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Joe “Exotic” Maldonado

Libertarian Candidate for Oklahoma Governor

Elton John:

I’m Still Standing Grammy Salute

53rd Academy of Country Music Awards + more

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“The Lands of Oklahoma License: CC0 Public Domain




Dear Readers,

Spring-time is approaching in Los Angeles & the weather is… well its hot… like it is every season (sorry world no surprise there). Unlike our weather however our magazine is winding up content with more exclusives that get better & better each page that you turn. This issue we feature Joe “Exotic” Maldonado, who is running for State Governor for Oklahoma. His story is the most interesting story I think we featured in Hollywood Weekly thus far. Joe is a man making history being the first Gay Libertarian to run for office. He owns an exotic animal zoo & is a breath of fresh air from your norm conservative politician. He tells it like it is & have him say it, he refuses to wear a suit. Mr. Maldonado is a man who started with nothing & gained a fortune through his business. He has done a-lot for the less fortunate in Oklahoma which makes him a great candidate. We also have coverage of Elton John’s tribute concert by stars alike like Miley Cyrus, Kesha, Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith & more. We have the nominees for the Country Music Awards, beautiful photos of pieces & art being auctioned by Zha Zha Gabor and more in this Special Edition of Hollywood Weekly






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“The Lands of Oklahoma License: CC0 Public Domain

No Gossip, Strictly Entertainment 8. Joe Exotic Maldonado The Mission Saving Oklahoma by Barbara Burke 18. Zsa Zsa Gabor Heritage Auctions Press Release 28. I’m Still Standing A Grammy Salute Music Stars Honor Elton John Press Release 38. Must Read Authors Featured At The LA Times Festival of Books by Staff Writer 41. 53rd ACM Awards Press Release 50. Real Deal Advice I’d Use Myself By Dr. Jai



The Mission Liberating Oklahoma By Barbara Burke ‟We had to process 574 emergency teacher licenses last year”

Cover Photo: Joe Exotic Governor Parade 2017.


oseph Maldonado Passage, known to Oklahomans’ as Joe Exotic, because he is an exotic animal zookeeper, & an Oklahoma gubernatorial Libertarian candidate. Hollywood Weekly sat down for a talk with Exotic, a former Presidential candidate, and chatted about what he thinks matters most for “Sooners” and this country. “We have three Libertarians running for Governor this year.” Exotic said. “There are a total of eleven candidates for governor this year, including those representing all parties.” Exotic said. “What is your campaign platform?” Hollywood Weekly asked “I am pro-choice, Pro-LGBT, anti-gun reform generally.” Exotic said. “However, HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY • 9


the thrust of my campaign is focused on the pitiful state of education in Oklahoma. We are ranked 49 out of the 50 states and our educational system is a mess. We had to process 574 emergency teacher licenses last year - that’s for a state with a population of only 3.5 million and it is almost double last year’s rate.” Exotic’s figures were corroborated - and lamented - by national and local media. According to a June 23, 2017, U.S. News and World Report, Oklahoma’s usage of emergency certified teachers has risen meteorically in recent years amidst an escalating statewide shortage of educators. In 2017, Oklahoma’s state Board of Education approved more than 220 emergency certificates, whereas in 2016, the Board considered approximately 80 such emergency certificates, citing The Tulsa World. The provisional licenses let individuals work as teachers before they complete the education or training requirements for regular or alternative certification. Teachers can use the licenses to teach for two academic years. “This year, the use of emergency teacher certifications almost doubled and it’s because we are not allocating our budgets properly.” Exotic said. “Years ago, we approved a lottery and were supposed to dedicate money from the gambling systems to education.. More than $30 million of such, have been misappropriated by the health department. Indeed, most of Oklahoma’s problems are because of the politicians. For example, Gavin County, which has approximately 5,400 students has eight school supervisors and their wages cost Oklahoma $3.5 million. Compare that to the District where Oklahoma City is which has only one supervisor for more than ten times the number of students in Gavin County.” Oklahoma’s government should be run like an efficient business. Exotic said. “If we can just allocate our funds correctly and reorganize our superintendent

Photo 1 (left): Oklahoma, Joe Exotic Fan.

