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October 2013


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POWERHOUSE Designer Rocky Gathercole

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AmandaEliasch There’s nobody like HER in Hollywood…


The Gun, The Cake & The Butterfly, a film by Amanda Eliasch LOS ANGELES PREMIERE at the BEL AIR FILM FESTIVAL Saturday, OCTOBER 12 at 4:30pm James Bridges Theatre U.C.L.A. Campus 1409 East Melnitz Hall Los Angeles, CA 90095 !

!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! Fresh from its triumph at the Ischia Global Film & Music Festival (Italy) where Amanda Eliasch won The Enrico Jobb Award for Art in Film, The Gun, The Cake & The Butterfly has also won Most Imaginative Documentary at NYCIFF. “One of the best films I have seen in years.” Director Joel Schumacher “Engrossing, brave, and sad.” Ed Pressman (Wall Street, American Psycho) “An incredible piece of work. Delightfully whimsical.” British Film Institute


! For!tickets!and!additional!information!on!the!Bel!Air!Film!Festival:!!!



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ear Readers,

For all you fashionistas out there… this issue is for you! We’ve compiled the very best of fashion’s fabulous flair from the stylish cat-walks of New York City and London. Plus, we’ve also included some ‘arresting fashion’ columns from awesome designers Nikki Lund, Cat Guirado and Dawn ‘Sunflower’ Nguyen. And, just to keep you on your well-heeled toes, we’ve put in an unforgettable story about Rocky Gathercole; the fashion-forward man whose avant-garde designs are taking the nation by storm. Plus, don’t forget- we’ve got Los Angeles and Palm Springs Fashion Week coming up this month too! Naturally, “Hollywood Weekly” will be front and center (and extremely stylish) while watching these impressive runways too. Of course, with stand-out fashion comes the red carpet ‘looks’ that will be photographed at film festivals. One film festival in particular is about to cause quite a stir- The Bel Air Film Festival. For a crash-course in everything-outrageous, we’ve got Amanda Eliasch’s “The Gun, The Cake & The Butterfly” premiere at the forefront of our lenses. Her documentary, which already has awards under its belt, is keeping Los Angeles in an excited bubble. Our beautiful cover story on the marvel of Amanda will keep you entranced- just like the rest of the nation. All of this frenzy leaves us feeling, well, hungry. So, we’ve thrown some of the best holiday recipes from the glamorous Gloria Govan’s cookbook into the mix as well; the result is delicious. Finally, at the end of it all, a relaxing trip will be needed… not to worry, we’ve got the best escape one could dream of in the landmark Brazilian Court Hotel in sunny Palm Beach, Florida. Exit reality, enter an oasis of beauty.

However, let us remember that the world is not all an array of red-carpets, film premieres and catwalks. There’s a real issue facing us this month: breast cancer. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we’re thrilled to report that many people, leagues, major store chains and charitable organizations have truly been screaming to get the word out. What word?... ERADICATE. Breast cancer has no limits, it doesn’t keep anyone out of its sickening grip. It won’t pass you by just because you’ve done some good in this world; it carries no particular favorites and everyone is victim to its torments and destruction. Anyone can fall prey to its insidious disaster of slowly deteriorating health. But after the gloom of facing this vile disease is faced, a cause for hope is needed- to make it more bearable. A sister, a mother, a brother, even a stranger may be the one to come up with a cure; or at least a plan to help ease the pain and diminish the demons associated with this disease. And this is where the vital support from leagues such as the NFL League and associations such as the Susan G. Komen come into essential play. This is the playoff called your life; and there aren’t any winners. Because breast cancer plays no favorites. Please do what you can today and visit to contribute or visit or call 877-GO KOMEN. Please patronize their sponsors and spread their message. My wish for you is true peace, love and health,

Jenny Werth

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It’s a wonderful life!



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Amanda Eliasch


Captivating on the Catwalk NYC Fashion Week


The Lady in Red Carmelita Pittman,

Golden Era of Hollywood Audrey Hepburn


For the Stars Fashion House Rocky Gathercole’s Creativity

Naomi Campbell purrs down the runway in her signature-strut as celebs and A-listers quickly note the next fashion must-haves.

Audrey as everybody loves her. We’re still Audrey-obsessed. Her smile, her grace, her style, her talent- there’s only one Audrey.

The Brazilian Court Hotel “The” Palm Beach Escape


Every color of the rainbow suits this exemplary woman who makes the heart dance and the soul yearn for more of her.


A look at the designer who takes his passion and creates avant-garde designs that entertain the eye with intensity

Lovely Fashions Align Dawn ‘Sunflower’ Nguyen


Cook Book For the Holidays Gloria Govan


Alluring fashions ideal for the woman who longs to party until dawn... and then hit a breakfast restaurant still in fashion.

A flawless turquoise ocean shimmers as brilliantly as the diamonds worn by the guests of this landmark oasis.

New Hollywood Talent The Biz


André and Donn are knocking em’ off their seats in Hollywood. These 2 Latin men are steaming up the city of stars.

Gorgeous Gloria’s page-turning cook book. A holiday guide to everything-delicious and incredibly yummy recipes.

Fashion Forward With Nikki Lund


Our guest fashion editor takes us on a beautiful journey through her fashion inspirations & stylish sensations.

London Fashion Week Sizzles Cat Talk with Catalina Guirado


The styles on the London catwalk makes the front-row bask in the glow of the fashion frenzy.

The Scene by Niki Shadrow Snyder


Niki’s reliable red-carpet review of the hottest stars and trendiest scenes happening on our stylish streets.



Inside photographs: by Boris Ristic Styling by Nikki Lund, at Nikki-Rich Clothing

This vivacious blonde who describes herself as “great balls of fire,” has a lightening-strength passion for life. “I plan my funeral as I plan my life. While I’m here, I want to enjoy it and live it to the fullest. I don’t mind failure. You should try... you must have a go, or you’ll be forever miserable.” It’s a foregone conclusion that the bubbly blonde, bearing quite a resemblance to Marilyn Monroe, has made an impact in life. Amanda simply exudes “been there, done that and am ready for the next adventure.” The author, award-winning director, producer, photographer, proud mother, fashion editor, socialite, contemplator (and this is just the beginning of the list), is like a bottle of champagne that’s been shaken up- she pops out and spritzes everyone around her. The ex-wife of millionaire tycoon, Johan Eliasch, doesn’t hide within her homes in London, Paris or Los Angeles. She lets us have all of her- whether we like it or not is our problem. But as for Amanda, she’s as openbook as they come. Ask her a question and she will give you an honest response. Refreshing, isn’t it? Like high tea in the afternoon at Harrods, a rich bordeaux in France, or a cheap happy hour beer in a LA dive-bar in HollywoodAmanda finds happiness and inspiration in them all. Naturally, she deals with the pain of life as do most passionate writers: she shares her story. Case in point, her book “Cloak & Dagger Butterfly.” “(This was) written when I was having an affair, I was in total pain. I just did it… What happens is I write it down and it becomes useful so it’s no longer a waste of time. Out of misery comes positivity and I quite like that feeling. I’m always dealing with my loneliness, I find it most interesting.” Could a woman of more ‘open-book-quality’ be found? In today’s world of “I-didn’t-do-nor-say-this-or-that,” the answer is increasingly a no. But not for Amanda for whom very little is off the books. This leads us to yet another aspect of her interesting persona. Extraordinary fashion sense.


