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Athlete: Silvia Berger / Photographer: Erich Spiess.



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Packed with information about applications and all alpine race products, this is the new, improved and extended replacement for our well-known Wax Guide.

Only hard facts are enough to convince service personnel: They are only satisfied with high-performance products made of the best materials! However, outstanding performance at the peak level of your sport can only be achieved when top notch products are applied correctly. In the Race Guide, we will disclose a few World Cup secrets and introduce you to the proven application used by World Cup winners – clearly explained, with many illustrations.

Racing Finish Racing Finish chart HybridFX race wax HybridFX waxing chart Base wax Jump wax Cleaning / Care / Repair Ski vises Edge tuning Files Waxing irons Scrapers Structure tools Brushes Accessories Textile care

I have put an “ExpertTip” label next to those products that should be in every service kit.


HOLMENKOL® has been active in the alpine ski circus for decades, supporting almost 50 national teams worldwide and working with the best athletes and service staff around the globe.

Franz Nemeth Director World Racing Team Alpin


My team and I very much look forward to seeing you at one of our seminars, which all revolve around one key theme: the License to WIN! We wish you a thrilling and successful season!

Best wishes, Franz

Basic preparation for new skis Edge and base repair Race preparation Speed preparation Structure preparation with TriMaxx After the race

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The new, patented nano-CFC® technology made by HOLMENKOL® was first used for Racing Finish products – the new HOLMENKOL® SpeedPowder collection. Besides nano-CFC® effects, the new SpeedPowder collection was adapted to the specific conditions for alpine and Nordic skiing using a highly optimized blend of ingredients. The combination of HOLMENKOL® race waxes and SpeedPowders of the latest nano-CFC® generation delivers a true license to win.

SpeedPowder Hybrid: The patented nano-CFC® technology combines the outstanding gliding properties of conventional fluorinated powder with the physical surface effects of nano composites. Put this together with HOLMENKOL® race waxes and the result is first class gliding coating for your race base that sets new benchmarks in speed, abrasion resistance, versatility and ease of application.

RACING FINISH F INISH Athlete: Philipp Schörghofer / Photographer: Erich Spiess.



SpeedPowder Hybrid WET Best for: Damp to wet coarseand fine-grained snow

SpeedPowder Hybrid MID Best for: Fine- to coarsegrained snow.

SpeedPowder Hybrid COLD Best for: Cold and dry snow.

24331 25 g

24333 30 g

24335 15 g

SpeedPowder Hybrid WET SpeedPowder Hybrid MID SpeedPowder Hybrid COLD

0° ~ -4° C

wet to damp


- 2° ~ -15° C

damp to dry




- 14° ~ -25° C



SpeedFinish: World Cup proven formulas give you first class, easy to apply gliding coating. When used with HOLMENKOL® race waxes or other HOLMENKOL® Racing Finish products, you will see outstanding results in terms of gliding effect and versatility. The smallest of particles give a multitude of contact points, which mean that SpeedFinish is firmly locked to your race base.

SpeedPaste Racing: 100% fluorocarbon race wax paste. World Cup proven. Extreme acceleration, maximum speed and smooth gliding in all speed ranges. High abrasion resistance and outstanding versatility. SpeedPaste can be easily and conveniently applied to any ski or board until right before the start of the race, ensuring that the base and structure are not damaged. SpeedPaste has been improved to match HOLMENKOL® race waxes, which makes it an essential for winning from start to finish.

SpeedPaste Racing For all snow types. 24370 30 g

SpeedFinish WET Best for: Damp to wet fresh snow and fine-grained to slush snow, wet snow. 24361 50 ml incl. FinishCork 24361-R Racing Pack, (50 ml)

SpeedFinish MID Best for: Fine- to coarsegrained snow.

SpeedFinish COLD Best for: Cold and dry snow.

SpeedPaste Racing

0° ~ -6° C

wet, damp, dry
















24363 50 ml incl. FinishCork 24363-R Racing Pack, (50 ml)

24365 50 ml incl. FinishCork 24365-R Racing Pack, (50 ml)

Hybrid Speed Powder

Mid Cold Wet

Speed Block

Mid Cold Wet

Speed Finish

SpeedFinish WET SpeedFinish MID SpeedFinish COLD 6

0° ~ -4° C


wet to damp

- 2° ~ -10° C

wet, damp, dry

- 8° ~ -20° C


Cold Speed Paste

Paste Racing



SpeedBlock WET Best for: Damp to wet fresh snow, grainy to coarse-grained old or artificial snow. 24351 15 g

SpeedBlock WET SpeedBlock MID SpeedBlock COLD 8

SpeedBlock MID Best for: Fresh snow or damp, old or artificial snow.

SpeedBlock COLD Best for: Cold or grainy snow.

24353 15 g

24355 15 g

wet to damp

95° ~ 100° C

- 2° ~ -10° C

0° ~ -5° C

wet, damp, dry

115° C

- 5° ~ -20° C


125° C

Athlete: Elisabeth Görgl / Photographer: Erich Spiess.

SpeedBlock: World Cup proven formula for extreme acceleration and high speeds. To be rubbed onto prepared sliding surfaces or other Speed coatings until shortly before the start of the race.




