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By: Brea Tisdale

Watching the petite, unbelievably fit and graceful female figure model strike a pose onstage, you can hardly believe this beautiful woman is the newest owner of a small publishing company that donates part of its profits to charity. The winner of several major figure competitions including the California State Pro Figure Championship and the Tournament of Champions, Christine’s perfect exterior does not betray her business mind or her inclination towards giving back.


for children under the age of two. “When I learned about Zane’s death I wanted help to raise money for SMA, so I wrote Not A Fire Exit,” explained Finlan.

In fact, there are few stars that shine as brightly in the world of fitness modeling as Christine Pomponio-Pate’s, and the talented Colorado-native lists actress, motivational speaker, and mother to a two year-old son on an already impressive resume. So it would have been easy for her to ignore the email she received back in January from a small book publisher called Milverstead Publishing, asking her to do some promotional advertising for them in what she would discover to be a truly unique campaign. “When I first read Not A Fire Exit,” said Pate, “I thought, great book, but how do I fit in? But the more I learned about Chris, his book, and the publishing company that sprung from it, the more interested I became in being a part of what he and his partners were trying to do. Which is to allow authors to give something back, and have fun doing it.” “Chris”, formally known as Christopher Finlan, is an author and the founder of Milverstead Publishing, LLC. Finlan’s novel, Not A Fire Exit, was written and released in December, 2009. The novel is a work of fiction, full of intrigue and humor interwoven with a serious social message. It was written after learning that a former high school classmate had lost her baby daughter Zane to a disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy. SMA is the number one genetic killer

After a successful launch in December, and having already raised nearly $6,000 for SMArelated charities through his sales, Finlan was left wondering what his next move should be. “I got an e-mail from Helen Baldwin, another author in the SMA community who was looking to take her book, The Jeffrey Journey, to a new publisher,” he said. “She asked me how working with Milverstead Publishing was.” At the time Baldwin did not know that Finlan owned Milverstead and that the only book it had published was his own. He wanted to help Baldwin out and really liked her material, so it wasn’t long before Milverstead Publishing officially signed its first author. “We got our first round of funding and off we went.” Building a small publishing company was taking on a life of its own, so Finlan started to think about how he could move Milverstead a step further and gain promotion for its growing stable of authors, which now numbered four. He got in touch with Christine Pomponio-Pate, who he had seen in several magazines. “I had originally hoped she would do some modeling and promotional work for us. But after learning of Christine’s incredible life story, as well as her commitment to giving back to the community and different charities, I thought she might be willing to consider a more substantial relationship with Milverstead by doing a book deal. The more we e-mailed and talked, the more confident I was that she was everything that I wanted in one of our authors.”



Which is what, exactly? “It’s very cliché to say she’s more than just a pretty face. But the fact is, she’s much more. She overcame a serious car accident at age 18 and endured years of rehabilitation to not only compete but also thrive in an industry full of people who take artificial shortcuts to get ahead.” Not Christine. She approached every competition, every modeling assignment and every job with the focus and determination to be true to


herself and succeed on her terms, not someone else’s. “It’s an example that not only should be emulated, but celebrated,” Finlan enthused. Christine originally was interviewed to be the “face” behind the company, but she became so inspired by everything Chris was doing, that she joined Milverstead Publishing with an ownership stake and a much greater involvement. Christine is currently working on two different books, one an autobiography and

the other on fitness, which will both be published by Milverstead as part of the multi-book deal they signed with Christine. Like Not A Fire Exit and Milverstead’s other books, each book will donate part of its profits to charity. Christine will also portray a lead character in the viral marketing campaign for Chris’ next book. “It’s definitely a unique way to market a book. I’m thrilled to be a part of it, and I believe it could spark interest and really get people’s attention.”

Christine Pomponio-Pate

Getting people’s attention is something Christine will never struggle to do. Now in conjunction with Milverstead Publishing, LLC, they’ll be bringing that attention to causes like SMA with every book they produce. And that’s something we should all take notice of.

photo credit: Jason Hayes Photography

To learn more about Christine Pomponio-Pate, visit her website at http:// You can learn more about Milverstead Publishing and Chris Finlan’s novel Not A Fire Exit at and


Links, Chains, Gems, Pearls, Plain Change the insert... change the look!





Quit Being Thrown In The Garbage by Brea Tisdale Hollywood Weekly sat down with renowned headshot photographer Kevyn Major Howard. What we got was a candid interview, that I think will leave actors thinking and ultimately finding themselves staring at their current headshot!

are really interested in your look because your headshot does not inspire them. Coal does not sell folks, diamonds do! Advice: Remember your headshot is the evidence of what you do cinematically. It’s “one frame” of the movie the director is about to shoot. That’s how you get jobs with a headshot. Common sense, huh.’

‘Actors, let me introduce myself. I have been blessed as an actor having “If there is a better worked in film ‘You get a friend to photographer than Kevyn classics as Stanley shoot you, or you shoot Kubrick’s Full Metal yourselves with your cell Major Howard in the Jacket, privileged phone and then print entertainment industry I am it at Kinko’s. Wrong! to work with Clint Eastwood in Sudden Nope don’t do it! Stop unaware of him.” Impact, Charles fooling yourself! Bronson’s Death Wish Michael Levine 2, and worked with To sum that up: Do other important film you really believe that Michael Jackson’s Celebrity notables as Frank your headshot impresses Publicist Sinatra, James Caan, these talents? I mean, Lawrence Fishburne, really, ask yourself and Ron Howard. ‘ that question? Kevyn says the best advice he can give an actor is: “be He goes on in a passionate way…. the best you can be. Quit hoping. ‘What I am about to tell you and You say you’re an artist. Academy please don’t take offense, will be the Awards were never given to an actor truth. Some of you will hear it . . . who was mediocre. Take the hint. only . . . if your listening . . . not with Again it’s your career. I know you’re your ears . . . but with your common thinking, “Who is this guy” talking sense. Let’s begin by saying 99% of to us with such arrogance. Well it’s actors walk around with inferior, out of not arrogance . . . it’s really common focus, nasty headshots. Why do you sense. It frustrates me how many do that? You came to Hollywood with actors are led astray with mediocre a dream. In case no one has explained opinions and “let’s” save the actor a

this little detail; headshots are the critical tool and calling card that tells us you’re worth hiring for the cinematic big screen. Kevyn breaks down what the payoff is: ‘The payoff: your careers usually suffer because no agent or casting directors’


“dime” at the sake of his own career. Trust your instincts actors . . . you really know better. Don’t you? This is not about saving a dime? It’s about going to work, I think. Thirty years ago I reinvented the headshot industry across this country and internationally as well. I realized that

6000 headshots were sitting on every casting desk everyday and haven’t we all seen the mediocrity of those headshots. I decided that being better than “mediocrity” would be noticed and hence my headshots have been seen on Oprah and the Discovery Channel who did a documentary featuring my work as the “King Of The Hollywood Headshot” hosted by John Cleese, Elizabeth Hurley and casting director Mali Finn. Any of you can have anything you want in this industry. But first you will have to sit back and take responsibility for what you are not accomplishing. Is your headshot something you’re absolutely convinced someone would spend a 100k to make a billboard on Sunset Blvd? If your answer is no, then perhaps today is the day, you should change direction and really go after your dream. Get a headshot that is worthy of 5 million people’s attention and be proud to show it. Cinema is cinematic. ‘ ‘Hey listen . . . you can lead a horse to water?’ Kevyn tells me, ‘I hope you understand I am on your side. I get tired of actors being mistreated. Sick of it really. You deserve better and now its up to you. Be the best you

can be and damn well go to work.’ Enough Said! Kevyn Major Howard Studios 323. 664. 9564 to make your appointment.

Beyond the Lens by Brea Tisdale What’s it like to take headshots with someone who has done it all; someone who understands not only the in’s and out’s of acting, but has won awards proving she knows what it takes to grab attention? Meet Kristi Lynes of Coconut Photo. At the age of 16, she was a working actress, performing in CATS in Los Angeles, appearing in over 70 television commercials, 3 other Broadway shows and concerts. After becoming a National Spokesperson and then a Marketing Director for successful software company, she’s garnered over 20 trophies for corporate film production. When it comes to understanding creative types and “solving business problems”, Kristi gets it and created Think Like a Marketer: “Actors need to make it easy for casting directors to say yes,” says Kristi. “Headshots should be nimble marketing tools designed to solve a business problem. Casting directors simply don’t have time to imagine what you might look like in a business suit to play a young executive if you have submitted your mussed hair and hoody shot.” Kristi believes in a set of commercial shots and theatrical shots, e.g. if you are a woman, midthirties, you may need the following theatrical looks: “Disney Mom,” “Cop/ Detective”, “Business/ Dr./ Lawyer”, “Sexy Mom”, “Down to Earth, No Frills Mom”(obviously not suggested through

costumes or props but through subtle wardrobe elements and the essence of each shot.) She’s emphatic that headshots need to bring confidence to the casting table; communicating that you are the exact person/character production is looking for to solve their “business problem”.

