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Jeffery Patterson & Once Upon a Dream Productions



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ollywood Weekly Magazine keeps you on the cutting edge of trends and trendsetters around the world! In this issue, we would like to introduce our audience to major Hollywood producer, Jeffery Patterson. He is a family man with a keen eye for culture and filmmaking. Writer Claire Malloy paints an intricate collage of his life behind the scenes at home with his family. A picture says a thousand words and with every moving frame, the story shifts at the blink of an eye... so don't miss this man's incredible story! The AMERICAN FILM MARKET recap features the film industry's biggest movers + shakers gathered in Santa Monica and we have all the latest coverage on the panelists from this year's prestigious event. Faith is key to the stars aligning in your we are highlighting The Rise Of Faith In Film with founder of The Faith In Film Breakfast Club, Barry Landis The Holiday Spirit is warming up our mugs with good tidings and cheer...share a slice of life with your loved ones. Stay tuned for Hollywood Weekly TV airing on Spectrum Cable LA this winter! Cheers and Happy Holidays


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Jeffery Patterson & Once Upon a Dream Productions

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Jeffery Patterson Multitasking Dreams

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Jeffery Patterson

Jeffery Patterson Multitasking Dreams By Claire Malloy 4 • HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY


few years ago I came across a narration of a holiday story titled “The Train.” I stumbled upon it one evening by accident, idly scrolling through social media, when I came across the image of a crackling fireplace and a man with bright blue eyes. His voice, I would soon discover, seemed most at home next to a campfire and as I clicked the link I quickly became completely transfixed. I found myself transported to the holidays and the crisp, cold weather the perfectly-sweetened-with-Southern voice described. The reader, I discovered, was Jeffery Patterson. So when I got the call to do an interview with a Mr. Jeffery Patterson I booked his first availability. I was to meet Jeffery at his home in Beverly Hills. By his address alone, you would expect Patterson to live in a perfectly curated designer home with an on-call interior decorator and a full house staff. His home, on Oak Pass Road, is within an exclusive gated neighborhood surrounded by Bentleys and Rolls Royces whose owners are some of the most wellknown celebrities in Hollywood.

"We’re going to call Jeffery - eclectic"

I entered the first gate of the street, passing guard shacks and then the enormous inaccessible homes of the likes of Jessica Alba, Jon Voight, Channing Tatum, Demi Moore and the late Carrie Fisher. It would almost seem a minimum of blockbuster credits would be listed as a contingency clause to buy on the street. Passing many-a six digit priced automobile, Patterson’s choice of vehicle poses a whimsical surprise. Right in his driveway, mirroring a Rolls-Royce Phantom, rests a blacked-out Hummer H2 sitting atop 4 wheels that each compare to the size of a small 4 seater sedan. Taking a second glance at the address, I find that this is indeed, the place. Climbing several steps to the security gate of the house I am buzzed through to an additional flight of stairs before reaching the front door. The door is quick to open and Patterson, himself appears. Giving a large smile, his voice bellows through the house as he spins ripped up jeans and cowboy boots around and down the hallway. It is very clear to see that all of the furnishings in his home are according to his taste, and his taste only. Numerous hats of trailblazing eras litter a rack in the hall and just off the foyer is Patterson’s home office. Soaring ceilings, a wall to wall book case filled with trophies and awards and books from filmmaking to philosophy and religion, and a faint smell of cigars make up the space. His desk is backed by a couple of

Jeffery, Madeline Paige, Becky Kilmer, Tommy Kilmer, Autumn and Mara


Jeffery Patterson with Daughter Isabella Patterson

“We don’t really have many meals inside here,” he says motioning to the dining area. “We normally just eat in the kitchen or out on the deck but its been a good place to talk.” Outside the dining room is a large outdoor space containing a pool table, foosball table and a grill with a long dining table and fire pits. Opposite the dining area is the screening room. At the push of a button, a projector screen lowers that covers the entire wall in an instant theater. The space would make an incredible movie night spot, however Patterson’s purpose is much more pragmatic. He explains, “We do some of the post production work for our films in Vancouver. So to cut down my having to fly back and forth as often, we designed this room to screen our films to check color and sound. Although we have hosted a few dinner and movie nights here and there.”

unique club chairs, the surface completely engulfed by scripts and business plans. We walk through a hallway and into a large kitchen, with a wall of windows overlooking an enormous pool and some of the most expensive real estate in the country. He begins making us some coffee, confessing there probably aren’t two cups that match in the whole house, and definitely not any matching silverware but maybe a plate or two. In true routine, he pours two large mismatching cups of coffee and quickly turns and leads into the dining room. “We’re going to call Jeffery - eclectic,” a close friend of Patterson tells me. Another eclectic space, the dining room is filled with large rough-hewn wood seats with carved arms depicting horses, a rustic coffee table and large potted plants. Artwork by his daughters, and family photographs decorate all the walls of the room. “There are no Renoirs but there are Paiges and Autumns.” he says proudly, smiling at the paintings by his daughters. 6 • HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY

He points to one of the wood chairs and tells the story of how he purchased it at Bob Hope’s estate, kick-starting his diverse motif he reveals he is well aware of. “Yeah we’re in Beverly Hills but I’m still just a good old boy,” he says, assuring me he is a Real Beverly Hillbilly. Jeffery Patterson is innately and to his core, the mythical cowboy Hollywood has long sought out. Lucky for them, he’s appeared all on his own. With Patterson you get the feeling there is not just a story, but stories. Patterson has the look and feel of a modern day Wild West warrior that many a boot-wearing, bearded hipster attempts to emulate – while unfortunately being impossible to mimic. To put it simply, he just is that cool. In fact at first glance, Jeffery Patterson simply appears to be forged in effortless success. Born and raised on an Alabama dairy farm, his apparent Midas touch seems to emanate from living many lives in one. As a young man Patterson traveled across various states and cultures, finding success in many avenues including working as a stock broker, an investment banker and then owning a successful real estate firm before trying his hand at Hollywood. Not to mention his brief stint in politics when he ran for a seat in the House of Representatives – twice.

Rooted in hard work and an unwavering artistic integrity he gives anyone who says “you can take a man out of the small town but you can’t take the small town out of the man” a run for their money.

Jeffery Patterson Taking the top two awards at International Family Film Festival for both "Finding Harmony" and "Hot Bath an a Stiff Drink"

Patterson initially scoped out the Hollywood scene in the early 1990’s, sizing up the city that would eventually become his home, however returned to the South to start a family. “My favorite role – my most important role is Dad. I’m a family guy.” The most important thing to Patterson is being a father to his four daughters, “I am super, super proud of them.” And with good reason. His oldest daughter, Mara Jesse owns her own marketing company. His younger daughters, identical twins Autumn and Madeline Paige, own their own production company Take 2 Productions and his youngest daughter Isabella Grace is a great student and a varsity cheerleader in her sophomore year of high school. Patterson officially moved to Los Angeles in 2008, ready to break into the entertainment scene. “Now let me tell you what I got myself into.” He says at this point, taking the last sip of his coffee. It’s clear he is looking for another cup. Beginning the way most actors do, Patterson went out for roles in short films and anything he could get his hands on, finding rejection to be an unfortunately close follower to the life of an actor. However, sitting back and waiting for something to happen is not a characteristic he possesses. He found a job working for a small production company and learned the business of the industry from the inside out. In typical ritual of the Old West, Patterson likes to call his own shots so it was only natural that Patterson take the reins on every aspect of filmmaking he could get his hands on. Not long after his move to Los Angeles, he launched his own company Once Upon a Dream Productions. The first film Patterson produced is the family forward multi-generational southern drama, Finding Harmony, starring Billy Zane and Alison Eastwood. The film was written by Judy Norton, most famously known for her role as Mary Ellen Walton on TV se-

ries The Waltons. Norton and Patterson initially met in Los Angeles in the early 90’s on Patterson’s first journey to Hollywood. It was then they established a mutual love for family films that could be enjoyed by all ages – a theme that was quickly slipping away in modern entertainment. “I produced it and both Judy and I played supporting roles in the film. I made a lot of mistakes on my first film, I listened to too many people and I had issues with the music. But there were many things that were done right and it was a beautifully cast and shot film, so I stayed on it till I got everything corrected.” His critique is contradicted, however, by Allison Eastwood, daughter of Clint Eastwood and the actress who plays “Sam” in Finding Harmony. “I was really impressed with him,” Eastwood said. “I think he is off and running as far as his career. He’s definitely one of those maverick types that does what he wants to do. Similar to my dad, he’s a really intelligent guy and he knows what he wants and the projects he wants to do.” His perseverance and newly-learned lessons came to fruition in his second film, Hot Bath an’ a Stiff Drink, a film set in 1863 about identical twin brothers separated at age 10. The two meet again 30 years HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY • 7

"My most important role is Dad. I’m a family guy."

