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a Texas general (Developer,') partnerehip (referred to herein as with offices and prlnclpal place of buglnege al 3220 lJemrpn Avenuet Da1la6, THAT HOITIJY LAKE DEVELOPMENT COMFANY,

Dallas Countyf Texas, acting hereln by and through its duly author{zed part,ner, C. Jack Wilson, is t,he owner of alt t.hat, certain real property ei.tuated in Wood County, Texas, known qs Part, I of Sectlon VIIL of Hol,ly Irake Eanch (being sometimes refe'rred to herein as the rrSubdlvieionrr), accorillng to the plat of said Part f of Section VIII of Holly l,ake nanch filed for record in the Office of the County Clerk of Wood County, Texas, on geptember 22, L975, ln volur0e ?, Page I0r of the Plat RecordE of the County Clerk, to which plat and the record thereof reference ls hereby nade for full and part,icular description of said real property. desire t,o create and carry out a uniform plan for the improvement, development and sale of aII of the lots in the Subdlvlslon, for the benefit of the present and future owners of said lote, and for the protectlon of property valuee in the Subilivlelont and, to Chat purpose, sald parties hereby adopt, establlsh and impose t,he f,ollowing declarationsl reservat,ions, protectlve covenant.s, Iimitations, conditions and The parEies hereto

to apply uniformly to che uee, improvement, occupancy and conveyance of all lots ln the Subdlvlsion; and each contrabt or deed which may be hereaf,ter executed wilh regard to any of the lot,s ln the Subdivision shall concluslvely be held to have been executed, delivered and accepted subject to the followlng (regardless of whether ar not the same are set out in fuII or by ref,erence in sald cont,ract or deed) i




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rot sharl be us€al for ot.her than slngLe farniry residentiar soll otr grees sharl be rerno'ved for any comnerciai use. cutting of erees shall b€ ll$ited to the extant ,re.e"sary for crearlng the f,oundation 6l"te for conEtructiont any additlonal cuttlng of trees ehall b€ done only upon the approvar of the Developer. No co'&lercl,ar actlvity shall be permitted "''ltbs on any lot. No

Furposes antl no




r,or AREA. No rot may be resubdividedl provied, however,


rndlvl& ual 10ts nay be divlded between abutrlng ovrnerg and tlereafter each owner's reeulting overslze lot, Eharl be conaldered ag one lot. Nothlng herein contained sharr prohiblr the construct.ion of a slngle residerr.. oi t"o {z) loa", .ln which cage both such lots shall be considered as one G) lot for bulldfnq


3. ARcHrrEcruMIr caNtRolr CoMMTI:IEE. An Archi,teccural control comnlttee ("conunittee'r) sharl Lre appointed, from t,irne to time, by D€veloper, whose purpose lt shall be to roview plans, to insure for all owners harmony of rocation, and harmony of externar and structuial. deslgn and quatity wlth existing structures. The committee sharl have the rlght to deslgnate a representat{v€ to act far it in alr rnatters arlsing hereunder. untlr such tlme ls the conmittee haa been con.tihuted and appointed, Developer, or itg nominee or representative, sharr carry ouc all functions of the commltbee relating to these- restrictlons. After peveloper haE sold seventy-five (751) of all tots in tha subdtvlslon and 75* of al1 lotg and Lraqts ln all other subdivislons oE Holly Lake Ranch hereaf,ter developed, or sooner at th€ sole el€ction of Developer, the nembers of the corunittee shall be selected by the Holly I€ke Banch

