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Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson ​I good afternoon everybody my name's Andy Lancaster and the director of cloud services at dimension data have privileged to be here so thank you very much what I'm going to talk about today a little bit about dimension data's cloud services our portfolio of cloud services but the main reason for being here today was to listen to Tony Ryan a CEO of a customer of ours described how he has leveraged dimension data's cloud platform to accelerate their own and his own business unfortunately in the last 30 minutes we found out from Tony he's unavoidably detained and can't make it so all good plans fortunately with us today we have Garry Ramsey who is the Account Director who looks after a site from a dimension data perspective and so Gary's gonna talk through the same case study that Tony himself would have spoken through so hope that's okay a quick show of hands first of all who has heard of dimension data okay please leave up your hands for a second put your head up we have 0 DD put your hands let leave your hand up if you are aware of our cloud portfolio of services excellent that's pretty much one of thoughts that's ok so I'm going to spend a few moments talking about our cloud portfolio hopefully so there's more hands next time and then we'll hear from Gary so here we go it's a little bit about dimension data first of all ICT services company we use a technology experience global service delivery capability and a certain entrepreneurial spirit I guess within the company to help accelerate our clients business and one of the areas that dimension data is growing largely at the moment is in the area around cloud services so what do we have and how come we've got these portfolio of cloud services in July 2011 dimension data bought a company called op source who were North American managed hosting and cloud provider predominantly just east and west coast so dimension data saw op source and saw the rock-solid robust platform and offering that it had and thought with suitable investment this service could be truly globalized and so over the last two nearly three years now Dimension Data has taken that platform rolled it out on a global basis and evolved and deepened the portfolio to bring new range of services to our customers so what are those services look like the fundamental brains behind the platform is what we call cloud control it's our own proprietary orchestration and automation layer that sits in the platform and controls this range of services what are the range of services public cloud pay-as-you-go you know usual infrastructure as a service type of offering their private cloud is an exact replica of our public cloud that can be deployed in your data centers so you've heard a lot from companies today who you know public cloud maybe private clouds lacking in the portfolio we can absolutely deliver you your own version of the public cloud using exactly the same stack and put it in your data center lots of advantages from doing that it's the same orchestration automation layer you can extend from public to sokham private into public you can burst and also around things like security regulation compliance you're going to meet the applicable and appropriate data to keep in the private environment and let go into public what can go into public we've also got hosted private which is sort of a hybrid but it's run inside the public cloud but we will give you dedicated compute and dedicated storage so it shares the networking component within so that's that's another little interesting one for companies who really want to use the flexibility and scalability of public but still need certain regulations around the storage has to be dedicated or my compute has to be dedicated next one we've got a full range of white label and reseller options for this cloud so everything from just referral partners through to resale a white label all the way up to a formalized one cloud partnership that we have with great example is Jersey telecom or JT now we've deployed for JT exact replicas of our compute public cloud platforms one on Jersey one on Guernsey so they can take infrastructure as a service to their customers in their local market advantages for them it's all integrated and plugged into our own network of public cloud locations which I'll show you in a moment managed hosting we all not managed hosting is we we use that where there are parts of an application stack that maybe can't or don't naturally fit within the public table and application services so we've laid down this foundation of infrastructure what else can we give our customers in terms of software as a service or additional value-added services so Microsoft Lync Exchange SharePoint on a pay-as-you-go basis pay per user per month so that's fully live now across across the portfolio and also we are one of a few Cisco hosted collaboration partners as well so we're going to be launching the full range of unified communications as a service and integrating all that with the global cloud platform so my next slide really our final slide before I hand over to Gary is just to show you where we have this portfolio of cloud services and we've got currently got four deployed so it's three deployed in the u.s. Toronto is coming online quarter to south Paola's Canada Line quarter to London went live in February that was our announcement of cloud Expo a few weeks ago and Amsterdam Johannesburg in a South African company natural that we're we have a cloud in

South Africa two and four in Asia Pacific we can't actually keep updating these slides quick enough there's talk about you know New Zealand and we're really big on getting public cloud services closer to where our enterprise and our customers really need us to provide cloud services from so we really offer a differentiated footprint in terms of location also the dots aren't just through you know diagrammatical effect the dots are actually these are all interconnected on resilient high speed network links all one optimized so what we've done is created a really high performance cloud platform and infrastructure platform for our customers to leverage to accelerate there are their own businesses so that's what we've got and now I'm going to hand over to Gary sorry I'm not handing over to Tony what Gary knows his customer exceptionally well to talk about how a site have experienced the exceptional client experience and leveraged our cloud thank you thank you first of all apologies on behalf of Tony he can't make it I at least feel that I've walked much of this walk with him I've been the Account Director with a site for the last six years and I've seen them grow from an initial location just in the UK up to one where they're leveraging our technology all over the globe and I'll explain in more detail exactly where we're talking about that in the next few slides so meet a doddle that is the a-site product suite a doddle initially was started for the construction industry mainly on the procurement side of things it's so much more now it is the complete lifecycle management from the initial design of a building all the way through to the ongoing facilities management and ongoing monitoring the sort of smart monitoring you get in building these days as well as that I'm sure Tony would tell you how the LIA doddle platform is now going to be leveraged and put into other markets as well so they're moving away just from being in the building industry a doddle is a busy man a doddle has been involved in building terminal 5 he throw in