Photo 2 (lbottom): One of many Joe Exotic Fans who dressed up like him for Halloween, excited for his run..



‟I built my exotic zoo from an empty field with only $1,000 in my pocket to the largest private exotic animal zoo in the nation”

Photo 3 (left): Joe Exotic delivering gifts to kids. whos families who need help. HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY • 13

system, that alone could save us a half billion dollars.” He said. “There’s a very good reason the teachers are walking out - we are not funding our schools right and we’re not supporting our teachers. It’s that simple.” Many teachers’ unions in Oklahoma participated in an organized walk out in early April. “The teachers are right - the schools need to be improved right away.” Exotic said. “Our Senate just increased the gas tax, diesel tax, gross production tax and increased the tax assessed on cigarettes by another dollar.” He said. “Instead of working smart and running this state like a business, we’re taxing the people to death and using cities’ funds as sludge funds.” In addition to supporting a massive overhaul for educational reform, Exotic also supports legalizing medicinal marijuana, noting the amount of tax revenues states can garner from such legislation. “Oklahoma and Nebraska both sued Colorado once Colorado legalized marPhoto 4 (top): Joe Exotic with broken neck & back earlier this year, 2018 Photo 5 (right): Joe Exotic with his husband Dillon Passage


ijuana.” Exotic said. “This decision was made when Scott Pruitt was our Attorney General here in Oklahoma before being chosen by President Trump to lead up the EPA. There’s no basis for such a suit that’s how smart our politicians are here in Oklahoma.” Pruitt, the scandal-ridden EPA administrator is facing mounting calls to resign, which could make things most interesting for the Oklahoma gubernatorial election should he resign and declare his candidacy for governor before the state’s primary election on June 26. Exotic also is concerned about onerous restrictions Imposed on farming and meat producers in Oklahoma. “There are so many restrictions on farming and meat producers that the small farms and ranches cannot compete with the factory ranchers.” Exotic said. “I want to lift some of those restrictions so that they can compete and my plan is to allow them to allow them to sell to the School Districts so that we can provide healthier food at a much

more competitive price for our school children. I want to buy meat just as I do for my own exotic animal zoo at good prices. If we did that, we could provide school children with a quarter chicken, bread, veggies, a dessert and milk for $1.28 each plate. However, if we were buying on volume for the whole state’s school children, I could get that down to approximately 68 cents per student and provide the children with a good meal and save money for the state.” Exotic returns to his central theme money in the public fisc in Oklahoma is being misallocated and the State should be run as a viable, profitable, efficient business. “We could move some of the wasted money from our Agricultural Department - which is enormously overfunded - to our education system to pay our teachers a decent salary and properly fund our schools.” He said. “I built my exotic zoo from an empty field with only $1,000 in my pocket to the largest private exotic animal zoo in the nation in 20 years. “ He said. “I am qualified and experienced when it comes to budgeting money. I have nearly 400 exotic animals in my care and nearly 200 are big cats. I have every species of tigers alive and have hybrids such as ligers and tilligers as well. The challenge is that the animal rights groups are lying to our politicians and are donating political money to change laws. They want to change the laws about people having exotic pets when in fact the very sanctuaries that they send them to have become non-profits and get the public to fund the same hobby - owning exotic pets - tax free. Our lawmakers must wake up to this reality as it is costing use millions in tax dollars and those with the non-profits are making millions by frauding the public as they take donations for their hobby.”Exotic feels he is qualified to reform Oklahoma’s economic policies because he has an extensive business background. HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY • 15

