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September 2009


Michael Jackson Tribute Stories and Photos

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Michael Jackson: The Original American Idol As I write this article, I put myself in MJ’s mode and play his tunes on my iPod and even though I don’t really need any help to me write this words of tribute, listening to his music only convinces me more that the iconic sequin glove should be “off the wall” because it only belongs to one place. His owner’s hand. Walking through Hollywood Boulevard by the Chinese Theater to find Michaels’ star covered with flowers, letters and candles is certainly an overwhelming gesture of love. People of all ages, especially the ones who grew up listening to his hits, they all gather to pay their last respects the only way they can. They take pictures, and stand right there on this busy boulevard, pensive. Some even seem in denial that the king of pop is dead, as they write them letters and take presents to leave to the singer’s star, but the truth is only his body has passed away, because his music, is definitely here to stay forever. It is sad to think that many people will remember Michael for his surgeries, trials and for the resources he used to become a parent besides of millions of other rumors that the own singer declared as hurtful and mean. It would be nice if the public eye who have judged MJ for a lifetime, recognizes this man’s big heart and how many millions of children in need he fed by creating one of the most successful charities in history. Instead, many individuals have chosen to point at him with disdain even though nobody is certain of anything that he has allegedly done. Remember people, we all have a dark side, we all have skeletons or at least a few bones hidden in our closets. This man’s talent should not be shadowed by his personal life because and as I keep playing his music as I write, I seriously doubt we’ll see this level of talent ever again as much as Justin Timberlake tries to channel MJ with his charming falsetto or Madonna keeps touring till she hits 80 and decides to quit when she breaks her hips. There is only



By Priscilla C Sanchez

one king and doesn’t really matter if he is dead or alive. He is one of a kind and will not be forgotten because Jackson changed the course of music. Gave it an edge when nobody else did and brought fun and entertainment to the world for 40 years. That deserves to be recognized. As many kids in the entertainment and music business, Michael woke up to a tough beginning. Blessed with a unique and angelical voice, he didn’t have the childhood a kid usually goes through. His father Joseph, a former boxer who managed his kids to become famous musicians at any expense, did not allow the children to be like the others. No trips to the park, no slumber parties or sleepovers, no time for friendships or school, the kids, especially Michael were profoundly affected by this part of his life being taken away. Looking at it from his point of view, the idea of Neverland, his mansion outside Los Angeles, that resembles more of an entertainment park than a mega star mansion , doesn’t seem so wacky, and it almost claims some kind of justification. Michael’s declarations about his father being physically abusive towards him and his siblings exude a deep pain, and it almost seems like he just wanted to have a normal life instead of being the biggest celebrity on the planet, which is not a regular wish when fame has brought you hundreds of millions and one of the first places, if not the first, as the most talented and

famous musician ever. Thinking about his memorial ceremony at The Staples Center makes me think how cheesy everything was. Even though this man grew up on a stage and had every step of his life documented on tv, newspapers and magazines, I still think this “celebration” of his life seemed so fabricated and fake. Remembering an acted Brooke Shields speaking of how great his best

the sake of Michael’s kids, who were grasping on Auntie Janet til the end of the ceremony. The love his kids felt for Michael was true and deep and no matter how they came to this world, he always made sure this kids had the best life he could give them. He was a loving father and even though the whole situation may seem strange, there are hundreds of thousands of single parents raising adopted kids

named “This is it” even started. Despite to all the polemic and mystery surrounding his passing, and no matter what happens to the man that gave him the drugs Michael asked for, there’s no turning back. Michael has taken all of his secrets to the grave and a truth he would only be able to tell. Let’s keep it that way. A mother has lost a son,siblings

The sequin glove has been sold. It now belongs to a millionaire who will frame it and hang it up to a wall that probably has dozens of other celebrity memorabilia like one of Elvis’s outfits or one of Paul McCartney’s guitars. friend was and how sad and sorry she is to see him go, almost makes me think on one of those tv preachers, talking to a great audience trying to convince everybody of something they don’t even believe. Did I ever see Brooke next to Michael while he was on trial? I don’t think so…. Did she ever visited his kids or planned a playdate with her own? We don’t really know. But it was one of the few moments where Shields could shine on and she had to take advantage of it. I couldn’t wait for her camera time to be over. It looked like she was auditioning to get another chance for another show on national tv. We didn’t believe your female “Ari Gold” character on Lipstick Jungle, Brooke, and I think many of us didn’t buy that overacted and caffeine filled speech either. His family seemed surprisingly affected. I never though of the Jackson family to be a tight circle. His brothers words came from the heart and their pain seemed inmense. Janet looked lost and sad, but always acting like the little lady she is for

through sperm donation, why was this man so judged for doing the same? No, I haven’t forgotten the allegations of child molestation against Jackson, but the truth is it was never proven that he actually commited such crimes. It is true Michael was not a regular guy. It is true the sleepovers with kids seemed creepy, but I’ve always been a believer that Michael was a lonely guy, possibly the loneliest person we would ever know even though every single person on the planet knows his name. After years of rumors and ill intentioned comments, Jackson quit adulthood and decided to trust in children. After all, children always say the truth. I don’t blame him. After two months of autopsy results, investigations and all kinds of rumors, a few weeks ago, legal authorities ruled the death of Michael Joseph Jackson, as a homicide, and his head physician, Dr Conrad Murray will go to trial for administer several doses of the strong sedative Propofol among others, a drug that finally led the 50 year old legend to death only months before his last tour , ironically

have lost a dear brother and his kids have lost their beloved daddy. Let’s all be respectful of this family’s pain, and let them mourn Michael the way we all have the right to do so. They have lost their dear Michael and the rest of the world has lost an idol. The real American Idol. The one who shared his amazing voice and talent with the world, the one who influenced so many other artists, the lovely little kid who sang and danced to ABC, gave us goose bumps with I’ll be there, the one that made our parents dance to “I wanna rock with you” and “Don’t Stop til you get enough” the teenager that later showed us how to moonwalk, his signature move, to the tunes of “Billie Jean”, the sinister zombie that scared us, kids then, with Thriller and one that made everybody sing, cry and put our hands in our hearts and pockets for the starving children all over the world, just to name a few. Your fans we’ll pay back all you gave them through your 40 years entertaining the world… by playing your beautiful music for years to come.




Behind The Curtain, Off the Wall: Mike Salisbury, Michael Jackson & The White Glove Diaries. By Fran Scott

From behind long drapes a figure unexpectedly emerged. It was Michael Jackson. “I like it.” he said, his voice a signature whisper. “Let’s just do it.” And so it was. The shy young man hiding behind the window curtains in his agent’s office took charge of his destiny that day, ignoring the reservations of his advisor. Master brander Mike Salisbury’s sketches for the young man dressed in a tux for the Off the Wall coming of age album were a go, with the green light coming from none

