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Marketing Plan Thank you for your interest in data to help you write a marketing plan from InfoTech Marketing, Colorado's leading marketing planning company. For free marketing plan sample outlines, click here.

Marketing Plan Projects Evaluated potential new product strategies for a leading computer manufacturer. Described the market's history and trends, divided the market into segments, estimated the market size by segment, forecasted the market growth rate, analyzed potential solutions by segment, performed competitive analysis, and produced the business case for two high technology markets. Uncovered potential market opportunities in the Web-page design market for a graphics design company. Examined the market size, forecasted growth rate, pricing, and competitive situation. Analyzed the potential market for a telecommunications infrastructure device for a leading technology development company. This included 10-year global market demand forecasts of leading mobile wireless technologies, competitive analysis, and interviews with industry experts. Performed financial evaluation of wireless license areas and assisted the CLEC in winning fixed wireless spectrum in Canada. Subsequently performed extensive, detailed market prioritization analysis. Assessed new revenue generating products for fast-growing restaurant chains and equipment rental companies through secondary research analysis of emerging categories. Analyzed needs-based segments for a plastics manufacturer. This also included competitive analysis and market attractiveness/business position assessments for 15 different segments. Built the knowledge base of two key channels for a packaging company through extensive secondary research.

Free Marketing Plan Sample Free Marketing Plan Sample Outline -- High Tech Company 1) Technology/Product Description 2) Market Segments i)


ii) Trends iii) Scenarios to satisfy needs iv) Target Customer v) Compelling Reason to Buy vi) Needed product features (partners needed) vii) Competition & trends viii) Channel[8/7/2010 3:19:21 PM]

Free Marketing Plan Sample Outline, Marketing Plans

ix) Price x) Promotion xi) Next Target Customer xii) Where in TALC? -- techies, visionaries, pragmatists, conservatives, skeptics 3) Segment Rankings 4) Beachhead Segment 5) Segments for Later Penetration (Product Modifications) 6) Financial Forecast Adopted from Crossing the Chasm by Geoffrey Moore

Sample Outline -- Standard 1. Environmental Analysis 2. Market Segments 3. Product Description 4. Price 5. Promotional Plan 6. Place 7. Competitive Analysis 8. Market Forecast 9. Market Share Assumption 10. Financial Forecast

Sample Outline -- Preferred 1. Situation Analysis 2. Market Segments Analysis 3. Competitive Analysis 4. SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) 5. Objectives 6. Marketing Strategy (Detailed Market Attractiveness/Business Position by Segment) 7. Marketing Programs (Product, Price, Promotion, Place and Controls) 8. Marketing Projections To learn more about how we might help you write your marketing plan, call 720-732-4588 or email E-mail Services Exel-lent Marketing Formulas Industries Geographies About Us Site Map Join Mailing List The Sales & Marketing Source Copyright Š 1998-2009 InfoTech Marketing. All rights reserved.[8/7/2010 3:19:21 PM]

Free Marketing Plan Sample Outline, Marketing Plans InfoTech Marketing, 8601 W. Cross Dr. F5, Suite 139, Littleton, CO 80123 Phone: 720-732-4588 Fax: 720-528-7682 Revised: September 17, 2009[8/7/2010 3:19:21 PM]

Free Marketing Plan Sample Outline, Marketing Plans