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The magazine of Holmewood House School is published annually. Editor: Katie Gent Photography with thanks to: DE Photos, Bruce Elliott, Judy Everist, Katie Gent, Karen Gwinnett, Lawrence Hardcastle, Mr Harmer, Mary O’Riordan, Peter Whyte and all of the teaching staff and parents who contributed. Front Cover photography: Karen Gwinnett The Holmewoodian 2012/13


WELCOME | Foreword

Welcome to the Holmewoodian Mark Colbourne, Guest Speaker at Speech Day who spoke passionately about determination and setting your own goals

When Katie Gent asked me to write the foreword to the Holmewoodian, it meant that another year had sped by and that, sadly for some families, 2013 was the end of an era. We often spend so much time looking forward on behalf of our children or pupils that we forget to enjoy the here and now. Not so long ago the 2013 Holmewood leavers were in Nursery, now they are in Year 9 and as these children and families depart the Holmewood fold, others arrive to take their places. Welcome to those families for whom 2012/13 was your first year 4

at Holmewood! I trust that the coming years will be great fun and that you too grow to love the school to the extent that those leaving have come to do. This is an extraordinary school with an equally unique sense of family, fellowship and friendship; our very own three Fs. Hang on, let’s make that four: Family, Fellowship, Fun and Friendship. Right that’s enough from me; please read on and enjoy this year’s edition of the Holmewoodian and (I sense three Rs coming) relax, rejoice and revel in the celebration of the Holmewood Adventure 2013. Holmewood children have had another outstanding year at

the school and this edition stands as testimony to that fact and will forever be a reminder and memento throughout the years ahead. My grateful thanks to the entire Holmewood staff for enabling the children to enjoy such an extraordinary educational opportunity and to Katie Gent for creating, once again, such a wonderful publication. James Marjoribanks Headmaster

The Holmewoodian 2012/13


CHAIRMAN’S SPEECH Edited extracts from the address by Michael Evans on Speech Day GOVERNANCE This year the Board has appointed one new Governor, Andrew Harfoot, who is a Chartered Marketer. Andrew is in business locally and his marketing background coupled with his interest in Education will be of great help to us going forward. After over sixteen years on the Board, Lady Newman has decided to step down as she feels that she can no longer give of her best now that she is spending an increasing amount of time abroad. During her time on the Board she has been Vice Chair, chaired the Education and Pastoral Committee and has had a particular interest in the Pre-Prep. Living locally she has always been available at short notice and, with her magistrates background, has been able to offer words of wisdom when required! Hilary, a very big thank you on behalf of the Board for everything you have done for the School. Simon Gent, the Deputy Head, leaves us this year to resume a senior school career at Eastbourne College. In addition to teaching history he will be the master in charge of tennis which I am sure he will relish. Simon, thank you so much for all you have done for the School in the seven years you have been here. It has not always been easy with all the changes taking place but a more loyal, compassionate and hard working Deputy we could not have wished for. I hope that Katie, your children Oliver and Edward and you will be really happy in your new environment. Simon’s successor, Jeremy Wyld, starts in September. He is coming from Sevenoaks School where he was a Housemaster and taught French as well as being involved in many extra curricular activities. He lives locally and should be able to take a full part in all aspects of school life.

The Holmewoodian 2012/13

The School had a Boarding Welfare Intermediate Inspection in February and comfortably met the national Minimum Standard for Boarding Schools with only two minor recommendations which are being addressed. For those children particularly in Years 7 and 8, who have not yet tried boarding, I would really recommend the experience to you. I am fortunate to have such a very supportive Board which is kept busy with so much going on at the School, not only on current issues but ensuring that the School maintains its reputation as one of the leading prep schools in the country. Members of the Board give freely and willingly of their time and for that we should all be grateful. In particular, I should like to thank my Committee Chairs, Sue Marshall, Mike Kilgour and Nigel Hammond for their enthusiasm and unstinting support. SCHOOL SUCCESSES On all fronts, Holmewood has had another very successful year, many of which are highlighted within the pages of this magazine. The Board is aware of the sacrifices made by some parents to send their children to the School. In turn, we aim to make the Holmewood experience extraordinary and I believe that we achieve this with a unique blend of innovation and tradition, set in a breath-taking historical environment coupled with some state-of-the-art classrooms, providing a rich, diverse and tailored preparatory education. VISION The School’s Strategy Plan, setting out our priorities for the next three to five years, is currently being finalised. Our vision is to be the automatic first choice Prep School in the South East of England, educationally and pastorally outstanding, financially secure and highly regarded and sought after by parents and senior schools alike.

We will aim to have the happiest and most fulfilled pupils, parents and staff, top resources, facilities and achievements. There are indeed exciting and extraordinary times ahead at Holmewood, full of opportunities, and I am confident that our vision will be met. The Headmaster has now been here three years and, given our vision for the future, the Board thought it appropriate to have an external appraisal which I am delighted to say was very complimentary and positive. We were looking for ‘buzz’ and we have certainly had that! Many congratulations, James, on a job well done. FINANCES The School remains financially very strong and, as a result, it is likely that the design work on Phase II of the Master Plan will commence in the spring of 2014. This will be to improve the car parking and to provide classrooms and other resource centres which will then see an end to all the remaining temporary classrooms. Subject to finances, the earliest date on which we could start the build work would be the summer of 2016 with occupation September 2017. However, whilst pupil numbers remain good the Board is very conscious that the next few years could still be difficult for many households. Therefore, although everything should be in place, a final decision on the start date will not be made until much nearer the time when the Board is satisfied that the School is not put at risk in any way. THANKS And so, on behalf of the Board I should like to thank all those involved with the continued success of the School, not just the teaching staff but also those behind the scenes who ensure that everything runs smoothly. All of you make it possible.

Although not a Board appointment, I should just like to mention Catherine Geldard, Head of Pre-Prep, who leaves after six years of service to take up a wonderful career opportunity in a newly formed School Academy. Catherine thank you so much for all you have done, you will be greatly missed. My thanks to our new Director of Operations and Clerk to the Governors, Barry Golding. Barry, you have had a great deal on your plate, not only getting to know the School, but also introducing and implementing changes as well as meeting the day to day demands of the Head and myself as Chair of Governors. A big thank you to Suzanne Preston our Finance Bursar for being so supportive and for giving Barry so much help during his first year. Thanks to the Friends of Holmewood under Gill ReesYoung for their continuing support in providing those extras which mean so much. A special thank you to our Headmaster, who continues to show boundless energy and enthusiasm to achieve our common vision for the School. James, wonderful opportunities lie ahead and I am confident that under your leadership we can make Holmewood an even better school than it is already, indeed, extraordinary in every sense. Finally, to the leavers, I trust you have enjoyed your time at Holmewood and are leaving feeling that it has been an adventure which has allowed you to take full advantage of the opportunities available to you. Good luck and success in your new schools. Michael Evans Chairman of the Board of Governors


-PREPReport House PRE overview | Cob House

Pre-Prep Overview

2012 to 2013 – a happy and enjoyable year for the children in the Pre-Prep, with lots of activities, trips, visitors and, of course, learning going on. A year in which we welcomed Mrs Sarah Burden to the Year 2 team and Miss Katy Shelton into the Pre-Nursery, both of whom have made invaluable contributions to Holmewood with their love of children and their creative approach to getting the best from them. A year in which Miss Brett got married and a year in which we all got to dress up for Silly Sock day, World Book day and Sun Hats and Sunglasses day! Outdoor learning has continued to be developed, whether it be to an old favourite including Bodiam, Bedgebury and Godstone Farm, or to a new venue like Lullingstone Park, Kent Life, Sevenoaks Wildlife Centre and Bore Place. 6

Music and drama flourished this year. Many Year 1 and Year 2 children took part in the drumming workshops and children throughout the Pre-Prep gave talented performances in the excellent House Breakfast concerts, the nativities, a super musical play involving a dragon and a Pre-Prep concert involving all the children and staff. Now we say a fond farewell to the Year 2 children as they move up to the Junior School and to Miss Calton as she embarks on the next stage of her career. My thanks go to all the staff for their continued good work with the children. CG

The Holmewoodian 2012/13


PRE-NURSERY We have had so much fun learning alongside our new friends in the pre-nursery‌ we are very, very busy!

we went on a fantastic trip to the allotments to collect apples. When we got back to Pre-Nursery we learnt how to turn them into apple crumble.

We’ve loved playing outside; climbing trees, riding bikes, planting seeds and playing in the sand and

We ended the year with a brilliant trip to Godstone farm with our friends and family.

Counting and sorting fish

Learning to use tools safely

Car parking

The Holmewoodian 2012/13

Phoning home!





Here we are all together for our class photos.

Keep calm and cook on

Cracking visitors

Celebration information

Pancake Day was fun. None of the pancakes stuck to the ceiling but some ended up in very funny places. We made wonderful Christmas cakes for Mummy and Daddy (don’t eat the robin!) We cooked for a whole week to make food for our Nursery CafÊ and we also made the invitations, menus, hats and aprons. We went to the fields to pick wild flowers for the tables.

We had many exciting visitors but none of us expected to see Wallace and Gromit in the Nursery. Look how tall they are.

We love celebrating in the Nursery. We celebrated the Chinese New Year with a dragon dance and Chinese food, harvest with apple crumble, pancake day with pancakes, in fact we take any opportunity to try delicious food!

Are you sitting comfortably? Mr Cook came down on World Book Day to read a lovely story to a nursery full of pirates, tigers, knight, princesses and all sorts of other interesting characters.


The Holmewoodian 2012/13

-PREPReport | NURSERY PRE House overview | Cob House

Having a field day The weather was cold but fine for the Nursery camp and we had such fun picking the wild flowers, sitting around the ‘camp fire’ and eating our picnic in the tent.

Good times in the forest We spent several days throughout the year at the forest school in Lullingstone. We collected treasures from the wood and made pencils, woodland pictures, mobiles, clay faces and animal homes. One of our favourite parts of the day was hot chocolate and sometimes popcorn cooked on an open fire!

Digging for worms


We went to our allotment to pull the weeds out and while we were there we found fifteen worms.

We all like the snow. We ran, jumped, slid, rolled and made a snowman.

Beautiful Art Our classrooms are so bright and colourful. We really enjoy painting, sticking, modelling and creating.

Animal Antics Jaws and Claws came to show us some very wriggly, wiggly, creepy and furry animals. We saw a snake, some guinea pigs, a beautiful little hedgehog, a tortoise, a chameleon, a hissing cockroach and who could forget the rats?

The Holmewoodian 2012/13



Nativity Our nativity was great fun. We all entered wholeheartedly into the spirit. Sophia Meyer saved the day when, Mary (Tilly) fell ill and wasn’t able to take to the stage for the second performance. The ‘brown and furry’ animals were so sweet and could deliver a really loud ‘MOOOO’ when needed. The angels sparkled and the kings were regal. The shepherds made the parts their own and cared beautifully for the sheep (and some other furry animals).


The Holmewoodian 2012/13


Nursery and Reception Sports Day

The Holmewoodian 2012/13



RECEPTION We have had an exciting time in the Reception classes this year with plenty of weather to enjoy from the inside and outside! We began with a woodland visit to Wilderness Wood and hunted for bugs and worms amongst the growing Christmas trees. As the weather got colder we had plenty of opportunities to explore ice and freezing and melting concepts. Once the snow arrived we were ready to make ice caves and snowmen wherever we could! Finally, we were able to bask in the warm sunshine and tend our flowers and vegetables. The outdoor area was cheered up with beautifully planted pots, a dinosaur park made from tyres and logs; a climbing frame from The Friends of Holmewood and a wonderful new bench made to Mr Dorien’s exclusive design. Thank you for these! The children busy themselves so readily with water pipes, guttering, sand and pebbles, chalk and dressing up they are unaware of the tremendous amount of learning that is taking place. CPB

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts

Maximillian with a map to save the world!


The end of a busy and exciting year in RCPB

Our regular visit from The Animal Man provided lots of discussion and opportunities for artwork

Building up concentration and perseverance is an essential life skill

Painting inspired by our trip to Wilderness Wood

Arthur showing Felix his self portrait

Colourful example of collaborative art using felt pens

The Holmewoodian 2012/13


RLC enjoying the sunshine

Picnics and cooking Archie and Devan mixing krispie cakes, learning about melting and cooling chocolate

Picnics are great especially when you have made your own sandwiches!

Springtime with RGW

The Holmewoodian 2012/13



Va Va Voom in the classroom Let’s have fun

Each class took a turn in the fantastic art rooms to make clay tiles

Dr Freddie

Ahoy there!

Class assembly time after Bonfire Night

Ready and eager to learn!

I spy....

Dinosaur maths is always much more engaging

All aboard the bus with Miss Wilson!


The Holmewoodian 2012/13


Reception Nativity This year the Nativity centred around the innkeeper and his wife. Their constant interruptions drove them to distraction‌ and finally, unscripted, sent them fast asleep on stage! It was an unforgettable performance by all the children with tremendous support from the musicians and singers and will be the making of many future Holmewood stars of the stage. The nativity was a visual treat for all. CPB

The Holmewoodian 2012/13


PRE-PREP overview | Year 1

year 1 Getting creative Year 1 enjoy exploring a range of artistic techniques and materials and started to refine their portrait skills and illustrative drawings.

Celebrations In the Autumn term, one of the most inspiring festivals of light, Diwali, allowed the children to explore the importance of light and all that it represents. They had the opportunity to wear traditional dress, make special food and learn new dances, all part of celebrating Diwali.

Picnic Year 1 will picnic in all weathers! This year it was not much more than ten degrees, very windy and we ‘enjoyed’ the ‘light showers’ which were forecast. However, the children had the most fantastic time! The beautiful location gave the children the opportunity to see the steam train making its way through the countryside. They went hunting for minibeasts and learned how to grow vegetables.


The Holmewoodian 2012/13

PRE-PREP overview | Year 1

Ready, steady cook!

Castles and banquets

From jam sandwiches to fruit salads, medieval feasts to summer picnics…lots of fun was had by all while learning how safely to prepare a variety of fruit, vegetables and other foods.

With an abundance of budding knights and princesses, Year 1’s topic of ‘Castles’ offered lots of opportunity for role play, creative writing and, with our visit to Bodiam Castle, lots and lots of history.

Letters business Wrapped up in their winter woollies, the children posted a letter which they had carefully written to someone at home. The concept of ‘snail mail’ was quite a novelty! The Holmewoodian 2012/13


PRE-PREP overview | Year 1

A day at the museum A visit to the Tunbridge Wells Library and Museum is always a treat, especially when you get to hunt for light sources, past and present. The children had the opportunity to handle Roman lamps, Victorian lanterns and even thought more about lighting we use today.

No ruffled feathers here A highlight of the year was when Year 1 incubated ten hen eggs and were over the moon when all ten hatched successfully - although the male to female ratio was a bit skewed with nine pale yellow boys and one browny-yellow girl.


The Holmewoodian 2012/13

PRE-PREP overview | Year 1 and 2 sports

Year 1 and 2 Sports Day

The Holmewoodian 2012/13



Year 1 and 2 Play The Pre-Prep department produced a wonderful performance of ‘Dragon’, with the main roles and story-telling being carried by the Year 2 children, ably supported by the Year 1 ‘Swamp Beasts’. The children worked extremely hard to produce some very mature and competent performances both in acting and singing. The supporting music was also atmospheric, with solo recorders and African drumming to add a bit of ‘spice’. SB


The Holmewoodian 2012/13


YEAR 2 Clay Doors In keeping with our art theme of ‘patterns in buildings’ 2ZJ looked at buildings and doors from around the world before designing their own door which they each made out of clay. The children looked forward with great excitement to each stage of the process and to our weekly visits to the Prep school artroom. “I chose the curved door because I like the shape. I liked the 3D things the best. My door is leading to Legoland”. Amber Carwardine 2ZJ


The Mousehole Cat

The children have designed and made a variety of items in DT this year. They had great fun sewing their puppets and boat building. The boats were made with the help of Mr Brown in the DT room.

We read the ‘Mousehole Cat’, the story of Tom, the fisherman and his cat, Mowzer, who braved a fierce storm to bring back fish to the village. We then wrote our own descriptions of a storm at sea. 2AT


Fire! Today a fire engine came to our school. I was very excited. It was big and red. We climbed up on it and sat on the seats. My favourite thing was when we used the hose to spray water at buckets. It was very funny when Mrs Jackson put on a fireman’s costume. Odette Mead 2ZJ

The Holmewoodian 2012/13



PRE-PREP overview | Year 2

Picasso faces

Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve

With a little help from our friends

For our ‘European Day of Languages’ we studied some of the work of the Spanish artist, Picasso. We designed our own Picasso style faces. 2AT

Year 2 particularly enjoyed pond dipping and identifying creatures – we even caught a newt!

In the summer term some of the Year 8 pupils came to help the children in the Pre-Prep with their work. It was lovely for them to read to the older pupils instead of a grown-up.

Ana Sofia de Norville

Evelyn Harmer


The Holmewoodian 2012/13


Observational drawing

Sea poems

Bore Place


Bore Place is a crops, animal and forest farm. It is an organic farm because the farmers do not use chemicals on the animals and crops. When we went to the farm, we got to make mosaics out of broken bits of plate but we had to use protector gloves because the bits of plate were extremely sharp. Kieran McWilliams 2ZJ

I was sitting on an icy mountain and I saw golden ducks floating on the wavy pond. Suddenly I slid down the icy mountain and went splash into the pond. I swam and swam but I didn’t realise that I was going the wrong way. I got out and I was scared. Safina Baker 2AT

My favourite part of Bore Place was going inside the cow hotel but I thought the cowpats were disgusting. The cow hotel was enormous, cold and smelly. I loved making mosaics out of broken china because I love art. The bulls were very scary. Benji Brandon 2ZJ

The Fairies of Magic Island book review

I was walking on the soft sand and I saw a flock of dolphins. They were leaping up. I was walking by the beautiful sea and I smelt a BBQ. They were cooking fish. I went under a palm tree for shade but a coconut fell on my head. It knocked me out and when I woke up I heard the sea crashing and the sea gulls screaming. Gus Kingdon 2AT

Elizabeth Hayley 2AT

Waves flash in the air. The cliffs crash down. The screech of seagulls Loud in the sky. I see whales balancing around. Seagulls swoop down at the sea. Dolphins jumping as high as mountains> I can see the tail of a rolling whale. The sun is warming up. There’s sand stuck to my feet. I think it’s time to wash them! Henry Underwood 2SB I saw dolphins leaping, Making water portraits. I saw whales balancing in the water, Munching krill far away. I saw crabs scuttling down the beach. My socks are full of sand! Ciaran Tansley 2SB

The story is about a Magic Island which is very beautiful and special. Magic Island is near Donegal. There is a little girl, Maeve, who is eight years old and she lives near the Island. One special day, Maeve falls asleep on the grassy meadow. She wakes up suddenly and thinks she’s dreaming as she watches fairies and insects dancing. She feels very lucky seeing the fairies and knows that Magic Island is really a magic place. Miranda Tansley 2ZJ

Jack Evans 2AT

Ross Mulley 2AT


The Holmewoodian 2012/13

“We used Junior Paint Programme to design some of our islands” 23

PRE-PREP overview | Summer concert

Pre-Prep Summer Concert The theme of the Pre-Prep Summer Concert this year was ‘Food, Glorious Food’ and from the opening song, ‘Be Our Guest’, the children threw themselves into it with their customary enthusiasm. Each year group performed songs ranging from ‘Ten Fat Sausages’ by the Nursery to – inevitably! – ‘Food, Glorious Food’ by Year 2. Interspersed between the songs we enjoyed some dancing and acting from Reception and Year 1 and a variety of musical ensembles including our Pre-Prep orchestra – ably assisted by some Year 5 children – and a trio for flute, recorder and (our first ever!) double bass, playing a piece called ‘Hot Chilli’. At the end of the concert, all the children came together again to sing an uplifting song ‘Brighter Day Tomorrow’ and everyone went happily to tea! CJ


The Holmewoodian 2012/13

junior school overview

Junior School Overview

Happiness is our priority in the Junior School and we strive to cultivate this ethos from the moment the children enter the Collings Building in Year 3. The opportunities presented to all the children allow them to explore, taste, savour and indulge in a wide range of skills. Whilst

The Holmewoodian 2012/13

the academic work is of equal importance, the combination of music, sport, drama and activities remain at the heart of what we see as the unique Holmewood experience. Busy minds, busy children who are always enthusiastic, eager to please and purposeful!

How lucky we are to nurture their independence and watch them blossom as individuals as they prepare for the journey ahead. AH


| YEar 3 House Report junior school | Cob overview House

year 3 Be of good character Book characters were in abundance for our Character Day and all the pupils entered into the spirit of the day. The Book Fair provided a wide selection of reading material from which to feed their imagination.

Egyptian depiction

Roman showmen

This was a new opportunity to extend the children’s learning where the Year 3s dressed in costume and visited Kent Life in Maidstone. Here they enjoyed a range of activities suitably delivered to promote learning and future investigation.

Julius Caesar would have been impressed with the array of costumes on display despite the exceptionally cold weather in February.

Wild things If you want to come face to face with meerkats, sloths, snakes and cockroaches then Drusillas is the place to be. The rainforest session is an added bonus on this very popular trip.

A visit to the circus Oh là là Voila! Une journée fantastique.

One sunny Autumn day, Bombo and Sally were walking up a steep hill called Starlight Hill. Sally had golden hair. Bombo was cute and fluffy. They walked until they came to a circus, which was cool. For an hour they watched the circus. It was amazing!

Music galore The sheer volume of pupils learning musical instruments became apparant in an impressive concert this year. Children performed at all levels much to the delight of their very proud parents and staff.

They were doing things like sitting in the air, hula hooping for an hour and juggling for a minute. The clown asked them if they would like to join the circus club. “Yes please,” replied Sally. So Bombo practised juggling on his trunk with Sally helping him, because there was a show coming up in the afternoon. They practised and practised and then they chose what they wanted to wear. Sally wore a red and white striped t-shirt and bright blue shorts. Bombo wore a fresh green waistcoat with a sandy yellow party hat. The performance was brilliant. After the show they collected their money and wandered back home tired and happy. Kara Dimond 3JC


The Holmewoodian 2012/13

junior school overview | YEar 3

The fable of the catfish and the caiman

My Dragon

Good uses for a balloon are…

One steamy wet day (like it always is in the Amazonian Jungle), a knobbly black caiman tramped across the thick black mud.

My dragon would be as big as the shard, as red as fire with a gigantic tail. It would have ferocious eyes, a greedy mouth and huge bat-like wings. It would have a dangerous, spikey tail and a scaly body with spikes too. Red as flames with a bit of brown, its tail would be. It would have sharp jaws and a very big tummy. Ollie Rajah 3LB

... to make a piñata full of jaw breakers ... to make bouncing shoes so you can do flips ... to paint a face on so that it comes to life ... to decorate for a fantastic garden full of multi-coloured gold and glitter sparkles ... to put on a chair seat so you can bounce up and down on it ... to sit on and fly to another world and eat hot dogs. Ciara Sharman 3LB

A musty smell hung in the air and unearthly screams came from the dense, damp jungle. The man walked a few more steps towards the piranha-infested river. He would have one for his dinner! Suddenly he stopped in fright. He had fallen in quicksand and within moments he started sinking. “Help!” he bellowed in terror and started splashing madly. Meanwhile an ugly, oily, big, brown catfish heard the caiman thrashing and bashing so he went to investigate. When he got there he pushed his face into the mud and started blowing. “I like quicksand” he said, “Yummy.” Finally he finished. “It benefitted me to help you.” Eight weeks later the catfish was looking for spoil in the murky mud. Suddenly, there was a “Boom.” Then another. His feelers twitched and he was trapped in a net. Meanwhile the caiman was piranha fishing, but when he saw the catfish caught, he cut through the water like a knife. He opened his jaws wide and “snap” the net was broken. The catfish was free! Matthew Smith3JC

Drusillas Park visit On Tuesday 18th June, Year 3 travelled by bus to Drusillas Park. The first animals that caught my eye were the marmosets. Marmosets are small mammals that live in Columbia. Next we saw the meerkats. They were so cute. But the mice were one of my favourites. We also saw the scary horrible cockroach. They gave me the creeps. But the binturongs were absolutely huge; they were enormous. Then we went in a maze. I helped the people that were lost but Kara kept on running off. Finally, we got her out. After that it was lunch. I had chips, chicken, baked beans and ketchup. Finally we played in the playground. I had an amazing time. I would rate it ten out of ten! Matthew Hoddinott 3JC

The Holmewoodian 2012/13


| YEAR 3 House Report junior school | Cob overview House


If I wasn’t me, I’d like to be….. If I wasn’t me, I’d like to be a robin. I would soar over the continents. The first place I would go to is Egypt. I would see the tombs and The Valley of the Kings and then I’d go to Tutankhamen’s tomb. Inside the tomb, it would be dark and dusty, filled with mysterious secrets. When I reach the centre of the tomb, I would find a mummy! The mummy would groan and stand up. “Me angry”, the mummy would groan. The mummy would chase me out of the pyramid and then disappear. Felix Underwood 3LB

The runaway train One sunny summer’s day me, Luke and James were waiting for the train. It was an old steam train taking us to Tunbridge Wells. After about five minutes we saw a puff of smoke and the train pulled into the station. We jumped on board but we couldn’t find a seat so we had to stand up. With a toot of the whistle, the train sped away. We decided to explore the train. “I know,” said Luke, “let’s see the driver.”

“It’s no good, he’s stolen the brake lever,” the driver sighed helplessly. “We’ll get it,” said James, Luke and I comfortingly. We raced up the ladder onto the roof and could see the shadowy figure jumping over the carriages ahead of us. As quickly as we could, we sprinted against the wind towards it. We were scared as the train rocked and lurched but we had to keep going. The fate of everyone in the train was in our hands.

“Sure!” chorused me and James.

Finally, we got to the shadowy figure on the last carriage.

We made our way to the front of the train and when we got there we were astonished to see the train driver bound and gagged and a mysterious man climbing up the stairs to the roof. At once, we untied the driver.

“Wahhhhhhhh!” I screamed as I fell off the train, but James caught my hand and together we snatched the lever from the mysterious figure’s cloak and ran back to the front of the train.

“Oh no. The train’s out of control!” shouted the driver, “We are all going to die!”

Quickly, we put the lever in place, pulled on it and stopped the train, just in time to get to Tunbridge Wells.

“I’ll help” said James, and he tried to stop the train.

“Phew!” said James, “that was close!” Sebastian Crundwell 3WB

A netball hoop dreams of being shot into. A criminal dreams of never being put in prison. A water bottle dreams of refreshing you. A child dreams of living in ‘Toys R Us.’ A pencil dreams of writing a famous book. Hair dreams of growing very long. A folder dreams of being filled with papers. A piano dreams of being played. A present dreams of being opened. A Christmas stocking dreams of being filled with presents. A pencil case dreams of being packed with pencils. A hairbrush dreams of brushing your hair. A book dreams of being read. The world dreams of being a happy place. Natalya Keller 3WB

Snowfall We prayed for snow So school would shut down, Our prayers came true There is snow all around! No school mini bus at a quarter to eight, No left over food to scrape off my plate. No tables test, no orchestra, no homework to do, Just fun in the snow for me and you. No Maths, no English, no History, No work for us. Yippee! Yippee! Then came the text from Mr Marjoribanks, “Snow work is on the Portal, have fun.” Thanks! Anais Cottage-Stone 3VC

there we were met by an instructor and we were taken to our base.

Year 3 visit to Gatton Park The first trip of the year provided a suitable setting for some inspirational art work in the style of Matisse. The team building exercises encouraged the children to work together to solve some difficult challenges. AH On a bright sunny morning in September all of Year 3 went off to Gatton Park outdoor centre for a big adventure. It was quite a long journey and when we got 28

Our first activity was learning all about Henri Matisse. He was an artist inspired by nature and using brightly coloured paper and cutting wiggly shapes we copied his style to make a picture. We learned many interesting things about him. The room was amazing, full of insects, (not alive!), animals, posters and models. Then it was lunch time and we munched away on our picnics. After lunch we were faced with three challenges. The first was called Shipwreck and we had to piece together lots of pieces of wood and hoist a flag. The second one was Crocodile River, but this was hard and our team kept falling in the ‘water’. Finally, the Water Challenge, this required real team work passing water along in a teacup. It was a very busy but really exciting fun filled day. Lucy Andrews and Tara Radia 3VC The Holmewoodian 2012/13

junior school overview | YEAR 3

The flying horse

What Christmas means to me

On my birthday I woke up and to my great excitement I had been given a flying horse. So, I decided to go to Russia to visit my cousins and friends. Flying high in the sky I saw so many things: shimmering lakes, enormous trees, snow-capped mountains and ferocious seas.

Christmas is special because there are bright lights everywhere celebrating the birth of Jesus. That incredible feeling in the morning when you wake up to see the bulging stocking Santa has delivered is so exciting. Then downstairs you rush to see what is under the tree. Sometimes there is snow, like icing on our cake.

First of all I felt very nervous floating through the fluffy clouds and rather cold as the wind whistled by, but then I became excited. It was like a dream come true. On the way back I saw so much more because the clouds had cleared and I could see ancient buildings, busy schools and gigantic boats bobbing up and down on the sea. I felt much warmer, but I got a little scared as the sun seemed much closer. What an adventure… but then I woke up in bed and it was my birthday. Katia Avanesov 3VC

We eat delicious food such as turkey and scrumptious Christmas pudding. It’s always incredibly loud in our house with the sound of popping crackers, laughter and carols. We have advent calendars with chocolates inside and the excitement builds as we get closer to Christmas Eve. But most of all it is a time when families get together, grandparents visit and everyone is happy. It must be very sad for those people who live alone. Joseph Champagne, Marcus Cook and Inigo Streets 3VC

My dream house On the outside of my dream house there would be a 25 metre swimming pool with diving blocks and pretty lights built in. The Oval cricket ground would be on the north side, Wimbledon to the south, a football pitch in the east and the Olympic Stadium to the west. In the middle of all of them would be a beautiful water fountain. Inside on the ground floor it would open up into an indoor cricket pitch and in the study there would be a cricket bat factory. On the first floor would be a boxing ring, on the second floor a basketball pitch and on the third level an ice rink.

A wicked smelly potion Two pints of blood An armadillo so your spell will billow Eyes of a bat Tail of a cat Claws of a rat The paw of a pink boar Six crushed mice Lots of lice Mush in some rice with the Bones of a dragon Capture a frog from a bog. Mix well! Willow Carwardine 3VC

I would also have important things like a brilliant kitchen to cook food fit for a sporting legend and beautiful curtains with blossom on them. My dream house would have machines that clean your teeth, get you dressed, make your bed and do all the spring cleaning. So that I wouldn’t be lonely I would live with a cat, three fish and a hamster and have a special robot that did everything I asked it to. Ah. That’s the life! Christopher Sneddon 3VC

The Holmewoodian 2012/13


junior school overview | Sports DAY

Junior School Sports Day Wacky Races and the Mini Olympics have been replaced by a full programme of running, jumping and relays culminating in some highly competitive tug of wars. The afternoon, organised by Mr Thorpe, allowed every child the opportunity to compete and gain valuable points for their Houses. These were added to the totals in the final Sports Day at the end of term.


The Holmewoodian 2012/13

junior school overview | YEAR 4

year 4 Into the Wilderness Woods Survival is one of the highlights of a very active day in the woods where pupils identify useful edible plants, how to build a shelter and the skills of fire lighting. A children’s paradise!

Strike a pose Inspired by portraits in the National Portrait Gallery, pupils listened carefully to the stories behind the paintings. It really was a privilege to enjoy some of our national treasures.

Taking part in smart art

The Holmewoodian 2012/13


junior school overview | YEAR 4

Chilling on the South Lawn

Party piece The Junior School Christmas parties gave the children an opportunity to have some well-earned fun.

Inspirational Knole Knole House provides an impressive setting for a Tudor Day to include dressing in costume, touring the house and learning about the different artefacts used by the rich and poor.

We’re all in this toga-ther Fun facts, Greek costumes and Greek myths and drama all contribute to a valuable educational day. 32

The Holmewoodian 2012/13

junior school overview | YEAR 4

How the Zebra Became One scorching day in Africa, many years ago, all the animals were white and dull. All of the animals were lounging in the sun, gnawing at the tough grass or were fast asleep! Zebra was the dullest and most bored of all because he had no shape and was plain boring.

Book Characters The Phantom of the Opera The Phantom of the Opera wears a black cape and has a mask. (I didn’t know where to get half a mask). He has a silver buckle at the top of his cape. The Phantom also wears black boots and a white top under his cape. His eyes go red when he is angry and he wears a mask because his face frightens everyone when he takes it off. He is a tall man and looks very scary. Everyone thinks he is not real until he haunts Carlotta (the main person who was meant to sing). The Phantom sings at the opera when no one is there. Carlotta is mean and is a very loud person. Rosina White-Belchere 4AH

Horrid Henry Horrid Henry wears black trousers and a blue and yellow T-shirt. His hair is curly, untidy and all messed up. On his face he always has a cheeky smile. Henry hates going to school and would rather be playing on the computer. The way he behaves is naughty. Pizza is his favourite food. He has a younger brother called Perfect Peter and he is not very nice to him. Alex Hall 4AH

Getting into character Year 4 enjoyed getting dressed up as their favourite book characters.

A week later they were still a bit bored, but this time zebra, elephant and lion were playing hide and seek. Later zebra went home for lunch and while he was eating lion and elephant found a cave filled with old scraps of fabric of many colours. Lion and elephant were very excited and so called all the animals to come to the cave. When they were all there they got to choose the colour and pattern of the material they would like. By the time zebra arrived, he was all alone and the only fabric left was little black scraps at the back of the cave. Zebra was smart, so he stuck them all together to make a costume. When he had finished he put it on, but it was too small and it ripped. Zebra left all gloomy and sad, but when the other animals saw him they loved his stripy body and now they always have stripes. Isabella Skarbek 4AH

Abstract Noun Poems Beauty Beauty is pink. It smells like my mum’s Chanel perfume. It tastes like a Victoria sponge cake. It looks like the stars twinkling in the sky. It feels like the sand running through my fingers. It lives in a rainbow. Savannah Winston 4AH

Colours What is Pink? Pink is the colour of strawberry strings. It’s the colour of cupcakes on the table. The roses my mum grows in the garden. And the colour of tissue paper my presents are in. Pink is the colour of hearts jumping. It is the colour of bubble gum. Cordelia Clay 4AH

What is Gold? Gold is the beautiful sunset in the evening. It’s the shiny luminous stars in the night. The golden leaves falling from trees. And happiness is very bright. Gold is the colour of an ancient old ring. It is the colour of the trophy in my room. Cameron Tilley 4AH The Holmewoodian 2012/13


junior school overview | YEAR 4

My Book Review The Roald Dahl book that I read was Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator. In the story a young boy accompanies his parents, grandparents and the one and only Mr Willy Wonka into a world of space, Vermicious Knids and Pooza in a single, glass elevator. The characters are all very likeable, with the exception of the man-eating, planetinvading Vermicious Knids.


