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LETTER FROM THE EDITOR Dear Readers, May this New Year be filled with great opportunity. We extend a special thanks to all of our friends who attended our live coverage of the 60th Annual Grammy celebration, streamed live during Hollywood Weekly's Pre Grammy Party held at Raleigh Studios. We had a packed house. Special thanks to the PR team at K and Co. Media and W.E.T. PR of Beverly Hills. Now for those looking forward to buy a new home or equity to purchase, be sure to check out our exclusive coverage of the property used in the movie "Basic Instinct" now being sold & placed on the market. Yes, the bed of where Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas did you know what , is still there and the shower still looks the same! This, our February edition, also features an exclusive article on the CEO of The Siretskiy Organization. Mr. Mikhail Siretskiy shares his insight on what it takes to be on top of your business. We proudly feature Mr. Siretskiy as our selection for this month's cover story. But the Grammys are all the buzz, which got a surprise visit from recording artist "Drake." And be sure to see Hollywood Weekly's behind-the-scenes photos of NBA superstar Dwayne Wade's birthday party and rare photos of iconic Marilyn Monroe. Finally, we close out this edition with Idris Elba bringing down the house at a Los Angeles private party.

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8. A Realization Of A Dream by Nitara Lee Osbourne 14. Basic Instinct House For Sale by Staff Writer 22. Grey Goose Blue Door Party by Staff Writer 28. Dwayne Wade's Kingsley Birthday Party by Staff Writer 34. Chris Jericho Is Everywhere by Alison Kugel 38. INHOLLYWOODLAND by Christian P Lopez (edited by Xavier Clemente) 42. LA Theatre Beat by Steve Zall & Sid Fish 46. Ask Dr. Jai by Dr. Jai














Cover Photo "Basic Instict" Living room -Top Ten Real Estate Deals 14 • HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY

Photo 1 "Basic Instict" Bedroom -Top Ten Real Estate Deals

The Basic Instinct movie house in Carmel-by-theSea where Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone hooked up in the 1992 thriller is for sale at $16.995 million. Widely recognized as one of Hollywood’s memorable movies of the early 1990s with multiple Academy and Golden Globe Award nominations, also getting rave reviews was the California contemporary home where parts of the film were shot. It later became

adventurer Steve Fossett’s home, added to his collection of homes in Colorado and Chicago. Having broken over a hundred records in air and ocean sailing speeds and distances, Steve went missing on Labor Day 2007 while on a routine private solo flight over the NevadaCalifornia border. New on the market at $16.995 million, the Basic Instinct home on the craggy shores of the Pacific is just as beguiling as Sharon Stone has been

through the years featuring good looks, stunning interior and sweeping ocean views from almost every crook and cranny. Every detail from the unique two-story domed library to the finishes, floors, thick countertops and stone-walled powder room pay homage to its fairyland-like location in one of California’s most coveted enclaves. The 12,000-squarefoot residence with five bedrooms, nine baths, 12 fireplaces and two kitchens is sited on over two

acres of lushly planted grounds with pools, spa and grotto hidden away among tropical foliage. Steve Follett might have felt like he was living inside one of his own adventures with one delightful discovery just around the corner from the last. The listing agent is Tim Allen of Tim Allen Properties, Coldwell Banker in Carmel, California. [Continue on next page for more images of this exclusive property]


Photo 2 "Basic Instict" Living room 2nd view -Top Ten Real Estate Deals 16 • HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY


Photo 3 "Basic Instict" Stairs -Top Ten Real Estate Deals 18 • HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY

Photo 4 "Basic Instict" Living room top floor view -Top Ten Real Estate Deals HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY • 19

Photo 5 "Basic Instict" Shower -Top Ten Real Estate Deals 20 • HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY

Photo 6 "Basic Instict" Roof Decor -Top Ten Real Estate Deals

Visit For more info HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY • 21


Cover Photo Major Actor Idris Elba (left) & DJ/Producer "Guru" (right) - Michael Kovac/ Getty Images 22 • HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY



anuary 20th, Common gave an epic performance at the Grey Goose Blue Door, placing female empowerment front and center at the after-party of his film The Tale during Sundance. One of the main forces behind yesterday’s Women’s March in Park City, Common riled up the crowd with the refrain "Respect all the ladies, I do it on the daily." He then grabbed the Director of The Tale Jennifer Fox’s hand, looked directly at her and rapped "Your heart and mind, baby follow it. Smile, happiness, you model it. When you feel the opposite, I want you to know, your being is beautiful." He fittingly closed out the performance with "After this rhyme, I’m going to get some Grey Goose". Additional guests included: Jason Ritter, Elizabeth Debicki, Ellen Burnstyn and John Cho.  24 • HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY

