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LOOK OF LOVE As St. Valentine’s Day approaches, the big question is: what to wear! It’s all about finding the right balance between, sophisticated and sexy. Something flattering yet comfortable, on trend yet classic and most importantly something that makes you feel great! Here are three looks that have been put together to cover the three different types of date…

Dinner Date

Cosy Night In

Follow The Not So Yellow Brick Lane

As a self confessed shopaholic, I’m always looking for ways to tighten the purse strings and to save a few extra pounds whenever possible. So when the urge to shop inevitably kicks in, I know exactly where to indulge in some cost effective retail therapy. Brick Lane! Brick Lane is set in the heart of London’s East End and is famous for its awesome night life, award winning Indian curry houses and most importantly for me, is the large variety of both affordable and luxury vintage stores. Brick Lane isn’t the most conventional place to shop, but, and it’s a big but, it is definitely somewhere you want to shop and visit when in London.

From left to right: Red Lingerie Set, Agent Provocateur Bra £55, Pants £28; Lena Slip-on Sneakers, Whistles £135; Fidelity Collar, Swarovski £159; Radiance Ring Set, Swarovski £89; Nude Cashmere Sweater, Equipment £300; White Cotton Shirt, J Crew £70; Boyfriend Fit Jeans, Topshop £42.

This second outfit option consists of cute yet comfortable clothes for a relaxed night in with dinner, candles and a movie. The red lingerie is sweet but sexy and adds a bit of bold colour and excitement to the look. Whilst the colours are feminine, the fit is boyish and oversized for understated chic.

Girls Night out

Walking through Brick Lane there is such an amazing and eccentric atmosphere which is rather contagious. The walls are decked in beautiful and awe inspiring graffiti, which is great for all the aspiring photographers out there. I usually struggle to explain how unique Brick Lane is in London, and often I find that it reminds me off downtown New York, its edgy, modern and authentic. There are an endless amount of vintage stores with various price points, which is great if your shopping on a budget! You can grab some gorgeous items which you’ll most definitely fall in love with and certainly wouldn’t find on the high-street. Its always fun to see what you’ll come across, anything from a vintage Hermes handbag, to an amazing affordable satin bomber jacket and something you definitely want to snap up for your spring/summer wardrobe. Thrifting’ is such a gratifying and therapeutic way of shopping, and I’m a self proclaimed advocate for thrifting. You’re never sure what hidden gem you may find whilst hunting throughout the stores. My favorite part of shopping in Brick Lane is without a doubt coming home and admiring all the goodies I’ve bought. It’s such a unique shopping experience that you’ll never forget, and I certainly do love it.

From left to right: Pink Loni Block Heels, Whistles £185; Black Wide Leg Trousers, Philosophy £340; Ivory Melodie Blouse, Whistles £95; Leather Pencil Skirt, Joseph £395; Jewelled Collar, Erickson Beamon £970; Red Evening Clutch, Bottega Veneta £990; Collarless Ivory Coat, Kaufmanfranco £1960.

Sleek and streamlined, this look takes from the monochrome trend whilst using small pops of colour to make a reference to St. Valentine (minus the clichés). While the wide leg trousers are perfect for lengthening the leg, the leather skirt provides a more feminine option.

From left to right: Shiny Metallic Courts, Sophia Webster £220; Metallic Bandage Dress, Hervé Léger £1399; Jewelled Leaf Necklace, J Crew £128; Crystal Winter Earrings, Erickson Beamson £390; Black Backless Jumpsuit, Moschino Cheap and Chic £510; Mohair Blend Faux Fur, Stella McCartney £1020; Coral Floral Clutch, Kotur

This last option is for the single ladies getting together for a girls night on the town. A hint of winter romance is created with a mixture of textures, from the jewelled collar to the fluffy clutch. The faux fur coat can soften the impact of the metallic mini or add a bit of volume to the silhouette of the jumpsuit.

Brick Lane is a wonderful place to grab some dinner, have a few drink in the evening and soak up the inspiring and urban atmosphere that London has to offer. Its authentic and will defiantly cause a sensory over load. So remember to charge your camera, and enjoy exploring London’s Brick Lane. Just a little tip if you keep your eyes peeled as you may bump into a famous face or two, which is always a bonus.