Assoclation ('rAssociaEion" ),



(a) No residence shall be constructed or permitted to remain on any lot !n the Subdivision unless such regidence shall have a

of 800 square feet of livlng area. (b) No improvements sha1l be placed on any lot until lhe butlding plans, specificallons and plot plans showing th€ locatlon of €uch irnprovements on the lot have been appraveal in wrj.tlng by the Comittee. Likewise. the alteration of any existing improvemenbs which naterially affects or changes Ch6 exLerior design thereof may not bo made untll the plans for such aLberations have been approvecl in vJrit,ing by the Comnittee. In the evsnt the cormlteee disapproves of any such plans, specificatLons and/or plot Blans, notice of such disapproval shall be dolivered J.n person or by regiotered or certif,ied letter addressed to the party submlttlng the sane at an address which must be supplled with Lhe submisslon. In passlng upon all of such Flans, specl"ficatlons andy'or plot FlansT the Conmittee may take into conelderatslon, among other thj,ngs, suitabiliEy 'of any 6uch propo6ed bulldlng or structure or t,heEhe alteration thereof, and the materlals of whlch it is to be constructed to the lob or tract upon whlch ll ls ta be constructed, antl the effect thereof ' upon adJacent neigtrborlng or other lots or tracts. Any such 'notice Ehall set forth th€ eLements dlsapproved and the reaEon or . '!6aeone therefor, but need not con[aln suggesllono as !o m€lhods of, curing any matters or things dlsapproveat. The judgnent of the comlttee tn tlris respect in the exerclse 9f its sole and absolute dlscret{on shall bb flnal and, concluslve. If aaid Cotrurtittee falte to approve or disapprove sald plans, speclflcations and/or plot plans within thirty (30) day6 after the same hav€ been eubmltt.ed to ' itf it will be pre6rrmed that the sane have been approved. Theso reguirments for approval by fh€ Coswlttee as hereln set out cover not only the residences to b€ construsted Ln the Subdivision, but'. all plero and other structules built ln the water as weLl aa.on the land, and aIBo apply to any relainlng.wElla anil any olgnJ.flcant rnovinq of EoIl Ln o]r out of the water; mili.rnur

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(c) All Etructuree whlch extend lnto the wager shall

the follotrlng




(1) permission for any eucfr etructure nuet flrst be obtalned f,rom the Cormitcee, and the conseruction of, euch structut€ shall, be ln accoralance with the descripbion of

same as Eet forth ln the Calrullitlee,s wrltten approval. The Comnltte€ ehall not approv€ more than one pier per lob except, under clrcunstancee deamed to bo exceptional by the CormitLee. Such sCruclures shal] not, extend lnto the Irater more t,han 25 feet. Notwithstanding th€ foregoing, an exception may be Mde by tJre Comittee in cases wherg . such an exception Is nocessary becaus€ of, shallow lrat,er or other unusual clrqumgtances, approval of such excopbion to be glven in wrltLng to the owner of Lhe lot affeceed.

(2) No part of such structules shall be closer to any projected side propelty tot Line than len (tA! feet. (3) !b such structures 6haII exCend more than tw€ntyfive (25) feot parallel to the r,raterrs edge.


(d) No Fart of any building shall be locabed on any lot nearer ta any sEreet than the set-back llne as indicated on the plats. No .part of any bulldlng shall be located nearer than ten (10) feeb !o ' any interior lot, llne, except, tha! in the event of corunon ownershlp of nore than one (1) Iot and the consEruction of one (l) buildlng on more.t,han ona (l) lot, bhe combined area owned shall be consldered as one (I) lot for this purpose. The building set-back lincs may be relaxcd by decision of the CoNnitLee, J.f Uhe above described distances are not feaslble, considering the t.errain and,/or dimensions of the lot. (e) No struchure shall be occupied or used for resldent.ial or Etorage Purposes (other than for the ECorage of bullding materials to be used in the construction and conpletion thereof) unril the . exterior thereof shall havo been fully completed ln accordance with the approved plans and specj.f,ications. (f) Each residence, once comenced, nus! tre conpluted wlthin six (6) nonths fron the date of corunencement thereof. If any such res{dence ls not completed wlthln slx (6) monlhs afber the date on which such resldonce is comrnenced, che owner of, sane hereby glves the Commibleer or its represenCative or agent,, the righC and aut,horlEy to enLer upon the property upon vhich such etructure ls slbuaeed, and to disassemble such structur€ and store the building materials on the premises or el,sewhere at the discrction of, t.he CormlLtee, The owner or occupant of any sucl: lot agrees, by Ehe purchase or occupancy thereof, thab the Committee shall not be lialle in trespaso or otherwlse 1n entering upon said lot and disassenbllng any such €tructure.