It’s a wonderful life



manda Eliasch is the kind of woman who commands attention when she walks into a room; somehow without saying a word, people feel a sense of her magnetism. Something personal has permeated the room. Her presence makes the space she inhabits come alive in vivid colors. One feels an element of royalty has entered the room. And it has. While not the kind of royalty living inside Buckingham Palace, Amanda represents royalty nonetheless. The kind that is self-made through a myriad of achievements. Truth be told, the royals surely know Amanda lives part-time in their neighborhood… London may be a huge city, but, Amanda would stand out in the middle of a typhoon.

Amanda relaxing in her Los Angeles home

Am by Jenny Romaine

“While I’m here, I want to enjoy life and live it to the fullest. I don’t mind failure. You should try... you must have a go, or you’ll be forever miserable.”- Amanda. The Book of the FIlm



Photography • Books • See, when a woman dressed in beautiful fashion walks down the street, people don’t only admire the fine quality of her ensemble, but in the case of Amanda, they offer her a job. Indeed, for the writer who experiences deep lows and incredible highs, there’s a form of self-expression in her style sense that inevitably turns the heads of those around her. So, one day as she fashionably sauntered down a Los Angeles street she was offered her current job as fashion editor for the “Genlux” magazine. Sorry to the droves of hopeful writers who are still climbing the annoying ladder to a better job position. But, in la-la land, nothing works as logic would predict. And this is the proof. The irony remains that in ‘la-la-land,’ where for so many their big dreams are left lingering on the broken down side of the alley, we find a flourishing Amanda whose only real “broken down side” would be the part of her prone to deep depression. Well, that and perhaps her seven-yearold black customized Mustang that’s been “banged up a bit” after she lent it to a friend. However, even in her depression, Amanda finds profound appreciation. Indeed, anyone who’s ever studied the lives of well-regarded writers knows that a common theme of darkness inspires many of their most remarkable works. Thus we find Amanda even longs for the shadows in order to introduce another platform for ingenious work. Maybe it’s the refinement she obtained from attending boarding and finishing school, but this job was clearly destined to be hers. Sometimes the stars align and other times they simply do not. For Amanda, life is one big production of numerous feats and failures. Never one to “sugar coat” her words, she says it like she sees it. “I was brought up in the country and studied how to be a young lady… I’ve had a great



“Amanda is like a bottle of champagne that’s been shaken up- she pops out and spritzes everyone around her.” life and I think, ‘smile when the world smiles with you and if you’re being a bitch, then the door crashes in on you.’ You better put a smile on it and not moan on.” Never one to ‘moan on,’ she pushes ever-forward with the most unlikely of challenges. Most recently, she put on the visionary hat of director. And like everything else she puts on, it’s a hat that fits her well. In fact, she won most imaginative in New York City and best female director in the Burbank Film Festival for her documentary film “The Gun, the Cake and the Butterfly.” The film debuts in the Bel Air Film Festival soon. Yet another in her multi-faceted layers: Success.

• Art • Theater • Movies The Movie Star...

Glamming it up Hollywood style! Two vivacious blondes, one lifetime.

The Playwrignt...

The Cast of “As I Like It”-- Amanda with Lisa Zane and Elizabeth Karr



Seven Deadly Sins -- Lust, Gluttony, Wrath Amanda’s Neon art The play of her movie And what is success? For Amanda, success encompasses as many layers as does her multi-dimensional persona. It’s nourishing an endearing relationship with her two talented sons; it’s relaxing in the love of her friends; it’s creating everything from thought-provoking neon art to books and documentaries; it’s grinning when the “oh-so-proper” English judge her

In her own words...

“outrageous behavior” with a tat-tat-tat; and ultimately, it’s doing whatever she fancies, whenever she chooses and however she wants. But, for a woman who has already done it all; the next 20 years promises to reveal a roller coaster of a ride in an irresistible scene-stealer known as Amanda’s life.

Hollywood Weekly -What and/or whom have been the big-

AE - “I was quite surprised, really... I didn’t expect in the

gest influences in your life?

beginning for it to even get into a festival. I was a complete novice, I didn’t think I’d get into any. So, getting into any (festival), especially New York City was an incredible thing. So, I was really pleased.”

Amanda Eliasch - My grandfather, the film director, Sidney

Gilliat gave me the love of the written word. My grandmother; my love of the piano; having two sons; my ex-husband Johan Eliasch; my best friends Tim Willis and Boris Ristic who gave me the courage to fulfill my dreams; who believed in me. Tim says that I am a ‘magpie who has moments of genius’- I just think I like to live life to the full, and I like to join in. Work is more interesting than playing. The films of Visconti, Ken Russell, Peter Greenaway. “The Cook, the Thief, his Wife and her Lover.” Dylan Thomas’ “Under Milkwood” and Thomas Hardy, “Far from the Madding Crowd.” My love of Greyhounds and whippets, classical music. Two part inventions of Bach, the haunting film music of Alexandre Desplat, the arias of Bellini, and Callas’s voice. I love a new unknown opera singer called Sofia Dimitrova. I love my son becoming an opera singer and he is now at The Royal Welsh College of Music. Cabaret, Liza Minelli. This is what turns me on.

HW - Your documentary - “The Gun, the Cake and the Butterfly”- you won most imaginative in the NYC International Film Festival…. How did that feel?



The Businesswoman...

Amanda having tea at the London Saatchi café -- the delight in her eyes is simply captivating.

The Socialite...

“Out of misery comes positivity and I quite like that feeling. I’m always dealing with my loneliness, I find it most interesting.”- Amanda.

NYCIFF Roberto Rizzo and Justine Glenton who played Amanda in the stage version of her film



New Y The Big Apple Hits the Runway in Delicious Style! The Best Fashions at

FASHION Designers: David Neville and Marcus Wainwright

This collection oozed the cool vibe that designers David Neville and Marcus Wainwright have mastered. The British-born designers produced a collection that every New York City girl will want to be seen in next summer — no small feat, either. Each look was deftly balanced in mood, fabric, and shape, never veering into the overly girly or overly sporty. The designers’ fluency with the source material galvanized a strong, focused collection.

Designer: Alexander Wang Alexander Wang thrilled his guests with futuristic outfits that glow in the dark as he reaffirmed his flair for the theatrical during this show at New York fashion week.

Designer: Victoria Beckham Victoria Beckham sent out a sumptuous spring-summer 2013 collection during New York fashion week, proving her designing career is no flash in the “Spice Girl” pan. This collection was a knockout. The brand isn’t just about Beckham anymore, it’s about her customer.

