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Spotlight Martial arts are great for children! A psychological study found that children in martial arts have an increased sense of responsibility, a decrease in the willingness to take foolish risks, and a higher sense of self-esteem. This is why millions of parents are using martial arts to supplement their children’s education. Martial arts are a fun, fulfilling workout for adults too! Our adult students really appreciate the differences between martial arts training and standard exercise programs. We’re proud to offer classes that help you get in shape, relieve stress, build confidence, learn lifesaving skills, and have fun with your family! Since 2001, Jerry Hansman has been providing quality instruction in Karate and the martial arts in the Indianapolis/ Carmel/Zionsville area. We believe in great instruction to foster our student’s self-esteem by providing a challenging Martial Arts Program. We believe that in providing a safe environment in which to learn we will develop a sense of “family” within our school in which the development of the student is shared among the parents and instructors. We believe in teaching high standards of behavior, responsibility, ethics and citizenship. Sensei Hansman has been training in Martial Arts for 44 years. He served honorably for eight years in the United States Marine Corps as a Military Policeman and also instructed U.S. Marines and foreign Army units Martial Arts. He was assigned to the Diplomatic Security Bureau of the United States 2

Department of State and served at overseas post in Africa, South America, Europe and Asia. He served his community as a Police Officer for seven years and taught Close Quarters Combat for Law Enforcement agencies including the U.S. Department of the Treasury. Sensei Hansman trains on the island of Okinawa, the birthplace of Karate and teaches his students true Okinawan Karate. They are an authentic Okinawan Karate Dojo teaching authentic Okinawan Karate. They are not a McDojo; selling belts and awarding Black Belts to children simply for showing up to class. Sensei Hansman knows that Karate is an Art and teaches it as such. He knows that an art of self-defense takes years of training to master and each movement requires thousands of repetitions to make a muscle memory. He also knows that in a Karate dojo, no one sits on the bench; everyone is a starter and participates. This is why he ensures that his students learn the true Art of Karate not the watered down “sport” that most schools pass off as Karate today. So, if you are ready to learn the ancient art of Okinawan Karate, taught by someone who has trained with the Masters on Okinawa, don’t put it off, start today!

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Tutor? Learning Specialist? So what is the difference between a tutor and a learning specialist? When we founded j&R Tutoring Academy, we – obviously – referred to ourselves as tutors. However, since that time and almost without realization, we have become learning specialists. Is there a difference? Yes, there is. A tutor is someone who focuses on subject matter with the intent to reinforce the subject being tutored. A tutor may help the student complete homework, or provide additional instruction in a specific subject. A learning specialist does not limit instruction to subject matter. We work to identify the cause(s) of the educational difficulties and challenges while also providing the subject matter instruction. The move from tutor to learning specialist began with our first student. She was a delightful 6-year-old young lady who had repeated pre-k at the 4

recommendation of her teacher. As the second year of pre-k was coming to a close, it was apparent that she was still not ready for kindergarten. Although I had some course work in learning issues, I knew I needed more information to help this young lady. Thus began my journey into the learning specialist arena. At j&R we note any issues a child exhibits when trying to do their school work. If we suspect there is a problem, we have numerous screenings to identify possible learning roadblocks. We then incorporate activities to help the child learn. Every child has the capacity and desire to learn. If they are having trouble in school, it is very likely that there is something creating a roadblock. Finding that roadblock and addressing it is the key to opening up the world of learning for the child.