Michael Jackson



other than Michael Jackson himself. Michael Jackson stepped up from behind the blinds, to lay claim on how he would present to the world his journey into adulthood. Salisbury’s vision for the icon would become the images to launch his solo career. Mike Salisbury sees his calling, he explains, as “creating indelible visual metaphors you’ve never seen before.” He is the standout force behind more than 300 movie campaigns for talents as diverse as Andy Warhol & Alfred Hitchcock. The story of how he positioned himself to have such access and influence on Michael’s visual presentation, is told here for the HW reader. “I saw Michael Jackson in the movie, The Wiz, he begins. I knew his agent and called him to say that Michael Jackson was going to be the biggest star ever and I would be anxious to work on something with him.” Salisbury fully expected a series of meetings with different levels of the superstar’s people to have his sketches and presentations considered. He was asked to come in for a first meeting, with just the agent, he thought when Michael emerged from behind the curtain. “He’s just a kid out from under his dad so I think the album cover should make a statement that his solo debut is as big as Sinatra coming on stage in Vegas.” Salisbury recounts pitching the agent. The image of black pants, glittery socks, and loafers wearing a single white glove was presented and bought, with some

back and forth with the agent on the one white glove. Michael himself piped up. “I want to wear white socks,” says Salisbury. “They have to be Beüber socks then,” I told him. “Glamorous!” After Michael’s surprise appearance and subsequent approval, Salisbury’s visions for the star were set into motion. Preparation for the shoot was underway. Mike’s wife was dispatched to Beverly Hills Yves St Laurent where a women’s tux was purchased for Michael’s debut into adulthood. Gene Kelly’s loafer’s from An American in

location came with its’ own lore, being where the knife fight scene from Rebel Without A Cause was shot. A twenty-one year old youth sporting an Afro maneuvers up the hill in a Rolls Royce, with driving skills leaving something to be desired as evidenced by the dings in the high end car. Bringing the superstar to a knife fight scene, without a permit to shoot was just the beginning. The only restroom open to change in was for women, and carrying his women’s tux Michael was up for it, gamely disappearing inside to transform

when we were working on off the wall, i went with m.j.first to his parents home then to michael’s townhouse in the valley.. a replica of donatello’s david was in the foyer. i think this was one of the inspirations besides my turning him to gene kelly and frank sinatra for inspiration which may have begat the. and the idea of body posturing as iconic. it was for me in the second shoot for the cover. Paris were to be the footwear inspiration, Salisbury instructed. Michael was asked have them ready for the shoot. EXTERIOR: Hollywood Planetarium, Griffith Park on the first ill fated shoot day. The

using the available facilities. As the shoot got underway, the direction to Michael by Salisbury was “roll up your pant legs, put your fingers in your pockets and pull your pants up like Gene Kelly to show off the socks. The loafers really made the white socks work.



Michael Jackson



Michael Salisbury’s client list includes branding for the following...


By the way, the socks were custom-made for Michael by famous Hollywood costume designer Bob Mackie” dishes Salisbury. After the shoot, reviewing the first attempt at a cover, the feeling was we had rushed it, “Michael came across as too serious.” We would re-shoot. The resulting images are those the world likes to associate Michael with before his subsequent transformations, and for the HW reader are made available on these pages to remember the time. Michael Salisbury has worked his similar branding magic for Levi’s 501 jeans, the world’s most popular video game - HALO, & Rolling Stone magazine, just a few in his extensive portfolio. Influences of his globe trotting experience sand sense of adventure are evident in the range of his work. His surfing safaris to Fiji and Nicaragua, motorcycle treks circumnavigating Alaska, dirt biking across Peru from the Pacific over the Andes to Machu Pichu, sport bike racing from Milan to Corsica and Sardinia, off-roading Baja and into the Brazilian Amazon from Bolivia; jet Skiing around the Florida Keys, into the Grand Canyon and across the Gulf Stream from Miami to Bimini, a few of his adventures. Salisbury teaches design, advertising, illustration and photography at UCLA, Otis Art Institute and The Art Center. He is a contributing editor, writer and photographer for Forbes, Men’s Journal. His photographic art graces the pages of Vogue, Esquire, Newsweek. His writing style is evidenced in the chronicles of his adventures all over the world. His work is part of the permanent collection of the MOMA in NY, his designs housed at the Library of Congress, the National Archives and the Smithsonian. Speaking requests come from Europe, South America and beyond. The universality of his images can be seen through exhibits of his photography and graphic work which appear in museum shows worldwide.

Michael Jackson The King of Pop

Marries and divorces Debbie Rowe. They have two children.

August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009

In 1995, “You are not Alone” became his 13th No. 1 hit. He also released “HIStory: Past, Present and Future – Book 1.”

Even though the mystery behind his death is unresolved, there is no doubt in the minds of his millions of fans that Michael Jackson was a thrilling performer and enigmatic man to the end.

In 1997, The Jackson 5 are inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

For more than four decades he sang and danced and transformed himself into the entertainer who would earn the title “King of Pop.”

The King of Pop was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2001 and they list him up there in the stellar heights with Elvis and Frank Sinatra.

by April R. Moon

Born August 29, 1958 in Gary, Ind., he was 5 when he joined his brothers in the musical group formed by his father Joseph. They were the “Jackson 5” and Michael was the lead singer.

The 1960s The Jackson 5: Michael and brothers Jackie, Jermaine, Marlon and Tito. Their hits included “ABC” and “I’ll Be There.”

The 1970s

The New Millennium

In 2009 After years of success and triumph, there was also financial and personal trouble, but ultimately he succumbed to a fatal overdose in the midst of getting ready for concerts set for August in London. Instead, fans will have to see the movie “Michael Jackson THIS IS IT” by Sony Pictures Entertainment and Sony Music Entertainment in October. This will not diminish the light left from his bright burning star.

Michael released “Thriller” in late 1982 and seven of the record’s songs became hits.

More than 40 years and 750 million record sales worldwide later, even those who never followed his career know his most famous songs such as “Thriller,” “Beat It” and “Billie Jean.” He has been recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the “Most Successful Entertainer of All Time” and “Thriller as the “Biggest Selling Album of All Time.”

The “Moonwalk,” his signature move, was performed for the first time to audiences at the “Motown 25th Anniversary Special.”

Jackson won 13 Grammy Awards and received the American Music Award’s Artist of the Century Award.

In 1985, he was co-author and performer on “We Are the World.”

Michael Jackson was talented, gifted, mysterious and enigmatic. He was a thriller.

Michael starred in “The Wiz” and met the future producer of his albums Quincy Jones.

The 1980s

The 1990s

Sources: and michaeljackson. com

Marries Lisa Marie Presley. Divorces before second anniversary.



Michael Jackson Photos

























H ollywood W e e kly-F i lm/TV


Female Filmmaker October Kingsley Pushes The Envelope To Shatter Boundaries

Destination: Forbidden Territories

October Kingsley wants you to know that she is not a man. The letters and e-mails that she gets from studio executives often refer to her as MR. Kingsley… at first. The assumption may be that a young, female filmmaker who managed to single-handedly raise Two Million Dollars for her very first feature film, attach Hollywood legend Faye Dunaway to the film script, AND debut her very first feature film at the Cannes Film Festival must certainly have some serious Balls. Tough as nails and sweet as sugar, the intensely focused Kingsley has all the charming persuasiveness of a cobra. Kingsley was born in Australia and lived there until the tender age of was thirteen. Educated in Australia, London, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, and having traveled extensively all over Europe, the director openly admits to having an outsider’s take on life and some very strong tendencies towards the dark side when it comes to certain creative matters. She cites her early exposure abroad and her bohemian upbringing as the roots of her admiration for European cinema, in particular their originality, freshness, and lack of self censorship. She champions exploring deeply taboo subjects and forbidden elements to push the limits of what is considered normal and acceptable in the American film medium. She’d like to see more originality, more depth, and more sex on screen. “We need to make films that are fearless in breaking down boundaries and barriers between people and the culture or society we live in. It is very rare for me to be shocked by anything, but I am always pleasantly surprised when people approach me and tell me that my films are novel and different, and that my work provoked them to look at life from a different perspective. It’s a wonderful thing when there is a whole paradigm shift in people’s mind about the world they live in”. Kingsley does not shy away from voicing her thoughts when it comes to the widely complex and controversial issue of nudity in American cinema. ”The fact that full frontal nudity is still considered a taboo subject and the fact that it STILL shocks people is a fucking joke. In practically every horror or thriller film that is released nowadays, it is perfectly acceptable to butcher, bludgeon and decapitate people to death. Nobody even bats an eyelash. But god forbid if you should show a female breast or a guy’s penis on-screen. Everyone goes crazy, and some people can become dangerously self-righteous over what they consider to be a “moral issue”. Since when did it become acceptable to violently butcher people to death onscreen and taboo to show a natural, beautiful part of the human anatomy”. When asked if she would consider doing a nude scene herself, Kingsley smirks with some mischievous delight. “Obviously, you haven’t seen my movie”, she innocently quips. “I enjoy offending and provoking people. It amuses me endlessly”. In a much more serious tone, Kingsley muses contemplatively, “There’s a certain shallowness and superficiality in contemporary America culture. It seems the more stupid you are, the more likely you are to become famous in this country. It is a very rare thing to praise intelligence and beauty in the same breath. As a woman, you are under constant pressure to be either be super-smart or super good-



looking, and it’s a damn shame that we live in a society that doesn’t credit both of these attributes in the same vein”. She cites the pervasive American consumer culture of “incessant buying, spending, and consuming” as something she’d like to less influence in her life. “We need more self-exploration and less consumption” she says with determination.

