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Our handpicked selection for 2010

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The making of one amazing film.

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Carter Holland stops to talk shop

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Quarry dreams and quarry themes

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What does your future hold?

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Will ‘Tiger’ Rischbieth’s Giant.

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Bryn Atkinsons world....

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The pleasure of a cuttie.

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Jared gets blown off by the new breed !

58 The ’94 Cairns bowl

Uncovering what the jungle had eaten up

Issue 19 Volume 5 April 2010

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DVD’s, CD’s and the ‘Hoods’.

130 Last words

Endtroducing Kelly McGarry.


60 Australian DH series

All the rounds and National Champiship s!

76 Leaf team roadtrip

Two weeks on the road is a long time

in a van!

84 The Nathan Rennie Interview

The honest truth, if you don’t like it go

94 Underground Racing


No rules, no insurance, one winner…

104 Timeline of a Champion

The Troy Brossnan journey to date

COVER//NZ’s Kelly McGarry blazin ’ under the cover of darkness. F’n epic!//CAMILLA STODDAR T CONTENTS//There ain’t much closer you can get to the action! Delf’s being trailed in the Rischbieth backyard//STEPHEN HILLENBRAND


Jayco National DH Series Round 1 Glenorchy, Tasmania • Australian Natio DH Series Round 2 Shepparton, Victoria • Jayco National DH Series Rou

Chris’s team were paying for him and his girl, Clair, to travel to each of the final three races. Pardon the pun but it really paid off for them too! National Champion plus two of the three round victories to man with the gigantic calves//CHRIS PROHM

onal MTB Championships 2010 Adelaide, South Australia • Jayco National ound 3 Thredbo, NSW • Jayco National DH Series Round 4 Stromlo, ACT

Words by Rick Boyer


Words by Matt Whitmore and a few random others

The ‘token’ team shot. Set-up by Oliver before he legged it to get in place//OLIVER SMITH

This guy is relentless once he gets going. Patto letting another one sail well past dark//CALLAN ROBISON

Day 1

You could hear them outside, a deep growl. The beast was barely fifty yards away, the darkness... absolute. The night was thick with humidity and perspiration, temperatures soaring well past thirty six. We sat listening quietly for more noises; the music of the river gurgling softly in the background was no reassurance. The first night of the trip was going well...

It was an early morning wake up, hitting the snooze a few times wouldn’t cut it this morning as we were on a tight schedule. On the road by 6am, first stop Blue-mountains. Blackheath offered some fine cafes and after a nice meal and plenty of coffee, it was back in the car to continue the trip.

We stopped at some old towns along the way. The scenery really started to change as we drove on. Blayney was the location for lunch. After searching around for some nice pub food, it was the local Asian take away store that would serve us and apparently you just can’t have lunch at 2:04 pm.

After much driving, an adventure was needed. We decided to head over to Evans Lookout and found some amazing views. The Blue Mountains is a spectacular place, the hills and gully’s were just epic. We decided that our 2 hour rest stop would be best spent at Bathurst and seeing as Mount Panorama is a public road, we couldn’t help but take the drive around. Matt still hadn’t finished his 2 hours, so it was off around the track with him driving. 60km/h was the limit and with another few days of driving, we weren’t about to risk our license. Dead on 60 km/h, we drove around the track. Taking the corners was tricky, with all the weight on the roof the car just wanted to flip over. We also learnt that Bathurst isn’t a one way road (who the hell drives the opposite way?) it was almost a disastrous experience.

Before we left we decided we’d rough it the first night, find a good spot to set up camp... maybe have a small fire to cook on. West Wyalong would be our location for the first night. Rivers aren’t as common as we thought they might be. We checked the caravan parks, but the only caravan park, with its rock hard ground, just wasn’t going to cut it. When we went in search of the local information centre, it was the ladies there that told us we’d have a better chance in another town. Narrandera only 2 hours away, seemed like it was going to be our best option. Time was critical. So much to do before sundown.


