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ph o t o c r e d i t : D a n i e l S u z u k i

Jenny chooses plastic.

New Era Debt Solutions

by Jenny Werth

It’s that dreaded ‘847’ number again…. RING-RING-RING!!…..I want to throw the phone across the room… I want to scream at that credit collector…. No, I want to cry. Again, ‘847’ harassing me with RING-RING-RING! Maybe I should answer sobbing and tell them my unique oh-so-sad story. ‘847’… Ring-ring-RING!! RING-RING-RING!! RING-RING-RING!! RING-RING-RING!! AAAAHHHHH!!! This is becoming unbearable. I hit the ignore button again. Again, for the seventh time today. Yesterday I played a little game with the ‘847’collector, I answered, “Bueno?” This sufficiently confused the collection agent as he expected me to speak only English. He responded, “May I speak to Jenny?” I yelled back “BUENO?!” with loud music in the background. This time he got louder and more daring, “Is this Miss Jenny?!” And again I yelled, “BUENO?!” He valiantly tried once more, “May I speak to Jenny please?” “BUENO?!” Then he hung up, defeated and frustrated, I imagined. Poor collection agent, I mused- probably calling from some pathetic little cubicle in Manila with some stupid motivational poster on the wall. He gets the collection call smiley face for the day. Believe me, I’m an expert now. I’m sure they route these calls in from all over the world. My debt salvation angels, ‘New Era Debt Solutions,’ recommend not answering the calls of these debt savages, but I just have to indulge myself sometimes. I mean, there are as many volatile emotions running through my veins these days as there are bounced checks to my creditors! I mean, I can’t just sit back and let these collectors rule what’s left of my dwindling financial life. I realize it’s not the debt collector’s fault I’m in this tragedy, but I have no one else to blame and they work for the evil credit card companies. EVIL… I repeat! I’m so confused! How did they become my enemy? I used to love them. They used to be my savior! They used to offer me so much credit that I



felt like a super star… I felt justified as a successful person because I could buy a few cars just on my credit alone. And now we are in a full blown war. This is like a romantic break-up, only, I have an entire company to help me through it. Seriously, my grief and my debt relief counselors are New Era Debt Solutions; I researched every single debt solution company out there and never felt secure until I found their unique method. If it weren’t for New Era’s standards and personalized service, I’m afraid the stress and confusion of this uncertain economy doubled with my mountain of debt could have resulted in hasty financial decisions much like many of my more spontaneous purchases. Lucky you, my dear readers, you get an intimate look at my 15-year relationship with what became my multiple lovers known as Visa, American Express and MasterCard. But to me, they had the pet names of loyal Bank of America, loving Washington Mutual, committed CHASE and (the last in the breakup), caring Captial One. Indulge, this was an affair like no other. During the happier times of our courtship, prior to inflated and obnoxious 20 to 27.99% interest rates, I purchased a second home. And I guess I charged thousands of other things on credit cards in order to save for it. I suppose this is mine and many other’s version of the “American Dream.” Well, if you’re a gambler, there’s a sure bet I may lose this condo, with its pretty view, lovely natural light and perfect location all afforded through a gorgeous thing known as a mortgage. It’s called the United States of Debt and I live smack in the heart of it, right where it’s been somehow quite easy for me to exist very comfortably in a life that’s been completely dependant on credit cards. As I sit here and reflect, it’s unequivocally clear that I’ve been attached to an invisible credit card IV since 1994. That’s when I got my first credit card from a friendly little bank named MBNA. They were on my college campus right in front of the book store; I signed up and got a free t-shirt and pen. I’ll never forget when that first shiny card arrived; I had selected a sunset over the ocean with a palm tree for the picture (cheesy!!) I was “awarded” a credit limit of a whooping $1000. Ahhhh, the easy early happy days of spending! The word spread like lice in an elementary school throughout the credit world that I was a fabulous consumer to be trusted like an old, dear friend. Because within only a few years I’d collected an assorted array of these thin “plastic” friends. It became an ac-

Dan Smith & Alex Viecco on Sunset Boulevard



celerated party for me. I soon learned how it worked; you see something you like too much to resist and you CHARGE-IT! Wa-la! Like magic! No “real” paper money needed! I knew I could worry about that paper stuff tomorrow! And I did practice self control, really, I did. I never bought anything I knew I wouldn’t be able to pay off at some point. I just never really thought that point through. The credit card companies don’t really want you to think it through- that’s the name of the game. They simply want to glamorize the infinite options extended to those who have good credit with glittering generalities that promise a better life more fit for the one “I deserve.” It was too easy, and for someone who has never worked at a steady 9 to 5 job, I learned how to live off credit cards fast. I became extremely adept at depending completely on my little lifelines and paid them big bulk payments for their loyalty when I earned large commission checks. And, honestly, that scenario actually worked out for me for so long that I created a nice fine mess for myself. This is how it went from relatively “innocent” to just “plain crazy.” So, began my life as a “credit-a-holic,” or a compulsive spender, or an out of control credit card junkie. Call me what you will, it no longer matters for I have found the solution for this common problem. It’s called NEW ERA DEBT SOLUTIONS.