What is October’s biggest fear or is she always this fearless and unstoppable? She carefully mulls this question over and then tells me that mediocrity is something that she has an aversion to and a fear of. “There is nothing more repugnant to me than mediocrity and stagnancy. Life is all about growth, evolution and selftransformation. Nothing frightens me more than the prospect of stagnancy”. Pushed by her parents who demanded excellence at all times, Kingsley chose to double major in Philosophy and Psychology at UCLA. “My dad still doesn’t understand what practical application philosophy or psychology

Those around Kingsley were more concerned than she at her decision to take a starring role in the cult classic The Seduction of Dr. Fugazzi (aka Dr. Fugazzi) as well as helming the production as a producer and director. “I knew what I wanted. I chose a strong production team and just did it” she says dismissively. I knew what I wanted visually and technically, I prepped extensively, and I was very hard-core obsessive compulsive in the early pre-production stages”. This is what was expected of her, and she accomplishes the difficult task without so much as a thought of it being so. Did her self-described compulsions translate to extensive rehearsals with her A-List Hollywood star, Faye Dunaway. Surprisingly not. Kingsley describes two table reads and a peculiar disdain for “over-rehearsing” lest it ruin the spontaneity of a scene. “Extensive rehearsals beat life out of a scene, and ruins the immediacy and spontaneity of a scene. I like to keep things fresh, raw, and pretty much spontaneous on the set. You storyboard your shots, rehearse and block the complicated scenes, and then you get on the set and shoot your damn movie in the real world”. The Kingsley mantra is dualistic, prepare but learn to adapt to changing circumstances.

she is a phenomenal actress and very open and receptive to original, risqué ideas within the film-making medium”. Kingsley muses that Dunaway definitely has a dark sense of humor as clearly demonstrated by her ready willingness to work on a film as darkly thematic and risqué as The Seduction of Dr. Fugazzi. Kingsley got the invite to Faye Dunaway’s home several times to go over the script and discuss Dunaway’s character, the enigmatic Detective Rowland. According to Kingsley, the legendary actress approached her role in the film as she would any other big budget Hollywood blockbuster even though The Seduction of Dr. Fugazzi is more of a cult favorite. The venerable Dunaway was quite hospitable and gracious to the industry newcomer despite rumblings among industry insiders of a difficult personality. Kingsley recalls sitting next to the legendary star on set just when the grandame leaned in towards the ingénue as though she didn’t want to share with anyone the question she was to ask of the young director. Kingsley recalls the humanity of that moment when a screen icon would nee d to ask something of someone with less experience. “If I can direct and star with Faye Dunaway on my first feature film, then I believe that everything else can be achieved.” Additional thespians to work with on Kingsley’s wish list include Daniel Day Lewis for his smoldering intensity and the talented Chris Pine of Star Trek fame for his versatility. As an actress herself, Kingsley would love to be directed by visionary directors such as David Fincher [Fight Club, Seven, Panic Room, The Curious case of Benjamin Button] and Bryan Singer [The Usual Suspects, X-Men, X-Men 2]. At a post screening party on a yacht in Cannes, Kingsley was engaged by a quiet Matt Damon who asked her

As for her thoughts of working with the legendary actress, Faye Dunaway, who expressed interest in the film within 24 hours after reading the script? “Ms. Dunaway was very polite, professional, and respectful” says the first-time director and co-star. “She is a very complicated woman, but



Continues on page 37.

October, so named by her father for the month of her birth favors the color red that autumn leaves turn in the darkening months of the fall season. Her hair matches the abundant red velvet furniture in her home, which she explains symbolizes her energy and attracts power and attention. “It’s a conversation starter, I don’t want to blend in” says the fearless Kingsley. “I don’t feel like everyone else so why should I look like everyone else. In this town, when you walk into a room or a business meeting and you’re young woman with red hair, it gets a certain kind reaction from people. People make so many preconceived assumptions about you just from the color of your hair or from the way you look or the way you dress. I think most people are taken aback and a bit shocked when I open my mouth and they find out that I come with a Brain. People are shocked by a woman with intelligence and a strong point of view. A woman with bright red hair no less. One can only hope that people realize how seriously they misjudged you and don’t make that same mistake again with someone else in the future”.

has and how it helps me in my current career as a filmmaker”. It is a window into her Soul, her deep-seated drive to achieve, validate and prove herself. She defensively states that she does indeed utilize her maligned choice of majors in her current vocation. “I use psychology to explore the depths of my characters”, she says, and “in my directing my actors and in dealing with various production intricacies that inevitably pop up. [And] Philosophy is a way of Life. I can’t imagine going through Life not having a philosophical background. It would be just too depressing”.

Once Upon Michael’s Time...

Making his own starry force. But I don’t know, I don’t know. Starry nights of those lived You did me no good. in darkness.

New joy, permanent happiness. Once Upon Michael’s Time, Oh yes... That was Michael Jackson It all seemed to brighten in full force. Day and night felt superior I bet heaven needed a Closed eyes appeared super entertainer, open. So there he went without any choice. Every single person Needed the rays of the sun But as his spirit still lives on, And the silver of the moon He will always be here with shine. us.

The world cried a lake, You was fake. But I don’t rude, So you had to be paid.

For as he walked past, He shone. So proud of his presence, Appreciated by his existence.

Oh no, no, no.

Uplifting souls of many... Magical solar power of his voice. Charismatic dance... Shining in gold,diamond or crystals Making his own traffic lights. He was soft, gentle, yet shy. But stood out to be the most powerful guy. Attracting more traffic than a high way. Jamming venues on every show day. He was the real definition of a Superstar. For he went beyond the limits of the sky. Collecting every shinning star.



Michael, Michael In peace... -end- Big Kennedy Mathias My Personal Physician You was there, And I was here... But how come I didn’t see ya? And they said, It was Hollywood, Hollywood. But I don’t know, I don’t know. You did me no good. Trust is a fatal mistake, But it was too late,too late. My body was fully yours... Oh no,no, no. And the said, It was Hollywood, Hollywood.

And they said, It was Hollywood, Hollywood. But I don’t know, I don’t know. You did me no good.

So I would tell the whole world, Don’t trust no one, don’t trust no one, They could all be a fraud... Oh no, trust is no good. But they said, You was good. In Hollywood,in Hollywood. But I don’t know, I don’t know. You did me no good. Big Kennedy Mathias & His daughter Chanelle Kennedy Mathias


Big Kennedy Mathias Author of “Mark My Words, Bigken!”