Mara, Jeffery, Autumn & Paige 8 • HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY

Duff Images ©


"Some people are actually bored sometimes…I don’t understand that. I have so many things I want to do." later – one a US Marshal while the other is a wanted bandit with a bounty on his head. Both played by Patterson. “I did it because it was a script I loved. It was a period western and a story that had not been told.” Patterson says. “The atmosphere on set was a family atmosphere, which is rare.” Rex Linn, who plays the character of Agent Shane Welsh in Hot Bath an’ a Stiff Drink, “There was a sense of family from the top on down, starting with Jeffery…Jeffery made it clear from the get-go that he was a team player with the rest of us.” The film is quick in wit and adventure, and fun for all ages, prompting the well-deserved sequel Patterson also produced: Hot Bath, Stiff Drink an’ a Close Shave. The second film features the same well-loved characters and adds to the cast, Robert Patrick, Frankie Muniz and a second film teaming Jeffery and Allison Eastwood. Both films earned awards for Best Feature Drama at the International Family Film Festival.

loss of their mother. They are concerned about their father (played by Patterson) who is maintaining the family owned Water Park while coping with the loss of his wife and the raising of twin daughters alone. Teens being teens, Brooke and Alexis manage to test Jeremy's patience to the breaking point, and have all three of them questioning the right path for their future. “Producing, acting and directing at the same time on the same film is not something I would recommend,” Jeffery says about this film, laughing. “The long hours, we shoot 12 hour days, then you have going over the footage for that day with the director of photography for a couple of hours, then discussing the shot list for the next day, and of course learning my own lines along with everybody else’s turns everyday into around a 20-hour day –it doesn’t leave much time for sleep. Every film has its challenges and special moments, but I would have to say as grueling and challenging as this film was to make, holding that many positions, it was probably the most enjoyable. Directing my first feature film, but mainly being able to work with two of my daughters in the starring role was truly a dream come true.” The film also featured Emmy award nominee, Frankie Muniz (Malcolm in the Middle) who says Jeffery is, “just such an unbelievably nice, genuine guy.” He describes that while most sets are more quiet with actors tending to keep to themselves, Patterson is completely the opposite. “He actually came up and gave me a hug and made me feel like I was part of the family. That was really cool.”

Between these films, Patterson also acted in Extraction, an action adventure film opposite Bruce Willis and Kellan Lutz, but says “I turn down way more roles than I accept because I either don’t like the character or the premise of the film itself.” In Extraction, Patterson plays a motorcycle club president, a role he took because he loved the character.

Jeffery took an opportunity at this point to be involved as Executive Producer and act opposite Rumer Willis in the film Woman on the Edge about an investigative journalist who discovers her sister’s suicide may be linked to a number of recent murders. The film is currently playing in foreign theaters and will be released in the US early 2019.

At this point, Patterson’s twin daughters had played roles in all 3 previous films and wanted to pursue a film for themselves. Patterson called back to Judy Norton to discuss a concept they had been developing as a family and as a result, Another Day in Paradise came to life. The story is of 16-year-old twins, Brooke and Alexis, who have recently suffered the

At this point, he leads down a meandering stairwell with walls covered in his movie posters into the newly built state of the art studio, with fully-equipped editing suites surrounded by plush leather couches.


“We work kind of crazy hours so I like having the editor in-house. Technically, there’s not much we

Judy Norton, Alison Eastwood, Billy Zane and Jeffery Patterson on set of "Finding Harmony" HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY • 11

can’t do in post production right here. But to get the best talent we do final color elsewhere –some local and some in Vancouver.” He goes on to explain that the director normally gets a directors cut of the film, then as a producer Jeffery goes in and works with the editor to give notes or make any changes to the final film. Jeffery holds final edit on all of his films, as he has either been involved with the writer directly in the process of putting the film together or he purchased the screenplay itself because there was a story there that he wanted to tell. This leads into the recording studio. “Originally I wanted to build this because we do dialogue replacement on films and it would be good to do it in house instead of renting a studio elsewhere to send the actors to. But then I started thinking about how much I enjoy doing voice-over work and how great it would be to be able to do it when I wanted to. I also have a group of musicians that I do stories along to music with and we can also record those here. And I’ve also got an album in my head that’s been percolating for a few years and I’d like to record that one day too. So, it just kept getting bigger and bigger. “ It’s then that I mention The Train narration I had found online years earlier. He thanks me and says, “Some people are actually bored sometimes – did you know that?” with a twinkle in his eye, “I don’t understand that. I have so many things I want to do.” To some, the idea of having no downtime is enough to induce utter panic. Patterson, on the other hand, wouldn’t have it any other way. He is a full time actor, father, producer, artist and professional or as Billy Zane {Titanic 1997) once put it, “a producer slash actor slash bouncer slash troublemaker…a quadruple threat.” 12 • HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY

Frankie Muniz and Jeffery Patterson in Hot Bath an’ a Stiff Drink"

While many actors new and old to the industry describe any job as a job, Patterson maintains an artistic integrity not often matched. “There’s too many people in Hollywood who think somebody has to lose in order for somebody to win. That’s just not true.” As the meeting is coming to a close, I mention that he does, indeed, stand out from his neighborhood. He laughs, and describes the essence of what anyone would deduce after an afternoon with Jeffery Patterson and some strong coffee, in a matter of sentences. “I have no real desire to be rich or famous. I just love the whole process of creating, and I want to do it forever. But also that hopefully whatever I do will live on after I’m gone. So, I don’t want to put out a product that I don’t feel is the best that I can do at that particular moment in time.” With four films in post production set to release within the next year, including a third film in his popular “A Hot Bath an’ a Stiff Drink” trilogy which Patterson is writing himself – there is always more to come from Jeffery Patterson. In fact, this is just scratching the surface.

Jeffery Patterson Directing Frankie Muniz On Set Of Another Day In Paradise


Jeffery Patterson & Robert Patrick On Set Of Hot Bath an' a Stiff Drink 2

Robert Patrick, Jeffery Patterson On Set Of Hot Bath an' a Stiff Drink 2


Rumer Willis & Jeffery Patterson In "Woman On The Edge"


Duff Images © 16 • HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY

"being able to work with two of my daughters in the starring role was truly a dream come true."


Photo courtesy of Michael Dausend / All other photos by: Dan Steinberg - AFM

American Film Market Recap

By Claire Malloy


very year the global film industry converges on a beautiful beachside campus in the city of Santa Monica, California. The American Film Market (AFM) is the largest event in the motion picture business world and provides an unrivaled destination to connect with the industry. Once a year, over 8,000 industry leaders come from all over the US to merge with more than 80 countries in the film capitol of the world. They come in search of not only new films, but new opportunities to collaborate. AFM is the place you will encounter every facet 18 • HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY

of the industry including acquisition and development executives, agents, attorneys, directors, distributors, financiers, producers, writers, and more; all coming together to bring about films that will grace big screens, television, Video on Demand like Netflix and Amazon, and independent film festivals alike. Very basically, all genres of films are brought from all corners of the world to be viewed and purchased and scripts or even concepts are brought to pitch with the hopes to forge new relationships and artistic opportunities. It is Hollywood's global deal-making event where there is unparalleled access to film industry’s movers and shakers. More than 10,000 films are launched and over one billion dollars in deals are sealed on both completed films and those in every stage of development and production.