Race wax formulas based on hybrid technology for alpine racing. New raw materials that are being used exclusively by HOLMENKOL速 in combination with fluorocarbon work invisibly, providing optimum acceleration and gliding, excellent resistance to abrasion as well as a high level of repellence to water and dirt for an extremely broad range of applications. The formulas for the HybridFX system have been optimized to deal with the most frequent snow conditions. What is more, additives can be combined with the race waxes to deal with special conditions. The formula has been optimized for high grade sintered and extrusion bases.

ALPINE RACE WAX HYBRIDFX humidity 100 % - 50 %


50 % - 40 %

40 % - 0 %



HybridFX YELLOW For damp, fresh and fine snow or wet snow. 24150 2 x 35 g 24151 6 x 150 g

HybridFX RED For damp to dry fresh and fine-grained snow. 24160 2 x 35 g 24161 6 x 150 g

HybridFX WHITE For damp to dry fine- to coarse-grained snow. 24170 2 x 35 g 24171 6 x 150 g

HybridFX BLUE For dry fine- to coarse-grained and abrasive snow. 24180 2 x 35 g 24181 6 x 150 g

HybridFX GREEN For dry, fine- to coarse-grained and abrasive snow. 24190 2 x 35 g 24191 6 x 150 g

Additiv Graphite/Molybdean Additive to optimize the HybridFX collection on abrasive, cold and coarse-grained snow or in low air humidity. 24142 2 x 35 g 24143 3 x 150 g

Additiv High-Fluor GW 25 Additive for enhanced gliding, for improved water and dirt repellence of the HybridFX collection in high air humidity and / or on wet snow. 24140 2 x 35 g 24141 3 x 150 g

Ironing temperatures:

All HybridFX race waxes also come in 6 x 150 g boxes, additives in 3 x 150 g boxes.


HybridFX YELLOW 110° C HybridFX RED 120° C HybridFX WHITE 125° C HybridFX BLUE 130° C HybridFX GREEN 140° ~ 150° C Additiv Extreme Powder 140 ° C

Additiv Extreme Powder Wax additive to optimize wax properties on ice and extremely abrasive snow. Can also be used to protect the base along the edge. 24149 25 g



Successful formulas. Easy application – no mixing needed! Highest quality base and training wax based on hydrocarbons. Used and recommended by national teams and the ski industry.

Alphamix YELLOW For soft fresh and fine-grained snow. 24100 3 x 35 g 24105 6 x 150 g


Betamix RED For all types of snow. 24110 3 x 35 g 24115 6 x 150 g

Athlete: Mario Matt / Photographer: Erich Spiess.


Fluormix WHITE Lightly fluorinated high quality training and base wax for all types of snow, preferably for higher moisture. 24130 3 x 35 g 24133 6 x 150 g

Ultramix BLUE For cold, very old and abrasive snow. 24120 3 x 35 g 24125 6 x 150 g

Alphamix YELLOW Betamix RED Ultramix BLUE Fluormix WHITE


0° ~ -4 ° C

wet to damp

115° ~ 125°

-4° ~ -14° C

damp to dry

125° ~ 135°

-8° ~ -20° C

damp to dry

135° ~ 140°

0° ~ -14° C

wet to damp

125° ~ 135°





Jump Competition RubMix Optimized ski jump wax to match the particular requirements of the ice track. A small bar to rub on, work in and brush off. 24920 3 x 35 g Jump Competition RED Optimized ski jump wax to match the particular requirements of the ice track. 24915 6 x 150 g Jump Competition BLUE 24916 6 x 150 g

Jump Ceramic Wax Highly abrasion-resistant wax for the ceramic inrun track for summer ski jumping. 24906 6 x 150 g

Groove scraper High quality durable groove scraper with rounded aluminium to clean the centre groove of cross-country and jump skis. 20638

Jump Competition ARCTIC 24917 6 x 150 g SkiClip-Jump Handy ski clips. Help protect base and edges of jump skis. 20813 1 pce.

Jump Competition RED Jump Competition BLUE Jump Competition ARCTIC Jump Ceramic Wax

0° ~ -4° C

130° ~ 140°

-3° ~ -8 ° C

130° ~ 140°

-7° ~ -25° C

140° ~ 150°


140° ~ 150°

Indoor Hot Wax Highly abrasion-resistant glide wax, optimized for extremely abrasive artificial snow in indoor ski centres. 24711 6 x 150 g 16





nano-CFC Cleaner Special cleaner for nano-CFC powder and other RacingFinish products. Reliably dissolves residues, without harming the paraffin basis. 24419 500 ml


WaxAb - wax remover spray Special cleaner and wax remover for deep, gentle cleaning of skis and snowboards. Optimum dosability. 24410 250 ml



FibreFleece Versatile cleaning and polishing fleece. High absorbency of liquids and dirt. Comes with free knife. 24490 25 m x 20 cm 24491 100 m x 20 cm



Cleaner Special cleaner to remove grease, oil, resin and wax from skis and clothes. 20421 500 ml 20422 1000 ml 20423 3000 ml


CareFleece 50 50 handy tissues for cleaning and polishing. 24492 25 cm x 20 cm

ExpertTip FX-Strips transparent Special candles for small base repairs. Suitable for all conventional ski bases and particularly for FX-Smartbase snowboard bases. Light the candle, drip on the wax, and you’re done. HOLMENKOLŽ has the exclusive world rights to supply FX-Smartbase ski wax and repair products. 24400 5 pcs. 24405 1 kg