Raw and candid. What will the future hold for one of the greatest DH’ers to ever walk the planet, that’s still in his prime...?//MARK WATSON


NATHAN RENNIE INTERVIEW WORDS + INTERVIEW BY JONATHON TAYLOR It’s been 6 months since Nathan’s last magazine interview. This conversation took place on the 1st day of March and to date hasn’t ridden a bike so far this year. Hasn’t even sat on one. Talking to him, a distinct change was clear in the sound of his voice. That voice rolling down the phone line was a different one to that that I’d grown used to hearing over the past decade or so of knowing Nathan. He sounded, well, happier. More alive. Relaxed and nowhere near as guarded as in years past. The time off, away from everything was obviously doing him a world of good. It was enabling him to clear his head and shed some of the mental baggage that comes with having to deal with the pressures and responsibilities of being sponsored by large organisations. Performing to the highest levels and having to live up to expectations 365 long days a year. The constant battle to cross your t’s and dot the i’s and having to always be on guard out in public, looking over your shoulder in case prying eyes catch a glimpse of you not toeing that perfect corporate line. Being the walking, talking, face of so many brands over the years sure must have taken its toll. Nathan first travelled overseas to race back when he was just 15 years old. The very next year he found himself overseas for longer, contesting multiple races. The year after that he signed his first factory ride. And that was that. From that point on riding bikes and being a superstar was his full time job, day in day out. The glitz and glamour of the World racing stage, sure does seem attractive to an outsider, but it isn’t always smooth sailing as we’ll soon discover. Companies don’t just pay you six figure salaries and not want anything in return. The pressures and demands are phenomenal. For Nathan the travel, endless back-to-back flights, being on the road year round and living out of a gear bag took its toll. The wear and tear on his body, injuries from races, that never quite get a chance to heal. Then on top of everything else the bombardment from the media, fans and industry always wanting a piece of him, had quiet literally run Nathan into the ground. After nearly a decade at the very top there was only one place he could ever go. His vanishing out of sight ever since his finals run at last years Canberra World Championships has certainly had people talking. Speculation has been running rampant. With so much bullshit floating around Nathan, we thought we’d get in touch with him and see if he was keen to have a chat and set the story straight. And so after months of laying low, he is finally ready to talk again. In his own words, the Nathan Rennie story.


94 Goffy knows all too well that to be the best you have to be able to rule all conditions. And watching him ride in the mountains and then down the ‘gong it’s clear he is a master of all terrains. To be honest we were a little surprised his times weren’t quicker. 4th overall is was well respectable, he just looked a lot faster in the flesh. Goffy also took out the award for most runs each day. Fit much//HOLMES

No Rules. No Insurance. No Numberplates. 2 Sick Tracks. 2 Weekends. Invite only.

[R]evolution Underground Racing Series Words by JT

Cillian Kennedy

Age: 27

Sponsors: Marzocchi, Bikeminded. Hometown: Blackheath, NSW Normal day job: Canyon/Climbing instructor Local stomping ground: (secret places) Years riding: 14 all up, but took 5 years off in the middle and didn’t ride much Years racing DH: 5 years serious What was your take on the 2 weekends, the format and all that jazz? The two weekends were really good. It was awesome to catch up with every one outside of a normal race format hang out and talk some shit. Didn’t really hear any jazz but I’m sure it was good! What did you think about the first track, Blue Mountains? Really cool lots of rocks. What about the second track, down the ‘gong? Awesome, I always enjoy riding down there. Cillian back riding the trails he cut his teeth on more than a decade ago.//TIM BARDSLEY-SMITH


nspired by Dirt’s 1.04 track idea and fuelled by wanting to take the concept one step further, we decided rather than craft a single rider on a single track we should invite a bunch of riders and hit the road to different locations around the state. That way no one could have home track advantage and even if one style of track suited a rider, it was almost certain the other would not. If this was going to be the [R]evolution race series we sure as hell weren’t going to do things the normal way. First and foremost we wanted to make sure everything was kept super low key, underground almost. So no number plates, no wind-trainers, no race order. We threw invites out to 8 riders that were each handpicked because of their style. Not just ‘cause they’re quick, but because each of them has stood out to us over the past year and represents what [R] is all about. A burning sense of passion, bullshit skills, style and of course balls-out raw speed!