Michael Jackson & Christian Audigier



H ollywood Weekly-Art s

Nice Guys Finish First By Fran Scott

Rob Ward Brings Masterpieces of Artistry To The Big Screen Rob Ward is a nice guy, you no notice at once, with the sort of sensibilities found at the Spielberg levels of the game. Not just “Hollywood manners,” the slick fake smiles and mannerisms used as a means to an end in the industry. His mission in life he explains is “helping people to get along.” His goal, he says is to set the tone to make everyone feel comfortable knowing this will assist him in making them look, and feel at their best, achieving their best performance on set. This extends to everyone that he meets, viewing “each interactive moment as having a unique set of possibilities.” A joy to collaborate with, he is now turning his background in production management and experience successfully marketing others projects toward his own feature, currently in the hands of a major studio. He credits a life changing “aha” moment, to coin an Oprah term, as the catalyst to begin applying his creative talents, encouraged by his supportive wife whom he credits with keeping him on course. “I had a moment where I knew I needed to do more with my life using my creative abilities. I know what the audience wants and it is my job to entertain them. Like Van Gogh, I apply individual brush strokes that are not flat, but have texture, one stroke at a time. My goal is to have them walk out feeling better. Just get them to relax a little. This is my release, my therapy. You feel a better purpose.”



Most of his movies have a message bebe hind them, he says. “My movies give me the ability to connect with the audience and gently lead them through, making it worth the money and time they spent to watch it. I hope it would become the cheapest two hour therapy session for whomever attends my films. He brings his unique perspective to writing all encompassing visionary tales including Love Stories, Tragedies, Comedy, even Science Fiction. All the fun is in making the magic happen. I am sure there is a market and audience for me. With many hours logged on the set as a professional makeup artist, he plans to apply his techniques to the bigger palette of the silver screen. Those images will also be “airbrushed, beautiful, and flawless as long as I have the right tools, ingredients. I love doing creative work.” He is riveted by the works of M. Knight Shyamalan, and Ron Howard, and admires the artistic style of Braveheart and Casino. The inspirational Good Will Hunting is another style he enjoys. His wish list of actors he would like to work with include John Travolta and Kelly Preston. In a comedy, Jim Carey, a drama, Jack Nicholson. He feels his diverse background, only adds to the experiences he can draw from in his storytelling. His hands on background including theatre, the ability to do hair, and even wardrobe professionally means a rare

eye to all the minutia of the images on set. His pro makeup transformations are available to behold on makeupbyrob. com, and turning his sharp eye to the business side, reports to set in a “mobile studio” to the delight of productions. All involved meaning repeat requests for Rob’s presence and guidance on projects. The invaluable gems of personality that Rob possesses, are a greatly sought after commodity among creatives, as industry insider types will openly attest to. Given his unique approach to storytelling, he is eager for his standout voice be heard, insisting “these movies of mine need to get made.” It’s best not to bet against the visual artist’s continued success in the industry. Rob Ward’s greatly anticipated science fiction thriller with a Mathew McConaughey type as the lead is on the horizon.

Rob Ward is represented by The Rhem Management Group. [Los Angeles Office: (310) 836-2446].



New TaleNT Shaun Twiddy

An Interview With a Former Nurse of Michael Jackson by April R. Moon

Cherilyn Lee Nurse and Nutritionist to Michael Jackson from January 2009 until April 2009

Fame. Overdose. Demise. It’s the Hollywood Trifecta of a life lived too hard that burns out too fast.

Belushi. Phoenix. Presley.

Hair color: black Eye color: brown Height: 4’ 6” Weight: 62 lbs

Aloha, Meet 9-year-old Shaun Twiddy from Hawaii He is an actor, model, singer, ukulele player, bowler and aspiring director By the first grade, he had already gotten a role as an extra on “Lost.” Shaun was very curious about how television shows are produced, and how the cameramen and director work. Shaun’s agent believes Shaun will be the next Ron Howard because of this. He also likes being in front of the camera and meeting new friends.

Cell: (808) 368-7993 28 HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY

Jackson had been asking her about Diprivan, which has been changed to Propofol in the media, she said. Lee sought the advice of a friend who was a doctor and he said, “This is something you don’t want to take,” she said. When she pointed this out to Jackson, she said that he had said the doctors had told him it was safe, doctors she did not know about at the time. So she pulled the Physicians’ Desk Reference to show him, “it’s safe in the hospital, but not safe at home.”

Presley. The father of the woman he married for two years.

She said he knew it was an IV, to be taken intravenously.

In her MySpace blog Lisa Marie Presley reportedly wrote “He Knew” in June – Michael Jackson eluded to the kind of death her father succumbed to when she was a child.

In April, she said he complained about “chronic insomnia.” She said he said, I “just need to get sleep,” which is why he talked about the sleep drug.

Those deaths, overdoses at their own hands, those are tragic. Lives so bright cut down in darkness too soon. What would they have accomplished had they lived? Then there are the overdose deaths that are not explained too easily. Marilyn Monroe. To this day there is no conclusion as to how she died other than it was an overdose. In those days after Jackson’s death, when many assumed he had just died another celebrity tragic overdose, there were those close to him that believed otherwise. From January of this year until April, Cherilyn Lee was Jackson’s nurse and nutritionist, until the time “he started asking me for sleep aids,” she said.

She said that he had stated that it was alright to take with doctor supervision and that an anesthesiologist would monitor him. Lee left because she could not grant him his request for the sleep aid. She was one of the first people to tell the tragic events leading up to Jackson’s death. A death now deemed a homicide by the Los Angeles County Department of the Coroner’s office.

Fame. Overdose. Homicide. trio.

The other Hollywood tragic



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While most of you know Josh Flagg from his frequent appearances on BRAVO’s “Million Dollar Listing,” what you might not know about this 23 year old, Los Angeles realtor is that he comes by his talents quite honestly. Flagg, the grandson of 60’s & 70’s fashion icon Edith Flagg, has accomplished a lot in his short life; an d admittedly, he owes much of his success to the values and beliefs his grandmother instilled in him. In his latest project, a book entitled “A Simple Girl: Stories My Grandmother Told Me,” he honors the woman he calls his “hero” by transcribing some of the first-hand accounts of her truly remarkable life. Written over several years while Josh and Edith traveled the world together, “A Simple Girl” not only chronicles Mrs. Flagg’s epic life story, but it also illustrates a rare strength of spirit and character that is most often found in fiction. Although she is best known for bringing polyester to the United States, and for building her signature fashion line into a stalwart of the apparel industry, Edith Flagg came from comparatively humble beginnings. Born in a small Romanian village after the end





of World War I, Edith grew up in a bustling home from which her parents ran their family photography business. It was during these formative years that she learned the importance of love, family, and charity from her parents. As a young Jewish girl attending Catholic school she learned about humility -- as only a young Jewish girl can from a nun. And, as a tenacious young woman she fought back against the Nazi scourge by joining the Dutch underground during World War II. Despite losing her first husband to the concentration camps and having to hide her son in an orphanage, she persevered and immigrated to the United States with only $5 in her pocket and a child on her hip. After several years of working her way through the fashion industry Edith opened her own business in Los Angeles, and with the help of her husband and son eventually built it into a very successful business. While any chapter of her life could stand alone as a great story, it is the culmination of all these chapters -and their underlying lessons -- that make Edith Flagg’s life worth exploring. Always generous philanthropists, Edith and her second husband, Eric, never forgot where they came from, and in their success spent as much time and money on various charities as they did on themselves – something that was not lost to their grandson, Josh. Appropriately the net profits of his book “A Simple Girl” will be donated to The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles (UJF).



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New York City Hardcore Punk Gets Its L.A. Fix: The Casualties Interview

By: Natalie Perez

I caught up with The Casualties on their latest touring run making their eighth stop on their current U.S. route making their mark upon the Los Angeles terrain. Their new album “We Are All We Have,” has just been released on Side One Dummy Records, and it’s easily their most aggressive album to date. Prior to their sold out show their bassist Rick Lopez spoke to me over the phone about the new CD, and their upcoming tours. DyingSceneís Natalie Perez was able to catch up with Rick conducting a brief phone interview just before hitting the stage at Hollywoodís very own Key Club.

