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Benefits of Karate for Your Child

Karate is great for sports!

Karate develops skills that improve performance at other physical activities: skills like BALANCE, COORDINATION, FLEXIBILITY, REFLEXES, and SPEED! Coaches from other sports love players with a martial arts background.

Karate is great for school!

Karate teaches DISCIPLINE, TEAMWORK, SELF-CONTROL, and RESPECT for yourself and for others. Students at Phoenix Rising Karate train in a positive, SAFE, and encouraging environment, giving them the personal skills to interact with others in healthy, respectful ways.

Karate is great for home!

At our dojo, students and teachers are mutually respectful and cooperative, helping children to communicate with CONFIDENCE and RESPECT. We emphasize healthy choices and encourage a balance between work and play. We take pride in reinforcing the values of your home.

Phoenix Rising Karate is ready and waiting to welcome you into our family dojo. Register online today! 2


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Parental Supervision is Hard Work In today's world parents need to be a lot more alert and savvy to keep their child safe. it is no wonder that they come into the office with a dilemma that they want to run by a professional because they feel polarized about it. After talking about how special their child is and singing their praises.... they then describe some behavior that is problematic and wonder if they should "monitor or spy" on them to double check and make sure they are safe. Now I am a big believer in giving your child the independence they need to make good decisions and yet I know that it is imperative to pay attention to your gut and go to any means possible to insure their safety. I am the type of counselor who advocates that a client checks in with the parent of a child who is hosting a sleepover or party to inquire about supervision, rules and expectations regardless of the concern of your child that you are being over protective or smothering. Now that the world is digitalized, it poses the need for extra scrutiny. I tell parents that if your child has a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account, it can only be approved if you have full accessibility to it always including your child's passwords. I believe this is a better choice than parents who would like to use surveillance software to monitor their child's peer communications or interests. That way if the parent sees something concerning, they can address it and use it as a teachable moment for their child. The dilemma gets tougher when your teenager decides to opt for more control and opens multiple accounts and you figure out that he or she has outsmarted you (temporarily) because they are so much savvier than you. If you have

reason to believe that your child has tried to exert this extra independence from you it is OK for you to use a software system that tracks keystrokes or applications and pictures. I do advise that it is important to "have the Carol Juergensen Sheets talk" prior to any problems" that you will give your child his independence but if you become suspect you will go to any means to make sure they are safe. In other words, you explain to your child as you discuss internet expectations that you hope NEVER TO HAVE TO MONITOR ACTIVITY THIS WAY BUT IF YOU NEED TO YOU WILL AND THAT YOU WILL LET HIM/ HER KNOW WHEN YOU ARE DOING IT. Kids need to know that you are not going to match their deceit by deceiving them too. Besides, you need to be able to talk to them about your concerns which requires that you share that you have monitored them because you have been suspicious of their actions. Regardless of your child's age, as a parent you are always looking for teachable moments although the older they get .... the angrier they will be about your need to monitor and control their actions. They will likely make you feel guilty about your actions and they will understandably be incensed that you have violated their freedom. That is why I always advise parents to wait until they have solid reasons to use extraordinary measures to monitor their child's actions. It is tough being a parent especially when you must go to extraordinary means to keep your child safe!

Carol Juergensen Sheets LCSW PCC is a psychotherapist and personal life coach. She does motivational speaking and empowerment trainings locally and nationally. To find out more about her services--contact her at www.carolthecoach.com or call her at 317-218-3479. Please say “I found it in the IndyKids’Directory!” Thanks!




