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SPOTLIGHT CaringSmiles 4U Children and Adult Dentistry, your Dental Home, is devoted to comprehensive and preventive dental care for children, teens, and adults in a caring, fun and gentle manner in our lovely fun-filled, beach theme atmosphere for our children patients and a calming, elegant décor for our adult patients. At CaringSmiles 4u, Dr. Taylor and her staff are concerned about your total health care. We seek to instill good oral hygiene in our patients as well as to teach you that the dentist is your friend and is not just there for when you hurt. Establishing CaringSmiles 4u as your “Dental Home,” provides us the opportunity to implement preventive dental health habits that keep you and your family free from dental/oral disease. We focus on prevention, early detection and treatment of dental diseases, and keep current on the latest advances in dentistry. This will enable you and your child to maintain a beautiful smile for a lifetime. Our goal is to help all our patients feel good about visiting the dentist and to teach you how to care for your teeth. Our main concern here at CaringSmiles 4u is what is best

for you and your family and to build trust and confidence that will last a lifetime. Along with establishing a good oral hygiene routine, Dr. Taylor also understands the importance of a healthy smile in developing self-esteem. This is especially true in childhood and teenage years when children begin socialization and interacting with other children. “Your smile is one of the first things that is seen when you meet someone, and it is important to maintain a healthy and beautiful smile,” notes Dr. Taylor. At CaringSmiles 4u Children’s Dentistry, Dr. Taylor and her well-equipped staff see children as young as one year old. Establishing a rapport with the parent and child is important to Dr. Taylor and is the key to successful treatment. Our patients are our most important asset and we strive to develop long-lasting, trusting relationships. We welcome new patients and look forward to seeing you at CaringSmiles 4U Children and Adult Dentistry.

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Epitome of a Lady Epitome of a Lady is a mentorship organization for young adult ladies primarily around ages 19-30. Our goal is to serve those young ladies entering college or the workforce right out of high school or exiting college. Our mission is to provide Life journey to success education and mentorship relationships that teach and build selfempowerment, self-confidence and self-esteem. Epitome of a Lady began several years ago in the lives of 9th -12th grade girls to help build positive relationships and encourage career aspirations. It was originally designed to match these young ladies with young adult lady mentorship relationships. Having done that, we saw a need for our young adult ladies to have the same type of mentorship. We found that there is a lack of leadership for our young adult ladies entering into college and the workforce once completing high school and/ or college. As a result, we have begun to focus our efforts and mentorship on those young adult ladies that are navigating life through college, workplaces and/ or just the daily grind of life. The goal of Epitome of a Lady is to show young ladies how to deal with life’s challenges through one on one mentorship sessions or group classes. Some of the classes that we coach our young ladies include financial literacy, financial budgeting, credit score building, work-place success coaching and daily living strategies. Our mentors build lasting relationships and create a safe space for young ladies to take risks and push themselves and develop self confidence and self-esteem. Our program teaches goal setting and decision-making skills and helps our ladies discover their own strengths and capabilities and thrive in today’s society. We encourage you to give us a call to see how we may be of help in your life.

317-397-9346 5339 Georgetown Road 2nd Floor Indianapolis, IN 46254 Please say “I found it in the IndyKids’Directory!” Thanks!


Healing through Arts and Education Throughout COVID-19, Ascension St. Vincent has adapted and enhanced existing programs and services to ensure that patients and healthcare heroes are cared for in mind, body, and spirit. Here are highlights of the good work being completed by two programs thanks to donor support of the Ascension St. Vincent Foundation. The Healing Arts Program at Ascension St. Vincent is dedicated to promoting holistic healing through a combination of visual art, music and dance/movement interventions. The program has expanded its normal efforts to support healing throughout COVID-19. • Positivity Boards were introduced around the hospital to bring color, encouraging messages, and uplifting information to patient units. • A fun “Sneeze, Blow, and Throw” song was created to teach hospitalized children the ways to keep themselves and other people safe when they sneeze or cough. • Legacy Prints have been made to help comfort families who lost a loved one to COVID-19, including a digital thumbprint to be shared with family members as a lasting memory. In addition to helping patients, the Healing Arts Program also supports Ascension St. Vincent associates through activities that provide encouragement and stress relief. Along with spiritual care teams, the Healing Arts Program introduced a new “Code Lavender” protocol to provide focused support for associates when they have been involved in a stressful event at the hospital. Carts have been placed in units and include items such as art materials, aromatherapy, scripture, meditation guides, deep breathing exercises, and resources for virtual support. Another crucial program funded by the 8

