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I felt it becoming another age, a

transition I felt compelled to accept.

The dot

was beautiful. I ignored it. Even though I stayed with me I felt as if the series of events that

took me to another realm which I envy and fear. transpired

The realm I’ve been waiting to explore with those who would cradle me if I go. 

You are there, with us. We will guide you to where you want to be.

We may not be the most loved but we are the most real.

It will take us to where we want to go. Our pain brings us forward, and our *&@# show us the potential of our experience in life.

But is this a wanted  experience. But maybe  its wanted. I feel like it’s a little scratched up.  I said it was. Back and forth  like how close should the flame be to the glass when I’ve got  this mortal mixing board right behind it. 

Is that mental image far from surprise?  I tried discovering that.

the Collective Naos by all Us  

Collective Naos

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