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LINDA H. HAVEL A Trustworthy Laywer Who Cares Finding a lawyer that will fight for you and touch base with you on a frequent and personal level is not easy to do. When you hire me, this is the type of communication you will get. I have 23 plus years of experience in personal injury litigation and trial work. I have represented individuals suffering from serious injuries to the brain and body including but not limited to brain injuries, neck and spinal injuries, eye injuries, burn injuries, and injuries of the limbs including paralysis. I will help you understand what your damages are including possible long term impairment, the amount of any past lost wages, and the loss of your ability to continue working in your present job or to compete in the workplace. I fight for payment of your past and future medical bills as well as compensation for your pain and suffering, permanent disfigurement, permanent impairment, scarring, cognitive impairment, emotional distress, and the overall loss of the quality of your life. Regardless of the size of the case, I fight as hard as I can for my clients.

PROACTIVE STEPS YOU CAN TAKE TO PROTECT YOUR PERSONAL INJURY CLAIM BEFORE YOU HIRE AN ATTORNEY When someone is injured in an accident, whether it’s an auto, motorcycle, or bicycle accident, a slip and fall, or some other circumstance caused by another’s negligence, that person is in shock. It is difficult to think straight or ask the right questions. Many times, a person is too injured to do anything at the time of their injury other than seek medical attention. But often, that is not the case. Knowing what to do beforehand can help you protect your claim. Here are some simple tips on what to do if you are injured:

Collisions involving moving vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, trucks: Photograph the scene where the collision occurred before vehicles/motorcycles/trucks or bicycles are moved Photograph the damage on all vehicles/ motorcycles/trucks or bicycles before they are moved Provide a statement to the investigating officer explaining what occurred from your point of view

Obtain a copy of the police report from Notify your auto insurance carrier right away that you have been involved in an accident Don’t agree to allow your motor vehicle to be salvaged by your insurance carrier until you have had a chance to examine your vehicle and take photographs. If liability is in question, you may need the property damage information to help your case.

Slip and Falls:

Photograph the rug, mat, spill, step, hole, obstacle or other item or circumstance that caused your fall. If the slip occurred as a result of a mat or rug, photograph the underside of the mat or rug before leaving the scene Report the fall to a person with authority and provide your own written account - do not sign their written account Ask for a copy of the incident report before you leave the scene Ask for the name of the company’s insurance carrier and request that a claim for your medical expenses be opened pursuant to their med-pay coverage If the fall occurs at someone else’s home, ask for a copy of their homeowner’s insurance policy and/or the name of their homeowner’s insurance carrier

For all situations:

If requested, provide a tape recorded statement to your insurance company only – do not provide a tape recorded statement to anyone else’s insurance company or an investigator Seek immediate medical attention – do not wait and delay treatment Explain how you were injured to the attending physician Follow all of your doctor’s orders and keep a copy of all medical visits, prescriptions and records pertaining to you injury Know your health insurance coverage and keep track of your co-pays and expenses

If you have an injury and believe you may have a claim, I encourage you to contact me on my cell phone at 317-525-7754 or at my office at 317-576-8620 for a free consultation.

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Defense Mechanisms Can Create Faulty Thinking People use defense mechanisms to guide and direct them. When used excessively, it creates faulty thinking.

or “I take drugs because my parents drink alcohol.” Although rationalization helped children to make sense of the world, when used to extremes it keeps people from being responsible for their own behaviors.

Defense mechanisms help you cope with adversity. They are typically developed to Carol Juergensen Sheets protect you, but when they are used to the extreme, they create distorted thinking. The most common defense mechanisms include:

Minimization: This allows you to decrease the intensity of a situation. When minimization is used to protect, it keeps the child from experiencing an intense feeling. If parents divorce, most children feel responsible for their parents’ breakup, so they may minimize it by saying, “My parents don’t fight, they just argue a lot.” When adults use minimization it decreases the significance of their behavior, consequently they don’t recognize the effect their behavior has on others.