Client Audrey Wasilewski (recurring on Mad Men and Big Love) reports Kristi is affordable, affable and savvy. “Having one’s headshots done typically instills dread and a sense of commitment one might feel getting a tattoo...not so at Coconut. I can call Kristi and tell her that I need an updated look - and whammo, we’ve completed a shoot, had a good laugh and my agents have the new tool they need to do their job.” Kristi also believes color is KING. “You must find a way to create ‘visual pull’ with your online thumbnails. We are drawn to inviting color when searching or browsing online.” She works with saturated backgrounds, wardrobe colors and skin tone to create an engaging and vibrant impression designed to get your shots clicked on. Lastly, Kristi’s a stickler for getting the right “catch lights” in your eyes and achieving a soulful, confident look. Bad headshots usually demonstrate “dead eyes”, poor color choices, off lighting, wrong wardrobe selections or restricted composition. Watch out for those elements – because all are necessary for a shot that will work, according to Kristi.

Parting Words: her best piece of advice? “Knowing when it’s time to get new shots. Actors can get to feeling helpless. Much of the business is out of their hands. The tough question is are you effectively managing one of the few components that is totally in your control. I have clients who’ve

waited for over 5 years to get new shots, clients who come to me with sub-optimal results after dropping a lot of money on another photographer, and then I have clients who just love their current shots – but they aren’t getting called in for anything. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is make a faster decision about getting new shots. In this digital age, in this economy and in Los Angeles, headshot prices can be reasonable. Your headshot set is your number one marketing tool – it needs to be invested in regularly to keep pace with TV/film trends and to keep up with you.” Kristi continues to stay focused on providing the best service for her clients. Actors must run their own business of selling a product – themselves. It’s easy to lose sight of business operations in a creative field, but Kristi says it’s possible to wear

both hats – with support from a good photographer looking out to find the best you in the lens. Kristi Lynes 818.370.6691


DISCOVER THE WARRIOR WITHIN by Brea Tisdale hen it comes to Stage Combat or W “Film Fighting” Robert Goodwin is someone who knows what he is talking

about. He has been coordinating fights for theatre for 30 years and film for 18 years. Robert’s studio is a professional (martial) arts studio with working (actors) and stunt (performers). Robert’s studio is (Film Fighting LA) (FFLA), which is an elite performance team skilled in contemporary and traditional weaponry and (fighting systems). They perform for film, television, theater, corporate, and special events. Their techniques are based on movement and fighting styles throughout the history of martial arts,

including Asian(:) Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Okinawan, and European(:) Medieval, Elizabethan and Restoration periods. FFLA members are working, trained professionals with oncamera experience, who adapt readily to directors’ requests. Robert and his team are going to be having an upcoming workshop, “Film Fighting Weekend” March (20th) and (21th). Saturday will be a four-hour session and Sunday will be two fourhour sessions. Saturday training will consist of a “Pirates Intensive” which is preparing people for the new Pirates movie, by learning the fighting styles and weapons used in the film, sword

more contemporary. (If you would like to take classes on a more regular basis you can participate in the (next set of introductory classes on) Sunday Evening(s) Class(es) from 4:30 to 5:30, which is European Sword Training. Or the 5:30 to 7:30 class in (Hong Kong Fighting), knifes, sticks and found weapons training. Starting on Wednesday March 3rd you can take (Hong Kong Fighting – Level 1 & 2) from 10 – 11:30 am.) Robert Goodwin has been around for many years in the Stunt world (and most recently worked on SHERLOCK HOLMES. He trained Christian Bale for BATMAN BEGINS, was sword master for Ron Perlman, trained The Original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and was the movement consultant for Robert Downy Jr., Jamie Foxx and the entire cast for the SOLOIST. He has worked as (a) fight Director for theatres from The Mark Taper Forum and Off Broadway, was the fight captain for The LA Opera’s production of “Tristan und Isolde” as well as the motion capture cinematographer of Smackdown vs Raw 2010 and 2011.) (Goodwin also worked on The Military Channels, (Lock “N” Load with Gunny Ermry and was the Stunt Coordinator for The history Channels “Andrew Jackson,” plus many many more. Achievement, Character & Teamwork, is that “Something Extra” that makes Robert and his team truly unique.


work, boarding knifes, (axes) and dirty fighting. Sunday from 10 am till 2 pm will consist of training in stunt falls. (Tim Storms will be teaching the Sunday morning, falls, workshop. He has worked on such films as; Spiderman II and III, The Matrix, Sword Fish, Cradle 2 and The Grave.) (After a two-hour break the next Sunday workshop will be) from 4 pm to 8 pm. Training will be in Hong Kong Fighting and knife fighting in the style of the (“Bourne”) Films. (This) second half (of Film Fighting) will be

If you want more information on the workshops and classes you can go to: Roberts Studio is located at: 2238 Purdue Ave at Olympic Blvd., 90025 You can also IMDB: (Robert G. Goodwin)



ntertainment is just that, entertainment. Situations and scenarios solely created to provide the audience with amusement and the chance to escape. There are so many films out there that we love to watch because of the thrilling action scenes or intense fighting sequences. Movies like these make us feel empowered, capable and strong (or we just like to cheer on the good guy kicking butt). The trick however is making “violence” look violent with out actually being violent. How does one do that? Turn to a professional with years of experience.

Wally Crowder has been working in the entertainment business for 35 years. By starting to working as a stunt coordinator wally was able to join the Directors Guild of America. This and his passion for driving eventually lead

him to be the Founder and President of the Professional Drivers Association. Wally’s team provides some of the finest stunt drivers to the commercial, film and television industry. Before the film business, Wally was a schoolteacher at the junior high level teaching speech and racing stock cars on the weekends. Which led him to start doing commercial driving. Wally started out as a commercial driver with the famous Tom Anthony Precision Driving Team, over 25 years ago. He logged over 2000 car commercials and thousands of hours behind the wheel in front of camera. Wally doubled for the industries finest racecar drivers, (AJ Foyt and Johnny Rutherford to name a couple). Working with such talented drivers taught him a wealth of knowledge that enabled him the ability to teach stunt driving to thousands. His speaking ability takes him all over the country giving public speeches to corporations, schools, and youth groups on Hollywood Magic and Driving Safety.

Wally is constantly trying to enrich those around him. Every year Wally & his wife Lori publish the Stunt Players Directory and Internet site. Which is the only stunt database in the world that is updated on daily basis. With this database at hand, Wally has no trouble finding your project the very best stunt man or woman in the world. Creating the Stunt Players Directory led him to the development of the Stunt Players Memorial web site. This database is in honor of stunt performers who have past away.