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ily Tuesday Con't. Fam ht Cheese Burger In Paradise South Indy 883-4386 Nig & ree Patriot Grill Restaurant 1265 N. Madison Greenwood 851-8252 Kid’s Eat Free and Magician at F E Teddy’s Burger Joint 222W.Southport Rd Indy 893-2791 s Kid Con’t. Thr3e Wise Men Brewery 1021 Broad Ripple Ave Indy 255-5151

Monday Thru Sunday Multiple Days

Main Event Geist Location Monday through Thursday 5 to 8 Free kids meal with paid adult meal 317 336-3500 Jim Dandy Family Restaurant Kids’ 5 and under eat free 2301 Conner St.773-3288 Noblesville PaPa Roux 8950 E. 10th Indy 603-9861 Nightly after 4 Perkins 250 Noble Creek Dr. Noblesville Monday Thru Wednesday 4 to close 776-2800 Barley Island Brewing Co. 630 Conner St.Noblesville 770-5280 Tuesday and Wednesday Quizno’s 14300 Mundy Dr Noblesville 7 days a week 4 to close dine in only 773-7041 The Original Pancake House 3 Free Pancakes for children 7 and under with adult entrée purchase Monday through Sunday at Noblesville, Fishers, and Indianaopolis locations Tucanos Brazilian Grill Noblesville Kids 7 and younger eat free everyday. Chef Mikes Charcoal Grill 102 Woodland Dr Indy Kids 5 and Younger eat for 99 cents Wuzzlers Grill and Spoon Greenwood 884-9468 Kids eat free w. adult meal Monday-Friday

Max and Erma’s Carmel and Greenwood 705-3988 and 882-4477 Max and Erma’s Carmel Free Kids Meal with adult meal. Panda Express 17055 Geist Pavilion Dr. Fishers 5-9, 770-9684 Bob Evans all area locations. Kid’s meal free with adult meal. Teddy’s Burger Joint Southport Rd. Free kids meal w/ adult meal 5 to 9 evening. Chili’s Grill and Bar Greenwood & E 82nd St. Two free kid’s meal with each adult meal. Joe’s Shelby St Diner 783-9590 One kids meal free with adult purchase 5 to close. Thr3e Wise Men Brewery Broad Ripple Kids eat free on Tuesday with VIP Club Membership. Detour American Grill Fishers In. Kids Eat Free with adult Meal Tuesday and Thursday.


Michaelangelo’s 550 Westfield Rd. Noblesville Kids Eat Free 773-6066 Johnny Rockets Greenwood Mall and Castleton Mall 881-6240 and 578-8015 5 to 9 Barley Island Brewing Co. Noblesville In Free Kids Meal with Adult meal Wednesday and Thursday Johnny Rockets Castleton Mall Kids meal free with each adult meal 5 to 9 Books and Brews 9402 Upton Dr Suite 1400 Free Kids meal w/ Adult Purchase Continued Page 8


Chick Fil-A 3360 W. 86th St. The Pyramids, Indy 871-5330 Mexico City Grill Emerson Ave Indy and Fishers In. Free kids meal with adult meal. Roscoe’s Taco’s Greenwood Kids meal free with Minimum $6 adult meal. Mexico City Grill Fishers 11653 Fishers Station Rd 577-1900 Mexican City Grill Indy 8028 S. Emerson Ave 884-4901 Castlers Kitchen and Bar 11501 Geist Pavilion Dr. 596-9810 Fishers 5-9 Texas Road House Fishers 12950 Publishers Dr. 585-5020 Family Night 1.99 Kid’s Meal Culvers Kids NightFishers 96th St Every Monday, 5:30-8:30 pm and Indy 71st and Georgetown – Every Monday, 5:30 – 8:30 pm

Face Painting Balloons and Clowns


All area Fazoli’s 99cent Kids meals Tuesday evenings 5-8 call for details. MacKenzie River Pizza Carmel and 82nd St Castleton 564-4211 and 288-0609 Scotty’s Brewhouse 3905 E. 96th Street Indianapolis, IN & 1 Virginia Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46204 CR Heroes 10570 E. 96th St. Fishers 576-1070 5-p Face Painting & Balloon Animals Cancun 6714 E 82nd St, Indianapolis 578-7054 Chick Fil A Noblesville Family Night First Tuesday of each Month from 5-8pm 773-4100 Chick Fil A Carmel 14647 US 31 North Family Night each Tuesday from 5-8pm 815-9465 Hellas Café 8501 Westfield Blvd 257-6211 Indy Champps Indy Northside 8711 N. River Crossing Blvd. 2 children eat free with 1 adult meal all day Tuesday Bob Evans’ Family Night from DJ 6-8pm One kid eats free with adult meal purchase. Greenwood In Joe’s Shelby St. Diner Indy 783-9590 10-01 Food & Drink Broadripple Kids Eat Free Tuesday with purcahse of adult meal. Call for Details 6

