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Photos: Jp Agustin, Model: Lykke Jeppesen with iModel Management, Makeup: Omar Arillen and Dominique Lerma, Hair: Omar Arillen, Wardrobe Styling: Reinaldo Irizarry





in Beverly Hills

By Anthony Calderon

Attorney William Shernoff’s Homeric Fight against Insurance Companies’ Bad Faith Behavior

C o v e r S T OR Y

Tales of Epic Poetry

George Clooney accepted his best supporting actor Oscar at the 78th Academy Awards by suggesting that Hollywood – particularly motion pictures – has always been at the forefront of examining issues of social injustice, and many thought he was being too idealistic about the power of cinema. Really? To those of you who still think Hollywood has no part in bringing awareness to societal wrongs, I challenge you to tell me the significance of this name: Adolf Stern. Nothing? Then how about attorney Lisa Stern? If you read the title above you at least know that William Shernoff is an attorney – and if you can’t wait until the upcoming Screen Gems’ feature film about all three aforementioned individuals is released in theaters throughout the world, then keep reading…

Shernoff is photographed with his son Howard. The two attorneys work arm in arm in litigating a variety of groundbreaking causes affecting consumer rights.

Part One…

This is really gut-wrenching, classic movie writing, except it’s real – as real as the evils of Hitler… Who, other than probably William Styron, could think of a scene where a mother – Adolf Stern’s wife – was given a choice to survive in the concentration camps…but the Nazis would kill her baby


Tales of Epic Poetry in Beverly Hills Credit: Photo by Brad Swonetz Survivor Adolf Stern, the lead plaintiff in the Holocaust litigation.

in the gas chamber? Adolf’s wife chose to stay with her baby and be murdered along with the rest of Adolf’s family…

could write that? Who could imagine viciousness of that degree perpetrated on another human being?

Tell me what writer could conceive this scenario: Jewish families purchased life insurance before World War II, which, by today’s standards, would be worth billions of dollars; six million Jews were murdered in the Holocaust, but their life insurance was never paid to the surviving family members. Never! All that money was kept by the insurance companies as pure profit… When family members did try to approach the insurance companies about their policies they were told the policy had lapsed, couldn’t be found, or had mysteriously already been paid out…

Attorney Lisa Stern’s husband, Alan, is an heir of Adolf Stern. As the resident lawyer in the family, Lisa felt the eyes and hearts of the family falling upon her to do something. What she did brings us to attorney William Shernoff…

Now we come to the challenges involved in this kind of case… The first and obvious roadblock was time – the insurance policy for Stern’s family was over 50 years old, and the insurer claimed the statute of limitations had run out … Next, the company wanted to change the venue where this case could be tried, because they claimed California had no legal jurisdiction…

Insurance bad faith is an area of law forged by Shernoff. It neatly describes what insurance companies have been doing for years, which is cheating us out of as much money as inhumanly possible. Lisa, as just about anybody in the legal community, knew of Shernoff, and, let’s be honest, talking to Shernoff about issues dealing with insurance companies is like personally asking Bill Gates and Steve Jobs to help you fix your laptop.

To clear the first hurdle, regarding the statute of limitations, Lisa along with the Shernoff and Assemblyman Wally Knox engineered a bill that would lengthen the statute of limitations on cases dealing with victims of the Holocaust to 2010. It was signed into law by Governor Wilson just three months after this case was started! This law also gave California jurisdiction over these cases…but Shernoff didn’t stop there…

Clearly, if there were one human being on earth capable of taking down the insurance companies responsible for the atrocities being committed against survivors of the Holocaust and their families, it was Shernoff. He agreed to take the case and filed a lawsuit on behalf of Adolf Stern and the Stern heirs …

The insurance company claimed it shouldn’t be tried in California because it had never filed cases in California. Shernoff discovered that the company had, indeed, filed cases in California – many of them after the company had tried to get its case with Adolf Stern relocated to Europe! In the documentary “On Moral Grounds,” which tells the story

When Adolf, fresh out of Buchenwald, went to his family’s insurance company in Italy, the clerks asked him, “Do you have a death certificate validating that your family members are dead?” Stern replied, “Hitler don’t give us death certificates…” The meeting with the insurance company in Italy ended with Adolf being denied his rightful payout and with Adolf, broken and crying, being dragged to the front door and thrown down the stairs… Who


Tales of Epic Poetry in Beverly Hills ‘Courtesy of Rick Kraemer at Executive Presentations’

of the litigation, the exact moment the insurer’s lie is exposed to the court is dramatically emphasized when Shernoff screams, “If that isn’t perjury I don’t know what is!” Adolf Stern’s case, in which a trial date had been assigned, prompted a global wakeup call. An American jury would hear the sickening details about how survivors of the Holocaust had been treated by this insurance company; how, in essence, survivors were still being victimized and mistreated in such a disgraceful way…

Shernoff with survivor Dr. Jack Brauns, whom Shernoff helped recover Holocaust-era life insurance benefits. ***

Bill Shernoff on the occasion of being honored by the American Friends of the Hebrew University for his efforts to reclaim life insurance benefits for heirs of Holocaust survivors. With Shernoff are (from left to right) his wife, Jilda Shernoff, attorney Thomas Girardi, attorney Patricia Glaser, and Stanley Zax of Zenith Insurance.