Dan Smith



However, I must defend my good and honest nature. I did not wake up one morning feeling blasé and intentionally “decide” to get into excessive debt. This is like a slow-growing cancer that just somehow took over my entire economic life, in such a sneaky way that even as the interest grew, I justified to myself the problem could be cured. How? Well, since I also have another job that in good economic times has the potential to pay very high commissions, I was able to charge a lot of debt but also pay off just as much in bulk payments. So, my life continued, me living day to day credit card glued to my hand, charging it everywhere I went, racking up points to travel the world (what a joke, be sure to check all those ‘fine print’ black out dates) and paying off all the debt incurred when I made large commission checks. It’s ridiculous how simple it is to live off credit cards in America, that is IF you can make the minimum payments (which isn’t enough to EVER get you out of debt). So, for someone living off sporadic but large commission checks, credit cards are a lifeline. It doesn’t seem irresponsible to people like myself to rationalize charging all of life’s needs on our cards while being 99% sure that we’ll be able to pay them off when that next big check rolls into our hands. I mean nothing in life is 100% certain anyways, except, of course, death and this month’s taxes. What a neat little set up I thought I had until certain unexpected things start to happen like, ummm,.. a certain work deal doesn’t go through, someone gets sick and I can’t work, my dog dies and I can’t get out of bed, I make an investment with someone who ends up being an escape artist and then “just for kicks” a recession hits. Oopppss! Fast forward 15 years to 2009 and I’m



in $75,000 of hideous, furious, collection-calling debt. Suddenly a bunch of claws and gnashing fangs are tearing at me competing to collect whatever last dollar I may have hiding in some la-la fairy tale magic box. But, this is “la-la” land afterall, I do live in Los Angeles! And let’s just face it okay, a lot of us driving around in expensive foreign cars are in ridiculous amounts of debt. Perhaps not my kind of debt, possibly a lot less or maybe much worse, but debt nonetheless. How do we survive this nightmare? New Era Debt Solutions showed me the way out. Luckily for those in debt, New Era Debt Solution’s president and CEO, Dan Smith with vice-president and co-founder, Alex Viecco, created the fastest and lowest cost debt settlement solution out there for consumers today. With their extensive experience in the banking field, these genuine gentlemen put their heads together to create a company that settles more debt per capita than ANY OTHER company in the industry. Their typical client also becomes debt free within two years due to the clients focus on getting out of debt and, of course, the diligent work of the team at New Era Debt Solutions. So far they have settled over $118,221,000.00 of debt…. And counting! See how quickly my nightmare turned into sweet dreams? Both founders say many people come to them from very scary and dark places, especially in this uncertain economy. “People have written letters to us saying that we have saved them from suicide,” Viecco says. It’s no wonder these kind of profound confessions make him feel, “there’s a point in life.”

obligation consultation where they’ll discuss your situation and help you decide what to do from there. And be sure to listen to their fantastic “Debt Free Hour” radio show also accessible right from their site, this alone answers many questions. This is the first step I took to control my outrageous debt situation, and now I’m on a road with a destination known as financial freedom. What a surprise! My ‘847’ debt collector’s calling me again. RING-RING-RING!! This makes ten times today. But, by now he’s like my friend. “Hi there Mr. 847,” I think. RINGRING-RING! I wonder what Mr. ‘847’ is doing over in Manila today. It occurred to me that I’ve traded the relationship with the credit cards for one with their annoying credit collectors. Now it’s them who are ever-loyal and attentive to me. My friends often ask me why I have this new overwhelming amount of phone calls. I just grin and tell them I’m dating a few new guys. They say, “Wow, what do you do to get them to be so interested in you?” I just say I’ve all of a sudden developed a new strategy that’s left me in quite unbelievably high interest.

Besides feeling financially inadequate, you can end up feeling personally bankrupt when piles of bills take over your table. Many people want to avoid the personal trauma they imagine it may take to find ways out of their personal debt without being “taken for a ride” by some debt company. This is another important element of New Era; they do not receive any kind of direct income from the creditors while they work on your particular debt settlement. It is tragic how seldom the financial media offers this essential information to consumers. But, leading consumer advocate in the debt and credit field, Gerri Detweiler, eases any doubt anyone may have about New Era. In her coauthored brand new book ‘Reduce Debt, Reduce Stress,’ ‘Real life solutions for solving your credit crisis,’ she again promotes New Era by saying, “After some more research, I decided to recommend New Era to the public. I have not regretted that decision.” In fact, all you have to do is click on her picture once you’ve visited New Era’s website to find an informational dialogue presented by Detweiler discussing all the options for debt solutions. In next month’s story, you’ll hear more about my continuing relationship with New Era, but for now, the best thing to do is check out their extensive web-site for tons of information. www. or call them toll-free at (888) 639-4050. Naturally they offer a FREE, no-

Alex Viecco



DEBT SOLUTIONS Call us toll-free at 888-639-4080 New Era Debt Solutions wants to help you become Debt Free. • Call today for your Free Confidential Consultation with the industry

leader in Debt Settlement. • We want to improve your life and improve your financial knowledge. • We have made a special arrangement with Hollywood Weekly to offer readers a FREE Copy of Gerri Detweiler’s book Reduce Debt, Reduce Stress. Real life solutions for solving your credit crisis. • Offer valid for first 100 callers.







Jim Zerva n o s Tells the secrets Behind

Love Park By Pamela Spyrs

A debut novel is the high point of an author’s career. “It’s a GO and the hardbacks are being bonded for release,” shouts Jim Zervanos’s publisher. Zervanos’s debut novel, LOVE Park, is hitting the shelves May 1, 2009, and there’s no stopping where it will go from there! So how does a kid go from playing baseball in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, to becoming an author living in Philadelphia? Pamela Spyrs had a chat with Zervanos to find out where his inspiration to become an author came from and where he plans to go with it.