Knole House

Love is red It smells like a bouquet of roses It tastes like strawberry ice-cream It feels like velvet It sounds like the beating of my heart It lives in me most of the time. Emerald Black 4SS

On Tuesday 4th June 2013, Year 4 went to Knole House. We went by coach and I sat next to my Mom who came with us. When we got there Barbara Taylor, who is one of the staff, came out to talk to us about Knole House. Barbara told us that Thomas Sackville’s relatives have passed on the house since Tudor times. The Sackville family’s symbol is a leopard. The house has 365 rooms, fifty two staircases, twelve entrances and seven courtyards. It’s like a calendar.

A recipe for a teacher You will need: A squirt of training 100g of laughter 700 spoonfuls of teaching 1 pinch of frightfulness ¾g of madness A splash of forgetfulness 2 cupfuls of smiles 101g of hair 25g of love ½ g of loveliness 25 litres of craziness Method Once mixed, put it in the oven for 3 hours at 160 degrees and there you have it. Toby McWilliams 4KM

Glide like a ballerina A ballerina glides like a swan. She tiptoes across the floor as quick as a feather skating across the grand hall. A ballerina is as silent as a soft breeze of wind. She makes the others as jealous as a green eyed monster. The ballerina’s laugh is as happy as a dog wagging its tail. Her eyes are as bright as the sun shining on a cool bright afternoon. The ballerina is as kind as a kitten. She makes the audience cry with happiness. Her voice is like a soft little door opening. A ballerina will never quit. Manon Rees-Young 4KM 34

Barbara told us we would be doing four activities. The first activity we did was dressing up. I was chosen to be a laundry maid. I am glad I was the laundry maid because it sounded like it was going to be quite easy, but it wasn’t. I held a bar of soap. We got to look at ourselves in the mirror. The next thing we did was have a tour of the house. When we started we went into a place where not many school parties go. It was a very fancy bedroom decorated in a gold colour. Right after that we headed for the courtyard. We had a small test where we had to look around and find out the answers. I only got one wrong. After that we headed back to the coach for lunch. I had a sandwich, chocolate bar, bottle of water, apple and crisps. It was yummy. Then we went back into the house and the last thing we did was to look at Tudor artefacts. I got to touch streamers and a medicine mixer. It was fun holding the streamers. Then we sorted out the things into groups. This was my favourite activity. It was the best Year 4 trip yet! Sophie Smith-Stephens 4SS

Accompanying Mr Willy Wonka and Charlie through a world of chocolate rivers, American Presidents, midget OompaLoompas, suspended elevators, space hotels, continental shock and scared astronauts may be the best thing you do this week. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to read about Wonka-Vite, VitaWonk, three hundred and fifty-eight year old grandmothers, one year old grandfathers and more, although I do NOT advise you to try going into orbit in a small glass lift yourself. (Also don’t try saving American astronauts from being eaten, especially when the President’s listening.) So if you want to read about one little elevator button that saves an entire NASA mission, then this book is for you. A five star book, I’d say. Spruce Campbell 4SS

Alphabet Rhyme A was an aardvark who learned to skate B was a billy goat out on a date, C was a catfish who liked to drink milk D was a doormat dressed up in silk, E was an emu with its head buried deep F was a ferret who fell fast asleep, G was a giraffe with a very long neck H was a hamster scrubbing the deck, I was an iguana who lived in a mill J was a Jack Russell who stood at the till, K was a koala who loved to have fun L was a lamb who looked at the sun, M was a magpie who liked to pick locks N was a nanny goat who wore stripy socks, O was an ostrich who liked to eat lead P was a polar bear asleep in his bed, Q was a queen snake that went kersplat R was a rat completely flat S was a sapling that liked to boast T was a turtle who loved eating toast, U was a unicorn who had three toes V was a vulture with a billion foes, W was a wombat who liked to win races X was an X-ray fish who wore shoes with laces, Y was a yeti who loved to eat carrots Z was a zebra who made friends with parrots! William Banks 4SS The Holmewoodian 2012/13

middle school overview

I would like to start by thanking the hard working Middle School form teachers for their efforts in helping, supporting and encouraging the children in this part of the School. Staff babies amongst these form teachers has been a theme with both Mrs Sanchez and Mrs Simpson producing offspring during the year, resulting in Mr Milner overseeing 5GS for a term and myself taking over from Mrs Sanchez whilst she was on maternity leave. Many congratulations to both families.

Middle School Overview

Another action packed, fun year in the Middle school has drawn to a close and the following pages will give a full flavour of what the Middle School experience is all about. Happy, fun, challenging, stimulating days that help to develop the creative, physical and intellectual growth of pupils as they continue their academic journey and this has been very much a part of Middle school life this year. Visits to places such as the Jewish Museum in London, the Neasden Mandir, the Golden Hinde and Tate Modern, a first aid course, a visit to Chatham Dockyard, Maths challenge events and an academic challenge day at Eastbourne College, a bushcraft day and a camping trip to the Cotswolds have all been greatly enjoyed and enriched the curriculum. I would like to congratulate all the pupils in the Middle School on the fabulous progress that they have made this year and on all their many and various achievements. To the Year 6 leavers, I wish them every success and happiness in the future and to returning pupils to either Year 6 or Year 7, I wish them a fulfilling future at Holmewood and beyond. Enjoy the read and the pictures. PM-J

The Holmewoodian 2012/13


| YEar 5 House Report middle school | Cob overview House

year 5 Novak Djokovic Volley smasher Grand Slam thrasher Opponent defeater Never a cheater. Shot flicker Trophy nicker Ace hitter Couldn’t be fitter. Forehand placer Jaw shaker Drop-shot master Bolt isn’t faster. Federer beater Calorie eater Player lobber Racket shopper. Backhand specialist Foot pedalist Racket hurled Best player in the world. Edward Gent 5SP

The Sun Light bringer Bright singer Golden glower Sky mower Horizon stayer Sky strayer. Isabel Sobowale 5BC

Year 5 Bushcraft Trip The exciting bushcraft day had arrived. All of Year 5 were going to get their first taste of survival skills – cooking over an open fire, first aid training, capturing water in the wild and learning about basic survival skills in remote areas. This was a day I am sure the children will long remember. Imogen Tilley takes up the story of the day. PM-J On Friday the 26th April all the pupils in Year 5 had a fantastic day at Penshurst Place. Our first task was to make a fire using wood the size of matchsticks, fingers, thumbs and wrists and to light it with flint and steel by rubbing them together to create a spark. Then we were given some raw trout and we cooked it on the fire. It was fun because we got to cook it instead of lunch being made for us. The next activity was ‘first aid.’ Our tribe leaders went and hid in the long grass and we had to bandage his/her wound and help them back to the parachute area - the first team to get back to the base was the winner. At the end of the day we played a game of Kipper and talked for a little while on what we had done and reviewed the various activities. After that we headed back to school on the bus. This trip to Penshurst Place will teach us all really useful skills if we are ever lost in a wood or similar. I am sure we’ll never forget what we learnt. This was a fun survival trip. Imogen Tilley 5BC

Frost Oh frost how you shine, You look like crystals all entwined. Oh pretty frost up above, You are as white as a dove. Oh glittering frost, you show That in the moonlight you can glow. Oh beautiful frost, how you gleam In the sunlight you are clean. Oh lovely frost before you go, Can’t you put on a beautiful show? Abigail Curtis 5BC


The Witches’ Spell A moving hand A person’s lungs expanded Some boiled brain of a chicken (It’s not finger lickin’) Lake scum biscuits and mouldy soup Tarantula’s fangs and disgusting gloop Dirt scraped from between a giant’s toes Snot collected from an aardvark’s nose Blood from a corpsed slug Sweat and tears mixed in a mug Leave it a year to mould away Or just say ’bones’ to start the day Hannah Dehdashty 5RF

Snow When the snow fell everything became frost stricken Every area of water was iced over With a dusting of snow on top The trees were dusty skeletons Springing out of a ghostly white desert. The road was black with occasional pock marks of ice hidden by trees. William Woodhouse 5RF

The Holmewoodian 2012/13


Winter As it came slowly and steadily down The children cheered and shouted at the sight of the soft white snow. Cheering, shouting, rushing out of doors Like penguins in the cold icy snow of Antarctica. God sprinkles love and fun upon us as it snows. Tiny angels floating down to the ground. Daniel Terry 5SP

Descriptive writing Hetty timidly tiptoed forward into the deep dark forest. She was a small skinny girl with long straight brown hair tied back into an uneven messy bun. She had a pale plain face. Her twin brother, Sam, was a small fat jolly little lad with rosy cheeks. Hetty was wearing some old black jeans and a dark blue top. Sam was wearing some blue jeans and a red and white t-shirt. Isobel Toalster 5BC

The adventure The battle cry echoed in Ike’s head as he hurried to the castle gate. A fireball whizzed right passed his head singeing his hair and then smashed the gate open. “It’s now or never!” cried Ike as he jumped over the castle wall and through the moat. Ike just made it and was bounding for the forest. He sprinted as fast as he could in his heavy chain mail. He was aiming for the crack in the ground… but he heard the sound of a whip speed through the air. It tangled around his legs… Ben Larrett 5BC Ethan French

The Holmewoodian 2012/13



Nonstop annoying rain Drenching everyone Waterlogging pitches God won’t stop the boring, miserable rain. Too strong for plants Creating horrible mud Like a river, punching the good weather streaming down the road at pace. Filling up dry land Taking down the trees Not a person outdoors frustrating everyone. Just nonstop dreadful rain Crunching as it whacks the ground. Will it ever stop? James Crombie 5SP

It is a furious whirl of wind Destroying cities as it pleases.

It’s ‘swnow’ cold

Ruff shouter Bark screamer Flea bringer Human follower….a dog Lily Lander 5SP

Wow! wow! snow! Watch it go. The perishing cold Takes over our hopeless world. The ice looks like an expensive crystal The snow is shooting down like a pistol. It’s magical, magical, magical I say. The crackling, crunching frost Is everywhere. It’s not the same. Everyone is lost. Josh Parker 5SP

It snatches up benches, cars, buses On occasion, a human too. It whirls round in large amounts It is a moody destroyer made of wind. It’s viscious, cruel and nasty It is a nightmare waiting to come. It could destroy your city one day It sometimes kills people. Let’s hope you don’t bump into this nasty piece of work. Ethan French 5RF



World Book Day Snow

Mixed Weather


Sparkling spinning snow light as a feather twirling, floating around. Down and down it descends, covering all the houses in a glittery layer of icing sugar. Shimmering snow Fluffy like a feathered quilt Smelling as delicious as a freshly baked cake. Sliding snow as light as a feather It feels like smooth silky silk It sounds like a sycamore seed floating down. Sophia Lambert 5SP

It’s cold and bitter, On the street blowing litter, I’m happy, It’s jolly, Winter is here.

The furious, glittering lightning lit up the night sky Like a sea of sparks Veins of purple blood Bringing destruction to cities and citadels It shoots as quick as an eagle descending to its prey It crackles and crumbles until it’s ash Smash Crash Bash It is gone in a blink of an eye. William Newstead 5GS

Snow, snow, snow You fall as fast as an arrow off a bow You cover the cars, the streets and roads And all rivers are six inches deep with ice. Snow, snow your blanket covers all lakes And you turn fields into deserts of snowflakes Your bitter wind punches through skin And children hide from the freezing cold. Snow, snow smart, smart snow You lie untouched in the valley below But soon children will come down your hill On sledges they got from their frost-topped sheds. Snow, snow, snow, When you lie down you’re as thick as dough You’re pure and clean There’s no dirt on you. William Kingston 5GS

It’s wet and hated, I’m devastated, It’s dripping and dropping, Winter is still here. I’m blissful and jolly, The sun is being friendly, It’s kind And caring, Yeah, summer’s here. Maisie Beatton 5GS

Interesting clouds Interesting clouds are overflowing You can’t even see the sky with your own eye. They’re as fluffy as cuddly toys Some look like girls and some look like boys. They are not a very nice colour they are just grey They don’t do much Just lie down all day. When they join up they are one big cloud The clouds become one big crowd Interesting clouds are overflowing the sky Interesting clouds are everywhere. You will never be able to say goodbye. Milo Morse 5GS

A Horse Nostil-snorter Leg kicker Mane shaker Door barger Rein puller Careful listener Food lover Head butter Warm hugger Coat shiner Tail flicker Hoof pounder Muscle rippler Head tosser Kind eyes. Harriet Barker 5GS 38

The Holmewoodian 2012/13

middle school overview | YEar 5

Year 5 trip to Tate Modern and The Golden Hinde

A trip to the Jewish Museum Year 5 enjoyed an absorbing day at the Jewish museum, discovering more about Jewish history, culture and religion in an innovative and compelling environment. The children explored artefacts and learnt about delicacies relating to the festivals of Shabbat, Passover and Hanukah and found out why food is so central to Jewish traditions and culture.

Lights, camera… Preparing for the Middle School play, ‘Mr Humbug sees the Light’.

The Holmewoodian 2012/13


middle school overview | YEar 6

year 6 Camping in the Cotswolds At the start of the summer term, fifty members of Year 6 packed their rucksacks and headed off to the beautiful woods of Cornbury Park for the annual camping trip to the Cotswolds. This year it really was character building as it was bitterly cold, windy and damp at times but it certainly did not dampen the spirits of this enthusiastic group of children and much was packed in to the three days as Anneka will explain…. PM-J and placed on the fire for everyone to eat with bread and paella. After lunch the camp leader demonstrated how to build a basic shelter using twigs before we constructed our own shelters. Once our shelters had been checked we had to invent a tribe name, song and dance. After lots of hushed discussion and secret dancing each group arrived back with a flag design and name. The tribes were ‘Fire Fish’, ‘Fire Embers’, ‘Epic Ninjas’ and ‘Monkey Hangers’. A walk through the deep green forest led us to the campsite. The campsite was well arranged with a cooking tent, Indian tepee, staff tents, portable lavatories and canvas tents for children around the sides of the site and a parachute in the centre.

Night games followed dinner. These were fun and exciting as we all crept around unable to see properly and trying to stay quiet so as not to get found. Around 11pm we went to bed very tired and ready to sleep, not caring about the grim weather.

After meeting the tribe leaders, we were taught how to build a fire. We then had to put it into practice ourselves so that lunch could be cooked. Fresh trout was wrapped

The second day started at 7am. After tent inspection, breakfast was eggy bread and bacon to give us energy. Next, was a lesson on how to navigate if lost. To practise we


played a great game of building a map using twigs and leaves, hiding a box with chocolate inside and then searching for it using the homemade map. Afterwards the tribe leaders gutted two fresh salmon to cook on the fire. The eyes were popped out and four children were brave enough to eat them! Yuck! The wind started to pick up and chunks of dead wood fell off the trees making sleep in our current campsite dangerous. A half an hour walk led us to a lake with canvas tents on the edge and a stone pizza oven. Before making our own pizzas for dinner, we had to collect sticks for the fire and four different types of leaves. Fortunately, the cold weather put a stop to the fresh water swim. After dinner, there were games and singing before heading to find the new tents. Once unpacked, we were rewarded with a hot

The Holmewoodian 2012/13

middle school overview | YEar 6

chocolate under the parachute and exciting games in the dark. The most fun game was trying to make it to the lantern without being seen. Tired, we climbed into our tents ready to sleep. On day three, after a delicious breakfast, we collected firewood. The tribe leaders showed us how to construct a couple of simple traps and then each tribe tried to make their own. The second task was to build a mini shelter. All the tribes set to work vigorously and soon completed the shelters for inspection. After a BBQ lunch the tribes performed their songs and dances. The winners of “Tribe’s got Talent 2013” was “Fire Embers”. Thank yous and goodbyes were said. The campsite was packed away and we began the long journey home. We have many happy memories from Cornbury Park that we will never forget. Anneka Pink 6LBG

The Holmewoodian 2012/13


middle school overview | YEar 6

Costumes, hair, makeup and ready for the stage

Stranded in the jungle

The Tiger


Practically lifeless, I lay, floating on the cool silent waters on the outskirts of the scorching, mountainous realms of Africa. I woke, eventually, partly due to the humid heat but also because evening had dawned and suddenly I was very conscious of where I was. I was stranded in the jungle, alone with the deadly aroma that lay there, hidden in the gloom, ready to pounce.

His eyes are like the burning flames of hell looking at you. He is as fast as a Buggati Veyron Super Sport. His fur is as soft as a blanket. His orange fur is as beautiful as the sunset and his white fur glistens in the moonlight. His black fur is as dark as the night sky. His wet symmetrical nose can detect danger from afar. Cory Van-Tongeren and Anthony Wane 6CS

Fireworks flying, swooping through the sky In a moment, the sky is a field of firework flowers Ruby, emerald, sapphire, amber, silver, gold. Like a treasure chest.

Perplexed, I picked myself up, wearily stumbled towards a tree and gazed around me, cautiously. The great yellow sun now gleamed a bright, coral colour and stung my eyes as I glared up at it through the trees. I anchored my wooden boat and rummaged through my supplies for a rope‌ Amy Herbert 6LBG


Everyone staring, holding their breath Worlds exploding and fading Others, far away, can see the flowers of victory in the sky. Raining sparks, up shoot the squealers Cartwheeling dizzyingly round and round. Then, silence as the final sparks fall to earth. Maddie Hopper 6LBG

The Holmewoodian 2012/13

middle school overview | YEar 6

Fireworks They call out and it starts. I hear whistling, hissing and crackling. Suddenly, there are beautiful colours. A rainbow pops out and falls, looking like a chandelier. Roaring fireworks sizzle in the smoky air. I gaze at the atmosphere in amazement My eyes blinking every time it goes bang. The smoke is killing - great black clouds - but it is worth it. I feel like I can taste the fireworks in my mouth Popping and fizzing like sweets. I’m in my own world and the freezing stops. I can feel my toes now. Bang. And that’s the last of it. Eleanor Rhodes 6SL

Instead of tidying my room…

It is…(blood clot) It is a pond overgrown with lily pads and weed, with a beautiful water lily in the middle. It is a photo which a child has spattered paint on. It is a tangled spider’s web, damp with the morning dew. It is a beanbag with a dent in the middle, where someone has been sitting. It is a bowl used for washing your face in the water it contains. It is a ball covered in bobbles that goes with the clothes in the tumble dryer. It is the telephone wires, all tangled, where the birds like to sit. It is a great adventure playground with ropes and places to climb and hide and explore. It is a giant swimming pool full of giant inflatables and matted lane ropes. It is a secret garden for fairies to play in and learn to fly. Amy Thomas 6LBG

World Book Day

When I’m asked to tidy my room, I moan. I’m sent upstairs and told not to come down until I’m finished. Instead, I lie on my bed and look at comics. After that, I play some games and then I fall asleep. I wake up to find my room spotless. How could that be? I find out that it was my mum who thought if I tried to do it, it would be even worse. Edmund Tansley 6LBG

Stained glass windows I sit, forgotten, lost and still, As many have sat before me. Crowned in foreboding darkness, until, Discovered, and wanted to see. My wood a forest of crevices, And my arms, once smooth, now cracked. Legs destroyed by weights of age With a break upon my back. Then, at Sunday Service, I felt the God, the king Displayed in furs and gilded gowns, I heard the church bells ring. Yet, my vanity pays the price, My future’s yet to come. Now hung with slip’rry webs of doom, My past year’s song is sung. Aria Baker 6LBG

The Holmewoodian 2012/13


House Report SENIOR school | Cob overview House

Senior School Overview

This is a happy and important time for Holmewood when we rejoice in the academic and sporting prowess of the Senior School as well as their contribution to the musical, dramatic and artistic life of the School. There is much to celebrate in the achievements of the Senior School; the bad news is that it would take pages to list all the highlights and I do not want to cause offence by not acclaiming a winning team,


a virtuoso concert or a spellbinding piece of drama. Holmewood continues to be a dynamic community, in the literal sense that it changes and evolves as each generation arrives with new energy, promise, hope and possibilities. The School is built on a belief that the task of education is to inspire a thirst for knowledge and teach fundamental truths underpinned by values such as tolerance, integrity and respect for others.

Year 8s are prepared for the world outside Langton Green, they are encouraged to broaden their horizons, ask pertinent questions, accommodate different points of view and learn when to speak and when to be silent. We want them to be creative and caring citizens of the world. I wish all the leavers success in the future and I hope they will look back at their time at Holmewood with happiness. K O’R

The Holmewoodian 2012/13


YEAR 7 The light at the end of the tunnel People live, people die, people kiss, people cry. But I was stuck in the middle… always in a sort of limbo between life and… well… death. I was confused about who I was, where I was and who other people were; but now I understand everything. It’s like I was in the dark but I saw a light at the end of the tunnel. The light of heaven. I was hit by a bus in May 2012 and had been watching over my family for almost a year. My son had grown up to be a muscular man, my daughter a beautiful young lady and my wife had finally recovered from my death. I saw what they did, day in and day out, and how I was lost from their routine. I was in neither heaven nor hell but limbo. All I had to do was help my family with one problem. .. Jamie Davidson-Grear 7PM I started to run. Willing myself onwards. I was halfway through the tunnel now and I had started to relax. That was when I fell over. I tripped on the line and my ankle got caught. I tried to get it free and I pulled and pulled. Eventually my foot came out and then I got the fright of my life. I could feel the track trembling as if something huge was bearing down. I looked up and I saw a light at the end of the tunnel and it was getting closer and closer. I tried to move out of the way or at least stand up but I couldn’t because of

my ankle and the immense fear that was building up inside me. As the train loomed up above me, I saw the name ‘Motnahp’ printed on the front. I closed my eyes and waited. But nothing happened. Eventually, I opened them, and I was still in the tunnel but the train had disappeared. I thought about the name on the train and my brain seemed to switch it around and I realised it had said ‘Phantom.’ Peter Kingston 7PM As the tunnel came into sight, Jack glimpsed a sleak, black Alfa Romeo gradually catching up with them. But the moment they entered

the tunnel, Jack’s nose caught the stench of oil and then he saw it. A giant oil tanker on its side, covering the whole tunnel with oil gently flowing out of it. Jack’s father slammed on the brakes, but it was too late. He lost control of the car and they spun two hundred and seventy degrees before slamming, side on, into the tanker. But before they had time to move away, the Alpha Romeo speared into the side of the car. There was an explosion and then just the drip of oil. Michael Procter 7PG

Snowboard Barbarians They are absolutely insane. I mean, look at them! There’s something wrong with their brains. Twisting and turning and spinning around, Jumping, before plummeting to the ground. I just don’t get why they have to use a snowboard Tearing down the slopes and causing discord. All the other skiers quickly dodging out of the way The little kids’ faces showing obvious dismay. “What are they doing mummy? It looks rather scary!” And all the normal skiers have to stay wary. Bowling over innocent pedestrians Those evil snowboard barbarians. Mariella Kennedy 7PM

Year 7 demonstrating the art of forced perspective

The Holmewoodian 2012/13



Going surfing If I were to find a beach With not a soul around, I’d see how many footprints I could lay across the ground. And in that sand those prints would stay Until the tide washed them away. Twice a day Tide sweeps the shore Collecting footprints, shells and more. As I paddle out to sea I think “What a thrill. Just my board and me”. We’re ready to catch some serious waves Oh there’s one straight ahead Today we shan’t go to our graves We’ll carry on instead. We climb so high up the wave There’s no turning back They won’t catch us as their slave. Ready? Now. Attack. Down the wave we plummet Sailing like a bird We climbed to the summit The spray made it blurred. Back down again, it’s boring But my mind holds every bit The memory of soaring. And so now I quietly sit. Maisie Ringer 7BG

In the thirteenth hour the world was at peace And everyone stopped competing And all wars came to an end And every bomb was defused. Every army dropped their guns And rushed to help the wounded And all wounds were healed And the dead came alive. And the darkness became light. In defeat came hope Through tears came a smile Lions stopped hunting for other animals Dogs and cats were friends And owls gave mice rides through the sky. In the thirteenth hour Corruption vanished And Blackadder went on the TV automatically. But in the end nothing lasts forever. But remember… When the hour is over And the clock chimes again Fantasy may become reality. Harry Springett 7BG

The Tech Lab Scissors snipping, snip snap The drill shuddering Nails rattling in a tin The jigsaw juddering A hammer thudding, thud bang Pencil leads snapping with a ping Door slamming, teacher shouting A white sink, tap running Whooshing and gurgling A file smoothing Backwards and forwards To and fro Keeping the orchestra In time. Marcus Winston 7PG

Fergus, Oscar and Ollie with Olympic gold medallist Daley Thompson, at the Daley Thompson Rugby School in Brighton

In the Thirteenth Hour In the thirteenth hour Alarm bells will ring Every screen showing red number codes Flashing across the screen. In the thirteenth hour The sun will fall from the sky Plants will wither People will run as fire roars everywhere. In the thirteenth hour Nightmares will come true Clowns will appear at every corner Offering you red balloons Their laughter ringing in your ears. In the thirteenth hour The Pied Piper will return So don’t let your children out of your sight. Annabel Goodman 7BG


The Holmewoodian 2012/13


World Book Day

A review of the staging of Great Expectations Year 7 pupils were invited to the play, Great Expectations, at the Odeon, Tunbridge Wells as it was broadcast live from the Vaudeville Theatre in the West End of London. The stage was a replica of Miss Havisham’s sombre room in which she lived most of her life, mourning her dreadful losses. There was a large table in the centre which had many uses in re-enacting Pip’s memories, for example, teaching Pip to be a gentleman. Placed on the back of the sooty table was a tiered, deteriorated, putrid wedding cake which could hardly be called that as it had been gnawed and mangled by scurrying

creatures such as monstrous spiders and scrambling insects. I think that the set, the cake in particular, constantly reminds you that this story is not just of Great Expectations but of destroyed illusions and ever-lasting disappointments. However, I think that the cake was quite inaccurate as, in the book, the definition of a bride-cake was, “a simple, large, round fruit cake covered in white icing raised on a stand.” It also states that tiered wedding cakes were not around until the late 19th century, but this cake was tiered. Ellen Crombie 7PM

Forced point perspective art

The Holmewoodian 2012/13


| YEar 7 House Report SENIOR school | Cob overview House

The Year 7 French trip – through their eyes When I was going to France I did not think that I was going to learn much French but I think being immersed in the culture for a week really extended my knowledge of the French language. You learn it in a fun way through the activities. I really enjoyed the trip and I thank all the teachers. Fergus O’Brien 7PG The French trip is great fun and is full of great activities. I especially liked the assault course. Tom Taylor 7PM Great fun and is definitely worth going on. Best school trip ever! Peter Kingston 7PM I thought I would be homesick but I really enjoyed it. The activities were fun and the staff are really friendly. Stephanie Andrews 7BG I really enjoyed the French trip. It was my first time abroad, so much fun and I was learning at the same time. Annabel Goodman 7BG I really enjoyed the Year 7 French trip because it was really good fun and at the same time I learnt lots of French. Kristina Huckstepp 7PG It was fun, amazing and best of all we all enjoyed it, especially when Mme Jackson did the assault course with group G. Also you learn lots of French. Man Ho Tang 7PG I felt the French trip threw a new perspective on looking after myself. Michael Procter 7PG The French trip is a great opportunity to speak and learn a new language. I loved spending time away with my friends. Oliver Gent 7PM I had a great time on the Year 7 French trip. I would really recommend it to the years below. It made my French so much better. Henry Goodall 7PG


The Holmewoodian 2012/13

SENIOR school overview | YEar 8

year 8 Now is the time Sweat poured down my face like a waterfall, yet I kept running. My lungs burnt like they would burst, yet I kept running. My muscles screamed at me. I kept running. Mr Bird’s office was just like any other. It had plain grey walls with the occasional poster to brighten things up a little. Aside from the fact that they were grey as well, it looked fine. There was a portrait on his desk, some pencils, a laptop, nothing much. Apart from the fact that he had approximately twenty-seven 24-carat gold bars in a hidden drawer. He had stolen them from the highest security bank in all of Britain and no-one had noticed yet. The ventilation system was shut. A screwdriver made short work of that. I closed the shaft behind me, masking any trace that I had been here. Or so I thought... Adam Trusted 8AS

which my family came out of the house like a swarm of bees looking for a new nest - but their new nest was me. Harry Foreman 8AS

Home at last


“Home at last,” I thought to myself as I trudged through the old gate with the dodgy hinge. My dog, Arthur, rushed out and greeted me by dropping his sodden worn-out dog ball between my feet with pride.

Charlie, a seven year old boy, was just like any other seven year old boy. He was naughty and cheeky and he loved adventures and comic books. When he was older, he wanted to be a superhero. Not just any superhero, he wanted to be Superman.

I threw the ball down alongside the hedgerow and he scrabbled after it. Next out was my brother, Jack, who happened to be taking out the trash but, as he acknowledged me, he dropped the rubbish and ran inside shouting, “He’s back!” after

Charlie would always dress up like Superman and copy what he would do in his comics. He would constantly save cats out of trees and old ladies from being attacked. Once, he nearly jumped out of the car to try and stop some burglars from robbing a bank.

Superman was Charlie’s idol and Charlie knew that one day, he would be the new Superman. Of course, Charlie didn’t actually do all these heroic deeds; it was all in his imagination – but one day, not too far in the future, all that changed. Anna Davis 8AS

It was hard work but we had fun too

On the bus I took a seat near the front and when I sat down a plume of dust gathered in the air from the filthy red seats. The smell of egg sandwiches from the back of the bus wafted into my nostrils as we very steadily gained speed up the long and dreary hill. Ten minutes passed and I didn’t recognise where I was. A mouldy apple drifted down the aisle when we came to an abrupt stop at a run-down, shack looking bus stop. Tough, wiry grass bordered its way round the bus stop and litter floated around in the deep breeze. Prue Barnes 8KO

The Holmewoodian 2012/13


| YEar 8 House Report SENIOR school | Cob overview House

The Head Teacher

The Bully

As I flew across the corner, I nearly shot into Mr Sorrington, the Head Teacher. He had silky brown chestnut hair combed to one side and his face was lightly suntanned making his similarly coloured glasses melt into his thin face. He wore a loose shirt, frayed and old, screaming to be replaced after a good twenty years of service. His black Italian shoes were covered in an inch of polish and smacked down on the traditional wooden floor, giving a distinctive clack-clack as he shimmied across the room. Finlay McLennan 8KO

A punch and a whack A kick and a smack A flick and a kick Next time be quick.

A particularly peaceful moment There was almost no sound. Just the gentle relaxing rhythmic rustle of the trees. Each individual tree swayed in its own unique way. Some were stubborn and would not sway gracefully and were forced from one side to the other. Some trees were illdisciplined and swayed irregularly like a playground of kids darting about. The smell of summer filled the air. The sweet scent of roses danced around me as if trying to lure me in. Sadly, the roses were occupied by a swarm of indulging bees that put me on edge. Ashkon Javadi 8KO

LUNETTES Ou le style est confort !

Making me beg Or else a dead leg A laugh and a mumble A push and a stumble. Surrounded by crowds Gathering dark clouds Teasing games Calling me names. Sticks and stones May break my bones But words will always hurt me. Tara Goodsell 8PC

Les verres de Dior sont confortables et à la mode, Ils mettant égalementà jour les nouvelles tendances. Un bon nombre de styles différentes pour tou

Grace Fleming 8AS

Les babybels - un paquet de joie.

Hide and seek After twenty minutes, I started calling her name telling her she had won. She still hadn’t emerged. I searched everywhere within the boundary. I started screaming now. I was panic stricken. I had no idea what to do. Mum expected us home from the park in five minutes. I checked everywhere again and then checked outside the boundary to see if I could find her. Surely she would have heard me? I had no way to get in touch with her. I sprinted back to my bike and sped home. My mum opened the door and she knew straight away. Catherine McMahon 8PC

Avec beaucoup de différentes saveurs à apprécier, il y a sûrement un babybel pour vous. L’ouverture est aussi excitante que la consommation, grâce à l’emballage amusant qui enferme la texture merveilleusement crémeuse de la boule de fromage.

Emma Gill 8AS

Vous Voulez des chocolatés? Obtenez Toblerone. Obtenez-le maintenant!!!! Diffèrent types de Toblerone:

Le classique fait de chocolat foncé.

fait avec les amandes et le miel.

fait avec un mélange de fruit et de noix.

Toblerone enduit de chocolat blanc.

Achetez deux pour le prix d’un à Sainsburys. Voyez pour plus d’informations.

Ben Fleming 8AS


The Holmewoodian 2012/13

SENIOR school overview | YEar 8

The Leavers’ Supper Mr Marjoribanks, the Housemasters and Housemistresses and House Tutors hosted the Leavers’ supper in the summer term. Achievements of the year group were acknowledged and the Headmaster urged the children to take full advantage of all that their onward schools had to offer.