Motivated by a resurgence of strength within the Jewish community arising in part from Shernoff’s litigation, the United States began negotiating with the German government a settlement of reparations for “insurance and slave labor claims stemming from the Holocaust.” In July 2000, an unprecedented settlement of $5 billion was awarded to Holocaust survivors and Jewish humanitarian causes worldwide. Deputy Treasurer Stuart Eizenstat, who handled the negotiations,

gave full credit to Shernoff and Lisa Stern when he said, “Without question, we would not be here without them…” Shernoff ultimately settled Adolf Stern’s case with the insurance company, which certainly had no intention of using its anemic defense in front of a jury and having absolutely no control over what would inevitably be awarded to Adolf Stern and his heirs… Shernoff’s law firm in Beverly Hills represented dozens of other Holocaust survivors with similar claims and settled them all… So, the next time you’re walking down Canon Drive in Beverly Hills don’t be fooled by the serene surroundings – within the walls of Shernoff Bidart Echeverria LLP, there’s a battle going on. And that battle is waged against insurance company giants on behalf of clients as meek as Adolf Stern or as mighty as other Shernoff clients such as MGM Grand or even the entire government of American Samoa …and remember, a win for them is a win for all of us…

Melrose Gallery & Antiques Chandeliers Furniture Mirrors Custom Designs Rentals Sales

5635 Melrose Ave

323.460.7777 Corner of Melrose and Larchmont 14 HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY

By: Niki Shadrow

KRELwear is renowned for its one-of-a-kind, handknit “deconstructed” dresses and separates made with tubular knitting techniques- all executed in a wide array of yarn and texture combinations.

In the spirit of innovation, each season, KRELwear reinvents itself, developing its line by combining minimal cuts with unique textiles, creative construction, and a mixture of fibers, including recycled, repurposed and organic yarns wherever possible. Known for her versatility, KRELwear epitomizes the transition from day to night, with sexy, playful, sophisticated silhouettes. Designer, Karelle Levy was born in Paris, and raised in Miami by a Swedish mother and Tunisian father. As a child she was surrounded by arts and crafts, music, dance, and fashion which all play a role in her design.



She studied textile design at Rhode Island School of Design. This led to the beginning of knitting fabrics as wearable garments and costumes. As a performance artist, making costumes further progressive performances cultivated into the first fashion forward pieces of couture and ready to wear lines. She is a two-time Style Wars champion. The best part about this promising designer is her unique skill to produce on the spot garments called “quickie couture” She literally creates a garment on your body in front of you, tailored to you! Very Chic!


KRELLWear Photographer: Andre Gabb Stylist: Jessica Bosch Hair/Makeup: Daniel Pazos






Suit Yourself By: Crystal Fambrini

Get Fit. WiTHOuT GREAT FiT yOu’vE GOT TACKy – fit really is everything. Swimsuits should not gape, pucker, pinch, pull or sag and before you step outside, make sure that all your assets are under wraps.

Hit the beach and get poolside

The Oaks Shopping Center

– it’s heating up here in Hollywood

350 W Hillcrest Dr

and that means getting serious about

(805) 495-2032


We’ll take a peek at

Thousand Oaks, California 91360

2010’s hottest suit styles and most

Monday-Friday: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm

tempt-worthy trends, but first – let’s

Saturday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm

talk basics.

Sunday: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm



Flattering Will Get You Everywhere. There is a little bit of a science to what is flattering for your body type, and what is not. Why go against the grain when you could go with the flow? Quick cheat sheet: • Busty like JWoww or the Kardashians. Look for halter tops, wider straps, and built-in support. Stay away from triangle tops and bandeau styles that don’t offer enough help. • Little on top like Kate Hudson or Paris Hilton. Embellishments are your friend. Try ruffles, appliqués and ruching. Tri-tops and bandeaus are perfect, and don’t be afraid of a little padding. • Straight or narrow Cameron Diaz or Demi Moore. Bikinis in general draw eyes up and then down and thus whittle your middle, but if the skimpy shape isn’t flattering, than look for one-piece styles with belts, ties or bands of color around the midsection to create a waist for you. • Curvy like Jennifer Lopez or Fergie. Most suits will nicely frame a curvy, or hourglass figure, but with such kicking curves – simple is best.

Hot Swimwear Looks for Hot Days Now that we’ve covered the essentials – let’s look to the luxuries. We went shopping at The Oaks Shopping Center in Thousand Oaks. Here’s what’s sizzling for this summer by the numbers: • Bare-ly Legal: Early 20s and Under Keep your trendy togs playful in your youth. Look for suits in this year’s most daring color combinations; splash in neon or tie-dyed brights, or bump-it on the boardwalk in precocious prints--candy colored stripes and perky polka-dots. Forever 21 just introduced a fresh and young new swimwear line at wickedly affordable prices (separates starting at $8.80, one pieces at $19.80). • Mid-Life Righteous: Middle 20s and 30s Get flirty this year if you’re approaching thirty. Feminine florals, pale pastels, romantic ruffles, and leggy lingerie looks are key for this summer. Or if you’re more spice than sugar – try an edgy black bikini with cut outs and embellishments. Beachworks is the plum pick for flirtatious finds (separates starting at $34, one pieces starting at $72).

Finally, before you make a play for the pool, don’t forget to snap up some suit-able accessories. No matter your age – a pair of wedge sandals, some oversized shades and a glamorous cover-up are on-trend and the perfect complement to your stellar suit (or three).

• It’s Prime Time: 30s and Over Choose classic this year if you’re in your prime 30s on up. Well crafted bikinis in every blue hue, mellow metallics or on-trend lipstick red will be wins for you in 2010. Or, define that waist in solid color one-piece wonders with extra whittling power. Look for embellishments like gold hardware and neckline details that add glamour. Macy’s carries several one-piece lines that offer a little something extra when it comes to support ($34.99 to $140.00).