PS: So you’re an English teacher at Penncrest High School in Media, Pennsylvania. What’s the most challenging assignment you’ve given to your students? And how do you make it exciting for kids, or even tie it in to the spotlights of Tinseltown? JZ: A book report on LOVE Park of course! (smiles) Let’s see… during the last month of the AP Modern Literature class I teach, my students make a short film. They’re reading J.D. Salinger and considering the relationship between film and literature. They’ve written their own “modern” short stories, and now, in small groups, they develop an original screenplay and make a movie that runs anywhere from five to twenty minutes long. In the last decade, since I first assigned this project, the quality of the films has evolved in ways I never expected, along with technology. My students put a lot of time into these projects. They are naturals when it comes to telling stories through sound and images— they’ve grown up with digital video cameras. The finished products are stunning. In the last week of the semester we have a Movie Night, our own little festival, when we gather in my classroom and watch all the student films “on the big screen.” PS: Authors are constantly reading. What’s on your shortlist at the moment? JZ: Just last night I finished one of my favorites, Philip Roth’s first, Goodbye, Columbus, and I’m nearing (once again) the end of The Great Gatsby— these two are books I return to every few years, for good health. I recently read Jay McInerney’s The Good Life and Curtis Sittenfeld’s American Wife, which I thought deserved all the high praise it got



last year—she’s an author whose next book I’m looking forward to reading.

PS: I understand you’re a graduate of Bucknell University and I know Philip Roth went there as well. Did you ever get an opportunity to meet him?

JZ: No, never had the chance to meet Philip Roth, but I’ve always felt proud to share his alma mater. He’s been a tremendous influence in my life and my work; I really connect to his writing. In a sense, he’s been my greatest teacher, alongside John Updike. I can identify with their sense of place, their sense of connectedness with their roots—not to mention their fascination with the themes of religion, sex, and art.

PS: So unfortunate to lose John Updike this year... What would you say set him apart from other authors?

JZ: Updike was the first writer I read who made me want to be a writer. In college, when I read the first pages of Rabbit, Run, I was drawn instantly to what I saw as a kind of athleticism to his prose.

There was sympathy and irony working together in the narrator’s voice, and I felt tuned in to his young male characters; he also had a painter’s eye for color and detail, and I liked that. A few years later, when I really set out to write fiction, I would read Updike for inspiration—any random page would do—to feel the rhythm of his language, and it wouldn’t take long to get the fuel I needed. PS: Do you have any other creative outlets besides writing?

PS: If LOVE Park were turned into a Hollywood movie, whom would you like to see in the cast?

JZ: What a fun movie to cast! Definitely Monica Bellucci (or Penelope Cruz, or Selma Hyek) as the forty-ish “exotic widow,” Daisy Diamond. Need we go on? Okay, this will seem odd, but, honestly, Seth Rogen would be the perfect Peter Pappas—the smart, but comically bumbling, leading man, the middle son, lost among this cast of attractive, dynamic characters (I saw in the news that Seth Rogen just dropped a lot of weight— he’d have to gain those pounds back). If Christina Ricci can still pull off an eighteen year old, she’s a shoo-in for Peter’s brilliant goth-hippie sister, bound for California—otherwise, or better yet, Ellen Page, of Juno fame. A few years ago, Billy Zane would have been the perfect Andrew, Peter’s cool and handsome older brother; now, with a touch of gray, and still with that twinkle in his eye, he might make the perfect Father Pappas— dashing and ageless. Mrs. Pappas is strong, lovely, and elusive: Isabella Rossellini. Allen Arkin is Uncle Theo; Olympia Dukakis, the volatile, yet elegant, Yiayia.


JZ: I do actually! I have a passion to paint, though I’m in withdrawal, having been immersed in writing this novel for the past five-plus years. Still, I’ve managed to make at least one painting a year, but I’m determined to do a lot more. Drawing and painting were my first creative passions. As a kid I would doodle for hours. Painting is a real outlet for me—to get away from formal thought, away from language altogether. I like Van Gogh, Pollock, and Warhol—big, colorful paintings. In my own paintings, I’m open to any subject matter—portrait, still life, landscape, or abstract— but inevitably I bring my experience and sense of humor to the picture. In that sense, my writing and painting have a lot in common.

PS: Well sounds like you’re ready to hit the big screen with that star-studded cast! JZ: Just show me where to sign!




at sunset gower studios Kanye West has created his own paradigm for singer, rapper, record producer, creative artist and most recently, fashion designer. No matter how many times people try to categorize him, he continues to be his own person. He is a painter’s palate for talent; give him a blank canvas and he splashes around thousands of brilliant colors. For example, when looking for creative references for his music videos, he says he looks through magazines including video game magazines. “That’s like the Holy Grail if you can make your (music) video look as good as (the vibrant colors in) a video game.” It’s that computer-generated, kind of intensity coming off the screen that West strives for in his music videos. Naturally, it’s essential for him that his visuals match up with his music. He also loves to work with producer Hype Williams on his videos all the time because he considers him a “creative genius.” West says, “Videos are a beautiful piece of art for me.” No doubt. He spends hours thinking about them and many more creating them. That is what an artist does. His originality is part of what fuels the ‘Kanye-mania.’ What will this man do next? He is an independent artist, without a barrage of others who dress, sound and act similarly. He follows his own set of laws, obeys his heart and has no problem admitting he derives creative inspiration from reading video game magazines. That’s innovative. This is an award-winning rapper who decided to come out singing in a romantic rendition in his fourth album “808s & Heartbreak.” That’s daring. Diverse is a prime word for West. Or is it just that he allows the diversity of