The Coffee Shop

Homer Simpson

Door jingles People mingle Warm sounds Crumbs abound Sweet coffee Latte frothy Clothes of silk Steaming milk Milkshake sippers Lip-smacking lickers Biscuit biters Gossip writers Cheeky chatterers Back patterers Tea cup chinkers Shy blinkers Noisy slurpers Vulgar burpers Sugar lump ploppers Talk alottas. Amelia Tracey 8KO

Extreme burper Power plant worker Bomb thrower Lawn mower Duff drinker Pool ball sinker Stupid ideas Undersized ears Yellow skin Silly grin Spike haired son Blue haired mum And growing out Not up. Will Miller 8PC

The Holmewoodian 2012/13


| YEar 8 House Report SENIOR school | Cob overview House

Outward Bound The weather was kind to us - warm and dry - when we returned to Brimpts Farm for the Outward Bound. The Year 8s had a fantastic time taking part in all the activities that were on offer including caving, abseiling, kayaking and mountain biking. In addition, we had a day of walking, abseiling and climbing at Foggintor Quarry. Everyone came back refreshed and invigorated for the end of term. Thank you to Mr Bass-Gualbert and Mr Crombie for all they did, but I’d like to mention Mrs Masters in particular because it was her last trip to the west country with us. I am in no doubt that she has many happy memories of her HH adventures on Dartmoor. SL


The Holmewoodian 2012/13

SENIOR school overview | YEar 8 REFLECTIONS

Year 8 has been a great final year. Although there is a lot of work to be done, I would advise everyone to stay on until the end. The work pays off nicely and after the exams, you can enjoy yourself.

Another of the things I will never forget are the school trips to a variety of interesting places. On the French trip I found out that standing up in a canoe is not a good idea. And on the Year 6 camping trip, after building a quite pleasurable five star tent in the Oxfordshire woods, I found out that having the ceiling collapse and logs crush me in my sleep isn’t very nice. After that experience, my tent got a downgrade - now only a 3 star!

Head Boys’s speech Obviously, I was honoured when I was told that I was to be Head Boy. But, after focusing on not falling down the stairs in assembly when I received my tie, I realised I had to do this speech. Anyway, moving on... I joined Holmewood House in the spring term of Year 5 and one of my first memories of the school was snow. My first day involved a treacherous journey to school, where my Mum’s driving ability was put to the test and, quite frankly, proved to be below standard. I think I earned a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for the shortest first day of school as we clocked in a mere five seconds before school was abandoned. A big part of my four years at Holmewood has been the teachers. I would like to thank Mr Fretwell for helping me settle in as my first form teacher and helping me get the hang of French after starting it for the first time in Year 5; and I will always remember the suspensefilled maths lessons which usually included some questions that even Mr Soutar had to think about, and the strange and sometimes mind bogglingly odd facts from Mr Smith in English. Now some of you may think that a Head Boy’s most important job is to make this speech, or to be a good ambassador for the school. Well, you’re wrong. It’s actually re-filling Mr Smith’s flask of coffee every day. For doing that every day I would like to thank Chris from the kitchen.

The Holmewoodian 2012/13

Sport has also played a big part of my time at Holmewood and I am truly grateful for all the opportunities and facilities available. The highlights of my sporting career were winning the Richie Richardson 6-aside cricket tournament and being made 1st XI Hockey vice-captain and receiving my colours. I would like to thank Mr Cook for introducing me to hockey, a game I will hopefully continue beyond school. Now, some of you may remember a previous Head Boy, Ollie Hayes. A couple of years ago, he called cricket “the harshest punishment ever inflicted on an innocent child.” Well some of you may have figured out from my size and physique that rugby and I are not best friends. In fact I try not to do rugby at all, if possible. Personally I feel that cricket is a much more suitable game for those of us who are vertically challenged. After all, not many people like facing the prospect of having Toby or Ashkon come round the ruck, pick you up, run with you for a few metres before realising your presence and swatting you off like a fly. I know that from a personal experience. Thanks guys! Overall, I have experienced some of the best moments of my life at Holmewood House. I now move on to Tonbridge: new opportunities where I will feel even smaller and even worse at rugby. But, I feel that Holmewood House has given me the skills and knowledge to face these new challenges. Ben Fleming

Head Girl’s speech I don’t think I need to tell anyone in this room how great Holmewood is. But what makes it so special? The pupils? The opportunities? The staff? Or maybe even the parents? No. I believe that it is all of these aspects that make Holmewood House what it is. I’ve been at this school for nine years and it has been a world of opportunities in which every moment has been worthwhile, from Miss Doyle’s class in Reception all the way to Mr O’Riordan’s class in Year 8. The staff encourage you, even from a tender age, to try something new. I think I’m right in saying that all the Year 8s have found something at this school, aside from our academic lives, that we enjoy and are good at. Without that little push and opportunity to try that special something, we may not have found it. Although the teachers are very supportive and say “I’ll be there to catch you if you fall” Mrs Cook didn’t always catch me when it came to my early days on the vault! In her defense I wasn’t very good. As I got older and perhaps a little more experienced, it didn’t really matter as, when it came to competition time, Mrs Cook’s night-before shandy came in quite handy in my performances. Parents of gymnasts please don’t panic; it’s really lemonade with a tiny little drizzle of beer. Of course, I wouldn’t want to get Mrs Cook into too much trouble; she’s one of the people I’m going to miss.

When my class was asked by Mr Morgan-Jones, “What has been the highlight at Holmewood for you?” the most popular answer was “the outward bound”. If getting wet, muddy and bitten by mosquitoes isn’t a bundle of fun then what is? I think the activities that a lot of us enjoyed the most were caving and abseiling - the activities that most people are nervous about. If you doubt whether or not you could cope with that, it would be a huge shame to miss it. ‘Giving it a try’ is what my mother would have now referred to as ‘character building’, which the whole experience certainly was. I couldn’t possibly leave without finishing off with a thank you or two. If you’re not mentioned in this, that doesn’t mean that I’m not grateful. There are the teachers who are responsible for helping us reach our next stage in life; the sports staff that help to increase our success on the sports fields; the staff who make sure that the school and grounds looks immaculate and ship-shape; the cooks, without whom we would go hungry; and, of course, the governors who play a large part in managing the school and making sure that we are in a good environment, along with the Headmaster and Deputy Headmaster, who care about every pupil’s wellbeing at this school. Thank you. Finally a thank you goes out to the parents, without whom none of us would be here. I suppose that’s partly because they are the ones who have to pay our school fees and not us. Now that my nine years here as a pupil is only a mere few hours from its close, I can happily say that I have had a great time here and that I will miss Holmewood. I hope that you will all enjoy Sports Day and a well-deserved summer holiday. Sophie Rieckmann 53

| YEar 8 REFLECTIONS House Report SENIOR school | Cob overview House




I arrived at HH in Nursery and from then onwards I have had an awesome time. All the teachers have been excellent in the lead up to CE and when I’ve needed help they have given it to me and to others. My best achievements include being in the 1st XI for football for two years, gaining the captaincy in my last match in football and splitting a hockey ball in three during a match. Also I have gained colours in hockey. My best memory was passing my Cranbrook exam and the Year 8 Outward Bound trip. I would like to thank Mr O’Riordan for all of the boarding, Miss Mather for being my Housemistress and all of the sports staff. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at HH and I will be going on to Cranbrook school with an average of 74%.

I started my journey at HH in Year 4 in Mrs Hill’s class. I was welcomed thoroughly and made many new friends. Throughout my time at HH I have created many memories. I especially enjoyed the Hansel and Gretel play in Year 4 when I was a narrator. My favourite memory was the Year 7 French trip to Normandy. HH has offered me so many opportunities and I am very happy to have been part of the netball, hockey, rounders, swimming and gymnastics teams. I am also thrilled to have gained my triple colour tie. I enjoyed playing the piano and cornet and I am very pleased that I am working towards my Grade 3 piano. I have really enjoyed every moment of my five years at HH and I feel that I have gained as much as I could out of it. I will be sad to leave but I am sure that I will have just as an enjoyable time at Eastbourne College and I will remember all of my happy memories.

I arrived at HH in Year 5. I have really enjoyed my time at the School. I have had many opportunities, including being the captain of 3rds rugby. I have had a fun time especially going on the French trip in Year 7. I have achieved a DT scholarship to Claremont but I am going to Cranbrook with Alex Attwal. I will miss HH but still hope to keep in touch with my friends.


Archie I came to HH in Nursery at the age of three. I was here till Year 3, when I left for Ashdown House. I had many good times there like singing at Glyndebourne and staying in France for a term (Sauvaterre) but after four years I arrived back at HH. Luckily for me, all my old friends still remembered me and I slipped back into the routine. I became a keen fullback of the 3rd XI football. I also became the second row of the 1st and 2nd XV. The seconds were nearly unbeaten but we lost to Hurst. I have had so many good times here and will miss it a lot. I move on to King’s Canterbury.

The Holmewoodian 2012/13

SENIOR school overview | YEar 8 REFLECTIONS



I joined HH in Year 2. I have some amazing memories and created some amazing friends. I was part of seconds football with a great team who took us all the way to an unbeaten season. I was also part of the firsts rugby and the seconds in hockey and cricket. My best achievement was for the 1st rugby team - coming sixteenth nationally. My best memory is the Year 8 Outward Bound. I would like to thank all of the teachers who have guided me through CE and all of the sports staff. Throughout HH I’ve had a memorable time. My future school is Bennett Memorial.

I joined HH in Reception and instantly made many friends and felt very welcome. The Pre-Prep is a wonderful environment and made it easy moving to the Prep school. Music has always been a big part of my life at HH. I have just taken my Grade 6 violin exam and have been in choirs, orchestras and string groups throughout my time here. My greatest achievement in music is becoming the Leader of the Senior Orchestra. I have loved being a member of Ash House and have enjoyed taking part in House events. I have taken part in LAMDA and gained my Grade 4. I have always tried my best at sport and loved supporting my team in matches. My favourite memories were going on the Year 7 French trip and going on the South African Exchange. I will miss being at HH as I have been here for nine years now, but I will enjoy going to Sevenoaks where I gained an academic scholarship.

Eva I first came to HH in Reception where I was greeted by Miss Wilson. I made lots of friends who I have now known for nine years and who have come with me on all the amazing trips; the ski trips, the Outward Bound and French trip being my favourites. I always enjoyed the music and sport and played twice in the IAPS for rounders and netball. There have been amazing opportunities for us at HH; sport and drama for example. I wish I had done more drama as I found out in the Year 8 play how much fun it actually was. I will miss HH greatly but I am also looking forward to moving on to Sevenoaks. The Holmewoodian 2012/13

Peter I started at HH in 2003 in the Nursery, so I have been at the school for a whopping ten years. From Nursery to Year 8, I have grown not just in height but in confidence also. I have many friends and have achieved a thing or two! In my last year at HH I think I achieved great success - such as being in the undefeated 2nd XI football team, being discovered as a copy of the famous Chinaman in the 2nd XI cricket team and being

selected for the England Under 14 shooting team. In my CE exams I achieved an average of 63%. I was offered a place at Eastbourne College and I accepted. I am the last of four of the Dickinson family children, all of whom have been educated at HH. I hope I will be remembered in the Dickinson history.

Cara I joined HH in Year 6 and was immediately made to feel welcome because everyone was very friendly towards me. The atmosphere in school is helped by the enthusiastic and approachable teachers. They were always there to help and it is thanks to them that I have managed to gain an academic scholarship to Sevenoaks. I have many great memories from HH but my favourite was probably the assault course on the French trip because we all got covered in mud and, even though we were all freezing, we had a great time. My favourite trip was easily the South African Exchange in Year 7 because I got to experience the culture and have made friends which I will keep for a lifetime. I have also enjoyed being part of Yew House. My favourite House experience was ‘It’s a Knockout’ in Year 6. I had much fun doing the comedy sketches in Year 6 and this year I enjoyed being a muse in the Year 8 play. I also had lots of fun doing Grade 4 LAMDA and managed to pass with very good marks, thanks to the drama staff. I will miss the teachers, the facilities and the excellent food at HH, but most of all I will miss the friends I have made here. I’m sure we will all keep in touch. 55

| YEar 8 REFLECTIONS House Report SENIOR school | Cob overview House




I joined Holmewood House in Year 5 and ever since I have been made to feel welcome. The teaching has been incredible and ultimately led to me achieving a scholarship to Tonbridge. Sport has played an immense part in my time at HH. I have never really been the most skilful footballer but I proved it’s not all about skill when I scored thirteen goals in the season to become the Year 8 top goal scorer. Hockey has also been my big passion and I was honoured to be named Vice-Captain and to receive my colours. I now move on to Tonbridge knowing that my time at Holmewood has given me the knowledge and skills to face a new challenge.

I arrived at HH in Year 3 when I was six years old. I joined a class of all boys in Mrs Bailey’s class. I was happy to have joined in Year 3 as no-one else in my year knew their way around the school either. I like to think I have used the sports facilities to my full potential as I was in the top teams for all my sports. I really enjoyed the French trip and the Year 8 play in which I was a ballerina! I now move on to Tonbridge.

I joined HH in reception and, being one of the youngest, I was extremely nervous but I was warmly welcomed and made many friends. Throughout my journey, sport has always played a big part in my HH career. In Year 8, I gained my hockey colours and although I didn’t qualify for the Nationals I have still thoroughly enjoyed my athletics and hope to continue both sports at Brighton, along with others. I owe a big thank you to all the staff who have taught me from Reception up until now, as they have all contributed to my achievement of the fifth academic scholarship to Brighton College. I know that I will miss all the great friends I have made along the way, but I hope to stay in contact with them and hope to make many more friends at Brighton which I hope will be as much fun as HH has been.

Grace I joined HH in Nursery. I have really enjoyed my time at the school and made many friends. My favourite memory is the gym competition, when we went to Brussels. My favourite trip was the Year 7 French trip. Gymnastics has been a huge part of my life. Mrs Cook has always encouraged me and in Year 8 she appointed me Captain of gym which boosted my confidence. I have always had a love for swimming; my parents found that out when I was two and jumped into a pool and swam to the other side! I have never been the quickest, but I always tried my best to turn up to the sessions and in Year 8 I was the age group champion and was awarded Captain of swimming. I was lucky enough to be in the first team for hockey, netball and rounders. I have only recently started playing tennis and I absolutely love it! I was lucky enough to be the first person to be awarded my triple colour tie and have five colours, gymnastics, swimming, rounders, hockey and netball. I attempted an academic scholarship and passed on papers to Sevenoaks School. I have loved my time at Holmewood which has been helped along by Mr Gripper, my Housemaster and Mr O’Riordan, my tutor.


Harry I started my time here at HH in Nursery at the age of three. I arrived from a school in London halfway through the year so I was pleased that I managed to make friends, amongst them Mattie Hayes and Hugo Pettman. They helped me to settle in and make more friends. At the age of six I was in Mrs Jackson’s class and I remember doing a project with the Year 7s at that time. They will currently be in the last year of their senior schools. My sporting prowess is mainly tennis but I do enjoy hockey as well. I enjoyed being in the 1st XI hockey, football and cricket teams and also the 1st V squash and the 1st IV tennis. My favourite trip was the Year 7 French trip and my favourite memory was beating Ashkon Javadi (1st XV rugby number 8) at the javelin in Year 7 and achieving a scholarship to Radley College in Oxford. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at HH.


Toby Having been at HH since Nursery I have spent almost all of my childhood here and I have enjoyed every bit of it. I had a great time on the French trip even though I got the worst cold but it has been a very fond memory of mine all the way through Year 7 and 8. Throughout my time at HH the staff have been very supportive and helpful. I will be rather sad to leave HH because throughout my long journey I have made many friends, but I am now very much looking very forward to my time at Bede’s.

I arrived at HH in Nursery. My ten years at HH have been incredible with great memories. I have had lots of laughs with many friends. All the sports teachers have helped me in cricket, football, rugby and hockey. Sport at HH has opened me up to many opportunities including being a boss at long jump! I have been proud to represent HH in many sporting events. CE was very tough. I leave for Tonbridge.

The Holmewoodian 2012/13

SENIOR school overview | YEar 8 REFLECTIONS




I arrived at HH in Year 4 in Mrs Burdekin’s class. The four years I have been here I have thoroughly enjoyed. I have made very close friends and hope to stay in contact with them. My highlights of HH have been the sports facilities (especially netball), and the French trip. I am moving on to Benenden.

I joined HH ten years ago in Nursery and went into Mrs Willkie’s class. I enjoyed my years in Pre-Prep and Nursery, and the school offered a range of opportunities including trips to Wilderness Wood and Drusillas in Year 3. My favourite trip and experience was the French trip in Year 7. Most of my best memories should probably stay untold but standing out is the 1st XV rugby season in Year 8 and the French trip which was fun. Some of my achievements are gaining 1st XV rugby colours and playing 2nd XI hockey. I also obtained a scholarship to Tonbridge School.

After being at Holmewood for exactly a decade, I have different feelings towards leaving. To start with, I feel sad to be leaving many of my friends and teachers, the latter who have supported me throughout my career at Holmewood; but then I also feel excitement to be joining Tonbridge, where I achieved an academic scholarship. This year was probably the best year for my sporting achievements. I was in the 1st XV for rugby, where I also got my colours, the 2nd XI for hockey and cricket, and the 3rd XI for football. I would like to thank several teachers - Mr Smith, who supported and taught me in my later years at Holmewood, Mr Morgan-Jones, who was there for me in Year 5 and 6 and Mr Cook who, as my Housemaster, supported me throughout all my time in the Prep school.

Emily I started at HH in Nursery and have been here for ten years. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at HH and will be very sad to leave. My highlight has been the sport; I was part of the netball, rounders, hockey and swimming teams and was delighted to be the Captain of netball. I was thrilled to gain my triple colour tie. During my time here I have made many memories and I will be taking all of these with me when I move to my new school in Hong Kong.

Robert I joined HH in Year 6 and went into Mr Leegood’s class where he welcomed and supported me for my first year. Everyone was really supportive and helpful when I joined. In my time at HH I have made lots of friends and memories. My most memorable moment was winning the plate competition at Windlesham House in the rugby sevens; it was such a tiring day but it all paid off. My greatest achievement at HH was being appointed Captain for the 1st XI football team by Mr Waterman and Mr Crombie. It was such a good feeling having all my friends help me and support me while I was captain. I will be joining Tonbridge.

The Holmewoodian 2012/13

Ashkon The vast variety of sport at HH has opened my eyes to a competitive but fun world. Sport has shaped my time here and I was proud to captain the 1st XV and 1st VII team for the School which I captained to the top 16 for the UK. I even managed to make an appearance in the 1st XI hockey team, although I was mainly captain of the 2nd XI team. Mr Gripper, Mr O’Riordan, Mr Thorpe, Mr Cook and Mr Waterman and the gappies have propelled me in my sporting adventure. However, friends have truly made this time an amazing experience at HH. I will definitely be keeping my friends on my way to Tonbridge as they have been mega awesome.

Olivia I joined HH in Nursery and have enjoyed my ten years here. Ski trips, the French trip, the Outward Bound trip, the South Africa exchange and sport have been my best memories of my years at the shcool. I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment. The teachers have helped me so much with my learning and achieving great things. I will be very upset to leave but am also looking forward to going to Brighton College. I will miss HH greatly as I have been here most of my life.

Georgina I have been at HH for ten years. It has been the best experience and I am upset to be leaving but glad that I am moving on to Eastbourne College. I am very sad to be leaving my friends because we have so many great memories. My best experiences were probably the French Trip and the Outward Bound trip.

Finlay I came to HH in Nursery. During my time at the school I have had many opportunities - mainly in sport. I have had a huge array of choices from squash to shot-put. In my final year I captained the hockey and swimming teams which I greatly enjoyed. I have also been given many opportunities in the music department where I played cello and bass guitar. I greatly enjoyed the French trip, camping trips and the Outward Bound and have many great memories such as the ski trip and the hockey season. I am really looking forward to attending Tonbridge next year. I have had a great time at Holmewood and would like to thank the staff.


| YEar 8 REFLECTIONS House Report SENIOR school | Cob overview House




I joined HH in Nursery in Mrs Wilkie’s class and have enjoyed my ten years here. Ski trips, the French trip, the Outward Bound trip and sport are my best memories. I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment of HH. The teachers have helped me to enhance my learning and achieve great things. I will be very upset to leave but am also looking forward to moving to Dubai to experience new opportunities at Repton, Dubai. I will miss HH greatly as I have been here most of my life.

I joined HH in Reception where I was in Miss Wilson’s class and have enjoyed nine years here. The teachers have greatly helped me to enhance my learning. I really enjoyed the LAMDA and reached Grade 4 last year. The French trip and the Outward Bound trip are my best memories of HH. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of my time at the School and will be upset to leave but am also looking forward to moving on to Kent College.

I joined HH in Reception with Miss Doyle as my first teacher. I can remember the school productions that we had the opportunity to put together even from the age of four. From the start I knew that I was going to have a superb time ahead. After Year 2, I made the big leap, along with friends, up to the Prep school. I can remember that at first it was daunting but, with the help of friends, older pupils and teachers, I soon settled in. Going through the journey at HH, sport has been a highlight for me. I have always enjoyed my hockey, netball and rounders. Another sport that I have been involved in is gymnastics. For the past nine years it has played a huge part in my school life. After competing in over twenty national and international competitions I was delighted to be made Captain of gymnastics. Year 8 has been superb. At the beginning of the year I was made Head Girl. It was a lovely surprise and a great way to start the final stretch at this school. HH will always have a place of its own in my heart. I move on to Sevenoaks.

Will During my short time at HH I have made some friends that I will carry on to Tonbridge, but will lose some friends moving on to different schools. I began HH at the beginning of Year 7 and immediately found that the teachers were very supportive and understanding during my transition from state to private education. The teachers helped in any way they could to improve the quality of our revision. My best memory of HH is the Year 7 French trip. Sport at HH is much better than at my last school and I have tried to get into all of the sports teams I can.


Hugo I arrived at HH in Reception and I was in Mrs Flavin’s class. Immediately, I felt at home. There were loads of choices of activities, even in the Pre-Prep, in and after school. My favourite trip was the French trip in Year 7. I also really liked the trip to Drusillas in Year 3. My best sporting achievement was being the 1st XI cricket captain and getting hockey colours. I always love the sport at HH and it’s one of the best things about the School. Also I have loved the music at HH as the music staff have taught me from a very early age. My best achievement overall at HH was probably gaining the 7th academic scholarship to Tonbridge.

Toby I came to HH in 2005 (Reception) expecting great things. That is what was delivered. The teaching at HH is exemplary. My favourite parts of the school are the sports facilities. They are the best I know and the sports teachers have been well trained to teach us the different fields of the school sports curriculum. My favourite sport has been rugby where I gained my 1st XV colours as I also did in hockey. I also represented England for shooting at Under 14 level. I will be moving on to Framlingham.

The Holmewoodian 2012/13

SENIOR school overview | YEar 8 REFLECTIONS




I joined HH in Nursery and was welcomed immediately by both staff and fellow pupils. During my ten years at HH, I have made a number of friends who I am sure I will stay in contact with after I leave. Along with my friends, sport has been a big part of my life here, being involved in netball, rounders, hockey and swimming and gaining colours in netball and rounders. Academically, I was helped thoroughly and although I did not gain a scholarship to Brighton College, I passed on papers. The highlights of my time at the School were the French Trip in Year 7 and the Outward Bound trip in Year 8, both of which I enjoyed thoroughly. Another highlight was getting into the Nationals for IAPS netball in Year 7. When I leave, I will miss HH but most of all I am going to miss all of my friends.

I arrived at HH in Year 3 and many opportunities followed. Year 3 was just a blur but it was still a great year. Year 4 with Mrs Burdekin was a brilliant year. I remember playing in the A team for football which was great. Year 5 with Mr Fretwell was awesome. I still remember circle time. Year 6 with Mrs Sanchez was also great fun. I remember being in the As in rugby. Year 7 with Mr Gripper was a good year because you got a lot more responsibility. I remember being very happy as I made the 1st XV for rugby. Year 8 was a super year because I was top of the School but there was a lot of work in preparation for Common Entrance. 2nd XI football was a great highlight because we were unbeaten. 1st XV rugby was also very successful and was partly captained by me. I now look forward to successful years at Tonbridge.

I arrived in Nursery and joined Mrs Wilkie’s class. Right from the start I felt at home. Even in Pre-Prep there was a multitude of choices, including many different trips and lessons. My favourite trip was the trip to Drusillas in Year 3. In my opinion, my best achievement was becoming captain of the 2nd XV rugby team - it was a great surprise for me. In Drama my favourite memory was being Hansel in the Year 4 play, although my best memory overall would be 3rd XI football. I will treasure the football season of 2012/13 with Mr Gripper and Mr O’Riordan. We had great success and had fun. In 2013 I attempted a scholarship to Winchester College and passed on papers.



I came to HH in Nursery. During my time at HH I have had lots of fun. The main thing that I have enjoyed is going on the South Africa exchange. It was a very good experience. The sport here has been amazing. One of my best memories is the French trip. We ate lots of different foods and participated in lots of different activities which was really good fun. I will be moving on to Brighton College.

I have been at HH most of my childhood, having arrived here in Nursery. I have very fond memories of HH and am sad to be leaving and have made many friends. I have never been a sporty person but have enjoyed art and DT. At the beginning of the summer term I applied for a DT scholarship to Brighton College. I will always look back fondly on HH.

Noah I have enjoyed my time at HH and the friends I have made. My favourite subject has been Tech. I enjoy Tech very much and would like to do it for a living. My favourite sports are out of school, namely cycling and skiing. The school ski trip is one of my best memories of HH. I look forward to moving on to Lancing College.

The Holmewoodian 2012/13

Amelia I joined HH in Year 3 starting in Mrs Corbett’s class and have thoroughly enjoyed my six years here. During my time at HH I have always really appreciated the sports that HH has offered and was lucky enough to be made the captain of rounders and athletics in my last year. I have also had an enjoyable time being a part of the gym team and experiencing the gym trips. I was thrilled to be appointed Deputy Head Girl at the beginning of the year. I gained a sports scholarship to St. Leonards-Mayfield and later received my triple colour tie. I have enjoyed HH and will be very sad to leave but I will take many memories with me to Mayfield.

Adam I arrived at HH in Year 2, joining 2AT. My favourite experience was the French trip, which I enjoyed every moment of. The teachers have all been thoroughly supportive and they helped me to pass on papers to Tonbridge. I was in the 3rd XI for every sport except hockey, in which I was in the 2nds. My favourite sporting moment was the 3rds rugby team. I will miss HH very much, but I am looking forward to starting a new school.


| HOUSE House OAK ReportREPORT | Cob House


To win the House championship by thirteen points in the final assembly of the summer term was a splendid finale to a year of rich promise and wholehearted endeavour. In all the house events I witnessed I could not help but be impressed with the infectious team spirit and a willingness to get involved in everything on offer from the boys and girls in light blue. The autumn term got off to an encouraging start with a very impressive performance in the hockey competition by Oak’s senior girls who came second and were to go one better later in the year by winning both the house gymnastics and rounders competitions. These girls were a very strong and competitive group in which our Year 8s Amelia Tracey, Grace Fleming and Georgina Latchford led by example with their determined and enthusiastic attitude. Our senior boys were not so strong and there were occasions when we struggled to get a full team out but keenly led by Harry Franks and Finlay McLennan they never threw in the towel despite, on occasions, battling against very


heavy odds which epitomised their admirable spirit. Perhaps the champagne moment of the first term was an emphatic and stylish display by the junior boys who lifted the football trophy and who remained very competitive in all the house tournaments during the course of the year. Three events in the winter term spring to mind as truly memorable for different reasons. I was very proud of the enthusiasm and support shown by both pupils and parents for our house charity fund raising day at the end of January for the West Kent branch of Headway which is based in Culverden Park. Celebrating its 25th anniversary the branch was founded by Mrs Pam Munro whose son was in Oak House and who in his early adult life was involved in a dreadful car accident in France, sustaining a serious head injury and having to undergo a period of intensive treatment immediately after the accident. Pam founded the Tunbridge Wells branch of Headway as she very soon became aware of lack of opportunities for The Holmewoodian 2012/13

House Report OAK | HOUSE | Cob REPORT House

social rehabilitation and support in the local community for those suffering from long term head injuries along with their families and carers. Members of Headway, including Pam, came into assembly to tell the school about their work and two weeks later we were able to present a cheque for £730. My grateful thanks go to all the parents who contributed so generously, particularly those from Oak who produced a staggering number of home baked goodies for the cake sale and all the pupils for their energy and enthusiasm in raising funds for such a worthy cause. Another highlight of term two was a magnificent team effort by all of our cross country runners both junior and senior. Backed up by some superb individual performances the key to success was our strength in depth with virtually all our runners securing places in the top forty. Gutsy performances by our senior and junior squash players who were runners up in both competitions rounded off another successful term. Music was to feature prominently at the beginning of the summer term. We participated in a very enjoyable joint concert with Yew House which included a performance of the alternative version of ‘Rule the World’ by Take That which was then repeated at the Party on the Lawn a month later during what was a very entertaining if rather damp and blustery evening. As ever I also thoroughly enjoyed the annual Oak breakfast concert down at the Pre-Prep in which twenty boys and girls performed on a range of instruments including a ukulele. It was great to see such a wealth of talent on show delighting an appreciative audience. On the sports front the champagne moments were the two trophies won by the senior girls and a very impressive victory for the junior tennis team. I was also very pleased with a much improved showing in the red star The Holmewoodian 2012/13

competition with the boys and girls in PrePrep doing particularly well by coming top in both the autumn and spring terms. Oak only had six Year 8s in total but they contributed to the life of the school and the house in many ways and enjoyed lots of success. Amelia Tracey has followed the path of her two older brothers by making a superb all round contribution in sport. A fine athlete and gymnast, she has been a terrific competitor and produced an excellent set of exam results to gain a place at St Leonards-Mayfield. Grace Fleming, ever cheerful and always keen to get involved, put in very impressive showing in the Sevenoaks scholarship to gain a place and she too was a pivotal member of all the sports teams especially in gymnastics and swimming. Georgina Latchford featured prominently in all the major sports and was always committed and enthusiastic. She also has a fine singing voice performing solos and duets in a number of concerts. She moves on to Eastbourne College after producing a good set of results in her Common Entrance.

To all our leavers, thank you for your all round contribution to the school and the House and I would like to wish you good luck and every success for the future. As ever my grateful thanks also go to Mr O’Riordan for his invaluable support and advice. It has been an exceptional year in which every single member of the house has contributed in their own special way. Very well done! PG

For the boys Harry Franks and Finlay McLennan have been great stalwarts for Oak. They have always given 100% on the sports field, with Harry producing a fine run in the cross country and Finn showing exceptional talent on the hockey field and both boys produced a string of A grades to secure their places at Tonbridge. Henry Stitt produced a very impressive set of grades which included 6 A*’s and 4 A’s to gain a place at Brighton College and he demonstrated considerable flair for Design and Technology. We also said farewell to Alfie Hines who moved on to the Hugh Christie School, Oliver and Edward Gent who start at St Andrew’s in Eastbourne, Maddie Hopper who passed the 11+ to Weald of Kent Grammar School, Zack Gellnick who starts at the Skinners Academy and Stan Russell who moves on to Rose Hill. 61


cedar HOUSE

It’s been a fantastic year, Gromit lad! We, as a house, were inspired this year by Mrs Burdekin (a Cedar parent and teacher at the school) who ran the London Marathon raising money for the Wallace and Gromit Foundation. We also adopted this charity for our House charity day. We wore silly socks, ate Wallace and Gromit pasta and biscuits and were visited by the stars themselves. What an amazing day, raising a fantastic £603 which was added to Mrs Burdekin’s amazing total of £9,000. I do feel our House really works well together, whether it be on a sporting front or, on this occasion, raising money for charity. I am, as always, very proud of them all. Each Cedarite has competed with willingness and determination to give their all for the house this year. On the sporting front, the senior boys participated in some keenly contested InterHouse competitions and were the extremely


deserving winners of the hockey, rugby and tennis competitions resulting in some very welcome additions to our trophy cabinet and to the points total too. The juniors also played some determined matches in their Inter-House competitions and gained some valuable house match experience. I am sure they will build on these experiences as they travel further up the school and look forward to it. Unfortunately we were not quite so successful in the girls’ competitions this year but I am sure that with our obvious determination, we will see an improvement. Cedar performed remarkably well in the House Swimming gala again and despite leading at one stage, we were pipped to the post, but achieved a very creditable second place. Every member of each of the house teams should be proud of their efforts. In the Prep school, after a very slow start to the year, we managed to gain second place The Holmewoodian 2012/13


in the stars at the end of the summer term. Unfortunately this was just too little too late to win the annual Star cup. So, once again this wasn’t our year for star collecting successes, but real promise was shown. I still managed to give out numerous star certificates, so I am ever hopeful. The PrePrep got off to a bit of a slow start too, but achieved third place at the end of the year. I am forever emphasising the importance of star collecting within the house and we have become almost word perfect in our rendition of ‘Reach for the Stars’ as our motivational song. I must mention William Price who made a significant contribution to the house total this year and was also top of the school on a number of occasions. Early in the year, Darcey Morse, Emily Harber, Catherine MacMahon, Toby Gillmore, William Brett, Alex Attwal, Joe Boeg and Nicholas Sobowale were given the task of Leaders of the House. They took charge of their mentor groups admirably and were great organisers of team competitions. We are sorry to say goodbye to each of Cedar’s Year 8s, but I am in no doubt that they will all have a fantastic time at their future schools and I look forward to hearing about their achievements. We also say goodbye to Christian Boeg, Eddie Jones, and the Marshall and Hine families who are also leaving us. I hope they all take wonderful memories of Cedar House with them and that it won’t be long before they come back to visit us. The music at Holmewood is outstanding and, for me, the year’s highlights were the House Music concerts and Cedar’s PrePrep breakfast concert. This year, Cedar combined with Beech for their Senior Music concert which included some delightful The Holmewoodian 2012/13

performances. Our rendition of Take That’s ‘Greatest Day’ as a House song was very inspiring and everybody enjoyed taking part. This was also performed at the ‘Party on the Lawn’ to great effect. I may be biased but I thought our performance was the best! I am always amazed and impressed by the talent and bravery of each of the young performers. Well done to everyone. The Year 8 play was a terrific and delightfully amusing year-end production. I especially enjoyed seeing our Year 8s in a very different light and some of our boys playing the role of ballet dancers was a sight to behold. Very amusing and they obviously had such fun performing the play. The Junior, Middle and Pre-Prep productions were also tremendous fun and saw every pupil getting involved. I still think a house production might be quite nice. I am sorry that it is impossible to mention everybody individually in the house in this short report, although I would like to. I am sure that all members of the house are aware how very proud I am of their hard work and achievements this year. I would like to say a big thank you to Glynis Dickinson for her continued help and support over the year as Cedar House tutor. We are going to hit the ground running next year and I have got great expectations for the house and all my Cedarites. I am determined we are going to improve our house points total and be the house to watch in the Inter-House competition next year. We all need to be star and point collecting aficionados. KM



beech HOUSE

This year we bid a fond farewell to our six House Leaders: Archie Boyle (King’s Canterbury), Eva Cottage-Stone (Sevenoaks), Ashkon Javadi (Tonbridge), Matthew Lander (Tonbridge), Hugo Pettman (Tonbridge) and Sophie Rieckmann (Sevenoaks). At the start of the year, Sophie and Hugo were also honoured by being made Head Girl and Deputy Head Boy respectively. In inter-house events during the autumn term we played well. We were short on numbers in the senior events and had a wealth of talent in the junior events. In the senior soccer, on a beautiful September afternoon, we lost both our group matches but played with real determination, especially against Yew, where we were narrowly beaten 2-1. Our juniors did brilliantly to win their pool but were outplayed by a strong Oak team in the final. In the rugby, our junior players were disappointed to have their competition changed to a ‘tag’ event because of inclement weather but they did finish as runnersup – hopefully when they get to show off


their tackling abilities next time around they will be a sight to behold! In the senior ‘Sevens’ competition we only had six players in our ranks, so to beat Ash was a creditable achievement. In the senior squash we lost in the semi-finals to Cob and in the girls’ hockey we played well but were just unable to score goals. We came third in the Pre-Prep Star competition and joint second in the Prep school which was a good way to end the term. In the spring term we won the junior boys’ hockey competition in style, led by playerof-the-tournament, Ralph Lavercombe. Our netball teams competed valiantly in some pretty horrible conditions and we struggled somewhat in the cross-country although Innes Woodhouse is one to watch for the future as he finished third in the junior race. Again, we had a wealth of junior squash talent and it was perhaps not unexpected that we won the junior competition, beating Oak in the final. It came as no surprise when Hugo Pettman was awarded his gold scholarship tie for achieving a Music The Holmewoodian 2012/13


Scholarship to Tonbridge. He is certainly a very talented and modest musician. In the Star competition we were fourth in the Pre-Prep and, after a terrific tussle with Cob, finished tied first in the Prep school. Summer eventually arrived which meant plenty of rounders, cricket, athletics and tennis. The senior rounders competition was just that - a real competition - and our girls did really well to finish in third place. In the junior competition all our Year 3, 4 and 5 girls competed and although their youthfulness probably took its toll, good fun was had by all. In the cricket competitions we only had six players in the senior event but had plenty to choose from in the juniors. Although the seniors lost to Cob, the eventual winners, they did win a close game against a similarly placed Oak. The juniors cruised through their group but the Ash team was just too strong for them in the final although some very good cricket was played. In the senior tennis competition we were hit by injury and absence but we put in two spirited displays. In the junior competition we came second in our group but were narrowly beaten in the third/fourth play-off. We had considerable individual success in the Athletics and after yo-yoing up and down the leader board, we eventually finished in third place – our highest position of the afternoon. Our junior tug-of-war team started off the afternoon magnificently when they beat Oak in their final and at the other end of the proceedings we also did well in the relays with two wins and two third places.

twirling double bass! In the Prep school we took to the stage with Cedar this year for a combined musical extravaganza; the highlight being the massed choir singing ‘Greatest Day’. At Langton Church, as part of their 150th celebrations, Hugo Pettman played quite sublimely Mozart’s Concerto in C ‘Adagio non troppo’ on the oboe. In the Star competition we slumped horrendously from first to last in the Prep school – the only way will be up next year! In the Pre-Prep, by contrast, we had our best finish of the year coming second. We also organized our own charity event for Hospice in the Weald based around a theme of ‘Sunglasses and Sunhats’. It raised nearly £500 for a great cause and it was good to see some of the senior members of the house developing their organising skills in running activities. Ice lollies at break time also went down very well!