1. How, when, and why did you form? Rick: For the love of punk rock music because there wasnít any at the time. It was all for the music, we formed in the 90s and have been playing strong ever since. 2. How does it feel to play back in the U.S. and how is the current tour going? Rick: The current tour is going great we just released the new record and this tour is to support that record. Weíre out on the West Coast right now weíre about o play L.A. tonight ñ one of our favorite cities to



play. Weíve been having huge turn outs, having kids who are into the punk scene and punk music come out, having lots of energy. After this tour, weíre going be heading out to Japan next month and then South American in December pretty much hitting the road non-stop. 3. “We Are All We Have,” came out this past Tuesday have you gotten all the partying out of the way? Rick: Well the partying is part of the tour and itís something we do - itís why itís there. We donít want to get up on stage and look like retarded drunks. We

want to make sure we play good, go out and have fun and have a couple laughs, when people come to a show. We want to make sure that all of our attention is focused not only on us but the audience as well. We donít want to suck on stage, so when we drink and party we save it for afterwards because when we do play we want to make sure we donít totally suck! 4. What are a majority of your songs about? Is there an underlying theme? Rick: We donít have an agenda on what we write about we just write about whatís currently going on around us and the world. What weíve seen or heard about. Sometimes we have political themes to our music like our previous albums, but this one not as much basically whatever is the most importance to us is what we like to discuss musically. 5. What are your immediate music career goals? Rick: Just make the best records we can make and do a lot of touring and make sure people like our music and have a good time. Doing what we like to do as long as we can. Making sure the music we make is what we want to do. Not writing songs on topics that arenít our thing, whatís important to us and what we like doing. 6. What can you say about your secret show on September 27 out at the Cobalt Cafe? Rick: Oh yes, weíre doing a secret show in L.A. before we head out to Japan the following day. 7. What is one of the toughest

interview questions you’ve been asked? Rick: ìWhat does punk mean to you?î I just hate answering that. Itís not something that you can really describe and what it means to you. I know the answer I just canít put it into words. I sit down and think about it but just donít know what it really means. Itís one of those questions you just canít answer. 8. Out of all the shows you have played, on this tour - is there one that stands out as a favorite? Is so, please explain. Rick: L.A. is one of our favorite places to play ñ the Key Club is a smaller venue to play and normally always packed, which is good so Iím really looking forward to playing it. 9. Who are some of your favorite bands you’ve shared the stage with? Can you name some of the bigger bands that you’ve played with if any? Rick: Yeah one of the bigger bands weíve played with was Bad Religion really cool guys and we pretty much followed them growing up, so having the chance to talk to them about music was awesome. Circle Jerks a favorite of mine was another really cool experience for me, to be able to hang out and talk with those guys about music was great. As of right now weíre touring with a band called the Krum Bums theyíre an up and coming band from Austin, Texas, and those guys are great. 10. What has been your biggest challenge as a band? Were you able to overcome it?

Rick: I really think the biggest challenge is all the people within the world talking down on us and talking crap. Saying things such as ìYou guys canít play musicî this and that situations, you then worry about what other people will say either online or in person. So you wonder how many of those people will be talking crap. Itís a real challenge from all angles. 11. What advice do you have for fans who want to start their own bands? Rick: Itís a lot of hard work and you should definitely do it, no matter how hard you try donít listen to what other people say - do what you want to do. Screw what everybody else has to say just go out and play and do what you love to do. 12. What should people know about you? What sets you apart? Rick: I think what sets us apart is that weíre hardcore and more louder and thatís what I like we have our own uniqueness and Iím like that as a person and all of us in this band and we do what we really feel we should do. When you see us playing weíre not doing this for a paycheck weíre doing this because itís what we love to do and what sets us totally apart from everyone else. 13. Thanks for doing the interview, anything you’d like to add? Rick: Our new record is out now and weíre touring on it, so come check out a show pick up a record and come check out The Casualties.











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Double Take on Fashion

Modeling and Acting Blossoms into Boutique Ownership for Stylishly Savvy Tenison Twins

b y



It’s often said that good things come in pairs. Look no further for proof than Renee and Rosie Tenison, one of LA’s most tantalizing – and remarkably well grounded -- set of identical twins. Drop dead gorgeous, the two have been turning heads ever since their 1990 arrival on the Los Angeles scene, where they’ve since enjoyed successful modeling and acting careers. Playboy named Renee its first African American Playmate in 1990, and in 2002 the magazine spotlighted the sisters together. For Rosie’s part, she modeled for Fredericks of Hollywood, Bally’s Total Fitness, Sunkist and dozens more. Together and apart, they’ve had a long run of acting triumphs as series regulars on such shows as LA Heat and guest stars on more



than 20 shows, including “The Jamie Foxx Show,” “Martin” and the “Steve Harvey Show.” They’ve appeared in several feature length films as well. Giving them a title reserved for only the luckiest of twins, Wrigley also found them a sweet duo, adding the two to its Doublemint roster in the mid 1990s. But Renee and Rosie are much more than a pretty package – they’re pretty darn smart. Keenly aware of the industry’s youthful obsession, they couldn’t bank on how long their modeling and acting careers would last. So a few years ago, the sister act started to hatch their next career challenge, digging into their past for inspiration. As girls growing up on an Idaho farm, the two used to design and make all their own school

clothes. “Our look was a little way out for our Idaho classmates at the time,” said Renee. “But we grew up in the MTV era, and we loved the unmatched style of Madonna, Prince and David Lee Roth.” They also remember fondly shopping trips with their mom, including excursions to antique and second-hand stores, and decided to merge their love of vintage and all things feminine and romantic into their latest enterprise. They opened their first Varga store, a quaint boutique featuring vintage-inspired apparel, accessories and home decor, in 2006 on Main Street in Santa Monica. The name pays homage to the pinup Vargas girls popular in the Art Deco era – a time Renee says when “women were women – very girly and feminine.”

A shop at Westside Pavilion followed soon after, and since has grown to be Varga’s top performing location. Celebrities including Nicole Ritchie, Paris Hilton’s’ sister Nicky and singer Faith Evans are among those who have dropped by this LA location for Varga’s unique blend of frilly and stylish. Now with two more stores in Hollywood and El Seguendo, the twins are definitely finding selling apparel rather than modeling it twice as nice. Each store has its own sense of style, thanks to the unique antiques and one-of-a-kind finds the twins use to decorate the space. The merchandise is lusciously feminine and flirty, and best of all, attractively priced to appeal to a broad group of women. Few items exceed $100, and most fall well below $50 each. One could easily pull together an

ensemble, say a knock out of a little black dress with necklace and earrings, for under the century mark. The boutique has an expensive, designer look, and customers new to the store are often surprised at the reasonable prices. “Anytime, but particularly in this economic climate, we’re especially pleased and proud to be able to offer our customers style that is so affordable – yet appears more pricy than it is,” said Rosie. Some store visitors get an even bigger surprise when the twins are on hand to help them. “Sometimes I’ll ask a customer if she needs assistance, and then a few minutes later Renee – dressed in something completely different – will ask her the same thing,” said Rosie. “If the customer hasn’t seen us together, she might not know there are two of us and her look of confusion is

priceless – it’s always good for a laugh.” Renee adds, “We love getting to know our customers and developing lasting relationships with them is so important to us. We’re really enjoying this new phase in our careers.” For the latest finds, Renee and Rosie recommend stopping in on Thursdays and Fridays, when their weekly shipments arrive. Westside Pavilion is located at 10800 West Pico Blvd. Varga’s Westside location is open daily, from 10am - 9pm Monday through Friday, 10am - 8pm Saturday and 11am - 6pm on Sundays. For more information on Varga, you can also visit