Links, Chains, Gems, Pearls, Plain Change the insert... change the look!



LA Gems Like nearly everyone in Los Angeles, I was not born and raised here. I grew up in New Jersey and when I wanted culture or good food I hopped on the NJ transit and headed in to nearby New York City. Therein I found a plethora of museums, plays, restaurants, music stores, parks, and people. There was always a sense of awe to the whole experience, and rightly so, since New York is impressive and filled to the brim with things to see and do. Now whether having their city overrun by transplants annoys the native Angelenos we’ll never know, but what surely bothers the crap out of them is when out-of-towners like me land here and instantly brand the city as being inferior to Manhattan. The people aren’t as “real” here they say. There’s no culture, they whine. Everything’s so plastic, they note. Was I in that boat six years ago when I stepped through the door of my new apartment in Park La Brea? Not really. Well, sort of.

By Jacob Osborn

Now that I’ve been here a good while I can attest that Los Angeles does in fact have culture, and there’s even some good food to be found if you search hard enough. But unlike New York, you can’t necessarily throw a dart and land on something interesting. In our sprawling city of LA, one has to search a little harder to find a rewarding experience that’s worth repeating. Hence I would like to introduce a few of the LA spots that not only satisfied my simple, yet insatiable desire for a memorable experience, but restored my faith in the city when said faith was waning.



LA Gems Now cramming all of these spots into one article wouldn’t just be a strain for the reader, but it would be insulting to the city itself. Surely there’s enough to see and do out here that an entire magazine could be dedicated to seeking out cool new joints where the reward factor is high. So for the sake of not writing a novel, I’ll focus on drinks for now. After all, who doesn’t love drinking? Mormons and Amish people don’t need to answer that.

Moving away from tequila and vodka onto my genuine liquor of choice, whiskey, I must include whiskey bar Seven Grand on my short but sweet list of LA staples. When I first came upon this haunting bar downtown (on 7th and Grand), I felt almost as if I were entering a Kubrick film. Hundreds of tiny mounted elk aligned the solid red walls as I climbed the stairs to a broad space with a pool table and bartenders dressed like we were still in the 1920s.

To some, the craving for intoxication can be quenched at the nearest dive bar, but for me it can only be satisfied if the nearest dive bar offers something that the second-nearest dive bar doesn’t. In my case, that happened to be somewhat true. Although it’s not a dive bar, I used to live right down the street from El Carmen. For those who haven’t been, El Carmen is a narrow tequila bar and restaurant with a dim fluorescent glow. Mexican wrestling masks adorn the ceiling and walls, and stocked behind the bar are hundreds of tequilas, as well as two giant bottles of Vietnamese rice wine with real cobras inside of them.

Here at Seven Grand, the whiskey selection is beyond plentiful, the woodsy décor is tastefully dated, and the drinks are hand-crafted. That means a real deal giant cube of ice and slab of orange peel in your old fashioned, and egg whites in your whiskey sour. The bartenders can talk booze until closing time.

For kicks, I still go into El Carmen and point to a random tequila or mezcal on the menu, then feel tinges of guilt as my supremely busy bartender spends minutes searching through the vast catalogue behind him. On my less adventurous trips, I order a house margarita or a glass of their tequila-infused pineapple drink. At El Carmen there’s never a disappointing sip, or bite for that matter, since the food is pretty tasty as far as standard Mexican fare goes. El Carmen is owned by the same people who run Bar Lubitsch and Roger Room. If vodka is your thing, definitely check Bar Lubitsch out, and visit Roger Room for mindblowing (and mind-blowingly expensive) mixed drinks.


J e n n y We r t h C roesus Realty 310.278.9422 619.871.9422

The Seven Grand is an important mention because it’s owned by Cedd Moses, whose 213 Group operates some of the most interesting bars in town. They own the recently opened Las Perlas (which gives El Carmen a run for its money), Broadway Bar, Golden Gopher, The Doheny, and next mention The Varnish. The Varnish simply must be seen to be believed. Located at the back of Cole’s (a French Dip joint), this place is tinier than Hugh Hefner’s bathroom, but that’s just one of its charms. Giving off the vibe of a small log cabin painted black, The Varnish is a mixology dream come to life. The bartenders can take any liquor and infuse it with any number of fresh ingredients (like ginger, honey, etc.) and the result is a dangerously fine tasting alcoholic beverage. What’s so great about places like The Varnish and Seven Grand is that they don’t advertise themselves. The Varnish is nothing but a black door at the back

of a French Dip restaurant. Seven Grand is an electric sign that seems attached to nothing in particular, meaning nobody would even notice it unless they were looking for it. It’s this sense of mystique, paired with the authentically delicious drinks, that puts bars like these head and shoulders above the competition. Keeping our sense of adventure in mind, I bring us to our last pit-stop on the alcoholic’s journey through LA: The Hungry Cat. Located in the back corner of an alleyway behind the Borders on Hollywood and Vine, The Hungry Cat is at first sight a seafood lover’s haven. But closer inspection will reveal that the bar is fully stocked with fresh fruits and unique liquors, which combine to make some of, if not the, tastiest drinks in town. The Hungry Cat was quite possibly the first LA bar I fell truly in love with. The staff is friendly, the food is consistently great, and the drinks are addictive. Be forewarned, it is quite easy to get drunk here without even noticing. On my first visit, I was asked to leave for having consumed pretty much every drink on the menu. They put fresh fruit in everything. The beers are usually fantastic here as well. To top things off, they have a happy hour going right now from something like noon to six where everything is half off! If you like the drinks at Hungry Cat, you should also check out Copa D’Oro in Santa Monica. But I’ll stop here. Trust me, I could go on. So for all you New Yorkers who complain about nowhere to go for a good drink in LA, be sure to make a trip to any of the bars mentioned above. They’ll shut you up quickly.