Archie Boyle, Eva Cottage-Stone, Ashkon Javadi and Sophie Rieckmann were all successful in passing 13+ Common Entrance and Matthew Lander and Hugo Pettman both achieved success in gaining academic scholarships to Tonbridge. Theo Hastie secured an 11+ place at Judd and Archie Ive a place at Skinnners’. I would like to thank all our leavers for all they have contributed to the house whether it be over a short or, in some cases, a very long time and wish them all the very best for the future. Also I would like to thank Mr Thorpe for all that he does for Beech as House Tutor and all the other staff who help organize and officiate the numerous house events which we enjoy throughout the year. PJC

The Pre-Prep breakfast concert was as delightful as ever. There were some new tunes, the first appearance of a drum kit and even a The Holmewoodian 2012/13




As always the house changed over the summer holidays. The children (and the numbers of the same) had grown. We were going to be able to field full sides for the boys’ sports teams and almost full sides for the girls’ teams. We had not bounced back to the all-conquering Cob days but we were certainly closer to it than the year before. Year 7 had moved up into the role of Year 8 and none more so than Toby Risebrow, who was now almost the size of Mr Thorpe. This was going to secure him second place nationally in the shot putt at the end of the year. Ben Fleming started the year by being made Head Boy which would make him worry about Speech Day for the rest of the year. The house was extremely proud of him and he was going to lead by example. Emma and Olivia had their hands full with organising the rest of the girls for the house events. These began in fine style with the Senior Girls’ Hockey team winning. Other


house triumphs were Senior Football, a draw with Ash, Senior Squash, Senior Cricket, and Senior Tennis. All the house events were exciting and the children gave a hundred per cent in every competition. I would like to mention in particular the House Gymnastics competition which was organised by Maisie Ringer. Our extremely young side came second, showing great determination and potential for the future. The house swimming showed a great deal of improvement on last year and Cob came a strong third. Third was going to be their final position in the House Cup too which was a credit to all the children who participated in any of the house events or collected any stars. It was in fact the stars in which Cob literally shone: From fifth in the autumn term to an unshakable first throughout the summer term. This comet-like journey showed that Cob was a hard working house who liked to produce the best that they could and were unhappy The Holmewoodian 2012/13


if this was not the case. As always Cob had their super stars but the fact that they won the Stars cup showed that in fact they all made a tremendous effort and I was especially proud this year to be on the touch line or in the house meetings. We were sorry to say goodbye to our leavers; Ben Fleming, Harry Foreman, Toby Risebrow, William Miller, Olivia Jenner, Emma Gill, Joseph Craine and Molly Meyer; we wish them every success in the future and hope that they will remember their years with Cob as we will remember them. Ben, Harry and Emma gained academic awards while Olivia won a sports scholarship showing that they played hard and worked hard. The Year 8 who improved the most, and was happy to help out other houses when they were short, was William Miller who was outstanding. William would always volunteer and showed a great sporting spirit, from which we should all learn. Many thanks, Will!

Cob children’s artistic prowess and the performances on stage again showing Cob children’s diverse abilities. I am sure that the children will continue to gain the most out of their house and their school. Finally I would like to thank Mr MorganJones for his ever present support and for the wonderful job he does for all his tutees as well as the rest of the house. Thank you all Cobites for another very special year. CBG

Seb, Man Ho, Julian, Ethan, Emma and Maisie have large boots to fill but I am sure that they are relishing the opportunity. As both Mr Morgan-Jones and I encourage the children to do a wide range of activities I am delighted to report that Cobites are involved in pretty much everything on offer at Holmewood. The Pre-Prep House breakfast concert showed tremendous talent as did the House evening concert. The wonderful Art exhibition demonstrating The Holmewoodian 2012/13




I can’t believe another year has gone by so quickly and that I am writing the Yew House report again and thinking of all the children taking part in the wonderful events that have occurred over the last year. The year comprised all the usual sporting, musical, dramatic and arty opportunities which the children thrived on, on top of a busy and often demanding academic schedule. 2012-2013 proved to be a year of mixed fortunes for Yew House. This was demonstrated for all to see in our performance in the stars competition. In the first term Yew performed well and we came out on top. Who knows what happened during the spring term because we then came in 5th and in the summer term we redeemed ourselves a little achieving 3rd place, thus coming 3rd overall for the year. It shows that we have the potential to win the stars and I hope that, in future, we


approach the stars competition like we did at the start of last year and maintain that effort throughout. On the sporting front the highlight of the boys’ year was the senior rugby. They reached the final with lots of players, but unfortunately came up against a big strong Cedar team who had lots of Year 8 boys. I am sure that the senior teams, in which we had a lot of Year 7 boys, will compete more successfully next year as the boys grow even stronger in their final year. The girls had profoundly more success in sport, winning both the junior and senior netball, the junior rounders and then finishing runners-up in the senior rounders and gymnastics. The cross country proved to be a great race this year and conditions were perfect; a little muddy, but this is to be expected for February. We were the leaders after the junior race and there were some fine The Holmewoodian 2012/13


performances from Peter Scheiner, Lucas Sarkesian and Ana Deeley. The seniors found it more difficult and although we had a number of good runs from some of the boys, Luke Scheiner being the first Yew house boy home followed by Fergus O’Brien, we did have a few stragglers at the end which (as a team sport) takes away the points very quickly. Hence we came second overall. The swimming was, once again, the big highlight of the year and I am astonished how well Yew seem to swim year on year. We performed brilliantly and (not to sound too cocky) really did blow all other competition out of the water! We won all the relays bar one (no false starts this year), and the squadron relay. There were some excellent performances from Stephanie Andrews, Sophie Main, Fergus O’Brien and Thomas Sarkesian, which should keep the gauntlet going for next year as many of the team remain at Holmewood.

singing from Tara Goodsell and her younger sister Madeleine who performed a duet with Aria. The house song was, by far and away, the best performance at the Take That Concert at Party on the Lawn with Yew definitely “ruling the school”.

Tonbridge whilst Ben Schumacher has gone on to Brighton College. Cara Digby-Patel gained an academic scholarship to Sevenoaks. Poppy Savage will, I am sure, continue her success in sport at Brighton College and Tara Goodsell gained her place at Benenden.

It was great to see most Yew House children take part in some kind of play this year; performing as a team in a different context is always valuable to the pupils and it is wonderful to see them come to life in a different way on the stage.

Other leavers this year included Georgia Beard, Thomas and Lucas Sarkesian and Peter Scheiner . They will be missed and I wish them all the best at their new schools.

Yew House says goodbye to seven Year 8 leavers this year who will be venturing off to varied pastures new. Peter Dickinson left us to go to Eastbourne where I am sure he will continue to be the dependable boy he has become at HH. Rob Hartley and Alex Fone have moved on to

Lastly, it goes without saying that I would like to thank Mr Crombie for all his help and support this year, especially in the boys’ sports when he has refereed and umpired whilst I have been busy with the girls’ fixtures. It has been a great year and I am looking forward to all the challenges and exciting events of 2013-2014. SP

This year saw a new initiative in the form of a house charity. It was a daunting prospect, but in reality it was good to do something relatively small to raise money for a good cause. We raised £246.25 for “Save the Children” by being part of the charity’s initiative and joining in on the Christmas Jumper Day. It was great fun to see all the children jazz up their jumpers on the day of the Christmas lunch. Hopefully we will be able to do the same again next year. Yew House have continued to show their musical talents in the many concerts and performances throughout the year. I loved the Pre-Prep breakfast concert and am always surprised at how brave and confident the younger children are to perform in front of family and their peers. The Yew and Oak House concert was a great evening with spectacular performances from Savannah Winston and Aria Baker. I also enjoyed The Holmewoodian 2012/13



ash HOUSE It has been another very successful year for Ash House although not quite as spectacular as last year! Nevertheless, final assembly continues to demonstrate the depth and breadth of Ash House talent. The list of our achievements is varied and impressive. In maths and history our members gained national awards and we were also recognised in music, art, shooting, swimming, cricket, squash and archery; the list goes on. We finished runners up in the annual Star Cup, narrowly beaten despite consistency on the sports field. However, we became a little complacent with regard to collecting red stars which is what ultimately determined our final position. It is easy to rely on the few who diligently gather in their stars each week. However there was cause for celebration when Ellie Rose Previero and Nicholas Sanders finished 70

The Holmewoodian 2012/13


within the top ten of the whole school at the end of the year.Terrific! The children in the Pre-Prep did us proud in the autumn and spring terms and then topped all of the houses in the summer term. Certainly, without their thirty two points we would not have reached second place. Well done Ashlets! Particularly thrilling competitions were the senior football, the junior rugby and our most consistent performance was in the cross-country. During the summer term our juniors made an impressive showing on the cricket pitch and tennis courts. Our senior girls have displayed great team spirit throughout the year and really improved their results in both hockey and netball and our juniors were runners up in their rounders competition. Undoubtedly, lots to be proud of and as always our teams played with great spirit and sportsmanship. I was really looking forward to this year because I had taught all of our Year 8s in one guise or another and I knew they would step up to the mark. It is always a pleasure to see how they have matured and watch their self-esteem escalate as they prepare to spread their wings and fly off to pastures new. The introduction of star badges in recognition of the amount of red stars that individuals collect was greeted with excitement. We made our predictions for how many bronze, silver and gold could be collected by the end of the term but had passed them half way through! At the end of the year we had numerous members of the house who had collected over 1,000 stars and reached gold and a few who secured the ultimate reward and made it to diamond, 2,500 stars! Well done the Sanders brothers, Ella Hagger, Emily Jones and Ellen Crombie. The Holmewoodian 2012/13

Our Year 8s showed great initiative and had a ‘guy making’ party which, as always, was totally unique and displayed the customary generous streak of purple, top to tail. A few weeks into the term Prue Barnes and Jonny Tiplady were made joint Heads of House and I knew they would lead by example and could always be counted on to support Ash House 100%. Prue was ably supported by Anna Davis and I know Jonny appreciated the help he received from his peers. Our musicians made a good showing in our House concert, playing a wide variety of instruments. There were some unusual but effective combinations for duets, inspiring groups and great singing and dancing. Every year, Ash House members enjoy visiting the Pre-Prep to participate in more formal events. The first visit was to an assembly, an extravaganza of fireworks, “explosive” gymnastics and serious endeavour from the Jamaican Bob Sleigh Team (not quite sure how that fitted in), but our senior pupils put together an exhilarating programme. Later on we enjoyed the Ash House concert and I never cease to be amazed by the musicality of such young children.

and out of the classroom. Mattie Hayes, a most effervescent character, who has always been incredibly loyal to Ash House, won a scholarship to Tonbridge and alongside him is Adam Trusted, our tactician, who came into his own when we needed a plan. Noah Terry, our resident Design Technology guru, is off to Lancing, and Jonny Tiplady (who may well become a leading light in the debating society) to Winchester; I shall never forget how he could talk his way out of a tricky situation in Year 3! On behalf of Ash House I would like to thank everyone for all they have contributed this year and especially Simon Leegood for his support. I am sure our flame will continue to burn brightly as there is so much talent coming through the ranks. All together we make a great team! VC

It has been sad to say goodbye to some fine sportsmen in Year 6 who have all made an outstanding contribution to our many successes since Year 3. Nathan Rolf, Mathew Richardson and Louis Gillespie all passed their 11+; bright stars who I know will continue to shine at their new schools. Our Year 8 youngsters have been a real asset over the years and I am sure will continue to impress. Anna Davis won an academic scholarship to Sevenoaks and Prue Barnes is off to Eastbourne College. Both of these girls set an exemplary example both in 71


Musical trips


We are very lucky to be invited to a number of different musical days throughout the year. Some we have been going to for many years but we are always keen to add new experiences for our young musicians. This year we began with St Edmund’s Wind Day. Another great day for which we owe thanks to Mr Bersey and all his staff; ‘I believe’ and the theme tune to ‘Wallace and Gromit’ both went with a well measured swing. All the children said that they would love to do it again. The wind players were also invited to Eastbourne Jazz day in the Easter term. This was one of the best Jazz days I can remember. Mr Force was at his enthusiastic best and encouraged the children to produce a wonderfully full sound. Eastbourne’s new Director of Music, Mr Parrans-Smith, welcomed us and made the event relaxed and yet purposeful. The children loved the experience. The string players were lucky enough to follow the wind players to Eastbourne in the summer term and they also had a wonderful day. Mr Parry led the day and again enthused the children to produce a wonderful concert, the highlight of which was a young cellist playing ‘The Swan’ from the ‘Carnival of the Animals’ by Saint-Saens accompanied by all the string players. For both days we again owe an enormous debt of gratitude to Eastbourne College. Our singers were invited out this year to a choral day at Hurst College. Mr Matthews, the Director of Music, kindly invited children from Years 6 and 7 to join other schools to make music with their own choir. We only had a dozen children but I am sure that none of them are ever likely to forget the event. The singing was excellent and it was a rare treat for our children to join in with a full SATB (soprano, alto, tenor and bass) church choir. The programme was varied and included both sacred and secular works with some outstanding soloists from the college. We must thank Mr Matthews and all those involved in organising such a great day. Unfortunately, the most memorable part was the return journey which took over four hours due to freezing snow. I must thank not only the children for being quite incredibly well behaved but also both Mrs Johnson and Miss Johnson for their support in a somewhat trying situation Mr Gent and Mr O’Riordan for keeping the parents informed as to our whereabouts and painfully slow progress, and finally the parents for being so understanding.


The Holmewoodian 2012/13


Our last trip of the year was to Birmingham for the final of the Music for Youth Festival. The Chamber Choir had sung extremely well at Burgess Hill and had been selected to go and perform in the Adrian Boult Recital Hall along with a number of other school and youth group choirs from around the UK. It was a long day, starting at 7.00am and returning to Holmewood at 9.30pm, but a very enjoyable one. The children were again extremely well behaved and a credit to themselves and the school. I must thank Mrs Dickinson first of all for producing such a good choir and selecting a wonderful programme. I must also thank Mrs Johnson and Miss Johnson for chaperoning and encouraging the choir throughout the day. The choir sang well and came away with a great sense of achievement. I believe that the children gain a huge amount from these trips. They realise the point of the practice they put in on a daily and weekly basis and understand that they are not alone and that playing music with others is one of the most wonderful things they are ever likely to experience.

Carol Service As always we must thank Reverend Noble for leading the service and joining in with the staff and senior choir. It would certainly not be the same without him. Hugo Pettman started proceedings off with a beautifully sung first verse of Once in Royal followed by some wonderful readings. All the readers read with clarity and expression and all the choirs sang with enthusiasm and skill. I must thank Mrs Dickinson, Miss Johnson and Mrs Johnson for all their time and effort in training the choirs to such a high standard. I would also like to thank all the children and staff for their time and effort. It is increasingly difficult to fit in all the things going on at Holmewood but somehow the members of the choirs manage to do it. I believe that it is definitely worth it.

Holmewood Concerts It has been another packed year for concerts. We have had our normal individual instrumental concerts in the Christmas term and our full Group concerts in both the Easter and summer terms. The Informal concerts were occasionally split into junior and senior due to numbers and this worked well. The Leavers’ Concert was moved because of the Birmingham trip and was repositioned on the last Friday of term The Holmewoodian 2012/13

during school hours. The potential scholars’ concert was rebranded as a potential scholar’s recital for obvious reasons and there was an extra concert at the end of the summer term as a celebration of Langton Green church being 150 years old this year. The Senior instrumental concert was short but sweet while the Middle instrumental concert showed quite an amazing wealth of musical talent. The final instrumental concert, the Junior concert, had no less than sixty items and was truly inspiring. The first Groups concert is traditionally the more senior groups and they all performed with distinction. The new wind group, conducted and directed by Mrs Fish, started off proceedings with Hopak and a Tour de Force and the senior orchestra finished the concert with Dam Busters and Pirates of the Caribbean. In between, choirs sang and all the various instrumental groups played. I must thank all the staff who take the various groups and again thank all the children who give up their own time to play during the hectic Holmewood days. 73


The Junior and Middle groups concert was very enjoyable and was again started by the wind group and followed by the flute group, junior strings, the junior choir and the junior orchestra. All performed with discipline and skill. The junior orchestra deserves a special mention because of its size and ability. At fifty strong it is a formidable group and a formidable challenge. Mrs Dickinson works tirelessly to make it sound the best it can. She runs the rehearsals with humour and skill and makes sure that all the players have their own part written for their particular standard. This ensures that all the children are able to contribute and gain the most they can from the experience. We are very lucky to have a junior orchestra and equally lucky to have Mrs Dickinson running it. The potential scholar’s recital was simply stunning. Hugo Pettman, brother of the legendary bassoonist, pianist and saxophonist, Toby Pettman, has now himself passed into folklore. He had already performed ‘The Last Post’ the previous term in front of the whole school with outstanding professionalism, but no-one was quite ready for his outstanding and moving oboe playing on that cold and dark winter evening. It was a select gathering in the front room but one that those present will never forget. Hugo, unsurprisingly, was awarded a music scholarship to Tonbridge two weeks later, bringing to a close the Pettman musical era at Holmewood. Few families have given so much to the music department at the school and no brothers, in my time, have reached such a phenomenally high standard. We must thank the whole family for their support, their musicianship and some of the most musically moving moments in the past decade. The House breakfast concerts in the PrePrep and the House Friday concerts in the Prep school were well attended and all great fun. The children had a chance to perform and share a musical experience with their 74

respective house mates and the Prep school children all learnt a ‘Take That’ song to perform at the Friends of Holmewood Party on the Lawn which again was a great occasion despite the weather. One of my personal highlights in the musical concert calendar is the peripatetic concert which again featured all of the music staff. It was wonderful to hear the professionals do what they do best. This year the piano seemed to dominate and the Bosendorfer was put through its paces. Mrs Jordan, Mrs James, Mrs Dickinson, Mr Rawles and Miss Johnson all performed on it magnificently. No wonder we have so many pianists in the school! The singing and playing all left the audience wanting more and hopefully spreading the word for next year.

musician, both young and old, all joining in with SS Wesley’s anthem ‘The Lord had been Mindful’. The Headmaster was the master of ceremonies and brought the whole show together in a warm and friendly manner. Thank you to everyone who was involved in this truly memorable event.

The extra summer concert at Langton Green church was organised by Mrs Johnson at the request of the Headmaster. Mrs Johnson spent a huge amount of time gathering Holmewoodians, both current and past, and staff, to produce an outstanding evening of musical and dramatic entertainment. Extra rehearsals happened throughout the summer term during morning breaks and lunch breaks and I must thank both the staff and children for their time and effort. Putting on extra musical events, on top of a pretty hectic musical schedule, is no mean feat and Mrs Johnson must be thanked for all her own time and effort at one of the busiest times of year. The previous week she had just produced the Pre-Prep summer concert! The Old Holmewoodians, Harry Gregory, Jack Merriman, Charles Kingston and the McNeilage brothers, James, Charles and Rory, played with a great amount of skill and a real sense of enjoyment and purposefulness. Harry’s saxophone playing was, for me, the highlight and very special. It was great not only to hear their performances but also to see what charming and delightful young men they have all become. The evening finished with every The Holmewoodian 2012/13


Goodbye Mr Rutland After the peripatetic concert the music staff had a short going away party for the longest standing peripatetic who retires at the end of the year. Mr Rutland has worked at Holmewood for many years, so many that no one, including himself, can quite remember exactly how many. Mr Rutland has taught and inspired many wind playing Holmewoodians. He has directed clarinet groups, saxophone groups, duets and even a bassoon trio, all of whom gained music scholarships. He has tutored children for literally hundreds of ABRSM exams and has had many children taking music scholarships. He has gone on music tours and suffered twenty four hour coach journeys in his seventies just so that he can continue to inspire and teach children the enjoyment of playing. I would not know where to start in thanking Jonathan for all his dedication to Holmewood so I will just thank him for being a loyal friend and colleague. Enjoy a long and full retirement! The end of the year was heralded by the last performance of the senior orchestra performing at Speech Day. I would like to thank all leavers, especially Anna Davis, our leader, and Oliver and Edward Gent who are departing with their parents to Eastbourne College. Both boys have contributed greatly to the chamber choir and the two orchestras and will be sorely missed. We would also like to congratulate Aria Baker for securing a place at the Royal College Saturday Music school. This is a great achievement and I am sure that it will further enhance her musical career. As always, my thanks go to everyone who has made this years’ music making possible: all the catering, maintenance, bursarial, theatre, academic and music staff and, most importantly, the children and their parents. CBG

The Holmewoodian 2012/13



Dick Whittington This year the Junior production gave all of the Year 3 and 4 children the opportunity to take part in ‘Dick Whittington’. The story told of Dick (Isabella Skarbek) following his dream and travelling to London to see if the streets really were paved with gold. In London, he encountered the difficult kitchen staff (Savannah Winston, Toby McWilliams and Florence Gillespie) whilst working in the house of Mr Fitzwarren and his daughter, Alice (Spruce Campbell and Georgiana Ginbey). Following this, a whole adventure awaited him. Dick found a way to get rid of the rats and the mice and found a true friend in Puss (Sophie Vlasak) along the way. Far eastern banquets, journeys across the sea, not to mention fabulous costumes and a stunning set, brought colour and life to this fun and musical production. LB


The Holmewoodian 2012/13


The Holmewoodian 2012/13



Mr Humbug Sees the Light The Year 5 and 6 children put on a splendid production to get everyone in the Christmas spirit. The spooky, festive musical saw the popular Dickens tale, ‘A Christmas Carol’, brought up to date and set in school! This modern day version entitled ‘Mr Humbug Sees the Light’, showed how Head teacher, Mr Humbug (William Rees-Young), hated Christmas because it got in the way of ‘proper’ work and cost too much, so he banned it. The story showed how some ghostly visitors (Emelia Pasternak-Albert, Amy Herbert, Kirstie Main and Oliver Marshall) persuaded him to open his heart, and the petty-cash box! This was a celebration of what we all remember and love about Christmas at school. The play was a huge success and once again it enabled all of the children to participate in the action, as well as singing in musical numbers. Great fun was had by all. LB


The Holmewoodian 2012/13


The Holmewoodian 2012/13



Like you have never seen it before: Romeo and Juliet The Year 8 leavers performed a memorable and comic version of this short play by Christine Harvey. The story followed five girls trying to write a play but every time they had a new idea, Professor Block stopped them from continuing. The Muses appeared to defeat the writers’ block and their enthusiasm and ideas resulted in some very funny moments. The action included a very laid-back western scene, a detective moment with some suspicious looking characters, an alien scene with fighting marshmallows and a rendition of Little Red Riding Hood like you have definitely never seen it before. Perhaps the most unforgettable moment was the boys dancing to the Sugar Plum Fairy, equipped with black swan masks and pink tutus. The whole cast danced a line dance to Cotton Eye Joe and Mr Peter Cook rewrote the Sound of Music ‘Farewell’ song lyrics as the Year 8 ‘swan’ song. Terrific fun was had by all and the children thoroughly enjoyed coming together as a year group for their final opportunity to ‘tread the boards’. LB


The Holmewoodian 2012/13


The Holmewoodian 2012/13


DRAMA and dance

Extra….Extra!! Drama News! This year we were fortunate enough to secure some workshops by ‘Steps in time’ practitioner, Oliver Naylor. He presents high quality, interactive, one-man history shows bridging a wonderful link between historical topics and drama. He worked with the Pre-Prep, Year 4 and Year 5 to bring different stages of history to life. The children thoroughly enjoyed his work and we will be booking him again for the next academic year. Some Year 6 children took part in a workshop with A-level Drama students from Bede’s School. The workshop enabled the children to devise physical pieces using picture stimulus and music to support them, as well as basic props and musical instruments. This was a fabulous one-day experience and we hope to arrange similar workshops in the future. LB

Holmewood House dancing at the movies On the 17 March, more than sixty five students took part in the first ever ‘Just Dance’ at Holmewood House. Performing in front of a packed theatre, all the boys and girls that took part danced their hearts out and put on a fantastic show. The audience enjoyed a number of Tap, Ballet and Modern dances, performed by pupils from Reception through to Year 6 while the children experienced the thrill and excitement of performing on stage in full costume and make-up. Alice Burren


The Holmewoodian 2012/13



Crayfish, acrylic on canvas by Lotte Underwood

The Holmewoodian 2012/13



Year 3 Pupils learnt about observational study and the importance of looking closely at the subject to improve their skills at drawing. They learnt about making objects appear more ‘3D’ in their Still Life drawings. Pupils learnt more about the Primary and Secondary colours and how to combine and mix to create a whole range of different colours, tints and shades in their work. Later in the year pupils learnt about different techniques for constructing clay forms by making coil-pots and pinchpots. Pupils were able to create some imaginative creatures and characters which they then carefully painted and decorated once fired in the kiln.

Glazed Coil Pot by Eve Crathern, 3LB

Glazed Tile by Luke Szappanyos 3WB

Colour Star by Oliver Brattle, 3WB Observational Study by Freddie Amin 3WB

Copper Bear Pinch Pot by Natalya Keller, 3WB

Half DogHalf Pig Pinch Pot by Felix Underwood, 3LB

Blackbird Pinch Pot by Kara Dimond, 3JC

Year 4 Pupils started the term looking at repeating patterns and learnt about how they are created by measuring out a basic grid structure and drawing a continuous, flowing design. Pupils made original Christmas cards using the techniques they had learnt. Later in the year pupils worked on a 3D project, using papier-mâché, wood and paint, to produce a terrifying Mythical Beast, based partly on elements from legendary creatures as well as from pure imagination. They created initial designs on paper before embarking on a stepby-step process to bring their ideas into a finished sculptural form.

Monster by Jago Goodsell, 4KM

Hungry Beast by Nicholas Sanders, 4KM

Mythical Beast by Savannah Winston, 4AH


Monster by Frederick Piggott, 4AH

The Holmewoodian 2012/13


Year 5 Pupils further developed their practical drawing skills, experimenting with ways of creating areas of contrasting tone and detail. The work of artists Giorgio Morandi, Jim Dine and Vincent van Gogh helped pupils to understand and utilise ‘cross-hatching’ and other effective techniques to create varying tonal values in their drawings. They moved on to use colour inks in different tonal combinations. Pupils worked on a paper-mechanics and pop-up project before studying the work of pop-artist Roy Lichtenstein and his use of ‘Ben-Day dots’. Pupils made self-portraits in the style of Andy Warhol and Lichtenstein and made final photographic prints from their drawings. Pupils also learnt about the history of photography and about the ancient use of projected light by artists.

Stages of Year 5 Pop Art Self-Portrait project by Daniel Terry 5SP

Painting of Postman Joseph Roulin, after Vincent van Gogh, by Katie Taylor, 5GS

Parrot in Flight by Imogen Jenner 5BC

’Gollum’ acrylic on canvas by Ethan French, 5RF

Observational Study using various ways of creating tone by Lily Lander 5SP

Glazed Tile by Abigail Levack 5RF

Year 6 Pupils learnt about sculptural relief this term, taking inspiration from the work of biologist and skilled draughtsman Ernst Haeckel. Pupils made detailed studies in pencil before creating cut-away drawings to achieve a further understanding of depth and form. They carved their own design into soap using a range of scraping and carving tools, before carving into a soapstone panel. Pupils moved on to looking at other forms of sculpture, making detailed studies in their sketchbooks to achieve a further understanding of depth and 3D form. They experimented with carving, as well as using ‘paper-clay’ to construct final sculptural pieces. Clay Sculpture by Jerry Sheng 6CS

Clay Sculpture of Butterfly and Flower by Amy Woodthorpe, 6CS

Selection of Year 6 Soap Carvings

The Holmewoodian 2012/13

Easter Island clay statuette by Madelaine Goodsell, 6CS

Impossible Shape painting on canvas by Jack Raynor, 6LBG

Clay Relief of gargoyle by Christian Boeg, 6CS

Statue of Liberty with Gas Mask, Clay Sculpture by Thomas CottageStone, 6CS



Reverse Perspective Drawing by Ollie Gent 7PM

Year 7

Rhenalon Print by Man-Ho Tang 7PG

Pupils studied the rules of perspective drawing and about its history in ancient art to achieve an illusion of depth and space, and how it later re-emerged during the renaissance. They learnt how it can be used by artists as the essential framework and compositional structure of painting and drawing and they designed a ‘reverse perspective’ drawing inspired by the work of artist Patrick Hughes. Pupils learnt about isometric drawing and how it created accurate, measurable drawings for building and engineering during the Industrial Revolution. We then looked at how the Isometric Flaw in this system led artists to create “impossible shapes” and optical illusions which pupils recreated using isometric grid paper. They also enjoyed staging Forced Perspective photographs at the end of term.

Reverse Perspective Drawing by Maisie Ringer, 7BG

Isometric Drawing by Sophie Main 7PM

Reverse Perspective Drawing by Charlie Venton, 7PG

Year 8 Year 8 Pupils used the technique of “graticulation”, creating a grid over a small picture which is used to then enlarge the image, section by section, to form a much larger study of the original. After carefully drawing out their chosen image taken from an artist’s painting, illustration or cartoon, pupils began working into them using washes and thin layers of paint. Pupils later looked at artwork traditionally produced for music album sleeves and at how the formats for recorded music have changed over the years, changing the way that artwork is used alongside the music itself. We looked at how digital music has changed the industry. Each pupil selected a cover from albums old and new and painted their own 12 inch-square canvas as a tribute to the 33rpm LP format.

Tiger Painting by Eva Cottage-Stone, 8PC

Owl Painting by Prue Barnes, 8KO


Album Cover Canvas by Anna Davis, 8AS

Album Cover Canvas by Jonathan Tiplady, 8AS

Album Cover Canvas by Emma Gill, 8AS

Album Cover Canvas by Alexander Fone, 8AS

Album Cover Canvas by Georgina Latchford, 8PC

Album Cover Canvas by Olivia Jenner, 8PC

The Holmewoodian 2012/13


Art Activity Pupils worked on a number of different projects during Art Activities this year, including a large collaborative painting of the school inspired by the artist and architect Hundertwasser in Junior Activity, and a medieval terracotta tile project followed by a ‘modern garden gnome’ project in Senior Activity.