The festivities continued at the Grey Goose Blue Door with Armie Hammer, Lakeith Stanfield, Tessa Thompson, David Cross, Danny Glover, Terry Crew, Forest Whitaker, Boots Riley and Steven Yuen who celebrated the premiere of their film Sorry to Bother You, joined by John Legend. Tessa Thompson wore a royal blue Solace London top, Louis Vuitton boots, and carried a Louis Vuitton bag. The evening rounded out with the after-party for Idris Elba’s directorial debut film Yardie – an adaption of the 1992 Victor Headley novel about the collision of Jamaican culture in London, which he put a lot of his own life and career experiences into. Idris was joined by the cast including Aml Ameen, Akin Gazi, Shantol Jackson, Sheldon Shepherd, and Mark Rhino Smith. Additional tidbits from the evening include: Tessa Thompson and Lakeith Stanfield were overheard having a heart to heart while talking about the trials and tribulations of their rise to success in the industry, saying the perimeter of success is always changing. Lakeith said he always welcomes any challenges that comes his way, with Tessa jumping in shouting "and alcohol!" as she cheered her Grey Goose Apple Pie Cocktail in the air. Idris Elba hijacked the tunes at the Grey Goose Blue Door during the Yardie after-party. He only requested espresso martinis, djing for guests into the wee hours of the night.

Photo 1 Recording Artist Common(left) & Director Jennifer Fox(right) Michael Kovac/Getty Images HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY • 25

Photo 2 Forest Whitaker) - Michael Kovac/Getty Images 26 • HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY

Photo 3 Lakeith Stanfield, Tessa Thompson, Boots Riley, Steven Yeun and Armie Hammer - Michael Kovac/ Getty Images HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY • 27






Cover Photo OVO Member: Chubbs (left) & NBA All Star Lebron James (right) - Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

n Tuesday, January 9th, Lebron James hosted Dwyane Wade’s birthday with The House of Rémy Martin at Drake’s new Pick 6ix Restaurant. Attendees included Drake, Lebron James, Dwayne Wayde, OVO Chubbs, DJ Charlie B, DJ Meel, Baka Not Nice, Eric Da Jeweler, DJ Steph Floss, Future The Prince, and more. The Cleveland Cavalier athletes were in Toronto for the basketball game versus the Toronto Raptors on January 11th. DJ Meel provided the music as The House of Rémy Martin provided cocktails such as the Six Spice Fashion (made with Rémy Martin VSOP, Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum, Six Spice syrup, Angostura bitters) and the classic Sazerac (made with Rémy Martin VSOP, Passionfruit Syrup, Peychauds and a Pernod rinse.) These cocktails will be served permanently at the brand new Pick 6ix restaurant owned by Drake. The official grand opening of Pick 6ix Restaurant is on January 10th. In August of 2017, The House of Rémy Martin partnered with OVO Chubbs for parties that included Drake, Lebron James, Migos, French Montana, and DVSN at the Lavelle rooftop during Caribana Weekend. After OVO Fest that weekend, The House of Rémy Martin also partnered with OVO Chubbs for the official OVO Fest Afterparty at Nest where artists such as Drake, The Weeknd, Cardi B, Offset, PartyNextDoor, French Montana, DVSN, and Travis Scott enjoyed bottle service at the packed Rémy Martin sponsored event. HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY • 29

Photo 1 Drake (left) & best friend friend Chubbs (right) Johnny Nunez/Getty Images 30 • HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY

Photo 2 NBA King Lebron James himself - Johnny Nunez/ Getty Images HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY • 31

