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Putting IT All Together

When our headmaster, James Lewis, died with Charles Lord. Mr. Lord brought enseveral years ago, it felt like ike stability thusiasm of our and change to the Holton comschool community had crashed down around munity. Construction, a more relaxed unius. The pastfew years have been a period of form., and the Booze Creek Regatta are just a adjustment. Mrs. Puckett stepped in to perform few of these changes. Mr. Lord reinforced the the massive task of running Holton while we sense of strength and stability that was shaken searched for a new headmaster. She main- by Mr. Lewis' death. We're now beginning to tained the sense of stability that Mr. Lewis feel hadthat it's all coming together. built. The search for a new headmaster ended

2 Opening








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Sandra Maddox helps fourth grader Sarah Nicholas prepare for the Halloween parade. The joint effort by seniors and lower schoolers m a d e this years parade the best in Holton's history.

Opening 3

4 Dtdieatien

DEDICATED TO DIRK It's a rule: no student is allowed to be feet, his singing leg (Whoooooooah!), his constressed in R o o m 306. If she is, this teacher's stantly-needing-a-haircut, his illegible handcontagious smile and "unique" sense of humor writing, and his stories about remote Greek will dissolve her school pressures, college an- Islands. H e turned poetic meters into a certain xieties, and all other problems imaginable. This personality to help us remember "where the teacher has taught crying Lower Schoolers, shorts fall." H e never cared when w e teased noisy Middle Schoolers and crazed Upper him endlessly about his too-short pants hems, Schoolers, everything from R o m a n numerals to his skinny legs, and his pebble butt. But neverdeclensions, from Dick and Jane to Horatian theless, he still supported us by writing for PerO d e s . Whether w e conjugated in Latin I, spectives, by being advisor for Cultural Awarestruggled through Ovid in Latin II, attempted ness and writing many great college recomLyric poetry in Latin III and IV, or laughed mendations. H e has been a wonderful teacher, through Martial, Horace, and Ovid in Latin V, w e a helpful advisor, and most importantly, a trusalways had fun and looked forward to his class. ted friend. Even if w e did not take his class, he H e taught us much more than Latin. H e intro- w a s always there to listen to our problems, stop duced us to yoga, children's books (The our tears and sort out our thoughts. H e calmed Stupids Die), h o m e m a d e bread, and modern us down and m a d e us laugh. His patience w a s art. Through the years, he has put up with our not human, Holton would not be the s a m e chants ("Wong Fu w a s a Chinese Pig"), our without him. Because he always gave of himJokes of the Day, our "Special Word" lists kept self, the senior class gives him this book. The daily in a notebook by Latin II, and "Polyspat- 1989 Scribe is dedicated to Mr. Nelson. W e love you, Dirk! Thank you. son" in 1MB sung to the tune of jingle bells. We'll never forget his 1969 Malibu, his talking

Dedication 5


6 Opening


Opening 7

8 Student Life

Student Life 9

"Ode to Melanie..." Jill Karpa and Kristina Reynolds compose an ode for the poetry contest. Gee, it's too bad Mrs. Hummel isn't here. Alexa Fischer, Sarah Black, and Anne Kornblut have an intellectual discussion.

Chic Jeans come in 26 sizes. Anne Kornblut models. "Table for two." Meredith Groban is waited on by Kendall Cafritz

I hate it when the okra gets caught in m y teeth. Jenny Bates, Middle Schooler, lies down. N o way! Doc Brown is in this issue of Playgirl? Bonnie Tamminga and Fran Lappin discover hidden secrets.

10 Student Life

"Busted." Sarah Gardner uses her winning smile to make up for her blatant disregard of the can plan. It must be a hormone imbalance. Nancy Ward and Polly Fordyce succumb to violent tendencies in the breezeway. Sale on headbands? Silvia G o i c o c h e a a n d Terrell M c S w e e n e y m a k e quite a fashion statement.

Kim Spurgeon, Michele Windsor, and Betsi Orem rest in one of Holton's many carpeted, chandeliered reception rooms as they pause between tennis and chem lab. (Washingtonian)

Schuktz! I just love those experiments!!! Marta Borinsky and Veronica Valdivieso excitedly await the result from their handy dandy thermometer.

Students 11

"And Robyn said let their be light, and nothing happened" Lisa Miller, Robyn Fearing, Missy Adle, T a m m y Marshall and their dates take a rest from intense dancing. Kassie Saverese and Robyn Fearing notice that Lisa Wellan is wearing the red version of their dress. Chris looks on mortified.

12 Student Life

"At least act like you're having fun." T a m m y and Jon enjoy themselves at the prom. "Ooo, metallic dresses really erk me." Kate Magovern makes a silly face.

Putting on the Ritz Prom. Who to bring? What to wear? Where to go? As soon as Holiday Ball ended, our thoughts turned to the questions of dates, dresses, and dinner spots for the dance at the end of the year. W e stressed out as w e discovered that the set date of June 6th conflicted with the e x a m schedules of our prospective escorts from Landon and other schools. However, when dates were found and plans were m a d e , only last minute problems remained, such as the likelihood of our stockings ripping ten minutes before leaving for the much anticipated evening. W e started the night out at various restaurants or dinner parties; most of the senior class could be found at the Tammingas' house, and most juniors scattered around the D.C. area at trendy hot spots such as Trader Vic's, Mel Krupins, Mr. K's and Benihana's. W e tried to eat as little as possible to keep our dresses together at the seams; however, our dates seemed to make up for our lack of appetite, gorging on their huge meals, as well as the remaining portions of our own. After the dinner, w e m a d e our way to the dance, this year held in the Grand Ballroom of the elegant Mayflower Hotel. U p o n arrival, w e nervously passed through the scrutinizing receiving line of Doc, Pat and Laurel. O n c e safely inside, w e grooved to the sounds of the Young Caucasians, critiqued our classmates' dates, and were even further entertained by Jen M. and partner dirty dancing the night away on the balcony. After hours of dancing and mingling, w e were eager to cool off and escape the evil eye of the administration, so w e headed off to various afterparties held by Kelly Citrin, T a m m y Marshall and Kara Blank. While s o m e found the late hour too tiring to stand (literally in the case of a certain J.M.), for most the night w a s just beginning. W e partied the night away poolside, hoping pneumonia wouldn't be a serious concern in the morning after all the dunkings. Noticing the rising sun, m a n y decided to call it a night, but the hardest partiers fought to keep the night going. With their looks falling and dresses dragging, but spirits flying high, they found their way to the breakfast parties and m u n c h e d through the morning, still claiming it night. Prom 13

Halloween Holton-Style This year's Halloween was a wild one! After the traditional parade, in which the seniors escorted lower schoolers dressed as everything from an aquarium to a pregnant nun, the lower schoolers were in for their "trick". The senior class transformed the F C L into a Lizzie Borden haunted house. They broke it into three sections: a graveyard with eerie-lighted tombstones, a witches party, where she served eyeballs and brains and the guest list included Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, the Bride of Frankenstein, a roaming m u m m y , and a walk-with-Lizzie Borden section, where grabbing hands appeared from nowhere, and soulshocking screams could be heard. T o console the terrified lower schoolers, the seniors threw a party in the lunchroom, complete with "treats". They held a costume contest- the finalists included a shower, a Hard Rock Cafe waitress, a Christmas tree, a set table, and a Holton girl carrying a Landon football player on her back. It w a s the best Halloween that Holton has ever seen, thanks to the seniors' hard work to put it all together.

<**ÂŁ? vA

F<? *ÂŤs

"If you want m y body, and you think I'm Hey, Dum. W a n n a go get our costsexy. . ." Julietta poses in her sev- umes on? T w o lower schoolers dress enties getup. for the Halloween parade.



Fred's over there? No, I won't look! Azita remains stonefaced at the Halloween party.

14 Student Life

$&er, HjHj









Dude! Leigh Ernst searches for the perfect wave. How do I look? Tammy Marshall dresses up for cross registration.



Will someone get this woman off my face?!


m? .'^4$$$%':


Student Life 15

Stage Deer

us with their incredible acting skills, es- difficult situations. K a y (Kirstie Krall) chooses suicide rather than continuing her pecially B and Paul as the cigar-smoking hopeless attempts to find a job. Louise (Liz lumberjacks from Seattle. Johnson), sick of fruitless auditions, marThe story describes the trials of typical ries a boring middle American bourgeois. young actresses in the 1930's. They each She quickly tires, however, of the monoYork City. have essential decisions to make. Jean One of the reasons the play was chosen Maitland (Catalina Talero) chooses to leave tony of "everything pink" and an endless circle of manjongg and bridge, and returns was for its several female roles- 21 of them. the capricious world of theater and signs a Characters ranged from the neurotic piano binding seven-year movie contract. to the relative excitement of the Footlights player Olga (Simone Ledeen) to the adultAlthough she lacks talent, she becomes club. Judith (Miranda Hope) must reconerous rebel Linda (Laurie Silverman) to the very famous as well as egotistical. She orig- cile perpetual demands for money from the optimistic ingenue Terry (Diane Boehm). inally begged her best friend Terry to sign folks back h o m e with the need to keep herThough the first performance was a little on with her to leave the stage for the artiself alive. shaky, and the second disastrous (every ficiality of movies which she sees as a corThe witty (as interpreted by the actors) cue was missed), by the last performance rupt art form, the "illegitimate child of the dialogue, period-perfect set and costumes, everyone had their parts down perfectly. theater." and outstanding acting combined to create The Landon guys in particular impressed Other characters are placed in equally a great Holton play. This year, the Holton D r a m a Club and the Landon St. Genesius Society put on "Stage Door," a comedy/drama/tragedy about a group of aspiring actresses living in the Footlights Club boardinghouse in N e w

"Oh Webb, Don't tell me you forgot another line!" Melanie Phillips as Mrs. Orcutt gazes at Webb Dryfoos during Stage Door.

16 Student Life

S o what! W h o cares if she shows up for her cue! Stephanie Levy hopes that she Do I really look this bad? Crisi Taborga doesn't have to adlib for another five minutes while Erica Smith sits down and acts out her part as Madeline Vauclain. ponders the situation.

Students 17

Deck the halls with . . Purple Cows?! "It's at Holton again?" That w a s the phrase most commonly heard this year instead of the usual "who a m I going to take?" But, after dates were acquired and tickets paid for, the fun began. W e started out the evening at various restaurants, such as the Samurai, House of Kao, The Tortilla Coast, Benihana, and North China. Others decided on dinner parties held at Alexa Fischer, Merideth Blank, and Kristina Reynold's houses. After stuffing ourselves, w e set out for the dance, s o m e by limo, s o m e by van and others by the ol' family sta-wag. W h e n w e got there, w e danced to the lively beat of the Purple Cows, a band featuring our o w n senior, Tamia Greene. Tamia wrapped up the dance with a sultry version of Respect (reminding us of all the m o n e y w e had spent on our date's dinner), and w e took off to the more relaxed atmosphere of the after-party. Most of us headed to senior Vassi Johri's or junior Julie Thorpe's house for the after party. There w e spent most of the evening pushing through the crowds of people. After hours of dancing and singing and yelling, the place started clearing out at about five in the morning. Weary partners, not quite ready to call it a night went to senior Lisa Miller's breakfast party to munch on the holiday flavored Crunchberries and recap the fun of the evening. Not only w a s it fun for everybody w h o went, but S A C raised a lot of money for Holton. W h o says partying isn't productive?

Above: O h God, Kendall's got gas. Cathy Trinidad, Marian Kline and Kendall Kafritz socialize. T o p Right: "If you think this is fun, just wait til the after party." Kristina and Taylor get close. Right: I don't want to hurt his feelings, but this thing is nasty and I refuse to wear it any longer. Liz Treanor takes off her corsage in disgust.

18 Students


^mm--J^.-rJ^d0^*. vu •••

•^•^•PA 1


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WFLr. Bbf^^'# •1 ;


>» JmT^^mfs-'

e' ' r A **


• m *& Above: Azita is overcome by s o m e satanic being. Fred Regan reaps the benefits.

"Gee, Jen, it's weird being on this side of the camera." Great Sc photographers Julie Wilchins and Jennifer Myers chat. Left: "Maybelline is my look." Fran Lappin and Bonnie Tamminga do themselves up.

Bottom Left: "Oh, Harmer, take it off quick! My allergies are real acting up!" Leigh Ernst is caught mid- sneeze. Below: And with your help we can stop this madness! Molly Madigan says something important and her date is confused.

Students 19

"SHAKE T H A T THANG!" Dickie jams trying to impress Natalie. "Simon says FREEZE!" Rachel and Jamie play intense intellectual games in their cross registration class.

This w a s truly a year for growth in Holton's cross registration program. Not only did it increase in the amount of participants, but in the range of courses as well. There were several cases of a single boy or girl in a cross registration class due to the desire of the program to m a k e itself more a available to the student's needs. The exchange w a s expanded to cover all class periods within a day- so the sight of a boy at Holton or a girl at Landon at any time of the day w a s no longer an infrequent event. The general reaction to this cross regis-

20 Student Life

tration idea is extremely positive. People enjoy the broadened scope of opinionwithin their classes from the different points of view offered by the exchange students, as well as the opportunity to bec o m e friends with people they are not usually exposed to -particularly on the academic level. Of course, the system is not yet completely free of snags. First period girls from Holton miss assembly in the morning to m a k e the ten-minute c o m m u t e to Landon for their 8:30 a.m. class. Girls in the late afternoon French class miss ninth

period club meetings three times a week due to their class not ending until three o'clock. There is still the problem of conflicting e x a m schedules because of Landon remaining on a trimester system while Holton has switched to the semester system. The novelty of this year's program was A n y a Trabold's participation in an American History class at Landon. She is a G e r m a n exchange student at Holton in the senior class and is broadening that exchange by becoming part of Landon's student body.

Student Life 21

**. II

Year in Review


:- J~-£^^

Swimmer Matt Biondi celebrated with 5 gold, 1 stiver, and 1 bronze.

It became an international effort of good will. Russians and American rescuers cut through the ice in Alaska to save two Cafifornia gray whales. The whales were trapped in the ice for more than three weeks. News media from around the world converged on the tiny village of Barrow, Alaska, to cover the successful rescue.' ", ••*• ....




The World Los Angeles Dodc

Js •






k I *?%&&. *








Amid tears and grief, thousands of people who had died of AIDS were m e m orialized in October in ceremonies centered on a huge quilt that was m a d e by friends and family members of the victims. Each of the panels measured three feet by six feet and all 50 states and a dozen foreign nations were represented in the 375,000 square foot quilt.

.22 Student Life




The Democrats went to Atlanta in the s u m m e r of 1986, and decided on Michael Dukakis, the governor of Massachusetts, to be their candidate for President of the United States.

If, Canadian Ben Jorison, left, looks over at arch rival Carl Lewis at the finish of the 100-meter race in the 1988 S u m m e r Olympics at Seoul, South Korea. Jpnson won the gold medal but w a s later disqualified fter traces of an anabolic steroid were found in his system. I WjBavyweigfet; boxer Mro Tyson married actress Robin Givens. I the stormy marriage of the 22 year-old rich boxer"and the'2?ryear-olizl 4.%~-..â&#x20AC;&#x17E; I geautifu,! actressmsted Iegs4hap Jy *



24 Leaders


Leaders Leaders 25

Charles P. Lord

Charles P. Lord, in only his second year as headmaster, has been the guiding force in helping us put it all together. His fresh approach has kept us excited and involved in Holton matters. Under his leadership, the school has undergone many changes, W e have seen the start of the Phase I construction, which includes the double gymnasium, swimming pool, and drama theatre, H e is on the Board of Trustees of A I M S (Association of Independant Maryland Schools), increasing our influence in the acad-

26 Leaders

emic community and aiding the development of the Holton cornmunity, such as issues from health to politics. Along with being our leader, he is our friend. His amiable character and tickled smile seem to give us that extra boost w e need when things get us down. W e respect and appreciate him for his devotion to the school, and thank him for being here for us when w e need him.

Mary Jane Puckett Assistant Headmaster

Mrs. Puckett, referred to by many of us as Wonder W o m a n , can be found bustling all over campus at any hour of the day. Her job never s e e m s to be complete. She juggles multiple roles at Holton while always managing to keep her special touch which endears her to all of us. The Upper School is glad to have her by its side once again after her absence when serving as Lower School director. Once again she has returned to her office next to the Reception Desk with her title of Assistant Head.

This year, her special responsibility is overseeing the arts program. She is working with Mr. Glasser, Mrs. T h e e m a n and Mrs. White towards further development, expansion and nurturing of the Fine Arts program at Holton. She also is being challenged with the responsibility of chairing the Executive Board. Mrs. Puckett is the component which has held this school together throughout the inevitable changes that have occurred over the years.

Leaders 27

The Board of Trustees 1988-1989

Gail Fearing, Karl W . Corby III, Charles P. Lord, Allan Kilsheimer, Ellen Martin, Kathryn Williams, Neil D. Smith, Joseph T. Boyle, Patricia Andringa, Bettie Clark, Margo Dunlavey, Peggy Ann Eacho, Syd Goodwin, Judith Hope, Nathan Isikoff, Marcia Johnson, David Kanter, Richard Landfield, de Vismes Lee, C. Irene McGarry, William McSweeny, Carolyn Meaken, Richard Norman, Thomas Roddy, Shreve T. Wilson, Emeritus: Charles A. Camalier, Jr., G. Bradford Cook, W . Leslie Douglas, Kimball C. Firestone, The Hon. Bruce M. Forrester, Richard E. Marriott, Suzanne Martin, Trudy Peyton, Bryson B. Rash, Hugh R. H. Smith, Mary Elizabeth Symington.

The Board of Trustees at Holton-Arms has helped to enrich the school in m a n y ways. They watched the construction activity to m a k e sure everything c a m e through by the deadlines. They met with the students over lunch to discuss Holton life, and tried to suit students' needs. Board m e m b e r Richard Norman descri-

28 The Board of Trustees

bed the Trustees' position as "interested solely in the growth of the Holton students as both inquisitive scholars and independent young women." The Board of Trustees does all it can to insure that Holton remains the nurturing community it is.

The Alumnae Board

Alumnae Board: deVismes Middleton Lee, Deidre Walser Adkins, Barbara Bone Morrison, Mary Barter Roop, Stephanie Kenyon Beehler, Lee Dudley Blackwood, Lee Sawyer Elliott, Margaret Benedict Hallgren, Sara Fogarty Hayes, Besry Nicolson Leitholf, Jane Costello Maisch, Wendy Merriman, Connie Corby Minshall, Kate Perry, Frances Wickes, Catharine Murphy Yoran

The Alumnae Board helps keep all the generations of Holton girls close. T h e Board, led by deVismes Middleton Lee, has initiated an exciting n e w program for graduates of Holton and neighboring schools. They are working on a service directory, which will contain references to graduates n o w part of the work force. This will be the start of a women's network program, the

first of its kind in this area. They hope to expand the program to further reaches in the next few years. The Board has also been busy working on ways to keep the Landon and Holton grads in touch. Their hard work is greatly appreciated by the graduates, but even more appreciated by the seniors, confident that, through the years, w e will always be together.

Leaders 29


The administrators do all they can to keep Holton together at the seams. In the Lower School, Ine N o e makes sure the young girls develop the skills they need to face the Middle School. Mrs. Berry guides the 7th and 8th graders through these challenging a n d emotional years, although she is most appreciated by them as the bearer of good news â&#x20AC;&#x201D; bearer of the dance invitations. Doctor Brown is the Director of the Upper School, and responsible for overseeing the academic prog-

ress of the college-concerned high schoolers. Mr. Smith, the Business and Operations manager, keeps everything from finances to traffic running smoothly. Mrs. Loenning and Mrs. Michener, both Upper School administrators, act as the disciplinarians, as well as the understanding punching bags for the stressed out seniors and underclassmen. Our Administrators at Holton are our supporters, insuring us that, year by year, w e can put it all together. Mrs. Michener w a s caught by surprise while daydreaming in her office.

Nell Hampton Special Events Coordinator

"I can't believe I m a d e that car crash into the Holton van." Neil Smith is so distraught he can't eat his lunch.

30 Leaders




zabeth Berry \J Director, Middle School; English

William Archer Brown, Ph.D. Director, Upper School: History

Marjorie Loening \y/ College Counselor; Counselor, Grade 12

Patricia Mitchner Dean of Students; Counselor, grade 10, Mathmatics

Linda Humphrey Director of Institutional Advancement

Ine Noe Director, Lower School

Kay W . Fenton Bursar

Barbara Small Director of Services

Neil D. Smith Business and Operations Manager/Treasurer

Leaders 31

34 Faculty

Daly, Laurel Math DePinho, Mary French Degnan, Gloria Secretary, Lower School

Dooling, Patricia Grade 3 Dunie, Harriet Advancement Center, Manager Dunlavey, Margo Director of Admissions; Math Dunne, Antonetta French Dwornik, Deborah Photography Ehlers, Doris Typing

Engle, Mary Grade 3 Evans, Pauletta Receptionist Faubey, Kathleen Middle School Counseler

Fenton, Kay Bursar Folley, Cary Computers Gates, Edith Music

Gatti, Livia Spanish Gilbert, T h o m a s English Glasser, Dave Art

Faculty 35

Didn't I see this tomato on the floor a few minutes ago?" Mrs. Hutcherson fixes herself a hearty salad. Yosemite Sam gets his final victim. Mrs. Hummel has the shock of her life.

36 Faculty

Goldman, Marilyn Grade 4 Grant, Sharon Grade 6 Hampton, Nell Special Events Coordinator

Hanson, Rebecca Secretary, Middle School Hawley, Susan Grade 3 Heflln, Caprice Bookkeeper

Henderson, Toni Physical Education Hewitt, Marlene Bookkeeper Higgins, Michael Computer; Math

Hillman, Carol History; English Horwitz, Emily Spanish Hughes, Patricia Secretary, Upper School

Huguely, Sue Receptionist Hummel, Ruth History Humphrey, Linda Advancement Center

Hutcherson, Kimberly Physical Educaton Keener, Yolanda Bookstore Manager Kolkmeger, Lynne Grade 5

Faculty 37

Is that Mrs. McGraw or the window pane?

10 dimes and 20 nickels. Mrs. Miller counts the front desks financial status

The lettuce went down the wrong way! exclaims Mrs. Margolis

38 Faculty

Kordell, Rae Director of Student Health Kuspa, Linda Secretary, Assistant Head LeMone, Anita Grade 5

Levitine-Woodside, Annette French Liesner, Edith Lower School Reading Lippold, Anne Science

LoPrest, Sarah Lower School Librarian Mahanes, Judith Math Mailey, Margaret Grade 6

Manian, Susan Physical Education Margolis, Marilyn Art Matthews, Mary Director of Publications

Maybee, Suzanne Coordinator, Computer Services McCall, Mary Jane McCulla, Cheryl Latin

McGraw, Barbara Science Michener, Pat Dean of Students; Math Miller, Margaret Receptionist

Faculty 39

"Hey sailor! C o m e into m y Latin room." Miss Wheat purrs. Monagan, Laura History Monroe, Nancy Director of Admissions, Assistant Myers, Laura Grade 4

Nathanson, Pauline Grade 6 Nelson, Dirk Latin Noe, Ine Director, Lower School

Paulson, Elizabeth Assistant to Business Manager Puckett, Paul Science Reddy, Paula Computer; Math

Rodgers, Sharon Director of Admissions Rodgers, Leicester English Sablosky, Mairi Dance

Scherbel, Marsha English Sears, Cynthia Science Simms, Marilyn

Smink, Anna Head Librarian; History Smith, Nan Physical Education Sneathen, Timothy Math

"My stomach came out this far when I w a s Santa Claus last Christmas." reminisces Mr. Puckett.

40 Faculty

Swinehart, Spring Secretary Talbert-Smith, Pat French Terry, Carolyn History

Theeman, Nancy Music Thompson, Mary Catherine Computer and Math Tupper, Robert History

Tyler, Anne Music Vaughn, Virtue Math West, Page English

Wheat, Jennifer English Whilden, Peggy Physical Education White, Christine Library Assistant

White, Judith Drama; Speech Williams, Kitty Secretary to Headmaster Wilson, Geraldine Music

Worthing, Miriam Science Zarcone, Margaret Registrar Zucker, Liz History

Faculty 41

W e Get By With a Little Help From Our Maintenance Crew An important part of the Holton community is our maintenance staff. Early in the morning, they are out here to direct traffic and help us to find the best parking spaces. O n c e they've m a d e sure that no hurried Holtonite has caused an accident trying to park, they drive the crossregistration gals over to Landon. T h e staff keeps the building looking clean, and makes sure that by the time our late morning hunger pangs strike, there's a hot lunch ready in the cafeteria. They rescue our cars from the m u d

baths created in our pseudo parking lots m a d e of gravel, help search for lost articles all over the school and are responsible for installing the new blinds, couches and rugs in the F C L creating a new and m u c h m o r e comfortable atmosphere. Not only do w e appreciate their required duties performed for us, but also the little things they do during the course of a hard, grueling day to m a k e us smile. W e couldn't get by without a little help from our maintenance crew.

Max Bennett, Bettie Nyack, Mary Black, Laura Chambers

Charles Johnson, Earl Tucker, Charles Jones, George Huntley, Sang Shin, Chau Ho, Young Son Soon, Young Son Lee Kevin Lee, Mr. Suh, Steve Vacarro, Leavy Brown, Linda Maenner, Oki, Walter Whilden

42 Leaders

Sonia Ley, Bob Wright, Kenneth Brown, Donna Zimmerlin


Is that a goldfish in there? Better shut the lid before Sonia sees.

Leaders 43

SENIORS 44 Seniors

1989 Seniors 45


Always ready for a Certs encounter, Liz Johnson spots some Landon guys entering the cafeteria.

"Nobody came to our hockey g a m e again!" Vassi Johri mopes in the dining room.

46 Student Life

"Shin is sooo good looking." Lisa Miller watches the maintenance m e n in the FCL.

"Come on guys, we're just friends." Seniors question Dinga Zulu on her hot date she had Saturday night.

"Say ooh, say aah, say you love me." Diane Boehm relaxes in the senior lou

Seniors 47

48 Student Life

Student Life 49

Julieta Acebal Six years

Don't worry about a thing, 'cause every little thing is gonna be alright. -Bob Marley Love is a bit like quick sand . The more you're in it, the deeper you sink, And when it hits you, You just got to fall. -UB40 Envy is ignorance. Insist on yourself, never imitate. -Anonymous Lose your dreams and you will lose your mind. -Rolling Stones To M o m m y and Daddy: My love for you is immeasurable, m y respect for you immense. -RS To Maria: When ever I see your smiling face, I have to smile myself, because I love you. -JT

50 Seniors

Melissa Mariam Adle â&#x20AC;˘ Missy Six years

The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time Any fool can do it. There ain't nothing to it. It's okay to be afraid, but don't let that stand in your way. Since we're only here for awhile, might as well show s o m e style. Isn't it a lovely ride? -James Taylor

Yesterday's right over my shoulder, So I can't look back t long. There's just too much to see waiting in front of me. And I don't know that I can go wrong. -Jimmy Buffet We were ring-around-the-rosy children They were circles around the sun, Never give up, Never slow down, Never grow old, Never ever die young. -James Taylor

And there we were all in one place A generation lost in sp with no time left to start again... -Don McLean It's a magical evening, yet a somber occasion. -David Letterman I'm caught in the spotlight, walking the wire. M y feet are frozen and m y heart's on fire. What do i do if m y dream comes true? -James Taylor Est-ce que je peux allume les bougies? -Catherine Thibaut This pea soup is as thick as fog. I'm opposed to millionaires, but it would be dangerous to offer m e the position. -Mark Twain John - I a m beside myself, sitting by you. Thank you for being m y best friend. I love you dearly. -Miss

To m y family - I love you all. Mom- Thank you for giving me more than you could.

Tarn- Someday I will avenge all that you have done to me, b for now, just be m y friend. Hon (BOKMAN) - Thank you for being the daddy I never had. LM, MK, NN, LB, TM, DT - Time passes too quickly when we're laughing together, I love you all.

Seniors 51

Mamie Doud Anderson Ten years

You got to cry without weeping Talk without speaking Scream without raising your voice -U2 Art is the Lie that tells the Truth. -Bruce Davidson S o you're scared and you're thinking That m a y b e w e ain't that young anymore S h o w a little faith there's magic in the night. -Bruce Springsteen Tomorrow's rains will wash the stains away But something in our minds will always stay. -Sting All that you have is your soul. -Tracy Chapman

^ x

Christiana Androutsos 1 Year






T H N!


lea^H GI


Seniors 53

Alyse Prescott Baier Seven years

Jonathan, W h e n tears are in your eyes, I will dry them all; I'm on your side when times get rough And friends just can't be found Like a bridge over troubled water I will lay m e down. - Simon and Garfunkel

Noble, Lucas, Know that I'm always here for you and that we're always here for each other. I love you very much. Mommy, Daddy, Noble, Lucas and Jonathan, you all are m y world and m y greatest love. Thank you for loving m e the way that you do. - Gaga

Daddy, we'll find a way to say it all someday. I love you. - Gerry Rafferty

54 Seniors

M o m m y , I love you so much and when I'm gone remember the days of you and m e against the world... - Helen Redi

Kimberly Sprague Ballman Six years

Friendship redoubleth joys and cutteth griefs in halves. -Francis Bacon Laughter is my religion.