“I have grown my business, and an exotic pet store I once owned in Texas, even though I faced major obstacles. I have lost two husbands unfortunately and sustained organ failure in 2014. Moreover, I injured my neck, back and leg this January but I am still as strong as ever.” Exotic is a libertarian at heart based on his philosophy that property rights are the fundamental basis for the American dream. “I believe that once you work for the American dream to own property and build a house, you just not have to pay the Government taxes on that property.” He said. “Under the current taxation system, you never really own anything - they tax you forever and if you don’t pay the tax, they put a lien on your property and take it away - that in my mind is not right.” Exotic feels equally strongly about the Second Amendment.“I stand firm for the Second Amendment and I don’t believe a citizen should have to pay the government for the right to bear arms.” He said. “I advocate mandatory background checks however. In this state, you can get a hunter’s safety card when you are age 16. Therefore, I do not advocate raising the legal age to possess a gun to 21 years old in Oklahoma. We will not stop crazy people from killing others by raising the legal age to acquire a gun. Rather, we have to get mental health, social media and bullying under control before we can


stop gun violence. The media plays news about gun violence incidents too long, in my opinion, because their doing so can give other crazy persons the idea to go out and repeat gun violence.” Should Exotic become Governor of Oklahoma, he will be the first gay governor.“This is also the first time that Oklahoma has allowed a Libertarian on the ballot and I intend to put my husband Dillon Passage in there to be the First Man of Oklahoma. He said. ”I believe being gay further qualifies me to serve as Oklahoma’s governor because I went through challenges as a gay man in the 1980s - I was bullied, stalked and harassed. Because of those experiences, I have better empathy for others. Because of my business experience, I have a better understanding of how to fix Oklahoma’s problems than do the other candidates. I am who I am. I refuse to wear a suit because it makes me look fake. I won’t cut my hair and I’m not taking out my earring. I won’t change to anyone’s fake standards to win this election or to run this state.” Joe Exotic is a straightforward person who feels he has a straightforward plan for betting Oklahoma as its Governor. “I post a video each day and it is well received because I am being genuine and I am being truthful.” He said. “That’s exactly what Oklahoma needs.”


Zsa Zsa Gabor

Estate Shatters Expectations to Bring More Than $909,000 at Heritage Auctions Standing-room-only auction of star’s personal mementos 18 • HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY

$2,125 -Gabor’s 13 Slap Heard ‘Round the World Trial Heritage Auctions HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY • 19

BEVERLY HILLS, California (April 15, 2018) – A standing-room-only crowd and fans online around the world bid more than $900,000 in the Estate of Zsa Zsa Gabor Auction for thousands of items from Hollywood socialite’s private personal collection offered April 14 by Heritage Auctions. The sale result more than triples pre-auction expectations and follows a fanpacked, two-day preview at Gabor’s storied Bel Air mansion in Los Angeles. Spanning the star’s 60-year career and red carpet appearances, the estate included keepsakes, designer couture, screen-used costumes and Hollywood memorabilia. Frédéric Prinz von Anhalt, Gabor’s last husband and widower, said his late wife requested an auction to offer her private property to fans around the world; the star maintained a strong fan base around the world. Top lots ranged from the sentimental to the luxurious: A portrait of the star – an important memento by friend Margaret Keane – took toplot honors at $45,000 and set a world auction record for the artist. Keane gained notoriety for her paintings of “big-eyed waifs,” which became the subject the 2014 film Big Eyes. Noted for her luxurious, opulent lifestyle, Gabor’s five-piece group of vintage Louis Vuitton luggage brought $27,500. Strong bidding spurred a 1927 Steinway Model M Grand Piano, from her marriage with actor George Sanders and used in the 2013 film Behind the Candelabra, to sell for $23,750. Among the lots that best represented the star’s celebrity persona was a diamond and 14-karat gold necklace, immortalizing her iconic “Dah-ling” catchphrase, which sold for $20,000. Gabor‘s assortment of paparazzi-blinding costume jewelry included a 1960s rhinestone and faux emerald necklace (seen on the cover of her book, How to Catch a Man; How to Keep a Man; How to Get Rid of a Man), which sold for $15,625. Never before available to the public, personal mementos included an archive of 13 albums filled with never-before-seen candid and professional photographs of Gabor with stars Ann Miller, Nancy Reagan, Cloris Leachman, Lana Turner, Bob Hope, Milton Berle and Tony Curtis, which brought $9,375. Gabor’s keepsakes also included tabloid fodder such as a set of 13 drawings Gabor personally sketched during her 1989 trial for slap20 • HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY

ping a Beverly Hills police officer. Dubbed by tabloids as the “slap heard ‘round the world,” the sketchbook sold for $2,125. More Hollywood memorabilia included a set of two address books, with contact information of Johnny Carson, Sean Connery, Ronald and Nancy Reagan, Joan Rivers and more, sold for $1,062 and a luxury leather saddle, given to Gabor by fellow riding enthusiast President Ronald Reagan, sold for $4,250. Additional highlights include: • A circa 1960 oil on canvas portrait by Peter Sheil sold for $12,500 • Offered early in the auction, several lots of costumes, gowns and dresses from various television appearances sold for a combined $11,100 • One of Gabor’s favorite pieces of furniture, a Louis XV-Style Creme Piente Day Bed, featured in a 1967 television interview with F. Lee Bailey, brought $8,750 • Another portrait featuring her only daughter, Francesca, sold for $7,500 • 30 years’ worth of television and film scripts spanning the 1960s to the 1990s from programs such as Batman, Bonanza and The Donna Reed Show, among others, ended at $6,000 • The star’s circa 1961 American passport, sold for $4,250 • Gabor’s circa 1989 California driver’s license, sold for $3,875 Heritage Auctions is the largest fine art and collectibles auction house founded in the United States, and the world’s largest collectibles auctioneer. Heritage maintains offices in New York, Dallas, Beverly Hills, San Francisco, Chicago, Palm Beach, London, Paris, Geneva, Amsterdam and Hong Kong. The Internet’s most popular auction-house website,, has over one million registered bidder-members and searchable free archives of four million past auction records with prices realized, descriptions and enlargeable photos. Reproduction rights routinely granted to media for photo credit. For breaking stories, follow us: Facebook and View prior press releases.

Zsa Zsa live bidders-Heritage Auctions


$4,250-Passport Zsa Zsa Gabor Estate Heritage Auctions


$7,500-Portrait of Zsa Zsa Gabor with her daughter, Francesca Heritage Auctions

$45,000-Zsa Zsa Gabor Estate Heritage Auctions

$12,500-Portrait of Zsa Zsa Gabor,circa 1960 Heritage Auctions


$15,625 - Zsa Zsa Gabor Stunning Designer Necklace, Circa 1960s.

$20,000-Dahling Zsa Zsa Gabor Necklace Heritage Auctions

$4,250-J.A. Barnsby & Sons Saddle Gifted by Ronald Reagan Heritage Auctions

$9,375-Zsa Zsa Gabor Never-Before-Seen Photos, 1950s-2000s HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY • 25

$23,750-Steinway Model M Grand Piano Zsa Zsa Gabor Heritage Auctions 26 • HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY

$27,500-5-Piece Louis Vuitton Luggage Group Heritage Auctions HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY • 27



Elton John Photo: Michele Crowe/CBS ©2017 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved 28 • HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY



Miley Cyrus Photo: Michele Crowe/CBS ©2017 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY • 29

Kesha Photo: Michele Crowe/ CBS ©2017 CBS Broadcasting, Inc.All Rights Reserved 30 • HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY


usic stars honor Elton John’s illustrious career spanning five decades with a rockin’ tribute on ELTON JOHN: I’M STILL STANDING – A GRAMMY SALUTE, to be broadcast Tuesday, April 10 (9:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on

the CBS Television Network. The concert showcases musicians from multiple genres performing classic songs made famous by Elton John, including Alessia Cara, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Miranda Lambert, John Legend, Kesha, Little Big Town, Chris Martin, Shawn Mendes, Maren Morris, Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith and SZA.

Sam Smth Photo: Michele Crowe/CBS ©2017 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY • 31

Ed Sheeran Photo: Michele Crowe/CBS ©2017 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved 32 • HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY


he concert also features special appearances by John Batiste, Neil Patrick Harris, Christopher Jackson, Anna Kendrick, Gayle King, Lucy Liu, Valerie Simpson and Hailee Steinfeld. In addition, John takes the stage to perform a medley of his timeless hits.