RepairStrips transparent Ski base material strips to repair base damages. Iron on using a gas burner. 20460 5 pcs. 20461 1 kg

RepairStrips black 20465 5 pcs. 20466 1 kg

FX-Strips black 24401 5 pcs. 24406 1 kg

Binding adhesive Special adhesive to fasten binding screws. 20476 100 ml 19


ExpertTip NEW

SuperProPlus WorldCup First class alpine ski vise for professional edge and base tuning. Infinitely adjustable from 90째 to 60째. 24432

SuperProPlus Wide First class ski vise for professional edge and base tuning. Particularly suited for free ride and jump skis. Max. jaw opening 130 mm. Infinitely adjustable from 90째 to 60째. 24436

BoardFix Special snowboard vise for fast and easy horizontal and vertical use. 20515

NEW Ski Vise Competition Ski vise for reliable edge and base tuning of all alpine skis. 24469

SuperPro Easy Ski vise for simple edge and base tuning of all alpine skis. 24431


Stopper Holder To hold ski brakes during ski tuning. 20502

Stopper Holder PRO For professional holding of brakes of alpine ski bindings during ski tuning. 20504 2 pcs.





ExpertTip SteelEdge WorldCup World Cup equipment for edge tuning of alpine skis and snowboards. Angle adjustment in increments of degrees from 88° to 85°, to define the precise working angle of files, diamonds and aluminium oxide stones. Stainless steel is durable, helps spare the base and allows ergonomic use. 24475

ERGO PROFI Racing 90°-85° High quality ergonomic edge sharpener with gliding rollers on the base side. For professional steel edge tuning. Grinding angle adjustable from 90° to 85°. Comes with a file. Can also be used with aluminium oxide stones, a cross file or a diamond file. 24452

ERGO SEMI 90°-85° Ergonomic edge grinder with gliding surfaces on the base side. For smooth and secure grinding of steel edges. Grinding angle adjustable from 90° to 85°. Comes with a file. Can also be used with aluminium oxide stones, a cross file or a diamond file. 24453

ERGO SideWall Planer *blade radius 3 mm Ergonomic side wall planer with gliding surfaces on the base side. For use on skis and snowboards prior to grinding the steel edges. Scraping angle adjustable from 90° to 85°. Comes with a 3 mm radius blade. 24451

SideWall Planer SpareBlade *radius 3 mm Spare blade for SideWall Planer. 24463 22

EdgeTrick PRO Diamond The small pocket tool to remove rigidification and burrs from ski edges. Angle adjustment in 0.5° steps between 85° and 90°. Now comes with a diamond insert for extra long life. 24455

BaseEdge File Guide 0.5°~1.5° Infinitely variable file guide, adjustable from 0.5° to 1.5°, for bevelled steel edges on the base side of alpine skis / snowboards. Suitable for ski files of between 20 and 25 mm wide. 24450

ExpertTip CarveEdge HardMetalFile Precise alignment with parabolic ski shape through two pivoting inserts. Angle adjustment in 0.5° steps between 85° and 90° (cuts metal and plastic), including tungsten carbide insert. 24457

SegmentFile Diamond Diamond insert for CarveEdge and EdgeTrick. 24460

SegmentFile HardMetal Durable knife for relief-grinding of edges. Suitable for CarveEdge. 20588

Aluminium carrier SegmentFile Carbide Aluminium insert for tungsten carbide knife to be used in CarveEdge. 24462

SegmentFile Carbide Tungsten carbide knife for aluminium carrier to be used in CarveEdge. 24461



Professional files for fine-grinding of ski and board edges.



20526 20529 20521 20524 20527

DiamondFile Ski diamond files to tune steel edges. Various diamond sizes for removing rigidification or for professional refinishing of ground edges. 24465 DiamondFile Green, 110 mm – fine 24466 DiamondFile Red, 110 mm – medium 24467 DiamondFile Blue, 110 mm – coarse

Grinding rubber To blunt ground edges in the tip and tail areas in order to avoid catching an edge. 20550

Arkansas hard To smooth ground edges. 20575 RacingFile Professional file, 13 cuts per cm, for precise fine-grinding of ski and board edges. 20523 250 x 25 mm 13 teeth / cm (L-MAXI) 20524 100 x 25 mm 13 teeth / cm (L-MINI) 20526 200 x 20 mm 15 teeth / cm (M-MAXI) 20527 100 x 25 mm 15 teeth / cm (M-MINI) 20529 150 x 15 mm 18 teeth / cm (S)


CrossFile Mini Ski body file for grinding-in of edges. 20521 100 x 30 mm

CrossFile Maxi 20520 300 x 30 mm

FileBrush File brush for removing iron shavings and swarf. 20564

Arkansas true hard 20576

Diamond World Cup File Diamond file for polishing steel edges. 24470 fine 600 WI 24471 medium 400 YE 24472 coarse 200 RD Diamond replacement Spare foil for diamond file for polishing steel edges. 24470-F fine 600 WI 24471-F medium 400 YE 24472-F coarse 200 RD

Oxyd mini Aluminium oxide stone for edge repair and for removing rigidification. Suitable for Ergo edge grinder and SteelEdge. 20561