supporters of the Ascension St. Vincent Foundation is the School Program at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital at Ascension St. Vincent. This program addresses the educational needs of many patients who are missing time from school as a result of their hospitalization through an on-site school program. The comprehensive assistance provided by the school program helps provide a sense of stability to patients as they battle their respective health issues. The ultimate goal is for all patients who require educational instruction or assistance during their hospitalization to successfully re-acclimate to their home schools with minimal difficulty. When COVID-19 shut down schools in the spring, Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital’s licensed teacher, Heather Wiselogle, began to teach remotely, using tools like Zoom and Skype. She developed creative ways to engage students and continued seeing as many students online as she was seeing in person. Through the Paws to Read program, students were able to read their favorite books to therapy dogs virtually. Heather also helped some high school seniors as they were dealing with the challenges of both online learning and their own health conditions during their final semester. She wrote letters of recommendation for scholarships and assisted with requests for accommodations for college. Funding of programs like Healing Arts and the School Program is crucial in supporting the needs of our patients and healthcare heroes. To learn more about Healing Arts, the School Program, and additional programs funded by the Ascension St. Vincent Foundation, visit give.stvincent.org or call 317-338-2338.


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Autism Awareness – From Spectrum to Kaleidoscope Awareness is more than gaining knowledge. It’s about changing your perspective. Consider the history of autism. In the 1960’s, individuals diagnosed with autism were often considered unteachable and ultimately sent to institutions. Behavior analysts, using the principles of applied behavior analysis, questioned that perception and began treating those with autism as individuals who simply learned in different ways. Here’s a new perspective for Autism Awareness Month. Autism is more than a spectrum. Autism is a kaleidoscope. A spectrum conjures up images such as a rainbow, with colors moving from red through orange, yellow, green, and blue to finally arrive at purple. The problem with a spectrum is that it makes it seem like one’s position falls somewhere between two extreme opposites. For autism, those extremes are often labeled high functioning autism and low functioning autism. But terms like high functioning and low functioning tell more about our society than they do the individual with autism. Applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy, an evidence-based treatment for individuals with autism, reminds us that each individual is unique. Like a kaleidoscope, our strengths and challenges create a unique pattern of who we are and how we interact with the world. One individual may relish friendships with others yet have difficulty reading social cues that make those relationships last. Another individual may prefer to do things on their own yet have difficulty finding the way to communicate that preference to others. The way we relate to each other does not fit neatly on a spectrum but rather creates a brilliant pattern of light and dark, brightness and intensity, color and form. At the Applied Behavior Center for Autism we remain committed to helping each individual grow by acknowledging who they are, building on their strengths, and overcoming their challenges. Utilizing the principles of applied behavior analysis, we seek to create an environment in which each individual is successful, each individual has the opportunity to learn, and each individual has a chance to improve their quality of life. The Applied Behavior Center for Autism - building brighter futures, for a kaleidoscope of individuals. Please say “I found it in the IndyKids’Directory!” Thanks!


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& Access Behavioral Solutions Clinic www.accessbehavioralsolutions.com Info@accessbehavioralsolutions.com 317.802.7447

Access Behavioral Solutions is making ABA services available by bringing the therapy to you- in your home, in your community, or in the clinic.

Applied Behavior Center for Autism Pgs 10, 11 & 20

7901 E. 88th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46256 The Applied Behavior Center for Autism is Indiana's longest running ABA provider. With over 20 years of service, ABC is building brighter futures every day. Each of our center offers unique attributes that allows us to provide high quality treatment to children and teens with autism spectrum disorder. With locations in Greenwood, Carmel, Castleton, Terre Haute, Richmond, and West Indianapolis we offer ABA therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, diagnostic testing, special needs swim lessons, and so much more! We are now enrolling for part-time and full-time schedules. Find us on social @ABCforAutism to learn more.

www.AppliedBehaviorCenter.org info@ AppliedBehaviorCenter.org 317-849-5437

Proud Sponsors of Resources for Special Needs Natural Valley Ranch www.NaturalValleyRanch.com www.NaturalValleyTherapeuticRiding.org Marie@NaturalValleyRanch.com 317-509-3577 Birthday Parties, Trail Rides, Lessons, Petting Zoo Hayride/Bonfire, Therapeutic Riding

Phoenix Karate www.phoenixrisingkarate.com 317-228-1872

Martial arts are great for children! A psychological study found that children in martial arts have an increased sense of responsibility, a decrease in the willingness to take foolish risks, and a higher sense of self-esteem.

St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf Pg 2 www.sjid.org 317.471.8560 Leaders in Listening and Spoken Language.

