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Identity & Branding: Lêo’ly Studio

There is a husband and wife who sit on the steps of the Eiffel Tower every day to showcase their individual artworks (Leo is a fine artist, Lily is a photographer) for ongoers and passerbys. They also own a local book shop across the street that functions as their design studio, combining their two artistic talents. I will design their branding and identity (combining their names and forging them into one) with a brand new logo and stationary set.

Identity & Branding: Éire Airways

Visiting McCarran Airport and watching planes land and take off is one of my favorite pasttimes. After getting the chance to study a variety of plane livery designs, I will design a new Irish airline company and plane livery for Éire Airways, “Éire” meaning “the island of Ireland” in traditional Gaelic.

Illustration: The Remedess

I will design the cover and spreads of a hardback book for my own, original story for my character, The Remedess, who is the inspiration and driving force behind my branding. Julia Cardellini is inspired from a number of different origins, such as fairytales and comic books I grew up reading. She was my own childhood superhero who could heal people with the touch of her hands (which glow gold at her fingertips, as well as the irises of her eyes). The spreads of the book are actual pages from my book series sharing the story of the Remedess.


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Illustration: Steve Rogers Timeline

Taking inspiration from Marvel Studios, the crux of my admiration for their movies comes from Captain America. I will create a minimalistic timeline poster for the superhero, that honors the journey of Steve Rogers throughout his time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, showcasing Captain Rogers himself as well as each of the shields that have followed him every step of the way.

Illustration: Bucky Barnes / White Wolf

Marvel Studios released a graphic t-shirt line to promote and excite fans about their Black Panther movie. Taking my own inspiration from their current designs, I will design a Bucky Barnes “White Wolf � t-shirt to include within the set. I will also incorporate the actual Wakandan language within the design to pay homage to the rich culture of the movie.

Layout: Lună Pub & Inn

Taking inspiration from my Romanian roots, I will design a logo and a menu layout to accompany it for a 24-hour pub and inn. I will take the Romanian word for “moon”, “lună”, and the crescent-shaped accent above the “ă” and adapt it into a theme around the moon and the business being accessible and open 24-hours a day.

Layout: EF Tours Quick Reference Guide

EF Tours hosts worldwide tours for high school students, as well as young adults. I traveled Europe with them June 2014, (which is what drives the inspiration for this design). I will create a pocket guide and a clip to secure it that tour goers can easily slip into their passports, wallets or pockets to help quickly and easily guide them through their tour (a guarantee of assistance should an app/tour director or guide be unavailable or unreachable).

Packaging: Ed Sheeran Greatest Hits

As a singer/songwriter, Ed Sheeran has an organic style to the way he constructs and performs his music, as well as music he develops for other singers. Taking that organic nature, I will design a greatest hits album for Ed, highlighting all of the major hits of each of his three world record breaking albums and theme the design around something organic and unstructed, like a coffee-stained napkin he would develop lyrics on the spot on.

Packaging: U.K. Sweets Scented Candles

Bath and Body Works regularly releases candle lines in a variety of different themes, from cities to different aspects of the seasons of the year. I will design a set of two candles for a U.K. Sweets line of two classic English sweets: Rhubarb & Custard and Mint Humbug.

Packaging: Double Infinity Irish Beer

Taking inspiration from traditional Irish symbols, such as the four-leafed clover and its promise of granting one good forture, I will design an Irish beer label that bestows a new meaning to the classic four-leafed clover, combining it with the symbol of infinity and granting one not one, but double infinities of good fortune.

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Grc294B-Portfolio (Version 2)  

Portfolio for Remedess Design brand.

Grc294B-Portfolio (Version 2)  

Portfolio for Remedess Design brand.