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Graham Lloyd, Principal I would like to share with you why I believe that the Holly Hall Academy is the right choice for the next stage in your child’s educational journey. Holly Hall is very successful and we continue to provide new and challenging opportunities for all our students. ‘Excellence for Everyone’ is our vision statement. We believe that every child can succeed. We encourage the highest aspirations in all of our students. By meeting their individual needs we are able to nurture and develop the skills, attitudes and values necessary for them to become confident and productive members of society. The Holly Hall Academy is large enough to provide a wide range of opportunities yet small enough to benefit from a caring and supportive family atmosphere. Our curriculum is designed to help students to meet the challenge of an ever changing world. We seek to promote a joy of learning that will continue into adult life. The Academy has a strong ethos of concern for the individual based on tolerance and mutual respect. Relationships between students, their families and staff are excellent and we value our strong links between home, the Academy and the local community. We have tried to include as much information as possible in this prospectus. Do please contact me personally if you would like an informal chat about your child or our Academy.


The Holly Hall Academy Scotts Green Close, Russells Hall, Dudley. DY1 2DU Telephone: (01384) 253722 Fax: (01384) 456705 e-mail: Web site: The Holly Hall Academy’s Governing Body Academy Trust Members Mr G Lloyd (Principal) Mr M Price (Chair) Mrs S Sharp (Vice Chair) Appointed by Members Mr A Clifton Mr M Price (Chair) Mr J Read

Cllr M Roberts Mr P Round Mrs S Sharp (Vice Chair)

Parents Mr P Cockin Mrs C Gibbons Mr J Ireland Staff Mr H Dasour Mr G Lloyd Mr T Nolan

Associate Sophie Gibbons - Head Girl Harrison Johal - Head Boy

Clerk/Company Secretary Mrs S Lloyd Mrs S Wall (Deputy)


The Curriculum and Facilities The Academy has excellent facilities for teaching and learning including Interactive Whiteboards in all classrooms and a state of the art Design block. Our most recent development is currently under construction and is due to be completed in the Summer term 2014. The long awaited build of a new Sports Hall providing extensive modern technical equipment is an exciting prospect for both students and staff. The Academy’s Curriculum Policy is designed to ensure that all students make the most of their abilities - regardless of ethnicity, religion or gender. We believe that every child can, and will, achieve their full potential, both academically and personally. During Key Stage 3 all students study English, Mathematics, Science, Spanish, French, History, Geography, Religious Education, Technology, Information and Communications Technology (ICT), PSHE, Art, Music, Drama, Physical Education and Healthy Living. During Key Stage 4 all students follow a core curriculum of English, Mathematics, Science and Physical Education. In addition all students continue to study Religious Studies, Information and Communication Technology and Personal, Social and Health Education throughout Year 10. During Year 9 students apply for the courses they will study to make up the rest of their Key Stage 4 curriculum. Courses include: Geography, History, French, Spanish, Art, Music, Psychology, Health & Social Care, Business Studies, Sociology, Graphics, 3D Design, Textiles, Catering, Astronomy, Performing Arts and Leisure and Tourism. There is also opportunity for some students to follow vocational courses The Holly Hall Academy enjoys excellent relationships with all local colleges and other Post 16 providers.

Visiting the Academy We are always pleased to welcome parents/carers to the Academy. If you want to make a general visit or meet a particular member of staff, please telephone Main Reception and we will arrange it for you. 3

The Academy Day Our students spend 25 hours a week in lessons. This is supplemented by the Assembly and Tutorial programme, homework and voluntary enrichment activities. The Academy day is divided into six 50 minute lessons:

Morning: 8.45am to 12.40pm (break: 10.45am to 11.00am)