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Monday Thru Sunday Multiple Days Steak N Shake all Indianapolis locations Kid Eats Free with a 9.00 purchase Main Event Geist Location Monday through Thursday 5 to 8 Free kids meal with paid adult meal 317 336-3500 Jim Dandy Family Restaurant Kids’ 5 and under eat free 2301 Conner St.773-3288 Noblesville PaPa Roux 8950 E. 10th Indy 603-9861 Nightly after 4 Perkins 250 Noble Creek Dr. Noblesville Tuesday 4 to close 776-2800 Barley Island Brewing Co. 630 Conner St. Noblesville 770-5280 Wednesday/Thursday evenings The Original Pancake House 3 Free Pancakes for children 7 and under with adult entrée purchase Monday through Sunday at Noblesville, Fishers, and Indianaopolis locations Tucanos Brazilian Grill Noblesville Kids 6 and younger eat free everyday. 770-6988 Chef Mikes Charcoal Grill 102 Woodland Dr Indy Kids 5 and Younger eat for 99 cents All Indianapolis area MCL Cafeteria Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday all day 2 kids meals free with adult entre Fresh to Order Saturday and Monday all day Hamilton Town Ct Noblesville and Castleton Indianapolis Free Kids Meal with Adult entre. Monday Chick Fil-A 3360 W. 86th St. The Pyramids, Indy 871-5330 Mexico City Grill Emerson Ave Indy . Free kids meal with adult meal. 884-4901 Roscoe’s Taco’s Greenwood Kids meal free with Minimum $6 adult meal. Castlers Kitchen and Bar 11501 Geist Pavilion Dr. 596-9810 Fishers 5-9 Culvers Kids Night Fishers 96th St Every Monday, 5:30-8:30 pm and Indy 71st and Georgetown – Every Monday, 5:30 – 8:30 pm Tuesday All area Fazoli’s 99cent Kids meals Tuesday evenings 5-8 call for details. MacKenzie River Pizza Carmel and 82nd St Castleton 564-4211 and 288-0609 Scotty’s Brewhouse 3905 E. 96th Street Indianapolis, IN & 1 Virginia Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46204 CR Heroes 10570 E. 96th St. Fishers 576-1070 5-p Face Painting & Balloon Animals Cancun 6714 E 82nd St, Indianapolis 578-7054 Culvers Kids Night Indy 96th Street – Every Tuesday, 5:30 – 8:30 pm and Greenfield – Every Tuesday, 5:30 – 8:30 pm Face Painting Balloons and Clowns Chick Fil A Noblesville Family Night First Tuesday of each Month from 5-8pm 773-4100 Chick Fil A Carmel 14647 US 31 North Family Night each Tuesday from 5-8pm 815-9465 Hellas Café 8501 Westfield Blvd 317 257-6211 Entertainment by Sunny From Clowns etc. Joe’s Shelby St. Diner Indy 783-9590 10-01 Food & Drink Broadripple Kids Eat Free Tuesday with purcahse of adult meal. Call for Details Cheese Burger In Paradise South Indy 883-4386 Aspen Creek Grill 13489 Tegler Dr, Noblesville, IN 46060 Every Tuesday 4-8 Kids Meals 1.99 Balloons and Face Painting



Tuesday Con't. Patriot Grill Restaurant 1265 N. Madison Greenwood 851-8252 Kid’s Eat Free and Magician Teddy’s Burger Joint 222W.Southport Rd Indy 893-2791 Thr3e Wise Men Brewery 1021 Broad Ripple Ave Indy 255-5151 Max and Erma’s Carmel and Greenwood 705-3988 and 882-4477 Max and Erma’s Carmel Free Kids Meal with adult meal. Panda Express 17055 Geist Pavilion Dr. Fishers 5-9, 770-9684 Bob Evans all area locations. Kid’s meal free with adult meal. Teddy’s Burger Joint Southport Rd. Free kids meal w/ adult meal 5 to 9 evening. Chili’s Grill and Bar Greenwood & E 82nd St. Two free kid’s meal with each adult meal. Joe’s Shelby St Diner 783-9590 One kids meal free with adult purchase 5 to close. Thr3e Wise Men Brewery Broad Ripple Kids eat free on Tuesday with VIP Club Membership. Detour American Grill Fishers In. Kids Eat Free with adult Meal Tuesday and Thursday. Wednesday Michaelangelo’s 550 Westfield Rd. Noblesville Kids Eat Free 773-6066 Johnny Rockets Greenwood Mall and Castleton Mall 881-6240 and 578-8015 5-9 Barley Island Brewing Co. Noblesville In Free Kids Meal with Adult meal Wednesday and Thursday Johnny Rockets Castleton Mall Kids meal free with each adult meal 5 to 9 Books and Brews 9402 Upton Dr Suite 1400 Free Kids meal w/ Adult Purchase Thursday Johnny Carino’s Greenwood 885-5735 Barley Island Brewing Co. Noblesville Free Kids Meal with Adult meal Wednesday & Thursday Detour American Grill Fishers In Kids Eat Free with adult Meal Tuesday & Thursday. Johnny Carinos Greenwood Kids meal free with adult meal. Culvers Kids Night Noblesville – Every Thursday, 5:30 - 8:30 pm Face Painting Balloons and Clowns Con't on page 16

