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“It was so great to relive [the wedding] through your pictures! We can never thank you enough!�

I’m so thrilled that you’re considering Holly Birch Photography as your wedding photographer! You’re hopefully now on a journey to a stress-free wedding day with one major accomplishment checked off your list! As a wedding day expert, I will guide you through your timeline and portraits to ensure you that look natural and comfortable, but also modern, romantic and candid with true-to-life truecolor and correct skin tones. My style is a blend of photojournalism and classic portraiture. I thoroughly enjoy photographing each couple in a way that showcases their relationship and shows their true personalities. Details are another thing I love about wedding days, so bring on the jewelry, shoes, cakes, florals, invitations, and more! I will be your behind-the-scenes eyes for the moments you might not remember, and especially those you will remember forever. Start to finish, you can count on me to capture your biggest day.




(A=C<*+'<*&(AD You are excited to be engaged and are enjoying the beautiful feelings and emotions that accompany love. Soon you will be making plans for that amazing day when you and your fiancĂŠ begin your married life. Your wedding day requires a lot of planning and preparation, p and your memories of that amazing event are forever preserved in your beautiful wedding photographs. Because of the important place your wedding photographs hold in your heart, careful preparation is essential. Once you have set the wedding date, contact Holly Birch Photography and set an appointment to meet with us and discuss your wedding photography plans.

â&#x20AC;&#x153;She's truly an artist with a fantastic eye for great shots.â&#x20AC;?

In order to help you design the perfect photography package for your wedding, we need to know several things, including the date, time of day, wedding and reception venues, the size of your wedding party, and the number of expected guests. With that information, we can determine how many hours of coverage you will need. The collections are a based on 6, 8, 10 & 10+ hours. We look forward to meeting you soon. Getting to know you and your fiancĂŠ is important to us, because itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s helpful in determining the style of photography that best suits your wedding.

    Consider uplighting for your reception venue. Your theme colors or amber/champagne light are always great choices, and will make a huge impact on your reception photos and album.

Keep the time of sunset in mind, and factor it into your reception timeline if possible. Discuss this with your DJ ahead of time. Just after sunset or even after dark are always some of my favorite images. Trust me, you wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t regret it!



For most couples, the engagement photo is their first professional photography shoot together. It provides an opportunity to work with us prior to the big day. Your engagement photo session is important, because it tells the story of your love and commitment to each other. othe Your engagement photo is usually taken at a place that has Engagement photographs are traditionally newspape as an engagespecial significance. published in the local newspapers ment announcement. The use of the engageâ&#x20AC;˘The place where you met ment photo as part of the â&#x20AC;&#x153;Save The Dateâ&#x20AC;? or â&#x20AC;˘Where you became engaged thank You Card is increasing in popularity, and â&#x20AC;˘Doing your favorite activity some couples send wallet-sized engagement â&#x20AC;˘Your favorite restaurant images to family and close friends. â&#x20AC;˘A favorite park or nature natu preserve


LOVE STORY $200 â&#x20AC;˘Included with Collections 1-3 at no extra cost â&#x20AC;˘1+ hour session â&#x20AC;˘2-3 locations â&#x20AC;˘2 outfits â&#x20AC;˘Online gallery for viewing/ordering â&#x20AC;˘One high-resolution highdigital image included with print release â&#x20AC;˘Additional images available for purchase: Prints, canvases, albums, digital collections

B+&!?*&)D When you make the decision to get married, your engagement portrait will announce your love to the world. These are some tips to prep together: â&#x20AC;˘Bring an alternative outfit with you â&#x20AC;˘Wear dressy casual clothes that you feel comfortable with. comfo â&#x20AC;˘Bring along some props for a few fun or sentimental shots. â&#x20AC;˘Get a professional manicure before the session â&#x20AC;˘Treat it like a date and plan to grab dinner and a movie afterward! â&#x20AC;˘Be yourselves, relax and let your personalities shine! pe

â&#x20AC;&#x153;The photos that Holly took were priceless!â&#x20AC;?


â&#x20AC;&#x153;You barely knew [Holly] was there, but she captured everything perfectly.â&#x20AC;?

    â&#x20AC;˘Holly arrives 1.5-2.5 hours before ceremony (depends on First Look) â&#x20AC;˘Typically, Holly will use the 30 minutes prior to the ceremony for details shots while guests arrive and while bride is hidden â&#x20AC;˘Allow about 15-20 minutes for family formals â&#x20AC;˘Factor sunset time into reception program â&#x20AC;˘1-2 hours between ceremony & reception is best (during cocktail hour)

<@)'#*&@#'&A#-&*%$&CD*'((? 9am - Hair appointments 11am - Brideâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s makeup 12pm - Travel to church 1pm - Get dress on 1:15pm - First Look 1:30pm - Wedding party photos/bridesmaid/ groomsmen/immediate family (if available) g 2:30pm - Bride hidden away 3pm - Ceremony 3:30pm - Getaway/receiving line 3:45pm - Extended family pictures 4pm - Wedding party photos at alternate location 5:15pm - Arrive at reception site 5:30pm - Announce wedding party 5:45pm - Cut cake/start dinner 6pm-7pm - Dinner 7pm - Toasts 7:15pm - First dances 8pm - Bouquet/garter toss (contact Holly for an alternate alte timline that does not include a First Look)

#""&A=%(*(=C<)%/&@#'&A# By creating a timeline with Holly Birch Photography, this helps you plan the steps needed to prepare for your wedding day schedule. While no two wedding plans are the same, there are basic steps that apply to almost all weddings.

