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Your Timeshare Advice Guide

Ever thought about selling your Timeshare? Our customers’ reasons for selling their Timeshare vary...

2 \ A Guide to Selling your Timeshare

Could this be you? We’ve started “taking all inclusive holidays ” Our family is “grown up now ” We’re happy “holidaying for more weeks now, in a cheaper standard

want to go “onWecruises ” We own a “Timeshare with lower trading power

We are getting “older and have stopped travelling abroad

Our children do not want to inherit our Timeshare has over 60 qualified and experienced staff in four dedicated Timeshare Advice Centres. We are here to help you. Selling your Timeshare First things first: Timeshare is a good concept and a good product. No industry survives nearly 50 years if the product is not good for most people that buy it. Every day we receive numerous enquiries from Timeshare owners that want to sell. Some of them are disillusioned with the resale services that they have tried in the past. They ask us “How do I sell my Timeshare?” Their belief is that it is difficult to sell. It can be, but it doesn’t have to be.

Selling a Timeshare is far from impossible. After all, you had your Timeshare sold to you and so did thousands of other Timeshare owners. The key fact is that most owners had their Timeshare sold to them - rather than them buying their Timeshare. Cast your mind back to when you purchased your weeks or points. Most likely you needed a bit of convincing, yes? The reality was that when you were sold your Timeshare you didn’t buy it based on price only. It was a purchase you made based on getting great quality, fabulous holidays for yourself and your family. Your decision to buy was maybe also based on exchanging your Timeshare weeks through an exchange company, RCI or Interval International and the benefits of the Timeshare system.

We understand Timeshare Owners. We understand Timeshare Sellers. We understand Timeshare Buyers.

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The UK Timeshare Resale Market Report This UK Timeshare Resale Market Report provides valuable information for consumers looking to sell a Timeshare. Many British Timeshare owners believe that there is no successful resale market for Timeshares or Holiday Points. Many Timeshare owners that we speak to have tried to sell their Timeshare in the past, using several different Timeshare companies without success. Timeshare owners then get frustrated and/or desperate and just want to give away their Timeshare weeks. However, there are problems with offering something for nothing; what you are offering is immediately devalued or considered worthless (and useless) by the recipient.

When you first bought your Timeshare Cast your mind back to when you bought your Timeshare. Back then, you were happy with what you bought. You were happy with what you paid. You were happy that it represented good value for money, guaranteed quality of accommodation and you had great holidays. Most of our customers agree with these statements. Nothing has changed with the product – it is just that (for whatever reason) you now want to sell your Timeshare. UK Timeshare owners account for around 10% of all Timeshare owners worldwide. Most of the other 90% are American residents. Timeshare has always been popular in the United States, however the vast majority of Timeshares originally purchased by Brits are in Europe. The issue, when it comes to Timeshare resales, is that U.S. residents generally will not buy European Timeshare as it is too far from home. So that means that most UK Timeshare resale companies concentrate on trying to sell to Brits. The issue facing the Timeshare industry in the UK is one of consumer confidence. Twenty years ago, when many Timeshare owners 4 \ A Guide to Selling your Timeshare

bought their Timeshare, there was very little negative press surrounding Timeshare. The internet was not available to most people, as it is today. Customers who bought Timeshare were generally happy with it and used it.

Have you been oversold? Over the years some British & European Timeshare companies have employed dubious sales practices to get Timeshare owners to buy more and more Timeshare weeks or Holiday Points which the customer does not need, can´t use or cannot afford. This has gradually resulted in an increasing number of disgruntled Timeshare owners who have aired their grievances on a growing number of blogs and internet forums. This has resulted in the perception that all Timeshare owners nowadays are unhappy. This is far from the truth, but the reality is that people are 10 times more likely to speak or write about a bad experience as a good one. Hence why the internet and press appears to be awash with Timeshare horror stories. Reasons owners sell...