Jenny Werth

his personality to be perceived by society? Perhaps unpredictable is the better word. It’s hard to imagine that within a few years the very same man who uses a teddy bear as his mascot also has altercations with the paparazzi, donates over $500,000 to philanthropies, bashes former President Bush on live-TV for his (lack of) Hurricane Katrina efforts, and then creates a shoe line for Louis Vuitton. Did I mention the cute teddy bear called “Dropout Bear,” is also his trademark and has been featured on three of his four albums along with various single covers and music videos? His valor and diversity are all tied up together in a red bow that’s as original as his name, Kanye. West was recognized by producing for Roc-A-Fella Records where he worked on Jay-Z’s album, “The Blueprint.” He became a well-known name in hip-hop after the album’s release, but struggled to find a record deal. He was seen foremost as a producer and not a rapper, paradoxically, because he didn’t meet the stereotypical image prominent in hip-hop circles. After a near fatal car crash in October of 2002, West was given inspiration for his first single, “Through the Wire,” featured on his debut album, “The College Dropout.” The album received critical acclaim and defined his style for sampling and wordplay. It also promptly quieted all those who questioned his ability to “fit in” the rapper’s arena. From then on it has been a rollercoaster of successes and the paparazzi pursuing him from coast to coast. In August of 2005, West released his second album, “Late Registration.” It earned him eight Grammy Award nominations including Album

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Theo Pagones … HIS LOOK SAYS IT ALL By Pamela Spyrs

When it comes to “looks can kill” the cameras are usually on Theo Pagones. His strong features and intense presence has filled the screens in numerous diverse roles as an actor. From the age of 19 you could find Theo doing repertory theater in his hometown, Seattle, WA. Once his talent as an actor became his passion Theo gradually worked his way south. He studied and graduated from the prestigious American conservatory Theater in San Francisco, California. From there, Hollywood ~ get ready for that face! Theo has starred and co-starred in numerous films and has had guest appearances in several Television spots and national commercials. The list of actors he has shared the screen with is endless. Theo was most notably in a powerful performance opposite Robert DeNiro and Cuba Gooding Jr. in the movie Men of Honor. Soon after Theo starred, wrote, and produced the Independent film titled “Runners”. This intense film features four former track champions who reunite for their 10-year high school reunion in New Mexico. Their past unfolds as they discover their track coach sexually abused them. A mock trial begins discovering the truth, with an explosive ending that liberates them.

Theo & Cuba Gooding Jr.

You won’t only find Theo on the big screen, he also is a talented writer having penned ten screenplay’s and has adapted two books into feature films. Currently, Theo has two screenplays in preproduction. One is titled “Kardamila”, a romantic comedy, set in a small village on a Greek Island. It’s about a young Greek American sent to Greece after his father’s death to discover his culture and roots. The other is “Two Lads and a Rolls”, a satirical comedy set in Los Angeles about two actors who get a Rolls Royce and a house in Beverly Hills for two weeks and everything that follows!


“I’m passionate about acting, but when I’m not on the set, I

HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY like to keep my writing chops fluid and in shape” says Pagones.

Theo & Robert DeNiro

“Acting and writing compliment each other, and if you understand both mediums, it makes your job much easier to do. When I’m acting I get the writing, and when I’m writing I tell the story from the actors point of view, using dialogue and setting up characters and giving them life”. Theo’s latest acting role is in “5 Star”. He plays an inmate that is released from a 12-year prison term to meet up with his bank heist buddies to retrieve $20 million that was never recovered. One of the five escaped, and has the money. The other four are coming back to the small town to get the money that’s owed to them. Theo has a strong heart for roles portraying his Greek heritage. He has great interest in the upcoming film, written by Vlas and Charley Paralapanides, “War of the Gods”, a mythological tale set in war-town ancient Greece, as the young warrior prince Theseus leads his men in a battle against evil that will see the gods fighting with soldiers against demons and titans. Pagones is a natural for a part ~ and that’s a rap! Theo Pagones is repped by Brown Leader Mangement 310.315.4804









HOLLYwOOD scene in la rex lee with ada Komorniczak-deferrari melanie Segal platinum publicity oscar lounge palihouse wire image

Seth weisser, erin wasson Gerard maione what Comes around Goes around’s Fall 2009 Collection launch Space 15 twenty Jesse Grant/

Selma blair Gen art hosts a Special Screening of “Fanboys” after party Christos Garkinos and Cameron Silver Decadestworachel Zoe charity benefit Decadestwo


todd WEEKLY williamson/ HOLLYWOOD wire image

the mondrian hotel, west hollywood Jeff Vespa/

Chad Sands, mike lewis, Sean Donnelly and Jordan helman the Jury pool Debut performance the mint Jarrett mahoney

amber Valleta tag the world Charity la launch myhouse american humane association

the cast of Grease/ broadway la Grease/ opening Night, hollywood the pantages theater, hollywood Joan marcus

russell Simmons and paris hilton micky Flores, brian Drolet, Nic Nac & Jordan eubanks

an evening of Fashion at haven house by hachette Filipacchi media

2 Dudes & a Dream premiere

haven house, beverly hills, Ca

arclight theater, hollywood

Charley Gallay/wireimage

Glenn Francis/944

rumer willis and rembrandt Flores rembrandt Flores’ birthday bash location: Nobu los angeles photographer: Chris polk/Filmmagic





What captivated the people who went there to support their favorite artist were not only the talent showcased and the diversification of talent presented, but also the concept behind the showcase itself. According to Moofaces’ CEO and founder Tavares Fennell, their mission is, above all, “to connect and discover.” “Inasmuch as there is talent”, he says, “There has to be a certain level of ‘connectiveness’ between the talent and the ones who look for them.” In other words, there has to be a provider, a bridge permitting and bringing both together, and that’s what Moofaces is focused on, in providing connections in an Industry that has been taken by bureaucracy. “Deconstruction, one might say?” I asked Fennell, who rapidly replied, “Rather unification of the ones who compose the Industry itself.” The key factor is that Moofaces provides a platform where the artist is apt to market himself in a professional way, while allowing them to increase exposure, make connections and display their merchandise. Above all, Moofaces seems to be the ultimate spot where celebrities can, in a private environment, mingle and be alleviated from day-to-day harassment and keep in touch with their Industry friends. The Industry showcase itself was the representation of what the web-site stands for, placing successful people and upcoming talent in the same room, allowing the established to fulfill their Industry expectations and the upcoming to establish and make connections concrete.