Designer: Marc Jacobs Marc Jacobs kicked romanticism to the curb with a bold New York fashion week show dominated by hypnotizing stripes and delivered at crackerjack speed. The chatter at New York Fashion Week had been about softening the edges, but Marc Jacobs changed the conversation–as he often does– after going graphic at his show - a vortex of high-fashion moments, centered on stripes.



Designer: Zac Posen Zac Posen New York Fashion Week 2013 Opened by the divine Naomi Campbell, in a floral print knee-length dress, Zac Posen’s show was once again an explosion of femininity and expression of the dreamy, fantasy world which frequently contextualizes his creations. The black muse was followed by an astounding set of supermodels, Angela Lindvall, Isabeli Fontana, Karolina Kurkova, Lindsey Wixson, Alek Wek, Erin O’Connor and Coco Rocha, the only who could do justice to such a gorgeous collection of statement pieces and demanding, sophisticated ball gowns.

York W E E K

Designer: Narciso Rodriguez

Designer: Francisco Costa for Calvin Klein

Costa tested the limits of the label’s signature minimal style with sharply structured looks … Conical bustiers and dresses–none as severe as those of Jean Paul Gaultier in the early 1990s that Madonna made infamous–came sleeveless, strapless or backless. All the exploration of form that we expect from him, plus a heady dose of sex appeal. These clothes should play extremely well in Hollywood.

From the triangular cleavage cutouts to the plunging V-necklines, Narciso Rodriguez made his point with pointed shapes. The evolution was in decoration, as the designer used laminated wood beads to create abstract floral patterns, giving rich texture to streamlined patterns. A beautiful collection of spare silhouettes, exquisite cuts and colorful graphics that, while arty, were executed with a perfect sense of control. Satisfying both a woman’s wardrobe needs and a man’s eye, that’s the whole package.

Designers: Jack McCollough & Lazaro Hernandez This show was mind-flowingly cool… They built on the foundation of last season’s experiment with a boxy, oversized silhouette, playing with fragments of images, colors and textures that flew by like so many pixels in our visually overloaded digital world. A mix-and-match approach to colors, materials, and textures worked brilliantly, especially when tricked out with sporty touches. From seriously hip leather and python patchwork vests to sexy-grunge halters, they provided a contemporary wardrobe of separates and frocks with plenty of personality. Let the superlatives rip.

Designers: Shane Gabier and Chris Peters There was something almost orderly from the range that strikes a balance between cute and experimental. A gorgeously assured and focused move on from their rather more uneven falls, glowing with inspiration and aspiration.




ICON ICO The Golden Era of Hollywood: Audrey Hepburn The Beloved Audrey Hepburn

She took our breath away in “Breakfast At Tiffany’s” and continues to leave us obsessed. We find comfort in her memory. No star will ever have that “Audrey Loveliness” again.


After working all morning she wanted to take a lunch break and I went with her. When we were going down the street (she was cycling and I was walking), I saw her little car back there – one of the early Thunderbirds, which was very popular – and her little dog called Famous, and I asked her to stop to snap this photo. Even though her clothes are so casual, she looked so stylish and was so far ahead of most of the ladies in showbusiness, as far as fashion was concerned. She was one of the nicest people that I’ve ever worked with, from inside or outside [the industry}. A great lady at all times, she possessed class and great beauty, and was always compassionate to the dispossessed and needy later in life, with a heart of gold. She was so giving that everybody that I knew loved her –I don’t know anybody who didn’t love Audrey Hepburn. Audrey Hepburn photographed on the Paramount lot, at home with husband Mel Ferrer and at the ballet in Los Angeles, 1957. 48

This excerpt is taken from pages 256-257 of “Sid Avery: Art of the Hollywood Snapshot” (Reel Art Press 2012) by Ron Avery and Tony Nourmand







ust like the rest of Palm Beach, Florida, The Brazilian Court Hotel & Beach Club sparkles with the gleam of a large diamond ring; the kind that’s displayed in Tiffany’s a short stroll away on Worth Avenue. It’s another day in the land of milk and honey, and well, diamonds and Bentleys at The Brazilian Court Hotel. A porter stands on high alert as a fashionable couple leaves their car with the valet, and enter the the oasis awaiting them inside the hotel. The attendants all nod in appreciation of their returning guests. Friendly chatter ensues as a hotel clerk offer the guests a Bellini. And in what’s become known as common-place in The Brazilian Court Hotel & Beach Club, the wishes of the guests are discussed with sincere concern. It’s always refreshing to have a kind of camaraderie with a hotelier. It’s as though the whims of each visitor have already been carefully predicted. As if staff and lodgers have formed a kind of friendship. And in fact, knowing one another in Palm Beach is quite the norm. The snow birds, leaving harsh east coast winters behind, have flocked to the sunnier shores of Palm Beach since they were children. Others maintain a home in the area and look forward to their returning friends during the most popular visitation season. Where else would the snow birds go? There’s hardly a better spot in the east coast for them to fly away from the freezing cold and land in the sunshine. The weather is predictably sunny and warm between the months of November

to April. And it’s precisely this attractive sunshine that’s being discussed between the guests and employees at The Brazilian Court. The staff inquires as to the day’s plans. Shall they prepare a beach bag and umbrella for a trip to the beach? Are they dining in the hotel’s French-American cuisine offered in Café’ Boulud that evening? Should they confirm the town car is ready for an afternoon ride to the golf course? Have reservations been made for styling in the Frederic Fekkai Salon & Spa? Or would the couple prefer to wind down privately by the pool? The list of activities is as impressive as the wide range of amenities available within the

palm beach h the Lanai entrance features impeccaBLe decor. 16


As Pristine, Opulent & Manicured by Jenny Werth as its well-heeled guests

It’s another day in the land of milk and honey, and well, diamonds and Bentleys at The Brazilian Court Hotel.

Worth avenue, one of the most LuXurious streets in the WorLd.



ornate fountain inside the stunning BraziLian court

Worth Avenue is to Palm Beach what Rodeo Drive is to Beverly Hills and The Champs-Elysee is to Paris. 18


Worth avenue is WorthY of its european-inspired statues.

Lavish gardens and statues decorate Worth Avenue. hotel and its neighboring gym across the street. The landmark hotel, nestled comfortably in between private homes in a well- manicured neighborhood, offers the very best of everything. Indeed, every detail has been taken into account inside the sophisticated world of The Brazilian Court Hotel. And it’s all delivered with privacy and discreet service. That’s why it’s among the elite group of every noteworthy ‘best-of-the-best’ list of hotels including the coveted “leading hotels of the world group.” Simply put: The Brazilian Court Hotel doesn’t follow hotel trends- hotel trends follow The Brazilian Court Hotel. Forefront on the to-do list for most guests upon their return to Palm Beach is a visit to the acclaimed Worth Avenue. The posh shopping, restaurants and enchanting Spanish-influenced architecture, predominantly designed by the island’s famed Addison Mizner from the 1920s, span four world-famous blocks. The architecture of Worth Avenue blossoms with terra-cotta tiles, flora-covered columns and archways along with enchanting fountain-filled arcades. Beginning at the crystal blue Atlantic shore, the avenue offers the finest in shopping with over 200 affluent stores dotted along what’s renowned as one of the most luxurious streets in the world. The shoes of its gilded pavement have been strolled by a history of celebrities, dignitaries, diplomats and photo-snapping tourists alike. It’s as though gold-dust is distributed to everyone breathing the air in Palm Beach. With a slight breeze, the bristles from decades-old palm trees whisper a story of by-gone eras when VIPs and crooners such as Frank Sinatra from the ‘golden age of Hollywood’ held court in legendary spots such as the Ta-boo restaurant. Opened in 1941, the intimate restaurant and bar have undergone a few changes of ownership; however, it’s still flourishing today and serves the likes