Stage & Stars Photo: Michele Crowe/CBS ©2017 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY • 33

Stage & Stars Photo: Michele Crowe/CBS ©2017 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved 34 • HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY

The following is the list of performances included in ELTON JOHN: I’M STILL STANDING – A GRAMMY® SALUTE: “The Bitch Is Back” – Miley Cyrus “Candle in the Wind” – Ed Sheeran “Daniel” – Sam Smith “I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues” – Alessia Cara “Your Song” – Lady Gaga “Rocket Man” – Little Big Town “Border Song” – Christopher Jackson & Valerie Simpson “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” – SZA & Shawn Mendes “Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters” – Maren Morris “We All Fall in Love Sometimes” – Chris Martin “My Father’s Gun” – Miranda Lambert “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” – Kesha “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” – John Legend “Bennie and the Jets” – Elton John “Philadelphia Freedom” – Elton John “I’m Still Standing” – Elton John and Ensemble HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY • 35

est known for films like “Die Pro,” and “Detour,” actress and filmmaker Reine Swart has appeared in a number of popular TV series, including Syfy’s “Z Nation,” “Dominion,” BBC’s “Jamillah and Aladdin” and National Geographic’s “Origins.” She also stars in “The Empty Man.” Born in Pretoria, South Africa, Swart currently resides in Portland, Oregon. ,She earned a degree in Industrial Engineering at the University of Pretoria. In the horror thriller “The Lullaby,” Swart is Chloe van Heerden, a 19-year old who struggles with being an unwed new mom while being haunted by horrific visions surrounding her child. Alex Kecskes: Thank you for taking the time for this interview. “The Lullaby” is an intense, unsettling thriller. What drew you to this film? RS: In South Africa, it was called “Siembamba,” a very famous lullaby there. The lullaby has these terrible words and its history drew me in from the beginning. It was an interesting topic to research and a story that hadn’t been told on film. The other thing was the psychology behind everything. You can view it as post-partum psychosis, which is the way I saw it. It’s an intriguing and very scary mental illness.

rible but she needed medical attention. It was the same with Chloe. I couldn’t judge her because she needed help. AK: There were a number of disturbing scenes in this film. What scene did you find most challenging? RS: The rape scene was very unsettling for me. As was the scene where Chloe hurts the baby. When I read that in the script, I had to call my mom and ask her to read those parts and talk about them. She told me that one of her friends had post-partum psychosis. Thankfully her friend’s child is still alive. AK: You were covered in blood a number of times in the film. Did you ever look in the mirror and say who is that? RS: I didn’t recognize myself. I looked completely different. I had dark hair. I didn’t feel like myself at all. AK: While “The Lullaby” is unmistakably a horror film, do you feel it makes a social statement? RS: I feel that despite the horror portrayed, we shouldn’t judge people. If someone has a mental illness like Chloe, we shouldn’t take it lightly because it’s really scary. If it was me and it was real life, I wouldn’t be able to live with that.

AK: Did you audition for this lead role? If so, what was that like? Reine Swart: I looked at the sides and I’ve always been intrigued by anything that’s a bit sureal. When I got the audition, I thought I’d misunderAK: You have a diverse and extensive body of stood what they wanted because when I arrived work. What advice would you give a young asin the casting room, all the girls were really pretpiring actor? ty with lots of makeup. But I showed up without RS: I took a lot of workshops and acting courses. Loved by many around the world to include makeup, my hair was a mess, and I had this gown It’s so important to network and to let people see Oscar Winner Viola Davis on. I looked like I was just getting out of bed. So your work, especially directors who come to these I told myself, I’m just going to do this the way I courses and workshops. I sometimes see people EarthWater is 100% natural and is full of see it. And it turned out that I did understand the that are very talented. You shouldn’t just email evand powerful It people sides and they were impressed enough to electrolytes give eryone. You need to antioxidants. get out there, meet containsand ZERO calories, NO artificial flavours me the role. network.

