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INPRINT 09/12/12

INPRINT 09/12/12 Contents About us //

December// sellers Alex Frazer

Danny Gunn

Young Explorers

Andy jones

Harrison Edwards


April Wernham

Neil Richards

Bundles of film

Sian Morrell

Caroline Dowsett

Tracey jane Bradley

Dannielle Lovett

Yee Ting Kuit


About us// The idea for the Inprint fair stemmed from a collaborative project between all three of us. We wanted to create something that merged all of our skills and that would connect students from Manchester School of Art & Liverpool John Moores. We felt that just doing a zine would be too easy so we decided to set up a whole event! It has been alot of work but also very fulfilling and this is only the beginning for Inprint and whats to come. We will be looking for sellers for an upcoming fair early in 2013, make sure you get in touch if you want the chance to sell. @INPRINTLPOOL


Chloe Adams Graphic Design student at Liverpool School of Art and Design. With an interest in typography and publication design. twitter - @chloeeadams

Emily Briselden-waters I am a young designer based in Manchester, I love to be experimental in my working process and love to use a range of traditional tools as well as digital within my work. My strengths lie in image making and large scale hands on work. I have a passion for photography and printed matter. twitter - @EmilyBW2

Holly Jane Gleave Student designer based in Liverpool, my strongest work is in the form of publication design but i also have interests in typography, print, and film photography. twitter - @hollygleave




“Im a young illustrator with an old soul. Im inspired by the past, traditional tattooing and flash painting, Americana, the sea , punk rock, country music, old signs, advertising and comics. I dont like to use alot of colour in my work preferring to use block dark colours and line/ dot shading, trying to pay attention to detail but keep it looking as strong as possible.� instagram - @oldhaunts


Andy jones

“Adventurer, lecturer in graphic arts, born again illustrator, family man and time traveller. I’m inspired by nostalgic print, illustrators and designers like Royston Cooper, Alexander Girard and Miroslav Sasek; all play part in my upbringing. I'm like a design chameleon who adapts to a given assignment. One minute I'm doing documentary reportage and creating designs for ww2 magazines then personalising child friendly prints. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy creating it. You can find bonjourjones producing lots of stuff in various nooks and crannies on the net.�

Andy aka bonjourjones



April Wernham is a designer Inventor from Hull Hell. She mostly makes things what are playful and humorous stupid and immature. She is not even from Hull really.

Crap Products

Creative Research And Play, CRAP, is a range of interactive, pop out, cardboard engineered giftware, including‌ Graphs Spinning Day Planner Cards Flying Cards Decision Maker Tops Pencil Pot Quoites The flat pack products are fully transportable; assembled at the desk and deconstructed for the commute. Remaining highly functional, they transform from boring objects into playful objects, injecting fun & absurdity into the everyday workplace.


CRAP intends to encourage childhood fantasy within our adult world, by creating objects that encourage us to explore, adapt, create and play. twitter - @aprilwernham aprilwernhaminventor



Bundles of Film is owned by Chloe Nugent and based near Manchester. All of the illustrations are hand screen prints of original hand drawings and all jewellery and accessories are also hand drawn and hand made. All of the inspiration for the work is found in films. Chloe is studying for a degree in Fine Art and is in her last year, working on a collection of film posters and a dissertation on the same subject. twitter - @bundlesoffilm


Caroline Dowsett Illustrator from and living in Manchester, who is strongly influenced by pop culture (especially Bill Murray) and Graphic Novel greats such as Tommie, Clowes and Ware. “Currently studying Graphic Design at Manchester Metropolitan, I am an Illustrator who is constantly evolving and forever trying out new techniques to showcase my drawings.� twitter - @carolinedowsett instagram - dowsetty



dannielle lovett

“Hello im Danielle Lovett, i live in Manchester. Im an illustrator and screenprinter, or at least trying to, hopefully you will see more more of me in the coming years, thats my aim. Feel free to contact me for illustration/design work, for screenprinting quotes, or a small chat. Thankyou for checking out my work, it means the world.� daniellelovett