8960 Cynthia St. #116 West Hollywood, CA 90069

“One Call Does It All”





HOllywOOD scene in la 2

3 1: Carmelo Anthony, Donald Trump, LaLa Vazquez, Joan Rivers & Melissa Rivers • Miss USA 2010 Pageant • Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas, Nevada 2: Stacy Keibler • LG Fashion Touch • Event With Eva Longoria Parker And Victoria Beckham • Soho House, Los Angeles • HW Images 3: Justin Neill - with Smoke Stik, Brooke Lander - with Smoke Stik, Teresa Lepore - with NeoStem, David B. Baron MD - with Primary Caring Concierge Medical Practice, Peter Loisides MD Testosterone specialist, Mark Sisson - Author of Primal Living / Speaker • Say Yes • Plate Restaurant in Malibu, Primary Caring’s Concierge Office • Photo Credit - Pam Clarke



5 6

8 7


4: Joey Tierney, Johnny Wujek, Mike McGuiness, Arianna Schioldager, Amanda Reno and Nate Newell • Grand Opening of Found By and • Found By • Wire Image/ Chris Weeks 5: Yotam Solomon & Victoria Beckham • Behind The Scenes Filming for the fashion touch LG commercial • Hollywood,CA • Lg Fashion 6: Nicole Scherzinger and Derek Hough • Dancing With The Stars 2010 results show • DWTS studio backstage • 7: Andre Silva, Chelsea Briggs, Justin Neil • Karaoke “Industry Night” • Soop Suk • NSI Images 8: Zack Larson,Michelle Marie, Jason Director, Jason Nadler, Noelle Armstrong, Cory Monteith, Justin Neil, Chelsea Briggs & Niki Shadrow • Jason Nadler’s Birthday Party • The Thompson Hotel, Beverly Hills • NSI Images 9:The Cast Of Chicago/ Los Angeles • Chicago Opening Night • The Pantages Theatre • Paul Kolnik 10: Erica Cornwall,Conor Knighton, Crystal Fambrini, Ben Lyons, Matthew Hoffman, Douglas Caballero, Kevin Winston, Maureen Brown • Digital LA presents “Hosts Go Digital” at Open Door Productions • Open Door Productions • Digital LA


FRAMING A CONCERT’S MUSIC FOREVER Photographer: Philip Holbrook

Philip Holbrook captures the heart of the moment with professionalism and preciseness. He captivates the audience who see the result of his meticulous work. He is the one who grasps the essence of a memoryallowing us to place them in a frame; a place where those in the photograph never age. From his work at Sunset strip’s famed Cat Club to the fabulous Cinespace Lounge. Phil’s changing the way Los Angeles gets photographed! For Phil, photography has been his passion since he got his first camera at 12-years-old, “The camera’s like a piece of equipment that’s an





Room 5 Lounge - Paul Haasch (independent artist) Cat Club - 100 Ft. Snowman Cinespace Lounge - ANJ, Topanga Paramount Theatre - Joe Finley Band, Chris Riggins, Burnin’ Sky, Zen Rizing, Days Before Tomorrow, Sorgente, Butcher Jones, Bobby Tinsley

Photographer: Philip Holbrook


Photographer: Philip Holbrook

FRAMING A CONCERT’S MUSIC FOREVER extension of my body,” Phil explains. He knows what he wants to see in his concert photos and goes clicking away until he’s satisfied with the result. It’s not simple to capture the heart of who a person is in an image, but Phil always comes quite close to portraying his subjects’ true persona. “I like to talk with people before I take pictures. I like to make a connection with the person,” Phil says. He makes it his goal to recognize what his concert subjects are doing on


stage and this allows relationship with his listens to the music shooting. Now that’s

him to have a real clients. He even of the band he’s true dedication!

Plus he’s not one of those LA ‘flakes.’ Phil was born and bred in Virginia so you can count on him actually making it to his photo shoots! “There’s no reason for someone to make a contract with me if I’m not going to please them with my work.” For concert groups, Phil

is a refreshing photographer- one who doesn’t stop until everyone’s thrilled with the results. His work ethic makes him a reliable source. For instance if a group has him at their concert for a two hour show and it goes over (which is common) he will stay. A rarity around Hollywood! That’s certainly enough to make you smile! Find Phil at Philip Holbrook Photography or call 323.448.0747.



