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FILM4 ‘We develop and co-finance smart and distinctive feature films.’ Film 4 is a British production company owned by Channel 4. Film 4 produces films like ‘The Lovely Bones’ which is one of my inspirations for my film trailer. They showcase the best of British film making, US independent films, foreign films and cult cinema and also the main blockbuster films. Film 4 also develops and co-finance films such as the Academy Award winning ‘Slumdog Millionaire’. Mike Leigh’s ‘Happy Go Lucky’ and Shane Meadows ‘This is England’.

WARP X ‘Warp X harnesses cutting edge digital technology and low budget production methods to make high value movies that can reach cinema audiences across the world. Warp X is a new venture in the British film Industry. It’s a studio driven by talent and a dynamic business model. Warp X produce films like ‘Kill List’ which is a new cutting edge British film. They also produce ‘Hush’ which is a film I was inspired by for my trailer.


FILM production companies

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