building the Aviva Stadium in Dublin and if anyone knows that they're Dublin Rugby that they will remember that mr. O'Driscoll said bye-bye to that Stadium not so long ago and also Dubai International Airport those are just three of the very large high-profile projects that have been managed by a doddle that there are many many more a site currently have close to 5,000 air customers and over a hundred thousand users using this platform so this platform is instrumental in the successful building of many many buildings at the moment and also in the future so what's the vision what was the vision that a site particularly set up for themselves to that so they were visionary they were clear and they identified that hosted operations and hosting applications were going to be the future so they were one of the early adopters of cloud so they had they have been on the cloud journey for longer than most certainly longer than others in this particular sector and they wanted to build as it says application solutions to build better safer and more cost-effective buildings so so that was their vision and it's fair to say that at the beginning and when they started in 2002 they struggled a little bit and their costs were high their business value was only in a particular niche of the overall lifecycle and Tony came on board identified that he need to drive cost out the business and he needed to add more value to his customer base so he need to make a doddle a much more higher value to the overall business and that's why the product portfolio has broadened so much more and than then was it when it started so that was that the prop that was the vision that Tony had for a site so what were the challenges that he was set when he was looking at there so he was trying to identify how is he going to take a relatively struggling business and make it a huge success that it is today first of all he needed to reduce costs that was that was funny identified that that was a their current their model was it was capex intensive and quite expensive so that was an issue secondly he identified that they would probably need to enter new markets so they wanted to be although they were successful in the UK they needed to identify how they could be successful around the globe the US and the Australian market were two particular target markets that he identified that there was real opportunities in there were a growth he set aggressive growth targets for the business and we'll come back and we'll talk about how the growth internationally has made it help them achieve that and one of the cost elements as well as the infrastructure within his hosting environment was compliance certification and compliance is a huge cost in that particular sector the intellectual property of the architecture the building everything all there his customers very very security-conscious high-profile government contracts that was very stringent security requirements and certification processes and that was very costly and time-consuming for his staff and for his team he wants you to not work with a partner who could actually take some of that not all of it some of it away from him and we can see how we are able to help him there so what did he do in 2006 he migrated from Colo deployment that he had within a datacenter in London over into the dimension data cloud so started that cloud journey initially he had a production environment in our London datacenter and there and kept as a second duplication you you saw Ashburn was one of the locations that Andy showed you Ashburn as a disaster recovery location so that gave him a degree of resilience which was very important for the initial phase so that's where he started in 2006 but so much more now it's very very interesting we'll see where he's got to so the result what did he achieve by working with us well first of all the initial cost savings on the platform like for like for when he's did the original migration there was a 30% cost saving so so that was great that was that was a neo saving initially but more than that he was working with a partner that was able to grow into these

new markets so as I said he identified that the US and Australia were going to be relatively important or very important to his growth and he needed to have the single provider the single partner that would allow him to be able to support all those three environments and there and we were able to do that I think the Australian story is particularly interesting so we'll come back there one of the things that were the focus was that he could focus on innovation he identified that he needs be able to innovate faster and if his staff were doing managing the hosting environment I caught up in compliance management and things like that they wouldn't have time for innovation so the ability to innovate faster was it going to be a key business advantage by working with a full-service partner like dimension data in doing that he successfully grown that the growth last year was 26% so they've over doubled the revenue in less than three years very very impressive and as I said they've broadened therefore their platform with us initially the disaster recovery was in the u.s. the second phase of that was when that needed to become a production environment so they could share the workload so their US customers were served by their US location the European customers by London and then they were successful in winning some key contracts in Australia initially he the the feeling was that this could be supported out of the two data centers that they had one in Europe one in the US with some CDN technology content delivery you would therefore reduce the latency it turned out that wasn't good enough he found that the customer user experience was poor the response time was poor just because you could there was too much data that had to be refreshed back from the data centers so he came to us in September of 2012 pretty much with a pretty serious problem his customers in Australia were growing he was there they were removing very success from the sales front but they were dissatisfied with the response time very very unhappy how could we help him well we happen to have a cloud there that was just after the the Sydney cloud had been launched so we were able to say not a problem spin up the servers we've worked with you in setting up the environments and the other locations let's set that up within two weeks we had his his Australia environment in tests within a month he was in operation and made a significant improvement in terms of response time to his Australian customers and and now he was able to leverage the capabilities that Andy referring to in terms of the wine optimization because one of the big new features he was was collaborative building information systems very very a lot of datas involved in that and there needed to be data replicated between London Ashburn and Australia our one optimization meant that he was able to move these building models through to the local point contact that needed in Australia much much quicker you wouldn't get that with just a standard public cloud so I would hope he would be telling you I certainly will be telling you that we've been helpful and instrumental in Tony having the successful results that he's had and at that I just like to say thank you very much gives you a sense of the walk that we've walked with our customer and how we've delivered the value to allow him to focus on the innovation and deliver the results that he's needed to be successful so thank you very much you State University of New York State College of Optometry.