Nafees got on the school bus for the first time! Sairah runs policy affairs within Capital One’s Finance division. She loved catching up with folks at our 20th reunion last year and hopes to make the next play date at Holton. LAUREN GAVARIS lives in Bethesda with her husband of ten years, Chris Cusack. They have two girls, Zoe (5) and Sophia (3 1/2). Zoe just started kindergarten this fall. Lauren is still an eye doctor specializing in oculoplastics and reconstructive surgery. “I get to see a lot of Holton girls at the pool in the summer — ANN FREKKO RAFFO is great! Also, some of us locals still get together regularly, including KELLY COLLIS, LEILA KASHANI, HOLLY NEAL, and NIMI ALISBAH DUFOUR.” As for me, my family and I are still in Atlanta and still love it! I see JENNY MAYER RACHWALSKI often since our kids go to the same elementary school. My twins turned seven in August and started second grade and I still work in education technology policy. I had a mini-reunion last December at RACHAEL YAMAGATA’S concert here in Atlanta with CAMMI RYAN JONES, Jenny, MEGHAN AGRESTO, and MELANIE STOER. It was such fun to see everyone! If you have not had the opportunity to attend one of her concerts, you MUST – she is an amazing singer performer!

1993 | MANDI BOEHLY SCHMAUCH JOANNA SEINSHEIMER SMITH lives in the San Francisco bay area and is a Veterinarian. Her husband is a software engineer at Google and they have two kids, age 2 and 4.  LAURA GRIFFIN lives in Bethesda and is the Learning Specialist at the Fourth Presbyterian School in Potomac.  DANA SEARS SCHAEFER stepped away from teaching college prep English and history and stepped into the pool. She is a part-time swim teacher at Sea Colony resort in Bethany Beach, Delaware and during the summer she coordinates the Bethany Beach Patrol Junior Lifeguard Program, a camp for ten- to sixteenyear-olds to introduce them to beach safety and ocean rescue skills. MEREDITH WISOR PAGE wrote to me “It was so great to see everyone at our 20th reunion in April! Such fun to catch up with such beautiful, fun ladies! I am currently living in San Salvador, El Salvador with my husband, Erik, and our two daughters, Allison (5) and Amelia (3). We love life in Central America, and enjoy our work here at the US Embassy. After a previous tour in Vietnam, we are excited about all the adventures in the years to come.”

BARELLA SHAKOOR KIRKLAND writes, “I live in Brooklyn, NY with my husband Leon, an attorney and my business partner and our 3-month-old son Grant Ellis. I actually missed the reunion because I was so close to my due date! Of course, he ended up coming 11 days fashionably late! He was born on May 23, 2013. I spent many years in marketing, doing product development, and merchandising in the beauty and apparel industries before starting a soft pretzel bakery with Leon last year called Pelzer’s Pretzels. We are actually opening our first retail store this fall in Brooklyn. We’ll be selling Philadelphia style soft pretzels, pretzel burger, and hot dog buns and beverages.” MELISSA GLASSER lives in the Gateway Arts District in Prince George’s County with her 10-year-old daughter, Consuelo, where she continues to create artwork; a mix of acrylic and oil paintings for exhibit and commission as well as larger public murals. She is also the event planner and manager at Johnny’s Half Shell Restaurant on Capitol Hill, but states that she is right on the edge of following her Dad’s footsteps and considering the move towards teaching art. LEANNE SHAROFF BERRY lives outside of Chicago and has been with AIG for 12 years. She has two children, Maddie (4) and Henry (1) and also enjoyed catching up with everyone at reunion. She said it was “staggering to hear about everyone’s accomplishments and successes.” 

The Class of ’93 and their children. Back row from left: Mandi Boehly Schmauch, Melissa Glasser Buzerra, Susie Farhandi, Jessie Nathanson holding Liesel Schmauch, and Elissa Ogens Schwartz holding Nathan Schwartz; Front row: Tanner Schmauch, Consuelo Buzerra, and Chloe Schwartz.

Class of ’93—Jenn Cook McDonnell, Mandi Boehly Schmauch, Jessie Nathanson, Susie Farhandi.

AMY PETERSON is in the D.C. area working for the Armed Forces Health Surveillance Center as a veterinary epidemiologist. She conducts health surveillance studies for the military population and provides expertise the military on infectious disease risks from new and emerging diseases around the world. She is also a Lieutenant Commander in the uniformed public health service. Before moving back to D.C., Amy spent two years in Kansas as an Epidemic Intelligence Service officer with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  LISA PETERSON is also in the area, she is at the Walter Reed National Military Medical center finishing up a fellowship in Neonatology, and she is in the Navy.  NICOLE GEORGE has been living in Medellin, Colombia for about eight years and serves with a foundation for street children (Open Arms Foundation). Nicole and her husband, Alex, have two children-Joel (3) and Samara (1).  BRIANA OLSEN is in Moscow working at the US Embassy for the next three years. Her husband stays home with her son. 

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Winter 2014

Marriages ’91



Celebrated the wedding of Marianne Koszorus McNeil ’97; from left, Jana Taylor ’97, Marianne, Melissa Vogel McViney ’97, and Laura Martin ’97




Alice Wylie-Schmemann ’95 and classmates Linda Mboya, Elaine Menotti, Taylor Larsen, Alice, Sarah Beale Demarest, Molly Nicholson Peacock, Jenn Wolinsky Drujak and Laren Rusin at Alice’s wedding. Class of ’03: Ali Hauspurg Pittman, bride Sarah Smick Michaels, Katie Johnson, and Sam Hubshman Diefenbach.


At the wedding of Colleen Caleb Siochain ’03, from left: Ali Hauspurg Pittman ’03, Sam Hubshman Diefenbach ’03, Abby Smith ’03, Colleen, Bobbie Dougherty ’03, and Mary Catherine Jones Thompson ’79.

Laura Perkins Davidson ’95 and her husband Jack Davidson at their wedding. Class of ’05 at Daniella Zalcman’s wedding from left: Holly Cornell, Sofia Jagannathan, Danielle, Rachel Goodwin, Sara Ickow.



Class of ’97 at April wedding of Lauren Vitz Taylor; Kate Sandstrom Doss, Lauren, Margaret Shepard, Emily Kornblut.


’03 KATHERINE SWIATEK LUCAS to Lt. NOLAN LUCAS, USN, 8/22/12 ANNIE SCHEURER CASERTANO to TYLER CASERTANO, 6/15/13 Mariam Ayub ’01 at her wedding with classmates at her side, from left: Margaret Greenwood-Ericksen, Vanessa Young, Lauren Stolar, Mika Morse, Mariam, Donnelly Gillen, Sasha Whitaker, Fariza Ibrahim, and Jessica McCreary.

Francesca DeMauro-Palminteri ’99 and her husband Joseph Palminteri.



’05 DANIELLA ZALCMAN to JOSHUA ROBINSON, 9/1/13 Grace Howard Strong ’09 at her June wedding along with many of her closest friends.