“You will get one of the best educations of your life coming to AFM,” said one attendee. This 2018 AFM began on a sunny Halloween in Santa Monica. The Film Market itself is the true core of the event, with eight floors of the Loews Hotel transformed from vacation destinations to deal-forging office spaces to properly accommodate the thousands traveling internationally to the market. Each of the rooms are taken over as temporary offices for distribution companies, sales agents and production companies. Participants are flooded with opportunities to attend Writers Workshops, Roundtable discussions, Networking Receptions and much more at neighboring Santa Monica hotels including the Le Merigot and The Fairmont, along with networking events at numerous restaurants and bars. The conference rooms are lined with film commissions exhibit tables covered with information from all over the world to answer film maker questions and ultimately insist they come and film in their state, city or country. Once the market closes each day, the AFM after dark experience comes alive with thousands of attendees flocking to parties at an eclectic mix of night time spots up and down the beach that only Santa Monica can offer. The gathering of artists and business persons alike fill

Carousel Cocktails at Santa Monica Pier at AFM 2018

the posh lobby bars at celebrated hotels restaurants, bars and industry parties. This year's AFM was more exclusive than ever before. Every participant was required to purchase an access badge, their ticket to new connections around the world, which can cost upwards of $1500, depending on what level of participation they prefer. Attendees were given 6 different options, each burgeoning on the level of participation and expertise. Newcomers might opt for the One-day Pass for $275 online or $295 onsite, which granted any single-day access to Spotlight Events, an invitation to Carousel Cocktails, access to Orientation with AFM Managing Director and access to the filmmakers lounge. Veterans, on the other hand, might go straight to Platinum, the badge that grants highest access in the event. At $1495 online and $1545 onsite, Platinum attendees receive seven days of full access to offices, booths and screenings, all Conferences, all Writer's Workshops, all Roundtables, all Spotlight Events, Carousel Cocktails, Orientation with AFM Managing Director, Filmmakers Lounge, Screening Privileges on AFM Screenings On Demand, one year membership to MYAFM, one year subscription to Cinando, Wi-Fi in Loews Hotel for two devices, one free Next Level Webinar from Stage 32, guaranteed lowest rate hotel discounts, official AFM poster and what they call The Platinum Experience which further featured an enhanced networking experience at your ultimate convenience. Between One-day and Platinum lies 4 additional packages in between: Industry, Industry Plus, Executive and Executive Plus, which all allow for a vast array of opportunities and benefits at your choosing. “There’s a lot of access to creators and financiers that you HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY • 19

don’t usually find in international festivals and markets in Hollywood and you have access to those people as well,” says Brian O’Shea, CEO of The Exchange, "It is a hub of the global entertainment industry and you’re in this city.” One of the gems of AFM lies in the six, half-day conferences, Hollywoods largest international conference series, in which top industry leaders, decision makers and experts shared their knowledge and expertise in everything from pitch to

Erich Schwartzel, Film Industry Reporter for The Wall Street Journal, attendees heard from Jean M. Prewitt, President and Chief Executive Officer of Independent Film & Television Alliance (IFTA®) who has greatly enhanced the services provided to members of IFTA and is an instrumental lead in the work IFTA has done to advocate for the independents. The audience was additionally graced by the presence of Charles H. Rivkin is Chairman and CEO of the Motion Picture Association of America

Photo of AFM Distribution Conference

production. AFM laid out these conferences in likeness to the production of a film, beginning in the formative stages of pitching a film all the way to the distribution of a final product. These conferences offer an unmatched global classroom. In the first Conference, “The Global Perspective,” attendees began the day with a “View From The Top.” Hosted by 20 • HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY

(MPAA). Mr. Rivkin has an international scope in the managing of promoting policy to strengthen production and protect and nurture the creativity of filmmakers. MPAA’s member studios include the likes of Universal Studios, Warner Bros. Entertainment, Walt Disney Studios and many more. Following the talk from the top,

Producer/Financiers shared their strategies and input moderated by Patrick Frater, Asia Editor of Variety. Among the panelists was Arianne Fraser, CEO, Highland Film Group. Joining Fraser, was John Friedberg, President of International Sales for STX

(from left to right) Milan Popelka, COO of Film Nation Entertainment, & Arianne FraserCEO of Highland Film Group, & John Friedberg President of International Sales STX Entertainment

Entertainment. The final Panelist was Milan Popelka, Chief Operating Officer, FilmNation Entertainment. Next on the roster was the final portion of Friday’s Conference, The Buyer’s Perspective. Jeremy Kay, US Editor of Screen International moderated three Panelist, the first being, Sasha Bühler the Head of Acquisitions at Constantin Film. The second Panelist was Victor Hadida, co-

(from left to right) Sasha Bühler - Head of Acquisitions at Constantin Film, Jeremy Kay U.S. Editor at Screen International, Victor Hadida - President at Metropolitan Filmexport, with Syrinthia Studer - EVP of Worldwide Acquisitions at Paramount Studios

president of Metropolitan FilmExport.The third Panelist being Syrinthia Studer a vanguard in Paramount’s achievements in international film partnerships. And that was just Day one. Day Two kicked off with a bang in the

John Friedberg President International Sales at STX Entertainment

Milan Popelka, COO, FilmNation Entertainment

Starlight Ballroom of the Fairmont Hotel with the Pitch Conference. The moderator Pilar Alessandra, writer of top-selling scriptwriting book, “The Coffee Break Screenwriter,” was joined by Cassian Elwes, Producer and spearhead of the industry of independent cinema and Tobin Armbrust, COO and President of Virgin Produced who said, “Bottom line, it is a business and it is about getting something sold. The dream doesn't matter if you don't hone it down to something someone wants to buy.” Thus leading to the Panelists direction on “The 2-Minute Pitch” showing what worked, what didn’t and why. Next up, AFM took note of the current in currency with the Blockchain Conference. Moderator and Host, Nelson Granados, Ph.D., Executive Director of The Institute of Entertainment, Sports, Media, and Culture and The Center for Applied Research and Forbes Contributor, Pepperdine Graziadio Business School was joined by Irina Albita, Co-Founder of FilmChain/Big Couch UK, Andrea Iervolino, CEO of AMBI Media Group/TaTaTu, Florian Glatz, Co-Founder of Cinemarket, Robert Binning, CEO of StreamSpace, Dr. Steven Nia, Chairman HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY • 21

& Founder of Wardour Studios, Sam Klebanov, CEO of Cinezen Blockchained Entertainment AB, and Alan R. Milligan, CEO of White Rabbit. This well-equipped body of experts covered the entire range of Blockchain from start to finish and what effect it will have on the transformation of independent film. Sunday, attendees returned to the Starlight Ballroom for the Finance Conference where everything budget was covered by moderator Richard Botto the

Pilar Alessandra, Instructor & Consultantat On The Page

Cassian Elwes, Independent Producer/Agent, Elevated Film Sales at the Pitch Conference

Founder & CEO of Stage 32 the world’s largest online platform that connects TV & digital creatives and executives across the globe. He was joined by Panelists Ashok Amritraj, Chairman & CEO of Hyde Park Entertainment, Miranda Bailey, CEO of Cold Iron Pictures Jeffrey Greenstein, President of Millennium Media and Gary Michael Walters, CEO of Bold Films. It was here filmmakers learned how to stretch every dollar without stretching film quality or the story they are aiming to tell from the best in the industry. Bailey offered key advice regarding what it takes to create a great film: “If the goal is to make a great movie, you have to have belief in your own taste, which is the core of a good producer.” Waters posed three big questions and responded with three simple answers: "How do you attract people to the cinema? Story, story, story. What's your quality assurance? A good director. How do you market the film? A talented cast.” Following this segment was “Film 22 • HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY

Finance Matrix: From Script to Screen” a study of five different film funding plans and a discussion of five solutions by 5 experts of the financial industry. The moderator was David Offenberg, Associate Professor of Entertainment Finance, Loyola Marymount and Panelists, Anthony B. Beaudoin, Managing Director, Union Bank, Tamara Birkemoe, President & COO, Foresight Unlimited, Ryan Broussard, VP of Sales & Production Incentives, Media Services and Scott Edel, Partner, Loeb & Loeb LLP.

Tobin Armbrust, President, Worldwide Production & Acquisitions, Virgin Produced

With the precursors covered, Monday began with the Production Conference, where attendees learned that financing is all in the “Pre-selling.” Everything from genres to talent to budgets was covered by Moderator Paul Hertzberg, President & CEO of CineTel Films, Inc. and Panelists, Paul Bales, Partner, The Asylum, Elisabeth Costa de Beauregard, President of Global Sales & Distribution, Storyboard Media, LLC, Robert Menzies, Producer, Zed.Film and Shawn Williamson, President, Brightlight Pictures. Participants learned about the state of the pre-sale market and helpful tools to navigate it. Costa de Beauregard puts it simply, "The smartest thing to do is get a great concept, find a nice, find a great script, bring in the talent, be smart about your budget, and execute it well. You can have all those elements and not execute the film well and it will inevitably tank.” Panelists described the importance of determining genre from the very start of the film and what elements are really needed to

Jeffrey Greenstein, President, Millennium Media

Ashok Amritraj -Chairman & CEO of Hyde Park Entertainment with Miranda Bailey - CEO of Cold Iron Pictures

pre-sell a film domestically or internationally. Covering this range of elements, Robert Menzies put it simply in saying, “Financing a film is all about whether or not the script is awesome.” The second topic covered in the Production Conference was Casting. “If you want to continue in this busin ess, unless you hit a home run on your first film and you have extra funds to knock out a couple of films, you have to go into it thinking, ‘What’s your end game? What’s your exit strategy?’ And sometimes, as a creative person, you sort of have to take a back seat and be business-minded and say to yourself, ‘Okay, well, maybe I can’t do this action sequence for thirty grand over three days, but I give this thirty grand to this great actor for two days so I can put his face on my DVD cover. Those are the kinds of things you learn at AFM; the business of it. And you learn it well when you’re over here, because everyone asks, ‘Who’s in the film? Who’s attached?” said Paul Sidhu, writer of 2307: Winter’s Dream, covering the exact directive of the Casting Conference. Casting Directors and Producers were brought on to get a direct input source on exactly how to attach the ideal talent to seal the deal on your project. This Panel brought moderator John Sloss, Founding Partner & President, Sloss Eckhouse LawCo. & Cinetic Media and Panelists Bradley M. Gallo, Chief Creative Officer, Amasia Entertainment, Heidi Levitt, Casting Director/

