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I recently graduated from a Bachelor Degree at Nottingham Trent University with First Class Honours. Throughout my work experience to date, my communication skills and confidence have greatly improved and I have learnt to balance my time suitably between my job and my education. I am a lateral thinker whilst also having developed the ability to think out of the box. I am a hard-working, focused individual and I would bring new ideas, inspiration and enthusiasm to whatever I do. I would love to have the opportunity of mixing with creative and motivated people who share my interests.


2010-2013 BA (HONS) Fashion Communication & Promotion Nottingham Trent University First Class Honours A mix of visual and creative skills including brand and communication strategies, cultural, social and economical skills and knowledge, of which I believe will allow a very easy transition into an occupation within a global workplace. In essence, the course provided me with an introduction to many diverse aspects of design, including branding, marketing, market research, architecture, interior design and urban planning. The course has involved a wide range of projects from working with BMW Mini, marketing reports, a project developing a self-tracking device and visual culture essays. Building on experiences learnt from my previous projects ensures that each new module is completed to the best of my ability. My thesis titled ‘The Decline of the High Street’ concentrated on the issues within the UK marketplace and how placemaking and urban ecology can resolve these troubles. In addition I have produced work for BMW, Mini as part of a team. Finally, through a solo thesis for Honda I launched a luxury concept electric bike of which my creativity and passion for urban and sustainable design were pursued further. Through communicating and promoting designs and ideas to stakeholders in the project, each piece of work not only created a personal interest for me but was rewarded with a first. Bearing this in mind, I have tackled marketing, with Urban Ecology and placemaking, whilst keeping a keen passion in sustainability, all of which makes me an outstanding individual with the ability to provide great value. All work stated can be viewed on my Website. 2003-2010 A Level’s & GCSE’s King Edward VI Grammar School Louth 4 A Level’s: [A*] Art, [C] English Language, [C] Politics, [D] Economics 11 GCSE’s: A-C (including Maths, Science, English) During the Sixth Form, I was a Tutor Mentor, a member of the school’s Pastoral Care Committee and I was also chosen to be a school prefect. I gained in my own sense of responsibility, as well as thoroughly enjoying the time I spent with the younger students whilst maintaining and improve the social wellbeing of students.


SKILLS Excellent understanding of computers, Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator on both MAC and Windows. Highly organised, work well under pressure meet deadlines and prioritise. Excellent communication, specialist product knowledge, client interaction, numerical skills and cash handling experience. Experience within organising events – including a successful Magazine Fair in 2012 and Fair-Trade Fashion Show. Over the last 5 years I have undertaken diverse internships such as with International company Marks and Spencer in Buying and White Collar Boxing as a branding and marketing strategist, both in Shanghai. In addition I have enjoyed paid employment with an Interior Designer which first introduced me to this potential career direction.

EXPERIENCE Events Runner, British Fashion Council (BFC), London Fashion Weekend,19th September – 23rd Spetember 2012

The final project of my second year was working with the British Fashion Council to rebrand London Fashion Weekend to increase footfall and profits. My group were picked as the most innovative and inspiring group on the Course and were rewarded with a week working with the BFC at the event, implementing our ideas and getting first hand experience of a fashion and shopping event.

Buying and Marketing Intern, Marks and Spencers International, Shanghai, 26th June – 7th September 2012

After having interned in the Buying Team at Marks and Spencer in 2011, I returned to work with the buying team. After expressing an interest in marketing, I then went on to work with the Marketing Team where I concentrated on social media and digital platforms.

Marketing Intern, Shokay International Group, Shanghai, 10th July 2011 – 1st October 2011

During my time at Shokay, I provided creative, up to date marketing material such as lookbooks, flyers, business cards, blog posts and ideas, web design, visited the orphanage and factories that the company supports and completed a comp shop. I am working on ongoing projects for Shokay, updating the blog and creating promotional material for upcoming seasons.

Marketing Intern, Golden Gloves Boxing Gym, Shanghai, 20th July – 21st September 2011

Working with Boxing World Champion, Michele Aboro and boxers Shane Benis and Alfonso Cuadra to set up the only boxing gym in Shanghai. I put together and organized the operation guide manual used by all members of staff, membership card reader for computer along with member packs, personal trainer and staff contracts, receptionist guide and enhancement of the website. I created the theme that ran throughout the Boxing Gym including the opening advertisements.

Buying Intern, Marks and Spencers International, Shanghai, 15th August – 20th August 2011

I shadowed the international head buyer for Marks and Spencers in China for a week. Tasks such as creating a presentation including a S/S 12 trend collection, a buy position and top volume lines of the previous season. I also learnt key buying responsibilities such as the buying cycle, the international buying process and key roles of a Buyer.

Buying Intern, Tesco Plc., Welwyn Garden City, 13th June - 24th June 2011

During the two weeks I spent with Tesco, the Assistant Buyer position was vacant, resulting in great enlightenment to the job. Providing administrative assistance, following up orders, updating and maintaining spreadsheets and stock samples, corresponding with the UK buying team and design of mood and story boards were daily tasks that needed completion. Model fittings, analysing buying patterns, sell in/out/through and mark down presentations.


Interior Design Assistant, Clive Rhodes Interior Designers, Lincolnshire, March 2007 - April 2008

Two weeks work experience with an interior designer, that led to further part-time employment made me responsible for administrative tasks, contacting customers or production companies. The more creative side involved design briefs or visiting clients to discuss their requirements. A strong sense of style, communication skills and my wide range of computer skills were essential attributes to carry out the jobs set, both as a part of a consultation team and independently.


Waitress, Larders Cafe, Louth, Lincolnshire, December 2009 – March 2011 Waitress, Brackenborough Arms Inn, Louth, Lincolnshire, May 2009 - December 2009

Coping in the very fast-paced environment as a waitress in a highly successful restaurant/bistro and a professional coffee shop, I have learnt to stay calm and patient in difficult situations and be flexible when trying to meet the needs of many different customers.

Retail Assistant, Bromley’s of Louth, Louth, Lincolnshire, June 2008 - May 2009

I worked in an independent menswear outlet for one year which required ensuring all sales targets were met, ensuring that stock and window displays were up to date, replenishing the sales area throughout the day, whilst giving my full attention to each customer.

ACHIEVEMENTS AND HOBBIES Sketches produced in my year working for the interior designer and my Art A-level work has now developed into a digital stance. I have fluency with most of Adobe’s creative tools, Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, After Effects and have had contact with SketchUp, Dreamweaver and Flash.

My biggest strength is my ability to adapt to a changing environment achieving the highest standards whilst always maintaining a positive outlook. I believe that I would be an exceptional addition to your team and one that could be developed and moulded into your innovative and influential organization. My enthusiasm in a range of subject fields resulted in a National Commendation in Art for outstanding results, commitment and enthusiasm, a Grade 4 in Trumpet, Grade 3 in Piano and a pass in Grade 5 music theory with ABRSM. Playing the guitar, web design, photography and learning Spanish and Mandarin in my free time gives me the opportunity to explore my different creative interests. I have helped out with a Style Scouting Team at the Clothes Show Live 2010, I am a passionate traveller, keen to learn about foreign cultures including a two-week safari in the Kruger National Park, a school choir trip to Poland and I also personally organised a foreign exchange trip to France in October 2009. A study trip to New York with my course was highly enlightening and inspiring which spurred my decision to register for the trip to Berlin where I represented Rock + Rogue Magazine at the Bread ‘n’ Butter Trade Show.

Holly Riddington CV  
Holly Riddington CV