Bride and groom, Amanda Novak Hewitt ’04 and husband Kenneth Hewitt, along with classmates; bridesmaids (front row) Claire Bordley, Sarah Leggin and Siobhan Glasgow and guests (back row) Shelley West, Caroline Boiardi, Kate Sanford, Marcy Tickner, Remy Tetrault, Melanie Watson, and Whitney Best. Fariza Ibrahim ’01 and husband, Stephen Chapman, at their wedding reception with family in Malaysia, December 30, 2012.

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Winter 2014

The families of Chana Schoenberger Zimmerman ’95 and Katie Tedrow Astrich ’94 get together in Bethesda this summer.

I am still in Wilton, Connecticut about an hour outside of NYC, which is great since my husband Bill and I, and our children Tanner (6) and Liesel (4), get to see SUSIE FARHANDI often. She is VP of Human Resources for Marc Jacobs in NYC. We also see JENN COOK MCDONNELL and her husband, Bish, and their three girls Paige (7), Mimi (5), and Blake (2) who live nearby in Rowayton, Connecticut and JESSIE NATHANSON. She is in Bethesda working at Crowell and Moring in Marketing and Business Development. A group of us who haven’t seen each other in ten-plus years met up for pumpkin picking with our kids this fall including Susie and Jessie, along with MELISSA GLASSER BUZERRA and ELISSA OGENS SCHWARTZ. Hope this finds everyone well and please be sure to email me, mandischmauch@ to be included in the next class news! 

1994 |

BROOKE HANNA IRVING has been living in Ngunguru, New Zealand for almost four years with her husband, Scott, who is a “kiwi” and their 21-month-old daughter Madison.

Sarah Beale Demarest ’95 and daughter Ellie.

Meredith Groban Conte ’95 and huband Joe, with daughter Mira, and new addition, baby JJ.

1995 | ELIZABETH KRAMER DUGAN ALEXANDRA HUDDLESTON published her photography book 333 SAINTS: A Life of Scholarship in Timbuktu in September. A Fulbright Scholar, Alexandra’s book tells a story of discovery and explores the rich and beautiful African intellectual culture in Timbuktu, Mali. It depicts a world that is largely unknown in the West and deeply rooted, ancient Islamic tradition of tolerance, erudition, and faith. According to Alexandra, “My book tells a story of discovery; unfolding page by page, a rich and beautiful African intellectual culture that remains largely unknown in the West. This is a book about men and women who love books – scholars of all ages who seek knowledge and wisdom through learning. It is about a city that has built its identity around a culture of scholarship.” Check it out here: projects/1101472817/333-saints-a-life-of-scholarshipin-timbuktu-book SARAH BEALE DEMAREST, husband, Brady, along with big sister, Ellie, welcomed Anna Ritchie Demarest, on Tuesday, July 9, 2013 at 12:56 p.m. weighing 7 pounds, 5ounces, and measuring 20 inches.

Rachel Bien ’96 with daughter Audrey Jane Greenwald.


LAURA PERKINS DAVIDSON married Jack Davidson on August 31, 2013. Laura had several Holton alumnae attend this memorable day including SHEILA SHIRAZI, EVANGELINE KROENER ANDERSEN, SCOTTY MCCONNAUGHEY, and KATIE TEDROW ASTRICH ’94.

KATHERINE ANDRINGA FREDRIKSEN became involved with the nonprofit, charity:water, two years ago with her first grade students. They raised enough money to build a well and construction recently began in Bangladesh. She hopes to be able to visit the well in the future.   ALICE WYLIE-SCHMEMANN married Alexander Schmemann on March 10, 2013. The ceremony was held at St. Nicholas Cathedral and the reception at Anderson House in Washington, D.C. LINDA MBOYA, ELAINE MENOTTI, TAYLOR LARSEN, SARAH BEALE DEMAREST, MOLLY NICHOLSON PEACOCK, JENN WOLINSKY DRUJAK, and LAREN RUSIN were in attendance. It was a wonderful day! CAROLINE SIMONDS PESSEY is proud to report that her older daughter, Marie-Celeste (5), just started Kindergarten at Hyde-Addison Elementary School and her younger daughter, Isabelle (2), is starting Petite Section at the French Maternal School. Her husband, Jean-Baptiste, is Assistant General Counsel at the Association for Corporate Council and adjuncts the Georgetown University Law Center. Caroline is staying at home with the kids and they live in Georgetown. KATHERINE (KATIE) LAMB OWENS lives in Rockville with her daughter, Emily (8), and son, Elliott (5), her husband Rob, and their Italian Spinone, Daphne. She is an Art teacher at Washington Episcopal School in Bethesda and a partner at Amy Lamb Fine Art Photography. She is in touch with SARAH BEALE DEMAREST, LIZ WOODCOCK, and MICHELLE GHIM. KIM DIENES married Simon Nicholas Williams on March 20, 2013 “ was lovely!” She is an Assistant Professor of clinical psychology at Roosevelt University in Chicago, and has been for the past four years. She is currently on research sabbatical in the UK. MEREDITH GROBAN CONTE along with husband, Joe, and daughter, Mira, welcomed a son and baby brother to her family. JJ Conte was born August 25, 2013. TRACY RUPP HOCKMEYER welcomed a son, Boden Wayne Hockmeyer in June, 2012 and recently moved to the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Tracy is practicing acupuncture at the Maryland University School of Integrative Health in Laurel, Maryland in the student clinic as she finishes working toward her Master’s degree and licensure in acupuncture. LAURA PERKINS DAVIDSON has had an incredible past few months! At the end of July, she started a new job as a school social worker, at Amistad High School, a New Haven charter school with the Achievement First network. It’s a great fit and she loves the funny students, seemingly tireless staff, and involved families. And

then she and Jack got married! It was so much fun to get to hang out up in Vermont with their nearest and dearest. A few of Laura’s favorite folk represented for Holton (and for a couple Holton girls who couldn’t make it due to babies, family and distance); SHEILA SHIRAZI, EVANGELINE KROENER ANDERSON, KATIE TEDROW ASTRICH ’94, and SCOTTY MCCONNAUGHEY, who did them the honor of reading in the ceremony. Marrying Jack, the gorgeous setting, their friends and family, and a band that brought back high school memories with a little Tom Petty made for one of the best nights of her life! On July 26, 2013, LAURA HUGHES GREENBAUM, husband David, and big sister Kathryn welcomed their new addition, son Leo, into the family. In October they moved from Singapore to London. MICHELLE GHIM recently left her position as Assistant General Counsel at the National Endowment for the Humanities and is now working in the General Counsel’s office at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. She still rides when she can and enjoys running races with ELIZABETH KRAMER DUGAN. ELIZABETH KRAMER DUGAN is enjoying married life. She continues to work in prenatal genetics and her non-profit organization Dodging Diabetes®. She also enjoys running with MICHELLE GHIM and is looking forward to visiting LAURA HUGHES GREENBAUM in London later this year.