A LA Love Story

Reason: Hip-Hop’s Rising Stars

By Toria Gaylord

Every so often, a group comes along ready to awaken a waning hiphop culture. Rising stars, Devon (RICO) Wade and Trevor (T-Sham) Shamblee of the group Reason are ready to take that challenge. Currently residing in LA, the lyrical duo who originates from New York has just completed their new single LA Love Story, which is set to be released this summer. The group’s cross-country journey is the stuff hip-hop dreams are made of and the social conscious rappers want to express their love for LA, the ladies and honor the rap legends who have paved the way. Reason’s musical style is what true hip-hop heads have been waiting for; two seasoned lyricists who perfectly blend infectious beats with an old school appeal. While other artists struggle to find their voice, Reason has developed their own unique formula to reshape the hip-hop game. The love of hip-hop is what motivates them. They want to have a long career and retire as one of the greatest groups of all time. After listening to their tracks, I can honestly give you many reasons why this group is here to stay. Hollywood Weekly sits down with Reason to talk about their music, the state of hip-hop and the group’s LA Love Story. HW: How did you come up with your group’s name? What does Reason stand for? TS: There is no soul in hip-hop anymore, today’s artists have no rhyme or reason for their music. We are bringing reason back to the game by combining the old school sensibility with a new generation feel and we answer the question of what hip-hop is missing. Reason puts the focus back into hip-hop by concentrating on storytelling, love and social consciousness. HW: Who are your musical influences? DW: I listen to songs from every era. I love old school music like the Temptations, Otis Reading and Earth Wind and Fire. I especially loved the 80’s because it seemed like everybody was having fun. I admire Michael Jackson’s talent; he had a profound effect on people. However, what really influenced me was the hiphop of the nineties with Puffy and the Bad Boy era, Biggie and Jay- Z. They redefined the game of hip-hop. TS: Music has always been a big part of my life. My father loved the old classics especially Sly and the Family Stone. He had a great music collection and he helped me develop a deeper appreciation for music. If I heard a guitar lead, my father would let me know who was playing. He dubbed tapes for parties and that is how I learned how to mix music. I would loop the ten-second intro of a song and put a rhyme to it and developed my craft from there. I was into the conscious rap greats of the 90’s like Jay-Z, Common, Biggie, Tupac, Mos Def, Nas, Talib Kweli and west coast artists like Snoop. HW: Can you describe Reason’s music?

TS: I would describe our music as conscious rap mixed with a little R&B hiphop flavor; it is a mixture of everything. We want to give you party tracks, music for the summer and songs that get you through those tough times. Its music everyone can relate too. HW: What is hip-hop lacking nowadays? TS: The artistry is not there anymore. Only a half of what is out there is original or intelligent. Many rappers are lacking lyrically and are just trying to make a buck. DW: Right now artists are afraid to be different. We need more Kanye’s in the game. It seems like everyone is dressed in a school uniform and we need somebody to break the dress code. Hip-hop is complex and can be self destructive if you do not have the right support. You never know if an artist is leading a certain lifestyle or if it is just for entertainment purposes. Reason will talk about our truth, we are college kids that grew up in New York and came to California to make our dreams happen. Our music is an honest portrayal of where we have been. We have experienced struggles and hard times but have chosen to take the right path. That is the story you are going to hear. HW: What are you hoping to bring to hip-hop that is fresh and new? DW: Reason is bringing the total package back. We are looking to recapture the artistry of hip-hop and put out a quality album where all of the songs are great and put out 3-4 videos that go together like back in the 90’s. We want our performances to leave a lasting impression where people will say our show was amazing.

For more information on Reason, check them out on Facebook at http://www.facebook. com/wearereason and My Space at or follow Reason on twitter For bookings contact manager Abdul-Qaadir Taalib-Din at 480-241-9254 or

TS: We want to restore what was lost in rap by getting back to the real essence of hip-hop when being a rapper meant something, going old school by sitting down with a pen and a pad and lyrically composing our thoughts. Through our music, we want listeners to feel and identify with our experiences. HW: What is the concept behind LA Love Story? TS: California is the Golden state with sunny skies and beautiful beaches. The women here are free and outgoing. Coming from New York, we wanted to pay homage to the strong women here. The kind of women who can go for a run in the canyons or can free ball on the court but then can change into high heels in an hour—not just models and plastic bodies. The women here are more than that. LA Love Story is about finding that one true love. DW: We are musicians living the entertainment lifestyle. Each night we are in a different city meeting lots of women. Then one day you meet that girl that changes your life and love smacks you in the face. HW: So you want to bring love back into hip-hop. DW: Yes, love makes the world go around. People are afraid to talk about love but it is a beautiful thing. TS: I do not know who made it not cool to talk about love in hip-hop but it is okay to be in love. Back in the day, love was all our parents and grandparents had. That saying, “Behind every great man is a great woman,” is true. In this industry, after all the glitz and glam, a true man wants to come home to a woman who has his back and believes in what he is doing.


A Place Safe Enough For


By: Brea Tisdale

I pride myself on being someone that is always finding really unique “one of kind” vintage pieces of clothing. The thing about buying these “unique” pieces is that you don’t always/ can’t really wear them without having them cleaned first, because honestly who knows where they have been…(Really who wants to know)? But, I get really nervous about taking my stuff to the cleaners… You can find Beverly Crest Cleaners at: 10301 Santa Monica Blvd. West Los Angeles, CA 90025 or online at:

Who hasn’t had your favorite one-ofa-kind coat ruined or misplaced… I sure have! Recently however, I found a place that is different then all the rest… Beverly Crest Cleaners. They have been around since 1927. The current owners Harry and David have owned the place since 1978. They are brother- in-laws that are both engineers, electrical and mechanical. They saw an opportunity for a unique business and jumped on it. The thing I quickly discovered about what makes the way Harry runs his business different than


the average “Joe-blow” cleaners you see out there, is that with “Joe-blow” cleaners you get “Joe- blow” service. Beverly Crest caters to upper estate/ celebrity clientele as well as studios. Which I know you are thinking so what, who cares…? Well I do and so should you frankly. As you may or may not know, most celebrities don’t