The Brazilian Court’s sumptuous Boulud Cafe Restaurant. of Rod Stewart and Donald Trump. And while the Palm Beach of today is also celebrated for its fine arts and leadership in festivals, theaters and museums; it’s still the anticipation of its bejeweled visitors that maintain its “ShangriLa” presence. But within the hush-hush walls of The Brazilian Court Hotel & Beach Club, one never knows who exactly is residing inside one of its 80 renovated rooms. With beautifully-appointed one, two and three bedroom suites, accidental encounters with the outside world are not a concern. There are not even service signs to turn around on a room’s outside door knob for privacy or maid service. Rather, there’s a button to push inside every room which illuminates on the outside wall should a guest fancy room, maid or turndown service. This way, you may spend every moment in complete seclusion from the rest of the world. And in The Brazilian Court Hotel, this is the most pleasing characteristic of all. For more information please visit: or call (561)- 655-7740



Some of the goss’ Perez was sp never even dare to blog it, you si The Biz said that, Perez just mi Having André Bauth


he actor, producer and acting school owner… all that’s left is the Oscar-win. For most full-time actors, housing over 25 people who have come to Hollywood to follow their dreams is not on the agenda. But, Andre is not like anyone else in Tinseltown. His roots are deeply seated in the rich history and even richer beauty of Columbia. A man of great ambition and equally talented acting abilities, Andre has created an ingenious acting school that is delivered to multiple cities in Columbia through on-line virtual coaching. The mastermind realized that having an virtual school would allow for acting students throughout the world to have the advantage of top-rate coaching from American teachers. So far, the response has been tremendous. This is a dream come true for would-be actors everywhere. As for Andre, well, he’s an actor who is busy producing three productions, two are feature films. And he’s acting in them all. “My main goal of course is that I’m going to have the lead role in one of the productions I’m doing, and to make people in Hollywood know me as an actor.” A bit humble perhaps, but people already “know Andre” in Hollywood. It’s difficult to ignore his ruggedly sexy looks. Plus, his vision for having more filming done in Columbia is just another example of his bright future.


pilling Some of wasthe so goss’ juicy one Perezwould was imply spilling wouldn’t was get so away juicy with one it The BizThe ight would never ceremony: even dare The to Oscars blog DonN Stewart


e takes on Hollywood with the deep passion found throughout Mexico. He’s only 19, but it’s clear his soul is as old as the patriarchs of mariachi music; in fact his grandfather was a great singer. It was through watching the soulful mariachis sing in Mexico that he realized he wanted to act. Clearly it was his destiny, for Donn has only been in Hollywood for one year, yet he’s been working since the first week he arrived. No small feat in a town of hopeful actors. But, he doesn’t stop with the stage. He is also producing and learning the ropes that Hollywood dangles. And while the handsome man could have stayed in Mexico and done soap operas, his heart told him differently. So, he saved up every single penny for one year and made the huge trip to Hollywood. Yet not a day goes by that he doesn’t miss his family. “I’m very grateful to my family, they’re always supportive of me. I love them. I have a little brother and I’m like his hero… that makes me feel proud of myself.” Well, that and the fact that coming from a small town in Mexico to Hollywood is an enormous achievement in itself. “Everyone is focused on the terrible things that are happening in Mexico right now, and Mexicans are scared and (living) in their own bubble. I want to show the Mexican people that you can really make your dreams come true; you just have to work for it.”




The London FashionWeek launch of the Gypset lifestyle label Guirado Design


find myself living an extremely glamorous lifestyle of Trans-Atlantic Los Angeles and London living. It is indeed the best of both worlds, with me throwing myself into London culture, style and city living as well as my flagship store, The Clerkenwell Collection (www.theclerkenwellcollection. com). I also manage the Guirado estate private gallery and then return to the far more relaxed SoCal life that features mainly horses, fitness, art, nature, music, inspiration,work and most importantly the beautiful weather that I prefer. I returned last week from London, where I had spent the month preparing for London Fashion Week and the launch of Guirado Design (, an exclusive label I created that offers a range of luxury products featuring a select number of prints including scarves, bespoke wallpaper and fabrics using the enlightening artwork by my late father acclaimed Spanish abstract artist Juan Antonio Guirado. Being the face of the brand, as well as the head of the estate means I have to look fantastic. I am constantly photographed and represent the essence of Guirado, which is essentially what Julia Chaplin describes as the Gypset culture. Part gypsy, part jet- set. My father was a flamenco-loving-Spanish-bohemian who traveled the world for inspiration for his art. I seem to have inherited this trait as I constantly traveled the world as a model and TV host in the United Kingdom, and now I’m constantly moving between Los Angeles and Europe. Prior to London, I spent a week in Mojacar, Spain, to attend a retrospective exhibition of my father’s work and meet my fathers closest friends. As part of the estate history we are building, it is very important to interview apprentices and friends of the artist, and the Guirado estate team spent a wonderfully bohemian week in the little medieval town by the sea with my new found family eating Paella and talking about art and the true meaning of life with a real life King of the gypsies, artists, philosophers and poets. I returned to sunny London ( it was actually hotter than LA ) and knuckled down to prepare for the Guirado Design website launch and the craziness that is London Fashion Week where I was holding an end of fashion week happy hour party to introduce my new luxury scarf line. After a glamorous weekend of parties with the highlights being the PPQ party at the Sanderson hotel sponsored by Perrier Jouet and the Matthew Williamson party at The Box, where I was invited to join the main table with gorgeous Sienna Miller and



Matthew Williamson’s entourage, it was my turn. Of course it decided to pour with rain but my Gypset-lifestyle-inspired-roof-top party at the Sanctum Soho Hotel transported my guests off to their summer in Ibiza as the playlist of gypsy flamenco rumba mixed with cool 60s and 70s rock n’ roll, I had spent hours putting together, worked its magic along with the sangria and Spanish sparkling wine. My scarves hung suspended from invisible wires, and hundreds of fairy lights and tea candles lit up the covered roof terrace creating a gypsy camp atmosphere of which I think my father and even Keith Richards would approve. On returning to Los Angeles the next day I felt so run down by fashion week I booked myself straight into see Dr Joe Cerni at Forever Ageless Inc in Newport Beach (949.553.0260) for some much needed maintenance. I am a huge fan of Pelleve treatments for skin tightening rejuvenation and he also started me on Vivatia skincare system by Precision MD that removes dark spots and gives you a beautiful complexion. Whatever Dr Joe does must be working as when I was at a party in London a 23 year old fashionista thought I was 27! Both her and her friend wouldn’t believe that I was a decade older than that, and she had only had one glass of champagne! In hindsight, I think my constant traveling is actually keeping me young as I manage to escape from the intensity of London life and get myself centered on returning to California. The lifestyle here suits my personality and is in fact very Gypset with the beaches, mountain ranges and ranches where I spend all my free time riding my beautiful horses Gracie and stunning Spanish Andalusian horse Jarabeno, whom I lease and use for dressage training. I was definitely born to be a flamenco gypsy princess. Catalina lives (part time) in the Hollywood Hills with her musician husband Matt Cheadle and the their cat, Sophia.