Afternoon: 1.25pm to 3.10pm

What to do about lateness or absence Punctuality and regular attendance are important for success. We value your support in making sure that your child is present each day and arrives at Holly Hall on time. If lateness or absence is unavoidable please follow this procedure: Lateness: Students who arrive after 9.05am or 1.30pm should sign in at the Attendance Office. A late bell is rung at 8.50am. All students registering after this will be marked as late and have a 10 minute same day detention. We would expect an explanatory note for your child’s late arrival. Absence: In the event of your child’s absence, please contact the Academy before 10.00am on the first day of absence and send a note to their Form Tutor on your child’s return to the Academy. The Academy’s Attendance Welfare Officer will contact you to confirm their nonattendance. Leaving the Academy during the day: We do not allow students to leave the Academy premises without prior permission. To obtain this permission, your child should normally bring an appointment card or a note from home to their Form Tutor. They must sign out at Student Reception at the appropriate time. Going home to lunch: Students in Year 11 will only be allowed to leave the Academy at lunchtime if we have your written permission. (Please sign the permission form in the Student Planner each term.) Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 are not allowed to leave the Academy at lunchtime. Food and Drink: Students can buy food and drink from ‘Scotty G’s’, the Academy’s restaurant, or bring their own packed lunch. Our caterers supply a range of healthy meals and drinks. Drinking water is available in the Academy and students are encouraged to carry water bottles and drink water during lessons. 4

The Academy Uniform Our students can show their pride, and feel part of our success, by wearing their Academy uniform. Uniforms are available from our main supplier A. Oakes, Churchill Precinct, Dudley. Jewellery A single chain worn inside the shirt or blouse, a wristwatch, one small plain ring, and for those with pierced ears, a single pair of stud earrings, is permissible. No tattoos or any other jewellery, including visible piercings or facial jewellery are allowed in the Academy. Any make-up should be discreet. Mobile Phones & Music Players We recommend that your child does not bring mobile phones or music players to the Academy, We accept no responsibility if such equipment is lost or stolen. It must always be switched off during the Academy day and not cause disruption to lessons. Any phone or music player used during lessons will be confiscated and only returned to a parent/carer. Boys’ Uniform      

Girls’ Uniform

Black blazer with Academy badge White shirt with Academy tie Plain dark grey trousers Black, grey or white socks Suitable plain black shoes In cold weather a plain navy Vnecked pullover may be worn under the blazer (no cardigans)

Black blazer with Academy badge White shirt with Academy tie Plain dark grey trousers or skirt Black, grey or white socks Suitable plain black shoes (no heels or boots)  In cold weather a plain navy Vnecked pullover may be worn under the blazer (no cardigans)     

Note: A blazer badge can be purchased from the Academy to be sewn on to a blazer.

Physical Education Kit     

Compulsory Kit Navy blue polo shirt Navy blue shorts, tracksuit bottoms or skort Navy blue football socks Trainers Suitable bag to carry kit

     5

Optional Kit Navy blue jumper or sweat top Reversible fleece rain jacket Navy blue waterproof jacket Football boots Towel

Tutor Groups Students are attached to a tutor group when they join the Holly Hall Academy. Each tutor group contains a mixture of students from each of our feeder schools, friendship groups and a full range of ability. Intervention Team 2012-2013 Year 7 Intervention Manager

Mrs Brookes

Year 7 Learning Mentor

Mrs Waters

Year 8 Intervention Manager

Mr Jabore

Year 8 Learning Mentor

Mr Elliott

Year 9 Intervention Manager

Mr Malone

Year 9 Learning Mentor

Miss Rawlings

Year 10 Intervention Manager

Mrs Lee

Year 10 Learning Mentor

Miss Macefield

Year 11 Intervention Managers

Mrs Reeves & Mr Webster

Year 11 Learning Mentor

Mrs Turton

Intervention Managers are responsible for the progress of each year group. They meet regularly to discuss students who need extra help or guidance, or whose progress may be causing concern. Parents/carers are also contacted so that they are aware of any difficulties at the earliest possible stage. We want to make sure that your child makes the most of their career at the Holly Hall Academy.

