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31st January 2014

Adam Holloway (7SIM) Nominated Education)




Iqrah Shokat (8STN) (Physical

Nominated by Mr Jabore (Head of Year 8) and Mr Elliott (Year 8 Learning Mentor)

“Adam has shown a great attitude towards his PE lessons, listening to advice and acting on this to improve skills and techniques in gymnastics. He is a very mature and pleasant student who also leads his peers, supporting their learning.”

“Iqrah created a super healthy recipe which won a competition, gaining a prize of £10,000 for the Academy. This is going to be used to purchase outdoor sports equipment which will be of great benefit to the Academy.

Zahra Hussain (9BEA) Nominated by Mr Parmar (Mathematics) “Zahra has achieved academic success in her assessments in maths lessons. She has a very positive attitude during lessons which has aided her learning. Keep up Zahra!”




Well done Iqrah!”

Bartek Zabirka (10HAL) Nominated by Mr Hallam (Mathematics) “Bartek has really knuckled down to his studies this year. This has given him a great start to his GCSE studies. Keep up the hard work Bartek and you will reap the rewards in your future examinations.”

Adam Howells (11EGR) Nominated by Mrs Clifton (Learning Support - Leisure & Tourism) “Adam is always very focussed in his Leisure & Tourism lessons. He settles into tasks easily and completes them in record time. Keep up Adam.”




Pictured left to right: Adam Holloway, Adam Howells, Iqrah Shokat, Bartek Zabirka, Zahra Hussain

Congratulations to our Students of the Month for January 2014. They have been presented with a special badge and certificate by Mr Lloyd, Principal. Their commitment to their work at Holly Hall is outstanding. Our students are keen to be successful and set themselves consistently high challenges.

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Mr Ward, PE Teacher: It has been a quiet week for boys’ fixtures but for Mrs Hammett and both girls’ basketball teams it has been business as usual. Both the U14 and U16 teams played away against Ellowes Hall. Our ever progressing U14 team played a hard fought match and the U16 team won their final game in a nail biting end of season to finish their campaign undefeated and league champions. Here is a list of students who deserve a special mention for their individual performances: Mackenze Crowther (7KSM), Renee Crowther (10WRD), Karyrss Devine (9CAL), Amy Hughes (10TOW), Eleyse Back row - Mr Ward, Mickel Lawrence (10TOW), Divina Matondo (9KEL).

Pictured: Gittens, Joe Morgan, Rian Griffiths, Aun Mr Moseley, PE Teacher: On Thursday 23 January 2014, Haider. Front row - Jay Lamb, Varundeep Year 7 and Year 9 football teams entered the Academy’s Tagger, Liam Timmins

first ever Futsal tournament. Futsal is similar to indoor football and it is played five-a-side but the ball is weighted. This means the ball does not bounce and allows students opportunity for ball manipulation and skill, which follows our football philosophy. Year 7 competed against three other schools winning their first game, losing their second and drawing their third. Compliments were received regarding how positive the students were and they should be proud of each other.

Year 9 students unfortunately lost their first two games. However, they bounced back to win the next two, including their last game which they won 5-0. Although the Pictured: Back row - Marlon Gayle, Keaton students did not progress onto the finals they were Arthurs, Mr Moseley, Charlie Causer, Kyan fantastic and should be proud of their achievements. Simpson. Front row - Sam Morgan, Alex Well done lads. Clare, Ellis Tromans

Fancy a change? Why not try something different – on Wednesday Scotty G’s offer a taste of the Orient – Oriental Sweet & Sour Chicken with Prawn Crackers & Egg Fried Rice or Noodles. If you prefer something a bit more traditional, why not try our hearty Homemade Beef & Onion Pie or Traditional Lentil & Root Casserole – all these are homemade in our kitchens. These will be served with Colcannon Mash, Broccoli, Green Beans and Salad followed by delicious Chocolate Brownie and Ice Cream or Fruit Trifle.

