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Will Chill

a letter from our editor @hollyhoover_

Hi my loves, it comes with great pleasure to showcase our newest EYES & EDGE digital magazine! Our fashion editorial features the wildly talented stylist, Will Chill. Music portraits by our favorite, Dillion and the Ladies of Paradise give us a dose of how to live mindfully and stay lifted.- Holly Hoover (Editor)

William Breveard a.k.a Will Chill Is a young creative from Los Angeles, Cali. His background ranges from music, fashion, art direction and photography. He is consistently involved in both the fashion and music realms consulting and styling for everyone from indie music artists to major brands and companies. In addition, Will produces his own music and has a music video coming out at the end of October that he directed and produced.•art direction for photoshoot and video •image consulting •creative direction •music artist •stylist



So what exactly do you do?

Describe yourself in three words:

Relaxed Random Entertaining

WILL CHILL: I consult with companies and artists in relation to their image.

I style photo shoots and music videos.

Describe your style in three words:

Vibrant Coordinated Smooth

I represent how the wardrobe will fit the aesthetic of the project I’m working on.




EYES&EDGE: Favorite place to...


EYES&EDGE: When you hit a wall creatively, how do you inspire yourself again?

WILL CHILL: I think the best thing for me is to travel somewhere outside of my normal routine and get a different perspective on things. Just take a drive out clear my thoughts.

Somewhere tropical for sure. I’m a sucker for warm weather and beaches.


EYES&EDGE: Tell us about your fashion path and background. When did you first begin to create?


I’ve been creative since I was young. I grew up an only child so there was plenty of time to develop my creativity. Fashion is something I always gravitated towards. I knew all of the show release dates and collected them heavy in high school.


EYES&EDGE: Story time. Professionally, what’s the biggest, “oh shit” moment or problem you’ve worked through?

WILL CHILL: It was my first styling gig and I was on a pretty big video

shoot. I had pulled an extremely expensive pair of Cartier glasses. At some point during the shoot they were stolen by someone and it took a few hours to get them back, luckily without any major problems.


EYES&EDGE: What’s your

Music @ Bumbershoot

vision for the future?

Feat. Young Thug + an interview w/ photographer Dillon @dillon_ivory

Will Chill: My vision for the future would be that I’m

still creating for a living. I’m interested in different media outlets so I want to explore my talent in various creative fields. I hope to transition into doing larger film and music jobs.



eyes&Edge: Let’s talk shooting celebrities - how different is it from capturing a fashion spread or client work?

Dillon: Shooting celebrities is definitely a completely different mindset for me. Usually I’m the one that’s having to make the person I’m photographing get comfortable, but when the person in front of me is a celebrity, I’m the one having to calm myself down. If I’m overly anxious… it really shows in the photos because they’re not QUITE right.




eyes&Edge: Favorite memory being backstage at a festival this summer?


I think my favorite memory of being backstage this summer was when I was chilling backstage after Sza’s set. I wasn’t there to photograph, and I wasn’t there to fangirl. I was back there as a person that just got to hangout, have some cupcakes, and relax since she was the last performer of Bumbershoot.

eyes&Edge: Take us way back - how did you get into photography?

Dillon: I actually got into photography by just taking pictures of my design projects. I studied graphic design in college and in my junior year I decided to pick up a camera and photograph all the projects I was making. I started taking pictures of my friends and then started reaching out to the creative community to meet other people wanting to express themselves through photos.

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16 EYES & EDGE: Congrats on the launch of your brick-and-mortar store! What a massive accomplishment. What can we expect at the Ladies of Paradise store?

Ladies of Paradise: Thank you so much! We come to work so excited every day and are constantly motivated by the badass women in the cannabis, fashion and creative worlds; so our store is basically a big blend of all of them. We have been coined a ‘cannabis lifestyle boutique’ and we love that! We focus on carrying women-owned clothing, jewelry and accessory lines.




With the legal cannabis industry just emerging, it seems as though women have the opportunity to get in on ground level instead of fighting an already established business landscape. What is it like to navigate this kind of un-navigated territory? Do you feel any pressure to build the cannabis “correctly� so to speak?

Ladies of Paradise:

Working in a brand new industry is equally exciting as it is intimadating. What’s great about women in this industry and what makes it more comfortable, is the amount of support and positive energy that women give one another within the cannabis space. Most people working in this industry have come from other industries, and the need for new companies and ideas is constant.

women rule

living in...

paradise paradise paradise paradise

EYES & EDGE: For any budding female entrepreneurs out there, what is your best advice for starting a business as a woman? What do you wish you could have told yourselves when you were starting out? Ladies of Paradise: It is important to have a support system and place to feel connected. We were lucky and entered the industry with a team, so we really value the advantage of having each other to lean on and build one another up. Its important to have a support system and we always recommend working with women and like-minded brands and individuals.

EYES & EDGE: What is on the horizon for Ladies of Paradise? 20 Any major goals for the next year? Ladies of Paradise: We plan to keep traveling as states become legal and continue spreading the message that cannabis can be used as a positive and healthy lifestyle. Normalizing the plant and changing the stigma of a typical cannabis consumer is something we feel really passionate about. We are planning a trip to Miami for Art Basel in December where we will team up with Florida-based Stiletto Janes to produce our first East Coast event and we cant wait!

to glam to give a damn



badass babes


EYES & EDGE: Where are you hoping to expand to? Will we be able to find you in other cities soon? Ladies of Paradise: We are going to have a pop-up version of our store in West Hollywood in the next few months, hopefully right before holiday season. There are some badass girls we are working with in LA right now, Ashe Society, fighting for social equity and they’ve applied for licensing for a cannabis lounge/dispensary, which takes several months. During the location’s vacancy, we want to re-create the Ladies of Paradise store and studio space to connect with girls in LA.

badass babes

Ladies of Paradise: We are huge fans of all 3 really and use each for different experiences. When any of us have cramps, headaches or ailments, we encourage each other to medicate with CBD products. Since we generally smoke during the day, we use sativa during the mornings and afternoons. Our LOP house favorite strains are Tangie, Agent Orange and most recently, Shaved Ice from High Noon Cultivation. For an end-of-the-night Indica, Irish Cream is super nasty, also from High Noon.

Cover: Ladies of Paradise shot by @mandiemanaquin Editor: Holly Hoover @hollyhoover_

Photographer: Connor Dearaujo @connordearaujo Styling & Wardrobe: Will Chill Production: Whitney Brielle @whittybrielle Location: Los Angeles

Will Chill Editorial: Talent: Will Chill @will_chill

Production: Whitney Brielle @whittybrielle Location: Los Angeles Wardrobe credits: Look 1 Shirt: YSL Shorts: Pleasures LA Sneakers: Under Armor Forge

Look 2 Shirt: Addidas Shorts: Moschino Sunglasses: Chanel Slides: Vivienne Westwood Interview & written by: Whitney

credits credits

23 EYES & EDGE: CBD, Sativa or Indica - what is your favorite and why?


Ladies of Paradise: Photos courtesy of Ladies of Paradise featuring Harlee @harleecase Jade @heyjadehey Leighana @leighanalynn Kesha @keshabrown_ Candis @candisbitchquitplayin Music: Tapu @tapuwilliams Photographer: Dillion Ivory @dillon_ivory Graphic Designer: Astrid Angell Artists: Young Thug @astridangell @youngthug Saweetie @saweetie

E&E VOL. 2  

Featuring Will Chill, Dillion Ivory and Ladies of Paradise

E&E VOL. 2  

Featuring Will Chill, Dillion Ivory and Ladies of Paradise