1996 | KAJI SPELLMAN DOUŠA married Patrik Douša on August 14, 2013. She moved to San Diego and is the Senior Minister of the United Church of Christ La Mesa in September. RACHEL BIEN is thrilled to announce the birth of her daughter, Audrey Jane Greenwald, born on May 22, 2013. So far, Audrey enjoys listening to her mom sing, eating, and hanging out with her aunt, EMILY BIEN ’99. Rachel practices law in New York City and was recently made a partner at Outten & Golden L.L.P., a workers’ rights law firm. She recently won a case on behalf of unpaid interns who worked at Fox and appeared on MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes. TORREY STIFEL KIST and husband Bryan moved from Georgia to Wilmington, Delaware. Torrey is continuing her art career ( and recently became a mother to healthy boy/girl twins, Islay Matheson and Elliott MacLeod, born on December, 31, 2012. Islay is pronounced Eye-luh after the Scottish Island.

1997 | ALEX WILLIAMS FLYNN Congratulations to KATHERINE KLINE and SUSAN HAYES TALIAFERRO who will be honored on April 25, 2014 as they join the 2014 of Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees. Katherine was previously honored with the 2012 Rosemary Wire Anderson Award (The Rosie Award) for her extraordinary service to Holton-Arms School. ROSE SHUMAN’S consulting firm, BrightFront Group, is developing the complete Standard Operating Procedures for a network of Big Data Innovation Labs, founded by the UN Secretary General’s Office. “We work with the social sector on technology project implementation. Anyone coming through Santa Monica, CA, is invited to visit.”

Caroline Walsh ’97 baby shower along with some Holton classmates.

LAUREN OGDEN MILLER lives right around the corner from Holton in Bethesda. She has had a busy few years. Lauren’s oldest daughter, Peri, was born January 19, 2011 and Peri is the very proud “big” sister to Leah Reid Miller, born on May 31, 2013. CAROLINE WALSH DIBENEDETTO is pleased to announce the birth of her daughter, Allyson Margaret DiBenedetto, born on May 3, 2013 at 3:29 p.m. Caroline and her family reside in New York City.

Erinn Gosnell Walsh ’97 with children Timothy, Caleigh and baby boy Barrett.

ERINN GOSNELL WALSH welcomed third child and son, Barrett Forte Walsh, on June 18, 2013 at 10:14 p.m. weighing in at 7 pounds, 4 ounces, and 19.5 inches long. KATHERINE GREENWALD writes a food column for the Wall Street Journal featuring chefs and recipes. KATIE ROST ORSINI had twin “divas” on July 8, 2013, Kathryn and Renée Orsini. BROOKE JAFFE is the Operating Vice-President of Fashion Direction for Women’s Ready-to-Wear for Bloomingdale’s!

Lauren Ogden Miller ’97 and husband Mark with children Peri (standing) and Leah.

LAUREN BRIGGERMAN welcomed Lila Grace on September 26, 2013; a little over a week ahead of schedule. She weighed in at 6 pounds, 7 ounces and is 19 1/2 inches long.  KIM PALMER has a book out in the marketplace, The Economy of You: Discover Your Inner Entrepreneur and Recession-Proof Your Life (see story page 8). It explains how she started her Etsy shop, featuring money planners, and also shares the success stories of 100 other “side-giggers” including KATY GATHRIGHT ’08. Kim is a senior money editor and Alpha Consumer blogger at U.S. News & World Report, reveals how to build a successful side-business to create the kind of financial security and personal satisfaction that

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Winter 2014

Lauren Briggerman ’97 and Holton classmates at her baby shower; Reena Ramchandani Samantaray, Regan Mayo, Kathryn Hoffman Young, and Lauren Briggaman.

Sarah Nicholas ’97 and baby girl Vivian Hannah Horodinca.

Americans crave. Please visit to purchase the book.

Rosemary Wire Anderson Award (The Rosie Award) for her extraordinary service to Holton-Arms School.

BECKY PINKHAM KUCHIBHATLA and her husband, Ajay, welcomed the arrival of their second daughter, Asha Sundari Kuchibhatla, on Sept 18, 2013. She joins her 18-month-old sister, Shreya. Her family relocated to the Hampton Roads, Virginia area this fall.

STEPHANIE SCHNEIDER and her husband, David, welcomed Sophie Alexis Schneider Alpert on Friday, August 23, 2013; at 7:29 p.m. Baby Sophie weighed 7 pounds, 4 ounces. All are great and looking forward to this new phase in their lives!

After finishing her pediatric residency and allergy immunology fellowship training, SARAH NICHOLAS stayed on as a pediatric immunologist at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston where she works with patients with immunodeficiency and organ transplants. She and husband, Nick Horodinca, are pleased to announce that their daughter, Vivian Hannah Horodinca, was born in January. She sees KATE SHERWIN (who lives in Austin) pretty frequently. Kate is a partner at trading company, RGM, and continues to enjoy bike racing. Sarah also keeps in touch with JILL ERNST MCOMBER who lives in Chicago and has two kids, Lily and Ty.

CRYSTAL BENNETT TEED completed her first triathlon. Training was part of her concussion recovery, and the triathlon benefitted leukemia/lymphoma. Inspired through personal relationships, she raced for two friends and her stepmother who have been impacted by these diseaseswith amazing fortitude, Crystal completed most of the bike portion with one flat tire. Attributing some of the credit to her alma mater, she found it was the life skills and personal strength she learned from Holton that helped her to prepare and to make it through.

LAUREN VITZ TAYLOR married Stephen Taylor during a small and lovely ceremony in Idyllwild, California on April 6, 2013. Holton girls EMILY KORNBLUT, KATE SANDSTROM DOSS, and MARGARET SHEPARD served as bridesmaids. SOPIE AIYER is living in Ann Arbor, working at the University of Michigan’s School of Public Health. Her focus is youth violence prevention. After completing her MA in International Studies and Diplomacy in London, ALEXANDRA LOWE returned to NYC and is working at the Institute of International Education (IIE) coordinating the annual Gala honoring the President of Brazil.

Melissa Vogel McViney ’97 and husband Brian along with daughter Charlotte and new arrival, son Jameson Paul.

MELISSA VOGEL MCVINEY is pleased to announce the arrival of son, Jameson Paul, born on June 7, 2013. He joins big sister, Charlotte. RISA STEVENS is currently expanding Aardvark Tattoo Company and will appear on Tattoo Titans (4th episode of the season) on CMT. MARIANNE GABRIELLA KOSZORUS married Robert Wallace McNeil on May 25, 2013 at the Koszorus Home in Great Falls, VA. In attendance were classmates and close friends, MELISSA VOGEL MCVINEY, LAURA MARTIN, and JANA TAYLOR.  

1998 | CARA SPICER PEARLMAN Jennifer Steinwurtzel ’98 and son Jake.