Life's battles don't always go To the stronger or faster man: But sooner or later the m a n w h o wins Is the one w h o thinks he can. -Edgar A. Guest The finer things keep shining through. -Steve Winwood

Thanks M o m , Dad, Debbie, Lynda and B.G. Anyone w h o ever gave you confidence, you o w e them a lot. -Holly Golightly

Seniors 55

Gabriele Tanja Barth Six years

a.i ÂŤ-J"fifej'fc-

X csroilQO-baCK apcuA_ to AocL kuJjcL CL |?++/c zrianHJ d i e V d i Lxnd d u e J^con^acJ^jl Kenoen, O C T uoind. irv de/v_ YeJderv, dor "^fthcL >ru dLou "VcJ&JL/t

CrtrcxO (UJV 1tJD K X p h ^ r o c u ruj-t too >|ar ^rOiYYKorrb'e.j yicJ-cn olanK Jar a'fc-3.

56 Seniors

Chinmayee Barve 3 years

A friend is someone w h o gets the lowest grade in the class and keeps you from being the dumbest. -Shultz M y interest lies in the future because that's where I a m going to be. -C. Kerringer Follies and Nonsense, whims and inconsistancies do direct m e , I own, and I laugh at them whenever I can. -Austen I finally graduated! Thanks to you, mom, dad and Vaishali.

Seniors 57

Bianca Cherie Bennett â&#x20AC;˘ lanca B Four years No Half Steppin'-Big Daddy K A N E

If it tickles us, do w e not laugh? -Shakespeare Do what you love. -Henry Thoreau

Everybody speaks an entirely different language. -Frank

They had been there all the time; but m y eyes had never been open to them. -Bernard Shaw To M o m , Dad, and Brad: O h my God. . .how do w e get out of it? I would like a DEPOSIT SLIP. .. I know I don't tell you enough, but I loveyou all very much and I'll miss you.


58 Seniors

Melanie Alice Bernstein Seven years

Then Frog and Toad went out onto the front porch to wait for the mail. They sat there, feeling happy together. Four days later, the snail got to Toad's house and gave him the letter. Toad was very pleased to have it. -Arnold Lobel

You wanted m e , I know, to say 'yes' that you might have the pleasure of despising m y taste; but I always delight in overthrowing those kind of schemes, and cheating a person of their premeditated contempt. I have therefore m a d e up m y mind to tell you that I do not want to dance a reel at all - and now despise m e if you dare. The Cow is of the bovine ilk; One end is moo, the other -Jane Austen milk. -Ogden Nash No, 'tis not so deep as a well, nor so wide as a church door; but 'tis enough, 'twill serve. Ask for m e tomorrow, and you But the primary concern is how you carry shall find m e a grave man. soup on your body without appearing ridicu-William Shakespeare lous? W h e n you ask yourself this question, you are ready for soup folding. -Steve Martin

Kara Elizabeth Blank Six years

60 Seniors

Diane Lorraine Boehm Six years

T o everyone that's helped m e get where I am, to understand myself and the things around m e , Thank you.

After a while you learn the subtle difference Between holding a hand and chaining a soul, And you learn that love does not m e a n leaning, And company does not m e a n security, And you begin to learn that kisses aren't contracts And presents aren't promises, After a while you learn that even Sunshine burns if you get too much. So you plant your own garden and decorate your soul. Instead of waiting for someone to bring you happiness. And you learn that you can really endure... That you really are strong. And you really do have worth. And you learn with every goodbye, you learn. -A

W h e n I was a child, I caught a fleeting glimpse out of the corner of m y eye. I turned to look and it w a s gone. I cannot put m y finger on it now The child is grown the dream is gone. -Pink Floyd

There's a feeling I get W h e n I look to the West. Zepplin

Everything is to the left.

US If you always do things tomorrow, you'l never have to do anything at all. Seniors 61

Elizabeth McMullen Bowers Six years

These are the times to remember, 'cause they will not last forever. These are the days to hold on to. -Billy Joel

The good-bye makes the journey harder still. -Cat Stephens M o m , Dad, and MelissaThanks for everything you have ever given me, especially all of your love and support. I love you!

Delia- My Bangless Wonder Twin"I've had the time of m y life, and I o w e it all to you." I love you more than you will ever know. -Me

62 Seniors

Allison Marie Boyle Nine years

For time and the world do not stand still. Change is the law of life. And those w h o look only to the past or the present are sure to miss the future. John F. Kennedy Someday we'll look back on this and it will all seem funny. Bruce Springsteen Mom, Dad and Chris- Thanks for everything. I love you very much.


Miranda Hinsdale Breger â&#x20AC;˘ Mia Five years **"**

Don't think too much. - Susan Sarandon "Bull Durham"

I don't know just where I'm going, but I'm gonna try for the kingdom, if I can. - Velvet Underground

Carpe diem. - Horace If a man does not pace with his companions, perhaps it is Hills are always more beautiful than stone buildings, you know. cause â&#x20AC;˘he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music Walking Buffalo which he hears, however measured or far away. - Thoreau We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. Wilde To m y family and friends - I L O V E Y O U .

64 Seniors

Melissa Gail Bromberg Six years

W e might be laughing a bit too loud, Oh, but that never hurt no one. -Billy Joel

I thank you for the kindness and the times that you got tough And...Mom and Dad I don't think I've said I love you near enough. -Dan Fogelberg I just wanted to say thanx for the times I forgot. I love you. Though nothing can bring back the hour of splendour in the grass, or glory in the flower, W e will grieve not, rather find strength in what remains behind. -Wordsworth Now is not the end, it is not even the beginning, but it is, perhaps the end of the beginning. -Churchill Take your time, think a lot. Think of everything you've got. For you will still be here tomorrow, but your dreams m a y not. -Cat Stevens

There ain't no early warning for what I'm going through, I get the If you wake up and don't want to smile, if it takes just fever every morning because m y heart is set on you. while, open your eyes and look at the day. You'll see things in -Eric Clapton a different way. -Fleetwood M a c

Seniors 65

Alexandra White Bryant â&#x20AC;˘ Alexi Six years

In the midst of winter, I finally learned there w a s in m e an invincible summer. -Camus Support mental health or I'll kill you.

The true way goes over a rope which is not stretched at any great height but just above It has been a call to the blood, a passing the ground. It seems more designed to m a k e people stumble than to be walked upon. benediction whose influence did not pass, -Kafka a holiness, a spell, a momentary chalice of youth. She reflected that it is impossible to foretell the future with any degree of accuracy, that -E.M. Forster it is impossible to rehearse life. A fault in the scenery, a face in the audience, and all our carefully planned gestures m e a n nothing, or m e a n too much. -E.M. Forster You were under the impression That when you were walking forward You'd You do not need to leave your room. Remain sitting at your table and listen. Doend not up even further onward But things ain't listen, simply wait. D o not even wait, be quite still and solitary. The world will freely offer quite that simple. itself to you to be unmasked, it has no choice, it will roll in ecstasy at your feet. -Kafka -The W h o

As for being a General, well, at the a four with paper hats and wooden swords we're all Generals. Only s o m e of us never grow out of it. -Peter Ustinov

66 Seniors

Nina Gorman Cole Six years

As long as possible, live free and uncommitted. -Thoreau

Here's to you m y friends and may you live N o w it almost seems incredible, We've M o m , Dad and John, 1000 years. And here's to m e that I may laughed too loud and woke up everyone. I Thank you for supporting m e and belive 1000 years less one day, for why may be wrong, I thought w e said it couldn't lieving I could do anything, even when I should I care to live when friends like you happen here. gave you no reason to. I love you. have passed away. -Pet Shop Boys -Spooky -Grandma Be good and you will be lonesome. -Mark Twain

Seniors 67

Leigh Richmond Ernst Six years

Leigh just go on the shoulder, We're going to be late! -Jill

N o w wait a minute! -Dad

You are only a success if you get up one more time after you fall. -Henry Marsh What I must do is all that concerns me, not what the people think. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Life is full of I should have's. -Graham 68 Seniors

Robyn Elizabeth Fearing Six Years

"I might be laughing a bit too loud, but that never hurt no one." -Billy Joel "When asked how it feels to be the smallest m a n in a crowd, I say, like a dime among pennies." -Fiorello La Guardia

"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. -Emerson

"There are two kinds of kids, the good kids and the bad kids, but the good kids have a great time, right Dad." "Fare you well, fare you well, I love you more than words can tell" S.G.: "Friendship m a y pardon our misdeeds, but it's only love that -Grateful Dead can forgive our mistakes." -OT. Fowler

Seniors 69



Six years








^ *!lw There friust h a % beerfa doorJltert^rtjEwalfv, -4* *«#~%L <*,j^&-» *,<*J4 -*»J:"**~W^r* r Pink Floyd



Elizabeth Bridges Ford-Beth 10 years

The supreme happiness of life is the conviction that w e are loved. -Victor Hugo Where there's a shadow, there's a light. -Mike Hudson The best thing you can do is to get very good at being you. -Dennis the Menace


Catherine Antoinette Evelyn Franks Ten years

M u m and Dad There is always one moment in childhood when the door opens I a m a Bear of Very Little Brain, and long words Bother me. and lets the future in. -Winnie-the-Pooh -Graham Greene Thank you for Everything. I Love You.

72 Seniors

Leslie Anne Galloway 4 Years

W h e n , in disgrace with fortune and men's eyes, I all alone beweep m y outcast state And trouble deaf heaven with m y bootless cries And look upon myself and curse m y fate, Wishing m e like to one more rich in hope, Featured like him, like him with friends possess'd Desiring this man's hope and that man's scope, With what I most enjoy contented least; Yet in these thoughts myself almost despising, Haply I think on thee, and then m y state, Like to the lark at break of day arising From sullen earth, sings hymns at heaven's gate; From thy sweet love remember'd such wealth brings That then I scorn to change m y state with kings. -Shakespeare

And he thought that if he stood on the bottom rail of the bridge, and leant over, and watched the river slipping slowly beneath him, then he would suddenly know everything there was to be known. -Cummings

Bad cooks â&#x20AC;&#x201D; and the utter lack of reason in the kitchen â&#x20AC;&#x201D; have delayed human development longest and impared it most. -Nictzcehc

Yesterdays are over my shoulder so I can't look back too long. There's just too much to see waiting in front of m e and I don't think that I can go wrong. -Jimmy Buffet It's been a lovely cruise. -Jimmy Buffet

Though nothing can bring back the hour of splendor in the grass, of glory in the flower W e will grieve not, rather find Strength in what remains behind. -Wordsworth The But And And

woods are lovely, dark and deep, I have promises to keep, miles to go before I sleep, miles to go before I sleep. -Frost

Seniors 73

Jennifer Sydney Goodwin â&#x20AC;˘ Jenny Ten years

I don't know what lies ahead for m e , but what remains behind m e are memories of good and bad. This senior year has had its share of bad but as Hawkins said, "God has not promised m e sunshine, that's not the way it's going to be, but a little pain mixed with God's sunshine, a little rain, then you can appreciate the good times." Right M o m ? I a m now learning to see m y life for what it's worth,, and it's worth a lot. M y strength has c o m e from the love of m y friends and family. I've been mean, selfish, rude, and insensitive but at least I caught that when I did, for n o w I a m learning more and more about myself and m y future; a future I a m going to have. If I m a y be so bold as to use two last quotes both by Guns and Roses, I would like to say to m y friends, "If you need a shoulder or if you need a friend, I'll be there standing, until the bitter end." and to m y family, "All I ever wanted w a s for you to know that I care." I love you.

Don't believe what your eyes are telling you. All they show is limitation. Look with your understanding, find out what you already know, and you'll see the way to fly. -From Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach

The best part about being happy, Is that you never think be unhappy again. -William Hurt (from Kiss of the Spider Woman)

After awhile you learn the subtle difference, Between holding a hand and chaining a soul, And you learn love doesn't m e a n learning, And company doesn't m e a n security, And you begin to learn that kisses aren't contracts, And presents aren't promises, And you begin to accept your defeats With your head up and your eyes open, With grace not grief, And you begin to learn to build all your roads on today, Because tomorrow's ground is too

74 Seniors

uncertain, For plans and futures have a way of falling down in mid flight After a while you learn that even sunshine, Burns if you get too much, S o you plant your own garden, and decorate your own soul, Instead of waiting, And you learn you really can endure, That you really are strong, And you really do have worth, And you learn and learn, With every good-bye you learn. -Unknown

Tamia M. Greene Four years

W h e n gods were more and w o m e n were more divine. Wine, cheese, crackers and mocha shakes. "La vie est trop courte pour s'habiller triste." A French Fashion Ad "The world is one big pelvis" 10/18/88 12:10pm Eli and Tamia "How I wish, how I wish you were here, we're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year, Running over the s a m e old ground. What have w e found? The s a m e old fears wish you were here." -Pink Floyd

don't give up you still have us don't give up w e don't need much of anything don't give up 'cause somewhere there's a place where w e belong. -Peter Gabriel Pile on many layers and I'll be joining you there. Shine on you crazy diamond. And Look back now we'll bask in the shadow of yesterday's tri- From this vantage point umph and sail on a steel breeze. To your innocence. -Pink Floyd -Marc Jordan Forget about the past, Baby Things ain't what they used to be Keep on straght ahead. -Jimmy Hendrix

"Stop wasting my time You know what I want You know what I need Or maybe you don't Do I have to c o m e right smack out and tell you everythingGive m e some money."

"The man who has no tincture of philosophy goes through life imprisoned in the prejudices derived from c o m m o n sense, from the habitual beliefs of his age or his nation, and from convictions which have grown up in his mind without the Spaceman Spiff says Fuzz Therapy is thecooperation or consent of his deliberated answer to P M S . reason." Bertrand Russel

M o m m a says love is all that matters. Bryan Ferry

Seniors 75

Allyson Christina Hall Seven years

I was born in the congo. I walked to the fertile crescent and built the sphinx. I designed the pyramid so tough that a star only glows every one hundred years falls into the center giving divine perfect light. I a m bad. - Nikki Giovanni My motto, as I live and learn, is: Dig And Be Dug In Return -Langston Hughes

Mommy, You are m y sister and m y best friend. I m a y not say it often enough, but I L O V E YOU!! Thank-you so much for all the support and good advice you've given to m e over the years (even though I sometimes didn't take it). Remember, I'm only a phone call away, in case you ever need to hear "the character." Daddy, I'll always be your little girl, your tuna-son, your baby doll and your sugar foot. Senor Chuck, practice your espanol! Being without you takes a lot of getting use to. - Chicago Thank you for loving m e in your own special way!


,mm A''

4f Animals are such agreeable friends - they ask no questions, they pass no criticism. - Mr. Gilfil's Love Story To all my dearest friends and phone buddies

Dear Tiffani, Melanie,Natalie, Antoinette, Jill, Pooh, promise m e you won't forget me, ever, not even when I'm a hundredFor if I thought you would, I wouldn't leave. I love you both very much. I'll miss you a lot next year. - A.A. Milne Thank-you for giving m e every possibilty. Truly great friends are hard to find, hard to leave, and are imposs forget. - Anonymous

76 Seniors

I love you all very much, thank you for always being there as m y friends; and even though we'll be dancing to a different beat, the rhythm will always remain the same.

Kathleen Eleanor Hickey Six Years

Hat Teddy said it was a hat, so I put it on. N o w dad is saying, "Where the heck's the toilet plunger gone?"

J.J. M,M W.G. DuP. Took great c/o his Mthough he was only 3. J.J. Said to his M"M-" he said, said he "You - must - never- godown - to the - end - of - the town - if - you - don't - go - down with - me." Everything happens to everybody sooner or later if there is time enough. -Shaw Life is just one damned thing after another. -somebody

Seniors 77

Marisol Alexis Hodge Four years

I and I build a cabin I and I plant the corn Did m y people before m e slave for this country ? N o w you look at m e with a scorn Then you eat up all m y corn W e gonna chase those crazy balhead out of town. -Bob Marley Un jour tout sera bien, voila votre esperance, tout est bien aujourd'hui, voila I'illusion. -Voltaire ...Be an optimist and somehow happiness will find you. -Ray Davies .In the darkness must come out light. -Bob Marley

Thank you, M o m for always loving m e and for showing m e the importance of self-confidence.

Thanks Candace and Steph for always being there. Steph al ways remember the rain Forest, Three Kings' Day Parades, and Cinnamon Bay at night. W h e n one door is closed many more will open. -Bob Marley

78 Seniors

Miranda Townes Hope We've lost the time that w a s so hard to find. - Beatles

Six years

dal dal ka nang dal dal nan su nug ni yan! (You talk an talk and now it's burned!) - Nida-nut It's only water in our strangest tears looks are deceptive but distinctions are clear. A foreign body, and a foreign mind never welcome in the land of the blind. - Peter Gabriel We have tears in our eyes as w e say our goodbyes... so please, now and then c o m e and see us again... all you do is to look at a page in this book... no book ever ends when it's full of your friends. - Roald Dahl


Good judgment comes from experience, experience comes from bad judgment. This system has failed. You can't fail yourself. - Billy Bragg Certainty is of no consequence, because so many imbeciles share it. - Camus

Take a circle, caress it, and it will turn vicious. I don't know enough Spanish to make myself understood. - Eugene lonesco There's lots of stuff and many things in this world, and Duffy, there's no room for your silliness here. - Tricia M o m and Dad - thank you for always trusting m e . I love you both (the most). Zach - The best brother, a wonderful friend. I'll love you always. W h o m w e love best, to them w e can say the least. Seniors 79

Junko Ishihara â&#x20AC;˘ June Two years

Be yourself no matter what they say. -Sting

If I should meet thee After long years, H o w should I greet thee? With silence and tears.

No need to worry 'bout anything. -Akina -Byron

Pooh, promise you won't forget about m e , ever. Not even when I'm a hundred. -Christopher Robin

When tomorrow comes, you'll wish you had today -S.S. Mom, Dad, Yoko and all of my family and friendsThanks for your love and support.


^5W*" 80 Seniors

Elizabeth Wynne Johnson â&#x20AC;˘ Liz Four years

Never ask yourself. . .Demand. -G. Lussi

Sometimes I feel as though I'm running on ice. . . -Billy Joel

Se liberer n'est hen, I ardu c'est de savoir etre libre. -A. Gide

I want to find m y o w n answers, It's time I knew what m y plans were, I'm going to find what I'm looking for. I'm gonna take all m y chances, G o n n a m a k e m y advances, G o n n a see what m y life has in store. -Supertramp They say best men are molded out of faults. And, for the most, become much more the better For being a little bad. -W. Shakespeare

H o w much better it is to sin and repent, Than to repent for not having sinned! -Machiavelli I thank you for the music And your stories on the road. I thank you for the freedom W h e n it c a m e m y time to go. I thank you for the kindness And the times when you got toughAnd Papa, I don't think I've said "I love you" near enough. -D. Fogelberg

Wherever you are, itis your friends w h o make your world. -Unknown

Mom and DadNothing I could say could possibly repay you for R e m e m b e r this truth that once w a s spoken: To love another per- what you've given me. I'll never be able to define it, son is to see the face of God. but I'll never forget it. -H.Kretzmer Thank you for everything - especially the things I never thought to thank you for before. I love you.

Seniors 81

Vassilisa Kuku Johri â&#x20AC;˘ Vassi Nine years

What though the radiance which w a s once so bright. Be now forever taken from m y sight. Though nothing can bring back the hour Of splendor in the grass, of glory in the flower W e will grieve not, rather find Strength in what remains behind. - W . Wordsworth


The world bores you when you're cool Don't need a gun to blow your mind Don't need a watch to waste your time Thylvesther- W h e n m y arms wrap around you I press m y heart upon the loveliness That has long faded from the world.


The storm is breaking or so it seems we're too young to reason, too grown up to dream. - Bryan Ferry 'm the slave to love... -Bryan Ferry Childhood is the kingdom where nobody dies. Nobody that matters, that is. - Edna St. Vincent Millay

82 Seniors

Melissa Erin Kanter Six years

Dad, M o m , Simone, Chloe For happiness is anyone, and anything of all That's loved by you. tr**. Jamie, Lolly- I love you 360 degrees

I get by with a little help from my friends, I'll try wit little help from m y friends. -Beatles I'll love you tomorrow as I love you today.

N o scale or chart on earth, can measure what friendship's worth, -a poster

Louie, Louie('s)

You tell me that I'm crazy; that's nothing that I didn't kno I know I'm not spiritual, but I can truly say our souls are one. ADL -Fleetwood M a c Love is something if you give it away, You'll end up getting more. -Anonymous

And you and me are free to be, you and me -Free to Be You an Me When you're so far away? -Dire Straits Sooner or later it will all fall in line -Smokey Robinson

Seniors 83

Jill Leslie Karpa Eight years

There are times that never ever come again Memories there for the making. -Steve Win wood

Tomorrow you say you're gone and you're not coming back. If there is no love in your heart, oh no. There will never be hope for you. -Ziggy Marley H o w sweet it is to be loved by you. -James Taylor M o m , Dad, JonI love you and I'll really miss you next year! Thanks for everything. 84 Seniors

Mariam Kashani Six Years

Nothing lasts forever but the earth and the sky. It slips away. And all your money won't another minute buy. Everything is dust in the wind. -Kansas

So it's the laughter we'll remember and the memories of the way we were. -Barbr Streisand

Truly great friends are hard to find, hard to leave, and are impossible to forg -Anonymous

Now if all my golden moments Could be rolled into one They would shine just lik sun for a summer day. -James Taylor

What we have once enjoyed, we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a of us. -Helen Keller

Some people live their dreams Some people close their eyes Some people 's desti passes by There are no guarantees There are no alibis. -Toto Leila, R e m e m b e r h o w we'd laugh away the hours And dream of all the great things we'd do. Those were the days. -Mary Hopkin

Mummy, Daddy and Leila: T h a n k y o u for a l w a

y s b e i n 9 there a n d c a r i n 9- ' carVt e x P r e s s in w o r d s n o w m u c n mean to me. I don't think I've said I love you nearly enough.


Seniors 85

Katherine Helen K a v o u n i s • Katie 6 years

It is only the weak who are cruel, gentleness can only be expected from the strong. - Leo Ralston "No man is a failure who has friends." - It's a Wonderful Life

gfj l4" «1IS

<r \

a o


\ "How lucky I am to have someone or something that makes saying goodbye so damned awful." - The other Side of The Mountain You only live once, but if you work it right, once is enough. - Unknown








•r x




\ Xx


86 Seniors


0 I \K

Kimberly Dawn Kikuchi â&#x20AC;˘ Kim Seven years

M o m and Dad "I wish that I could give you something more. Richard Marx I love you both. Kim

So, before w e end and then begin, We'll drink a toast to how it's been ... I've loved these days. - Billy Joel Pooh, promise me you won't ever forget me ever, because if I thought you would, I wouldn't leave. -A.A. Milne If I need a cause for celebration Or a comfort I can use to ease m y mind, I rely on m y imagination And I dream of an imaginary time. - Billy Joel

Jem, Kass, Kyle and Suks, "Time passes much too quickly when we're together laughing." - Chicago


Timarie Kilsheimer*Tim Ten Years

Says the horse to the eagle: "Be m y guide to the celestial highways. Together w e will cleave our way through the clouds. W e will conquer the impossible and lay the spoils of our victory before this waiting man." -Robert Sabaties Together w e stand, divided w e fall. -Pink Floyd R e m e m b e r when w e were young, you shined like the sun. Shine on you crazy diamond. -Pink Floyd The child has grown. The dream is gone. And I have become comfortably numb. The story of love is hello and goodbye, until we meet again. -Jimi Hendrix

I'm getting out of here! -Jim Morrison Time may change me, but I can't change time. -David Bowie And so castles made of sand, melt into the sea, eventually. -Jimi Hendrix On ne voit bien qu'avec le cour. L'essential est invisible pour les yeux. -Saint Exupery She said we would meet again some sunny day. -Pink Floyd And then one day you will find ten years have got behind you. No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun. -Pink Floyd M o m , Dad, Lisa, Kitty, Turkey and MaggieThank you for your support! -Bartles and James

Seniors 88

Eliaichi Sadikiel Kimaro*Eli Eight years

Happiness is having a little brother. -Peanuts

Imagine. . .

The years ahead will show how little w e really know. -Paul McCartney

To all m y friends.. .Breathe, breathe in the air. Don't be afraid to care. Leave, but don't leave me. Look around and choose your own ground, for long you live and high you fly, and smiles you give and tears you'll cry. And all you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be. -Pink Floyd Weeble Wobbles weeble but They Don't Fall Down.

Seniors 89

Mia Clara Kogan Six years

Behind (beside) every great man, there's a (great) w o m a n -A president

Ambition, If you want something badly enough,You can get it! - M o m

Nothing great w a s ever achieved without enthusiasm. -Emerson

90 Seniors

J'ai pour aieul la pere et le maitre des Diex, la ciel, tout I'univers est plein d m e s aieux. -Phedre

Brooke Calvert Stevens Kuhn 5 Years "Heatlamp. . . du-hoo-hoo-hoode.". Gabba, gabba, hey! -Ramones

Favorite Expressions: "Green jello". "Everybody wants to rule the world", Favorite Pastimes: chewing on pencils; failing chemi"You're d a m n straight!", "possibly, possibly", "totally", "beats theft*! out of stry tests; riding along in m y automobile with no parme", "right-o, bob-o", "bye-a, bye-a" ticular place to go.

Pet Peeves: family outings, people who get off buses wearing shower caps. "Allright.. .Here's the joke.. .A guy walks in a

Secret Longing: to be a race-car driver Most Coveted Possessions: John Lennon sun glasses; Florida Fish earrings; m y much too long bangs; m y R a m o n e s albums; Hartley's clothing

-me "Yes, but can you do this?" -Real Genius

#^ÂŁ Seniors 91

Jennifer Cullman Kwass â&#x20AC;˘ Jemmy Ten years

There's so much left to know and I'm on the road to find out. -Cat Stevens Me Duce, Cape viam. -Dad & Ovid

M o m , Dad, Andy and Dave: H o w could I ever express m y love for m y family in one or two lines? It can't be done. I Love You! 92 Seniors

Lisa-Beth Lambert Six Years

"Jesus is Lord of all or H e is not Lord at all." -Hudson Taylor

Seniors 93

Sarah Haubert Landfield


ÂŤ; W #> *' t *

Though nothing can bring back the hour of splendor in the grass, of glory in the flower; W e will grieve not, rather find strength in what remains behind. -William Wordsworth If you smile at me I will understand, 'cause that is something everybody everywhere does in the same language. -CSNY Who is Jerry G? Does he own a funeral home? -Silvy Nordquist High heels were invented by a woman who was kissed on the forehead. -Christopher Morely M o m , Dad, Katharine and Annie: Nagyon Szeretlek - Gotcha W h o can stop what must arrive now? Something new is waiting Last! to be born. -Grateful Dead T o A "M v Friends: H o w lucky I a m to have known something and somebody that makes saying goodbye so damned awful. -Dick Bueck

94 Seniors

Frances Ann Lappin â&#x20AC;˘ Fran Six years

The most utterly lost of all days, Is that in which you have not once laughed. -Chamfort Life is one big road with lots of signs So when you're riding through the ruts Don't complicate your mind Flee from hate, mischief, jealousy, and don't bury your thoughts Put your visions to reality, Y E A H -Bob Marley Mom, Dad and Luke - Thanks for everything!

Summer's here and the time is right.

Seniors 95

Patricia Lee Four years

While they fought for the privilege of carrying him on their shoulders along the steep escarpment by the cliffs, m e n and w o m e n b e c a m e aware for the first time of the desolation of their streets, the dryness of their courtyards, the narrowness of their dreams as they faced the splendor and beauty of their drowned man. They let him go without an anchor so that he could c o m e back if he wished and whenever he wished, and they held their breath for the fraction of centuries the body took to fall in the abyss. They did not need to look at one another to realize that they were no longer all present, that they never would be. But they also knew that everything would be different from then on, that their houses would have wider doors, higher ceilings, and stronger floors so that Esteban's m e m o r y could go everywhere without bumping into b e a m s and so that no one in the future would dare

96 Seniors

whisper the big boob finally died, too bad, the handsome fool has finally died, because they were going to paint their house fronts gay colors to m a k e Esteban's m e m o r y eternal and they were going to break their backs digging for springs a m o n g the stones and planting flowers on the cliffs so that in future years at dawn the passengers on great liners would awaken, suffocated by the smell of gardens on the high seas, and the captain would have to c o m e down from the bridge in his dress uniform, with his astrolabe, his pole star, and his row of war medals and, pointing to the promontory of roses on the horizon, he would say in fourteen languages, look there, where the wind is so peaceful n o w that it's gone to sleep beneath the beds, over there, where the sun's so bright that the sunflowers don't know which w a y to turn, yes, over there, that's Esteban's village.