Gary Michael Walters - CEO of Bold Films

Producer, Heidi Levitt Casting, Paul Ruddy, Casting, Director, Paul Ruddy Casting and Ben Stillman, Senior Vice President, Black Bear Pictures. The final Conference drove the purpose of AFM home with the topic of Distribution. Moderator Clay Epstein, President, Film Mode Entertainment and Panelists Lisa Gutberlet, EVP, International Sales & Acquisitions, Blue Fox Entertainment, Basil Iwanyk, Founder, Thunder Road Pictures

(from left to right) Sasha Bühler - Head of Acquisitions at Constantin Film, Jeremy Kay U.S. Editor at Screen International, Victor Hadida - President at Metropolitan Filmexport, with Syrinthia Studer - EVP of Worldwide Acquisitions at Paramount Studios


and Cybill Lui, Producer, Anova Pictures discussed an independent’s best friend – their Sales Agent, and how to find and work with the right one. The grand finale of the Conference discussed The Future of Video on Demand. With a growing field of films, there also comes a growth in viewing avenues and video on demand is instrumental in the new developments of the film industry. Moderator Bruce Eisen, President, Digital Advisors and Panelists Michael Berman, EVP, Programming & General Counsel, iN Demand Janet H.A. Brown, EVP, Distribution, Gunpowder & Sky Dave McIntosh, SVP Content Licensing & Strategy, Shout! Factory and John Orlando, Head of Content, Sony Crackle gave the attendees a look at what is to come and how to use the heads up to their advantage. Conferences were followed by an afternoon of invaluable direction in the Writers Workshops that covered the entire scope of scriptwriting; from working with a basic concept to arriving at the epitome of cinematic storytelling. In the evening, attendees were given access to the Roundtables; expert-laden hubs for advice and Q&As in every spectrum of the production process. Meanwhile, the marketplace itself was in full swing. Big budget, art house, and genre screenings of more than 500 feature films; 29 new films every two hours, in more than 30 languages, the competitive bidding continued after hours on many films. Titles including Poms, starring Diane Keaton, George Miller’s Three Thousand Years of Longing, Film Constellation’s Breaking Habits, The Solution Group’s Honest Thief, and Tate Taylor’s noir comedy Breaking News in Yuba County sold in multi-million dollar international deals, forecasting a very successful year to come in the realm of film. “AFM is a place where anybody can come and in a matter of days or a night, even in an elevator, you could make something happen,” said a participant on 24 • HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY

the final day of market. As the space emptied out and the stillness of satisfaction seeped in after a hearty 2018 market, it became clear that AFM is the birthplace of opportunity. Simply put, AFM is the place to make something happen. Whether attending as a newcomer, wandering the halls gazing at the posters of the future looking back at you from the beams of the Loews hotel, or a veteran with a solid pitch and several deals under the belt, there is something to be learned by all.

(from left to right) Ben Stillman - Senior Vice President of Black Bear Pictures, John Sloss -Founding Partner & President of Sloss Eckhouse LawCo. & Cinetic Media, Heidi Levitt - Casting Director & Producer of Heidi Levitt Casting, Paul Ruddy - Casting Director of Paul Ruddy Casting and Bradley M. Gallo, Chief Creative Officer, Amasia Entertainment

Michael Berman - EVP, Programming & General Counsel, iN Demand with John Orlando, Head of Content, Sony Crackle

Dave McIntosh, SVP Content Licensing & Strategy of Shout! Factory

Janet H.A. Brown, EVP, Distribution, Gunpowder & Sky


The Faith In Film Breakfast Club:


The Rise Of Faith In Film By Madison Shanley

t is a beautiful morning in Century City, Los Angeles. I walk into the conference room at Century Park East as a guest at the Faith in Film breakfast. The energy is palpable as dozens of people from all around the country chat over coffee and pastries. I am greeted with smiling faces and warm hellos. There is a noticeable sense of excitement buzzing through the air as everyone highly anticipates another Faith in Film breakfast, hosted by founder Barry Landis, the President and CEO of Ribbow Media Group. The guest speaker has been announced. It is Lesley Burbridge, Executive Vice President of Rogers & Cowan, one of the largest public relations firms in the world. Everyone is anxious to hear her expert input on faith in the film industry. As Lesley and Barry politely invite everyone to take a seat in the sun-flooded conference room, they smile to one another and exchange affable interactions like a pair of childhood friends. The two have known each other since the early nineties. Lesley was working for Christian faith-based, Word Records at the time; and Barry was at Atlantic Records as the Vice President and General Manager of the Christian Music Division. Brimming with ambition, Lesley left Word Records to launch her own independent public relations firm in Nashville and Barry moved on to work with Warner Brothers Records as President of their Christian Division. Knowing Lesley’s flair for public relations, Barry hired her to take on the role as publicist for his music projects and the Warner Brothers record label. While they initially formed a kinship through business, the underlying element that has sustained their reciprocity to this day has been their faith in God. 26 • HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY

Leslie Burbridge (of Rogers & Cowan)

Barry Landis (of Ribbow Media Group) HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY • 27

Leslie Burbridge & Barry Landis (center)

Both Lesley and Barry shared a friendship with a man named Bob Briner, who wrote the book, Roaring Lambs, about living out your faith in both the world and in business. Bob passed away from abdominal cancer in 2009 shortly after finishing his final book, The Final Roar. To honor his legacy, Barry established The Briner Institute, a 501(c) (3) corporation in Nashville. Bob’s wife, Marty Briner, still a close friend of Lesley’s family, launched the Briner School of Business at Greenville University, a Christian University in Illinois where Lesley earned her degree. In 2008, an idea occurred to Barry that there should be a way for people in the entertainment industry who share a mutual connection in faith to network and learn from each other. Considering there were little to no opportunities to do so, he created his own club in Nashville, now known as Faith in Film. “Today there are over 4,000 members between all chapters.” Barry proudly states, “We are now in Nashville, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and New York and we just started the Birmingham, Alabama chapter this month.” Each chapter holds monthly and quarterly meetings and hosts influential guest speakers such as Cindy Bond; founder of Mission Pictures International and producer of the 2018 faith-based film, I Can Only Imagine, Dave Hollis; former President of Worldwide Distribution at the Walt Disney Studios, Rich Peluso; Executive Vice president of AFFIRM Films, a division of Sony Pictures Entertainment focused on the development, production, 28 • HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY

acquisition and marketing of faith-based and inspirational films, and Chris Bueno; CEO of Ocean Avenue Entertainment focusing on faith-based projects. It is no wonder believers from around the country gather together to exchange ideas, discuss passions, and collaboratively weave a patchwork sewed with the common thread of faith. Similar to the exponential growth Faith in Film has experienced in the last decade, Lesley has seen extraordinary success in the public relations world, from launching her own independent firm to currently serving as Executive Vice President at Rogers & Cowan. Lesley declares, “One of the important areas that I have spent most of my career focusing on is to grow the entertainment business through the faith and family genre … My team specializes in growing that part of our agency for Rogers & Cowan. ” Both Lesley and Barry see tremendous potential in the film industry for faith-based productions. To quote Devon Franklin at Fox, Barry states, “We all need to stop making the same movie. I am hopeful we develop better stories and a wider range in our storytelling.” Lesley has been hard at work with Rogers & Cowan to gather more seats at the table and capitalize on the potential to cultivate a more diverse range of storytelling in the industry. “The faith and family space in the last ten years has been a very robust, growing, and viable business. My team helps build Rogers & Cowan with different types of businesses, which is a uniquely specific growth model for the agency. I am grateful and it makes a lot of sense that Rog-