Also for the environmentally friendly person out there, they offer what they call “wet cleaning” where they don’t use any chemicals on your clothing… but if you are a germ-a-fob and really want to make sure to get the junk out of that jacket you brought in… you can rest assured they only use the best products out there.

have time to be fooling around with their clothes. They are often expected to be wearing certain things at certain times or they might even be wearing something that is on loan to them… so they can’t afford costly mistakes. In fact, a good friend of mine owns a high-end boutique on Third Street and someone had come in to pull clothing for a photo shoot. Before returning it to the store they had it cleaned and the random “Joe-blow” cleaners ruined the clothing…which is a loss of merchandise. My friend then started having everyone take the borrowed merchandise from her store to Beverly Crest and it’s as if the items never left. Something else I witnessed while in Beverly Crest was a woman whose clothing had been around a lot of smoke from the fires and her clothing reflected that. At Beverly Crest they offer smoke damage cleaning which gets that ever lingering smell of smoke out of your clothes, so they don’t have to be replaced. Another convenient thing I saw, is that they offer pick up and delivery service of your items. They will come to your house or office to pick up what you need to be cleaned and drop it off.

The reason I think this business works so well, is because they are solid from the inside out. Most of the employees have been with the company for 10 plus years. In fact, a man who had worked for the company 9 years when Harry and David took over, continued working with them for another 20 years before he retired. The reason for this is because what I noticed from just being in there, you can see it’s a friendly low-pressure environment, where they are more about the quality than the quantity. What I mean by that is most cleaners have their employees doing 25 or 30 presses an hour where at Beverly Crest they do 7 or 8. This is because each garment is inspected before the cleaning and then inspected after the cleaning by a separate department to make sure there aren’t any tears/ discoloration or any damage. Volume doesn’t matter here, it’s quality. So, if you have a couture piece or are a production studio or someone like myself who really cares about your unique piece - this is the place to go. Every garment is treated and cared for as if it were their own personal treasure. And don’t worry about them losing anything because every item has a computer tag on it that allows them to track every movement of your piece, so they know where everything is at all times. Just ask James, who has been going there for 75 years…. Obviously they are doing something right!


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With Summer here at last, it’s time to break out the suntan lotion and hit the beach, then invite your family and friends over for a barbeque followed by an evening at the theatre to enjoy one of these fantastic shows:

“Small Craft Warnings” Monk, compassionate but firm, is the bartender who rules at his eponymous bar, and his regulars are part of society’s underbelly: Leona, a woman with a mobile home who seeks gay men for companionship and straight men for sex; Bill, her latest lover, who has literally made a career of living off women; Steve, resigned to his life as a hash-slinger in a secondrate joint; Violet, his sometimes girlfriend and a helpless waif; and Doc, a physician who’s been decertified because of drunkenness but won’t stop practicing. Then there’s the visitors: Quentin a washed-up screenwriter; and his prey, Bobby, a young boy bicycling from Iowa to Mexico. The action of the play takes place in a single evening. Of the lives observed here, the destinies of a couple of them will be altered significantly that night. Written by Tennessee Williams and directed by Michael Murray, it runs through June 12 at Fiesta Hall in Plummer Park in West Hollywood. For tickets call 800-838-3006 or visit “Two Figures” about a complicated yet passionate love affair between a 17 year-old girl and her 33 yearold teacher...and all the taboos that go with it. Written by Matthew Chester and directed by Matthew Schwartz, it runs through June 20 at the Powerhouse Theatre in Santa Monica. For tickets visit “The Maids” Two servants who are also siblings, Solange and Claire, fantasize about killing Madame, their employer, having already contrived to have Madame’s lover, Monsieur, temporarily jailed. The sisters engage in a series of sadomasochistic rituals, taking turns as perpetrator and intended victim in role-playing games. Written by Jean Genet and directed by Armina LaManna, it runs through June 27 at The Eclectic Company Theatre in Valley Village. For tickets call 818-508-3003 or visit


“a Chorus Line” In an empty theatre, on a bare stage, casting for a new Broadway musical is almost complete. For 17 dancers, this audition is the chance of a lifetime. It’s what they’ve worked for - with every drop of sweat, every hour of training, every day of their lives. It’s the one opportunity to do what they’ve always dreamed -- to have the chance to dance. Written by Michael Bennett and directed by Bob Avian, it runs through June 13 at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood. For tickets call 800-9822787 or visit

“Skylight” Kyra had broken off her six-year affair with Tom to save his marriage to Alice, Kyra’s close friend. But Alice has now passed away. Tom and Kyra had been loving and passionate with each other. Now, there should be nothing keeping them apart, but it’s not so simple. Tom is a world-renowned restauranteur, with the attendant material comforts and an extra helping of the arrogance conveyed by a surfeit of wealth and privilege. Kyra has settled into a more meager existence, living in a freezing flat in a down-market part of London, taking the bus across town to teach kids in a school in a poor neighborhood (because that is where she is most needed). Written by David Hare and directed by Ken Meseroll, it

runs through June 20 at the Fremont Centre Theatre in South Pasadena. For tickets call 866-811-4111 or visit

4 through July 11 at Theatre 6470 at the Complex in Hollywood. For tickets call 661-547-1173 or visit www.