Congratulations to ABIGAIL BETTS, Holton-Arm’s Director of Alumnae, who was honored with the 2013

MELISSA FARNUM has begun a new job at Venable LLP, working as an events specialist in their brand new events department. JENNIFER STEINWURTZEL spent the summer in Park City, Utah mountain biking and hiking with her family. Back at home in Santa Barbara, California her son, Jake Aaron Van Hecke, turned one on September 1. Jennifer continues to teach yoga and is working toward becoming a certified health coach. CONSTANCE LINDSAY spent the fall as an adjunct instructor in Education Policy at American University, and simultaneously served as the Deputy Officer of Educator Preparation Policy, Accountability and Data Analysis at the Delaware Department of Education. She will be splitting her time between D.C. and Dover. She and Mish Malik will be enjoying another season of Redskins’ home games. JENNIFER BERSON HUGHES welcomed baby boy Warren Bode Hughes on September 19, 2013. CARA SPICER PEARLMAN and Jeffrey Pearlman welcomed their second child, son Charles Cyril Pearlman, into the world on September 5, 2013. They live in Luxmanor neighborhood of Rockville, Maryland along with their daughter Chloe Rose and two dogs - Ellie and Bronx.

1999 | LIZA TANNER This summer I joined Landon as the Director of the Annual Fund. Life has come full circle, and I’m loving it! I’m looking forward to catching up with everyone at our reunion April 24-27, 2014!

KATIE MCCREARY signed a contract with the diamond anniversary tour of “Phantom of the Opera” where she will be covering Carlotta and she will perform in the ensemble. Check the schedule. She may be in a city near you! ustour/

JONNELL NILES LANDSMAN is pleased to announce the birth of her daughter, Bellamy Marie Landsman, on September 5, 2013 at 1:23 p.m.

MOLLIE KLURFELD received her MBA from University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School in May, 2013 after completing the MBA for Executives Program.

LANE FOGARTY married Peter Strand August 3, 2013 at the Rehoboth Beach Golf and Country Club.

JESSICA SAVITZ FRIEDMAN and her husband Brian moved to New Orleans. She said of the move, “I went to Tulane, and I love this city so much! I’d love to see any Holton girls who come down south for conferences or visits!” FRANCESCA DEMAURO-PALMINTERI married Joseph Palminteri on September 7, 2013, at The Bowery Hotel, New York. Have you seen MEG HENGERER GABRIELE’S new company Throw & Co.? The website is, and you’ll recognize the namesakes for some of her beautiful pillows! This summer a few of our Holton classmates welcomed future Holton girls – it’s going to be a great Class of 2031! Congratulations to LILY STEVENS BECKER and her husband, Preston, on the arrival of twins: Megan Hays Becker and Chelsea Rose Becker, born May 30, 2013. DANI BEYDA ARONSON traveled to San Francisco in July and had the opportunity to meet Lily’s little ones. Lily says that they are looking forward to play dates with future Holton girls when they visit D.C.!   AMANDA GILBERT SOW wrote, “This summer has been a little busy for my family. We welcomed Dalia Coumba Sow on May 17, 2013 and we are all in love, especially her big brother Noah, who just turned three. We also bought a house in Chevy Chase and moved in July. It’s been so nice to have maternity leave for the whole summer but I’m going back to work in a couple weeks and Noah is starting school. Back to real life!” BLAKE KEELEY DOYLE and her husband, Scott, added another baby girl to their family, Kearney Cahill Doyle, on June 13, 2013. ELIZABETH MINSHALL BROOKS and her husband, Dave, welcomed their second child, Ann Corby Brooks, on April 30, 2013. Big brother Harrison is doing great, too! On June 27, 2013, SARAH BRODSKY MILLER welcomed her daughter, Brooke Brodsky Miller.

2001 | JESSICA ROSENTHAL CHOD ERIN MURPHY MCCLURE had a baby boy, Garrett Wells McClure, on September 9, 2013 at 8:57 a.m., 7 pounds, 4.9 ounces, and 20.5 inches.

Elizabeth Minshall Brooks ’99 holding son Harrison, and husband Dave holding daughter Ann.

MARIAM AYUB started the year of 2012 marrying Adam Wilson on New Year’s Eve 2011. In attendance were fellow classmates HEATHER BLOOM, DONNELLY GILLEN, MARGARET GREENWOOD-ERICKSEN, FARIZA IBRAHIM, JESSIE MCCREARY, MIKA MORSE, LAUREN STOLAR, SASHA WHITAKER, and VANESSA YOUNG. KERRY CASSIDY MAYER and her husband Brett moved to Lakeville, Connecticut in June, 2012 where he started teaching at the Hotchkiss School that fall. On July 25, 2012, their daughter, Aoife Frances Mayer, was born. In December that year, the couple met up with LANE FOGARTY, CARMEN MAIORIELLO-GALLUS, KATIE TIPERMAS STULL and JEN SILVERS just before Katie and her husband moved to Dubai.

Amanda Gilbert Sow ’99 with daughter Dalia, son Noah, and husband Mohamed.

CARMEN MAIORIELLO-GALLUS returned from Arizona to D.C. to serve as Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick’s Chief of Staff. She ran into MIRA LEZELL who also works in the Cannon House Office Building on the Hill. FARIZA IBRAHIM married Stephen Chapman in January 8, 2012. Later that year, she had an October celebration with family and Holton friends. They ended the year in Malaysia for a wedding celebration with extended family on December 30, 2012. ALICIA PICHARD married Chris Bassolino on October 19, 2013 and KAELAN YOUNG BLACK and JENNIFER ALBINSON were both bridesmaids. 

Class of ’99, Dani Beyda Aronson and Lily Stevens Becker with Lily’s twins Meghan and Chelsea.

LAUREN STOLAR is still living in Seattle and working at The Boeing Company. She recently started a new job as an Account Manager on the model 737 airplanes. She works directly with the airline customers as the engineering contact throughout the sale, customization, and delivery process. She is really enjoying working with airlines from all over the world and hopes to travel to some of them soon. JESSICA ROSENTHAL CHOD continues to work in Potomac as an attorney and is looking forward to being one of the Alumna co-chairs for the Annual Holton Fund for 2013-2014.

Dani Aronson ’99 with daughter Lila.

55 J

Winter 2014

Births ’92

TARA BRADSHAW, son Russell “Ren” Edward Newton, 9/19/11, daughter Amelia Ann, 1/2/13

’95 TRACY RUPP HOCKMEYER, son Boden Wayne Hockmeyer, 6/19/12 SARAH BEALE DEMAREST, daughter Anna Ritchie Demarest, 7/9/13 LAURA HUGHES GREENBAUM, son Leo Greenbaum, 7/26/13

Children of Blake Keeley Doyle, Sarah Brodskky Miller, Elizabeth Minshall Brooks, Morgen Larsen Carillo, and Jessie Holladay Sterchi, Class of ’99

MEREDITH GROBAN CONTE, son JJ Conte, 8/25/13

’96 TORREY STIFEL KIST, boy/girl twins Islay Matheson and Elliott MacLeod, 12/31/12 RACHEL BIEN, daughter Audrey Jane Greenwald, 5/22/13

’97 SARAH NICHOLAS, daughter Vivian Hannah Horodinca, 1/28/13 CAROLINE WALSH DIBENEDETTO, daughter Allyson Margaret DiBenedetto, 5/3/13

