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Jimmy D Robinson: An eclectic ‘crazy piece of art’

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Dear Readers, Here at Hollywood Weekly we have so many exhilarating stories for you this issue. Ranging from artistic and eclectic individuals to inspirational journeys! All the while remaining strictly entertainment, no gossip! In this issue you will become immersed in Carmelita’s story ‘Dimension in C’, which is ever so heartfelt and inspirational. We also catch up with Jimmy D. Robinson who is an eclectic individual that describes himself as a ‘Crazy Piece of Art’. Robinson has a fresh, unique, and unparalleled twist on the world, which we all can appreciate. We also catch up with TNT- Tauna who is a model, blogger, and fashion stylist who has proven she is a one-stop guru for fashion trends. And of course we’ve covered some of the hottest red-carpet events, including travel shows, galas, and celebrations! I leave you with this cheerful quote for the holidays: “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart. Wishing you happiness.” - Helen Keller Wishing you and yours a safe and happy holiday! Cheers, Meagan Sargent P.S. Please send your thoughts to me at:


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any moons ago during the 70’s recording artist CARMELITA met which she describes as a tall, handsome “Evil Man” with fair complexion and natural red hair of African and German descent. This meeting led to marriage after she was lured into his spider web, drawn in by his Golden voice which led him to become a news anchor with KFWB. Blair Underwood, although also handsome, who has no physical resemblance to him portrayed him in an award winning film as the first African American reporter for the L.A. Times. Carmelita recalls his story of how he would shout out during his coverage of the Watts Riots to keep from being mistaken, “Don’t shoot man, I’m a brother.” When he was later interviewed on CNN the producer had the camera man darken the lens to give him more “color”.


Although there were some good times Carmelita remembers this as a stormy chapter in her life. His behavior was sometimes prompted by alcohol which was his downfall. He would explain that he was surrounded by some people in the news industry who drank which he credits for this problem. Somewhere along his path however he found Jesus before leaving this earthly stage. Carmelita was pleased to know of his enlightenment and had long ago forgiven any transgressions. Anyway the result of her previous relationship prompted Carmelita to write “Evil Man” and “Internal Crisis”. These originals blend the talents of the California Gold Band formed by Joel Sillman, highlighted with lead guitarist Carlos “Guitarlos” whose independent


success has led him to a #10 recording on the Blues charts. His style is reminiscent of a blend between Carlos Santana and Jimi Hendrix. The product was a pop/rock blend with a touch of jazz. The recording still sounds current. After the “Evil Man” exited her life Carmelita met Jerry Pittman, who became her soul mate since their marriage 1974. She later learned from his aunt that he is Hazel King’s son, and is the 2nd cousin of Martin Luther King. 1974 was also the year he produced her vocal on “Isn’t It Lonely” which they wrote together

and her original “Rosebud” on Carmen Records which reached the top 40 chart alongside such artists as the late great Godfather of Soul James Brown. The recording has become a rare soul collectible in the United Kingdom. A record collector of rare vinyl records discovered it and searched for seven years to locate her and her husband. He obtained a few copies and sold them to Northern England collectors. Eventually having passed various hands collectors paid up to $2,000 per single. Ubiquity Records learned of the recording and signed Carmelita to re-release “Isn’t it Lonely” on their California Soul Volume 2 at a regular price. A former L.A. Unified school teacher, she was invited by the legendary James Brown to bring her students to perform his rap “Killin’ is Out, School is In” with

Carmelita founded “The Rose Breast Cancer Society” in honor of her mother, Juanita Zara Espinosa Uddin, whom had a 4 year battle with breast cancer that claimed her life. The rose was her mother’s favorite flower and became the organization’s symbol of hope, and pink was also her mother’s favorite color.