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A Mixed Girl’s Favorite Recipes

he Stars of this breakthrough cookbook -both Gloria and Marlena will tell you – it’s their families who instilled in them a love of their ancestral recipes and the knowledge of the true bonding-effect food can have on people. The heritage of the authors is as colorful as the contents of this book. Gloria Govan, is from Mexican and African-American roots, and Marlena Attinasi is a mix of Italian and African-American. “A Mixed Girl’s Favorite Recipes,” is their debut to the world, a debut that will create everlasting dialogue about this new, emerging culture of bi-racial families. This is a cookbook to be shared, loved, treasured and used – often – preferably in the presence of family and friends. Let the love begin.





The Lady in Red


Carmelita epitomizes a multi-talented woman. She’s danced her way into dignitaries’ hearts; received numerous honorable awards and has maintained her grace throughout it all.

armelita Pittman, of multicultural heritage has tapped into her roots from Africa, Mexico, Ireland and Native America to express multiple dimensions. She is a natural born artist, following in her mother’s footsteps. Both began drawing and painting by the age of four. By the age of nine her mother bought her a piano and she was inspired to play the classics as did her mom. At the time she learned Hindu Manipuri dancing from famed Bhupesh Guha of India and performed for embassaries from the Eastern hemisphere at special gatherings. In 2009 she performed that dance in a scene with Damian Chapa as Marlon Brando in “Brando Unauthorized.” She discovered her singing voice in grammar school and sang for her first audience in the 6th grade. By 8th grade she received an art scholarship to represent her school at Otis Art Institute. L.A. High School sent her to represent the school at Hollywood High’s Theatre Arts workshop. Since then she has been receiving surprise awards. Her mother, single at the time, sacrificed and sent her to U.S.C. on a secretary’s salary. While there her professors recognized her artistic talent and surprised her with the Ross Spayne Perry art scholarship for a semester. She acquired a U.S.C. Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree and later obtained a Master of Science from the School of Psychology. She repaid her mom by excelling as an award winning L.A. U.S.D. art educator for nearly 24 years, leading her students to art scholarships. As co-owner with her husband of Pittman Limousine she once transported her students from an “Inner City” Jr. High School to receive their awards for placing 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the Bicentennial Art Contest amongst 75 schools. Awards assemblies with celebrities to encourage academic achievement, mural, and the launching of the first Afro Expo from a grant she wrote were amongst her activities. She also became Ms. C. “Rappin“ Pittman and produced a top 40 recording,”The School of Cool” with her students which promoted positive values such as staying in school. June 2001 the Godfather of Soul James Brown, asked her to bring a group of youngsters to accompany him in performing his rap “Killin’ is Out, School is In” at the Greek Theatre before several thousand people. This occurred following the Colombine tragedy. At the time she was teaching some members of the Bloods at an “Opportunity School” in Inglewood who she encouraged by including them along with youngsters from other backgrounds and schools winding up with close to 40 on stage. She founded The Rose Breast Cancer Society in 1998, a 501.c3 non-profit organization and “Living Memorial” for Juanita Zara Espinosa Uddin, a multi-talented artist and devoted mother who gave her unconditional love and who loved roses. An arts based organization , it emphasizes “Education for the prevention and intervention of breast cancer.”

Carmelita has coined the word “EDU-tainment” to describe the Annual Rose Variety Arts Shows which combine the visual and performing arts community with health experts in an inspiring environment. The 14th Annual Rose Variety Arts Show was held at the Virginia Robinson Gardens Beverly Hills estate on 6 1/2 acres. It was in front of the rose garden and honored Raul Rodriguez, creator of over 500 floats for the Rose Parade. Dr. Cherilyn Lee, former nutritionist to Michael Jackson was the keynote speaker. This year Carmelita’s seeds are blooming with her receipt of the SHero Award from Senator Curren Price, Top Lady of Distinction Award -Angel Chapter, Woman of Distinction Award from New Dimension University of Ontario, Omni Award at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion and most recently the Lady in Red Award from the Multicultural Motion Picture Association. The Southern Calif. Motion Picture Council presented her the Golden Halo Humanitarian of the Year Award 2010, and the Civic Leadership Woman of the Year Award 2011. She gives all the praise and glory to God and continues to serve the community. Also a performing artist with top 40 recordings, she is booked by A & E Allstar Entertainment to sing with the “Charlie Harrison Band” at The Gate, Sunday Oct. 20 for the 5:30 p.m. show, “Intrigue.” Doors open, at 5:00 p.m. with a cover of: $12.00, plus $12.50 min food/beverage + tax and 18% tip (Mediterranean Cuisine) 16925 Ventura Blvd. (one block West of Balboa), Encino,CA 91316. Adjacent parking. Proceeds benefit The Rose Breast Cancer Society, Call 818-788-9800 for reservations.






Creating a Unique Lifestyle Both On and Off The Runway




ixing fashion and integrating it with the utmost intriguing creativity, unapologetically, is Rocky Gathercole. An individual that definitely sticks out in the fashion industry, he is known as ‘causing a commotion,’ as his avant garde creations both on and off the runway are ratcheting up art interest in the US as well as worldwide. Creating a lifestyle rather than a passing impression the “South Florida Chronicle” described Rocky as ‘a powerful and dangerous presence’. Whether it is causing a scene in New York City’s Times Square or simply turning heads on the runway, the dramatic and eccentric creations from Gathercole are sure to catch your attention. Through the past two decades Gathercole has proved he has an immense amount of motivation, dedication, and perseverance which has assisted in driving his artistic expression. Gathercole is feeling fulfilled in life and said he is completely original. Gathercole does love taking inspiration elsewhere and is motivated by things that never were, but will become. “My clothes aren’t normal and they aren’t for the lighthearted ones,” says Gathercole. “They’re for the strong femmes of this age and for those who can stand up for what they are wearing.” Over the years, he has been designing party dresses, engagement and wedding gowns for three generations of local women, allowing him to feel their patronage and trust throughout the years. Gathercole is part of ‘For the Stars Fashion House’, which is a brand that has merged all factors that are evidently relevant, which are: fashion, art, and entertainment. The gurus have mastered the talent of what it means to be a ‘style house’ and effortlessly incorporating them under one roof. Nestled in the world-renowned Melrose Avenue, ‘For the Stars Fashion House’ is just that. It’s a style house that delivers all aspects of fashion which also makes it a convenient ‘one stop shop’ that is sure to serve your needs. Created by Jacob, ‘For the Stars Fashion HOL LY W OOD W EEKLY