By Alison Kugel

Cover Photo Chris Jericho - Courtesy of Chris Jericho 34 • HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY




hockey player, and his grandmother, an enthusiastic wrestling fan, who gave him the confidence needed to pursue his dreams. He favors using his name, Jericho, to saying "I" or "Me," when speaking about himself, and pulls no punches when discussing his success, both, inside and outside the ring. Chris Jericho is determined to give the biblical Walls of Jericho a run for its isted by Sports Illustrated as one of the greatest money with respect to historical value. wrestlers in WWE history, few wrestlers, or Allison Kugel: Tell me about your stage name entertainers for that matter, have done more to "Jericho." brand their name than Chris Jericho. From the Chris Jericho: It just sounded cool. I originally thought eponymous List of Jericho, a bit he made famous up the name "Jack Action," and the guy I was originally on the WWE stage, to his rock n’ roll persona which training with started laughing at Jack Action (Laughs). has become part of his identity from the wrestling At the time I needed to think of a name quickly, because I had a show coming up in three weeks. I was into a ring to his heavy metal rock band, Fozzy, "Jericho" band called "The American Dream", and they had an is synonymous with an over-the-top drive that album called Walls of Jericho. I was in my car, I looked knows no bounds, and some say, an ego to match. at that album and I thought, "That’s a pretty cool name." We discuss the motivation behind his unrelenting I was also a big fan of the show Teen Titans back then, self-promotion, and work ethic, throughout our talk. and there was a character called Jericho, although he was the character with the worst superpowers. But the Talk is Jericho is his popular Westwood One combination of the two and I thought, "Chris Jericho." podcast show; But I’m Chris Jericho, a streaming When I was training in Canada, they wanted me to be a comedy series, is going into its second season country western type of character called Cowboy Chris (CBC Canada); and a collaboration with Hot Topic Jericho, and I was mortified about that because I was a clothing stores on a T-shirt featuring his likeness rocker guy. In my very first match, I’m listed as "Cowboy Chris Jericho" from Casper, Wyoming. and emblazoned with "Jerichoholic," ensures his name and image are everywhere these days. AK: Then you quickly made your transition to a In Chris Jericho’s new book (the fourth one he’s rock-n- roll character, I’m assuming. written, if you’re counting), No Is A Four-Letter CJ: Well, yeah. I mean, my character wasn’t necessarily Word, Jericho describes himself as an underdog a rocker at that point. I just wasn’t a cowboy (laughs). who set his sights on professional wrestling and AK: I read your latest book, No Is A Four-Letter rock n’ roll, while growing up in a small town in Word. You’re a Mountains in the Distance kind of a Winnipeg, Canada. As a teen, he dreamed about guy. You don’t rest on your laurels. It’s not about the making it big, though he says he got little support mountain that’s already been climbed; it’s about that from friends and acquaintances in his small "prairie next mountain in the distance. Even though you’ve done a million different things, is there a dream or town" as he puts it. It was his father, a retired NHL goal yet to be fulfilled? HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY • 35

CJ: I don’t really have an answer for that, because I don’t set goals or boundaries for myself. I react and go with the flow of opportunities that are offered to me. When I was a kid I wanted to be in a rock n’ roll band and I wanted to be a wrestler; those were the two goals. People didn’t think I could do either of them. But here we are 27 years later. Once you get that kind of confidence and success rate, then you become dangerous. Now I’ll try anything and most of the time it’s a success. I don’t do anything for the money. I don’t do anything that I don’t feel that I want to do. Therefore, it all flows together because I’m just being me and committing to something, and wanting it to be good. It’s when you don’t feel right about something. It’s like if you were writing a piece about someone that you’re not really feeling, and not into. It’s never going to be as good as something that you’re excited about and want to do. Even talking about But I’m Chris Jericho, this is an idea I had in 2005 when I left the WWE and took a break because I was burned out. I went to LA to study acting. I’d go to these auditions and there would be ten guys who looked exactly like me. You go in and do one line like, "These pretzels are making me thirsty." And it was like, "Thank you. Next." AK: I like the Seinfeld reference… CJ: I’d be thinking, "But I’m Chris Jericho. I have a fanbase and notoriety." I learned in Hollywood that nobody gave a shit. I thought, what would happen if Jericho got blackballed from wrestling and had to start from scratch as an actor? That’s where the idea came from for But I’m Chris Jericho. I pitched the show for 8 years! It was finally sold in 2013 for a first season. Then it took four years for the second season to be made. AK: Why is that? I watched the first season of the series, which was hilarious. Loved it! Why did it 36 • HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY

not get picked up for a second season until 2018? CJ: That’s the million-dollar question, because it was a hit and it won a lot of awards. At the end of it, I realized it was really good, and we created this universe with all these wacky characters; Scott Thompson was in it, Colin Mochrie was in it from Who’s Line Is It Anyway. Andy Kindler from Everybody Loves Raymond and Bob’s Burgers. These are really funny people. We won awards at the Los Angeles Film Festival, Toronto Film Festival, Vancouver Film Festival. AK: How did the show get revived? CJ: CBC Network in Canada called a year ago and they wanted to do another season. It’s really gratifying. If I believe in something, I will do everything I can to make it happen. After we did the first season, and you were talking about the mountain, I wanted to do more. I knew there was something to this show that was special and funny. Thankfully, finally, CBC agreed with that. If you really want something to happen, sometimes it doesn’t happen easily, and that’s okay. You have to believe in it and stick with it, even if it’s not easy. AK: Do you consider yourself to be a great manifester? CJ: I look at it as being positive and believing in yourself, and eliminating negativity. That was something I learned way early on in my career when I was starting out as a wrestler at nineteen. People see me now as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, but that wasn’t always the case. Everyone laughed when I originally said I wanted to be a wrestler; literally laughed. One time at church the pastor said, "Chris is going to Calgary to be a wrestler," and he started

o h o urs Y u’ve Photo 2 Chris Jericho - Courtesy of Chris Jericho

laughing. I eliminated those people. Anyone who thought that I couldn’t do it or gave me any kind of negativity, I didn’t allow it to permeate. AK: What do you teach your three kids about making their dreams come true, or do you simply lead by example? CJ: Just set an example, because they’re young right now. One thing I don’t tolerate in my house is if they say, "Well, I’m not good at this," or "I suck." No, you don’t! If you want to be good at something, you have to put the time in. That’s the thing with a lot of kids these days, or maybe always; trying once or twice, and if it doesn’t work out they go on to the next thing. If you really want to do something, for example, if you really want to play basketball, it takes more then three free throws at the net to get good. You’ve got to spend hours practicing. That’s what I show my kids, that hard work always wins.

got to spend pr ac t ic ing.

AK: Denzel Washington has a saying he uses a lot that I love – "anything you practice, you get good at." CJ: It’s true. And some people do have a natural talent for something. I could play guitar every day, and I’m not necessarily going to be Eddie Van Halen, but I could probably get to be a pretty damn good guitar player. And don’t worry about what this guy down the block is doing or succeeding at. It’s about, how can you improve yourself on a daily basis? How can you get better at what you want to do? Don’t worry about anybody else. Be happy with what you’re doing.

[To Be Continued]


INHOLLYWOODLAND Where It All Happens by Christian Lopez (Edited by Xavier Clemente) Caroline Barris (left) and Xavier Clemente (right) "INHOLLYWOODLAND"owners . shot by Phillip Amaro 38 • HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY


o you remember the Golden Age of HOLLYWOOD? Before those four letters L-AN-D were taken and removed from the Hollywood sign. I am sure you heard the stories and walked over the stars of those that paved the way to make Hollywood what it is today, one star in particularly you might of seen with flocks of people hovering over it is "Marilyn Monroe". Marilyn may have still been Norma Jean with or without the cameras but one thing is for sure it is the sparks and the flickering cameras that showcased her to the world. Photojournalist George Barris who recently passed away in Sept 2016 was best known for taking the most iconic photos of Marilyn Monroe’s most intimate moments. In fact on her rise to super stardom. George told the editor at Fox that he has a gut feeling that’s she’s the next Super Star and had to cover her where they met in 1954, on the set of "The Seven Year Itch" when Billy Wilder called for a media circus!, it was the rise of an ICON. Today, we want you to meet Caroline Barris (daughter of George Barris) and his mentee, actor Xavier Clemente, two great people who are keeping the legacy of Marilyn Monroe and George alive through their new found company entitled "INHOLLYWOODLAND". A couple of months before Xavier Clemente had met George Barris, Xavier was working at a studio and living in Westwood Village. "I did not know I was living across the street from Marilyn Monroe’s grave" he says and soon enough destiny came into play. He met Caroline at a company boat party on the 4th of July of 2014 and she said: "you are an old soul, you have to meet my father". Soon enough Xavier and George met and bonded and a couple hours later he said "We Have To Work Together"! (Before mentioning to Caroline "Is he somebody?" that is). It

"the rise of an ICON" Marilyn Monroe ©George Barris Lic. By IHL | INHOLLYWOODLAND HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY • 39