1998 Carmelita founded The Rose Breast Cancer Society as a “Living Memorial” for her mother, Juanita Zara Espinosa Uddin, following her 4 year battle with breast cancer which claimed her life. The name of the organization was based on her mother’s favorite flower, the rose and is its symbol of hope. The color pink also happened to be her mother’s favorite color. Both symbols have taken on this universal message. The Rose Breast Cancer Society has produced 14 Annual Rose Variety Arts Shows to focus on what Carmelita Pittman has coined “EDU-tainment” to blend the fine and performing arts community alongside health experts to promote self-empowerment of wellness in a serene environment. The event was held 2012 at the historic Virginia Robinson Gardens

Garden photos by Tom Porter

him at the Greek Theatre. This was his answer to the Colombine school shootings 2001. As “Ms C.”Rappin’ “Pittman having recorded the “School of Cool’ 1985 with her students, she took her moment on stage to dance on one foot while she stood before thousands next to Mr. Brown. He looked on amused.


CA 90211. His spectacular oil paintings reminiscent of the Impressionist / Expressionist style with exploding color are sought after and in the collections of dignitaries & celebrities. D.A. Ballinger will auction a few of his works of art, some of the smaller pieces are suitable for gifts. A portion of the proceeds will benefit The Rose Breast Cancer Society. Carmelita will also deliver a performance of the selections on the sampler. Show” at “Intrigue r e h s perform Carmelita Encino. in ls o n the Gate y l N ic h o a rd y : R ic h P h o to b

D a rr

Keeping the health aspect of the event Jerry Robin, certified molecular hydration specialist will present a demonstration of Kangen Water which is Anti-oxidant, alkaline, super-hydrating, healthful and provides affordable water on demand from your own kitchen tap.

estate on 6 1/2 acres in Beverly Hills. The organization has received commendations and awards over the years from various civic leaders such as both Mayor Hahn and Mayor Villaraigosa and organizations including the Southern California Motion Picture Council, and Multicultural Motion Picture Association. Congresswoman Diane Watson, an Honorary board member has also been a loyal supporter and whose mother, Elizabeth Watson was honored as a Mother of the Year during the Annual Rose Variety Arts Show.

As a fundraiser the CD samplers will be available for only $10 and can also be ordered by sending check or money order per copy plus shipping/ handling per order payable to: The Rose Breast Cancer Society 264 South La Cienega Blvd Suite 1136, Beverly Hills CA 90211-3302

Carmelita recently served on the planning committee chaired by Lena Kennedy which produced the 13th Annual Women’s Health & Education Conference attended by 2,000 women and some men at the Pasadena Convention Center. Women issues continues to get her attention in collaboration with other like-minded individuals. A & E Allstar Entertainment recently produced her “Intrigue” Show at the beautiful Gate in Encino where she performed backed by music director Charlie Harrison with Jerrell Ballard on drums, Jimmy James on his two drum conga, his invention featured at the Smithsonian, with the likes of Ricky Rouse popular lead guitarist who performs regularly with the FUNKadelic band, Chaka Khan and more. Ricky also backed the late James Brown at the Pre-Grammy Music Industry Gala which Carmelita chaired and co-sponsored which was held at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel 1998. Emmy Lu, of Uganda and international acclaim as a visual artist will host her CD “Dimension in C” sampler listening party in his private art gallery Saturday Dec. 7, 2013 7:00 p.m. at 418 South Clark Dr., Beverly Hills,

6 - HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY 310-274-1130 RSVP is requested for the Dec.7 Listening Party