Contributors – Team Moofaces Tavares R. Fennell, Terry Andersen, Brandon Gibson, Ruben De Abreu

The web-site has grown in little time to over a thousand Industry profes sionals and the future looks brighter, not only because of its operability being playful and fun or the need for its services, but also because of the external conditions surrounding the online world. Since the late nineties web businesses have been exponentially getting recognition in a technology-based environment and companies are more and more switching their resources to its online operations. Playboy, whose PLA stock is down 81% over the past year, seems to be a great example. What once was one of the world’s leading media and most profitable companies is, now, according to its interim chairman John Kern, “open to discussions." The Entertainment Industry, on its turn, has been saturated for a long time. The gap between executives and upcoming talent has grown immensely over the past few decades and the warnings regarding the digital revolution were and still are, despite its initial effects in the record Industry, being ignored, and they might, like great empires and monopolies, collapse under their own weight. As Nero’s adviser Seneca told us a few thousand years ago, “thrift comes too late when you find it at the bottom of your purse” This tectonic shift, however, also due to a non-distinction between anyone’s socioeconomic position, is what makes Moofaces and Moo Media Group’s timing perfect. The Industry showcase was only one of the many ramifications of its CEO and founder Tavares Fennell’s concept, who, two years ago, had a dream about this internet platform and now sees the concrete results of hard work and perseverance. “A concept that gives higher latitude and relevance to the artist himself”, adds visionary Pedro de Abreu, who concludes, “The core engine that drives is definitely the entrepreneurial spirit of its users.” Moofaces’ reach has also already gone international with people from all over the globe like model Lucas Martins, who comes out of a small town in Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Special shout out to Moofaces TV, Moogirls Magazine,, CRUNK!!! energydrink

What drives Moofaces, as adequately juxtaposed, is the spirit and power of its users, who understand the shifts and upcoming necessities to stay and enter the business. Moofaces’ Industry showcase shows it‘s mission, which is designed to connect, provide a sustainable platform, and discover people in the Entertainment Industry. With an upstanding product Moofaces’ service aims at the top of the Olympus where Apollo once reigned. A perfect prototype where one does not yet see the fire, but can easily feel the heat. I feel that is Pop Culture in its purest form. Article by Ruben De Abreu Design & Layout by Terry Andersen Photos by Marc Blackwell




Photos By: Juan Beltran

LA Fashion Week Wrap Up featuring box eight

David Alexander Yotam Solomon


Skin Graft


Maxine Dillion

Hayley Star

Mike Vensel

Sonia Vera

Photos By: Juan Beltran



LA Fashion Week Wrap Up Sahaja

Martin Martin



Future Heretics




Photos By: Juan Beltran

















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Susan Stark A 20-year veteran of the real estate business whose client list is as impressive as her list of accomplishments, Susan Stark is the epitome of the hard-working agent. Her discipline underscores a strong determination to achieve the very best results for her clients; to that end, she works tirelessly on their behalf to achieve a quick and profitable sale for her sellers and secure the right property for her buyers, always acting with the utmost integrity along the way. Stark’s vast knowledge of the Westside, available inventory, and pricing trends makes her a valuable resource to her clients, while her broad network of industry contacts and strong negotiating skills

310.622.7450 direct

310. 345-7450 cell

deepen her ability to meet their needs and exceed their expectations. Because of the way she does business, Stark’s clients return time and again and refer friends and family to her for their real estate needs. Stark built her career at Coldwell Banker’s Brentwood West office, where she was consistently honored for outstanding production, earning the lofty International Presidents’ Circle and Elite, and becoming a Previews Property specialist recognized for her excellence in working with multi-million-dollar properties. Stark is also an architectural properties specialist and has extensive experience working with developers and new construction.

532 Spoleto Drive Pacific Palisades, CA 90272 7 bedrooms, 9 baths.

Offered at $13,850,000

2115 Mandeville Canyon Road Brentwood, CA 90049 5 bedrooms, 5.5 baths. Offered at $4,450,000 HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY



It’s almost spring and shows are blossoming all over the greater Los Angeles area, like:

Avenue Q

“Avenue Q” is a musical about life in New York told by people and puppets where a college grad with big dreams and small finances finds an apart-

ment on Avenue Q, where everyone else is also looking for a decent job,

relationship, and a “purpose.” Conceived by Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx

and directed by Jason Moore, it runs through April 12 at the Orange County

Performing Arts Center Segerstrom Hall in Costa Mesa. For tickets call 714556-2787 or visit

”Did You Do Your Homework?” examines the educational process and how it affects all of its key stakeholders: the students, the teachers, the parents,

the neighborhood and our country. Written by Aaron Braxton and directed by Kathleen Rubin, it runs through April 18 at the Beverly Hills Playhouse Re-

search Theatre in Beverly Hills. For tickets call 310-358-9936 or visit www.