31st January rd


Inset Day - Academy closed to students

3 - 7 Feb

Year 9 Examinations

6th February

Intermediate Maths Challenge

12th & 13th Feb

Drama Production

14th February

Break up for Half Term

24th February

Academy Re-opens


18th & 19th Mar

Year 9 Parents’ Consultation Evenings 6.30 - 8.30pm

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Enrichment Day4 Year 7 Examinations

9 & 10 April

Year 10 Parents’ Consultation Evenings 6.30 - 8.30pm

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Academy Closes at 12.40pm for the Easter Break


10 - 12 March Year 10 Examinations 14th March


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Mrs Lee, Assistant Principal: On Wednesday lunchtime Lisa Atkinson, the area team leader for the Dudley Youth Council (DYC) came in to the Academy to speak to our student led leadership programme team leaders and deputies. Lisa was keen to meet our student leaders and tell them about the Dudley Youth Council and advise our students how they can apply. The Dudley Youth Council is a group of local young people aged between 11 and 19 who represent young people’s views and work towards improving things for young people in the borough. Dudley Youth Council aims to make Dudley Borough a better place for young people to live in by:  Stimulating and improving joint working between young people and decision-makers  Developing and leading projects that benefit and improve facilities and services within the local area for young people  By promoting positive images of young people  Encouraging and supporting young people to become involved in community action  Acting as a voice for young people’s views  Developing close links with the media I am hoping that our students will take this amazing opportunity to apply so that they can represent you. INsight will keep you updated on the progress of our students within DYC.

Mr Taylor, Cover Supervisor: Monday 27 January 2014 marked Holocaust Memorial Day. Staff and students of Holly Hall remember the needless deaths of the Holocaust. On Friday 24 January 2014 Head Boy Harrison Johal (11SPE), Deputy Head Girl Shannice Oakley (11SPE) and Mr Taylor visited Dudley College for their annual Holocaust Memorial Service, led and hosted by Dudley North MP, Ian Austin. They heard from Holocaust survivor Mala Tribich, who survived the concentration camps of Ravensbruck and Bergen-Belsen, keeping her cousin safe and alive at just the age of 15. This week, Mr Taylor has been leading assemblies to remember those who were persecuted by the Nazis including not only Jews, but Romani, homosexuals, political prisoners and the disabled. We discussed how important it is to remember how these deaths came about so that at the first sign of it happening again, we can speak out to ensure there is no future genocide.

Congratulations to the following Year 11 students who gained upper grades in the early entry GCSE English examinations.

English Language: Back row - Kurtis Crowther, Karandeep Singh, Ballal Ahmed, Demi Melbourne, Chelsea Nicholls, Natalie Shansonga, Shellyann Beckford-Homer Second row David Pearson, Alex Warren, Hamish Billingsley, Kelsey Bate, Skander Mohammed, Kira Bell, Kalefa Cullum Third row - Brittney Jones, Benjamin Owen, Rhys Bramley, Divancy Patel, Zenamb Shakil, Fatima Khan, Jaina Patel, Louise Russon Front row - Chantel Cox, Nicola Shakespeare, Alex Fear, Jessica Jones, Abbie Gallagher, Tai Worwood, Melissa Bennett Page 3


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Mr Nation, Mathematics Coordinator: We are currently running maths revision sessions every Tuesday, at the end of the Academy day, in A12. The sessions focus on practising exam questions on particular topics for the foundation tier. This week’s session focused on fractions, decimals and percentages and also solving word problems. Next week’s session focuses on BIDMAS, negative numbers, HCF, LCM and Ratio. See Mr Nation or your maths teacher about signing up for next week’s session.

Mr Davies, Science Technician: Science revision guides are available to purchase from the Science prep room for a discounted price of £2.20 (recommended retail price £5.95). Details of revision classes and examination dates will be displayed along the Science corridor when details are available. Page 4

On Friday 24 January we celebrated Australia Day in Scotty G’s. Students enjoyed some delicious Australian ’tucker’ in an Australian themed dining hall. Dishes on offer included Fair Dinkum Fish Goujons and Treehugger burgers.