Supervision Infrared Sauna SupervisionWeightLoss.com 317-849-8446 For treatment of autism.

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The Problem-Solving Formula Parenting is tough. It can be difficult to watch your child struggle with a problem with a friend, peer, or teacher. You want to fix it for them or come up with just the right thing to do to make the pain go away. Parents have the tendency to want to solve the problem but solving the problem or taking over for the child is absolutely the worst thing that you can do. As a family therapist, I encourage parents to break down the process of problem solving into 4 basic steps that will help the child come up with his or her own solutions.

State the Problem

When a child comes to you and presents a problem some situation you ask the child state the problem in one sentence. This helps them to not get overwhelmed by the magnitude of the problem. How do you feel? Next, you ask them to identify how they feel about the problem. You help them by telling them that all of their feelings fall under the umbrella of 5 famous (primary) feelings. With small children I make it easier and ask them to identify them by the following: Mad Sad Glad Afraid Lonely Since the first three rhymes, kids can easily remember the “famous five feelings”. Explain to your children that any emotion can be reduced to any of these “famous five feelings”. The difficult task is getting them to pick the predominant feeling. Oftentimes they complain that they feel several feelings at one time. Tell them to pick the feeling that bothers them the most.

Brainstorm Solutions

The next step is to teach your child to come up

with a variety of solutions that might be helpful in working towards solving the problem. Teach them that any solution is a possibility and then list them on paper or keep reviewing the many choices.


It is important to Carol Juergensen Sheets teach a child that they will need to wait for a specific amount of time after executing the plan. Just as in life, we often have to continue to use the solution for a period of time before we see lasting results. Explore with your child how long he/she would like to use the approach before deciding if it needs to be changed. Now let’s look at an example: 1. Tommy comes home from school and says that his friend John won’t play at recess with him. 2. You ask him how he is feeling, and he says he is upset. You remind him that he has to pick one of the famous five feelings and you repeat them. He clarifies that he feels sad because now he has no one to play with. 3. Now you brainstorm and ask him what he can do to solve the problem? He tells you he can play with someone else or share his feelings with John or play a game of t-ball with the group or ask his recess monitor for help. 4. You ask Tommy to pick a choice (strategy) and he decides that he would like to see if John would come over and play and have pizza. You agree and then you encourage Tommy to ask John 3-4 times to do things with him and if after the 4th time John still remains noncommittal then it is time to pick another choice. These are important problem-solving skills that are invaluable for life. You are teaching your child how to deal with relationships and feelings in real time.

Carol Juergensen Sheets LCSW PCC is a psychotherapist and personal life coach. She does motivational speaking and empowerment trainings locally and nationally. To find out more about her services--contact her at www.carolthecoach.com or call her at 317-218-3479. Please say “I found it in the IndyKids’Directory!” Thanks!


December December 1, 2020 – January 3, 2021 Christmas Nights of Light

at the Fairgrounds 2020 Join us for the 2020 season of Christmas Nights of Lights at Indiana State Fairgrounds! This dazzling display of Christmas lights is synchronized to traditional and newer, rocking music, played through your car stereo. Come see shooting stars, floating snowflakes, dancing candy canes and lollipops, giant Christmas trees, and (a crowd favorite) enchanting tunnels of lights! Open nightly November 13, 2020 to January 3, 2021 - rain, shine, or snow!!! Supporting The Salvation Army!

December 5, 2020 Stocking Stuffer Craft Fair Come out to The Edge for an

Amazing day of shopping! The Stocking Stuffer Craft Fair has new vendors for all your Christmas needs. Start the day off with Breakfast with Santa from 9:00-12:00. Or enjoy an Early Bird Special in The Edge Dining Room from 2:00-4:30 with 15% off you meal. So save the date and see you there

December 5, 2020 Winter Wonderland Workshop ( ages 4-6)

At Indiana State Museum. Step into a winter wonderland and celebrate the season by designing and creating your own ornament, then engineer a non-edible gingerbread house.

December 5, 2020 Santa’s Workshop at the Childrens Museum of

Indianapolis Registration required $7 member adults; $13 member youths, $8.75 nonmember adults; $16.25 nonmember youths Get Santa’s elves need some help in this new holiday program! Decorate and assemble your own wooden toy Design your own holiday stationery to write a letter to Santa Create a candy cane ornament for your tree Visit with Santa and receive a special holiday treat to enjoy at home.


December 6, 2020 Holiday Open House! Join us for our 5th annual Holiday

Open House! Get your holiday shopping started or done in store and visit with Santa and Mrs. Claus from 2-4pm. Sales, specials, samples and more!! Join us!