If you want more information you can go to: Or contact Wally at: You can also IMDB: Wally Crowder


Appropriate Tension by Brea Tisdale


hat if I told you there was a way to combine your trip to the therapist and yoga class, by learning one method? What if I told you that this method would teach you how to get rid of harmful tension in your body and your mind? If I am going to be making such promises, I need to send you in the right direction, send you to someone that can guide you on path of discovery and enlightenment. Someone that will provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to discover and grow. This person is June Chadwick and the method is the Alexander Technique. The Alexander Technique is a method that works to change (movement) habits in our everyday activities. It is a simple and practical method for improving ease and freedom of movement, balance, support and coordination. It is not a series of treatments or exercises, but rather a reeducation of the mind and body. Frederick Matthias Alexander discovered his remarkable technique in response to solving vocal problems he had as an actor. Since no doctors were able to help him, he embarked upon a journey of observation, finding that his voice was related to the use of his entire body. Over time he found a way to ‘redirect’ his reactions, his brain to body responses, not only curing his vocal problems but affecting his whole health and well being June Chadwick is a certified member of the American Society of Alexander Technique Teachers, but she wasn’t always a teacher of the Technique. In fact she was an actress, singer and dancer who went to the Royal


Academy of Music in London. It was here that she was introduced to the technique. The lessons helped her through scoliosis, curing her back pain and helping her through stage fright. June has been taking lessons ever since. Chadwick was a working successful actress for many years, traveling to Africa and all around the world performing in Television shows and Films (“V” and “This is Spinal Tap”, to name a few). Another passion of hers is athletics, where balance and strength are required. Without her practice and lessons of the technique, she wouldn’t be able to perform at peak levels. All of this really inspired June and she decided that her 40 years of experience with the technique was something that needed to be shared and explored so she gave up a 30year career as an actress, singer and dancer to teach and help others. June says we need to have tension in our bodies otherwise they would “collapse”, the key however she informs me is that we need to have “appropriate” tension. She tells me how connected the mind and the body are, something that happens to you mentally, will happen to you physically and visa versa. Depression and fear pulls us in and down, we need to learn to recognize when our bodies are reacting and have the tools to guide us out of it. When you walk into a room one of the first things people see is how you move. Ease and confidence manifest physically. June goes on to say that the technique teaches us to be in the moment, being present in where you are right

now. She says this is hard for actors especially because they are always trying to be someone else and always feeling a need to get it right. She goes on to say how important lessons are because they give us the ‘hands on’ help that we need, the hands give us a message telling us “not to go there, no need for tension.” Without the hands and touch, we’re unaware of much of the stress we’re holding onto or what to do about it. Chadwick believes the Technique is the most powerful tool for voice training since it teaches us to connect our mind and body and realize the inappropriate tension so we can breathe. June teaches at her home in the west of Los Angeles, with breathtaking, sweeping views and also in her peaceful home in Montecito. In LA she is conveniently located off the 405 and Mullholand. She is a guest teacher for the drama and dance departments at Westmont College and has also taught for the drama, dance and music departments at the California Institute of the Arts. Chadwick also teaches Polo Players, Tennis Players, actors and chiropractic patients. June says she couldn’t be happier than she is right now, living in the moment and providing the knowledge and gift of the Alexander Technique to others. So let June help you to begin your journey. To contact June Chadwick send an email to june.

Achieving Peak Performance by Brea Tisdale


ameramen do it. Producers do it. Editors do it. People every where slouch, creating tension and collapse as they sit at the computer, stand in line, walk through the mall, drive their cars, and move through life. They compress their entire spine, triggering neck and hip pain, interfering with respiratory functioning, and adding undue stress on their entire body. When dealing with situations that demand peak performance, directors, business executives, lawyers, doctors, writers, actors and musicians, tighten their neck and shoulder muscles, hold their breath, clench their jaw, and “stress out”. They diminish their ability to make creative decisions and interfere with their success.


Alexander Technique (AT) addresses these harmful habits. Students come for a lesson slouched, stressed, and exhausted. After a lesson, which is about an hour, they feel light, calm, and are smiling. during a series of AT lessons, students learn how to identify and release tension patterns that negatively affect their functioning. For example, when they are stressed, anxious, and worried, they hold their breath, tighten their musculature, and pull down on their entire structural framework. Through hands-on guidance and instruction, Sharon teaches how to undo the tension patterns that are

so detrimental to performance. Students can allow their bodies to move with their breath and release to a balanced homeostasis. They feel light, calm and pain-free. Training in AT gives high-level entertainers “tools” to produce more fluid performances. They learn to quiet and still themselves so that they are creative, spontaneous, and dynamic under pressure. They can manage stress more effectively. Knowing how to release unnecessary tension instills a sense of confidence and ease when auditioning, rehearsing, and shooting. They have a more grounded voice, a taller stature, and a more open body language. Using less muscular effort gives actors, writers, or directors more overall energy to accomplish their dreams. Many renowned performers including Ben Kingsley, William Hurt, Jeremy Irons, James Earl Jones, Sting, Paul McCartney, Robin Williams, Kevin Kline, Paul newman, Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Juliette Binoche, Kenneth Branaugh, Michael Caine, and Hillary Swank have used the Alexander Technique as their “secret weapon” on stage and on

screen. Sharon Jakubecy began studying the Alexander Technique 12 years ago because it relieved chronic and debilitating hip pain. However, she decided to train to become an AT teacher when she recognized how she was much calmer and better able to deal with stress. She is an AmSAT (American Society for the Alexander Technique) certified teacher since 2003. She helps writers, doctors, teachers, singers, actors, cellists, and business executives achieve peak performance. She is also on the faculty at Stella Adler Academy of Acting, American Academy of dramatic Arts, and X Repertory Theatre Company in Los Angeles. The LA opera, Women in Theater, The dating Coach, Vox Humana, and Children’s Hospital have sought her to teach workshops for their organizations. Sharon Jakubecy has the knowledge, compassion and experience to help you achieve your peak performance with poise, ease and confidence! To contact her, visit www.

“I was first introduced to Alexander Technique and to Sharon in acting school. The course was so fascinating to me because it gave me tools for awareness of my instrument. during a class performance I experienced a connectedness of my voice, breath and body; a freedom that I had never encountered before. Since graduating I have continued lessons, endlessly discovering not only as an actor but also as a human body in motion in my day-to-day life. Sharon offers incredible insight and process in relearning how to move, speak and breathe, without tension.” -dana Salah, Actor


A Thousand Words by Brea Tisdale


hey say a picture is worth a thousand words, however a “bad” picture can say nothing at all. So what makes a picture worth words and what makes a picture worth nothing? Some would say the answer to that is technical knowledge of lighting, composition, and exposure. I think however, it’s the ability of the photographer to see into the moments, the ability to understand what is real and what is not. When I met Philip Holbrook I could see that he was a ‘real’ person, with real emotions, understandings and thoughts. He wasn’t nervous or caught up in trying to “impress” me or act a certain way. He was genuine, passionate, talented and funny as hell. I instantly felt at ease and comfortable. He was just a photographer who was simply there to “freeze frame” moments as they are. Holbrook has been shooting photos from a very young age. Anything from family photos to professional ones, he has always had that passion in him to capture life.

Philip attended the University of Mary Washington graduating Cum Laude in 2007 with a BA in Sociology and a focus on Film. Philip is experienced in working with “moving” camera operations. This skill has provided him with the deep understanding


of imagery, which is exactly why he takes such stunning photographs. Philip has been in Los Angeles for a little over two years now. This change he described to me was something inspiring to him. As you all may know the East coast and the West coast are very different places. As most people who recently move to the city of angels, you have to adjust to the “sunshine” (which let’s face it, is a positive adjustment to make) the traffic, the diversity and the rat race. Philip however, is raw and real, a good guy. He hasn’t let the traffic get to him so to say, hasn’t let the town change him. He is still himself - talented, humorous and friendly (which in this town can be hard to find). Philip takes time to get to know the person he is working with and adjusts every shoot to fit their needs and personality. He chooses to work cooperatively towards capturing his shots rather than being the “allknowing photographer” who makes every decision on his own. He is always open to input from his clients, which he believes is the key to his success. This personal touch allows

him to see the “truths” in each photograph. His process combined with his technical experience give him the balance that most photographers frankly fall short of.

