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OUT WITH THE OLD, IN WITH THE PAPERLESS Once an office adopts document management software and is empowered to make the switch to a fully paperless environment, the shackles of a constantly malfunctioning copy machine and printer are released. As electronic workflow improves, one of the many advantages offered by paperless document management - and the last step for many companies - will be the ability to say goodbye to dated equipment once and for all. Paperless technology encourages a positive environmental impact, and here's how to dispose of your former appliance enemies responsibly:

a Find a solution that works for you For most small appliances - printers, cellphones, aging computer monitors, keyboards and more - there is an existing dispensary where small businesses can leave their unwanted tech supplies to be recycled and reused responsibly. Many offices tend to leave their old appliances around to gather dust in a janitor's closet, but this is a waste of one of the many positive elements of a newly paperless workplace. Having additional space around the office can be invaluable and not an advantage to be squandered, so project managers should be sure to usher their old printing machines out of the office in the interest of being environmentally friendly and gaining that extra bit of breathing room in a cramped cubicle. Retailers like Staples offer responsible recycling of nearly all tech supplies regardless of their age or original place of purchase. In some cases, retailers may even offer store credit for newer equipment. Offices are also encouraged to recycle their old printer toner cartridges - failure to do so can lead to severe landfill poisoning.


For larger copy machines, assuming recycling responsibility while converting to an electronic document imaging system is even more critical. According to the green electronics recycling company Newtech Recycling, it may be necessary for a workplace to arrange an old copy machine's pickup and disposal by a professional service. This will ensure that your equipment does not end up in a landfill and damage the environment, a fact that can offer peace of mind and can be spun into positive marketing for your business. Implementing the new, paperless workplace Once your oppressor, the copy machine, has finally been vanquished from your office's day-today routine, it's important for project managers and those in charge of maintaining the paperless office to develop a plan to integrate paperless document management into the workplace. Certain employees may be new to the technology entirely, and those who are in charge of launching the software should be sure to arrange ample training sessions and opportunities for those just beginning in a paperless environment. Allowing employees the chance to ask any and all questions will maximize their electronic workflow in the future. If your office is going paperless and disposing of old equipment in an environmentally conscious way, let your customers know! Document management software doesn't just offer an improvement in efficiency - it offers a positive PR bump for any company, and can be used to put your business in the public favor. Let your office gleam with additional space and switch to paperless today! _________________________________ Ready to kick your paper habit? Register for an upcoming webcast! Learn More about PaperSave: Case Studies | Demo | News and Events | WhitePapers | Webinars | Videos | Contact Us Tags: document management software


Out with the old in with the paperless