ExpertTip Digital RacingWaxer Professional wax iron with digital temperature display and electronic temperature control. 24423 110 V 24422 230 V

Wax iron protection Smart protection for one of your most important tools. Supplied separately from RacingWaxer. 24425

Spare tray for WaxPro 24427 Roller width 125 mm

Waxing mask medium Protection from vapour and dust during waxing and brushing. 20616

Waxing mask gas filter Gas filter for waxing mask (20616). 20617 1 pair SmartWaxer Handy wax iron with precise temperature control and constant heat through extra thick bottom plate. Rectangular metal surface. Unique special sole design ensures optimum distribution of wax. Compact, closed design with long cable and rack. 20604 110 V 20603 230 V 26

WaxPro Waxing machine for fast and easy wax application. 24426 Roller width 125 mm


Betamix RED Pastilles Pellets for direct use with WaxPro. For all types of snow. 24115-P 1 kg

Waxing mask dust filter Dust filter for waxing mask (20616). 20618 1 pair

WaxFleece For uniform, sparing wax application. 20620 100 pcs. 27


Plastic scraper Practical scraper to remove excess hot wax. 20630 130 x 60 x 3 mm


Stainless steel scraper Extra sharp special scraper with extremely long life. 20635 112.5 x 60 mm

TRIMAXX – Alpine structure tool Base structure tool for alpine skis. 20642

TRIMAXX – Structure tool for jump skis Base structure tool for jump skis. 20643

Alpine steel structure brush Structure brush for alpine skis, for extremely wet snow. 20654

FinishCork Special cork with felt to finish and polish wax and speed products. 20645

KlettCork (for PadSet) Handy polishing cork with hook surface to be used with PadSet. 20647

PadSet – Roughening pads Special grinding pads to roughen the base. 24495

Professional scraper Special World Cup proven scraper. 20631 130 x 60 x 5 mm

Scraper Universal special scraper to clean side walls and grooves. 20637

Straightedge To control the straightness of the ski base. 20636

Plexiglass scraper sharpener PRO For sharpening and precise dressing of plexiglass scrapers. Easy to handle, height-adjustable tungsten carbide knife with 4 cutting edges. To be screwed to the table / workbench. 20632

SIDE-MAXX spare blade Spare blade for plexiglass scraper sharpener and Side-Maxx. 20556 28




OvalBrush Steel MicroFinish Ultra-fine stainless steel bristles that reveal the structure, making for more speed. 24523

BaseBrush Steel MicroFinish Ultra-fine ski base brush to completely reveal the base structure. A must for racing competitions. 24503 125 x 70 mm

OvalBrush Steel Highly effective tool for cleaning the base prior to waxing and for removing paraffin wax. 24522

BaseBrush BronzeFine Fine ski base brush used to reveal the base structure. 24501 125 x 70 mm

OvalBrush Bronze For cleaning the ski base and removing paraffin wax. 24520

OvalBrush Horsehair For revealing the base structure before preparing it with speed products. 24533

OvalBrush Nylon Polishing brush. 24530


BaseBrush Bronze For cleaning the ski and removing glide wax. 24500 125 x 70 mm

BaseBrush Horsehair Fine ski base brush for removing glide wax. 24513 125 x 70 mm

BaseBrush Synthetic Universal ski base brush and polishing brush. 24510 125 x 70 mm



ExpertTip SpeedStick Pro II Unique click, fast-change mechanism in high-grade stainless steel design. For all SpeedBrush brushes. 20685 120 mm

SpeedStick Pro II Adapter 240 mm adapter for SpeedStick (20685). Handy double axis for parallel use of two different brushes. 20687 240 mm

SpeedShield Pro II (working protection) Shield for SpeedStick (20685). 20686 120 mm

SpeedBrush Fleece Seamless fleece roller for rubbing in Racing Finish. 20688 SpeedBrush Cork For rubbing in Racing Finish. 20673

SpeedBrush Bronze Brush for base cleaning and basic preparation. Always use with working protection (20686). 20674

SpeedBrush Horsehair Ski base brush for removing glide wax. 20672

SpeedBrush Fiber Ski base brush for removing glide wax. 20670

SpeedBrush Nylon Ski base brush for polishing. 20671

SpeedBrush Horsehair/Bronze 20669 32

SpeedBrush Fiber/Bronze Professional tool for removing glide wax and for basic preparation. 20668 33


Tape (plastic) Narrow adhesive tape for ski service. 20740

ExpertTip Waxing table ALPINE Lightweight, robust professional waxing table in aluminium stainless steel combination. Made in Germany. Comes with a bag. 24433

Waxing table PROFI Professional waxing table, World Cup proven. Robust, handy, indestructible. Comes with a bag. 20720

HOLMENKOL® blue ServiceBox Large service box for TuneUp material and ski wax with various sizes of drawers. World Cup proven. 20703 465 x 180 x 360 mm Tape smart (paper) Large, flexible masking tape, easy to tear, reusable. 20741

Wing screw for waxing table Spare part for waxing table ALPINE (24433). 24447

Bag for waxing table Spare bag for 20720 and 24433, sold separately from the table. 20722

SkiClip Alpine / Carving Handy ski clip. Spares the base and edges of alpine skis. 20810 1 pce. Waxing apron Functional World Cup apron with many handy pockets. 20750 34

Thermometer for snow / air -30 / +50° C 20731

WaxSetBox, empty Box for storing all those small items. 20692 (small) 20694 (large)

NEW Shoulder Bag - Racing 20978


Bottlebag Drink belt with extra pocket and cup. 20967 1l

NEW Waistbag - Racing 20977 35



Silvia Berger / Photographer: Erich Spiess.