Philip Holbrook 323.448.0747

FIND YOUR RHYTHM by Brea Tisdale


ome of us are blessed with the gift of movement and some of us are rhythmically challenged. You see people all the time in Movies and TV making it look effortless and spontaneous. Well like much of the entertainment industry, it’s not as easy as it looks, there is someone that has worked long and hard to choreograph, teach and execute those moves. I discovered Hollywood’s hidden secret; Fred Tallaksen, an award winning choreographer who’s work can be recognized all over the world of entertainment.

the Middle, which he was the staff choreographer, for which he was nominated for 2 Emmy Awards, won an American Choreography Lending his talents to film, television, commercials, Award as well as a Choreography stage, music videos and the corporate entertainment Media Honors Award. Fred has field, Fred has not only choreographed dancers, also choreographed episodes of singers, actors and musicians, Modern Family, True but also skaters, drummers, Jackson VP, The “I can pretty much BMX & skateboarders, aerial 120th Rose Parade, artists, cheerleaders, gymnasts guarantee that Arrested Development, and all kinds of specialty you have seen Miss Guided, Rules performers. He has become of Engagement, Blue Fred’s work at some known for his signature Collar TV, Living with point, perhaps “everything but the kitchen sink” Fran Drescher, the in ‘Madonna’s spectacle style worldwide. Hollywood Christmas Confessons World Parade, 7 years on I can pretty much guarantee Days of Our Lives, Tour” that you have seen Fred’s Mad TV, Boy Meets work at some point or another. World, Monk, Two Perhaps it was in Madonna’s Guys and a Girl and Nickelodeon’s “Sorry” music video that he choreographed or Kids’ Choice Awards. The title the finale of her “Confessions World Tour.” Which sequence Fred choreographed for led him to receive a Choreography Media Award. Sid the Science Kid won an Emmy However if you are not a Madonna fan then maybe in 2008 for best title sequence. you have seen his work in music videos that he Fred has choreographed multiple did for Weezer episodes of this animated PBS (Pork and Beans), children’s show and has become James Blunt an expert for choreography using (1973) and motion capture technology. Enrique Iglasias (Can You Hear Or maybe you’re that rare person Me.) The music out there that loves watching video Fred Commercials. If so then his work choreographed includes: Mountain Dew Busby for Juanes (Me Berkeley Spot, Washington Mutual, Enamora) won 7 spots for Goodyear Tires, a Latin Grammy Mitsubishi, Dirt Devil, 2 spots for Award for best Round Table Pizza, Domino’s Pizza, video of 2008. plus many more. If you are more of a TV person then you might notice his work on any of the seven seasons of Malcolm in

Fred doesn’t stop there he is very involved in theatre. Choreographing large shows such as: Damn Yankees, Music Man, Songs for a New World, Music of the Night and Miss Desmond Behind Bars which earned him an Ovation and Robby

Award nomination. For Universal Studio’s Summer Movie Drive Inn, Fred choreographed Grease, West Side Story, Footloose, Xanadu, the Wizard of Oz, Happy Feet, Mama Mia, Little Shop of Horrors and Dirty Dancing. Fred fuels his inner child by working regularly with Disney. His credits include the amazing spectacle entitled The Legend of Mythica for Tokyo Disney Seas (THEA award for best show), Dance Time at Disneyland Paris and the Pixar Play! Parade, at California Adventure. (Fred is also show Director for this spectacle) Fred has worked on events all over the world for major corporations. His percussion group Rhythm Extreme has performed at over 400 corporate events worldwide. (www.rhythmextreme. com) You might be thinking to yourself “I think I have seen Fred on TV?” You have, he currently plays the role of the eccentric choreographer “Mr. X” on the Nickelodeon hit show “Big Time Rush.” Being a talented and eclectic choreographer, who is prepared, organized, professional and easy to get along with, puts Fred in demand with top Directors and Producers worldwide. He is well versed in many styles and disciplines and is super creative. It’s no wonder he’s Hollywood’s “Go to man”








a question you don’t come across everyday: “What does

esteemed actor/writer/ producer/director Gary Oldman, cell phones, a Jewish Hip Hop Group named Chutzpah, bikini clad women and a music video all have in common?” If you are Juliet Landau they are all elements of her funny, cutting-edge directorial debut called, “Take

Gary Oldman & Juliet Landau

“Take Flight”

Flight”. is



But TF

with tongue ‘n cheek cultural references). They shamelessly coaxed him into directing a music video for them and it was agreed they would do it using cell phone cams. Gary asked Juliet to direct a “behind the scenes making of”. Using more evolved equipment she covered Gary, Chutzpah and a bevy of bikinied beauties from start to finish.




entertaining short


documentary… it’s a celebration of creativity. There are fascinating parallels between these collaborators. Like Oldman, Juliet Landau is accomplished on many levels. She is a respected actress, writer, producer, model, former ballerina and burgeoning director. They both have exceptional abilities to transform into other characters right down to many undetectable accents. In fact, Oldman’s American dialects (regional, no less) are so indelible that some are shocked to learn he is British. Conversely, American born Landau infused her tour de force Drusilla character from the series’ Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel with a British accent that has been praised on both sides of the pond…and by Mr. Oldman as well. Perhaps the common thread that best defines both of them is the pursuit of that “right


moment when creativity takes flight”. Juliet and Gary spoke of this as they worked and a title was born. So, how does cell phones and Jewish hip hop factor in? Oldman knew Chutzpah a bit beyond their music and liked what they do (it’s probably best described as party music

Soon after, as Juliet watched over 50 odd hours of footage 3 times over, she realized there was something far more important going on than just a “making of”. She had uncovered a portrait of a world renown artist at work… seen in a light he’s never been seen before. Oldman is funny, inventive, playful, even childlike in his exploration. His efforts weren’t to generate some misguided notion that cell cams would be the latest format claiming to be “the new film”. They were merely inexpensive, potentially artistic tools that could yield a creative result in the right hands and with the right crew. The images they capture are actually better than expected, but it isn’t the technical veracity that Juliet trained her own cameras on, it was the artist at work. Though he directs infrequently, Oldman knows his way around it. “Nil by Mouth”,

a British film written and directed by Gary won him a BAFTA for his writing and it was nominated for directing. It won numerous other awards including an Alexander Korda Award for excellence in a British film. So why would a guy with these credentials take on a directorial assignment like this? Well, how about just for the art of it. That

same creative spirit is exemplified by Juliet and it shines through in her work… it always has. Juliet was a newbie with only one movie under her belt when she auditioned for “Ed Wood”. Tim Burton, no stranger to that rare creative gene pool loved her audition, met with her and knew he didn’t need to look any further to cast “Loretta”. Juliet

producer Susan Landau Finch), the fact is, the name has never provided much mileage. What Juliet accomplishes is the result of hard work and a driven need to create. “Take Flight” could have been a 3 minute “making of a music video”. Instead, a creative mind with a persistent vision said, “No, that’s not nearly enough”. Few actors have had an impact on modern cinema the way Gary Oldman has. We have his movies, but we’ve seldom glimpsed the artist behind them. Juliet’s creative instinct has brought us an intimate, one of a kind perspective. We are in the mind of Gary Oldman, seeing what he’s seeing, feeling what he’s feeling and loving the joy behind it every step of the way.

beat out a lot of big names for the role and contrary to most assumptions she was cast before her father, Martin Landau, was signed on. He of course went on to win an Academy Award for an uncanny interpretation of Bela Lugosi. While Juliet comes from an entertainment industry dynasty (her mom is Barbara Bain and her sister is

Ms. Landau confesses to being a nervous wreck when taking her final cut of the film to Oldman’s house. They watched it together and when it was over he had a singular note about a sound cue…and that’s all… oh, except that he loved it and was thrilled to know that someone had captured the real him, the Gary seldom glimpsed. And that’s what can happen when something that would have been a frivolity in most hands gets the creative treatment from a couple of artists instead. Juliet Landau’s “Take Flight” will debut as a pay per view streamed entertainment beginning February 25th at


Jimmy Kimmel’s

HanDsome Men’s Club On

Hollywood’s biggest night, late-night host Jimmy Kimmel welcomed two-time Academy Award, nominee Robert Downey Jr. as his guest, a musical performance by Grammy Award, winner Keith Urban and premiered three special comedy videos. The first featured Kevin James, the second showcased over 15 of Hollywood’s most handsome men plus a surprise cameo from Jennifer Garner and finally, Academy Award winner Christoph Waltz was celebrated during the fifth annual, Jimmy Kimmel Live: After the Academy Awards. 30 HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY

Usually, an awards’ night is all about the winners, but Kimmel showed viewers how the Academy notifies people who AREN’T nominated by waking up Kevin Jamesto alerting him that his work in Paul Blart: Mall Cop was snubbed: watch?v=Mm7agcOL68g “Iron Man” star Robert Downey Jr. stopped byafter presenting at The Academy Awards telecast to introduce the world premiere of his Iron Man 2 trailer. Kimmel presented a star-studded video of the first ever meeting of the Handsome Men’s Club, featuring many of Hollywoods handsomest men including Ben Affleck, Rob Lowe, Lenny Kravitz, Sting, Matthew McConaughey and many handsome more with a shocking finale including Kimmel’s long-running on-air nemesis, Matt Damon.