01 17

“Call me Dannylaa Studied Illustration for Graphic Novels at Glyndwr University and since moved into freelance work, primarily in logo design and brand identity. In print, my posters take inspiration from films, TV shows, comics or video games. In terms of style, I like to go with clean lines, solid colour and a nice bit of white space.� twitter - @Dannylaa


Harrison edwards


Harrison is a Manchester based Illustrator. He draws the things he likes - often caught stroking his fantastically groomed beard and pretending to be a screen printer. The presentation and aesthetic of his work

reflects his love of the old and the new, combining both digitally produced art with an uncompromising love of seeing those images represented in print form. He is currently grafting hard on a new body of works. twitter - @_AhoyThere


Neil Richards (Websitesarelovely)


“I am a freelance digital designer, working in the North West, specialising in web and interactive design - through my own company websitesarelovely Ltd. In my spare time I love to experiment with digital and analogue mediums, spanning photography, illustration and print. My artwork usually revolves around retro objects or strange scenarios, mixing design and humour for my own enjoyment. I am also a West Country boy, ex-painter, car boot obsessive, camera hoarder, and boules champion, but please don’t hold that against me.” twitter - @jetpacmagazine


Sian Morrell “Another generic design student based in Manchester, who sporadically churns out eccentric oddities you’ll never need. Though if my work is enough to crack a smile, even briefly, this fuels my drive to keep making!” www twitter - @Sian_Amber_




“I make a zine called ‘Today’. It’s a comic of sorts celebrating the extraordinary everyday in a mix of notes, illustrations and poetry. Everything is handmade by me, copied at a local newsagent and cut out with a pair of scissors.”



Tracey Jane Bradley


“I’m not an Illustrator nor a Graphic Designer but I am an image maker, an image maker who is constantly adapting new techniques and formats to pleasure the eyes. I see creativity as one big adventure for myself and everyone else to enjoy.” miss.traceybradley@gmail. com twitter - @tracey_bradley



“My name is Yee and I’m a freelance illustrator based in Manchester. Nature and little characters are a regular occurrence in my work. I like anthropomorphizing mundane everyday objects, like say a teacup for example, just because it’s fun. I like creating positive imagery. Things that I hope will make other people smile. I also like to crochet and drink copious amounts of tea when I’m not illustrating.” twitter - @yeellustration



“We are Young Explorer, an almost quarterly zine about stuff and things, made in Manchester by Liz and Steve. The zine has so far included bits about Phil Elverum’s book collection, rubbish towns, smug pigeons and much more besides. We also have loads of dead nice greetings cards, pin badges and embroidered brooches for sale, all vaguely related to wildlife and the outdoors.” twitter - @_YoungExplorer



Mancheseter school of art

teresa sweeney

Melissa murphy

“Hello, i’m Melissa Murphy a small, northern graphic designer based in Manchester who likes to dabble in abit of film and animation whenever i get the chance. I have slight OCD with clean design and collage is also something i enjoy.”

“Manchester designer soon to be graduating. From typography to photography, screen print and letterpress I love all things graphic design and i’m looking forward to hopefully beginning my career in the industry next year!”


Lizzie wood

“I am an experimental designer, always trying to think of new ideas and push the boundaries of design, this year I have begun creating my own typography. My favourite colour at the moment is fluorescent yellow, I am a Northern lass who hopes to keep designing in Manchester so that it eventually become the capital of design.”


dargavel -leaf

“I am a Manchester based designer who works pridominatly with block colour, line and type, about to finish my final year of graphics at Manchester school of art. “


Liverpool John Moores In the studio

List of Sellers: Adam Ward Jenny Stuttard Kharolina Mixiao Lottie Brzozowski Rachel Davey Sam Howard Sean O’Donnell Tom Rogers


Tom Rogers

“The only rule is don’t be boring. Life is too short to blend in” ― Paris Hilton, Confessions of an Heiress http://postinternetvisions.

Rachel davey UK based illustrator, currently residing in Liverpool. Available for commissions and other exciting ventures! twitter - @RachelDavey6


Inprint Liverpool Dec 2012  
Inprint Liverpool Dec 2012  

Publication designed as part of the print fair Inprint. Features the sellers for the month of December