Catherine McDonough Lyons Six years

IIHl \



And La, La, La, La ... means I love you. - Billy Bragg

Don't dress your snake in a M o o - Moo, Just cause he's off on a cruise. Don't dress your whale in galoshes, If she really prefers over - shoes. A person should wear what he wants to, And not what other folks say. A person should do what she likes to, A person's a person that way. - Billy deWolfe It was a breeze, I understood every word that they said. And when I go home I'll be humming a tune in m y head. - Mental as anything - How come we play war and not peace? - Too few role models. - Calvin and Hobbes

Matt Groening

If a goldfish should want a vacation, who would know? Kehlog AlBran Seniors 97

Sandra Alyce Maddox Nine Years

I a m in the wind Blowing in the sky I a m the eagle soaring high. I a m in the stars Watching over you I a m the hope that let's you know I'm true All those times you thought that You were alone I'm the one that stuck with you through troubles now gone. You question w h o I a m And if I understand Wondering always whoI'm you.

Mary Alice Marriott Ten Years

To live your life in your own way To reach for the goals you have set for yourself. To be the you that you want to be. That is success. -Anonymous

M o m , Dad, Julie, Sandy, KarenThanks for all your support, I couldn't have made it without youI love you all. The most wasted day of all is that in which we have laughed. -Chamfort

It's m y perogative. -Bobby Brown Always expect the worstThen you will never be disappointed. -my dad

Seniors 99

Terrill Anne Marshall â&#x20AC;˘ Tammy Eight Years Wouldn't m y life be boring if I had a normal family?

tf O v M o m and Dad- Where would I be without all of your love and support through the good times and the bad? No one in this world means more to m e than both of you. I love you so much. -Tarn

To be nobody- but yourself- in a world that is doing its best, night and day, to m a k e you everybody else- m e a n s to fight the hardest battle which any h u m a n being can fight. -e.e. cummings Frank-1 would trade all of m y tomorrows for one single yester- Too late now, you won't regret it- You've got to go for the good day. I guess I love you more than words can say. and get it. -Janis Joplin -The Grateful Dead A g e can never hope to win you while your heart is young. I showed w a s a hard fight, but I didn't give up and I cam -Anon through. -F. Scott Fitzgerald Life w a s meant to be lived, And curiousity must be kept alive. N.N., L.M., M.A., M.H., D.B., D.T., L.B. -Think where man'sglory O n e must never, for whatever reason, most begins and ends, And say m y glory w a s I had such friends. Turn his back on life. Thanks for putting up with m e . I love you guys. -Eleanor Roosevelt A ship that sails backwards never sees the sun rise. Nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile. -Anon -The Grateful Dead Lighten up while you still can Tough times never last, tough people do. Don't even try to understand -Robert Schuller Just find a place to m a k e your stand, And take it easy -The Eagles Never run, never hide If you get confused- Listen to the music play. Never lock love inside The damndest way to die -The Grateful Dead Is but by your o w n pride. -N.N. 100 Seniors

Laura Gail Mason Six years

Everybody was made with happiness in the family. H o m e was home, and they loved it with a passion of love, whatever the suffering had been.-D.H. Lawrence

.H^F Wi5hes c a m e

Those were the days m y friend, W e thought they'd never end, We'd sing and dance forever and a day. -Mary Hopkin Years ago and days of old When magic filled the air. -Led Zepplin

mere woulo DC m a n y cc^r\e<D ae Dig ci5 mv hearr) ano we would never eveR Beapdn^anPTne sun vvoui^corne. up w \Vn TT]C momnq acwj and _Lwou\Du Seniors 101 always, always

be w W Y O U I

Elisabeth M a s o n Miller â&#x20AC;˘ Lisa 6 years

"In this great future you can't forget your past." -Bob Marley Eric: "Whenever I see your smiling face, I have to smile myself because I love you."

M o m and Dad: Thanks for everything you've done for me. "The goodbye makes the journey harder still." -Cat Stevens Now if all my golden moments could be rolled up into one they would shine just like the sun for a summer day. -James Taylor Fear is the lock and laughter the key to your heart. -CSN and Y You will still be here tomorrow but your dreams m a y not. -Cat Stevens w.T.: "Thanks for your friendship and ,. , your love." I get by with a little helpfrom fromm ym yfriends. ' -The Beatles

102 Seniors

Babu and Bandaid: Thanks for all your support throughout the years. I love you.

Dina Nimatallah Ten years

I can't think about that now, I'll think about that tomorrow. -Scarlet O'Hara Vivez, si m'en croyez, n'attendez a demain; Cueillez des aujourd'hui les roses de la vie. - Pierre de Ronsard A friend is, as it were, a second self. - Cicero

Di Di - Yu Yu - Lael - M e a n - O.B. - G u m - B - Bekhkh - Ding - Zu - Zulu - w o m a n Aleeson - Eeeyeees - Annie - Murrie - Vyvyvy - Vyjantee - don't egg them on - Aaah - oui - Punchy - Ka-Je-Be - peanut butter and stinky tea - Pinky - What a dink - really scara meaty - cheezy - the United Nations.

Seniors 103

Natalie Eve Norman Seven years

Di-There is something neat about moonshin(e).

TM- "You were better to me than I was to myself." Thanks for loving me rightly. DB- "We think by feeling." Ah, we of the chosen reap the best pleasure! MA- "You know I've always been a dreamer." Don't stop dreaming, I promise I won't. LM- "Smiles form the channel of a future tear." Pina Colada. (Hee-hee) who will teach you now? MK- "Roses are red, my love, violets are blue; sugar is sweet, my love- but not as sweet as you." They are four each other. -C, S + N MH- You may have left my neighborhood, but you have yet to leave my heart. AR +AL- My forever and further friends! What will I do without you all in sight? diminishes little passions and increases great ones as wind exAbsence tinguishes the candles and fans a fire. -Francois de la Rouche BB- "The deepest feeling always shows itself in silence" No, I haven't forgotten Having fought through, perhaps for years, to understand an experience, you. having at last come to that experience, how quick w e are to resent someone Cheese sibs.- Laka laka woo woo. else's not understandimg it. -Theodore Roethke Dear God, I want it all: the depths and the heights. -Theodore Roethke

104 Seniors

Anne-Marie Nunez


Many a time don't know what I'm talking about But that's ok As long as you don't eat trout -Chrissy Nothing can touch 15 years of friendship P.S. I LIKE Y O U


H E A V Y , H E A V Y , H E A V Y - Neil on "The Young Ones"

AS an old, old man, Trout would be asked by Dr. Thor Lembrig, The Secretary-General of the United Nations, if he feared the future. He would give this reply: "Mr. Secretary-General, it is the past which scares the bejesus out of me." -Kurt Vonnegut, Breakfast of Champions

Our awareness is all that is alive and maybe sacred in any o Everything else about us is dead machinery. -Rabo Kavabekian, a Vonnegut character Work! Crime is a job. Sex is a job. Growing up is a job. Going to parties is a job. Religion is a job. Being creative is a job.

Seniors 105

Laura Pedraza Rueda Four years

El respeto al derecho ajeno es la paz. - Benito Juarez How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged sympathetic with the striving and tolerant of the weak and strong. Because someday in life you will have been all of these. - George Washington Carver A friend is a person who knows all about you - and likes you in spite of it. - Mark Twain Procrastination - the art of keeping up with yesterday. - Oscar Wilde

106 Seniors

Beatriz H.F. Pinto â&#x20AC;˘ Bea Six years

Whenever I see your smiling face I have to smile myself Because I love you. -James Taylor



M o m m y and Daddy, Thanks for always being there when I Don't walk in front of me, I may needed you And thanks for being m y friends. not follow. Don't walk behind me, I may not Love Bea lead. Quand le chat n'est pa la les souries Walk beside m e and just be m y dansent. friend. -Albert C a m u s W h e n w e leave each other as many good friends must part, I leave you with good memories and a special place in m y heart. -Anonymous

Eduardinho, Even though you're not around There's always a place for you in m y heart.

True friendship comes when silence between two people is comfortable. -Dave Tyson Gantry

Seniors 107

Sukari T a m u Portis Five years

A dictator is born. - L.A. Law Si Dinga, siempre hay esperanza. - Sade

I learned that when it eases your mind to do a thing, it's right; and when it don't ease your mind, you better go slow. - Henry Martin

And I tell you how that I've m a d e a vow. I'm giving you the best that I've got. - Anita Baker Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get. - Bro. Garfield

I love you M o m m y , Daddy and Tiffany. Hasta La Pasta. - M e and M K J

108 Seniors

Alison Lee Ralph Six years

Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy. -Entrance to Disneyland

And, in all seasons, parting and reunion. -Betty Ba Lord

Life exists as a series of moments to play. -Hal Hi son

shall live as I please.. .and the whole world won't stop me. -Daphne du Maurier The world owes me a living 'cause I'm short. -Daniel Manus Pinkwater Together let us explore the stars. -John F. Kennedy

Seniors 109

Katherine Davis Regan â&#x20AC;˘ Kati Four years

If I can't see your face, I'll always remember your smile. -Anita Baker I read the funnies...l laughed anyway. -Was Not W a s It doesn't matter if w e never meet again, what w e have said will always remain. -The Jam No man is worth more than another. And none more than $12.95. -Kenloy Albran You say you have a plethora of pinatas. -Jefe(The Three Amigos) Ain't No Big Thing, Kass!

I Keep Asking Myself, What's G o n e Wrong? -The Untouchables I'll always love you! 110 Seniors

I've always loved you both!

Kristina duPont Reynolds Ten years

I want to be forever young -Alphaville Lose your dreams and you will lose your mind -Rolling Stones

M o m and Dad, W h e n I w a s a child I caught a fleeting glimpse out of the corner of m y eye. I turned to look, but it was gone. I cannot put m y finger on it now. The child is grown. The dream is gone. And I have become comfortably numb. -Pink Floyd

And in chasing what I thought were moonbeams, I have run into a couple of walls, But in looking back at the faces I've seen, I would sure be the first one to say, W h e n I look at myself today, Wouldn't have done it any other way. -Jim Croce

Through the laughter and the tears you've been there for me. I'll always love you both.

Seniors 111

Carolyn Jane Roche-Carrie Four Years

I thank the Lord there's people out there like you. -Bernie Taupin

Jimmy crack corn and I don't care. N o w what the hell kind of attitude is that? -Dennis Miller

Billy Joel 112 Seniors

W h e n I w a s three I thought the world revolved around m e . I was wrong. _U2

Ali Ross Ten years sSx^MisSM.. .

Alison Elizabeth Sant Four years

" » ¥\\xfeaieve<{U( MVL turn] w>o M ^wr"



iy<th\ycLh f^iisit IN Ae ^^

i jhn you AiD w^vr \ h& ft Me" "you UN ^WvO 6u<> 6MviDtt

/ffti WIND w/ia feu>iu if tMfc*• VEV.<i ... ^ - i.».•••

114 Seniors

Kathryn Ellen Savarese â&#x20AC;˘ Kassie Five years And now I know I have a heart. . . -The Tin W o o d s m a n

'Cuz you gotta have Faith. . . -George Michael

H o w lucky I a m to have someone or something that makes saying goodbye so damned awful. -The other side of the Mountian After all you've done for me all I really want to Take the love you brought m y way and give it all right Back to you. -Marshall Crenshaw

Whenever I see your smiling face, I have Success is a peace of mind, to smile myself because I love you. which is a direct result of self-James Taylor satisfication in knowing you did your best to become the Ain't no big thing, Kati! best that you are capable of becoming. -John Wooden

See Ya! -Matt Day Seniors 115

Emily Gail Schlein Ten years

There's so much left to know and I'm on m y way to find out. -Cat Stevens Follies and nonsense, whims and inconsistencies do divert me, I own, and them whenever I can. -Jane Austen You never know when you're making a memory. -Rickie Lee Jones Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name. -Cheers

Elizabeth Ann Sharp Six years

Life is holy and every moment precious. - Keroval

I take my stand on a primitiveness I have no intentio yielding to meet the world. - Kierhegard

You can be active with the activists or sleeping with sleepers while you're waiting for the great leap forward;... if no one there understands start your own revolution and cut the middle man. - Billy Bragg We must all do just what Christ did. We must make our experiment. W e must make mistakes. W e must live our own vision of life. - Jung I want to prove that the sun was born when God fell asleep with a lit cigarette, tired after a hard day of judging. - Bob Kaufman One repays a teacher badly if one remains always nothing but a pupil. - Nietzche Thanks to everyone here w h o ever taught m e anything, especially to the faculty G o to college, be a man... Pay no mind to us, we're just a minor threat. w h o took the extra step. -Minor Threat To Mom, Dad and Mary: I hope one day I can return all the love you've given m e (however ungraciously I To the droogs, tender comrades, They are the men who really know the power of thought; they are even sure if they go into a cave and close the may've accepted it); Andrew, I hope sometime I'll be door and simply think five true thoughts and then pass away, these five able to teach you one millionth of all the things you've thoughts of theirs will live throughout eternity... They will enter deep into taught m e . h u m a n hearts and brains and raise up m e n and w o m e n . - Swami Vivekananda I love you and hope the world gives back all the goodness you give. - Love Dim It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine. - R.E.M.


117 Seniors

Jacqueline Gail Singleton â&#x20AC;˘ Jacki Three years

The happiness of being with people. -Kafka And I- I took the one less traveled And that has m a d e all the difference. -Frost It is a tale Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing. -Shakespeare illegitimi non carborundum Life is serious but art is fun. -John Irving 'Cause once you know what you are, the rest is just work. -Lanford Wilson Merrily w e roll along, roll along Catching at dreams. . . -Sondheim And since to look at things in bloom Fifty springs are little room, About the woodlands I will go To see the cherry hung with snow. -Housman And Jesus sat down in the other chair and asked if he could have a small glass of ginger ale. -Salinger







copyright 1988, Washington Post Writers Group. Reprinted with permission.

118 Seniors

Cheryl Kim Sladkin Six years

To Colleen and Kim: M a y the force be with you. -Star Wars

To M o m and Dad: It's too soon, too soon to say goodbye... -Les Miserables

There are s o m e things in this world that not even I can ever hope to understand. -Anne of Green Gables

Moving right along in search of good times and good news, with good friends you can't lose, this could become a habit. -Kermit and Rowlf

You're forgetting one thing, if I fail to report, 008 replaces m e . -007

Goodnight and thank you whoever. -Evita Seniors 119

Erica Lynne Smith Ten years

"Well, m y dear, and so the moment has come. But when you see how saddened w e are, you will realize that parting is sweet sorrow, after all." - Mrs. Orcutt in Stage Door "Do not let the will play gardener to your soul unless you are sure, it is wiser than your souls nature." - "Louise Smith" in Spoon River Anthology "We forfeit 3/4 of ourselves 2 B like other people." - Arthur Schopenhauer "Sadness flies on the wings of the morning, and out of the heart of the darkness comes the light." - Deaf-Mute in M a d w o m a n of Chaillot "May I present you with the most tender heart I have. A heart with poetry and flowers that will give you happiness, but also sorrow - for a real heart has both you know." - Wizard in Camilla Wolak's Wizard of O z "Wow,'s a double rainbow!" - T.U.C. "How will I ever hear the rest of it... " - Louise in Stage Door

120 Seniors

Melissa Ann Staunton Three years

What is an epigram? A dwarfish whole, It's body brevity; and wit, Don't ever tell anybody anything. If you do, you start missing everybody. - J.D. Salinger it's soul. - Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Some people cry and some people die by the wicked ways of How I wish, how I wish you were here: we're just two lost so love, but I just keep on rolling along with the praise of the Lord swimming in fish bowl year after year; running over the s a m e old ground, what have w e found the s a m e old fears, wish you were above. - Led Zepplin here. - Pink Floyd Goodness is the only instrument that never fails. - Henry David I quote others only the better to express myself. - Michel d Thoreau taigue It is not only what we do, but also what we do not do, for which we What a long strange trip it's been! - Grateful Dead are accountable. - Moliere Circumstances can have a motive force by which they bring about events without aid of human imagination or apprehension. - Isak Dinesen I get by with a little help from m y friends. - The Beatles

Seniors 121

Maria Talero Ten years

La nada es una salchicha sin funda y sin nada por dentro. - M y father

Today is gone. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one. Every day, from here to there, Funny things are everywhere. - Dr. Seuss

Consciousness leads to thumb twiddling. - Fyodor Dostocvsky. Notes From the Underground. I was of respectable but humble birth. And yet, certain mornings, let m e confess it humbly, I felt like a king's son, or a burning bush. - Albert C a m u s

Well, lovely, we're off.

122 Seniors

Bonnie Michele Hengeveld Tamminga Nine years Get 'em laughing, K e e p 'em there, Raise their spirits, Raise their cheer. - Style Council

Pooh, promise m e you won't forget m e , because if I thought you would I wouldn't leave. -Christopher Robin It is art that makes life, and I know of no substitute whatever for the force and beauty of its process. -Henry James Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand. -Mark Twain An evening wasted is not necessarily a wasted evening. -Anon

Seniors 123

Rachael Anne Tauber Nine years

Inside everyone hides one desire- Outside no one would know. -Go West To feel is better than to know. -Oscar Wilde All of the buildings, all of the cars were once a dream in somebody's head. -Peter Gabriel Yabba Dabba Do.-Fred Flinstone

Mom and Dad: Tnank you for your

Siobhan: We'll always be good friends no matter what.

124 Seniors

Tomorrow's rain will wash the stains away But something in our minds will always stay. -Sting Take notice of mixed reception justify a reason to be gone and find time to take time to never being in the s a m e room all that |ong -Beloins S o m e

support.-Bartles & James

Vyjayanti Tharmaratnam Six years

Always leave them laughing when you say goodbye. -Mother Goose

I see trees of green Red roses too Thou hast m a d e m e known to friends w h o m I knew not. Thou hast brought | s e e them bloom for m e and you the distant near and m a d e m e a brother of the stranger. -Rabindranath A nc j | think to myself Tagore What a wonderful world. -Louis Armstrong

Seniors 125

Florida Olive Wart â&#x20AC;˘ Flossie Two years

Girls just wanna have fun. -Cyndi Lauper You're out of touch, I'm out of time. -Hall and Oates Everybody is saying silly things without knowing that life brings a change. -New Edition W h e n something feels good and seems to help you cope with life, it can quite easily become a habit. -The Teenage Body Book You spin m e right around, . . .like a record, baby. -Dead or Alive To Dick Tuckerman: I'll love you forever!

126 Seniors

Annadelia Dupee Trible â&#x20AC;˘ Delia Ten years

They say, that these are not the best of times but they're the only times I've ever known And there's a time for meditation, in cathedrals of our own N o w I have seen that sad surrender in m y lover's eyes And I can only stand apart and sympathize For w e are only what our situations hand us, It's either sadness or Euphoria. What a wonderful world. -Louis B. Armstrong Lizzy- you're necessary Sam- never 2 much love 2 U. Gards- every little thing's gonna be alright! I Love You. Erik- Schmendrik my magician. I Love You. -toes It ain't easy havin' pals. -Young Guns

Family- Is there someone you know You're loving them so, but taking them all for granted? You m a y lose them someday, someone takes them away . And they don't hear the words you longed to say. -Bread I hope that's not m e , thanks for everything, I love you. I want to be forever young -Alphaville Forget your troubles and dance -Bob Marley I get by with a little help from my friends. -The Beatles Lovin' money, more than peopleAbout time w e turned it the other way. -Jimmy Cliff All you need, all you really need, good love, ya got to have good love. -Grateful Dead

Seniors 127

Kyle Courtenay Velte Ten years

M o m and Dad, Thanks for everything! The goodbye makes the journey harder still. -Cat Stevens

Without friends no one would choose to live, though he had other goods. -Aristotle Try something new everyday, after all we've given life to find it out. -Harold and Maude

I want a world where people are respected for the ease and warmth of their melting, rather than the strength of their walls. -Clint Weyand The Cat grinned at Alice. "Cheshire Puss," she said, timidly, "Which way ought I go from here?" "That depends a good deal on where you want to get to." said the Cat. -Lewis Carroll Though nothing can bring back the hour Of our splendour in the grass, of glory in The flower; W e will grieve not, rather find Strength in what remains behind. -Wordsworth

128 Seniors

Laura Marie Ward â&#x20AC;˘ Lolly Six years N o w I've been happy lately, thinking about the good things to come. And I believe it could be something good has begun. -Cat Stephens

Perfect circle of acquaintances and friends. - R E M

Ma, send s o m e money n o w I'm gonna m a k e it s o m e h o w I need another chance You see, your baby loves to dance. -Neil Young

Shower the people you love with love. -James Taylor

California uber alles Uber alles California It may seem a million miles away, but it gets a little closer every day. -The Police There's a feeling I get when I look to the west. -Led Zepplin . . . And the tree was happy. -The Giving Tree

I ain't here on business, baby I'm only here for fun, -Bruce Springsteen

Put a little weekend in your week. -Michelob Seniors 129

Jamie Allison Winnick Ten Years

"There's no such word as diminutive." I love you little Brother. Thanks for enlightening me.

Take your time, think a lot, think of all the things you've got. -Cat Stevens Accept the things you can't change. Change the things you can't accept. -Bobby Kennedy Don't walk in front of me, I m a y not follow. Don't walk behind m e , I may not lead. Walk beside m e and be m y friend. -Camus You've helped m e to see the silver lining in every cloud, that has c o m e m y way. "The future looks so good because the past has been so wonderful" -Anonymous, Thank you, I love you. 130 Seniors

Lauren Elizabeth Yolken Eight Years

To m y friends (you know who you are)I owe so much. We are only happy as we make our minds to be Abraham Lincoln The meek shall inherit the Earth, The rest of us will get the stars. -Omni

God forbid that I should go to any heaven in which there are no horses. -Robert Graham

Thank you M o m and Dad.

Seniors 131

Azita Youssefi Ten years

There's a path for you and I to follow For our goals aren't always in our sight But now you've c o m e to dread and fear tomorrow W e r e your dreams killed in your sleep last night? -Fishbone This is not a prison this is my world I can scream to m y hearts content never to be heard Hey you on the outside like freaks from a sideshow With your neat rules, you're pre-packaged fools. -Secret Affair These are the days of the cheaters and the cheated. -Cro-Mags

132 Seniors

Yasemin Yucelik • Yasa



^jrjl :'


W'A p

y .-' :':•••'••'.. 'J"



' •'• _


The trouble was I had a mind, but I couldn't make it up -Dr. Seuss

Seniors 133

Ayca Yuksel Seven Years

S o m e m e n see things as they are and ask why; I dream things that never were and ask why not. -R.F.K.

We make our destinies by our choice of gods. -Virgil

He that leaveth nothing to chance wil few things ill, but he will do very few things. -Marquis of Halifax

The future looks so good because the past has been so great. -Anonymous

Zadinga Zulu*Dinga 10 years

In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different. -Coco Chanel Hold fast to dreams for if dreams die, Life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly. -Langston Hughes Siempre Hay Espeanza?? -Sade

To turn my back on you | t u m m y back on m e ?

N o w W0U|C|

-Sade You mean the R.O.U.S's. -Westley

A M N A-R-i V.T., D.N.Remember m e as the sound of laughter.

B p

-Diana Ross

Seniors 135

-3» '•••

JS'-. '

">t ^pff

"Doctor Brown, w e m a d e a deal. You said one picture like this and you'd erase our names from the detention list. N o w put the camera down!" Katie Kavounis and Bonnie Tamminga pose for a picture on the senior retreat.

BRAVO! We're seniors O n this year's retreat, the class of '89 headed out to Seneca Park. The seniors were excited to be free of schoolwork for a day, but were even more excited to actually be on a retreat, considering the last one they had received was in 8th grade. They spent their free time before the class meeting taking nature walks or just talking. After the meeting/barbeque, when they had decided on a senior theme and gift, s o m e spent the remaining hours

playing a provocative g a m e of continuethe-story, while others played Capture the Flag, distinguishing the teams by the bras-outside-shirts and bras-insideshirts. Needless to say, Dr. Brown and Mr. Lord were more embarrassed than the girls were. K f mmw The seniors saw the retreat as a successful and relaxing day, and suggested that it be done, oh, once or twice a week!


Wffl%?*\Mm WWO S .1 i*KMr f. l


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Hf I

m, ^ B



% •^^V - 1 ^ ^m\ J^mm^

136 Seniors


"Gross, I should have known they'd serve us Holton food." Kara Blank swats at a fly on her plate as Nina Cole and Christiana test out the lunch on the senior retreat.

"No Lisa, I don't think your boobs are as big as Leslie's." Sarah Landfield, Natalie Norm a n , Leslie Galloway, and Lisa Miller talk at the Senior Retreat.

le!" Seniors Robyn Fearing, Kristina Reynolds, Allison Boyle, Mary Alice Marriott cheerfully pose for a picture. Seniors 137

SENIOR STORY From the beginning our new school began to mold us into perfect little Holly Holtons. Mrs. Reid dumped out Azita's messy desk after she observed Azita stuffing yet another piece of crumpled paper in it. Mrs. Burnnett prohibited Hello Kitty Puffy Stickers in the school. Mrs. Reid worked her kids to the bone with endless spelling tests and twenty minutes of independent reading sessions while Mrs. Fowler paged through her file of games, a g a m e for every letter. However, while Mrs. Reid's students were busy cultivating their young minds, chaos broke out in Mrs. Fowler's class when Eliza stepped on Butterball, the gerbil. Dina had the hair to have: long ringlets stemming from pigtails. W e all watched jealously; only Kyle dared to challenge Dina with her o w n long braids. Fourth started with scripto stealing, fuzzy pencils, and braided barretts. Prescott joined us with stories about her ranch in Georgia, along with Allison Boyle w h o wore pearls even in the fourth grade, and Kim Kikuchi w h o amazed us with her Chinese splits. Rachael c a m e stunning us with stories of her boyfriend, George, while Vassi silently nurtured young ideas of Duran Duran. Azita shunned Bonnie's acceptance into the school by forming the "I hate Bonnie" club. After Miss Ballentine broke up Azita's reign over most of the class, Bonnie germs and Mimi germs persisted;only a few brave individuals dared to touch these girls. During the Presidential election Mary Alice adamently tried to convince us of Ronald Reagan's promise. Miss Ballentine changedtoMrs. Dufek just in time for the warm snugglies and cold ouchies play where w e all wore Mr. Dufek's white shirts. W e performed our play at the local rest h o m e where w e watched one old lady fail to remove the napkin covering her bag of cookies before she ate them. Fourth grade was the year Mrs. Burnett first began wearing her red, wooden sandals with the elfen toe. Fifth grade introduced us to wild Mrs. Duffield. S h e w a s the toughest teacher w e had c o m e across at Holton (so far!), yet she managed to be the most fun. She inspired us. She told us the story of the mini pad growing up to be the maxi pad. W h e n w e got a question right, she threw peanuts at us. W e all had to m a k e sure w e didn't touch the desk she had designated to be Robert Redford's, when and if he ever c a m e to Holton. W e struggled through tough spelling quizzes, (and now know h o w to spell antidisestablishmentarianism and Vyjanti Tharmaratnam)failed social studies tests, and fussed over our wire basket gym lockers. W e dazzled the school with our outdoor performance of a Renaissance festival.


W e discovered "The Ghost." Rumor had it that a former Holton student had died in the dorm at the end of the hall, and still roamed the school. W e found her picture in the stairwell and were sure to skip the step it hung over. G M r s . Richter taught us math and folk dancing. W e marveled at her clothing, and suspected that she w a s from s o m e far away land. During fifth grade w e all became style conscious. Jenny impressed us by daring to wear her leg warmers over her jeans. W e all thought that w a s really outrageous, until Azita actually wore sneakers to school. W e left fifth grade our purses stuffed with designer pencils, and our hair pulled back in little, string-braided barretts-ready to bec o m e the seniors of the lower school.