“Spike heels” reveals a comedic approach to issues of sexual harassment, the control and use of women, selfdetermination and identity, and changing expectations of men in a feminist era. Written by Theresa Rebeck and directed by Robert Marra, it runs through June 27 at Theatre 68 in Hollywood. For tickets call 323-960-7770 or visit

“Carmen Miranda- The Lady in the Tutti Frutti hat.” World Premiere engagement of a new musical, it highlights notable musical production numbers from the popular entertainer’s career. Written by Sam Mossler and directed by Beto Araiza, it runs June 4 through June 27 at the Hudson Backstage Theatre in Hollywood. For tickets call 323-960-7740 or visit

“Baby” tells the story of three couples as they deal with the painful, rewarding and agonizingly funny consequences of the experience of expecting a baby: college students in their twenties, barely at the beginning of their adult lives; thirty ‘somethings’, having trouble conceiving but willing to try; and middle-aged parents, looking forward to seeing their last child graduate from college when a night of unexpected passion lands them right back where they started. Written by Sybille Pearson and directed by Cate Caplin, it runs June 4 through July 11 at the Lonny Chapman Theatre in North Hollywood. For tickets call 818-700-4878 or visit “The Fantasticks” Applauded as “the perfect musical,” it is an honest and captivating show about what it means to love, live, and laugh. Set to a classically beautiful score, the show includes such classics as “Try to Remember” and “Soon it’s Gonna Rain.” Written by Tom Jones and directed by Christopher Chase, it runs June

“The Socialization of Ruthie Shapiro” is about the reminiscence of a mother and schoolteacher now in her 30s. She has a son in junior high. “I tell him these are the best years of his life.” Ruthie is an unpopular young Jewish girl at George Washington Junior High in Los Angeles. Her older brother, Ronnie, is athletic and popular, and doesn’t want to be seen with her. Ruthie finally makes a friend with a girl transplanted from Texas who is freakishly tall, and made more of an outcast because of her Texas accent. The two become close until one day something happens to present a serious challenge to the bonds of their friendship. Written by Barbara Nell Beery and directed by Susan Morgenstern, it runs June 4 through July 11 at Theatre West in Los Angeles. For tickets call 323-8517977 or visit

“all My Sons” The year is 1946. The Kellers, by all appearances, seem to be the quintessential “all-American” family, except for one terrible secret: Joe Keller, family patriarch, has concealed a great crime. Tensions mount as he attempts to hide the truth, fearful of how the repercussions will affect the lives of his loved ones, still grieving over the loss of son Larry, whose plane went down in the war. Written by Arthur Miller and directed by Kiff Scholl, it runs June 5 through July 25 at the Raven Playhouse in North Hollywood. For tickets call 323-960-4420 or visit “Transitions” A program of three thematically related stories. In the first, a young woman whose fiancé has died is haunted by his singing voice from beyond the grave. She is seemingly inconsolable, until her half-sister presents her with solace from an unexpected source. Next, there are two septuagenarian sisters, feuding for years and in particular over the disposition of a family heirloom. Now in their late seventies, time is running out for them


LA THEATRE BEAT to affect a reconciliation. In the final story, a 38-year-old woman realizes that she is at the same age as her mother when her mother died. She has artistic dreams, but will she be able to realize them, or will she die too soon, like her mom? Written by Kellie Roberts and directed by Dwain A. Perry, it runs June 18 through June 27 at Los Angeles Theatre Center in Los Angeles. For tickets call 213-489-0994 or visit

nature. Written by William Shakespeare and directed by Melora Marshall, it runs June 6 through September 18 at The Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum in Topanga. For tickets call 310-455-3723 or visit “Jay Johnson: The Two and Only!” is a captivating theatrical experience incorporating a variety of theatre and storytelling techniques which illuminates the art form of ventriloquism as Johnson, along with a parade of characters, including an edgy puppet named “Bob” and a spunky, smart-mouthed monkey named “Darwin,” who is a direct reflection of Johnson’s wild side, relate their tales. Written by Jay Johnson and directed by Paul Kreppel and Murphy Cross, it runs June 11 through June 20 at the Laguna Playhouse in Laguna Beach. For tickets call 949497-2787 or visit “a Shayna Maidel” In 1946, a Polish immigrant living in New York is reunited with her sister who remained in Poland and lived through the Holocaust. A powerful, poignant, and emotionally charged tale of sustenance and hope, and the belief that from a broken and bitter past, a better future may be born. Written by Barbara Lebow and directed by Shashin Desai, it runs June 11 through July 11 at the Long Beach Performing Arts Center in Long Beach. For tickets call 562-436-4610 or visit www.

“hamlet” Following the death of his father, Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, returns home to find his uncle now occupies the throne and the queen’s bed. Spurred by the ghost of his father and surrounded by spies, Hamlet must avenge his father’s murder. Written by William Shakespeare and directed by Ellen Geer, it runs June 5 through October 2 at The Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum in Topanga. For tickets call 310-455-3723 or visit

“a Midsummer night’s Dream” transformed into an enchanted fairy forest inhabited by lovers both fairy and human - a world of wonder, magic and romance where comical misunderstandings and the pain of unrequited love are resolved, and all is reconciled through midsummer night revelries and the enduring power of