**%#*&@#($ ((?&A= Meet with Holly to discuss your budget and to browse portfolios of our previous wedding work. Carefully read our contract, and ask any questions you have. Once the collection is selected, Holly will send you a proposal -- sign it and submit it and it will guide you to where you can pay the retainer. This will ensure the date of your wedding is saved. The required retainer amount is $750. The remaining balance is split into 3 payments leading up to the wedding. -   Holly will send you a questionnaire with all the pertinent day-of info, plus details about all your vendors. Holly requests that lists only be provided for family group photos. This is also the time to provide the final timeline so Holly and the 2nd photographer (when applicable) know when and where to go, and can plan for portrait time accordingly.

At any time throughout the process, please feel free to reach out to Holly to iron out details about your wedding where you may have concerns. This is part of the service provided by HBP as part of your collection.


Choose a well-lit location for your getting ready photos. Typically, a large room with at least one good-sized window will do, and the more windows the better. Be sure to tidy up the room before photos begin! Your bridesmaids can help with this. (A# #$(C#*%#-#""&A= Call or email Holly if there the are any changes to the start times, locations, or vendors from the questionnaire.

%#"</($*%#-#""&A= Enjoy yourself! Take a few moments throughout the day to soak it all in and remember this day.


The day of your wedding Holly will arrive well before your guests, prepared to capture perfect memories of your special moment in time. We’ll take some impromptu images of the pre-ceremony activities prior to the ceremony and reception. Your special day will be preserved in all its beauty.

#**&A=C#<"/)%(*(D Upon arrival, Holly will meet with you for getget ting ready photos, such as best man and groom preparations, bride with getting hair and makeup finishing touches, bride getting into dress, and some of the accessory details. If you’re doing a First Look, we’ll be working toward that in the timeline and making sure the plan and location are a in line for that to happen.

We will take the wedding party photographs according to the plans and arrangements we acco made together with you through the questionnaire. In addition to the wedding party, photographs will be taken of family members and extended family. Remember to notify everyone of the time we have selected for this shoot. #$(C#(C*%#!#C#@(A/ It’s time for the bride and groom images. We will guide you through a number of poses around the venue or alternate location we have selected. If this is before the ceremony, we’ll be sure to wrap up a half hour before that. If it’s after, we’ll use the full allotment of time we have before you need to arrive at the reception. The portrait po time is an exciting, romantic, and fun photo shoot, and the resulting photographs will bring both smiles and tears as you remember this amazing day.

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Looking at all these pictures had me in tears. You captured so many amazing moments that I could never thank you enough for the forever memory!â&#x20AC;? memo



 3- $4899

â&#x20AC;˘10+ hours coverage â&#x20AC;˘Second photographer (until reception) â&#x20AC;˘Digital images of both wedding and engagement w/ print release â&#x20AC;˘Online proofing â&#x20AC;˘Engagement session â&#x20AC;˘10x10â&#x20AC;? 30-page flushmount album â&#x20AC;˘2 8x8â&#x20AC;? parent albums â&#x20AC;˘20x30â&#x20AC;? canvas gallery wrap

 4- $4099

â&#x20AC;˘10 hours coverage â&#x20AC;˘Second photographer (until reception) â&#x20AC;˘Digital images from wedding w/ print release â&#x20AC;˘Online proofing â&#x20AC;˘Engagement session w/ one digital image â&#x20AC;˘10x10â&#x20AC;? 24-page flushmount album â&#x20AC;˘18x24â&#x20AC;? canvas gallery wrap

â&#x20AC;&#x153;She definitely made us feel like superstars and we will cherish these photos forever.â&#x20AC;?