6th grade Sixth grade opened up with a grand retreat to Sheridan Mountain. W e all despaired when w e went camping, fearing that 7th grade our friendship pins were getting m u d on them. Sandy got stuck in Forenza sweaters, Guess jeans, MIAs, and flipped hair - our one of the crevices, Anastasia, fell into the peanut butter pit, and middle school dress code accessorized with Le Sport Sacs, Kristina did not "relieve" herself for the entire trip (the outhouse neon earrings, zinc pink lipstick, and Maybelline blue eyeliner w a s too disgusting for her to face). W h e n w e c a m e back, w e initiated us into Junior High. Teen Beat magazine posters of started right away on "Wheels," our sixth grade play. Eliza got Rick Springfield and Duran Duran coated the inside of our the lead role of "Rock" the caveman, and Bonnie w a s "Martha," lockers, while ten page notes to our BFFs covered the note his wife. After months of preparation, intensive vocal workouts, board. Seventh grade marked the beginning of social life. W e and failing choreography, w e put on the show. Wearing our hadn't learned to be fashionably late to Middle School dances "Wheels" T-shirts and jeans (preferably Jordache or Calvin yet; w e were picked up at ten-thirty by our parents just as promKlein), w e danced and sang the night away. Everyone agreed ptly as our seven-thirty arrival. Delia ventured to have the first that our play w a s the best one ever, although there had only party where the girls stood on one side and the boys on the been one before. other; the boys practicing their slugging arms by chucking caraOur secret Santas left us favorites like g u m m i bears, unicorn mels across the room. By the end of seventh grade w e had stationary, and pencils. Outside of school, w e read Are Y o u loosened up a bit. At Bonnie's party, unknown male persons There God, It' M e Margaret and Tiger Eyes repeatedly. Bored were reportedly out to break eleven things. of Bloom, w e precociously moved on to the Flowers In The Attic series.) Things were changing. W e were all shocked when Kyle cut off her braids, and w e stared curiously at the girls w h o had started wearing bras. Those with a Landon brother brought in the yearbook, and w e ripped through it anxiously, giggling and looking for "that guy I danced with at Shippins" or "the guy I used to go with." T a m m y and Natalie suddenly decided to give each other the silent treatment. T w o months later - still non-verbal - they managed to count over 10,000 peas for Mrs. Caleb without a nod between them - you can't knock psychic unity, I guess. Eliza brought in a cake for Erica S. to celebrate Greek Easter, and w e all complained it wasn't fair that she got a cake just because she w a s Greek, and w e couldn't help it if w e weren't. But w e were satisfied when Erica lost one of her shoes in the m u d on the hill.

Our class president, Diane, helped organize the momentous seventh grade talent show combined with a sleepover in the gym. Prizes included Landon t-shirts and Redskins paraphernalia, but only one talented Catherine Lyons received the first prize, the new Culture Club album. (Catherine's thirst for music and dance kept the Middle School dance club moving like robotic idiots to the repetitive song, "Rock It.") W h e n Mr. Norman told us the Landon boys were salivating heavily just outside the g y m windows, w e all ran to the bathroom to coat ourselves in makeup and adorn our bodies in our coolest outfit. But alas, to our complete and utter dismay, it w a s a joke. The budding young relationship of Robyn and Stuart announced in first period life science, introduced us to boy-girl ties. Mrs. Albosta enlightened us on the pros and cons of natural childbirth while Mrs. Kordell stuck maxi pads to her hands and expanded tampons in water in hopes of preparing us for the great monthly step that turns girls into w o m e n . Ms. Adams' killer English classes sparked ideas of dropping out of Holton, but stories of Ms. Congelio's health class kept us on until eighth grade. Seniors 139

The m a n y social events of eighth grade nurtured these budding young loves. Tennis and soccer were a m o n g the many g a m e s played at our coed Barbecue. Vassi and Eli's band, Public Image, entertained us. Other elitist social events such as Bar and Bat Mitzvahs sent girlfriends into various fits and horrendous fights. Miranda's political career began here with the killer campaign slogan "M + M " which boosted Miranda's and Miriam's campaign for representatives. W e finished the year with a trip to Rehobeth Beach, the only place to legitimately wear zinc pink lipstick. After ruling Middle School through a year of upheaval, w e were more than ready for Freshman Year. 8th grade Practiced in the ways of Middle School, w e began our eighth grade year. O n e line hate notes were left on the note board and exclusive groups of friends were made. Catherine, our new class president, led us into more Middle School dances and a special Halloween dance where especially great costumes included Beth's Long G o n e With The Wind style gown and the Landon boys rendition of Holton girls. An exciting day at King's Dominion ended with a bloody fight in the first floor hallway. Mia sided with W a y n e while the rest of the class stood by Danny Castle and Kevin Grapes. Eighth grade w a s the year for couples, although s o m e boys were occasionally scratched out and replaced with new ones or even traded between girls; the lists of couples adorned the front of most notebooks.

T.M. + M.B. + M.K. + LM +

J.M./A.B. + B.M./A.D. + N.S./LM. + M.B./J.W. + K.R. + J.R./D.B. + B.T./J.W. + A.L/B.T. + C.W./ J.I. E.G./ E.S. + G.D. + R.F./ D.T. + B.R. + B.E.

140 Seniors

9th grade Our class had no problem adjusting to the big new world of the upper school. Our size m a d e us bold and w e c a m e in strong, announcing ourselves with our spirit: in every assembly contest, our class voice would roar over the others. Unfortunately, our obstreperous tendencies got us into s o m e trouble at class meetings. W e got our study hall restrictions withdrawn and were free to roam wild all over the expanse of Holton. Our behavior outside of school began to mature. W e moved away from dances and were introduced to parties. Late in November everyone flocked to Diane's house for the first "real" party, where fireballs were lit off the diving board, M + M fights were initiated, people got lost under a blanket on the hill, one night stands c a m e into existence, and Timarie gave her hair an unexpected trim, as Kristina received a good slap from Jenny Goodwin, our party bouncer.

Our year wasn't completely fun and games; w e were faced with s o m e very sobering incidents: the news of the space shuttle disaster hit us at school, and w e entered classes to find m a n y of our teachers crying or unable to teach out of distress for those w h o were lost in the attempted space exploration. W e learned from Mrs. Puckett one morning that Mr. Lewis, our dear headmaster, had developed cancer - this loss would affect us more personally. The closeness of this news caused us all to stop and reflect on a m a n w h o had done so m u c h for our school, contributing through his sincerity. W e m a d e strides to ensure that Mr. Lewis would be very proud of a class as individual, talented, spirited and diverse as our own.

W e were entertained by Mr. Gilbert in our English class with his m a d antics of throwing chairs accompanied by Natalie's sacrifice of a stuffed chicken doll. Bianca and Allison Hall, alias Salt'nd'Pepa, rapped for us to "My mike sounds nice" at the upper school talent show. Although once again w e didn't receive a retreat, w e ventured to Baltimore to shop, stare at fish, and dabble with science. Our ninth grade ski trip took us to Canaan Valley where Emily and Diane bared behinds against our cold first floor windows while Melissa, our environmental scientist, fed left-over dinner rolls to the wild deer behind our hotel. The n e w general style w a s our deadhead bracelets. T a m m y , Kristina and Lisa set their o w n trend by getting a "trio-trim."

Seniors 141

10th grade Well, this year w e were way too cool for dances, and parties were the norm. The split between Gonzaga and Bullis w a s definite. Mary Alice and Delia found themselves quite busy driving us around, being the two class drivers. S o m e of us m a d e our h o m e away from h o m e in the third floor conference room (which n o w houses the English department); with a radio, blankets, and enough food for the whole class, it w a s a popular place. Free periods were spent in the psuedo-senior lounge listening to Cat Stevens with the lights out. Kati and Vassi became collarbone twins when Vassi w a s injured in hockey and Kati fell off her bicycle. The first trimester of school w e struggled over our term papers. Holiday Ball w a s held downtown at the Washington Press Club. It w a s predominantly successful although Kati, Fran and Kristina faced s o m e sobering consequences as a result of the fun evening. (Thus marked the beginning of Holton's own cold war in the class of '89.) The ski trip w a s a nearly impossible feat to organize, but finally w e got up enough class participation to go to Seven Springs. W e didn't have enough participation to rent our o w n bus though, so w e rode together with Dematha boys. Ms. Daly struggled to keep things sane by chasing boys from our window. She discovered Diane and Emily in the bathtub with walkmans on their heads (their scheme to skip dinner w a s unsuccessful). Leigh Ernst decided to try her luck with Lacrosse and picked up a stick for the first time a couple of days before try-outs. Our class athletic prodigy m a d e the varsity team. The school w a s in the middle of a turnover as w e searched for a n e w headmaster to replace the irreplaceable Mr. Lewis w h o m w e had lost the s u m m e r before. W e mourned the loss but were comforted by Mrs. Puckett's role as interim head.

142 Seniors

11th grade With Charlie P. Lord as our new headmaster, w e decided to kick back and m a k e junior year a fun one. W e returned to school to find Azita transformed. Over the summer, she discovered her hands and knees and decided to show them off. A real live punk in our o w n class. This year marked the beginning of cross registration and w e were privileged to be the first allowed to participate in coed English classes. Our class displayed its tremendous athletic ability in all varsity sports. S o m e of us, though, only won a place on the J.V. soccer team. Embarrassed to be the only juniors on the team, Kati, Fran, T a m m y , and Diane m a d e the best of the situation by warming up with the hoky-poky and making up team cheers like, "stokin dude-mando!". By then w e were all licensed to drive, but our luck w a s not the greatest. Within the first few months of the year, Bonnie, Robyn, Diane, Prescott, Dinga, Melissa B., Kassie, Jemmy, Kyle, Tricia, Ali R., Azita, Mary Alice, Lisa, and Leslie had done d a m a g e to their new cars. Timarie had her car accident at Holiday Ball, although not while driving. She c a m e out of Mariam's after-party to find her window shattered.

Mary Alice decided to have a small gathering one evening when she w a s unpleasantly surprised by a turn out of about 500 kids from the metropolitan area. Without m o m and dad there, she had to sick the cops on the crowd herself. Our first Prom, held at the Mayflower, w a s a huge success. W e held out to the end of the year when w e all packed up and headed to Maryland and Delaware beaches. Academically, w e could drop a language - but the list of positive things ended there. Our parents watched us like hawks and college pressure consumed our thoughts as soon as w e listened to Marge at our first college meeting. Seniors 143

12th grade goddesses Seniors at last! Our spirit that w a s repressed by the faculty in 10th and 11th c a m e back full force and m u c h to our delight, w e were c o m m e n d e d for it: Senior privileges, finally. But wait a second...Where did the senior parking lot go? First w e were told w e couldn't park in our old lot. Then w e were restricted from visitor parking. Next w e were reprimanded for parking on the circle.

W e refused to be forced into the farmer's garden, so w e continued to m a d d e n the faculty and administration by parking anywhere w e weren't supposed to which ended up being everywhere. Our other senior privileges were given to us by Thanksgiving break and w e were off to Roy's, High's, Montgomery Mall and other odd places during our free periods. The break up of Robyn and Stu after four years of marriage shocked us all. Melanie B. kept us entertained in morning assembly with her persistent Scroll and poetry contest announcements. Brooke amused her contemporary history class with her famous arm being amputated by a saw mill. Diane faced R.A. in the funniest case in Holton's history. The senior goddess fan club w a s established by Tamia and Vassi which originated as a m e a n s of limiting the crowd at Vassi's after-party for Holiday Ball. Holton sports were strongly supported by our class. Our spirit revved up the soccer team to win all but one of their games. That soccer season w a s marked by our reception at Visitation; their banners read, "Whatever Holton." W e w o n despite our fits of laughter over Visi's expression of spirit. Basketball played their third g a m e in the n e w gym and had a turn out of 200 people.

The n e w facility really increased participation and helped the i team, m a d e up of eight seniors, have a successful season. Our school spirit w a s apparent not only in sports, but in other school activities. Bonnie organized the highly successful haunted house for the lower school Halloween party. The F C L w a s transformed by a few seniors into Lizzy Borden's mansion and a Halloween filled with seniors dressed as everything from m u m mies to Lizzy herself. Lisa Beth impressed us all when she joined the National Symphony Orchestra for a performance in D.C. and w a s asked to tour with them. (Yet another talented m e m b e r of the class of '89.) Our 9 foot flag of Holton plaid hung in the front hall to mark our unique presence here. N o w w e say goodbye to Holton plaids and flipping tags, Michener and Doc, all our teachers, our friends, the activities center that w a s built too late, plus all the things w e love to hate. Thank you and w e are out of here . .

In Twenty Years Julieta Acebal - living with Mariam Missy Adle - hitching rides across the U.S.A. Mimi Anderson - head of the R N C Christiana Androutsos - owning a Greek restaurant Prescott Baier - married and living in D.C. with a vacation ranch in Georgia Kim Ballman - testdriving Porsches for sportcar companies Tanja Barth - driving a German car Chinmayee Barve - writing travel guides to India Bianca Bennett - winning the 100 meters in the Olympics Melanie Bernstein - winning Jeopardy and publishing her o w n encyclopedias Kara Blank - writing cynical editorials to newspapers nationwide Diane B o e h m - starring as the seductress on The Young and the Restless Elizabeth Bowers - dressing her identical twins exactly alike Allison Boyle - owning "Psychedelic Clothing" in N e w York Mia Breger - living on the east coast, working on the west coast Melissa Bromberg - manufacturing a his and her line of athletic clothing Alexi Bryant - curator of the Metropolitan M u s e u m Nina Cole - Married to a foreigner, living in Turkey Leigh Ernst - winning every major event in the Olympics Robyn Fearing - just like her m o m Stephanie Fitz - opening an artist colony Beth Ford - teaching classes on good posture Cathy Franks - writing extensive descriptions of new food products for the F D A Leslie Galloway - chief chef at the Jockey Club Jenny Goodwin - joining the Rolling Stones and painting the world black Tamia Greene - singing in Las Vegas as a Tina Turner look alike Allyson Hall - having a house with one bedroom and sixteen closets Kathleen Hickey - computer scientist Marisol Hodge - the new Clinique skin care model Miranda Hope - something silly, babe...but definitely successful June Ishihara - dressing well Elizabeth Johnson - touring France with the Ice Capades Vassi Johri - living with Nick from Duran Duran Melissa Kanter - married with eleven kids and volunteering at the Community Foundation Jill Karpa - sportscasting on E S P N Mariam Kashani - living with Julieta Katie Kavounis - dancing seductively on raised platforms Kim Kikuchi - owning and managing the Bullets Timarie Kilsheimer - owning D e w e y and Rehobeth Eli Kimaro - designing "bandana-wear" fashion line Mia Kogan - marketing her o w n line of lipstick and hairspray Brooke Kuhn - following the R a m o n e s through France J e m m y Kwass - self-employed botanist Lisa Beth Lambert - first chair violinist of every American symphony Sarah Landfield - living in Nantucket with George Bush Fran Lappin - hosting Double Dare for adults Tricia Lee - taking over Katz insurance company Catherine Lyons - anemic from constant bleeding Sandy Maddox - voted #1 cookie spokeswoman by Girl Scouts 146 Seniors

Our Decade in Review Third Grade docksides, Hello Kitty Puffy Stickers, Googlee eye stickers, Dodgeball, Spiders and Flies, Red Rover

Fourth Grade Scriptos, Spud., braided barrettes, fuzzy pencils, dress up; mice, Smurfs, Chinese jacks

Fifth Grade Peanuts and whole cloves from Mrs. Duffield, friendship pins, jerbils, Rubik's Cubes, m o n o g r a m m e d sweaters

Sixth Grade belts with whales, Papagallo purses, miniskirt outfits, Chuckie Cheese, roller skating, rabbits, polka dot purses, hearts o n passes

Seventh Grade zinc pink lipstick, Forenza sweaters, Guess jeans, flipped hair MIA's, BFF's, three-pattern sweatshirts, neon earrings, short hair, rubber bracelets, bandanas on wrists, Maybelline blue eyeliner, Rainbow lip gloss, jazz shoes

In Twenty Years. . .

Mary Alice Marriott - skiing in Utah with her BYU-grad husband T a m m y Marshall - unmarried and following the Dead Laura Mason - married to Aaron and having a tumultuous affair with Baryshnikov Lisa Miller - working at Mr. Ray's hair weave Eighth Grade Dina Nimatallah - smiling Le Sport Sacs, hate notes, M e n without Hats, M S Dance Club, Natalie Norman - writing romantic novels on the best-seller list Rock it, Beat it, prairie skirts, Jams, C B jackets Anne-Marie Nunez - twisted and locked, her legs never to walk again Laura Pedraza - working as as an Elizabeth Arden manicurist Bea Pinto - will have perfect skin Sukari Portis - will be talking on the phone Alison Ralph - professional photographer Kati Regan - star in remake of 1950 classic "Attack of the 50 ft. Woman" Kristina Reynolds - modulating between Doug and Taylor Carrie Roche - directing ads for Chia Pet Ninth Grade Ali Ross - twisting her hair dead head bracelets, blucher mocassins, short hair, Reeboks, Ali Sant - photojournalist in Gorky Park Kassie Savarese - combination of Betty Boop, Alfalfa, and Gloria Diet C o k e begins Steinem Emily Schlein - trying to break the record for dirty hair from the Guiness Book of World Records Elizabeth Sharp - writing a newspaper from a different perspective Tenth Grade m o o n watches, Benetton sweaters, Kenya Bags, mini skirts, Jacki Singleton - Directing a Broadway play Cheryl Sladkin - cloning herself sweater dresses Erica Smith - producing Jacki's play Melissa Staunton - in driver's training Maria Talero - Being recalled by Michener to serve missing detentions Bonnie Tamminga - drawing up the plans for Haunted House, Eleventh Grade Disney World, Tokyo, with stolen Scriptos frozen yogurt, duck boots, tie dyes, flannel shirts, leather Rachael Tauber - serving time for reckless driving jackets, car accidents, banana clips, K E D S , bows Vyjayanti Tharmaratnam - will be Surgeon General Delia Trible - happily married and making an aerobics video Kyle Velte - will be wearing her hair in two long braids Lolly Ward - raising rabbits, President of a Vegetarian Food Company, quoting movies Jamie Winnick - having a mental breakdown because of teeth loss due to excessive g u m chewing Twelfth Grade French braids, no bangs, long hair, DM's, Holton sweatshirts, Lauren Yolken - marketing special pantyhose for horse back riding bead earrings, diet Coke reaches a frenzy, Fleetwood Mac, Azita Yousseffi - working as a guardian angel on the N Y subway Landon Yasa Yucelik - stuck in Turkey with no green card Ayca Yuuksel - writing for National Lampoon Dinga Zulu - U N representative for Zambia

Seniors 147

1. Stephanie Fitz 2. Katie Kavounis 3. Ayca Yuksel 4. Julietta Acebal 5. Leslie Galloway 6. Alison Boyle 7. Jackie Singleton 8. Mary Alice Marriott 9. Fran Lappin 10. Diane Boehm 11. Brooke Kuhn 12. Anja Trabold 13. Jamie Winnick 14. Christiana Androutsos 15. T a m m y Marshall 16. Cathy Franks 17. Maria Talero 18. Jill K a m a 19. Sarah Landfield 20. June Ishihara 21. Miranda Hope 22. Eli Kimaro 23. Elizabeth Johnson 24. Nina Cole 25. Melissa Bromberg 26. Alison Ralph 27. Ali Ross 28. Leigh Ernest 29. Vyjayanti Tharmaratnam 30. Beth Ford 31. Kathleen Hickey 32. Azita Youssefi 33. Yasa Yucelik 34. Kyle Velte 35. Tanja Barth 36. Delia Trible 37. Lisa-Beth Lambert 38. Erica Smith 39. Allyson Hall

148 Seniors

40. Melissa Staunton 41. Kassie Savarese 42. Dina Nimatallah 43. Anne-Marie Nunez 44. Kara Blank 45. Lolly Ward 46. Robyn Fearing 47. Lizzy Bowers 48. Catherine Lyons 49. Bianca Bennett 50. Timarie Kilsheimer 51. Sandy Maddox 52. Kim Kikuchi 53. Rachael Tauber 54. Emily Schlein 55. Chinmayee Barve 56. Vassie Johri 57. Lauren Yolken 58. Jenny Goodwin 59. Sukari Portis 60. Marisol Hodge 61. C a m e Roche 62. Dinga Zulu 63. Mariam Kashani 64. Prescott Baier 65. Mia Breger 66. Lisa Miller 67. Cheryl Sladkin 68. J e m m y Kwass 69. Bea Pinto 70. Tamia Greene 71. Melissa Kanter 72. Bonnie Tamminga 73. Missy Adle 74. Alexi Bryant 75. Laura Pedraza 76. Natalie Norman 77. Kristina Reynolds 78. Melanie Bernstein 79. Kati Regan 80. Mimi Anderson

r <#©'i ATHj£r^ Big -89 Big & Best - '89 Heading West - Ward A m o n g the best chefs - Galloway Failed driving test - Lee, Blank Should have - Boehm, Winnick, '90 Always lit - Tamminga, Youssefi, Ross, Talero, Sharp Never had a zit - Hodge, Pinto Goes out w/zit - Fred Is a squirt - Fearing, Landfield Biggest flirt - Marriott, Trible Always hurt - Ernst, Velte Always in the dirt - Reynolds Loves the beach - Baier, Kilsh Loves Brian Leach - '90 Used to - B o e h m Computer whizzes - Bernstein, Hickey, Kuhn, Yolken, Yuksel Total dizzes - Visitation girls All the Lizzes - Bowers, Ford, Johnson, Miller, Sharp Never to be Mrs. - Marshall Draws the nudes - Fitz, Kanter, Trible, Youssefi Likes a tall dude - Adle Watches the tube - Karpa Has big boobs - Kanter, Kwass Has no boobs - the rest of us Wishes w e did - Landon Are all boobs anyway - Landon Bakes the most - Miller, Trible Likes to boast - Bernstein Party Host - Johri, Tamminga, Ward Got the most votes - Bush, Ernst Braids hair - Bromberg, Kavounis, Ralph, Tamminga, Zulu Dyes her hair - Fearing, Fitz, Lyons, Youssefi Has the most hair - Staunton, Tamminga Knows what to wear - Hall, Hodge, Pedraza, Tharmaratnam Longest pairs - Baier & Jonathan, Kanter & Andrew Loves a dare - Lappin, Regan Always shares - Miller Plays violin- Kimaro, Lambert Has dimpled chin - Norman, Ward, Yuksel N a m e is "Chin" - Barve Always wins - Soccer, tennis Tries to - Hockey, volleyball Takes m a n y trips - Baier, Marriott, Tauber Likes a Trip - Marshall Is a dip - Flossy Wart Is really hip - Bennett, Sant Used to flip - Lappin In college first - Bowers, Franks, Goodwin, Kavounis At lunchfirst- Lyons, Regan C o m e s in first - Bennett, Nunez, It's Ac Burps the worst - Trible Always happy - Boyle, Maddox, Nimatallah, Staunton

Always has callers - Bennett, Lyons, Portis Pretty Uptight - Marshall, Winnick Always needs dollars - Schlein, Norman Alwaysright- Bob Ryan Always writing - Norman, Ralph, Talero Always hollers - Karpa Montgomery Mailers - '92 A total clown - Regan, Youssefi Wears a frown - Marshall Loves the Ramones - Kuhn Been around - Holton and Landon Drives hours home - Yolken Never a sound - Breger, Hickey, Bryant Complete clones - Acebal/Kashani, Bower&Trible Lost and found - Andrews, Baier, Heron, Robinson, Winkel Always humors - Kashani, Kikuchi, Kwass, Singleton, Velte Always together - Acebal/Kashani, Cole/Ballman/Blank, Baier/Boyle/ Full of humor - Hope, Roche Marriott, Bromberg/Savarese, Karpa/Reynolds, Mason/Schlein Kicks the ball - Soccer Loves to wear leather - Greene, Youssefi Goes to balls - Trible Loves to wear lace - Fitz Has a ball - Greene, Johri, Savarese Chases m e n - not us! Always falls - Miller, NunezE Carries mace - Hall Really tall - Anderson; ColerNuriez, Regan Still a scout - Maddox Total doll - Ishihara ^ . 8 n w r v / Never a doubt - Galloway O n the run - Norman O n the rag - Lyons Likes to counsel - Anderson, Tauber Has a convertible - Ballman, Boehm, Kavounis, Kilsheimer, Reynolds O n theright- Landfield O n their toes - Mason, Schlein, Sladkin Is really liberal - Sharp Is Bilingual - Androutsos, Kogan, Pinto, Talero, Yucelik, Zulu, Skis in bows - Franks Parked on hill - not '89! Ishihara, Nunez, Tharmaratnam, Pedraza, Barth Under the hill - Androustos, Bryant, Hall, Lambert Killed our gerbil - Schnee Kept her pet - Mason Over the hill - Ballman, Marriott, Sant, Trible Dates 'em over the hill - Bennett, Blank, Cole, Hodge, Kwass, Portis, Chia Pet - Roche Tells tales of cops - Acebal • Yucelik Dates 'em just for fun - '89 Bunny is a lop - Ward Seen in A d a m s Morgan - Lee, Ross, Sant, Sharp, Talero Likes to bee-bop - Marriott Tells puns - Bromberg Loves to shop - Bernstein, Hall, Karpa. Kogan Says "Whatever, Holton" - Visitation girls N a m e is Mia - Breger, Kogan Lost in Hockey, Soccer, tennis, Volleyball - Visitation girls C a m e from India - Barve Dressed as a bunny - Baier, Boyle, Marriott Can spell onomatopoeia - very few Is a honey - Boyle, Nimatallah, Ishihara Wears a bandana - Goodwin, Kimaro, Velte Likes Beachweek cloudy or sunny - '89 Favorite ice cream is banana - Adle, Galloway Nose always runny - Kikuchi, Pinto Wore her pajamas - Ross Knows everything - Bernstein Loves stage and drama - Johnson, Singleton, Smith Admits it - Bernstein Really long nails - Pedraza Likes to sing - Boehm, Cole, Johnson, Smith Never pales - Fearing Bio Queen - Sladkin W h o m w e hail - Redskins Is a Ding - Zulu Always has a tale - Kashani, Reynolds Shakes that thang - Bennet, Hall, Portis Knows how to sail - Adle, Fitz, Norman, Regan Is pretty German - Barth Getting old - T w o number two pencils" Dates Harry Herman - Flossie Wort House to be sold - Youssefi Nice to hold - Teddybear, drink Will stop this sermon - Scribe Lit. Editor Better cold - the drink Hopes you have a sense of humor - Scribe Lit. Editor Chews g u m - Kanter, Winnick Otherwise her life will be - Scribe Lit. Editor Plays the drums - Johri, Sharp Befriended bum - Sant Comfortably N u m b - Marshall, Norman In a flick - Boehm, Goodwin, Lyons, Ward Always sick - Boehm, Kwass, Yucelik In love with Nick - Johri, Kimaro Is a good pick - Keifer Sutherland Good for a fight - Adle, Hope, Galloway, Greene, Kanter Out of sight - Boker, Heron, Winkel

Seniors 149

m H it • <• • ft j^itfi gm


m\% • tfl I

• 1 m






P m |P wB mm mm mm mm mm mm mw mm mm p PP mm mm w* mm mm jj| HP **

» mm

mm ^




mv **-


• l#*S-i 'ill**-


152 Students


Students 153

Almost Goddesses Everyone from parents to teachers to sadistic seniors told us "Junior year is the most important for college," but w e don't know if that's true. W e did have triple the workload w e had last year. W e were required to take fun-filled Core II, as well as English 11. Most of us chose to take coed English and had the added thrill of Landon guys in our class. W e also had to think about PSATs, SATs, and Achievement Tests. W e wandered around like zombies before the P S A T s studying math formulas, muttering vocabulary words under our breath, and trying to figure out if w e had a Hispanic great-greatgrandmother somewhere in our family tree so w e could qualify for a scholarship.

Mukti Bhatia demonstrates the amazing adhesive stick ot Holton's spoons. Barrick, Nicole Bhatia, Mukti Black, Sarah Blank, Meredith Brown, Shelly Burke, Nancy Burton, Natalie Butts, Allison Chilcote, Sheri Chmiel, Adriana Connell, Pauline Dell, Alexandra Edgar, Jill Faruqee, Anoka

5 '///v,v////,//y/V/.'y///.v/////////////////////////////4k

! 154 Juniors


l ^s///////////"//////////////////////////?//,///////////

"So I said in perfect trench..." Michele Windsor, the orator. "Is that Racine or Moliere" Anne Kornblut is shocked at Michele's locution.

Our grades slid as w e discovered the value of our own cars. Although w e had to suffer through gravity-defying parking on Granger Hill, w e (and most of our cars) managed to survive. W e appreciated the kind seniors w h o gave us rides so w e didn't have to hike all the way to the front circle. Our unique class drew even closer because of its small size â&#x20AC;&#x201D; only 56 of us. W e showed our leadership potential in creating new clubs such as Student's Coalition to Combat Apartheid, and heading old clubs like Bookstore Volunteers, French Club, and Young Democrats. W e also organized the prom at the Omni and s o m e how managed to agree on a band. This year's senior class will be a hard act to follow, but we've got what it takes to put it all together.