ers & Cowan branched out into that space.” Christian and faith-based films have been keeping up in the box office in the last five years as major studios are providing support for projects within the faith and family genre. For example, the 2014 film, Heaven is for Real, was bolstered by Sony Pictures, who acquired the rights of the book before moving on to produce the film with T.D. Jakes Entertainment, Roth Productions, and Screen Gems. To date, the movie has grossed over $100 million worldwide. Most recently, the film, I Can Only Imagine, released March of 2018, grossed over $17 million on its opening weekend alone. Lesley believes the expansion in popularity of this genre is primarily due to the high demand for not only quality productions but also a positive message. She states, “The world today wants hope and they also want great projects. A lot of these filmmakers are making great films and now, the good thing is major studios [are] helping to make them successful … They can now compete and keep up with everything else at the box office, but also the messages in them are giving people inspiration. In our world today, that’s needed and people are looking for that.” This concept stretches beyond the faith community into other audiences, who can understand and relate to the fundamental human need for hope, inspiration, and a positive message. Lesley goes on to explain, “These films have a great audience already but also people who might not be familiar with a faith-based message are drawn to these kinds of films because of the hope and positive message.” Once I had the chance to talk with other participants in the Faith in Film breakfast, I discovered even more evidence to support the idea that faith-based film is not solely dedicated to the Christian community but to any person who falls under the believer umbrella. Pat Patterson, a full time working actor, producer, content creator, and the Chairman of the New York City Faith in Film Club, demonstrates there are no qualifications or requirements to being a participant in the club. “I like the term faith ‘conscious’ … All of my children were raised Jewish. You can have a believer in film and not have to label them Christian. Just the joy of their love will make people curious. We are not just working in the church we are working in the market. We are trying to serve with the talents we’ve been given and we come together to support each other.” After discussing how the club unifies communities and believers of all kinds, I come to find out Pat has been involved with Faith in Film since its birth in Tennessee. Pat jokes, “I started going to Nashville for the meetings because there was nothing in New York. Then I finally

said to Barry after a couple of years, ‘it’s really expensive to come down here for breakfast and the bakers are better in New York.’” Whether it was the quality of the New York City bakers or the concept of the original club itself that ended up being the final catalyst in Pat’s decision to form the New York City Faith in Film Club, I cannot say with full confidence. However, Pat saw a need in her community with other independent producers and actors and fulfilled it almost two years ago. Pat is just one example of the 4,000+ members and participants in this burgeoning group working to amplify the connectivity that is cultivated through Faith in Film. While the film industry shifts and molds to the audience’s demands, people like Barry Landis and Lesley Burbridge are actively creating strategies to build bridges, while successfully engaging viewers by delivering relevant and significant content. It has been made clear Faith in Film has accrued considerable success due to satisfying the requisition of a means to bridge gaps, forge connections, and generate hope amongst communities across the United States. I walk away from my first Faith in Film breakfast experiencing the same buzz of excitement I sensed in the air when I first arrived. I identify the unequivocal elation I feel sparking at my core to be one thing: hope. As the Los Angeles sun reaches down from the sky, I cannot shake the notion that hope exists within the crux of everyone and therefore connects all of us in an integral way. The Faith in Film Club and the faith and family department at Rogers & Cowan are both evidence that the ever-evolving film industry is in process of pioneering new ways to cultivate networking opportunities, drive positive conversation, and connect us all in a more meaningful, substantive way. Links: More info on Ribbon Media Group: More info on Rogers and Cowan: - Faith in Film Breakfast Club Chapters Facebook Groups; - Nashville: faithinfilmNashville/ - Atlanta: groups/887126608021306/ - Los Angeles: groups/1700085816935221/ - New York City: groups/323807561386019/ - Birmingham: birminghamfaithinfilm


Nicki Minaj Wins Two PCA'S, for Female Artist of 2018 and Album of 2018, entitled "Queen" Rancel Lopez @rancelphotography


2018 Coverage

By: Adrienne Papp

Get the latest news from Hollywood Subscribe to Hollywood Weekly Magazine Only $95/yr. (12-issues) TEL: (424)371-9900 EMAIL:



Scarlett Johansson Accepts PCA, for "Avengers: Infinity War" Female Movie Star of 2018 Alberto Rodriguez/E! Entertainment /NBCU PhotoBank via Getty Images


Jimmy Fallon accepts PCA for Nighttime Talk Show of 2018 "THE TONIGHT SHOW: STARRING JIMMY FALLON" Alberto Rodriguez/E! Entertainment /NBCU PhotoBank via Getty Images

The Kardashians Accepting Reality Show of 2018 PCA for "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" Khloe Kardashian also won Reality TV Star of 2018 Alberto Rodriguez/E! Entertainment /NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

BLAKE SHELTON The Country Artist of 2018 Alberto Rodriguez/E! Entertainment /NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

s most people are aware, California has been plagued in recent weeks with a devastating epidemic of wildfires. It’s just part of the way things are in southern California, and as firefighters tirelessly worked to combat the raging Woolsey Fire less than 40 miles away and smoke filled the air along the southern California coast, the entertainment industry got together to celebrate talents in film, TV, music, podcasts and other entertainment media on Sunday night at the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, California. No matter what the calamity, in the entertainment industry the show must go on. In a way this broadcast was also a homecoming as the People's Choice Awards officially made its return to E!, almost two years after its last broadcast on CBS. The show featured a wide variety of perfor-

Melissa Mccarthy Accepts PCA The People's Icon of 2018 Alberto Rodriguez/E! Entertainment /NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Harry Shum Jr. Accepting Male TV Star of 2018 for his role in SHADOWHUNTERS: "THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS" Alberto Rodriguez/E! Entertainment /NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

mances from some of entertainment’s hottest stars, including Rita Ora, Nicki Minaj and Tyga and John Legend as the industry gathered to hand out awards to a select group of Hollywood A-listers, as winners often gave a shout out to the first responders and victims who were dealing with the blazing hills just north of Santa Monica. Some of the key moments of the night included Mila Kunis asking for aid for the firefighters battling the blaze: "We are in a state of emergency. You know, I have this opportunity and I want to say if you can take a minute to donate to the LAFD Foundation, it would be really, really great." Kim Kardashian West gave a passionate speech while accepting a reality TV prize on behalf of the Kardashian-Jenner family, citing the devastation and loss of life Southern California has suffered recently, with the mass shooting at a local country western club and the ongoing series of wildfires. "As horrible as this has been, it's been amazHOLLYWOOD WEEKLY • 31

ing to see the resilient spirit and the heroism of those risking their lives on the front lines," she said, dedicating the award to "all the firefighters, the law enforcement and the first responders, we really truly appreciate what you have done for all of us."

Coincidently, the People's Choice Awards fell on Veterans Day, and many of the celebrities in attendance spoke to honor those who have served in past wars. Country western icon Blake Shelton wore a red, white and blue ribbon on his lapel in honor of his veteran father and also thanked those who served their country during his acceptance speech. Scarlett Johansson dedicated her award "to the men and women of the armed forces who put their lives on the line every day so we don't have to." Activist Bryan Stevenson gave an inspired speech as he accepted the People's Champion Award, citing recent events including mass shootings, the #MeToo movement and racial inequality as it applies to Veteran’s Day. "It's Veterans Day, it's important that we honor all our veterans,” he said, “but it's important to remember that black veterans after World War I and World War II were menaced and targeted and lynched because of this narrative of racial difference, and today we're still burdened by that history.” While the speeches were heartfelt and moving, it was entertainment that took center stage at the People’s Choice Awards, the creativity and the performances that move us and gets us through the hard times. Here, unlike many other awards shows, the winners are determined by a popular vote of entertainment fans. The problem with a program of this scope is that it was so ambitious that of the 46 awards awarded by the people, including the special awards of People's Icon, Fashion Icon and People's Champion, only 22 awards were given out during the red carpet event and the live telecast. The show highlights included 90s icon Victoria Beckham of the Spice Girls offering some tantalizing hints about a possible reunion of the once enormously popular group and also talking about the power of women as she accepted the 32 • HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY

Fashion Icon Award. "I wanted to show that if I can do it then really anyone can do it, and what you achieve really can be limitless," Beckham said, as she then spontaneously sang the refrain from the Spice Girls’ hit

"Wannabe." "If you really, really – I can't help it – if you really, really want it." She also made reference to the empowerment of women in recent years, first through popular music and also with her successful fashion line. "Many years ago I started with girl power, and now that message is still as strong as ever but now it's through the privilege of being able to empower women through my designs," Beckham said. "I've always been surrounded with strong supportive women, and that's as true now as it was then. For all the women who have been doubted or doubted themselves, this award tonight is for all of us." In another touching moment, Blake Shelton and "Voice" host Carson Daly invited a slightly embarrassed Gwen Stefani up onto the stage, with Shelton calling her "my all-time favorite coach" and proclaiming, "I love her!" In that very personal moment Stefani replied, "I'm so excited to be with Blake Shelton." As the evening closed the People’s Choice Awards turned out to be a night of mixed emotions, with the exhilaration of winners mixed with the reality of the tragedies occurring in other parts of California.