, '

(S) No trailer, rnobile home, t.ent, shack, carnper, or struccure t,emporary character shal1, at any t,ime, ever be used as a permanenE or temporary residonce on any lot,, or noved onto or permitted

, of,


to remain on any loe, excep! during consbrucLign of permanenE structures. No camping shall be permiLted uithin the subdivision without lhe writ.ten permlsslon of the Developer, lt belng inlended hhac DeveloFer shall permlc limited camping on certain restricted areas

HiChin the Subdlvislon.


No fence

of, the corunlttee.

shall be erected v,lthout the approval ln wrdling

5. SIGNS" No "For Salerr sign or l'8or Rent." sign, or any other adverCl6lng Etructures, may b€ displayed ln ttle ttre Subdlvlsion illehoug the prlor nrltten apploval of Developer.



EDaarrrrl aaG' EDzrrra aAA

vol 726 ua[77 6. NrJrsAI,lcEs. No noxious or offcnsive activlty sharr be carried on or maintalned on any lot in the Subdlvislon, nor shalt anybh{ng be done p.r-mltted co be don€ thereon ntlich nay be or become a nui-sance'in t,he nelghbor", hood. Mer€ury vapor securlty ughts ehall'not, be penriEted on any lots otr tracts In th€ subdivision.



7. FTREARMS. The use or dlscharge of firearns ln the subdtvision is expressry prohiblted except rn areas that nay be degignated for 6uch purpoSes

by ths Developer,



rot thall be used 0r malnlainccl


a dwping ground for garbage. Trashr garbago or other shall be keFE onry in 6l9htLy, sanllary contal"nerE. Eactr. Loq owner Ehall be rceponelble f,or disposing of, all of hls tJash, garbage and rubbieh, and the burnlng of sane Hithin the Subdivision is expressly prchibited,


uNsrcHTLy sxaRAGE.


open carports are used,. no unslqhbly storage

and,/or unsightly vehicleg shall" be permithed therein.

r0. ANTMALS. No horses, cowg, poultry, or livestock of, any kind (obher than house pets) may be kept on any lot in the Subdlvlsion without the r.rrltben conaent of the o€veloper, lt belng the Devel0porrs lnt.ention to pemit hor60s and ponies to be kept upon lots for teqreational purpo6eE and as pets (aB contrasted to comerclal or other purposee), so long as the nunlf,€r of such ani:nals proposed to be kept upon a lol ls reasonable under tho circtascance8, Any- 6uch animal which ls arloued to bo kepL upon a lot shall be removed, promptly thereupn upon the wrltten dl,roctlon of Che DeveLoper. 11, oFF-SIREET FARKING. Both, prlor !o and after the occupancy of, a duelling on any lot, the owner shall provlde approprlate space f,or of,f-street, parking for hls vehicles and/or boats. 12, wlrEF


of oach lot or tracg shal1 keep the sams as will be ln keeplng Lh€ oEher property and tho community at any particular time. Upon failur€ to do Lhis, Developor or the Asgoclation rnay have the lot cleaned, and che cost or expense thereof sharl b6 payable on denand by th6 owner to Dev€loper or the Assocration, aE lhe case may be. AND