Fischer, Alexa Fischer, Emily Francis, Melanie Glasser, Cynthia Graham, Rachel Guerrero, Jennifer Guerzon, D.J. Heath-Stiefel, Adrienne Huang, Yan Husain, Farah Ingram, Jesslyn Ingram, Leigh Anne Jeffress, Ashley Kornblut, Anne

Students 155

Meredith Blank was found doing her homework in Lower School. Apparently, she w a s hit with a soccer ball in practice and suffered temporary memory loss. "One twitch of my ponytail and Scott will appear." Michele Windsor, looking like Jeannie, does homework in the hall.

"I knew I shouldn't have used extra-hold hairspray this morning." Stephanie Levy struggles to separate her fingers from her bangs. Levy, Stephanie Lloyd, Andito Madigan, Mollie Mattar, Christina Mullen, Sia Myers, Jennifer Nordquist, Silvy O'Rourke, Paula Orem, Betsi Otani, Akiko Pain, Stephanie Phillips, Melanie Reynolds, W e n d y Roddy, Siobhan

156 Juniors

Singing, "Doo-waa-diddy-diddy dumb-diddy-doo." Ali Young and Maggie Slade just walking down the street. Rupertus, Blaise Saracoglu, Asli Schwartz, Abby Silverman, Laurie Slade, Maggie Spurgeon, Kim Stoer, Traci Taborga, Crisi Tarn, Sau Thorp, Julie Tinsman, Lucinda Treanor, Liz Wallman, Elizabeth Wilchins, Julie

Many junior photos were not available at time of publication.

Windsor, Michele Youseffi, Anna

Students 157

Hangin' in the Middle Movin' on up the ladder, we were all happy to escape being Freshmen, although being Sophmores didn't give us a tremendously distinct identity. We're a small class, but this year had to work on building unity. O n e of our efforts toward that goal w a s taking a class picture in November and selling it to raise money for our fund. W e also joined together to host a Christmas party for abused w o m e n and children in the Washington Metropolitan Area. W e survived the year without too m a n y scrapes or bruises thanks to the rescue of mobility when w e finally received our licenses. Another large gift w a s Mrs. Case's pregnancy making it possible for us to receive a semester long extension on our term papers usually due in the winter. W e look forward to our senior year with the privileges of being able to choose our junior pictures for the yearbook and sponsoring prom for next year's seniors. But for right now, we're just working on pu ling it all together (in all the right places Agarwala, Rina A m m e r m a n , Kara Anger. Christine Bailey, Surrey Barth, Mara Barton, Jessica Bowers, Melissa Brown, Lise Busby, Katherine Caldwell, Jenn Casson, Jessica Clift, Rachel Cohen, Erin Corcoran, Sara Cronin, Alexandra Elliott, Tiffany Esfandiary, Renee Frekko, Kathleen Gardner, Sara Goo, Holly

158 Students

H a m m o n d . Kerry Harris, Cristina Heltzer, Meridith Hessick, Meagan Hsu, Yi-Fang Kanter, Simone Kennedy, Tara Kilsheimer. Lisa Koltes, Kelly Langevine, Denise Lurton, Sallie Mastny, Lisa Mayes, Meredith Mayo, Jamila McFarland, Liz Minikes, Allie Mispireta, Mariella Moneypenney, Bridget Munasinghe, Anusha Norvell, Melissa Pantos, Karen

Students 159

Above: Wait til she finds out what w e put in her beans. Mara Barth smirks at her prank. Below: Boy, isn't Robbie Velte a dream? Rina Agarwala and Lisa Mastny talk about their fan club.

Pearle, Lauren Prauser, Michele Price, Natasha Razavi, Pouneh Santorelli, Bridget Schawartz, A m a n d a Scott, Tanya Seth, Pooja Sladkin, Kimberly Smith, Kimberlee Spire, Honor Staunton, Jocelyn Tobe, Michelle Turnage, Lynn Tyner, Heather Walsh, Allyson Westerlund, Brooke Willis, Nayo Young, Allie Zirkin, Leslie

160 Students

;^y .,.**-- ''


. •...-".".-+''•

„. sSj... J. rSf ,il«2



sf^'* *cs->«a«




< % % : •







HE **\&*: §©fj




Ii m











Sophomores 161

Back To The Bottom "I can't believe we are actually upper schoolers!" This was a phrase continously heard for the first couple weeks of school. However, w e did believe it when w e saw all the work w e had to do. Although it w a s a challenge, the selection w a s more diverse than what w e were offered in middle school. The major courses were the same: required math, science, history, and English. The minor courses were everyone's favorite. More popular classes were photography and chorus and art. A s well as having better educational courses, w e were also able to join varsity and junior-varsity teams and more clubs. Scribe, S A D D , Amnesty and Drama were s o m e of the fun choices. O n our retreat in the beginning of the school year, w e had many expectations. W e were all eager for the mixers, as well as for the community service projects, and our class trips. Our expectations were so high that w e started off the year by winning the United W a y Campaign. W e never, despite all of the pressure, forgot about our ski trip and beach trip to come. Another issue that all freshmen always seem to get stressed over is, " W h o are you going to Holiday Ball with?" From the first day of school, w e were all excited that w e finally got to go. The hard part w a s finding a date. Finally, convincing our m o m to ask her friend at the office to ask her son's friend, w e had dates. O n e thing that didn't change from middle school w a s pressure. W e sure had our fill of that. If you wanted to find us during our free periods though, you would have to search, because w e didn't have to go to study hall anymore. Mrs. DePinho seemed to wish w e had to. Because of the freshmen classes intensity and cooperation, most people looked up to us as a fun, well rounded class. Agresto, Meghan Aguhob, Mindy Alisbah, Nimi Anixt, Julie Bachner, Lissa Beurket, Betsi Beverly, Sarah Bradshaw, Tara Brasfield, Melanie Brudno, Allison Burbach, Crissy Burki, Sairah Cafritz, Kendall Cline, Marian Clinkscales, Malika Cluett, Jenny Cohen, Jessica Collis, Kelly Crawford, Jesa Druker, Nicky Duran, Marie-Claire

162 Students

Kendall Cafritz, Ann Frekko and Holly Neal pose for our roving Scribe photographer. Melissa Kopolow, Ann Frekko and Catalina Talero compare tongue lengths and shades on Holton's front circle.

Economopoulos, Beka Fernandez-Duque, Silvina Foster, Shannon Frekko, Ann Freney, Caroline Gavaris, Lauren Gold, Julie Gupta, Pali Gwyn, Kilsha Haider, Nadya Hamilton, Anne Hanna, Susan Henderson, Tia Holbrook, Lara Hurwitz, Brandi Joseph, Erin Kate Kashani, Leila Keber, Carolyn Kopolow, Melissa Krall, Elisa Lane, Diona

Students 163

Jenny Cluett swings on the Lower School tire and dreams of her lost youth.

Rachel Yamagata stares in shock as Ms. Lamphere makes her feet scream, a feat that she had heard about but not believed possible.

Lanier, Nadine Latham, Kerry Ledeen, Simone Low, Amanda Maier, Missy Mandala, Cheryl Maybee, Jill Mayer, Jenny McCabe, Becky Mercer, Cathi Mirza, Amina Moten, Lauresa Nathanson, Sarah Neal, Holly Otani, Naoko Puertes, Jackie Ralph, Stephanie Rosenthal, Joanna Sahakian, Marlyne Slade, Anne Smith, Holly

164 Students

Sarah Nathanson is frozen in disgust to the spotted brown bug juice. Jenny Mayer watches on and giggles sadistically.

Somerville, La Kia Spivack, Hilary Stephenson, Jill Stoer, Melanie Sutliff, Robin Suzuki, Ryoko Sylvester, Kate Talero, Catalina Tang, Alice Thorp, Jennie Trinidad, Katherine Udobot, Glory Vichit-Vadakan, Wilasa Vo, Sandy Vuylsteke, Adeline Wex, Katie Wilson, Alexis Wright, Jamillah Wright, Nazera Yamagata, Rachael Zakroff, Jenni

Students 165

EIGHTH GRADE Just last year w e entered Middle School, and now we're ready to leave it! It w a s great being eighth graders: the seventh graders didn't dare pick on us, and w e really knew the ropes. W e found ourselves more appreciative of what goes on at school, but at the s a m e time more impatient with school, parents and friends.

Adcock, Wendy Baki, Roula Baten, Soyini Bates, Jennifer Belmar, Rebecca Boehly, Mandi Borinsky, Marta Bose, Alokanda Cole, Lucy Cook, Jenn Corcoran, Melanie Cox, Alison Duran, Gay Dunnington, Christine Eckard, Kirsten Eisen, Lauren Erim, Elif Hardisty, Christine Harrison, Jennifer Higgins, Megan Horton, Allyson Fishman, Susan Fogarasi, Simon Fordyce, Polly

168 Students

"Susan, don't growl now. They're taking a picture." Susan Fishman and Alison Cox chat on the circle.

Natasha Graf loses all inhibition in lollipop sugar high. Isabel Gonzalez is amused and waits for her own sugar high to kick in.

Fordyce, Polly George, Nicole Getschal, Liz Gillette, A m y Glasser, Melissa Goeltz, Christina Goicochea, Silvia Gonzalez, Isabel Graf, Natasha Greene, Melissa Griffin, Laura Hardisty, Christine Harvison, Jennifer Higgins, Megan Horton, Allyson Hughart, Amelia Hull, Cecilia Husain, U z m a Ishikawa, Chieko Jacobs, Elizabeth Johnston, Laurie

Students 169

Satanism â&#x20AC;&#x201D; A worship of Satan. "That's what it means!" Melanie Corcoran researches an extracurricular interest. There sure is a lot of gum stuck in your hair! Susan Fishman French braids Lauren Leaders hair in the Middle School hall.

Kennedy, Lisa Kenny, Bridget Knowles, Katherine Lawless, Fiona Leader, Lauren McConihe, Frances McSweeny, Terrell Nair, Jennifer Nathanson, Jessie Ogens, Elissa Olsen, Briana Pearce, Robin Roth, Carter Rucker, Natasha Sadker, Jackie Sears, Dana Seinsheimer, Joanne Shankoor, Barella Sharoff, Leanne Simiu, Erica

170 Students

Joanna Rosenthal was once in Middle School. the gallery with a Coke. Nancy Ward and Megan Higgins rebel. An eighth grader is caught whispering to Megan Higgins by our roving Scribe photographer.

Singh, Nikki Smalls, Taura Stewart, Natalie Thomas, Leigh Ann Valdivieso, Veronica Walker, Kendra Ward, Nanci Watts, Julie Wex, Kari Wiratunga, Rochelle Wisor, Michelle Zincir, Rana

Students 171

A N e w Beginning What's that? Day number three? What happened to Wednesday? Sure, w e had an orientation last spring, but are w e supposed to remember what Mrs. Berry said? W e arrived in Middle School to take on the challenges of lockers, classrooms all over the place, millions of teachers, and a lot of new friendships to make. Our class w a s 1/3 new in September! S o m e things about Middle School were hard to remember: tag flipping, signing back into Study Hall. S o m e things about Middle School were great: using the C o k e machine, going to dances, co-ed outdoor ed, having advisors. W e got to choose what to do 9th period. N o w we've m a d e lots of new friends, tried lots of n e w activities, survived "points," and gotten the hang of Jhings. N o w when w e look back on Low^, school, w e can see that we've changed a lot. Only one more year, and we'll be in Upper School! Seventh graders sweat buckets over Mr. Caussin's challenging Geography test.

Banerjee, Lalitha Bernstien, Melissa Bradley, Meghan Brown, Anne-Lamar Chan, Carmie Chilcote, Samantha Cohen, Dana Cohn, Lauren Colbert, Sarah Daee, Holly Downs, Morgan Ferrentino, Allison Frankel, Kami Frekko, Mary Gillen, Lauren Gorrio, Marisol Guerzon, Bridgette Hanna, Brooke Harding, Laura Hobelman, Erin Iqbal, Sabah

172 Students

Brooke Hanna thinks the front row is really gay. Seventh graders work in life science class.

Isikoff, Alissa Jeria, Melissa Karem, Tiffany Karmi, Serene Kawar, Leila Keegan, Jessica Kelly, Shannon Kohn, Sydney Korman, Meredith Koval, Lindsay Kumar, Divya Laspa, Erin Mathis, Alison Matin, Sarah Mella, Cyndi Miller, Leigh Anne Miller, Robin Minshall, Candice Mujica, Mariana Nelson, Amber Nordquist, Ingrid

Students 173

"What is that vulgar pencil drawing on m y desk? It's m y duty to report this." A seventh grader is distracted from her studies.

O'Brien, Mehera Pantos, Kim Parris, Laura Pistenmaa, Siri Polanco, Francesca Reed, Michelle Robinson, Eliza Rogers, Leigh Sahakian, Emily Sandstrom, Kristen Scott-Bates, Bonnie Shadman, Beeta Stern, Jennifer Styne, Kathryn Taylor, Melissa Teck, Patricia Tedrow, Katie Tseng, Helen Voorthuis, Anna-marie Ward, Tiffany Weber, Joanna Weiss, Erica Camera Shy: Patrice Ali, Rachel Frank, Lauren Gillenr Erin Hobelman, Leila Kawar, Bonnie Scott-Bates.

174 Students

Students 175

6 The extremely vigorous academic work of the lower schoolers shows up as they lounge in the library.

Abramowitz, Jessica Andringa, Katherine Barr, Katie Chadwick, Daniella Coggeshall, Cindy Cole, Lauren Collea, Lisa Cook, Jamie Crowley, Mandy Dahlman, Marisa Dienes, Kimberly Djahanbani, Sheyda Faruqi, Erum Favretto, Christina

176 Students

No More Fun and Games... "And the Indian chief says stop picking your nose" Mandy Crowley plays g a m e s with her friends.

Sixth grade is the year to grow up, show off and have fun: all of which this year's class of 1995 managed to do quite well. It's the time that lower schoolers get a sample dose of what it's like to be mighty 'seniors.' It's their chance to rule the school. The conflict c o m e s in with their newly received privileges, making it just a little harder to be well behaved, as the prime examples for the younger students. The girls kept busy with the help of their three homeroom teachers: Mrs. Nathanson, M s . Mailey a m d Mrs. Grant, all of w h o m they appreciate a great deal. Mrs. Grant is a n e w addition to the lower school and in the words of Jessica Norman, "She's really nice; w e all really like her." Their activities began with the annual sixth grade retreat at Sheridan. This twoday trip allowed the girls to meet their n e w classmates and for the class to reunite as

a whole. That expedition w a s followed up by a trip to the Anthropology M u s e u m in Philadelphia to study ancient Greece and the Sumerians for Social Studies. In the spring they headed to Echo Hill on the Chesapeake Bay. The year w a s fun filled and a true learning experience. W h e n it w a s over, goodbyes were at hand to the bunnies, bookfair and snacktime. Ahead lies the main academic building, exams, detentions, the threat of studyhall proctors and the daily sight of intimidating upper schoolers. Middle school isn't entirely treacherous though, and they look forward to the n e w lifestyle: lockers replacing cubbyholes, a little more freedom and the unforgettable mid school dances: the beginning of the beginning.

"Oh shucks, the Landon boys are on the other side" sixth graders hang out during recess.

Ghim, Michelle Griffith, Linda Groban, Meredith Haeri, Mina Haider, Aliya Hallal, Sara Harkavy, Sara Henderson, Tami Huddleston, Alexandra Israel, Ali Ivanoff, Flavia Katzen, Arlyn Khozeimeh, Lili Kimberly, Dagny

Students 177

Kroener, Evangeline Lamb, Jenny Lamb, Katie

Lee, Tiffany Macht, Emily Madigan, Shana

Murillo, Marisa Needham, Nancy Norman, Jessica

Pichard, Nicole Roop, Susie Saputa, Suzanne

Schoenberger, Chana Schoolfield, Jennifer Smith, Christina

Sylvester, Meg Tareen, Shamyla Tsantis, Andrea

von Post, Christina Vuylsteke, Marielle Wolinsky, Jennifer

Woodcock, Elizabeth Woodson, Beth

"YOU'VE G O T T O FIGHT F O R Y O U R RIGHT T O PAAAARTY!!" Lisa Collea is shocked at the intensity of her friend's voice

178 Students

"It's a good thing w e went to Weight Watchers for 10 weeks, Arlyn, now w e can fit on this couch" remarks a skinny Allison.

"Not now, cupcake, I'm trying to read and besides, we're N O T alone!!" Tiffany and Mina lie in the lower school library.

Students 179

Abdi, Hodon Alexander, Brooke Arndt, Kelly Baker, Catherine

Berg, Samantha Bien, Rachel Burzio, Elizabeth Busby, Mary

Caldwell, Kristen Caple, Kahlidia Cohen, Jessica Crowley, Meghan

Earnest, Erin Ernes, Radley English, Elizabeth Feld, Nicole

Garcia, Maria Gillette, Carolyn Hamilton, Elizabeth Harper, Kimberly

Hart, Allison Hendricks, Lauren Heron, Elizabeth Howar, Elizabeth

Jatlow, Ali Kanter, Chloe Karmi, Dina Kessler, Justine

Klein, Tracy Lorber, Rachel Malik, Tara Mella, Heidi

ft ft

/ 1 \V * Al

180 Students

5 Reaching towards the top of the bottom

This year in fifth grade we had a blast. Our teachers introduc us to many more topics of study, including American History and French. However, art and g y m still remained our favorite classes. W e encountered new worlds on reading Caddie Woodlawn, Island of The Blue Dolphins, Little House on The Prairie, and Biographies about various interesting people. Outside of the classroom, w e entertained ourselves in creative ways, like playing dodgeball, jumprope, and jungle gym. But none of that could compare to the fun of health class with Mrs Kordell. Mrs. Kordell told us about the birds and the bees, gritting her teeth, yet keeping patient during the assault of our giggles. W h e n spring c a m e around, w e were thrilled (although our teachers might not have been) to finally run around "the forbidden land on the other side of the bridge" - Booze Creek. Our teacher kept reminding us that w e were taking the walk to let us appreciate nature - nature w a s never so appreciated. However, w e were quickly brought back to the severity of classroom learning in our computer class. W e fought with the machines a lot, but finally mastered L O G O W R I T E R . Fifth grade w a s a lot of fun but we'd like to consider it a warmup for sixth grade, when we'll be the top of the bottom. Posed? Nooooooo! Fifth graders indulge in their incredible adventures.

Milton, Jesse Murthy, Shvetha Nesvet, Becky Ng, Connie O m a n , Susie Pistenmaa, Carrie Qadri, Urfa Salehizadeh, Susan Sterrett, Anne Swinehart, Emily Yeskel, Tamara

Students 181

4 Please, just one more kiss! Vassi Johri helps a lower schooler prepare for the Halloween parade.

Chawla, Sonya Cowles, Taylor Earnest, Kate Ernst, Jill Flack, Sarah Greenwald, Katherine Grunstra, Lydia Hall, Taira Hanson, Elizabeth Hoar, Hilary Ichiuji, Stacy Jaffe, Brooke Kenny, Helene Kornblut, Emily Lanza, Angela Leatherwood, Marcia Levine, Rebecca Lewis, Annie Main, Anna Mella, Amanda Mirkin, Jordana

FOURTH GRADE W e c a m e back to school this year, happy not to be the youngest anymore and anxious to start our year, if not our homework. Our classes were fun, and w e began to take Spanish - Gustamos espanol! (pensamos) W e were probably the best dressed kids at the Halloween parade. W e had an-

other chance to show off our costume designing skills when w e all dressed up as American Folk heros. In math, w e learned about shapes and polygons, Computers w e read Twenty O n e Balloons, A Wrinkle In Time, and Old Yeller. W e had a great time in fourth grade, and can't wait for fifth!!

Snack! Snack! M o m m y didn't give m e dinner last night. Susanne and Annie devour oranges. Five hundred monkeys and a pig.

Nicholas, Sarah Ogden, Lauren Patel, S e e m a Peterson, Kirsten Pichard, Dominique Pilon, Danielle Pitcher, Mandy Ramchandani, Reena Robinson, Jess Rost, Kathryn Roth, Jennifer Schechter, Becky Sheridan, Elizabeth Sherwin, Kate Spitulnik, Jennifer Stern, Elizabeth Subramanian, Ramya Teck, Sarah Willoughby, Susanne Wiste, Anna

Students 183

3 "My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed m y father. Prepare to die!"

Barron, Elysa Berlacher, Heidi Brown, Claire Burbach, Stephanie Cash, Kris Farouki, Dala Faruqi, S a m m y Feld, Alana Fields, Ashley Gadde, Deepthi Haim, Caroline Jeria, Andrea Johnson, Emily Khozeimeh, Nini Kreutz, Elizabeth Leber, Holly Limpuangthip, Joy Mahmood, Mehreen Malik, Marisha Marks, Lindsey McGowan, Sara Lynn

184 Students




Fi J^L ^r

' " f'l IffSM r'd *


The Tiniest Tots This w a s our first year as Holtonites and w e pretty much loved it. The first few days were scary because w e were all starting a n e w school and having to m a k e new friends, while still keeping up with our homework, but w e were all complete buds by the end of the first week, and could complain about the homework load with each other, rather than our parents. Our teachers really helped m a k e things great, and w e actually enjoyed our classes. In social studies, w e studied the globe and in Language Arts, w e answered questions to short stories and found nouns and verbs in

sentences. W e developed our math skills by learning addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. W e broke the monotony of a regular class schedule by distracting ourselves with projects, such as putting together skits for Grandparents' Day and reported on the various ways that different cultures celebrated their holiday seasons. W h e n springtime c a m e around, w e were sad that we'd have to seperate for summer vacation, but were consoled when w e realized w e had nine more years to go!

W a s T H A T Brian Anger?!? Lower schoolers pant.

Get your foot O F F of MINE! Lower schooler smiles for the picture. Turn...TeTum...Turn...TUMS. Lunch is trouble for Kristin Sokol.

Miller, Lindsey Pastoor, Heather Roberts, Emily Rossaki, Melissa Schaeffer, Jennifer Schoenberger, Elena Schweitzer, Laura Shelton, Carrie Sokol, Kristin Spicer, Cara Tang, Rosalyn Trepel, Samantha Ueno, Rihoko Volin, Abby

Students 185

-•.-/; %rl~£gJ&S-



}j ~-%w<4'

^JA" —•*?.


mm .J&I&. E









w r a





| .*««=

Sports 187

Varsity Soccer Soccer Maret GDS Holy Child Visitation Bullis Sidwell Maderia Stone Ridge NCS

Front Row:-Usa-Mfl1eTand Jttl Karpa" Second Row:Jiffany ElliotrMatatte-NorrrianT'Kylo Volte, Lfsa KilohoimefTLeigfr EmstrJonnifor Thorp Back R o w : Exan-Lappin, CaÂŤie-BoGhe, â&#x20AC;˘Kati Regan-.rKristina Reynolds,-KattS" K^vounis^)maTfei<ilsheimenJuiieJhorp, MeredrttrBtank, Coach Nina Thompson, -Kim-KikucnT^



'sity soccer team w a s sensational! miors and six underclassmen makputting it all together for a winning ; ird. Each player's unconditional deE it led them to victory after victory. With every game, the team grew stronger and closer, the intensity seeming to peak at the Georgetown Visitation game. After an exhilarating and emotional battle, varsity soccer overcame their rivals, and further humiliated them by stealing their soulrevealing poster, which read-"Whatever, Holton" (keep trying to deny it existed, Visi, w e have it in our lounge!) Slightly disheartened by the loss of Julie Thorp to m o n o and Leigh Ernst to a g a m e injury, but still eager for victory, the team continued to display their superior skill and fearless aggression. However, they were modest and credited their undefeated record to their wacky, superstitious traditions, like braiding and dying their hair, having Kyle wear her lucky bandana, and making sure Azita was there to cheer (and jeer) at every game. Coach Nina Thompson attributed their wins to their unifying strong desire for victory, and applauded them on the hard work they put in to acheive the respect and strong record they earned. This year's varsity soccer was a point of pride for Holton, hopefully inspiring the tradition of enthusiasm and victory in teams for years to come. Lisa practices her dance steps on the soccer field. Please, no pictures. Kristina Reynolds, Jill Karpa, and Fran Lappin at soccer practice.

188 Varsity Soccer

Junior Varsity Soccer T e a m Soccer Maret GDS Holy Child Visitation Bullis Sidwell Maderia NCS Stone Ridge


Second Row: Betsy Beurket, Sarah Beverly, Jill Maybee, Brooke Westerlund, Melissa Norvell, Jeanna Rosenthal, Jill Edgar, Lucinda Tinsman Back Row: Coach Nan Smith, Leslie Zirkin, Allie Minikes, Jamila Mayo, Nayo Wills

"Getting ready for the Big Time" This year's Junior Varsity soccer team, coached by Nan Smith, started out well with a 1-1 tie followed by a 4-0 win. The team consisted of many newcomers and absolutely no seniors, leaving the need for s o m e fine tuning in certain areas. Cocaptains Melissa Bowers and Jenn Caldwell stressed the need for the team to work together in terms of spirit and technical aspects of the g a m e (such as passing the ball). Repositioning, after Melissa Bower's injured ankle, and Brooke Westerlund's m o v e up to Varsity, caused another hitch in the season. They never allowed themselves to work hard enough to forget about having funand considering what the work entailed, they should be able to m a k e a sucessful m o v e up to Varsity next year in order to fill in the spots of the 12 departing seniors. You take the ball, I don't want it. Kim Sladkin and Jen Caldwell kick off against Madiera.

I can't believe it didn't go in! Kim Sladkin re a soccer game.

JV Soccer 189

Varsitv H o c k e v Hockey Quince Orchard Immaculata Holy Cross Holy Child Visitation Notre D a m e Quince Orchard Sidwell Madeira Foxcroft Calverton St. Agnes Stone Ridge

W \--J-- •'





<-,.d-'-- - • ••'' E ' . - E E - f&. -. c. • 'fi . • •$-. ii* J

\l '. i---'- - :E-^ PH

""" •*'SMEDM*' ' ;,"^^f


j ^ ,, i-> l• •

^ j

^JL& !-E,




•**•*•» rn.***• ".-'Tv*^ : RP ^^^•^dC3ltf'^*T*IW^^P^H^^B


•K^PC^T ^ ^f\^ ,4>#%" f Tlr k^0kf\c*& SS W^mWmm**»•» 1*\J W^mm^mm\ ^H_

mmmm\^& ImtmWm ^f mmmm\ f W' Wmmm\ ^ ^ S K 3

- P ^ ^ B L iL-V adfe* '^* i #


"~"^* \~*?JmML m£ 5fctt Front R o w : Sally Lurtun, W e n d y Reynuius, C/.J. uum^ui, a,yu5iyR oicumitwi,

Kathleen Trekko. Second Row: Coach Kim Hutcherson, JeiTriny KwassrRebyn Fearing, Y-asa— Vueefikr Bianca-Bennet. Third Row: VyjaotLTharmaratnam, Vaooi Jehfi, L-eHy-Ward

Playing the Field "S-U-P-E-R-SUPERBAD THAT'S WHAT WE ARE, SUPERBAD NOW CAN'T YOU SEE WE'RE NUMBER 1, N O T 2, N O T 3!" That was the cheer you could hear the Varsity Hockey team yelling during practices, morning assemblies, and games to get psyched up. Holton Hockey definetly had spirit this year and played better than ever as a result. O n g a m e days, break meetings (food feasts), and blue hairspray put them in gear to play. Their speed on the field scared the teams they played, and helped Holton acheive the strong record they fought for. The large number of seniors on the team was significant in their success — they helped each other and the underclassm e n get it together. Varsity hockey had a tough, but fun season.

Above: Sally Lurton is pulled towards the ball by an invisible force, while Kathleen Frekko follows her.

Left: What are you doing out here? The goal's that way. Hutch points to where the goalies S H O U L D be. Right: Someone get this spaz out of my way. Vassi Johri looks annoyed as an opponent tries to get past.

190 Hockey

Junior Varsity Hockey Hockey Potomac Holy Cross Holy Child Visitation St. Mary's Sidwell Madeira St. Agnes NCS


Front R o w : Anne Frekko, Kelly Koltes, Christina Harris, Anna Yousseffi, Cynthia Glasser Second Row: Coach Miller, Stacey Cohan, Karen Pantos, Lara Holbrook, Meredith Mayes, Liz Treanor, Holly Neal, Hilary Spivack, Marie-Claire Duran, Kerry Latham Missing: Paula O'Rourke

Boxer Rebellion

Above: The JV team models with enthusiasm their fashion mesh.