Marilyn Monroe ©George Barris Lic. By IHL | INHOLLYWOODLAND

"the stars aligned

was New Year’s Eve at the Roosevelt Hotel poolside on the diving board in Hollywood where Marilyn took some of her first modeling shots ironically enough that is where "IHL" was born why "INHOLLYWOODLAND", "because that’s where it all happens",in fact "Where It All Happens" is their company slogan, and George Barris was there for it all. In order to understand Xavier and Caroline Barris you must really understand George... and who he is. George Barris is best known for his photos and friendship with Marilyn Monroe, in particularly the last photos taken of her on July 13, 1962 before her demise on August 5th But before that they just wrapped up a book of Marilyn entitled "Marilyn: Her life in her own words" Imagine from the Giancana’s to the Kennedy’s all in a relative circle and after her death, George moved to France and 33 yrs later he released the book. He also photographed many celebrities in Hollywood’s Golden Age from the 1950’s to 1960’s including assistant Steve McQueen before he was famous on the set of "The War Lover". He funded Steve McQueen in New York City, and became a mentor to him before he was the Steve 40 • HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY

McQueen. McQueen acted as an assistant to Mr Barris and soon enough Barris was McQueen’s photographer on the set of "The War Lover". George is also known for shooting the Cosmopolitan cover of Elizabeth Taylor on the set of "Cleopatra" and shot Clark Gable, Sofia Loren, Marlon Brando, Frank Sinatra, Charlie Chaplin and the cover of Chubby Checkers’s Album, The Twist. With the company "INHOLLYWOODLAND" rolling into full effect thanks to George’s daughter Caroline and Xavier Clemente, they are not only carrying on the legacy of Marilyn Monroe through George Barris’ work, but the art form of photography and the personalities we come accustomed too because of it. The stories these two shared with us are amazing, the intimate details Caroline Barris shares of her father and Marilyn are enough for a great book read. She talks of how Marilyn loved "Emilio Pucci", George would run out and buy Emilio Pucci for her to wear and shoot in the Hollywood Hills. They also talk about Marilyn’s Genius and how no one gave her enough credit for her talents. She was one of the first female’s to have her own production company entitled "Marilyn Monroe

Productions Inc". However the highlight story she told was of how Monroe knew how to go out in public unrecognized and incognito.... classic. "Norma Jean could be Marilyn if she wanted" Caroline says, "she just had to put up her hair and do the walk and she was Marilyn Again". Xavier Clemente today now ironically lives across on the 9th floor in his high rise in Hollywood, Ca where Gene Harlow used to live, the woman who inspired Marilyn Monroe’s look, she (Gene) also had a mole on the opposite side of her face and was Hollywood’s first "Platinum Blonde". Caroline says "all this, meeting Xavier and creating "INHOLLYWOODLAND" the stars aligned; Marilyn is with us". They have since collaborated with Emilio Pucci, Salvatore Ferragamo, Universal, Vogue, and much more. The story is definitely inspiring and assures us that destiny plays its part for everyone. IHL products include Art, Apparel, Photos for sale to the public, limited edition posters signed by George Barris, and much more. They are also looking to collaborate with designers and artist for the new IHL collection. You can visit their website at www. for more info.

Marilyn Monroe ©George Barris Lic. By IHL | INHOLLYWOODLAND

Marilyn is with us"


"Dessa Rose" tells the story of a young black woman and a young white woman and their journey to acceptance in the antebellum South, as they tell their story to their grandchildren. Written by Lynn Ahrens, with music by Stephen Flaherty, lyrics by Lynn Ahrens, and directed by James Esposito, it runs from February 2nd through February 25th at the Chromolume Theatre at the Attic in Los Angeles. For tickets call 323-510-2688 or visit "Occupant" Louise Nevelson’s life is examined by an unnamed interviewer who questions the posthumous Nevelson with an unabashed scrutiny. The result is a touching, humorous, and honest tribute to a woman who was a pioneer for free-thinking females everywhere. Written by Edward Albee, and directed by Heather Chesley, it runs from February 2nd through March 4th at the Garry Marshall Theatre in Burbank. For tickets call 818-955-8101 or visit "Pizza Man" A pair of Los Angeles women decide to take revenge on the entire opposite sex, and the unsuspecting pizza delivery man is just the vehicle for this descent into comedic chaos! Written by Darlene Craviotto, and directed by Jamie Lou, it runs from February 2nd through February 24th at the Loft Space in Hollywood. For tickets visit "Two Fisted Love" It’s 2008 and Hollywood A-lister, Caroline Connors, having recently been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, braves her descent into an uncertain future. Written and directed by David Sessions, it runs from February 3rd through March 11th at the Odyssey Theatre in Los Angeles. For tickets call 866-811-4111 or visit "Henry V" tells the story of King Henry V of England, focusing on events immediately before and after the Battle of Agincourt during the Hundred Years’ War. Written by William Shakespeare, and directed by Geoff Elliott and Julia Rodriguez-Elliott, it runs from February 4th through April 6th at the A Noise Within in Pasadena. For tickets call 626-356-3100 or visit "Prez" paints an intimate portrait of Lester Young, a unique jazzman whose warm, lyrical style brought him fame, and his best friend and alter ego, Billie Holiday. Written by Willard Manus, and directed by Daniel E. Keough, it runs from February 4th through March 11th at the Write Act Repertory @ The Brickhouse Theatre in North Hollywood. For tickets visit "Million Dollar Quartet" This musical harkens back to when Sam Phillips - responsible for launching the careers of Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and Elvis Presley - brought the four superstars together at the Sun Records storefront studio for the first and only time. Written by Colin Escott and Floyd Mutrux, with music by David Lamoureux, and directed by David Lober, it runs from February 9th through February 18th at the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center 42 • HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY

in Redondo Beach, then February 23rd through March 4th at the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts in Cerritos. For tickets call 714-589-2770 Ext. 1 (for Redondo Beach) or 562916-8500 (for Cerritos) or visit "The Speed of Darkness" Joe, a decorated hero of the Vietnam War, suddenly finds himself nominated as man of the year by his town, and is faced with an unwelcome amount of attention. Written by Steve Tesich, and directed by William Alderson, it runs from February 9th through March 18th at the River Street Theatre in Los Angeles. For tickets visit index/171616. "A Walk in the Woods" This witty two-hander concerns a relationship between two arms negotiators and what happens when they step out of the war room and into the woods. Written by Lee Blessing, and directed by Ken Sawyer, it runs from February 9th through March 18th at the Actors Co-op Crossley Theatre in Hollywood. For tickets call 323-462-8460 or visit "The City of Conversation" It’s 1979, and Washington, D.C. socialite Hester Ferris is notorious for her posh dinner parties that can change the course of politics until her son turns up with an ambitious girlfriend. Written by Anthony Giardina, and directed by Cameron Watson, it runs from February 10th through February 25th at the Ensemble Theatre Company at the New Vic in Santa Barbara. For tickets call 805-965-5400 or visit "4Play: Sex in A Series" Celebrate Valentine’s Day (and the rest of February and March) with this delightful romantic comedy that blurs the lines between art and life, gay and straight. Written by Graham Brown with Nathan Faudree and Lisa Roth, and directed by Graham Brown, it runs from February 14th through March 17th at the Trip. @ The Actors Company in Los Angeles. For tickets call 800-838-3006 or visit "A Streetcar Named Desire" A radical re-envisioning placing a traditional, 1940s era Blanche within a contemporary, multicultural and urban environment familiar to modern audiences. Written by Tennessee Williams, and directed by Michael Michetti, it runs from February 15th through March 25th at the Boston Court Performing Arts Center in Pasadena. For tickets call 626-683-6801 or visit "Nice Fish" It’s the end of the fishing season, and two old friends are out on the ice, angling for something big — something down there that is pure need. Written by Mark Rylance and Louis Jenkins, and directed by Rob Brownstein and Anita Khanzadian, it runs from February 16th through March 25th at the Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles in Los Angeles. For tickets call 818-765-8732 or visit HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY • 43