or colourings and NO carbohydrates which

AK: What did you draw from to imbue Chloe AK: You earned a degree Industrial basically makes EarthWater yourinnew beautyEngiwith such a troubling mix of rage and vulnerneering from the University of Pretoria. What must-have! ability? made you switch careers to acting? Amazon RS: I’m a very calm person, though I can be Available strict RS:on I was acting while I was studying engineering. imagery or quotes, contactI’m in real life. But I’m not really quarrelsome. For So itsamples, My parents just wanted me toplease get a degree. was a challenge for me to be the opposite of how very grateful to them for making me pursue that, I am. I had researched people like Andrea Yates but in my final year, I got a lead role in a South GET SOCIAL who suffered from post-partum psychosis and African soap opera. So I finished my degree and / #DrinkDifferent had killed five of her children. You’re not in @EarthWaterHQ your I feel certain I’d be able to play a terrific industrial right mind at that point. What she did was so terengineer.

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State of The Art Technology

Sleep Apena, Implantalogy Aesthetics, All Digital & Laser Technology , C-T (X-ray) Located on 8345 Reseda Blvd. Suite 101 Northridge, CA Open Monday - Friday 8am-6pm except Thursday/Sunday Saturday by appointment call 818-576-9990

(left) Kim, Jin NYU Grad/USC USC Prosthodontics

(middle) Park, Mindy Colombia Grad GPR

(right) Suh, Raymond USC Grad HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY • 37

Must-Read Authors Featured at the LA Times Festival of Books

The largest book fest in the country brings together writers, the literary community, and readers from all over the world. Black Château, a firm that believes in storytellers and the celebration of the written word, presents an array of authors and books from the festival. Looking for a good read? Need a travel read or beach book this summer? Check out this list of ten fantastic book recommendations, and get ready to read!

1.What Happens When Politics Steal the Plot of a Contemporary Fiction Novel? XX v XY: The Final World War takes you to a dystopian world that eerily mirrors current events and politics. Imagined by Bobby Goldstein, creator of the hit TV show Cheaters, and authored by Christina Cigala, the book portrays a future war not fought between nations, but between women and men. The combination of the recent momentum of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, and political elections, make this book a read for our times.

2.The Battle Against Anxiety, Depression, and OCD, Has Never Been Funnier Meet Janie in Next Therapist Please. She’s the mom of a special needs child, consumes multiple glasses of margaritas, and con38 • HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY

sults six therapists in an attempt to live a fulfilling life. Janie’s journey is complicated, and many of us can relate as she navigates the world with anxiety, depression, and the annoying, but amusing, OCD. The book is by Laurie Finkelstein, and is inspired by her own experiences.

3.A Story with LGBTQ Characters Portrayed in Exciting New Ways. Introducing The Fenrir Chronicles: The Prince, a fantasy book with epic battles, romance and adventure, woven together with a twist. Author Nanishka Torres was struck by the lack of LGBTQ stories where the hero wasn’t coming out or victimized. As a result, she crafted a tale where gay characters are faced with challenges that don’t draw their sexuality into the fray. This book makes a state-

ment about society and what happens when fanatical factions rail against reason and science.

4.Time Travelers, The Future Has Never Been More Yesterday Scientist Matt Miller gets torn from his own century and dropped in Colonial America with nothing but a backpack. Journeyman is the first book in the Matt Miller in the Colonies series. In it, author Mark J. Rose introduces us to the adventures of a man who mistakenly thinks his twenty-first century knowledge of science and technology could make him a king in the New World. He’s in for a surprise, and so are readers of this revolutionary series.

5.If You Love Cozy Mysteries, You’ll Get Fired-Up for this Urban Cozy Baker’s Dozen is the first book in the Lexi Fagan Mystery Series, by Autumn Doerr. In sizzling, sexy San Francisco, Lexi lands a job at a local bakery. She doesn’t have a moment to mourn, though, after her lover turns up dead in a hotel fire. The death was no accident, and Lexi’s life is in jeopardy when she discovers a shocking secret. Mystery, mistaken identity and burnt cookies, were never so delicious.

6. Take a Spiritual Journey Paved with Political and Social Statements Blue Bird, a book of poetry and prose by first-time author Magda Ayuk, encourages readers to challenge what it means to be a man, or a woman, or other, through true self-discovery. Be unapologetic about who you are, and bloom as you find peace in rebellion. This book exposes the beautiful, as well as the ugly side, of the human experience.