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ily Fam ht Thursday Nig Johnny Carino’s Greenwood 885-5735 & ree F Barley Island Brewing Co. Noblesville Free Kids Meal with Adult meal Wednesday & Thursday Eat Kids Con’t. Detour American Grill Fishers In Kids Eat Free with adult Meal Tuesday & Thursday. Johnny Carinos Greenwood Kids meal free with adult meal. Culvers Kids Night Noblesville – Every Thursday, 5:30 - 8:30 pm

Face Painting Balloons and Clowns


Illinois Street Food Emporium Indy Free kids meal with each adult meal 4 to close Skyline Chili Indy Locations Kids meal 99 cents 5 to close.


Steak N Shake all Indianapolis locations

Chick Fil A Avon Rt 36 Daddy/Daughter Date Night Saturday, September 3 5 to 8 pm Indianapolis Indianas Victory Field Kids Eat Free with at least an $8 purchase.


Michaelangelo’s 550 Westfield Rd. Noblesville Kids Eat Free 773-6066 Scotty’s Brewhouse 3905 E. 96th Street Indianapolis, IN & 1 Virginia Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46204 Granite City Food and Brewery 150 W. 96th St Carmel 218-7185 5-9 Magician 5-8 Grindstone Charley’s Rockville Rd and Crawfordsville Rd’s Indy 243-8760 and 481-1870 Steak N Shake all Indianapolis locations Rock Star Pizza 922 E. Main St. Brownsburg 858-1188 all day dine in Only Indianapolis Indians Kids Eat Free Sundays: Children 14 & under receive a voucher good for a hot dog, bag of chips & bottle of water with price of admission. Books and Brews 9402 Upton Dr Suite 1400 Free Kids meal w/ Adult Purchase Grand Junction Brewing Westfield Free kids Meal with Adult Meal (Please call ahead to verify details)


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Play Time Helps Babies Develop Recent research reveals the long-term importance of executive function skills learned in early childhood. Executive function skills are the mental processes that enable the ability to plan, conceptualize, focus attention, remember instructions, maintain self-control, and handle multiple tasks successfully. These skills affect every aspect of life through adulthood. The brain needs this skill set to filter distractions, prioritize tasks, set and achieve goals, and control impulses. Children’s natural development lends itself to focusing on these skills early, and many of the things we do with young children on a daily basis are tasks that will develop executive function…as long as we are focused and think about these tasks in a purposeful manner. Working on executive function skills should be fun and feel natural, so that your child doesn’t even realize the development that is happening. Games like Peek-A-Boo and Memory work on multiple executive function skills at the same time. Songs, finger plays, and rhymes help develop working memory. Even cooing and babbling back and forth with your baby helps develop Inhibition and Self-Control. Using strategies like repetition, wait time, talking out loud about what you and your child are doing while you are playing together, and asking your child thoughtful questions while reading books with them will help develop executive function skills. Start early, play hard, and enjoy focused time with your child to help with this critical brain development! I promise that when your child starts to drive you will be happy you did! Carrie M. Tamminga, M.A., CED, LSLS Cert. AVEd. Early Intervention Program Lead Listening & Spoken Language Specialist St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf 12

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Adam’s Autism Journey By JooHee (Adam’s Mother)