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HOLLYWOOD scene in la Juliet Kaska, Marueen McCorm i c k , W o s s e n e B o w l e r, N i l e s Thomas, Rachel Leigh Cook Life’s Second Chance Foundation & The Breeders’ Cup celebrate celebrity trainer Juliet Kaska’s Birthday EVO South - Downtown Los Angeles Tiffany Rose/ Wire Image Chloe Simone Chloe Simone Showcase

J e n n L a s k e y , To l e d o D i a m o n d , Kim Koury & Niki Shadrow

Sir Studios

ERA/ A Gatsby Style Affair The Oviatt Penthouse John Kaye/

Stefan Dahlkvist, Kellan Lutz, Simen Staalnacke, Chris Klein & Peder Borresen Moods Of Norway US Flagship Opening

HOLLYWOOD M 40 oods O f N o r w aWEEKLY y, Los Angeles Howard Wise


C l i n t o n H . Wa l l a c e ( E x e c u t i v e Producer & Producer) with Andromeda Ambard (Star) “Kelly Deerdale-Naturist” Los Angeles Premiere Laemmle Grande, Los Angeles David Edwards/

E d i e L o c k e , E d u a r d o L u c e r o , R a y m u n d o B a l t a z a r, L l o y d K l e i n , D o r i s R a y m o n d , L o u i s Ve r d a d : Summer Soiree Launch Party For Fashion Group Los Angeles T h e S u n s e t M a rq u i s H o t e l , We s t H o l l y w o o d

Ta n n e r H o r n Ta n n e r H o r n & T H e SEXtronauts Video Release Party Club Moscow

Justin Winokur for

Jamie Trueblood B e c k y G u l s v i g a s E l l e Wo o d s a n d t h e c a s t o f t h e N a t i o n a l To u r o f L e g a l l y B l o n d e t h e M u s i c a l Legally Blonde The Musical Opening Night P a n t a g e s T h e a t e r, H o l l y w o o d / B r o a d w a y L A Joan Marcus

J o e J r . K i m K o u r y , D J C a s e y C o n n o r, Joe, Stefanie Gallitto, Samantha Judge Opening Night Of Joe’s Pizza on Sunset Joe’s Pizza

Tiffany Rose

E r i c a T u c k e r, S w e e t E ’ s m i n i bakeshop Goodie Bag Events PresentsCupcakes & Champagne, to benefit The Hershberg Foundation For Pancreatic Cancer Chris Ostrow’s House, Benedict Canyon Arielle Adelman

Dianne Fraser Niki Shadrow & Susan Rosen Friends Of Greystone Family Festival Greystone Park, Beverly Hills Greystone Images

Dianne Fraser “Part Time Diva” Cabaret Show T h e M B a r, H o l l y w o o d


Robert Joyce






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Warrior Explores His African Roots Does Impressions Without Skipping a Beat By Fran Scott

Kelenna Azubuike is a good son. Not one to engage in the shenanigans of a high profile professional athlete or two, he avoids shooting himself in the foot both literally and figuratively. Given his experience as the top scorer in the state his last three years of high school, leaving the University of Kentucky his junior year only to not get drafted, playing in the D league for almost two years, until getting called up to play for Golden State Warriors on a guaranteed contract, he gives the following advice to his young fans. “Dream big and work harder, don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t do something, you can do anything. The only person that can stop you is you.” He encourages kids to keep working hard. “Be ready when opportunity comes so you can take advantage of it. Keep a good attitude. If things don’t go the way you want at first, don’t get discouraged, pay your dues it worked for me.” A bona fide rare role model, born in London, he is of Nigerian heritage, like a certain U.S. president. Azubuike doesn’t shy away from returning to the continent to help bring attention in the way that only celebrities can. At the invitation of the president of Tanzania himself, Kelenna made himself available for five days last year for a convention on stimulating development in Africa, with plans for a return next summer. Admiring fellow Nigerian Hakeem Olajuwon “a great player that did a lot for the community” and Dikembe Mutombo who founded a hospital back in Africa, Azubuike would like to follow in their footsteps by giving back. Known to inner circles as the “family comedian” who does impersonations, he had this reporter cracking up with his descriptions of almost having to fold his 6’5” 220 pound frame into a “fetal position” to fit into the village huts where he gave out mosquito nets, shoes, and school supplies. After visiting orphanages, and seeing the smiling faces of the children, he says he can explain Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, thinking of the children often, and wanting to bring some back with him. “Seeing their way of life, makes you put things in perspective. It reminds you how much you take for granted.” Growing up in Oklahoma, influenced by a faith based, and creative family he is currently designing an athletic shoe soon to be on the market using his drawing skills. They will be an affordable line, accessible to all - a feature he likes. Art and Math were favorite subjects in school, in a town where “we made our

Terrance J. Doyle Director of Player Relations Veritas Venture Group LLC 720.940.5283 - cell



own fun.” Along with majoring in Business Marketing at the University of Kentucky the Sagittarius has produced over 300 music beats since his freshman year in the basketball town. It was almost like the NBA there, he says of the college town, different than what he was used to coming from OK football territory. His creative outlets extend to the dramatic arts. A cameo on one of his favorite shows, Entourage would be ‘cool’ he says. Gladiator, one of his favorite movies inspires a mean Russel Crowe impression, which he did for this reporter, and has an extensive catalog he is known for performing, sparing no one he meets, including coaches, friends and family. He enjoyed Will Smith’s turn in Hitch, as well as Denzel Washington roles. Well, what of wild parties, strip clubs, and all around bad behavior some in the league have been known for? “It depends on how you handle it. If I think I’m gonna have to leave a situation, I don’t even go.” Not a drinker he likes “healthy

Italian,” and Mexican, seeing himself as a likely pitchman for nutritional products given his emphasis on healthy living. What about the groupies rumored to pursue NBA players? “The best way of course is abstinence before marriage. If you’re gonna do anything protect yourself. Be really careful” he advises. This baller comes with media training, home training or some dastardly combination of the two. Or maybe it’s just Jesus protecting him from the slings and arrows of a nosy reporter. There will be no salacious tales of groupies or reckless gun handling from this player. Shut down by one of the best offensive guards in the game, there is silence as I consider a different approach. Azubuike comes across as more mature than his 25 years, is polite to a fault, respects his elders and speaks the sort of English that Michelle Obama says got her teased for speaking so properly. “It’s a testament to my parents and the way they raised me and the rest of my

siblings.” he explains. He hopes to emulate this family structure one day, with a tight knit clan of his own. Maybe late 20’s to 30 he guesses for the ladies out there wanting to know. Although his parents didn’t teach them the Nigerian Ibo language so, Azubuike surmises they could communicate in front of him and his brothers and sister without them understanding, Kelenna has some five words at his disposal. They are Hello, I’m doing well, Wow, Let’s pray. He and his creative siblings sometimes imitate the conversational sounds of the Ibo language for bemused family members, as they are making it up as they go along. The Ambassador hopes you hear some of his beats on a track coming to your radio, check out his skills on the big, or small screen - not just on the court, but as an actor, or sport some of his fashion designs from a clothing line he is keeping under wraps at press time.



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East Mee

From C

With the First Healthy Napkin in the


Charlie Tan

Helping the Community to Heal For many women, “that time of month” can be a pain, but a new product may offer a solution. “Patients come to my office asking for solutions, and I’m happy to now be able to offer them Love Moon,” said Physician Assistant Janette Jackson. A native of Los Angeles, Jackson specializes in women’s health care such as OBGYN and graduated from King Drew Medial School of Science in 2000. Love Moon Anion sanitary products, known for more than a decade in other parts of the world, utilize negative ion technology. This technology is designed to kill odors and bacteria, thus improving the well-being of the user, according to its distributor Winalite Int’l. “Women are infected with yeast and bacterial infections which go untreated from using perfumed soaps, body washes and douching,” she said. “This gets rid of friendly bacteria, which leaves you susceptible to infection.”