Check out the link below to find out if Jimmy’s able to defend his position as president of the prestigious

club: Be sure to watch Downey Jr. chat about making “Iron Man 2,” working with Mickey Rourke and check out the exclusive “Iron Man 2” trailer: watch?v=E01klRaH7M4 Also




ments after Christoph Waltz accepted the Academy Award forBest Supporting Actor, Kimmel aired a BBC biography chronicling his rise tofame including an exclusive clip from his greatest work to date -?DerHumpnik.? com/watch?v=kUbGcRJUDu0 If you missed the show (or can’t wait to watch it again) make sure to tune-into the rebroadcast of the “Jimmy Kimmel Live: After the Academy Awards” this Saturday March 13 at 10:00pm on ABC. If you missed the show (or can’t wait to watch it again) make sure to tune-in to the rebroadcast of the Jimmy Kimmel Live: After the Academy Awards? This FRIDAY March 12 at 12:05am on ABC.

“Jimmy Kimmel Live” airs weeknights on ABC at 12:05am ET/PT. HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY 31


Best & Worst

Jake Gyllenhaal and Rachel McAdams present at the 82nd Annual Academy Awards

Oscars FaSHIoN 2010 By: Brea Tisdale

There are many people out there that tune into the Oscars, not to see which deserving director, actor or film is going to be taking home with them a gold statue; but to tune in for the preshow red carpet, where fashion holds no limits and gowns are ripped apart or adored. Let’s see whose apparel was a hit and who’s fell short… All photographs are Copyright© A.M.P.A.S. except where noted

Jennifer Lopez and Sam Worthington present at the 82nd Annual Academy Awards

Sandra Bullock


Presenters Miley Cyrus and Amanda Seyfried during at the 82nd Annual Academy Awards

Missed the Mark Mariah Carey, honestly let’s get some elegance, you are not in your 20’s ( I don’t think I would like this on a 20 year old even) Sorry MiMi not happening. Zoe Saldana looks like a flower who stopped blooming.

Academy Award presenter Zoe Saldana

Charlize Theron’s dress looked like a walking target range. Jennifer Lopez should have left this fabric overload on the side of the road and come with a back up choice. Sarah Jessica Parker, what is this? A banana peel that someone’s mom sewed together for you?

Actress Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick

Best Dressed Female Carey Mulligan Sandra Bullock is getting praise for her acting chops and her wardrobe choices. I loved the more tightly fitted gold Marchesa dress. Rachel McAdams wore an Elie Saab Haute Couture. I think the sweetheart neckline and the romantic print made Miley Cyrus ( I am just as shocked as you to even be saying her name) I loved her Jenny Packham dress. I wish should would have stood up straight though. Elizabeth Banks’ light blue, strapless Versace gown was a great fit, both sexy and whimsical. I thought the color choice was great with her hair and skin color. Carey Mulligan went with a darker strapless Prada gown with gold embellishments, which I think with her hair and makeup managed to look both formal and edgy.

Actress Charlize Theron

Elizabeth Banks


Spotlight On...

Christophe Deluy

The Guru of Retouching Christophe

Deluy was born and raised in the center of Provence. He grew up surrounded by paintings of the past centuries since his mother was restoring master pieces, for museums in France. Very soon, he found the way to take a photography class instead of smoking cigarettes with his village friends. Life then made him a musician until he realized that his destiny was about the marriage of paint and photography. He started to retouch images for his brother and at the same time worked as an assistant for several  photographers.


By: Niki Shadrow

Christophe Deluy is a very high end retoucher. He learned the light and the backstage of the photo shoot, and finally decided to become a full time retoucher.

Seven years later Pixretouch is his company. Deuly has fixed a number of images for noted brands, celebrities and gifted photographers. He has worked on campaigns for YMI Jeans, Nescafe, Palmolive Shampoo as well as celebrities such as Kelly Osbourne, Dita Von teese, Marilyn Manson, Jessica Alba and Adrian Brody. Christophe has worked with photographers such as Odessy Barbu, Jean Daniel Lorieux, Nicolas Bets, Ivan Belaustegui and so many more.  In 2009, Christophe received an honorable mention for his work from the National Association of Photoshop Professionals. If you want your photos to look the best they can be call Christophe Deluy! 

What’s Cooking With:

Nadine Barner the United States and Europe, for over twenty years    Nadine Barner is a holistic macrobiotic health counselor who has taught whole foods and macrobiotic cooking at the Epicurean Cooking School in West Hollywood, and in private households throughout


A graduate of the Kushi Institute in Massachusetts, she has pursued studies in Oriental Medicine and related subjects in Amsterdam, Netherlands and Kiental, Switzerland. While refining her skills as a macrobiotic healing counselor and Nutrition Educator, Nadine has cooked and inspired many individuals to make a positive life-style and eating choice. For ten years, she operated a macrobiotic catering company in Santa Monica that serviced ill as well as healthy individuals. She has traveled as a macrobiotic chef with various Hollywood celebrities such as Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow and the Wayans brothers and worked with families of ailing relatives. More recently, she has toured world-wide with Sting and his band the Police and introduced macrobiotic concepts in all five stars hotels on the way.

By: Niki Shadrow

Currently, Nadine Barner is working with new mothers on how to prepare delicious and healthy foods for babies and toddlers while finishing a cookbook on macrobiotic cooking for newborns. In addition, she offers cooking classes and lectures as well as individual counseling and cooking instructions. Nadine’s knowledge of nutrition has been artfully developed through years of both professional and selfstudy. Her macrobiotic perspective incorporates the best of Eastern and Western approaches to food, nutrition and healing with a contemporary interpretation. Her philosophy is to help clients focus on having a healthier relationship with food and the astounding ways in which it can positively transform everyday life. One of her passion is helping professional women enhance their ability to excel and achieve using healthy foods as a catalyst.


beLLaFOrTuna presents

CandyLand and Gift Lounge at Beverly hilton decorated by Carrie Zack events vents oscar Night March 7, 2010 by NIKI shADroW

Garvey Nut and Candy Candy Bar


Photographer Cory Whitted

Night is always full of surprises; from the extravagant

dresses and jewels on the red carpet, the award winners and the hottest parties in town!

This year was no exception.


C a r r i e Z a c k , G r e y ’s A n a t o m y A c t o r J a m e s P i c k e n s J r. a n d B E LLA F ORT U N A Owner Anita Thompson Photographer Cory Whitted

H a n s e n ’s C a k e a n d A m e r i c a n I d o l Actress Kimberly Caldwell Photographer Cory Whitted

Inglorious Bastards Actor Samm Levine and Anita Thompson Photographer Cory Whitted

Over at the Beverly Hilton Hotel , Children Uniting Nations hosted their 11th annual Oscar Viewing Party. This year the surprise of the evening was the BELLAFORTUNA Gift Lounge dubbed “Candyland” by owner Anita Thompson.

Noa Cyrus and Carrie Zack Photographer Cory Whitted


A small gift lounge tucked away in the International Gallery of the Beverly Hilton Hotel. The decked out lounge had not only the hotel staff

and guests talking but news spread across town and before the end of the night there was a line out the door of guests trying to gain access to the hottest Oscar Lounge in town. Carrie Zack and Nigel Ayers of Carrie Zack Events transformed the 1000 square foot room into sight a for the senses. Bright Pastel Balloons from Balloon Celebrations covered the ceiling, Sky Flowers created beautiful arrangements and draped the room in bubble



Gift Lounge at Beverly Hilton decorated by Carrie Zack Events gum pink satin fabric. Fusion linens draped the tables in a variety of neon colors. 157 productions created giant gingerbread men and Paper Girl created candy signs, candles and more. The night of course would not have been complete without candy donated by and Garvey Nut and Candy and a giant Hansen’s Cake. Better than the decorations were the gifting participants - Liquor Luggage, Hot Rocks Jewelry and Aussie Boots were the highlights of the gifting suite.

Hot Rocks Jewelry Photographer Cory Whitted

Some of the celebrity guests gifted include Randy and Rebbie Jackson, Noa Cyrus, Daphne Zuniga One Tree Hill / Melrose Place, Daniel Booko Medium/ Desperate housewives, Samm Levine Inglorious Bastards, James Pickens Jr. Greys Anatomy. While guests were provided with bags to scoop and take home candy, the evening ended in the candy scoops being used to delve into the yummy cake!!