JV Hockey had a season full of excitement and fun this year. Unfortunately, the season started out with several major injuries, ranging from Paula's broken finger to Jen's torn ligaments to Kelly's sprained ankle in the first scrimmage. Another minor crisis w a s the injunction against boxer shorts. Because boxers worn under the skirts supposedly tended to fall down, players had to resort to wearing "sexy bicycle shorts." This enthusiastic team had several rituals that kept spirit high. Everyone sprayed their hair blue before games. A popular event w a s celebrating coach Miller's birthday with lots of food and then "getting sick on the field." The team's mascot w a s Hutch's dog, Bandit. T e a m m e m b e r s will never forget goalie Stacey's anxiety attacks after games, and everyone's general tendency to fall all over the place. "Everyone always hit the dirt!" W e managed to have an excellent season while having a lot of fun and putting on great performances for devoted spectators.

Above: Listen, if we're going to play ring around the rosey we'll have to drop the sticks.

Hockey 191

Varsity Volleyball Volleyball Maret Georgetown Day Immaculta Holy Child Quince Orchard Newport Prep. Notre D a m e Sidwell Friends Madeira Foxcroft St. Agnes Stone Ridge German School

Front Row: Ntna-CoTeT K4m~BaHmarC Second Row: Coach Whilden, Arme-Marie Nunez, BtftaMmatallab, Bea=P-tnto. Third Row: Maria Taie7o,^Omg^-Znln7*feabeth-Sbarp.

The Olympic Hopefuls This year's varsity volleyball team, m a d e up mostly of seniors, had a fun and successful season(despite the low total of only 7 spectators throughout the fall). With Kim Ballman as setter, w e improved our spiking skills to the point where w e could use them comfortably in even the most competitive games. Mrs. Whilden prepared us for Olympic and National level games with tips such as "on the Olympic and national level, at the end of the game, you are to walk next to the net and then across the court to shake hands with the opposite team." Although w e did learn that skill, w e never quite got to the level of skill used by an opponent from G D S when she used a "jumpserve" (usually implemented on the National team level). Although w e did lose s o m e close games, w e m a d e sure to keep spirit high and have an enjoyable season.

Sure, she can go down far but can she get up? A Varsity player is knocked to t ground by the force of her shot. Tanja Barth watches the ball intensely praying that it won't come near her.

192 Sports

Junior Varsity Volleyball JV V O L L E Y B A L L m I Maret ^|..:..j GDS Wi\ HolyChild m J Visitation Notre D a m e m i Madeira Foxcroft l| St. Agnes NCS

W i L

w w L w w w w

Front Row: Dionna Lane, Malika Clinkscales, Akiko Otani, Holly Goo. Naoko Otani Second Row: Cathi Mercer, Amanda Low, Tanja Barth, Mara Barth, Alice Tang, Glory Ubodot, Coach Manion

In Spike of it All... The J.V. Volleyball team had a great lineup this year. It consisted of seven freshmen, one sophomore, one junior, and one senior. With a majority of wins, w e had a great season. W e had our share of foul ups but regardless, w e stuck together. Our coach, Mrs. Manion, m a d e it all possible.

Holly G o o makes an incredible effort in an intense volleyball game. Alice Tang is frozen in motion by the realization that her hand is missing.

Sports 193

Fall Tennis Tennis Maret GDS Holy Child Visitation Maderia Stone Ridge NCS Bullis Immaculata Sidwell St. Agnes

Front Row: Meredith Heltzer, Carolyn Keeber, Julieta Acebal, Mary Alice Marriot, Erin Cohen, Alexandra Dell, Chinmayee Barve Second Row: Anusha Munasinghe, Katherine Wex, Anga Trabold, Mr. Finney Third Row: Sandy Vo, Holly Smith, Siobhan Roddy, Sara Corcoran, Kassie Savarese


Alexandra Dell practices holding her racquet as Erin Cohen looks on.

Tennis had an excellent season this year. Although tennis is more of an individual sport than a team sport, the players were spirited and really supported each other. Before every match, team members used blue paint to write " G O HOLTON!" on their faces and legs. After matches, Kassie's mother brought cookies and drinks and everyone celebrated together. The team had so much determination and spirit that s o m e of them (especially Siobhan and Mary Alice) preferred climbing over the fence when the gate was locked to missing a minute of playing time. Mia managed to miss every single practice. All in all, the tennis team was incredibly successful. They used their shared enthusiasm to help each other and themselves.

Mia Kogan trying to turn on the construction workers.

Anusha Munasinghe dips for a low ball.

194 Fall Tennis

Spring Tennis TENNIS Spring

OPPONENT St. Agnes (10 games pro set) Immaculata (10 game) HolyChild (10 game) National Cathedral (2/3 12 pt. tiebreaker) Georgetown Visitation (10 game) Maret (10 game) Notre D a m e Stone Ridge (10 game) Madeira (2/3) Georgetown Day (10 game)

Bottom Row: Nadya Haider, Hilary Spivack, Joanna Rosenthal, Mollie Madigan, Holly Smith, Jenny Cluett, Shannon Foster. Standing: Surrey Bailey, Katie Wex, Erin Cohen, Sara Corcoran, Wendy Reynolds, Meredith Heltzer, Nadine Lanier, Coach Finney. Missing: Jill Karpa.

Spring Tennis The 1989 spring tennis team is one consisting of lots of young talent. With only one senior on the team, a majority of the strength will be with the underclassmen. M a n y w h o played on the team in the fall will m o v e up in their position to either singles or to a higher doubles spot, as a result of the loss of three or four seniors. The Holton tennis team is looking to avenge their loss against Sidwell in the fall which cost them the division title. T h e coach. Mr. Finney, feels that the team could possibly capture another championship as they did last spring which w a s Holton's first tennis title ever.

Sports 195

Stone Ridge Notre D a m e Immaculata St. Agnus Bullis Foxcroft Maret Visitation NCS Holy Child GDS Sidwell Madeira

won won won lost lost won won won lost won lost lost lost

Varsity Basketball

Back Row: Coach Rodano, Bianca Bennett, Kassie Savarese, Kristina Reynolds, Julie Thorp, Kati Regan. Front Row: Kim Kikuchi, Carrie Roche, Tiffany Elliott, Kyle Velte, Vassi Johri, Kisha Gwyn, Leigh Ernst

Varsity Success With the help of Coach Rodano and Kim "Old Faithful" Kikuchi, as team manager, this year's varsity basketball team w a s strong. Leigh Ernst, the team's point guard, said, "We're a team with a lot of potential." With four starters and eight seniors from last year's team, the team had experience and familiarity. Kisha Gwyn, the n e w addition to the team, w a s a great asset; she started playing basketball on the varsity team in 5th grade at Newport Prep. She played guard and, occasionally, defense for Holton. T h e scoreboard and team were installed in the n e w J a m e s Lewis Activity Center. They began using Holton's n e w facilities, which included two full courts, in January. In practice, the defense concentrated on improving their full court press. The offense incorporated n e w plays. Their hard work paid off. They w o n 70-19 in their g a m e against Notre D a m e . With the team's potential and personal commitment, they created a winning formula. "If the coach doesn't show up, I'm going to hit you with this ball.' Holton will be sorry to lose this year's Thorp waits to hit Kati Regan with the basketball. senior spirit from the basketball team. "I think I can reach the basket." Kristina Reynolds makes a tough shot

196 Sports

Junior Varsity Basketball

Stone Ridge Immaculata St. Agnus Byllis Foxcroft Maret Visitation NCS Holy Child GDS Sidwell Madeira

won won lostt lost won won lost lost lost won lost lost

Front Row: Coach Joy Plunkett, Nayo Wills, Sarah Gardner. Middle Row: Michelle Mayes, Ann Frekko, Jocelyn Staunton, Lisa Kilsheimer, Kathleen Frekko, Amanda Low, Marie-Claire Duran. Back Row: Jennie Thorp, Meghan Agresto, Amanda Schwartz, Kim Sladkin.

The Spirit to Win This year's junior varsity team was noted for their tremendous amount of energy, spirit, and enthusiasm. Their spirit m a d e them dedicated to the effort of the team. Their dedication w a s a major team asset. With incredible respect for their coach, Joy Plunkett, the girls were taught the full court press and several n e w defensive plays. The team is m a d e up of freshmen and sophomores, and they concentrated on creating a strong defense this year. Their first g a m e w a s snowed out, but it w a s postponed to be played on "Girls, this time try not to trip the other team members.' Coach Plunkett gives a few pointers to Ann Frekko, the day the n e w g y m opened. The girls' Lisa Kilsheimer, and Kendall Cafritz. dedication rose up to a n e w level with their first victory. They are building the base for a strong team in the future.

"You can show m e the latest boogy after practice." Marie-Claire Duran tries to watch Coach Plunkett's signals while Ann Frekko boogies.

"I think the ball is stuck to the ceiling." A m a n d a L o w and Jennie Thorp wait for the basketball to bounce.

Sports 197

Swim Team Sidwell Stone Ridge NCS Holy Child Seton

won won lost won won

Bottom row: Rina Agarwala, Lisa Mastney, Jenn Caldwell, Renee Esphandiary, Catherine Lyons, Sarah Landfield. Top row: Melissa Norvell, Jill Edgar, Merideth Blank, Mara Barth, Leslie Zirken, Michele Windsor, Holly Goo, Kerry Latham, Nadine Lanier.

We're Not a Club Anymore Holton swim team is not just a club anymore. After years of pushing swimming, Peggy Whilden has finally reached her goal. The team has reached varsity status with two captains, seniors Catherine Lyons and Erica Smith. Whereas four years ago, Holton's team w a s a ninth period club with five members, this year it is a full-fledged winter sport with close to thirty swimmers. With the opening of the n e w pool, participation is expected to increase even more next year. This year the team practices at the Quince Orchard pool in Gaithersburg. Holton swims along side the Landon team, which has also gained varsity sports status. The Landon coaches, Dr. Lyons and Peter Pietro, work with the Holton swimmers on different techniques and ideas while Mrs. Whilden takes s o m e of the boys. For the first time, there are managers helping: senior Melissa Staunton, junior Siobhan Roddy, and freshman Jessa Crawford. Support and spirit in the team have also been upgraded. Holton swim team sweat shirts were ordered for all participants. Plus, the team is gaining a few loyal fans w h o travel to the St. Albans pool, and even a few teachers have been seen cheering. 198 Sports

Obviously not good for the hair! Renee Esfandiary cheers on fellow swimmers.

Diving Team

Sally Lurton, Sarah Landfield

G o Gregette, Sarah Landfield tries for the 10.

Our diving team, Sarah and Sally, placed at every meet and helped the team tremendously. Unfortunately, Sally Lurton broke her nose in a diving accident. The year w a s promising and next year looks even better for the two teams. Sports 199

Varsity Lacrosse LACROSSE Spring OPPONENT Holy Cross (V & JV) Mt. Vemon (V only) St. Agnes (V & JV) Immaculata (V only) Holy Child (V & JV) National Cathedral Foxcroft (V only) Potomac (JV only) Away

PLACE Home Home Away Away Away Away Home

First Row: Kristina Reynolds, Kati Regan, Jemmy Kwas, Sallie Lurton, D.J. Guerzon, Julie Thorp. Second Row: Catherine Lyons, Sarah Black, Stephanie Levy, Stacey Cohan. Third Row: Holly Thompson, Brooke Westerlund. Fourth Row: Coach Hutcherson.

Varsity Lacrosse "Start jogging! When the whistle blows, SPRINT!" Ms. Hutcherson yells to the already exhausted lacrosse players. W e trot through the construction m u d and blue junk that cover the field. A few adjustments had to be m a d e because of the new buildings. Cleats couldn't be worn in the building (automatic detention), and safely reaching the field without being bulldozed w a s a challenge. But the lacrosse team only got stronger with the added obstacles. Practicing in the snow and staying two and a half hours to learn the basics filled our afternoons. The snow only built muscles that helped m a k e the season successful! W e learned our lessons about using bad language (one lap), stepping into the C R E A S E (four laps) and checking into the body (a yellow card from the ref.). Overall the enthusiasm of the team kept up the tradition of a super sport.

200 Sports

Junior Varsity Lacrosse LACROSSE Cont. Maret (JV only) Home Sidwell (V & JV) Georgetown Visitation (V & JV) Calverton (1 game) Stone Ridge (V & JV) Madeira (V & JV) Sandy Spring (V only) Field School (JV only)

Away Away Home Home Away Home Home

First Row: Marie-Claire Duran, Holly Neal, Nimi Alisbah, Lisa Kilsheimer, Christina Harris, Liz Treanor. Second Row: Jill Maybee, Jesa Crawford, Sarah Nathanson, Kelly Collis, Caroline Keber, Anne Frekko, Kendall Cafritz, Tiffany Elliot. Third Row: Julie Gold, Kim Sladkin, Nayo Wills, Kathleen Frekko, Melissa Norvell, Jessica Barton, Kerri Latham, Alex Cronin, Coach Thompson.

Junior Varsity Lacrosse Tryouts seemed to last forever! Because of the cold weather, w e spent much of our time in the new g y m (other days w e didn't and w e FROZE!). W e ran a lot during tryouts in this funny blue stuff that was all over the field. After our first g a m e against Holy Child, Hutch picked the JV and Varsity teams. Mrs. Thompson w a s our coach sometimes. She told us that w e were playing "soccer" on the "soccer field!?" It w a s a good season overall, and those of us w h o went to Florida thawed out from our cold winter practices and improved our skills at the s a m e time! Sports 201

Varsity Softball SOFTBALL OPPONENT PLACE Bullis (Varsity) Bullis (JV) Immaculate (Varsity) Potomac (JV) Holy Child (Varsity) Holy Child (JV) National Cathedral (Varsity) National Cathedral (JV) Foxcroft (Varsity) Georgetown Visitation (Varsity)

Home Away Home Away Home Home Home Away Away Away

First Row: Melissa Kanter, Lizzy Bowers, Kyle Velte, Missy Adle. Second Row: Michele Windsor, Melissa Bowers, Meridith Blank, Kisha Gwyn, Meredith Mayes. Back Row: Sarah Gardner, Jenny Lockman, Rachel Yamagata.

Varsity Softball

This year's softball practices have just begun and already w e are having fun. Melissa Kanter has kept everyone laughing by leading stretching exercises that consist of sitting crossed-legged on the ground for ten minutes, or leaving two at a time to go hide behind nearby trees during

202 Sports

warm ups. Our practices can be serious and beneficial, though. Our coach Nan Smith runs systematic drills and scrimmages. This year's team has four seniors, Lizzy Bowers, Missy Adle, Melissa Kanter, and Kyle Velte, w h o were all nominated and

elected by themselves as team captains with no objections from the rest of the team. The team looks very good this year, and by the time of our first g a m e on April 6th, we'll be ready, and if not, we'll be sure to have fun anyway.

Junior Varsity Softball Georgetown Visitation (JV) Maret (Varsity & JV) Sidwell (Varsity) Sidwell (JV) St. Agnes (Varsity) Stone Ridge (Varsity) Madeira (Varsity) Madeira (JV) Georgetown Day (Varsity)

Home Away Home Home Away Home Home Away Home

Front Row: Lisa Mastny, Jocelyn Staunton, Brandi Hurwitz, Back Row: Kara Ammerman, Liz McFarland, Amina Mirza. Coach: Mike Mulligan

JV Softball This year JV Softball was coached by Mike Mulligan (a.k.a The Camera Man). He opened the season by telling the team that his goals for the season were to have fun, sharpen skills, prepare us for the varsity experience, and to WIN! JV Softball had a good, hardworking season. Scrimmages, bus rides, and games in freezing weather were among our favorite moments. All in all, it was a fun season, and we're working towards VARSITY!

Sports 203

Varsity Track TRACK Spring

OPPONENT Bullis Sidwell

PLACE Away Away

First Row: Jessica Cohen, Holly Goo, Farah Hussain, Jill Edgar, Julie Wilchins, Meghan Agresto. Second Row: Mara Barth, Jamilla Mayo, Andito Lloyd, Tanya Scott, Kim Smith, Sairah Burki, Stephanie Ralph. Back Row: Sia Mullen, Nancy Burke, Jenny Maier.

Track...An Experience Track had a very successful season this year. S o what if w e didn't win every single meet? All of us accomplished the goal Coach Henderson set for us of improving our "personal best." Practices alternated between the Holton gym, where w e were generously allotted a hallway and the two feet outside the lines all around, and the Walter Johnson track, where on good days w e were permitted to use three lanes. Several talented runners graduated last year, but luckily a medley of enthusiastic freshman, sophomores, and juniors tried out this spring. Reasons for joining track ranged from, "I want to fit into m y bathing suit this summer," to "I love running in public wearing skimpy shorts." W e learned to work together as a team, and whether w e were doing wind sprints or tossing discuses, w e had a great time.

204 Sports

Early-Out Athletes

First row: Melissa Bromberg, Lauren Gavaris, Jocelyn Staunton. Second row: Cheryl Sladkin, Laura Mason, Becky McCabe, Nicky Druker

Ever since I w a s six years old, I have loved the popping sound tennis balls m a k e as they hit the racquet. From the first time I heard that sound, I knew I would play tennis, and I w a s right. I have traveled all over the country to play national and international tournaments for m a n y years, and hope to be playing for m a n y more. - Lauren Gavaris When I first came to Holton in the seventh grade, I tried out for the riding club. I m a d e the team and took lessons to improve. For m y 13th birthday m y parents surprised m e with Maximilian, a thoroughbred. M a x and I have been competing in shows in the metropolitan area and have placed in m a n y shows.

I o w e m y ballet interest and ability all to m y m o m . I love you m o m ! Sports 205

, ' "

I h U N e ,1131171/

Young Democrats


First R o w : Leslie Galloway, Abby Schwartz, Timarie Kilsheimer, Jackie Singleton, Anoka Faruquee, Second R o w : Leigh-Anne Ingram, Mukti Bhatia

Lisa-Beth Lambert, Beth Ford

Teenage Republicans

It's Academic Club

First R o w : Kelly Koltes, Mariam Kashani, Kathleen Frekko, Jocelyn Staunton, First R o w : Jackie Singleton, Anoka Faruquee, Melanie Bernstien, Melanie Pouneh Razavi. Center: Sarah Lanfield, (President) Third R o w : Alexandra Francis Back R o w : Mr. Tupper Dell, Silvy Nordquist, Liz Treanor, Meredith Mayes, Kara A m m e r m a n , Liz McFarland.

208 Clubs

Computer Club

Front R o w : Brooke Kuhn, Kathleen Hickey

Environmental Awareness

First R o w : Marian Cline, Sarah Gardner, Heather Tyner, Lisa Mastry Second R o w Melissa Norvell, Honor Spire, Sallie Lurton, Kathleen Frekko Third R o w : Kellv Koltes, Lise Brown, Natasha Price, Melissa Bowers, Meridith Mayes Fourth R o w : Kim Sladkin, Rina Agarwala, Pooja Seth, Meagan Hessick, Ashley Jeffress, Jenny Guerrero, A m a n d a Schwartz

Drama Club

Front R o w : Nicole Barrick, Adrienne Heath-Stiefel, Alexi Bryant, Catalina Talero, Beka Economopoulos, Crisi Taborga, Melanie Francis. Elisa Krall Second R o w : Rachel Graham. Stephanie Levy, Carrie Roche. Tamia Greene, Sylvy Nordquist, Christine Anger, Jackie Singleton, Anne Hamilton Third R o w : Elizabeth Wallman, Mrs. White, Kirstie Krall, Flossie Wort, Mimi Anderson, Nimi Ahsbah, Erica Smith, Jenni Zackroff, Sarah Beverly, Marie-Claire Duran, Marian Cline, Leila Kashani, Natasha Price, Renee Esfandiary, Melissa Bowers, Alison Ralph Fourth R o w : Julie Gold, Kelly Koltes, Mukti Bhatia, Megan Hessick, Jessica Cohen, Tara Kennedy, Jamila Mayo, Betsi Orem, Hilary Spivack, Simone Ledeen, Beth Ford, Tracy Stoer, Kim Smith, Lise Brown, Jenn Caldwell Fifth R o w : Leigh-Anne Ingram, Akiko Otani, Bridget Moneypenny, Surrey Bailey

Community Service Club

First R o w : Lolly Ward, Delia Trible, Melissa Kanter, Lisa Miller, Stacey Cohan, Robyn Fearing, Alex Cronin, Kim Kikuchi, Christiana Androtsos Second R o w : Marian Cline, Catherine Trinidad, Kerry Hammond, Nimi Alisbah, Holly Neal, Meredith Mayes Third R o w : Leslie Zirkin, Renee Esfandiary, Liz McFarland, Honor Spire, Simone Kanter, Lisa Kilsheimer, Erin Cohen, Michelle Prauser, Marie-Claire Duran, Sandy Vo

Clubs 209

Peer Counselors

Debate team

Front row: Brooke Kuhn, Kathleen Hickey Second row: Sara Corcoran, Allyson First Row: Lolly Ward, Leslie Galloway, Winifred Anderson Second R o w : Anoka Walsh, Pooja Seth, Rena Agarwala, Bridgette Santorelli, Rachel Clift Third row: Faruqee, Silvy Nordquist, Laurie Silverman Third R o w : Anne Kornblut, Meredith Heltzer, Holly Goo, Jessica Casson, Lisa Mastny, Melissa Norvelle, Adrianna Chmiel, Mimi Anderson, Nancy Burke Kim Sladkin, Jessica Cohen, Jill Maybee, Jocelyn Staunton, Kathleen Frekko, Sarah Gardner

Library Aides

Spanish Club

First R o w : Pauline Connell, Robyn Fearing, Emily Fischer, Liz Treanor Second From left: Kara Blank, Melissa Staunton, Jill Karpa, Bianca Bennett, Sukari R o w : Simone Kanter, Karen Pantos, Nimi Alisbah, Holly Neal, Tara Kennedy, Portis, Allyson Hall. T a m m y Marshall, Timarie Kilsheimer, Allison Boyle, Stephanie Pain

210 clubs



Top row: Farah Husain, Tamia Greene, Traci Stoer. Middle: Jenn Caldwell, Jocelyn Staunton. Bottom: Carolyn Keber, Kathy Trinidad.

Spirit Club

Top row: Natalie Norman. Middle: Fran Lappin, Katie Kavounis, Kyle Velte. Bottom: Dave, Mike, Kati Regan, Kristina Reynolds.


Front row: Brooke Kuhn, Julie Gold, Leslie Galloway. Second row: Ali Minikes, Marian Cline, Jen Myers, Holly Goo, Amanda Low, Shannon Foster, Lyn Tirnage, Jill Maybee. Third row: Beka Economopoulos, Lisa-Beth Lambert, Beth Ford, Mimi Anderson, Erica Smith, Tamia Greene, Carrie Roche, Shelly Brown, Christiana Androutsos, Jackie Singleton.

211 Clubs

French Club

Tour Guides

Front Row: Paula O'Rourke, Sara Corcoran, Allison Boyle, Timarie Kilsheimer. Back Row: Allyson Walsh, Mariella Mispiretta, Sheri Chilcote, Stephanie Pain, Robyn Fearing, Emily Fischer, Sallie Lurton, Wendy Reynolds, D.J. Guerzon

Front Row: Tara Kennedy, Beka Economopoulos, Allison Boyle, Robyn Fearing, Sukari Portis. Middle Row:Kim Sladkin, Rina Agarwala, Marie-Claire Duran, Holly Neal, Nimi Alisbah, Ann Frekko, Farah Hussain, Jennifer Guerrero. Back Row: Pouneh Razavi, Surrey Bailey, Heather Tyner, Rachel Clift, Lauren Pearle, Pooja Sweth, Mara Barth, Kelly Collis, Karen Pantos, Melissa Norvell, Christine Anger, Renee Esphandiary, Jenn Caldwell, Yi-Fang Hsu, Yasa Yucelik

Amnesty International


Front Row: Shelly Brown, Melanie Phillips, Michelle Tobe. Second Row: Sau Tarn, Beka Economopolous, Vy Tharmaratnam, Tamia Greene. Tanya Scott, Kimberly Smith, Geralyn Turnage, Kathleen Frekko, Honor Spire, Jessica Barton. Last R o w on floor: Cathy Franks, Liz Treanor, Bridget Moneypenny, Kathleen Hickey, Brooke Kuhn, Sia Mullen. Standing: Mukti Bhatia, Ali Young, Adrienne Heath-Steiffel, Andito Lloyd, Nicole Barrick, Jesslyn Ingram, Aysha Rupertus, Allison Brudno, Natalie Burton, Farah Husain, Leigh-Anne Ingram, Jennifer Guerrero, Pauline Connell. Rachel Graham, Sarah Black, Catherine Lyons, Stephanie Levy, Alexa Fisher. M a g g e Slade

Front Row: Holly Goo, Rachel Clift, Pooja Seth, Rina Agarwala, Jessica Casson, Lisa Mastny. Back Row: Brooke Kuhn, Lauren Pearle, Kim Sladkin, Mara Barth, Melanie Bernstein, Abby Schwartz, Alexa Fischer, Rachel Graham, Anne Kornblut, Mollie Madigan, Stephanie Levy

212 Clubs



First row: Leigh Ernst, Vassi Johri, Kim Kikuchi, Katie Kavounis, Kristina First Row: Delia Trible, Marisol Hodge, Sukari Portis. Top Row: Allison Ralph, Reynolds, Bianca Bennett. Second row: Jill Edgar, Jenny Goodwin, Mary Alice Dinga Zulu, Sandy Maddox, Mairi Sablasky. Marriot, Lisa Miller, Jill Karpa, Timarie Kilsheimer (


First Row: Tara Bradshaw, Andito Lloyd, Sandra Maddox, Kerry H a m m o n d , Robyn Fearing, Bianca Bennett, Michelle Tobe, Allyson Hall, Stacy Cohen. Mariella Mispiretta, Alexa Fischer. Second Row: Mia Breger, Carrie Roche, A m a n d a Schwartz, Ali Young, Leila Kashani, Allyson Walsh, Paula O'Rourke, Lara Holbrook, Shelly Brown, Kim Smith, Geralyn Turnage, Honor Spire, Jessica Barton, Jocelyn Staunton, Denise Langevine, Kathleen Frekko. Third Row: Ashley Jeffress, Alison Brudno, Jamillah Wright, Mindy Aguhob, Malika Clinkscales, Mukti Bhatia, Vyjayanti Tharmaratnam, Farah Husain. Aysha Rupertus, Tanya Scott, Sia Mullen, Maggie Slade, D.J. Guerzon, Sallie Lurton. Back Row: Meghan Agresto, Melanie Phillips, Jennifer Guerrero, Beka Economopoulus, Rachel Graham, Nicole Barrick, Adrienne Heath Steiffel, Catherine Lyons, Stephanie Levy. Jesslyn Ingram, Wendy Reynolds, Cynthia Glasser, Tara Kennedy, Liz Treanor.


First Row: Jacki Singleton, Lise Brown, Allison Ralph. Second Row: Beth Ford, Erica Smith, Silvy Nordquist, Stephanie Levy. Third Row: Kirstie Krall, Jenny Goodwin, Mimi Anderson, Sarah Landfield, Elizabeth Wallman.

Clubs 213

The Birdwatching Club Psuedo Bowling Club

(Left to Right) Emily Fisher, Nicole Barrick, Katherine Lyons, Anna Yousseffi, Jill Edgar, Meredith Blank, Julie Thorp, Liz Treanor, Maggie Slade.

(Left to Right) T a m m y Marshall, Jamie Winnick, Julie Wilchins, Kirstie Krall, Leigh-Anne Ingram.

Nintendo Nerds


Melissa Bromberg, Kyle Velte and Kassie Savarese

Azita Youssefi

214 Clubs

Extraordinary Hair Colors

Bowling Club

Azita Youssefi, Bonnie Tamminga and Diane Boehm

Anna Youseffi, Catherine Lyons, Nicole Barrick, and Emily Fischer


T a m m y Marshall, Jamie Winnick, Kirstie Krall, Diane Boehm, Natalie Norman, Nancy Burke, Farah Husain, Jen Myers, Kara Ammerman, Liz McFarland, Julie Wilchins, Betsi Orem and Leigh-Anne Ingram.

Clubs 215

The Ten Year Club




1st row: Ali Ross. Maria Talero, Erica Smith. 2nd row: Timarie Kilsheimer, Dina Nimatallah. 3rd row: Mary Alice Marriott, Azita Youseffi.

216 Clubs

The Ten Year Club

1st row: Kristina Reynolds, Anne Marie Nunez, Mimi Anderson, Kyle Velte, Jenny Goodwin, Emily Schlein, Cathy Franks. 2nd row: Delia Trible, Beth Ford, Jamie Winnick, Dinga Zulu.