The o$ner

clean and free of trash and sugh


13. SEWERAGE. No buildlng or structure sharl be occupled as a resldence unless arl plunbing fixtures, dishwashers and toilet,s are connocted !o an adequabe sewerage disposal system. No ouehouses shall be permitted on any part of the propertyr all lavatorleer tallels and bath facilities shal!. bo lnstalled lndoors and shall b€ connected with aclequato grease Lrapsr septlc tanks' and Iateral ]ines constructed go comply wlth thc specifications of Sbato and local health auLhorities, and no "outslde" or surface toilecs shall be permitted under any clrcumstances. No septic tank lateral lines shelL be constructured within twent,y-five (25) f,eet of any lakes or pondsy ninirnum rcquirenents for the construction of septis tanks and lateral lines are two hundred (200) feet of one foot. by four inch (I' x 4") t.lle pipe laid in the center of one foot of wash gravel covered with tar paper in a trench twelve inches lrids by.twenty-four (I2" x 24i) deep. Nothing herein cont,alned to the contrary shall prevent the lnstaLlation and operation of sanitary sewer facilltles by a water dlstrlct or other governmental. authority in sald Subdivlelon.

{i I

L4. UTILITy EASEMENTS. An easemen! is exproosly reserved in, on, ov€r, under and through those porCions of the lotE as shown on the recorded plat for t,h6 purpose of, instaLllngl repalring and maintaining electrlc power, wager, sewerager gas, telephone and Elmllar utilLcy Eacilltles and servlcee. There ts also reservd and dedicated hereby for the use of, Che Developer and any public or private utility carirpany an unobaeructcd aerial edsernent five (5) feetwide fron a plane br,renty (20) faee above the growid upryard, Iocitcd artJacene to and a.bov€ all dedlcated utlliCy easemencs as shown on the map or plat of the SuHiviElon. The eaEements reserved and dedlcated under.the tcrms and ptovlslong hereof and unil€r th€ t€rns 6nd provislons gg the SuJcdtvlslon plat





EDarna aaa




shalr be for th€ general beneft! of the subdivjsion as hereln deflned and any other land owned or acquired by Devoloper in tho vlcintty thereof, and sharl also lnure t6 the b€nefit and nay be uied !y any public or prlvate uttrley company

enterlng lnto and upon sald property for tho purposes aforesaid, wlBh-

out th€ necesslcy of any further

granE of such easement rlghts to such utlltty ccunpaniea. Fences, walLs and shrubbery hedgeE shall be pemltted on any such ease$ent,s excep! those easemengg b€lng uEed Eor underground eloctric andr/or telephone systetns, provided: (t) ttrat such fences, ualls and hedges do not lnterf,ere in any way wleh the use of such easemonts by any pubtlc or prlvate

utilit,tes then utitizing or thereafrer designecl to uti,rtze iho saro, (ii, that th€ rlghb of che owners of such fences, walls and hedges shalr at alr clmes be and rcnain subordinate and i,nferior in every way to the right of pubric and privat,e utllihlesi and (ili) that, Euch publlc or private utllities at. any time nay, wlthout llabilicy of aoy kind to the owner or ownels thcreof, remove any such fence, warl or hedge where the removar of lhe sase is lncldental to or necessary for the perfornance of, publlc or private ucllity operations. No buildings or structures 6f any may be erected or arlowed to rernain on any uciltty easenent.s, I


ASSOCIATION MEI4BERSHIP. Each purchaser member of the Assoclation.

Subdlvision muFi be a

16. OtL,

of a trac! or lot in the

oll or gas drilling, oil or oil or gas reftning or treatmenE, quarrylng or mlning operations of any klnd by lot owners shall be p€rml,teed upon or In any part of the Iands included Ln lhe Subdivleion, GAS ANO MINERAIT DEVELOPMENT. Nb

gas deveropnent. operatlons,

17. DRAINAGE STRUC'fURES. Drainage structures under private driveways shall always have a net dralnage opening aree of sufficien! sLze t,o perrnLc lhe fre€ flow of water without backwater. 18. AssocrATroN r4Et'rDERsHrp. upon acceptance of an appricatlon Eor me$b€rship ln tlolly Lake Ranch A6soclatlon and tho slmultaneous executlon of a sarss contrac! or the acceptanc€ of a Deed, each ovrnor sharr become a nenber of Hotly Lake Ranch Association, a carparace enterpris€ opelated by Doveloper, ltg succ€a? sors or asslgns, for the purpose of provldlng bhe ftembers with clubhouse and private recreahion facllltles ln the area, and to esta-blish and naintaln parks, Ianes, la.kes and provlde for Che common benefit of lot owners. sald nenbershlp ahall be condicioned upon.observance of, tlr€ rule6 and regulations establlshed by said Association for the benefit ancl general eelfare of, lls members and f,or the offlcial operation tlereof. Said menbership shall also be conditioned upon payment, when due, of such dues, feos, and naLntenance charges as the Assoclatjon shall flnd necessary for