• Rationalization • Minimization • Denial As you read about these defense mechanisms, decide how many of them apply to you or someone you love. Rationalization: As a child, you grew up trying to make sense of the world. There is much research to support that children have difficulty comprehending complex situations until they are about age seven or eight. Prior to this age they must try to connect reasons to the things that happen to them. Consequently, rationalization occurs. Children create reasons for what the world delivers to them. Rationalization means that you make an excuse for what has occurred in your life, or you make excuses for your own behavior. As an adult, have you ever said, “I deserve to eat this piece of cake.” when you are on a diet, or “I have had a hard day and I deserve to have this drink.” or “I will buy this outfit because it’s 60% off (knowing you don’t need another outfit).” These are frequently used rationalizations to justify behaviors. Teenagers report that this is the number one defense mechanism they use when breaking a family rule. They comment, “I sneak out of my room because my parents are too protective.”

Denial: Denial helps to regulate the intensity of what is happening to them. If you find out that someone has cancer, the defense mechanism of denial might kick in and reassure you that your loved one really doesn’t have the illness and is not at risk for death. Denial should decrease once you get more comfortable with the reality. As you begin to accept the illness and the potential medical treatments, denial should subside. However, if denial does not subside it keeps the person in a delusional state. They are not able to adjust to the crisis. People who are addicted to drugs and alcohol are often in a state of denial. They do not believe they have a physical addiction and do not realize how their addiction affects others. The denial allows them to continue their behavior that supports the addiction. Denial can be a very strong defense mechanism. As you can see, it is easy to overuse defense mechanisms. Not only does it change the perception of what is happening to you, but it also interferes with how you handle life. If you are utilizing defense mechanisms as your primary way of coping, you will need to seek professional help to increase healthier coping skills. It will improve your life and the lives of others around you.

Carol Juergensen Sheets LCSW PCC is a psychotherapist and personal life coach. She does motivational speaking and empowerment trainings locally and nationally. To find out more about her services--contact her at or call her at 317 218-3479. You can watch Carol the Coach segments on WTHR’s Channel 13 Wednesdays @ 12:50PM. Please say “I found it in Indy Metro Woman Magazine!” Thanks!



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Beauty with a Benefit At the Chernoff 14th Annual Bazaar

he Chernoff 14th annual Bazaar benefitting the Survivors of T Violence Foundation was held

on Wednesday, October 2, 2019. Attendees enjoyed a fun-filled day of shopping, beauty, fashion, spa treatments, and education at the elegant Black Iris Estate in Carmel. The event featured the Wheel of Foundation that allowed guests to win after donating to the Foundation. Funds raised help pay for reconstructive surgery and scar improvement for people who have been injured from violence or abuse. “The annual event has become a tradition and our way to thank each and every one of our patients. It’s also a great way for new patients to learn about our office and our Foundation” says Dr. Chernoff. “We are honored to share our commitment to philanthropy and stories that have improved our patients lives.” More than fifty local Indiana businesses participated with one-ofa-kind creations and special offers. Attendees enjoyed complimentary chair massages from Massage Envy, facials from Dr. Chernoff’s Medical Spa, and delicious food all day made special by Thomas Catering. Attendees talked with patients who have been helped through the Foundation and learned about their heartwarming experiences. A large part of the event featured education on innovative skin care, injectables, laser skin improvement, and surgical procedures. Numerous giveaways from Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery and


participating businesses delighted the attendees. In addition to spa services, massages, and gifts, attendees experienced a new treatment called the SaltFacial. The SaltFacial restores the skin by exfoliation with all-natural sea salt, replenishes with hydrating antioxidants, and rejuvenates with high-intensity, multi-wavelength LED light therapy. The SaltFacial has been featured on the Doctors Show, in Cosmopolitan, Allure, and New Beauty. Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery is the first and only SaltFacial provider in Indiana. Additionally, Dr. Chernoff educated guests on a new growth factor treatment called Exosomes. This new treatment takes skin improvement to a level that has not been achieved in the past. Greg Chernoff, M.D., is a Triple Board-Certified Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. His practice is dedicated exclusively to aesthetic plastic surgery, cosmetic laser therapy, skin improvement research, and all forms of medical aesthetics. Dr. Chernoff’s love for his work and commitment to his patients moved him to create the Survivors of Violence Foundation providing scar improvement and treatments to individuals suffering from disfigurements caused by injury, violence, or abuse.