"Priscilla Queen of the Desert the Musical" follows three drag queens as they drive across the outback in a rundown old bus searching for love and fulfillment and end up discovering what true friendship really means. Written by Stephan Elliott and Allan Scott, with music by Jennifer Lin, and directed by Jessica Hanna, it runs from February 16th through March 25th at the Celebration Theatre @ the Lex Theatre in Los Angeles. For tickets call 323-957-1884 or visit "Talley’s Folly" Set in a deserted Victorian boathouse in Lebanon, Missouri in 1944, Matt Friedman has arrived to plead his love to Sally Talley, the susceptible but uncertain daughter of the Talley family. Written by Langford Wilson, and directed by Richard Kilroy, it runs from February 16th through March 11th at the Hudson MainStage Theatre in Los Angeles. For tickets call 323-960-4412 or visit "The New Colossus" tells the story of forced migration and the constant struggle for survival and dignity in an uncertain and hostile environment. Written by The Actors’ Gang Ensemble, and directed by Tim Robbins, it runs from February 17th through March 24th at the Actors’ Gang Theatre in Culver City. For tickets call 310-838-4264 or visit "Allegiance" tells the story of the Kimura family, whose lives are upended when they and 120,000 other Japanese Americans are forced to leave their homes following the events of Pearl Harbor. Written by Marc Acito, Jay Kuo and Lorenzo Thione, with music by Jay Kuo, and directed by Snehal Desai, it runs from February 21st through April 1st at the Aratani Theatre in Los Angeles. For tickets visit "The Happiest Song Plays Last" chronicles a year in the life of two kindred souls as they search for love, meaning and a sense of hope in a quickly changing world. Written by Quiara Alegría Hudes, and directed by Edward Torres, it runs from February 22nd through March 19th at the Los Angeles Theatre Center in Los Angeles. For tickets call 866-811-4111 or visit "Jackie Unveiled" This one woman show dares to peek behind the façade of America’s most private public figure. Written by Tom Dugan, and directed by Jenny Sullivan, it runs from February 22nd through March 11th at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts in Beverly Hills. For tickets call 310-746-4000 or visit "Year of the Rooster" Gil has been secretly training a rooster to fight, and Odie is the baddest barnyard bird there is. A fiercely comic play about clawing your way to the top. Written by Olivia Dufault, and directed by McKerrin Kelly, it runs from February 22nd through March 24th at the Theatre of NOTE in Hollywood. 44 • HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY

For tickets call 323-856-8611 or visit "Wicked Pagan Gays" Sending up everything from religion to gay culture, steeped in cheeky, fast-paced banter, this play examines the unlikely friendship between two gay men with very different worldviews. Written by Jeff Dinnell, and directed by Kiff Scholl, it runs from February 23rd through March 31st at the Zephyr Theatre in Los Angeles. For tickets visit "Waist Watchers the Musical" What’s better than getting a group of your friends together to LAUGH OFF a few pounds! So much fun, you’ll want to come back again and again! Written by Alan Jacobson, with music by Vince Di Mura, lyrics by Alan Jacobson, and directed by Matthew E. Silva, it runs from February 27th through March 4th at the El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood. For tickets call 818-508-4200 or visit "Denim Doves" tells the story of a modest compound nestled deep in the woods of what was once a small Midwestern town, home to five denim-clad sister wives. Contains strong sexual themes, brief full-frontal nudity, and suggestive humor and is recommended for audiences ages 16 and up. Written by Adrienne Dawes, with music by Ellen Warkentine, lyrics by Cyndi Williams, and directed by Rosie Glen-Lambert, it runs through February 17th at the Broadwater Theater Complex in Los Angeles. For tickets visit "The Chinese Wall" This 1946 anti-fascist play is being presented as a satire of the Trump administration. What sort of emperor would delight in the completion of a protective wall (The Great Wall of China) that could reach from New York to Berlin? Written by Max Frisch, and directed by Larry Eisenberg, it runs through March 11th at the Lonny Chapman Theatre in North Hollywood. For tickets call 818-763-5990 or visit "The Hothouse" A wild, impudent and blisteringly funny look at a government-run mental institution in which the wardens may be madder than the inmates. A fully partner-cast production. Written by Harold Pinter, and directed by Nike Doukas, it runs through March 11th at the Kiki & David Gindler Performing Arts Center in Glendale. For tickets call 818-506-1983 or visit "A Love Affair" follows the roller-coaster-ride of a 38-year (and counting) marriage, from the romantic naiveté of a 1950’s honeymoon, to the irritation of daily life in the Coming-of-New Age ‘90’s. Written by Jerry Mayer, and directed by Chris DeCarlo, it runs through March 25th at the Santa Monica Playhouse in Santa Monica. For tickets call 310-394-9779 Ext. 1 or visit www. Enjoy life more – see a show tonight! HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY • 45


follow your intuition because most of the time you know the answer."