Lhe Assoclaclon


and servlces, includiog but, no! Iiniled to lhe maintenbnce of lancsr roads, pa:ks, clubhouse ancl lakes and any other services ancl beneflEs whlch said Associat,ion rnay provlde for the benefit of the lotsl A6gociat.on faclli,lles and mernlcerg,

,L l."' \




/eccoratngiy, each Io! in hhe Subdivislon, fron and after Lhe EaIe thereof by Developer, Is hereby subjoct€d Bo an annual fee and nidint,enance charge of $12.I0 perrimonth per lo|, for' the Furpose of creating a fund to b€ known as',ftre "llollfLake Ranch Maintenance Fund" to be pald by the owner, the .sam€ t6r te secured by the v€ndorts lLen upon sald lot, said maintenanco charge to DE*pey'affo monthly l-n advance ag dlrected by the Developer or tho As5ociatlon, as Che case may be. Ag such tlme alr Developer has transferred the title of 75t of the lots in the Subdivlsion and future subdivisions of,

llolly Lake Ranch, or sooner lf nocice to such effec! is given by Develop€r bo lho Association, tlre responsiblllty for Che colLection and disbursemenu of such malnt,enance fund miry bo delegated to ths Associat,lon. The fee and nainl,enance chatge nay be Increaged from year to year up to an increase noh bo exceed 101 of ghe naint.enance charge for the prevlous year. Thc Dcvelopcr rnay walve, elther tclporarily or pernanently, t.he fee and malnt,enarrce chargo against any lot lf the owner has purchased another loL within the $ubdivision which is subjecL to such charges. It is underscood thah the judgnent of Ule Developer (or the Associablon, as Lhe case nray be) ln the expendiLur€ of, gaid fund shall bo flnal so long as such judgn€nt, ls cxerclsed in good faith. By Ure acccptance and reEentlon of titl.e to any loE, each IoL owner, his helrs or asslgns (regardless of rdhother a member of tho Assoclatlon, notwithstanding the requlremeng of monbcrshlp ln the Assoclalion, Its succcssorg and asslgns, as a condlELon to the acqulsltlon of title tq any lo!), agre€8 the D€veloper shal! hav€ -5-


DaaaYA aaA

EDarra a7A



ivoL 726 mu279 I I


i /



a lien

upon the subject

lot or tract to secur€


of the


due6, f,eeg and r[aintenance chargea are hereby dec]"ared to be expresgly 6ubordinate and lnf,erior !o any voluntary lierir. iircludlng any renewal and/or extenslon thereof, sreated on any lot ln the subdlvision by an owner ther€of f,or the purpose of obtalnlng a constructlon or permanent loan or bot,h such loans for tho pulpose of improving such loE. Sald subordlnatlon of liens rjhall continue and be ln f,ull forco and ef,f€ct for so long aa such conatructlon or permanen! loan


is outalanding.


PROI|IBITED. The pumping

of uater fron


lakes er ponds is prohlblted except by special permlt, ln wrltlng, granted by

the Developer

20, WATER I4ELLS, No water lrell shall be drilled by the owner or owners thereof, so long as water for domeseic usos 6hall otherwlse be availablo to t,he ownerg of logs, bul nothing hereln contained shall be conshrued as prohlbltlng the Dev€1oper, lts succeesors, assJ,gns and nominees, from drllllng a well an any property located in or near the Subdlvl8ion for the purpose of eupplyinE water to the own€ls of any properby in s;id Subdivision or i.n any fulur€ subdivislon of Holly l,ake Ranch, provlded, bouever, thah untll water ls available

to the owner of a lot, the Developer w111 grant written permltsf upon proper applicat,lonf for the drllllng of te$parary wells and (or the temporary o[rcration thereof, until Hate! for donegtic uses ehall become avallable to said owner.