Collaborative painting by Yr 3, 4 and 5 pupils of Holmewood House School Hundertwasser, Junior Art Activity

Year 6 pupils - Charlotte Gabriel and Ella Hagger working on their Medieval Tile designs in Senior Art Activity

Selection of Gnomes made by pupils in Yrs 6-7 during Senior Art Activity

Community Art Project

Some of the Final Sculptures from the Project

This year the Community Art Project’s theme was SCULPTURE, and the pupils worked with a wide range of different 3D media, tools and techniques to build some exciting final pieces. Pupils from St Matthew’s, St Peter’s, Langton Green, Chiddingstone and Claremont joined Holmewood House pupils for the project. At the start of the year the children enjoyed an all-day workshop with Tim Norris, a highly skilled sculptor who has been involved in a number of large public art commissions as well as private works and who uses willow amongst other sculptural media. The Private View at the end of the Easter Term was a big success and the Art Room was filled to maximum capacity. TJ

Luke with his Willow Sculpture

Carving into Soapstone

Soap carvings and maquettes of ideas for final sculptures

Willow Sculpture Workshop with Tim Norris

The Holmewoodian 2012/13


design & TECHNOLOGY | junior SCHOOL

Year 3 Year 3 designed and modelled a house for a chosen dinosaur. They had to consider size and shape of everything in the house for the intended user. They were introduced to the word Anthropometrics. Year 3s also designed, made and performed their own puppet shows. They had to consider story and performance broken down into scenes.

Year 4 Year 4 designed and made a picture frame. They had to saw 45 degree angles to make a 90 degree mitred joint. Decoration was chosen for the end user. They also designed and made a hat which involved measuring and fitting it for the end user. Designs were‌ bespoke? MB


The Holmewoodian 2012/13


Year 5 Year 5 designed and made a mechanical toy (automata). They looked at Cams and Followers as mechanisms and then chose the theme for the movement. They also designed and modelled a tissue box dispenser. Most were comical and made from card and papier mache.

Year 6 Year 6 designed and made a bird box from traditional ‘wood working’ construction techniques. Designs were less traditional. MB

The Holmewoodian 2012/13



Year 7 Year 7 designed and made a hanging balancing decoration/toy. Crafted in wood and painted by hand, they had to make it balance perfectly so that it flapped for a period of time when the lower weight was pulled and let go. MB

Flyer by Sophie Main 7PM

Flyer by Ines Deeley 7PM

Year 8

Sofa by Noah Terry 8PC

Grace, Henry, Joe and Noah all worked hard in their pursuit for DT scholarships/awards. In extended prep time they completed projects - some to the standard of a GCSE candidate. Grace received an A* for her DT option in her academic scholarship. Joe was awarded an all-rounder scholarship with a focus on Technology to Claremont and although unsuccessful in their scholarship quests, Henry and Noah were commended for their efforts by Brighton and Tonbridge. It was a pleasure to teach these pupils and I hope they continue their love of DT in the future. KM

Clock by Noah Terry 8PC Electric boat by Joe Boeg 8KO

Chicken Clock by Grace Fleming 8AS


Chair by Henry Stitt 8KO

Electric Bi-plane by Henry Stitt 8KO

The Holmewoodian 2012/13



The Holmewoodian 2012/13



FOOTBALL 1st XI Football The football season for the 1st XI did finish on a high note, but it was mostly frustrating. To their credit, the Year 7s showed a lot of determination in pre-season training and in the Senior Inter-House competition, and five were rewarded with a place in the first team for the opening match. However, the decision seemed to backfire as the team lost 5-1 to an unusually strong Vinehall side, Robert Hartley scoring our only goal. There was an improved display against Cumnor House which still resulted in a 5-1 defeat with Edward Owen-Browne the scorer. The newly named Bedes gave us a footballing lesson 8-0 while a narrow 2-1 loss against Marlborough House was particularly unfortunate with the deciding goal coming in the final few moments. The Holmewood goal was scored by Fergus O’Brien. The boys put in a much 92

better performance against Great Walstead where they managed to win 2-0, thanks largely to our South African exchange student who helped set up both goals scored by Ben Fleming and Julian O’Riordan. We said goodbye to captain Robert Hartley at this stage, due to a knee injury, and Ashkon Javadi took over the armband. A good second half performance against DPS Cranbrook saw the team lose 5-2 with goals from Julian O’Riordan and Harry Franks but any confidence from this display soon disappeared as they were thumped 7-0 by St Andrew’s. However, the season did have a happy ending with a 3-1 win over St Ronan’s courtesy of two goals from Ben Fleming and one from Alex Attwal via the penalty spot. And, in the final match against the touring side Aldwickbury, the boys put in a magnificent display on a

rain sodden pitch to win 2-1 with goals from Matthew Allen and Ben Schumacher. This match saw the players really raise their game and showed what they were capable of when they set their minds to it. It was a shame that such commitment and resilience was not shown a little earlier in the season. The omens are good for next year though. BC

2nd XI football Following a season without a victory in 2011, the 2nd XI and Mr Leegood were keen to get a strong start to the 2012 season. We started with a tough opener against a good Vinehall side. However goals from Ben Fleming, Luke Scheiner, Finn McLennan and two from Oscar Wynne-Jones gave the side a 5-2 victory. At the death, there was a great penalty save from our keeper Magnus Sesodia. The Holmewoodian 2012/13


Next, we came up against one of Holmewood’s greatest rivals, Cumnor House. However, a fine hat-trick from Ben Fleming and a great long range goal from Will Brett secured a 6-3 victory. Next was Bede’s who were probably the best side we played all season. Bede’s scored the opener and with four minutes left to play, the prospects were looking dim until Luke Scheiner put us level. As Bede’s were disappointed, Holmewood took advantage with Ben Fleming scoring a fantastic goal to pull off an incredible win. Our comeback of the season was against Marlborough House. Marlborough scored after a minute but, in the second minute, Ben Fleming equalised. At half time we were 2-1 down and despite a reviving team talk from Mr Leegood we conceded again early in the second half. We eventually woke up and came back to win 4-3 with a great hat-trick from Ben Fleming and a late goal from Jamie DavidsonGrear - an unlikely and amazing victory. After that, we came up against Great Walstead. A fine hat-trick from Ed Owen-Browne and one goal each for Finn Mclennan, Will Brett and The Holmewoodian 2012/13

Nick Sobowale led us to a 6-1 victory away from home. A tough match against DPS Cranbrook saw Holmewood secure a 2-0 victory (with two goals from Ed Owen-Browne) against one of the strongest teams on the circuit. Next, a challenge against St Andrew’s; four fine goals from Ed Owen-Browne and one goal at the end from Henry Goodall gave us a solid 5-1 victory. The last ‘home league’ match was away at St Ronan’s where we had the great chance to make 2nd XI unbeaten history. We started off shakily but then another hat-trick from Ed Owen-Browne, two from Nick Sobowale and one from Luke Scheiner led us to a 6-0 victory and history. Ed Owen-Browne opened the scoring against the touring side Aldwickbury but just before half time they pulled level. We fought hard to keep it even in the second half to earn a good draw and remain unbeaten. Quote of the season goes to Will Brett who said, “Hartley, at least you’re playing better now than you were at break-time” when he very narrowly missed a shot!

Last season we didn’t win a match but it was the opposite this year and we didn’t lose a match. I think all of the team would agree that this was a truly enjoyable season. Thank you so much to the team, Mr Leegood and Mr Ray. We couldn’t have done it without you. Hugo Pettman 8AS

3rd XI football The 3rd XI kicked off a remarkable season with a visit from Vinehall. The new-look team won 4-0 with goals from Tang, Tiplady, Gent and a chip from Procter to seal a healthy win. Next up, Cumnor. The “Galacticos” accomplished a 6-1 victory with Gent scoring, and then two from Peter Kingston. But the plaudits went to Man Ho as he scored a memorable hat-trick. The matches were coming fast with the third match of the week against Bede’s. We were dominated in the first half but thanks to a penalty save from Procter, stayed level 0-0.



In the second half, Bede’s came out fluidly and scored. But we never gave up, with Tang and Kingston scoring to seal a win. Marlborough next, and Wheble (2), Tiplady (2) and Man Ho came up with the goods in a 5-2 win. The fifth match saw us beat Walstead 6-2 with four from Man Ho, one from Jamie and an own goal. Jamie scored a great hat-trick at DPS and St. Andrew’s were decimated 8-1 with Man Ho (4), Kingston (2), Risebrow and Wheble scoring. St. Ronan’s were smashed 5-1, with Man Ho (2), Wheble (2) and Jamie on the scoresheet. The final match was against Aldwickbury, the touring side, and the team held out for a 1-1 draw.

4th XI football report The 4th XI started their four game season away, against DPS Cranbrook. Let’s just say the team didn’t get off to the best of starts. The second match was played at home against St Andrew’s and the team sealed a gratifying 1-0 win with Gent scoring mid-way through the second-half after a lovely ball from Lander. A memorable 7-1 thumping of St Ronan’s was next with Kingston scoring a great hat-trick, Gent netting a brace and Archie Boyle, AKA Danger Mouse, scoring on his last football game for the school. An own goal also added to the tally. Aldwickbury proved far too strong for the depleted 4ths who were struggling with several men on Hadrian’s Wall. Thank you to Mr O’Riordan and his support team for his advice, humour and encouragement and I wish both teams good luck for next year. Oliver Gent 7PM

Colts XI Football From the very first practice/coaching session in early September, it was evident there was the making of an outstanding team here. Comfortable victories were gained against Vinehall at A and C level and likewise against Cumnor House. However, much stiffer tests were to come. In the first major tournament of the academic year, the Lancing College six-aside tournament, the team won their group but were unlucky to lose in the semi final – useful lessons were learnt here for the rest of the season. We knew Bede’s would be tough, and so it proved, but a terrific game ended 1-1 with the 94

Bs impressing with a fine 2-0 victory. The As battled to a 1-1 draw against Yardley Court and good wins against Marlborough House and Great Walstead proved to be the ideal preparation for the ISFA Kent and Sussex regional tournament at Cumnor House … what a day that turned out to be for these boys. Excitement, drama, tension, determination, fabulous support and well taken goals. The morning had it all and will long remain in the memory of those lucky enough to be present. We were all drained by the end of the final – well, the parents and coaches were! To progress through the group stages was tremendous and then on through the quarter final, semi final and on to the final. Holmewood sealed a 1-0 final victory to book a place at the ISFA national finals at St. George’s Park, Burton at the end of April. This was a remarkable and a quite fabulous achievement. Two 0-0 draws followed for the As against DPS Cranbrook and St Ronan’s. Against DPS the Bs and Ds had great wins 8-2 and 3-0 respectively. The A team completed the regular season by becoming joint winners of the Hilden Grange tournament. What a season and there was more to come at Burton! At this national tournament the boys performed admirably against fine opposition and in their pool won two games and lost three each by 1-0 and from this pool eventually came the national winners and the third v fourth place play-off winners. Overall, Holmewood finished twelfth out of the eighteen teams who qualified for this national tournament. A very creditable effort. The boys were great ambassadors for the school on and off the field and I would like to congratulate each of the A team personally on their fabulous season. Well done Tommy Owen-Browne, Edward Sanders, Barnes Darlington, Sebastian Piggott, Nathan Rolf (Captain), Harry Balcombe, Thomas Sarkesian and Matthew Allen. Particular mention must go to Nathan Rolf on his selection for the Kent County side and to Matthew Allen and Harry Balcombe representing West Kent and all therefore playing serious representative soccer. Well done boys! Grateful thanks also go to Chris Allen for his help in coaching these boys and for arranging additional sessions including a special training session with Barry Hayles in the run up to the national tournament. Also to Jason Rolf for organising the training pitch at Burtonon-Trent on the Sunday afternoon before the tournament began. Equally to the parents for their unstinting support – I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. It was a great journey! Thanks also to Stef and his team for

delicious packed lunches and match teas and Paul Beddoe for superb pitches to practise and play matches on. Surely, this will be a season to go down in Holmewood footballing history. Well played boys and you all thoroughly deserved the success you achieved. Hope you like the ISFA tournament shirts! PM-J

Under 10 Football As Played 8 Bs Played 6 Cs Played 6 Ds Played 3

Won 4 Won 2 Won 4 Won 0

Drew 3 Drew 1 Drew 0 Drew 2

Lost 1 Lost 3 Lost 2 Lost 1

Boundless supplies of energy and enthusiasm and a willingness to work hard to improve their all round skills characterised this very rewarding group of Under 10 players. On Mondays and Thursdays the boys were put through their paces in training sessions and then proceeded to play some high quality football in what was a very full fixture list. The A team played some excellent football, winning four out of their eight games although the most exciting and tense games were three very entertaining high scoring draws against St Ronan’s, St Andrew’s and DPS Cranbrook. Holmewood’s only defeat was by the odd goal against Bede’s in which the boys dominated large passages of play only to be thwarted by their goalkeeper who had ‘an absolute blinder’. The Bs too enjoyed success and provided keen and healthy competition for places in the A team with their highlights being a very impressive 5 – 0 victory against Bede’s early in the season and a nail biting 3 – 3 draw in the final game of the season against St Andrew’s in which the team clearly demonstrated the significant improvement they had made over the course of the season. The Holmewoodian 2012/13


game. All boys progressed in terms of their footballing ability and understanding of the game. The Under 8D and E teams struggled in their opening fixture, outplayed against a very good St Michael’s Otford team. After this initial setback they regained their composure and went on an undefeated run right to the end of the season. The boys played some brilliant passing football at times, completely dominating their opposition. EW

When Barry met Harry

The C and D teams played with great gusto and spirit with the former scoring lots of goals and playing particularly well in a hard fought 1-0 victory against Tavistock and Summerhill’s A team and the latter only conceding one goal in their three games.

and drawing a number. Those they lost were generally only by the odd goal. All the remaining boys represented the B and C teams where results were also pleasing.

Many thanks go to Mr Crombie for his coaching and to the many parents who turned out to watch the teams in such an encouraging and supportive manner. All the boys are to be congratulated for their enthusiasm, commitment and sportsmanship and most importantly they all appeared thoroughly to enjoy ‘the beautiful game’. Well done. PG

Under 8 Football

Under 9 Football We had a spirited group of boys on the soccer pitch this season. Although a small year group numerically, the boys more than made up for it in terms of determination and effort. With Mr Waterman heading up the coaching, we were lucky to be exposed to some great drills and his warm-ups became legendary! All boys improved their ball skills and learnt a great deal about positional play and passing. Apart from a tough day at Sutton Valence, the boys acquitted themselves with aplomb in matches. With Henry Rolf, Sidney Barker and Ben Beatton forming an effective spine, the A team did well in all their matches winning

A very enjoyable season! Well played boys. SG All of the boys in Year 3 played extremely well throughout their football season. The opening fixture suggested that the season ahead would be a battle for each team, with dominant performances and good football from all, not warranting the results they deserved. However the Under 8A team then went on a three game winning streak, putting in some very solid performances. Unfortunately they lost their last two games against very strong opposition despite playing some of the better football. There are a number of very talented players in this year group with Inigo Streets, Christopher Sneddon, Arthur Loveland, Milo Denny, William Allen and Daniel Domanski forming a very strong backbone. These boys look set to have a very bright future in football at Holmewood House.

Term began a day early for Holmewood House Colts football players. Having won the Kent and Sussex regional qualifier they played in the ISFA National 7-a-side soccer finals at the FA Centre of Excellence, St George’s Park, on April 29th. An afternoon training session had been long planned, but their unexpected guest coach was Fulham legend Barry Hayles. Barry answered a host of questions ranging from ‘Have you ever played against David Beckham?’ to ‘Have you ever played in the World Cup?’ to ‘Have you ever scored against Chelsea?’, and the answer to all those questions was ‘yes’. Still playing professionally Barry is now taking FA coaching badges. When he heard the boys were playing in the national finals he volunteered to come and share his knowledge. As well as running training sessions Barry stayed to play in a match at the end of the afternoon. Now the boys can say they have played with and against someone who has scored more than 200 goals in his footballing career. Mr C Allen

The Under 8B team didn’t have the best first season, winning only one game but the boys showed a tremendous fighting spirit, stern discipline and a willingness to continue to play football, despite the end result. It is these characteristics which have seen each of these boys progress in terms of their footballing ability. The Under 8C team went on to win their next fixture with a solid display against a very good Rose Hill side playing some delightful football throughout. The last two fixtures of the season resulted in a loss and a draw, despite the boys playing some scintillating football in their last

The Holmewoodian 2012/13


SPORT | rugby

Rugby 1st XV Rugby We started the season with high expectations; we knew we would do well. Our first match was a trial match against King’s Rochester as the 1st and 2nd XV played half the match each. We were winning 12-5 (1 Sobowale) (1 Kirwan) at half time. However, the 2nd XV struggled to keep up and the final score line was 1214 to King’s Rochester. The season was not off to the greatest of starts, but there were plenty of positives to take away and work on. Next up was Windlesham House. After a long bus journey, we made a great start taking a twenty two point lead (1 Javadi) (2 Sobowale). At half time the opposition was clawing its way back into the game, scoring twenty one points. The pressure was on. From the pop-pass, Risebrow stormed through and scored the winning try under the posts, making the final score 29-21 to Holmewood House. Holmewood House vs Bede’s. We came on the pitch and could instantly see we were the better team. Sobowale scored three tries in the first half. Javadi, Schumacher and Fone all put points on the board. The game ended with a 36-5 win. Malborough House was a great game for us to show off our skills and a strong performance resulted in a 39-5 win. Next up was Vinehall. We were anticipating 96

Vinehall to be one of the easier sides, but they definitely put up a fight. However we proved too strong, coming out with a 34-19 win. Our next opponents were DPS Cranbrook. We were invited to play on a very prestigious pitch called The 50 at Tonbridge School. It was our toughest game of the season. At half time we were 0-21 but weren’t ready to throw in the towel. Risebrow managed to break through with ten minutes left. The pack attached to his massive 6ft size, and he was pushed over the line. 5-21. Then, the backs made a break and Kirwan picked up an easy try. 10-21 with five minutes left. There then followed a stunning score from Sobowale, running half the length of the pitch, beating approximately eight defenders. Sadly, these were the last points of the match which ended 17-21. If there had been another five minutes, who knows what might have happened? St Andrew’s was another cracker. We took the lead, scoring 5-0 by half time with Schumacher crossing the white line. Unfortunately we let our guard down and conceded a try, making the score 5-7. Following some words from Mr Lawson under our posts we came back and scored with two minutes left (Kirwan). We almost threw the match away again with the game finishing on our try line, but we held out.

We were mentally prepared for our tough match against Hurst. We scored the first try, tipping Risebrow over the line. Sobowale was on his toes and made a great interception which led to a second try to make the score 12-0. In the second half Hurst scored a converted try bringing the score up to 12-7. We went onto full defence mode. We had a slight scare as their prime The Holmewoodian 2012/13

SPORT | rugby

player broke our line but Will Brett made the try-saving and match-winning tackle. A great high to end the season at Ashdown. Sobowale scored three tries with all assists coming from Javadi. Four more tries were scored to notch up a comfortable 49-7 win. Unfortunately, bad weather meant that our last three very winnable matches were cancelled. Overall this has been a fantastic season and on behalf of the team I would like to thank Mr Leegood, Mr O’Riordan, Mr Rankin and Mr Lawson for all their coaching expertise. Ashkon Javadi 8KO

2nd XV Rugby Played 7, Won 6, Lost 1, Drew 0 In a season hampered by ice and snow, the second XV put in some very creditable performances. The only losses were to King’s Rochester As (where they played half a game only, therefore discounted for this report) and a very strong and competitive Hurstpierpoint 2nd XV which contained a number of A team players. With the calm head of Jonny Tiplady at the helm, the team went from strength to strength. The top try scorer was Finlay McLennan with eight tries, and the boot and decision making of Edward Owen-Browne were also reliable weapons. Over the course of the season the engine room of Archie Boyle and Teddy Toalster matured well and powered through most opposition at the scrummages, where the front row was ably marshalled towards the end of the season by the ‘Big Dog’ Charlie Venton who brought experience and a rampaging spirit which buoyed the rest of the front row. Alex Crickmore ‘pinballed’ his way through many tackles to make the most ground of the season and Peter Kingston was all over the loose balls (and the fly halves) like a rash.

The Holmewoodian 2012/13

However the most improved player is split between Teddy Toalster at lock who became a menace with ball in hand towards the end of the season and Alex Attwal who showed some real flair on the wing. It must be said that everyone, even if not specifically mentioned, played their hearts out and dug in when it really mattered. Well done to you all. PG

3rd XI Rugby Played 4, Won 3, Lost 1, Points for 119, Points against 51 In a season sadly curtailed by inclement weather at the start of the spring term, this was clearly a talented 3rd team as the playing record would suggest.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Paul Gripper for his tireless support at practices and for helping to encourage this talented and enthusiastic group of boys and I would like to wish them continued enjoyment of the game if they are off to pastures new. Well played boys - a super season all round. The squad: Joseph Boeg (Capt), William Miller, Adam Trusted, Harry Springett, Max Marcello, Jamie Davidson-Grear, Sebastian Wheble, Alex Attwal, Marcus Winston, Man Ho Tang, Tom Taylor, Hugo Pettman and Oliver Gent. PM-J

A magnificent comeback in the second half saw Holmewood win a tremendous game of rugby against Windlesham House in the first game of the season. This was followed by a physical battle against Bede’s on a quagmire of a pitch but the team showed great heart finally going down 29 -19. However, the best game of the season came against DPS Cranbrook on the 1st XV pitch at Holmewood – a real treat! The boys rose to the occasion putting in a storming effort to win a tough encounter 26-5 – much closer than the score would suggest. This was 3rd XV rugby of the highest standard and certainly the best rugby I have experienced over the years at this level. The final match of the season saw a comfortable win against Ashdown House with tries being shared out amongst the players. Link up play between forwards and backs was a particular highlight of this team. Congratulations must go to Joseph Boeg who captained the side so effectively both on and off the field and really led by example.

Colts Rugby The Colts A rugby team had a very good season, winning six of their seven games. They scored 230 points and only conceded thirty two. The season started with a good win against King’s Rochester where the team displayed a nice mix of running rugby and an awesome power game of straight running and hard rucking when it was needed. Next up was a trip to Bede’s and after a less than satisfactory display the team suffered their only loss of the season losing 20 -15. After a week of hard training and some 97


stern words from the coach came a match against Malborough House. As the whistle went for the start of the game the heavens opened! The boys stuck to the task well and turned in a much improved performance and eventually won a very tight game 14–7. Wins against DPS Cranbrook and St Andrew’s were to follow as the team really hit their stride and the opposition were unable to cope with the intensity, physicality, and enthusiasm that the team brought onto the pitch. The season was to end with two comfortable wins against Ashdown House and Hurst. Unfortunately the last three matches of the regular season were lost to the weather. Then there was the little matter of the National Rugby Tournament. The team again brought a great physicality and desire to each of their pool matches and although the team didn’t progress past the pool stage they can be very happy with their efforts. It is fair to say that there were no superstars in this team but what the team achieved came through hard work, enthusiasm and a never say die attitude. All the boys should be very proud of this. Well done on a good season and I wish them all the best for next year. The Colts B rugby team showed a great level of commitment and dedication throughout the season. The improvement they showed was down to their hard work in training and an enthusiasm that grew stronger as the season went along. Their first game was against Bede’s. On a very wet and muddy pitch the team played particularly well, scoring some eleven tries and running out easy 55 – 0 winners. Two defeats were to follow against Marlborough House and Vinehall, but despite these loses the team’s drive and desire to improve never wavered and with a couple of strong training sessions under their belts they finished the season with a resounding 47 – 7 victory over DPS Cranbrook. All the boys in the team should feel very proud of their rugby season and the level of improvement they displayed as the season progressed. Well done. WT 98

Under 10 Rugby

Under 8 Rugby

Played 8, Won 6, Drew 0, Lost 2 Sutton Valence 7s Tournament Winners

All boys showed a great attitude and determination towards a sport that many had barely played before joining Holmewood. The season held mixed fortunes for the teams with results not necessarily matching the efforts displayed.

This team had a very successful season. A promising start was made with convincing victories over King’s Rochester, Windlesham House and Bede’s. Vinehall posed us a few problems in the next game although a strong second half display led to a 30-10 win. The match of the season was a narrow 20-15 loss against DPS Cranbrook. A draw seemed inevitable as our maul went over the try line in the last few seconds; only to be frustratingly held up when the final whistle was blown. More comfortable wins followed over St Andrew’s and Sutton Valence although Yardley Court put us to the sword after a number of cancelled matches had left us a bit ringrusty. The season ended on a huge high however with victory in the Sutton Valence 7s tournament, especially as it included victories over DPS Cranbrook and Yardley Court - the two teams who had beaten us earlier in the season. All seven players were magnificent throughout and despite atrocious weather conditions they fully deserved their win with an entertaining brand of running and passing rugby as well as the customary strong tackling. BC

Under 9 Rugby We battled through the bad weather and worked hard on our basic skills. It is a step up from tag to contact rugby, but the boys enjoyed their tackling and rucking! With Cameron Tilley and Lucas Sarkesian leading the way, everyone worked hard in their matches which were all keenly contested. Many thanks to Mr Leegood who coached so keenly and took the boys to many of their matches. Unfortunately, atrocious weather conditions led to the end of term tournaments being cancelled. I am sure that the boys will go on to be very good team players at Holmewood as they get older.

The Under 8A team got off to a reasonable start, drawing their opening fixture, and playing some great attacking rugby, exemplified by Arthur Loveland. Unfortunately the following fixtures did not follow suit, with losses coming in each of the remaining games. There are some talented players in this team who shone throughout the season and will go on to become outstanding players for Holmewood as they continue through the school. The Under 8Bs started their season with a resounding 8-0 win but unfortunately could not maintain this over the course of the rugby season. A solid and together unit, each boy can be very proud of their efforts, both as individuals and as a team. Each player improved dramatically as the season progressed in all aspects of their rugby, which showed with each game played. The Under 8C team had a very good season, losing only one of their fixtures against a strong opposition. Each player showed great determination to improve their rugby, none more so than Lucas Mulley and Ashley Dodd who were the backbone of this team. The Under 8 D/E team had mixed fortunes, losing their opening two fixtures but coming back strongly to win their last two matches. With each boy fighting right up until the final whistle they showed great character and guaranteed that each match was going to be a battle for the opposing team. EW

Well done boys. SG

The Holmewoodian 2012/13

SPORT | netball


Under 13A Netball The Year 8 girls were excited about their netball this year and couldn’t wait to get into training. The first team continued in the same vein as the previous year, during which they had incredible success, but struggled to match their previous achievements. They could play brilliantly and always put on a fine display in their matches, but often it would take them too long to get going and they would make the matches incredibly difficult for themselves. They won ten of their fourteen matches and a couple of these were lost very narrowly, losing 8-10 to both Sutton Valence and Hazelwood. The girls played their hearts out in the IAPS competition but, having got through to the play-offs for qualification for the nationals, they lost by just one goal to Ardingly. Ardingly had an extremely tall goal shooter whose height won them the game. Although disappointed the girls kept their spirits high and still enjoyed their netball for the rest of the term. The team: Grace Fleming (WA), Tara Goodsell (WD), Emily Harber (GS) (Cpt), Olivia Jenner (GA), Sophie Rieckmann (GK), Poppy Savage (GD) (Cpt), Amelia Tracey (C).

Under 13B Netball The B team had a very successful season and their progress was marked and visible. They suffered losses in their first three matches of the season, but went on to win all others. There was some phenomenal shooting by Prue Barnes who also helped out in the 1st team when needed. The B team played 11 matches, winning 7, losing 3 and drawing 1. The team: Prue Barnes (GA), Eva CottageStone (GD), Anna Davis (WA), Cara DigbyPatel (C/WD), Emma Gill (C), Georgina Latchford (WD), Catherine McMahon (GS), Darcey Morse (GK). The Holmewoodian 2012/13

It has been a real pleasure and sometimes an interesting experience to teach the girls their netball over the years, but I would like to wish them all the very best and hope they all have a happy netballing future ahead. Well done and good luck girls. SP Our first match was against Benenden. the As survived a tough match 12-8 but the Bs lost 9-14. Our second match was against Sutton Valence who were too strong for both the A and B team but Cumnor House was next and we were on top form, with the As thrashing their team 23-3. A few matches later, we were entered into a versatility tournament at Hazelwood where every member of the team plays every position, swapping every match. There were fourteen teams playing, seven in each group. We played really well and won all of our matches and were ultimately victorious, taking home trophies, teddies, medals and the title of the first ever Under 13 Versatility Tournament at Hazelwood. The following week, the A team lost 20-13 to Marlborough House but the B team won 22-5. The following match was against Brambletye where both A and B teams sealed victory. Roedean hosted the IAPS Regional tournament in Brighton. The A team played well through to the semi finals, but sadly lost to Ardingly by one goal which meant we weren’t able to repeat our success of last year and go to the IAPS Nationals. This brought our season to a close. Many thanks to Mrs Porritt for all her excellent coaching and organisation. Emily Harber 8KO and Poppy Savage 8AS


SPORT | netball

The A team were very strong, overcoming their opposition with some ease. They played some very attractive netball and managed to put into practice more advanced game play, due to their good basic skills. As a result of their strength, all those in the team played in a variety of positions and this has led them to understand the game and the skills needed in attack and defence. The B team played some excellent attacking netball this term and had a selection of goal scorers in the team. The defence were strong and athletic and they enjoyed some great results with good team play. Their results were excellent and the game that they lost was by the narrowest of margins.

Under 12 Netball The fourteen girls in the year group split conveniently into two teams. This also meant that all the girls got an opportunity to play a minimum of six games, with the A team having at least fourteen games, and stronger B team players getting the opportunity to play in the As when there was just one team playing. Some matches were cancelled due to snow and freezing conditions and some were re-scheduled in more limited in-door facilities. The A team won the majority of their games with some excellent wins; 26 -3 against Ashdown, 21 – 6 against Vinehall. Their loses were mostly a lot closer; 12 – 15 against Marlborough House, 8 – 10 against Cumnor House School. It took a few matches for them to settle into their new team, with some players playing in new positions. They worked hard in the centre court to keep possession and feed the ball into the shooters. This was exemplified in the notable victory in our sports hall against Bede’s which was tense and exciting with only one goal in it at the end. On a drizzly day at Roedean, the As were placed fourth in their group at the IAPS regional competition. They just missed out on qualification for the final. The B team worked hard in their matches and supported each other as a team. They had success against Vinehall, with a well-deserved run of goals which lifted their spirits. Good luck and enjoy your netball next year. SW

Under 11A Netball As Played 13, Won 7, Drew 1, Lost 5 This dynamic little team worked hard throughout the season and progressed well. They put in an outstanding performance at the Sevenoaks Tournament and emerged well deserved winners. They also put in a great effort at this year’s IAPS Tournament, coming second in their group qualifying rounds.

The C team learned a lot this term. Throwing and catching has significantly improved as well as movement around the court. They were always enthusiastic and were relatively successful in their matches. A very enjoyable and successful term. WM

The girls should feel proud of their achievements this season. Well done! ST

Under 11B and C Netball Bs Played 14, Won 7, Lost 7 Cs Played 4, Won 1, Lost 3 The B team went from strength to strength over the course of the season. Narrowly losing four out of their five matches before Christmas, they then went on to achieve six good wins out of their remaining nine. The girls developed a keen sense of team spirit and developed an admirable sharpness in their play. I was very proud of their overall determination to improve and they thoroughly deserved their latter successes. The C team gained some valuable experience in their matches and although only managing one win, their losses were closely fought. TB

U10 Netball This was a very successful term for all of the Year 5 girls. The A team were undefeated in their seven matches, the B team played six and won five and the C team won three of their four matches. A total of seventeen matches played with two losses, demonstrates a great depth of talent. 100

The Holmewoodian 2012/13

SPORT | netball

Under 9 Netball

Under 8 Netball

As Played 11, Won 9, Drew 1, Lost 1

It took a little time to get the girls in the right positions, but as the season progressed it was evident who were the natural shooters, defenders and centre court players. They were then placed in their teams and all the girls thoroughly enjoyed the training sessions and matches in which they were involved.

Following a loss in their opening match of the season to Hazelwood by just one goal, this amazing little team went on to achieve six consecutive wins. A draw against Derwent Lodge was the only other blemish in a virtually unbeaten season as the girls finished with superb wins against DPS Cranbrook, St Michael’s and Brambletye. I’m sure there is a great future ahead for this incredible team. Well done to you all! ST Bs Played 10, Won 8, Lost 2 Cs Played 3, Won 2, Lost 1 What a fabulous season for the B Team this year! With only two losses in a total of ten games the results speak for themselves. The girls worked well as a team and quickly developed a quality pattern of play and notable maturity on the court. The C team also learnt a great deal from their matches winning two out of three encounters. TB

The Holmewoodian 2012/13

The flow of the game in all teams improved markedly as the girls became more aware of their positions and roles within the game. The shooting became more accurate and the defenders marked extremely well making it difficult for the opposition to score. The A team played seven matches and lost just one - which was their very first match against St.Michael’s. They did beat them the second time they played against them later in the spring term. The B team played six matches, winning three, drawing two and losing just one, and the C team played five matches and won three, drew one and lost one. Very well done to all the girls and good luck with your netball in Year 4. SP


SPORT | boys’ hockey

boys’ hockey 1st XI Boys’ Hockey Played 8, Won 6, Drew 1, Lost 1, Goals for 29, Goals against 8 Sutton Valence Hurst Rose Hill St Andrew’s Great Walstead DPS Cranbrook Buckswood King’s Rochester

Lost Won Won Won Won Drew Won Won

0-1 3-0 3-0 3-0 3-1 3-3 4-0 10 - 1

This was a settled team who improved significantly. They proved strong at the back with an excellent goalkeeper in Toby Risebrow playing behind Hugo Pettman, Alex Attwal and Nicholas Sobowale. Nick was the most improved player of the season. In front of them, at the back of the diamond, Magnus Sesodia was tenacious and his stickwork promises much for next year. Julian O’Riordan will also return next year and his deft touch made him most effective at the top of the circle and at short corners. Ben Schumacher displayed excellent stickwork and movement at left half and for the second year in a row, Finn McLennan, at right half, was the dominant player, combining skill and a great work rate. Up front, Harry Foreman scored some 102

The Holmewoodian 2012/13

SPORT | boys’ hockey

memorable goals, ably supported on the flanks by Ben Fleming and Robert Hartley. Some of our interplay was terrific and, although our finishing was variable, we were good at creating chances on goal. Our best result was a 3-2 win against a strong Hurst team and we also played particularly well against Rose Hill, St. Andrew’s and DPS Cranbrook. At the 7-a-side game we did very well at the IAPS South tournament. It was a bonus that seven of our eight matches were against schools from other hockey circuits and it was a great achievement to finish third in the South of England region. Squad (appearances in brackets): T Risebrow *(8), A Attwal* (8), F McLennan* (capt) (8), J O’Riordan (8), B Schumacher* (8), N Sobowale* (8), H Pettman*(8), M Sesodia (7), H Foreman* (7), R Hartley* (7), B Fleming* (6), E Owen-Browne (1), F O’Brien (1), A Javadi (1) * Colours awarded PJC

2nd XI Boys’ Hockey Played 8, Won 6, Drew 0, Lost 2 Goals for 17, Goals against 6 Once again we had a relatively strong group of boys in the 2nd XI. They were always competitive and beat some strong opposition, notably Sutton Valence, St Andrew’s and Marlborough House. The strongest team we played was DPS Cranbrook who beat us 3-1. I would like to mention the players leaving this year who had much to do with the team’s fine defensive record. Ashkon Javadi, Alex Fone and Adam Trusted were most dependable at the back and in midfield, Will Brett and Harry Franks showed considerable skill and covered a lot of ground. Matthew Lander and Peter Dickinson also proved to be very versatile, willingly playing anywhere on the field.