7. Leaders, Prepare to Rise Up How Women Negotiate from a Position of Strength, is the first book in the RiseUp Leadership Series by Raye Mitchell, Esq. Become empowered, rise-up as a leader, and disrupt the status quo through lessons learned from influencers like Michelle Obama and a host of others. Raye MitchHOLLYWOOD WEEKLY • 39

ell is charging a movement to help black women make their voices and stories heard with the The RiseUp Formula™ — become a part of it.

8. Prepare for Boarding, You’re on Your Way to Mars A motley assortment of humans, clones, chimeras and “spiders” greet you in Mostly Human: A 4Pollack Novel. Lon Varnadore is an exciting new author who blends sci-fi, fantasy, detective, noir, and mystery in an imaginative adventure where classes and cultures clash. 4Pollack, Four to his friends, is a cloned detective who just lost his partner. When an old flame shows up, he gets dragged into a dangerous game of deceit, mayhem, and murder.


9. The True Story of a Man Who Discovers That No Path Is Simple The Path of Lucas: The Journey He Endured is the gripping story of a man who refused to give up on the love of his life. Written by Susanne Bellefeuille, this biography chronicles her father’s fight to hold the family together, and ignore doctors’ advice when his wife is diagnosed with a mental illness. Lucas defies the odds and proves what a simple man can accomplish through faith and determination.

10. What If Your Existence on Earth Is Punishment for Past Crimes? Norman, a lowly lab technician, makes an unsettling discovery through past-life therapy. The Fifth Battalion, by Michael Priv, imagines a world where inhabitants of Earth are serving a “forever dead” sentence. Norman along with his love, Linda, and the remnants of the Fifth Battalion, have been reincarnating on Earth for millennia. They must find a way to escape in order to help the people of Earth amid an unfolding catastrophe. Find these books and authors at booth #912 at the LA Times Festival of books, April 21 – 22, 2018 at the USC Campus in LA. The books are also available on Amazon, and from book retailers everywhere.



ountry music icon Reba McEntire joined “CBS This Morning” to announce the nominees for the 53rd annual Academy of Country Music Awards’ top categories including entertainer of the year and male and female vocalists of the year. McEntire, who has hosted the awards show 14 times since the late 1980s, also revealed that she will be returning as the show’s host. McEntire learned that she herself is a nominee in the female vocalist of the year category. This is her 16th time being nominated in that category. ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR Jason Aldean Garth Brooks Luke Bryan Chris Stapleton Keith Urban FEMALE VOCALIST OF THE YEAR Kelsea Ballerini Miranda Lambert Reba McEntire Maren Morris Carrie Underwood MALE VOCALIST OF THE YEAR Jason Aldean Chris Stapleton Thomas Rhett Keith Urban Chris Young


VOCAL DUO OF THE YEAR Brothers Osborne Dan + Shay Florida Georgia Line LOCASH Tim McGraw & Faith Hill VOCAL GROUP OF THE YEAR Lady Antebellum LANCO Little Big Town Midland Old Dominion SONG OF THE YEAR “Body Like a Back Road” by Sam Hunt Songwriters: Zach Crowell, Sam Hunt, Shane McAnally, Josh Osborne “Female” by Keith Urban Songwriters: Ross Copperman, Nicolle Galyon and Shane McAnally “Tin Man” by Miranda Lambert Songwriters: Jack Ingram, Miranda Lambert Jon Randall “Whiskey And You” by Chris Stapleton Songwriters: Lee Thomas Miller, Chris Stapleton NEW FEMALE VOCALIST OF THE YEAR Lauren Alaina Danielle Bradbery Carly Pearce Raelynn NEW MALE VOCALIST OF THE YEAR Kane Brown Luke Combs Devin Dawson Russell Dickerson