Explain your perfect day? The two days we spent doing this story would not be far off just needed a few chicks in skimpy underwear lingering in the bushes when we were pushing sections. Good Times. Who’s going to win (senior) Worlds this year? Sam Hill Your race bike: Specialized Demo 8 2010 Forks: Boxxer World Cups but soon Marzocchi 888 Evo ti Rear shock: Fox RC4 Brakes: Avid Code calipers with Elixir Mag levers Tyres: Minion on front HighRoller out back How do you like to set it up? Being 6 foot 3 I have to set it up pretty big. Lay back post, 55mm stem, petty tall front end, 60mm rise bars 550mm wide and a wicker basket on the front full of spare parts!

Ryan Connell

The first thing we had to decide on was locations. With riders coming from all over the State, we weren’t really limited to a specific area. We ended up settling on the idea of two tracks that were worlds apart from each other in terms of terrain. We decided the first weekend should be at Old Bathurst Road, right on the foothills of the Blue Mountains. The track there is an epic. It’s like a moonscape where barely a tree exists; everything is covered in massive sandstone boulders and the track is made up of blown out white dusty corners and steep shoots. As a contrast and to make things harder for the riders, we chose Wollongong’s ‘uni track’ to run the second weekend. The Uni track is made up of moist deep brown loamy dirt, lined with lush grass, covered in trees and featuring a heap of tricky tech sections that would be sure to test the riders. Once we had settled on the idea of running multiple tracks, we then had to figure out how we were going to time the riders and really that was probably the easiest decision we had to make in the whole process. Only one timing system exists that fits into what we were trying to achieve with our non-conformity race and that’s Freelap. Nearly every pro rider we deal with uses Freelap watches and timing poles as the accuracy and simplicity of the system is amazing.

Describe your style? I try to be smooth and hold speed.

Age: 16

Sponsors: Cycle Logic, Rotec Cycles, Hometown: Austinmer, NSW Normal day job: Yr 11 at high school Local stomping ground: Illawarra/Austinmer Years riding: 2yrs Years racing DH: 1yr What was your take on the 2 weekends: Had an awesome time riding. Both tracks were fresh as. The days turned out perfect. What did you think about the first track? it was the roughest and rawest track I have ever encountered added for some good atmosphere, great track. What about the second track, down the ‘gong? Super pinned out track, probably my favorite place to ride. Describe your riding style? Smooth as a babies arse! Explain your perfect day? Morning swim, ride all day then beach in arvo with everyone. Who’s going to win (senior) Worlds this year? Rob Warner Joshy B only has two speeds, wide open or standing still//TIM BARDSLEY-SMITH

Your race bike: Roctec RL 9 2009 Forks: RS Boxxer WC Rear shock: Manitou X6 Swinger, Cycle Logic custom tuned Brakes: Avid Juicy 7 Tyres: Minion F 2.35 based on the front, High roller 2.35 on the back both tubeless How do you like to set it up? Soft forks and rear suspension, low bottom bracket, 30inch bars old school.


The Troy Brosnan Story to date...

Troy first came to my attention many years ago when I just happened to be at his school teaching a bike education course. We were doing some exercises out on basketball court this particular day, simple stuff like cornering around witches hats, and there was this one kid that just shone out from the bunch. There was just something special about the way he rode. His style, the way he controlled his bike. For years I’d taught a heap of these classes at so many schools and I’d never had a kid stand out like Troy. Straight away I got talking to him and began to take an interest in him and I guess tried to push him along the MTB path. I remember encouraging him to head along and check out a DH race. He’d raced BMX for years but MTB was totally different for him. One day I finally got him along to a race and he got straight into the swing of things. I was still racing a heap back then and so I’d spend a bunch of time over a race weekend helping him out on the track, with different sections and what not. He’s a kid with so much bike talent, he was certainly born to be on two wheels. Steve Marsh Aussie MTB legend

Troy Brosnan’s rise-up through the ranks of mountain bike racing has been nothing short extraordinary. Within just 4 years of throwing a leg over his first MTB, Troy now finds himself signed to the mighty Monster/Specialized Bikes Team. This season under the watchful wing of team mate, Sam Hill, Troy will contest his first full overseas race season. He will also be donning the Aussie national uniform when he lines up in Mount Sainte Anne, Canada, for his first crack at World Championships glory. Although Troy’s journey to racing success has been a rapid one, it hasn’t come without hard work, massive family support and a whole heap of mentoring from some older riders around him. It’s clear that Troy has the goods when it comes to skills and speed, and now with the backing of a factory race team it would seem he’s got all the pieces of the puzzle to really set the racing world on fire. As much as we’re looking forward to following his progress in seasons to come, we thought we’d take a look about over the years at the milestones and events that helped shape this little champion to date.