Before coming to ABC, Adam was almost completely nonverbal. He also had a lot of behavior issues and a lot of tantrums. We just weren’t sure what to do with those. Ultimately, he was just unable to communicate and that was the biggest frustration for us, as well as for him. After getting Adam’s Autism diagnosis, I’ll admit that I was a bit overwhelmed at first in trying to decide what to do for my child. We wanted Adam to develop enough skills (language, social, behavior, etc.) to be as independent as possible someday when he’s an adult. While we may not know what that looks like for him yet, we just knew that school was simply not the right environment for him. We wanted to find a place that specialized in ABA and was able to give that dedicated one-on-one attention. We began looking around centers and we immediately loved ABC. We took a tour of one of their centers and it just felt right for us. That, paired with the fact that the owner of ABC has a son with Autism, really confirmed our decision. After coming to ABC, it has been an amazing transformation. He is definitely more verbal. He is able to communicate his thoughts and his needs. He can even express his feelings. I will never forget the first time he said to me “mommy, I’m mad. I don’t like that.” I was absolutely floored and so excited at his ability to calmly express himself. I’ll never forget the first time that he came home and started talking about the kids in his program. He referred to them as friends and he talked about them and talked about what he did with them. That is such an important thing to hear as a mother. The amount and severity of tantrums have also greatly reduced since he started at ABC. That is something that


really impacts you as a parent. I always wondered “will I be able to take him out to a store? Will I be able to take him out to a restaurant? How do I deal with this?” But now I take him everywhere. He listens to my instructions and stays by me the whole time. Now he is so much fun to take around! Another big ABC transformation for Adam was through his haircutting program. Everyone needs a haircut and ABC offers a haircut desensitization program that, I have to say, is outstanding. Before ABC, we would try to cut his hair at home and literally it was just tantrums and tears. I would hold him down and hug him. He would be crying. He was an absolute mess while my husband was trying to cut his hair because he couldn’t stand the clippers. We absolutely dreaded it but it was something that we had to do. When we came to ABC, that was one of the first program goals that we worked on. Now he will sit there and giggle and he will verbalize “that tickles.” To go from tantrums and having to hold him down to being able to stand and laugh with him is just an indescribable transformation. Adam has come so far and we are so proud of him. I cannot give enough examples of how much our child has progressed through his therapy at The Applied Behavior Center for Autism. We are so pleased with the results of his ABA therapy and look forward to the progress that our child will yet make.

To make a difference in the lives of children and teens with autism, apply today!

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September 2016 Saturday, August 6 – Jnauary 22 The Children’s Museum: Doc McStuffins Exhibit Experience the first-ever children's museum exhibit based on Disney Junior's award-winning series, Doc McStuffins! Join the magical storytelling of Doc McStuffins through imaginative play and hands-on activities that impart life-lessons about health and wellness. And, the exhibit will keep you up to date with Doc’s latest adventures, as it is set in the new McStuffins Toy Hospital, which will be featured on the new season of Doc McStuffins premiering in summer 2016!

Saturday, September 10, 2:00-5:00pm 12th Annual Out of the Darkness Community Walk at White River State Park. The Out of the Darkness Community Walks are the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention's (AFSP) signature fundraising campaign, bringing together family, friends, colleagues, and supporters at 3-5 mile walks in hundreds of communities across the country.When you walk in the Out of the Darkness Community Walks, you join the effort with thousands of people to raise funds and awareness for AFSP's vision to create a world without suicide. Register online at

Sunday, August 28, 12:00pm Dig IN – A Taste of Indiana at White River State Park. Make your way to White River State Park for Indiana's seventh annual premier food festival, Dig IN: A Taste of Indiana. More than 35 Indiana chefs, brewers, vintners and food artisans will showcase a bevy of prepared dishes and beverages. The single-price admission includes all the samples and live performances by Indiana-based musical groups.

Saturday, September 10, 4:30pm Colts Kickoff Concert - Eli Young Band at Georgia Street in Downtown. The Indianapolis Colts host their fourth annual Colts Kickoff Concert, presented by Verizon and sponsored in part by Bud Light, Hank FM and Downtown Indy, Inc., on the east block of Georgia Street in downtown Indianapolis. This year's concert will feature Eli Young Band with special guest Clayton Anderson and also appearing, Southern Country. The Colts give you the opportunity to enjoy a free concert, along with performances and autographs from Colts cheerleaders and Blue. The concert will offer Bud Light drink specials and food provided by Kilroy's.