For more information about the Foundation, visit or 317-573-8899.

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Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery Appreciates All Who Supported the 14th Annual Bazaar

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November 2019 Friday November 1st FAVOR DANCES 5:00 – 7:00 pm Enjoy an evening of fun, excitement and dancing every FIRST FRIDAY of the month, 5pm-7pm at 5$ locations alternating monthly to cater to all areas of Indy. Please call or text for locations. Catered for all intellectually challenged youth and Adults (All Guardians, Caretakers and staff admission free) Contact Favor N U @ 317-978-0565 or 317-400-7734 or Saturday November 2, 9AM – 2 PM Power Recycling Day at the Indianapolis Zoo Get rid of your old computers and electronics the environmentally friendly way during our Power Recycling Day. Most electronics will be accepted, including cell phones, wires, cables, all batteries, TVs, microwaves, computers and peripherals. Basically, anything with a plug! Computer hard drive memories will be securely cleared before being destroyed. All screens monitor and TVs will have a $10 fee — any size or type. Laptops will be recycled at no charge. No need to get out of your car, just pull into the designated recycling zone in the Zoo parking lot and let our partners at Technology Recyclers unload your items for you. November 7 – 9 2019 Indy International Festival at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. 9am – 9pm Indy International Festival presents the unique opportunity to travel the world in just a few steps. At every turn, a different culture is represented by colorful displays, traditional dress, music, movement and dance, and food and drink. The Main Stage provides non-stop entertainment that is based on art, culture, and expression from all corners of the globe. November 6 – 10 Christmas Gift and Hobby Show at the Indiana State Fair 18

Grounds. Throughout the show Santa will be to greet visitors. You will also enjoy performances from local school choirs, singers, dancers and more.

Thursday November 7th 9-11am Successful Women Made Here! Successful Women Made Here is your backstage pass to business. Be a part of the interviews of notable entrepreneurs who create their brand, make millions and/or launch a product into the marketplace. At 250 W. 96th St. Ste. 300 Indianapolis, IN 46260. November 7th Monumental Marathon and Half Marathon, 5K and Kids Fun Run. The Monumental Health & Fitness Expo promises to provide one of the best opportunities to promote and market your company’s products and services this fall in the Indianapolis area. The expo is held in conjunction with the 12th Annual CNO Financial Indianapolis Monumental Marathon, Half Marathon, 5K and Kids Fun Run with an expected 25,000 participants. The marathon has grown to the 15th largest marathon in the U.S. The race starts and finishes near the Indiana State Capitol Building in downtown Indianapolis. November 8th – January 1, 2020 Christmas Night of Lights at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. Come see over 1 million lights synchronized to traditional and newer, rocking Christmas music played through your car stereo. November 13th 11:30am - 1:00pm One Zone November Luncheon Mark Lautman -When the Boomers Bail- How Demographics will Sort Communities into Winners and Losers at FORUM Conference Center, 11313 USA Parkway, Fishers, IN 46037 November 13 – November 15,2019 NAWBO Indianapolis/Kentucky Fall Retreat 2019 Location: West Baden Springs Hotel. Join us for an

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Calendar of Events educational yet fun Fall getaway! Escape from the everyday to a luxury hotel built more than a century ago. Network in a retreat-like setting with other members and corporate partners. Enjoy a power walk around the beautiful grounds, experience the thrill of the casino, relax in the spa, and attend an educational program. If you’d like to join us on Wednesday, limited rooms are available. Event schedule will begin Wednesday morning.

Sunday November 17th 12 pm Indy Beer Mile: Guided Walking Tour. Tour Indy’s trendy Mass Ave district while enjoying a taste and learn experience with your certified beer-savvy guide. During this walking tour along the buzzing Cultural Trail, you’ll visit the area’s popular German biergarten as well as a range of other Europeaninspired, beer-centric venues. You’ll do plenty of tasting! Generous beer samples and food included.

man’s journey to redemption.