Ausiie Boots

Photographer Cory Whitted

Actress Daphne Zuniga and Nigel Ayers Liquor Luggage

Photographer Cory Whitted

Photographer Cory Whitted



Actor Daniel Booko & Anita Thompson

Suite Decor Carrie Zack & Nigel Ayers of Carrie Zack Events

Photographer Cory Whitted

Carrie Zack Hair by Glenn Deneve

Cristophe Salon Beverly Hills

PR AJ Public Relations Sweet Sponsors Balloon Celebrations Fusion Linens Sky Flowers & Event Production Paper Girl s w e e t f a c t o r y. c o m Candy Bar Photographer Cory Whitted


157 Productions Hansen’s Cakes Garvey Nut & Candy and

Danny Bopp is a professional race car driver with over fourteen years of driving experience. He has been competing since the age of eleven and celebrated in Victory Lane over 75 times with championships to match.

This quick learner adapted well especially after he received lessons from his father, Glenn Bopp, on how to perform behind the wheel. With a legendary resume of working with some of the greatest drivers in the industry, Glenn was able to teach him quick response times, a feel for the steering wheel, and patience under strenuous conditions. After a short two weeks of training, Danny was ready to compete. He began his motorsports career driving WKA Karts, winning his debut race in Illinois. From that momentum, he went on to win thirty-two races and three championships over the course of three seasons. After moving to North Carolina, he began competing in the World 600 Bandolero Series. After only the first season, he claimed six wins and finished second in the championship. During his second and final season, he won over twelve races and took the championship at Lowe’s Motor Speedway’s Summer Shootout. In 2002, he advanced to the World 600 Legends Cars Series and finishing third in his first race. Throughout the course of the season, he claimed one win and six top-five finishes.

Danny then moved quickly to the USAC Ford Focus Midget Series. There he was able to broaden his driving abilities with a faster and lighter car. In the two seasons he competed in the Midget Series, Danny was able to claim one win, posted second place three times, and finished in the top-five seven times.

years. He has been featured in several National commercials and had a featured role on Chappelle’s Show. He has modeled for Maxim, Men’s Health, Details, and appeared on the cover of Scientific American magazine, as well as several National print advertisements including Schick Quattro Razors and Vault Energy Drink.

In 2008, he made his debut in the ARCA RE/MAX Series at Berlin Raceway in Marne, Michigan. This was not only his first competition in the ARCA RE/MAX Series, it was also his debut in any stock car. After beginning the race in 33rd position due to faulty equipment from the sanction, he drove to a tenth place finish. This brought his driving ability and career to a new standard. He gained much respect from those at a professional stock car level and a heightened fanbase.

Off the track, he continues to show his philanthropy and generosity to the community. He recently ran in the Youth Run 4 Haiti with Josh Duhamel, a two mile run to raise awareness for the devastation in Haiti. He says “this is the time when we need to pull together as people and help those in real need.”

For the 2009 season, Danny tested and practiced many times with various teams to improve his overall performance in the race car. In 2010, he plans to compete in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series, a full-sized stock car series focusing on the east and west coasts. He is negotiating with corporate sponsors and teams to seek out the most suitable move for the next step in his career. His current sponsors include Amazing Grass organic green superfoods, American-made Thorlos Socks, and, a free webbased personal finance application. “I am looking to endorse and promote companies I truly believe in,” he said during an interview in Los Angeles.

If you would like to find out more about Danny Bopp’s goals and ambitions both on and off the race track, you can visit His new redesigned t shirts are currently selling on his website with 25% of the profits being donated to the American Red Cross to assist the Haiti victims. He plans to launch more merchandise for his fans in the near future with similar goals in mind.

His future goals include the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series in 2011 for a well-established race truck team. He wants to advance quickly to the top level of NASCAR in the Sprint Cup Series in 2012. He is currently utilizing his talent and determination to meet these goals. Along with driving, Danny has been professionally modeling and acting in the fashion capital, New York City, for five

w w




Oscar winner Fisher Stevens with Natane Boudreau


Governor’s B A L L By: Brea Tisdale

Oscar winner Barney Burman watches as Mark Psaros and Claire Lockhart engrave his Academy Award

Academy Award winner Geoffrey Fletcher with Tyler Perry, Gayle King, and Oprah Winfrey

The Governors Ball is the official post Oscar party hosted at the ballroom adjoining the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles. It’s the obligatory first stop for Oscar winners and nominees. Here are some photos from inside the event.

Academy Award winners Kathryn Bigelow and Mark Boal


Academy Award winner Geoffrey Fletcher (L)

Academy Award winner Sandra Bullock

A l l p h o t o g r a p h s a r e C o p y r i g h t © A . M . P. A . S . e x c e p t w h e r e n o t e d

Oscar winners Paul Ottosson, Chris Innis, and Bob Murawski

Academy Award nominee Quentin Tarantino




OFCChollywoodWkAd:Layout 1


7:38 PM

Page 1

A hip and contemporary line of clothing‌

‌that borrows from a classic and timeless Victorian sensibility. Los Angeles, California | For Men & Women By Appointment Only | 323.643.0000

A place safe enough for Couture By: Brea Tisdale

I pride myself on being someone that is always finding really unique “one of kind” vintage pieces of clothing. The thing about buying these “unique” pieces is that you don’t always/can’t really wear them without having them cleaned first, because honestly who knows where they have been…(Really who wants to know)? But, I get really nervous about taking my stuff to the cleaners…who hasn’t had your favorite one-of-a-kind coat ruined or misplaced…. I sure have! Recently however, I found a place that is different then all the rest…. Beverly Crest Cleaners.

“Joe- blow” service. Beverly Crest caters to upper estate/ celebrity clientele as well as studios. Which I know you are thinking so what, who cares…? Well I do and so should you frankly. As you may or may not know, most celebrities don’t have time to be fooling around with their clothes. They are often expected to be wearing certain things at certain times or they might even be wearing something that is on loan to them… so they can’t afford costly mistakes. In fact, a good friend of mine owns a high-end boutique on Third Street and someone had

You can find Beverly Crest Cleaners at: 10301 Santa Monica Blvd. West Los Angeles, CA 90025 or online at: They have been around since 1927. The current owners Harry and david have owned the place since 1978. They are brother- inlaws that are both engineers, electrical and mechanical. They saw an opportunity for a unique business and jumped on it. The thing I quickly discovered about what makes the way Harry runs his business different than the average “Joe-blow” cleaners you see out there, is that with “Joe-blow” cleaners you get


come in to pull clothing for a photo shoot. Before returning it to the store they had it cleaned and the random “Joe-blow” cleaners ruined the clothing…which is a loss of merchandise. My friend then started having everyone take the borrowed merchandise from her store to Beverly Crest and it’s as if the items never left. Something else I witnessed while in Beverly Crest was a woman whose clothing had been around

a lot of smoke from the fires and her clothing reflected that. At Beverly Crest they offer smoke damage cleaning which gets that ever lingering smell of smoke out of your clothes, so they don’t have to be replaced. Another convenient thing I saw, is that they offer pick up and delivery service of your items. They will come to your house or office to pick up what you need to be cleaned and drop it off. Also for the environmentally friendly person out there, they offer what they call “wet cleaning” where they don’t use any chemicals on your clothing… but if you are a germ-a-fob and really want to make sure to get the junk out of that jacket you brought in… you can rest assured they only use the best products out there. The reason I think this business works so well, is because they are

solid from the inside out. Most of the employees have been with the company for 10 plus years. In fact, a man who had worked for the company 9 years when Harry and david took over, continued working with them for another 20 years before he retired. The reason for this is because what I noticed from just being in there, you can see it’s a friendly lowpressure environment, where they are more about the quality than the quantity. What I mean by that is most cleaners have their employees doing 25 or 30 presses an hour where at Beverly Crest they do 7 or 8. This is because

each garment is inspected before the cleaning and then inspected after the cleaning by a separate department to make sure there aren’t any tears/ discoloration or any damage. Volume doesn’t matter here, it’s quality.

So, if you have a couture piece or are a production studio or someone like myself who really cares about your unique piece - this is the place to go. Every garment is treated and cared for as if it were their own personal treasure. And don’t worry about them losing anything because every item has a computer tag on it that allows them to track every movement of your piece, so they know where everything is at all times. Just ask James, who has been going there for 75 years…. obviously they are doing something right!


Second Conversation

photo credit: Seyda Kapsiz

on Global Citizenship:

Low-Context Communication (Words) by Dr. Laura Wilhelm, LauraWil Intercultural Language is the lifeblood of civilized human existence. Every baby makes a bid for culture with his or her first cry. To create and maintain these vital bonds, language is the medium and words are the method.

writing. I literally expect things to be “spelled out” on the job.

photo credit: Yotam Solomon

Indeed, writing skills may spell career success in the West. Most of my taskoriented business correspondence adapts the conventions of academic essays to some extent. An arts grant proposal that I recently edited for an international associate was basically a three-part persuasive essay asking for money!

will move my own business interests forward. You can also try stepping into others’ shoes by speaking their language. In any work setting, foreign language proficiency will greatly increase your credibility with native speakers. They will want to do business only with you, and your bilingual capabilities will allow for more competent performance. Try to imagine the opportunities this could create for everyone!