PreWash Sport - 22232 – Special stain remover for sports and functional textiles – Effectively removes typical stains such as grass, soil, lubricating grease and blood



Base Layer

TextileWash - 22233 – Functional washing agent for all kinds of ski clothes (jackets, trousers, functional textiles and gloves) – Hygienic and effective washing even at very low temperatures through the integral hygiene effect – Removes dirt and sweat-related odours even at a washing temperature of 30° C

NaturalWash - 22245 – Mild washing liquid with special care agents for natural fibres – Suitable for (merino) wool, silk, etc. and natural fillings (feathers / down) – Gentle, hygienic cleaning



ExpertTip SportHygienic - 22121 – Concentrated hygienic spray with odour absorber E – Prevents odours from developing in IEN YG ECT H F ski and snowboard boots EF – Ideal for the inside of ski helmets, protectors, gloves and rucksacks 36





NoFog - 22301 – High-tech cleaner for glasses, with anti-fog coating – Effectively prevents fogging, even in extreme humidity – Cleans all uncoated glasses – Also suitable for visors and special glasses


HighTec Proof - 22150 – Highly efficient nano waterproofing for leather and textiles – Promotes the breathability of ski clothes – Strongly water and dirt repellent



Athlete: Elisabeth Görgl / Photographer: Erich Spiess.



Natural Leather Care - 22160 – Natural leather care for all leather materials, e.g. gloves







BASIC PREPARATION FOR NEW SKIS Before you use new skis for the first time, you should give them some basic preparation. This also goes for freshly sharpened and structured skis. This first preparation is important as it enables the wax to penetrate deep into the ski base. Due to mechanical structuring of the base, fine hairs are produced and these are removed by this preparation. It also protects the base for subsequent edge tuning.



For this application you need the following products: SuperProPlus World Cup BaseEdge File Guide WaxAb – wax remover spray CareFleece 50 PadSet HOLMENKOL® base wax Digital RacingWaxer Alternatively: SmartWaxer Optional: WaxFleece Plastic scraper ERGO SideWall Planer SteelEdge WorldCup CrossFile Mini RacingFile (L-Mini) Alternatively: CarveEdge HardMetalFile DiamondFile Red Grinding rubber OvalBrush Steel Alternatively: SpeedBrush Bronze

Ref. No. 24432 Ref. No. 24450 Ref. No. 24410 Ref. No. 24492 Ref. No. 24495 Ref. No. 24422 Ref. No. 20603 Ref. No. 20620 Ref. No. 20630 Ref. No. 24451 Ref. No. 24475 Ref. No. 20521 Ref. No. 20524 Ref. No. 24457 Ref. No. 24466 Ref. No. 20550 Ref. No. 24522 Ref. No. 20674

p. 20 p. 23 p. 18 p. 18 p. 29 p. 15 p. 26 p. 26 p. 27 p. 28 p. 22 p. 22 p. 24 p. 24 p. 23 p. 25 p. 25 p. 30 p. 33


Use a BaseEdge File Guide and a Racing file to surface grind the ski / board (0.5°). In the front and rear areas, use a BaseEdge FileGuide for a bevelled edge between 1.0° and 1.5° (depending on requirements and skier’s performance).


Slightly sand the base using green ski pads. This ensures the wax is better absorbed.


Clean the base with cleaner or WaxAb and CareFleece.


Wax with base wax (Alphamix Yellow or Betamix Red) and allow to cool.

Always ensure the ski / board is firmly clamped into the vise before you begin. Tip: To avoid burning the base, use HOLMENKOL® WaxFleece.


When the base is freshly ground, remove fine hair using a scraper (plastic or stainless steel).





Scrape (rather than brush) off the excess wax. This ensures the base is protected from dirt when you tune the side edges.


Use a sharp scraping blade to scrape the slightly dirty base surface.


In order to grind the edges precisely, remove any side wall projection using the ERGO SideWall Planer.


Use the OvalBrush Steel or the SpeedBrush Bronze to brush off old wax from the structure.



Clamp a CrossFile Mini into the edge grinder and pregrind to the desired angle. Then continue using the RacingFile (Maxi or Mini).

Alternatively: This process can be facilitated using the CarveEdge HardMetalFile.





Apply base wax again and iron into the base.

Finish using the DiamondFile.

Use the grinding rubber to slightly blunt the extremely sharp edge in the front and rear areas.

This process (waxing, scraping, brushing off) can be repeated several times until the base is sufficiently saturated.


EDGE AND BASE REPAIR You should check your skis / boards on a regular basis. If you find any damage, proceed as follows before applying racing preparation:



For this application you need the following products: DiamondFile Blue Alternatively: Oxyd mini EdgeTrick PRO Diamond FX-Strips CrossFile Maxi Stainless steel scraper PadSet

Ref. No. 24467 p. 25 Ref. No. 20561 p. 25 Ref. No. 24455 p. 23 p. 19 Ref. No. 20520 p. 24 Ref. No. 20635 p. 28 Ref. No. 24495 p. 29 When the edge shows rigidification, pretreat using the DiamondFile Blue…


Once the wax has cooled, remove excess FX-Strip material using the CrossFile…



… using the aluminium oxide stone.

