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18 September 2015

Mrs Lee, Director of KS4: The Holly Hall Academy have been discussing bullying in tutorials. All students and their form tutors have signed an anti-bullying charter for display in classrooms throughout the year, alongside the Academy’s anti-bullying code. Students have also been in assemblies that have been led by Student Leaders on the topic of bullying. Student Leaders talked about different types of bullying and where to go should anyone need help. Bullying is behaviour that is designed to hurt a person. It is not a one-off act but is repeated over time. If you require more information on how the Academy can help if you have any concerns about bullying please visit the Parents and Carers section of the Holly Hall Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) at Pictured above: Mr Hatch, Principal signing the Anti-Bullying Charter with Year 7 students

Priyankaa Patel (9MAH/GSP): “On Tuesday and Wednesday this week, two researchers working for the Dudley Community Partnership Team, part of the Youth Service, came into the Academy to give a presentation to all students about the area in which we live. They wanted to know how safe we feel in our environment. We were asked how we feel about policing and whether we think Police are keeping us well protected from local crime. We were encouraged to complete feedback forms which will help them to understand how youth feel about the Police. We made suggestions on how we could be made to feel more secure and how the Police could be approachable and make us feel able to report crime. We really enjoyed the presentation and hope it will improve policing in Dudley.”

Pictured above: Researchers Matt and Steph Right: Students participating in the presentation

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Mr Nation, Director of Core: On Tuesday 15 September Year 11 parents were invited to attend a Parental Engagement Evening. David Hyner from Stretch Development delivered an inspirational speech that focused on the power of the human mind and just what each and every one of us is capable of when we put our mind to it. The awe struck audience played an active part and the feedback from parents, carers and students was extremely complimentary. In addition to the motivational workshop, English and Maths staff were on hand to give practical support and guidance to parents and carers on how they can best support their children. Check INsight next week for more information on how to support students in these important areas. Mr Ireland, Parent and Governor and this is what he said: David Hyner A Short Fat Bloke with a Stupid Hairstyle “I am not being rude, these were actually his words not mine, and that is how he opened his motivational address to those who were at Holly Hall on Wednesday 15th September. Brummie David is a renowned professional motivational speaker. He speaks to schools, colleges and universities to an audience of approx 30,000 people each year. He has also hosted shows on BBC radio. His Michael McIntyre like presentation kept the audience entertained and engaged from start to finish. Behind the humour there was a message based on 15 years of face to face interviews with some of the world’s most successful people. His subsequent research has enabled him to understand how people can fulfil their potential. He demonstrated how a simple memory recall process will allow mere mortals to achieve massive goals. White shirt, red 18, DDGG, haystack, almond, anchor, orange tutu, gold bar, crab, pyramid. Have I missed one, Yes? To those who weren’t there you probably already know that you missed a fabulous evening. The staff at Holly Hall are working hard to give their students the best possible outcome. I would strongly urge all parents to support such events. You just might get something out of it too.”

Year 11 students and their parents found the evening very informative. Here are some of their quotes:

A parent: “ A great evening. A must for all students and their parents.”

Karyss Devine: “ The talk has motivated me to focus more in lessons.”

George Smith: “ The tips we were given will be helpful for revision. The session was really interesting.”

Chelsea Sheldon: “David Hyner taught us positive thinking skills. I look forward to seeing David in future events.”

Subaa Khatoon: “ I really enjoyed the evening. It was entertaining and motivational. I learned a lot of revision tips.”

A parent: “ A fantastic and entertaining workshop. The students thoroughly enjoyed it and so did we!”

A parent: “ Very inspirational.” Page 2

A parent: “ It made me think about things for my son.”

Melisa Hove: “ David Hyner explained that it is important to have fun while you are learning. He gave us interesting ways to help us to learn.”

Lonan Willis: “ I found the evening motivational. The memory recall will be helpful for my GCSE examinations.”

Mr Hallam, Coordinator of Mathematics: I would like to congratulate the group of Year 11 students who arrived at my door last week to ask when extra Maths started again. I was really impressed with their enthusiasm and determination. I will be offering extra support for my group every Wednesday but anyone is welcome if they ask me in advance. Please speak to your class teacher in the first instance to see if they are offering any extra support.

Chelsea Sheldon (11WES): “On Wednesday lunchtime Student Leaders and Student Heads of Years were invited to attend a meeting with Mr Hatch in A4. The meeting was about how the Academy could move forward to make future improvements and how it could become a better learning environment for all students. Everyone who attended the meeting made successful contributions with ideas to move the Academy forward.”

Mr Sissons, Director of Learning: Message to Parents - I would like to remind parents that the Academy is now publishing topic homework lists for all Key Stage 3 subjects at the start of each new term. These lists contain a number of different homework tasks that students can choose from. Each individual task has also been graded to show the different levels of challenge involved in undertaking it. If you wish to view the homework tasks they can be found under the Curriculum Section of the Academy website. Students will also be provided with information on these tasks in lessons.

Last week, Intervention Coordinators held a coffee morning for staff to see their new working area. During the morning donations were made. They raised £54 which will be forwarded shortly to Mary Stevens Hospice. There will be further opportunity to raise more money for the cause when B3/B4 open their doors to staff for coffee and cakes on the afternoon of 25 September 2015.

Pictured: Our Intervention Coordinators - Mr Elliott, Mrs Turton, Miss Rawlings, Miss Macefield and Mrs Waters 2 - 6 November

Exams focus Year 11

6 November

Senior Maths Challenge

22 September

Meet the Principal and Year 7 Parent Support Evening

11 November

Year 7 Parent Support Evening

28 September

Open Evening 6.15pm for Year 6 students and parents. Academy closes at 12.40pm

18 November

Full Governing Body Meeting

20 November

Enrichment Day2/Skills Show

29 September

Open Day 9.15am Year 6 students and parents

26 November

GCSE Certificate Presentation Evening 7.00pm

2 October

Staff Training Day - Academy closed to students

27 November

Staff training day - Academy closed to students

15 October

Year 11 Careers Evening

1 & 2 December

Year 11 Parents’ Consultation Evenings

20 October

Enrichment Day1

23 October

Academy closes for half term break

26 - 30 October Half term 2 November

Academy re-opens at 8.45am

7 - 11 December Exams focus Years 7, 8 & 10 15 December

Performing Arts Showcase

18 December

Academy closes for the Christmas holiday

21 Dec - 1 Jan

Christmas holiday

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A hot meal with a drink and a dessert is just £2 each day. Take a look at the menu below and come along to Scotty G’s to enjoy some delicious healthy food!

Mr Mohammed, English Teacher: Eid celebrations take place next week. This is when Muslims celebrate with family and friends, to honour Prophet Ibraheem being prepared to sacrifice his son for God. It marks the end of the Pilgrimage in Makkah and involves people sharing food and other gifts with family, friends and the poor.

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Mrs Milovsorov would like to remind students of the cookery ingredients

Congratulations to Mr Taylor (Cover Supervisor) and his wife on the birth of their son Jack. He was born on 10 September 2015 and is pictured left.

you will require for week commencing 21 September 2015. Year 7 Monday - Fruit Salad Year 8 Friday - Bolognese Year 7 Friday - Pasta Salad Year 9 - Lasagne Year 8 Thursday - Pizza

REMINDER The Academy will close to students at 12.40pm on Monday 28 September 2015 in preparation for Open Evening. This will be starting at 6.15pm for Year 6 students and their families. Page 4