The Holmewoodian 2012/13

Finally, I am very grateful to Mr O’Riordan for his help on match days and Mr Gripper likewise, in addition to driving and umpiring the 2nd XI this season. PJC

Matthew Allen and Ralph Lavercombe and the Bs having a convincing 8-1 win. This set up the A team for a gutsy, praiseworthy effort at the Sutton Valence tournament, where the side won 2, drew 1 and lost 2 in their pool.

3rd and 4th XI Boys’ Hockey

DPS Cranbrook edged the four fixtures against us but they were mighty close games. Missed chances once again proved costly.

3rd XI: Played 3, Won 1, Lost 2, Goals for 7, Goals Against 4 4th XI: Played 1, Won 0, Lost 1 The second game hockey group were very keen and were forced to practise on many different surfaces due to the atrocious weather conditions. All of the boys had the opportunity to play but, disappointingly, some matches had to be cancelled due to the bad weather. All the boys have the basic skills to move on to enjoy hockey at their next schools. I hope those in Year 7 will be pushing for places in the 1st and 2nd X1 next year. Well done boys. SL

Colts Hockey Was this the coldest Holmewood hockey season on record? I certainly think so, so I really do thank and congratulate the tremendous support the boys enjoyed despite the extreme temperatures. The season started with matches against very fine Marlborough House outfits played on a bitterly cold afternoon in Hawkhurst. The Bs and Cs lost narrowly but the As were rather outclassed so early in the season 7-1. However, this revealed there was much that could be worked on in training sessions. The second round of matches were equally tough against Rose Hill who took their chances well unlike the Holmewood sides apart from the Cs who came away with a fine 4-0 victory, with Eddie Jones and Archie Ive amongst the goals. Confidence boosting victories were recorded against St Andrew’s at A and B team level. The As winning 2—1 with goals from

To round off a thoroughly enjoyable season, four good wins were recorded against King’s School Rochester on the penultimate day of term. The As winning 2-0 with goals from Mathew Allen and Ralph Lavercombe, the Bs winning 1-0 with a goal from Eddie Jones, the Cs played some great hockey winning 6-0 with a hat-trick for Thomas Sarkesian and one each for Anthony Wane, Zack Gellnick and James Holley. The Ds won 1-0 with Stan Russell scoring the crucial goal. My fingers have just about thawed out as I pen these thoughts at the end of the season. Well played boys and keep enjoying your hockey. My grateful thanks to Stef Parnell and his team for the lovely post match refreshments at various times of the afternoon, depending on start times on the Astro. Thank you Mr Gripper and Mr O’Riordan for support of the teams and helping whilst two of the teams were playing and the other two were waiting to play or taking the first two teams to tea. A Squad – Louis Gillespie, Euan Grenshields, Edward Sanders, Harry Balcombe, Matthew Allen, Tommy Owen-Browne, Ralph Lavercombe (Capt) and Harry Marshall. B squad – Jack Raynor, Matthew Richardson, Barnes Darlington, Eddie Jones, William ReesYoung (Capt), Harry Marshall and Nathan Rolf. PM-J


SPORT | girls’ hockey

girls’ hockey 1st VII Girls’ Hockey The 1st VII found the season tough going. However, despite winning just two of their ten matches, they went on to win the ‘Plate’ competition at Sevenoaks and East Grinstead. The squad was: O Jenner, G Fleming, P Barnes, A Tracey, E Harber, E Gill, C Underwood. Captain, Olivia Jenner has written her view of the season. WM

The 1sts hockey season was successful at times and by the end of the season we were playing more consistently and working as a team. Despite being down 9-0 in the second half against our strongest opposition, Bede’s, we never gave up – finding weaknesses in their defence and scoring a couple of goals. We had no time left to score more. Other challenging schools were Sevenoaks, Cummor House and Ardingly. This season we played two tournaments. On the 21st September we won the plate at the Sevenoaks competition and on 14th November we played our last matches of the season and won the plate at the East Grinstead/Holmewood House tournament. Many thanks to Mr Cook and Mrs Masters for all their coaching. Olivia Jenner 8PC

2nd VII Girls’ Hockey The 2nd VII hockey team achieved more success than the 1sts, playing eleven matches, winning six, drawing two and losing three. There were several goal-scorers in the team, but Sophie Rieckmann and Poppy Savage were the top of the pile. Some excellent play by the squad and great coaching from Mr Cook. 104

S Rieckmann, T Goodsell, I Deeley, B Mehra, C McMahon, A Davis, E CottageStone, P Savage

3rd VII Girls’ Hockey Played 9, Won 5, Drew 1, Lost 3 This team was a mixture of Year 7s and 8s who produced some great hockey at times and often outplayed the opposition. There was good team play from all. K Huckstepp, S Andrews, E Crombie, G Latchford, D Morse, C Digby-Patel, S Main

4th VII Girls’ Hockey The 4th VII came up against tough opposition, struggled to score goals and would have had a low overall goals total had it not been for a great win against St. Andrew’s – when the team won by 5-1. Emma Sneddon and Madeleine Pink were top goal scorers. E Sneddon, M Kennedy, I Goodman, V Clay, A Goodman, M Ringer. All of the girls had the opportunity to play in the term, some in more than one team. WM

The Holmewoodian 2012/13

SPORT | girls’ hockey

Under 11 Girls’ Hockey

matches and had a small tournament at DPS Cranbrook which was great fun. The girls were all very keen to take part and went from strength to strength in their play.

The Under 11 girls were a dedicated year group who worked extremely hard and were generally motivated to improve and perform well. Unfortunately, the season didn’t get off to the best of starts and Holmewood lost the first three matches. However, once the girls had settled into their positions and learnt to play as a team, there was a definite improvement in their play. The 5-0 win against Ashdown was a real boost to the girls’ confidence.

U10 Girls’ Hockey

The team’s best match was a nail-bitingly close game against Cumnor House which Holmewood won 2-1.

Nineteen matches were played by our A – C teams, throughout the autumn term, including matches in two tournaments.

The season’s top scorer for the A team was Coco Streets, who scored eight goals followed by Tiggy Savage and Claire Morgan who both scored three. Emily Jones, goalkeeper, made some great saves. In defence, Charlotte Goodall has a natural hockey stance and was excellent at clearing the ball. She was ably supported by Eleanor Rhodes and Lizzy Miller who both really developed their game and started to play with real skill by the end of the season.

The season started with matches against Bede’s for the A and B teams, resulting in a win and a draw respectively. A good start… A week later we played Sutton Valence. The A team won again, with goals scored by Ana Deeley, Sophie Moss and Imogen Jenner. The B team lost (although Abigail Levack scored a great goal).

Running the wings were Zara Truman and Tiggy Savage while Claire Morgan played a very strong central midfield with Coco up front. The B team also had a good number of matches whilst the C team played a couple of The Holmewoodian 2012/13

The Year 6 girls were a delightful year group and I am sure they will go on to enjoy and improve their hockey further in the senior game over the next two years. Good luck girls. SP

The B team then struggled to find form, and couldn’t manage a win, but did draw two of their remaining matches. The C team played in a tournament at DPS Cranbrook, winning one match and losing two, however it was great experience in team play. The A team had success against Ashdown House, but lost to Cumnor and Ardingly, finishing their season with a small

Holmewood Tournament where, despite the girls’ best efforts, they failed to win against Sutton Valence and DPS. However, they did manage a draw with Ardingly (a great improvement on their 4-1 defeat earlier in the term). The B and C team played the final matches of the season, with a draw (1-1) for the B team and the Cs losing, unable to put the goal in the back of the net. Top scorers – Ana Deeley for the A team, Abigail Levack and Leila Clark for the B team and Katie Taylor for the C team. WM 105

SPORT | cricket

cricket Marlborough House MH 84-6 HH 87 -2 Won by 8 wkts Buckswood Match abandoned Yardley Court YC 68 HH 69 -0 Won by 10 wkts Great Walstead GW 142-4 HH 108 Lost by 34 runs This was a season when the majority of the side came from Year 7 so it was a youthful looking team which promises much for next year. The weather once again had its part to play, but fortunately we were able to complete nine matches.

1st XI Cricket Played 13 Won 5 Lost 4 Abandoned 4 St. Ronan’s HH 149-6, St. R 118 -5 Won by 31 runs New Beacon NB 113 -9 HH 9 - 0 Match abandoned

Vinehall Match abandoned

King’s Rochester HH 209 -4 KR 62 -6 Won by 147 runs Bede’s (JET) Bede’s 115 -2 HH 116 -2 Won by 8 wkts 106

Cumnor House CH 94 -9 Match abandoned

DPS DPS 150-3 HH 113-9 Lost by 37 runs

Wellesley House (JET) WH 166 -3 HH 120 -8 Lost by 46 runs Ashdown House HH 133-5 AH 135 -1 Lost by 9 wkts

Hugo Pettman captained the side and opened the batting with Julian O’Riordan. Julian was the leading run scorer, amassing 277 runs for the season. Robert Hartley (166), Edward Owen-Browne (167) and Hugo Pettman (118) all also scored over 100 runs for the side. Robert Hartley and Marcus Winston became the regular opening attack and both bowled well and often with good pace, frequently beating the bat and perhaps deserved more reward. Fittingly, Marcus achieved mini bat winning figures of 4 for 8 against Yardley Court, claiming his fourth victim with the The Holmewoodian 2012/13

SPORT | cricket

final ball of his allotted spell. Change bowlers included Oliver Kirwan who gave the side some variety with his left arm over style, together with Julian O’Riordan and Edward Owen-Browne – the latter of whom gained 15 wickets at an average of 12.1. Magnus Sesodia became the regular wicket keeper in the side and he kept more and more tidily and with increasing confidence as the season progressed. Highlights of the season included impressive victories against Bede’s in the opening round of the JET Cup competition, Marlborough House and Yardley Court. The one disappointing performance came against Ashdown House but perhaps that was a bad day at the office following the long trek to and late return from Wellesley House the previous day. This was a most enjoyable season with a very keen group of boys representing the school. The fielding was generally sound but there are areas to work on here next season – a season with so many boys already having some experience of 1st XI cricket together with eager, enthusiastic cricketers coming through from the Colts, it is a season that I am already greatly looking forward to. As always, my grateful thanks go to Paul Beddoe and his team for some marvellous wickets and outfield for the boys to train and play home matches on, Stef Parnell for the wonderful catering and of course to the parents for their unstinting support come rain or shine - and there was plenty of both in the 2013 season. Roll on the cricket season of 2014! PM-J

2nd X1 Cricket Played 10, Won 8, Abandoned 1, Lost 1 There was plenty of positive and exciting cricket served up by a keen group of boys who always tried to impress with bat and ball. Holmewood was always competitive and, bar yet another sub-standard performance against Marlborough House, who have become a bit of a bogey team in recent years, they enjoyed plenty of success. Memorable moments were some excellent catching and bowling against DPS Cranbrook to win a tight game and a very tense low scoring 10 run victory against New Beacon. However, by far the most dramatic and nerve jangling performance came against Great Walstead in the final game of the season. On a small pitch with a fast outfield the opposition appeared to be cruising to a comfortable victory then imploded in the last five overs with Ashkon Javadi producing 4 for 2 to snatch a two run victory from the jaws of defeat. Henry Goodall was the only boy to hit a 50, but there were some entertaining batting performances from the likes of Toby Risebrow and Charlie Venton who hit the ball incredibly hard. Peter Dickinson, Alex Crickmore and Ben Fleming all made valuable contributions with both bat and ball. My grateful thanks go to captain Alex Fone and indeed to all the boys who represented the team for their sterling efforts throughout the season. PG

3rd XI Cricket With fewer boys to choose from this year, the 3rd XI was a more stable side. They had a good rapport and played the game with enthusiasm and in the right spirit. They beat St.Ronan’s, Marlborough House and Bede’s, drew with New Beacon and lost to DPS Cranbrook and Ashdown House. With the bat, major innings were played by Nick Sobowale (51*, 41* and 37)), Peter Kingston (56* and 53*) and Charlie Venton (60). Nick, who captained the side with

The Holmewoodian 2012/13

relaxed charm, was our most reliable batsman, and Peter’s batting adhered to the old adage that cricket is indeed a strange game – having failed to score a single run all season, he scored unbeaten fifties in the final two matches! The best bowling figures were for Michael Procter (4/7), Luke Scheiner (4/12) and Peter Kingston (3/9). In all, twenty-four boys represented the team at various stages of the season as, to accommodate other schools, we sometimes varied our playing strength. PJC

Colts A Cricket Played 9, Won 6, Drew 1, Lost 2 The Colts A team had a most wonderful season. In competitions they won the Indoor Tonbridge School competition (in the winter before the season had even started) and then went on to victory in the Richie Richardson 6-a-side competition at Sutton Valence and the Bob Woolmer Cup. Their playing record in inter school matches was equally impressive. They beat King’s Rochester, Cumnor House, Ashdown House, Marlborough House, Yardley Court and DPS (Cranbrook). They only lost to Bede’s and New Beacon and these were very tightly contested matches. I have saved our tied match against St Ronan’s until last deliberately. This was our first match of the season and it was a cracker! We scored 80 and St Ronan’s scored 80 all out. A brilliant way to start the summer term! All the boys contributed well throughout the season and a great time was had by all. I do hope that they go on to enjoy their cricket in the future and I’d like to thank all the parents who braved some bitterly cold weather. Team: T Owen-Browne (Capt), M Allen, R Lavercombe, L Gillespie, H Balcombe, N Rolf, B Darlington, W Rees-Young, E Greenshields, H Marshall, O Marshall, E Jones, T Hastie, C Streets SL


SPORT | cricket

Under 10 Cricket Played 9, Won 7, Drew 1, Lost 1 The A team had a very successful season. They were unbeaten in the majority of their matches, but lost to Yardley Court. Getting the balance right between trying to win a match as well as offering everyone the opportunity to play is never easy but we managed in most of the games. Ollie Streets captained the side and batted beautifully at the top of the order, ably assisted by James Crombie who got his fair share of the runs. Some unorthodox batting proved effective for George Pepper and Josh Parker in the middle order, while the likes of Fred Newington-Bridges, Rob Allan and Loïc Bass-Gualbert should benefit in the future from playing at this level. The front line bowlers were Sam Hilton, Callum Morris, Josh Parker and Felix Sesodia who all took their fair share of wickets. Here are the results:

Colts B Cricket The Colts B team made a valiant effort this season and their endeavours and performance levels did not go unnoticed. There was a marked improvement in the boys performance as the season progressed, though their first match against against St Ronan’s was terrific with Holmewood winning by 51 runs. A brilliant way to start the summer term. All the boys contributed throughout the season and a great time was had by all. I do hope that they go on to enjoy their cricket in the future. Well done boys and many thanks to those parents who supported from the boundary in some bitterly cold weather. AW

v St Ronan’s – won by 85 runs v New Beacon – draw v King’s Rochester – won by 82 runs v Bede’s – won by 25 runs v Cumnor House – won by 45 runs v Vinehall – won by 27 runs v Marlborough House – won by 66 runs v Yardley Court – lost by 6 wickets v DPS Cranbrook – won by 9 wickets BC

Under 9 Cricket The cancellation of matches is disappointing for everyone, so after last year I am pleased to say that we only lost one game to rain. There was much to applaud in the Under 9 season. The boys were given expert coaching by some very experienced teachers, Mr Gripper, Mr Waterman and Mr Leegood. All the boys (20) played in four festival matches and these were enjoyed by all.

Kent had wins against: Bede’s and Yardley Court Sussex had draws against: St. Ronan’s and Bede’s These were a group of boys who promised much, played and trained hard. Reminders for next year: Bowling – line and length Batting – Keep your head still. Watch the ball and keep it down. Fielding – Concentrate! Walk in! Keep hands out of pockets! Many thank to Mr Beddoe and Mr Lambert for producing top class wickets. K O’R

Under 8 Cricket The Under 8A team started and ended their season with resounding wins over Sutton Valence and St Andrew’s respectively. A very close fixture against Yardley Court, in which the boys lost by only eight runs, shows that there is a great future ahead for Holmewood cricket. There are a number of very talented players in this year group, with Inigo Streets and Christopher Sneddon being at the forefront. The Under 8B team didn’t have the best first season, unfortunately losing all three games. A very close game against DPS Cranbrook showed that the boys have great fighting spirit and determination, which can only help develop their cricketing skills whilst at Holmewood. The Under 8C and D teams only managed to play two games each this season, both resulting in defeats for each team though each boy was 100% committed. EW

The Under 11 6-a-side winners at Sutton Valence


The Holmewoodian 2012/13

SPORT | rounders


and fielders. The quality which struck me most, aside from their skills and ability, was the support they showed for each other. When one team member had a bad day, someone else would always rise to the occasion and score the rounders or make a great catch. The team won most of their matches convincingly and with losses only to DPS (when we were a number of players short because they were at the National Swimming IAPS) and Wellesley House in the JET Tournament. The girls went on to win the IAPS Tournament, once again hosted at Holmewood.

1st IX Rounders Following a successful season as Year 7s, the new Year 8 girls had to rise to the challenge of first team play, focusing and improving their skills and team play. It took some time to find the right combination for the fielding positions, but this evolved over the first few matches and in the end we had a phenomenal team of batters The Holmewoodian 2012/13

Amelia Tracey, as bowler and captain, was a pivotal player in the team. Her bowling was varied and she kept the opposition’s batsmen on their toes. Ines Deeley, Year 7, entered the team as backstop. Her reactions were exceptional and she made many catches behind, whilst her throwing to 1st post was accurate and fast. 1st post was occupied by Poppy Savage who has good soft hands and who would stump out many of the opposition. 2nd post was Grace Fleming, who was a very intelligent player, always one step ahead in her play. The positions of 3rd and 4th post generally played off their post and were in prime catching positions. Barkat Mehra, the second Year 7 in the team, and Emily Harber did a great job stopping the full rounders and catching out the opposition most of the time. Prue Barnes was a great addition as 1st deep. She worked hard to improve her throwing and grew in confidence when it came to making the big catches. Out in 2nd and 3rd deep

were Olivia Jenner and Sophie Rieckmann respectively. Both were exceptional in the field and became much quicker and accurate in their play which was key in the IAPS final rounds. On the batting front, Barkat was phenomenal and the opposition found her unstoppable. She has an amazing hit and was the top scorer for the season. She was closely followed by Amelia and Grace who also worked hard to place their hits. All girls really improved their hitting and in those final matches it was a joy to watch. I will miss the girls next year. I hope they get an opportunity to play some rounders in the future and would like to wish them all the very best in sport at their senior schools. SP


SPORT | rounders

2nd IX Rounders

Under 9 Rounders

The 2nd rounders team, made up of Year 7s and 8s had ten matches this season and won four. These were against Sevenoaks, Vinehall, Brambleye and a very convincing win against Ashdown, 19 – 4 ½. They only lost by one rounder against Bede’s at the Hollow and it was a very close match against Cumnor House.

A Team: Played 5, Won 5 B Team: Played 4, Won 4

There were some memorable fielding and batting performances. Anna Davis got five stumpings against Marlborough House and Emma Gill managed five catches in the same match. In the match against Sevenoaks, Tara Goodsell scored five whole rounders and two half rounders, the highest rounders tally scored in one match for the 2nds during the season. In the match away against St Andrews’, Maddie Hine scored four whole rounders and two halves. Tara also stumped four players out in the matches against St Ronan’s and Cumnor House. Tara had the highest rounders scoring average of the season with 2.4 rounders per match and Georgie Latchford had the second highest rounders average of 1.8 rounders scored per match. Anna Davis and Maddie Hine were both third with 1.4 rounders scored per match. SW

This was a wonderfully successful term for this Under 9 year group, with both the A and B teams unbeaten all season.

Under 10 Rounders A Team This team came from a squad of twelve Year 5s. A versatile group of girls, they linked well and changed and learned new positions with increasing regularity. They were undefeated in all nine of their matches, the closest being a draw with Cumnor House. In this match they were also being filmed for a New England Rounders DVD! An annual event for Holmewood pupils is the Windlesham Tournament which was more exciting than usual this year as more schools attended - making the competition even greater. The girls did very well, finishing in 3rd place.

Under 11 Rounders

B and C Team

A team: Played 9, Won 3, Lost 6 B team: Played 7, Won 3, Lost 4

These teams played a total of nine matches, with mixed results. Two wins, three losses and one abandoned in the rain!

The Under 11A team started the season well with a 16 – 6 ½ win against Bede’s. They continued with great enthusiasm and effort but came up against stronger opposition at times. The girls managed to hold their heads high, no matter what was thrown at them, and sealed one especially amazing victory against St Ronan’s, beating them 14 – 5 ½ with just one batting innings.

All of the girls played with the same enthusiasm whether it was cold and wet or ‘summer like’ weather. They developed sound skills and worked well as a team, supporting one another, and it was a pleasure to see them develop. WM

The As started with an outstanding win against Cumnor House, beating them 5 ½ - 2 ½ with just one batting innings. The girls’ skilful fielding demonstrated in this game was a taste of things to come as they continued in great form through the term. The Bs also had much to celebrate with excellent wins in all of their matches. A great season girls. Well done. ST

Under 8 Rounders The Year 3 girls were all keen to play rounders in the summer term and they started to grasp the principles of the game as the term progressed. There was some excellent over arm throwing from the deeps and confidence in catching and fielding increased. Some of the girls really improved their batting and could hit the ball a good distance for Year 3s. I am sure they will develop into a strong year group of rounders players over time and I look forward to watching them improve and enjoy the game. The A team played three matches and won two. The B team also played three matches and lost two and the C team played one match which was a draw. SP

All the girls in this year group had the opportunity to represent the school and each and every one of them should be proud of their performance. Well done, girls. ST


The Holmewoodian 2012/13

SPORT | swimming

swimming During their time trials and also at galas, the children have had the chance to gain their next speed award, be it School Speed (for Years 3-5) or the more difficult Competitive Awards for Years 6-8. I have lost count of the number I have given out, including many Gold awards. Terrific attendance at training this year has paid off for the children, as they have set nineteen new school records this academic year (including the Pre-Prep records mentioned earlier). They are listed at the bottom of the page.

A new addition to our busy year was year-round swimming for Year 4 which has proved to be very popular. There are now weekly lessons for Reception to Year 4 (and Nursery from January) so swimming throughout the school, including Pre-Prep, has been very successful. As I write, only two children in the Pre-Prep (not including Nursery) are unable to swim unaided, and some have achieved 1000m badges. In the Pre-Prep, the displays of swimming and galas in the summer term were well attended by parents and three records were broken in Year 1: • Freddie Skarbek – Under 6 Front Crawl • Luke Dimond – Under 6 Backstroke • Luke Dimond – Under 6 Breaststroke In the Prep school, we had galas against Derwent Lodge, Yardley Court, Vinehall and Rose Hill. We swam in the Lancing Relays and Tonbridge Prep Schools Gala. We had several entries into the IAPS Regional Heats in February and contested our own Inter House Gala (won by Yew House). There were also Age Group championships, time trials, record breakers and the IAPS National Finals at K2 Crawley. We won all our school galas - the Under 13A team won Gold at the Lancing Relays (both Freestyle and Medley) and we came a very creditable third at the Tonbridge Gala, with our mixed team finishing just behind the boys teams from Dulwich London and New Beacon. Further, we were successful in the IAPS Regional heats this year. Attendance had been excellent at training and the children swam with confidence. The following qualified for the Nationals, with their positions in the National finals, shown. George Pepper - 10th – Under 10 25m FC Tom Ringer - 13th – Under 10 25m BC Thomas Sarkesian - 4th – Under 11 25m BF Fergus O’Brien - 10th – Under 12 50m FC Emma Sneddon - 2nd – Under 12 50m BC Stephanie Andrews - 4th – Under 12 50m BR Sophie Main -11th – Under 12 25m BF India Goodman -15th – Under 12 50m FC The Holmewoodian 2012/13

Emily Harber -11th – Under 13 50m FC Under 12 Medley Relay Team - 3rd Under 12 Freestyle Relay Team - 6th These results are fantastic and the icing on the cake was the girls’, and therefore the school, being awarded the Overall Under 12 Girls’ Runners Up Cup, second to Millfield girls. This is the first time that the girls have been awarded a cup at the IAPS Nationals. With the points accumulated from all the swimmers final positions, the school finished in 9th place nationally – a truly great achievement. The Time Trials Trophies were awarded each term to those with the most improved times, and the winners were: Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term U8 U8 U9 U9 U10 U12 U12 U12 U12 U12 U12 U12 U12 U12 U12 U12 U13 U12

Junior Alexander Lambert

Senior Thomas Sarkesian

Isabella Skarbek Amy Thomas Ana Deeley

Amy Woodthorpe

In the same term, we had the Age Group championships with children gaining points for positions gained against their peers. The results were: • Year 3 Boys – Christopher Sneddon • Year 3 Girls – Lucy Andrews • Year 4 Boys – Sidney Barker • Year 4 Girls – Jennifer Thomas • Year 5 Boys – George Pepper • Year 5 Girls – Sophie Moss • Yeara 6 Boys – Thomas Sarkesian • Year 6 Girls – Eleanor Rhodes • Year 7 Boys – Fergus O’Brien • Year 7 Girls – Emma Sneddon • Year 8 Boys – Finn McLennan • Year 8 Girls – Emily Harber/Grace Fleming Well, I am now signing off from Holmewood House swimming after twelve years. I would like to thank my Captains of Swimming this year, Grace Fleming and Finlay McLennan, for all their help, Will Thorpe for sharing the workload, and I wish all of the swimmers the best of luck in the future. WM

Christopher Sneddon - 25m BC Lucy Andrews - 25m BC Jennifer Thomas - 25m FC Jennifer Thomas - 50m FC Leila Clark - 25m BC Fergus O'Brien - 25m FC India Goodman - 25m BC Emma Sneddon - 50m BC Emma Sneddon - 200m BS Emma Sneddon - 100m BC Emma Sneddon - 100m FC Emma Sneddon - 200m FC Emma Sneddon - 100m Ind Medley Stephanie Andrews - 50m BR Stephanie Andrews - 100m BR Sophie Main - 100m BF Grace Fleming - 200m BC Freestyle Relay Team Barkat Mehra/Stephanie Andrews Sophie Main/Emma Sneddon

21.39 21.95 17.00 39.00 18.89 13.87 18.11 35.83 3.13.66 1.13.70 2.31.33 1.22.26 39.77 1.30.99 1.37.74 2.52.69 1.00.69


SPORT | athletics

Athletics It was a pleasure to be on the track this season and to see so many children give athletics a go. Whether they were trying to get better at a specific event, gain fitness or simply attempting something new, all those that tried found the experience a rewarding one and should be proud of their efforts. After a good few weeks of hard training, the athletics team’s first meeting was against Hilden Grange. As in years gone by, this match was run against the clock with each athlete trying to better his or her personal best. For some of the junior athletes, it was their first exposure to competing against 112

another school. It is always a great match and this year was no exception. Our next match was hosted by Cumnor House at the Lewes Leisure Centre. Six schools competed and the standard of the event was as high as ever. All of our athletes performed very well. The Kent County Championships were held at The Julie Rose Stadium in Ashford, where the competitors were blessed with lovely weather. The Holmewood team put in a brilliant performance and some outstanding individual performances from

Toby Risebrow, Charlie Venton, Henry Goodall, Fergus O`Brien and Christian Boeg resulted in those boys qualifying for the National finals. Many congratulations to all of you, with a special mention for Toby Risebrow who finished second in the Under 14 shot put. So with the summer holidays in touching distance it was left to Sports Day to bring the curtain down on what was a most enjoyable athletics season. The contest wasn’t as close as it has been in previous years and Yew House were the comfortable winners. WT The Holmewoodian 2012/13

SPORT | athletics

The Holmewoodian 2012/13


SPORT | squash

squash This was another good season for our squash. Once again we won all our matches and team tournaments entered. We were very short of numbers from Year 8 but a good set from Years 6 and 7 bolstered this to give us a useful balance overall.

1st V. Played 16 Won 16 Ben Schumacher was able to play squash again after a year out and became our captain and No 1. Edward Owen-Browne, the only surviving member of the previous year’s first team settled comfortably at No. 2. Julian O’Riordan and Tommy Owen-Browne (still a Colt) were at 3 and 4. Harry Foreman, Henry Goodall and Matthew Allen (when injury-free) shared the No. 5 spot. At prep school level we were not tested - to the extent that some schools asked us not to put out an ‘A’ team. So for our challenging matches we looked to the intake year teams of public schools Tonbridge and Lancing, boys of fourteen and fifteen who are not infrequently over six foot tall. This gives them physical strength, so our team had to look to superior game plans and execution of rallies, learned in committed practice and court training, to win through.

Colts. Played 9, won 9 Tommy Owen-Browne was our captain. The team was strong but other than in team tournaments, they rarely played together as Tommy and Matthew Allen were often on 1st V duty or the opposition had asked that they be left out to even out the contest a little. Our Colts next season will be under pressure to maintain the high standards of recent years.

IAPS This was held at Wellington College for the third year. We entered five boys in the Open Singles and nine in the Under 11s, plus Coco Streets who also entered the Girls’ Competition. Unfortunately Coco had to withdraw at an early stage due to illness.

2nd Vs. Played 10, won 10 We had at least ten players from Years 6 and 7 of team standard so the 2nd teams were usually rotated to give valuable match experience not otherwise available.

The Doubles went well. In a strong field where the winners and runners-up were all Englandranked, Ben and Ed gained the bronze medal and Julian and Tommy came fourth.


The season extended our unbeaten runs to twelve years for the 1st V and eleven years for the Colts. Well done to all and as usual a big thank you to the parents for their support, assistance and encouragement. M S-M

The Open Singles had a strong entry including five England-ranked players but our boys played well with Julian and Edward coming first and second in the Plate which was for the early losers from those making it through to the final eight. Our Under 11s really excelled, with eight reaching the last sixteen stage and five the last eight. Tommy lost in the final to an opponent with an England no. 5 ranking for his age group. Matthew came third and Harry Balcombe, fourth. Ralph Lavercombe and Nathan Rolf were close behind. Earlier, Callum Morris from Year 5 was runner-up in the Under 11 Plate trophy.

We won the Sussex Prep Schools’ Peter Sice Shield for the eleventh consecutive year, the Lexus Surrey Prep Schools Open Team Championship at Epsom College and the Lancing Tournament.

In addition to these outside matches the school cup competitions for different age groups were held on Saturdays. These were all well supported and played for with good spirit and sportsmanship. In particular, the Rose Bowl for the Under 10s is an excellent starting point for competitive squash at school.

The Holmewoodian 2012/13

SPORT | tennis

tennis This summer has seen plenty of action on the Holmewood tennis courts and on the mini-tennis courts in the sports hall. We have continued to enjoy the excellent coaching provided by the Jarrett Tennis School and it has been good to see a new crop of players emerge from the Pre-Prep ranks in the minired section. We have played a fair number of matches this term; unfortunately we missed a few of the County junior tournaments this year due to clashes with other events for some players. Nonetheless, the boys and girls teams at both Under 11 and Under 13

The Holmewoodian 2012/13

level had close matches with DPS and New Beacon. We had a good run in the Under 12 Kent cup where the boys’ team reached the semi final. Edward Owen-Browne and Magnus Sesodia led the way supported by Eddie Jones, Oliver Kirwan and Tommy Owen-Browne. Our best County results this year occurred in the Kent Schools Doubles Championships where Coco Streets and Claire Morgan won the Plate Competition and Matthew Allen and Oliver Streets reached the semi final of the main event before experiencing a narrow defeat.