Surgeons are starting to use them in the healing process of their patents Love Moon Can Help Many of My Patients What makes the Anion sanitary napkin unique is its “Ionic Strip.” “Love Moon balances Ph and contributes to overall health with ions,” she said. “It neutralizes acidity in the blood due to the food we eat, increases circulation, decreases inflammation, releases negative ions, and contributes to purification of the blood.” “Sprays and chemicals are not natural, or good for you, particularly if you have sensitive skin. Other products are made with synthetic material, and not biodegradable like Love Moon, which additionally is environmentally friendly,” she said. “I give them the Love Moon advantage which I know from my own experience is revolutionary, and removes stress from a woman’s cycle.”

It Took 10 Years for FDA Approval Now FDA-approved, Love Moon Anion sanitary napkins have been available in other countries for more than a decade, distributed by Winalite Int’l. in China. The Chairman is Chen Huai De. The L.A. launch of Love Moon and Winalite Int’l. USA begins this month with seminars and free products. Winalite United States master distributor Charlie Tan first learned about Winalite while visiting a friend in Hong Kong in 2007. A graduate from Texas A&M with a Marketing degree, Tan has 20 years sales and marketing experience. His first MLM experience was in 1989 with AL Williams, an insurance company, and until 2008 he was involved full-time the residential real estate market. He found the product very unique. He knew the benefits of negative ions and that the Japanese had promoted the “negative ions” technology for a long time, but this was the first time it was used in a sanitary napkin. It was an officially licensed product of the 6th Asian Winter Games. When Winalite was ready to do

ets West


y and Driest Feminine e World today

e Moon”

Janette Jackson

3 Free Health Seminars

The goal of Winalite USA, which has more than one million distributors in other parts of the world, is to recruit 5 million more in the next three years and do billions in sales.

“I believe the next millionaires will be made through Winalite International than any other company,” he said. “The business opportunity is far greater than anything I’ve seen before.” Ballinger has been in the network marketing business for more than 20 years with companies like Herbalife and Alliance USA, and he has a masters in business marketing from Chicago State. “I would like to invite everyone to come out to our L.A. grand launch on September 12.” What’s next for Winalite? Well, yet another product to keep people drier. “What the world needs now is Winalite diapers sometime in the near future,” he said, adding they are in the near future.

Los Angeles “Grand Launch” 1. Radisson Hotel 6161 W. Centinela Ave. Culver City, CA 90230 310-649-1776 Date: Sat Sept 19, 2009 Time: 10:00 a.m. to12:00 p.m. In the “Lobby Bar”

2. The Burton’s Mansion 5558 Edgewood Pl. Los Angeles, CA (cross streets Hauser/SanVicente) Date: Wed Sept 23, 2009 Time: 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. 3. The Burton’s Mansion 5558 Edgewood Pl. Los Angeles, CA (cross streets Hauser/SanVicente) Date: Sat Sept 26, 2009 Time: 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Free samples and T-shirts to the first 100 guests Product will be on hand for sale while supplies last

Getting on board for the L.A. launch as well is L.A. representative DA Ballinger, who in the three months since he joined Winalite has more than 200 representatives in his business “and growing.”

Save the Dates

business in the states, his friend called him up in 2008 and wanted to know if he was still interested. He has been promoting the business since January, and in the six months since the organization has grown to more than 10,000 distributors. Corporate offices are in the City of Industry, the General Manager is Wilson Wong.

For Los Angeles, CA representative: DA Ballinger (323) 692-1033 For Ontario, CA representative: Charlie Tan 1-888-281-4551 ext. #1003



Please RSVP and bring a friend as seating is limited



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Susan Stark A 20-year veteran of the real estate business whose client list is as impressive as her list of accomplishments, Susan Stark is the epitome of the hard-working agent. Her discipline underscores a strong determination to achieve the very best results for her clients; to that end, she works tirelessly on their behalf to achieve a quick and profitable sale for her sellers and secure the right property for her buyers, always acting with the utmost integrity along the way. Stark’s vast knowledge of the Westside, available inventory, and pricing trends makes her a valuable resource to her clients, while her broad network of industry contacts and strong negotiating skills

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H ollywood W e e kly-Th eat re


Fall may be waiting in the wings, but these greater Los Angeles area shows are already playing or opening soon, such as: “Nevermore” is a one-actor exploration of the life and times of Edgar Allen Poe. Written by Dennis Paoli and directed by Stuart Gordon, it runs through September 26 at the Steve Allen Theater in Hollywood. For tickets call 800595-4849 or visit

“Legally Blonde The Musical” is about a girl who follows the man of her dreams into law school only to discover her priorities shift once she starts believing in herself. Written by Heather Hach and directed and choreographed by Jerry Mitchell, it runs through September 6 at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood and September 8 through September 20 at the Orange County Performing Arts Center. For tickets call 800-982-2787 or visit “Bright Ideas” a young couple registers their son for a specialized pre-school at birth, but four years later he is still stuck on the waiting list so they take matters into their own hands, with dire results. Written by Eric Coble and directed by Caryn Desai [sic], it runs through September 20 at the International City Theatre at the Long Beach Performing Arts Center in Long Beach. For tickets call 562-436-4610 or visit

“FUGGEDABOUDIT!” is about a group of friends who try to bring back a male model’s memory after he suddenly contracts total amnesia in a car accident. Written and directed by Gordon Bressack, it runs through September 20 at the Hudson Backstage Theater in Hollywood. For tickets call 323-960-7753 or visit



“The Importance of Being Earnest” involves two boys who go by more than one name who fall in love with each other’s girls and must permanently adopt their pseudonyms to keep their lovers interest. Written by Oscar Wilde and directed by Patricia Wylie, it runs through September 26 at the Sierra Madre Playhouse in Sierra Madre. For tickets call 626-355-4318 or visit

“Oedipus the King, Mama!” is a musical parody of the story of “Oedipus the King” by Sophocles set to the music of Elvis Presley. Written and directed by Matt Walker, it runs through September 27 at the Falcon Theatre in Burbank. For tickets call 818-955-8101 or visit www.

“Solitude” envisions Latinos as hidden behind masks of solitude, torn between concurrent and conflicting PreColumbian and Spanish cultures, not fully identifying with either. Written by Evelina Fernandez and directed by Jose Luis Valenzuela, it runs September 9 through October 4 at Los Angeles Theatre Center in Los Angeles. For tickets call 213-489-0994 ext. 107 or visit

“Gaslight” When a diabolical husband tries to torture his wife into insanity a police inspector intervenes to try and save the day. Written by Patrick Hamilton and directed by Charlie Mount, it runs through September 27 at Theatre West in Los Angeles. For tickets call 323-851-7977 or visit “Manuscript “ is a drama about three childhood friends now college students and what happens when secrets are revealed and the true relationships between them come uncovered until they discover just how far they are willing to go for ambition, loyalty, and ultimately revenge. Written by Paul Grellong and directed by Brianna Lee Johnson, it runs through October 3 at The Elephant Space Theatre in Hollywood. For tickets call 323-960-5774 or visit www. “MANish Boy” is a one-man show where Ralph Harris plays 20 inspirational characters from his past. Written by Ralph Harris and directed by Mark E. Swinton, it runs through October 7 at the Stella Adler Theatre in Hollywood. For tickets call 323-960-1056 or visit manishboy.