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Friday Illinois Street Food Emporium Indy Free kids meal with each adult meal 4 to close Skyline Chili Indy Locations Kids meal 99 cents 5 to close. Saturday Indianapolis Indianas Victory Field Kids Eat Free with at least an $8 purchase. Sunday Michaelangelo’s 550 Westfield Rd. Noblesville Kids Eat Free 773-6066 Scotty’s Brewhouse 3905 E. 96th Street Indianapolis, IN & 1 Virginia Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46204 Granite City Food and Brewery 150 W. 96th St Carmel 218-7185 5-9 Magician 5-8 Grindstone Charley’s Rockville Rd and Crawfordsville Rd’s Indy 243-8760 and 481-1870 Rock Star Pizza 922 E. Main St. Brownsburg 858-1188 all day dine in Only Indianapolis Indians Kids Eat Free Sundays: Children 14 & under receive a voucher good for a hot dog, bag of chips & bottle of water with price of admission. Books and Brews 9402 Upton Dr Suite 1400 Free Kids meal w/ Adult Purchase Grand Junction Brewing Westfield Free kids Meal with Adult Meal (Please call ahead to verify details)



& Access Behavioral Solutions Clinic www.accessbehavioralsolutions.com Info@accessbehavioralsolutions.com 317.802.7447

Access Behavioral Solutions is making ABA services available by bringing the therapy to you- in your home, in your community, or in the clinic.

Applied Behavior Center for Autism Pgs12, 13, & 24

7901 E. 88th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46256 The Applied Behavior Center for Autism is Indiana's longest running ABA provider. With over 20 years of service, ABC is building brighter futures every day. Each of our center offers unique attributes that allows us to provide high quality treatment to children and teens with autism spectrum disorder. With locations in Greenwood, Carmel, Castleton, Terre Haute, Richmond, and West Indianapolis we offer ABA therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, diagnostic testing, special needs swim lessons, and so much more! We are now enrolling for part-time and full-time schedules. Find us on social @ABCforAutism to learn more.

Contact: Jane Grimes Phone: 317-849-5437 Ext.104 Email: Jane@AppliedBehaviorCenter.org www.AppliedBehaviorCenter.org

Proud Sponsors of Resources for Special Needs Natural Valley Ranch Pg 22 www.NaturalValleyRanch.com www.NaturalValleyTherapeuticRiding.org Marie@NaturalValleyRanch.com 317-509-3577 Birthday Parties, Trail Rides, Lessons, Petting Zoo Hayride/Bonfire, Therapeutic Riding

St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf Pg 3 www.sjid.org 317.471.8560 Leaders in Listening and Spoken Language.

Supervision Infrared Sauna SupervisionWeightLoss.com 317-849-8446 For treatment of autism.

TIIBA www.tiiba.org 317.388.8131

The Indiana Institute for Behavior Analysis is a faith based organization. Founded in 2011, our employees are dedicated professionals and we provide the highest quality of ABA Therapy services.

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April 28 – August 28 Summer Concert Series at Farm Bureau

Wednesday, July 4. For your added enjoyment a local radio station will synchronize the fireworks show to music. The fireworks will launch from an area north of the Palladium and the east side of the Monon. Fireworks will be held RAIN or SHINE, unless there is severe weather.

May 13 – August 26 Kids Eat Free Sundays with the Indianapolis Indians at Victory Field located in White River

Wednesday, July 4, 10:00am Glorious Fourth at Conner Prairie. Join the

State Park. Kids Eat Free Sundays at Victory Field are perfect for families. All children 14 and under receive a voucher for a free hot dog, a bag of chips and a bottle of water with the price of admission. Vouchers can be picked up behind section 108. Plus, members of the Knot Hole Kids Club also get the opportunity to run the bases after every Sunday home game (weather permitting).

residents of 1836 Prairietown as they celebrate our country's birthday! Help decorate the town, join in games, dance and sing patriotic songs. Test your brains and brawn by participating in history quizzes and the strongest farmhand competition. Participate in militia drills, sample muster day cakes, hear a reading of the Declaration of Independence and help honor military veterans on this most important of 1836 holidays.