… a stainless steel scraper.

Alternatively, you may want to use EdgeTrick PRO Diamond.


Use green ski pads or sandpaper to smooth the repaired spot.

Then polish using the DiamondFile.



Fill any damaged areas (scratches / holes) with FX-Strips. To do this, light the FX-Strip and, holding it just above the area to be treated, drip the wax onto it.



The preparation for racing is the same as for basic preparation (surface grinding, bevelling, relief-grinding of edges, base waxing, see pages 42 onwards).




For this application you need the following products: SuperProPlus WorldCup Plastic scraper ERGO SideWall Planer SteelEdge WorldCup RacingFile (L-Mini) Alternatively: Carve Edge HardMetalFile DiamondFile Blue Arkansas true hard Grinding rubber OvalBrush Steel Alternatively: SpeedBrush Fiber HOLMENKOL速 base wax HOLMENKOL速 race wax Digital RacingWaxer Alternatively: SmartWaxer Scraper

Ref. No. 24432 Ref. No. 20630 Ref. No. 24451 Ref. No. 24475 Ref. No. 20524 Ref. No. 24457 Ref. No. 24467 Ref. No. 20576 Ref. No. 20550 Ref. No. 24522 Ref. No. 20670

p. 20 p. 28 p. 22 p. 22 p. 24 p. 23 p. 25 p. 25 p. 25 p. 30 p. 33 p. 15 p. 12 /13 Ref. No. 24422 p. 26 Ref. No. 20603 p. 26 Ref. No. 20637 p. 28

Clamp the RacingFile into the tool (e.g., SteelEdge WorldCup) and grind the side edges to the required relief angle.

If needed, pregrind using the CarveEdge Hard MetalFile.


Use the DiamondFile Blue to polish / deburr the side edges and smooth using the Arkansas true hard stone.

Use the scraper to remove the old wax, applying gentle pressure.

Tip: The better the edge is polished, the longer it remains sharp.


Firmly clamp the ski / board into the vise ready to begin preparation.


Use the grinding rubber to slightly blunt the extremely sharp edges in the front and rear areas.


Slightly scrape the side wall prior to edge grinding using the ERGO SideWall Planer as needed.


Use the OvalBrush Steel to brush off wax residues from the structure.





Cleaning the ski base: Apply base wax (e.g., Alphamix Yellow, Betamix Red…) …

…iron on…

…scrape scrape… …

…brush off.


Apply your choice of race wax. Harder waxes with a higher melting point should be worked in longer to increase abrasion resistance (adherence).


Clean the side wall and edge using a scraping blade or a scraper.



Allow the ski / board to cool for at least 1 to 2 hours. Then scrape the wax from tip to tail using a sharp scraping blade and applying gentle pressure.


Use the OvalBrush Steel to brush off wax residues from the structure.


Alternatively, use the SpeedBrush Fiber to brush off.

Tip: In order to get the surface as smooth as possible, repeat this scraping and brushing process once or twice. Tip: Apply paste wax to the side (to ensure snow does not stick to the side wall) and polish using CareFleece.




with SpeedPowder Hybrid: HOLMENKOL® Speed products are applied after basic preparation (hydrocarbon base wax, HybridFX race wax).




For this application you need the following products: SpeedPowder Hybrid wet / mid / cold FinishCork Alternatively: Digital RacingWaxer Alternatively: SmartWaxer Alternatively: SpeedBrush Fleece OvalBrush Horsehair OvalBrush Steel MicroFinish CareFleece 50

Ref. No. 20645 Ref. No. 24422 Ref. No. 20603 Ref. No. 20688 Ref. No. 24533 Ref. No. 24523 Ref. No. 24492

Evenly apply SpeedPowder Hybrid.

p. 5 p. 29 p. 26 p. 26 p. 33 p. 30 p. 30 p. 18


Note: Take care to apply sufficient powder coat. Draw the wax iron across the ski quickly to avoid burning the base!

Work in using FinishCork (cork or felt side).

Alternatively: Fix using FinishCork and work in using the SpeedBrush Fleece with max. 1200 rpm, applying gentle pressure.

Alternatively: Quickly fix SpeedPowder Hybrid using the wax iron…


… and iron on…


Brush using the OvalBrush Horsehair.


In order to reveal the ski microstructure, brush the base 2 – 3 times in running direction using the OvalBrush Steel MicroFinish.



with SpeedBlock:



with SpeedPaste Racing:

For this application you need the following products: SpeedBlock wet / mid / cold FinishCork OvalBrush Horsehair OvalBrush Steel MicroFinish CareFleece 50

Ref. No. 20645 Ref. No. 24533 Ref. No. 24523 Ref. No. 24492

p. 8 p. 29 p. 30 p. 30 p. 18

Rub in SpeedBlock, applying gentle pressure.



