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Does your


need a facelift?

Are you thinking‌.my office looks outdated and needs to be freshened up? I want it to be more accommodating, pleasant and modern – maybe I could use some of it again and add something new?

would interest you....


If you are thinking about giving your office a facelift, RENEW might be something for you and your company. For 3 generations we have been manufacturing furniture for the Danish living- and project market and are one of the most innovative Danish office furniture manufacturers today. The RENEW idea was developed on request from many companies who want to preserve the well-functioning while contributing with a topmodern look and an accommodating office. When you work creatively with visual expressions new thoughts and ideas come up. Keeping your used furniture while making renewing contributions, helps sustaining the environment with a spin-off benefit of not spending much money. If your interest has been aroused by what you have just read, we suggest that we in collaboration with Holmris Office distributors and an interior designer develop a proposal on how your office can be renewed.

Henrik Holmris




facelift A

Det gamle klasseværelse

Viborg International School

Da jeg hørte om Holmris konceptet RENEW, tænkte jeg, ”When I heard about the Holmris concept RENEW, I thought this would be the right solution for our school. I wanted to maintain as much as possible – not only for nostalgic reasons - but also for economic reasons. The new International Department needed a facelift because it is important always to welcome pupils and their parents in a colourful, accommodating and welcoming department with room for play and learning. I wanted a flexible learning environment giving room for each pupil´s learning style. We quickly agreed on that the old desks should be renewed and replaced with new ones. We chose the 4MILK desk from Holmris Office because it is perfect for group work. The student´s chairs (back/seating) was refreshed with a touch of painting and we chose 3 colours with background in the artist Karin Olesens suggestions. The “new” high polished chairs are now part of the classroom´s furniture with new desks. Doors and cabinet doors were also painted in the same 3 colours. Joachim Phillipsen, Viborg International School.

4MILK Desk – perfect for group work


How can we assist in:

replacement of desktop/frame

Desktop: We offer many exciting desk surfaces and desktop shapes which give a topmodern look. One new option is bamboo desk, or try soft touch (rubber surface) or one of our great colours in linoleum. Selection: beech, maple, walnut, zebrano, palisander, bamboo, soft touch, soft stone, linoleum (choose from a range of colours) or laminate (choose from a range of colours). Frame: Today it is common that people replace large desktops to smaller ones. This is primarily due to the smaller sizes of flat screen monitors and use of laptops which have replaced the big screens. We offer frames that fit desktops as small-sized as 120 cm and have a range of stylish frames to choose from. Standard colours on frames are black, white, alu, brushed steel, chrome. But if you have a particular wish, we will take care of that too.

Polishing, re-lacquering and new material. Desktop: Very often your desktop or conference table can get a total makeover. We can assist with polishing and relacquering, if you opt to maintain your furniture.




Colours have a tremendous influence on the way you experience a room. Dark colours make the room look smaller although cosy and good atmosphere, light colours make the room seem bigger and strong colours make you joyful. Do you need new colours on your cabinet doors, chairs or do they need refreshment after years abrasion? We refresh your cabinet doors, chairs, desktops in colours that match your wish. Choose from 3 different colour packages. Package 1: 3 colour choises by the artist Karine Olesen. Package 2: Holmris Office standard colours Package 3: Choose your own NCS colour. Maybe you have kept the colour code from when you acquired your current furniture. We paint in exactly the colour you choose.



Choose your

Choose the NCS colour of your wish (Package 3)

Package 1: Karin Olesens colours

Package 2: Holmris Office colours

Package 3: Choose your own colour code



Course of

and renewal process

If this brochure has inspired you to renovate your current office, please contact us for further details. Our extensive distributor network collaborate with Holmris Office and you and arrange a meeting in your company to get an overview of what opportunities we can offer you. We collaborate with interior decorators and in larger projects or by further agreement with you, we offer 1 hour free counseling from an architict. When all details are specified, you decide to what degree you wish to participate in the process yourself.