House Tennis continues to be popular and it was very encouraging to see boys and girls competing happily against each other! In the Junior event, a strong Oak House team swept all before them, defeating Ash in the final. The Senior event was closer, resulting in a shared final between joint winners, Cedar and Cob. Finally, the Year 8 leavers spent a day at the Aegon International tennis tournament at Eastbourne – an excellent venue where pupils can watch players close up by the outside courts as well as on the centre court. SG


SPORT | gymnastics

gymnastics This has been another very successful year for Holmewood gymnastics but a major highlight was hosting the IAPS national championships. It was a true team effort with Pre-Prep children upwards acting as runners and an enormous squad of parents slaving away from dawn till dusk providing refreshments and ensuring that all ran smoothly. One of our parents negotiated a most generous sponsorship deal with Rubicon Interiors; this meant our costs were covered and the money we took on the day was all profit so, with the help of The Friends of Holmewood, we were able to purchase a lightweight, state of the art, full sized floor which is absolutely amazing. Huge thanks to you all. In every competition that we attended our boys and girls came away with medals and trophies which is a great achievement. It is important that gymnasts are entered into the correct type of competition to ensure that win or lose, they have a good experience. Therefore, the children are divided into advanced and novice squads and both have equal opportunities to represent their school. Unfortunately, gym teams only include five children, (just four in a group sequence), so

there can be disappointment if they don’t get selected. However, all teams are “moveable feasts” and it might take several years to reach national standard, but be assured everyone’s progress is constantly monitored. Our Under 11 team has been the most consistent, with Charlotte Goodall and Tiggy Savage winning individual medals. It must not be forgotten that our girls and boys are competing against gymnasts who regularly train in excess of sixteen hours a week which makes their achievements even more special. Years 3-8 competed in the best Inter House competition ever and the judges were very impressed with their skill level. The Pre-Prep Gym Club is going from strength to strength with youngsters enjoying competing from Year 1. All of the juniors were keen to compete in the BSGA novice floor and vault championships and we came away with numerous awards. We say goodbye to three very special Year 8 girls who have always set an exemplary example in every aspect of gymnastics. Grace Fleming, who first competed for the school when she was five, always leading the way on skills without any hint of arrogance or conceit; Amelia Tracey holds the record of three 9+ scores at her final IAPS, a graceful gymnast of the highest order and Sophie Rieckmann whose work ethic and enthusiasm lit up the gym and inspired all those around her. Our success would not be possible without the focused approach of the children and the unfailing support of our parents, so a massive thank you from the coaching team. VC


The Holmewoodian 2012/13

SPORT | judo/golf

judo The Holmewood House School Judo Club is available to both boys and girls from Reception to Year 8. Judo is an Olympic Sport and a Japanese Martial Art. It is, in fact, far more than a sport. It is a great foundation for self-defence, both in mind set and the physical techniques that are taught and learnt. Judo can assist and develop movement, balance and agility whilst encouraging good behaviour, self-control and good manners. It is also great fun, with fantastic games and permission to fight and compete with friends (within the activities rules) is something you’re unable to do elsewhere. Holmewood hosted a fantastic Judo event on Sunday 4th November. Many of the schools’

pupils entered and they had the opportunity to meet and perhaps have a photograph with Team GB Olympic Judo Star Bronze Medallist Katrina Bryant and the Under 60kgs Olympic representative Ashley McKenzie. The Olympians also presented the children with their medals. It is hoped that the children will look back, in time to come, and remember what a tremendous day that was. Oliver Marshall was a lone wolf at the IAPS event for Year 6 – 8 boys in March but fought intelligently and determinedly to win a bronze medal. Freddie Gregory and Marcus Cook competed in the IAPS for Year 3 – 5 boys in May. Neither were medallists, but

both won contests before elimination and can take that experience to next year’s event. Many pupils have joined the British Judo Association and been successful in passing tests, called grading, either toward belts or to different colour belts. The club has some very good young players and it is hoped that they will continue to train and become representatives of Holmewood in the near future. Why not join us during the next academic year? Vic Court

Golf The golf season is short but we do hold popular events. The Father and Son competition (Barnes Cup) and the School competition (Godin Cup) are held at Dewlands Manor in Rotherfield. This year The Pettmans secured victory in the Barnes Cup and Oliver Streets won the Godin Cup. Holmewood also experienced huge success at The Stowe Putter (the main Prep schools competition) in late August. Our team of Alex Crickmore, Eddie Owen-Browne, Tommy Owen-Browne, Jack Raynor and George Pepper all competed. Alex Crickmore came third in the Under 13 competition and our team won the Stowe Putter team event… well done all of you. SL The Holmewoodian 2012/13


SPORT | skiing/archery



The weather was turning colder and colder in England, so we were praying for perfect weather when we went to Risoul, France in February. Forty children and five staff ventured off to the Alps in half term and we were not disappointed.

Our evening activities were also great fun and they included bumboarding, a town trail, a quiz and a new activity which was the luge. The luge was like a mini bobsleigh which ran through all the trees and it was great fun.

Archery activity is split into two halves with a junior and advanced class. The junior class have been practising the fundamentals of archery, are now using the full Olympic panalopy and are well on their way to getting good scores and archery awards.

We had another epic week where the snow and weather were absolutely perfect. Consequently we had very few injuries and nobody came back in plaster!

Next year we are off to Mongenevre in France. SL

In the spring term we concentrated on getting good ‘groups’ to instill the necessity of consistent form. This is a slower method of learning but has resulted in some very pleasing shooting. It has been a joy to vary my coaching methods with the earlier class and the skills they are developing will stand them in good stead for any future sporting endeavour. In the more advanced group, we looked at traditional forms of archery over the winter term. We also looked in more detail at the equipment used, deepening our knowledge about archery; with over 10,000 years of (pre) history there has been a lot to discuss! We also practised other forms of competition aside from Olympic archery with some success and continued with our scoring and working towards archery awards. Then, when the weather improved, we headed outdoors to look at field archery - unmarked distances and more challenging shooting positions. NM


The Holmewoodian 2012/13

SPORT | shooting/cross country

cross country We don’t do a great deal of cross country running at Holmewood but it would be nice to see if we could set up a club to develop our potential runners. The House cross-country events were held when the weather was at its worst. It was bitterly cold and snow was on the ground making the run even tougher for the runners. However, every participant ran as hard as they could and gave their best shot at the event. The senior event was won by Julian O’Riordan and Ellen Crombie and the junior event was won by James Crombie and Ana Deeley. Well done to all those who took part. SL

shooting This has been a good year for the Shooting Club, led by team captain Toby Risebrow, ably assisted by Peter Dickinson as Vice Captain. In the Tonbridge Cup, our termly match against St. Andrew’s and Marlborough House, we won two legs, and narrowly missed out on the third to St Andrew’s. We have continued to compete in the St Patrick’s Shield, run by the Preparatory Schools Rifle Association (PSRA) and PSRA shields were awarded to Toby Risebrow, Peter Dickinson, Tom Taylor and George Brunt for scoring ninety-eight or above out of one hundred. In the PSRA St George’s Shield competition, we travelled to Bisley to shoot at fifty metres on the Commonwealth Games electronic targets. The team of four (Toby Risebrow, Peter Dickinson, Tom Taylor and Michael Procter) achieved a score of six hundred and sixty seven out of eight hundred, which was enough to be placed fourth behind The Holmewoodian 2012/13

Ardvreck, Feltonfleet and St Andrew’s. In the Under 14 League the team of eight worked hard in the autumn term to consolidate their place in Division Two. Then in the spring term they excelled themselves by winning the division which means Holmewood starts the new academic year in Division One, alongside Ardvreck and Feltonfleet. We have had success on the individual front; Toby Risebrow, Peter Dickinson and Tom Taylor were selected to represent England as members of the Under 14 Rifle team against the Scottish Under 14 Rifle team. Toby came ninth in the British Schools’ Under 16 individual Championships and Peter was seventeenth. Peter Dickinson, Michael Procter and Tom Taylor achieved their first highest possible scores of 100/100 which have taken their place on the range ‘Wall of Fame’. The Gunn Shooting Cup was awarded to Tom Taylor.

The Most Improved Shooting Cup of the Year was awarded to Jack Raynor. None of our achievements would have been possible without the dedication of the members of the club who give up their Sundays on the lead up to major competitions. We say goodbye and good luck to Toby, Peter and Darcey, and wish them good shooting. They leave the club in good shape to meet the challenges of the competition to come. The VIII: Toby Risebrow (Capt), Peter Dickinson, Michael Procter, Tom Taylor, Ethan Muress, George Brunt, Sophie Main, Darcey Morse and Jack Raynor. MP 119

From the director of Operations

How did I Get Here? Some eighteen years (months – sorry – slip of the keyboard) ago I saw an advertisement in the Times Educational Supplement which caught my eye. A school in Tunbridge Wells (an area I have long enjoyed) was seeking a ‘Director of Operations’. The job sounded good (being an Operations Director in a school at the time). The location sounded good. A Prep School. That will be different. Worth a look, I thought. So I requested details of the post. An introductory letter from the Headmaster. Second paragraph: “If you are set on becoming a 'traditional' Prep School Bursar then this job might not be for you.” I was hooked. After five years at Langley Park School for Boys and with the £38m rebuild of the campus all but complete, it was time for a fresh challenge and I hoped that might be Holmewood. The political and regulatory landscape in the maintained sector had become…interesting, and the thought of working with a school with much greater freedoms was immensely attractive. The recruitment process was thorough and took several days. The single most enduring memory of this stage was when Karen Gwinnett, Registrar, walked me in to the Collings Building which at that time had been open less than a year. Wow! During the preceding five years I had visited many new build schools as we at Langley developed the design for ours. From each, we took ideas and learnt lessons. Each had its own “vibe”. The Collings Building somehow seemed to include most if not all of the physical features I appreciated in the many schools I had visited and, sure enough, the impact on the teachers and children of their physical environment was palpable. We were communing together in a Cathedral of Learning. Fast forward a month: I’d been offered the post and couldn’t wait to start. The recruitment exercise had introduced me to the vast majority of the Board, and a


The recently refurbished Sports Hall

significant number of teaching and nonteaching colleagues. The people make a School; it seemed to me that Holmewood had some of the most amazing staff and Governors I had ever encountered.

The First Year This first year has flown by! From day one the warmth, support, kindness and genuine sense of interest from colleagues has been amazing. The School is so fortunate to have a Board of Governors who give so freely of their time, expertise, support, encouragement and creativity. The positive impact these people have on helping a newcomer to settle in should not be underestimated. The new Deputy Headmaster and Director of Teaching and Learning join us at a critical point in our journey, and their work will continue to shape the School for many years to come. The retirement of the long-serving Head of ICT has led to a review of how we provide that particular support service and a new arrangement with a technical company, recognised nationally for their expertise in supporting independent Schools.

Looking Forward Many exciting opportunities exist to improve even further the wide range of support services at the School, and to ensure that they can continue to support the incredible breadth of opportunities Holmewood pupils are offered.

Work is now beginning on delivery of Phase II of the Masterplan which will provide another Collings-sized building. In this work I will protect jealously the principles which underpinned the design of Phase I, and which make it such an inspiring building. We anticipate during this current academic year the demolition of ‘Little House’, creation of a new parking area to the East of the Mansion House, and re-development of the area immediately outside the North façade of the Mansion so that views of this glorious building are restored, and entry to and exit from the site improved. I hope and trust that during the course of this year I will be able to meet with more parents and children, not least so I can ensure your views of the Collings Building are incorporated in to our designs for Phase II and so that I can ensure my energies are directed towards the areas where support is most greatly needed.

And Finally… Thank you to the Governors, staff, parents and most of all pupils who make every day at Holmewood a different adventure. This is an amazing School and I consider it a great privilege to contribute to its development over the coming years. BG

The Holmewoodian 2012/13


CHARITy at holmewood Holmewood has had a wonderful year in terms of charitable activity and giving – it has been a key feature of the school over the past terms and an indication of just what the community can achieve when it rallies together. In the autumn term, we started a new whole school initiative for Harvest Festival. We linked up with Porchlight – a charity that cares for homeless people, especially the youth, in Kent. Led by senior pupils, a number of fund raising activities and a Home Clothes day were held and an impressive total raised. We kept in touch with our friends from Porchlight who came into school to give workshops and assemblies later in the year. Another innovation saw Houses support their own charities. Oak House linked with Headway, a local charity that cares for people who suffer head injuries from accidents and it was good to welcome Richard Witts (a former Holmewood teacher) back to the school to

The Holmewoodian 2012/13

give an assembly on his work with Headway. Yew House supported Save the Children with their Christmas Jumper day; Cedar House together with Mrs Burdekin who ran the London Marathon (!) linked with Wallace and Gromit’s Children’s Charity and Beech House had a summer sunhat and sunglasses day for Hospice in the Weald. It is hoped Ash and Cob’s charity days will take place 2014. We supported the British Legion Poppy Appeal and the Blythswood Shoe Box Appeal and, in an amazing effort coordinated by Mr Wilkins, Mr Thorpe, Mr Lawson and Mr Coldman, we raised fantastic funds for Great Ormond Street Hospital towards the end of the summer term. In addition to those mentioned, a number of other fund-raising initiatives took place in the Pre-Prep and Prep School and are included in the list opposite. Thank you to everyone concerned. SG

Porchlight Magic Breakfast (Sponsored Spell) RNLI (Sponsored Spell) Guide Dogs for the Blind Magic Breakfast Clic Sargent Demelza House Cancer Research UK Wallace & Gromit (School Play) Help for Heroes CB0729 Kent Search & Rescue (PrePrep Nativity) Wallace & Gromit (PrePrep Nativity) Save the Children (Jumper Day) Hospice in the Weald (Carol Concert) Wallace & Gromit (Silly Socks) Wallace & Gromit (Junior Play) Save the Children Cancer Research UK The Horse Trust Dogs Trust RSPCA International Animal Rescue Macmillan Cancer Support WWF-UK Wallace & Gromit Headway Hospice in the Weald Great Ormond Street Hospital Great Ormond Street Hospital TOTAL

£1,458.29 £1,587.58 £1,587.58 £142.70 £48.80 £16.00 £7.42 £51.29 £976.54 £96.50 £361.94 £361.94 £246.25 £627.61 £632.00 £749.22 £10.20 £42.45 £53.00 £78.20 £20.50 £47.61 £42.45 £38.06 £275.66 £730.17 £491.71 £1,680.00 £540.00 £13,001.67


friends of holmewood

friends of holmewood This is my first report for the Holmewoodian after a very enjoyable year as the new Chairman. I am very proud to be part of a wonderful group of parents and staff who collectively form the Friends of Holmewood. Our aim is to organise fun social events both large and small for the whole school community. The committee members sacrifice a huge amount of their free time to raise money for the school and for local and national children’s charities. All our events take a huge amount of planning and organisation and the committee give willingly of their time to make these events successful. Over the last ten years we have raised over £300,000 which has enabled the committee to help fund both large and small school projects. We are enormously grateful to all of you for your continued support. At our last AGM, I took over the position of Chairman from Louise Moat who left to take up an exciting new position in Hong Kong. I would like to say a big thank you to Louise for her contribution as a committee member and for her leadership as our Chairman. We wish her and the family much success in this new venture. Equally we were very sad to announce that our two ex-officio Staff committee members, Vikki Cook and Zareena Jackson, stepped down after many years of dedication. May we take this opportunity to say thank you for providing a strong link between the committee and the staff and for

The Christmas Fair

all that they have contributed to the Friends during their time on the committee. The existing committee, myself, Sarah Merriman (Secretary), Melanie Norris (Treasurer), Nadia Jones, Lindsey Macadam, Leigh White, Annette Huckstepp, Rob Belchere, Jacqui Holley, Jackie Domanska and Mandy Lane were joined by Sean Fishpool, Graham Harmer, William Brandon, Lorna Wright and Paula Marshall. We were also delighted to be joined by our two new ex-officio Staff committee members, Caroline Preston-Bell and Laura Burdekin. Thank you to all our wonderful committee members for their unlimited time and contribution, kindness and team spirit. Your commitment makes us successful fundraisers. May I also say thank you to ex officio committee members Mr and Mrs James Marjoribanks who have given us a tremendous amount of guidance and encouragement and who are enthusiastic supporters of all our fund raising events. Our thanks also go to Barry Golding who has strongly supported our

efforts and helped and guided us - we are very grateful to you. None of our events would be in any way as successful if it were not for the expertise, unlimited help and wisdom of Allan Stronghill and his wonderful maintenance team. We are indebted to you for your patience and the unending support you have shown us. My grateful thanks also go to Stef Parnell and his super dedicated catering team for supporting us. And finally, our thanks go to all the volunteer non-committee members who help us at every event, the school staff, support staff, housemasters, housemistresses and gap students. We blasted off the 2012/13 academic year with our spectacular Fireworks Night, always a hugely popular event which was supported by nearly 900 attendees. For the first time we decided to hold the event on a Friday evening, a most popular decision, which we felt would give fathers the chance to attend. Our exciting variety of stalls selling hot food, drinks (including winter warming mulled wine), raffle and ‘glow in the dark’ products were well attended before the eagerly anticipated and truly spectacular twelve minute fireworks display provided by Pyrovision. My grateful thanks to Lindsey and Nadia for heading up the sub-committee and to their team for putting on a fabulous event. This was swiftly followed by our festive Christmas Fair which proves to be a prestigious event. The sports hall hosted

‘The Greatest Take That Tribute Band’ playing at Party on the Lawn


The Holmewoodian 2012/13

friends of holmewood

traditional local trade and artisan stalls selling an array of Christmas gifts, our scrumptious cake stall, a children’s craft stall, the ever popular cafe and upstairs – the children’s favourites - ‘Secrets Room’, Santa’s Grotto, the Sweet Stall and the Fun and Games gallery courtesy of our Cubs and Scouts. Thanks to Sarah Merriman for overseeing the whole event and to Lindsey Macadam for the smooth-running of the catering department. Thanks also to Nadia Jones for organising the cake stall, Annette Huckstepp for the craft stall, Jackie Domanska for the Secrets Room and to the numerous members of our parent body for stepping in to wash up, clear plates, serve food, sell raffle tickets, hand stamp, face paint or help Santa and his elves. We could not have done it without you. With barely a moment to pause for breath, we were back for our next event, the ever popular and over-subscribed Quiz Night. We had a record number of nineteen tables having the most hilarious show stopping names, and featuring Mr Gripper as our esteemed Quizmaster. All this was accompanied by a super little supper made by Stef Parnell. It was a laughter-filled, fun evening of intellectual, sporting and social topics which challenged the depths of our knowledge. Many congratulations to Les Quizerables who won by half a point! My grateful thanks to Sarah Merriman, Melanie Norris and Nadia Jones for their organisation. We ended the academic year with our flagship June event, ‘Party on the Lawn’, featuring ‘The Greatest Take That Tribute Band’. The event, attended by nearly 900 people, was

not dampened by the drizzle and windy conditions which thankfully eased somewhat as the evening progressed. Summer-themed marquees and picnic blankets bulged with the most delightful picnics and we were well served by the Champagne, Pimm’s and summer drinks bar and fine mobile coffee Barista van, not forgetting the Moroccan Food Bar. The children had much fun on the bouncy assault course and the bravest faced the themed vintage photo booth. The event kicked off with the highly competitive House ‘Take That’ song competition and we are hugely grateful to the Housemasters and mistresses for the endless practices and superb team spirited performances. This was followed by nearly two non-stop hours of an amazing and memorable stage show by our headline tribute band, culminating in a fantastic firework display. Thanks must go to the whole committee for throwing themselves wholeheartedly into this event. Finally, we continue to run a number of smaller projects including the Holmewood Advertiser and the Northbrook Gift Wrap. In all the Friends of Holmewood in 2012/13 made £15,579 profit. £590 was donated to Make a Wish Foundation £1250 was donated to Headway Funding for the school included: £10,000 towards the refurbishment of The Orangery £2,894 towards competition standard Gymnastic Mats £326 towards a climbing frame for Pre Prep

Quiz night

£120 towards A3 board trays for learning support £130 towards a nursery digital photo frame Finally, and most importantly, we are enormously grateful to all of you for your continued support. We have had another year of record turnouts for our fixtures and we thank you so much for making these memorable fun events. Our objective is to continue to provide you with quality fun social fundraising events and to continue to come up with some new, more exciting ideas. We are very grateful to all our volunteers and it is often a great way to meet new people, make friends, have an awful lot of fun and, importantly, raise money in the process! If you can help us please contact our Committee Secretary Sarah Merriman by email We are always open to new ideas. Thank you. Gill Rees-Young Chairman of the Friends of Holmewood The Orangery

The Holmewoodian 2012/13


Holmewood’s Got Talent 2013

holmewood’S Got Talent Well, it was the year of the ‘Gangnam Style’ phenomenon, so it was inevitable that a few of our entries would be in this genre. I am pleased to say that the popularity of the contest continues and we had many acts to confirm what I already knew, and that is, of course, that Holmewood has indeed got talent! The variety of acts was astonishing with seventeen amazing and polished performances taking part in the heats run over two lunch times in the spring term. There were dancers, singers, comedians, magicians and even dramatic monologues. Once again, the audience was a star attraction, providing such encouraging support to all the brave competitors. After much deliberation with my fellow judges, Mrs Burdekin and Mrs Cook, we plumped on the following finalists: 3VC Performing ‘Holmewood Style’, Grace Hall singing Is He the One For Me, Aria Baker and Ella Hagger singing and playing Skyfall, Amy Thomas performing a Monologue, Maddie Hopper, Charlotte Goodall, Naomi Jennings, Anneka Pink, Tilliana Kennedy and Charlotte Gabriel dancing to Kiss The Stars. Each audience member voted for their favourite act and after the votes were counted and verified the joint winners of Holmewood’s Got Talent 2013 were Amy Thomas with her hilarious personally scripted monologue and 3VC with their rendition of ‘Holmewood Style’. KM


The Holmewoodian 2012/13


Simon Gent Five years ago, almost to the day, I set foot inside Holmewood House for the very first time (although I had ventured into the school Dining Room once as a visiting parent to have match tea when I came to watch my son play cricket for his Prep school against the 1st XI; Holmewood won!). Andrew Corbett had recently announced his retirement plans and as a candidate for the Headship I was enjoying my initial visit prior to the first round of interviews. I was introduced to a whole mass of people along the way and then towards the end of the tour, Erika and I were afforded a meeting with the Deputy Headmaster. My first impressions of Simon Gent were of a very kind-hearted and generous person who was a good listener and very much a family man. His office wall was adorned with photos of his children and wife and he exuded genuine warmth; he came across as very compassionate, caring and considerate. Nothing in the ensuing years did anything to change my first impression and indeed the passage of time merely reinforced it. Simon taught History at Sevenoaks School for fifteen years before joining Holmewood via Ardingly College Prep School (where he was Housemaster for four years and acting Deputy Head). He succeeded Simon Etchell who had been held in high regard by staff, pupils and parents alike. Following in the wake of someone of such repute is not easy and it would have been very simple for Simon to try to emulate his predecessor rather than be true to himself and bring his own style of leadership to Holmewood.

Simon chose the latter. He trod carefully and wisely took his time, building relationships with all his colleagues. Having been a deputy head myself, I am in a very good position to understand the demands that are made upon deputy heads on a daily basis. They are the first port of call for those with lost property, lost children, lost causes and lost tempers; they are supposed to know anything and everything about everybody; to know where everyone and everything is at any time of the day or night; and it is down to them to ensure the safe and efficient running of the school on a day-to-day basis, providing solutions to every problem and dealing with the problems that arise when these solutions don’t work quite as expected. Leading any Staff Common Room is all well and good if the teachers are a group wanting to be led in the same direction. The soft skills of diplomacy, persuasion, coercion, mediation and reasoning are essential for the effective and successful management of people, so too the ability to push through an unpopular yet necessary change with assurance and sensitivity in equal measure. Simon spent four years working for and with Andrew Corbett and three years alongside me, during which time he exhibited unflinching loyalty, no shortage of skill and devotion to his job and to Holmewood House. His passions are tennis and history, the first of which he was able to enjoy during the seven years he was at Holmewood but the second he was not able to pursue, given that History teaching was well covered by other staff. So, Simon taught English, RS and PSHCE as well as being fully involved on the sports field with Year 4 soccer and rugby

Catherine Geldard confirming that I had to fill the full twentyI first met Catherine when I attended for interview for the Headship at Holmewood back in 2009. One of my tests was to conduct an Assembly in the Pre-Prep in front of 100 children and almost the same number of staff, or so it felt like at the time! Catherine gave me the theme for the term and told me that I had a twenty five minute slot. Catherine offered me no respite or leeway and took pleasure, I now realize, in The Holmewoodian 2012/13

five minutes on my own. The glint in her eye and the gentle but very obvious slight smile at the corner of her mouth made me understand that she was challenging me and would judge me on how well or badly I performed.

Once appointed, I soon came to value Catherine as a friend, leader and colleague. She was always hugely supportive and loyal and had a genuine and heartfelt fondness for the children in the Nursery and PrePrep. I always looked forward to my weekly Pre-Prep Assembly (not me on duty, thank goodness!) and a chance to watch her at work

alongside being master i/c tennis where he successfully developed a link with the Jarrett Tennis School with Holmewood winning a number of County School tennis titles. Simon always found time to embrace his academic, sporting and pastoral roles at Holmewood, thriving in the contact these aspects brought with pupils, staff and parents alike. Simon enjoyed arranging assemblies and talks for the whole school, seeking to embed the values of courtesy and consideration that Holmewood holds dear. In recent years, he developed many aspects of the pastoral system – encouraging year group provision, especially in the Middle School years 5 and 6; striving to reward achievement as widely as possible through the weekly form recommendations and star badges and introducing new aspects to our charity work. As well as his love for AFC Wimbledon, something staff and pupils had to endure in Monday assemblies if they had won at the weekend (!), Simon has maintained his interest in playing competitive tennis over the past years – finding the time to captain Tunbridge Wells Vets team to the County club title as well as captain the Kent 045 team to promotion this summer. Ultimately, Simon decided to seek a return to Senior School teaching rather than pursue a Prep School Headship. He thought about this next career move with characteristic care, consulting me every step of the way. I wish Simon, Katie and the boys all the very best of luck for their new life at Eastbourne College, where Simon will be able to follow his dual passions, history and tennis, in equal measure (!) and where Oliver and Edward will be educated in due course. JM with the children, exuding warmth and joy in equal measure. Managing a group of twenty five colleagues is a task in itself and Catherine gave everything to the job, leading by example and working long hours to ensure the smooth and effective running of the department. She was the consummate professional but she cared hugely about the department and the children and this shone through in everything she did. I should like to thank Catherine for everything that she has done and I wish her the very best of luck in her exciting new role in Eastbourne. JM 125


Over the six years that Catherine has been Head of Pre-Prep she has become not just a valued and highly respected colleague, but a trusted friend as well. Within weeks of arriving Catherine had already started to make her mark. The Pre-Prep has become a much brighter and cheerier place under her influence. It is hard in this brief space adequately to record all the changes she has made. The outdoor play area has been greatly enhanced with a constant supply of new and exciting activities for the children to investigate and explore. Arts Week is now a regular feature of each summer term involving

Julie Corbett Julie arrived at Holmewood in 1998 in the role of the Headmaster’s wife and it is pertinent to acknowledge the commitment that she gave to this role. She was fully involved in school life and was reliably supportive of all functions, concerts, catering, uniform and match teas to name but a few. When the opportunity arose to take on the role of Year 3 teacher, initially on a one year basis, she was well suited having extensive experience at Mostyn House, The Wirral, Sarum Hall, Hampstead, The Hall, Hampstead, Port Regis, Dorset and King’s College Junior School, Cambridge.

Malcolm Priestley Malcolm began his career as a science teacher, having graduated from Birmingham University. He moved to Sevenoaks School, where he taught Chemistry and was Contingent Commander of the CCF. With the technology ‘boom’ he became more and more involved with the ICT Department, and decided that was where his future lay. He came to Holmewood as Head of ICT in 1999. The computer rooms as we know them now had opened earlier that year, having moved from where the boarding games room is now. Before then the pupils had access, very occasionally, to a small 126

everyone in the department in a broad range of cross-curricular themed activities from ‘Caring for our World’ through to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Catherine has also pioneered a new more inclusive format for the end-of-year Pre-Prep production, which played to rapturous applause last summer. We now have a very successful series of House breakfast concerts in the summer term, which enable all our budding musicians to demonstrate their talent and ability, not to mention the delicious reward of hot chocolate and muffins afterwards. A spray of freesias or boxes of chocolates in the staffroom are typical of Catherine’s

It was this role which really brought out Julie’s dedication to delivering outstanding teaching. She became a beacon of good practice, spending hours improving resources which would provide the most stimulating lessons and her meticulous planning set the standard for the rest of the Junior school. Julie was a true professional with excellent skills being kind and patient with a genuine love of children. Additionally, Julie was responsible for coaching netball and rounders taking her to away matches and Saturday fixtures. She also organised the costumes for the Junior play for a number of years. Indeed she would put her hand to anything and was always willing to go the extra mile for the school.

touch. Open and receptive to new ideas, she has overseen a series of initiatives to improve, enhance and enliven the delivery of the curriculum. She is a born teacher and loves to get back into the classroom to pass on some of that boundless enthusiasm and inspiration to the children. Approachable and sympathetic, her door has always been open to children, staff and parents alike. She leaves us to join a wonderful exciting new educational venture in Eastbourne. It is the opportunity of a lifetime, and we wish her every success, happiness and fulfilment in the future. NN

a stroke last year. We were all delighted therefore to see her improving gradually and after seven months she returned to take on a new form in September. Sadly she found that her health was not up to the rigours of full time work and she made the difficult decision to take early retirement. Julie’s great sense of humour provided many memorable moments and she has left a considerable void. We thank her for all that she has contributed to school life and wish her a very happy, well deserved retirement in the knowledge that we will always hold fond memories of her time at Holmewood. AH

Staff and parents were genuinely concerned when it was revealed that Julie had had

number of Acorn computers. There were no servers, no interactive whiteboards, no PCs in form rooms, and certainly no high speed leased line internet connection.

gloss over the incident when a very new – and eye-wateringly expensive - iPaq landed in a bucket of water!) – now does anyone even remember what an iPaq was?

His sense of humour, his depth of knowledge, his willingness to help and support and his patience, were soon appreciated by all. Not many people could have coped with the myriad of tasks he has assimilated during his time here – IT teaching, networking and maintenance, the constant introduction of new IT initiatives, the shooting activity, and not least the ongoing staff training. His endless patience and ability to stay calm, especially when seemingly insurmountable problems turned out to be down simply to user error, never ceased to amaze.

He is an inspirational teacher – you only had to sit in on his IT lessons to see how the children were completely engaged and on task. As well as getting them through the official IT curriculum, he sourced endless exciting new software for the children to use, and we have seen eight year olds independently producing quite complicated animations – so completely absorbed and excited that the end of lesson bell has had no impact and they’ve had to be almost forcefully ejected from the room.

Malcolm is a pioneer of new technology – always with a new device on the go (we’ll

Over and above his role in ICT, he worked alongside Andrew Penfold running the Holmewood Target Rifle Shooting activity. The Shooting Teams achieved major successes The Holmewoodian 2012/13


both in the Prep School championships and at National level, and two Holmewoodians were selected to shoot for England. All Holmewood teachers are responsible for taking one assembly each year, and who will forget Malcolm’s traditional assemblies which seamlessly involved and merged chemistry experiments with video clips from James Bond films and ‘Only Fools and Horses’? Curriculum aside, Malcolm has been the driving force behind the systems we all

Wendy Masters Wendy came to Holmewood in the summer term of 2001. She initially came as an assistant in the Pre-Prep and games coach. She soon settled into life at Holmewood and it wasn’t long before her role changed and developed in accordance to her strengths in the sports department. She initially took charge of Pre-Prep swimming, working alongside Annie Fahy, and was keen to take on the mantle when Annie left in 2009.

Louise Calton Louise joined the Holmewood House Pre-Prep Department in September 2010 as a Reception Teacher. She quickly established herself as a teacher who wanted to be involved in all Holmewood had to offer, whether it be helping with stage make-up for a Prep School play or helping to run the gymnastic club for the Pre-Prep children;

Elliott Wilkins Elliott joined Holmewood as soon as he has finished university in June 2011. He made an immediate impact, getting to know all the children The Holmewoodian 2012/13

use here on a daily basis. He oversaw the deployment of PASS in 2003, and is held by WCBS to be the ‘voice of the Prep School Community’ in their Academic Consulting Group. He can also be credited with the installation of interactive whiteboards all over the school, the introduction of the Portal for staff and parents, the Virtual Learning Environment for children, the installation of our high speed internet connection and the total overhaul of the server infrastructure when the Collings

building opened – Malcolm has been pivotal across the ICT spectrum.

Wendy went on to develop the swimming and to her great credit increased the numbers involved in the swimming greatly over just a few years. She also had phenomenal success competitively with lots of swimmers reaching the IAPS swimming finals.

on the netball tour to South Africa in 2007, experiencing some excellent netball and the riches of a beautiful country.

Wendy was also a great games coach and throughout her years at Holmewood we had a lot of success in the girls’ games with many teams qualifying for the National Finals in netball and success in hockey with an unbeaten season in 2008. Some of our players went on to play regional and even national level hockey having played at Holmewood, of which Mrs Masters was the 1st team coach. We also had great fun

she also supported many of the Friends of Holmewood events, including the Fireworks Night and the Christmas Fair. Louise is a teacher who genuinely likes children and with her naturally creative ability, she particularly embraced the Arts’ Week idea of getting the children to be creative. One year she got the children to re-build the city of London using construction materials! She also turned a large, cardboard structure into a Gruffalo Cave, by painting it orange! On many occasions, I would hear the children singing songs from her song box with the finger

quickly and willingly and ably turning his hand to help do whatever was asked of him. By the end of the first term he was already recognised as a fully fledged member of staff. Elliott is extremely conscientious, hardworking and loyal and has looked after the children in Years 3 and 4 with a great deal of interest and affection. He has been

In the words of a colleague at the IAPS, “Malcolm is driven to engage and involve others in exciting advancements of science and technology. He likes to be in the thick of it all.” Retirement from Holmewood certainly won’t change that, and we wish him continued success and happiness for whatever comes next. JE/AH

Wendy has amazing organisational skills and would always enjoy organising a tournament or making a results table. These have obviously served her extremely well in her new role at East Grinstead Hockey Academy, where she is busy organising the courses for the young to attend. I will miss Wendy’s sense of fun and her helpfulness in the department, but know that she is enjoying her new career and wish her all the very best in making East Grinstead Hockey Academy a success for her now and in the future. SP

puppets; the children clearly enjoyed being in her class. When asked, many of them said they loved Miss Calton, “Because she is so kind”. Louise has a lovely sense of fun and good humour and she was always keen to implement new ideas and support Pre-Prep activities. Louise is looking forward to seeing where her talents and skills take her next, whether it be with her swimming or trampoline coaching or her love of dance. We wish her all the very best for the future. CG

the Year 3 ‘supremo’, picking and coaching teams for football, rugby and cricket and has done a wonderful job for Holmewood. I know we will keep in contact because he moves on to Yardley Court, where I wish him the very best of luck. SL



Barry Golding The role of Bursar was replaced in 2012 with two senior posts – Director of Operations and Finance Bursar. Suzanne Preston undertakes the role of Finance Bursar with aplomb and the incoming Director of Operations got whatever was left over! This includes: strategic planning, health and safety, estates development, human resources and the overarching development of the various support services and staff within them. Barry joined Holmewood House School in September 2012 as Director of Operations. His career to date includes a mix of school, local authority and private company roles, experiences and skills from each of which support him in this newly created post. Immediately prior to joining Holmewood House, Barry was Operations Director at Langley Park School for Boys – a maintained secondary school in the London Borough of Bromley with some 1700 pupils, 250 of whom are young ladies, despite the School’s name! Langley Park School for Boys was one of the last and largest to be redeveloped under the previous Government’s ‘Building Schools for the Future’ programme. Barry acted as the overall client lead for this, working with the local authority, design team and contractor to deliver a £38 million rebuild of the entire campus. This includes over 100 classrooms, a performing arts auditorium to seat 650 and state-of-the-art computing and communications facilities.

a journalist or a teacher and as she has been teaching since 1992, the choice is obvious. She feels very lucky that she loves her job and maintains that no two days are the same. She started her teaching career at a school in Johannesburg called St George’s and during her early teaching days she was also involved in teaching adult literacy. She came to England in 1995 to travel - with the intention of returning to South Africa within six months...three children, three World cups, three Olympic Games... and an English husband later...the rest is history - ancient history. Bronwen started her teaching life in the UK teaching a variety of year groups from Nursery to Year 8 in East London schools and can honestly say of those years that there was never a dull moment! In between she also did some TEFL teaching to adults in London and Cape Town. After working in the state sector she moved to the independent sector where she worked at Eaton Square School teaching a variety of subjects and year groups before moving on to Finton House School in Wandsworth. She left London in 2007 and moved to Tunbridge Wells when her second son, Matthew, was three weeks old. She enjoys and played a lot of sport when she was younger. These days she prefers watching it to playing it and insists that her children support South Africa during international tournaments (she feels that a divided loyalty could cause confusion – and therefore insists that it is much easier to support just one team -much to her husband’s dismay). As a schoolgirl she spent many hours training in the swimming pool and represented her province, Transvaal, in backstroke and crawl. During her spare time Bronwen likes to paint and visit art galleries.