Already a Holton girl, Anna Ritchie Demarest, daughter of Sarah Beale Demarest ’95

LAUREN OGDEN MILLER, daughter Leah Reid Miller, 5/31/13 MELISSA VOGEL MCVINEY, son Jameson Paul McViney, 6/7/13 ERINN GOSNELL WALSH, son Barrett Forte Walsh, 6/18/13 KATIE ROST ORSINI, twin daughters Kathryn Orsini and Renée Orsini, 7/8/13 BECKY PINKHAM KUCHIBHATLA, daughter Asha Sundari Kuchibhatla, 9/18/13

Baby JJ, son of Meredith Groban Conte ’95


Welcome Anna Ritchie Demarest, daughter of Sarah Beale Demarest ’95

LAUREN BRIGGERMAN, daughter Lila Grace Horwitt, 9/26/13

’98 STEPHANIE SCHNEIDER, daughter Sophie Alexis Schneider Alpert, 8/23/13 CARA SPICER PEARLMAN, son Charles Cyril Pearlman, 9/5/13

Sophie Alexis Schneider Alpert, daughter of Stephanie Schneider ’98

JENNIFER BERSON HUGHES, son Warren Bode Hughes, 9/19/13

’99 ELIZABETH MINSHALL BROOKS, daughter Ann Corby Brooks, 4/30/13 AMANDA GILBERT SOW, daughter Dalia Coumba Sow, 5/17/13 LILY STEVENS BECKER, twin daughters Megan Hays Becker and Chelsea Rose Becker, 5/30/13 BLAKE KEELEY DOYLE, daughter Kearney Cahill Doyle, 6/13/13 SARAH BRODSKY MILLER, daughter Brooke Brodsky Miller, 6/27/13 JONNELL NILES LANDSMAN, daughter Bellamy Marie Landsman, 9/5/13 Aoife Frances Mayer, daughter of Kerry Cassidy Mayer ’01

’01 KERRY CASSIDY MAYER, daughter Aoife Frances Mayer, 7/25/12 ERIN MURPHY MCCLURE, son Garrett Wells McClure, 9/9/13

Torrey Stifel Kist ’96 twins Islay Matheson and Elliott MacLeod

57 J

Winter 2014

2003 | KATHERINE SWIATEK LUCAS married Lt. Nolan 2005 | SOFIA JAGANNATHAN Lucas, USN on September 22, 2012 in Chevy Chase. ANNIE SCHEURER CASERTANO married Tyler Casertano on June 15, 2013.

Class of ’01 gathering Jen Silvers, Carmen Maioriello-Gallus, Kerry Cassidy Mayer and daughter Aoife, Lane Fogarty, Katie Tipermas Stull.

Congratulations to COLLEEN CALEB SIOCHAIN who married Shawn Dick on October 5, 2013. Classmates ALI HAUSPURG PITTMAN, SAM HUBSHMAN DIEFENBACH, ABBY SMITH, and BOBBIE DOUGHERTY helped her celebrate as did her mother, Linda Caleb, who is the Lower School Design Technology Teacher at Holton. SARAH SMICK married Ian Michaels on October 19, 2013. ALI HAUSPURG PITTMAN, KATIE JOHNSON, and SAM HUBSHMAN DIEFENBACH were bridesmaids. They gave a group toast at the rehearsal dinner with Katie’s contribution an epic poem where she invoked the “muse” halfway through. All agreed that Mrs. Scherbel would be proud! CLARA BRENNER and HONORA TALBOTT were also in attendance.

2004 | AMANDA NOVAK HEWITT married Kenneth Class of 2002 in Key West, Julia Crantz, Erica Gordon and Courtney Williams.

Hewitt on June 8, 2013. Several of her Holton classmates were present including CLAIRE BORDLEY, SARAH LEGGIN, SIOBHAN GLASGOW, SHELLEY WEST, CAROLINE BOIARDI, KATE SANFORD, MARCY TICKNER, REMY TETRAULT, MELANIE WATSON, and WHITNEY BEST. SARAH HENOCHOWICZ has had an exciting year. She was on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange platform for the opening bell on June 11 representing Tumblr (recent acquisition of Yahoo). Sarah is the Manager of Business Intelligence for Tumblr in NYC. In addition, she was invited to return to her alma mater, Hamilton College, to sit on a panel entitled “Women in Mathematics.”

Alex Tickner ’06 andd Jessica Walker ’05 San Francisco.

TASHA GLEN is in the process of finishing her masters at Mills College in Oakland, California. Tasha’s company, Timeless, Infinite, Light ( published her first book, The Seven Stories about the Seven Seas. Edited, illustrated, and designed by Tasha the book is a compilation of short stories by various colleagues. With only 77 copies of the book in existence Holton-Arms is the proud recipient of a copy that resides in the Holton-Arms Archives. JENNIFER BEEK’S New York City based design company, J+G Design, received a one-page notice in NYC&G (New York Cottages & Gardens) Magazine’s September, 2013 issue as a rising star in the design industry.

DANAI MATTISON was selected as one of Realtor Magazine’s (the official publication of the National Association of Realtors) 2013 Class 30 Under 30 Honorees in the country (and she is the youngest in the class)! She appeared on the cover of the May/June Issue. SARAH BURGESS completed a Fulbright fellowship in Niamey, Niger, where she researched access to maternal health services for women from the Fulani ethnic group. She used her trusty Holton-Arms duffel bag in travels to Ethiopia, Côte d’Ivoire and Burkina Faso. She’s now shuffling between D.C. and New York, exploring opportunities in research and writing, and catching up with Holtonians like KRISTINA LORR ’05 and KATIE JONES ’03. On September 1, 2013, DANIELLA ZALCMAN married Joshua Robinson in a beautiful ceremony at The Loeb Boathouse in Central Park. In attendance were Holton girls SARA ICKOW, SOFIA JAGANNATHAN, HOLLY CORNELL, and RACHEL GOODWIN. CRISTINA BURACK spent July in Costa Rica as a group leader for the Experiment in International Living, a high school international exchange program. She is currently an Intern for the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. KANDESE ALLEN recently started her Master’s in Urban and Regional Planning at Georgetown and received her LEED Green Associate credentials. She is working towards her LEED Accredited Professional credentials. Kandese has been in touch with MEHR PASTAKIA ’04 who is also in the sustainability field and has been a great inspiration to her. JAMIE ROSENTHAL moved to Seattle this past summer to start her residency in Internal Medicine at the University of Washington. KATIE BOGUE is aiming to defend her master’s thesis this fall and move onto a new job in research, husbandry, or environmental education. TEDDY WEISS is in D.C. finishing up her master’s degree at Georgetown and is working for her mom as the marketing coordinator for the Ritzert Weiss Partnership at TTR. This fall BROOKSLEY JONES started her first year as an elementary school counselor in Fairfax County, Virginia and loves it so far. This spring DANIELLE ROSENTHAL graduated from Yale Law School, took the New York bar exam, and moved to Philadelphia for a federal judicial clerkship.