House’ was created over 30 years ago and is filled with various designers, artists, make-up artists, photographers and more. Having worked with some very reputable names in the industry, Jacob has successfully molded his empire and has created a technique that till this day was hard to reach. “There aren’t any style houses in LA,” says Jacob, “there are public relations boutiques, and things of that sort, there is no one even in the US that offers what we do here.” Exclusivity is key in this industry and with ‘For the Stars Fashion House’ you can expect for it to remain that way. This fashion house is far more than just a place where you can find a fabulous perfect pair of shoes, It’s also a haute couture museum of amazing creations by the most extravagant designers and Artists, it’s a place that gives space to all, to create fashion with imagination and personal style, Being a designer himself, Jacob has a vision for each and every aspiring designer that comes to his brand. Being accepted is that each and every designer must remain creative, energetic, and have a sense of humility. “We have it all here, we have an array of incredible artists that are very talented and love what they do,” says Jacob. Based on the knowledge of the capacity of each and every artist and need of the various designers, Jacob has created a tailor-made product that suits the needs of different causes. Whether it be a fashion show, gala, or a music tour, ‘For the Stars Fashion House’ has it all, and will gear the final outcome toward that specific purpose and audience. The great thing about working with Jacob is his ability to respectfully give credit when it is due. Especially in today’s day and age, many designers may not get the appropriate credits for their work due to the fact of them HOLLY WOOD WE E KLY


operating under a bigger name and conglomerate. This issue has struck a personal chord within as he is a designer himself and knows what it’s like to be ‘taken advantage of’. “I try to give credits to build this fashion house which goes so many different directions” says Jacob. “There are so many areas we touch with this concept and I try to have it where everyone has their credit for something.” “I’ve been through a lot to get to this point, people often view an artist as a starving artist and they are going to die hungry, young, and poor [in this industry],” says Jacob. “This is not always the case and I will never let my art side ‘die’.” Throughout the years ‘For the Stars Fashion House’ has built up a reputable name for itself as he has worked with major Alist celebrities such as: Jennifer Lopez, Elton John, Nicki Minaj, Gloria Estefan, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Erika Badu, The Wayans, and his idol Whitney Houston, to name a few. Feisty and controversial, Gathercole like many others, started from scratch. He says, “I was a kid back then trying to make it through this harsh world and a much harsher fashion scene. With the

help of the almighty, a mentor and, of course, much hard work - I finally made it,” says Gathercole. I’m a fashion rebel which just mirrors my personality. I don’t think of things for the present, it always has



“There aren’t any style houses in LA” says Jacob, “there are public relations boutiques, and things of that sort, there is no one even in the US that offers what we do here.”

to be in the future.” “It took me five years to rebuild everything, but I decided to do it,” says Jacob. “I have a vision; I can see the possibilities and the horizons to make this happen.” The purpose of ‘For the Stars Fashion House’ is to collectively and creatively reach new heights together. Currently this fashion house plans to open to the public in August. The place is so beautiful and is sure to truly be your one-stop shop for your needs. With an eye for fashion and inspiration from theater and nature, Gathercole says the highlight in his career thus far has been to meet Cindy Crawford. With his cutting edge designs, spur of the moment antics, high caliber sass, and rawness, Gathercole is a designer that has garnished the respect of many. For more information on ‘For the Stars Fashion House’ or Rocky Gathercole, please visit: and by Meagan Sargent



Dawn ‘Sunflower’ Nguyen Live with a purpose, love with a passion by Meagan Sargent


awn ‘Sunflower’ Nguyen is a unique and inspirational fashion designer hailing from Saigon, Vietnam. She has grown immensely as a designer! When she first started she could not sew or even put ‘needle to thread’ prior to attending the Fashion Institute Dawn Nguyen Design and Merchandising (FIDM). While getting her start in modeling, she didn’t realize that her passion was truly for design. Now self-taught, she has contributed to many fashion shows and has an array of collections from runway to ready-towear. Thanks to her abundance of talent and creativity this designer has recently taken part in a few other shows to put herself front-and-center to be immersed in the action. “Fashion is more of a culture or trend that each country or region would follow. It helps you express “yourself ” and should always be based on what you find interesting, said Dawn Nguyen, originally from Saigon, Vietnam. “It’s about your creativity, sending it into beautiful fabrics, and flattering others who transmogrify into something different and beautiful while wearing your designs.” Hollywood Weekly had the chance to catch up with Dawn to discuss her success thus far and ask what lies ahead. Recently, the designer has been extremely busy taking part in Plitz NYC Fashion Week and Metropolitan Fashion Week: Canvas Project! These two shows were perfect for her to achieve her end goal which is to showcase her designs at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. “New York City is the heart of fashion,” says Dawn. “These two latest projects have gained great exposure and have been a good experience for me to grow as a designer.” With her elegant designs, it is 30 HOL LY W OOD W EEKLY

no wonder why she would be a ‘shoe-in’ for the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. “A career in fashion design is not a choice for me but I’m the choice for it and this is why I live. It gives me the feeling of being in love and it touches my heart when I watch a runway show. I am strongly confident about myself and what I’m doing now. I don’t know when I will ‘succeed,’ but I know for sure it will be happening soon -- I feel it in my heart.” Graduating with a Bachelors degree in business has made Dawn knowledgeable about how to develop brand awareness and increase exposure. So far, she has been following her heart and that which has been good for her to make it possible to move forward. “When you believe in something you trust, you just have to say ‘yes, yes, it must be!’ It’s like a commitment for yourself,” says Dawn. It is definitely motivating, and makes me work harder towards the goal. Working these shows has served as a ‘win-win’ situation as I like to help and support others while connecting and networking with them. After all, we all learn ideas from each other.” Recently Dawn was part of “Style Shop USA 24K Style Villa” which served as a luxury pit stop and included high-end products from various designers. And it included essential products to ensure you are red carpet ready. The event was held at the renowned Sunset Marquis Hotel in West Hollywood, right before the big night of the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards!

Beautiful long gowns: red faux silk & embroidery French fabric.

Purple velvet silk Pencil skirt / purple French lace top, organza silk rose on shoulder top

Celebrities, tastemakers, insiders, and media were in attendance in order to receive goodies, styling tips, and makeovers by top-tier brands. For a recap of her interaction with Style Shop USA 24K Style Villa, please view: For additional information about Dawn and to check out her exclusive brand, please visit: www.dawnsun Beautiful looks through the mask




Mixing It Up For By By Celeste CelesteDavie Davie



F       . R     . W ’               ,           . I   ’ ,            .


utting recipes into a family cookbook is a surefire way to help preserve your family traditions. This is exactly what Gloria Govan-Barnes and Marlena Attinasi have decided to do. After collecting recipes that explore the cuisine from both of their cultures, the two ladies created a unique cookbook that pays homage to both of their heritage. Their love for food and blended cultures catalyzed the need for them to generate a cookbook titled “A Mixed Girl’s Favorite Recipes.” So can you really do it all? Well apparently so, because Gloria is so much more than meets the eye. The former star of VH1 network’s top rated show “Basketball Wives,” is wearing more than one crown these days. She is a mom, wife, actress, basketball coach, philanthropist and now a cookbook author. Cookbooks provide a great source of information about cuisine, cooking trends, and society as a whole. Not only is A Mixed Girl’s Favorite Recipes a great cookbook filled with delicious recipes, it’s also a literary link between food and culture. The cookbook focuses on recipes with vibrant flavors, fresh ingredients, and multicultural heritage. The recipes in the cookbook are easily approachable and formulated for entertainers who enjoy having family and friends over for some really great cuisine.