Danai Gurira Wins Action Movie Star of 2018 PCA for her role in "Black Panther" Alberto Rodriguez/E! Entertainment/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Books to Devour: 2018 Holiday Gift Guide! by Jane Ubell-Meyer, Senior Book Curator

Page-Turners, Thrillers, Award-Winners and Romance! Congrats to Helaine Mario on her award-winning, Dark Rhapsody a suspenseful mystery filled with music, a long-buried secret and a Nazi treasure. If you like Michael Connelly, you’ll love Matt Coyle’s Wrong Light, you won't go wrong. Where have I been? I just now discovered three great high-suspenseful thrillers! Meredith Wild’s Reborn The Red Ledger, Diane Capri’s Fatal Dawn and of course, John Grisham’s The Reckoning. Looking ahead, pre-order this historical romance (comes out January 8, 2019, Gary Dickson's An Improbable Pairing.

Business We're moving as fast as we can and it's business not as usual. I once read that Warren Buffet reads 50 to 60 business books each year. It’s not too late, you can start now! The One Thing by Gary Keller is one of the most important books you will ever read! Ready for full disclosure? I just can’t help it if my father, Seymour Ubell, a brilliant entrepreneur wrote a 5-star memoir. Every entrepreneur should read A Life of Risks Taken. For business leaders, managing a team can be treacherous, Iterate will help you through the process. Next, on your list, hospitality expert, Larry Stuart gets “it” in The Spirit of Hospitality! What if you need to hire the next generation? Mark Perna knows the answers in Answering Why. We know you know this, but Artificial Intelligence is here to stay. What you need to know in The Fourth Age. Finally, business leaders and executives, leave your ego at the door. Invaluable lessons in Ego Free Leadership.

Children Read, Read, Read! Can a book really make an impact on your life? Yes! Hungry Bunny by Claudia Rueda grabs you from the start! Charming and so sweet! We can all relate to Last-But-Not-Least Lola Going Green by Christine Pakkala’s ongoing hit series. I recently had the pleasure of meeting Eli Benjamin Bear, Hal Price’s charming story will take you on a heartfelt journey. Do take him home for the family along with Kathryn Otoshi’s One, winner of 15 awards, and an international bestseller. I am reminded that Home by Adam Leitman Baily is for all of us as it reinforces the importance of “family over all else”. Finally for the teen or young adult in your family, this is something special! Roya Sands and the Bridge Between Worlds by Saryon Michael White. This story that will grab every age—hidden civilizations, an ancient prophecy ultimately revealing a new kind of human reality. As we head into the new year I want to hear all about your favorite books!



HONORED AT FIRST GIFT OF LIFE MARROW REGISTRY L.A. GALA million times over. I was so overwhelmed and inspired by the over 10,000 people that joined the registry. I joined myself because my cousin CiCi, who’s battled cancer for 18 years, had a similar problem.” Kardashian West said her cousin, who is of Armenian descent, also faced challenges finding a match. “So me and my family, we joined the registry. You never know when someone close to you can really need it, and you never know when you can just save someone’s life. It’s really such a simple thing to do, just to swab, and to be able to help someone in need.” Lia Mantel Krief, Adam’s widow, presented Kardashian West with the award for leveraging the power of a single person to mobilize many to act. “I remember sitting in the City of Hope Hospital room, in that chair, Adam on the computer, me on my phone, and he looks up and says, ‘you’re not going to believe this.’ And I said ‘what?’ And he says to me, ‘I think Kim K is in love with me.’ The outcry of support and kind words and possible donors just started flooding the gateways in such a short amount of time,” said Mantel Krief. Kardashian West, of L.A., was recognized for Though a match for Krief did not come in time, her support for Gift of Life and the “Hope4Adam” Kardashian West’s actions led to five donor-recipcampaign, which in 2016 sought to find a match- ient matches and one transplant. ing donor for a young father named Adam Krief, Meanwhile, another donor-recipient pair who of blessed memory, who was diagnosed with an were connected through the Hope4Adam camaggressive form of blood cancer and required a paign met at the gala and learned one another's life-saving bone marrow transplant. He could not identities for the very first time. Tony Wolfe, 47, a find a match among over 30 million people on the former corrections officer from Jim Thorpe, Pennworldwide registry, but the campaign stirred Kar- sylvania., who battled Philadelphia Chromosome dashian West, who tweeted her followers to help positive Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL), Adam. met Alan Weinberg, 31, of Queens, New York, a “It’s an honor to be here to accept the first ever fiscal officer for the borough president's office. Gift of Life Impact Award,” said Kardashian West. Wolfe received a life-saving stem cell transplant “I was first introduced to Adam’s story by my best from Weinberg. friend Allison, whose son was in the same class Also meeting face-to-face for the first time were as their boy. And once I heard his story, I just knew Holly Chislow, 26, an Orangetheory fitness coach, that I wanted to do something.” of Medina, Ohio, who donated life-saving stem “I made a simple tweet. Knowing that it could cells to Lola Ross, 8, of Carlisle, Kentucky, who change someone’s life, that’s the easiest thing that had been battling Fanconi Anemia, an inherited I could possibly do,” she added. “I would do it a blood disorder. 34 • HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY

Gift of Life also presented the first-ever Steven Bochco Award, honoring the celebrated late TV writer and producer of such hits as “Hill Street Blues” and “L.A. Law,” who died at age 74 of complications from cancer. Bochco had originally battled leukemia and lived several years longer, after receiving a stem cell transplant from a Gift of Life donor. In a stirring moment, Stephen Bochco’s widow, Dayna Bochco, of Los Angeles, and Jon Kayne, 27, of New York, who had donated stem cells to Bochco, presented the award to Eric Gurevich, 30, of Louisville, Kentucky, for exemplifying Bochco’s qualities: vision, innovation and storytelling. Gurevich had twice donated stem cells to save the life of L.A. Gala Chair Ron Dreben, 57, of Washington, D.C., who had battled Myelodysplastic Disorder. Michal and Jeremie Braun of Los Angeles and Norma and Mark Citron of Calabasas also chaired the event.

Since its start in 1991, Gift of Life has grown the registry to more than 310,000 individuals who have volunteered to donate blood stem cells or bone marrow to save a life. In the process, Gift of Life has facilitated over 15,000 matches for those with a range of blood cancers, resulting in more than 3,300 transplants.

Photo credits: Kara Frans Photography.


t h lig

t o p S

r you f o s ode day's s i p o est e as on t t a l e h th TV dram ght c t a C otli rite p o S v a f

TV | Riverdale

THE COVER-UP — After confronting the parents, who were part of “The Midnight “Uncanny Valley of the Dolls” -- Holmes and Watson discover that the murder of a robotClub” twenty-five years ago, Betty (Lili Reinhart) follows some strong leads in hopes ics engineer may be connected to his groundbreaking secret research in the area of real-life of finding out who the true Gargoyle King is. Meanwhile, Veronica’s (Camila Mendes) teleportation. Also, when Detective Bell is shut out of a required class he needs in order to attempt to prove Archie’s (KJ Apa) innocence lands her in hot water. Finally, Archie complete his master’s degree and join the U.S. Marshal Service, he is shocked to discover the turns to Kevin (Casey Cott) for help making things right. Cole Sprouse, Madelaine course instructor has personal reasons for denying him access, on ELEMENTARY, Monday, Petsch, Marisol Nichols, Madchen Amick, Luke Perry, Ashleigh Murray, Mark ConAugust 13 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Pictured Jon Michael suelos, Skeet Ulrich and Charles Melton also star. Rachel Talalay directed the epiHill as Detective Marcus Bell JEFF NEIRA/CBS ©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights sode written by Cristine Chambers (#306). Original Reserved airdate 11/28/2018.