Discipline Discipline at the Holly Hall Academy is fair and gradual in proportion. We know that you want your child to be able to learn in an environment which is free from disruption or harassment. We have a gradually increasing range of sanctions which start with a quiet word and end, in extreme circumstances, with permanent exclusion. In between are detentions, referrals, report cards, behavioural contracts, isolated tuition, and short and long term exclusions. We always inform you as soon as there is any cause for concern and seek to work with you to solve the problem. 6

Rewards A range of awards is available to all students to acknowledge and reward success. Merits Students are awarded merits for good work in lessons or homework, or for any special act. Students in Years 7 to 10 receive bronze, silver, gold and diamond awards when they gain the required number of merits. Shooting Stars In Year 10, students are assessed on progress half termly. A ‘Shooting Star’ certificate is awarded to the students who make the most progress in each teaching group. Principal’s Merit Award This is awarded for a student’s exceptional achievement or contribution to Academy life. Student of the Month Each month, a student in each year group is selected to be ‘Student of the Month’. Commitment to Excellence Year 11 are tracked through a scheme that rewards dedication to their studies. Rewards include badges and prizes. Good News Postcards Good News Postcards are posted home to parents/carers to acknowledge students’ exceptional achievement. Governors’ Presentation Award Ceremonies In July each year, certificates and awards are presented for excellence and progress in all areas of Academy life. Attendance 100% attendance, on a termly basis, is rewarded with attendance certificates, reward trips and badges. Extended Homework Tasks In Key Stage 3 students are awarded either a bronze, silver or gold certificate. Students who achieve gold certificates in their extended homework tasks are eligible for a series of prize draws held at the end of the year. 7

Enrichment Activities Enrichment Activities The Academy has an extensive programme of educational activities which enrich the basic curriculum. This includes six Enrichment Days each year which offer students the opportunity to take part in or provides them with extended study periods in specific subjects, cultural visits and a variety of activities. Extra-curricular activities include Sports, Film Club, Music, Drama and Academy Productions. Many educational visits take place each year as part of our Enrichment Programme. Extra-curricular booster sessions for external examinations take place both at the end of the Academy day and during holidays. Charity Committee Students are encouraged to consider others in less fortunate circumstances than themselves. The Charity Committee organises students’ regular fund raising activities. Student-Led Leadership Programme This is a new initiative that encompasses different aspects of Academy life and gives students the opportunity to take on additional responsibilities. Homework Homework is set for all students. They are expected to enter their homework in their student planner, which parents/carers are encouraged to sign at regular intervals. We recommend that, as far as possible, homework is done at home in peace and quiet with your encouragement. Information about Extended Homework tasks is available on the Academy website. ICT rooms and the Learning Centre are open first thing in the morning, most lunchtimes and at the end of the Academy day, to support students with homework.


Support & Guidance Academy policies are accessible on Bullying Bullying is not tolerated. Our Anti-Bullying Policy is reinforced through the Tutorial and Assembly Programme. Every reported instance of bullying is fully investigated and dealt with. The Governing Body fully supports actions taken to prevent bullying. Collective Worship Assemblies for each year group are held once a week. Themes have a specific moral content. Every day, our students observe a one minute’s silent contemplation of a ‘Thought for the Week’. As a parent/carer you have the right to ask that your child is isolated from specifically religious assemblies. Religious Education All students study Religious Education during Key Stage 3 and 4. Care is taken to respect the beliefs and religious backgrounds of all students. Parents/carers, however, have the right to withdraw their child from Religious Education. Health, Social and Moral Education Our programme encourages positive attitudes to moral considerations and the value of family life. The course includes an appropriate programme of sex education which respects different religious and cultural backgrounds. Organised in close consultation with Dudley Area Health Authority, the programme aims to help children to become caring adults able to cope with the responsibilities of parenthood. Health Care The Academy nurse visits the Academy regularly. We also have links with the Cross Street Clinic (telephone 459500). Within this framework, your child will benefit from regular checks to assess vision, height, weight, blood pressure and oral hygiene. Any cause for concern will be reported to parents/carers. 9