November 21 – December 31 “A Christmas Story” at Beef and Boards Based on the movie classic! Set in the 1940s in the fictional town of Hohman, Indiana, the musical follows 9-yearold Ralphie and his quest for the Holy Grail of Christmas gifts — an Official Red Ryder carbine-action 200-shot Range Model air rifle. Ralphie plots numerous schemes to receive the coveted BB gun. All the iconic scenes from the movie are here, together with a versatile score! November 24 – November 30th Indianapolis Chinese Lantern Festival at the Indiana State Fairgrounds The Indiana Chinese Lantern Festival will illuminate the Indiana State Fairgrounds with more than 30 sets of larger-than-life size lantern displays.

November 21- 25, 2019 Turkey Trot 13.1M/10K/5K/1M Remote Run This means that site you can choose whatever you prefer. This can be at park, beach, stadium, GYM another race, favorite place, treadmill, near your town. Also, free feel to share your experiences unload photos or images of your town. Also, free feel to share your experiences unload photos or images of your run. You can run your own distances, Half Marathon/10k/5k/1k any time, any state. Depend of your lifestyle. Is not live event. November 17th December 26 A Christmas Carol at the Indiana Repertory Theatre. 'As the weather turns cold, warm your heart with Ebenezer Scrooge, Tiny Tim and spirits of the past, present and future. Filled with laughter and tears, A Christmas Carol celebrates the power of kindness and love in this uplifting tale of one Please say “I found it in Indy Metro Woman Magazine!” Thanks!



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Does Your Bra Really Fit?” Barbara's New Beginnings is an awardwinning lingerie fitting boutique. With more than 10,000 bras in stock at both the Fort Wayne and Indianapolis locations, each client is provided with a variety of choices to build her own custom-fitted lingerie wardrobe. Professional fitters at Barbara's train for 90 days before fitting alone. Truly, every woman can find her perfect fit at Barbara's. Lingerie styles available include lacy French bras with matching panties, t-shirt bras, nursing bras, high-impact sports bras, and more in AAA thru O cup! Indiana native and store owner Barbara Gilbert listens to fitter and client feedback before hand-picking lingerie styles for the two Barbara's New Beginnings locations. A walk into either store with chandeliers, colorful accessories, and smiling employees will show why many loyal clients say, “I just love shopping at Barbara's!” A woman who has never had a professional bra fitting before will be amazed at how much taller she stands and how much better she feels after her Barbara's experience. Professional fitters address and conquer bra challenges such as falling shoulder straps, band riding up in the back, ill-fitting cups, and unflattering fit and shape. A large selection of stock in gorgeous fashion colors and everyday basics ensure comfort and beauty for those who shop at Barbara's. Shopping for lingerie is by nature an intimate experience. Women who have

been frustrated by the trial and error of choosing styles and bra sizes in the past will be surprised at how comfortable this process can be. Barbara's New Beginnings' professional fitters make the fittings fun, informative, and empowering! No need to run in and out of the dressing room in search of the elusive perfect fit. Clients try on bras that that are personally selected for each individual by a professional fitter in private dressing rooms with comfortable chairs and pretty curtains. Each bra is assessed for fit and performance as the fitter demonstrates proper adjustment. An expertly fitted bra will stay in place no matter how a woman moves and will align the spine for better posture with less back and shoulder pressure. Better lift means that clothes will fit better giving a longer and leaner appearance instantly! Barbara says “I love what we do. This isn't just a bra business. It's a caring business!” Parting words from customers have included, “I feel like I look 10 pounds thinner,” “My clothes fit so much better,” and “I just found my new favorite store!” Affirmations such as these make Barbara proud to grow her business and give more women the experience they deserve. Enjoy the personal and professional care that our customers experience and discover the difference of a proper fitting bra. We look forward to helping you find your New Beginning.

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Indy Metro Women November 2019

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