SARA MURRAY is happy to be back in San Francisco after getting her masters in Nutrition from Tufts. She is now completing her required dietetic internship, a yearlong mini-residency for nutrition, at UCSF Medical Center. MADDIE BOUCHER completed her masters in Chinese Art History at the University of Chicago this past summer and just moved back to Brooklyn to resume work on her printmaking and to look for jobs in her field.

2006 | CAMILLE STANBACK is in her final year of medical school at the University of Virginia.

2007 | ERIN CLARE CASSIDY is currently living in England and working at a boarding school in Dorset, which is in the southwest of England, about two and one half hours from London. A high school in the beautiful countryside she states, “It is an old Abbey and cloisters built over 1000 years ago, so it is kind of like being at Hogwart's. I’m sure a lot of my Holton teachers would love the fact that I am now an advisor/ teacher and my life mission is to keep the boys and girls in uniform, doing their homework, behaving during their free time, etc. I absolutely love it!” She is a dorm parent living in the dorm with 30 teenage girls, coaches girls field hockey and lacrosse, and teaches physical education. AMY FULLER, from Columbia to Peru, spent two months over the summer in South America working in medicine. PAIGE PETERSON, after living in in Fuzhou, China from January to July 2013, moved from the Far East to the Far West; Los Angeles.

2008 |

ANNA WUTTIG received her BA degree, summa cum laude, in Chemistry with a certificate in Materials Science and Engineering, from Princeton University in June, 2013. For her thesis research, she interrogated systems using both photo-electrochemistry and solid state chemistry to search for a better solar-to-fuels material. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Inorganic Chemistry at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Anna is a recipient of the Lewis Fund for Innovation, Princeton Environmental Initiative Fund, Malcolm H. Chisholm Inorganic Chemistry Prize, 1st Place of the Princeton Institute for the Science and Technology of Materials Newport Award for Excellence in Photonics and an Honorable Mention from the National Science Foundation.

REAGAN THOMPSON was awarded a Global Grant Scholarship from the Rotary Club of Arlington for the 2013-2014 school year. Reagan is working on her master’s at the London School of Economics after having just finished a master’s at Peking University as a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar. LEAH RAND completed a Master’s in Philosophy at University College London this past year and is working on a Master of Science by research in bioethics at Oxford University during her second year as a Marshall Scholar. SAM TEICH’S new venture, Adogable Photography, was written up in the New York edition of the DailyCandy, September 23, 2013. View her article at http://www. rid=442384

Jocelyn Cayne ’10 and Reagan Thompson ’08 at the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

2009 | AMALIA NAMATH and CARLY RUSHFORD Save the date for April 24 – 27, 2014 for our Fifth Reunion!!! Many members from the Class of 2009 gathered in June for the wedding of GRACE HOWARD-STRONG. Grace married Henry Strong at Rockland Farms in Poolesville, Maryland on June 1, 2013. Grace is an Ensign in the Navy and both are stationed in San Diego. Henry is a helicopter pilot while Grace is assigned to the USS Cape St. George (CG-71) Ticonderoga-class cruiser. Grace’s ceremony was beautiful, and fellow classmates SCESNY ROTH, JACKIE TULLY, CARINA GUITERMAN, MARTHA MACON SMITH, ASHLEY WADE-VUTURO, SAMMY SHANE, CARLY RUSHFORD, HANNAH CARTER, BIANCA TIMIRAOS, GEORGIA ANAS, KATIE BOE, TIA MARSTON, and VERONICA KAMKWALALA were all in attendance. They broke it down on the dance floor and helped Grace celebrate the beginning of her new life with her Henry.

Lauren Walker ’09 with Carter Ellerman ’09 in San Francisco.

KATIE BOE graduated from Washington and Lee and just moved to Shijiazhuang, China where she will be teaching English for the following year at the Camford Royal School. She hopes to make lots of friends, become fluent in Chinese, travel around Asia, and eat lots of delicious food! HANNAH CARTER graduated from Barnard College and is working for a start-up, luxury handbag company: Anna Bags. The handbags are made in the U.S. and the company is based in Washington, D.C. She wants everyone to check them out at CARINA GUITERMAN, after majoring in Political Science,

59 J

Winter 2014

graduated Magna Cum Laude from Middlebury College in June of 2013, where she received Highest Honors from the Political Science Department. While at Middlebury she was the Opinions Editor of the school newspaper, she had a radio show, and she mentored a girl in town for three years running. Post-graduation, she spent the summer traveling in Europe spending part of that time with Holton classmate VICKY BUHLER. She is living the dream in New York City, working at Little, Brown and Company working with publishing, and she is counting down the days until Holton’s five year reunion. MADDIE KING will be spending this year finishing her 5-year Landscape Architecture program at Penn State. This fall, however, Maddie went global and is spending her semester in Bonn, Germany although she speaks no German. Maddie hopes to fit in with the locals and travel to visit Holton classmate, MARTHA MACON SMITH, during Martha’s stay in France. 

DOGS HAPPY TO SAY CHEESE It took Sam Teich ’08 14 years to get a dog. She lobbied her parents hard, begging, bringing home brochures—“I even made a PowerPoint presentation comparing breeds.” She finally succeeded and at age 14, she got a Golden Doodle and named him Kona. “He was my life,” she says. Teich ’08 is now making her living photographing dogs—combining her love of dogs with her professional chops as a photographer in her own business, Adogable, based in NYC. At Holton, Teich was heavily involved in art and music, and when she went to college at NYU, she concentrated in photography, graphic design, and global visual culture. A photographer she particularly admires is Elliot Erwitt, who was known for his distinctive dog photography. Like Erwitt, she aims to capture the personality and individual character of each dog. “I want to get that sparkle in their eyes.” Teich works hard to establish a rapport with the dogs before the shoot. In an initial consultation she gets to know the animal and its owner. “I want to establish a connection with the dog and with the human.” During the consult, she learns the dog’s habits, its favorite toys and treats, if it is shy or noise sensitive. “I want to keep the shoot happy and natural,” she says. “That’s why we usually do it in the client’s home.” Teich now lives in New York with her boyfriend, who is a dancer at the Metropolitan Opera. They own their own dog now, a “super wiggly” Aussie Doodle named Fidget.