“Burn This” after the death and funeral of a gay couple killed in a boating

accident, the coke-snorting, hyperactive, restaurant manager brother of one of the pair meets up with their straight roommates to share their stories on what really happened. Written by Landford Wilson and directed by John Ruskin, it runs through April 25 at the Ruskin Group Theatre in Santa Monica. For tickets call 310-397-3244 or visit

“Misalliance” is a farcical comedy of manners and a hilarious romp through the mating game, family dynamics and high society in turn-of-the-century

England where an aristocrat, a young girl, an aviator, an acrobat, a gunman,

and a pair of naughty parents mix it up, leading to eight marriage proposals. Written by George Bernard Shaw and directed by Elina De Santos, it runs

through April 26 at the Odyssey Theatre in Los Angeles. For tickets call 310477-2055 or visit

“Prodigal Father” explores the situation where a father stricken by Al-

zheimer’s disease ends up living with his son and his son’s gay lover in their small Chicago loft. Written by Larry Dean Harris and directed by Michael

Matthews, it runs through April 26 at the Celebration Theatre in Hollywood. For tickets call 323-957-1884 or visit

“Mauritius” is where two half-sisters vie for the rights to a recently inherited (and dazzlingly valuable) stamp collection. Throughout their farcical esca-

pades, the pair come face-to-face with a couple of machine-gun mouthed con artists who ensnare them in their own brand of beguiling trickery. Written by Theresa Rebeck and directed by Jessica Kubzansky, it runs April 3 through April 26 at the Pasadena Playhouse in Pasadena. For tickets call 626-3567529 or visit

“Our Mother’s Brief Affair” is about two adult siblings who reunite to tend to their elderly mother and their astonishment to learn about her long-ago love affair. Written by Richard Greenberg and directed by Pam MacKinnon, it

runs April 3 through May 3 at the Folino Theatre Center in Costa Mesa. For tickets call 714-708-5555 or visit



“Love Written in the Stars” When a famous actor is killed in a freak on-set accident he becomes the guardian angel of a mysterious young girl he had fallen in love with in his dreams, and guides her from her broken home to

fame in Hollywood. Directed by Joe Jordan, it runs April 3 through May 1

at the Sacred Fools Theater in Hollywood. For tickets call 310-281-8337 or visit

“Stick Fly” is the tale of a family whose lives begin to unravel while va-

cationing on Martha’s Vineyard where hidden secrets are revealed bringing

each member of the family closer to a collision course. Written by Lydia R.

Diamond and directed by Shirley Jo Finney, it runs April 3 through May 31 at the Matrix Theatre in Los Angeles. For tickets call 323-960-7740 or visit

“Till Death Do Us Part: Late Night Catechism 3” is the latest class to be

unveiled in this sinfully funny series: after teaching countless students all

about the saints, venial sins, guilt, limbo and more, our favorite nun is now offering up her hilarious lessons on the Sacraments of Marriage and Last Rites, including her own wacky version of The Newlywed Game. Writ-

ten by Maripat Donovan with Marc Silvia and directed by Marc Silvia, it

runs April 4 through May 3 at the Laguna Playhouse in Laguna Beach. For tickets call 949-497-2787 or visit

“Mamma Mia!” is a musical based on the songs of ABBA. Written by

Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus, it runs April 7 through April 19 at

the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood. For tickets call 213-365-3500 or visit

“Back to Bacharach and David” is a night of amazing voices, comedy, and a tribute to the brilliant songs that Burt Bacharach and Hal David wrote

from 1960 to 1970. Conceived by Steve Gunderson and Kathy Najimy and directed by Kathy Najimy, it runs April 15 through May 17 at The Music Box @ Fonda in Hollywood. For tickets visit

“Doomsday Kiss” is a savagely funny, terrifying, and sexy multimedia

collaboration between writers, directors, actors, musicians and visual artists riffing on the theme of doomsday. Four interwoven plays, an art installation and musical performances combine to examine the complicated relationships between people facing certain annihilation. Written by Eva Ander-

son, Clay Hazelwood, Wesley Walker and Sharon Yablon, and directed by Adrian Alex Cruz, Andrew Hopper, Amber Skalski, and Gordon Vanden-

berg, it runs April 17 through May 10 at the BOOTLEG THEATER in Los Angeles. For tickets call 213-386-3856 or visit

Though April showers may come your way, just fill the hours with shows and plays. Grab the family and go see one today.



“A Playaz Story ” Every real playaz dream of fast cash can run harsh consequences. Playaz Circle knows what those consequences can be all too familiar.


he rap duo was formed in 1997 by two childhood friends Tity Boi (Tauheed Epps) and Dolla Boy (Earl Conyers) in College Park, GA. The duo put all their money from hustling on the streets of College Park together to release their independent album “United We Stand, United We Fall” and things were going good in the studio and on the streets until a series of unfortunate events left Tity Boi critically shot and Dolla Boy incarcerated. Their career was at a standstill. After hearing their misfortune, Ludacris reached out and then signed them to DTP. A year after the release of their freshman album “Supply and Demand” Playaz Circle have turned themselves into household names overnight with the hit single “Duffle Bag Boy” featuring Lil’ Wayne and continue to tell their gritty urban tales with their newest single “Stupid”. As spokesmen for the streets of College Park, the pair intend on replicating their freshman success on their Sophomore LP titled “Flight 360” to be released June 16. Unreleased tracks and more information including tour updates can be found on DuffleHOLLYWOOD WEEKLY 32

Behind the Mask with Ben Chung aka “B-Tek” of the

JABB AWOC KEEZ A Figment of your Imagination

Q: How did Jabbawockeez link up with New Kids On The Block (NKOTB)? We were actually approach by the guys from NKOTB. We discussed briefly about possibly working together in the future, and now here we are, touring with them as the main support act.


How is it like touring with NKOTB?


Have there been any crazy moments on tour thus far?


What do you guys do on your down time during the tour?


Name one thing you must have while on tour.