DEAR DR. JAI: I think I’m in love with a man that is afraid of commitment. We have been dating for little over a year. I said I love you and he responds that he cares about me deeply. I feel like he does, but at times I feel he is pulling away. He says one thing then the next day it feels like he changes his mind. I have also caught him in a few lies here and there. I feel like I’m going crazy with his back and forth. What would you do? Should I end everything? -Loves me loves me not DEAR LOVES ME LOVES ME NOT: First off, my beautiful Queen, thank you for writing. Dating is always an experience and every woman and man has their quirks. No one is perfect, but you can find someone perfect for you! You’re asking me, so I’m going to give you some JRDA (Jai’s Real Deal Advice). You’re not the first woman who has come to me with this flower picking question. But as my grams always says, if you’re asking this question…follow your intuition because most of the time you know the answer. I am a strong believer that love is shown by action not words.  Repeat after me "Love is shown by actions not just words". I think most of us have had a time in our life where we’ve wondered what’s going on in my relationship, if this man is good for me or if he is a determent to my existence. I mean, I’ve experienced totally amazing relationships, but I’ve also expe" I CARE ABOUT YOU" rienced what I thought was a prince who as actually a toad disguised…Oh how he loved me...cared for me deeply… but the real deal is that he loved only himself. Remember 46 • HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY

actions speak louder than words. So, what would I do you ask? I won’t tell you what to do, but I will give you my deduction process so that you can make your own decision. This way you will end up with the real deal without even knowing! •

Communication is so important. A strong relationship begins with a solid foundation of communication. If you can’t talk what will happen if a major problem arises? Find a way to discuss your issues on mutual ground.

Know your Red Flags. For me if anyone lies it is a deal breaker. Trust goes a long way with me. You have to look at your red flags and act accordingly putting them in order. Once a liar, always one unless they get help and want to change.

Follow your intuition. Listen to your inner-self, it is usually the best trusted advice to follow.

Commitment for some could be an underlined issue that needs more than just a simple discussion. Set time limits for yourself and your partner decide if this is something worth investing your time in. Always remember you don’t want anyone that doesn’t want you. Remember Queen "YOU GOT THIS" and your already written destiny will fall into place! Blessings to you and may you find the "Loves

me to your heart relationship". -Dr. Jai

** Have a question for Dr. Jai? Need a little advice? Write her at or Also VIsit

SL’s mission is to motivate, transform, and empower. This mother and daughter duo, use mindful media to create applicable, useful, and entertaining relationship conversations. They do this by sharing theory, real world experiences, and their unique generational perspectives to empower audiences toward critical thinking and change. They are practitioners of change using their skills to coach others toward a mindful lifestyle. Dr. Jai (Jacinta CK) Dr. Jai (Jacinta CK) is an Author, American Singer/Songwriter, Radio Co-Host on "The Strategic Ladies Radio Show", Prophetess, and co-founder of Strategic Ladies. She currently consults and coach’s men, women and families globally on relationship/social skills techniques, mindful living and using your intuition. Jacinta has years of experience in coaching with use of mindfulness, meditation and her gift of intuition. Her wide variety of research in relationship techniques along with her gifts have allowed her to help her clients reach their goals and needs through bio-individualized plans that help them build strong relationships and confidence in all that they do. Jacinta holds a B.A. in communication with a minor in Criminology/Spanish, an MBA in Organizational Psychology and Development and a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership. She is the co-author of an Amazon best-selling book "Let Meditation Mend You", she is on the advisory board for the California Women’s Conference and volunteers as an ambassador for the SOC Holistic Chamber of Commerce. Jacinta believes in giving back and spends time in local charities. She believes we all have a purpose and calling we just need to discover our purpose and use our skills to get us there. Dr. E Dr. Estella is an Author, Presenter, Professor, and co-owner of Strategic Ladies, Livinithealthy Consulting and DepTeach. She currently consults and coaches in all aspects of Well-Being with a special focus on single parents and staying Mindful@Work. DepTeach is a mindful program for both personal and professional development.  Estella uses its curriculum to designed to develop divergent thinkers with renewed minds. Estella is a graduate of Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching Program, a member of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce, co-host of the Strategic Ladies Radio Show, and the co-author of an Amazon best-selling book called "Let Meditation Mend You".  She currently holds a B.S. Degree in Biology/ Chemistry, Masters in Business Administration, and a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership. Dr.  Estella impacts organizations and individuals with her prayer and universal Mindful meditation platform.  For more information on their coaching, consulting, workshops and mindful media services go to or write us at: HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY • 47

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HWM February 2018. Exclusive Interview with Mikhail Siretskiy.  

Mikhail Siretskiy gives us a look inside the Siretsky Organization.

HWM February 2018. Exclusive Interview with Mikhail Siretskiy.  

Mikhail Siretskiy gives us a look inside the Siretsky Organization.

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