A different language is a different vision of life.

Like most well-educated Americans, I can no longer imagine life without superefficient cell phones, e-mail services, and social networking sites. These days I rarely see the people I deal with the most. In the West, time is money. Language must obey the law of the bottom line.

All of my company’s consulting projects illustrate the win/win aspect of intercultural collaboration. Currently I am working with an extremely talented non-native speaker of English to design and ultimately teach an adult school course for Americans. Joining forces in this way should benefit us both since we normally operate in very different subject areas.

-Federico Fellini

I have spent most of my life learning and teaching all sorts of languages in any number of settings. The one thing that never seems to change with language is this need for connection. In my experience, on-line language courses and computer labs are not popular with users as communication is a social phenomenon. Western cultures generally favor low-context communication styles that express information explicitly in words. A typical Westerner, I try always to follow the rules and get everything in


My non-Western associates often dislike communications technology, preferring labor-intensive travel and face-to-face business meetings. They like to know the people they do business with and maintain a more personal connection. It may take lots of time and talk simply to open the channel of communication, let alone do the deals.

To conclude, it requires a great deal of maturity and self-awareness to keep taking linguistic risks and learning from errors in the service of self-improvement and the greater good. That, however, is one reality of our globalizing world.

In such cases I try to compromise and meet the needs of all parties at least halfway. I am willing to set longer meetings at mutually convenient locations and otherwise accommodate the situation if this

photo credit: Seyda Kapsiz

Melrose Gallery & Antiques Chandeliers Furniture Mirrors Custom Designs Rentals Sales

5635 Melrose Ave

323.460.7777 Corner of Melrose and Larchmont HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY 51

Speaking above the Star’s (The Voice of Reasoning)

Addicted to the Right Thing’s Today is the day where I bid you all a welcome, and to my new reader’s it all started back in the December 2009 Issue titled: “Calling Out for the Truth” in which I recommend you take a journey in time back to see just how Doc Heard is directing all his Stars, Celebrities and VIP’S into what I refer to as the new light of 2010.

and Love for the game is my fun way to give to my reader’s on this day and feel free to check back on February’s Issue where I first prescribed the initial dose. Finally I give to you the third course and you will enjoy it!

I would like to share with you on this day a story about someone that I truly Love and admire my brother Larry. Before I get started I want all the Star’s, Celebrities and VIP’S to understand that Larry has been in the music industry for Today my mission is to get the entire universe “Addicted to over 20 years and shows the true meaning of what I always the Right Thing’s” and for starters I will be telling you a short refer to as my “ Mission Possible “ and like all the great musistory about my business trip last month to San Francisco. I cians say “I’m still learning”. In Chicago is where it all took was enjoying a wonderful three course dinner at the Hilton’s place, I was so proud of not only how my Brother Larry Heard own: Urban Tavern in which I met a man out on busiAKA Mr. Fingers played and that his music kept everyone ness from Atlanta named Greg Thomas. He is an Engineer/ dancing all night but the fact that he has people flying in from Chemist and he and his siblings were addicted to the right All across the US and Internationally to see him is outstandthing which in this case was the eagerness to succeed. This ing. They have come to see him DJ at Chicago’s drive was instilled in them by Night Club The Shrine in my city as well as other their father because he was places. Although he has been known throughout a hard-worker himself. His the years for his music performances overseas it I was Addicted. father worked hard to send all started right here in Chi Town. He handles his them all to college while beAddicted to my dreams. fans and/or followers with the professionalism that ing a devoted husband and I believe to be very much needed and required in positive role model to all of the entertainment industry. He takes the time to them. This was a great acWhen I close my eyes at night greet all his fans, friends and family with genuine complishment that needs to and when everyone is clearly respect and he remains humble and that truly has be brought into the new light made me proud to be his brother. of 2010. How do you like out of sight. them now all achieving great This my friends is what I believe to be a prime careers? example of how being addicted to the right things My Mountain Top Vision will make your life more pleasurable. Larry’s proI personally have a great vision fessional truly made a genuine connection with shows me clear and bright and that vision is to take what his fans, friends and family and it was all given in I refer to as the Star Status to with a new light. equal proportions. Now its time to get motivated new level. Don’t get me wrong people and let’s get exited about next month’s people I do realize that the topic: “Getting Back the Loyalty” so be prepared Star’s are excelling at their Nobody knows what truly the best is soon to come. special crafts, but I would like flows through the mind which to see them check in with Doc Yes, it just another one of Darwin “Doc” Heard’s Heard by reading what I have grows. short poems. to say every month. If you really want to get busy on being Addiction to my Dream’s addicted to the right things, I You know what I mean! am available to be hired as “There I go” dreaming again! your Motivational Consultant so you too can witness the Written By: Darwin Heard True Light of the year 2010. (Hollywood Weekly Magazine) I can only compose the gift Yes, the Great Motivation Man is doing it again calling out that God knows, of the truth March 4, 2010 for the Star’s to step up and untold, creating that addiction take a better swing at the next Email: dheard@heardconsultingroup to my dreams. pitch by becoming addicted to the right things such as proPhone: (312) 933-6635 fessionalism. Professionalism is a very necessary art that needs to be used in all venues of our everyday lives and Please direct all Letters to: careers. As a starting appeHeard Consulting Group, Corp tizer, staying focused and not getting involved in any negative P.O. Box 11353 extra curriculum activities. As for the main course I will be Chicago, IL 60611 recommending what I refer to as one of Darwin’s Creative Strategies the two L’s Loyalty and Love. Loyalty for the team



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With all of the rain we have had recently, you should have no problem finding four-leaf clovers and having enough green for St. Patrick’s Day, but don’t overlook the new crop of shows that have popped up too, including: “Sidhe” ridden with debt from the deaths of her father and sister, a bar owner illegally rents the flat above her bar to a couple on the run, and consoles her griefstricken brother-in-law cop who drowns his sorrows in booze, until they both become entangled in the horrifying events of the renters past lives and their link to something supernatural, which ultimately gives them the strength to let go of their sorrows and move on with their lives. Written by Ann Noble and directed by Darin Anthony, it runs through March 20 at the Road Theatre in North Hollywood. For tickets call 866.811.4111 or visit “Backwards in High Heels: The Ginger Musical” a new musical biography of Ginger Rogers that combines dance numbers with a powerful story that reveals her as an actress, singer, and one of the first Hollywood women to demand equal pay. Book and music by Christopher McGovern and directed by Caryn Desai, it runs through March 21 at the INTERNATIONAL CITY THEATRE in the Long Beach Performing Arts Center in Long Beach. For tickets call 562-436-4610 or visit www.InternationalCityTheatre. org.

“Bagels” two seniors spend the night together after meeting on the Internet, but all they did was sleep, which has put them at odds the next morning, but while he is just annoyed, she is hiding an embarrassing secret involving the Internet, until another woman from a prior liaison unexpectedly drops in on them. Written and directed by Art Shulman, it runs through March 28 at the Secret Rose Theatre in North Hollywood. For tickets call 818-782-4254 or visit “Kiss Me Kate” taking its inspiration from Shakespeare this musical recounts the backstage and onstage antics of two feuding romantic couples during a touring production of “The Taming of the Shrew.” Music by Cole Porter,


it runs through April 3 at the Glendale Centre Theatre in Glendale. For tickets call 818-244-8481 or visit “Don Juan Dispenso” is about a sexual predator in his mid-twenties who chooses his victims from all classes and age groups until his acts of cruel seduction, physical abuse and rape eventually confine him in a Spanish prison, where he remains for years until his release, but his rehabilitation is questionable. Written and directed by Tony Tanner, it runs through April 4 at The Missing Piece Theatre in Burbank. For tickets call 800-838-3006 or visit “A Giant Arc in the Skypace of Directions” about the impossibility of miracles and the loss of wonder in a world where society has crumbled due to the absence of time because there are only two clocks left and neither runs right, so all concepts of minutes, days, years, and age have been abandoned. In this world we find a woman who believes that having a child will save the world, a priest who no longer can believe in any kind of God, an inventor whose genius is thwarted by his naiveté, a blind woman who sees much more than she appears to and a warrior who is haunted by the past. Written by Michael Vukadinovich and directed by Efrain Schunior, it runs March 4 through March 27 at The Powerhouse Theatre in Santa Monica. For tickets call 213-674-6682 or visit www.