Marco Zanini For Schiaparelli By Lorna Slessor

60 years after Elsa Schiaparelli last showcased couture, Marco Zanini presents his first collection for the brand. In my mind, Schiaparelli herself cannot be topped due to her quirky-fresh approach to avant-garde fashion, and innovative outlook on women’s style, but this legacy does nothing to halt Zanini. Capturing her essence almost faultlessly, yet displaying his own vision and creativity, the latest collection featured at Spring 2014 Paris Couture Week consisted of a mixture of outlandish yet exquisite pieces. Perfected embroidery, gaudy prints, bouffant sleeves, shimmering stripes and sheer layering all clashed together to form a symphony of attuned couture, each look finished off with a pair of dowdy flat sandals.

For me, one of the looks instantly brings me back to the 1939 film, The Wizard of Oz, due to the witch-scarecrow hybrid hat sitting atop of a billowing, leaf-printed, caped outfit. It’s clear to see that Zanini restrained himself in some places - presumably aware of the madness that could be a danger when continuing the Schiaparelli heritage – but in other places he certainly embraced the eccentricities that the brand allowed him. Tiny details well and truly made some of the more simple looks, such as an intricately designed venus flytrap ring, goldoutlined ivy entwined around arms, and miniature leaves sprouting out from the sides of the sandals. Continuing the underlying theme of nature, subtleties such as abstract flower prints and naturally shaped hats - by the one and only Stephen Jones - meant that anyone looking back on the show could instantly tell that it was Schiaparelli. It would have been easy for Marco Zanini to regurgitate the Surrealist ambiance of Elsa Schiaparelli’s lobster days, and opt for style over substance. However, it is the skilled draping and tailoring that really takes the brand into the 21st century, and away from what was, and what used to be. In an age where tailors, dressmakers and ateliers have well and truly perfected their art, relying on the wow-factor rather than the aspect of quality would have been a simple escape. But nobody need have worried about Zanini. For in a collection that juxtaposed print with unadorned simplicity, sheer drapery with structure, and formality with madness, a brand was re-born. And looking back on her legacy, I have no doubt that Elsa Schiaparelli would have been very proud indeed.

Marco Zanini for Schiaparelli Couture S/S14

DesignLifeProcess In Fashion as a Designer

Don’t forget about photographs for your lookbook and consider photoshoot style (studio, outdoor, styling etc)

As Coco Chanel once said: ‘Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.’ The design process is essential in order to achieve a successful final outcome. Starting with research (fashion, architecture, photography, exhibitions, events etc.) and continuing with initial sketches, every project should have a solid theme to start with. Having said that, after the documentation is done, the next step is designing. Considering silhouette, proportion and fit, start drawing quick sketches, inspiration or ideas relevant to the main concept.

Ana Alexandra Dieaconu- line up & technical drawings Ana Alexandra Dieaconu- photoshoot

Having said that, here are some other examples of upcoming designers and their styles:

Ana Alexandra Dieaconu- drawing style

Further, select one design to focus on and create variations of it, changing either style, line or details and work on the pattern by experimenting on the stand. This will help you to be more efficient with your time and visualize the 3D garment.

Adelina Patriche

Daniela Tambris

Ana Alexandra Dieaconu- Patterns and toiles

It takes few toiles and a lot of technical adjustments to make the final garment. Once it’s done, make sure it fits the model and everything is pressed to make it immaculate. For designers who want to improve their portfolio, consider a collection to present your outfit in and design a line up board supported by technical drawings, illustrations and mood board. Dumitrita Iuliana Diana Chelaru

Overview Of Trends 2014

Contemporary Silhouette

2014 is a new step to innovation, creativity and style. As women start being more independent, their style changes towards a more edgy, confident, daring look with a touch of sophistication and versatility. Following trends is not what sets the fashion for a certain season, but it gives a preview of what will be on the market as well as an insight of direction women could take with their personal style. Having said that, we sectioned this year’s collections into themes from which you can get inspired if you are looking for something new or just if you want to be up-to-date.