Even the most novice person who isn’t that great of a cook can master the recipes from this cookbook. “I really love when people with little cooking experience get the cookbook. We really wanted to make it easy for them and let people know that it really is so much fun to cook. A lot of people will end up falling in love with cooking,” says Gloria. There are numerous things that tie you to a culture and food is definitely one of them. As the saying goes “You Are What We Eat” and people with different cultural backgrounds eat different foods. The ingredients, methods of preparation, and preservation techniques all vary among different cultures. Food was a crucial part in defining Gloria and Marlena’s heritage. Both women were raised in a household where traditions were formed from intermixed cultures. Gloria’s father is African-American and her mother is Mexican American. Marlena’s father is Italian American and her mother is African-American. “Marlena and I took a lot of recipes that we grew up with. All the recipes in our cookbook have a story behind it. That’s why you see a lot of old pictures with our families, because it really is a tribute to them. We grew up with these recipes, but we modernized them,” says Gloria. “Being mixed is the new American family. You see so many bi-racial families now. I’m a foodie and I

the Holidays! Whether you’re preparing a feast for the holidays or inviting people over for a barbeque cookout, there is recipe for everyone. Inside the A Mixed Girl’s Favorite Recipes, you will find appetizers, soups/salads, main dishes, sides, desserts, and drinks. All the ingredients for the recipe can be found at your local grocery store.

will try just about anything from any culture. So that’s what this book is about, just having people really explore. It’s not just Italian food, it’s not just Mexican food, and it’s not just Soul Food. It’s a variety of different recipes and cultures. It goes from appetizers to simple drinks. So it’s a blend of cultures and a tribute HOLLY WOOD WE E KLY


to those who have helped us feed our love for food.” Food is associated with hospitality and expression of friendship. Marlena became apart of Gloria’s family when she started dating her older brother. The friendship grew as she spent more time in the Govan’s household. “I’ve known Gloria since she was 15 years old. I would help her mom and grandmother in the kitchen when she was young. She never had to cook for anybody because she was the youngest,” says Marlena. “When I was in my early twenties and she was a pre-teen, I use to take Gloria to middle school, go to her basketball games, cook for her, and I became like another big sister to her. Now we are best friends. Well we are more than best friends, we’re family and we’re having a blast together. It’s always good to have people in your life that have always been there, that you can depend on.” Living in the Bay Area in Northern California was a multi-generational experience for Gloria. Growing up in the Govan’s household always included extended family and friends. Her maternal Grandparents lived in the home and other family members often stayed for long visits. Mealtime was always a good time to converse and catch up on the lives of family and friends.



Food was the center of every family gathering celebration. Being the youngest of 9 children, cooking never fell on Gloria’s shoulders, nonetheless, she was always there to help out in the kitchen when needed. “My grandmother would cook a lot of Mexican influenced dishes. I definitely would say that her chicken enchiladas are my favorite.” Most memories are made in the kitchen. Gloria’s fondest memories are kitchen time with her family. “The kitchen is the heart of the home. That is something that I have always taken from my family and what I implement with my family today. Anytime my family gets together, we are always in the kitchen. We can have a huge house and you will have 20 people in the kitchen. We would sit on the floor or jump on the counter to sit. It was where we had our family meetings and where we had our family blessings. Everything always happened in the kitchen,” recalls Gloria. As we know, food is one of the basic building blocks of life. As soon as Gloria’s family became crystallized she started cooking and quickly developed a hidden passion for it. As the wife of NBA player Matt Barnes and a mother of enWendy’s Honey and Brown Sugar Glazed Salmon ergetic four year old twin boys, she is continuing the traditions of her big family gatherings while creating new traditions in the Govan-Barnes household. “I didn’t start cooking until a few years ago. It kind of happened because I had a family and I was like, oh my kids have to eat more than cereal (laughs). Matt is a really good cook and my parents both are good cooks. I’m the youngest of 9 children so I never really had to cook. Everyone was always around and food was done for me. Once we came to LA, Matt and I started spending more time in the kitchen. Once I started cooking I absolutely fell in love with it. This is almost what I want to do when I retire. I want to start a catering business and I want to open a restaurant. All of a sudden I fell in love with it. I real-

ized that it’s a time when I relax and I start to really just lose myself. Matt has really helped me with my cooking and my co-author, Marlena, helped me as well. I’ve known Marlena since I was 15. She was always one of the people that would cook for me. She was always in the kitchen and I would watch and pay attention. When I moved to L.A. the roles kind of turned. I called her to come over when I was cooking. That’s how we rebuilt our friendship again,” says Gloria. Marlena’s passion for food and family mirrors that of Gloria’s. She was exposed to diverse cuisines at a young age, due to her parent’s heritage and the places they lived and traveled. The New York native started cooking at a very young age. “Food was something that I absolutely loved and got excited about. I was in the kitchen helping my mom from the age of 7. I started cooking by myself at a stove, between the ages of 9 and 10. I’d make simple things such as grilled sandwiches and quesadillas. I always had the responsibility growing up in my household of helping with dinner,” says Marlena. Reminiscence of the holidays spent at Marlena’s grandmother’s house in Indiana is some of her most memorable childhood memories. “My grandmother was the type of person that if it was a holiday she would roast the turkey and cook the ham. We would have four different vegetables and a cake with two different types of pies. I couldn’t touch a spoon or anything in her kitchen. I have never cooked in my grandmother’s kitchen. The food that she would bring to the table was some of the best food I have had in my life. It’s the way that I try to mimic cooking,” she recalls. Marlena paid tribute to her grandmother by naming the fried corn recipe after her. “The only thing I regret is that I didn’t get to spend much time with her when she was in the process of making things. When we got there, everything was done and we were just helping her put stuff on the table. She would set up an entire dinning room table and we would eat family-style. I didn’t realize until I got older that the type of cooking and entertaining that my grandmother use to do was rare.” The single mother of two kids is raising her family with some of her Grandmother’s traditions. Both ladies enjoy cooking, entertaining, and spending precious time together with their families. Putting the A Mixed Girl’s Favorite Recipes together was a two