CD cover photo by Tom Porter Graphic design by Brent Bacchus








Music and Art for The World

Jimmy D Robinson written by Jim Strzalkowski



n a landscape of over-produced and super-hyped so-called “artistes,” one man, with a rich history, forges his way through the entertainment world. When one is a real “artiste” they do not need to continually remind their fans that they are artistic. True artists let the work they produce and create speak for itself, allowing their public to arrive at their own interpretations. One such humble artistic icon in the areas of music, poetry and fine art is Florida based Jimmy D Robinson. Long before Lady Gaga decided to call herself an “artiste” and go “ARTPOP,” Robinson was referred to as the modern day Andy Warhol with his eccentric, eclectic and pioneering artistic manner. Robinson submerges his audiences’ souls with complete amalgamation of his art through visuals, positive messages and musical sounds, while his subjects partake in the physical movements of dance. Jimmy D Robinson is a native of West Palm Beach and often refers to himself as a “Crazy Piece of Art” He has many fans around the world for his work as a visionary poet, lyricist, recording artist, musician, producer, art dealer, successful entrepreneur and activist. Truth-be-told, Robinson does not live for the applause, unlike Lady Gaga, although he inspires enormous hand clapping and accolades. Robinson is the son of a single mom who waited tables to support the family. This modest upbringing, pushed him to rely on his creativity to dream big. His grandmother taught young Robinson to write poetry and also exposed him to the World of Art, local music and dance. Imagination was valued as essential to living. During his early teen years, Robinson’s passion became the NYC disco scene. Unable to find himself artistically, Robinson, struggled to identify his path in life. Ultimately, Robinson found himself back in West Palm Beach, Florida, experiencing a period of homelessness, drug abuse, and hopelessness throughout his early years . Even in dire straits with an uncertain fate, his powerful creative talent inside his soul begged to be unleashed. While destitute, Robinson began penning abstract poems on scraps of paper or anything he could find. He would gaze at the moon, the stars, the clouds, the sun, searching for anything that would give him hope-hope to live, to overcome, and to triumph. The poetry he began to write saved Robinson’s life. Gradually, he found the more he wrote, the better he felt and the better his life got. Once he gained serenity through a clean lifestyle, Robinson was introduced to the Contemporary Art World. Today he specializes in brokering large collections of art as well as multi-million dollar paintings to elite and private clientele, luxury hotels and corporate offices worldwide after establishing is own firm Jimmy D Robinson, Inc. Robinson’s self-published works have earned him a sterling reputation in the world of media. Widely recognized as one of today’s most prolific writers, Robinson’s poems, musical stories, and lyrics reflect the hardships he has endured and the joys of overcoming them. Penning his words with stark reality-writing of the human condition-loneliness, love, desperation, and hope, Robinson uses his craft to convey his celebration of life.

MIND JUICE, also the first book in Robinson’s poetry arsenal. From the MIND JUICE CD sprang Robinson’s first international chart hit titled, “A Tiny Shoe,” which went to #6 on the Billboard Club Play chart and #7 on the UK Music Week chart. Establishing his record label, J Music Group became the next rung on Robinson’s artistic ladder. As a record label executive and producer/songwriter, he does not worry about star meter or current pop culture relevance. He works with talent he is attracted to artistically for each song and project. With a current label roster that includes iconic singers like Melba Moore, Carol Jiani and CEEVOX, Robinson is holding the reigns as an underground club music impresario. It wasn’t long before Jimmy D Robinson stepped up to the microphone himself and recorded the single “One More Chance,” which features stunning vocals of music legend Melba Moore. With more than six U.S. Billboard and U.K. Music Weekly top-ten chart hits already under his belt, Robinson’s venture into the music world has been a stroke of creative genius and luck. Recently, Robinson, put his entire J Music Group aka Jimmyland Corporation publishing catalog on the market for sale with a price tag of $35 Million. With over 44 fulllength CDs and over 277 musical tracks, Robinson’s body of work is considered a coveted “tour de force” in the dance music world. The catalog also includes many dubs and instrumental tracks that can be licensed to film, television and new media. Today, Jimmy D Robinson is grateful for his life and is thankful he weathered the many storms of his past to arrive at where he is today. His next poetry book entitled “Electric Blue” will be out early 2014 and will also be transformed into new music featuring legendary singers to be announced soon. For more information please visit Jim Strzalkowski Phone: 323/363-5094 Media Giants IMDB

Almost a decade ago, Jimmy D Robinson ventured into the studio and began setting his poetry to music. His debut full-length spoken-word CD was titled



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Hollywood Weekly November 2013  

In this issue you will become immersed in Carmelita's story 'Dimension in C'. Her story both wonderfully heartfelt and inspirational. We als...

Hollywood Weekly November 2013  

In this issue you will become immersed in Carmelita's story 'Dimension in C'. Her story both wonderfully heartfelt and inspirational. We als...