What can we expect next?

It’s been great! We’ve been learning a lot from this tour – especially from the big guys (NKOTB). This is actually our first time touring as a group, and this is the longest show we have ever put together. The tour has been awesome because this is not the typical demographic we’re used to reaching, so it’s been great being able to meet new people and fans. Not really. We had fans waiting outside of our tour bus. Oh! And our tour bus broke down, how crazy is that? We don’t really have much down time on tour. But when we do have time, we try to rest, stay healthy, and go to the gym. We wake up in different cities everyday, so we’re always on the go. Toothbrush. We deal with people/fans everyday, got to have fresh breathe! Up next we have the summer tour with NKOTB. It’s happening a month from now. And we’re going to Miami during our break for the Latin Billboard Awards on April 23. We also have our clothing line, JBWKZ, available at MACY*S and selected stores. We don’t want to reveal too much information but you can always log onto our website to get the latest updates. HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY 33






D R T heo

Imagine a life created to give hope to others. A life filled with tragedies that became the power behind the strength of a man too strong to become weak even in the darkest of times. “Dr Theo” Kousoulis is a light of life to many individuals and he has only just begun to be a positive change in the lives of millions worldwide. Pamela Spyrs sat down with Dr Theo to learn more about where his power from within came from and how he is using it in his methods and his daily works. PS: So you’ve been in California and practicing in Beverly Hills for 3 years now. What was it that made you want to make the move from the Jersey Shores to the Golden State of California? Dr Theo: I must attribute my move to the West coast was due to a spiritual decision. I was hospitalized after open-heart surgery due to a congenital valve defect in late 2005 and upon my recovery I had a lot of time to pray and meditate to where I was needed most. All arrows lead to the West Coast… oh and the weather is pretty nice to! PS: In today’s society there are numerous “Wellness Programs”. What makes your way, The Kousouli Method, different from the rest? Dr Theo: With the numerous slick marketing companies putting out their ‘get healthy quick’ gimmicks, the average person can easily be deceived into taking the wrong diet pills or doing the wrong procedures for their health. I advise a ‘buyer beware’ approach when shopping for health care. When any one company or person tells you they can solve all your health issues, flatten your stomach, or give you more energy with one potion or product, always seek more than enough substantial proof, 3rd party independent studies, signed testimonials, and ask to try it before you buy it. The correct approach is one that would be specific to each individual and their need at that time. The Kousouli Method has been developed to access your life based on it’s “timeline of events” and matches it to what others in your age, sex, and occupation are doing that have shown positive results. It varies depending on your current health situation as well as your wellness goals. It’s important to assess all aspects of where you are in the now and where your path is headed. There is never a one shot cure all in anything. PS: In your work you also make reference to “Moderation is the Spice of life”. Tell me more. Dr Theo: I’ve always been perplexed by people who shake their finger at me and tell me “You shouldn’t drink that” or “Don’t you know that’s not good for you”? It’s like having a parent always there making you feel guilty about your choices. It is not my belief this is the way of teaching proper health methods. People should live freely to do as they please yet make the efforts to be fully informed so that they can make better choices. Life should be respected, fully enjoyed, and maximized to it’s highest potential. Our creator gave us this land to play, laugh, and embrace its wonders. As a child I remember sneaking a piece of my mothers homemade baklava and never felt guilty. However I knew if I had too many pieces not only would mama notice but I’d also be on a major Greek sugar high. As long as one is knowledgeable in the after effects of their actions –and takes responsibility for them -then I believe that one will make the correct choices to always go towards health, not disease. PS: I understand you’re working on your 1st book – what is it about? Dr Theo: Now now, I can’t give that all away! (grin) Though I do believe the book will have a positive effect on the lives of young men and women who read it and



embrace its message. It will provide them numerous things to think about in their life and provide them tools to utilize and put into action so their time on this earth can be more prosperous. For now, that’s a snapshot of what’s to look forward to in my book. PS: You have amazing energy and a dynamic personality. What’s your key message when speaking to your audiences? Dr Theo: Inspiration lasts a lifetime ~ Motivation is merely temporary. So inspiring my audiences is what I focus on. No matter if the topic is on nutrition, exercise or even stress, I emphasize the importance of finding what makes you want to do what’s right for you and learning to love doing it! PS: What’s next for Dr Theo? Dr. Theo: The World!



KanyeWest at sunset

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gower studios

of the Year and Record of the Year for the song “Gold Digger.” This album is also certified triple platinum. His third album, “Graduation,” came out in July of 2007. West went on the HBO show “Entourage” as himself to showcase his single from the album, “Good Life” during the show’s end credits. But 2007 wasn’t the best year for West. During the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards he lost all five awards he was nominated for including Video of the Year and Best Male Artist. Having lost the VMA’s two years in a row, and seldom one to keep his feelings to himself, he said he would never come back to MTV again. In fact, if you’re ever wondering how West is feeling, just check out his blog- it’s like a virtual diary. After the VMA incident his luck soon turned around and he was nominated for eight categories in the 50th Grammy Awards. He won four of them, including Best Rap Album for “Graduation.” Bet his blog was full that night. Now, West has his fourth album out “808s & Heartbreak,” also another number one album. Only this time we hear West singing, mostly with an auto-tune device



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Be an April Fool and pull the wool while travelling, on the phone or with a passing stranger. A sibling or a neighbour could be the target for a jolly jape. The humour quotient will drop dramatically on Apr 2, as Venus in reverse clashes with Pluto. Money and lifestyle or romance won't be the best mix and the impact will hit with a bang. If there's a clash with a child or lover, negotiate the ground and don't lose your cool. A recreational activity will end. Business or communications will be confusing or uncertain on Apr 5 .

