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Shopping To Help Victims of Human Sex Trafficking Los Angeles, CA (November 21, 2012) – – Shoppers can help rescue teenage girls from human sex trafficking, as well as support several other worthy Causes, by using their money to buy products on With a menu of more than 5,000 available products, ( gives consumers the opportunity to donate a portion of their purchase to a life-saving Cause. This does not cost the shopper a single penny more because all of the products have been discounted by manufacturers, leaving a portion of every sale to support a specific Cause. Project Hope, which is part of the Dream Center in Los Angeles, eases the painful suffering of female victims coming out of prostitution rings. “Sadly, America is the world’s biggest consumer of modern-day slavery,” said Dr. Michael K. Clifford, Chairman of “Here’s an opportunity for everybody to support these young women by purchasing everyday products and services at” “Our not-for-profit provides as many options as possible for people to spend their Influence in a positive direction,” said Clifford. “We invite all charities to join and help people who are suffering live better lives.” Clifford said Project Hope was the right choice for the first Cause. “These young women have suffered unbelievable, extensive, physical and mental trauma,” he said. “They will die unless they receive professional physical, spiritual and emotional healing in a safe place full of love.” ABOUT INFLUENCETV.ORG is a not-for-profit organization with a mission to change the way America spends money shopping. Through its content-rich video-centric website, shoppers can buy goods and services they use every day while designating a portion of the purchase price specifically to the Cause or charity that they want to help.

Shopping To Help Victims of Human Sex Trafficking