MARTHA MACON SMITH moved to France to teach English in a vocational high school. She is hoping to eat lots of crepes, travel, become fluent in French, and make lots of friends. Martha is gone for the year and she will not be able to return for the five year reunion. Instead, she and Maddie will celebrate together in Amsterdam. ASHLEY WADE-VUTURO is slacking off by graduating from Vanderbilt and going directly into medical school at the University of Maryland. She is living with fellow Holton friend, TARA TALAIE, also a student at the medical school. Blue and white for aye! VICTORIA BUHLER, who no longer wishes to be called Vicki, is spending the next year getting her Master’s degree from Cambridge University. Similar to Ashley on the slacking front, Victoria will return next year and work in New York City. She also cannot wait until reunion, and she has already created an online countdown calendar that she checks at noon every day.  SAMMY SHANE is starting the coolest master’s program ever, an MLA from Boston University in gastronomy. Keep her in your Rolodex, as Sammy will most likely become the world’s most renowned food critic in the coming years (with no surprise from her classmates, as Sammy was always an amazing chef).  ASHIMA TALWAR has started working for Congressman Chris Van Hollen (Maryland) in Washington, D.C. and will continue throughout the year. She received a prestigious award from New York University upon graduating and looks forward to staying close to her hometown (and Holton) in the coming years. ANNA-LEAH BERSTEIN SIMPSON received a Fulbright at


Dartmouth College and will be working as an English Teaching Assistant at a public high school in Lyon, France. Her position is through the French government and Dartmouth, and allows her to take graduatelevel courses at the Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon. She welcomes any Holton women who have plans to visit France in the upcoming year! ALISON DEFRANCO, having graduated from Skidmore College, is starting a program at the Tisch School of New York University for an MFA in dance. Everyone is very proud of her, especially since her dancing has continued after all these years. While CARLY RUSHFORD is still depressed about graduating from Colby College in May. She spent the summer working in Boston and dancing at Grace’s wedding. Carly is about to embark on some soul-searching as she moves across the country to Portland, Oregon. She welcomes any and all guests.  In June, AMALIA NAMATH and JASMINE JENNINGS graduated from Northwestern University. Both graduated with multiple honors and met up right before graduation to take a picture having been classmates for 13 years! They both wore their Holton class rings to the graduation, proud to represent H’09 love. Best to all!

2010 | ARIEL COHEN and MAHIMA GOVILL SYMONE BULLOCK had an exciting summer. She had an internship at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History. A ten-week internship, it focused on 19th century Chinese immigration. During her internship, Symone was featured on the Syracuse University in DC website. Post-internship she was off to Hong Kong for fall semester where she plans on interning before returning state-side. While there she will make stops in Beijing, Malayasia, and Singapore.

2011 | BEEBEE ASAMOAH-MENSAH and DANIELLE BARNARD The Class of 2011 is definitely a jet-setting bunch! They have been enjoying their travels and studying abroad this past summer and fall! JESSIE THOMPSON has been enjoying her time studying abroad in Madrid at Universidad Carlos III. She has been taking the weekends to travel around and has made many friends that she will never forget. If you

want to hear more about her adventures, check out her blog: SYDNEY LEVY has been studying abroad in Melbourne, Australia at the University of Melbourne. She loves living in the city and travelling around Australia, especially to Cairns and Uluru. RACHEL O’CONNELL worked as an intern at the International Organization for Migration in Geneva, Switzerland. She aided in improving migration relations between the United States as well as other international and nongovernmental agencies. Rachel also had the pleasure of travelling all around Europe visiting various sites and museums.

Class of ’09, Alexa Stern, Kathryn Bakaly, Carter Ellerman, Lauren Walker, and Lindsey Robinson dining in Bethesda.

BEEBEE ASAMOAH-MENSAH had the pleasure of visiting London and Madrid this summer! She loved the distinct atmospheres of both cities and hopes to return soon. Beebee also worked at the Children’s National Medical Center and enjoyed every moment! LAUREN KING is studying abroad at the International American Universities College in Aix-en-Provence, France. She definitely thinks that this is one of the best experiences of her life! She participated in the Early Start Program, which allowed her to experience French culture firsthand and get to know their new French family. She visited Chateau La Coste, hiked and saw an incredible Provencal view, and saw works of art by Cezanne and Picasso.

Amalia Namath ’09 and Jasmine Jennings ’09 at Northwestern University graduation.

The ladies of the Class of 2011 have been taking advantage of the many opportunities to learn and gain experience in their fields of study.  DANIELLE BARNARD is majoring in Theology with a concentration in Pastoral Ministry. She spent the summer on the island of Mauritius taking part and speaking for an island-wide evangelistic series. She will be going to the Philippines in May for similar work. This summer she also completed a two-year internship at Sligo Seventh-day Adventist Church in Takoma Park, Maryland. She serves as the Events Coordinator for the Honor’s Program on campus and is a leader of Campus Ministries. 

Rachel O’Connell ’11 at theTour de France starting point.

BRIANNA BOZEMAN spent her summer as a research assistant in the Culture and Emotion Lab at Georgetown University and continues her research assistant work at University of Virginia in the Promoting Healthy Adolescent Development Lab. She also spends time working with Kaplan Test Prep.  ASHLEY BROWN was awarded the START Scholarship from the Department of Homeland Security, the Terrorism Studies division. She is spending the winter studying abroad in Australia as part of the scholarship program. 

Sydney Levy ’11 in Sydney, Australia.

61 J

Winter 2014

Holton goes to Kenya, top row; Adriana TorresPlaza ’15, Ashton Duplessie, Sarah Stetson ’83, Bailey Duplessie ’12, Lloydie Zaiser (past-faculty), Megan Zaiser Mullally ’00, bottom row, Stephanie Wilkes ’09.

HALEY GIBERT has been matching her love of sports and business in every way possible! She is a member of the Women’s Club Basketball team at University of Maryland and currently serves as the fundraising and marketing coordinator for the team. The team won their championship tournament and she was named MVP. She joined the Women’s Club Lacrosse team where she plays alongside fellow alum KASEY MILLER ’12. Haley interns at the University of Maryland Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center as a marketing intern. She encourages anyone interested to come and see a performance sometime. She also serves on the executive board for the Sports Business Society that exposes students to the business of sports.  ALEX KLETZ spent her summer interning with Proctor & Gamble and had a meet up with MILLY HUIZINGA before she left to spend time studying abroad. She is also loving being on the Women’s Club Lacrosse team at Emory where she is the Recruitment and Public Relations Chair. 

Beebee Asamoah-Mensah ’11 at Buckingham Palace.

CATHERINE KLINEDINST is studying abroad in Rome at John Cabot University. A double major in Political Science and Economics, she spent time over the summer interning with a company in D.C. under their business analyst. She also plays varsity lacrosse for Washington & Lee. Her team has won the conference and advanced to the first round of NCAA’s each year. She is also a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma. ABBY CARRAS is a junior and Applied Mathematics major at Columbia University’s Fu School of Engineering and Applied Science. She posted an online article, The True College Experience, in The Huffington Post, May 30, 2013. See the article at http://www. Take care all!

Jessie Thompson ’11 at El Parque del Buen Retiro, Madrid.

2012 | WENDY BURR and RACHEL WILLIAMS The Class of 2012 geared up for a great start to their sophomore year of college this fall! VANESSA SAUTER has returned from an adventurous year abroad in Shanghai, China and loves her first semester at Columbia University. After a great freshman year at Randolph-Macon University, BAILEY DUPLESSIE transferred to Durham University in England to continue her studies.

Class of 2012, back, Jane Alexander, Christin WadeVuturo, Lise Courtney D’Amico, Alexa Goldman, Michelle Unger, front, Emily Meyer, Ellen Carey, Alexis Cutler, Courtney Rushford.