 5- $3399

â&#x20AC;˘8 hours coverage â&#x20AC;˘Digital images from wedding w/ print release â&#x20AC;˘Online proofing â&#x20AC;˘Engagement session w/ one digital image â&#x20AC;˘10x10â&#x20AC;? 24-page press-printed p album

 6- $2599

â&#x20AC;˘6 hours coverage â&#x20AC;˘Digital images w/ print release â&#x20AC;˘Online proofing

Hourly rate is $425; 2nd photographer rate is $85/hr Engagement session may be swapped for extra hour of wedding coverage or $150 credit; HBP retains copyright to all images

$C#B+#A*'/<D?#"B+#D*&(AD Q. How do you back up or archive the images? A. All my files are backed up in 3 places to ensure nothing happens to your images, which I keep for a minimum of 3 years following the wedding. Q. What time should we plan to start taking photos on the wedding day? And how many hours should I choose? A. This all depends on what kind of schedule you’d like to stick to, especially keeping your guests in mind. Ideally, I’ll have at least 1.5 hours with just the couple and wedding party on the day of the wedding (and a little more if there are multiple locations). If you will be doing a First Look or Reveal, it’s best to start photos no later than 2 hours before the ceremony to get through as many party and family photos as necessary. If you’ll not be seeing each other first, then I’d plan at least 2 hours after the ceremony for pictures before the reception. Please see page 10 for more info on timelines and day-of scheduling. Q. How would you describe your photography style? A. I believe that I have a pretty even mix of traditional and photojournalistic images when I photograph a wedding. I know how important family formals are and I love posed couples and wedding parties, but I also love great candid moments that you may not even remember after the wedding. Another aspect of my style is the actual look of the photographs, and I strive to have bright, true-to-life colors in my images, while still maintaining natural skin tones. I am not a huge fan of over-processed images and I prefer for them to look pretty much as they do to the naked eye (at least as much as can be captured through a camera lens). Q. When should we do our engagement session? A. This really is up to you, mostly depending on whether or not you’ll need the photos for save-the-dates, announcements, invitations or a guestbook. I’ve had clients do their engagement session a year in advance, and I’ve also had them done just a week before the wedding. Either way is fine with me! Please keep in mind that I have very few Saturdays available due to my wedding schedule and I limit my Sunday availability to spend time with my family. Q. Do you have any favorite vendors that you especially like working with? A. I do! I have a Preferred Vendors pdf that I can send at your request. Just shoot me an email and I’ll get it to you (printed version provided at in-person consultations). I can also generally show you examples of some of their work readily through my blog archives. So if you’re interested in a particular vendor, just ask! Q. Can I change one of your packages slightly? A. Absolutely! Tell me about your wants, needs and budget, and I will customize a package just for you. Q. Do you charge mileage for out-of-town weddings and events? A. Yes. For all events outside Champaign and Piatt counties, I charge the standard federal mileage rate at the time of signing. For destination weddings, I charge for all travel expenses (air, at least 2 hotel nights, daily stipend) in addition to the wedding package.

$C#B+#A*'/<D?#"B+#D*&(AD Q. What should we wear to our engagement session? A. Wear whatever is comfortable to you. Many people go casual with jeans, but you can also dress up more if that is your style. Solid colors work best, but a large print works ok too (like a flowery dress). Try to avoid bright white, red or orange, small patterns or prints, and stripes. Q. How much is the deposit for your wedding collections? A. The deposit is $750 and non-refundable nonto secure your date. The deposit will count toward your overall package. Q. Will you hold our date for us? A. Unfortunately, no. The dates are on a first come, first served basis. Whoever signs the contract and pays the deposit first gets the date. Q. When do I pay the balance? A. Your balance is split up into 3 payments, due 1, 3, & 5 months prior to the wedding. I do accept payments in full as well. I accept checks, most major credit cards, and cash. Q. Will my pictures be featured on your blog? A. I try to update my blog after every wedding or engagement session that I do. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll plan to feature yours as well! Q. How long will it take to get my album? A. My goal turn-around tu time for first drafts of the pages is 8-12 weeks. I post those page drafts online for you to review. You then have up to 2 revision rounds to mark any changes. Then once every page is officially approved, I send it to the printer & lab. I can usually expect it from the lab in about 3-4 weeks. Q. What will I get back from you after I submit my contract and retainer? A. After A I receive your contract and retainer, I will make sure the contract is complete & correct and youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll automatically get a copy of it through my booking system. This will also include an invoice showing your remaining balance and payment schedule. Q. When I receive the digital files from you, may I print them anywhere I want? A. Sort of. :) I include a print release pdf with the USB thumb drive or digital download so that the printer you use knows you have the right to print the photographs. I *strongly* recommend printing at and to avoid one-hour photo shops. You also have personal use rights for the images, meaning that you can use them on social media, personal blogs, etc. The pdf also includes instructions for backing up your images to keep them safe for many years to come.



8x12 and smaller..................$35 10x15 mounted print...........$45 12x18 mounted print...........$65 16x24 mounted print..........$90 20x30 mounted print.........$115 12x18 canvas........................$150 16x24 canvas.......................$205 20x30 canvas......................$250 (other sizes available)


Press-printed albums from $575-650 Flushmount albums from $1000-1200 Parent albums from $350 Digital collections (from engagement) starting at $199 Guestbooks start at $250 Card sets available Ca (thank you, holiday, save-the-dates) *many of these items are included in collections, so these prices are provided for comparison


We hope this guide has answered your questions and prepared you to choose us as your photographer. If you have any questions please contact Holly at 217-737-0971 or visit us online at

  #C,&A=#<D*!#A*C<' + #/(A"

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