Brett Young NEW VOCAL DUO OR GROUP OF THE YEAR High Valley LANCO LOCASH Midland Runaway June ALBUM OF THE YEAR “Breaker,” Little Big Town “California Sunrise,” Jon Pardi “From A Room Vol. 1,” Chris Stapleton “Happy Endings,” Old Dominion “Life Changes,” Thomas Rhett SINGLE RECORD OF THE YEAR “Better Man,” Little Big Town “Body Like A Back Road,” Sam Hunt “Broken Halos,” Chris Stapleton “Drinkin’ Problem,” Midland “I’ll Name The Dogs,” Blake Shelton VIDEO OF THE YEAR “Black,” Dierks Bentley “It Ain’t My Fault,” Brothers Osborne “Legends,” Kelsea Ballerini “Marry Me,” Thomas Rhett “We Should Be Friends,” Miranda Lambert SONGWRITER OF THE YEAR Rhett Akins Ashley Gorley Hillary Lindsey Shane McAnally Josh Osborne

VOCAL EVENT OF THE YEAR “Craving You,” Thomas Rhett featuring Maren Morris “Dear Hate,” Maren Morris featuring Vince Gill “Funny (How Time Slips Away),” Glen Campbell And Willie Nelson “The Fighter,” Keith Urban featuring Carrie Underwood “What Ifs,” Kane Brown Featuring Lauren Alaina ACM RADIO AWARDS NATIONAL ON-AIR PERSONALITY OF THE YEAR Cody Alan, “CMT After MidNite with Cody Alan” Bobby Bones, Amy, Lunchbox, Eddie, “The Bobby Bones Show” Terri Clark, “Country Gold with Terri Clark” Lorianne Crook and Charlie Chase, “Crook and Chase Countdown” Ty Bentli, Kelly Ford and Chuck Wicks, “Ty, Kelly & Chuck” ON-AIR PERSONALITY OF THE YEAR – MAJOR MARKET Bud and Broadway, WIL-FM, St. Louis Cadillac Jack, WQYK-FM, St. Petersburg, Florida Chris Carr, Kia, Maverick and McKaila, KEEY-FM, St. Louis Park, Minnesota Paul Schadt, Meg Butterly, Geof Knight, WKKT-FM, Charlotte, North Carolina Roxanne Steele, WYCD-FM, Detroit

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Real Deal Advice I’d Use Myself

By Dr.Jai

DEAR DR. JAI: I finally met someone that I feel really connected to. Only problem is there are a few deal breakers that I feel I can’t ignore anymore. How many deal breakers does it take before you call it quits? signed ~leaveorstay

DEAR LEAVE OR STAY: Thank you for writing as this can be a troubling decision for anyone in a developing relationship. Sometimes love is blind but, we have to pull the blinders off so that we can make healthy relationship choices. It is a beautiful thing, when you find someone that you truly can connect with. But, sometimes this connection is rushed by emotions and initial attractions that leave us saying “They are the one”, way too fast. So, you have a few red flags that you have noticed? Give yourself a pat on the back. Acknowledging these red flags early on is so important, it shows you are in touch with what is best for you and what you need in a partner. So, many times I have heard clients tell me that they ignored these flags hoping they well go away. But, let’s face it… if you paint a school bus pink it will still be a school bus right? Taking action on moving forward and continuing or ending the relationship is a whole other thing to be proud of. So, are you ready? I’m going to give you some JRDA (Jai’s Real Deal Advice). I would first determine if these are red flags that are truly deal breakers. Are they something you can live with or 50 • HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY

is it something that is completely against your moral code. If you answered the latter than I would contemplate cutting ties. I believe if you have more than three red flags, you aren’t evenly yoked in other words, you would have to really observe why you are with this person and if this is a relationship that can or will have longevity. You can only determine what is enough for you, but, always rely on your intuition. Remember “YOU GOT THIS” All will fall into place! Follow your intuition, trust it and believe in your choices! Blessings to you and may you find your happily ever after”. ~Dr. Jai




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Joe Exotic for State of Oklahoma Governor  

In this issue we feature Joe "Exotic" Maldonado's bid for Governor for the State of Oklahoma.

Joe Exotic for State of Oklahoma Governor  

In this issue we feature Joe "Exotic" Maldonado's bid for Governor for the State of Oklahoma.