Saturday, September 5, 11:00am - 6:00pm Indy Labor Fest on Georgia Street. Three days of nonstop fun on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend. Georgia Street will be transformed into Indy LaborFest, a free-admission street festival featuring live music, food, beverages and a kid's zone. The premier event is a collaboration between the Central Indiana Labor Council and Clear Channel Communications. Saturday, September 10, 9:00am Penrod Arts Fair at The Indianapolis Museum of Art. Indiana's nicest day, Penrod Arts Fair, is held on the beautiful grounds of the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Organized and presented by the Penrod Society, the event includes more than 300 artists, more than 75 arts-related non-profit organizations, live entertainment, children's activities, the Indiana Craft Beer Garden, and great food from local restaurants. 18

Sunday, September 11, 1:00pm Children’s Festival for Arts & Education at 502 East Event Centre. Discover your talents! Join us for a unique festival to celebrate the International Talent Academy's 10th anniversary and have fun playing, learning, performing! Children will play educational and arts games, meet story characters, earn prizes for their Travel Passport, learn exciting new things, and participate in or watch the talent show! Adults will learn about child development, see ITA programs in action, meet other parents, connect with local businesses, and watch their children having fun!

Fun Events starts and finishes at Lions Park in Zionsville, IN at 7:30 am. Distance is 5K or 10 mile walk or run and is now a timed event! The courses will go through scenic Zionsville. Sunday, September 18, 12:00 – 4:00pm Hispanic Heritage Fiesta at the Indianapolis Zoo. Join us each fall to celebrate the culture and traditions of Latin America through a variety of special afternoon activities fit for the whole family! This event is a great enhance to a Zoo visit! Hispanic Heritage Fiesta includes extra festivities that celebrate this great culture with an animal scavenger hunt, a piñata every hour presented by 4moms, community partners and bright decorations! Crafts will include making sarapes, decorating castanets and coloring country flags. Saturday, September 24, 9:00am 15th Annual Answers for Autism Walk at Cox Hall Gardens in Carmel. The walk is a 1-mile, stroller friendly and wheelchair accessible walk. The walk itself is just a small portion of the day. Kids of all ages can participate in sensory activities, bounce houses rock climbing walls, and enjoy the live music. Participants also can bid on silent auction items and receive information from sponsors and information on issues surrounding autism. Refreshments are also served. Saturday, September 24, 10:00am Indianapolis Walk to defeat ALS At The Lawn at White River State Park. More than just a few-mile trek, the Walk to Defeat

ALS® is an opportunity to bring hope to people living with ALS, to raise money for a cure, and to come together for something you care about. The Walk to Defeat ALS® is The ALS Association’s biggest annual event, which raises funds that allow our local chapters to sustain care services and support research for much of the next year. Please visit to register. October 14 – November 12 Beef & Boards presents “The Little Mermaid” So begins Hans Christian Anderson's classic story of "The Little Mermaid." This whimsical retelling of the original 1837 fairytale features an adventurous mermaid named Melody, who wants to emerge from the safety of the deep sea and explore what's beyond the ocean surface: the human world. But King Poseidon forbids his daughter from leaving her underwater home to be with dangerous humans. When Melody slips away from her own birthday party to see for herself, she winds up rescuing a drowning prince and falling in love with him. Desperate to become human, she bargains with Seaweed, the evil sea witch, to make her dream come true - at the cost of her beautiful voice. Along with her friends Bobell, the frog, and Turtell, the turtle, Melody sets out to find her land legs and true love!

If you would like your event included in our monthly calendars, submit it by going to

Saturday, September 17 St. Vincent Cancer Walk The St.Vincent Cancer Run/Walk Challenge

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Proud Sponsors of Resources for Special Needs Children

& Access Behavioral Solutions Clinic Pg 4 317.802.7447 Access Behavioral Solutions is making ABA services available by bringing the therapy to you- in your home, in your community, or in the clinic.