“We own a Timeshare with lower trading power”

More Sellers than Buyers Any industry or marketplace that becomes “unbalanced” will suffer eventually. It is the simple principle of supply and demand. If the number of Timeshare buyers decreases and the number of Timeshare sellers increases then prices will fall. That is what has happened in the UK. But your Timeshare week is still the same Timeshare week as when you bought it. Yes, it is. And that is what we appreciate and bear in mind. There is not only one answer to the question “How do I sell my Timeshare quickly?” Selling Timeshare weeks or points quickly depends on who sells your Timeshare and to whom they sell your Timeshare.

There are various ways to sell a Timeshare:  You can sell a Timeshare for cash  You can exchange a Timeshare for

another Timeshare which is more suitable for you  You can upgrade a Timeshare for

another Timeshare with your home resort  You can often trade-in a Timeshare for

an alternative holiday product

You have to decide which option is best for you. Most Timeshare owners that want to sell their Timeshare just want to sell for cash.

What to avoid when investigating this option There are hundreds of Timeshare resale companies in the UK. Certain Timeshare resale companies are “recommended” by other companies who appear to be Timeshare organisations, Timeshare Consumer bodies or Timeshare Trade bodies. Extra caution should be exercised when dealing with these Timeshare resale companies. Usually they are connected or linked to “lead generating” or “data capture” companies, whose aim is to sell you another holiday ownership product rather than sell your Timeshare for cash. “It is guaranteed!” Beware of companies that offer Timeshare resale guarantees. Usually the only guarantees in life are “death & taxes!” Reasons owners sell...

“Our children do not want to inherit our Timeshare”

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“It is FREE!” Beware of companies where everything is FREE. Ask yourself, “How does this company make its money?” Every company has to make money to survive. So if it sounds too good to be true, then it usually is! Reasons owners sell...

“We’re happy holidaying for more weeks now, in a cheaper standard”

“It is money for an advert!” Also beware of companies that charge a marketing fee or advertising fee or listing fee to sell your Timeshare for you. This contravenes the 2011 EU legislation which came into force on 23rd February 2011. Please be aware that there are Timeshare resale companies that are members of so-called Timeshare consumer bodies that still contravene this Timeshare legislation. This means that they are breaking the law.

“It is sold! Just pay the legal fees!” One Timeshare resale scam that is relatively common is where a company phones a Timeshare owner and offers to sell their ownership. They do not charge any money initially. Then the Timeshare owner receives another phone call a few weeks later to inform them that their Timeshare is sold. The caller just requires money for “legal fees” or “taxes”. This is completely bogus and should obviously be avoided. Reasons owners sell...

“We are getting older and have stopped travelling abroad”

6 \ A Guide to Selling your Timeshare

Why book a consultation meeting with us? Independent advice Receive top Timeshare tips from one of our Senior Client Advisers. Our dedicated and professional team all have at least 10 years industry experience.  When was the last time you had advice about your timeshare that wasn’t from your home resort?  Are you getting the most from your Timeshare?  Are you using it to its full potential?  Find out about “Trading Power” secrets from an independent expert.  Get an up to date evaluation and appraisal of your ownership.  Converted to points? Get the inside knowledge.  How are your maintenance fees calculated? We’ll tell you. Our company’s success is down to our honest, straight-talking approach. We are fully compliant with all EU Timeshare legislation, are members of the UK Direct Marketing Association and The Institute of Direct Marketing, abiding by its strict code of conduct with regard to data compliance and direct customer contact. These organisations help to uphold standards within the marketing and sales industry. As

a member, our standards are monitored for compliance and ultimately we are accountable to the Office of Fair Trading and the Department of Trade and Industry in the UK. We offer advice on a personal face-to-face basis with a relaxed, no obligation approach. Last year we advised thousands of Timeshare owners on what options they had available to them. Many of these people were not even aware that they had these simple solutions readily obtainable.