For this application you need the following products: SpeedPaste Racing FinishCork OvalBrush Horsehair OvalBrush Steel MicroFinish CareFleece 50

Ref. No. 24370 Ref. No. 20645 Ref. No. 24533 Ref. No. 24523 Ref. No. 24492

p. 7 p. 29 p. 30 p. 30 p. 18

Evenly apply a thin layer of SpeedPaste Racing with a sponge and leave to dry for a few minutes.


Work in using FinishCork (cork or felt side).


Work in using FinishCork (cork or felt side).


Brush using the OvalBrush Horsehair.


Brush using the OvalBrush Horsehair.


In order to reveal the ski microstructure, brush the base 2 – 3 times in running direction using the OvalBrush Steel MicroFinish.


In order to reveal the ski microstructure, brush the base 2 – 3 times in running direction using the OvalBrush Steel MicroFinish.


Remove any dust residue using CareFleece.


Remove any dust residue using CareFleece.





with SpeedFinish:



Structure preparation using Trimaxx

For this application you need the following products: SpeedFinish wet / mid / cold CareFleece 50 Alternatively: SpeedBrush Fleece OvalBrush Horsehair OvalBrush Steel MicroFinish

Ref. No. 24492 Ref. No. 20688 Ref. No. 24533 Ref. No. 24523

p. 6 p. 18 p. 33 p. 30 p. 30


For this application you need the following products: Trimaxx – Alpine structure tool OvalBrush Steel MicroFinish


Mark the structure after waxing! Mark the whole length of the structure along one side, applying even pressure. Turn the tool and repeat the process for the other side of the ski to ensure the whole width of the ski is marked.

Evenly spray SpeedFinish onto the ski from a distance of around 20 cm.

2 21


Work in while damp using CareFleece. Alternatively: Work in using the SpeedBrush Fleece at a maximum speed of 1200 rpm, applying gentle pressure. Brush using the OvalBrush Horsehair.

Then slightly rework using the OvalBrush Steel MicroFinish.

After this race is before the next one

i 1



In order to reveal the ski microstructure, brush the base 2 – 3 times in running direction using the OvalBrush Steel MicroFinish.

Ref. No. 20642 p. 29 Ref. No. 24523 p. 30

For this application you need the following products: OvalBrush Horsehair Digital RacingWaxer Alternatively: SmartWaxer HOLMENKOL® base wax

Ref. No. 24533 p. 30 Ref. No. 24422 p. 26 Ref. No. 20603 p. 26 p. 15 Note: After using the ski / board (race / training), brush off the base and apply base wax (do not scrape).


Remove any dust residue using CareFleece.





If you want to properly prepare your skis, you need to know all about snow! It is no surprise that ski waxing used to be considered almost a black art, comparable with the secrets of medieval alchemists: Snow is infinitely variable, just like nature itself. Its consistency depends on a range of factors like temperature, air humidity, age, and crystalline structure. Advanced ski wax today makes it easy even for beginners to make the right choice, always provided that he or she gets a true picture of the condition of snow and potential changes during the day.

Temperature HOLMENKOL® was the world’s first wax manufacturer to take into account air temperature, snow temperature, type and structure of snow as well as snow and air humidity when developing glide wax. The application temperature of HOLMENKOL® glide wax refers to the snow temperature. Due to its higher thermal capacity, the temperature of snow changes much more slowly than that of air, which means that it is more stable even under extreme climatic conditions (e.g., foehn winds). Please note that air and snow temperatures may differ strongly.

Snow structure and humidity The structure of the snow gives important pointers for selecting the best wax. Snow granularity and snow moisture both have an impact on the friction and suction of the base. HOLMENKOL® differentiates between fresh snow, fine- / coarse-grained, old snow and artificial snow. These snow types can be dry, damp or wet. Each of these combinations has an influence on wax selection. For instance, under certain conditions, snow can be very damp, but made up of hard, sharp crystals. For this type of snow, a wax is needed which is highly resistant to abrasion, as well as highly water repellent.




HOLMENKOL速 acknowledged the importance of snow consistency to wax development by introducing hybrid technology.

Fresh snow

Snow at the dew point

Old snow

This is a simplified description of four basic snow types:


Fresh snow

Coarse-grained snow (old snow)

Crystalline, unaltered snowflakes with delicate crystals. These snowflakes are harder when it is cold and softer when temperatures are milder. The delicate crystals are easily pressed when gliding and produce a friction and suction effect which can be reduced using an appropriate wax formula and suitable base structure.

This type of snow has lost its original shape as the result of several freezing and melting processes and is deformed into a snow grain, that is, it has become metamorphous. Most frequent grain sizes range from 1 to 3 mm. The best known coarse-grain snow types are firn and snow crust.

Fine-grained snow (old snow)

Artificial snow

This has already undergone one or more transformation processes due to temperature changes, which have caused the outer crystal tips to melt or tear off so that a granular structure is produced. This kind of snow has a lower suction effect but greater friction effect than fresh snow. Depending on the temperature, the snow can be damp and soggy or dry if it is cold and windy.