N o drips.



No drabs.



staying young is a tough job.

•B Jy J


W m

"Ihhe . • expect YOU




We're first because w e last.

Warning The Surgeon General Has Determined That Cigarette SmrjjunrjJsDanqerous to Your Health it*—



Best of Luck

Timarie • Yasa J e m m y • Lisa Katie • Leigh Kyle • Mary Alice Jill • Kristina Jamie • Lolly Melissa • Alison

and the rest of the class of '89 from KCE, T&L, L&T, S D S Thanks for the memories



I love you very much and I'll miss you! R A T T F I N K • What's half a pair of scissors? It's a single sciz • H o w does this one look on m e ? Just Jackie Kennedy • Gonna jump down spin around • The head coach wants no sissies so he reads to us from something called Ulysses • Ghotel • Dan Aykroyd, refrigerator repairman • D. M a n u s Pinkwater • Mt. Kenya Safari Club • Eric • Burmie • Are you twins? • Private eyes, we're watching you • Hi Barb, Hi Ben, etc • Hiking with the Gerstles * I'll call you back in 18 minutes • Hoo-rah, hoo-rah, let's go Montclair! /1 always didn't say you couldn't push me, sir • Hair soundtrack • Jeff's fart • Popeyes biscuits • Hiding the plastic spider* Emerald Isle • Did I tell you about "rattlesnake"? * Spanish board notes * Hello, "girls" * Clarence • Slumber parties * Houses and boarding school in N e w England * Lurching car at Pleasant Peasant • And f m a d e a sound like Huahh, Huahh *

Born Traveller, Reach Out! Drench yourself in the world of Happiness, Knowledge and Beauty. Love Aai, Baba, tai Aji, Saheba, Marni

T h e land of m a k e - b e l i e v e is g o n e ; T h e dolls with which she used to play Are sleeping high on closet shelves For thus w a s childhood laid a w a y . But time t r a n s f o r m s a little girl By adding beauty, c h a r m and grace; A n d gives to her that special role T o m a k e the world a better place. N o w proudly dressed in cap and g o w n S h e clasps that all important scroll. Her smiling eyes express the thanks For this — her long awaited goal. M a y h o p e b e a l w a y s in her heart A n d all her happy d r e a m s c o m e true; H e r zeal in serving others k e e p T h e joy of living shining through. W e pray that life will treat her well A n d keep her helpful, kind and good That s h e m a y justly claim the right To wear the crown of womenhood! Reginald Holmes

Dearest Bianca W e love you with all our hearts May God ever protect and bless you as you embark on the last phase of your life.

M 6 M B TJT tit



"Dearest JWeCissa, Uou are truCy a very speciaC young woman. AVe are* proud of your accompdsfiments and Cove? uou very tnucfi. JMom, XWC, Simone and CkCce?

Ads 221

Congratulations Melissa! W e are justly proud of your impressive and memorable achievements. Follow your star and success will be yours. Love, M o m , Dad, Jocelyn 222



Keep God before you and your guide, Let Truth always remain in your heart, Take courage in your every stride, Forever and always, we'll be by your side. Love, M o m , Dad, Grandmom, and Granddad Gwynn

224 Ads

A smile. . .It takes but a moment, but the memory sometimes lasts forever.

Kristina, always remember. . . Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot help but bring it to themselves! W e are so proud of who you are and what you have become! Love, M o m and Wendy

Ads 225

Remember...Friday night backgammon, Turkey Ran Away, paperweight injury, Dara's watch b o m b and prayher girlfriend, fashion shows, bullfighting, Sprite tea parties, U S Mariam, All I can say is how much I love you and thank you for everything you've done for me. Mayam, You'll never know how much I love and appreciate you. I don't know what I'd be or do without you. Leila.


GOOD LUCK, WE'LL MISS YOU Love, the class of '91 226 Ads

Ads 227

For Allyson Christina Hall More Than You Know...Daughter

I'd like to tell you how much I love you, and I hope you know that I do... I wish that the words that I speak so gently to you could be heard by your heart with the same meanings and the same soft feelings of love that they carry from deep within me. Or more than you know... love so many things about you. I enjoy sharing life with you. I enjoy the way we balance each other out, how we share the good times and support each other through the tears... I enjoy the knowledge that we'll make it through whatever life brings with courage and with love through the years. More than you know... and more than I can ever say, I feel a wonderful thankfulness in my heart...just for you. And I want you to remember, though my thoughts don't always convey and my feelings don't always show, I love you, and I always will... more than you know. - Andrew Tawney

Wishing you loads of luck for a bright and successful future N O O N E deserves it more than you! With Love and Kisses, Mommy P.S. The "Cat Babies" and I will miss you dearly, but remember â&#x20AC;&#x201D; We will always be just a phone call away!

I 228 Ads

Compliments of Dr. and Mrs. Israel Kogan

Congratulations Bon! O n to Physics! I love you. Love, your Daddy

Truly great friends are hard to find, hard to leave and impossible to forget. G.R. Thanks Kim! (I m e a n for everything!) I love you!

Nantucket Stories • Chad • look at m y gut • Kix are for kids • Mollie's dad's house $15.00 • S T A diving meets • Nels • N a n t u c k e t stories • T h e tattoo club • Chadwicks • Aerobics • "Sarah specials" • Jose Cuervo & Holiday Ball • The morning after • Nantucket stories • Library abuse • Lost an earring? • Chris, Chris & Chris • Mumphred • Nantucket stories • The passing of T H E D E A D • Any Halloween candy? • Nantucket stories college stories? AAAAAAH!!!! This is how w e show our affection. WE'LL MISS YOU!!!! Ads 229

L< ; ^ ET. 'ife?£*JSii•; - - '



Dear Cath, Times were good, . . .

You cared about people; . . .




J\.-2r.'$9* <%m\

and sometimes tough

made friends,. . .

and sometimes out of control.

and learned about making your own decisions.

Thank you for bringing us such happiness. M o m & Dad

230 Ads

You can transmute love, ignore it, muddle it, but you can never pull it out of you. I know by experience that the poets are right: love is eternal. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; E . M . Forster

Lexi-Ba, You m a d e it! W e love you and are so proud of you! Love, M o m m y , Daddy, Pen & Deb

Ads 231

These are the "days of your life"...

My first Holton Jamboree

With my best buddy


Please mee*t my friend

Off to the slopes

At the end of the rainbow


"Will you buy m e a horse?"

Our trip to Bermuda

Those family pictures again ski

232 Ads

Can I go again?


To my Granddaughter Allyson Christina Hall O n e of the S u m m a C u m Laude Inductees Congratulations on your Graduation Freda H. Lovette

Goodbye, my Nemesis

Ads 233

Truly great friends are hard to find, hard to leave, and are impossible to forget. -Anon.

Friends like you are hard to find, With time to talk and to confide. If you need me, please believe me, I a m by your side. -Squeeze 234


Ads 235


236 Ads






GRAMA & POPS Ads 237

238 Ads

Dear Tamia, W e are so proud of all your accomplishments and the beautiful w o m a n you have grown to be. Continue to follow the successful path you have started and life will open all of its doors to you. W e love you and will miss you deeply. Congratulations!! Love always, M o m m y , Duke, Brett and Chanel

CONGRATULATIONS, JUNE With love from all of us, Mom, Dad, and Yoko

240 Ads

Ads 241

She was b o m in Des Moines In the blizzard of 71; Like all Capricoms She was anxious to have fun. She blossomed at Montessori; Learned to buckle, snap and tie; W h e n Mrs. Page m a d e magic, H o w the hours would fly. Off to live in Maryland At theripeold age of four; She brought along Larry Lion And Casper â&#x20AC;&#x201D; What a chore! It was back to Montessori Where she learned to count and spell; She was introduced To French, That's when she learned to yell! Then on to kindergarten; St. Patrick's was a treat, N o rest for her at "rest hour," Too many friends to meet.

N o w in Middle School Where she raced as a blue, And discovered field hockey, And French again, too...ew! Her legs drew applause As she tip toed 'cross the stage; And as Buffalo Bill She m a d e wild west shows the rage At last Upper School; And Rock Club was great; Her fine work back stage W a s rated first rate. She made varsity field hockey And varsity track; In Sophomore year had A varsity m o n o attack! The work piled high. But she kept right on trying; As lacrosse goalie She kept scores from flying.

She learned to paint and sing, W a s in a play about mittens; And one day brought h o m e Herman, The "best" of Zipper's kittens.

A flicker of a candle C a m e her way; H o w thrilled she was To be in HAA.

She "tried out" as she explains For the Holton-Arms Third Grade, And for the next ten years At Holton she stayed.

At last a Senior, And a Thespian, too; W e popped all the corks W h e n Purdue c a m e through.

She studied study skills, Played a cricket in Times Square, Sang a solo in "wheels," Loved the Fourteen Bears.

And now it's Graduation; Our hearts are filled with pride For this special young lady; Success is on her side.

Rick was her favorite For he could sing louder; Sher did her room over In white baby powder!

So, here's to our Jenny, And w e don't mean maybe; A toast from our family, Y O U ' V E C O M E A L O N G W A Y , BABY!

She despised summer camp, Lake water was cold; And that canoe trip Left her covered with mould.

To Kim, Our little doll

W e don't remember growing older - W h e n did you? All our love, M o m and Dad

Ads 243

WE LOVE YOU Mariam Congratulations and Best Wishes From M u m m y — Daddy — Leila



244 Ads


Love Mom, Bert, Cathy, Debbie, Matt, Steve, & Kyle

Ads 245

Mature is just another word for boring.



Ads 247


i years of happiness while watching mature, there always was a chal3; but it was never without a reward! congratulations and love, M o m and






)0 Ads


Dear Cheryl, Congratulations!! What a joy seeing you grow into a fine young lady, with great accomplishments in both arts and academics. W e love you for just yourself, and wish you a happy and satisfying future in whatever course of life you pursue. Love you always, Dad & M o m 250


Ads 251

%:Pdd The greatest tragedy in life is that people don't say I love you. So, I just want to say, I love you! - The Wino


•Abdule!«AyAyAyAy!-Bizzy OScamin-no uckin' wayold age home-dock talk'EG, what's wrong with your neck?*THE LIMP-experience in retail management-we start the diet tomorrowego trips'let's get cancer»Hello Kitty pens-we were born in the wrong place'THE D I L E M M A - T H E P O S SIBLE SOLUTIONS'bummer dudel-Georgetown-rides with the top down•loud speaker-

Tim- You have been the greatest friend that anyone could ask M A M - Thank you for always being there for me. We've had the for. Next year I'll miss you tons. But I'll always be there for you ifgood times (EG, Georgetown, Abdule, N H ) and the bad times you need a close friend that cares to talk to. I love you! Love, (dock talks & EG), but through all of it, you've stuck with me. I'll always be there for you, and remember, when we're 90 and in M.A. the old age home, you'll still have a friend. Love you always. BFF, Tim

Ads 253

To our daughter Jill who's tops in our book, you light up our lives with personality and looks, you're a jock through and through; in soccer you shine, w e love you so much — you're one of a kind. Love M o m , Dad, Jonathan & Goldie

^ir^MjJdddi | •


•• E'--- ' '•:'

MP •i E

i JB&/J •-' MmW '•'••',


^ "'"^Si^tiV^ ^^o^-E


K m *?3*§.


''&%3 :

«M&L':ts Y'f'.'t 'vj?$3\



254 Ads


m&£>, ••'L ••-.-

•1 • 2IHB^B^B^Ks*~d&'

Ads 255

To all my friends (WB, AB, RB, KF, LG, SH, JK, NIK, KK, JK, M A M , TV, KV, JW, LW, YY): We've known each other for a long time Sharing our joys, our sadnesses, our special dreams We've grown close over this time, And our friendship is very special. I want to tell you just how much your friendship means to m e And I want to give you, over and over again Everyday... The gift of my friendship and love -Denise Johnston Au revoir mes amies. Je vous aime beaucoup. -James Taylor I love you guys! Love, Tim



Steve & Bradyl 34«cold hands, hot bod«That skirt resembles a bed cover•They balled on us«Sorells«BACF«New Year's Eve 86 87 88 89*Yea, right, sure, like I almost believe you«bathtub<3.2«reading your "rights"*This bud's for you-6 or 7«Newport BeaclvWhere's your friend?*New Year's Eve cab r i d e ' N E X T Y E A R « r e s t a u r a n t hopping«l can't control m y self'BTM'Dan-lncredible Edible Shnookies CookiesHet's kick back«Silver Dollar«The law is broken«The Mayor's Wood-BB BGY«ls there alcohol here? Of course there is!«24 hour buzz«BS«Surfin'-Silvertree«Bogner outfit«Roge«Excuse m e , would you happen to have any Grey Poupon?«Beer goggles'Pigbuns-LovesexylovebeddS'Bonfire«Cocktail hour-consume*Thumbmaster«"My uncle will lead the way...BOOM"-We're dead!«'TII drink you under the table" Goodevening«DQ Blizzards«KILSH«Thank you Kurt, you're awesome«Body Art-Beep Beep, hi*Milkmaid*"Can w e borrow your blender?"«Beer pyramid«Eat m y burp»9 people in the Hyndai-The Brady Bunch theme«The Superman theme-Happy Me»Earth Mother (and wine?!)'Jamalina'Karpa«Dude*Kurt (God)«The Big Stud (Brian)'Microwave popcorn-'TURN T H E M U S I C DOWN!"«Landon Guys...too much said«BBC enough said-leaky ceiling; R o b y n ? Stu?«200 marshmallows'Loveboat'BB'Sand on the feet Sexy!«We had no good parties! Ha — Bullshit!«Does this deserve an arrow?»Pink Floyd and our neighbors, JenrrBUSTEDI'Beachweek, 86 87 88 89

Ads 257

Dear Alexi, 'Tu seras content d e m'avoir connu. T u seras toujours m o n ami. T u auras envie d e rire avec moi. Et tu ouviriras parfois ta fenetre, c o m m e ca, pour le plaisir...Et tes amis seront bien etonnes de te voir rire en regardant le ciel. Alors tu leur diras: "Oui, les etoiles, ca m e fait toujours rire!" I will miss you so much! Love, Julie And when your sorrow is comforted (time soothes all sorrows) you will be content that you have known me. You will always be my friend. You will want to laugh with me. And you will sometimes open your window, so, for that pleasure...And your friends will be properly astonished to see you laughing as you look up at the sky. Then you will say to them, "Yes, the stars always make m e laugh!"

Wendy, W h e n you're weary, feelin' small, W h e n tears are in your eyes I will dry them off. I'm on your side, oh, when times get rough And friends just can't be found... Like a bridge over troubled water, I will lay m e down.

Marisol Hodge You've come a long way, baby! Danger be damned. Aspire, Reach, Climb, Advance, Stretch, Extend, Unfold. Good luck, Mom

W h e n you're down and out, w h e n you're on the street W h e n evening falls so hard, I will comfort you. I'll take your part, oh. when darkness comes, And pain is all around... Like a bridge over troubled water, I will lay m e down. Sail on silver girl, sail on by, Your time has c o m e to shine, All your dreams are on their way. See how they shine, oh, if you need a friend. I'm sailing right behind... Like a bridge over troubled water, I will lay m e down. I love you. Kristina

Diane & Bonnie

I love you, Bonners!

Avery merry, dancing, drinking, laughing, quaffing and unthinking time. - John Dryden It was the worst of times.

258 Ads

It was the best of times.

Life is like a summer's evening. -Suburbs I want to live forever young. -Alphavile

"Didn't I tell you high school guys are immature?" • David Brumbach • Swenson's • Our W O N D E R F U L brand new home • "Holiday" • T o m & John • "The Window" • The conference center • Russia • Phil • O U R prom dress • The Jew Canoe • George & Kevin • "Oh, a sliding glass door that's so easy!" • N e w Zealand skiing races • Our "flat" tire • The Grizwolds •


% ,





«**e \y




j^ 0J\P





*1 ^ Ads


WE LOVE YOU, LISA! / ""*^ i*

260 Ads

TAM, It's been wild and fun. But you left m e all alone with M o m and Dad. Have a blast at college! Frank

Ads 261



Purple pens...Diet Coke...Washington and Lee...HPC to Hell...PC's in the hall...stories of JD and KC!

Scribe buddies always! 262 Ads

Alyse Gautier Prescott Baier (Bunny Brown Ears)..."And these are the Days of our Lives" 'Tell m e again, M o m m y " You and m e against the world...Sometimes it feels like you and m e against the world. When all the others turn their backs and walk away, you can count on m e to stay. Remember when the circus came to town and you were frightened by the clown? Wasn't it nice to be around someone that you knew, someone who was big and strong and looking out for you? .And Sometimes it mfeels likethe you against the it's you and e against world world. And for all the times we've cried, I always felt that God was on our side. And when one of us is gone and one of us is left to carry on, then remembering will have to do. Our memories alone will get us through. I think about the days of m e and you . . . . . . you and m e against the world.


"Those were the days m y friend, w e thought they'd never end."

"I love you, Mommy." "I love you too, Baby." -Helen Reddy

JX&J**- stjtgsiapsi


-. _ _ - -..>1rt,U) t j j f A cgitrin (2 -trim* * " ' > ^ #7au), h^A tr J A a. o LD irhnt fyft-y tA in i Lull! ijuun off Z" A /» 6 i*o ^ a r /

Lave I^£

'4rfurn. v,44,Jt~, rjl m. /-hyricdtt. are

butlf\ii\a n


L V t> \j e '-In u

CP \^nWn\n_


rauyMatj^yQUjinEar? Kaijudlri

forever young


M y Darling Prescott, Thank you for choosing to be b o m to m e -- from all the hopeful Mothers-tobe, thank you (or choosing m e and making m e a mother! Thank you for the wonderful Johnson baby powder days and thank you even more lor the wonderful young w o m a n you've grown into. Thank you for the happy times and endless memories and pictures of Chnstmas trees, Easter eggs, pumpkins, proms, and sandcastles. And, thank you even more for being brave, encouraging and so loving in the dark moments that don't get put in the photo albums. Thank you for the magnanimous gifts ol steadfast trust and loyalty and the cherished mundane gifts of vacuuming and tidying up m y room, and especially for loving notes on m y mirror. Thank you for knowing m e so completely and still forgiving m e so much and loving m e so deeply. Thank you for always being there with your incredible insight and wisdom through laughter and tears -- as Mother/Daughter and Daughter/Mother and always best friends - for needing m e and letting m e need you. Not everyone could understand our relationship, but we're lucky, because w e do! Your grateful and very proud Kawala. Kawala, Kawala Mommy

"It w a s a very good year." H o m e in Atlanta at G I e nwoods.

Ads 263

To all m y Upper School volunteers who worked so diligently in the office this year: thank you, your work was greatly appreciated and very well performed. I hope to see you again next year. Love, Pattie Seniors, Never Say Goodbye -Bon Jovi

Without love in your dream, it will never come true.

Wishing you much love and happiness- Grandpa

264 Ads

KatiCONGRATULATIONS! What number are you on???

W h o has made us very proud. May you continue to grow with the same curiosity, tenacity, and spirit. Love always, M o m & Dad Ads 265

You Are Our Sun. .

Cath, Think of life as a dish of vanilla Dairy Queen. John L.

And Moon M o m & Dad

Congratulations KATIE K A V O U N I S from your friends at INC.

266 Ads

Congratulations to Allyson Hall!

There are no words to tell you how much I love you and how proud you've always m a d e m e feel. If you have even half the happiness and joy and success in life that I wish for you, you will have far more than anyone else has ever had. And Tunason, when you do have to face the rough times (and I hope they are few), remember to trust your heart and reach out to your family, loved ones and friends and also inside for the strength to overcome them and use those experiences to become even stronger and wiser and more compassionate. And last, but not least, don't forget the philosophy of "Well." Happy graduation! Love, Daddy

MCE STRUCTURAL ENGINEERS Principal*! JoAnno Slwff* Mllnhalmor ... a .J , Alton' ErllF tCtfkhatmor Announoai—™TCbmpfatoS'' at"No)* Prolootf Atone: \Ttmariakllm,halmmh © •< I I ComplallariaubA Au&, tB, 1971 Location: • ..^ .-o^..^.-.-.,... ., {tonipomryj Ho4y -Crbaa' Hoapllaf

ntBftM*w4ntnV7Wr Tali-fax Holrf't^" Batheada, Marylahd 300UU-. Tech. CanxiiHxnOcBand * Badwrny, MJO. - c. Mortgadk'l&*iMi)1H&i —"k=» ar-furinoS by: ,/l'lyn EHo Kllahalmar & S -~\'-\- - ' Jo Anno Slaila KHnhoimor Notaal'...[__. I) Abort* projact avallapla tor n, «iivw.wy«i»(i)( 41 nov\ location 2) No " appointment niacafoary. 3) No Inqpooflon foi. j ' 4)Llvo Load6/b.v.






Wi "mai ^L^\iAmmmmmm\\








T•1.J-LU. £'Q'UP'S

p""K~ n rpnn P•irpr\1"-vove-"Tn

OVP drPferpnt ; u/nyc; M y - q T ^ r ,rTrr w/e rne "Q"



ow: 1 l i n o w m m

inr\^^-\ r\c}X"-\j'\a\i ejCtdjomdiDM pg^'ove-tn I'hp , world w h o ±ngicLt_: lou in cliff p. rent : ways .1even Trent 1.0 VQ. m m own wa (&d£ hnrrm an mvmq." S tl



LIE -^r-




STslar ri|\7PE" rnp^"a'"prpre n^'CEi


W pofi

m Apfe A WISE






To m o m , dad, Kris, and Bruce. This has been a long, hard year and at times I know I've been horrible to be around but I wanted to say thank you for putting up with m e and that I'd be nowhere if I didn't have you all as m y family. You've been m y support and encouragement when I felt I couldn't go on. I want you to know that wherever I go or don't go in life, I love you. I won't last a day without you. -Karen Carpenter The supreme happiness of life is the conviction of being loved for yourself, more correctly, being loved in spite of yourself. -Victor Hugo




Ads 271

1&**£S- * —T-- •-«.



To be rich in admiration and free from envy; to rejoice greatly in the good of others; to love with such generosity of heart that your love is still a dear possession in absence or unkindness — these are the gifts of fortune which m o n e y cannot buy and without which money can buy nothing. H e w h o has such a treasury of riches, being happy and valiant himself, in his o w n nature, will enjoy the universe as if it were his o w n estate; and help the m a n to w h o m he lends a hand to enjoy it with him. Robert Louis Stevenson


We love you more than words can say, MOM AND DAD 272 Ads


XZ&tls OULC^


yUs*t^dtLts*-e^.y Tidlsi^<ri<rusZ^)sU^cts€Lsi4snj£i*^ xAs&jk^fc^ftcd-', j2stsM^ts>x^^>ije^L, f

JUyij(Lstt£St^y 'nts f^<rtA<,Cttcts-a^c^a^/ 'TTlo-wt &£t4oC~ 4. fU0L€sduaL,


S-U-P-E-R Super that's what you are! W e especially applaud our Seniors: Bianca Robyn Vassi J e m m y Vy Lolly Yasa

From 2 of your number 1 fans! Ads 273

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Ads 275

To our Lolly Ward We're proud of you and we love you.


Timarie, Jamie, m e

Yea, Right, Sure, Like I almost...Believe you, D e w e y Beach Aug. '87,'86,'85, Manitou

m e and Jamie

Shut up Shuttin' up-my beach house July '86-Nagshead, N.C.-Macomb-my basementyour pool-Genesis concertfuzzy navels-Nothin's Gonna Stop Us N o w

Laura, Delia, Lizzy

I'd rather be pissed off than pissed on-cut a shlish-Sam's house-Bullis basketball games-Hiliday Ball '87-Prom '88-Casanove-tanning

m e and Robyn

Delia, Lisa, me, Katie

276 Ads

O h please don't go We'll eat you up W e love you so

Beaner-Disorderlies-Landon rocks-D.S. + R.R. -Whitman parking lot-ice cream placeRed Saab convertible Lisa:concert series-your 16th birthday-Good Guys pizza-the little sh.ts-C.K.(he said hi to me) Keep smiling, keep shining, Knowing you Delia:spying-she's such an can always count on me, For sure. That's idiot-he doesn't love me-l hate what friends are for.-Dionne Warwick and him-our pasta salad Friends Katie:Run D M C - D C Love, Jill

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It is only by forgetting yourself that you draw near to God. -Thoreau

The greatest use of life is to use it for something that will outlast it

Let your light so shine that m e n will see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven

J Congratulations Mary Alice W e love you and are proud of all you do, Love, always, Mother and Dad Julie Sandy Karen X O + + + X O Bob Al Drew

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Missy, May all your dreams come true. I love you, Mom



Tamia- Holiday Ball, the Cows, she's such a diz. Carrie-Philosophy will always confuse m e . Sandy and Ding- Whenever N e w Edition comes, we'll go. Kati... Kati... Kati Nat-Whenever you see Amy, think of m e . Mimi-Don't ever talk to m e . Eli- How's the cotton- gin buddy? Julie- U B 4 0 rules. Tanja- Spanish will always confuse m e . Dina- I'll see you on the Cape. JemmyI can't believe it's been ten years, you a w e s o m e Jenny- If you ever need m e call. We'll go bowling, I love you and hockey player. I'll miss you. Dinga- N e w Edition rules. Alexi- M a y 18th is the most a w e s o m e day. Bianca- You a w e s o m e hockey player. Vassi- It's been a long nine years. I'll miss you buddy. Kara- Thanks for always being there. Kyle- W e can always laugh about m y sister falling in the I'll miss you. Don't ever forget all the bushes. good times. I'll always be there to take Carrie- R e m e m b e r philosophy. I'll never understand. you to the airport and leave Bernie and Erica- I'll miss you. Ert. Love ya- Siobhan Allison- Prep rules. Leigh- I'll never understand them. Kim- This space is for you. Love, Siobhan Mary Alice- The office won't be the s a m e without you next year. Have an a w e s o m e year. I'll miss you. C o m e visit. And I'll always find a way to get out of school. The B R A D Y S R U L E .

"The wild things cried oh, please don't go, we'll eat you up w e love you so. And M a x said, "No."" -M. Sendek Kara, Nina, Kim, Melissa, and Rachael- I'll miss you like hell next year. C o m e and visit. Love- Siobhan.

H o w often do you shave...Our little friend...take m e to the airport...coming to school with me...not singing in music..philosophy...driving to school with me...kidnapping me...moo...beach week...working at the deli...the ski trip...People magazine...cities...Algebra 3...George and Byron...Holiday BalL.Kara's concert...making daiquiris...take m e to the airport...sick on the ski trip...Bernie and Ert...leaving Bernie and Ert with the check...she's such a diz...Bio room discussions...9:30 Club., fights...Brady Bunch...the Volvo...driving lessons...Mr. Gilbert's class... I love you and I'll miss you. Siobhan

280 AdS




f •pm /

j ^ L

'1 1 '•'••:•:::•.•':::•:•'

With Boundless Love and Pride in All You Are, Mother and Dad



Lizzy — I've had the time of m y life, and 1 o w e it all to you. Lisa — Ain't no mountain high enough to keep m y love from you. Robyn- - If you ever look behind, and don't like what you find, there's something you should know, you've got a place to go. Jill — 1'1 keep m y eyes open and you be m y spy too. Laura -- 1 love you ... love you ... love you. Jamie -- beautiful Ungka, I'm content to be your handmaiden. T a m m y — 1 tehubve ya. Missy -- Celie-baby it's a wild world. Natalie — 1 hope 1 didn't learn too much from you. Katie — Don't paint any ceilings. Emily — - I.B. Buckwheat 1 love you all, i Y O U ' V E G O T A FRIEND! Love, Delia


You Are The Everything

The times with you have been the best of m y life. I love you now, and always will. Forever Yours, John

282 Ads

Congratulations Seniors! Dear Tartj.

buddy,Booeymongers,cinnamon co-f f ee, busted, 13i ant . ^ C N - )

buddlegum, buddleici'sus,/ i . . morning mess, The breat-' FI i p " I, m not getting, i'n the car with Tanja", "y£ni<.J'8ok cheap" Roy's at Ten 1^$, 7r-&l even.. . Mr . Eg o, I 1 :i4 M-ue, t h i n k thin, Can yowtcprve me a ride?. . . "Let, s go/pupiy' "out where?" "I don, t ^Imbw" "O.K.,let's go!" Big man Jony "Stephanie did it" "Ian will call tonight,1 know it", i. nspi rati on5, the Ki ng-Wi ng c o rqp 1 B y , p o o 1 b u m s, b 1 o n d 5 h a v e mp're -ftin, ! ! ! B l a c k H a i r ! ! ! T a s t y


• / - • >

/). could start getting all corny here, make you feel guilty about jfving me, so I'll just say this: 1 lope you had as much fun as I did! Love,

b2 K)I/ won't


ever yt h i n g

(and don't you -forget it iMcii-O

Bonnie Winnick Photography - 469-7742

If you ever think of m e , I'll be thinking of you." -Style Council Love, Cath Ads 283

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Kass, Your family is very proud of you. All our love always.