“all Cake, no File: The Johnny Cash Prison Tribute” Jewell Rae is a celebrity chef, home economist, and host of the popular syndicated live cooking show, “Tastes Like Home.” Her love of music, boxed cake mixes, and convicted felons inspired this production, during which she bakes and serves guests of the California state prison system - all the while accompanied by Johnny Cash tribute band With A Bible And A Gun. Written by Donna Jo Thorndale and directed by Shira Piven, it runs June 11 through July 31 at The Actors’ Gang in Culver City. For tickets call 310-838-4264 or visit “The Jesus hickey” the daughter of a tough Irish laborer becomes a national superstar when it is discovered that a “hickey” on her neck is shaped in the image of Jesus. Written and directed by Luke Yankee, it runs June 12 through July 18 at The Skylight Theatre in Los Angeles. For tickets call 310-358-9936 or visit www. “Twelfth night” Music, dancing, courtship, love, hookahs and swordsmanship abound in Shakespeare’s gloriously gender jumbled romantic tale Twelfth Night. This roller coaster romp follows the misadventures of the lovesick Viola (disguised as the young boy Cesario) who gets

caught in a vexing love triangle with the dashing Duke Orsino and the lovelorn Olivia. These lovers, their fools and the puritans take part in a madcap trip that ends only with the discovery that there are always greater journeys just around the corner. Written by William Shakespeare and directed by Jeff Soroka, it runs June 18 through July 31 at The Sherry Theatre in North Hollywood. For tickets call 818-849-4039 or visit

“The Three Musketeers” When a young dreamer named d’Artagnan leaves home for Paris to become a member of the famed royal guard, The Musketeers, he encounters a trio of comrades who embody the motto, “All for one and one for all.” Written by Alexandre Dumas and directed by Ellen Geer, it runs June 12 through October 3 at The Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum in Topanga. For tickets call 310-455-3723 or visit www.

“angelos” a young Chassidic man tries unsuccessfully to rob a neighborhood barbershop for enough money to escape his restrictive life style and pursue a woman he fancies, but his victims find him more cute than dangerous, and rather than turn him in to the police, they conspire to help him woo the girl of his dreams. Written by Tony Perzow and directed by R.S. Bailey, it runs June 17 through July 11 at Studio/Stage in Los Angeles. For tickets call 310-807-4842 or visit “arcadia” In 1809 a young girl of exceptional mathematical abilities is being tutored by a teacher with an overactive libido when a duel over a ladies honor causes a suitor to suddenly vanish from town, while a mad hermit who lives on the grounds for decades after, working out mysterious mathematical equations. In the present day, the descendants of the estate who are likewise eccentric attempt to unravel the mysteries of what exactly

occurred on the estate in 1809. Written by Tom Stoppard and directed by Barbara Schofield, it runs June 18 through July 31 at the Sierra Madre Playhouse in Sierra Madre. For tickets call 626-355-4318 or visit

“Opus” Talent and temperaments collide in this amusing and compelling behind-the-scenes look at a “highstrung” string quartet. A world-famous ensemble threatens to unravel as it prepares for a high-profile performance at the White House when its most talented member goes missing and a young woman is hired to take his place. Written by Michael Hollinger and directed by Simon Levy, it runs June 19 through July 25 at The Fountain Theatre in Los Angeles. For tickets call 323-663-1525 or visit www.

“In the heights” tells the universal story of a vibrant community in New York’s Washington Heights neighborhood - a place where the coffee from the corner bodega is light and sweet, the windows are always open and the breeze carries the rhythm of three generations of music. It’s a community on the brink of change, full of hopes, dreams and pressures, where the biggest struggles can be deciding which traditions you take with you, and which ones you leave behind. Written by Quiara Alegría Hudes and conceived by Lin-Manuel Miranda, directed by Thomas Kail, it runs June 22 through July 25 at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood. For tickets call 800-982-2787 or visit www.

Forget your troubles come on get happy, we’re going to chase all your blues away - shout hallelujah come on get happy, go out and see a show today! HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY 45

To Know You Is To Love You

By: Randy Spelling

Knowing who you are might be the toughest job on the planet and the most rewarding. There is enough travel within one’s self to never have to go on vacation with the amount of journeys we all go on. The more we know ourselves, the more we can accept ourselves. Acceptance brings joy. Joy brings love. The ultimate goal is to love every part of ourselves, even the parts we may have judged harshly. Here is a list of tools that may help to know and accept your self more. The ultimate goal of this is to know yourself intimately so you can “fall in love”. When you love yourself completely, the world is your playground… 1) Think of and write down things that make you special. (at least ) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6)

Acknowledge these things throughout the day Ask to remember all of who you are Write down the things that make you happy Write down the things that make you sad Write down all the things that make you…you. Do you accept these things? If not, what can you do to embrace them and integrate that acceptance as a blossoming part of you? 7) Ask yourself in all different situations throughout the day, “What do I want?” (Knowing what you want is one of the quickest ways to get to know yourself and your wants and needs) 8) Remember a time that you felt the best you have ever felt. Where were you? How did you feel inside your own body? What was the visceral feeling? 9) Read over all of these things and let this be a road map to know yourself better. Do not be afraid to really dig deep. The further you pull back the rubber band, the farther the rubber band will spring in the opposite direction! Be the Indiana Jones of yourself by exploring all the caves and tunnels of who you are and then be the love that fills those places and lights those caverns with your own light.



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Aloha, meet 10-yearold Shaun Twiddy from Hawaii

Hair color: black Eye color: brown Height: 4’ 6” Weight: 62 lbs

He is an actor, model, singer, ukulele player, bowler and aspiring director. By the first grade, he had already gotten a role as an extra on “Lost.” Shaun was very curious about how television shows are produced, and how the cameramen and director work.

New Talent

Shaun Twiddy

Shaun’s agent believes Shaun will be the next Ron Howard because of this. He also likes being in front of the camera and meeting new friends.

Cell: (808) 368-7993

email: (310) 836-2446 Beverly Hills (773) 973-1251 Chicago



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