.2L RESrRICTIONS ON sALES, ETg. l.lo sale, transfer, Iease or other disposition of any lot ln tho subdivislon shali bo consurunatbd unless and until

the purcltaser or transferee hae applied fqr and has been acqepted ag a member of th€ Holty Lake Ranch Assoclation, lt6.succassors or asslgna. Thls restrlction shall not apply, hovrever, Lo l,cnding lnstibutions who may btd saiil properly in aL any foreslosure sale broughl by them without regard to such nenbership reslrlccion, nor shall it. apply r.,lth respect Co a transfer of such property pursuanE to a,duly probat€al v111 or by virtue of lnt€stacy under th€ Btatutes oE the Stage of Teias.

22. DEVELOPERTS SAIJES ACTIVITIES. Nol,wiLhstanding anyEhing to ths contrary contained hereinr the Developer, lta succeasors and aesignsr rescrv€E for itself and lts designated agent or agenus the right to use any unsold lot for a temporary of,flce locatlon and the rlghE to plac€ a slgn or elgns on any unsold lot ln the subject subdlvlsion. 23. BOATING RESTRTCTTONS. Other Ehan on Greenbrlar Lak€, no outboard or inboard motors larger bhan ten (10) horgepower may be used on any lakes or ponds and no waterskiing wtlt be permitted on any lakes or ponds, and on creenbrlar Iake waterskllng and use of motorboats wlli be subject to the rules and regulations of ttolly hk€ nanch Assoclation from tlme to time in effect. 24. CO/ENANTS RUNNING WITII TllE ITAND, AII of the reeErictions, covenanta condition€ herein provided f,or and adopted shall apply to each and every lot in bhe subdivision, and shall bo covenants runnlng with che land. DeveLopert Lts successors and assigns, shall have che right, to enfqrce obsorvance and perancl

of the restrictions and covenantE conEained and provlded for herein, and ln order to prevent a breach or !o enforce Lhe observance gr perf,ormancc of 6afi9, shall have the rlght,, in addition to all Legal rernedles elsewhere provide.d herein, Eo an lnjuncEion either prohlbltlve or mandahory. The owner of ani lot in the Subdtivislon affected shalt likewise have che righE elthei Eo prevent a breach of any such reatrlctlons or qovenantE or to enforce the performance lhereof,. formance

25, PARTTAL INVAIJIDITY. InvalldaElon oE any of theso covonantsr resErlc-. bions or. condltlons by court Judgnant or oth€rwisor shall not' affecc, in any way, the validity of any of, the other cavenanbs' reatriCtlons or coddltions, all of whlch shall. rqnaln ln fuII force and eff,ect. Acqulencence ln any vloIat,ion shall nob be deemed a walver of th€ rlght' to enforce againet th€ vl,olator or others the condltions so vlolaled or any other condllIons| and Developer shall have tlre rlghb to €nter the Propcr,ty of the vlolatot and correcg the vlolatloni' or to requlr€ thaE th€ aam€ b€ correctd.