Support & Guidance Accident and Illness We ask you to fill in a medical questionnaire when your child joins the Academy. This includes emergency contact numbers and information about any medical condition that your child may have. Please keep us informed of any new medical conditions so that we can do our best to help your child. The Academy has a well-trained and effective First Aid Team. Additional Educational Needs At Holly Hall we know that children develop at different rates and appreciate that some students have Additional Educational Needs. Our Inclusion Manager leads a team that helps students with a variety of needs. Students may receive individual support in lessons or work on a personalised learning programme. Community Links The Academy has close links with its local community. Many local groups use our facilities during the evening and at weekends. Careers Support and Guidance There is a full programme of careers support and guidance in which individual counselling is an important element. Examination Fees All students are entered for the appropriate examinations in their courses. You will receive a statement of the examination fees paid by the Academy for your child.


Keeping in Touch Your child’s success at the Holly Hall Academy is built on a sound partnership between home and the Academy. Providing you with all of the information that you need is an essential part of that partnership. Target Setting Individual mentor sessions support your child to set and review their progress towards their targets for improvement during each academic year. INsight - Holly Hall Academy’s Weekly Newsletter We will keep you fully informed about our students’ successes and the latest news about Academy events. Every Friday your child will receive a copy of our Academy newsletter which is also available on Guides for Parents/Carers An updated copy of our ‘Guide for Parents’ is made available each September on the Academy website in the Parents & Carers section. The guide contains useful information about key dates, Academy procedures and the curriculum. Reports and Consultation Evenings Every year, at Parents’ Consultation Evenings, we will provide you with a detailed report on your child’s progress. We will ask you to complete a short survey about specific aspects of the Academy and we will use your opinions to help us to improve our services. Student Planner Your child will receive a new copy of their Student Planner each term. Students use their planner to record various aspects of their progress in the Academy. The Student Planner is also a useful means of communication between home and the Academy. Complaints about the Curriculum You have the right to complain about any aspect of our service which you find unsatisfactory. Your first step would be to arrange a meeting with the Principal where any problem should be resolved. If this does not prove possible, recourse can be made to the Governors' Curriculum and Strategic Planning Committee and ultimately to the Secretary of State for Education. 11

Admissions Policy and Numbers Students will be admitted at age 11 without reference to ability or aptitude. The number of admissions for the year commencing 1st September 2014 will be 146 - the published admissions number. Over-subscription Where applications for admission exceed the number of places available, the following criteria will be applied, in the order set out below, to decide which children to admit. 1. Relevant looked after children or children who were previously looked after but immediately after being looked after became subject to an adoption, residence, or special guardianship order. See notes below. 2. Children with a “serious and ongoing medical condition” where Holly Hall is the most appropriate setting to meet the condition. Parents must provide supportive information from the child’s Hospital Consultant at the time of application. Applicants should also indicate why Holly Hall is the most appropriate setting to meet their medical need. The Academy will not seek to obtain medical evidence on behalf of parents. 3. Children with a brother or sister, half brother/sister (where the children share one common parent), or step brother/step sister living at the same home address and who will still be attending Holly Hall in September 2014. The definition of brother or sister also relates to adopted or fostered children living at the same home address 4. Proximity of the child's home to the Academy, with those living nearer being accorded the higher priority. The distance measured will be by straight line measurement in metres from the home address to the main entrance to the Academy The home address is considered to be the child’s principal place of residence. General This policy will be administered on behalf of the Governing Body by Dudley L.A. subject to the annual review of this provision. The Academy has established arrangements for appeals against non-admission. Details of the appeals process against a decision not to admit a child are set out in the Admission Policy. Any appeals against a decision not to admit a child will be heard by an independent appeals panel The Academy’s admission arrangements meet the requirements of the Admissions Code of Practice. Details of admissions and appeals arrangements will be published each year. In 2011, 338 children applied for 146 places at the school In 2012, 295 children made 1st, 2nd or 3rd preference applications for 146 places at the Academy In 2013, 301 children made 1st, 2nd or 3rd preference applications for 146 places at the Academy Applications for places are made through the Dudley Local Authority Admissions Service.


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