May 31 – July 15 A Beef & Boards: Annie Little orphan Annie

Wednesday, July 4, 12:00pm Westfield Rocks the 4th at Grand Park - The

Insurance Lawn at White River State Park. Visit https://www.whiteriverstatepark.org/venue/farmbureau-insurance-lawn-at-white-river-state-park/ for the concert schedule.

charms everyone’s hearts despite a next-to-nothing start in 1930s New York City. Songs include: “Tomorrow,” “Hard Knock Life,” “Maybe.” Discount of $10 off per ticket available to children ages 3-15. Children under age 3 cannot be admitted to this show. Not all shows may be suitable for all ages. www.beefandboards.com

Tuesday, July 3, 7:00pm Independence Celebration Concert and Fireworks at Saxony in Fishers. Blast into the

holiday with Saxony’s independence celebration concert & fireworks show. You’ll be moving and grooving the night away with your family and friends to the upbeat sounds of My Yellow Rickshaw beginning at 7 pm. During the concert, be sure to check out all the food truck options available at this event. Finally, raise your eyes to the sky at 10:00 pm to enjoy some spectacular fireworks show. This is an Independence Day celebration you won’t want to miss!

July 3 – July 4 Carmelfest - An Independence Day Celebration at Carmel Civic Square. CarmelFest is Central Indiana’s favorite festival for celebrating Independence Day! Come with your family and friends to enjoy delicious food, live entertainment, fun activity zones, and spectacular fireworks. It’s a heartland tradition you won’t want to miss! This all-volunteer led event is organized by the Rotary Club of Carmel. We are working hard to make CarmelFest 2018 a fun and memorable experience for everyone as we commemorate our country’s birth and celebrate freedom. A spectacular array of fireworks will hit the skies at 9:45 pm on


Sports Complex at Westfield. Get ready to rock this July 4th! Fantastic musical entertainment will be provided by the Jason Lee McKinney Band and our headliner, The Flying Toasters! Hunter, from RadioNOW 100.9, will serve as our emcee for the evening- beware of flying frisbee and beach ball giveaways from the Main Stage! Make sure to check out the RadioNOW booth to Spin the Wheel for chances to win more great prizes! Make sure you give yourself plenty of time check out FREE Kids Zone with tons of activities for kids of all ages! Bounce houses, face painting, balloon artists, corn hole, giant slides, bungee jumpers, human foosball and SO MUCH MORE! Head on over to the Colts Zone on July 4th where you can step inside the Colts in Motion traveling museum. Check out Colts memorabilia, learn more about Lucas Oil Stadium and challenge your friends with Colts Trivia with an interactive touchscreen quiz! You can also meet Colts Mascot, Tiny!

Wednesday, July 4, 1:00pm Independence Day Social at Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site. This Independence Day visit the home of America’s Hoosier President and join us for a patriotic celebration full of fun for the whole family! Try your hand at vintage Victorian games on the scenic south lawn. Sign your name to the Declaration of Independence. Enjoy a free tour of the 1st floor, complete with historic enactors. Kids can make crafts and explore using a special free Passport to History to guide them through this favorite 4th of July tradition. Plus, enjoy an ice cream cone for just $3 (all proceeds help underwrite educational programming at the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site.)



Wednesday, July 4, 7:00pm Party on the Plaza at Indianapolis City Market

in Downtown Indy. Bring your lawn chairs and picnic blankets to the Indianapolis City Market for a special Fourth of July party! The party features food, live entertainment, family-friendly games and activities, and the Tomlinson Tap Room beer garden. The event will culminate with the IPL Downtown Freedom Fest fireworks display. Guests of all ages are welcome to view the fireworks display from one of Indianapolis’ prime downtown vantage points – City Market’s Whistler (West) Plaza. The City Market will provide community style placemaking and programming throughout the evening with games and activities including face painting, ping pong, lawn chairs, sidewalk chalk, and corn hole. Spectators are also encouraged to enjoy the newly renovated East Plaza, which will feature a rain garden and bocce ball courts.

Wednesday, July 4, 6:30pm IPL Downtown Freedom Blast at Indiana

World War Memorial in Downtown Indy. Enjoy live entertainment from the Indianapolis Colts Stage, family fun in the Royal Pin Leisure Centers Kids Area, support local small businesses in the Indiana Originals Marketplace and get a magnificent view

of the Downtown fireworks display launched from Regions Tower!

Thursdays, July 5 – August 2 Animals and All That Jazz at the Indianapolis

Zoo. Animals and All That Jazz will be under the Bicentennial Pavilion again this year to offer more space to eat, drink, kickback or dance! This summer concert series features sensational music from several genres of jazz music and a variety of artists.

July 19 – August 26 A Beef & Boards: Million Dollar Quartet

This Tony Award winning musical takes place on December 4, 1956, when an extraordinary twist of fate brought Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and Elvis Presley together at Sun Records in Memphis for what would be one of the greatest jam sessions ever. www.beefandboards.com

If you would like your event included in our monthly calendars,submit it by going to wwwIndyKidsDirectory.com

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