Bom Sportswear clo ber jacket th style trend. You ing is the new street pairoftrousers can combine it with a fo look or with a sk ramoreandrogynous irt to make it loo k chic

Cocoon sleeves An alternative for innovative silhouettes is the cocoon sleeve which is becoming more and more popular. Match it with a plain skirt or pair of printed trousers. Add a hat and it will be even more fashionable.

es Boxy shap from Break out e and try the routin ettes. new silhou g your in at tu en Acc y shape ox b waist, the flattering can be very ion with at n in combi will lors which natural co . it ce an h en

Smart Sportswear en Mc Que

Bomber Dare to wear rejacket Burgundy you a boost of d! Burgundy will give you feel empo confidence and make we to wear it, eithe red. Choose the way r in and be ready to make up or clothing go out and show off.

Proportions, M ix Proportions are in this season as it creates new shap es for the body. Dresses with trousers or leggings are the new mix of this seas on which gives a fresh, contemporary look. If you are a fashion innovator don’t be afraid to mak ea statement by ad opting this look.


Balmain Reso rt 2014

The New Black

Wine For a more tone d-down, sophisticated loo k, redbrown or wine is the perfect color for you. H aving a luxuriant, regal allure it can be worn for even ing wear to events such as a gala, dinner party or social ev ents.

John Galliano RTW 2014

Urban Proportions

Polo neck forward, you d fashion an day. r ea Easy to w this look for a casual park, t can adop go for a walk in the with Even if youg or just have a coffee x in go shoppin the perfect way to rela friends, it is style

ger RTW Tommy Hilfi

4 Pre 201

Layers Create dimensio ns by layering an oversized vest with a dress or T-shirt and shor ts. This will give your styling a more urban fee l to it, at the same time being very comfortable an d wearable.

Mc Queen RTW 2014

Office Mania

All Saints RT

W 2014 Giambatista Valli Resort 2014

Cigarette trousers A more feminine, soft direction has been established for office wear this season. Delicate and neutral, the two pieced suit has been updated. The simplicity of the look and the element of class and poise fits well with the work environment and sets up standards for future work wear and office clothing. Zuhair Murad Resort 2014 Maison Martin Margiela RTW 2014

Valentino RTW 2014

7 Days Of SLOGANS by Zehra Mustafa

The slogan-craze started in the 80’s by the punks - the rebels. The 80’s fashion was loud and provocative and the punks set themselves apart by rebelling - wearing bright colours with in-your-face slogans and words. It is true to say punk fashion has been commercialized over the years; established fashion designers such as Vivienne Westwood and Jean Paul Gaultier have used punk elements since the start of their fashion empire. This season is full of street essence and styling, my favorite trend is the use of logos and slogans on t-shirts and knits! The designers this season added an expressive element through the wordings they used.

“Expression” – the process of making known ones thoughts or feelings and the look on someone’s face that conveys a particular emotion. “Emotion” – a strong feeling such as love, anger, joy, hate or fear. As you can see expression and emotion are closely linked together, this is what makes the slogans so strong and meaningful to the designer and of course the person wearing the piece. I mean your not going to wear a jumper saying “Happy” if actually you are sad that day! Or are you?? You can keep these looks casual by teaming up your jumper with a pair of leggings or skinny fit jeans! Up your game and dress up by wearing your jumper with a biker skirt for a sexy look or go elegant with a pencil skirt! You can also keep it simple and wear the longer jumpers as casual dresses for day looks!