Words by JT






July 13th Troy is born at 10:22pm weighing 7lb 3oz

Troy scores his first bike at Christmas, a 12 inch beast with training wheels.

After many laps at the local school, Troy loses the training wheels

Begins racing BMX at the Happy Valley Club

114 NEW PRODUCTS All the stuff you need!


Quite possibly the worlds most popular dirt jumping fork over the years has finally received a complete redesign. They’re packed with new features and improvements like an upside-down crown design which alone increases the forks overall stiffness by 30%. They’ve also got back to an open oil bath system for dampening, so no more sealed cartridges just waiting to explode at any second. For the money and reliability they’re damn hard to beat.

SixSixOne Evo Suit Browse:

We often get sent armour jackets to check out and shoot for the mag, but nothing ever seems to come close to a Dainese in our minds. At least, that was the case until the SixSixOne Pressue Suit arrived on our doorstep. We immediately slung the thing over our shoulders and were blown away with how well it fits. They feature heaps of padding and plenty of additional adjustment.

New Products All photos Tony Nolan


Honestly we cannot get over how light this helmet is. Fox have been making MTB lids for a while now, but have never really looked 100%. Seemed strange too, considering they make the best moto lids on the market. So, for 2010, they made a MTB lid in the exact same vein as their MX range and this looks amazing. It feels incredible on your head as well. Super comfortable with mega protection, you can’t go wrong. Just heard Mick Hannah has signed with Fox Racing for the season, I wonder if that means they’ll be bringing out a fluro yellow one in the near future?


We’ve been running those ‘Rain King’ tyres we featured a few issues back for a while now with plenty of praise and thought it was time to check something else out in the Continental range. These Kaiser’s look like a fine choice with their fat nobs that feel insanely tacky. They also feature a really sturdy rounded casing and are surprisingly light.


Browise: Unit’s range just keeps looking cooler and cooler each season. (It grows a lot too!) This new tee dubbed, ‘Noxious’ is a bit of a standout piece in our eyes. Not just a cool print either, Unit tee’s are some of the finest fitting in the land.


Another fine frame offering from Euro company, Leaf Cycles. The Charlston frame is a slick little thing indeed, with its clean lines and minimal fuss. Made entirely from Sanko-cromo tubing ensuring the quality is held high whilst the weight is kept low. In the box comes a removable derailleur hanger, so you can run it if you want gears or keep the back end streamlined if you don’t.


What is it about this helmet that makes us want one so bad? Is it the bold new ‘squarish’ styling, or is it the generous long strands of carbon fibre running from front to back that glistens in the afternoon sun? Perhaps it’s the piece of mind that comes with knowing you’d be wearing one of the most technologically advanced and likewise safest helmets on the market. The list of possible reasons just goes on and on….


Read the interview we did with Vanderham earlier this issue about his signature range and how the development process all went down? You should. You should also head down to your local bike shop and check out his range for yourself. This saddle is probably our favourite in the line-up. It’s comfortable, it looks tough as guts and thanks to those Ti rails it’s pretty damn light.


Bet you didn’t know Maxxis made grips? Utilizing the same sticky rubber that keeps you stuck to the ground through those blown out corners, these grips have are nice thin diameter and feel pretty comfy. Two clamps keep them locked in place and they even come with a nice little engraved bar plug.


Surely chain guides can get more minimal than this? A beautifully machined outer bash ring combined with elastomeric guides feeding your chain top and bottom ensuring everything runs smooth. Available in ISCG and ISCG-05 models, and two sizes, 32-36t or 36-40t.

[R]evolution Issue 19 Preview  

Issue 19 of Australia's gravity fuelled MTB magazine is out across Australia mid April 2010. Also available on for those elsew...

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