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F Lw Vodafone London Fashion Weekend is a premium shopping experience that brings together the best fashion, catwalk and beauty for style savvy shoppers. Set in the home of London Fashion Week, Somerset House, the venue is transformed into a vast store full of discounted finds that any woman could hope for.


The Shoe Studio is one area in the event that is hugely popular. With brands such as Finsk, French Sole and Cleo B, the area is a must see destination for shoe lovers. A customer’s shopping experience depends on a lot of factors, for example the layout, customer service and interesting visual merchandising. Improving the Shoe Studio would ensure consumer engagement and therefore increase sales. This visual pack outlines the problems, inspirations, ideas and final outcomes for the display solution created. The solution created will guarantee Vodafone London Fashion Weekend is the only fashion event worth waiting for.




Our over arching theme for London Fashion Weekend is ‘Style Worth Waiting For’, We feel this is appropriate as we believe London Fashion Weekend is a luxurious experience worth waiting for. We want consumers to treat the weekend like a pop up department store, that is worth holding back hitting the shops for in the upcoming weeks before the event, so that they can get their ultimate fashion fix when the weekend arrives.






Broken heels, BLI S TERS , the agonising aches,


WeLOVE know what you go through. HATE It’s a than your love life. Up,

relationship more complicated

Down, On, Off, Too big, TOO SMALL, THERE JUST NOT RIGHT. You let them in and they let you down. We all know the FEELING.

Butthat feeling, the other feeling, of GLAMOUR, SASSINESS, sexiness, sophistication. walking tall and feeling great. THE OOH’S THE AHH’S, the stares,

THE ENDLESS TALKS ABOUT YOUR PAIR. The jealous looks, the evil eyes, walking confident and you know why.

Now it’s time to share, it’s only fair.


Find your perfect pair.

The well heeled with cash to burn The tourist Determined to spend A love of British fashion A bold and quirky style Owning pieces from across the globe

Shoe appreciators who could be tempted by a quality purchase 35 to 50 Affluent Settled family lifestyle Family is first priority Regularly socialises with friends Ladies who do lunch Not trend driven but always look good Their style is a collection of classic pieces with the occasional statement accessory Never shy to spend her money when it comes to a perfect piece Attend LFWend with their girlfriends or daughters


Shoe lovers with a determined mindset to purchase.

25 to 25 ABC1 Demographic Disposable income Career driven Work hard to spend hard Fashion conscious and care about their appearance Their style is a mix of designer and high street Her favourite brands are Zara, Reiss, Whistles, Kurt Geirger, Acne and Helmut Lang Attend LFWend with their girlfriends or partners

‘It didn’t seem as exclusive as London Fashion Week’ ’ IT DID NOT FEEL LUXURIOUS WITH SHOE BOXES ON DISPLAY’


‘I remember the interactive elements the most, in particular Veet and Benefit.

MAR Our marketing campaign initially begins with the release of our print adverts; these adverts will play on the love/hate relationship women face every day with their shoes. We have mirrored the experiences women go through when the relationship they are in is coming to a difficult end. Most women have been in a relationship where their partner has let them down, or the love has fizzled out. We felt all women have this in common; we then thought that if we could use this element in our campaign it would make it relatable and engaging. This then led us on to look at how the relationship with our shoes can at times be similar to the heartache they go through with their partners. From this we created witty sayings that can be applied to your shoe breaking and a relationship ending, “I had a feeling we wouldn’t last”.




ADVERTS IN AND SURROU These adverts will be placed in a variety of places that we feel our consumer will interact with daily. After we conducted our consumer research we felt it was essential to place our adverts in publications that our target audience regularly read. These would include fashion and lifestyle magazines such as, Harper’s Bazaar, Red, Vogue, Grazia, Stylist and Sunday Supplements such as The Sunday Times Style magazine. Alongside targeting these magazines, we will also take advantage of British Fashion Council’s longstanding relationship with Elle magazine and We will begin the release of our adverts in Elle in December, with the other publications advertising from January onwards. As Elle is our official media partner, we feel it is essential that Elle that an extra month of advertising as this is where consumers can get promotional discounts when purchasing their tickets. We will also advertise to our target audience around London, to raise awareness of the event when our consumer is on the go. Promoting in tube stations such as Bond Street, Oxford Circus, Embankment and Waterloo will ensure our adverts are seen by busy professionals and fashion lovers. We also want to place our adverts in the tube panels within the stations that surround Somerset House. These include, Temple, Waterloo, Covent Garden and Leicester Square. These advertisements would be placed nearer the time of the event for navigational purposes and to show attendees they are getting nearer to Somerset House.