Natural Valley Ranch Pg. 27 317-509-3577 Birthday Parties, Trail Rides, Lessons, Petting Zoo Hayride/Bonfire, Therapeutic Riding

Applied Behavior Center for Autism Pgs 14, 15 & 28 ABC for Autism is proud to be Indiana’s largest and longest running ABA therapy provider. With 7 locations statewide (Indy North, Early Childhood Center, Indy West, Greenwood, Richmond, Terre Haute and Carmel), ABC provides one-on-one individualized programming in the areas of ABA therapy, behavior consulting, speech therapy, occupational therapy and special needs swim lessons for ages 2 and older.

St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf Pg 12 317.471.8560 Leaders in Listening and Spoken Language. Supervision Infrared Sauna 317-849-8446 For treatment of autism.

Natural Valley Ranch Pg 27. 7


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A Child Always Has Choices A parent’s job is to help them to achieve, learn the lessons of life and to keep them safe. Unfortunately, it can be excruciating when your child comes home and is very upset about something and you watch him or her struggle to make sense of the pain. As a parent you want to solve the problem, or find ways for your child to fix the problem so that your child won’t feel so powerless. When your child is confronted with a difficult situation, it can be an opportunity to teach your kids that there are always things one can do to manage a tough situation. When the problems have an emotional component to them and involve stress in the family or at school or with friends, parents can help their children tease out what is bothering the child the most about the situation. They come in to my office looking for some guidance and hoping that I can help them come up with some problem-solving alternatives that will make both their child's life and their own life feel more manageable. Although there is not a one size formula that fits all ... there are formulas to help kids to assess what resources they can use. Typically, I give families some guidelines that will help to navigate them through life. Consider this situation:

follow the formula whereby they look at three very specific questions. The questions may seem simple but they will help reinforce what they can do as a team or individually to cope better.

Carol Juergensen Sheets

The questions are: Can you control this situation? If so, what do you need to get the outcome that would feel more manageable? If not, what do you need for yourself to improve the situation? In looking at any problematic situation it is important to have faith in your child without doing the work for him. You get to teach your child that there will be some things in life that he cannot control. Truly both Mom and her son can share how they feel about dad’s alcoholic and workaholic tendencies with dad. Sharing their feelings is a powerful and a courageous thing to do. Realistically “this share” will likely not change dad’s habitual processes but it is powerful because it is honest and open communication.

A mother brings her son for counseling because he seems to be struggling at school. As I do the assessment I find out the dad is a workaholic, has a drinking problem and it is causing great sadness for both mom and her son. I suspect that this is causing poor school performance The number one rule in working with this kind of family is to know that mom and son can only change themselves,

The outcome this child wanted was for dad to stop drinking and to be around more. (Realistically, this will likely not happen.) Regardless the next step is to ask themselves what can THEY do to improve the situation? After Mom and son were assertive with their feelings, they chose to go to AlAnon and AlaTeen to get the support they deserved. This taught her son that when things look out of control, there are ALWAYS things you can do.

They likely have no control over how dad acts. As I work with Mom and her son, I typically ask them as they are describing the struggles to

Helping your child to recognize their own resources is a great gift to give to your child in the school of life!

Carol Juergensen Sheets LCSW PCC is a psychotherapist and personal life coach. She does motivational speaking and empowerment trainings locally and nationally. To find out more about her services--contact her at or call her at 317-218-3479. 22

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Art Classes, Parties & Painting Events! Art Classes, Canvas Painting Events, Birthday Parties & More.

Save Your Spot & Register Now for the New School Year! Ages 4 to Beginning Adults Carmel, Fishers & Noblesville 317.443.6831 Zionsville 317.490.6625


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September 2016 indy kids directory  

September 2016 Indy Kids Directory

September 2016 indy kids directory  

September 2016 Indy Kids Directory

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