CAITLIN MONTGOMERY spent her summer shadowing dentist and Holton alumna MADELEINE GOODMAN ’99 at the office of Amy Light, D.M.D., Orthodontic and

Pediatric Dentistry in Potomac, Maryland. She enjoyed learning about teeth from an alumna and seeing several Holton girls as patients! RACHEL WILLIAMS spent her summer abroad in Malaga, Spain studying Spanish and the development of the Spanish government system. Congratulations to the wonderful woman of the class of 2012 on a successful completion of their first year. Good luck next semester and remember continue living life with #NoRegrets!

2013 | ALEX BOHANNON and ISABEL CABEZAS ISABEL CABEZAS loves Notre Dame! She enjoys seeing the golden dome each time she walks out of her dorm. In her first week she saw Bon Jovi at the football game when Notre Dame beat Temple and met up with CAITLIN LACKNER ’10 for lunch. Isabel is transferring her interest in journalism from Scribe and Scribbler to Notre Dame’s Scholastic, the student magazine. When the Chicago Blackhawks opened up training camp at Notre Dame, she watched the team practice from the first row. Anthropology and astronomy are her favorite classes; in astronomy, she and her classmates tour the skies and galaxies through a Digital Visualization Theater, which Isabel describes as “learning through an IMAX movie.” Isabel is excited to have earned a first violin seat in the symphony orchestra, and her fellow freshmen elected her to represent her dorm in Freshman Class Council. MACKENZIE ADELBERG, LEXI BUTLER, and KATIE KIRK have all loved their first few weeks at Yale. Mackenzie has joined club swimming, the Black Student Alliance, and the Black Women’s Coalition. Lexi has won a slot in Groove Dance Company and plans to work on the Yale Literary Magazine. Katie has joined Yale’s first all-female acappella group, The New Blue, and can’t wait to get involved in YIRA, the Yale International Relations Association. While everyone is busy, there has still been time for a Holton dinner with LISA LIN ’10, and RACHEL O’CONNELL ’11. MORGAN MCNAIR absolutely loves Emory! She has joined University Choir, Volunteer Emory, and the Swing and Salsa Clubs. In the third week of school, she heard President Jimmy Carter speak to the freshman class. Also, she won a free ticket to hear His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama give a lecture on Social Ethics in October. Morgan says, “I am beyond excitement to hear the Dalai Lama speak this fall. This opportunity means so much to me, especially after going on the

Global Education trip to India and working at the Norbulingka Institute in Dharamsala.” ARABELLA WATT enjoys the Swiss lifestyle! She’s happily eating cheese fondue and adjusting to a more demanding academic curriculum. She has explored the city of Lausanne, visited Gruyères, and collected her service uniforms for practical classes! JENNI JUNG has been studying Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon’s Carnegie Institute of Technology. She joined Asian Students Association Robotics Club; Scotch n’ Soda, CMU’s student-run theater group, where she does tech; and Society for Women Engineers. JAZMYN MCKOY enjoys Colgate and hosts a radio show called Positive Vibes. Tune in on Sundays from 3-4 p.m. at to hear DJ Jazzy play inspirational songs. Jazmyn says, “You’ll hear artists from Kirk Franklin, to John Mayer, to Matisyahu, Whitney Houston, and many more.” ABBY HSIEH is enjoying Dickinson College. She has also joined the Quidditch team, astronomy club, and the fencing club! AINE CONNOLLY says that Vassar is awesome! The range of classes is amazing— Writing Seminars range from Everything About Sex Before (during and after Nazi Germany), to Water Conservation, to Ancient Chinese philosophy. Aine loves getting to know such a wide range of people in such an open and accepting environment. One of the best things has to be her late-night homework parties, where they break out the popcorn and sit around working together. Aine absolutely loves the library, too, it’s practically a castle stuffed full of books and chairs and tables to study at. From BIANCA BENNETT ALEXANDER ’89, “I’m pleased to report that recent graduate GABRIEL MAYERS just finished a production internship with our hybrid/non-profit media company, Conscious Planet. It was such a great way to give back and stay connected to the presentday Holton community. Gabi is an aspiring journalist interested in covering issues of social justice and the environment, which made her a perfect fit. ABIGAIL BETTS ’98 was a huge help in setting me up with Gabi, who also completed her senior project with us. She is now a freshman journalism student at Columbia.”  ALEX BOHANNON is flourishing in Austin! Alex has fallen in love with The University of Texas and the constant seas of burnt orange. The streets during transition times look like Manhattan at rush hour, but otherwise everything is different from what she is accustomed to back east. Holton definitely prepared her for the

heaps of work from the many engineering and science courses she’s taking this semester. Alex rushed this summer and pledged Delta Gamma, which she is very excited about! Alex has also joined the Longhorn Rocket Association through her major (Aerospace Engineering) and she is preparing her first mid-power rocket for a launch date of December 7th!

Past Faculty and Staff Seven “Has-beens” gathered at Clyde’s at Tower Oaks, Rockville, Maryland in Spring, 2013. Enjoying the outing were ROSALIE ANDREWS along with her husband Ed, JOHN DINEEN, ALICE CONSOLVO, CAROL HILLMANN, LIB BERRY, and MARGO DUNLAVEY.

Caitlin Montgomery’12 summering as a dental intern.

This past summer LLOYDIE ZAISER led a group through Kenya that included five members of the Holton family. In addition to her daughter, MEGAN ZAISER MULLALLY ’00, she escorted Adriana Torres-Plaza (11th grade), STEPHANIE WILKES ’09, SARAH STETSON ’83, and Sarah’s daughter, BAILEY DUPLESSIE ’12. Class of 2012 mother and daughter get-together in Bedford Springs, Pennsylvania.

In Memoriam ELIZABETH ORTH ERIKSON ’29, 3/13/08


Holton moves into Yale - Lexi Butler ’13, Katie Kirk ’13, and Mackenzie Adelberg ’13.


Past faculty gathering in Spring 2013 with Ed and Rosalie Andrews, John Dineen, Alice Consolvo, Carol Hillmann, Lib Berry, Margo Dunlavey.

TALBOT DEBUTTS CAIN ’59, 7/20/13 MARTA HEFLIN ’63, 9/18/13 WENDE STONE BELL ’75, 5/9/13

63 J

Winter 2014

, y l s u o i r e S Science

a chemistry student is In this photograph, circa 1940s, ection over water. Though instructed on the fine art of gas coll has always valued the study of techniques have changed, Holton instruction of STEM in a time scientific inquiry, pioneering the ouraged to enter science. when women were not always enc


Make Holton’s Future Part of Your Legacy Help Holton build on its tradition as an extraordinary school for girls by considering a bequest or life income gift. Doing so will enable you to join hands with today’s Holton students and help to shape their destinies as women who will find their way or make one. Consider what Holton has meant to you. Your bequest or life income gift will provide the same life-changing Holton experience for innumerable girls in the future.

Contact Abigail Betts, Interim Director of Advancement at 301-365-6057 or for full details.

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Winter 2014




7303 River Road Bethesda, Maryland 20817 RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED



Students learn the real science behind crime scene investigations in an upper-level science course, Forensics.


Doorways Winter 2014