What else do I get? We appreciate that there is travelling involved for our clients to visit Tenerife, Bournemouth, Stratford-upon-Avon or York, so we can provide stunning hotel accommodation at great prices. Each one of our Advice Centres has been hand-picked in stunning locations so you can combine your trip and take a relaxing break. This consists of a 2 night stay, if you are travelling to Bournemouth, York or Stratfordupon-Avon, and a 7 night stay if you are travelling to our Tenerife Advice Centre.

See what our customers said after their visit... A Guide to Selling your Timeshare / 7

Mr & Mrs Kirby

Almeira “I wanted to sell my Timeshare and contacted ‘’. At first I was a bit apprehensive but my fears were soon put to rest by Ian. We were very happy with the service provided.”

Mr & Mrs Leyland

Chorley “Thank god for In particular, thanks to Sean, Paul and Debbie for their pleasant and personal attitude to our situation. I am so relieved to be out of our Timeshare contract I no longer wanted.”

Mr & Mrs Jeffs

High Wycombe “We were sceptical upon arrival as there are so many horror stories connected with Timeshare, however, we were soon made to feel at ease. Everything was explained fully and we were given many opportunities to ask questions or even to leave if we were not happy at any point. Everyone was very friendly and keen to be helpful at every stage.”

Mr & Mrs Thomas

Blacknell “Very dubious at first with the initial conversation, but as time went on became more assured. Very open about how the system works, it suited us perfectly. If you want rid of your Timeshare, would highly recommend”

Mr & Mrs Smallwood

Nottingham “We came in very sceptical and after a long chat with Ian and Paul left happy with the outcome and can recommend to anyone.”

B & R Hawley

Rotherham “Please thank all your office staff for dealing with the termination of our Timeshares. Very pleased with the way you handled our business. And your friendly approach to our problem. We will look forward to coming again soon, the coffee was ok! All the best.”

8 \ A Guide to Selling your Timeshare

Mr & Mrs Breese

Bradford “Having had a good number of years’ experience of the Timeshare ownership industry and their associated hard sell tactics and techniques we were again sceptical of the motives and promises of SellMyTimeshare. However, after an in-depth discussion with Simon and Ian we were reassured and put our trust in their honesty and expertise.”

Mr & Mrs Jones

Northamptonshire “We felt very unsure at the beginning of the day as we had been victims of a scam prior to this. From the outset we felt more than comfortable. Everything explained clearly and logically throughout the time we spent here. We felt happy with our dealings with”

Mr & Mrs Maddock

Worcestershire “Visited today with some trepidation with a view to selling our Timeshare in Hawaii. Initially were baffled by some of the figures but were eventually convinced that this was a good deal and we would have been foolish not to take it. Were treated admirably by everyone involved in a professional manner.”

Mr & Mrs Higenbottam

Liverpool “We were worried as to what it may entail, as in the past we have been associated with many dubious companies and people. But we were met with a nice man called Ian who was more than helpful and put us in the picture about everything. We left the office and have complete faith that everything is in good hands.”

Choose the advice centre that is right for you

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Punta del Hidalgo

Advice Centre:


Santa Cruz

Puerto de la Cruz


Tel. 0034 922 099 171

Adeje Los Cristianos

Tenerife is the most developed and largest Canary Island, known primarily for its everlasting sunshine and great year round weather. With stunning, world class beaches, outstanding hotels and a huge range of activities for all to enjoy, you will be spoilt for choice. Tenerife is home to incredible scenery from the cliffs of Los Gigantes to Mount Teide which divides the lush tropical north of the island from the rocky, dense south, making for the most enjoyable, unique hiking tours. Exciting watersport adventures are available for the more daring of you, and fantastic animal and water attractions like Loro Parque, Siam Park, Aqualand and Jungle Park, to name but a few, for the whole family to enjoy. Due to the wonderful weather Tenerife has also become a golfer’s paradise with many highly rated courses to choose from. If you want more than just a weekend break to relax then we have many of the most popular 4* hotels in Tenerife for you, for just £99 per week. This price includes accommodation for 2 people and your personal consultation with a Senior Client Advisor.