VISU A L MERCH ANDI SI N G Visual merchandising is the first aspect the consumers see when entering a retail space, so the correct use of this tool can be extremely influential to consumer’s buying habits and mood. Because of this it is becoming increasingly important to use interesting and dynamic visual displays to catch their attention. Â

When visiting London Fashion Weekend the displays and use of space was not practical and lacked imagination. There are time constraints when putting the event together; however simple changes can be made to make the experience more luxurious and desirable. The overall aim of the visual display solution was to make the space impressive, spacious and feel more like a high end store. This was achieved through clever display ideas and a visual identity used throughout the Shoe Studio which can be expanded to all areas of the event.

The biggest issue when browsing the Shoe Studio was the untidy displays due to the lack of storage. Having shoe boxes out on display immediately draws attention away from the product and doesn’t fulfil the Shoe Studio’s designer image. Another element that detracted from the experience was the unorganised visual merchandising which created little definition between each brand. This then led to a chaotic retail environment with little structure. London Fashion Weekend is trying to achieve a pop up store experience throughout Somerset House; however there are some factors that need improving before this can be achieved.

Two essential components needed when purchasing and trying on shoes are seating and mirrors, giving the customer a more relaxed and enjoyable shopping experience.

VM These two features can make or break a customer’s mood, affect their buying habits and length of stay. It was decided that these features needed to be added to London Fashion Weekend to heighten the shopping experience and encourage customer’s to spend more time at the Shoe studio. Benches have been added in the centre of the Shoe Studio to allow customers to sit while waiting and trying on shoes. These benches will also have mirrors along the sides, and storage underneath the benches to store shoe boxes that looked untidy out on display. These small changes will improve the image of the Shoe studio and the customers shopping experience. As well as the benches to store shoe boxes, stairs have been placed in the Shoe Studio to store shoe boxes underneath but also to showcase the shoes the brands have to offer. As seen in the sketch up drawings, the stairs would separate the brands to add more brand definition to the area, allowing customers to shop the different brands with more ease.   To make the Shoe Studio visually appealing to customers, more interesting visual merchandising would catch the consumer’s attention and ensure they stay longer. This has been achieved through features such as hanging shoes and attractive shelves to store the shoes. These displays are a fun and easy way to make the area more engaging for potential customers.


As previously mentioned, more dynamic visual merchandising is being continually used in stores make the space more luxurious and interactive with consumers. These elements at London Fashion Weekend would make the event current and inviting and ensure London Fashion Weekend is an event worth waiting for.  As well as these features added to the Shoe Studio, to make the area even more integrated with our marketing and advertising, adverts will be placed around the area encouraging visitors to find their perfect pair.  


Application to other area

As Vodafone London Fashion Weekend has 4 different areas, the idea created has to be applicable to each. The over arching concept links all the areas together, that London Fashion Weekend is worth waiting for. This idea of “Style Worth Waiting For” is easily transferable to all the other areas in London Fashion Weekend. Women can “seek their new look” at the Weekend Boutique, “fall in love” at the River Box and “find their perfect pair” at the Shoe Studio, while the men can “discover their style” at the Menswear Boutique. The idea suggests that Vodafone London Fashion Weekend is the event “worth waiting for”, whatever your gender or age. Everyone can come along and find what they have been waiting for.