December 5, 2020 Virtual Breakfast with Santa Join us on December 5th from 9:00 am to 11:00 am for our first ever Virtual Breakfast with Santa! Enjoy breakfast at home with your family. The event will have holiday music, interactive games, and a chance for everyone to meet with Santa. Follow this link to the online registration: https://autismcc-in.org/virtual-breakfastwith-santa-registration/ We will be using Zoom for our Virtual Breakfast with Santa. A few days before the event, we will email your time to join and Zoom link to use on December 5th.

December 12, 2020 Brownsburg Lions Club Holiday Bazaar at the

Hendricks County Conference Complex Holiday Bazaar filled with over 30 vendors representing local businesses. Support your area small businesses while finishing up your holiday gift list!

December 12, 2020 Santa’s Holiday Drive Thru 10 AM – 12 PM Kuntz Soccer Stadium Join Indy Parks as we celebrate the season with Santa's Holiday Drive-Thru! This is a chance for families to enjoy a holiday outing together while staying socially distant. While there are no activities outside of your car, you will have the opportunity to wave to Santa, drop off a letter to Santa in his mailbox, hear some fun holiday tunes and receive a special surprise. Families are asked to remain in their vehicles for the entire experience and must wear a mask when interacting with staff. Although this event is free, pre-registration is required and children must be present to receive their special goodies. We ho-ho-hope you can jingle all the way over to Kuntz Soccer Stadium and join us for this holly, jolly


2020 occasion! Register by clicking on the link below for your preferred time. You can also call Indy Parks Customer Service at 317-327-PARK.

December 13, 2020 The Polar Express in IMAX 3 D at Indiana State

Museum The Holiday classic returns! IMAX Indy is excited to bring The Polar Express in IMAX 3D back to the Largest Screen in the State! Our Polar Pajama Party offer returns this year! When your group wears their comfiest pajamas to the show, you'll receive one free child's ticket with the purchase of each full-priced adult ticket! There is some new info to know about this year's showings: - The health and safety of our guests and staff are our primary concern as we continue to present the community with a fun, safe environment in which to Experience films together. Read all about our COVID-19 safety procedures, such as required masks, enhanced cleaning, etc. here: https://www.imax.com/con.../theatrehealth-safety-procedures

December 20, 2020 Santa’s Holiday Breakfast 8:30 AM Indiana State Museum Enjoy a delicious and

festive breakfast featuring holiday music, decorations and Santa’s helpers in the Great Hall. Visitors will be seated to accommodate for social distancing, and a touch-free beverage and buffet service will be available. After breakfast, visit with Santa in his sleigh and take a ride on the Santa Claus Express train. Tickets are $33/adults (ages 13+), $24.25/child (ages 3-12), 25% discount for members, free for children younger than age 3. Registration required 24 hours prior to each event online at indianamuseum.org or by calling 317.232.1637.

December 20, 2020 Christmas at the Park 2020 6-8 PM 2949 North St. Nineveh, IN. Christmas at The Park is a drive-thru, interactive Christmas light show. Live characters, Free hot chocolate, pictures with Santa and the Grinch.

December 21, 2020 11:00 AM Christmas Caboose: Presented by Harbour Market It’s the most

wonderful time of the year! Celebrate with the whole family and spread some holiday cheer in our Christmas Caboose! Guests will take a cozy 35-minute ride in the caboose to see Santa’s North Pole while enjoying a cookie, listening to a holiday story, and singing carols! Kids will also be able to visit with Santa and receive photos from a safe distance. All Aboard this magical experience.

December 26, 2020 Indy Winter Farmers Market When: Every Saturday,

from November 7, 2020, to April 24, 2021 Where: Circle City Industrial Complex (1125 E Brookside Ave Indianapolis, IN 46202) The Indy Winter Farmers Market returns for its 14th season on Saturday, November 7, 2020, and runs every Saturday until April 24, 2021. The market is run out of the Circle City Industrial Complex, at 1125 E. Brookside Ave. The Indy Winter Farmers Market features a wide variety of vendors, including local farms, bath and body product shops, coffee roasters, woodworkers, composters, and much more.

December 27, 2020 Comprehensive Backstroke Racing Camp 9am IU Natatorium

Each camp will be led by Elite Clinicians who swam at the highest level and are exceptional teachers with a talent for explaining and demonstrating the technique required for fast racing! Visit FitterandFaster.com to see the full curriculum, session times, suggested participants, and to register.

If you would like your event included in our monthly calendars,submit it by going to IndyKidsDirectory.com

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