Enjoy a little humour on April Fool's Day, but don't be foolish with the funds. A practical joke or a witty riposte will turn the trick in a difficult situation. There'll certainly be plenty of those on Apr 2 as relations with partners or close associates come to a testing or a testy point. Change or transformation is in the wind, so don't put a foot wrong in negotiations or you'll lose something as fire erupts in someone close. New strategies or ideas will come on Apr 5 but travel conditions, communications or dealings with authority will test you with obstacles or delays.

Keep it witty but practical on April Fool's Day, but don't be foolish over money for it's no joke! On Apr 2, be ready for clashes or testing negotiations in your dealings with professional links or people in authority. A past situation or individual will rise up like a ghost to haunt you, a female in particular. Apply new strategies with money on Apr 5. Think creatively but don't be unrealistic. Issues with long distance travel or communications will be testing or bring delay. A difficult official or regulation will be involved.

The April Fools will be near at hand through partners or close associates as the month begins. Enjoy the laughter and the pranks of others. However, what follows will test you, as Venus in Aries in reverse clashes with Pluto on Apr 2. Be ready for difficulty with co-workers or problems with money and work. Delays or absences will be crucial. A refusal of some kind or a conflict will rise to the surface dramatically so tread carefully. On Apr 5, finance will squeeze, especially if you've been careless recently.

Whether it's a funny hat or a drink with friends, enjoy yourself personally on April Fool's Day. Your humour will be appreciated. However, watch for the change of mood that comes with Apr 2 when Venus in reverse clashes with Pluto. Rising tension will fill the air as the events of love or money bring people in your vicinity to the boil. It's not a good day to ask a neighbour to pay their half of the fencing costs and don't ask a sibling for a loan. The mood improves on Apr 5 though you'll have to watch for health concerns.

Just get on with the daily routines of work and health and the humour of the April Fool will find you through the simplest things. There will be a contact of status or an opportunity to seize. Past expenses with lifestyle or creative projects will catch up on Apr 2 as Venus in reverse clashes with Pluto. Children will face testing situations or the end of a cycle. Conflict with a female or over money will be involved. The pressure or demands with the health or work of someone close will be to the forefront on Apr 5, but an unusual situation or individual will bring support.

Someone close will be an April Fool, intentionally or otherwise. Laugh at the joke or sympathise with an upset. You always were a sensitive soul. Friends and money won't be the best of alchemy on Apr 2 and there'll be tension or clashes over fiscal or romantic dealings, affecting the lives of friends or the running of group activity. There'll be an end in some way or another but don't get caught up in the drama if you can avoid it. Personal life or relations will make demands on Apr 5







Play the April Fool with exotic companions and a bit of spicy cuisine as the month begins, but exercise caution after that, as Apr 2 brings the clash of Venus retrograde and Pluto. The mix of friends and money will be testing or testy and you'll have to review financial obligations, or curtail involvement with a special project or interest. Avoid drama and negotiate concerns. An unusual flavour comes to the big picture of life on Apr 5 and radical events or unusual weather conditions will feature.



40 40

Home's the place for the April Fool's gag and your family are the ones who'll enjoy it most. Savour laughter with a tasty meal in the domicile. From there, watch encounters with siblings or neighbours and be careful in traffic or business. Apr 2 brings a testing clash between Venus in reverse and Pluto. Work-related communications or travel will be a hot bed and an old problem will rear its head. Home or family will need something different from you or present unusual situations on Apr 5. Friends or groups will make demands .



Professional contacts or situations will bring a little good humour or merriment on April Fool's Day, so join in! Apr 2 brings a warning though, as Venus in reverse clashes with Pluto. There'll be intense encounters or dramatic events, involving overseas links, academics and study or legal concerns. Avoid the fiery dish and negotiate any difficulties. Foreign cuisine will be testing and foreign finance or news may disappoint. Prepare for an ending in personal relations.





Have a party or a gathering so you can dress and act like a merry April Fool. Start the month with a prank or practical joke and the ensuing laughter. Apr 2 will change the mood though as personal or financial matters at home bring tension, drama or changes. Accept the shift in a cycle and close the necessary door. New interests will help to heal what's wrong or adrift but work or health concerns will push buttons to drain or test you.






Be an April Fool! Enjoy a joke or a new interest with friends. However, the humour might be a bit hard to find as Venus retrograde clashes with Pluto on Apr 2. There'll be a drama over love or money and you'll be personally involved. Avoid clashes with females in authority. An overdue uplift or promotion will come for some. The atmosphere's confusing on Apr 5 but stick to a good work ethic and get the job done. Watch health or safety concerns if you're working physically.



at sunset gower studios Continued from page 38 that creates a compelling pitched-up vocal sound completely different, to say the least, from what other artists are recording today. The song “Heartless” seems to be blaring from every tenth car window up and down Sunset Blvd. Everyone has a love story to tell in Hollywood, including West. His relationship and 18-month engagement with on and off girlfriend since

2002, designer Alexis Phifer, ended in 2008. Love is hard, but, perhaps knowing so many fans relate with his experience makes his pain bittersweet. Kanye West. He is only going to continue to hit the headlines and win awards. He will keep on singing hits and gain more fame for taking risks and launching business ventures. He’s the kind of man who will just keep on walking tall-either in his new Louis Vuitton shoe line or some other fashionable victory. He will just keep on triumphing, quite like the lyrics promise one will in Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing.” Every West fan knows he dedicated a performance of the infamous song to his beloved, deceased mother during his Glow in the Dark concert series tour.

Kanye West, Terri Melkonian, VP Marketing Sunset Gower Studios.



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