286 Ads

Congratulations Jamie!

We're so proud of you - for your achievements but even more because of what a wonderful person you are. You're the best - as a daughter, a sister, a friend. Oo-K-ee! W e love you, M o m , Dad, Michael & Gypsy Ads 287


No, they're not twins

And now

With Daddy

Biddy loves you

\-\<we M O O txjqqed \jour /\ntis

Delia with Mr. Caussin's friend

Delia with Jasper






Truly great friends are hard to find, hard to leave, and impossible to forget. -G.R.

I want to be forever young. -Alphaville Remember m e with smiles and laughter for that's how I'll remember you.

•4** t ~-



Wk . .....vSa^Ke


... m .....s.

Wf^^gr^^mW^ "* ok' * ^ E ' B "-•^ •" fSPji l -


r^mn Mb*-4 *


m \ v ' 1

Friends like this are hard to find With time to talk and to confide, If you need m e please believe m e I'm by your side. -Squeeze


Years m a y c o m e and go Here's one thing I know All m y life you're a friend of mine. -Clarence Clemons and Jackson Browne

Best friends never part. -Bob Seger I love you all! Thank You! Love, Jamie Ads 289

Are w e in the 9's yet?-Right, hold that thought-Oh m y Lord-Sleep Theory-Kill her Lord-FASTER FASTER-Senior picture could not be taken due to facial injuries-Bob Pass's gallery -learning Lola while opening champagne bottles-being caught by James in the tree-throwing the tennis ball out of Mike's car-putting X-mas lights all over the house-What's this switch for?-SPOT-You see, there are these two fifth grade girls-WHATEVER!-Shut up you impatient â&#x20AC;&#x201D; -No worries-Relax-almost tipping over the car while deciding to go left or righMhere's someone in m y house-11:11, make a wish-Gotcha last-Prank calling-That w a s the stupidest question I've ever heard-Nice life-talking way too fast-I've gotta good question-Is this a rule?-Drooling-can't sleep without two pillows-Kansas City with Jane & Matt-Who? What?-Tellme!-You know, I been thinking. . .

T o u c h this" "Why?" "It's good luck" "Okay"

"Melissa, don't cut m y bangs!" "I have to. I have to do a complete job" "Fine" "Woops" "Melissa, they're too short!!!"

"Melissa, Melissa. I hate running. I can't m a k e it. I'm going to die." -Trying to run a mile at Hilton Head

"I do so much for you"

"You give me a massage first." "No you" "I'm not doing it then" "Fine, I'll do it"

"I knew it was Matt Dillon's brother!"

"I find there's too little ham and not en ough cheese. D o you feel this way?"


Congratulations and Good Luck, Kim!

W e love you! Debbie and Randy


290 Ads

Congratulations Kyle! We're proud of you! Uncle Luke, Christopher, Shere & the Crew at Thomassen Lincoln Mercury

Thank you for all the wonderful years! Good Luck Mariam and Julie. Love, The Kashanis


Kim, H m^ H i Mm \%M&b 1 1 You still drive us crazy, but w e love you more each day. Love, B.G. and Lynda 짜mm imjaM

H Mmgft

E W/]fk

jh yj

if fl

To my major resource,

Thanks, I love you! Love, Cass Ads 291

Cath, Yolanda, Bon-Bon, Sara, S'nat, Tarn, Saadia, Leigh-Leigh, Jenny G., Jenny Jenny Winkel, Courtney, Ed, Alexis, Pat, Brian, Moo, Jame's, Erich, Bri-Guy, and Miss Lolly. THANK YOU. For being who you are and who you've been to m e -D.B.

292 Ads

Butthead - N o w you're just like m e ! Congratulations! I love you. - Cristan P.S. I'm older. Congratulations Bonnie! I love you, M o m .

Va. Beach...Bubby decalled tshirts, blue O.P.'s...summer '87..Disorderlies...D.S. + cream...shorts down (Mall) relief found by Marc Harris's house in torrential downpour...Junior prom crisis...Jill + Jamie- "the cooks"...Aaron's boat...2 or 3 car accidents...spotlight on us after Bullis play...Don Budge..."Hey, Fatty!"...Beach in August...Manitou...Forever friends!

Ads 293

Fox Afoot Farm, Maryland, 1977

With Skippy, Virginia, 1986

Born June 30, 1971. Blantyre, Malawi

To Catherine, Best of luck to our little globe-trotter. M o m and Dad

Three generations. England, 1988.

294 Ads

•i mp



Deenie-Weenie, Congratulations, you look Grrreat! From the magic ring, to summer shows | at the Cape, to Bungy Cords, and on to the start of a new life in Boston, we've been together — and it hasn't been all that bad either! Take care of those f a m o u s Dina looks (one arched eyebrow is worth 1,000 bullets). And as M a m a on As The World Turns would say, as she fiddled with Caleb's jacket — "This family and this farm are all that's important in life." Love you always, Lael

DinaYou've grown from a child full of love — to a loving, caring young w o m a n who brings joy to our hearts. Love, M o m and Dad

Ads 295

Holton did much for you ... In such controversial ways. W e did much for you ... Or so w e thought. In the end, you did it all yourself, beautifully. Love Eduardo, Mechas, Catalina, Daniel, and Pinta

Congratulations Kathleen! You made it! Love M o m , Dad, Grandma, and Jim 296 Ads

Nina, What will we do without you next year? W e love you and will miss you so much. Mom, Dad, John, Missy, Sam, and Rambo

Ads 297

A Abramowitz, Jessica 176 Acebal, Julieta 146, 148 Adcock, Wendy 168 Adle, Missy 12, 146,148, 202, 206 Agarwala, Rina 160, 204, 207, 209, 212 Agresto, Meghan 197, 212, 213 Aguhob, Mindy 213 Aji, Saheba 221 Alexander, Brooke 180 Alexander, Sara 33 Alisbah, Nimi 209, 212 Ammerman, Kara 160, 202, 206, 208,215 Anderson, Mimi 52, 146, 148, 149, 206, 209, 211, 213, 217 Anderson, Winnie 33, 206 Andrews, Rosalie 33 Andringa, Katherine 176 Androutsos, Christiana 53, 146, 148, 149, 209, 211 Anger, Christine 209, 212 Arndt, Kelly 180 Arnold, Gael 33


Cafritz, Kendall 10, 163, 197 Caldwell, Jenn 189, 198, 209, 211, 212 Caldwell, Kristen 180 Caleb, David 33 Caleb, Linda 33 Caple, Kahlidia 180 Case, Ellen 33 Cash, Kris 184 Casson, Jessica 198, 212 Caterini, Frances 33 Caussin, Jack 33 Chadwick, Daniella 176 Chambers, Clare 33 Chaney, Kathleen 33 Chawla, Sonya 182 Chilcote, Sheri 154, 212 Chmiel, Adriana 154, 206 Clift, Rachel 212 Cline, Marian 18, 162, 207, 209, 211 Clinkscales, Malika 193, 213 Coates, Deborah 33 Coggeshall, Cindy 176 Cohan, Stacey 209, 213 B Cohen, Erin 194, 209 Baier, Prescott 143, 146, 148, 149, Cohen, Jessica 180, 204, 209 263 Cole, Lauren 176 Bailey, Surrey 209, 212 Cole, Lucy 168 Baker, Anne 33 Cole, Nina 67, 136, 148, 149, 192 Baker, Catherine 180 Collea, Lisa 176 Baki, Roula 168 Collis, Kelly 212 Ballman, Kim 55, 146, 149, 192 Connell, Pauline 154, 212 Barr, Katie 176 Consolvo, Alice 33 Barrick, Nicole 154, 209, 212, 213, Cook, Jamie 176 214 Cook, Jenn 168 Barron, Elysa 184 Corcoran, Melanie 168, 170 Barth, Mara 160, 193, 198, 204, 212 Corcoran, Sara 194, 212 Barth, Tanja 56, 146, 148, 149, 192, Cowles, Taylor 182 193 Cox, Alison 168 Barton, Jessica 212, 213 Craig, Elizabeth 33 Barve, Chinmayee 57, 146, 148, Crawford, Jessa 198 149, 194 Cronin, Alex 209 Baten, Soyini 168 Crowley, Mandy 176 Bates, Jennifer 10, 168 Crowley, Meghan 180 Beacom, Betsy 33 Currie, Karin 33 Belmar, Rebecca 168 D Bennett, Bianca 58, 146, 148, 149, Dahlman, Marisa 176 190, 196, 213,221 Daly, Laurel 35 Berg, Samantha 180 Degnan, Gloria 35 Berlacher, Heidi 184 Dell, Alexandra 154, 194, 206, 208 Bernstein, Melanie 59, 146, 148, dePinho, Mary 34, 35 149, 206, 208, 212 Dienes, Kimberly 176 Berry, Elizabeth 31, 33 Djahanbani, Sheyda 176 Beurket, Betsy 189 Dodghl, Mimi 237 Beverly, Sarah 189, 209 Dooling, Patricia 35 Bhatia, Mukti 154, 206, 208, 209, Druker, Nicky 205 212, 213 Dunlavey, Margo 28, 35 Bien, Rachel 180 Dunne, Antonetta 35 Black, Sarah 10, 154,212 Dunnington, Christine 168 Blank, Kara 13, 136, 146, 148, 149 Duran, Gaby 168 Blank, Meridith 18, 154, 156, 188, Duran, Marie Claire 191, 197, 209, 198, 202, 214, 215 212 Boehly, Mandi 168 Dwornik, Deborah 35 Boehm, Diane 16, 143, 146, 148, E 149, 215, 258, Borinsky, Marta 168 Earnest, Kate 182 Bose, Nanda 168 Eckard, Kirsten 168 Bowers, Lizzy 146, 148, 149, 202 Economopoulos, Beka 209, 211, Bowers, Melissa 189, 202, 207, 209 212, 213 Boyle, Allison 63, 138, 146, 148, Edgar, Jill 55, 154, 189, 198, 204, 149, 212 213, 214, 215 Bradshaw, Tara 213 Eisen, Lauren-Brooke 168 Breger, Mia 146, 148, 149, 213 Elliott, Tiffany 188, 196 Bromberg, Melissa Gail 65, 143, Ernes, Radley 180 146, 148, 149, 205, 214 Engel, Mary 35 Brown, Claire 184 Erim, Elif 168 Brown, Doc William 10, 30, 31, 136 Ernst, Jill 182 Brown, Lise 207, 209, 213 Ernst, Leigh 15, 19, 89, 142, 146, Brown, Shelly 154, 211, 212, 213 148, 149, 188, 196, 213 298 Index Brudno, Allison 212, 213 Esfandiary, Renee 198, 209, 212 Bryant, Alexi 146, 148, 149, 209 Evans, Pauletta 35 Butts, Burzio, Busby, Burbach, Burke, Burki, Burton, Sairah Allison Nancy Mary Elizabeth Natalie Stephanie 180 204 154, 154 154, 180 206, 204, 184 209, 212 215 Faruqi, Favretto, Fearing, Farouki, Faruqee, Fakel, Kateen SErum Robyn Dala aAnoka Christina m m y176 184 35184 12, 154, F 69, 176 206, 143, 208146,

148, 149, 190, 209, 212, 213 Feld, Alana 184 Fenton, Kay 31, 35 Fields, Ashley 184 Fischer, Alexa 10, 18, 212, 213 Fischer, Emily 212, 214, 215 Fishman, Susan 170 Fitz, Stephanie Lortin 70, 146, 148, 149 Flack, Sarah 182 Foley, Cary 35 Ford, Beth 146, 148, 149, 206, 208, 209, 211,213, 217 Ford, Elizabeth Bridges 71 Fordyce, Polly 169 Foster, Shannon 211 Francis, Melanie 206, 208, 209 Franks, Cathy 146, 148, 149, 217 Frekko, Ann 163, 191, 197, 212 Frekko, Kathleen 190, 197, 206, 207, 208, 209, 212, 213

G Gadde, Deepthi 184 Galloway, Leslie 73, 146, 148, 149, 206, 208, 211 Garcia, Maria 180 Gardner, Sarah 202, 207, 209 Gates, Edith 35 Gatti, Livia 35 Gavaris, Lauren 205 Ghim, Michelle 177 Gilbert, Thomas 35 Gillette, Carolyn 180 Glasser, Cynthia 191, 213 Glasser, David 35 Gold, Julie 209, 211 Goldman, Marilyn 37 Gonzalez, Isabel 169 Goodwin, Jenny 28, 141, 146, 148, 149, 213, 217 Goo, Holly 193, 198, 204, 211, 212 Graf, Natasha 169 Graham, Rachel 72, 157, 209, 212, 213 Grant, Sharon 37 Greene, Tamia 18, 72, 75, 146, 148, 149, 209, 211, 212 Greenwald, Katherine 182 Griffith, Linda 177 Groban, Meredith 10, 177 Grunstra, Lydia 182 Guerrero, Jennifer 207, 209, 212, 213 Guerzon, D J 190, 212, 213 Gwyn, Kisha 196, 202

H Haeri, Mina 177 Haider, Aliya 177 Haim, Caroline 184 Hall, Allyson 141, 146, 148, 149, 213, 228, 267 Hallal, Sara 177 Hall, Taira 182 Hamilton, Anne 209 Hamilton, Elizabeth 180 Hammond, Kerry 159, 209, 212, 213 Hampton, Nell 31, 37 Hanna, Brooke 173 Hanson, Elizabeth 182 Hanson, Rebecca 37 Hardisty, Christine 168 Harkavy, Sara 177 Harper, Kimberly 180 Harris, Cristina 159, 191 Hart, Allison 180 Hawley, Susan 37 Heath-Stiefel, Adrienne 209, 212, 213 Heflin, Caprice 37 Heltzer, Meredith 159, 194 Henderson, Tami 177 Henderson, Tia 37 Higgins, Hendricks, Heron, Hessick, Hewitt, Hickey, 207, Elizabeth Marlene 209, Kathleen Michael Megan Meagan Lauren 21237 168, 37 149, 77, 159, 180 171 146, 180 207,148, 209149,

Hillmann, Carol 37 Hoar, Hilary 182 Hodge, Marisol 78, 146, 148, 149, 213, 258 Holbrook, Lara 191,213 Hope, Miranda 16, 146, 148, 149 Horton, Allyson 168 Horwitz, Emily 37 Howar, Elizabeth 180 Hsu, Yi Fang 159, 212 Huddleston, Alexandra 177 Hughes, Patricia 37 Huguely, Sue 37 Hummel, Ruth 37 Humphrey, Linda 31, 37 Hurwitz, Brandi 202 Husain, Farah 204, 211, 212, 213, 215 Ichiuji, StacyKim 18237, 190 Hutcherson, Ingram, Jesslyn 212, 213 Ingram, Leigh Anne 206, 208, 209, 212,214, 215 Ishihara, June 80, 148, 149 Israel, Ali 177 Ivanoff, Flavia 177

J Jaffe, Brooke 182 Jatlow, Ali 180 Jeffress, Ashley 207, 209, 213 Jeria, Andrea 184 Johnson, Elizabeth 16, 81, 146, 148, 149, 251 Johnson, Emily 184 Johnston, Laurie 256 Johri, Vassi 18, 146,148, 149, 182, 190, 196, 213

K Kanter, Chloe 180 Kanter, David 28 Kanter, Melissa 146, 148, 149, 202, 206, 209 Kanter, Simone 159 Karmi, Dina 180 Karpa, Jill 10, 84, 146, 148, 149, 188, 213 Kashani, Leila 209, 213 Kashani, Mariam 85, 146, 148, 149, 206, 208 Katzen, Arlyn 177 Kavounis, Katie 86, 102, 136, 146, 148, 149, 188, 211, 213, 234 Keener, Yolanda 37 Kennedy, Tara 159, 209, 212, 213 Kenny, Helene 182 Kessler, Justine 180 Khozeimeh, Lili 177 Khozeimeh, Nini 184 Kikuchi, Kim 138, 146, 148, 149 188, 196, 209, 213 Kilsheimer, Lisa 159, 188, 197, 209 Kilsheimer, Timarie 88, 146, 148, 149, 206, 208, 212, 213, 216 Kimaro, Eli 89, 146, 148, 149 Kimberly, Dagny 177 Klein, Tracy 180 Kogan, Mia 90, 146, 149, 194 Kolkmeyer, Lynne 37 Koltes, Kelly 159, 191, 206, 207 208, 209 Kopolow, Melissa 163 Kordell, Rae 39 Kornblut, Anne 10, 155, 157, 206 212 Kornblut, Emily 182 Krall, Elisa 209 Krall, Kirstie 16, 21, 209, 213, 214 215 Kreultz, Lisa 184 Kroener, Evangeline 178 Kuhn, Brooke 18, 146, 148, 149 207, 209, 211, 212 Kuspa, Linda 39 Lamb, Kwass, 149,Jenny Katie 190 J e m m178 y178 92, L 143, 146 148

Mujica, Mariana 175 Lambert, Lisa-Beth 93, 145, 146, Mullen, Sia 156, 204, 212, 213 148, 149,206,208,211 Mulligan, Mike 202 Landfield, Richard 28 Landfield, Sarah 94, 146, 148, 149, Munasinghe, Anusha 159, 194 Murillo, Marisa 178 198, 199, 206, 208, 213 Murthy, Shvetha 181 Lane, Diona 193 Myers, Jennifer 19, 89, 156, 209, Langevine, Denise 159, 213 211,215 Lanier, Nadine 198 Myers, Laura 40 Lanza, Angela 182 Lappin, Fran 10, 19,89, 146, 148, N 149, 188, 211 Nathanson, Pauline 40 Latham, Kerry 191, 198 Nathanson, Sarah 165 Leatherwood, Marcia 182 Neal, Holly 163, 191, 209,212 Leber, Holly 184 Needham, Nancy 178 Ledeen, Simone 16, 209 Nelson, Dirk 40 Lee, Tiffany 178 Nesvet, Becky 181 Lee, Tricia 96, 143, 145, 146, 149 Ng, Connie 181 LeMone, Anita 39 Nicholas, Sarah 3, 183 Levine, Rebecca 182 Nimatallah, Dina 147, 148, 149, 192, Levitine-Woodside, Annette 39 216 Levy, Stephanie 17, 156, 209, 212, Noe, Ine 30, 31,40 213 Nordquist, Ingrid 174 Lewis, Annie 182 Nordquist, Silvy 156, 206, 208, 209, Liesener, Edith 39 213 Limpuangthip, Joy 184 Norman, Jessica 178 Lippold, Anne 39 Norman, Natalie 104, 147, 148, 149, Lloyd, Andito 156, 204, 212, 213 188, 211, 215 Lockman, Jenny 202 Norvell, Melissa 159, 189, 198, 207, Loennig, Marjorie 31 209, 212 LoPresti, Sarah 39 Nunez, Anne Marie 105, 147, 148, Lorber, Rachel 180 149, 192, 217 Lord, Charles 2, 26, 28, 143 Low, Amanda 193, 197, 211 Lurton, Sallie 148, 159, 190, 198, O'Brien, Mehera 174 199, 207, 209, 212, 213, 214, 215 O'Rourke, Paula 156, 191, 212, 213 Lyons, Catherine 139, 146, 148, Ogden, Lauren 183 149, 198, 212, 213, 214 Oman, Susie 181 Orem, Betsi 156, 209, 215 M Otani, Akiko 156, 193,209 Macht, Emily 178 Maddox, Sandra 3, 98, 146, 148, P 149, 213, 223 Pain, Stephanie 156, 212 Madigan, Mollie 19, 89, 156, 212 Pantos, Karen 159, 191, 212 Madigan, Shana 178 Pantos, Kim 174 Mahanes, Judith 39 Parris, Laura 174 Mahmood, Mehreen 184 Pastoor, Heather 185 Mailey, Margaret 39 Patel, Seema 183 Main, Anna 182 Paulson, Elizabeth 40 Malik, Mish 184 Pearle, Lauren 160, 212 Malik, Tara 180 Pedraza, Laura 147, 148, 149 Manion, Susan 39 Phillips, Melanie 156, 212,213 Margolis, Marilyn 39 Pichard, Dominique 183 Marks, Lindsey 184 Pichard, Nicole 178 Marriott, Mary Alice 99, 142, 143, Pilon, Danielle 183 147, 148, 149, 194, 213, 216, 220 Pinto, Bea 147, 148, 192 Marshall, T a m m y 12, 13, 15, 100, Pistenmaa, Carrie 181 141, 147, 148, 149, 214, 215 Pistenmaa, Siri 174 Mason, Laura 101, 141, 147, 149, Pitcher, Mandy 183 205 Plunkett, Joy 197 Mastny, Lisa 159, 160, 198, 202, Polanco, Francesca 174 207,209,212 Portis, Sukari 147, 148, 149,212 Mattar, Christina 156 Post, Christina 178 Matthews, Mary 39 Prauser, Michele 160, 209 Maybee, Jill 189, 211 Price, Natasha 160, 207, 209 Maybee, Suzanne 39 Puckett, Mary Jane 27 Mayer, Jenny 165, 204 Puckett, Paul 40 Mayes, Meredith 159, 191, 202, Q 206, 207, 208, 209 Qadri, Urfa 181 Mayo, Jamila 159, 189, 204, 209 McCabe, Becky 205 R McCulla, Cheryl 39 Ralph, Alison 147, 148, 149, 204, McFarland, Liz 159, 202, 206, 208, 209, 213 209, 215 Ralph, Stephanie 209 McGowan, Sara Lynn 184 Ramchandani, Reena 183 McGraw, Barbara 39 Razavi, Pouneh 160, 206, 208, 212 Mella, Amanda 182 Reddy, Paula 40 Mella, Heidi 180 Reed, Michelle 174 Mercer, Cathi 193 Regan, Kati 21, 110, 147, 148, 149, Michener, Pat 31, 39 188, 196 Miller, Lindsey 185 Reynolds, Kristina 10, 147, 148, Miller, Lisa 12, 18, 102, 147, 148, 149, 188, 196 149, 188, 191, 209, 213 Reynolds, Wendy 156, 212, 213 Miller, Margaret 39 Roberts, Emily 185 Milton, Amina Minikes, Minshall, Mirza, Mispereta, Monagan, Moneypenny, Monroe, Jesse Nancy Allie Connie Laura Mariella Bridget 181 159, 202 40 40 Corby 189,211 159, 159, 212, 29209, 213 212 Robinson, Roche, Roddy, Rodgers, Rogers, Roop, 188,Mary 196, Carrie Siobhan Leigh Leicester Sharron Jess Eliza Barter 209, 112, 174 183 174 129, 211,213 40 29 40 147, 156, 148, 194,149, 198


Roop, Susie 178 Rosenthal, Joanna 171, 189 Rossaki, Melissa 185 Ross, Ali 113, 145, 147, 148, 149, 216 Rost, Kathryn 183 Roth, Jennifer 183 Rupertus, Aysha 157, 212, 213

S Sablosky, Mairi 40, 213 Sahakian, Emily 174 Salehizadeh, Susan 181 Sandstrom, Kristen 174 Sant, Ali 145, 147,149, Santorelli, Bridget 160 Saputo, Suzanne 178 Savarese, Kassie 12, 143, 147, 148, 149, 194, 196, 214 Schaeffer, Jennifer 185 Schawartz, Amanda 160 Schechter, Becky 183 Scherbel, Marsha 40 Scherwin, Kate 183 Schlein, Emily 147, 148, 149, 217 Schoenberger, Chana 178 Schoenberger, Elena 185 Schoolfield, Jennifer 178 Schwartz, Abby 157, 206, 208, 212 Schwartz, Amanda 197, 207, 209, 213 Schweitzer, Laura 185 Scott, Tanya 160, 204, 212, 213 Sears-McGeehin, Cynthia 40 Seth, Pooja 160, 207, 209, 212 Shadman, Bonnie 174 Sharp, Elizabeth 145, 147, 149, 192 Sheton, Carrie 185 Shin, Sang 42 Silverman, Laurie 16, 157, 206 Simms, Marilyn 40 Singleton, Jacki 147, 148, 206, 208, 209, 211, 213 Slade, Maggie 157, 212, 213, 214 Sladkin, Cheryl 119, 147, 148, 149, 205 Sladkin, Kim 160, 189, 197, 207, 209, 212 Small, Barbara 31 Smink, Anna 40 Smith, Christina 178 Smith, Erica 17, 147, 148, 198, 209, 211, 213, 216 Smith, Holly 194 Smith, Kim 160, 204, 209, 212, 213 Smith, Nan 189 Smith, Neil 28, 30, 31 Smith, Patricia 41 Sneathen, Timothy 40 Sokol, Kristin 185 Spicer, Cara 185 Spire, Honor 207, 212, 213 Spitulnik, Jennifer 183 Spivack, Hilary 162, 191, 209 Spurgeon, Kim 157, 209 Staunton, Jocelyn 160, 190, 197, 202, 205, 206, 208, 211, 213 Staunton, Melissa 147, 148, 149, 198 Stern, Beeta 174 Stern, Elizabeth 183 Sterrett, Anne 181 Stoer, Traci 157, 209, 211 Styne, Kathryn 174 Subramanian, Ramya 183 Swinehart, Emily 181 Sylvester, Meg 178

Teck, Patricia 174 Teck, Sarah 183 Tedrow, Katie 174 Tells, Roche 149 Terry, Carolyn 41 Tharmaratnam, Vy 138, 147, 148, 149, 190, 212, 213 Theeman, Nancy 41 Thompson, Mary Catherine 41 Thompson, Nina 188 Thorp, Jennifer 188, 197 Thorp, Julie 18, 157, 188, 196, 214 Tinsman, Lucinda 157, 189 Tirnage, Lyn 211 Tobe, Michelle 160, 212, 213 Treanor, Liz 18, 157, 206, 208, 212, 213 Trepel, Samantha 185 Trible, Delia 127, 147, 149, 209, 213, 217 Trinidad, Kathy 209, 211 Tsantis, Andrea 178 Tseng, Helen 174 Tupper, Robert 41 Turnage, Geralyn 160, 212, 213 Tyler, Anne 41 Tyner, Heather 160, 207, 209, 212

u-v Ueno, Rihoko 185 Vaughan, Virtue 41 Velte, Kyle 128, 147, 148, 149, 160, 188, 196, 202, 211, 214, 217, 220 Volin, Abby 185 Voorthuis, Anna-Marie 174 Vo, Sandy 162, 194, 209 Vuylsteke, Marielle 178

W Wallman, Elizabeth 157, 209, 213 Walsh, Allyson 160, 212, 213 Ward, Lolly 147, 148, 149, 190, 206, 209 Ward, Nancy 171 Ward, Tiffany 174 Wart, Flossy 149 Weber, Joanna 174 Weiss, Erica 174 Westerlund, Brooke 160, 189 West, Page 41 Wex, Katherine 194 Wheat, Jennifer 41 Whilden, Peggy 41, 198 White, Christine 41 White, Judith 41 White, Laura 209 Wilchins, Julie 19, 89, 157, 204, 214, 215 Wilden, Anne Marie 192 Wills, Nayo 160,189, 197 Willoughby, Susanne 183 Wilson, Geraldine 41 Windsor, Michele 155, 156, 157, 198, 202, 209 Winnick, Jamie 130, 147, 148, 149, 214, 215, 217 Wiste, Anna 183 Wolinsky, Jennifer 178 Woodcock, Elizabeth 178 Woodson, Beth 178 Worthing, Miriam 41 Wright, Jamillah 213


Yamagata, Rachel 164, 202 Yeskel, Emily 185 Yeskel, Tamara 181 Yolken, Lauren 131, 147, 148, 149 T Young, Allie 157, 160, 212, 213 Young, Michelle 185 Taborga, Crisi 17, 157, 209 Youseffi, Anna 157, 191, 214 Talero, Catalina 162, 163, 209 Youseffi, Azita 143, 147, 148,149, Talero, Maria 122, 145, 147, 148, 214, 215, 216 149, 192, 216 Yucelik, Yasa 133,147, 148, 149, Tamminga, Bonnie 10,147, 19, 89, Tarn, Tang, Tareen, Tauber, Taylor, 147,Sau Alice Rosalyn 148, Hudson Melissa Shamyla Rachael 157, 193 149, 185 212 93 174 124, 178 215 148,136, 149 Index Yuksel, Zakroff, Zarcone, Zirkin, Zucker, Zulu, 190, 149, Dinga Leslie 212, Ayca 192,213, Liz Jenni Margaret 299 41 135, 220 134, 160, 209 Z143, 217 147, 41 189, 147, 148 198,148, 209

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