TV | Charmed

CLARITY — After some unusual seismic activity, Harry (Rupert Evans) informs the sisters that Hilltowne is a portal to hell. With that said, the sisters must band together to fight off a shadowy demon that is trying to obtain a collection of powerful magical artifacts. Meanwhile, Macy (Madeleine Mantock) is given an exciting opportunity at work which comes with unexpected complications. Jamie Travis directed the episode written by Sarah Goldfinger (#107). Original airdate 11/25/2018. TV | Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

TOVAH FELDSHUH GUEST STARS — Rebecca (Rachel Bloom) takes a trip to visit her mother (guest star Tovah Feldshuh) with intentions to tell Naomi about her new career path. Josh (Vincent Rodriguez III) housesits for Rebecca and discovers being alone is harder than it seems, while Nathaniel (Scott Michael Foster) helps one of Paula’s (Donna Lynne Champlin) clients in an effort to do something good. Original airdate 11/30/2018. HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY • 37


ICONS Remembering - Roy Clark "Roy's passing is overwhelming. It is truly the end of an era. Roy was Big Daddy for all of us. And for those of us who were blessed to know him as a friend and work with him, it hurts so deeply. He made so many of our careers possible. It offsets the deep anguish of his passing to know he is free from any suffering now and that his great talents are with us forever on the thousands of TV episodes, recordings and in our memories. His huge contribution to the music business and to so many of us personally is etched in our hearts forever. America loves Roy and we will all bless his memory, honor him and thank him forever. He was truly one of God’s good ones." - Jana Jae


"Roy Clark was one of the greatest ever. His spirit will never die. I loved him dearly and he will be missed." – Dolly Parton

"When I came to Nashville, Roy was one of my favorite stars. I loved the way he hosted the CMA's and Hee Haw. It was always an honor to be on the same stage with him. I am already missing Roy's big smile." – Crystal Gayle

"The Halsey family’s hearts are filled with gratitude for the many years (59) of friendship and business association. He was a rare combination of talent and generosity. Roy Clark brought a special kind of healing to the world. He will be missed by the multitudes. –Jim Halsey, friend and manager

"My story is not unique. How many guitar players started with a Roy Clark guitar method book? How many guitars were sold to people wanting to play because of him? How many lives were made better because of his wit and joy? I’m one of so many." – BradPaisley

"I had the honor of playing with Roy Clark on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry and many times and on the television series Hee Haw. I looked up to Roy; he was the consummate entertainer. But the things I will remember most about Roy are his big, over-the-top, cheesy grin, and how, from the moment I met him, he made me feel like I had known him forever. Roy Clark was a good man... the real deal." – Tim Atwood


“I knew that with the creation of Sona…I would be talking publicly about depression, which is something I had never done before.”

Ashley Clements On her new Sci-Fi Series SONA By Alex A. Kecskes 40 • HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY


est known for her starring role as Lizzie Bennet in the Emmy Award-winning digital series, "The Lizzie Bennet Diaries," Ashley Clements also appeared in “Edgar Allan Poe's Murder Mystery Dinner Party,” “Inside the Extras Studio,” “Video Game High School,” “BlackBoxTV,” “Muzzled the Musical,” and “Wayward Guide for the Untrained Eye.” Her features include “Non-Transferable,” “August Falls,” “Call of the Void,” and “All The Creatures Were Stirring.” She has extensive theater credits and received her MFA in Acting from The Old Globe/University of San Diego. In “SONA,” a sci-fi webseries she created and stars in, Clements is Lieutenant Belyn Sona, a United Earth Space Corps officer. In a future where aliens are no longer welcome on Earth, including her telepathic alien husband, Sona finds herself trapped in a malfunctioning escape pod. Adrift in space, the saga employs flashbacks to reveal her psychological struggle against isolation, deportation, and betrayal. Hollywood Weekly: Thank you for taking the time for this interview. What was the genesis of SONA? How did the series germinate in your mind? Ashley Clements: I really wanted to make something that was within my control. This town is very frustrating for actors. We don’t really get to choose what opportunities come our way. We wait for other people to give us permission to do the things we love. I’m a big sci-fi fan and no one ever gave me the opportunity to write something I could star in myself. From there, I thought, how do I create a self-contained sci-fi series? So I came up with the idea of being trapped in an escape pod. And the rest of the story came from there, asking the questions of why is she trapped in this escape pod and what’s happening in the world? Obviously, I was affected by what’s occurring here today. The story came out of that and took some surprising directions. I’m very proud of where we ended up.

HW: What challenges did you face in creating this series? AC: The first challenge was, of course, writing anything. One has to battle one’s own mind, which is also what the show is about. I feel that was a helpful place to be in while I was writing it. Then we built a space set in my dining room. I wanted everything to be in my control. I also had no budget. And that created its own stressors because I never really left the set. It’s a dark show but at the same time, I had this incredible luxury of time. I didn’t have to worry about how much time we spent in that space. I could really let myself take the time and explore. I really wanted to play with silence and empty space and its impact on the human psyche. “I knew that with the creation of Sona…I would be talking publicly about depression, which is something I had never done before.” HW: Same question on what you personally faced in bringing the character of Sona to life? AC: Sona is a character battling depression, which is something I’ve lived with my entire adult life. Doing a show like this does ask the actor to go to a dark place. So I had to live in a space in my brain that I often try not to. I had to remember how to healthfully get myself out of that space. And I also knew that with the creation of Sona and sharing the show that I would be talking publicly about depression, which is something I had never done before. The response has been really lovely. I think the more we can reduce the stigma around mental health and encourage people to talk about it and find help, the better. HW: Sona struggles to confront isolation, of being trapped in an intolerant world. Did you draw from your own experience or someone you know to convey and project these feelings?


“I wanted to touch on the ideas of mindfulness and meditation, and how shifting perspectives can alter our view of mental health.” AC: I think depression is an incredibly isolating experience. The show is in many ways an allegory for depression. One’s own mind can become very intolerant of oneself. But in terms of the inspiration for the intolerance we’re seeing in the world, that was very much taken from the headlines.

HW: How are you like Sona and how are you different? AC: I gave Sona a lot of my darkest parts. So I’m like her in her despair, her ferocity and her perseverance. I’m not like her in that I suffer from anxiety and she doesn’t. And I don’t sit still as much as she does. “I wanted to touch on the ideas of mindfulness and meditation, and how shifting perspectives can alter our view of mental health.” HW: Why did you choose a telepathic alien to address our aching need for connection and tolerance? AC: I love the way you put that. Part of the reason that Akiva is a telepath is that we’re talking about the messages that come from within our own minds. So when he communicates telepathically, it seems to come from inside Sona, even though it’s coming from him. I wanted to touch on the ideas of mindfulness and meditation, and how shifting perspectives can alter our view of mental health. Akiva is in many ways a physical embodiment of peace and calmness, of slowing down and taking a deep breath. In falling in love with Akiva, Sona finds her way out of some of her depression. It’s very much because of his entire way of being in the world. When we speak verbally, we present who we want to be perceived as, but with telepathy, there’s just who we are. HW: The series tackles many issues—refugees and deportation, persecution of minorities, and disillusionment in one’s government. What do you see as the series’ core message? 42 • HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY

AC: Despite what you see around you, don’t give up hope or your ideals. Just because the world becomes corrupt doesn’t mean you have to. And that’s a real challenge. That’s what integrity is. HW: Will Sona ever land and leave her capsule? If so, will we see the Colaris homeworld or what happened back on Earth? AC: I have a lot of ideas on what I’d like to include in the second season, but I can’t tell you. I would like to see the Colaris homeworld and to see what was going on back on Earth. And if all hope is lost on Earth. Or if there is a resistance. HW: With interesting characters like Akiva and the limitless destinations of a space pod, what societal or personal issues will you address in subsequent episodes? AC: We’ll continue to build on the price of integrity and character. The show touches on the cost of being uncompromising in your beliefs. There will continue to be a price for doing what’s right. And then the question of what is right and whose perspective is the right one. You may be certain that you’re right but are you considering other perspectives? Are you in a bubble or are you considering the needs of everyone? We learn very little about the Colari race in the first season, but there’s a lot that I would love to explore.

Lu Ning

“Golden Angel” Lu Ning shining at the Chinese American TV& Film Festival


hinese-American Hollywood actress and film producer, Lu Ning, with her gentle eastern charm, shined on the red carpet of the 14th Chinese American TV&Film Festival (CAFF). In 2017, she produced the American Film “Ten Thousand Miles” and won the “Golden Angel” Award of the 13th CAFF. Many celebrities from the Chinese and American entertainment industries showed up in CAFF. The chairman of the CAFF Su Yantao and his wife, Chinese actress Li Bingbing, Chinese actor Ji Dong, Hollywood Actress Kelsey Scott, Hollywood actor Byron Mann, Smart Cinema's Dr. Jack Gao, CEO of Warner Bros. China Zhao Fang, Chairman of Bona Film Group Yu Dong, Chairman of Datang Brilliant Media Wang Hui, Producer of “A Warriors of Tragedy” Liu Xiaolin, Producer of “Titanic” “Hacksaw Ridge” Bill Mechanic, Producer of “Crazy Rich Asians” John Penotti, Producer of “The Meg” Randy Greenberg, Producer of “Batman” Series Michael Uslan, Hollywood director of “Prison Break” Bobby Roth, Director of “Warrior fearless” Xu Xiaoming, Chairman of China Film International and director of “Police Story” Tang Jili, they all showed up at the red carpet ceremony and celebrated this magnificent festival together.