726 HuZ80


(a) The restrictions and rrovenauti heretn provlded for and adopted, shall remain ln full t.:rce and elfoct r.urt,tl Decernber 31, 1990r subject to modiflcatlon or amendment as hereLnafter provided. (b) At the end of the term provlded in (a) inmediately above, antl aC the end oE each Cen (10) year extenslon herein provldcd f,or, thes6 restrictions shall be aubonalically extended and renewed for succeeding periods of Len (10) years each, unless, wlctiin six (6) monlhs prlor to the date such restrlctions and covenants uould otherwise be automatically extended, an Lnstrument shall have been slgned by ch€ th€n owners of a najorlty of lhe ttren existlng lots in the Subdivislon, each such lot entitllng its owner to one (l) voEe, and shall have b€en recorded in the Office of the County clerk of vlood county, Texas, agreelng to change sald restrlccions and covenants

in whole or



(c) Any or al-I of the restlictlons, covenants and condiLions herein contalned rnay be repealed, amended or nrodified ai any t,ime ,by a majorlEy vote of the lot ownere in bhe Subdlvislon, each then

exisllng lot entitling its olvner to one (l) vote. such repeal, anendrent or modlfication shall be effocted by an instrumenE ln writlng executed by such maJority of sald lot ownera, and filed . .for record in the Office of, the Caunty Clerk of Wood County, Texaa. 27. IIEADINGS. AII sections and paragraph headlngs used hereln are for convenl€nce only and shall have no efflcacy ln conscruing any of, the restrlct1ona, covenants or condltLons tnreln.contained. 28. RrcllT fO ASSIGN. The D€v€lopet nrayr by approprlare lnst.rument, asslgn or convey to any person, organizatj.on or corporatlon' any or all oE the rights, reservationE, easements and prJ.vlleges herein reserved unto lhe Developer, and upon such assignmont or conveyance being made, its asslgna or grantees ray, aE thelr optlon exerciso, trarrsfer or assign such right,s, reservations, easements and privlleges or any ono o! nore of them at any CLmo or tjres ln the same way andl manner as those dileccly reserves by them or It in t-tlis lnstru[eng. 29.

JoINDER oF LIENHOLDER. The underslgned

llenholder joins ln the

execution hereof solely as lienholder for Ehe Purpo6e of, subordinacing its


Eo tha6e

res[rlctlons, reservatlongr covenants and condlglons wlth the

uderstandlng, honever,




to che ext€nu of subordinating its l-ien

the reslrlctlons, reservatlons,


conditions hereln provlded for, such lien ls cont.inued ln fulL force and effect as fi-rse and prior llcn upon the pr(rl)crty described in the security lnscrument given to sei.rird uhe lndebtednesg noir or healaft€r held by the llenholders, and

(b) Said subordinaEion

cQvenanEs and

excePcs from the oPerallon ther€of,

, any clrarge, f,ee or lien created in this inscrunenE vhich under . any theory or circumstanc€ can be prlor or equal co th€ lien ' held bry the lienholder.

these preErenb.s have been executed in eounterpareg, each execul€il counterpart to have Che full force IN



effect of an original, this

















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the undersignedr a Nobary Public in and for said this day personally appeared c. .TACK WILSON, a ceneral Partner of the partnership firm of IIOLLY LAKn DEVELoPMENr CoMPANY, known to me to be the person whose name ls subscribed to the foregoing lnstrument, and acknowledged to me that he executed the 6ane as the act of HOLLY LAKE DEVELOPMENT COMPANY' a copartnershipl for the PurPosee and coneideration therein expreseed and in the capacity therâ‚Źin sbated. crvEN UNDER MY HAND AND SiAr. OF OFFICE this the 5th day of August , 19?6. ME,


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the undersigned, a Notary Public in and fo-r^, on th i s day pe r sona 1 I y appea re a|l:,MOS // i-(l@I, l/'/t 71/\,1llui/ of REPUBIJTS NATI6NAL BANK oF DALLi{s'f known to tne to the 6-56'"1i6-p6rson and officer whose name is eubscribed foregolng instrunent and me that gho same was the act 6f siid Bank, and t,hat he executed the same as thc act of eaid Bank for t,he purPoses and consideration therein expreesed and 1n the capaclty thereln suated. /A.-ilfGwEN pNDER MY HAND AND sEAr{ oF oE'.Frcs cn.F $e//(/dav of BEFORE


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DAy 19?6 :-:":-:-:or, Auousr; :--::'!





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Section 8 part 1 restrictions  
Section 8 part 1 restrictions