E I element




L A R One of the final elements of our campaign is our promotional viral video for the Shoe Studio, which can be found on the home page of London Fashion Weekend and will tweeted about in the upcoming weeks before London Fashion Weekend. The video carries on playing with the love/ hate relationship theme that women have finding their perfect pair of shoes that has been seen previously seen in our print advertisements. The video features stop motion animation and shows lots of glamorous shoes trying to find their other half to create the perfect pair in time for London Fashion Weekend. The video is witty, energetic and unique which help to make the video viral and will make people want to pass it on. All of this will create a buzz around Shoe Studio and entice people into wanting to come and visit.


RY BOARD The story board outlines the viral video idea and how the video was be created. The idea evolves around the Shoe Studio concept of “Find your perfect pair� at London Fashion Weekend. To the left are a few frames showing how the shoes would move in to different shapes and letters. The video is quick and dynamic, keeping the viewers attention by using different speeds and shapes that link with the music used. At the end of the video, a drawing of Somerset House appears and the shoes enter the House, asking the viewer to come along and find their perfect pair at London Fashion Weekend. The end of the video also introduces our app, another interactive element consumers can get involved in before the event.

http://t studiolfwend


#Shoe st


tudio With today’s consumer being part of an online led society, they heavily rely on the internet as one of the main sources of information. So one of the biggest marketing tools we have is the London Fashion Weekend website and surrounding media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. This is where most people will turn to, to find out about the event and how to get involved. When browsing the London Fashion Weekend website, we felt there was little mention of the Shoe Studio, making it hard for shoe lovers to gain any information on what designer shoes are showing, let alone know it was there. We don’t want to do anything drastic to the website as we feel it has an eye catching and functional layout that is in keeping with the London Fashion Weekend brand. The only change we plan to implement is inside the ‘What’s In Store’ section, where we would have the Shoe Studio mentioned. London Fashion Weekend already have an established Facebook and Twitter page, with over 9000 likes and over 3000 followers. We want to use this to our advantage by increasing the mention and interactivity of the Shoe Studio. We don’t feel it is necessary for the Shoe Studio to have its own stand alone Twitter and Facebook page, as this would mean in the future creating separate pages for all the sections at London Fashion Weekend, which would get too confusing and overwhelming for consumers. Taking all of this into consideration and the increasing popularity of Twitter in informing your followers on your activity we have decided to create our own hashtag #shoestudio. The hashtag can be used by those browsing and purchasing in the Shoe Studio, so they can tweet about their shopping experience and purchases on the day. They will find out about this hashtag from our video, the London Fashion Weekend Twitter and staff on the day.


THE APP At the end of the video a link to our Shoe Studio app will appear telling those who have watched to download it, so that they can begin the journey of finding their perfect pair. You can also get hold of the app via the QR codes that will be placed at the bottom of our adverts and it will also be promoted on the London Fashion Weekend website, Twitter and Facebook. We created an app as we felt it was important for the Shoe Studio to have an online presence and for there to be a form of interactivity with our consumers before the event. This all helps in creating a buzz and excitement in the upcoming weeks before London Fashion Weekend. The app is sponsored by Vodaphone and is a quiz, asking quick questions about your shoe style, after completing the questions the app shows you your perfect shoe, which you can come and purchase at the Shoe Studio. The app helps to promote brands that are being sold at the weekend but also gives a purpose behind the video.

SUMMARY Altogether we feel that we have successfully improved the Shoe Studio and made it a desirable destination for shoe and fashion lovers to come visit whilst at London Fashion Weekend. Before the Shoe Studio was a place that you could easily miss out on whilst enjoying your shopping weekend because it wasn’t heavily promoted, or you just didn’t have the desire to visit it. We feel that we have changed this by creating a relatable, witty and fun campaign that all women can communicate with. These visually pleasing print adverts combined with our new clever and innovative space saving ideas and striking visual merchandising have given the Shoe Studio the revival that it needed. We have also raised awareness via our perfect pair viral video and our app, all of which get consumers excited about visiting before the weekend, creating an online presence, excitement and buzz surrounded the event. All of these factors result in an increase in footfall and ticket sales, making the Shoe Studio a talking point and a place that you would not risk miss out on, otherwise you might never find your perfect pair.


BFC Visual Pack  

British Fashion Council Visual Pack for London Fashion Weekend

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