Prior to this, Barry worked for Bexley Council and before that a private company delivering support services to school in the London Borough of Waltham Forest. In these posts he supported and advised nearly 200 schools in a range of circumstances and with very differing needs.

Bronwen is delighted to be teaching at Holmewood and enjoys the best of both worlds, working and being able to see her children at school - the place where she works.

Barry’s professional background is in Computing and he is a Member of the Chartered Institute for IT.

Matthew joined Holmewood House as the Design Technology Coordinator in September 2012. After fifteen years teaching in State Secondaries and Middle schools, he decided to take up the post here and moved his family back to Kent from Suffolk where he had moved thirteen years ago.

Bronwen Jervois Bronwen left South Africa eighteen years ago and joined Holmewood House in September 2012. She doesn’t travel lightly, boosting the Pre-Prep numbers by adding another James, another Matthew and one more Lucy. From a young age Bronwen wanted to be either 128

Matthew Brown

He started out his career training to be a Quantity Surveyor, working for Croudace Construction in Caterham, Surrey whilst gaining various building qualifications at college. Deciding that counting bricks and measuring

lengths of timber on building sites was not very exciting after all, he decided to go to Goldsmith’s College, London and study full time for a degree in teaching Design and Technology. Matthew loves making things in all kinds of materials, from models to furniture, and is obsessed with all things to do with commercial technology. His hobbies include playing the guitar, cycling, table tennis, model making, reading and playing computer games. Matthew is married and has three teenage children (which, he says, has nothing to do with his hair falling out) and spends most of his time being dad (taxi). Matthew inherited an already successful DT department, so is now introducing more technology including CAD (Computer Aided Design) software and CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) machinery. Matthew found his first year at Holmewood House exciting (because of all the possible opportunities for the pupils) and frustrating (because he can’t have everything he wants all at once!) He enjoys every day as no two days seem the same and has top secret plans for extracurricular activities. Shhh…

Sarah Burden Sarah Burden set out on her Holmewood career in September 2012, teaching Year 2. Previously, Sarah taught in both the Independent and State sectors, locally and in London. She has a love of learning which she is always keen to pass on to the children in her care. Sarah has a passion for teaching and strongly believes in an holistic approach – offering a careful balance of academia, arts, physical education and pastoral care. She is thrilled that Holmewood provides the ethos and facilities to allow this balance which develops well-rounded, inspired and ambitious children who have a good sense of value and respect for others. Educated locally before heading north to study Zoology at Aberdeen University (where she met her husband), Sarah then moved on to Roehampton to study for her PGCE. Prechildren, Sarah was a keen rower and competed at both Henley and on the Tideway. She also enjoyed eventing and playing golf. Beyond school, Sarah enjoys time with her family and their dogs and is an active member of her local church. When she has time she loves hill walking, reading, opera and good food.

The Holmewoodian 2012/13

Staff News

More Staff News Through the course of the year we also welcomed Keith Siddle who is working with Tom Johnson as our Art Technician; our new School Councillor - Leyla Cooper - and Katy Shelton who joined the Nursery Department as a Nursery Assistant. Jackie Green joined the Catering team and Ian Hollamby and Sean Magee are our two new minibus drivers. Peter Mocroft and Bryony Mason have boosted our band of cleaners. And, finally, and by no means least, our wonderful gappers Tom Coldman, George Lawson and Molly Keating joined the Holmewood staff. In addition to those already mentioned, we would like to thank Alex Coupland, Rupert Milner and Juliette Poracchia who covered maternity leave for Mrs Sanchez de Norville and Mrs Simpson. And, of course, last year’s gappers - Kashka Crampton, Ingrid Froneman, Tyrone Rankin and Francesca Newman. Other leavers included Chris Taylor who was part of the Maintenance team; John Bean one of our Catering Assistants; James Rutt and James Teague from the minibus drivers and Frances Warren from the cleaner taskforce. Thank you, all of you, for your hard work and support in your specific areas.

Andrew Penfold Shooting Instructor 1999-2013 2 August 1961 – 12 September 2013 It is with great sadness that we heard of the untimely death of Andrew Penfold, Shooting coach at Holmewood since 1999. Andrew died on Thursday 12 September following a long illness, which he had faced with great courage. I had known Andrew for a long time but not for long enough! I appointed him as shooting coach at Sevenoaks School in 1992. He came with an excellent pedigree, started shooting in 1977 as a member of Hurstpierpoint College CCF and went on to the position of Captain of Shooting between 1979 and 1980. 1n 1985 he passed the National Rifle Association’s Adult Instructors Course and went on to qualify as a Regional Coach. 1986 he became County Shooting Officer of Sussex Army Cadet Force. In 1993 he was elected as a member of the

The Holmewoodian 2012/13

Away from school, we were delighted to hear that Mr and Mrs Fretwell and Mr and Madame Simpson became parents for the first time. Many congratulations to them on the births of Zoe and Enzo respectively. Mr and Mrs Sanchez de Norville’s new-born twins, Charles and Sebastian, are brothers for their daughter AnaSofia. Nicola Brett married David Butt in the spring term. We wish them a long and happy marriage and many congratulations to Tom Johnson, Kate Mather and Alec Bassindale who announced their engagements to their respective partners over the summer holidays. In years gone by it has not been our practice to let you know of the deaths of former members of staff. We now feel that this is a custom that we would like to embrace, from this edition onwards, and so it is with great sadness that we report the passing of the following former colleagues over the past academic year. Mrs Carolynne Lawrence, widow of Michael, died in April 2013. Michael was Beech Housemaster from 1970 until 1992 and was joined by his wife Carolynne in 1973, initially National Coaching Federation, arranging and running many overseas shooting tours to the Channel Islands, South Africa and Canada. In his competition shooting, Andrew continued not only to coach, but also to practise what he preached, shooting in many major competitions representing various Police teams, Sussex and Middlesex County Rifle Teams and representing England in an International match. As well as the many individual medals and honours he won, he also won a Gold Medal in the British Police Fullbore Rifle Championships at Bisley and, in 1999, was a finalist in the prestigious St. George’s Vase match. That same year he was also appointed Chairman of the Selectors for the UK Cadet Rifle Team to the Channel Islands and was the team’s first Commandant in 2000, remaining honorary organiser, I believe, until his death. On leaving school, Andrew joined the Sussex police. He always had a strong sense of upholding what was right and correcting what was wrong. He had an all-consuming interest in the development of young people. His police career took him into the complex and often emotionally draining world of Child Protection (something he cared deeply about for the rest of his life). He was dedicated to passing on skills and knowledge to young people, initially those in the Army Cadet Force, but later to the boys and girls of Sevenoaks School’s Combined Cadet

as matron and then Deputy Resident Sister. Michael and Carolynne both retired in 1999. Mrs Joan Tracey, mother of former Yew Housemaster and Classics teacher, Tim Tracey, passed away in September 2013. Joan was Deputy Sister at Holmewood for ten years from 1974.

Force and shooting team, the boys and girls in the Holmewood House Target Rifle Shooting club and the boys of Tonbridge school. Andrew gave of his time tirelessly and for Holmewood he coached during activity time on Mondays, on many Sundays during the term prior to matches and in the holidays by running shooting courses. He worked on the Preparatory Schools’ Rifle Association and was instrumental in taking, initially a Holmewood team to Scotland to challenge the almighty Ardvreck, which became the forerunner to England shooting teams to which Holmewood has always contributed and in one year provided the captain. Andrew had a wonderfully solid belief in teaching his students not only how to shoot, but developing transferrable team skills which would last a lifetime and would open doors to them. Andrew was a man of exceptional good humour, outstanding leadership and a passionate teacher. He was a man who believed in solid and timeless values when it came to good manners, self-reliance, and the ability to continue when all looked hopeless. His own personal courage and determination when faced with his diagnosis are an example to us all. He simply refused to take no for an answer and tried as hard as he could to remain positive and forward looking. His legacy of friendship and camaraderie will continue long after he has left us. MP 129


Leavers’ Examination List and Onward Destinations Academic

Emma Gill Anna Davis, Cara Digby-Patel Ben Fleming Matthew Hayes Matthew Lander Hugo Pettman

Brighton College Sevenoaks School 13th Tonbridge School 10th Tonbridge School 21st Tonbridge School 7th Tonbridge School

Exhibition Harry Foreman

Radley College

Non-Academic Olivia Jenner Joseph Boeg

Brighton College Claremont

Amelia Tracey

Mayfield, St LeonardsMayfield School Tonbridge School

Hugo Pettman

Sport All-rounder/ Design Technology Sport

Georgia Beard Christian Boeg, Archie Ive, Edward Jones Joseph Craine, Theo Hastie, Ralph Lavercombe, Oliver Marshall, Sebastian Piggott, Matthew Richardson, Nathan Rolf Louis Gillespie Madeleine Hopper Zack Gellnick Jared Sharman

Brighton College Sevenoaks School Tonbridge School Winchester College

Tonbridge Grammar School for Girls Skinners’ School The Judd School

Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys Weald of Kent School Skinners’ Kent Academy St Gregory’s Catholic School

Intel-House Event Winners Rugby

Junior Ash

Senior Cedar


Junior Oak

Senior Cob/Ash


Junior Boys Beech

Senior Girls Cob


Junior Yew

Senior Yew


Passed on Scholarship Papers Poppy Savage Grace Fleming Alex Fone, Adam Trusted Jonathan Tiplady

11+ Grammar and State Maintained Schools

Cross Country

Junior/Senior Oak

Common Entrance Prudence Barnes, Peter Dickinson, Georgina Latchford Archie Boyle

Eastbourne College


Junior Beech

Senior Cob


Junior Ash

Senior Cob

Bede’s Benenden School Kellett School, Hong Kong Harry Franks, Ashkon Javadi, Tonbridge School Robert Hartley, William Miller, Finlay McLennan, Nicholas Sobowale Olivia Jenner, Henry Stitt, Brighton College Benedict Schumacher Catherine McMahon Repton School, Dubai Darcey Morse Kent College Toby Risebrow Framlingham College Noah Terry Lancing College Amelia Tracey Mayfield, St LeonardsMayfield School


Junior Yew

Senior Oak


Junior Oak

Senior Cedar/Cob

13+ Other Schools:

Senior House Cup for the whole year

Eva Cottage-Stone, Sophie Rieckmann Toby Gillmore Tara Goodsell Emily Harber

Alex Attwal, Joseph Boeg William Brett

King’s School Canterbury Sevenoaks School

Cranbrook School Bennett Memorial Diocesan School

Senior Boys Cedar


Senior Oak

Swimming Yew Athletics Ash Pre-Prep Swim Relay Cedar Oak

12+ Non-academic Scholarship Oliver Kirwan

Brighton College – Rugby (for 2014)

11+ Scholarships, Exhibitions And Special Entry Scholarships Year 6 Edward Sanders

Tonbridge School Junior Foundation

11+ Special Entry Thomas Sarkesian



The Holmewoodian 2012/13


PREP SCHOOL CUPS AND AWARDS The Alice McGovern Memorial Cup for Head Boy The Alice McGovern Memorial Cup for Head Girl Junior Spirit of Endeavour Cup The Spirit of Endeavour Cup Cup for the Achievement of the Year The David Ives Cup for outstanding performance in Common Entrance Headmaster's Discretionary Cup

Ben Fleming Sophie Rieckmann Jennifer Thomas Joseph Boeg Hugo Pettman Eva Cottage-Stone Sophie Rieckmann

ACADEMIC, ARTS AND MUSIC AWARDS MATHS Boughton Cup for Maths Cara Digby-Patel FRENCH Crookenden Spoken French Award Ben Fleming & Emma Gill HISTORY Fisher History Cup Matthew Lander ART Calandra Cup for dedication to art Harriet Barker Berry Cup for pupil showing most promise Cara Digby-Patel Scott Cup for Art Lotte Underwood Sebastian Cook Cup for Drawing Sophie Main DRAMA Norman Cup for outstanding long-term Georgina Latchford contribution to drama Simmons Cup for Best Solo in singing/drama William Rees-Young Niven Cup for Promise in Drama Charlotte Goodall & Amy Herbert MUSIC Saez Music Cup for Best Musician Hugo Pettman Alistair Hine Cup for Junior Musician Alex Robson Gibb Cup for contribution to Middle Aria Baker School Music Alistair Hine Cup for Junior Musician Alex Robson McNeilage Singing Cup Archie Boyle SPORTS CUPS AND AWARDS OVERALL SPORTS AWARDS The Senior Games Cup for the Senior Sportsman of the Year The Griffiths Shield for the Senior Sportswoman of the Year The Venus Cup for Runner-up Sportsman of the Year The Cook Shield for the runner up Sportswoman of the Year The Llewelyn-Lloyd Cup for Sportsmanship (Year 8 Boy) The Anna Morgan Cup for Sportsmanship (Year 8 Girl) The Junior Games Cup for Junior Sportsman of the Year Lucinda Cook Shield for Junior Sportsgirl of the Year ATHLETICS National IAPS Silver Medal for Shot Putt CRICKET The Khan Cup for Bowling Munn Fielding Cup Marcus Corbett Trophy for the highest score Most Promising Cricketer of the Year Chappell Bat Cricketer of the Year The Holmewoodian 2012/13

Robert Hartley Amelia Tracey Toby Risebrow Olivia Jenner and Grace Fleming Alexander Attwal Sophie Rieckmann Matthew Allen and Harry Balcombe Zara Cook and Imogen Jenner Toby Risebrow Robert Hartley Julian O'Riordan Julian O'Riordan Tommy Owen-Browne and Matthew Allen 6-a-side winners at Sutton Valence Robert Hartley

FOOTBALL Footballer of the Year GOLF The Barnes Trophy The Godin Trophy GYMNASTICS The Most Improved Junior Gymnast of the Year Junior Gymnast of the Year Most Improved Senior Gymnast of the Year Performance in Gym Competition Cup TJ Cup for Senior Gymnast of the Year Natalie Davies Outstanding Achievement Trophy Hunter Cup for Team Commitment and Dedication BOYS' HOCKEY The Davis Cup for Hockey ROUNDERS Rounders Ball for most improved player Under 8 player Under 9 player Under 10 player Under 11 player Under 12 player Under 13 player 1st team Fielding Award 1st Team Batting Award Rounders Cook Shield for Player of the Year RUGBY Rugby Cup Kicking Cup SHOOTING Most Promising Shooter Gunn Shooting Cup SQUASH Tim Tracey Trophy Awarded to the School Champion The Young Cup for best performance of the season The Darko Shield for the most improved player of the season SWIMMING Most promising Junior Girl swimmer Robert J Gardiner Trophy for the most promising Junior Boys' Swimmer Katie Brown Cup for the Most Improved Senior Girls' Swimmer Most Improved Senior Boys' Swimmer Junior Time Trial Trophy Senior Time Trial Trophy Special Swimming Award for Sportsmanship Llewellyn-Lloyd Boys Cup for Perseverance and Commitment Llewellyn-Lloyd Girls Cup for Perseverance and Commitment Junior Girls’ Indvidual Medley Junior Boys' Individual Medley Senior Girls’ Individual Medley Senior Boys' Individual Medley TENNIS Anderson-Rose Cup for Endeavour and Promise

Ben Schumacher Mr Pettman and Hugo Pettman Oliver Streets Harriet Bailey and Eliza Field Ana Deeley Charlotte Goodall Sophie Rieckmann Grace Fleming Amelia Tracey Grace Fleming Finlay McLennan

Natalya Keller Manon Rees Young Eliza Field Emily Jones Lotte Underwood Anna Davis Olivia Jenner and Sophie Rieckmann Barkat Mehra Amelia Tracey Nicholas Sobowale, Toby Risebrow, Ashkon Javadi Rob Hartley Jack Raynor Tom Taylor Ben Schumacher Edward Owen-Browne Henry Goodall Leila Clark George Pepper Barkat Mehra Fergus O'Brien Ana Deeley Amy Woodthorpe Ines Deeley Toby Risebrow Grace Fleming Eleanor Rhodes Thomas Sarkesian Emma Sneddon Finlay McLennan Eddie Jones



Common Entrance Prizes

Prep School Effort and Progress awards

For an achievement of 60% or more on the first attempt: Kristina Huckstepp, Alexander Crickmore, Oliver Kirwan, Maisie Ringer, Madelaine Pink, Barkat Mehra, Michael Procter.


For an increase of 10% or over in May Trials: William Brett, Tara Goodsell, Benedict Schumacher, Olivia Jenner, Emily Harber, Peter Dickinson, Georgina Latchford, Ashkon Javadi, Amelia Tracey, Darcey Morse

Subject Prizes English: Joseph Boeg Sophie Rieckmann, Hugo Pettman, Emma Gill, Emily Harber Latin & French: Prudence Barnes Latin: Emma Gill Classics: Jonathan Tiplady, Adam Trusted, Anna Davis

Marcus Cook, Willow Carwardine, Oliver Brattle, Scarlett Fraser, Eve Crathern, Emily Williams, Anna Scheiner, William Banks, Bryony Fishpool, Cameron Tilley, Isabella Osborne, Oliver Streets, Harriet Bailey, Loïc Bass-Gualbert, Abigail Levack, Robert Allan, Maisie Beatton, Rory Smith, Olivia Scott-Smith, Jerry Sheng, Emily Jones, Theo Hastie, Elizabeth Miller, Edmund Tansley, Amy Thomas, Max Marcello, Stephanie Andrews, Luke Scheiner, Thomas Taylor, Sophie Main, Madelaine Pink, Alexander Attwal

Progress Charles Holley, Daisy Russell, Isla Bhatnagar, Lucas Mulley, Sophie Pepper, Arielle Levack, Luke Burdekin, Hannah Craine, Ella Domanska, Sophie Smith-Stephens, Toby Gillmore, Toby Risebrow PRE-PREP SCHOOL CUPS AND AWARDS

French & Latin: Cara Digby-Patel French: Ben Fleming, Amelia Tracey, Darcey Morse, Anna Davis

Rachel Ives Pre-Prep Spirit of Endeavour Cup: Matteo Caruso

Spanish: Emma Gill, Catherine McMahon

Pre-Prep Music Plate: Safina Baker & Sophie Kelly

Maths: Harry Foreman, Alexander Fone, Robert Hartley, Matthew Hayes, Ashkon Javadi Science: Emma Gill, William Miller, Harry Franks, Finlay McLennan, Archie Boyle, Peter Dickinson History & Geography: Prudence Barnes History: Nicholas Sobowale, Olivia Jenner, Matthew Hayes, Sophie Rieckmann, Hugo Pettman Geography: Anna Davis, Cara Digby-Patel, Robert Hartley, Jonathan Tiplady RS: Prudence Barnes, Ben Fleming, Matthew Lander, Nicholas Sobowale Design Technology: Henry Stitt, Grace Fleming, Noah Terry, Joseph Boeg, Maisie Ringer

Drama Cup: Gus Kingdon Channer Cup Shield for Dance: Imogen Scott-Smith Ivor Quinnell Cup for Musicality in Dance: Ella Banks Most Improved Pre-Prep Girl Gymnast of the Year : Imogen Scott-Smith Pre-Prep Girl Gymnast of the Year: Elizabeth Walters Most Improved Pre-Prep Boy Gymnast of the Year: Gus Kingdon Pre-Prep Boy Gymnast of the Year: Ross Mulley Gilpin Cup for Most Stars: James Allan Gardening Plate: 1MC

ICT: Spruce Campbell, Harriet Barker

Pre-Prep School Effort and Progress awards

Art: Cara Digby-Patel, Maisie Ringer, Charlotte Underwood, Thomas Cottage-Stone, Ethan French, Luke Martin

Year 1

Music & Drama: Anna Davis Music: Eva Cottage-Stone, Sophie Rieckmann, Hugo Pettman, Archie Boyle, Adam Trusted, Aria Baker, Alexander Robson, Oliver Gent, Oliver Marshall Drama: Georgina Latchford, Poppy Savage, Darcey Morse

Prep School Form Prizes 3WB Natalya Keller 3VC Katia Avanesov 3LB Felix Underwood 3JC Antonia Norris 4KM Anna Kelly 4SS Spruce Campbell 4AH Isabella Skarbek and Jennifer Thomas 5SP Lily Lander 5RF Alexander Robson 5BC Imogen Jenner 132

5GS Olivia Jayaraj and Harriet Barker 6SL Georgia Beard 6CS Naomi Jennings 6LBG Aria Baker 7BG Barkat Mehra 7PG Michael Procter 7PM Ellen Crombie 8PC Eva Cottage-Stone 8KO Prudence Barnes

James Katz, Pearl Black, Luke Dimond, Maxwell Barton, Florence Maltz, Rufus Williams, Frederick Skarbek, Oliver Dimond, Maxi Preil, Alexander Holley, Sophia Desai, James Speakman Year 2 Sophie Green, Henry Underwood, Luca Dumas, Elizabeth Walters, Edward Fraser, Hamish Hagger, Miranda Tansley, Edward WhiteBelchere, Elizabeth Hayley, James Allan, Evelyn Harmer, Oliver Loach

Joie de Vivre Cups Autumn Reception – Felix Boyes Year 1 – Thomas Pateman Year 2 – James Allan Spring Reception – Brooke Berryman Year 1 – Olivia Coombs Year 2 – Alice Wright Summer Reception – Miles Hagger Year 1 – Evie Ginbey Year 2 – Eve Love The Holmewoodian 2012/13


Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music Exam Results Natalya Keller Edward Sanders Safina Baker Safina Baker Eliza Field Isla Bhatnagar Toby Trusted Rosina White-Belchere Edward Sanders Manon Rees-Young LĂśic Bass Gualbert Lily Lander Savannah Winston Aria Baker Grace Hall Matthew Hoddinott Natalya Keller Anna Kelly Sophie Kelly Nicholas Sanders Lucas Mulley Oliver Rajah William Kingston Anais Cottage-Stone Ashley Dodd Lucy Andrews Edward Gent Cordelia Clay Robert Allan Katia Avanesov Naomi Jennings Elizabeth Miller William Price Lily Lander Jack Raynor Benjamin Brandon Georgiana Ginbey Anna Davis Olivia Jayaraj Freddie Gregory Alexander Lambert James Mercer Heloise South Edmund Tansley Edward White-Belchere Alex Robson Freddie Gregory Edward Sanders Sophie Vlasak Edward Gent William Kingston Alexander Robson Kara Dimond Tilliana Kennedy Lucas Mulley Lola Savage Olivia Gregory Oliver Gent Barkat Mehra Georgina Underwood Aria Baker

Grade 2 Grade 2 Grade 1 Grade 1 Grade 1 Grade 1 Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 1 Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 4 Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 2 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 1 Grade 1 Grade 1 Grade 4 Grade 1 Grade 1 Grade 1 Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 1 Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 6 Grade 4 Grade 3 Grade 3 Grade 2 Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 1 Grade 5 Grade 2 Grade 4 Grade 2 Grade 2 Grade 1 Grade 3 Grade 2 Grade 2 Grade 2 Grade 1 Grade 3 Grade 5 Grade 5 Grade 3 Grade 7

The Holmewoodian 2012/13

Piano Piano Flute Cello Singing Recorder Violin Cello Piano Violin Trumpet Piano Violin Singing Singing Oboe Clarinet Clarinet Recorder Violin Clarinet Violin Trumpet Violin Violin Piano Violin Piano Trumpet Violin Violin Violin Violin Violin Flute Piano Piano Violin Violin Sop Sax Violin Piano Violin Piano Piano Theory Sop Sax Violin Flute Piano Trumpet Clarinet Recorder Piano Clarinet Flute Alto Sax Cello Alto Sax Piano Piano

Distinction Distinction Distinction Distinction Distinction Distinction Distinction Distinction Distinction Distinction Distinction Distinction Distinction Distinction Distinction Distinction Distinction Distinction Distinction Distinction Merit Merit Merit Merit Merit Merit Merit Merit Merit Merit Merit Merit Merit Merit Merit Merit Merit Merit Merit Merit Merit Merit Merit Merit Merit Merit Merit Merit Merit Merit Merit Merit Merit Merit Merit Merit Merit Merit Merit Merit Merit

Olivia Gregory Georgina Hipperson Matthew Hoddinott Emily Jones Natalya Keller Kitty Lavercombe Joseph Morel-Paulo Francesca Norris Tara Radia Amy Thomas LoĂŻc Bass Gualbert Emily Williams Abigail Curtis Isabel Sobowale Antonia Norris Marcus Cook Kitty Lavercombe Emelia Pasternak-Albert Marcus Winston Ella Domanska James Hastie Olivia Jayaraj Christopher Sneddon Dante McNichol Owen Marshall Leila Clark Oliver Gent Oliver Marshall Kristina Huckstepp Arthur Merriman Anneka Pink Magnus Sesodia Cameron Tilley Zara Cook Peter Kingston Madelaine Pink Ralph Lavercombe Alex Fone Harriet Bailey Jules Bass Gualbert Lily Brough Marcus Cook Eva Cottage-Stone Abigail Curtis Conrad Pink William Rees-Young Jerry Sheng Fong Wai Tang Savannah Winston Thomas Brough Jago Goodsell Natalya Keller Sophie Smith-Stevens Edward White-Belchere Safina Baker William Coombs Sebastian Crundwell Scarlett Fraser Georgiana Ginbey Evelyn Harmer Emma Mercer China Miller James Woodhouse

Grade 2 Grade 1 Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 1 Grade 5 Grade 2 Grade 1 Grade 1 Grade 3 Grade 3 Grade 1 Grade 3 Grade 3 Grade 1 Grade 1 Grade 5 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 2 Grade 1 Grade 5 Grade 1 Grade 1 Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 4 Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 4 Grade 1 Grade 1 Grade 5 Grade 4 Grade 5 Grade 4 Grade 2 Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 2 Grade 5 Grade 3 Grade 1 Grade 4 Grade 5 Grade 2 Grade 2 Prep Test Prep Test Prep Test Prep Test Prep Test Prep Test Prep Test Prep Test Prep Test Prep Test Prep Test Prep Test Prep Test Prep Test

Clarinet Recorder Piano Flute Piano Guitar Piano Flute Recorder Clarinet Trumpet Violin Violin Clarinet Violin Guitar Piano Viola Clarinet Piano Piano Piano Piano Recorder Piano Cello Piano Piano Piano Recorder Piano Piano Flute Flute Cello Piano Piano Piano Piano Piano Piano Alto Sax Violin Piano Piano Piano Piano Violin Piano Piano Piano Piano Flute Piano Flute Piano Piano Piano Singing Piano Piano Piano Piano

Merit Merit Merit Merit Merit Merit Merit Merit Merit Merit Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass



We wish our Leavers every success and happiness at their chosen senior schools. Pupils leave Holmewood House as polite, confident and articulate individuals who have formed firm friendships and great memories. The following pages show a number of senior schools who have been keen to support the Holmewoodian and warmly welcome applications from Holmewood pupils.

Boys 13 - 18 • Boarding and Day ‘Truly Excellent’ - The Good Schools Guide

OPEN MORNINGS 2014 13+ Boarding and Day Entry

Saturday 15th March 10.15am · Saturday 10th May 10.15am All Welcome Scholarships & Bursaries available at 11+, 13+ and 16+ For further information or an individual appointment please contact Admissions Telephone: (01732) 304297 or e-mail: 134


The Holmewoodian 2012/13

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Senior schools supporting the holmewoodian

England’s Independent School of the Year 2011-12 England’s Headmaster of the Year 2012


Brighton College: is consistently the leading academic school in Sussex is one of England’s leading sporting schools has 60 former pupils currently studying at Oxford and Cambridge is a centre of excellence for music and the performing arts was judged ‘excellent’ in every single aspect of our 2011 inspection

OPEN MORNINGS 1st March 2014, 26th April 2014 Contact 01273 258491 or email:

‘e school everyone’s talking about.’ The Holmewoodian 2012/13




‘Tough for any university not to be an anti-climax after Sevenoaks’ Good Schools Guide Sevenoaks School provides academic excellence with a strong pastoral and co-curricular emphasis and a global dimension inspired by the International Baccalaureate. Co-educational boarding and day. Registered charity 1101358

You are warmly invited to our Senior School Open Morning Saturday 10 May 2014 9.30am to noon (Entry at 13 and 16) HMC – Day, weekly and full boarding Boys and girls 13 to 18

To register please contact: T 01323 843252 or online at

Anna Moody Upper Fifth Music Scholar

Bede’s Senior School Upper Dicker East Sussex BN27 3QH 136

St Bede’s is a Charitable Trust which exists to educate young people

The Holmewoodian 2012/13

Senior schools supporting the holmewoodian

The Hurst DNA ...

... engaging minds, encouraging excellence, shaping futures

Hurst Hurstpierpoint College

Please visit our website to find out what Hurst can offer your child

Senior School & Sixth Form

™ Excellent teaching, outstanding facilities and a strong record of academic achievement ™ Choice of the International Baccalaureate or A levels in the Sixth Form invite youfacilities; to findand outchallenging what Hurst can offer childquality ™ SuperbWe extra-curricular programmes withyour the highest mentoring for all pupils TH MARCH & 10TH MAY OPEN MORNINGS ™ Choice of day, flexi or weekly boarding in15 the Senior School ™ A unique co-educational Upper Sixth Form pre-university House Scholarships available at 13+ & 16+ ™ A school with integrity, warmth and a ‘can do’ attitude ™ Fiercely ambitious for each and every child to achieve their personal bests To find out more, visit our website ™ Outstanding 2011 Inspection Report - excellent in every category College Busday service runs from manyfor towns andboys villages Outstanding and boarding education girls and aged across 13 to 18 Sussex years Hurstpierpoint College West Sussex BN6 9JS9JS Admissions 01273836936 836936 Hurstpierpoint CollegeHurstpierpoint Hurstpierpoint West Sussex BN6 01273

The Holmewoodian 2012/13



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Senior schools supporting the holmewoodian

14/10/2011 16:14:03

The Holmewoodian 2012/13

Senior schools supporting the holmewoodian 01227 595579

Open days 12 October 2013 15 March 2014 14 June 2014

A4 advert KSC June 2103.indd 1

The Holmewoodian 2012/13

19/06/2013 15:51:52



Open Mornings 20th March and 27th September 2014 “Thriving girls’ day school in Sevenoaks. Produces quietly confident young women with a ‘can do’ attitude and an adventurous spirit. The strong academic results are a happy by-product of all this.” “Top flight Science teaching” “Particularly strong History department” “Plenty of debate, discussion and interaction from early on - work in a team with teachers” “Wonderful Art and Textiles rooms” “Inspirational new Director of Music” “Sport popular” “Lots of plays every year” “Girls get involved in everything” The Good Schools Guide, September 2012

Within walking distance of Sevenoaks station. Mini-bus services from Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge, West Malling and Oxted. For information on Admissions please call our Registrar on 01732 451 334 or go to

succeed . . thrive excel surpass

Discover Kent College Kent College is a leading independent day and boarding school for girls aged 11 - 18. “It’s really fulfilled her potential. She has been challenged to raise her game.”


Kent College Pembury, Old Church Road, Pembury, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN2 4AX, UK Registered charity no 307920 and is a member of the Methodist Independent Schools Trust


Open Morning 22nd March 2014

Girls and Boys aged 13-18, Boarding and Day

• A happy, vibrant and dynamic community • Confidence and scope for every child to excel • Academic strength supported by excellent pastoral care • Extensive range of extra-curricular activities For more information please contact 01372 821234 The Holmewoodian 2012/13


An exceptional education

contact our Admissions officer for more details on 01273 465805 or visit our website Tel 01273 465805

West Sussex BN15 0RW

A leAdiNg iNdepeNdeNT School foR BoyS ANd giRlS Aged 13 To 18

The Holmewoodian 2012/13



One of England's leading Co-educational Boarding and Day schools The Admissions Office, The Great Hall, Oundle, Peterborough PE8 4GH

Tel: 01832 277125 2145 MC Holmewoodian Advert 83x126mm [2]


DOWNE HOUSE Independent Girls’ Boarding School

‘I left Downe House with the feeling that there was nothing I could not achieve.’ Hermitage Road, Cold Ash, Thatcham, Berks RG18 9JJ t: 01635 200286 e: w: DOWNE HOUSE School is a registered charity No. 1015059


An excellent, modern education in a coeducational environment Tel. +44 (0)1672 892300 Email: The Holmewoodian 2012/13



At Eastbourne College, we create time for each and every pupil to develop, grow, enjoy and achieve their full potential. For further details and information about the school, our forthcoming Open Days and a copy of our latest prospectus, please contact us today. HMC Independent School • Boarding and Day • Boys and girls 13 to 18

T: 01323 452323 • E: The Holmewoodian 2012/13


The Holmewoodian 2012-13