How will you wear yours? s: Jumper by

Etre Cecile

In Love Thursdays: Jumper by Wildfox

ay Action Frid

Monday M orn

ings: Jum per

by Jeremy


2014 V.I.P Saturdays: Jumper by Markus Lupfer

Jealou s Tues

days: K nit by

Nadia and Ze hr


RTW Valentino

g xander Wan

per by Ale sdays: Jum

edne Explicit W

Contemporary Hollywood

Elizabeth Taylor “Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together.’ elizabeth taylor. Recently a fascination started again which was uncovered from decades of forgotten glamour and drenched in jewels and liqueur. Elizabeth Taylor. A name synonymous with excess, decadence and strength. Fashion and films reignited attraction with Elizabeth Taylor was obviously sparked by her death a few years ago which marked the end of an era for Hollywood; the last of women such as Katharine Hepburn and Bette Davis who reigned the film studios as much as they did their men. Marc Jacobs’ final Fall collection for Louis Vuitton still lingers in my mind with replicas of the said actress walking a glamorized moody blue carpeted hotel corridor, wearing lace and satin slip dresses paired with nothing but sumptuous fur, drawing inspiration from movies such as Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and Butterfield 8. Besides their furs and slips, these women were clothed in dignity, resilience and power. This collection coincided with Helena Bonham Carter taking on the role in the BBC’s Burton and Taylor complete with violet eyes and diamonds not to mention the flawless pinpointing of her elaborate voice and charm. Taylor cannot be talked about without mentioning her seemingly endless love affairs, which she boasted that all seven of them had ended in marriage, and in particular twice to Richard Burton. Their relationship is notoriously known to have been passionate, tempestuous and involved copious amounts of Jack Daniels. The couple seemed to glamourize a thirst for life that was explosive, vivacious and unashamed, with even the Vatican commenting on their affair.

Even with sex appeal, wit, humour and envious looks, Taylor’s acting cannot be overlooked. Just watch Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? In which she is unrecognizable, complete with grey peppered hair, a cigarette hanging from her mouth and a vulgar attitude to see what real talent is, and this was just years after the beautifully iconic Antony and Cleopatra complete with an abundance of eyeliner, naturally. The iconic glamour of decades past can only have contributed to our love of full eyebrows, fur coats and dark lips but also to our need for strong, vivacious women who aren’t afraid to display their femininity and sensuality which is something always to be admired and inspired by in a world where simpering timidity or nearly naked vulgarity is easy to adhere to.

The Sunday Times Turns Back Time With New Design By Emily Larcombe

By Sarah Eve

WEAR YOURSELF Discovering your own style is what defines you as an individual in the fashion world. Your identity is perceived by what you portray through clothing, accessories and styling. Having said that, being true to who you are gives you confidence to make different garment combinations and become a fashion innovator. This means a trend leader, someone who stands out or simply brings variety to the market. Coco Chanel is the best example for this. She was known for having five distinct lives (5 being her lucky number, this being the reason for the perfume Chanel number 5). This means her style got influenced by her position in the society as she had to be up to standards and still be herself.

Dibbed the UK’s favourite weekend title, The Sunday Times is due to mesmerize the avid designers amongst us with an arguably much needed face lift which will fall into our eager arms in the early days of February.

Led by the art director of the newspaper, Gordon Beckett, the refreshed look will extend throughout the title, giving a more “vibrant, yet elegant feel”, according to Eleanor Mills, the editorial director of The Sunday Times. With the intent to be bolder and brighter, the paper is going to introduce a beautifully contemporary typeface, Glosa, in place of Greta, with the hope that it encourages an easier read and a more engaging visual impact by offering a greater ratio of white space to body copy without losing out on the word count! “Contrasting sharp serifs with ball terminals” this typeface would conceivably demonstrate perfection for editorial design for its high readability, modernity and freshness. Riddled with complexity, not to mention competition from the paper’s competitors, The Sunday Times is to stay at a price of £2.50 but is this revamp enough to compete with newspapers alike? The Guardian’s Observer magazine supplement is certainly a fierce contender with its array of well-established faces sprawled across the front covers with

She was not just a designer. She was known to be a singer in a bar from Moulins, under the name Coco. This is how she gained admirers and fame which helped her in the future career. She was designing for herself, approaching a sportswear wearable style. ‘From Mademoiselle through Gabrielle to Coco, then finally becoming Chanel, she had pulled herself up to join the highest ranks of fashion personalities’ (Chanel by Francois Baudot) Therefore embrace your look and wear it with a smile!

Interned at Monde Magazine as a Layout and Typography designer.  
Interned at Monde Magazine as a Layout and Typography designer.