Editor’s Choice, Best of the Best, America’s Most Promising Companies and Practitioners By Adrienne Papp

Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy, One of the Best Plastic Surgeons in the World Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy There is certainly no shortage of plastic surgeons in the Los Angeles area, and sometimes it’s hard to know who among the many is a top tier practitioner when it comes improving one’s physical image. Luckily we have one of the world’s most distinguished plastic and reconstructive surgeons right here in town. Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy is one of the most esteemed members of his profession, and has done aesthetic and reconstructive procedures on patients from head to toe, as his business card reads. He is 44 • HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY

highly respected as an American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) certified Plastic Surgeon, and has also served as a fulltime academic professor of plastic surgery at UCLA and for over 25 years served as Chief of Plastic Surgery at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center before turning to private practice and opening an office in Beverly Hills. Over the length of his prestigious career, Dr. Lesavoy has been motivated by a desire to correct deformities as a result of trauma and auto accidents, correcting the ravages of cancer and physical deformities like cleft palates. “The early part of my career consisted of about 90% reconstructive surgery of the most challenging kinds,” Dr. Lesavoy says. “When I went into private practice that changed to about 90% cosmetic procedures. My specialties now include facelifts, eyelid lifts, Rhinoplasty, breast augmentation and reduction, tummy tucks and liposuction. Those all take place at my certified private office in Beverly Hills. At the same time I still do reconstructive work at UCLA.” With his sterling credentials and decades of experience, Dr. Lesavoy is also much sought after for his expertise and by the media, and has made appearances on ABC News, the Dis-

covery Channel, Oprah, the reality TV series ‘Nip/Tuck’ and ‘Extreme Makeover.’ He also made an appearance on ‘Botched, the E! Channel show, with former student, Dr. Terry Dubrow, who calls Dr. Lesavoy “The best plastic surgeon in the world.” Lesavoy Plastic Surgery 9301 Wilshire Boulevard, Unit 410 Beverly Hills, CA 90210 Tel: 310-248-5451 Tel: 888-LESAVOY (5372869) www.lesavoyplasticsurgery. com

The revolutionary nail polish by LBK is changing the industry. Nail Polish by LBK Once in a while a new concept comes around that is so unique it revolutionizes a whole industry. This is exactly what Tony Kemeny has come up with. With his brilliant young mind, his genius allows him to foresee the future in the beauty industry in ways his competitors have

never thought of. What Kemeny’s innovative mind has envisioned is a new concept that has the cosmetic industry in awe. He calls it “Love by Kemeny.” Kemeny, who has a Hungarian heritage, has been creating nail polishes for 30 years before he single-handedly revolutionized the concept of matching color to skin tone. Every woman wants to look beautiful, youthful and ageless, and nails are one of the first things that are noticed on a person. Tony realized that, although the color of nail polish can look beautiful in the bottle, it is not an accurate representation unless you can see it on your nails because the color will slightly change and have a different appearance against your skin tone. “I used to survey entire floors of beauty products in large department stores and the nail polish counter was always the messiest because people want to try the color on their nails and see what it really looks like against their skin tone,” Kemeny says. Determined to make matching nail polish easier, he came up with a unique solution so that you can now have a high quality nail polish that is a perfect match, allowing you to actually see the color against your skin without even opening the bottle. By simply flipping the hinged nail tip on each of Kemeny’s bottles you can see a true color swatch. You just put your nails under the flipped up sample that is attached to the cap, as the im-

age shows, and you can see the exact color in the bottle and get an accurate indication of how the color will look against your skin tone.

Love By Kemeny Not only is this innovative device something that Kemeny himself came up with, he is also the creator and custom manufacturer of each bottle, developing the product from conception to execution. He also designed the equipment needed to attach the color sample flip to the top of the bottle and maintains full control of his design and production, doing everything single handedly, and that I believe is an Honorable Cause! Kemeny’s patented hinged tip technology is exclusive to LBK's 7 Free Gel Effect Formula, and the line is currently available in 48 colors. This high quality lacquer is both vegan friendly and 100% cruelty free. When we were talking about the entrepreneurial spirit and creativity, which was a driving force in Kemeny’s life, he revealed that he prayed a lot and always received a very positive an-

swer in the form of something great happening in this four year long and quite demanding process. What I most love about his color palette is that it follows fashion trends, is very hip and stylish, while at the same time is available in a variety traditional classic colors. Not only Tony is changing the way we look at nail polish, his product line is in a league by itself and is already being distributed in Canada. With its innovative design, the LBK product line has already attracted a lot of attention from salons and department stores that are interested in carrying Kemeny’s nail lacquers . And, to make the product line even more accessible, you can also buy them online:



Books That Make You… Feel the Spirit of Giving By Bree Swider

If the spirit of giving is giving you a case of the feels this year, then we have a treat for you! Our bookish gift guide will help you find the perfect book for everyone on your list. After all, new-fangled gadgets, boring box sets, and predictable gift cards can’t compete with the heartfelt gift of a unique book. Our Holiday Book Gift Guide ensures that your shopping experience is easy and enjoyable this holiday season. There is something for everyone: books that will inspire the future athlete on your list, motivate that certain someone who could use a boost of inspiration, or bring joy to a friend in need of some laughter therapy. Jump into our Holiday Book Gift Guide to start checking the names off of your list.


A Book for the Sports Enthusiast Inspire the athlete on your shopping list with the riveting memoir of iconic Ironman triathlete Julie Moss. Crawl of Fame, by Julie Moss and Robert Yehling, is a testament to the willpower of an underdog. In 1982, Julie was killing it in the 140.6-mile Ironman Triathlon. With no formal training, she took the women’s lead and was about to win when she hit the pavement 15 feet from the finish line. Julie realized that she was unable to stand – and she lost the lead. “…as I lay on the ground in Kona, Hawaii, with people and their cameras hovering over me. I just thought to myself, crawl.” The moment instantly transformed triathlon into a global sport and changed endurance sports forever. The world saw true willpower, a spirit that could not be conquered. Moss finished the race by crawling the agonizing 15 feet to the finish line, simultaneously becoming an inspiration to athletes all over

the world. This short crawl is lives on in sports history as an unrivaled feat of determination and inner strength. Crawl of Fame shows how Julie took that gift into the next 36 years of her life — including a podium finish at Ironman on her 60th birthday in 2018! Give the gift of the most profound moment in sports history; the Crawl of Fame.

“…as I lay on the ground in Kona, Hawaii, with people and their cameras hovering over me. I just thought to myself, crawl.” Julie Moss

A Book for the Quirky Family

Your entire family will laugh hysterically while reading Christmas Karma by Gerald Everett Jones. The perfect stocking stuffer, Christmas Karma follows the travails of a peculiar, eccentric family through the narration of a witty, yet devious, guardian angel. Main character Willa Nawicki is bewildered by a series of curious karmic events that literally ring her doorbell during the frantic season, awakening years-old resentments and stimulating evermore-intense personal confrontations. Whether you celebrate Christmas, or any holiday that brings loved ones together, your family will be able to relate to this cast of dysfunctional characters. “The surest way to invoke the laughter of the universe is to make plans, particularly devious ones.”

A Book for the RomCom Lover

Next Therapist Please by Laurie Finkelstein is a romantic comedy with a twist. In this fun, sarcastic novel, main character Janie Weiss lives with depression, anxiety and OCD. After a tragic and devastating loss, she is haphazardly thrown back in contact with a former therapist.

Humor is the best medicine, and Next Therapist Please breaks the stigma of mental illness one laugh at a time. It doesn’t hurt that the author is a truly gifted comedic writer with a deep understanding of her subject. Readers living with mental illness, or those who wish to gain insight to those struggles, will appreciate this fun yet relatable tale.

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A Book for the Steampunker

Kirkus Reviews listed Engine Woman’s Light as one of the top six Indie teen and top 100 overall Indie titles of 2017. Engine Woman’s Light is a hit with young adult readers everywhere. This captivating novel blends modern-day issues with old-timey characters, steampunk with ghosts, and Hispanic culture with Native

American lore. Juanita is destined since birth to be a savior, but her mission is morally complicated. Her ancestral guides from beyond the grave help her on her path. This family tree is complicated, and these spirits may not be as loyal as Juanita believes. Make sure this up-and-coming book is on your gift list.

A Book for the Spiritualist You Are Psychic, The Healer’s Handbook by Michael Priv is the guide to energy healing. Priv shares his esoteric knowledge and proven techniques to help open up our deeper psychic abilities. For the healer on your holiday gift list, this ultimate guide will shed light on capabilities they may have imagined, perceived or dreamed, but never experienced or used. Now they can. Paramount is Priv’s extensive experience in the area of psychic healing. This guide is the culmination of thirty years of research into the depths of many different religions, faiths, dangerous gangs, and spiritual groups. This long journey has unlocked secrets finally compiled together in one place for the first time. Give the profound gift of enlightenment through spiritual power.

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