year process for the team. For them, food is all about the stories that define their lives. “We all have are own individual thing that we love to cook. It’s kind of like our specialties,” says Gloria. The recipes in the cookbook are flavorsome and close to their hearts. After purchasing the A Mixed Girl’s Favorite Recipes, trying whipping up some of their favorite recipes. Gloria’s favorite recipe is the chicken enchiladas, Matt’s favorite recipe is the tamale pie, and Marlena’s favorite recipe is the shrimp scampi. So what’s next on Gloria and Marlena’s full plates? Maybe a cooking show or a new trendy restaurant, I don’t know and only time will tell. What you can count on is another appetizing cookbook from the ladies. “More than anything we’ve been having fun together,” says Marlena. Visit for more information about the cookbook or where to purchase it. For all PR or book appearance contact Kweisi Gharreau, PR/Brand Strategist,






e do have so many incredible things going on at Nikki Rich Clothing right now, so much so that I find myself needing to take a deep breath and appreciate all that has been coming our way. In conjunction with being on the cover last month, Richie Sambora and I flew to Japan to spend some time on-air with ShopChannel Japan. It’s a home shopping enterprise that is the number ONE TV shopping company brand in Japan, reaching 27.46 million households! It was thrilling to hit the airwaves and have the entire order sell out in just under an hour! Additionally, mid-west department store chain Von Maur is about to debut select pieces from our collection in all 27 of their stores. And while this is all going on for our current collection, the industry is calling me toward spring. I have spent the last several months finding inspiration and creating a collection we are all very proud of.

Everything has a process,

Boho Meets Whimsical

and designing clothes is no different. Every designer has a process that helps them take their ideas and inspiration and turn them into something amazing, something beautiful, something unique and something thought provoking. For me, I definitely have a process. I like to think of myself as a Fashion MD…conducting surgery on fabric… deconstructing it and putting it back together, but making it even better in the process! When I’m looking at something, or an image of something that inspires me, the first thing I find myself doing is breaking the image down, pulling apart all of the elements of the inspiring ideas, and putting them back together to create a garment in such a way that I know will truly make a woman feel beautiful. When Richie and I created this partnership, to bring music and fashion together, we knew that the priority would always be to make women look and feel incredible. For spring I found that my inspiration fell into four distinct categories. The first of which feels decidedly bohemian to me. While I love the look, I also know that I don’t want to repeat things that have been done before. So, for this season, when I think “Bohemian,” I think of and feel elements of embroidery and crochet…jewels and mixed media and patchwork…the look of 90s “grunge” inspired by all things bohemian. I took fabric and patterns that may be unconventional together and try to make them coveted. Flannel printed chiffon, updated motor jackets with distressed leather, looks that are bold but mixed with soft, feminine layers.

Color, Fabric, Design… Another look I kept gravitating toward is something I like to call “Valley Doll.” The term came to me as I continued to visualize a complete feminine charm, ever so slightly laced with the sweetest hint of retro-grunge. Of all of my thoughts for spring, “Valley Doll” were decidedly the most girly. Every sketch evoking an obvious feminine charm in effortless dressing. Think pastel overalls and jumpsuits in woven silks, layers of flowing fabric with peeks of lace over frayed tshirts. I love the look of shorter, uneven hemlines, sexy but innocent eyelet, but loaded with novelty detailing. To finish things off I could not get my mind off of the perfect boyfriend blazer, or “the” jacket…one that is not too sweet and takes your look beyond “it.”



Texture, ruffles, patterns. Changing direction almost completely…drenched in white, the “new hue” is a palette cleanser of neutral tones and sheer tints that will unequivocally breathe a whole different life into the collection. Fresh and uncomplicated in color, the look is full of classic shapes and extraordinary details that make things come alive. Icey whites and shimmery leathers…embellished and decorated with unexpected hardware, in rose gold. Nothing was spared as we created a neutral tone that effortlessly connects to a decidedly modern silhouette.

Pure, soft, calm. As my sketching for the season came to a close there was one more thought I could not shake, and all of the elements fell together to create our very own “Beach Girl.” Perhaps it’s the feeling we all have when, after a long winter, you get those first few real days of spring and you hold onto them for dear life! Perhaps it was my thoughts about the crazy way spring can become summer in an instant, and the way we all seem to hold our breath waiting for it to arrive. It’s about longing for warmer weather and channeling it into your wardrobe. Looking at the sketches again, I can see I got caught up in the carefree and effortless attitude of cool camisoles and carrot pants with pops of colors everywhere. I couldn’t get my mind off of Venice Beach in the 70s and the bolder colors and patterns that were embraced during that time. I would be crazy not to have gotten wrapped up in what an athletic vibe could bring to the collection…with racing stripes adorning the sides of pants and sleeves.

Bold, athletic, effortless. I mentioned it earlier, but I really do feel like a doctor of fashion. I love to do “surgery” by taking apart ideas, and swatches of fabric, and putting them back together to form something entirely new. I have spent a lot of time learning how to construct clothes so I can deconstruct and reinvent them. I love to keep and understand the importance of traditional silhouettes, but also respect my instinct to demolish the rules…I always say, you really do have to know them to

A fashionista’s fave pants

break them. When I think about breaking the rules my mind starts to think about all of the great rebels in history…and punk music…two things that really do encompass my inspiration. It can rush over me like the feeling of freedom in some way…a sort of Nirvana. I am an avid follower of the news and sometimes it seems like the world has become overcome with tragedy and disaster and war. We all need to find the things that bring us peace in chaos. For me, designing, along with the infusion of music, is a way to remind myself that there is vast, overwhelming beauty in this world.

Taking the feelings of sadness and finding beauty in the melancholy seems to be the method to my madness and with each collection I hope to show a more poetic side to my work. This collection will be very special for me…and for Nikki Rich… and I hope, ultimately, for you.

Nikki Lund is a fashion designer at Nikki Rich Clothing:

Nikki Lund





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Eva Longoria Drink Up, for a Healthier America presented by the First Lady Michelle Obama Watertown High School, Watertown, Wis Jonathan Kirn/Feature Photo Service


by Niki Shadrow Snyder

Matt Sorum; Abby Berman, Jane Lynch Adopt the Arts - Zindagi Trust Peace Through Music Gala Benefiting LAUSD Ray Dolby Theatre in Hollywood Chelsea Lauren Photography

Neal Kendall, Arsenio Hall, John Ferriter of “The Arsenio Hall Show” TCA Theummer Press Tour 2013 Los Angeles Monty Brinton photographer

Dawn Coleman, Sydney Alie, Wendy Barry & Rory Gautsche JP Lizzy and Intern America: Supporting Local Talent Chinook Tavern Susan Osborne photography LA Times Images

Brittany Snow & friends STYLE360’s & Sabra Closing Party Suite 36 Thomas Concordia/Getty Images

Steve Voit, Omar Aqel, Seth Rogen, Lauren Miller, Sam Abueid, Emil Liedtke Hilarity For Charity Presented by GIV Mobile Avalon Hollywood in Los Angeles Hilarity For Charity Photography





HW featuring Amanda Eliasch  

She has tried her hand at just about everything creative, so it’s not surprising that British photographer/London socialite/fashion editor/p...

HW featuring Amanda Eliasch  

She has tried her hand at just about everything creative, so it’s not surprising that British photographer/London socialite/fashion editor/p...