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Desk Globes Review Whereas desk globes are often used as decorative features in some offices and homes, unknown to a majority of people is that they have actual applications in the real world. Survey, civil engineering and building and construction are just but some of the industries in the world that often use desk globes while planning, bidding and estimating some of the projects to be done. Unfortunately, making an informed decision on the best type of desk globe to purchase can be confusing and challenging since there are hundreds of designs and models accessible in the market. Listed below, are some of the market leading desktop globes that you can purchase. #1: Carlyle Globe The Carlyle Globe boasts of a durable and sturdy structure. Rather than being manufactured from paper, products like competitor’s globes, the Carlyle is built from durable, high-quality plastic. It can easily withstand an accidental tumble off the desk, and it will not dry-out and warp in dry climates. The Carlyle also features an integrated light-bulb which illuminates the globe from within. This globe was made to cherish for years and years in your home, office, class room, or even in your child’s room as a nightlight. Features and Specifications -

Measures 13 by 13 by 16 inches and weighs 3.2 pounds.


Walnut-finish base and die-cast semi-meridian.


Durable plastic construction


Illuminated from within

#2: REPLOGLE Globes - The Bowers Globe This is one of the desktop globes in the market that keeps getting excellent reviews on the web. In addition to its excellent features, the REPLOGLE Bowers Globe is lit by 10, ultra-bright LED lights that are activated whenever the globe is touched. It is powered by four AA batteries, so there is no cord to trip over. The desktop globe is suitable for professional use, for example, engineering and surveying as well as education. As a matter of fact, most educators use the REPLOGLE Globes Bowers Globe to teach home scholars. Features and Specifications -

Handcrafted desktop globe.


Satin-nickel semi-meridian and base.


Educational desktop globe.

#3: REPLOGLE Globes - Treasurey Globe One of the key features that entice both educators and professionals in the engineering field to this cutting-edge globe is its classic design. The conventional chair-side design and build is what gives this globe its stability. In addition to being used for educative and work purposes, this tool can also be used

as a decorative element thanks to the durable metal base and attractive wooden pedestal. It is also versatile; easily converting from a 32� floor-standing globe to a desk-top globe. Features and Specifications It is not just the aesthetic features that attract thousands of consumers to this globe, but the features built into it. For instance: -

It features a metallic, gyro-matic full meridian.


raised relief topographic features


sturdy wooden/metallic base

These desktop globes make an ideal Christmas present for students, travel enthusiast or professionals alike.

Desk Globes Review