El Médano

Our Tenerife advisors are waiting to hear from you... Senior Management


Managing Director


Marketing Director


Compliance Officer

Paul B

Sales Manager


Accounts Manager


Sales Director


Compliance Officer


Administration Manager

Senior Client Advisors



Debbie T




Call Centre



10 \ A Guide to Selling your Timeshare


Finance Director



Lorraine Supervisor

Our most popular hotels in Tenerife:

BOOK NOW for just ÂŁ99

Hotel ISABEL****

Call 0800 0124 63 7

de 384 units ma ts, up of apartmen bungalows and thvillas with brea s taking view

l for Fantastic hote les families or coup fr m om and only 600 the beach

Hotel FaĂąabe Costa Sur****

es, Ideal for famili a kids this hotel has ities club and activ day and night l Fanabe and E are Duque beach ay only 300m aw is and free Wi-Fi included

We can beat any flight quote and pass on the huge discounts from our preferred flight companies

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Advice Centre:

Bournemouth Tel. 01202 935 012

W BOOK NO149 for just £ Call 4 637 0800 012

With seven miles of glorious coastline East of the spectacular Jurassic Coast, a 95 mile World Heritage Site and endless countryside, the cosmopolitan town of Bournemouth has everything you could want. There are lots of free attractions to take advantage of during your stay, like Boscombe Chine Gardens, Boscombe Arts Trail, many free museums and also the Bournemouth Air Festival each year in August/September. As well as some quality paid attractions like Oceanarium - an underwater adventure centre, Adventure Wonderland – Dorset’s number one family theme park and Highcliffe Castle – a beautiful Grade 1 listed building.


Our Bournemouth advisors are waiting to hear from you... Senior Client Advisors

Paul F

Paul H

Paul S

Lisa S

Whether you are looking for high quality dining or a quick meal before a show, Bournemouth boasts a huge selection of well known restaurants and cafes, plus unique individual eateries. Stay in the beautiful beach front Menzies Bournemouth East Cliff Hotel for just £149 for two nights. This price includes accommodation for 2 people and your personal consultation with a Senior Client Advisor.

12 \ A Guide to Selling your Timeshare

Advice Centre:

Stratford-upon-Avon Tel. 01789 548 044

W BOOK NO199 for just £


Call 4 637 0800 012

Set in the beautiful Warwickshire countryside, Stratford-upon-Avon is a haven full of history and culture. There are many fantastic areas to explore which is why visitors return year after year to discover more. From open park lands along the river to quaint, unique side streets with boutique shops, you will not be disappointed.

Our Stratford advisors are waiting to hear from you... Senior Client Advisors



A visit to Stratford would not be complete without finding out more about the playwright and poet which makes this town famous. Visit William Shakespeare’s birthplace, where he grew up and discover more about his early years, as well visiting the romantic Anne Hathaway´s cottage where he spent much of his later life. Why not take in the atmosphere in the White Swan, a stunning Grade II listed hotel in the heart of the town, for just £199 for two nights. This price includes accommodation for 2 people and your personal consultation with a Senior Client Advisor.

A Guide to Selling your Timeshare / 13

Advice Centre:

York Tel. 01904 211 108 York

W BOOK NO249 for just £ Call 4 637 0800 012

The historical, yet fun, city of York is the perfect place for couples and families alike, rich in ancient history, romantic ambience and activities. Only 2 hours by train from London, York is a thriving city. Enjoy the country´s most talented street entertainers or watch the world go by whilst relaxing with a cup of coffee or a nice cold drink by the river.

Our York advisors are waiting to hear from you... Senior Client Advisors



Within the compact walled city there are hundreds of attractions – Museums, City Tours, Historical Buildings, Shops, Restaurants and Bars. You are never far from a breath-taking view. Why not take in the exquisite architecture, quaint cobbled streets and iconic York Minster during your stay, choosing from the Hilton York, Best Western Monkbar or Hotel 53, for just £249 for two nights. This price includes accommodation for 2 people and your personal consultation with a Senior Client Advisor.

14 \ A Guide to Selling your Timeshare

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