The abrasive character of this kind of snow creates a challenge for waxing staff. Due to its high density and inhomogeneous shape, this snow is very dull and requires a wax with very high abrasion resistance. A number of transformation processes cause the snow surface to change to crystalline shapes, which enhances the gliding properties and means a softer wax can be used. Despite its unwelcome properties, this is the most common snow type in international competitions. 61


Edge tuning consists of the following worksteps: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Inspecting the running surface Tuning the edge lower side (running surface) Tuning the side edge Finishing the edge Repairing the edge

1. Inspecting the running surface

3. Tuning the side edge (= relief)

The running surfaces should be checked time and again (using a straightedge). Their appearance may be as follows:

The side edges are precisely relief-ground using edge grinders. The angle may differ depending on the discipline (e.g., downhill / Super G / giant slalom: 88° - 87°, special slalom 88° - 86°). In order to precisely grind the side edge, use professional edge grinders (e.g., SteelEdge WorldCup or CarveEdge).

1.1 Concave running surface

1. 2 Convex running surface

1. 3 Straight running surface

The base is hollow towards the inside. The edges are in contact with the ground, the ski / board does not turn easily and tends to break out. The base is cambered towards the outside. The edges are not fully in contact with the ground and the ski / board is hard to control.

The running surface forms a plane from one edge to the other. The ski / board base and edge are fully in contact with the ground and can be easily controlled and turned provided the edges are properly tuned. If the ski / board is not straight, we recommend that you have it ground by a qualified ski service.


4. Finishing the edge Freshly ground and extremely sharp edges on the ski / board tail and in the tip area impair turnability of the ski / board and easily lead to a loss of control. Therefore edges are slightly blunted in the tail and tip areas over a length of 5 to 15 cm (using a grinding rubber). The edge grip remains, yet the ski / board is easy to turn. Edges on the tail and tip ends of the ski / board which do not affect the handling characteristics of the ski or board (those parts of the edge that are not in contact with the slope when the ski is in a straight position) should be rounded.

2. Tuning the edge lower side (= bevelled edge)

5. Repairing the edge

Ski / board edges should be ground to create a bevelled edge at the tip and tail. This helps significantly in improving turnability. (24450 Base Edge File Guide)

Stones on the slope may cause the edge to harden as the contact between edge and stone produces very high temperatures for a short time. Thus, the edge surface is transformed and becomes more dense than the surrounding material. Conventional files barely remove these spots, and this results in imprecise work. Rigidification can only be effectively removed using a DiamondFile blue or an aluminium oxide stone. Rework using a DiamondFile green or red.

0.5 – 1.5 0,5–1,5

0.0 – 0.5 0–0,5

vorne tip 5–10 5 – 10 cm cm


0.5 – 1.5 0,5–1,5

hinten tail 5–10 cm 5 – 10 cm




Advanced ski / board coatings must comply with various requirements: They should be elastic yet resist maximum loads. Therefore today it is mainly sintered bases which are used for racing. Sintered bases can be produced using various additives, and each type offers special benefits to match the particular conditions.

Transparent sintered base

The base structure (contact surface between ski / board and snow surface) impacts the gliding properties of the ski. During gliding, the snow crystals produce friction and the water contained in the snow leads to suction. With special base structures, these effects can be reduced or eliminated completely. Base structures can be produced using grinding stones or belts and are are offered by qualified sportswear outlets.

This base offers maximum tenacity (without affecting wax absorption capacity).

Graphite base Examples of base structures (Reichmann, Wintersteiger, Montana) Graphite protects the base from dirt thanks to its antistatic properties. Good thermal conductivity gives good gliding properties, particularly on wet snow.

Multi-sintered base (Different molecular weights of the various components.) Multi-sintered bases have outstanding all-round properties (i.e., they can be used for cross-country skis, downhill skis and snowboards) as they give good gliding properties at all temperature ranges.

Linear structure


Offset cross structure

General tip: Cold snow / new snow: fine structure Old snow / artificial snow / damp snow: medium structure Wet / coarse snow: rough structure 64



For all HOLMENKOL® base, race and speed waxes, information on the processing temperature is included on the packaging. As with any work in the workshop, there are some safety measures and rules which should be observed:

Ensure the workshop is well-ventilated. Do not expose wax to naked flames or equipment with revealed heating wires. Do not smoke whilst working. Only use special wax irons. Do not exceed the specified wax temperature. (Avoid smoke forming.) Race waxes should be ironed at between 115° C and 140° C, SpeedPowder at between 150° C and 160° C. Higher temperatures are not needed.

HOLMENKOL® SpeedPowder is NON toxic and DOES NOT harm the environment. At temperatures above 165° C, however, toxic compounds may be produced. Therefore avoid naked flames, materials that are glowing hot or equipment with revealed heating wires during work. When working in and brushing off waxes, particulate matter may be produced. Ensure sufficient ventilation during handling and use a mask or other respiratory protection if possible, especially when brushing off.

When using spray products, make sure the workshop is sufficiently ventilated. Do not inhale the spray fog. When using base cleaners, make sure the workshop is sufficiently ventilated. Never directly inhale vapours.




You can view the videos showing how to deal with waxing and preparing on our website: In addition, we offer ski waxing seminars, led by our World Cup experienced service staff, in conjunction with sportswear outlets and ski clubs. For more information, please contact:, phone: (+49) 7156-6101-100 or your sportswear outlet.

Supporting children: HOLMENKOL® supports “Right To Play”, a nongovernmental organization (NGO) committed to improving the lives of the most disadvantaged children and their communities through sport. 68

Stunning views from the slopes! HOLMENKOL® would like to express their thanks to the Kitzsteinhorn / Kaprun glacier region for their co-operation. 69




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