“The Golden Gays” explores the world of four older gay men who are obsessed with the famous foursome to the point that they must parody them and in so doing, they are able to search their souls for answers to other questions facing older gay men, with the answers often coming in the form of a show tune. Directed by Lori J. Ness Quinn, it runs September 10 to October 10 at the Cavern Club Theatre in Silver Lake. For tickets visit www.plays411. com/thegoldengays. “Scarecrow” A play with multimedia components that takes a hard look at sex, death and those elements of human nature that we refuse to confront, Scarecrow is set in an isolated farmhouse, where a young woman who is struggling to free herself from her mother and her fears of the outside world sneaks into a nearby cornfield, where she meets with an ominous stranger who embodies all her mother’s deepest sexual anxieties. Directed by Antony Berrios, it runs September 11 through October 17 at the Avery Schreiber Theatre in North Hollywood. For tickets call 818-766-9100.

“The Night Is a Child” tells the tale of one mother and her family as they seek understanding, redemption and acceptance in Brazil after a tragedy leaves them torn apart. Written by Charles Randolph-Wright and directed by Sheldon Epps, it runs September 4 through October 4 at the Pasadena Playhouse in Pasadena. For tickets call 626-3567529. “Gross Indecency: The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde” is about the absurdity of the British court system as it proceeded to make an example of the famous writer because of his sexual preference. Written by Moises Kaufman and directed by Susan Lee, it runs September 4 through October 11 at the Eclectic Company Theatre in North Hollywood. For tickets call 818-508-3003 or visit “Heydrich/Hitler/Holocaust” is about the decision of the fate of the Jews in Nazi Germany. Written by Cornelius Schnauber and directed by L. Flint Esquerra, it runs September 4 through October 11 at the Great Scott Theatre at The MET Theatre in Hollywood. For tickets call 323957-1152.

“The Tale of the Allergist’s Wife” explores a middle-aged woman who lives comfortably with her doctor husband until she discovers that she never will be more than mediocre until a childhood friend reappears in the household as a seemingly permanent guest surprising everyone. Written by Charles Busch and directed by Lewis Hauser, it runs September 11 through October 17 at the Westchester Playhouse in Westchester. For tickets call 310-645-5156 or visit “Someone’s Somebody” is a true story of adoption and a celebration of idea that “love is never wasted” as it tells the story of an 11 year old black girl who is denied adoption by a white mother. Written by Regina Louise and directed by Lee Sankowich, it runs September 11 through October 4 at the Zephyr Theatre in Hollywood. For tickets call 323-9607738 or visit



LA THEATRE BEAT Stephen Sachs, it runs September 19 through December 19 at the Fountain Theatre in Los Angeles. For tickets call 323-663-1525 or visit “An Evening Without Monty Python” A laudatory exaltation of the works of John Cleese, Graham Chapman, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones and Michael Palin. Directed by Eric Idle and B.T. McNichol, it runs September 23 through October 4 at the Ricardo Montalban Theatre in Hollywood. For tickets visit www. “Putting It Together” is a musical revue showcasing the songs of Stephen Sondheim Written by Stephen Sondheim and directed by Nick DeGruccio, it runs September 11 through October 11 on the Segerstrom Stage in Costa Mesa. For tickets call 714-708-5555 or visit “The Matchmaker” is the story told by “Hello Dolly” without the music. Written by Thornton Wilder and directed by Dave Florek, it runs September 12 through October 18 at the Victory Theatre Center in Burbank. For tickets call 818-765-8732 or visit www. “Underground Woman” is about a mature woman with a husband she hates, a drug addict son, a daughter in therapy, a competitive sister and an approving mother, who defies their wills by standing up for herself. Written by Victoria E. Thompson and directed by Anita Khanzadian, it runs September 12 through October 18 at the Theatre Unlimited Studios in North Hollywood. For tickets call 818-238-0501. “Follow Your Dreams” is a musical where 10 people are gathered together in a telemarketing room from different walks of life who all sell a diet pill as they influence each other through the comedies, dramas, and tragedies of their lives. Written by Laurie Stevens and Ronald Jacobs and directed by Stan Mazin, it runs September 12 through October 31 at the Secret Rose Theatre in North Hollywood. For tickets call 866-8114111 or visit “Shining City” A middle-aged businessman who has seen the ghost of his recently deceased wife reaches out to a former priest who is wrestling with his own demons. Written by Conor McPherson and directed by



As you pack the kids off to school and unpack your clothes from vacation take a break in a place that’s cool and see a show today – you won’t regret it.

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The Great Motivator: Darwin Heard Leads by Example “You don’t have to be Halle Berry to be a star”. Motivational entrepreneur Darwin Heard was born with a physical disability, but he says he can help those in entertainment attain higher levels of success by not focusing on obstacles or their emotional handicaps. He is available through his company Heard Consulting Group at 312-933-6635.

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what she was there to screen. He was accompanied by “the other one” she describes, somewhat less impressed by Ben Affleck. Shortly after her conversation with Matt Damon, and a whirlwind of press and meetings she would leave the Cannes Film Festival, a distribution deal secured for her cult film The Seduction of Dr. Fugazzi. Filmmakers she admires? “Dead or Alive?” she queries. “Alfred Hitchcock for his superb camera manipulation skills and Stanley Kubrick for his dark sense of humor. I also love the visual breath of Bryan Singer and the artistic sensibilities of Darren Aronofsky [Pi, Requiem For A Dream]. And who can resist David Fincher. The Game is one of the most original, under-rated films of all time”. When prompted for female directors, Kingsley names Julie Taymor [Frida, Titus, Across The Universe] as her idol. And Kingsley’s favorite movie? Kubrick’s A Clock Work Orange for “the strange mix of risqué content, dark humor, and disturbing violence”, she states, not surprisingly. As far as producers are concerned, Kingsley admits that she has a secret desire to work with the often maligned mogul Harvey Weinstein. “I know this may sound a little odd, but anyone

who is that widely feared and despised in Hollywood has got to be a truly fascinating human being to work with. People forget that despite his nasty reputation, Harvey Weinstein has been instrumental in bringing us some truly remarkable and memorable films, and he has always been fiercely supportive of original, ground-breaking cinema”. Kingsley poignantly ruminates, “It’s always very difficult to take a back seat or to compromise on your artistic visions, especially when you have such high ambitions for your films and a strong personality to back it up. You are bound to offend or insult someone at some point in your life.”

On a more personal note, what are some of Kingsley’s favorite things to do when she is not working on her films? Traveling and exploring different countries and cultures, including France, Italy, Germany, & Switzerland. She would love to buy a house in Paris, France she says, if she had to pick one location to live. No surprise her favorite foods include a cosmopolitan mix of Indian, Japanese, & French seafood dishes. She loves the sound of the Italian and French languages because as she says “it’s very soothing to the ear and very seductive for the listener”. Her favorite author is Edgar Allen Poe, and her favorite book is The Book of Disquiet by Fernando Pessoa. Her favorite music includes anything by award-wining,English rock band Muse. What’s on the horizon for the young director? A psychological

thriller in pre-production at LionsGate Entertainment and three other films in development, encompassing a wide range of genres, including science fiction, action, dark comedy and thrillers.

Kingsley is fascinated by the forbidden and the taboo, and likes to explore what motivates people, and what they are trying to hide. “You never know what you’re going to find when you dig below the surface” she says with a mysterious smile. “Looks can be deceiving. We all have secrets we need to keep hidden from the world.” When questioned as to what hers may be, she coyly replies, “That’s for me to know, and you to find out, darling”. She does however reluctantly admit to “a certain phobia of romantic entanglements”. Asked to give a question that she’s never been asked but would like to be, she comes up with “Who would you like to kill, and Why?” When queried for the answer to that very question, she declines to answer and gives me a bemused, naughty laugh, firmly stating that it was “too damn early in the morning” for her answer such a dangerously loaded question. October Kingsley is represented by The Rhem Management Group. [Los Angeles Office: (310) 836-2446]. She can also be reached directly via My-Space at octoberkingsley.



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