“Cuba and His Teddy Bear” a drug dealer on the Lower East Side of New York is also a single dad, and tries to do as well as he can for his son, who has some aptitude for creative writing, but he starts using heroin and associating with the wrong people. Written by Reinaldo Povod and directed by Charles Reed, it runs March 5 through April 4 at The Actors Collective Theatre in Hollywood. For tickets call 323-463-4639.

“Kiss of the Spider Woman” is a gripping musical that follows the lives of two men inside a Latin American prison, and the methods they must come up with to cope with prison life. Written by Terrence McNally and directed by Robert Petrarca, it runs March 5 through April 11 at the Hudson Backstage Theatre in Hollywood. For tickets call 323-960-5774 or visit

“Old Glory” A mystery unfolds in this deeply provocative dramatic entertainment that explores a glimpse of war and the magnitude of loss that can result from it. Written by Brett Neveu and directed by Carri Sullens, it runs March 5 through April 25 at the Victory Theatre Center in Burbank. For tickets call 818-841-5421 or visit

the ghosts of his younger self and younger versions of his best pal and his first employer. Written by Hugh Leonard and directed by Bill Mesnik, it runs March 12 through April 17 at the Sierra Madre Playhouse in Sierra Madre. For tickets call 626-355-4318 or visit “In A Garden” construction of a summerhouse for the garden of a Culture Minister designed by American architect Andrew Hackett cannot begin until the elderly, easily distracted minister gives his approval. Written by Howard Korder and directed by David Warren, it runs March 12 through March 28 at the Julianne Argyros Stage at the South Coast Repertory Theatre in Costa Mesa. For tickets call 714-708-5555 or visit “Li’l Abner” the annual Sadie Hawkins Day race means another opportunity for girls to catch a husband, but it’s interrupted by a federal bureaucrat’s announcement that Dogpatch has been deemed the most unnecessary town in the USA, and so it will be the testing ground for an atomic bomb unless the town can prove otherwise. Written by Norman Panama and Melvin Frank and directed by Victoria Miller, it runs March 12 through April 17 at the Westchester Playhouse in Westchester. For tickets call 310-645-5156 or visit

“Influence” There is a stink of corruption in the offices of World Bank, the world’s premier development agency, as a young, idealistic Midwesterner falls under the influence of the bank’s powerful new director. Written by Shem Bitterman and directed by Steve Zuckerman, it runs March 6 through April 4 at the Skylight Theatre in Los Angeles. For tickets call 310-358-9936 or visit www.

“Cats” is a musical fantasy based on T. S. Elliot’s “Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats” in which humansized cats can not only speak, but dance and sing as well, as they explain what makes their particular breed so special. Written by Andrew Lloyd Webber and directed by Trevor Nunn, it runs March 9 through March 21 at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood. For tickets call 800-9822787 or visit “DA” a Londoner returns to his hometown in Ireland to bury his adoptive father and settle his affairs, but instead is haunted by his father’s ghost, his mother’s ghost,

“Dialogue Between a Prostitute and Her Client” a client who likes to fantasize when he engages in sex discovers a prostitute who with an intellect who is capable of some fantasizing of her own, revealing her fantasies which are the keys to her fragility and vulnerability. Written by Dacia Maraini and directed by Mark Kemble, it runs March 13 through April 18 at the Fremont Centre Theatre in South Pasadena. For tickets call 866-811-4111 or visit “Extropia” in a future world with no inconsistencies or imperfections among people where timeliness plus efficiency equals productivity, a man who is otherwise normal discovers he can hear too well causing everyday sounds to come together, falling into cacophonous, magnificent order in his head. Directed by Kelleia Sheerin, it runs March 14 through April 18 at The King King theatre in Hollywood. For tickets call 323-960-7721 or visit www.


LA THEATRE BEAT “Through the Night” a one-man show featuring Daniel Beaty portraying six African-American men at different stages of their lives as well as the people who love them, highlighting the tragedy, beauty and humor that affects everyone. Written by Daniel Beaty and directed by Charles Randolph-Wright, it runs March 17 through April 4 at the Audrey Skirball Kenis Theater in Westwood. For tickets call 310-208-5454 or visit www. “The Psychic” a desperate writer, who cant pay his rent puts a sign in his apartment window advertising psychic readings for 25 dollars, which draws the interest of a beautiful wife and her shady husband, his mistress, a gangster and a detective. Written by Sam Bobrick and directed by Susan Morgenstern, it runs March 26 through April 18 at the Falcon Theatre in Burbank. For tickets call 818-955-8101 or visit www.FalconTheatre. com. “Lascivious Something” On a secluded Greek island, an American ex-patriot pursues his passions: wine making and his breathtaking young bride until, on the eve of his first tasting, an old lover reappears, and with her, a wild and violent past. Written by Sheila Callaghan and directed by Paul Willis, it runs March 27 through May 1 at [Inside] the Ford theatre in Hollywood. For tickets call 323-461-3673 or visit

So stop looking over the four-leaf clover that you’ve overlooked before, then take all the family to see a show and, you’ll all get a thrill for sure!


oUt and aBoUt

By: Brea Tisdale

LA is a city filled with culture, diversity and a never-ending pool of creativity and things to do. Hollywood’s current buzz in the interior-decorating circle is prints from The Wall Gallery. The Wall Gallery is Photography to Paintings in subjects including Abstract Art, Landscape Art (including Tropical, Gardens and Architecture), Still Life, Floral, Hot Air Balloons, Lighthouses, Street Scenes/People, Black and White Photography and a Limited Editions Gallery. From vibrant colors of oils (impasto, fauvist, gothic) and watercolors to a Black and White Studio (Photography, Sketches and Stamp Prints) for the interior designer in all of us; just the right look for home or office… see what everyone is buzzing about at:

Hollywood big timers turn to Strommen Tutoring when it comes to their language needs. Stommen Tutoring, founded by Garrett Strommen (whom you might recognize from the film “I dreamed of Africa”) are the ones responsible for the language translation and on set guidance for the smash hit BRUNO. The company continues to translate and teach for Hollywood’s A -lister’s, production companies, corporations and anyone wanting to learn a second language. I personally took a lesson and have been speaking French with my fiancé for the past month. As Garret would say “Globalize Yourself.” www.

Last Monday night I discovered the greatest way to EXPRESS YOURSELF at “Express Yourself” hosted by renowned artist Marjam Oskoui. Marjam has created an atmosphere where people of all skill level can come and a paint brush by learning to express yourself and communicate with others through the stroke of your paint brush. “This is based on Semiotic Expression which is therapeutic for the mind and body. It is the play of painting. The formulation is great for such settings as hospitals, schools, orphanages, social centers or any other cultural institution or business looking for something liberating. Creating a safe environment, the formulation provides the participant with non-critical guidance. Here one can unlock ones creativity and feel secure about it. The individual is autonomous in a group activity. Creative education at its best, a pedagogical method to excess human qualities to which an experience stripped of artifice can give natural and regenerative expression and a creative attitude to life. This pedagogic is based on the absolute respect of the individual.”



At FIDM you don’t just choose a major. You choose a major career.

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Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising FIDM’s reputation in the fashion industry is legendary, but only part of the story. Our students also prepare for successful careers in Entertainment, Graphic and Digital Media, Interior Design, Business Management and more. With hands-on learning from industry experts and a network of over 45,000 alumni, FIDM Graduates are ready to succeed. And that’s major.

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Aloha, meet 10-yearold Shaun Twiddy from Hawaii

Hair color: black Eye color: brown Height: 4’ 6” Weight: 62 lbs

He is an actor, model, singer, ukulele player, bowler and aspiring director. By the first grade, he had already gotten a role as an extra on “Lost.” Shaun was very curious about how television shows are produced, and how the cameramen and director work.

New Talent

Shaun Twiddy

Shaun’s agent believes Shaun will be the next Ron Howard because of this. He also likes being in front of the camera and meeting new friends.

Cell: (808) 368-7993

email: (310) 836-2446 Beverly Hills (773) 973-1251 Chicago



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