Do it yourself or let us do the work‌. Basic package You wish to deliver the furniture for renewal at Holmris Office. Frames, handles, individual shelves, drawer fronts etc. should be dismantled prior to delivery. All parts must be clean and prepared for painting/polishing. You collect the furniture after renewal. Full pack: For companies that do not want to be handymen. We take care of dismantling, deliver the renewed furniture at your address and take care of the complete assembly.


Interior decoration counselling! By appointment we offer one hour free assistance from an interior designer!

Replacement of cabinet doors with exciting surfaces or colours make wonders!

organizer in acrylic for your office


Keep track of all your documents with these stylish and trendy organizers/trays in green or frosted acrylic. Small and large drawers are attachable to the organizer.


Replace your cassette with

Extension drawer

The drawer we all need. Get rid of all the mess on your desk – and pencils, pads, papers etc. is just at your fingertips. Extension drawer can be attached underneath most desks. The drawer is divided into sections and is lockable.


Are your

Cabling under control ?

Let us make you an offer on cabling – and get a nice and well-organized desk. Advantages: A neat and tidy desk Reduce the risk of fire Lower risk of tripping over cables Cleaning-friendly


Practical box

Smart box to attach on your desk. The box can hide plugs, cell phone charger, pencils etc.

for your office Design: Karin Olesen

We cooperate with the artist Karin Olesen and we introduce more exciting ways of refreshing your office or meeting room.


Refresh your office with a mobile by Karin Olesen. The mobile send out happy vibrations and is composed of flowers, globeand amoeba shapes in transparent acrylic glass. Motion of air in the room make the parts swing mirroring the sun and give an unpredictable play with colours along walls, floor and ceiling. The surfaces of the parts develop new colours when you look through more than one at a time. The mobile is available in 3 different sizes – each being unique. Ordering mobile: contact Holmris Office


We can assist you in developing ideas and finding the right forms if you wish to decorate window sections, doors etc. with stickers (enlarged stickers). Hereby you create your own unique expression.







for your office Design: Karin Olesen

Wall art:

Receive a visit from the artist Karin Olesen and get to know how she and her art can stimulate and send out joyful vibrations. Karin has an amazing power and ability to show vigor and fabulate about everyday use and reuse and know how a painting or a colours revitalize a room.

Frokost i det grønne

See Karin´s art on Receive a visit from Karin Olesen: contact Holmris Office Wall art as noise reducer: If you suffer from noise in your office an artwork composed of noise reducing material can improve comfort and reduce the risk of stress. Hereby you both decorate your office and improve acoustics. Our noise-reducing artworks are designed by the artist Karin Olesen.

Light my fire

Time-Out Time for

lounge, café, meeting

Tages foto når Lilly har tegnet og produceret en bordskærm. The perfect desk for informal meetings

for the office

Carpets contribute with style, comfort and quality and may give the customer an even greater impression of a place, or shape the balance in a building.




And lightning...

Trendy lightning


Titania Design: Alberto Meda & Paolo Rizzatto Ultra-modern ceiling lamp. Colours may be changed through colour filters. This exciting lamp appears differently depending on which angle you look from. Filters are not included but can be purchased separately. Caravaggio pendel Design: Cecilie Manz This lamp has become a classic. You will find the lamp in cafĂŠs, companies and private homes. The depth of the shade prevents glare no matter how high it is hung. Caravaggio is supplied with a hole on top of it to ensure an upstream light. Nosy Design: Kasper Salto & Thomas Sigsgaard Nosy is born to fit the work desk. The lamp illuminates everything and leaves nothing unlit. The dispersion of light does not require a large shade. Nosy is equipped with an asymmetric reflector that disperses the light.



attention MILK desk receives

In particular with goldfish

MILK can be divided...

teamwork MILK & 4MILK Design: Søren Rose Kjær


Renew (UK)  

Renew (UK)

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